The COVID vaccine and the commercial conquest of the planet: The Plan

by Jon Rappoport

December 15, 2020

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For the past 30 years, I’ve written about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, including the new COVID vaccine.

I’ve written about cutting edge nanotechnology research and its use, in vaccines, as implanted sensors, which would surveil body and brain processes in real time, and also send instructions to the body and brain.

I’ve written about the absurdity of basic vaccine theory; the unproven notion that the body needs a “rehearsal,” in order to prepare for the “real disease.”

I’ve written about how vaccines, in suppressing the immune system and its full inflammatory response, also suppress the outward signs of diseases, thus presenting a false picture of conquest of those diseases—when in fact the overall health and vitality of the body are reduced.

I’ve written about how criminal word games are played. For example, vaccines causing brain damage in children are shunted into a category called “autism”; and then, researchers claim autism is a separate disease with a genetic cause.

I’ve written about the destructive effects of a hundred years of wall-to-wall promotion of the one-disease-one-germ lie.

I’ve written about DNA vaccines permanently altering the genetic makeup of the recipients.

I’ve written about vaccines used to cause miscarriages in women when they later become pregnant.

But this article is about something else.

It’s about the dawn of a new pharmaceutical era, which was born the moment the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine was approved.

This marks the first time RNA technology deployed in a drug or vaccine has been dragged across the finish line and conditionally certified as safe and effective—which it is not.

But no matter. Bill Gates and other elite planners and money titans have won what for them is a great victory.

Because RNA vaccines are much faster, easier, and cheaper to produce than traditional vaccines.

Instead of years in the making, they can be developed in months.

And this means…bonanza.

Whole lists of so-called diseases—West Nile, Bird Flu, Zika, Swine Flu, SARS—can now be brought to soaring profits by making RNA vaccines to “prevent them.”

And not only that, a whole parade of older vaccines—hepatitis, measles, seasonal flu, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, etc., can be recast with brand new updated RNA versions.

Researchers can pretend to discover a whole slew of “new viruses” that require RNA vaccines jammed into the marketplace in record time.

Don’t forget the domesticated animal market; RNA vaccines for every conceivable invented purpose sold to big corporations that operate cattle, pig, chicken, and fish “factories.”

We’re talking about trillions and trillions of dollars. More dollars than Amazon dreams of.

This is why the Pfizer RNA COVID vaccine is first in line, and why the Moderna RNA vaccine is next.

Quick, easy, and cheap RNA technology will mean endless numbers of new vaccines. And therefore, a day will come when every person routinely takes a DNA test to establish a profile, and every profile will be fitted to customized sets of vaccines.

In the same way that cosmetics are designed for every shade of skin tone, vaccines will be designed for every DNA profile.

The whole apparatus will be a highly dangerous and ineffective hoax, but what else is new? Vaccines have been a hoax since the beginning. We’re talking about MONEY.

So much money, pharmaceutical companies will be bankrolled directly by governments, after a currency reset makes new money invented out of thin air replace the old “thin air money.” Patients will receive all these vaccines “for free.” Governments will pay the vaccines companies.


Unless the people rebel and refuse the vaccines—no matter what.

If you think the futuristic vaccine-world I’m describing could only be a fantasy, what would masks, distancing, lockdowns, and planetary destruction of national economies have been called 15 years ago?

Think of past vaccines as giant clunky IBM computers sitting in empty rooms…and future vaccines as cell phones carried by billions of people.

Because RNA technology opened the door to faster, easier, and cheaper production.

What remains the same—past, present, and future—is FREEDOM.

The natural right to say NO. And mean it, come hell or high water.

CODA: What could be more awkward and foolish than the Pfizer regimen for their COVID vaccine? A first shot followed by a later booster.

I don’t care how many apps and reminders are built into this system. The fall-off from the first shot to the second will be enormous. People will opt out, after they experience severe adverse effects from the initial injection. They’ll forget to show up according to the prescribed schedule.

As I’ve detailed, the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials of their vaccines were only designed to prevent mild illness—a cough, or chills and fever. Not serious illness. Not hospitalization. Not death. And cough, chills, and fever cure themselves. No need for a vaccine.

But none of this makes any difference to the vaccine kings. They and their public health colleagues can easily rig COVID case numbers in a downward direction—and then claim the success of the vaccine is the reason and the cause.

No, commercially speaking, the point of gaining approval of the vaccine was planting the flag of RNA technology in the marketplace.

This is the equivalent of building the first railroad tracks, digging the first big canals, flying the first air freight carriers.

New markets, new products, new customers, new money.

Marry these with a vast weakening of human vitality and a strengthening of control over populations, through vaccination, and you have the fascist Holy Grail.

Resistance and revolt are not luxuries.

They’re necessities of life.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

109 comments on “The COVID vaccine and the commercial conquest of the planet: The Plan

  1. Paul says:

    “If you think
    the futuristic vaccine-world

    I’m describing

    could only be a fantasy,
    what would

    and planetary destruction
    of national economies

    have been called

    15 years ago?”

    That’s an excellent “retro” point!

    • Dar says:

      A friend told me yesterday that Pat Robertson of 700 Club is telling people that the C19 vax does not have any human tissue in it. Where is he getting that info? Is he not being truthful to get believers to take the vax? I thought all vax had fetal cells.
      If anyone knows…please add comments.

      • jkb says:

        It is HEK-293. It’s also in some food and drink.

      • JP Wheels says:

        Yes, they’ve used fetal tissue in the production of certain COVID vaccinations, and most vaccines produced before it. They use the term “diploid cells” when listing vaccine ingredients, just another way of saying cells derived from fetal tissue. But the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines(which are the two most people will probably take) are, according to them, entirely “synthetic.” Does that mean you should take it? Fuck no

        During the Gates Foundation sponsored Event 201, the participants speak of co opting religious leaders to sway public opinion in regards to the vaccine rollout. Be leery of any nationally recognized, or local for that matter, religious leaders(televangelists) spouting pro vaccination propaganda in the coming months.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Wildflower Dreams

    Here I sit,
    Daydreaming of summer
    A time to remember
    With those endless blue skies,
    Intoxicated once again
    By fragrant blossom
    Of wildflower,
    Gift of sweet Anthia
    Who shares
    Her mystical dreams
    Kissed by the morning dew,
    Whose floral whimsy
    Never ceases
    To enchant me
    With her embroidery
    Of wondrous colors
    That adorn her earthly garment,
    And what of the
    Diligent honeybee
    Who collects
    Sweet nectar for
    The honeycomb,
    How to plumb
    Each moment’s
    Bloom of eternity?
    To escape
    Usurper Urizen’s
    Who’s stern logos
    Orders the stars
    And planets
    Sealing my fate,
    Driving me down
    To the corner gutter bar
    Where I bend
    The truth,
    Trying to
    Catch the attention
    Of that sweet little barmaid
    Who always
    Smiles at me
    In her
    Own coquettish way,
    I share a drink
    With a happy stranger
    And try not to think
    About the cold darkness
    Of this early morn,
    As a fresh blanket
    Of snow
    Does the mean
    Streets outside adorn,
    With a purity
    Reminding me of
    Our savior
    Born to open hearts
    And awaken souls,
    To bravely face
    Our mortal blight,
    To steal the devil’s fire
    That fuels
    Imagination’s light
    To remake this world,
    Where opposites
    Endlessly duel,
    As we tarry here
    On Hell’s carapace,
    Yet with
    Each cruel slash
    Of the clock
    Our sweet Mother
    Always reminds me
    Of her eternal beauty
    That shines through
    The bleakest of days,
    Casting the shadows
    Of our sweet torment
    Sharing with us
    This magical moment
    Made just for us
    No strings attached,
    And tho
    Love may
    Keep changing hue
    It’s flame
    Stands ready
    To burst forth
    Igniting the hearts
    Of me and you.

  3. Paul says:

    “The fall-off from the first shot to the second will be enormous.

    People will opt out, after they experience severe adverse effects from the initial injection.

    They’ll forget to show up according to the prescribed schedule.”

    I just saw last night, author Tom Friedman (Flat Earth guy), I think on CNN, … suggest, [I could be wrong], something…along the lines of “the government must make sure that the people must get their follow up shot.”

    Or something similar to that. Non quote.

    • Joz Lee says:

      every vile has a code # and that code # will have to appear on the certificate. Then the second has another code that has to appear on the certificate also. Check with your doctor…..

      COVID-19 vaccine … said each state would receive a certain number of doses based on population. “Every single vial of vaccine will be coded and tracked, and we will …

  4. Juani says:

    Parece ser que la fuerza, la manipulación psíquica, la implantación de ideas,etc. predomina en todo.

    It seems that force, psychic manipulation, the implantation of ideas, etc. predominates in everything.

  5. Sean says:

    I will not consent. All rights Reserved, none given ever.

    Peggy Hall Teaches us how to stand strong against this tranny. Highly recommended.

    Also Solutions Empowerment teaches how to Stand Your Ground

    • M Brenner says:

      It’s not about standing your ground, when you won’t be permitted to do anything including travel or buy food without a vaccine

      • You think these people, too powerful…they are not.

        Hunting rifles and bows still exist, fishing rods, boats and animal traps.

        Do you realize how large the black and gray markets have expanded because of COVID? It has become enormous and is growing as people barter services and talents for whatever they need.

        Hydroponics has advanced to the point of being self-sufficient is as easy as pie…one might grow sprouts and microgreens, grow vegetables, and in a summer a garden, or communal garden of like minds, travel is easy with a car or by foot, by a horse and a wagon, by bicycle.

        Chickens are easy to take care of, and if you don’t want to, then you might barter for eggs from someone who does not mind.

        I get two dozen farm fresh brown eggs; small and medium — laid by young healthy hens who live a good life — every week. And all I supply is seeds spilled on the floor from bagging tanks.

        Have you failed to remember the world, the world before technocrats? Before all this horseshit took over.

        There are always solutions, you might not like them, as they might require some work or something to barter or a talentent to be utilized — the digital life can make you fat and lazy of mind, lost for any imaginings that made your life worthwhile before all this…crap.

        In my world, there are no such words as, won’t, can’t…

        Try this on..

        Agorism is growing, as people tire of the digital world.

        • Sean says:

          Me too. Thanks for the link!

        • jane mariouw says:

          yes, people will find a way. it might get more difficult if/when all private property is taken!

        • Post Hoc says:

          We may be surprised at the ingenuity and creativity of the human population ducking and weaving the restrictions to form a new world order that is totally different to anything that was imagined by the 1%….

        • Paul says:

          Great Advice.
          & Spirit too!

        • jkb says:

          If they were powerful, they would not use deception. They only make people think that they are powerful, and that resistance is useless. They can only deceive.

        • Madness says:

          I don’t have hens (yet, small garden, not sure about it) but we have fruit trees and more fruits we could eat, especially during Oct-Nov.
          We live in a climate UK where there is not enough sunshine to many fruits, but some do exceptionally well. Berries for example, cherries, apple, pear, a winter fruit medlar. We don’t have place enough for a lot of veggies but I guess in a case of a need I can exchange fruits for other food.
          We planted tobacco (it is allowed here), in hard times people want to smoke and drink. Possibly for cheap.

          We just should organize ourselves into communities and everything can be solved or almost.

      • Sean says:

        I wont fly commercially. I will survive in new ways if I have too, until the end of time.

        Im not going to play their game. They can have a long term plans for the masses, and if the masses wont it, they can have it all.

        So maybe not for you perhaps, but for me, its all about stand your ground.

        • jkb says:

          Not only about standing your ground. Following their agendas, we are likely turned into robots, being controlled physically and mentally, which is not different than death. Meanwhile, resistance may get us killed, but there’s a chance that we win and still live. Free.

          If I have to choose, and maybe I will have to choose, I will choose to live as a human being. Free.

          I said “maybe I will have to choose” because I live in Indonesia. Our situation is a lil different. The govt can’t openly oppress people as it has no manpower and fund. At least it’s the situation now.

        • Andy says:

          Sean…the end game is the real possibility that you may even face an involuntary death at the hands of the perpetrators. The Bible speaks of such things. So…that may be the length to which you have to take your resistance some day..just saying.

      • Andy says:

        Exactly right. And the other major means of coercion is financial incentives. If you don’t get the vaccine, we’ll cut you off your welfare payments, government handouts etc.; you must be vaccinated in order to work in this workplace, etc. Already happens in Australia: if you don’t vaccinate your children as “scheduled” by the government, they cut you off your Family Tax Payment. If you’re a healthcare worker, you already must have certain vaccines in order to practice. These are merely a few examples of the financial blackmail that will also occur with this “vaccine”.

        • Madness says:

          Jon wrote an article about it, or mentioned in one. Australians solve it rather cleverly. They organized themselves into anti-vaxer groups, they solved to teach and take care of the children among small communities, one stayed to take care, rest went to work as usual.

          Of course if we can’t work without being vaxxed that’s another story.

    • Paul says:

      Thanx Sean.

  6. Wayne says:

    First shot could be a placebo to show there are not any side effects. This will get many who are on the fence about taking the vaccine to give in. What other possible reason could there be for 2 shots in 21 days?

    • striketheroot says:

      BINGO Especially if few reactions to first innoculation (sp)

    • Vicki says:

      I read the second shot will contain the implantable chip, which can monitor you, etc, thru the 5G network.

      • Moonbeams says:

        David Crowe wrote very good report on his view on 5G not being a problem at his site.

        • jkb says:

          As I remember, Crowe said that 5G was not the cause of covid.

          And 5G, what happened in Erulu, India, is interesting. 300 people vomitted after their eyes felt burned. The news dated Dec 7 2020. Some fainted, some convulsion, and some people were critical when they reached the hospital. The cause was not known.

        • george says:

          very funny. at most it will contain something to stop your body rejecting the chip.

        • Madness says:

          5G is a threat. It works together with heavy metals in you. The docs (Doctors For Truth) were very clear about it. There was a cross poisoning, empowering effect between 5G and the flu vax. (Italy where so many freshly vaxxed died.)
          (article on

          Also I suspect that was the cause that 83 South Koreans died rather suddenly after the flu vax. They wrote that the cause was that they were stored improperly but I think vax reacted to 5G somehow as they are full with 5G.

          5G is a weapon. Period. Your cell phone, too. I finally invested into a electro-smog meter, while I can’t measure 5G as its limit is 8GHz but can measure else. It hardly reacts driving among the new antenna-clusters but it is totally in red close to a cell phone in every 30 seconds or so (we had to use it for navigation)

          It is match with my personal experience when my kittens injured / went seriously ill. The only thing what was close to them was my IPhoneX, they slept in a meter distance to it or so.

          Also a match with my own experience that recently I got asthma like attack twice after just speaking on it for 2-3 minutes.
          There is something wrong with cell phones I don’t know we are targeted using them or co-incidence but maybe here comes the 6 feet distance (2 meters) importance. If a group of people suddenly drops with the same symptoms, no one will believe that that was a virus as that won’t make them equally sick in the same time as it happened with my kittens. But if only one that a nice, deadly or almost ‘deadly’ covid then.

          Anyway this part should be seriously investigated that what or cell phones are capable of and how – and also wifi in the house (if you still have one, we don’t).

    • lamberth says:

      Yep, that’s my thinking too.
      No way could they afford for people to drop like flies.
      It would put their whole “program” into jeopardy.

      This is why they give “it” to the old (and mostly frail) first.
      If it works on them, it will work on the younger generations.
      “Line up everybody! Stick out your arm! It’s perfectly safe!”.

      What happens next is anyone’s guess…

      • Lyn P says:

        How the HECK they can measure “if it works” is anyone’s guess indeed. A total clusterFudge in the making.

      • Madness says:

        I have another theory based on the petition of Yearden-Wodarg.
        One thing they mentioned that is a problem with the Pfizer vax is a tech / ingredient they used in cat vax.
        Made them die, all of them. But not at once.

        I expect something similar to AIDS, an immune-system brake down when you can’t cope with illnesses and will have more and more till an organ failure or else what finally kill you.

  7. From Elsewhere says:

    These criminals will not back down, ever. Is there any force sufficient to arrest them, jail them, confiscate all proceedings and restore the honest life, decency, respect for our peers?

    • Paul says:

      Now THAT!

      How do we generate, focus, & exert THAT FORCE.

      • jkb says:

        When it all started, my conclusion was that there would be violence in the end. Total and global violence. That would be when and if the people had opened their eyes and understood the agendas behind this covid operation. Now it seems it will take some time until they do. Then maybe it’s the end times.

    • george says:

      no. nobody knows who is capo di tuti capi

  8. Carol says:

    Thank you, that was a great article. I will sent to my friends.

  9. M Brenner says:

    Vaccination is the greatest of all the modern illusions

    – Gandhi

  10. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    Jon wrote “Quick, easy, and cheap RNA technology will mean endless numbers of new vaccines. ”

    Rick says no. They are not quick, easy and cheap. RNA tech requires minus 90 degree storage because it falls apart, they say, much more easily than DNA. I don’t know if that’s really the case or not. It seems to me that a complete living organism might be in “suspended animation” or “cryonic suspension” at that temperature– to be thawed and “reanimated” just before being injected into humans.

    I’ll investigate this angle further– but this is NOT a quick, easy and cheap technology. This is one of the most complex supply chain requirement technologies we’ve ever seen. It might be the Achilles Heel of their effort.

    • Lee says:

      What if this -90 degree is another trick? The innocent looking liquid in those vials produced in factories is dead matter, chemical soup. They are not the wonderful and tough tardigrades made only by Mother Nature. I don’t think there is anything new. Like all the artificial flavours, colours, smooth textures, ect. used in “food” production, it lures you to their eternal shelf life.

    • Peggy Bradbury says:

      If saving money is the goal, why not just use H2O as a vaccine? Who would know?
      Saving money is not a logical agenda.

  11. BDBinc says:

    No one should be medically experimented on, what a twisted new industry. Lots of taxpayers money funneled straight to Big Pharma for mrna development and injection payments, and its not free. And once they get it going it will be accepted just like taxes (maybe a “vax tax” will be created).
    Resistance to this horrible draconian system( insanity as the new normal) should be widespread. The age of Big Pharma( that encompasses the medical system) with its uninformed vaxxing needs to end.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      (maybe a “vax tax” will be created)

      There already is. It was covered under the “Vaccine Injury Act of 1986” to fund the “vaccine court”, and the damage award payouts from the “Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund”. – THIS is WHY the vaccine-manufacturers have NO LIABILITY for damage awards, because the “tax-payer” STILL pays the bill instead!

  12. Andrea says:

    But hey!
    The RFID tracking chip is “optional.”
    Until – it isn’t.

  13. Opie Poik says:

    Marie Antoinette couldn’t care less:

    We, the people, are on our own.

    “With such precautions the courtiers might bid defiance to contagion. The external world could take care of itself. In the meantime it was folly to grieve, or to think.”
    ― Edgar Allan Poe, “The Masque of the Red Death”

  14. george says:

    I am sure that money is not important. they can print as much as they want.
    what they want are control. complete control. and preventing full development of humans.

    another thing that I have observed is that they are scared. very scared. no idea why. my guess is that a human with a fully developed mind scares them

    • Larry C says:

      ‘another thing that I have observed is that they are scared. very scared. no idea why. my guess is that a human with a fully developed mind scares them’

      I’ve been picking up that same vibe also, George…but no idea really, where it’s coming from…

      • george says:

        your mind can influence other minds. you can test it easy. just stare at a girl from back, she will turn to see who is. even if you do it tru a window, so no chemical is transmited

    • Paul says:

      “…and preventing full development of humans.

      …they are scared.
      very scared.

      …my guess is
      that a human
      with a fully developed mind
      scares them.”


      I know it’s far-out.
      But it’s worth a read.

      David Jacob’s most recent book.

      I once had a little dream or vision or whatever.
      In it, I saw our beautiful Earth.
      Upon it, stood a figure.
      Larger than any human.
      Spindly. Elongated.
      With magnifying glass in hand, pressed to eye.
      Stooped over.
      Examining the “ants”
      moving upon Earth’s fine surface.

      Think of it as you may.

    • Madness says:

      Dr. Rashid Buttar said – suggested – something similar. Where ever you would be at 11 am and 11 pm take a couple of minutes imagining a bright green field with flowers and people smiling and hugging. 🙂 (Mind control, can work, but if not nothing to lose anyway).
      The other way – they believe in it – they need our consent this is why they are rather open with their plans (eg. Schwab’ book, NHS tribute part of the 2012 Olympics).
      Repeat it: I DO NOT CONSENT.

      (I can’t believe I am writing this but who cares… so sinister, just repeat it I do, we all should try.)

  15. n says:

    Every Teacher and every single Parent or Guardian in the USA should contact k-12 schools and unions to demand the same as.. School Teachers and Parents in New York.. A few articles need to be written about this story ASAP.. Please share with every writer, blogger, etc. that you know… Fraud PCR Testing and New Age 1930s Nazi Germany like Experiments, Vaccines.. Are all the same… Pure Evil

    Bombshell Breaking News!

    NYC school teachers, parents sue to stop COVID-19 testing over DNA fears

    A group of New York City public school parents and teachers are asking a judge to suspend mandatory coronavirus testing — until the city can guarantee that the tests won’t also be used to collect their DNA in a database.

    The eight plaintiffs — including teachers, parents and other staff — claim that the Department of Education has refused to provide them with a contract from company Fulgent Genetics, showing that it won’t place the COVID-19 test “specimens in an active DNA data base,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court petition from Monday.

    The suit claims that, so far, the Department of Education has only sent them “a DOE link assuring parents that all vendors collection tests would destroy samples after ascertaining each test result,” rather than showing a specific contract with Fulgent Genetics….

    Here is full article…


  16. Andy says:

    “Great” business model by the Eugenics crowd- make a ton of money, then killed your “unsavory species” at the same time to achieve your goal. Why not?

  17. Jim S Smith says:

    This is why the Pfizer RNA COVID vaccine is first in line, and why the Moderna RNA vaccine is next.

    Quick, easy, and cheap RNA technology will mean endless numbers of new vaccines. And therefore, a day will come when every person routinely takes a DNA test to establish a profile, and every profile will be fitted to customized sets of vaccines.

    In the same way that cosmetics are designed for every shade of skin tone, vaccines will be designed for every DNA profile.

    * And there you have it! – This also backs up a few articles from a few years ago – talking about TWO different forms of human beings arising: The handsome intelligent form (the “elites”) – and the lowly, dull form (the rest).

    “They” already have been collecting genetic samples at birth (through the blood samples in the “delivery rooms”) since the early seventies of every baby born in the Western world. So what is to say “they” haven’t already in their possession, the basic DNA profiles of everyone born since then, as well as from those who unknowingly or forced into supplying a “sample” for them later?

    Besides that,

    Haven’t “they” already stated that “they” have different vaccine lots for the different target groups within the population? ? ?

    vaccines will be designed for every DNA profile
    – Sounds to me we are already there too!

    This is totally BEYOND “Mad-Science”! – This is WAR! This is a continuing “War AGAINST Nature”! – This is a total seizure of ownership of all that is Nature!


    It’s “business as usual” to them.

    ANYONE who thinks ANY “president”, congress critter, or other “exalted hero/saint” is going to put a stop to all of this – FOR us, is in serious DENIAL of the gravity of this whole plan! The reality being borne upon these times: “Your perpetual enslavement is already here: Donned in the fabric of pre-made faux-reality.

    This is a fight for the final determination of the survival of humanity. If WE can not get a serious grasp at what is being presented to us – by “the-powers-that-be” – as a proposed “solution”, to a supposed “crisis”, then man’s reign is surely through!

    What say you? ? ?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        ** ROTF-LOL! **

        As the ol’ sayin’ goes: “Yeah, RIIIGHT!”

        The family may get a “sample”, but the gov. keeps the rest. Hmmm, does that not sound like they does with our taxes too?

      • Andy says:

        “They” have a sample of your blood every time you get a blood test (pathology), donate blood, are admitted to hospital, etc., etc., etc.

    • Neil says:

      People are already lining up for the shot. Rumours of thousands of Dutch nurses refusing the shot but haven’t heard anything concrete. Can’t get any answers from authorities on Twitter about the nano technology rumoured to be in the vaccine. Should be easy to say no if it is not there but have asked several people and nobody will even reply. That is on top of the many possible side effects that have been mentioned, serious diseases that may take years to manifest. Very ugly situation, need big help from someone unknown at this time or perhpas God himself is the only answer.

    • Gordon Browning says:

      This is nothing but the truth and The Bible says what is going on in the end times is going to get worse. We really need to pray that God with rid of this corruption around the World. We don’t ask for this in Prayer, God will let it keep happening for we are not living the God intended us to.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Jim,

      I know, from your posts, that you are a man OF REASON.

      I AM NOT being flippant.

      Please familiarize yourself with Jacob’s hypothesis. (I know it’s way out on the limb).

      I find, YOUR QUOTE, unduly telling…

      Thank you.

      “…by “the-powers-that-be” – as a proposed “solution”, to a…”

      • Paul says:

        And Jim, if people like you (“we”), are the collective protagonists (**), know Jacob’s proposed antagonists, are GENE SPECIALISTS!

        It’s a good thing,
        to know the enemy.

        “WE CAN BE HEROES”
        ~ Bowie

    • Krivis says:

      It’s same “old good” “War on Tera”

  18. Kia Kaha says:

    5G to make us think people are getting sick from a virus, a contagion, a germ, (real conspiracy, all disproved theories) when it’s actually the increased electrification of Earth, EMF radiation poisoning, directed energy weaponry planted in neighborhoods and on devices.
    Ventilators and psychotropic drugs, euthanasia.
    A vaccine (on top of previous vaccines, weakening your natural immune system) to prime your cells to receive a 2nd shot which is enough to commit murder.
    Unknowingly, all performed by our most compassionate people in healthcare.

    Thought crimes by the dense and dark 1%
    Mass murderers. Guilty. Condemned. Unfollow.



    James Lyons-Weiler — Pathogenic Priming: Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Warning

    There is a condition known as disease enhancement due to pathogenic priming, and this was discovered in vaccinated animals and past vaccine safety studies when they did conduct vaccine safety studies on animals on corona-virus vaccines, where vaccinated animals got more serious disease after being vaccinated, and then when they acquired an infection from the wild type vaccine, more animals got serious infections, serious conditions, and more animals died.

    • Piksil says:

      Kia Kaha:

      Awesome, thanks for providing a link that works!! That video needs to go viral.

      And thanks for mentioning Dr Lyons-Weiler. (I had tried watching that clip several times on YouTube over the past week or so, and it would mysteriously stop and say I needed to update or quit. Both options resulted in the video quitting. Able to watch it on ‘Archive’ now)

      A couple of days ago Spiro Skouras had an ~ 48 minute interview with him (it’s over on Activist Post–Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed.) I saw it Sunday evening, took some notes on things to follow up on. (This interview focused more on his peer reviewed research on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children.) Two of the things he said to check were “hashtag pathogenic priming” and “hashtag cost of the false positives”.

      I don’t ‘do’ social media–I guess one could say I social distance–,so I’m going to have to see if there’s some other method to research “cost of the false positives”, as well as further digging into “pathogenic priming”.

      Thanks again for that link. After just finding out him a few days ago, and seeing just a tiny bit of what he’s said and done, I have to say I’m already impressed. Looks like there may be hope for real, unbiased science.

      • Kia Kaha says:

        I saw Spiro’s vid too. I like his delivery. I did a web search. Several links shared at th link along with a comment from Facebook in regards to pathogenic priming.

        Vaccines will see the way of bloodletting.

        Vaccines Are Big $$$$ For An Industry That Wants To Keep You Sick – Brandy Vaughan 2016

        Our efforts need to be put into supporting what we already have, our natural immune system, and if they can’t get on board with that, ignore them. They don’t have anything worthy of offering to us. Fake and Fraud. We know their intentions.

        4000 Years of Medicine

        1000 BC: Here, eat this root
        1000 AD: That root is heathen!
        Here, say this prayer.
        1865 AD: That prayer is superstition!
        Here, drink this potion.
        1935 AD: That potion is snake oil!
        Here, swallow this pill.
        1975 AD: That pill is ineffective!
        Here, take this antibiotic.
        2000 AD: That antibiotic is poison!
        Here, eat this root.

        • Piksil says:

          “Our efforts need to be put into supporting what we already have, our natural immune system, and if they can’t get on board with that, ignore them”

          I agree, especially as I reject Germ Theory.

          Thanks for the ‘heretic’ link. Sad that it’s predicated on the theory that viruses cause illness though.

          I’m wondering if Dr Lyons-Weiler is having doubts about viral theory, since he mentions protein peptides in the vaccine having a high probability of matching human proteins (It wouldn’t have to be ‘viral’ protein per se). Could that be the pathogenic priming? Not viral?

          I hope Spiro does the mentioned follow-up interview to discuss CoVid soon.

          • Kia Kaha says:

            During this time of transition, from misinformation to the correct understanding of what our body is actually doing in response to the environment, it’s hard to find statements that are entirely correct. I have to re-translate certain parts, while other important info is being conveyed. We’ll likely see a mix for awhile. One thing is clear, we don’t need is any more toxins, not from a vaccine, not from anything!

            How clever they were inserting “Make this video go viral.” into social media. Now the unraveling. Viral, now Exosomes are a sign that our immune system is actually detoxing, which gives us symptoms that can make us feel unwell. So then the question is, what are these toxins? That’s a whole different discussion. We would not be talking about vaccines.

            A Discussion with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Marcy Cravat
            Marcy did have her blood tested for toxins.

            Dr. Stephanie Seneff talks about what she has observed from another perspective. This also gives us symptoms of disease due to the poisoning of our food which causes confusion in the body…

            As Dr. Tom Cowan said, “It’s hard to be human these days.”

            Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff about glyphosate and sulfates and their connection to disease

            Glyphosate accumulates in the body, ends up in the proteins.

            There’s so much more to this criminal disruption of our health. It’s illegal to poison people to death. I’m not interested in lawsuits or corporations paying fines. I’m interested in direct arrests to take them permanently out of circulation. They are a threat to all life on Earth. If they had their way, Earth would be looking like Mars. If NASA could figure out how to send them there, we’d be grateful and they could kick back and retire. No competition, nothing to fight over, no people to be obsessed about, no wars to plan. For sure they’d figure out how to make an obelisk, even if it was a small one.

          • Piksil says:

            Kia Kaha:

            Which is why I now take glycine daily (I make my own capsules.). I don’t know if it’s effective or not, but it is effective in helping with a good nights sleep!

            Regarding your last paragraph: I’ve been thinking about that a lot in the last few months. No lawsuits, but prison terms. However, do we have enough space to contain them all? Then, who goes to prison? Certainly most of the colluders will claim they were only ‘doing their job’. And, more importantly, who would be left to work as prison staff, and would they want to? Perhaps Mars is the answer, but there would be a lot of environmental destruction just to get them there.

            What I’ve thought about more is: what will these technocrats do when they are finished with this great reset? With a huge depopulation? There won’t be enough consumers left to buy their poison products, and I don’t see their ‘type’ just sitting around a campfire singing folk songs, happy and satisfied. But they need worker bees, and I’m sure they’ve had a number needed worked out for quite some time. (Georgia Guidestones?)

            It’s hard for a sound mind to wrap around all the pathologies they are displaying.

            Stay well!

    • Linda says:

      I have to wear a face mask at work, actually I wear a clear shield. I have written across the top band “Placebo”, “Faith/Fear”, “MK Ultra”,”Biderman’s Chart of Coercion”, and “Pathogenic Priming”.
      I hope to make some of the sheep actually think for themselves. Maybe they will look something up.At least they have to look at it, even if they do not want to.

  19. juliano says:

    we are up against a toxic computer myth. It is the carry on from the mechanistic myth. Remember the First Industrial Revolution, the old ‘new normal’ where people were herded from the country, here in the UK, and into the factories and satanic mills. They were worked like slaves, men, women, children, and were literally treated as cogs in a very ugly relentless machine making the top hats and their superiors rich.
    MOW the myth has become Computationalism. Here is a definition and critique : “computationalism or philosophical AI, (sometimes also known as Strong AI), which is the view that all human mental activities are reducible to algorithms, and could therefore be implemented on a computer.
    Computationalism is an essential tenet of materialism, which states that there is no need to assume any spiritual or non-algorithmic aspect to existence.
    Syntax and Semantics
    There are a number of arguments against computationalism . Algorithms do not contain within themselves any meaning.
    The proof of philosophical AI would be to program the Mother of all Algorithms on a computer. At present no one has the slightest clue of how to even start to go about producing such a thing.
    Finally, deep mathematical criticisms of AI have been made by the physicist Roger Penrose [Penrose 1989] on the basis that there are certain mathematical truths such as Gödel’s theorem, which are apparent to a human observer but can never be proved by any algorithm.”
    This approach has been further developed by John Searle in the famous Chinese Room Argument against machine intelligence, which demonstrates that a machine cannot understand what it is doing or why.
    So, the word ‘mind’ could be partially defined as ‘that which gives meaning’. Indeed the words ‘mind’ and ‘meaning’ derive from the same Indo-European root [2]. They are also probably related the Sanskrit ‘manas’. (Oddly enough, although English and Sanskrit have words for ‘mind’, many other Indo-European languages do not. Translation of ‘mind’ into French or German and retranslation back to English will give something like ‘soul’, ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’).”
    It is handy to know the myth they are immersing us in in order to see through it. They see us and got us thinking we are bio-computers and need guidance through their fking ‘AI’ algorithims in places like Youtube etc etc…WHY else has the ‘god of the Covid 19 vaxx’ and its “final solution” been a creepy computer nerd like Bill Gates who aint got one medical qualification to his name, is known for having a computer software prone to VIRUSES and yet wants every human being to take a vaccination, and more, to defeat a ‘virus’ WHICH HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST!
    Why else they are talking about us merging with computers and becoming ‘transhuman’? Because it is a computer myth! see right through this toxic myth!!!

  20. Gunnar Andersson says:

    You say that vaccines are RNA, genetic engineering? Who told me that, researcher? But please, who do they work for? Do you really think they make vaccines? No, no please they make small devilish bioguns. They only demand obedience and not questioning their methods nothing else. Who are they? They are the priesthood of Babylon, it is their religion we all live in and must bow our necks to and be spelled again OBEDIENT by injections.

  21. Rico says:

    Thanks for all that you do Jon, you are an inspiration!

  22. Gordon Browning says:

    You think We the People are a free People? Think again. We’ve been under Marshall Law sense 1933 when Gold was taken away from the People and The Federal Reserve was created. Which is not actual money, but, IOU’S to our National Debt. The more the Money is printed, the more Debt is created. Did you also know that JOHN DALE DOE is a Corporation created by Government. This John Dale Doe is of Flesh and Blood Man, Created by Almighty God? Check you Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Insurance Cards and Driver License. I bet you’ll see they’ve made you a Corporation. Why do you think your Teachers weren’t aloud to teach you the Constitution in School. What remedies we can use again the Tyranny Government using the Constitution against them? In a peaceful way of course.

  23. hhi says:

    There is no rationale for rushing EMERGENCY use without the vax being peer reviewed.

    It was only released to stop the spread but the trials didn’t even address the issue of transmissabilty.

    Therefore we have a prima facie case for STATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by UK, USA and Canadian govts and the WHO.

    Car 54, where are you ?

  24. Tim_2A says:

    “Resistance and revolt are not luxuries. They are necessities of life.” -JR

    100% true.

    It bears repeating, as Jon’s statement was in the same vein:

    “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

    Thus, if the majority of the men and women of our nation profess a belief in God, how can it be that resistance is perceived to be impossible? Simply put, in the case of the mass of mindless morons, the only ‘god’ (or ‘gods,’ for animists, polytheists, etc.) is that of being socially acceptable.

    When, not if, those MANY muzzled mental defectives are ‘cut off’ from the TYRANNY of the ANTI-social-NON-media, the result will be an awakening, similar in effect to an orders of magnitude larger MENTAL Tunguska blast, combined with a Krakatoa-like cloud (or, maybe only Mt. St. Helens-like?), that will cover the skies, only not of smoke and volcanic ash, but one of ‘blown minds.’

    Considering the numbers of used/’users’ of the countless platforms, could PERMANENTLY ‘blowing minds’ be an effective de-population method? There aren’t enough prisons, government jobs, or psychiatric care facilities in the world, to provide for, or to house, the formerly-capable ‘productive members of society.’

    In reference to Gunnar’s comment, obedience to the disciples of the poli-pharma-technocracy is best demonstrated when the flockin’ sheeple, upon hearing of a ‘surge,’ or of a manufactured ‘increase,’ in numbers of so-called ‘positive’ Faux-19 cases, EXPONENTIALLY increase their hatred toward the free thinkers, all the while pretending it’s about ‘helping’ you.

    I don’t want their ‘help’ into, OR towards, the next level of slavery. They can keep it.

  25. Jim S Smith says:

    Interesting that someone mentioned the up-coming “conjunction with Jupiter” that is due to occur on Dec. 21st. – I checked my “Astrology App” and it says there are THREE conjunctions to occur: First is Pluto, then with Saturn, and THEN with Jupiter. – Hmmm. The globalists love to plan and plot their actions by the astrological calendar. They also know to make a good game with symbolism too.

    One of those benefits in being a student of the occult: “Knowing the symbols and their meanings – means also knowing what “they” are thinking about next.” – If I remember at least some of the symbolic meanings I studied over the years, I’d say the globalists still have their “bigger plans” ready to set in motion – when all the chaos happens over the holidays – and the People are kept distracted yet more!

    So fine, perhaps very few here believe in the validity of astrology, but the “powers-that-be” plan their events around them. Therefore, knowing the symbolism they like to use – can also be used (by us) to figure out what their next game-plan is, and when they may put those plans into action.

    The dust is not going to get a chance to settle from the (s)election “fiasco”. That’s a guarantee! There’s yet MORE “fun-and-games” in store for us in the immediate future. By the time “2020” is done and over with, “2021” is going to see so much chaos, right from the start, that it will become nearly impossible to make any sense of it, nor of what is going on now.

    – Stay sharp, stray not from your path to truth, and remain strong and vigilant!

    • Kia Kaha says:

      The real rulers over Earth are the planets, the sun and the moon and the stars. They influence the energy on Earth. Of course, the people on Earth have free will to interpret the benevolence of the heavens or misinterpret them. The 1%, in their rebellious state always misinterpret and misdirect. But we can honor the heaven’s benevolent energies to be in our favor in support of all life. They are always there for us, no matter how lost others are. Winter Solstice coming up 12/21/20!

      Worlds align this winter solstice: Look for Jupiter, Saturn in December skies

      Parents can show the conjunction to their kids, he said, and tell them, “60 years from now, when I’m long gone … you go out in the morning sky and look at this conjunction, and you think of me.”

      Hartigan says looking up to the sky enriches people’s lives.

      “Astronomy gives you a different kind of perspective on the universe, which is different from our day-to-day experiences,” he said. “Things are going on above us all the time. They mark eras. … It’s an important connection between generations.”

  26. Tim says:

    Fuck them. Get over the fear of death, and quit believing this is some “Divine Creation”.
    It’s nothing of the kind, it’s a deceptive counterfeit, an illusion, a progressive illness called delusion= asleep in a nightmarish dream. Wake up!

    This is the world of predators, parasites and death… what do you think really rules here? An imposter. Hypocrite, liar.

    These freak characters have no real reality, the mind is just conjuring up a virtual reality that is based on principles of untruth. EgoMatrix. Hell. Insane asylum.

    The only thing to do is leave. The only way is The Truth. Don’t buy into the “karma” and “reincarnation” scheme, it’s based on nothing, illusion, which has no real effect on Reality.
    It’s a fraud.

    This fake world is superimposed perceptually over a Divine Matrix, where Truth rules the mind, where the lion lays down with the lamb.

    These freak characters(fake) are operating in alignment with the “nature” of this world, it is what it is, and it cannot be changed, only discarded/exchanged.
    That is how the Truth sets us free, it dispells illusions and false ideas= disillusionment.
    Forgive them, it’s all in our mind, and it’s a fiction.

    • MickMo says:

      Good comment. I agree. Perhaps this life is just a journey. This realm a proving ground. A test. A flesh suit trial. Never intended to be logical, reasonable, fair or just. Adversity and hardships deliberately intended and purposefully built in.

      Seems most folks want to believe that “freedom” and liberty are just around the corner. All they have to do is hope. Well, that’s not happening. This realm is a shit show by design.

      How does it all come to be? Why are some humans so evil with lies and deceptions their way of life? I would say it’s just basic nature for some. And those willing to embrace that dark nature find their way to the top of the pyramid. They are controlled and influenced by their lust of material things, power and greed.

      If Satan does exist, he could be a drinking buddy of God for all we know. A good cop bad cop figure to provide choice and free will. Or he could be the evil father of all lies as described in the Bible. Either way this thing could easily influence humans that embrace their dark side with unlimited wealth, possessions and power. Everyone has heard about making a deal with the devil. Then these humans band together, follow certain protocols and rules and ascend to the top of the one world order. Is this not what we have in this realm today? Of course.
      Proof lies in satanic symbology contained in corporate logos, celebrity behavior,Super bowl half time shows, music, movies, Olympic game openings, currency and so much more. Also the separation of church and state. All by design. If the idea of God and Satan were just fairy tales, then why even address it like they do?

      The Devil’s greatest trick is convincing humanity that he does not exist.

      Lots of folks embrace science. For them it is an escape from the people that are religious. They seem to fancy themselves as more intelligent, more reasonable and logical than those that believe in some holy book. What they do not see is that science itself is just another religion. It is a blind belief in books as told by certain authorities. No common man has been to the Moon or viewed a globular earth from space. But yet he believes in these things because of science. He learns about viruses, atoms, nukes, evolution, dinosaurs in his text books. And so he believes. How is that any different than a man who reads the bible and believes?

      Once one realizes that everything that is presented to them by the system is a lie then clarity can come. The system is built on lies. So therefore it’s all lies.
      Don’t ever look to this fake man made system for truth. It simply does not exist. Truth lies in the self and the divine and no where else.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        MickMO wrote “Truth lies in the self and the divine and no where else.”

        Rick says– I beg to differ– slightly. Truth lies in what Rod Serling would call… the Twilight Zone. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call…boom boom boom… daaaaa… The Twilight Zone.”

  27. Tim says:

    Forgive (y)ourself too. That Created Innocent can never lose it or have it taken away.
    We’ve( and they) done no real harm ever. Believing in lies is what keeps us imprisoned.

  28. Jacob Ezra says:



    December 15, 2020

    World Economic Forum CEO KLAUS SCHWAB’S warning of July 8, 2020, of a worldwide cyber attack creating a cyberpandemic before which the covid19 crisis would appear minor has begun: defence, electricity, water, transportation, finance, food supplies and in fact all our supply chains are vulnerable to massive disruptions after powerful IT tools of FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of MASS DIGITAL DESTRUCTION to unlock the back doors of governments, militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500.

  29. yaroslavo says:

    Pardon my ‘french’ but i have to articulate my rage – we are fucked, aren’t we? i mean HARD, really hard. It is like a bad dream i cannot wake from.

  30. Tim_2A says:

    I enjoy writing (5-7-5) haikus, so I make them rhyme, for all of you(s?).

    There’s a theme running through all of these, too.

    “The Root?”

    Money’s corruption.
    Population’s destruction?
    Guide Stones’ instruction.


    Vaccinated fools,
    Giant government’s best tools.
    Dunces, on their stools.


    Yuletide is on hold?
    The hearts of men must grow bold.
    Future’s not been told.

    “EVERY Minute, Men!”

    The People must rise!
    Freedom’s fire, in all their eyes!
    Nation’s life, the prize.

    “Real Goods”

    Barter, the old way.
    Value’s agreed? Yes, I’ll pay.
    FRNs?! GO AWAY!

    “Oooo, Shiny!”

    -Worthless metal slugs.
    They have any value? (shrugs).
    -Yeah, if you’re on drugs.

    “Bass Fishing”

    Cold chiseled ‘One Cent.’
    Fold over fishing line, then dent.
    Now, that’s time well-spent!

    “Trigger Phrase”
    A Multi-Haiku Story Father_
    ___________________ Son-

    _Cold. -It looks like snow!
    -“Sweating’ll kill you, move slow.”
    _Yeah, with miles to go.

    _Go, grab your snowshoes.
    -Now?! _It’s not meant to amuse!
    _Get ready to cruise…

    _Place is over there.
    _Good field of fire, hill’s all bare.
    -It’s THEM! _Don’t get scared.

    _Check them for range, son.
    -Keep watching? _That’s number one.
    _We’re KEEPING our guns!

    -‘Target practice?’ _NO!!
    _It’s for real, boy, NOT for show!
    _Their side’s wrong, we know.

    -Filthy gun-stealers!
    _Purloined info. -From DEALERS??
    _Them, AND the squealers!

    This time, a small tale.
    Another time, a large scale.
    Liberty CAN’T FAIL.

    “Stolen, Returned”

    -Land’s not occupied?
    Was, by globalists. -They died?
    WE won, but they tried.

    “Lumpy, Old Mattress”

    -Funny lookin’ stuff.
    Yeah, folks couldn’t get enough.
    -Geez, musta been rough.

    “Next Week, Maybe?”

    HOLD STILL!!! This isn’t a game!!
    (Who are we to blame?)

    That’s all, folks!

  31. Andrea says:

    I was revisiting mentally today Neil F’s projection of 2 million deaths in U.S. And we sit “supposedly” at 300,000.
    And I go – where are the body bags, the sirens in the street, the endless stories……..
    This from twitter –

    The Light – Truthpaper

    In a REAL pandemic, there are no haircuts, no coffees in Starbucks, no protesting. In a real pandemic, there is ONLY death. If you’re able to go to Tesco and live relatively uninterrupted, you are not in a pandemic. During a real pandemic, people don’t argue if it’s real or not.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Good point– I’m reminded of my high school predictive programming reading list including The Plague (La Peste) by Albert Camus… and the “bring out yer dead!” scene in Life of Brian (Monty Python). Those fictional accounts of plagues seemed interesting enough at the time but obviously, as we see now, are based on virus-science-fiction as well.

  32. Jennifer Miner says:

    Found this on this morning. It was Rudolph Steiner who predicted that “they” would invent a vaccine which would sever us from our spirituality into materiality. VMAT2 gene.

  33. Diane C says:

    When the first polio vaccines were developed many people were paralyzed (I read 5,000) due to taking the vaccine, and children died before the dosage was adjusted. When the polio vaccine was adjusted to be safe for children, the children did well with the vaccine as this vaccine prevented many thousands of children from getting the dreaded polio disease! I can recall how terrified I was of polio. I was given the polio vaccine at age 5 and I never got polio as did thousands of other children. Some vaccines are successful. I will wait to see if the covid19 vaccine is safe or not. I’m not just going to write it off yet.

    • jkb says:

      Someone wrote that polio was renamed into some syndrome. Gullaine-barr syndrome? Sorry I forget it. If you have time, find Dr. Tom Cowan’s writing online. Of read about cellular/terrain theory.

      Btw, the covid vaccine… I wonder how they made it since to ghis day no virologist ever looked for the virus. They only had a piece RNA code and claimed to have found the virus. No one ever knew the true origin of the RNA code, but it seems to be produced by computers. The same with its genomes (complete genetic codes). Find Dr. Kauffman and see his explanation video. Or David Crowe. They did great analyzing the research papers on covid virus.

      Also read “invisible rainbow” to get more surprises.

  34. Goldie says:

    If the vaccine suppresses the body’s natural tendency to eliminate the waste via symptoms, then what can of worms are they opening?

  35. JBW says:

    “a day will come when every person routinely takes a DNA test to establish a profile, and every profile will be fitted to customized sets of vaccines.”

    My Urodoc paid no attention to my medical history. Each time I went in I was supposed to fill out the same forms concerning my genital health. When it came time for a biopsy, all that was studiously ignored. And I had a SEVER reaction (shock, kidney stones, shingles) to the procedure because the local anesthesia was ineffective.

    I see no reason why a person’s DNA profile would be treated any differently. Doctors these days are lazy.

  36. chris robbins says:

    The first thing you have to ask yourself about this clueless lunatic is why he uses a 40 year photo of himself on his website and all his promotional material. Is it because 40 years ago he looked kind of normal and today he looks like homeless schizophrenic babbling nonsense on infwars?

    Here’s a hint: he is a babbling schizophrenic. Or psychotic. Take your pick.

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