The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War

by Jon Rappoport

December 7, 2020

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Below you will find a piece I wrote and published in April 2020 — and re-edited in July 2020 — on the grand China deception. First, I want to provide context.

If there really were a dangerous virus on the loose in China, NOTHING could have stopped it. We would be seeing huge numbers of deaths in China to this day. Instead, the country has long been back to work, the economy is wide open, and the Chinese regime is looking, with great satisfaction, at Western nations, where its lockdown model has been laid on, wreaking havoc.

This is called a clue.

As I’ve explained in detail, in other articles, at the time when US and European agencies were first constructing their PCR tests, to detect the virus, they were unable to obtain actual virus. The obvious source would have been China, but China was unable to supply it.

The reason? China wasn’t selling a real pandemic to the world. They were selling a fake, in the form of A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS. They had no actual specimens.

That is another clue a mile high.

All right, here is the long article I wrote months ago. I would, perhaps, change a few items, in view of developments since that time, but aside from minor edits, I’ve left the piece as-is. It indicates how, with collaboration from major actors like Bill Gates, the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum, the Chinese regime could have pulled off one of the greatest cons in history.

Who actually initiated the plot, and who followed suit…these issues could be debated. But the basic pattern remains the same.

Intro from July 2020:

In retrospect, it’s obvious that Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the UN, and other elite Globalists NEEDED a new pretext for their tyrannical operation, and…

They needed to know, YEARS BEFOREHAND, that this pretext would come into play.

That pretext was: THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT LOCKDOWN of its own citizens. 50 million of them in three cities. Rapidly expanding to 100 million.

Without the Chinese mass lockdown, COVID would have unfolded as Swine Flu and SARS and Zika had unfolded. Small disturbances in a calm lake.

I explore the Chinese regime as the major instigator pretending to fumble, bumble, and fawn before the World Health Organization and the CDC. Acceding, as it were, to those “superior” virus hunters, asking them to help figure out what was going on in Wuhan—knowing the WHO/CDC researchers would claim to find a new deadly virus—because they always do. The Chinese regime would then sit back, lock down millions of their own people, knowing the events of the fake pandemic would automatically play out, with the West following suit and locking down their own populations and causing economic havoc and destruction, subverting all basic human values.

This could have been what the Chinese regime, in fact, did. Yes. But behind that front, it’s clear a higher level of cooperative planning was alive. The Chinese lockdown was in the cards all along. In the cards for the West, for the whole world. The plan was years in the making.

Most people simply do not believe intelligence operations can involve that degree of subtlety. This is a failure which unfortunately opens the door to takeover.

With that introduction, here is my (re-edited) article published in July — of the original article published in April:

COVID: The Chinese Regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War

This article is about the Chinese dictatorship and its agents, not the people of China

My longer-term readers know my findings on the pandemic: an unproven claim of having discovered a new virus; diagnostic tests which are worthless, but open the door to the phony escalation of case numbers; the gathering and corralling of people who have DIFFERENT traditional diseases (and perhaps a few new non-viral conditions) under the meaningless umbrella term, “COVID-19”; the plan to introduce a toxic vaccine as the “solution.”

I fully realize there are several possible roles the Chinese regime could be playing in this global crisis. And by crisis, I mean lockdowns and economic devastation.

I’m laying out one possible role here.

To begin: The Chinese regime’s model of absolute control over its population is fully in line with Rockefeller-type Globalists’ model of control for all of Earth.

But the Beijing regime prefers to extend its own formidable Empire. It will cooperate with Globalist elites on certain operations, but only because the benefits accrue to China.

In the case of this pandemic illusion, the Chinese government would be pleased to contribute to nations locking down populations and closing out economic activity. Why? Because the result would be significant weakening of those nations—whom the Chinese regime views as opponents or potential satellites.

Weakening nations is also the ambition of Globalist elites, to be sure. Flailing countries are easier to take over. Easier to convert to a New Technocracy. A Brave New World.

But the Chinese leadership is not a basic Rockefeller partner. The China bosses are for China.

If, in the process of playing along with Globalists in this pandemic forgery, the Chinese nation absorbs economic losses, the regime is more than willing to write them off as necessary sacrifices. Temporary. “We bounce back quickly. Other nations are not so fortunate. They don’t have our level of power over their citizenry. They don’t have 1.4 billion people under a moment to moment gun.”

The next Chinese-regime idea: “Suppose we could launch the illusion of a pandemic. That would serve us well. In terms of our goals, it would be a success: economic destruction visited on our enemies. As a bonus, we buy bereft governments, more foreign companies, and more foreign land at bargain basement prices.”

The next idea: “We could lay out a ‘tempting meal’ for the obsessed virus hunters at the World Health Organization and the CDC. Help them go where they already want to go…”

In that regard, let’s travel back to the beginning, where it all started: Wuhan.

To the virus hounds from the CDC and WHO, the Chinese government COULD HAVE said:

“Yes, we have a little outbreak in Wuhan. Nothing serious, nothing unusual. We have people coming to hospital with flu and pneumonia. About 300,000 people die of pneumonia every year in China, for all sorts of reasons. In Wuhan, the elderly have a major health problem owing to the air quality—pneumonia. We’ve been working very hard to fix that. At one point, we were going to build an incinerator for burning waste in Wuhan, but we discovered the technology would have created more pollution, so we abandoned the idea. We want to come up with a better facility, and we will. We’re sensitive to the needs of our people…”

Yes, the Chinese regime could have said that, but they didn’t.

Consider an alternative scenario: The Chinese regime DECIDED to tell the Globalist Rockefeller-type CDC/WHO virus hounds exactly what they wanted to hear: “PERHAPS a new virus is on the loose. Please help us figure out what’s going on. We bow before your superior skill…what?…you’ve found a dangerous new virus?…my goodness…thank you for discovering it so quickly…”

And THEN—and this was the key—the regime suddenly locked down three huge cities and quarantined 50 million people overnight.


THAT was the event that started the global ball rolling. No quarantine of such size had ever been tried before.

(In short order, the Hong Kong protests went away, the mainland protests against air pollution in major Chinese cities went away.)

The Globalist CDC and WHO drooled with joy, pushed a few buttons, and their whole epidemic PR apparatus swung into action:


Since then, the Chinese economy has taken a hit. The country has been blamed, in some quarters, for spreading a deadly virus all over the globe. To which, of course, the Chinese regime replies: “What? We Chinese have been weakened greatly by the epidemic ourselves…”

Fast forward a few months. Who’s taking a hit now? The US, Italy, and many other countries. The US has shut down anything that moves. The US stock market and trading markets all over the world are tanking. Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have been thrown out of work, and untold numbers of small business owners have been driven into bankruptcy.


By “humbly acceding” to the authority and desire of the CDC and WHO—who always say they’ve found ‘a new deadly virus’—the Chinese government has helped engineer, in the freest and craziest and most powerful nation in the world, the USA, a massive lockdown similar to the one now ending in China.

Who does all this remind you of? It reminds me of the ancient Chinese general and philosopher, Sun Tzu (6th century BC), who wrote the erudite and wildly popular treatise, The Art of War.

Here is a sprinkling of Sun Tzu observations and advices. Read carefully.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive…”

“If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

“If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.”

“To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

“…move swiftly where he [the enemy] does not expect you.”

“Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.”

—Getting the picture? Any bells ringing?

The Chinese regime: “Yes, Dr. CDC and Dr. WHO, it does appear, as you say, that here in China we have a new virus. You’re the experts. [Thought bubble: ‘You’re always willing to fake the discovery of new viruses.’] We bow to your wisdom. Certainly, we have to contain the virus. If we’ve somehow made a misstep here, we apologize. You’re the leaders in this field. Do what you think best. If alerts to national governments are in order, issue them. We’ll help. Do you think the spread will escalate?”

Meanwhile, in typical fashion, CDC and WHO haven’t done, and will never do, the necessary procedures for proving they’ve actually found a new virus (as I’ve described in other articles).

The Chinese government watches the epidemic propaganda start to lift off—and suddenly, as I just mentioned, locks down 50 million people for no rational medical reason—thus giving the Globalist CDC and WHO the shocking precedent for a super-con job, a super-story, a super-scenario, a fairy tale about a pandemic, an excuse to enact their own lock downs, across the whole planet.

Soon, one leader, who happens to be engaged in a trade battle with China—Trump—is boxed in. Usually arrogant, of choleric temperament, as Sun Tzu characterizes certain leaders, Trump must now dial back his attitude and go along. He believes he can’t buck the medical authorities. He believes he can’t do his usual THIS IS ALL FAKE NEWS punch to the gut. He can’t turn the stock market around by citing economic victories. He can’t talk about winning a trade war against the Chinese government. He’s stifled. Deflated, he has to go on TV, and read from script the measures he’s taking to “stop the spread of the virus.” —As he signs away more trillions of dollars the government doesn’t have.

Of course, many people refuse to believe there is a thing called subtlety in strategy, in covert warfare. “The Chinese government couldn’t be so clever.” Really? How about a regime which has a few thousand years of tradition behind it, based on the arts of covert operations? The current smash-and-grab Chinese dictatorship shows one face, but it is not their only face.

The Chinese dictatorship gave the CDC and WHO what they fervently wanted: a reason to launch—laid out like a dinner on the table.

“Enjoy your meal.”

There was a little something extra in the food. Not a virus. Instead, Sun Tzu spices.

Imagine a small group of Chinese-government elite professionals looking at reports:

“With this fake pandemic operation, we will have MANY enemies we want to subdue. For a moment, let’s look at just one. Trump. We can’t let him reject the lockdowns. If he does, other nations might reject them, too. He believes he’s winning a trade war against us. He is effective along certain domestic fronts. He knows how to rally his supporters. He has great energy. He can inspire enthusiasm from his troops. He promotes a brand of nationalism, which strikes a deep note with many Americans, and which could be dangerous to us. His critics and opponents are, on the whole, ineffective. They’re annoying amateurs. Trump’s self-confidence, arrogance, his tendency to become irritated and lash out…this is what we have to focus on. These are strengths which can also be weaknesses. He will fail to see attacks coming from unexpected sources and directions. He thinks he sees the whole map of threats to his presidency. In this regard, he has limited perspective. He views his potential enemies as blunt aggressors—because he himself is blunt. He sees warfare as open clash, as direct leverage. There is where we have our opportunity. We need a subtle operation that, at first, looks like a peripheral problem or crisis. But when the vise closes quickly, it will be too late. Not only Trump, but the whole of America will be caught in the squeeze play. Of course, in the process, we’ll inflict economic damage on ourselves. ‘We’re victims, too,’ we’ll say. That will be our cover story…”

“Oh,” people reply again, “that’s impossible. The Chinese regime couldn’t be that devious. I mean, that plan has too many steps in it. Where’s the firepower? Where are the laser weapons flashing in space, you know, like we see in movies? Without that, there is no war.”

Well, when people insist the game has to look like tic-tac-toe with missiles, but the opponent is really playing chess or Go…Iron Man doesn’t come out on top.

2019. Chinese leadership: “Let’s enable our Globalist ‘friends’ to create a false pandemic and bury nations. We’ll only need to make a few moves on the board, and then they’ll do the rest. I suggest we call the operation the Sun Tzu Virus.”

Of course, the Chinese regime permits itself the right to exert an occasional PUSH and TWIST. To create torque and help events unfold. In that regard, a few key questions: What country has a huge and lopsided financial arrangement with the Chinese regime? What country has seen the Chinese pour gigantic amounts of money into its government coffers, and buy up its companies? What country is laboring under the undue influence of China? What country’s government might, therefore, take an enormous and dire action under more or less direct orders from Beijing? What country’s head of government SUDDENLY, without warning all its governors, locked down half the nation overnight? What country therefore created a new beachhead for lockdowns? If you’re looking for one country that answers EVERY question, its name is Italy. Once the center of the greatest renaissance since ancient Athens. Now masked and quarantined. And the new beachhead is Europe and the West.

One reason I’ve written this article? Given the existence of certain structures in this world—I’m imparting how easy it is to lock down a few billion people inside a reality egg.

FREEDOM involves cracking and climbing out of the egg.

CODA, June 27, 2020. Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed Western imitations of China—in the form of behavior control. Attitude control. Among these imitations:

The shuttering of houses of worship.

People in the West are told to load outrageous contact tracing apps on their cell phones, and cooperate with spying against themselves.

The infamous Chinese social credit score system (behavior control) is mirrored by the tyrannical notion of “immunity certificates,” which, if approved, would need to be presented by US citizens in order to travel, enter office buildings, schools, etc.

The forced premature deaths of the elderly, under the cover of “demise by COVID,” is a straight-out exercise in population control, a device the Chinese government has deployed on its own population.

These are not accidents.

They are purposeful Chinese-type transformations.

At the root of it is the plan to raise up armies of Western citizens who are more than glad to sacrifice what is left of their own minds to a “Higher Altruistic Ideal.” Aka, socialism.

Thomas Paine, December, 1776: “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

Governments in Beijing and Washington and London might laugh in the face of these words. But they are uneasy. Because they know there is a power in the human soul they cannot understand…

—end of China/Sun Tzu (re-edited) article—

December, 2020: So now, in the US and Europe and other places, we’re now into our second and third waves of lockdowns. The strategy of economic and associated human destruction has expanded.

What began in China—A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS—has taken on a life of its own.

Or so it appears. In reality, the wall-to-wall messaging of that story is the continuing driver of the life of this fraud. The messaging and the threat and use of force on the part of governments.

But a rebellion is against Police States is rising.

The political actors who are making demands and issuing edicts are easy to spot. They keep claiming they’re “following the science.”

I’ve spent the last nine months taking that science apart, piece by piece. There is no science.

There are blind fools with academic credentials, and active criminals with those credentials.

And there is China, where it all started. Where the regime has a passionate hatred of freedom.

It now stands as the number one genocidal outlaw government on Earth.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

85 comments on “The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War

  1. Opie Poik says:

    The participants in a violent conflict often engage in crude propaganda and advocacy. Here are four versions of a pertinent saying:

    Truth is the first casualty in war.
    The first casualty of war is truth.
    When war is declared, truth is the first victim.
    In war, truth is the first casualty.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 New International Version

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    The ten-thousand-year war . . . against ourselves.

    Mark Twain on shouting down the mob:

    • chas says:

      How come nobody, I repeat nobody is talking the only solution to overcome the gulag coming? Are we afraid of say kill or be killed?
      oh, and how are those peaceful protests working out? As I observe – hardening their line of crap.
      And those peaceful law suites, ya know the pen is mightier than the sword. get that pen out and crawl out from under your desk and get to the front line with a killing device, BECAUSE history says time is nigh, and they are using violence and relying of peaceful change. Another words, judges are not impartial, as observed again, they will use their violence mechanisms(already bought and paid for), and most important, the financial incentives are in place for them to continue as they have from the start of the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on umans…

  2. Opie Poik says:

    Outsourcing tyranny:
    “You wanted to run a free speech platform. But you couldn’t. The Federal government’s regulations forced you, on pain of significant monetary fines, to abridge the freedom of speech of your users, even though the Federal government itself couldn’t have passed those regulations.”

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Have observed this for years too.

      What “laws” are failed to pass in government, the “private sector”, instead, is the one that “fills the void”.

      Case in point: “Mandatory face masks”.
      Another case in point: “Mandatory proof of vaccination”
      Another case in point: “White-shaming, white privilege banning”
      Another case in point: “Support woke causes or else”

      A loooong list of “mandates”.

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The sad thing is that this has become a silent holocaust of the elderly who are dying lost and alone in senior centers and assisted living facilities all because of this faux virus. They have not been able to have contact with loved ones and they are dying of loneliness. This is cruel and unusual punishment. We need to initiate law suits that can prove, with facts, studies and clear evidence that this is not a real pandemic. I believe that the evidence is clear and we need to free the elderly and treat them with dignity and love. This has to end.

    • RegretLeft says:

      93 yr old mother of friend in LTC: weeks of forced solitary confinement, withdrawal of care; 24×7 prone, she drowned in her own pulmonary fluids: Covid-19 they said.

      “That’s not who we are!” – Who used to say that?

    • ak in vt says:

      Dear Reluctant Warrior and All Others

      Here is a reason to not wear a face mask. Please read this sad story of a 90 year old woman in Canada who decided to end her life because she did not want to go into a 2nd lockdown. She lived in a retirement facility.

      I was in gentle tears after reading this. Soon after, I was angry. Now I have another, non-selfish, reason to not wear a face mask.

      Wearing a face mask:

      1. tells others you believe or go along with the idea that this whole thing is real
      2. this adds numbers to the “believers” which adds “muscle” to the measures being taken
      3. this further encourages shut downs
      4. next step is lockdowns

      Wearing masks encourages the killings and suicides of the elderly.

      Here’s the article from CTV in Canada — have tissues ready:

      Regards in Christ

      AK in VT

      • ReluctantWarrior says:


      • Jim S Smith says:

        I believe most of us here have figured much of this out already, but a faithful reminder is never a bad thing.

        If lies can be repeated ad nauseum to effect, there is no reason why the truth, backed by evidentiary facts, can not similarly be repeated, and expanded to a wider audience.

        The old saying: “Follow the money” still applies best – when it comes to taking apart any propaganda campaign.

      • Torontonian says:

        Very sad. I site the Toronto City (other cities in Canada have exemptions as well)bylaw to people who question why I dont wear a mask. There are clear exemptions which I meet I tell them.If I am asked what it is I tell them under the bylaw they are not allowed to ask me nor am I under obligation to reveal.

        I am very calm and nice about it and I promise them I won’t come near them.
        95% of the time it works, it reassures them both in my tone and my information.

    • Madness says:

      They just has started to vaccinate the elderly in the UK. There is no place to debate. I found a video where appx. 30 docs told their opinion about the pandemic and tried to warn people about the danger of the vaccine. Youtube deleted it of course.

      This is the most annoying thing that they don’t even give the chance to the people to being informed when they decide.
      The video is on the bitchute.
      Title: Dr. Andrew Kaufman – “The Most Important Covid Vaccine video ever” – (Dec, 2020)

      It won’t end. If people do nothing about it it won’t end. In these days I hardly know who to believe but after the Dr. Yeardon – Dr.Wodarg petititon and warning in connection this vaccine (Pfizer) this vaccine is very dangerous.
      That article is on 2020news(dot)de

  4. Paul says:

    An aside, from today’s topic:

    Realizing that Trump’s attempt at court election-remedy is fraught with difficulty, (as Jon said, AN ARMY of skilled lawyers are necessary), nevertheless, review of Levin might be good for purposes of historical remembrance & personal rule-of-law Constitutional edification.


    Life, Liberty & Levin.


    How PA Gov. bypassed PA State Legislature election rules (with ADDED & stipulated safeguards) & used liberal PA Supreme Court to REMOVE election safeguards.

    Pat Basham discusses media election polling & the accuracy of their prognostications. How media DIDN’T use more accurate metrics (voter enthusiasm, etc).

    Dan Horowitz discusses “asymmetry” of Dem-Rep results. [I had to listen a few times to grasp].

    Also, hope you all saw weekend video of election workers surreptitiously handing each other thumb USB flash drives & then later inserting drives into voter tabulation machines.

    (Jon wrote article quoting computer expert about these SPECIFIC voter machine vulnerabilities.)

    HEY JON,
    Just saw the Rod Serling image.


    If ya know what I mean.


    • Jim S Smith says:

      I would say that our election woes, though real and criminal, have become an effective distraction from THIS issue before us.

      Most of the “alt-media” are still TRUMPeting nothing but (s)election “inconsistencies” – and virtually ignoring the massive advance toward globalism – especially using this SHAM-demic as the excuse.

      In other words, “The distraction of politics”.

      I am more worried about our very lives being contained within someone else’s “reality box”, all under the guise of “national security”!

  5. ReluctantWarrior says:


    You have presented enough evidence here on your blog alone to make a case that the Pandemic is not real and that the resultant mandates are not required. Evidence abounds in many studies across the globe that this is all a contrived viral pandemic. Can we not initiate a law suit that will have a chance of rising to the Supreme Court for a decision? A judge in Ohio has already ruled that no crisis no matter how serious can negate the Constitution of the United States. I am prepared personally to disregard all mandates at whatever risk to me but this type of action is only effective if it is done en mass. We all should want to reclaim our freedom. A good lawsuit that makes a strong case might be able to get to the highest court in the land.

    • Sean says:

      Check out Jons interview of the Ohio Lawyer on you tube. You can even find the lawyer here to get updates as well as donate for this very worthy cause of Ohio Stands Up!

    • Ray Brown says:

      Our little town in Oklahoma we have individually decided that the sign that says masks need to be worn when entering this Walmart store have realized the scam, young and old alike the majority do not wear theses masks, what a farce and yes a few have gotten sick from this Covid-19 and others like myself (80 years old) are OK. I love the way the medical profession has stolen billions of Covid-19 dollars from us tax payers and little is said by anyone???

  6. Sean says:

    Yes I believed this take the first time I read it. Amazing. I am also rereading your/Jons JACK TRUE Interview in THE MATRIX REVEALED and how they were clearly seeing the Medical Industry tranny back then. Same exact set up as we have now. How to make WHO, CDC ECT irrelevant, other than a lesson hard learned with so much death and control, is all I see. Such a deeply intentional deceptive industry.

  7. Jon, please examine the linked chart depicting U.S. birth rates (1909-2009) and consider the necessary correlation between a surge in birth rates about 80 years ago (1939-44) and the inevitable, predictable surge in total death numbers about now (2020), as likely foundational to scheduling of the “Plandemic!”

    The even greater “Baby Boom” birth-rate spike that soon-after began in 1946 must also inevitably yield yet another surge in “all cause” deaths, as will provide “cover” for assertions of an “even more deadly Covid-23/25” in the years ahead.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      We may also conclude that the globalists are busy dealing with whom they consider “worthless eaters”: The recipients of social-security checks, retired folks, etc. – This has been one of their stated aims for years, and repeated constantly by our politicians.

      THIS is the “Great Culling” of the “herd”, if you will. We have been constantly hammered with the message “the world is over-populated” nonsense, and NOW – this is the “project” put into motion.

      Chris Gerner (may God rest his weary Soul) was one of the most well-informed and educated on AGENDA 21. He read and understood the whole concept, and where it was all going. – Thus, AGENDA 2030 – is really – AGENDA 21 put in to practice!

      We have been warned for years, but very few bothered to take notice, and even fewer took it as a reality-to-be.

  8. bp says:

    The first clue of the chinese scam was the feat of building a huge hospital facility in literally 5 days. Consider the amount of time required to engineer the buildings, the logistics for materials and equipment procurement not to mention the logistics for planning and executing the actual construction. That is what struck me as odd at the onset of the scam.

    • Lyn P says:

      Did they actually exist OR did we just see images of various hallways and rooms that MIGHT have been part of the China “presentation?” So much of the health care picture in multiple countries was distorted in faux videos, etc. that we must question, and continue to question, it all.

  9. Astraea says:

    Judging by Trump’s speech in Georgia on Saturday, he is aware of what has happened and sees it as war by China against America.
    I heard, some years ago, that China has a city, South of Boise in Idaho, which is walled and exclusively Chinese, and that China owns a lot of American property and land ien America.
    Watching Trump on Saturday, I got the impression that he is becoming much tougher – in a good strong and healthy sense. I even thought he might become, soon, a real American, a real tough American, a real man, ready to pick up a gun and fight for America in a new revolution for freedom and independence! I have never liked Trump – or his hair style and silly vanity, but thank God, even his hair style has become more like a man’s – no more of that horrible hair over the ears – so vain and effeminate.
    Well, the World needs a real man – or God help us, we are finished as real people or even as human beings.
    No one has been making this clear to us as much or as sharply and clearly as Jon Rappoport. We really are fighting for Life and Human kind – and the children of the future.

  10. JB says:

    I know people that still believe that this is real. They say that they know people that have it. One lady said that she knows people that still have symptoms months after having it.

  11. Steve says:

    I agree with most of this piece, however, the U.S. financial markets are not tanking. In fact the DOW and S&P500 are at record highs.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      The stock and bond markets have very little to do with real economic health. They are nothing more than insiders’ “shell-games”, that artificially drive up the prices of “commoditized goods” (“futures markets”).

  12. David Rieman says:

    Michael, You are also being deceived. In particular, on these two points:

    “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

    “If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.”

    Donald Trump is not who you think he is, and you have been deceived just like everyone else.

    I really like your other content, so I’m not yet ready to throw out the baby with the bath water.


  13. Eileen says:

    You are underestimating the President. He, too, can appear weak when he is strong. IMO, both sides are employing the Art of War. Just because the book was written by a Chinese warrior, does not mean that Westerners won’t study it. Trump has been a student of the Art of War for decades, and if you follow what he does (rather than what he says), you will see that he, too, is employing the tactics in the Art of War. If he wasn’t, we wouldn’t be seeing this massive election fraud being exposed. I think cutting out the FBI and DoJ from the current military intel briefings are significant and that his strategy involves a lot more than just the Supreme Court. 10 states are involved in an act of insurrection and I don’t think he’s standing idly by doing nothing. Regardless of the Supreme Court ruling, I expect him to declare that he intends to use the insurrection act and root out all those on the payroll of the CCP, and he, like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo knows exactly who these people are.

    We are in a state of war, making the election a sideshow, a distraction and it is with China. Just because we don’t see soldiers on the street doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

  14. Taverik says:

    You mentioned that China initially had an economic lost because of the lockdowns and travel restrictions, which is true. But there were also huge economic gains because of these actions. Previously there were about one million Chinese students studying abroad (mainly in the USA) and paying full tuition. A lot of money leaving China. There were also millions of Chinese tourists traveling outside of China (but only a few foreign tourists traveling to China). A lot more money leaving the country. So now most Chinese will be spending their money in China.

  15. Roger welsh says:

    If there is no virus, what was/iis being used to make the vaccine?

  16. der einzige says:

    Oh poor cowherds 🙁 There is always someone attacking you, if not Iraq then Afghanistan or Somalia, if not Libya, then Syria or Yemen, if not Russia then China or Iran. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple etc. – companies that earned the most from covID – are famous Chinese companies. Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca etc. that vaccinate the whole world with a quantum dot is also Chinese? Rothchilds, Rockefelers, Warburg, Sachs etc. they are old Chinese families? Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates just look at their slanted eyes.

    Remind me, Jon, in which country in the world has the most prisoners? What is this regime called? And explain why there is a penalty of 9 months for protests in Honk Kong and 9 to 13 years for protests in Catalonia?

    Your military bases around the world, your laboratories, your countless government agencies and the bloated military budget is just a coincidence? And on top of that your president, who can never do anything (except to move the embassy to Jerusalem) always someone or something bothers him. It’s terrible what happens to you.

    And now those nasty cunning Chinese, a year ago they were Russians.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple

      Were started in the USA, not China!

      And perhaps you have not been on this site very much, but Jon has written extensively on the political intrigue within these USA too.

      So if you are going to fling $xxx, at least get your targeting in the right direction! When you have a “government” unresponsive to the Will of the People, then you have a government which does its own thing, regardless. – We can start there.

      The “media” does NOT speak for every American anyway, but I thought you already knew that.

      • der einzige says:

        I have been reading and promoting Jon on your websites since 2013. I know you from last year. Reading it for so long, sometimes I cannot understand his simultaneous faith in the matrix (state, Trump, Gina Abu Ghraib Haspel, Rudy 911 Giuliani etc.) he has so exposed so many times.

        You are a criminal empire that invades the entire world militarily, economically and culturally. Making a victim of yourself will do nothing. Everyone hates you as always hates the invader and the tyrant. No one sheds a tear because everything that is happening right now is thanks to your military, medical, food and network corporations. You have decided to do Great Again, as if you were not enough yet. In addition, your greed made it – you sold the rope on which they will hang you.

        see how they like you
        and think that if we had as much courage and unity as they could, we could ignore this whole matrix. This is how every vaccination team should be treated 🙂

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      This comment is the definition of “myopic”.

    • Laskarina says:

      Finally, a comment that makes sense.

      Notice how the protected tribe always wants to blame someone else. They never explain why the bioweapon lab in stolenland has been working on a corona vaccine for many years. It’s just a cohencidence. The protected tribal ubermenschen are now lauded for their euthanasia program launched as COVID; COrona Virus ID.

      As a medical professional who has worked among legitimate illnesses in pulmonary medicine, I can say that this whole conjob-19 is about destroying any semblance of freedom, individuality, and faith. It has nothing to do with any infectious disease whatsoever.

      In the US, education has been so dumbed down, that even 19 years ago, the Mockingbird media convinced people with poorly done CGI that a hollow aluminum and fiberglass object–one that can be disabled by a bird flying into it’s engine–can slice through asbestos coated steel reinforced concrete like a knife through butter. Such is the knowledge of physics.They also said that fire causes seven separate buildings to turn to dust, even though they had had fires which had previously burned for months on end without structural damage.

      So, why not promote the insanity of economic destruction for the masses, not to mention social and psychological destruction, while billionaires become trillionaires bask in Caribbean on some interesting islands?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Not to mention that “aviation fuel” of nowadays is refined kerosene, and therefore – NOT EXPLOSIVE, nor does it burn at high enough temperatures to melt construction-grade steel ( > 2800 deg ) in an Oxygen-starved environment.

        THAT was one of the first things I investigated through the good ol’ encyclopedia, to debunk those early claims on that fateful day.


        “Science” is not taught very well in the “public fool system” much. It was already being watered down around the mid-to-late 1990’s, AFAIK.

    • martin says:

      The best reply on this thread. There is no question elements of the CCP where involved in this crime, their reasons for getting involved ? i don’t know, are they globalists in the mould of rockefeller and friends, I would doubt that, most likely they went along with it because it was in Chinas best interests, whatever they may be, but make no mistake this has the fingerprints of the usual suspects and some newer recruits all over it.

  17. yerba buena says:

    An artist friend invited me to a party, an art opening and celebratory happening…so I went to her party on Friday night
    and partied hearty with 18-20 sovereign souls; there were nice wine
    and beer selections, tasty food, interesting and beautiful artworks
    and such a groovy feeling all around, not a mask in sight, people
    hugging each other, every one smiling and laughing, lots of highly
    intelligent conversations, the kind of party that I love.

    Most of the party-sipants are regulars at the Santa Cruz weekly
    beach parties that have been occurring for the past many moons
    and what a lively crew they are! I felt so happy to be with so
    many good-hearted, aware people laughing, singing, dancing, hugging
    and kissing, conversating. Soul Shakedown Party, so much fun and
    plenty of good nutrition for heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.

    On another note, a good friend who is a researcher, puts on a
    podcast and newsletter that some people here may find quite
    interesting. His website is: (you can copy/paste) and
    is a source of some amazing articles. Worth the while, for sure.

    Love casts away fear (false evidence appearing real) and is highly
    contagious, like laughter, yawns, musical ideas (echoing riffs
    and motifs in a jam session) and worthy ideas.

    Also, Lorraine Day has a pdf on nasal swab test nanobot/”vaccine”
    insertion system. Scary monster alien thingy the size of a speck
    of dust that is called a thermagripper! Refuse and reject testing,
    tracking, tracing, treatment, tyranny. Reclaim your sovereignty,
    and be free. Eat blackberries, they bring joy!

  18. Andrea says:

    Until Trump disassembles Operation Warp Speed it remains clear as a bell he is not a man of the people.
    The stolen election – makes for great theater keeping his base in a state of thrall and keeps eyes off what is behind the curtain – the biggest most evil lie ever told – starts with a C (con) and ends with a D (devastation/destruction/death).
    A little eye opener picked up elsewhere….the first person ever named Kovid.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Until Trump disassembles Operation Warp Speed


      The stolen election – makes for great theater keeping his base in a state of thrall and keeps eyes off what is behind the curtain

      * YEESSS! I also came to that conclusion too. The “media” is great for distractions (to include much of the “alt-media”).

      the biggest most evil lie ever told – starts with a C (con) and ends with a D (devastation/destruction/death).

      * A GREAT summation! I may use that in one of my next articles.

    • Le Micromegas says:

      What do face masks/face coverings, vaccines, hospitals, medical equipment, and tobacco have in common?

      The largest shareholders of GE (GE Healthcare is the largest med. device mfg.):

      The largest shareholders of 3M:

      The largest shareholders of vaccine maker Pfizer:

      The largest shareholders of vaccine maker Moderna:

      The largest shareholders of tobacco company Phillip Morris:

      The largest shareholders of tobacco company Altria:

      Hint: Look under the “Institutions” tab on the above.

      They directly share many of the same largest shareholders.
      The Cartel.
      And those they don’t share directly, they share indirectly.
      These largest investment banks largely exist as the largest investors/shareholders of each other.

      Like one huge Cartel.

      What happens when activities, laws & societal norms are based most solely in regards to what produces ever-greater profit for the Global Elite?

      “The accumulation of gold in the treasury of private individuals is the ruin of timocracy; they invent illegal modes of expenditure; for what do they or their wives care about the law? . . . . And then one, seeing another grow rich, seeks to rival him, and thus the great mass of the citizens become lovers of money. . . . And so at last, instead of loving contention and glory, men become lovers of trade and money; they honor and look up to the rich man, and make a ruler of him, and dishonor the poor man.”

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Then you have holding companies like:

        * Kravis-Kohlberg-Roberts (KKR),
        * HJ Heinz,
        * Proctor and Gamble,
        * Unilever,
        * Then our “Big-Three” – BlackRock, Vanguard, and I forgot the other one (DAMN!),

        Big-money is tied up in all of it.

  19. ak in vt says:

    This poem was sent to The Conservative Woman e-paper by one of its readers. It was sent anonomously and without a title.

    It’s only three weeks
    To flatten the curve
    It’s not much to ask
    It’s a small way to serve.

    It’s only a mask
    To keep us all safe
    Why does it matter
    If I can’t see your face?

    It’s only a protest
    And it’s selfish, you see
    When expressing your views
    Might harm you and me.

    It’s only your freedom
    It’s not a big deal
    Freedom’s an illusion
    But the virus is real.

    It’s only a vaccine
    There’s no need to resist
    Your Freedom Pass please
    We have to insist.

    It’s only one Easter
    There’ll be another next year
    It’s only one Christmas
    The pandemic is here.

    It’s only not holding the hand
    Of your dying wife
    It’s only your liberty
    It’s only your life.


    AK in VT

  20. Sandman says:

    Everyone seems to be forgetting our most formidable enemy, posing as an ally, also waging war by deception. They’re such a ”special ally” that they have many of their own dual-citizens entrenched in our levers of governance, hiding in plain sight. Vampires in deed.

    • Ralphy says:

      Thank you.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Ya think?

      There again,

      – “You know who rules over you, when it becomes a crime to criticize them by name.

    • Siouxma says:

      Point taken- America has no Allies, and never really has. Just infiltators, users, and parasites. Truly Gulliver among the Lilliputian killer wasps.

      I have not forgiven or forgotten Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Is it all a Ruse beyond Ruse to rout out the Rot? The EO signed in 2018 expanded POTUS power to deal with foreign election interference and all the Domestic Traitors? Maybe that’s why the Military is involved in OWS to be in place to fight these enemies in all the major cities. I support that Fight, and pray this is just the beginning of Good people fighting for our country’s future and survival. There is ZERO reason to take any C-19 jabs.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        A startling discovery of mine years ago, while in the military: A D.O.D.-issued wall-poster that stated – “America has no friends in the world, only interests.

  21. Andy says:

    You’re correct, Jon. They shared one common enemy, and it is in the process of eliminating the threat. If we lose this fight, the next war will be between the commie and the Eugenics crowd/globalist. Wonder who will win out? I have my guess. Chinese despite the white men for humiliating them in the past. It is why they had a 100-year plan to overtake the world and destroy the white men. The Eugenics crowd is a bunch of billionaire white males.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The Eugenics crowd is a bunch of billionaire white males.

      Because “they” don’t want any realistic competition.

      EUGENIC: “Of noble birth”.

    • hayden says:

      communism was funded by the j.p morgans and rockefellers well back when karl mark got started, the chinese elites are in on it are part of the same family of world gangsters. globalists with agenda. that why china is blueprint for the world with its social credit system , mass surveillance. the chines elites have had thousands of years of trying to control there subjects. They know what they do.

      • Jim S Smith says:


        It was the House of Rothschild who bankrolled Marx’s “thesis”, before they took interest in the Rockefellers and Morgans.

    • Siouxma says:

      Never forget Rockefeller’s role in China and the impact he and his minions have had using China as the NWO model.

  22. Benjamin Martin says:

    We’ve likely just entered into the most treacherous territory, infinitely worse than what was calculated before. The first linked article outlines a ‘mysterious’ respiratory illness affecting young kids. It then states that it is important to maintain social distancing. So…what’s missing? (Hint: the Victorian premier announced a lessening of mask-wearing restrictions on the very day the article was released.)

    Now read the following article – another ‘mysterious’ illness also affecting children. ‘Burning eyes’ sensation. During the Spanish flu epidemic, blood literally boiled out of the victim’s eyes. Consider the quality, or lack of quality, of face-masks then, the potential for contamination, the thickness of the fabric heightening breathing complications and build-up of bacteria etc.

    What we might be seeing here is a slower, but nevertheless steady and definite progression towards similar horrific consequences, the overuse of mask-wearing being the likely culprit.

    Again, the fact that the first article mentions nothing about wearing masks as a means of prevention for this ‘mysterious’ illness, plus the announced lessening of mask-wearing restrictions on the same day, suggests guilt by omission. It’s not as though a government is going to come out and say “we were wrong, masks are no good, they’re dangerous” now, is it?

  23. Jim S Smith says:

    BUT – The early globalists MADE “communist China” what it has become today! Anyone remember anything about the “Box Revolution”, and the great betrayal of ChiangKai-shek, to the favor of Mao Tse Tung. – The “Cultural Revolution” that was spearheaded by the, then “OSS”, and later “CIA”. Rothschild money was all over the plan, just as Rockefeller (Rothschild-agents) were part of this “project” too.

    * Europe was where the “religious caste” was to rise to political power, so as to become a de facto “government of God”, managed by the priesthoods. – This is what resulted in the “domestication of the human population” initially.

    * The European theater was also to be where the globalist-funding started with the creation of the privately-owned “central bank”. It was these “international financiers” who were responsible for the “French Revolution”, the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, AND the destruction of the British economy following the ill-fated “Battle of Waterloo”.

    * The designs of the early globalists were already at play just prior to the “American Revolution (1776)”. After this war was “won”, it was the international financiers and bankers who were becoming more involved in the international intrigue – that has spawn so many wars (to include the “War of 1812”, “French and Indian War”, the ill-named “Civil War (1860-1864)”, the “Spanish American War (1897/1898)”, and onwards. — The UNITED STATES was to become their new “beachhead” for building up their technological methods of world control.

    * Now that the UNITED STATES has out-lived its usefulness to the globalists, China has become their new “golden boy” of globalism. China’s system of government was set up by the early globalists, just like the great “Soviet Union” experiment, where the Bolsheviks were funded and equipped by globalist insiders, and their system of government was spearheaded into action. The whole “Cold War” was just a lead up to bigger and “better” things towards globalism.

    * The leadership in China MAY believe they are in control, but the reality is that THEY themselves are controlled by the very same global control-system as the rest of the world’s “governments”. – China’s system is the favored economic and political model for the rest of the world, because the globalists have designed such a system.

    So while all of these “alt-media” have fallen into the mental-trap of thinking that “China”, or “Russia”, or some other expedient “bogeyman” is the “enemy” – – THEY seem to forget that all of these supposed “enemies” of freedom have but one thing in common: “The flow of globalist money which funds their very operations”.

    – “To the thousands hacking at the branches of evil, to the one who strikes the root!

    I would HIGHLY recommend reading “Planet Rothchild”, by Michael S. King, as well as his other books: “The Bad War”, “Bancarotta”, etc. – Though I may disagree with some points Mr. King makes – his other analyses make the most sense about this push toward globalism.

    China, like nearly all of the rest of the “governments” of the world, is merely another puppet regime of the globalists. Yeah, their leaders BELIEVE they are in control, but deep down in their minds – they know THEY are the ones who are controlled!

  24. Kia Kaha says:

    This is nothing new.
    All wars are banker’s wars.
    The invasion is through foreign (aka alien) multi-national corporations.
    Governments are also corporations.

    We’re in a phase in the repeat of the financial cycle, in a rebellion and in opposition to the Cycle of Life. This is what patriarchy is. All world governments participate in this. It’s the patriarchal cycle of abuse. This is why history repeats. It’s cyclic.

    Bankers knew in advance their monetary system would collapse, as it has and does. This is the phase of the cycle where the 1% buy up everything the people have rightly earned and need through their labor but lose on the cheap due to fraudulent financial manipulation. Spreading trauma, death, destruction. There have been so many acts of violence preceding this most recent attack against the people of the world. 911, 311, 7/7, constant wars of all kinds, food, water, land and air supplies poisoned, fraudulent foreclosures stealing millions of homes and selling derivatives to attack other nations economically. The war in Libya, spreading of diseases throughout Africa, the corporate exploitation of it’s resources and people and the destruction of their food supply turned GMO, Roundup Ready. The constant people shuffling from one continent to another to invade and attack, stir up hatred, discord.

    The source of humanity’s trouble is bankers, $nothing and all things financial, and how it really works to pervert, exploit, incentivize the human population to socially engineer them to behave “like them” as bankers do, without conscience. They project and shift their blame, shame and guilt onto anything they can label and away from the system itself, otherwise the people would topple the one system that hides behind all others and orchestrates them to stop the worldwide pain and suffering. Then turn things back around according to our free will under natural law and natural justice. That is the universal law of Earth. The real rulers over Earth are the planets, the sun and the moon and the stars. Not bankers, presidents, queens, kings, Hollywood stars. True government is within, not external to us. We were embedded with a governing body, mind and soul.

    We’re on repeat…………

    1918 SPANISH FLU

    The Dr. Fauci of the 1981 Spanish Flu

    The Secret History of the First Coronavirus

    CARING CORRUPTED – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich

    The Unseen War On Humanity

  25. lamberth says:

    All I can say in response to Jon’s article is:
    “Don’t fall for the fake America vs China narrative”.

    As much as I appreciate Jon’s articles on the COVID scam which have my total agreement, I do not agree with his narrative that this scam has China as its main player, in China’s quest for world dominance.
    That’s missing the point, to say the least.
    China simply played their required part in this global hoax, whether they wanted to or not. Not a request, an order.

    China is controlled by the same money-men as the US (and the rest of Western nations for that matter).
    China DID not industrialize, it WAS industrialized. By the same money-men that financed both, both are controlled by the same.
    China was to serve as the globalist’s blueprint, the framework for the global communist, tyrannical system that is now being implemented before our eyes.

    COVID is a False Flag to implement global control of the world population, nine11 served that same purpose.

    China is – or will be – as much a victim in this as any other nation.

    Think about it.
    If COVID had come around 60 years ago, then the blame would have been laid at the Soviet Union. If it had come around 40 years ago it would have been Japan (who were then in the same position as China – more or less – buying up anything on the planet with all their excess cash).

    Always the same tactic, the same narrative.
    Why change it if it works time and again.
    Divide & Conquer.

  26. Lewis Papier says:

    Would anybody like to refute this? It appears in an article entitled 6 dangerous COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked at

    Myth: mRNA vaccines could potentially alter your DNA

    A troubling myth that has been widely circulated on Facebook is that an mRNA vaccine can alter an individual’s genetic code. Both Krammer and Kennedy say this is not true for the simple reason that it’s not possible. “Our genome is DNA and we have all of the enzymes and machinery to make copies of that,” says Kennedy. “We don’t have any of the machinery in our cells to take the RNA and change it back into DNA. Otherwise, you would be doing that every time we’re infected with any virus.”

    “The pathway from DNA to RNA is a one-way street,” Krammer adds. “The other way doesn’t work. So it does not change your genome at all — and it could be safer than many other vaccines.” Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow at Cornell University’s Alliance for Science, echoed their thoughts to Reuters. “That’s just a myth, one often spread intentionally by anti-vaccination activists to deliberately generate confusion and mistrust,” Lynas said. “Genetic modification would involve the deliberate insertion of foreign DNA into the nucleus of a human cell, and vaccines simply don’t do that.”

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Myth: mRNA vaccines could potentially alter your DNA

      Yet, the very makers of the mRNA vaccines state that it DOES alter human genetics by design! – The very basis of their “theories of operation” of these types of vaccines is that it MUST be able to alter (or “re-write”) some of the genetic sequence of a given cell, in order for it to be “programmed” to produce the necessary anti-bodies against “the virus”.

      Besides that,

      What purpose do they think is served using “messenger RNA” delivered from an external source anyway? ? ?

      Both Krammer and Kennedy say this is not true for the simple reason that it’s not possible.

      * THAT is pure nonsense on their part. If other chemicals that end up in our food (thus, having to pass through the GI tract first) have been shown to have “mutagenic” properties, then what can we expect from substances that are injected closer to the bloodstream? ? ? – Plus, that was the whole premise behind using mRNA-technology for their next generation of vaccines!

      — and it could be safer than many other vaccines.

      * They don’t know that! “They” even admit they don’t know this or whatever other effects are expected, especially in the long term! MRNA vaccines are a very new technology that has NOT been thoroughly tested and evaluated for years. So “they” do NOT have any conclusive evidence to support this claim!

      Liars are what they are, and some of them are well-paid liars.

  27. Haniel Adhar says:

    I am at a point now where I don’t think any virus causes any disease.

    Call me stupid or crazy. But that is sure as hell what it seems.

    I guess people think that viruses are alive and are the only things that can cause a disease.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Dis-ease” is a pre-existing condition of the body. These “pathogens” will only be effective within weakened bodies, not the healthy. The heavy presence (or “load”) of any pathogenic organism within the body, means the body was already weakened. IE: “Pathogenic” presence in volume is a symptom of a deeper problem.

      “Germ Theory” has got it all backwards: The “germs” don’t cause the initial “dis-eases”, they are opportunistic organisms which affect only the already sick.

      This is not to say that these pathogens don’t necessarily add to the stresses of a weakened body, like the toxins released by invading bacteria – for instance – causing other inflamation within the body.

  28. hayden says:

    As one joke says….Sum Ting wong with society.

  29. hayden says:

    one big happy family, look at them sitting there all happy with smiles(fucken hypocrites)…
    Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a goodwill ambassador of the World Health Organization for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, met with Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in Beijing Thursday.

    Peng spoke highly of the effective and fruitful cooperation between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chinese side, hailing the progress made in the projects supported by the foundation in HIV/AIDS prevention and control and providing better healthcare for the poor people in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

  30. Jim S Smith says:

    Here is an article from last month on Children’s Health Defense:

    I believe Jon may also appreciate what this good doctor has written as a testament to the subversion of science for a price, “in Gold and Sliver”.

    It all fits into the grand scheme.

  31. Jim S Smith says:

    And speaking of suppressing science, in the almighty name of big profits:

    When even the W.H.O. has down-played the KNOWN RISKS of RF electro-magnetics to human health, HOW in the world can anyone take these folks seriously? ? ?

  32. Terence says:

    It seems plausible except was it not Fauci or someone who said 3 or 4 years ago that Trump would face a pandemic during his presidency?

    This would therefore imply planning several years in advance and sharing of that plan with key people in the West which makes it a bit different than the story laid out here. For such a daring plan would the Chinese have trusted their Western counterparts to be in on it and keep the lid on it until the correct moment.

    If we go one stop further and say China are going to be a key part of the global police state then it makes sense that they actively planned and co-operated in advance. It may well be that the plan is for a shadow single world government, but they will present it as two totalitarian systems, China+Russia say versus The West so they can play the game of competing powers outlined in Orwells book 1984.

  33. hhi says:

    UK rushes Emergency Authorization to stop the spread but trials are not designed to assess transmissability.

    Older people grossly unrepresented in trials yet thay are first to be experimented on.


  34. hhi says:

    777 means ascending to become God. In this leap year, Tue Dec 8th (UK vaccine roll out day) is the 7x7x7th day.
    Will many ascend to meet God, me wonders.
    The Tribe see 777 as to ascend ABOVE God.

  35. Larry C says:

    Official Medical Science in Retreat by Greg Caton

  36. Le Micromegas says:

    A recent article in the Johns Hopkins Newsletter on Nov. 22, 2020 analyzed U.S. deaths as reported by the CDC, and found that the number of supposed “covid” deaths had risen generally by the same amount as deaths from all other causes had decreased.

    In other words, there have been no excess deaths from “covid”.
    It concluded that causes of deaths were simply being reclassified as caused by “covid”.

    I recently analyzed deaths in Sweden, which is about the only country keeping accurate, up-to-date stats, and making those publicly available.

    The 10-year annual death rate from all causes in Sweden averages 0.92486%.
    In 2020 that rate is est. 0.92181% (estimated taking the 11-month period through Nov., finding the monthly average, and adding in Dec.).
    Thus the death rate for 2020 is below historical averages.

    In other words, similar to the U.S., supposed excess deaths from “covid” in Sweden have risen in near direct proportion to declines in deaths from all other causes.
    Thus again likely due to reclassification from one cause to “covid”.

    How likely is it that deaths from all other causes declined in direct proportion to supposed new “covid” deaths?

    And Sweden is supposed to have the highest “covid” fatality rate of all Nordic countries.
    Thus it is a worst-case scenario.

    Check-out that data for yourselves:

    Educator, Logician, Philosopher and Polymath Bertrand Russell wrote:
    “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”

    Numerous Philosophers, DR’s, and others have noted similar observations:
    “Truth Passes Through Three Stages: First, It Is Ridiculed. Second, It Is Violently Opposed. Third, It Is Accepted As Self-Evident.”

    One must use caution before simply jumping on the popular bandwagon.
    Might (strength in numbers) does NOT make right.

    A large number of people can easily be as wrong as just a few.

    There are some serious irregularities regarding this conventional “covid” narrative.

    Things just aren’t adding up, and I for one will continue to question official narratives, and continue to analyze data.

  37. No more Lies says:

    Anybody shed some light for me:Several weeks ago, one of my relatives went in for a “Covid” test. He told his sister several night later, he wasn’t feeling well. Stomach pains, etc. He calls his little daughter every night to say good night. That night he didn’t call his daughter. Someone went to check on him. He was dead. Days after a “fake ass Covid” Test. 40 years old. Very healthy. Worked and lived on a farm. Inexplicable( to the masses).
    Today, we hear: a friends relatives flew to Hawaii for a short vacation. They took Covid test before leaving( “required”). Did not get results before they had to fly out. Got to Hawaii. Went to hotel. She died in their hotel . Afterwards, her “test” came back “positive”.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The “kill-off”, being hidden and disguised – plain and simple.

      Anything to keep up the momentum of fear against a mysterious “virus”.

      The world is being driven into a mass-panic attack to serve the global interests.

    • Anabel says:

      or shillitus I have that right now sick in my stomach …

  38. george says:

    everybody is onboard this time. even Putin and Kim Jong Un

  39. BDBinc says:

    The CovID Hoax was not created by “China”.Sure they created a virtual virus that is not real “Sars CoV2” there but the UN’s WHO started it there. The global banksters (the Lee family) did their part in starting the hoax a lockdown in the militarized China was the easiest place to start locking the people up without fear of any protests.
    No one but the UN (global govt) forced all central banking nations govts to run media fear/hysteria campaigns and play along with the Big Lie covID.
    For when you have an economic and political monopoly owns the media thats what you can do.
    I have noticed the msms are doing a lot of china warmongering memes. This is concerning.The banksters profit off war and do not care about how many suffer , its part of their divide and conquer.

  40. There’s lot here to agree with. And there’s stuff here that just not enough people care to know. That has to do with the fake science and the fact that there’s no virus. It’s hard for people, without say a Christian (by which I mean ‘true’ Christian) bias, to quickly ditch an ideology that the world has been stepped in since birth. Rockefeller medicine is all we’ve known.

    It’s (not coincidentally) in our culture (the small and big screens), in our language (contagious, infectious, pathogenic, etc) and deeply embedded in our minds. I entered the covid hoax knowing zilch about any of that. When I did my 27th blog post on covid, I had just learned about Andrew Kaufman’s ideas about exosomes, and more generally, about terrain theory vs germ theory. I didn’t need strong urging to agree with it. Why would God create project earth with it’s crowning feature of man, made in his image (as a God of love) and then throw into the garden invisible monsters to plague his human children forever? The answer is: He wouldn’t.

    James Corbett (who, ironically, isn’t interested in the terrain vs germ theory debate) has been my main source (in some cases not so much ‘main’ as ‘introductory’) of info about China, Rockefeller medicine and 9/11. I’ve always been a reader. Politically, I self-identified as leftwing (although of all the political flavor, I like anarchism best).

    For that reason, I see the subject of China, and capitalism, differently than Jon. I don’t see nation States as being the independent, sovereign entities that Jon does. The Chinese political leadership is not in charge of China to the degree that Jon suggests. Iain Davis, James Corbett are great sources of information in this regard. The true owners and rulers (all unelected) are those within the transnational capitalist (not communist) class and the global public private partnership. How could the Chinese ruling class not know who’s really in charge? They know.

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