Stop the vote-steal, stop the Biden plan for federal slavery

by Jon Rappoport

November 10, 2020

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Thomas Paine: “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

The nation and the world are awash in growing chaos. Addled minds are reaching out for rescue from the very governments who have locked them down, who have destroyed businesses and jobs and the right to work.

Freedom is not “everything for free.” Freedom is not forever on the dole. Freedom is not dependence on tyrants who babble on and on about “the virus” and “case numbers” and “the need for more containment.”

Those false citations are the occasion for their real objective: humans in chains.

If you still know, in your belly and your heart and your brain, what freedom means, what freedom is…and if you WANT freedom…

Then these are times that try your soul.

This is the time that still has hope.

This is the time to join the people who want freedom.

Here is the acid test. Look around. Which group of people are more for freedom? Those who support Trump or those who support Biden?

For the past month, I’ve been explaining that Biden is worse than Trump. I’ve made that case. Trump offers glints of light, Biden wants darkness. [1] [2] [3]

Biden’s “national plan” for COVID is slavery. Masks for everyone; testing and contact tracing and lockdowns and the vaccine, commanded and organized and expanded from the federal level—brushing aside all objections from the states.

That plan is now taking shape. Biden’s handlers are reaching out to governors to sign on to one grand system for dealing with the “pandemic.” [4] It’s happening. The steamroller.

Brushing aside all objections from The People.

Can you see that? I hope to God you can.

After reading many reports of vote-fraud in the election, I’m convinced all the battleground states are up for grabs. The announced totals are not to be believed or accepted. Neither are the networks claims of a Biden victory.

STOP THE STEAL is a legitimate movement, with evidence in hand and righteous purpose [5]. Getting people to show up at all 50 state capitals is being orchestrated by Patriot Ali Alexander [6] to great success. Independent media stars Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have jumped on board. So have other influential independent media personalities. So have truckers. So have bikers. And many more. There is a major rally/march for Trump in Washington DC this Saturday, Nov 14, 12 noon. If you can’t make it to DC, consider being at your state capitol, this Saturday, 12 noon. Click here to learn more.

I’m with the truckers and the bikers, and the millions of people who voted for Trump, not because of Trump, but because the millions who voted for him want freedom.

“National plan” and “cohesive strategy” are code for bringing down the hammer on all of us, based on a fake COVID test and fake case and death numbers.

Read this, from the Associated Press—“As cases rise, states say they’ll work with Biden on virus”: [4]

“The incoming Biden administration is promising a cohesive national strategy to combat the worsening coronavirus outbreak, something many public health officials and Democratic governors say they welcome after months of mixed messaging under the Trump administration.”

“Consistency about the need to wear a mask to reduce the virus spread is just a start. Among other things, they say they need help with testing and contact tracing, deploying an eventual vaccine and more money to shore up their budgets, including to help keep schools open.”

“Biden on Monday announced members of a coronavirus task force and his staff started reaching out to governors. In New Mexico, Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham praised Biden for ‘leading with science and de-politicizing the federal government’s pandemic response’.”

“’New Mexico is an example of the fact that even the best state-level policies are insufficient on their own,’ she said in a statement. ‘The entire country, including the people of New Mexico, deserves the full force of the federal government to address the ongoing emergency and it is encouraging to see President-elect Biden preparing to do exactly that’.”

“Another Democrat, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, praised Biden’s embrace of a national strategy to combat the virus…”

“’Conscious decisions were made in states to approach this differently, and some states had better outcomes. But here’s the deal: it was only a matter of time before we’re in this with all 50 states, and it’s bleeding over,’ he [Walz] said. ‘So I have been asking for a long time for a concerted national strategy around this. I think that starts today’.”

“Biden’s announcement of a virus task force on Monday coincided with tougher actions or statements from a number of governors, including Republicans, as COVID-19 cases soared past 10 million in the U.S. and deaths were approaching 240,000.”

“In Utah, Republican Gov. Gary Herbert ordered a statewide mask mandate for the first time late Sunday. He also is pausing extracurricular school activities, along with most sports and social gatherings with people outside the household.”

“Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, also a Republican, required masks Monday in businesses such as salons and massage parlors where customers and employees are in close contact for more than 15 minutes…”

“While the federal government under Trump set up testing centers in some places and has funded tests, public health experts have said there has not been an adequate national strategy for testing or contact-tracing, which is also carried out largely at the local level…”

This is a doomsday machine.

Life on Earth is not meant to be lived this way.

Technocrats must always have a plan, in which we are units to be fitted into slots. This is their sickness.

We are the cure.

This is the war.








The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

100 comments on “Stop the vote-steal, stop the Biden plan for federal slavery

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Yesterday’s Song

    Yesterday’s gone
    Devoured by
    The swirling mists
    Of time,
    But what a ride it was
    Through those
    Beautiful fields
    of amber grain,
    Flying kites
    Above sandy beaches
    Filling me with memories
    Of her bracing refrain,
    Of little sail boats
    Tossed by angry white caps
    And of rambunctious
    Siblings teasing
    Each other
    To the tunes of
    Those peppy
    Summer gazebo bands,
    Digging for bubbling clams
    While building our muddy
    Castles in the sand,
    Sharing daring adventures
    Exploring those
    Crumbling fortifications
    Out on that
    Mysterious windswept Island,
    Of sultry cookouts
    And sparkling days
    Taking serene strolls
    Along the boardwalk
    To nowhere
    Where has it all gone?
    Some unrecorded
    Ancient past?
    A world gone by
    Teasing me with soft
    Memories of forgotten joys?
    By such furtive sighs
    What do I have now
    To look forward to
    My sweet Oblivion?
    Now flow the tears for
    Those days gone by
    And the memories
    Of the fields where
    My children once played
    Were they even real?
    Do they exist somewhere?
    In some blessed
    Parallel Universe?
    Some lost dimension
    Untouched by google
    Where the good times roll?
    Oh my!
    I feel their delicate little feet
    Tippy toeing down
    The pathways of my heart,
    What a world it was
    I cannot forget
    Yesterday’s song
    For it is a love song
    To a present
    Filled with phantom fears,
    A reminder of
    A once gentler world
    That gave us hope
    In the shadows of eternity,
    Beckoning us toward
    A nebulous future
    Calling out to us now
    As I feel the wind
    Blow back my hair
    Riding time’s prow
    Lashed to her mast
    Mesmerized by the sirens
    Of yesterday’s song!

    • Christine Zipps says:

      outstanding – I would like to share. May we know the author please?

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        Please share…my name is Dave Evans aka ‘Reluctant Warrior.’ I have no fear to share this. Perhaps I am foolishly fearless but I have no interest in living in a world like the one envisioned by the left.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        I have written between 2 and 3 hundred poems. Most of them are explorations of and expressions of my inner world. Some have arisen from my appreciation of historic events as well as my feelings of protest against our stolen freedoms and the advent of the modern surveillance state. I have given my collection of poems a working title of ‘Soul Wine: The Mad Musings of a Wayward Mortal.’

    • Paul says:

      “I cannot forget…”

      And when, One Returns Home,
      with, A War-torn Heart,
      from their private Odyssey
      They too, will have escaped
      The Siren’s Song.

    • Oh, how my heart and Soul cry out for the blessed day I arrived in the US! Thought I had died and gone to heaven…..coming from a country where I lived in abject terror, waiting for the day “they” would come after my father and all would be lost. Everything was lost and we came here where I became a citizen by choice!
      Now, facing a repeat performance in the safe haven where I have lived and gratefully thrived, creating my own business now being decimated by a plan fabricated long ago and being brought forward now because US citizens took for granted the very freedom that is absolutely worth dying for!! Any wonder that my heart bleeds?! Thank you for verbalizing so beautifully what I know and feel.

      • Lyn P says:

        Thank you for this beautiful expression. There are tens of millions of Americans such as myself who live as downstream products of the same experience you describe …we are 2 or 3 generations after those that went through the immigrant experience.

        We know what it was, what they felt, the families and lives they built, the values they took in and passed on.

        Question is….are we a critical mass enough to overcome the forces plotting to make America evil and unfree??

    • Douglas N Fenney says:

      this is beautiful!!!-is there music ?

  2. Sue says:

    You could have been more supportive of that man who stands in the way of global slavery, before the election. He will prevail, though.

    • D. Smith says:

      @ Sue: We better ALL hope that Trump will prevail. He still has a chance to prove the dishonesty of the dimocraps in this election, and I hope he does, with all there is of my little pea-pickin’ heart.

      If Biden and his crew and their “mandates” get fully into office, we’re all screwed. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I can think of no other way.

      And yes, I agree too, Sue, that Jon and a few other “writers” could have been more supportive of Trump because all the rest of us could certainly see what was coming without Trump – – disaster.

    • Patricia Webster says:

      Hi Sue, If you lived in Canada you might feel depressed via the daily barrage of anti Trump rubbish. Part of my background was journalism and I believe in freedom of speech. A simple statement, but what we have in the media is not freedom of speech, but purposeful manipulation. An example today: Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ontario Today with Rita Celli – how to be a good loser. This is a phone-in program. So CBC has made the assumption that their propaganda is successful and now CBC will train Canadians about how President Trump should act. She played a clip of McCain ceding to Obama. Ontario Today had a guest, Hugh Segal, retired senator, who has been touting a guaranteed income for years (he’s supposedly a former Conservative here and guaranteed income was not a theme when I shared the same times he did as a Progressive Conservative). It’s almost as if CBC would like everyone in their homes smoking marajuana (now legal here) and complying with CBC rules as they are handed out. Canadians are very nice people, perhaps too nice and I despair for the conformity that I see all around me. That said, I too believe that President Trump will prevail. He’s sliced and diced in the media and no one seems to notice that he believes in the legality of what he is doing to stand in the way of global slavery.

  3. Joyce Bond says:

    Speaking of bringing down the hammer, Frank Montgomery, when he developed the Hammer to cyber protect this country after 9/11, is now being used against citizens and with the app Scorecard, effecting much more.
    He may be a key person to bring to light all that it has been used for, to try to bring down this country.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Wow– good reference. I’ve seen references to a computer program Hammer/Scorecard but am overwhelmed with news-crap and cannot focus. Zeroing in on Frank Montgomery today. I’ll create a file on my forum. Thanks.

  4. Patrice Hanson says:

    I voted Republican for the first time ever in this election. During this so called “pandemic” I’ve heard more truth from Trump than any other politician. Biden is pretty scary. Pursuing voter fraud is important. Among my friends, I know a good percentage of usual Democrats who voted for Trump. Hard for me to trust or even begin to believe that this was an honest election with all the propaganda being foisted through the mainstream outlets in regard to so many things.
    What is the best thing we can do to be making a difference right now?

    • James says:

      The best thing we can do is to keep sharing information with others, posting it and keeping the discussion alive despite the vast majority of people who are in a daze and have no clue what’s really going on.

      • Donna says:

        FB and others keep blocking sharing! We must share to give hope . We Republicans will win and expose the truth. We must push for prosecution!!!

      • D. Smith says:

        I agree, James. Too many, FAR TOO MANY, younger people are just plain stupid & ignorant when it comes to politics and policies. They need a true education on these matters.

        But the bottom line is this: if anyone doesn’t like America, they can always leave. That message is especially true for the black people who live here in America, and all those who feel as though they just aren’t getting “their fair share”. I have a feeling that under a Biden administration, they’re going to find what we have now is paradise compared to what’s coming.

        Biden is a Chinese/Russian operative. That’s why I believe this election was rigged to the hilt – – – and we MUST get it straightened out and find the truth of what truly happened here, because it sure wasn’t “just and fair”. AND WE HAVE A VERY SHORT TIME TO DO IT.

        If you’re in a position to do so, please contact your state reps (all of them) and voice your opinion and your suggestions NOW, if you really want to help. It’s the only avenue most of us have.

  5. margot grammer says:

    I lived thru WW2 in Germany as a child, and I can say this is the first time ever I am afraid. Something very evil is happening, Biden and the people around him are all evil. What is even more frightening is, the general public don’t see this. They are more than willing to hide behind the masks. What is going on, that this is World wide?? My only hope now is with the Truckers, I hope They stay on strike for a long time. I would be willing to contribute to Them and hope many other people feel the same.

    • Hélios says:

      Don’t be afraid. Trump won. Some will be very surprised on Dec 14!

      Trump’s astrological chart for this day is very eloquent…

    • Tom_12 says:

      People in Germany didn’t see it either. Once the propaganda gets control of people’s emotions logic is out the window.

      They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 2nd Revised ed. Edition
      by Milton Mayer (Author)

  6. Paul says:

    Thomas Paine: “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”


    “This is a doomsday machine.

    Life on Earth is not meant to be lived this way.


    We are the cure.

    This is the war.”

    “The spirit sings in crashing tones
    We gain the battle drum
    Our cries will shrill
    The air will moan
    And crash into the dawn
    The pen won’t stay
    The demon’s wings
    The hour approaches
    Pounding out the Devil’s sermon.”

    ~ Jon Anderson
    (The Gates of Delirium)

  7. Sean says:

    Mr saturnday night time governor, you got a barrel that blue and cold, you aint no good for nothing, but put a your sleepin constituents six feet in a hole.

    It aint goin to be me.

  8. PWL says:

    Didn’t the plan for federal slavery begin when the league of states that declared independence submitted to the power of the central government created by a den of Masons in secret session (who wouldn’t make a bill of individual rights)?

    If Trump wins, there’s going to be a vaccine. Trump is right now boasting about it on twitter. That’s what the people who voted Trump voted for. Maybe it’s time to go right back to the basics, rather then appealing to and relying on the fin de siècle mythology?

    • Paul says:

      fin de siècle mythology”

      In light of your wonderful turn-of-phrase, I will offer this non-political one.

      A most Human Mythos within,
      A light-heart Lyrical Song.

      Perhaps it may offer Insight
      On Focus & Its Strengths.
      To rely on.

      “Now Roan, no more tears
      Set to Work
      His Strength
      So Transformed him
      Realising a form out of stone,
      His Work
      So absorbed him…”

      ~ Turn of the Century

    • D. Smith says:

      @ PWL: If you were ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT’S BEEN SAID & WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON, you’d know that President Trump has already hinted at getting rid of the vaccines – – AND getting rid of Fauci the Dirtbag Career Shyster. He’s not a politician but he’s not a doctor, either. He’s a leech on society and he’s been getting away with it for 40 years. THAT’S where your anger should be directed. Get a grip, man.

      • Haniel Adhar says:

        Fauci killed a ton of people with his forceful endorsement of AZT.

        Fauci is AIDS.

        • Lyn P says:

          Faux-chi is the compressed, little-beta-man embodiment of all that is evil and anti-human about viral Frankenstein trans-species underground lab “research” and experimentation.

          The globe would be better off had his whole fraudulent crew and their alpha-bureaus of witchery never been erected.

        • Paul says:

          “Faux-chi is the compressed, little-beta-man…”


          And I’m not even Fauci!


    • Sue says:

      You have that ass backwards. President Trump has said over and over again that those who do not want a vaccine do not have to have it.

      JB, the pretender to the presidency, has said he will make a vaccine mandatory, as well as strengthening mask mandates, and already he’s angling to start funding the corrupt WHO again, and rejoin the phony Paris climate accord, and undo many other protections that the President put in place.

      WAKE UP!! Stop listening to the spin.

    • Ernie says:

      I personally choose Trump despite his grievous errors. Grievous errors are a far cry from deliberately chosen and practiced evil.

  9. From Elsewhere says:

    Too many fake miracles: one state won by Dems after 28 years, another after 26 years, overwhelmingly by mil-in votes. Yet, again a miracle, the mainstream media proclaims the winner ahead of the final countdown. Like an Orc, “I smell fear”. “They” are afraid = “they” do not have the control “they” want. Not yet. Fight on. Never surrender. Better lion for a day!

    • Lyn P says:

      The shamestream media are not of America. They are the piped-in Ministry of Propaganda straight from the Chi-Comm/WEF/UN/CFR cabal.

  10. JB says:

    Miles Mathis, who has had some weird conspiracy takes on his site, had a good write-up on his site about the election:

    Here is a real good quote from this document, and it is advice that all Americans should take:

    Quote”I tell you it is time you climbed down from the tree and started pushing back. Throw the masks in the trash and say no to the New World Disorder before it is too late. You need to immediately unionize or collectivize with every other person around you, at work and in your town, not by drawing up documents or by suing, but by acting in unison. You need to act like a robber has just walked into your business or home, requiring immediate and emergency action. You don’t have time to sit around and discuss this: you have to act on your gut response. Just nod to your coworkers or make hand signs and call an immediate strike. Say enough is enough. It is all I can stands and I can’t stands no more. Just say no to thousands of things, starting with masks. Tell them you are done going along. Tell them you don’t want that future and will not go there, starting right now. If you don’t, it’s literally your funeral.”Quote

    • Tom_12 says:

      God I’m glad you posted Miles link. I believe it was here that I first learned about him but have sort of stopped checking what’s new on his web site.

      The man is spot on in his analysis. I have enough historical knowledge under my belt to say that he knows what he is talking about.

  11. Paul says:

    The Vaccine Hesitancy Determinants Matrix
    displays the factors
    influencing the behavioral
    decision to accept,
    delay or reject
    some or all vaccines
    under three categories:
    and group, and
    vaccine/vaccination-specific influences.”

    To my Ear…
    This doesn’t (((SOUND)))
    SAGE, at all.

    (HEY…Just ya wait thar..a moment).

    Goodness! I’m gonna have to weigh David M. Jacob’s walking hypothesis.

    must always have a plan,
    in which
    we are units
    to be fitted
    into slots.
    This is their sickness.”

  12. Dr. E. Black says:

    According to Wikipedia, Joe (The Plumber) Biden has already won 🙂

  13. g o says:

    NOTE to JR, phase 3 pfizer is for 12-15 year olds. !!

  14. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Even dogs are voting for Biden? I was not aware any could read.

    The level of fraud is beyond appalling. I worked with a group of volunteers years back that focused on the electronic voting machines and how easily they could be used to flip elections. We modeled our system after Bev Harris’s Black Box Voting. Our group was called Vote Rescue.

    We held parallel elections and gave voters to stop by our table and vote anonymously on a paper ballot, which they placed in a sealed box, and later counted after the polls closed, with two vote counters and eye witnesses, exactly as the law specifies for an honest election.

    We used our data to compare to the actual numbers to look for discrepancies. We did this for a few years before giving up due to the apathy we encountered by the public. It was demoralizing but informative.

    By the way, at one point our group hired a chimpanzee named Baxter to show how easily the voting machines could be manipulated. It took Baxter the chimp ten minutes to flip the votes. True story.

    NO ONE was ever allowed access to any real voting machines except for the manufacture. It was considered proprietary information to program them. They used Excel to program the voting. Our county was supportive of the secrecy.

    Bev Harris discovered Fraction Magic via one of her employees. He noticed that however the votes were counted, the outcome was predetermined at a specific percentage. No matter how you voted, the anointed one got the higher percentage and a guaranteed win. Fact.

    So, how can I avoid voting for Democrats after I die?

  15. ToddB says:

    If voting mattered, it would be outlawed.
    If there were such things as a virus, they would not need to force a cure on so many.
    Your distractions will be many so that you never see what is in store for you and yours.
    Be aware and do not be afraid. You can only cure yourself, nobody else will, but they will make you sick.

  16. Larry C says:

    “This is the war.”


  17. harreson waymen says:

    Heads Up! Just got this from Arthur Firstenberg – Enviro outreach – 5G and Covid19 symptoms nearly identical – SYMPTOMS OF RADIO WAVE SICKNESS

    Here is the list of symptoms of radio wave sickness that I published in 2001: Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness. And here is a survey containing the list of COVID-19 symptoms that researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are circulating right now: COVID-19 Symptom Impact Survey. The two lists are substantially the same.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      That’s a nice phrase to capture the idea… “radio wave sickness”. I’ve been meaning to buy a radio wave meter or RF meter for a few years now… I might do it now that you’ve given me a new word to explain to others with… a “radio wave meter”. I’ll be able to carry it around with me and explain to others in high radio wave areas that we’re in danger. Jon has been, in my opinion, weak on pointing out radio wave sickness as an explanation for covid– using general pollution as an explanation. However this entire “show” began in Wuhan in Feb. where there is the most dense 5G area on the planet.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Some of us have already referred to it as “5G-sickness”. – AND, I believe Jon DID comment of this very issue some months back.

        Being that I am a long-time electronics hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer, I can easily fashion a workable, portable RF field-strength meter. They are not that hard to build, if you have sufficient working knowledge of radio electronics, and some knowledge of RF propagation theory.

        There are plenty of project books and how-to’s out there too. If you can read schematics, work with a soldering iron, and understand basic circuitry – you can easily build one, even with an analog meter to its output.

        I had a working microwave leakage detector within a few hours, that detected microwave spill-over from several of our 3/4-G towers at about three to five football-fields’ distance from. Not too shabby for a very basic book project!

  18. hayden says:

    “”I’m with the truckers and the bikers, and the millions of people who voted for Trump, not because of Trump, but because the millions who voted for him want freedom.”

    yes but millions voted for Biden and how many truckers and bikers voted for Joe Biden.

    Trump does nothing he had his chance Trump loves Israel did nothing. Hanged out with Jeff Epstein at parties, also Donald Trump up for sexual allegations. Stop falling for the political clap trap i have always said Trump will not be a saviour none of them are cause soon as humans give away there power then its over, and thousands of years proves this cattle mentality domestication of the human.
    We are not wild and free anymore but docile and submissive. As it shows with domesticated animals how they become once domesticated. these bastards have known for long time how to herd the Humans.

    Some wars do take time. 450 years of war still for some since Spanish arrived in the Americas. 100 year english french war, 70 years between romans and jews(some examples).

  19. hayden says:

    “I really love how convenient it was this year [because of COVID],” he said. “Getting to vote early and do it by mail is excellent for a driver that lives out on the roads for weeks at a time.”

    Truck driver Billy Foster said he won’t be voting for Trump in the 2020 election.

    “[Trump’s] inability to get infrastructure done is hard on my equipment,” Foster said. “I also contracted COVID-19, which his response remains pathetic at best.”

    Mike Smith said he voted for Trump via early voting in Kentucky. While he said Trump could have done more for transportation, he “would walk through bullets to vote for Donald Trump.”

    Trucker Shell McClure of Houston said she has already voted in person, but said these past two years in trucking have been a “whirlwind.”

    “I wish someone else ran for president,” McClure said. “I’m definitely not voting for Trump.”

    so there you have it you will still get people in all fields of work voting for the opposite side of the same coin, thats right thats politics brought and paid for different sides of the same coin.

    Trump also was not doing much to stop Operation Warp speed as well.

  20. Larry C says:

    Recognized that ‘unlearning’ is the highest form of ‘learning’.

    ~ RUMI

  21. USA Invades Israel says:

    Whatever fantasy the elites behold, they always have the support of the cop class, willingly or not. It isn’t the Biden’s, or the Clinton’s, or the Bush’s who impose their will on you at gunpoint. It isn’t they who show up on your doorstep, who pull you over, who pluck you off the street. It’s the cop. A cop will do anything to maintain his employ. Anything. Stalin always made sure his cops were well looked after even if everyone else at large wasn’t. And I think Stalin also killed a lot of them after they’d served their purpose.

    Therefore, the cop is the enabler of the elite. Cop or soldier, it makes no difference.

    When was the last time you ever saw cops shooting it out with other cops. That won’t happen.

  22. Opie Poik says:

    Project Veritas Has Recordings of Fed Agents Interrogating and Intimidating PA USPS Whistleblower Who Exposed the Backdating Ballots Scheme

    Michigan Att’y. Gen’l. Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist, Demanding He Erase His Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION

    National Truck Driver Strike Begins November 29th: “Day We Take Our Country Back”

    Stop the Steal Caravan Headed to DC . . . and elsewhere around the South

  23. Opie Poik says:

    This is a true showdown. The scum on top know that we the people know. They’re terrified of prosecution for treason, RICO, international child trafficking, influence-peddling, and who knows what else – so, the gloves are off and hitting below the belt is allowed and even encouraged:

    Ex-CIA Chief Under Obama Urges Palace Coup Against Trump So He Doesn’t “Declassify Everything”

    But Trump won, he’s staying in, and THEN, he SHOULD declassify EVERYTHING – including JFK.

  24. Jenifer says:

    Let us not forget the role of vision and imagination, as Jon teaches.


    Now I see how I see
    is what makes
    new world, new me.
    Come with me now,
    the rules we’ll bend,
    we’ll transcend
    and make our own,
    hear the tone,
    come today, come today,
    we’ll make our way,
    again we’ll play
    upon the shore,
    that joy we thought
    we’d feel no more,
    we’ve come so far
    yet no distance,
    it’s been so long
    yet all transpired
    in an instant,

    let us be, running free,
    new we, new world,

  25. hayden says:

    Same old same old some people forget history,

    Remember Bush and Gore over Florida there was corruption in the counts. But “Voila” Bush the corrupt one still wins, But still Al gore and his global warming church of priest whores was no better of a choice. Remember the Bush Dynasty a bloodline isnt America meant to be a republic and not a Monarchy bloodline.

    Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), was a decision of the United States Supreme Court on December 12, 2000, that settled a recount dispute in Florida’s 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

  26. ken says:

    In Utah they have imposed a fine of $10,000 for violating mandates. Is everyone out of touch with the idea of a constitutional republic!

    How about the 8th amendment:
    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted

    Are these people NUTS?

    How about Article 3 Section 3 Clause 1
    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.

    These NUTS are levying war against the States. Governors and the Medical mafia against their own States.

    What the hell else would you call it? Shutting down economies,,, preventing citizens from working,,, Locking down folks who are healthy and have broke no law into their homes,,, forcing citizens to wear devices which if worn too long can badly affect their health,,, etc.

    This is as bad or worse than an attack from a foreign enemy.

    These officials have declared war on the people. Article 3 applies.
    I’m sure we can come up with the required two witnesses.

    They’re insane,,, they are filled with hate for Americans and they’re trying to destroy the American concept.

    Anyone with at least 2 brain cells knows they are fudging the numbers. They know they’re using a test inappropriate for diagnosis per its inventor Kary Mullis.

    When in the hell are Americans going to stand up to this war against them? They have the constitution on their side and if necessary they have the numbers to enforce the law of the land.

    Kick these Bastards out before they complete their destruction. And then we need a Nuremberg court to try them for their treason.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      What works in all of these types of cases:

      If most of the People simply refuse to obey (which, of course, ends up being a fat fantasy). “Mormons” are very reverent of “authority”, even it be from government, and it possibly harmful to them.

      The most “religious” of this caste, are the ones most likely to obey without qualms.

      • Paul says:

        I read one researcher, many moons ago, who said the FBI (as well as others) SPECIFICALLY, recruit from the Mormons (et al.), for said Obedience.

    • Larry C says:

      “What the hell else would you call it? Shutting down economies,,, preventing citizens from working,,, Locking down folks who are healthy and have broke no law into their homes,,, forcing citizens to wear devices which if worn too long can badly affect their health,,, etc.”

      I would call it WAR.

      Our Nation’s Economy is being totally flattened, ground-to-dust, CRUSHED…. all without firing a shot. The Shadow State supplies endless reasons for us to cower in our homes to BE SAFE…that is, if you are fortunate enough to still have a roof over your head: Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, don’t pick your nose, wear your masks 24/7, be kind to one another and think Happy Thoughts are the New Mantra. The all-too-clear Economic Devastation that will be visited upon all of us as a result of the Endless Lockdowns, is hardly mentioned in the Official Nightly Narrative handed down by the High Priests & Priestess of
      Mainstream News Media (and Good Lord, aren’t they handsome?).

      Gerald Celente of The Trends Research Institute, makes the following assertion, and it is quite relevant to our predicament:

      “When people lose everything they have…they *lose* it.”

      There’s still a little time left to reverse the course we’re on..let us use it to the best of our ability!

    • ToddB says:

      Article 1
      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
      Germ/Virus Theory is a THOERY, not FACT.
      Hence, this Covid-19 is BELIEF in a theory, as faith in a religion, to wit I say, “See Article 1 regarding said enforcement to mandates”.
      This sh*tshow is designed to foment terror in an unseeable threat that only our glorious governments have capability to make a defense.
      I ain’t buyin’ it! Never did, prolly never will!!
      Restore our Bill of Rights as the law of the land, once again!

  27. Tim says:

    Yeah, the corporate media monopoly is doing a great impression of what it would look like if they were being operated by remote control from Soviet Union or “People’s” Republic of China.
    Yeah, then there’s wannabe Joe Biden; America’s 1st Chinese President(nope), following Minnesota’s 1st Chinese “Govnr; Tim Walz.

    Then there’s 5g, what “covid” is supposed to cover for? And, China supposedly sent a 6g satellite into outer space a day or 2 ago.

    No way did Biden get the real votes. The media is selling an illusion.

    I won’t be living the way these goofballs and mad-scientists tell me to. I don’t fear death, leaving here and going Home is INEVITABLE.
    Maintain freedom of movement and freedom of action,, be unpredictable. Intuition always wins over “artificial intelligence”(an oxymoron), that’s ultimately what they want to disconnect us from. Our Spirit=Real Self Awareness=The Truth.

    Thanks Everyone!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Intuition always wins over “artificial intelligence”(an oxymoron),

      Words of sheer, bold wisdom – in plain sight for all to behold (if with eyes open to see, and ears to hear, that is).

      It’ll be millenia more before A.I. will ever be as complete as the Living Mind, and even then so – still behind the Divine Mind.

    • Larry C says:

      Hang in there, Tim…this isn’t over yet…not by a long shot!

    • Paul says:

      Tim & Jim.
      Right On! Both of you.

      Dear ALL,

      The Ancient Romans had 2 “different,” words to describe INNATE HUMAN POWERS & FACULTIES…that…

      BUT 1st…It would be WISE, to realize… that these 2 are NOT exclusive.

      And, in the Best, work happily, in conjunction:

      1. …describe general mental ability to calculate, reason, perceive relationships & analogies, etc.

      2. …attain to direct knowledge or cognition WITHOUT rational thought & inference; and/with immediate apprehension or cognition.


      The Sightful, Robert Heinlein, in his famous novel of strangeness, coined a rather novel word.


  28. Jim S Smith says:


    Abused constantly, a false dichotomy is the presentation of two opposing and often incorrect ideas without allowing consideration for alternatives. These ideas are often polarizing and do not allow for compromise. When presented with a choice, it is the critical minded that explores other possibilities and not only those presented. The most common examples of a false dichotomy include:

    abortion – (what if I think it’s wrong but should be legal?),
    Republicans vs. Democrats – (what if both parties work for the same people?),
    gun control – (what if I wanted to find out why someone would want to kill themselves or other people in the first place?),
    and many others.

    This is a common way to control the parameters of, and what is allowed for discussion in debates.

    This is an act of combining two or more distinct concepts into a single concept. It is often done subconsciously, but is used as an effective tool to marginalize.

    Disinformation – is information that is intentionally false or misleading. It is often manufactured through withholding pertinent information, relaying a smaller truth coated in lies or outright fabrication. Disinformation is the cornerstone of propaganda.

    Misinformation – is false information irrespective of intent. It is often believed, conveyed, and acted upon in earnest. Misinformation is the result of propaganda.

    A honeypot is a contrived device used for the purposes of drawing in a particular demographic so as to control or placate them. For example: A “whistle-blower” website might sound appealing to expose injustices. However, it could just as easily be a trap to expose whistle-blowers before they reach the public. Sometimes, this is also how a “straw-man” argument is begun, with the idea of entrapping an individual by baiting him/her into an argument that is designed to not be won by rational thinking.

    The most misunderstood aspect regarding any broad conspiracy: Compartmentalization describes the separation of knowledge between two or more entities as part of a larger plan. This could be described as the “need to know” basis. “The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing” to build a house, but the brain does – this is the prevailing concept that allows for many people to engage in assisting in a conspiracy without their own knowledge. (Such is commonplace in military, other government, and corporations.)

    The practice of information compartmentalization also allows for the ability of “plausible deniability”, in that each of the functional parts/members only know what is specific to its/their part in the operation(s).

    Predictive programming is the process by which an individual(s) is/are targeted with images, memes, etc – to prepare them to become more accepting of implemented future plans and events. This acts to produce the desired reactions in a society by acclimating individuals to what might otherwise be considered reprehensible. Instead, having subconsciously experienced a similar event through a movie, a news story, or other forms entertainment and mental stimulation, the actual event becomes easier to accept as normal.

    Described as any number of individuals applying their desire for ease of conformity over critical evaluation. Groupthink arrives at conclusions based upon collective acceptance, rather than earnest analysis. This is what is often referred to as the “herd-mentality”.

    A term that was first coined and described in George Orwell’s book, “1984”, as a receptacle for the destruction of inconvenient information. In contemporary usage, it is more colloquially used to describe any alteration or destruction of information and events, including within the mind of an individual. These actions are taken literally with the scrubbing of information from the internet and redacted documents, and figuratively in overwhelmed minds who forget pertinent and necessary correlating data.

    Describes a mutual similarity or relationship between two things. It is often misused to infer a cause. This is a constant problem in medical and scientific circles, and is often used to justify racial discrimination (both of which conveniently ignore alternate theories that possess equally strong or even greater correlations). – Most unconstitutional “ex post facto”-laws are drafted and passed, based on the flawed assumptions through correlation and causation of the crimes and or other behaviors to be regulated/prohibited by the “law”.

    Accepting two or more mutually contradicting beliefs as correct simultaneously. This is often a product of passive thought, where an individual accepts information, despite its inherent contradiction to other accepted and opposing information. One who is afflicted with “doublethink” will often abandon inconvenient truths subconsciously, yet call upon them as necessary. One who employs double-think can never be disproven. (This is often called the “Hegelian Dialectic”.)

    Cognitive dissonance describes the feelings and subsequent reactions to when an individual possess a particular belief that is contradicted by new information. Rather than passively accept both as with double-think, or critically assess the situation to determine the nature of the held belief and the contradicting information, the individual seeks to reaffirm their belief through marginalizing the information, gathering support from other individuals and/or distorting the information or their own belief. This is often done without malice or intent since the individual is often unaware their desperation to cling to their reality is strong enough to warrant distortion of their perception.

    Describes the act of actively considering a given subject as opposed to allowing for passive input. During passive thought, an individual receives information without appraising its validity or contrasting it against other information. Due to the lack of consideration, passively acquired information is often discarded even when it may be factual or true. This is an example of a “memory hole”. This form of thought often leads to doublethink and/or cognitive dissonance. A student who merely accepts everything his/her educators state as fact, or one who determines reality only as it is narrated in socially-acceptable news outlets, both due to their passive appeal to an authority as definitive, are examples of passive thinking.

    There is a large difference between being skeptical and being in denial!

    A healthy dose of rational skepticism is healthy and necessary for rational thought to be possible. A genuine skeptic does not readily accept information at face value, nor does one deny it outright without rational evaluation, but judges its merits according to supporting evidence and/or as it is compared with other information, as to whether it is indeed fact-based, or not based on facts. A true skeptic has an open mind to examine all sides of an issue or idea, and search for supporting or contrary evidence, before rendering a conclusive judgment.

    A “denier” is often an extreme example of cognitive dissonance, in that any information contrary to his/her own held beliefs is discarded without any consideration or rational thinking involved. Denialism is aptly called “closed-minded”, in that the typical denialist, even though purporting to be a “skeptic”, is in reality attached to one’s own beliefs – even when it contradicts facts and evidence. A denialist will even willingly ignore incontrovertible evidence that proves the contradiction(s). (Intentional denial is also immune to facts.)

    Is when a foregone conclusion is already decided in advance of a townhall style meeting or any other assembly for discussion/debate on proposals, policies, etc – where the attendees are “sold” on the proposed solution without any discussion or examination of other possible solutions. There are several different such means and methods to subliminally apply pressure upon the group, to manufacture a consensus to the preplanned “agreed upon solution”. These discussion groups (sometimes may even be referred to as “focus groups”) are usually professionally organized and well-controlled from the beginning. Normally, open debate is avoided as much as possible, as this would cause a loss of control by the organizers of the focus of the group. (Used in place of actual open debate, even though it is sold to the public as an open “public” debate.) This is the basis of “controlled debate”, where there really is no real debate.

    A manufactured consensus gives the illusion of validity of information presented to the public, as if it was validated to be truthful and factual, when it is more based upon an agreement among panels of “experts” and others who are pushing an idea or view. A typical example of fields that employ “consensus” as a means of declaring “facts”: Medical, scientific, and other scholastic and academic fields – which often make claims that “the science is settled”, and even more so “no further discussion is necessary nor warranted”. This is the authoritarian view of reality which relies upon “Appeal to Authority” as its basis. In the worst case, consensus is offered as “authoritative” proof instead of empirical evidence as proof.

    – Jim

    • RegretLeft says:

      very helpful summary – thanks – I have cut and pasted for future study.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        When you fully understand the role and “mechanics” of manufactured “consent”, then you recognize where the TRUE power comes from (or should, anyway).

        This is why the adage, “Together we stand, divided we fall.” – If WE, as a proud and honorable People truly stand together against any and all tyranny and its “fanciers”, WE, The People will see our true power felt across the land.

        Our Nation’s brilliant Founders could not have been very far off the mark!

  29. Larry C says:

    “Biden on Monday announced members of a coronavirus task force and his staff started reaching out to governors. In New Mexico, Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham praised Biden for ‘leading with science and de-politicizing the federal government’s pandemic response’.”

    I rather doubt that Joe Biden can even *pronounce* the words ‘coronavirus task force’ without sliding into a brain freeze.

  30. Paul says:

    Jim S.,

    Thank you for the LESSONS.

    Critical Thinking, in all its rainbow-ed manifestations, is a most Powerful Tool of Mankind.

    And it is rather Wise to Study the myriad of Applied Psychological Legerdemain(s).

    Great Teachers always assist Mankind.

    Jon & his “Lyceum” (that’s what I call his blog) provides a real Venue for Everyone here, to keep the Torch burning brightly.

    The late, Great (IMHO), Ingo Swan always lamented “Where are The Schools that Teach Power?”

    “The ABSENCE of such Schools, should TELL you something.”

    Just before his death, he wrote a Trilogy on Power. Third Vol. was never finished.

    In light of Ingo’s former Employee (CIA: Project Stargate, among other 3-letter orgs.), he was asked, “Why did you decide to write these books?”

    He replied:

    “There is too much depowerment & powerlessness, especially for a human species having many excellent powers & forms of intelligence, & possessing superlative sensing systems.”

    “The best plan is to profit by the folly of others.”

    ~ Pliny the Elder (75 A.D.)

    This “thang,” has been “in the Works,” for quite some time.

  31. Judith says:

    Trump did say that he was not inclined to go along with the vaccine developed and promoted by the UN. That was a good sign, but indeed I too am not happy that he said he planned to have a couple hundred thousand vaccines before the end of the year and that the elderly would be the first to get it. I am 78 and I will not be allowing such an invasion into my body. The Nurenberg Trials ended with a world wide protection, a treaty I believe it was declared, for all persons to not have to submit to any such invasion into their personal body.

    • Judith says:

      ooops, I believe it was the World Health Organiation vaccine that has been approved. You can demand to read the label and express any refusal for medical or personal reasons. Having aborted fetus DNA and RNA is certainly not going to benefit me, nor is mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc. Also a chip that will require your do all financial transactions without cash and use their system. That is the ultimate goal is to take over control of your money, and for you to end up owning nothing.
      Trumps relationship to his son in law, whose 666 Fifth Ave Bldg rents to the company who makes RFID chips is not a good sign. I have opposed that he be his advisor and that he has been given top secret clearance, a dual citizen of whom we have far too many in our government. No other country allows it far as I know. But I am of belief Trumps purge of traitors and pedophilies with military tribunals has started for which I am grateful, and have put my support behind him. There is question that Biden was actually prosecuted by the tribunal and records say he was executed. We need to demand that the character who has debated as Biden has DNA testing that proves he is in fact that same person. Experts in doubles has given many points that appear to indicate that he is not the real in the flesh and blood Joe Biden.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        We DO live in “interesting times”.

        With CG and virtual reality, all in motion via A.I. – it is an easy snare for the unsuspecting to fall into. The TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE was formed many, many years ago to study “human behavior”, and how to effectively manipulate it through whatever means and methods are available at the time.


        The technological world has matured to a point where these practices can be pulled off on the People with a surreal effect, and hide that fact that this is all a sham-reality, created through bits, bytes, and virtualizing algorithms – as well as the scientifically-crafted “sales-pitches” of the TV newsman.

        Repetition is also key here.

        But always remember this:

        “A lie repeated a thousand times, is still a Lie – a thousand times over.”

    • JennyM says:

      They’re trying to get rid of older people because for the most part they know way more than kids do, at least about the way the world works. That’s why the commie Bolsheviks recruited children and young adults to massacre the 100 million plus Russians during the Zionist freemason “revolution” (Source: “Under Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina).

  32. old hickory says:

    an appeal to the herd.. the woefully misled herd.

    i suppose rappoport couldn’t imagine a better herd. that’s a shame.

  33. der einzige says:

    I think you will need Biden’s “victory” there in USrael. Maybe you will finally understand that there is authority and you, are never on the same side. Your “savior” and “swamp drainer” spent four years continuing and escalating all the wars of his predecessors, relocating the embassy to Jerusalem and stealing Syrian oil, murdering Iranian heroes and filling your administration with the worst criminals. But of course you can keep dreaming. It doesn’t matter who you “choose” because he doesn’t rule. You seem adults, you should know that.

  34. ak in vt says:

    When one connects to Stop the Steal the website lists events with links to “Eventbrite” for organizational efforts. However, after checking many of these events through “Eventbrite,” there is no information — seems like “Eventbrite” is trying to block efforts.

    Just show up anywhere and everywhere if you cannot make it to your state capitol.


    AK in VT

    p.s. Sorry if I am repeating what others may have posted — just very busy at this moment to read all the comments.

  35. Nelson says:

    As if it makes any real difference which of those deep state puppets is in the white house

  36. Jim S Smith says:

    It matters not who is elected, when the People decide “Enough is ENOUGH!”

    The most effective way to stop tyranny in its tracks: “When a significant majority choose to stop going along with it, and stop obeying their edicts altogether.”

    A “law” is only worth what the People are willing to follow. If more people say “NO”, by not complying – then the “emperor” truly will have no clothes!

    THAT’s the Soul of true Freedom!

  37. Amanda says:
    I’m sorry, have we just all decided not to mention that @llborio
    – one of the 13 members of @joebiden
    ’s #Covid task force – effectively works for the @cia
    ? In-Q-Tel is essentially a CIA front company, with the added bonus that employees can profit off government investments. Yay!

  38. JennyM says:

    I went to click on get tickets for my state and it says “this page not available”. This is for PA, I’m hoping it’s a glitch?

  39. Ed says:

    Jon What is happening about what I heard concerning DHS
    water marks on ballots (non radio active isotope water mark)
    The story appears to have died . Was this a hoax ?

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