Biden “victory” speech: was Joe even there or was it a deception?

by Jon Rappoport

November 7, 2020

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This is what I saw Friday night.

I was watching the “Bloomberg QuickTake: Now” live feed of the Wilmington, Delaware, outdoor space. Long shot. Vehicles parked. Occasional sounds of horns honking. At the front of the space, lit up in the darkness, an empty stage. Flags. A podium.

The Bloomberg crew appeared to be waiting for Biden to walk out on that stage and deliver his speech. Why else would they set up their cameras and hold on that long shot for minutes?

I assumed Biden was late. So I kept watching that shot of the space, the cars, the stage.

Suddenly, two big screens on either side of the stage lit up. Biden was there, on screen, standing at an INDOOR podium, against a plain background. He started talking.


I clicked on the TV set. I flipped through network channels. Yes, there was Biden, indoors, against that plain background, at that podium, talking. Delivering his speech.

Except, where was he exactly? And when? Was this a live speech, or had it been pre-recorded?

Was this a backup recording, made just in case Biden, disabled, couldn’t walk on to the outdoor stage and deliver his message?

If this indoor speech had been the plan all along, and it was live, why had that Bloomberg crew been set up outside for many minutes, showing viewers the long shot of the empty outdoor stage?

The audience, watching Biden on network television, would have no way of knowing that Biden was (apparently) supposed to give his speech outdoors; and the television audience would have no way of knowing whether this indoor speech was live or pre-recorded.

At the end of the speech, Biden walked away from the podium among security people and what appeared to be a few reporters. There was the sound of applause—but no shots of the indoor audience.

Network news people must have been aware of what certainly seemed like a last-minute switcheroo, in the venue. But of course, they have said nothing about it.

Maybe there is another explanation for what I’m reporting here; but until I hear it, it seems there was a deception Friday night. The deception wouldn’t mean much if we were talking about a local Chamber of Commerce event. But this is the presidency of the US, and a candidate, a man who suffered a serious brain aneurysm and an even more serious pulmonary embolism in 1988, and has experienced a major decline in cognitive/motor abilities.

If Biden is eventually installed as president, is this what we can expect during his term in office, as long as it lasts? Canned, pre-recorded, edited messages to the nation?

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

88 comments on “Biden “victory” speech: was Joe even there or was it a deception?

  1. Jt Kong says:

    I am trying to fully detach from the idea the deep state would ever allow a president to take power that was antagonistic to its ends. I can see now I was hypnotized into believing this absurdity, epitomized by Trump‘s mantra “lock her up”. In retrospect, I feel foolish for becoming such an easy mark. Fool me once but not twice. Now the next beat of the script is this election chaos, purposefully choreographed to optimize confusion and further polarize the population. For thousands of years the technology of control required division and today is no different. Yet, I am optimistic because I believe the choice to use Biden as their script reader in chief is a mistake, since half the population fiercely believed in the meme of Trump and the other half was dog whistled by MSM. What now Caesar? With this ordered balance you had Full Spectrum Dominance. Why give it up?

    Today as millions begin to awaken from their induced hypnotic state and shake off the stupor of the limited hangout, where is the safe harbor? Hopefully Trump(ets) will rub the sand out of their eyes and see where the Covid 19 Express is headed – freed from the delusion Trump offered us some hope, some mitigation. If we are headed to bio-Armageddon, I want my ticket to say “Auschwitz” not “Great America”. These pirates of the sacred spiral have been hatching this plan for decades and when Trump appointed Moncef Slaoui of GSK to lead Operation Warp Speed, the Trump(ets) remained silent. Had Killary done the same they would have blasted out a warning.

    It’s up to us to let others know the truth. I sincerely believe the presidential show writers have made a strategic error by casting Biden in the lead, and by doing so, have made our work a bit easier. As always, keep up the excellent work Jon. Let’s not despair People – the darkest hour is just before the dawn…

    • wardropper says:

      I won’t despair, but it really doesn’t matter what Hillary, Biden, Trump, Harris, Obama, or O’Connell say.
      The result was decided long ago and Covidiocy is clearly headed for something far worse than a mere division between political parties.

    • el gallinazo says:

      Excellent comment, Mr. Kong. I would just add to it that the sloppy voter fraud was done intentionally. Our Owners have top notch coders at their disposal and could have pulled off the fraud without detection. A few of the more aware would have scratched their heads remembering the large crowds for Trump and the crickets for Biden. But no, they made it obvious and traceable, just to piss us off. I don’t have a dog in this fight and dislike all governments without specific prejudice, but the blatant fraud and cheating still aggravates me.

      As you point out, they wish to create a true civil war. The official Civil War was not one at all, but rather a war between two neighboring countries that had once been a federation of states. This one will be a true civil war and no good will come from it.

      • Phil says:

        God keeps a backdoor in every computational network out there. Somehow (((they))) thought they could suppress God’s backdoor in humanity’s hive-mind (Christ) and the whole thing blew up in their hands. The cracks are real.
        Love to all – even the demoralization shills.
        Team Humanity

      • Marty Gutherz says:

        Very insightful comments by both you and JT King. Your hypothesis about the true nature of the Civil War is an extremely intriguing one.
        The new false narrative that is already emerging that is being enabled and emboldened by Biden’s presumed triumph is that the reason for the 2nd wave of the pandemic, aka scamdemic, is Trump’s laxity in the war on the viral jihadists, and now we have an administration who will defeat the virus via extremely tough lockdown measures of an indefinite duration.

    • Paul says:

      Jt Kong
      el gallinazo

      Foods For Thought.

      Thank you ALL.

    • Sue says:

      Not sorry, Kong, but you are wrong. It was because of the fact that the Dems were rabid to get the vaccine out to the people ASAP, but they also MUST publicly oppose and ridicule everything President Trump does, that operation Warp Speed was born.

      And THEN what happened? Because it was coming from the President, the Dems (and their deep state backers) suddenly changed course, dug in their heels and began saying it is reckless, and we need more time to guarantee safety. That move ensured that nothing could be done before the election. And, with the masked minions in the majority, it has to be done that way. ,

      For those who have been paying attention, the President has stated and hinted at what he really believes about this Covid sham. And he did a lot which is unprecented, like stop funding to The WHO, cut funding to Fauchi’s Wuhan experiments, replace Fauci with Atlas (and hinted he would fire Fauci after election).

      He declared the Covid sham “a hoax” from the start, for which he received a massive tsunami of backlash. So, he had to be much more careful about what he said behind that point, knowing the mainstream media will be all over it and make it appear (to the weak-minded brainwashed masses) that whatever it is, it’s something bad. He’s also said, at a later date, that Covid would disappear “without a vaccine,”

      So, for all of those who are just watching the lame stream headlines, and not looking behind the curtain, shame on you.

      • Jt Kong says:

        Go behind the lame stream news as you implore others to do Sue. The Warped Operation didn’t originate with Dems. If you take a close look at the characters sitting around the table at Event 201, you’ll see the batting roster for a bipartisan pre-planned psyop, nicely packaged by the Global Socialists at the WEF (aka the 4th Reich).

        What Trump really thinks (not hints) about the plandemic was made explicit. Soon after Trump mocked the size of Biden’s mask at the Presidential debate, Trump (on cue) was “diagnosed” as positive by the RT-PCR test. Please review Jon’s excellent articles on this phony test.

        With all the world focused on Trump’s Covid diagnosis, rather than taking the opportunity to strike a fatal blow into the heart of the psyop and declare the test flawed and Covid a hoax, what did he do? Did he use this phony diagnosis to prove to the world the virus wasn’t real? Did he announce he would quarantine for 14 days to protect the psychological health of others, but nothing else would be necessary; and that he was so sure of his decision he would be willing to place his own life at risk to prove the virus was a fraud. Nope, he did exactly the opposite.

        He donned the largest mask possible for his 10 step journey to Marine 1, for all the world to process at an unconscious gut level. Next he choppered to Walter Reed Army Hospital. Once secured in the hallowed halls of the Medical Entertainment Complex, he proudly submitted to experimental anti-viral injections by the fantastic doctors at Walter Reed. But if he truly believed the virus was a sham, does it make any sense he would take the very real personal risk of experimental anti-virals?

        Finally, as the piece de resistance, the President of the United States announced to the awaiting masses, he had been fully cured of the sham hoax virus by the incredible effort undertaken on his behalf at Walter Reed. As Joe would say, “Come on man,” rub the fairy dust out of your eyes. It’s a script Sue. Trump’s actions, when it really mattered, speak louder than all his hinted words.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          You are soooo correct!

          I saw through this sham too. Mr. Trump, though he may not have so aggressively pushed the “fear button”, he still kept the lie of “COVID” alive by his “going through the motions”.

          Our phony “two-party system” is just that: A farago of lies upon lies upon lies.

          “2020” was the year of optics and delusions to the extreme. When you see that “image” is more important than anything else, then you should know that all that follows must be based on lies.

          The united states is no longer a land of truth! That all died out many years ago.

          What really galls me to no end: HOW MANY folks are still believing that this is all new? ? ?

          Election/vote fraud has been going on in this country for YEARS! ! ! This is nothing new!

          The only difference in this year, from the previous years’ “(s)elections” – is the sheer level of blatancy, absurdity, and outright OBVIOUS fakery, and yet – so many still think this is a “first-time anomaly”!

        • Marty Gutherz says:

          Great rebuttal of Sue’s critique. Additional retort- I read, maybe in one of Jon’s blogs, but haven’t confirmed, that Trump took the tax money that he withdrew from the W.H.O. and gave it to G.A.V.I., thereby removing the money from one of Bill Gates’ pockets and then transferring it to another of Gates’ pockets. Commendable move or sleight-of-hand trickery?
          It is my belief that I admit is purely speculative is that the story about Trump getting infected with COVID-19 and then quickly recovering via the experimental drugs was a total psy op cynically used by Trump to gain a political advantage for himself.

    • JJ says:

      I came to similar conclusion few years ago. Trump was there to give people false hope whilst Biden will give no illusions about where it’s all going – worldwide medical gulag based on non-exiatent virus. Full lockdowns, curfew, chasing down non-believers in the virus, masks, forced vaxination…. The evil is out in the open.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        To put the patriots to blissful sleep.

        I published my article of warnings on that, shortly after the Nov 2016 “elections”.


        Now, look what we have, and where we are as a “nation”.

    • marlene says:

      Pre-planned video manipulation. It’s NOT true that biden won. The race has not been legally called. It’s Biden, the media, and big tech calling it, which does NOT make Biden president. Votes still not counted & dems are still committing felony crimes:
      unsecured mail-in ballots;
      same day registration and voting;
      stuffing ballot boxes;
      losing ballots;
      insecure absentee voting;
      tampering with voting machines;
      foreign ownership of voting machine companies. delay in counting military ballots;
      refusal to purge voter rolls of dead voters or voters who had moved away;
      inaccurate ballot preparation;
      allowing non-citizens to vote;
      computer glitches;
      rigging of electronic voting machines;
      deep-state interference, with allegations U.S. Department of Homeland Security hacking into state election systems, which they expectedly deny, blaming it on foreign interference (Georgia, U.S. News, 12/18/16; Indiana, The Daily Caller, 2/21/17)
      Former Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney exposed a deep-state computer hacking “Scorecard” voter fraud superweapon – “On the latest episode Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney issues a dire warning to the Trump administration to investigate and shut down ‘Scorecard’ and ‘Hammer’ immediately.” (NOQ Report, 11/2/20)
      and let’s not forget the bribing, blackmailing, and threatening of the state Electors.

  2. Paul says:

    “Long shot.”

    “…a last-minute switcheroo,
    in the venue.”

    ~ And A Longer-View.

    I tend to think that this Whole Production is simply too obvious.

    But I could be wrong.

    From a dystopian view, This Thing, is an absolute Study.

    And we Should study it & Not respond to it.

    IT’S FAKE.

    A Viewed VENUE…

  3. From Elsewhere says:

    A bad movie with Pacino was the prequel. We’ve been told and shown, but rejected all warnings. Huge, unbelievable spikes in the counting of the votes? No problemo, here’s a lollypop. Overnight turns? Here’s a show of mirrors and smoke. Houdini. Blane. Copperfield. Your choice. US choice. See you when you wake up, US. If.

  4. wardropper says:

    You’re a life-saver, Jon.

    I didn’t ask to be born in a lunatic asylum, but that’s what today’s world has become, thanks to the gibberings of money-crazed monsters sitting where congressmen, senators, MPs, Supreme Court judges and independent media supervisory authorities ought to be sitting.

    It’s hard for people growing up in a lunatic asylum to retain their sanity…

    • Paul says:

      And yet,
      I suspect,
      Those who…
      “feel a firm difficulty,”
      In their surroundings &
      “to hold onto,”
      Their clarity…


      Their shadowy lingering doubt is a mere wisp, washed away with any sunlight.

  5. BDBinc says:

    ” The Govt always gets in” . Our democracy is a media election process where at the end the media tells us who ” wins” we take it all on trust in msm and govt.
    The candidates and presidents are just banking cabal puppets. Whatever the UN agenda is will come out in media through president mouth as though it is staged because it is .They are synchronizing govts globally and most here know the UN is the banksters global shadow govt.
    I can’t see how an animatronic brain dead president of the corporation of the USA would make a difference in the banking cabal’s economic and political monopoly. Its clear they want people fighting against each other esp over political ideology, which is nuts as the parties in govt never follow their own stated murky ideology. Trump locked the nation up and destroyed the economy Biden/Trump or whoever will also be an obedient corporate spokesperson .
    The democracy dogma surly has crumbled this media election process?

  6. Haniel Adhar says:

    Jesus, folks, this is straight out of the movie “Equilibrium”.

  7. bleak says:

    Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are simulated constructs that appear to be real. Very advanced AI. I’m not saying that this is the case with Biden’s event; only that people need to be wary of everything we’re shown especially in the coming weeks.

    I put up a video of what I suspect to be a GANs simulation. The mouth area is a givaway of GANs simulations.

    • Larry C says:

      “Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are simulated constructs that appear to be real. Very advanced AI. I’m not saying that this is the case with Biden’s event; only that people need to be wary of everything we’re shown especially in the coming weeks.”

      I agree. Question EVERYTHING you see or hear in mainstream media…pay close attention to those nagging little suspicions that seem to bubble up to the surface of your consciousness, seemingly from nowhere.

      These bastards are not supermen…they are frightened children.

    • Henriette says:

      should it not be titled IvankaGan ? It appears to be the daughter not the wife, I dont konow if it matters in the context. I am any way glad you point out the technological possible

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Thanks for the link to a new ALT-Media-sharing site!

      I’ll add that site to my list of ALT-sites.

      DTube seems to not be doing well for me. (Broken?)
      And USA.NET did not work worth a squat. (Abandoned?)

  8. Hélios says:

    Please, I really need some explanations.

    I watched yesterday Steve Pieczenik saying about watermarked ballots and QFS blockchain (video deleted by YT, sorry, I just checked). But it is on Odysee :

    But I watched today a video from CamelotTVNetwork with Dr Shira exposing something very important :

    And this is some extract of the video with Dr Shira talking about “ballot images” :

    And, sorry, I didn’t understand very well, can someone explain to me, poor French viewer ? It seems that watermark and QFS are not enough to allow Trump to win ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers (Jon’s one would be appreciated)

    • Hélios says:

      Sorry for my typo, it is of course Dr Shiva…

    • Laskarina says:

      There are no watermarked ballots. C’est un mansonge. In the USA, each state prints their own ballots and they include state and local candidates.

      Peiczenik is a Polish jew who started out as an assistant to Kissinger when Kissinger was secretary of state in the Nixon years.

      Just like the false idea that the media can “call” elections, the watermark fairy tale is to placate the masses who do not understand how things work and abdicate their personal responsibility to “good guys in the govt looking our for us”–a Q like fantasy.

      Trump did win,by a landslide. More people voted than ever in history. People do know the election is being stolen. They may not realize it is the corporate, globalist forces doing it. They do not seem see the elephant (tribe) in the room.

      But,it’s not over yet. Americans are very diverse, but they are not communists.

      Je suis contente de vous aider.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        The problem I see with your yore is that “the masses” are not “in” on the watermark narrative. So it’s impossible to “placate the masses” with said narrative. I liked the story when I first saw it. It makes sense because although states print ballots, ballots are like a form of currency. Counterfeit currency is a big deal and nation states are always fighting it with various technique. Why not ballots? I’m only shocked that that idea had not occured to me in the past. After rumination, it seems it might indeed have occurred to many others in the past. A dead giveaway that there ARE watermarked-encrypted ballots is that msm and alt news are not talking about it. And yet all our paper currency is so encrypted with special dyes, inks, chips etc. It’s really fantastic to think about. It means, if true, that Dems are facing doom. Not us. Haha. C’mon man!

      • Hélios says:

        Vous ne m’aidez pas ! is Charlie Ward an American Jew liar??

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Yeah, but exactly HOW does one watermark a digital vote, on an easily-compromised voting software, that has been know by insiders for YEARS to have hidden “backdoors”, and a means to silently alter/change votes (IE: “vote-flipping”)? ? ?


        Does this watermarking of ballots really matter when the public is not even allowed to see the counting of the ballots?

        Any watermarking only matters, when we can actively watch and supervise the count.

    • David Knight said that a “CIA officer” (I.e., Pieczenik) was peddling this dangerous “watermarked ballots” “trust the plan” “this only LOOKS like failure” narrative. Jon had many good points RE why voting for Trump still matters. However, I wanted none of the covid theater or Israel and Rothschild worship. I wanted to see justice for Assange and Podesta. Trump has gone along with way more than I am willing to accept. I am in a solid blue state. So I made a protest vote going with Don Blankenship of the Constitution Party and sent him $25. Getting on the ballots and into the debates is entirely rigged. But still, the obvious theft and over 100% voter turn out in many states needs to be rebuked. It should be treason with execution the judgment for those found guilty of messing with elections like this. So I sent Trump $100 today (first contribution this year) to help him mount some legal challenges. Too much is at stake here. I’ll be without a job at some point when Chinese AI is assigning us all Social Credit Scores. I’ll be begging for my $2K UBI at that point, in all likelihood.

      • Paul says:

        “It should be treason with execution the judgment for those found guilty of messing with elections like this.”

        It would be,


        the government took the Voting process, seriously.

      • Les says:

        Excellent comment, food for thought. Thank you.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “Closed primaries” are another form of “vote-theft/fraud”.

        It is because of “closed-primaries” that third-party and independent voices are squelched.

        There was good reason why many of our nation’s founders abhorred any kind of “party-system”!

    • marlene says:

      Maybe Red China print counterfeit ballots for Democrats to fill out in massive numbers?

  9. Donna says:

    We can’t blame covid, Pres. Trump, or anything else on what has or will become of our country. It is self-inflicted. People in America have forgotten how much power they actually have. There are organizations that are congratulating Joe Biden for his win.

    Did he really win? I think there must be some new math out there that is allowing Biden to win. The real numbers don’t add up. But, Gina McCarthy, NRDC, is congratulating Joe Biden for his win and looking forward to his implementation of his climate plan. She calls it the most ambitious plan ever proposed by any US president.
    Kieran Suckling, Center for Biological Diversity, is congratulating the people for ousting a destructive, racist, misogynist president.

    I really don’t thing the election is over. Certain conservative-leaning YouTubers predicted over a month ago what was going to happen and it seems like it did happen exactly how it was predicted. I did not vote for Joe Biden. I have several years of experience working with people with dementia. Joe Biden has the characteristics of somebody with dementia. He’s not qualified to be president. I don’t understand why so many people were willing to vote for him if they were so anti-Trump.

  10. Paul says:


  11. Edith says:

    At the risk of being ridiculed as an astrologer …may I say back when joe disappeared into his basement I wondered how he would survive whatever the health crisis was long enough to make it to the election….obviously something happened then….the same powerful transit is back again so it would appear he may well be back in the basement or worse….I suspect up you are right jon….either pre recorded or done elsewhere…

    Does he exist at all?

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      There are at least two Joes. One has floppy earlobes and the other has connected earlobes. Everyone in body double conspiracy land knows that much. haha.

    • Piksil says:


      At the risk of being ridiculed as a fan, I say don’t worry about it. I came to post a comment after reading Jon’s note while having a few college football games on in the background.

      I’ve been a fan of college football for a long time. Of course, this year the games are a bit different. (As are the NFL games…) Some colleges have spectators in the stands, and it seems to me that more colleges have live fans than NFL teams are allowed to have. I don’t know the reason, Some stadiums’ fans are known as “the 12th man”, and can have (I feel) an emotional impact on the outcome of the game.

      I find it….interesting?….that in covering football games with no spectators present, TV broadcasts fill in crowd noise. Some of the wider views of the game show a few strategically place cardboard ‘people’ cutouts, but that crowd noise is electronically added. (Does anyone know if radio broadcasts are using the same formula and adding in crowd noise if no fans are in the stadium??)

      I said once that a football ‘game’ being played In an empty (of fans) stadium is practice. I’m changing my position. It’s Madden Football 2020. It’s a video game. It’s ENTERTAINMENT, a circus.

      Same with this (s)election. Everything we’ve been shown has been shown for a reason. It’s also entertainment, just poorly acted. A 2 ring circus. And in light of what Jon saw last night, it seems like we are in for BIDEN-USA 2021.*
      That’s entertainment.

      *Available for PC, Mac, X-Box, Nintendo, Atari, Commodore 64, TI-99

      • Jomsvikings says:


        The radio broadcasts of some of the football games I’ve listened to have no artificial fan noise – you can hear the coaches & players yelling very clearly.

        It’s plain stupid and Communistic control by the government to forbid fans or just allow a few thousand here & there. Lol.

        I played college football back in the late 70s/early 80s and I can’t imagine how ridiculous it would be without fans. It would seem like practice (we practiced once a week for special teams prep in our empty stadium under the lights – and that was weird. On game day, we could hear the fans already in the stadium as we were completing our final preps & getting the good ole speech from the coach. Running out onto the field in front of tens of thousands of fans gave my goosebumps that I’ll never forget.

        I’m disappointed in the Red states not allowing full capacity of fans. They could just check people’s temperatures at the gates (if they’re really that worried about sick people showing up). The scared rabbits could wear masks if they want, but let the rest of the real fans enjoy the game like times past.

        A few weeks ago, the Florida governor was going to allow full capacity for the big Florida – LSU matchup at “The Swamp” at the request of Head Coach Dan Mullen Then Mullen & some players *mysteriously* came down with positive *asymptomatic* cases and the game was scratched and supposedly to be rescheduled (it’s crap like this that supports Jon’s research that there is no virus – what’s the chances of Mullen coming up positive “after” he stated he wanted full capacity of fans for the game?).

        Frankly, I’m disgusted with the governors of the RED states not opening up the gates and letting all fans in – no restrictions. They’re acting like the Democratic-Communist govenors that won’t allow any fans in.

        What’s with some of these Republican governors anyway? They’re supposed to stand up for people’s rights and not act like tyrannical Libs I’m surprised to even have learned that there are several Republican governors that have implemented a state-wide mask MANDATE! What kind of BS is that? We need some Libertarians to take political office and start fighting for our Human Rights! Not a bunch of mind-controlled idiots who are Republican in name only!!!

        • Piksil says:

          Thanks Jomsvikings re: radio broadcasts.

          Yeah, I think that select ‘positive cases’ are suspicious at best.

          But, just like votes, every test counts (wink wink, nudge nudge).

        • Larry C says:

          “What’s with some of these Republican governors anyway?”

          The Deep State is composed of *both* Democrats AND Republians. (I view Trump as an independent, more or less.) These guys may not collude together directly, but they are using the same “playbook”…this is a perfect example of Politics at Work, or How the Game is Played.

          • Jim S Smith says:

            The big money “owns all the horses in the race”.

            Once one can understand this, from knowing human history, and seeing right before one’s eyes all that is taking place, even at odds with what one is being told to “see”.

      • Paul says:

        As THEY say…

        “The Show Must Go On.”

        …or not.

  12. Kia Kaha says:

    Illusion after illusion…….
    Is this the rollout of the first chipped transhuman president?
    They haven’t quite perfected it I see, still working out all of the bugs, viruses and genome coding. A few glitches now and again, needs a memory chip replacement already, hopefully they kept a backup. Gave it a robotic script and a facelift for public appeal and acceptance. His walking gate is a bit odd. One too many GAVI vaccines? Maybe it was a deal.

    Patriarchy candidates can now be ….Made in China?

    Follow the leader? No thanks, I’ll keep my humanity, mind, and spirit.

    Phenomenon – Human Spirit

    Pardon my snarky. It’s been a long, long time since WA DC has been straight with the American people, with the entire world actually, if ever. With all the legal cases going on, they sure know how to keep that department increasing debt and taxes. I wonder if they have a particular $number they’re trying to reach that mathematically works out well for the bankers, investors and shareholders. Without debt, “they” don’t exist.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      27 trillion is 27,000 Billion in debt and is manageable because it’s being managed. The bigger problem is 2 quadrillion in derivatives contracts. 2 quadrillion is 2,000 trillion, much bigger than 27 trillion. But get this: By taxing the derivatives by 2%, you get 20 trillion. Thus, a mere 2% tax on the derivatives in motion per year solves the entire US debt in 1 year. They key here is to not be afraid of big numbers: they work the same way as small numbers, basically, when you get right now to it.

  13. Larry C says:

    Covid Europe/2nd Wave: Rising ‘Infection’ Rates vs. Falling Fatality Rates…

    Herd Immunity?

  14. Opie Poik says:

    A Serb begs America to fight this stolen election as Serbia did two decades ago: (10+ min)

    So, President Max Headroom it is. Going Obama’s teleprompter one better. Kamala Harris will be ushering in the technocratic-socialist endgame.

    • marlene says:

      I just checked out the video. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I need to spread this everywhere. With biden and the media calling the election although prematurely, maybe more Americans will learn the Serbian lesson.

  15. marlene says:

    It will also be the socialist endgame. The goal of socialism is communism.

  16. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    Yep–Biden’s pre-recorded “acceptance” speech. First, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and second, I couldn’t believe my ears.

  17. hhi says:

    America is for biden.

  18. hhi says:

    In Australia there are some brave people – “Senior Constable from the New South Wales police force, Alexander Cooney has asked the Commissioner in an open letter to challenge the directions they are being given, instead of simply acquiescing to them and in the process, restore community trust and a return to normalcy.”

    And because local cops are resisting tyranny, the Fed Govt is bringing in FOREIGN troops to our streets, which along with our ADF will be given legal IMMUNITY !!!
    “ARMED SOLDIERS ON THE STREETS: New laws to pass Monday 9 Nov 2020.”

    The Western Australian State Govt already has power to allow “officials” to enter your home, remove your underwear for purposes including administering vaccinations.

  19. BS Detector says:

    Ha ha. This is just TOO perfect. A fake President in a state of infirmity approaching the virtually mummified state of the latter years of John Paul II being charged with managing a fake pandemic. Too perfect.

    • Paul says:

      “…in a state of infirmity approaching the virtually mummified state of…”


      THAT’S Too Perfect An Analogy.

      The past…is not so past…in some EYES.

      WELL DONE!

  20. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    -Joseph Stalin

  21. Tom_12 says:

    Anyone seen the coverage of Bunker Joe and Obama when they were in Flint, Michigan ? If there were huge crowds there they would have shown them for the dramatic effects. Well, there were NONE. When Obama was strutting his skinny bones on the stage he did some speaking to his far right. Well vids exist showing that to his right he only had his security was there. NO CROWDS for these two clowns because that’s how popular they are.

    This time around ,whether by design or not, election in the US have been shown to the World that they are a joke. This is the first time that I can think where the World gets to see how banana republic-ish this was pulled off.

  22. R.C. says:

    There goes California, again! “Coronavirus is again stalking California, but there is still time to prevent a ‘third wave'”.
    They just won’t stop. Lie, lie ,lie. And look at the maskers in their masks, “doing what they’re told”. Just like blind sheep. You can tell who watches and believes the mainstream news. All of these pandemic scares of 2019/2020 have been fake from the start. The take down of America is running full speed. If not stopped, there will be no more “Free World” and NOWHERE to run or find “asylum”. And since Gates and his crew monitor ALL hotmail and as much internet as they can infest, they will retaliate against those who go against their insane, murderous ways/beliefs!
    Not to mention Fowlcheeks, CDC, WHO(re), medical cartel, mainstream media and all the weak-minded, mainstream news believers of this situation. When they realize what’s REALLY taken place AND happening, it will be too late. Very sad. It’s each person’s choice who they vote for but, Biden wants socialism. Once socialism takes place, you can not get away from it. All the talk about Biden having dementia: It’s setting the stage for any and all horrible things he is slated to do and to be “pardoned” from his actions. American people need to act NOW!!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Foul-Chi”? ? ?

      The stench of death upon our streets may well end up being “our reward”, for being so asleep all these years.

  23. hayden says:

    I just gotta laugh at the circus. We will have to go underground till enough wake up. Im seriously thinking of migrating to Fiordland and set up my new country BUT YEAH JUST A PIPE DREAM AS IT HARD TO GETS GUNS.

  24. Roundball Shaman says:

    Our blog host often writes about the power of Imagination. Creating something that wasn’t there before. Finding the new path. The act of discovery. Rejecting the old ruts. In these perilous times of virus intimidation and blatant power grabs, all of us must tap into our power of Imagination as never before. The old path that has brought us all to this point in history is worn out, hopelessly corrupt, and skewed to favor the worst among us. The failure of elected leaders, the lack of viable places to turn on the outside, and the threats yet to come must be dealt with by each of us as individuals. Get in touch with your spiritual center and power of Imagination and find ways in your own life to meet these challenges not just to survive but to prosper. It can be done. It MUST be done.

  25. Amanda says:

    The guy who runs this site (set up to expose the Covid Hoax) has put together a huge post on the ELECTION FRAUD:
    Here’s part of his email message:
    There is MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD being revealed, with dozens of live videos and documented information. I made a unique and historic overview of all this voter fraud. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats (handled by the Deep State, Rothschilds, Soros, etc) have stolen the election. This is massive news and I am asking you with all my heart – for the sake of humanity – please share this post in every possible way. I deeply believe – based on years of observing – that President Trump was chosen by the Patriots to oppose the new world order and fight for freedom. Not only for America, but for the entire world! He is the single most important obstacle for a one world government, that is being implemented now….
    Please share this link!! (and check out all of his information on the Covid FRAUD)

    • Paul says:

      “We Built An Extensive
      Voter Fraud Organisation”

      ~ Joe Biden

      That really is,
      THE Freudian Slip,
      Of the 21st Century!

      Just WHAT, does Our Future hold?


  26. Tim_2A says:

    With regards to Marlene’s comment, same day (as the election) registration is legal at a polling place.

    The main, or possibly the only, question that we (who were eligible, no pets) should have asked ourselves before voting, is this: If we believe in our personal freedoms being inviolate, does our ability to stop the tyranny of government, or its agents, exist, in truth? If all voters had so considered, THAT SINGLE ISSUE would have decided the race.

    Our “tree of liberty” is in desperate need of refreshment.

    • Paul says:

      If you are saying, philosophically or otherwise, that VOTING, in and of itself, CANNOT STOP TYRANNY, then I would wholeheartedly agree.

      After every “Election,” especially this one, The People must remain vigilant.

      Best Wishes to those who love Freedom.

  27. MikeB ATL says:

    Jon starts out “This is what I saw Friday night” but did he not mean Saturday night? On Friday Biden delivered a speech saying “We will win…”. His victory speech was Saturday. The Friday speech appeared to be live and inside. The Saturday speech is the one that was confusing in its setting. I would appreciate clarification. Thank you…

  28. Jim S Smith says:

    Reminds me of an old Doctor Who episode starring Patrick Troughton: “The Macra Terror”.

    Along with the constant declaration: “There is no such thing as Macra!”

    I invite all to seriously watch this episode (several parts), and ponder the reality of what we are experiencing now.

    This article nails it on the head as reality becomes so distorted through the twenty-one-inch-peephole-into-paradise (as Michael Regan so oft-said).

  29. Jim S Smith says:

    Oh and by the way,

    I guess we can forget about ever seeing this “1776 Commission” becoming a reality! Too little, too late, Mr. Trump!

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