Human psychodrama on the world stage: Power Outside the Matrix

Emerging from the dead-end

As the drama called Human Life on Planet Earth advances in the 21st century, we are seeing an escalation of lower-brain emotional responses to events. And this is according to plan.

I want to emphasize the underlying propaganda message. It’s very important to understand that message:

“As more and more people are unable and unwilling to employ logic and rationality, those qualities diminish in importance, and you should abandon them because…they don’t serve you. They aren’t useful.”

You can see where this would lead. More and more people would surrender to their own stimulus-response mechanisms, and the overall level of chaos would increase and expand.

There is no situation in which you should abandon your own ability to employ reason and rationality, no matter what other people are doing. Their surrender should not become an excuse for you deserting your own power on any level.

The two most formidable individual powers are logic and imagination.

Logic is essentially grounding and stabilizing. It allows you to analyze any situation or cluster of information and see through to its validity or invalidity, beyond deception.

Imagination takes you soaring. It allows you to see your greatest vision for your life—and therefore act toward its fulfillment.

Others around you may be succumbing to their own misperceptions and lack of energizing spirit—but that doesn’t mean you have to.

And as an aside, if you decide you want to help those you care about and lift them up, try doing it without logic and imagination and see how far you get.

All this is preface and prelude. It occupied me for more than a decade of research and investigation, as I saw the human psychodrama entering a new phase. Its hallmark was random emotional reaction.

Nothing wrong with emotions, but entering a space where they take you from pillar to post, sucking up and draining energy, while producing no visible progress along the line of fulfilling goals…that’s not a good thing at all. It eventually ends up paralyzing the individual, who retreats from his most profound ambitions.

This was the setting in which I developed my third collection, Power Outside The Matrix. Here is a description of its contents:

This mega-collection is all about achieving power outside The Matrix and stabilizing that power.

It features a long section called: Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation.

This section is filled with specific examples of my past investigations. Based on 25 years of experience, it shows you how to take apart and put together data that lead to valid conclusions.

It is far more than a logic course.

It’s an advanced approach to analysis.

Establishing power outside The Matrix requires that a person be able to deal with today’s flood of information, misinformation, and disinformation. I’ve left no stone unturned in bringing you a workable approach to analysis.

There is a further extensive section titled, A Writer’s Tutorial. People have been asking me to provide this Tutorial, and here it is in spades. But it’s not just for writers. It’s for any creative person who wants to grasp his own power, understand it, and use it to reach out into the world.

My Tutorial exposes you to lessons that go far beyond what is normally taught in writer’s seminars. In fact, several core concepts in the Tutorial contradict ordinary writer’s seminars, and thus give you access to inner resources that would otherwise be ignored.

Another section of this mega-collection, titled Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality, features creative exercises you do on a daily basis that will help you move toward the goal of power outside The Matrix. The exercises are all about increasing your energy and stability—and about the invention of new spaces.

Access to your internal energy, in huge amounts, is necessary for a life outside The Matrix—rather than relying on the illusory energy that The Matrix seems to provide.

This is a key fact. I’ve developed the exercises for exactly that purpose: your energy, your dynamism, independent and self-sufficient.

And finally, I have included a number of audio seminars that offer a wider perspective about The Matrix and what it means to live and work outside it.

power outside the matrix

Here are the particulars. These are audio presentations. 55 total hours.

* Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation (11.5-hours)

* Writer’s Tutorial (8.5-hours)

* Power Outside The Matrix and The Invention of New Reality (6.5-hours)

Then you will receive the following audio presentations I have previously done:

* The Third Philosophy of Imagination (1-hour)

* The Infinite Imagination (3-hours)

* The Mass Projection of Events (1.5-hours)

* The Decentralization of Power (1.5-hours)

* Creating the Future (6-hours)

* Pictures of Reality (6-hours)

* The Real History of America (2-hours)

* Corporations: The New Gods (7.5-hours)

I have included an additional bonus section:

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst (and how to analyze them). I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

* A 2-hour radio interview I did on AIDS in Dec 1987 with host Roy Tuckman on KPFK in Los Angeles, California.

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the books are pdf files. You download them upon purchase. You’ll receive an email with a link to the entire collection.)

At the core of consciousness, there are two impulses in the individual. The first is: give in, surrender. The second is: express power.

The teaching of every civilization and society is: don’t use your power.

When you follow the second path, when you express your power without limits, remarkable things happen.

The veil of illusion melts away.

You meet yourself on new ground.

You know what your freedom is for.

Without imposing on the freedom of others, you live the life you always wanted.

That’s what Power Outside The Matrix is all about.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

15 comments on “Human psychodrama on the world stage: Power Outside the Matrix

  1. Paul says:

    Dear Jon,

    I have read this specific article & others of yours like it, in excess of 50 times.

    And I NEVER, EVER, bore of it.

    Always, Something, New Found.

    Time, Times, & Timing.

    Musician You Are.

    Ever Enriched,
    & Always Grateful.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Unfathomable

    What to think of
    Life’s amazing mystery?
    Deep and unfathomable,
    Nocturnal nebula of my dreams
    Seducing me with
    Her serpent like charms
    Did you know that the Universe
    Her diamond tears through us?
    What of our misery?
    Canvass for history’s bloody paintbrush,
    Where we are like
    Castaways from oblivion
    Hostages to Hamlet’s Mill
    And now, as the jackboots of Kristallnacht
    Approach once again
    I fear that climb up Calvary hill,
    I wonder
    Who are we really?
    Are we simply
    The sadistic musings
    of some evil cosmic dream?
    An epic of sub atomic poetry
    On a hero’s journey?
    An odyssey of the spirit?
    Troubadours of the brokenhearted
    Beyond our desperate
    Midnight screams?
    Oh Universal mother
    The womb of all being
    Behold my naked soul
    With its mortal refrain
    What pray tell is my purpose
    Trapped in this desolate wasteland
    Asylum of the insane?
    Each moment
    The Agony
    And the Ecstasy
    Teased by
    The cross currents of eternity
    Trapped in Kronos lair,
    Am I just another
    Shadow on his cave wall
    A quantum being
    In gestation sublime,
    With chrysalis dreams
    Sprouting butterfly wings,
    Vintage soul wine
    From the vineyard of our wrath,
    Oh dear Aeon Sophia
    I seek freedom
    From all that is known
    And the drying amber of history,
    From the mad musings of the mind
    Mere Algorithms of deceit
    And from the quantum mists
    The unfathomable mystery
    Winks at me,
    Offering the gift
    Of my coming to be,
    To run with the bulls of fate
    To with the angels play
    To paint
    The very atmosphere of this day!

    • Paul says:

      Beauty…is oft born of struggle.
      Pain, sometimes, is its cradle.


      There once was a Creature.
      When very young, it felt “all around it,” pressing in.

      So it struggled against, what felt like walls, impinging its Freedom.

      It finally…broke Free.

      A Beautiful Butterfly,
      by Its own Power,
      had just been Birthed.

  3. Paul says:

    “There is no situation
    in which you should abandon
    your own ability
    to employ
    reason and rationality,
    no matter
    what other people are doing.
    Their surrender
    should not become
    an excuse for you
    deserting your own power
    on any level.”

    To Jon & ALL,

    As you know, Walk On, is a song about Aung San Suu Kyi.

    For all those who Endlessly Give, I venture, at times, moments visit unpleasant, & lengthen Time’s uncertain-cy during Uncertain Times.

    We should always take part & watch, til the end of things.

    And Know…we’re all patiently standing by.

    “And if the daylight feels like it’s a long way off
    And if your glass heart should crack
    And for a second you turn back
    Oh no, be strong
    What you got they can’t steal it
    No, they can’t even feel it
    You could have flown away
    A singing bird in an open cage
    Who will only fly,
    only fly for freedom
    All that you fashion
    All that you make
    All that you build
    All that you reason
    All that you sense
    All that you speak…”

    ~ U2

  4. BDBinc says:

    Freeing yourself from the matrix is knowing who you are( beyond mind and body). Taping into source power that is inside each human being.
    We have developed a nasty habit of looking for ourselves out in the world of form and being totally mind identified( ego possessed).
    Total identification with thoughforms( and the emotions they produce-fear )is the cause of the polarity we see.
    You identify with a political party( which is just ideologies) or a group and create ” others” and enemies.
    This is how it is and what needs to be healed, we have a collective of fear (psyop covid) possessed people.
    Rational faculties impairment syndrome.
    The truth that there is no ” new deadly virus” is the cure .
    I think the 1861 Germ theory needs to be officially debunked at this time.

  5. Larry C says:

    “If people truly understood the extent to which mental narrative dominates their experience of life, propaganda, advertising and all other forms of psychological manipulation would be regarded by our society similarly to physical assault or property theft.”

    ~ Caitlin Johnstone

  6. truther says:

    if you so fucking care about us then why are selling rather than giving your material.Because your a profit drivin hustler

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Jon’s blog presents 99% of the philosophical foundation of what he is talking about in his material. This blog is free.

      If you want, you can always get a job, you know, where someone gives you money in exchange for work-of-value, then you can purchase his items. Unless, of course, you work for free and then expect others to give you their work for free?

      OR…you can go on the internet and look up Aristotle, Ayn Rand Plato, John Locke, and other philosophers that speak about this topics, FOR FREE, instead of expecting everyone on the planet to open your mouth and spoon feed you like you are an infant sitting in his high chair.

      Grow up. Get a job. Be a man. “Truther”…how ironic.

    • Paul says:

      Hello truther,

      I can only offer my opinion. But this one is based on the present-day facts of the society-form we live in.

      1. All people know psychologically, that if you give something away (especially, something extremely novel, as Jon’s material), MOST, but not all, will give it short shrift.

      2. Just maintaining this site incurs financial costs. He does research, he interviews experts, etc. All these, in this real-world, costs money. It is as simple as that.

      So I hope that helps.

      I don’t know if you’re a young person. In a sense, chronological age, is not the matter.

      Now…please don’t get angry. Just read it for what it’s worth. If you deem at all.

      One should not hurl false accusations at another, that one does not truly know.

      Nor, should one “hitch” another’s Work & due compensation, to another’s Heart’s Intention.

      Best Wishes in all Things for you.
      In Truth.

    • Arnoud says:

      Hello ‘truther’, this is totally inappropriate behavior!

      Do you not have free will?
      Do you not have to earn a living?
      Do you not know the concept of emotional self-responsibility?

  7. Barney Fiefdom says:

    What is logic?

    There are right and wrong ways to do everything.

    Scholasticism was a medieval school of philosophy that employed a critical (logical) method of philosophical analysis presupposed upon a Latin Catholic theistic curriculum which dominated teaching in the medieval universities in Europe from about 1100 to 1700. It originated within the Christian monastic schools that were the basis of the earliest European universities.

    In other words, it was logic twisted to suit the Church’s theological views.

    “Logic” was simply that which came to the Church’s predetermined conclusion.

    Scholasticism is often widely considered as among the most flawed philosophical movements.

    This was perhaps one reason why Petrarch chose to label his time during the Medieval Period as the “Dark Ages”.
    A complete stray from the truly logical approach/methodologies of Philosophers of the Classical Greek/Roman era (the “ancients”).

    The Church, with it’s massively concentrated control of wealth, and therefore control over information, and thus “knowledge”, used that control over entire populations.
    For the sake of power.

    I have noticed a drastic decline in the ability of most people to employ logic, reasoning, evidence, and other higher-order cognitive skills, as of recent.

    Many of the “unlearned” haven’t been taught these skills.
    Many of the “learned” have simply been trained what & how to think (even told they are employing logic, in their complacency & obedience, as they are actually being bought by Big Monied interests, much like the Church did in the Medieval period).

    They will comply, to continue earning wages, or they will be replaced (the corporate/Elitist advantage of manufacturing & maintaining, a concealed massively high unemployment rate).

    People like Politicians, Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, etc. are evidence.

    More & more studies, research, procedures, laws, etc. are simply skewed, bought/influenced by Big Money.

    “Education” has taken the form of mere indoctrination to the establishment system.

    Contemporary “logic” has simply been reduced to the process of promulgating official narratives.

    Those that dare question those official narratives, employing actual logic, are disregarded & labeled as mere “heretics”.

    This is the world of spin.
    This is the neo-feudal order.

    These are the Dark Ages of the 21st Century.

  8. Haniel Adhar says:

    I really want to buy this.

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