The missing COVID virus—answering critics’ objections

by Jon Rappoport

October 26, 2020

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For months, I’ve been providing evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been proven to exist.

Several recent objections to my analysis have been brought forward.

I’m not interested in mentioning names or getting into disputes with people who might otherwise be doing important work.

One objection that’s been raised: a key CDC document [1] I quoted [2], which openly admitted that the virus was “not available,” was not really published in July of this year. It was reprinted or updated in July; it was originally published in February, when presumably, the CDC might have had a problem obtaining isolated virus.

Really? The “pandemic” was already underway in February. The CDC, one of the two most powerful public health agencies in the world, couldn’t get isolated virus then—couldn’t get it anywhere. In other words, there was a declared pandemic without a proven virus.

That is a damning fact. I don’t care whether it was February or July. If the CDC couldn’t get the virus, no one had it.

No one had it, because no one had isolated it. Researchers simply assumed it existed.

Not only that, the CDC document [1] [2] in which the agency admitted the virus was “not available” was a long article describing how to perform the PCR test for the virus. What virus? The one that wasn’t there?

You put together a test procedure that will change the fate of humanity, but you don’t have the item the procedure is supposed to detect. This is permissible? This is excusable? Not unless science is fairy tales.

A few superficial critics of my work should also realize this CDC document is far from my only evidence showing the virus hasn’t been isolated. They should read all my articles on the subject.

Another objection to my analysis: labs do, in fact, have isolated virus in the form of “viral stocks.”

But what does that phrase mean? It means SOUP. In dishes, in labs, researchers assume they have virus mixed with cells, mixed with chemicals and drugs and who knows what else. If this is “isolation,” a rabbit is a spaceship.

Further, it is claimed, because some of those cells—monkey cells—die in the dish in the lab, this means the virus is there and is doing the killing.

Nonsense. First of all, the cells are being starved of nutrients. Second, they’re open to being poisoned by the drugs and chemicals in the soup. The presumption of the virus doing the killing is unwarranted and absurd. [3] [4] [5]

The third objection to my analysis: researchers can assemble the PCR test without actually having the virus. They can substitute “synthetic RNA” which is a close match to the virus.

I see. And they know the synthetic RNA is a close match to the missing virus exactly how? Answer: they don’t know. They assume. They pretend. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

This would be like saying: “Ahem. There is an unknown planet in our solar system. We haven’t seen it, we don’t know where it is, we don’t know what it looks like, but we do know the moon is a very close version of the unknown planet. Therefore, we can use everything we know about the moon to infer a precise description of the unknown planet.”

This kind of tap-dancing might win you a prize at a junior high school variety show, but it has nothing to do with science.

For those who want to further explore the core issue of the existence of the virus—e.g., medical professionals, who have large gaps and blind spots in their understanding—I STRONGLY suggest accessing the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman [12] and Dr. Tom Cowan [13].

I understand that some people who are very much opposed to the lockdowns and the economic destruction want to keep the argument along the channels of: the deceptive PCR test; the false case and death numbers; the dangerous vaccine; the ripping away of Constitutional and natural freedoms.

Anyone who has been reading my more than 200 articles about COVID [14] knows I’ve been tackling those issues since the beginning. But the existence of the virus is not merely a distraction. It’s at the starting gate of the whole effort to initiate new levels of enslavement for all humans. It can’t be brushed aside.

It would be foolish of me to criticize people who are otherwise doing very important work to stem the tide of the technocratic takeover of Earth, simply because they aren’t addressing the existence of the virus.

If a few of them want to criticize me, fine. I’ve been around the block more times than I can count. It’s not a problem. I’d suggest, though, they do more than a dip a toe into the water of the stupendous virus-fraud.

And don’t try the tactic of accusing me of “confusing people about the pandemic.” That is not a standard for measuring veracity. It’s actually a low-level con. When two sides disagree, proponents of one side assert the other side is sowing confusion. Baloney. The confusion, in this case, is inherent in the conventional view of virus-isolation and proof of discovery.

One disease one germ, a thousand diseases a thousand germs—this lock-step ironclad pharmaceutical propaganda of more than a century has caused monstrous harm. It’s time to end the madness.

We don’t need unanimity on every issue. But we do need a measure of good will and decency. I’m glad to report that, with only a few exceptions, this is what I find.

Coda: Blithely accepting the existence of the virus puts people on a slippery slope. From that point on, they may accept at least partial anti-human “containment measures.” Lockdowns under certain circumstances, some mask wearing, some distancing, some restrictions on the size and nature of gatherings, some isolation from loved ones, some tracing, some testing. Before they know it, they’re dealing from a position of weakness and compromise: “I agree that a certain amount of destruction is necessary, but not as much destruction as Fauci wants…” On moral, spiritual, strategic, political, economic, and scientific grounds, that’s disastrous.

Now, as a backgrounder, here is my article about Dr. Tom Cowan’s recent exploration of the COVID virus invented out of sheer nonsense: [5]

Dr. Tom Cowan explores the COVID virus invented out of sheer nonsense

—Dr. Cowan analyzes yet another key document posted by the CDC, in their journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases: “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States”—

by Jon Rappoport

October 19, 2020

The hits keep coming. The CDC used an arbitrary computer “tinker-toy” process to invent a description of the virus. The virus that no one has proven exists. This is the basic conclusion of Dr. Tom Cowan.

The CDC article [3] was discovered by Sally Fallon Morrell. Her co-author, Dr. Cowan, fleshes out the fraud. Cowan’s article is titled, “Only Poisoned Monkey Cells ‘Grew’ the ‘Virus’.” [4] [5]

Dr. Cowan: “[The CDC journal article] was published in June 2020 [original publication, March 2020]. The purpose of the article was for a group of about 20 virologists to describe the state of the science of the isolation, purification and biological characteristics of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus, and to share this information with other scientists for their own research. A thorough and careful reading of this important paper reveals some shocking findings.”

“First, in the section titled ‘Whole Genome Sequencing,’ we find that rather than having isolated the virus and sequencing the genome from end to end, they found 37 base pairs from unpurified samples using PCR probes. This means they actually looked at 37 out of the approximately 30,000 of the base pairs that are claimed to be the genome of the intact virus. They then took these 37 segments and put them into a computer program, which filled in the rest of the base pairs.”

In other words, the sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was done by assumption and arbitrary inference. If this is science, a penguin is a spaceship.

Cowan: “To me, this computer-generation step constitutes scientific fraud. Here is an equivalency: A group of researchers claim to have found a unicorn because they found a piece of a hoof, a hair from a tail, and a snippet of a horn. They then add that information into a computer and program it to re-create the unicorn, and they then claim this computer re-creation is the real unicorn. Of course, they had never actually seen a unicorn so could not possibly have examined its genetic makeup to compare their samples with the actual unicorn’s hair, hooves and horn.”

“The researchers claim they decided which is the real genome of SARS-CoV-2 by ‘consensus,’ sort of like a vote. Again, different computer programs will come up with different versions of the imaginary ‘unicorn,’ so they come together as a group and decide which is the real imaginary unicorn.”

As I’ve been stating [10], the “discovery” of the “new virus” was actually the foisting of a PRE-DETERMINED STORY ABOUT A VIRUS. Nothing real or believable about it.

But once the official pattern is laid down, others follow it dutifully.

Dr. Cowan uncovers more insanity in the CDC journal article. Using the ASSUMED new virus, in an UN-ISOLATED STATE, the researchers try to prove it is harmful by injecting it on to several different types of cells in the lab:

Cowan: “The real blockbuster finding in this study comes later, a finding so shocking that I had to read it many times before I could believe what I was reading. Let me quote the passage intact:”

“’Therefore, we examined the capacity of SARS-CoV-2 to infect and replicate in several common primate and human cell lines, including human adenocarcinoma cells (A549), human liver cells (HUH 7.0), and human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293T). In addition to Vero E6 and Vero CCL81 cells [monkey cells]. … Each cell line was inoculated at high multiplicity of infection and examined 24h post-infection. No CPE was observed in any of the cell lines except in Vero [monkey] cells, which grew to greater than 10 to the 7th power at 24 h post-infection. In contrast, HUH 7.0 and 293T showed only modest viral replication, and A549 cells [human cells] were incompatible with SARS CoV-2 infection’.”

“What does this language actually mean, and why is it the most shocking statement of all from the virology community? When virologists attempt to prove infection, they have three possible ‘hosts’ or models on which they can test…”

“The third method virologists use to prove infection and pathogenicity — the method they most rely on — is inoculation of solutions they say contain the virus onto a variety of tissue cultures. As I have pointed out many times, such inoculation has never been shown to kill (lyse) the tissue, unless the tissue is first starved and poisoned.”

“The shocking thing about the above [CDC journal] quote is that using their own methods, the virologists found that solutions containing SARS-CoV-2 — even in high amounts — were NOT, I repeat NOT, infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. In plain English, this means they proved, on their terms, that this ‘new coronavirus’ is not infectious to human beings. It is ONLY infective to monkey kidney cells, and only then when you add two potent drugs (gentamicin and amphotericin), known to be toxic to kidneys, to the mix.”

“My friends, read this again and again. These virologists, published by the CDC, performed a clear proof, on their terms, showing that the SARS-CoV- 2 virus is harmless to human beings. That is the only possible conclusion, but, unfortunately, this result is not even mentioned in their conclusion. They simply say they can provide virus stocks cultured only on monkey Vero cells, thanks for coming.”

So first…use a process of genetic sequencing that involves concocting, out of an arbitrary computer program…

The existence and structure of the “new virus”…

And then, taking a soup that the researchers claim contains the virus, in an un-isolated state, inject the soup into several types of cells in the lab…

And discover the prime target—human cells—are not infected by the imaginary virus.

And after this good day’s work, walk away and pretend nothing odd or self-incriminating happened.

And oh yes, lock down the planet based on this “science.”

Naturally, we MUST take a toxic vaccine that prevents non-infection by the non-virus.
















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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

188 comments on “The missing COVID virus—answering critics’ objections

  1. Paul says:

    “A few superficial critics of my work should also realize…”

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices & chooses instead to express his opinions courageously & honestly.”

    ~ Einstein

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Honesty: a policy
      Of Einstein and his kind
      For what kind of mind
      Is the kind
      That tosses our mind astray?

      Mediocre is a joker
      Of the blind who cannot see
      Enduring truths of honesty
      In times we go couragously.

      Violence is the sense
      For reactionary foes
      But reason is the temperance
      Of friendly G. I. Joe’s.

      Einstein was the famous guy
      Who favoured lightspeed tricks
      Of tales from physics
      That lacked the jizzics
      Of everyday whiles and woes.

    • jcdenton says:

      Despite the fact that according to Tesla (not the car) Einstein being more the metaphysicist than scientist ..

      A “scientist” that regularly attended seances with the Sinclairs ..

      Despite the fact that his Special Theory of Relativity is pure bunk, Einstein himself admitting that he omitted the aether to make his “theory” work ..

    • eddie villanueva says:

      Wait ,what?! The SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been proven to exist! But ,I thought they located it. What’s that red fuzzy ball they constantly showing us on t.v. I know ,the CV19 is a bunch of bull. But ,I thought they had something phony to show us to prove that there was a virus.

  2. Diane says:

    I love it! Thanks, Jon.

  3. George McFetridge says:

    I’m really struck by most people’s adherence to the false narrative. There are so many that consider reading yourself or other dissenting views as a taboo, and would NEVER, I think, go there under any circumstances! I see this as evidence of another false narrative: life as easy. People take the easy way, which is sheer folly and illusion. Further to this, such behavior is death-culture, ie against life, because it distorts what life is, which is ‘not easy’. I’m left with personal silence in the face of this utter madness when I encounter it. Thanks for your work.

    • Pete says:

      Well put, George. It seems to me that it would be too much of a mental adjustment for many people to face the reality of what’s going on. So they don’t go there.
      Many thanks to Jon for continuing to publish the truth.

      • Coach Mitch says:

        Their ego is too invested now to reverse. Agreed.

      • J C says:

        yep . it’s called DENIAL !

      • george says:

        I’ve discovered silence/listening [the same thing] as an active value. Importantly, it negates defiance! One can experiment with this.

      • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

        I thought the reality of what’s going on involved the CCP and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with its public mission of locating and isolating dangerous new coronaviruses from horseshoe bats. But I haven’t seen Jon facing that claim. Perhaps I’ve missed the posts where he convincingly proves that the Wuhan team’s involvement in the pandemic is as mythical as the virus itself?

        • Lyn P says:

          Perhaps oversimplified, but I see that as two separate issues connected only by design.

          The illegal funding of the Wuhan lab is a long and criminal story involving Fauci (Faux-chi) himself and his evil research entanglements and practices over 15+ years. David Martin has extensively researched and documented this aspect.

          Wuhan itself was the perfect location for the Covid lie to be spun up and out. No virus was ever proven there in the first place and the entangling of the theories of the Lab are a distraction/confusion to the real story.

    • Post Hoc says:

      If more people understood the true workings of the human body when it is threatened by toxins such as foul air, impure water and EMR that inteferes with our bio-electrical state, then there would be less argument about a fake coronavirus.

      This is not how viruses behave and is a cover story, a ruse for the crimes of pollution that is making us sick.

      Starting from the people of Wuhan who were subjected to incredibly foul, polluted air and the a sudden switch to 5g, the cover-up got under way.

      Those who will not admit the truth will always find a false cause, and this is now Covid19.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Electrochemical bodies we are.
        Toxic assaults create bizarre
        Ruse of germs
        Not biotherms
        Of five gee penetrars.

        Wuhanese were eas-ilease
        The victims of assault
        by five gee rays
        a sci fi maze
        of tiny micro-waves.

        To those who do
        Not admit
        And always find false cause
        The day will come
        When you will pay
        With breath of life, have not.

        • Paul says:

          “…a sci fi maze…


        • gj says:

          Could somebody please inform Nancy Pelosi and Governor Newsom about the truth? I am so fed up with living in California and the nonsense involved in this state the lockdowns the shutdowns the closing off the business is shutting down the muzzle of people. I get so angry about it. I refuse to wear a mask but nobody stops me in the main stores that are open and getting all the business. Somebody please inform the people who are trying to force this BS on us

          • Lyn P says:

            This is shaping up to be a long fight because the powers pulling the strings from the very top have been planning a LONG time for their intended Global Technocracy, etc., and the “middle men” implementing on the ground continue for their own twisted goals. Only ever-increasing groundswells of most of humanity will reverse this course.

      • Juliano says:

        your link doesn’t work. says the page cannot be found

      • george says:

        I think so too. Our indifference to our organism is dreadful, leading to complete falsification.

      • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

        I guess the famous whistleblowing Wuhan doctors wanting to warn the world that people were dying from a virulent new coronavirus were imaginary or maybe CIA plants, and never actually intimidated into silence by the CCP at all.

        • useless eater says:

          RE: “the famous whistleblowing Wuhan doctors [sic: should be singular, since we are talking about one Li Wenliang]” – looks like a con

          “The real truth seems to be that the Chinese have been in control of the Li story from the very beginning. They are the ones who announced his death when he apparently was not dead. They are who made him a whistleblower in the first place when his actual actions are hardly that of a whistleblower. This entire story seems to have been scripted by the Chinese government so that they would be in control of the narrative. If the public was going to need a hero to mourn, the Chinese government wanted to make sure it was a hero of their creation.
          The final point in this case involves the imagery surrounding Li. There are virtually zero photographs of him, and the ones that do exist are dubious. They show two different men. The first photograph has been flipped horizontally for some reason. The second set of photographs show a man in the exact same room (not horizontally flipped) and with a mask over his face. This same second man is shown sweating and bedridden at the hospital. Freckle and mole positions show these to not be the same two men. Even more suspicious is the way the sweating, bedridden man was forced to hold up an ID card, as though there is some need to prove he is himself?”

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      All of us are struck by phony tales of covid muck.
      It’s all taboo and surely does it truly suck.
      Why do people love this phantastical illusion
      Of viruses made by world banks’ collusion?
      I can only think of silent crazy madness and the expletive of “fuck”!

  4. Butch says:

    My grandmother, a wise old sage, told me at a young age “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make drink”. INDEED

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      My grand mo-therre… a wise old sage….
      Told me in my young age….
      You may lead that horse to a course of drink
      But you cannot make him think, to drink.

      “Drink you horse, you stupid horse!”
      But drink he will not do.
      For your intent to make him think
      Makes you the dinky dink.

      Horse you fool you stupid fool
      You need to drink to think
      But drink he won’t
      he won’t do drink
      No matter how YOU think.

      A horse who drinks water is like my father
      Who always said things real short
      He said a few words
      Then minded his curds
      And expected me to follow his example.

      A horse is a horse of course of course
      Where did I get that rhyme?
      I expect its from youth
      When I didn’t have couth
      But it stuck with me all of these years.

      The matter of patter is a matter of course
      Quite obviously I’m stark going mad
      If you can concur
      Then I can deter
      From any concurrance of fur THUR ance.

      thank you.

      • Paul says:

        “A horse is a horse of course of course
        Where did I get that rhyme?
        I expect its from youth
        When I didn’t have couth
        But it stuck with me all of these years.”

        Listen here Mr. Ed…

        I ask you…

        Why o why didn’t you rhyme as…

        “But it stuck with me all THIS TIME”


        cheesy smile

      • gj says:

        What in the world are you saying??

    • Juliano says:

      and i say you can lead a sheeple to thinking but you can’t make it think!

  5. Hélios says:

    Hello Jon, I read what this man said and one phrase shocked me : “This is not a topic that I really want to get into because I view it as a total distraction from real issues.”

    Total distraction from real issues ???
    If there is no virus, what else is the real issue ?

  6. JB says:

    My sister got sick last week, and she had to get tested for this annoying virus. She found out that she tested positive on Saturday, and since we live together, she thinks that we both have to quarantine (even though I’m really not a close contact according to the CDC guidelines. I haven’t been around her that much because she is at church or work, especially after she got sick on Tuesday).

  7. Paul says:

    “The third objection

    to my analysis:

    researchers can assemble the PCR test

    without actually having

    the virus.

    They can substitute “synthetic RNA”

    [[[which is a close match]]]

    to the virus.

    I see.

    And they know the synthetic RNA is a close match to the missing virus exactly how?


    they don’t know.

    They assume.

    They pretend.”

    [[[Emphasis mine]]]

    Let’s Pretend.

    Said Objectioner (hereby referred to as OB), is FALSELY accused of wife murder.

    This is an especially tough one, b/c stats show high % that it’s often hubbie.

    Hubbie OB, is an intelligent scientist, familiar with DNA, etc.

    Prosecutor (P) & gang…not so much, that is, regarding Poirot’s “little gray cells.”

    (P)’s looking for a kill.

    (P) has “a DNA match.”

    (P) has “a DNA expert.”

    Long story short, expert didn’t visit the murder scene (afraid of blood), didn’t collect specimen (ibid),…

    Longer story shorter…

    Expert was told OB has 2 kids, southpaw at golf, enjoys Bourbon, & a few other bric-a-brac(s).

    Expert “figured” & IS SURE, that OB didn’t like wifie that much.

    He’s sure. Sure as stone.

    Now the ? is would OB object to said analysis.

    When his own can is on the line.

  8. Doreen says:

    Jon, please also consider the work of David Crowe Alberta. Canada 1956-2020

    Virus Existence
    Scientists are detecting novel RNA in multiple patients with influenza or pneumonia -like conditions, and are assuming that the detection of RNA (which is believed to be wrapped in proteins to form an RNA virus, as coronaviruses are believed to be) is equivalent to isolation of the virus. It is not, and one of the groups of scientists was honest enough to admit this:

    “we did not perform tests for detecting infectious virus in blood” [2]
    But, despite this admission, earlier in the paper they repeatedly referred to the 41 cases (out of 59 similar cases) that tested positive for this RNA as, “41 patients… confirmed to be infected with 2019-nCoV.”

  9. Donna Pope says:

    I totally agree with you! Most people are “Sheep to slaughter “. Got to follow the crowd; no brains!!!

  10. Steve says:

    Jon, you need to get your facts straight and stop contradicting yourself.

    A rabbit is NOT a space ship, a ???? penguin is. ???? rabbits are in charge of the drone strikes.

    Keep up the good work, and remember….the pod people are very real!

  11. Paul says:

    “The scientists of today
    think deeply
    instead of clearly.
    One must be sane
    to think clearly,
    but one can think deeply
    & be quite insane.”

    “All that was great in the past
    was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed —
    only to emerge
    all the more powerfully,
    all the more triumphantly
    from the struggle.”

    “Still more:
    this one human being
    lives on & on.
    The individual is ephemeral,
    races & nations come & pass away,
    but man remains.
    Therein lies the profound difference
    between the individual
    & the whole.

    ~ Nikola Tesla

    Nice Work Jon.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      When I first glanced at your paragraphs
      I thought they were seemingly limericks
      I was disappointed
      to find they were not.
      However, it seeemed to me that they COULD be!
      … So I tried and came up with these…

      Once there were scientists who thought deeply
      But never could they think very clearly
      They were not very sane
      Contrarily, INsane
      So clearly in shit they were deep.

      All in the past has been laughed at
      Condemned, combatted, stomped on as a mat
      Then it would be
      That wonder full lee
      From struggle those things would triumph-at.

      The humans who’ve lived, live on and on
      While races and nations become ob-live-eon.
      Still man remains
      Woman still reign
      So thus those conglomerates give way to the one!

      • Opie Poik says:

        “Jaws” in Italian is “Fauci”
        Who drools for vaccines for us – Ouchy!!
        A national mandate for masks
        Is the next of his tasks
        And he’ll win if the masses stay slouchy.

        An Aspergery demon named Gates
        Hyperventilates at sealing our fates
        As Boobus Americanus
        Takes this ruse in the anus
        While lending undue credence to debates.

        Covid’s Masonic slang for vax ID
        Which factcheck liars deny shamelessly
        Big Pharma makes bids
        To profit, killing kids
        When asked to fight, many say, “Who, me?!”

        And, since this darkness could kill ya, here’s a funny one someone else wrote:

        An entrepreneur from Racine
        Invented a sex machine
        Both concave and convex
        It could please either sex
        And serviced itself in between.

    • Doug says:

      You misunderstood. Deeply they were referring to how far the phone was placed up their ASS. IE Deeply.

  12. Nancy says:

    I work in a nursing home and have witnessed many die of this Covid thing. I am fully awake and understand. What then are these people dying from please explain? It wasn’t the flu, symptoms were different, and some died soon after contraction, others weeks later in the hospital. One staff member died. If I’m to help people understand I need to know why all these people died in nursing homes? Thank you

    • Sean says:

      Could not it be a number of different things? Isnt a pandemic, an “it”? Meaning if someone passes, it is absolutely caused by the “It” “The Pandemic”

      What if it was something else, I dont know, a heart attack from a solar flare, or the overwhelming antibiotic issue or just the age old flu, without regular symptoms.

      Im a plumber. And I can understand your concern. But if, what the official covid story was actually dis or misinformation and it was never isolated or never went through the gold standard procedure of determining if it was contagious, after isolating it, then wouldnt it stand that whatever anyone dies from, incuding a staff member, would not be what the offical story is? Wouldnt it absolutely have to be from something else? No matter what anybody body say or prints on a piece of paper?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Being a plumber is such a bummer
        The pipes and systems could be plugged all agummer
        Then when we flush
        Sewer gas might rush
        To the surface and into the air so were gonners.

        Couldn’t help myself sorry. Seriously, all kidding aside, Nancy’s nursing home people could easily die from bad plumbing causing sewer gas pollution. It just occurred to me since Sean indicated he was a plumber.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Then why are you not looking at the HVAC units and the mold growing in there that is causing 90% of all the lung related illnesses in your home?

      And can someone explain to me how on earth a virus that allegedly originated in China made it into EVERY SINGLE NURSING HOME at the exact same time? That is statistically impossible.

      No one has died of any virus, Nancy. They are dying from the treatment they are getting.

    • MDskeptic says:

      People are dying and from many different causes every day. But that is not new. If you know “it wasn’t the flu” and that many “die of this covid thing”, then it sounds as though you’ve already made up your mind. But if you are able to explore the matter I would start with complete clinical case reports and autopsies where possible. Sadly, these are lacking in most chronic care facilities. Nurses, dieticians and aides have told me that panic induced neglect was a feature and not an oddity of the wave of deaths in NYC Nursing homes.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        People are dying from many diseases
        The causes for which we’ve made up our minds
        But if we digress
        Review the press
        We might find a lack of au-TOP-sies!

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      I have worked in the sick care for 10 years with open minds. I saw a lot of weirdness and especially how people died. Several old people died of tetanus even though they had been in bed for several weeks, what were the bacteria not in the beds anyway. At heart iva, patients came in with chest pain. They were placed under guard, but did they die anyway after receiving several kinds of medication for their pain and heart problems? I have seen patients die on the strangest sets and I have also seen patients recover and pop out of their beds after being unconscious and put under palliative care, as I said there are a lot of strange things happening in our sick care and also in the homes and there out in the madness called civilization?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        People die oddly for all kinds of reasons.
        Though they be treated, they still are defeated.
        And yet some recover
        From under their covers
        And pop out of their beds elated!

        There once was a sick woman in bed
        She didn’t get better it’s said
        Until someone wrote
        A magnificent joke
        Then she laughed her way back to full stead.

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          Slight edit for first limerick above.

          People die oddly for all kinds of reasons.
          Though they be treated, they still are defeated.
          And yet some recover
          From under their covers
          And pop out of their beds as if they had cheated.

    • Donna says:

      Nancy, at what point did these people die? I used to work in a nursing home and lived in one for 100 days. I have been home since March 1, 2019.

      Think about this possibility: People in nursing homes tend to watch a lot of television. When all the news shows art talking mostly about covid19, older people and some susceptible younger people will get worried or overly concerned. Covid-covid-covid-covid. Even tv ads are about covid, masks, physical distancing, vaccines lockdowns, etc.

      People can make themselves sick without ever being exposed to any disease. Stress and fear can really do a number on a person’s immune system.

      One thing to remember is that there is no specific test for covid19. Also, coronaviruses have been around for decades. In the beginning of covid19, I started researching. I researched both covid19 and coronaviruses. Jon Rappaport is not the only person who has researched and written about covid. Pam Popper has co-authored a book with Shane Prier called Covid Operation: What Happened, Why it Happened, and What’s Next. You can find the book on Amazon.

      I’m not afraid of covid and haven’t been from the start. What I find most concerning is what the people have willingly given up in order to have the illusion of safety and security.

      Something else to consider: The number of people who get the flu vaccine every year is not as high as the vaccine manufacturers would like it to be. Is it possible that covid19 is just a mind manipulation game to get more people to get the flu vaccine, especially if they are told that it could offer some protection against covid19?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        There is no disease called covid
        It’s simply a thought that’s morbid
        When once you dispense
        With that notion hence
        The sickness you had has aborted!

      • Juliano says:

        Please check out this GREAT video. It is absolutely brilliant overview of everything, and IF people still do not get it after seeing this they choose to be blind. See what return Bill Gates’ greedy arse will get from these ‘vaccinations’!! FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

      • skiz says:

        Getting the flu vaccine increase chances of getting this disease by 36% according to the Pentagon.

        • Lyn P says:

          Which is the “mainstream” way of avoiding saying “you have increased toxicity from flu vaccine(s) and thus have increased risk of toxicity illness in the flu time of year. Your results may vary.”

      • Tom says:

        My MIL is now telling my wife, who was planning on going for a one night stay somewhere nearby with a couple of friends (whom MIL also knows) this weekend, that she would have to quarantine herself for 14 days and won’t be allowed to see visit her. As you can guess, yes, she watches TV all day.

      • Scott Simmons says:

        I searched Duck Duck Go for “Covid Operation: What Happened, Why it Happened, and What’s Next” and did not get a result for this book. Searching for it on Amazon, found it right away. Censorship baby!!

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      What exactly were these patients who died “of this Covid thing” given? What prescriptions? What food? What other treatment? What family members got to be with them?

      Do you know what a nocebo effect is? I would consider that as a possibility.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        There is such a thing as placebo
        It’s not the same as nocebo
        The first one you take
        The second you don’t
        But both will get you disease-oh!

    • Doug says:

      Pubmed released an article in May stating that 5G will create Coronavirus Structures in humans.

      They go further to state not everyone bus effected by 5G but one person that is affected can supposedly give it to another.

      No evidence of course.

      What evidence have you seen showing one person infected another.

      Last question. Are you saying that it is only now that you are not 100% sure why someone is sick.

      Meaning Covid aside every other illness was absolutely exactly what those that create the story claimed. IE undeniable proof?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Pubmed has written five gee will infect
        People like me with a virus
        Worse, it’s contagious
        It’s also voracious
        As long as for proof we don’t check!

    • Low Voltage says:

      Is this your first day visiting this website? He’s answered this question one hundred times. At least one version of it appears in the comments section every day.

      CDC guide for inflating COVID death numbers:

      Flu-like symptoms of COVID:

      Nursing homes are the last stop for most people. Now, you isolate them and terrorize them with COVID after years of battling a slew of other old-age diseases with toxic drugs. What do you think is going to happen to them?

      Vastly inflated death counts at nursing homes:

      I assume you worked in Nursing homes before COVID? Did anyone ever die before this? 2.8 million Americans died in 2019. I imagine quite a few of them died in nursing homes. I’m positive they all didn’t perish in mass shootings and opiate overdoses.

    • Arby says:

      You’re only asking that question now?!!!

    • Nora Claypool says:

      Read Arthur Firstenberg’s book, The Invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life.

      After you read it, you’ll understand what’s happening to humanity (and all life) in the electro-mess the Satan worshipers have created, interrupting the natural Schuman Frequency. You may be able to find it as a download, and Amazon had it at one time.

    • James says:

      Those are some very great questions and it’s good that you are questioning these things.

      In no way am I minimizing anyone’s death b/c all deaths whatever the cause may be is still a loss.

      That being said, you need to understand first and foremost the difference between dying WITH VS FROM. Meaning you can have the presence of the virus in your system but not die FROM the virus. This is standard medical guidelines that every doctor/medical establishment should be informing the general public about. Unfortunately, a lot of people overlook this.

      I would venture to guess that the people who died had some pre-existing conditions. Or they could have been put on a ventilator, which is essentially a death sentence especially if user error is involved.

      Jon mentions one key trick that people fall for. That is the notion of “1 DISEASE FROM 1 CAUSE”. Covid (if you even believe it exists) is not a singular deadly virus that can kill most normal healthy people. Air pollution, your age, past breathing problems, 5G if you believe that, inadequate health care in general are all reasons factoring into a person’s death. Just b/c the doctor writes down covid as the primary reason of death does not mean they died strictly from it.

      I kind of jammed this info quick b/c I have to go. But also look into the money incentive for diagnosing covid. Hospitals lost a lot of money early on due to delaying elective surgeries. They receive federal funding for covid cases and especially when put on ventilators. 99% of people who supposedly get covid recover b/c it’s nothing more than a cold if it even exists.

    • James Kelly says:

      Nancy, my 10c: They’re probably dying from the flu shot they’ve been given, taken willingly, pressured or forced into.

      The whole “pandemic” might be cover for lethal batches of the 2019/20 flu shot. Look at what’s happening right now with Sanofi: South Korea flu shots as post-vaccination deaths climb to 59.

      What’s worse is once the flu shot is given to already weakened immune systems with plenty of comorbidity potential, living in close quarters as they are, the shedding then takes out the others who did not get the shot. Now you have a flue shot bio weapon to build a PLANDEMIC and Bill Gates is giddy with his corporate totalitarianism master plan.

      • Lyn P says:

        YES. This was pointed out pretty early on in terms of mandated new vax programs in Wuhan and Lombardy…well how CONVENIENT of the plandemic designers if one might propose that was part of the pre-program. Naturally in two of the most toxic zones on the globe.

  13. Confuciyou says:

    The virus, is the CHINA VIRUS. The question is who is spreading it, who has it, who’s fighting it, and more to the point, what is it’s definition.

    The Boxers Revisited.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      There is no china virus, dude.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Virus, virus, in the air
      Where’s it from, who has it?
      China China
      So they say
      But now it’s WE who have it!

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          It remains to be seen if I can stop
          Stop this nonsensical rhyme
          If I could
          I think I should
          Then again it might not yet be time.

          Who can say if I should go on?
          And on with this crazy scheme?
          Of putting to rhyme
          The silly but fine
          Ideas expressed therein?

          Have you not considered that I want to stop?
          That I try to stop myself?
          Of course! Of course!
          I do, I say.
          Yet for me it’s like intercourse!

          Some force has grabbed me from far beyond.
          An ethereal spirit not me.
          It wants to express
          What’s not in the press
          Yet published in Jon’s Jamboree.

  14. Low Voltage says:

    I don’t believe they’ve isolated the virus, but isn’t it really besides the point? Even if they have isolated the virus, it doesn’t seem to cause illness in the majority of cases. If that’s the case, on what basis do we assume it makes anyone sick.

    As I mentioned before, they can’t even find the herpes virus in a large portion of people visibly suffering from what everyone identifies as herpes.

    Their viral disease theory is nothing more than conjecture and dogma with a few traces of circumstantial evidence.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I once had a girlfriend with herpes
      She had a lip sore that oozee’d
      I refrained from her kiss
      But now I miss
      Her love for me since she left me.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Slight edit..

        I once had a girlfriend with herpes
        She had a lip sore that oozee’d
        I refrained from her kiss
        But now I miss
        Her love for me since she mozy’d.

    • James says:

      Exactly. Even if it does exist, big damn deal. 99 plus percent recover just fine. It’s absolute insanity to make the rest of the population who are low risk to have to adhere to some boogie man virus.

  15. Sean says:

    Nice and incredible ways at standing your ground. I also love re reading the Oct 19th 2020 report. And I do hope there are smart people here on this planet that can stop this medical tyranny and perhaps start making anyone, in any organization that is involved in it, personally responsible. To continue to prove that it is a bad idea to do bad things to other people, just because some people will follow along unquestionably.

  16. Tim says:

    The PCR Test can not be used to prove infectious etiology or diagnose an infectious disease.

    What drives fear and panic about a virus if a virus is a solvent manufactured by your cells to detoxify toxicity build up.

    There are millions of viruses around, on and in us all the time. 5 ml of sea water can have 10 million viruses, 1 gram of feces can have 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, but why are we not always sick. Severity of disease = virulence of pathogen x qty of pathogen ÷ resistance of host. Does this mean even if a healthy person test positive for a virus that it does not guarantee it will induce sickness (asymptomatic carrier)
    What if my lifestyle (processed food,stress,lack of exercise and sleep,smoking and drinking) and environment (dirty air,water,food) weakens my immune system, (weakened host). Simple question, has a scientific clinical trial been done to prove contagion between people, surely we didnt shut the world down on an assumption.

    This campaign to “protect us from the pandemic” is a farce. Politicians have allowed the medical industry to shut our economy down and turn our world upside down with in complete science while the same medical industry that is resposible for a latrogenic (died from medical care) deathrate of greater than 15000 people every year in Australia and 225000 people every year in america and nothing is said. Does anyone think this is rational. Quarantining healthy people is neglegent to health outcomes, how many people are going to die because of the economic shut down. The medical industry are not elected to lead or consult our country. I do not consent. One thing is clear it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

    • Post Hoc says:

      Agreed Tim.
      It’s a good thing to see that there are some right thinking people around,
      Nor do I consent, as I see this entire farce as a total insult to all of us.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The test they call the PCR
      Is nothing but a crock
      It was never meant
      To be the dent
      That put our world in hock.

      Political interests have crashed our world
      Making our lives a hell
      If it were not for Jon
      Then we’d be all pawns
      In the medical dictatorship of Bill.

      The campaign to protect us from pandemic
      Is nothing but a contrived scamdemic
      Quarantine for the healthy
      And death for the sick
      Is not nearly quite academic!

      I do not consent to all the intent
      Of government making their way
      To having their way
      Without my say
      And thus create dissent.

      If I’m a fool in making this spool
      Of silly poems of treason
      Then let it be said
      I faced the end
      With humorous rhymes of reason.

      • Larry C says:

        “The test they call the PCR
        Is nothing but a crock
        It was never meant
        To be the dent
        That put our world in hock.”

        @Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ…

        Respectfully, I must disagree, Rick. According to Karry Mullis – the chap who created the PCR test in the first place – the PCR is useless in detecting the COVID-19 Virus. So why does the Official Narrative daily report exploding numbers of positive COID-19 tests, confirmed presumably by the PCR?

        The answer seems obvious: Since the test is invalid right out of the gate, Crushing our Economy is *precisely* what the PCR “test” has been doing from the very beginning. Our attention however, is smoothly and seamlessly diverted from this looming economic endgame, by the shrill cries of ever-increasing COVID numbers…hence the face masks and never-ending lock downs (all brought to you by the Shadow State and the machinations of corporate-cotrolled Mainstream Media).

        Our National Focus has adroitly been shifted to the wrong end of the stick.

    • James says:

      Someone stated locking down unhealthy people is quarantining. Locking down healthy people is tyranny.

      From the get to, I immediately wondered why the heck are the healthy majority locking down. Anyone heard of herd immunity? This is basic common sense.

      I think more people know are realizing this hoax to some extent but at this point are too afraid/sheepsih to do anything about it. I’ve spent a lot of time explaining this to others but a lot of times it just does on deaf ears.

      • gj says:

        We don’t know what to do about it. When we go into the stores they are tell us that it is a law that we wear face muzzles. We don’t know how to stop it other than start recalling people like Governor Newsom and telling stores we are not wearing a face mask and then they kick us out. The sheriff’s are against stopping and giving tickets so they City council’s hire tasks for 6 to go out and ticket people even at the beach who won’t wear a face mask. How do we get out of this BS

        • Lyn P says:

          It takes a critical mass of Objectors. We do not have it yet. I wonder if the dawning of the (creeping in) vaccine program/mandate will cause the critical mass to arrive and speak. Not sure.

  17. Donna says:

    Excellent work, as always.
    Jon, if this “virus” only grows on monkey cells, do you realize that a huge portion of today’s population has monkey cells circulating within them? Who are they? The elderly baby boomers who received their polio vaccine riddled with SV40.

    Second, there is another source of kidney toxicity besides Gentomicin and Amphotericin. It is bovine serum albumin. Kills kidneys like nothing else. Where is it found? Many vaccines.

  18. Lewis Papier says:

    Thanks Jon for keeping us informed on all new developments. People have got to understand who we are up against. I responded to a posting on a Bob Dylan Facebook fan page about a satirical article entitled “Bob Dylan Not Exactly Rising To Occasion As Far As Current Protest Music Goes.” Even though the article was satirical, I took it at its face value, bemoaning the fact that indeed Dylan has said nothing about the medical tyranny we are currently being subjected to (in striking contrast to a bunch of protest songs put out by Dylan’s fellow artist, Van Morrison). In response to this post, I posted my own song entitled “THE SCAM” (listen to it here: One insane poster wrote the following.

    “Lewis, fuck you. I have friends whose parents are dead. DEAD. Fucking John Prine is dead. 220,000 Americans are dead. You are no better than those fucking Sandy Hook “crisis actor” conspiracy fucks. Who benefits from this “hoax”? EVERYBODY is suffering. Because selfish rabbithole pricks like you wanna play petulant toddler because of “mah rights”. You’re so oppressed, that showtunes just spring from you, which you can share with the world! We shoulda knocked this out months ago but because there’s enough of you shitbags who make it politically unfeasable to make people stay the fuck home or wear a mask, we just set a new record for the highest daily total of new cases. Nice work, dickneck. that much longer until shits normal again. your fault.”

    You see…if you don’t agree with them, then you’re branded as “dangerous.” The next step is you’re reported to the “authorities” and subject to penalties (whether it’s a fine or even jail). Please tell me what can we do about monsters like this who are ruining our country (and the entire world as well).

    • glenn says:

      Even if I followed the narrative closely, there is no way of knocking out the pandemic months ago. The virus mutates so fast and frequently as well as reinfects. Hell if I followed Bill Gates warning for a decade that we have to take action or it will be too late then the virus would not go away. We are already too late. 2 months in fact and a few weeks is all it takes for the a major country with no lockdowns. No correction was ever done on the speed of viral transmission being reported prior to the pandemic declaration. If I followed the narrative exactly, the virus has spread 100% throughout the world population. All lockdowns measures have no effect on stopping transmission as it has spread 100%.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Nothing that guy said made any sense at all.

    • MDskeptic says:

      I love the “stay the Fuck at home” groupies. I really wish they would practice what they preach. The world would not necessarily be rid of pestilence, but it might be spared the sight of their boundless ignorance and cowardice.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, I hear you, the brainwashed left is insane!! But we have to keep trying–tell them why this is happening (economic warfare on the American people, to impose poverty on them, so that it’s easier to transition them to the cashless society, NWO/Great Reset).

      Tell them about the whistle-blower nurses who said they were killing people in NYC hospitals (obviously to get the death count up), the bogus PCR tests with high false positives, how the hospitals are given $$$ for coding people as covid, putting them on ventilators, and how the doctors are pressured by the AMA to code deaths as covid, etc.

      We have to keep trying or we’re finished.

      Also, friend told me that Naomi Wolf (left-winger) finally woke up to this, so that’s got to help.

      For a while, I was just assuming that all politicians were in on it, but it’s also possible that they are just as brainwashed as everyone else. Maybe it’s time to write letters to all your state legislators and confront them with all the data exposing the fraud, and tell them why this is happening. Ask them if they want their kids and grandkids to live under a totalitarian technocracy, where all aspects of life are controlled and there is no freedom.

      And share Rappoport’s info!!

      Here are some great links to drop:

      Global Covid Report- There is no deadly pandemic
      (by the German doctors with the Corona Investigative Committee, includes CDC data)

      “1,000+ Doctors Come out Against COVID” (video)

      Dr. Heiko Schoning: “This organization of medical doctors, representing more than 1,000 doctors world-wide, what we say together is this story with Covid-19 is NOT on any scientific basis—it’s just a lie.

      “Doctors for the Truth” Speak Out in Madrid, Denounce Covid-19 “False Pandemic”

      Wake Up America. You’ve Been Conned. Only An Estimated 9,683 Covid-19 Only Deaths So Far in 2020, Not 180,000

      CDC Now Admits 94 Percent of Covid Deaths Had “Another Cause of Death”
      “The 2003 guidelines for establishing death certificates had been cancelled. “Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.”

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Remember the Sixties when protest was cool?
      We’d all smoke pot sittin’ round a pool.
      And when we surmised
      We were compramised
      We’d rise up instead of enduring the fools!

    • Paul says:


      The Handbook For The New Paradigm (author unknown)

      To become familiar with the Universal Laws. It’s New Agey for sure, but still, it might offer Insight & assistance.

      3rd Law of Allowance.

      • Paul says:

        TO LEWIS,

        my above post was in answer to your ?

        “Please tell me what can we do…”

        give it a try, might help. the book is a thin paperback.

        take your time with it, IMHO, it’s a rich source.

        as you know, a grand has 88 keys.

    • Juliano says:

      hahhh Great comment. YES, good old Van Morrison is speaking and singing out, as is Ian Brown from The Stone Roses . He is a Manc, I am proud to say, like me (someone who lives in Manchester UK). But where ohhh where is everyone else?? Even Bob Dylan is schtum. I would love lists of all the celebs, musicians, etc who have totally sold out, and those that are speaking out.
      As for that ridiculous potty mouth on your case. Where is his EVIDENCE for what he presumes?? They never wanna go there, they just want to act like infantile brats throwing insults about.

      • za ka lu says:

        name calling, ridicule, profanity etc are classic
        techniques of paid dis-info agitator agents

        • Lyn P says:

          As well as what society has now en-masse due to generational dumbing-down by various means bodily, educationally, and psychologically. All on purpose, for the manipulable “channel” of a stupid, emotional, gullible population ready to scare and control.

  19. Nothere says:

    According to Dr. Oka,
    there has been no epidemiological study
    of psychogenic fevers yet.
    Therefore, the number of affected patients is unknown.
    However, Dr. Oka relays
    that this condition is relatively widespread
    – based on the available case reports
    and his own clinical practice.
    He has seen a high number of patients,
    especially amongst Japanese students due to academic stress.
    Dr. Oka explains
    that due to many doctors not fully understanding
    how stress can affect body temperature,
    patients with psychogenic fever
    are being diagnosed with cause unknown
    for their disabling symptoms.
    Full Report

    Feeling feverish? It might be stress.

    Fill in the blank for ‘ cause unknown ‘.

    A combination of things,
    Flu and / or underlying conditions, etc.,
    Exacerbated by the induced stress ( CV Measures ) and 5G.

    1st step – temperature check…

    It’s not just ‘ one thing ‘, its ‘ many things ‘
    brought under ‘ one thing ‘.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      According to Dr. Oka
      There is no such thing as “covid-orka”
      The number of patients
      Is quite full of latents
      With causes unknownm so it’s all mal-orka!

  20. Haniel Adhar says:

    If they had the virus in “viral stocks” then it means that they didn’t discover a new virus because they already had it!

    They can’t have it both ways! Either this is a brand new virus that magically found its way into EVERY nursing home on earth, or it is an old virus that they had in “stock” and never caused any disease and never will because it is just junk DNA anyway.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The virus they say they discovered
      Is not the one they uncovered
      The one they found
      Is the one they had
      It was some junk DNA they maneuvered!

  21. Amanda says:

    fwiw- Trump seems to finally get that it’s a CASEDEMIC:
    from his twitter

    Donald J. Trump
    Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy. Many young people who heal very fast. 99.9%. Corrupt Media conspiracy at all time high. On November 4th., topic will totally change. VOTE!

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      They say there is a pandemic
      To Trump it’s just a case-demic
      Because they test
      It’s quite a jest
      And therein lies the scamdemic!

  22. From Elsewhere says:

    People die. Condoleances. It’s (said to be) the virus. The NEW coronavirus. Why NEW? There is an old, regular, known, harmless one? Why would this one be worse? Face value? Volume of media coverage? This is war, make no mistake. Take the first step and acknowledge it. So many months later, so many bad decisions after, one thing is certain: lies will break up, apart, to pieces. Shattered glass. Endure.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Condolances to people who die
      Their family, friends and ex-lovers.
      But one thing is certain
      We’re certainly all hurt’in
      From the lies they create, all bummers.

  23. Mark R says:

    Here are a few very important links. I have argued in the past how no one has followed Koch’s Postulates in order to prove the SARS-Cov-2 is the infectious agent responsible for the COVID-19 plandemic. However, these links show things to be different. I also personally know a fellow who worked at a major university’s Level 4 lab researching a SARS-Cov-2 virus. I cannot dispute that as I know him to be honest and of the highest integrity.
    Select Agents and Toxins List from the CDC which lists the SARS-Cov as bio-weapon
    Australian Lab Cultures New Coronavirus as Infections Climb
    SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC
    Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Strains and Reagents

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      From authority I can relay
      That the thing called covid today
      Is a terrible weapon!
      A convincing connection
      Can be made with the labs I’ve parleyed!

      The researchers I know are impeccable
      Believable and checkable!
      The links I’ve typed
      Are certainly not hyped
      Despite the EmEsEm’s lack of cred-edible.

    • Lyn P says:

      I’m gonna say NOPE as I’ve done before on a few folks who’ve linked to “conclusive” articles about SARS CoV2, which turned out to be anything but.

      I only clicked on the CDC link in your list. THE authorities, right?

      Well nothing in there proves SARS CoV2 from the GROUND UP, or links to such as baseline article as original proof of it. Assumptions abound even in this short article. One of the greatest failings (crimes?) of the whole viral community is the infinite onion they grow and incestuously feed on from a core of hogwash as Koch would see it.

      Ask your Lab 4 friend for the most baseline article he knows of, properly proving the discovery and isolation of this virus, meeting Koch’s postulates or at least Rivers’. Then read and break it down sentence by sentence. See what you conclude.

  24. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Jon, you hit another one out of the ballpark. Please take good care of yourself so you can continue to provide us with logical information. You are invaluable to us.

    I have said from the very beginning that the STORY is the virus, and you have shown evidence of that over and over again. The story has gone viral and it has played an enormous part in the destruction of economies and people’s rights across the globe with nary a speck of proof of existence.

    People behave primarily from emotions, and boy is this story perfect to elicit emotional responses. The average person does not care about facts, and facts do little to persuade average minds.

    I have lost many connections due to this nonsense and I guess it’s okay to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is not, in my mind, a time to be obsequious to tyrants.

    I refuse to wear masks and I encourage others to go about their business without them. I have a lanyard that states I am mask exempt and it is professionally made. So far, the big box stores are fine with it and I often the only one shopping who is not wearing a mask. It concerns me that the vast majority of people are perfectly willing to trash freedoms like breathing without encumberance. How long can one live without breathing, yet people seem to think inhibiting breathing is a fine solution to a (non-existent) problem.

    Humanity has existed for an undetermined amount of time on this planet without any masks and without antisocial distancing. I refuse to call it “social” because there is NOTHING sociable about refusing to be near another human being for such a contrived reason.

    This is a war against humanity. The story about a virus is simply the strategy to cause fear because as any decent researcher knows, tyrants create fear in order to control their victims.

    Jon, I hope to read many more of your wise articles. Thanks again.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Jon is a pitcher of truth and fact.
      Of that we all agree.
      I see him repeated
      On websites deleted
      And ones that are always intact!

      • Sean says:

        Jon tells it like it is.
        He has been around the block
        more times than he can count
        Im seeing I am less mind controlled
        because of his work
        through sound, poetry, movement, tons of exercises
        I will create create create

      • Pete says:

        Rick…..stop….for the love of god….just stop

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          Stop said I, to myself in the mirror
          But stopping was not in my veins
          I could not contain
          What would remain
          Of the mindfulness animame.

          Cat in the hat, Sesame Street
          Saturday morning cartoons
          Have all made it possible
          For my brain to be soppable
          Of words and phrases and memes.

          Once again, I tried to stop
          My mind from making fun
          Of the death of the planet
          Cuz we are all on it
          Yet I continue to make it pop.

          Covid is nonsense we all agree
          The only thing lately is enjoyment to pee
          and when I look down
          at the spout that could drown
          a flea I concur and agree…

          that maybe I’m mad and very insane
          but what could poss able lee explain
          my currance with this
          the nurse erry rhyme
          that makes me feel just real fine?

          the madness is real I do agree
          but what can poss ibly be more
          than anything less than what is real
          in this insanity?

          I cannot evoke nothing more than I write
          the teevee is incessantly loud
          my wife she is watching
          for all that is lurching
          in news and the breaking headline

          stop! stop! say I like you
          I wish I could stop as you wish
          but the fish in my mind
          make me publish on time
          every line that occurs here as real.

          if I had a choice to be rich or rejoice
          I think I would choose the latter
          for being rich
          is just an itch
          on a never for ending ladder

          now I will stop to give you poss
          for the love of god and all
          my supper is hot
          I kid you not
          Marie Callen dar is the boss.

    • Paul says:

      “…and without antisocial distancing. I refuse to call it “social” because there is NOTHING sociable about…”

      WOW, that’s a REALLY good point!

    • george says:

      You understand the psychology. Keep spreading the word.

    • James says:

      Good stuff Boogy. You’re not alone. Just part of a very small percentage of people on this planet who use deductive reasoning to come up with their own conclusion instead of blindly accepting what big brother throws at us.

      I have to wear a mask since I work at a hospital but I’ve refused our annual flu shot and also am one of the few to reject a useless PCR test until further notice.

    • gj says:

      Excellent. Thanks. im right there, with you but I go it alone. I don’t wear any sign made by any professional (hahaha. You take the easy way out!)

  25. Doug says:

    Hey Jon. I’m sorry but I am a little upset with you.

    If you are going to release videos as important as the one a day of two ago where you were calling Brzenski or whatever his name was I need better access.

    Critical info like that especially using the RED Phone which I assume is a Hot line of sorts cannot be overlooked.

    I saw bubbles in the water as well. 🙂

  26. eceres says:

    “…accepting the existence of the virus puts people on a slippery slope. From that point on, they may accept at least partial anti-human “containment measures.” … Before they know it, they’re dealing from a position of weakness and compromise:”
    – Yet more paradigm of real building on false. The premise -virus exists, which many still accepting (though some questioning) so result is acceptance, so control is claimed, though base is illusion, which controls are done or allowed put in place by people themselves, making desired result of controllers -real. Reality based on false premise.
    Even if there were such thing as the virus beside underlying false virus claim is inference that by following dictates meant ‘back to normal’, though it’s been over nine months so that’s not true, and others of them are making clear that won’t happen. “Reset” – to what. On the illusion I picture as a giant cat shows up at your door and says – ‘I look like a giant nice cat so you have to let me in, but once you do you’ll see I’m actually a big scurvy alley cat and will rip your home to shreds then spray every inch so you can’t live here anymore, but you should let me in anyway.’ Is there difference? I don’t see any.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Accepting the virus, mythology wise
      Can be quite a thing of surprise.
      Before we all know it
      We’re all comprimised
      Locked down, furloughed and disguised!

      The premis-sed virus exists
      Which many unduly accept
      Control is thus claimed
      Reality blamed
      For lockdowns that therefore persist!

      The illusion collusion of people in power
      Is philosophically wrong
      If we are to get
      A normality set
      I think we should smoke from a bong!

      Reality based on false premises
      Is always society’s nemesis!
      If there were such a virus
      As they claim is desirous
      Then there would have been trouble since Genesis!

      Time Magazine’s cover features reset.
      Conflating the virus with which we’re beset.
      It’s been nine months
      Since we first locked down
      And all we can do is regret.

  27. Marcio says:

    Great Job Jon, congratulations! The time has come to stop this pandemic caused by an imaginary virus.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The time has come to cease the drum
      Of illusory invisible foes
      For what hath we
      In eternity
      To gain from being dumb?

      • Piksil says:

        Rick’s been hitting the Red Bull
        So much, he’d better be careful!
        But as for me
        I have to pee
        Cuz the laughter is just getting painful!

        • Paul says:

          NICE! LOL

          Man! Rick IS contagious!


          Ari’s Lyceum originally took place in an Athenian gymnasium.

          Rick is working out his Poetic muscles too!

          • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

            The muscles I have are contained in my brain
            Though I have to confess there are others
            Beneath my brain
            Though I restrain
            From saying more we’ll leave doubtful.

    • gj says:

      How? ???????

  28. Saeger says:

    It’s interesting Jon makes the point that other things around the supposed virus which though important, are secondary to doing away with the stories of virus (isolation) as false, otherwise to lose focus is to lose the most base argument. An example now I think is some arguing that cdc revised numbers, argument being it’s only been nine thousand deaths, but this is in that zone, pulls distraction so we are focused only between their framework, instead of completely outside that frame, as to route the whole, thereby all other things that have come alongside.
    Anyway, echo of others, good effort Jon.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The framework of Jon is outside of most minds
      It makes everything else seem dim
      For what does it matter
      That others doth patter
      Of everything that might become grim?

      Distraction is vital only to those
      Who lead us astray with their virus
      They use see dee see
      In varia blee
      with numbers that scare the shit from us.

      Nine thousand deaths! they say abound
      Then it’s more than ten thousand!!
      Numbers escape
      the mind’s abilitate
      To abscond with num-ero-itus!

      The more things make sense, the less they do
      It’s the paradox of paradox-itis.
      I for one
      Cannot be won
      By numbers that I don’t understand-itis!

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        There was a professor named Jon
        Who purpoted to be smarter than Don
        Donald the Trump
        Proverbial chump
        for the covid nineteen super con.

        Well Donald would sell on teevee his vaxine
        And the meDISS-i-nalls he would parlay
        But Jon’s super readers
        Could tell truth from the cheaters
        And from there they would turn it around.

        A cold day in hell they say a-waits
        Any one who thinks they can beat
        The Satanic lie
        Of vaccines they can buy
        To put covid down to sleep.

        Well I’m looking forward to that cold day in hell
        When this fantastical lie is exposed
        And the mask wearing sheep
        Pull their masks off and bleep
        “We were wrong all along” and weep…

        For the world can’t tolerate more call to obliterate
        What little of reason remains
        Cuz at the end of each day
        We all earn our pay
        With civility, production and joy.

        As we enter the season of treason on reason
        May all of you be with me
        On taking those supplements
        That help us be compliments
        In defeat of our enemies.

        Not all that I write is a limerick
        I didn’t start out that way
        I don’t know what happened,
        It just sort of snappened
        But thank God I’m too tired to more say.

  29. glenn says:

    The virus exists but it is not the virus we are told about by the media and pharmaceutical giants. Viruses are cell debris and junk RNA but those particles are not useless. The reason they use the whole “SOUP” instead of isolating the single particle is because the “SOUP” is what is needed to cause infection. No particle, especially viruses can act alone. The virus has no mechanism to move or do much. It is the living organism that moves the virus, unpacks the RNA sequence, then uses it for benefit or for harm. In nearly every case an infection is due to an abnormality with the cell.

    We have no way of knowing if you meet all the factors to be vulnerable to an infection. And we have no certainty what particular infection you may have. It could be an illness unrelated to an infection. Because of the impractically of the uncertain scientific research, scientists delegate to the health authorities to make the decisions. However because of this, the authorities have convinced everyone they are at likely risk of infection just for being alive. This has led to a misconception of virology as pseudoscience when the fact is neither the supporters nor the critic understand it.

    • george says:

      I suspect that the bad behavior, especially of governments, of late is precisely from a basic deep confusion as to what we’re dealing with. It shouldn’t be overlooked how ‘off’ the brain performs when made to feel unstable by mysterious threats, real or imagined.

  30. sam quentin says:

    I’ve commented on this before, but as I was trying to research yearly deaths, from all causes, across numerous countries, I found:
    1. sweden has been the only country I’ve found that maintainains, and makes available, year-to-date death info; and

    2. To Oct. 5, 2020, Sweden is reporting ~71,647 deaths, from all causes.
    Their 10-year, yearly average is ~ 90,500 yearly deaths.

    So, at ~71,647 at ~10.25 months, Sweden is on track for a perfectly average year.

    I’m wondering, where are all the supposed extra “covid-19” deaths?
    At a reported 5,000-plus supposed “covid” deaths, you’d think their total death count would be well above average this year.

    What, people stopped dying, in direct proportion, of all other causes?

    • James says:

      Good point Sam. I’m watching this thing like a hawk and waiting down the road for the CDC to report total number of deaths in the United States from all other categories. If Covid is the primary cause of death, the total number should be 200K above our yearly averages if I’m not mistaken. However since they’re just re-labeling and reshuffling deaths, the total deaths will more than likely be about average. This would be clear evidence that this is utter bs.

      Remember. You can’t tally one death as two; well you would hope not but nothing is out of the question. You can reshuffle though.

  31. Paul says:

    From Memory, I recall this story Jon tells on one of his audios.

    He was working at a college/university. I think teaching Philosophy or perhaps a Mathematics course.

    He was walking down one of the long hallways, in one of the many rooms, in one of the massive buildings, on campus, one day.

    He noticed the large area of empty wall space.

    He took special notice of the ceiling lighting. Perhaps, in those days, “track lighting,” that could be easily re-directed to splash against the walls.

    This luminal recasting wouldn’t reduce illumination for walking down a hallway safely.

    He saw his own idea.

    He wrote up a quick proposal to present to the college’s innumerable committees, who “decide” on such matters.

    He did all this on his own initiative, simply because he saw potential.

    It should be understood that large institutions resist change by habit.

    His proposal was “aimed” at art students & the “resultant cascade of unfolding events” that would inevitably be birthed.

    He offered his ideas & would do the initial start up work free of charge, on the University’s behalf. He knew it would quickly grow on its own.

    Thumbnail schetch would be:
    – allow Art students to display their work on hall walls.
    – have simple write ups about the artist & their artwork, written BY the particular artist to inform viewer.
    – this would encourage non-“college”-related visits TO the campus by art lovers & such. This would invariably cause them to become engaged with the larger university atmosphere & all that it offers. The possibilities would be unlimited, to bring many to & within the university experience.
    – etc etc etc.

    He had to present his ideas to initial committees & trudge up the prototypical spiral staircase of advancing committees for approval.

    Eventually, he reached either one of the University’s VPs or Prez himself.

    VP or Prez said “No.”

    Jon asked why.

    After long discussion, with Jon offering counterpoint, it was officially decided that “the school’s insurance couldn’t cover it.”

    Jon reflected on, the movements of the face, of the man, he had spoken to.

    How he criticized Jon’s idea, without first listening.

    (Speaking of THIS specific case, this specific TYPE-of-critic, Jon remarked rhetorically):

    “Do you know what a critic is?”

    “A person…who’s scared…”

  32. Hélios says:

    This critic has replied back to Jon. Will this ping-pong game go on ?

    • Paul says:

      And yet, more!

      Poetic Contagion.


      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Artwork is thoughtful though to be seen it needs light
        Since light is the might through which we be artful!
        Jon said it could be
        And so it should be,
        Be displayed rathery nicely!

        Pomposity responded in a negative way
        Insurance would be insurmountal
        For art and light
        Are insurance fright
        For those things we prefer to be darkful!

        So the world moves on in a dangerous way
        Spouting lightfulness art delightful
        As antithesis
        For those nemesis
        Of those who would always be frightful.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Artwork is thoughtful; though to be seen it needs light
        Since light is the might through which we be artful!
        Jon said it could be
        And so it SHOULD be–
        Be displayed rathery NICE-ly!

        Pomposity responded in a negative way
        Insurance would be insurmountal
        For art and light
        Are insurance’s fright
        For those things they prefer to be darkful!

        So the world moves on in a dangerous way
        Spouting lightfulness art delightful
        As anTIthesis
        For those NEMesis
        Of those who would always be frightful.

  33. Wondering says:

    So, how do you account for all the sick people? People are getting sick from something. I know a few who did and they all lost their taste and sense of smell and some were sick for a few weeks with this.

    • Mr. Deesnuts says:

      It’s called the Common Cold….which around 20% are caused by the many types of human coronaviruses as well as rhinoviruses….

      ~7000 die in the U.S. every single day….from all kinds of things…..and I will not stop living life because of fear of a cold or flu.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Death! Death! Surrounds us everywhere!
        Who knows where it strikes or whenever it might
        Take you or me out as a dare.

        So many die daily, despite our carely
        Carefulness, care and aware
        And then when death strikes
        It takes us down all
        Thousands a day does it call!

        Corona! Carona! the media says!
        It’s taking us down, one and all!
        Yet accidents, strokes and regular things
        Get ignored more and more as our greater downfall!

        Statistics! Statistics! They claim is their fame.
        But the numbers are too much to “get”.
        For all I remember
        Is my six pack and supper
        At day’s end when I try to forget!

        haha. Thanks for reading. And Jon thanks for approving. I get a kick out of my own silly rhymes. I don’t know what’s happening to me, quite frankly.

    • Lyn P says:

      Please define “all the sick people”

      Hint: Fill in total U.S. deaths 2019 all causes __________

      From same source, fill in total U.S. deaths data to the date available for 2020 _________. Extrapolate via formula to end of 2020.

      What do you have? A deadly pandemic of extra ilness and death?

      I lose sense of smell and taste with every cold. Totally expected. I’ve had bad colds where a harsh dry cough lingered a few extra weeks.

      In 2020 I had a mild cold in Feb.

      Which of the above was Covid? NONE.

  34. george says:

    no need for medical evidence. just look at the story:
    -virus is dangerous for church, republican meetings safe for marxists protests.
    -it infects cash money. cards are safe
    -you need approval from government to do anything otherwise virus attacks you
    -mandatory vaccination
    -tracking apps
    -small companies closed, big corporation and state companies are ok
    -night curfew
    -muslim gathering are ok Christians spread virus
    -anybody questioning official narrative is erased from youtube, facebook, twitter…

    • Paul says:

      “- small companies closed,
      big corporation
      and state companies
      are ok.”

      Isn’t THAT interesting.

      Among the rest of your list.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        The virus is deadly for church and cafe,
        Republican functions are doubtful.
        But state corps are okay
        And approvals may…
        Be given to corona-guarde hopefuls.

  35. b_C says:

    How does this post square with the following article in Canada’s (arguably)leading newspaper?

    “Two teams of Canadian scientists have isolated the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and successfully reproduced it in the laboratory.

    The accomplishment means that researchers who are looking to test screening methods, therapies and vaccines now have Canadian sources that can provide access to the global pathogen without them having to undertake the complicating step of shipping live virus across international borders.”

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Canucks are courageous! Hooray for them!
      They found the disease like a gem.
      There it be found
      In Canada’s realm
      Defying the world’s ken.

      Who are the guys that screened the demise
      Of the world’s health in a flash?
      Tell us please
      Of these abilities
      Of Canucks, those northern allies!

  36. The genome has been sequenced countless times, we literally culture SARS-CoV-2, and you can easily image it via TEM.

    • bleak says:

      Thanks for your pithy confirmation that ‘SARS-COV2’ was never isolated using Gold Standard methods like FILTERING, REINFECTION, OBSERVATION, BLIND-SIDE TESTING. None of it was done successfully with SARS-COV2. ‘You’ hypothesized, conflated, surmised, extrapolated and synthesized until the square peg fit in the round hole.

  37. george says:

    I suspect that the bad behavior, especially of governments, of late is precisely from a basic deep confusion as to what we’re dealing with. It shouldn’t be overlooked how ‘off’ the brain performs when made to feel unstable by mysterious threats, real or imagined.

  38. Pam says:

    I understand the desire, hence the strategy, not to alienate those who are skeptical yet still believe the virus is real. I think we have to be honest and trust others to handle the truth. It’s hard for me to trust someone who only gives me part of the facts, part of the truth. Keeping one foot in fantasy (the virus) and the other in reality (government overreach) keeps a person off balance. We have to focus our efforts where we can but I feel it’s important we’re honest if we expect to succeed. Another problem I see with allowing the virus story to go unchallenged is that those who believe in it or are on the fence will be more easily frightened and become sheep as this plays out. Also, as Jon pointed out, they will equivocate and accept continued insults to liberty which isnt acceptable even if watered down.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Sheep will bleep while earning their keep
      As owners sheer them for their wool
      It takes quite a critter
      To be such a quitter
      Of a life as that lived so cheap.

      What kind of sheep is a sheep like we
      Who scream bloody rape in the pen?
      Who refuse to be herded
      Instead to be heard
      For a life that maintains dignitee.

      Silly are sheep who would be so meek
      As to be fully masked up.
      What must they think?
      To be so kinked
      As to resemble the masochichizeeked?

  39. William Huber says:

    I would not be surprised at this premise but what about things such as…

    This seems to indicate the virus has been isolated and mapped. It appears very solid in the reference to research. I see no reason to not believe this information.

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      I stopped reading here – “in cell culture (isolated) from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid collected from a sick and RT-PCR-positive female patient” RT-PCR-positive? And where does the PCR test originate from?
      Why are there always people who want to turn a deaf ear and turn the other side to the perpetrator. And then blame the truth seekers for being wrong. No you I have learned a lot from Jon Rappoport, Tom Cowan, Anderew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka for not going on this scam, I did not do it in 2009 but on other grounds than today. Today I understand that they want to drag the fraud even further. Watch out and think before, was a good help I got here at JR.

    • matt reese says:

      First clue, this guy is EIS. Epidemic Intelligence Service. One of those trained to support and promote CDC and WHO disease paradigms. So he has collated some impressive looking papers that say many things re isolation, sequencing, etc. Suffice it to say, these things are NOT done. The isolation is virtual, not real, the sequencing is simply computer modeling. Jon’s articles recently shows that they are artificially sequencing DATA. Not real things, not real material. You have to do your own homework to understand that virology is fake science.

      When you do not have a real virus, you cannot isolate it, you cannot sequence it. However, computers are really good at it. Just tell it what you want your virus to look like, and it does the rest. Presto!

  40. Nora Claypool says:

    Jon, your lucid and impartial, research supported work is a breath of fresh air, (pun intended) and I get a mental boost from it each time you write an article pointing out the emperor has no clothes.

    It’s beginning to attract trolls, who are likely paid by Gates and pharma to spread disinformation and keep us locked up.

    To the poets who posted here, I am happy to see that you’re using your free time to entertain us, thanks for an enjoyable forum!
    hugs to all the good people!

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      A poet is a poet and knows it
      Somehow they have a nose FOR it.
      But supposing one day
      Their brain MAY stray
      And without warning they’ll no longer be ON it!

  41. BDBinc says:

    Yes I agree too the non existence of Sars CoV2( ” new deadly virus”) is important. The fact it was a CG genome generated from taking a collection of human and Bovine dna and applying computer programs clearly shows the lack of any foundation for the psyop covid.

    I hope the primary fact of the non existence and non reality of Sars CoV2 , knowledge of this fraud sinks into the collective that has been conditioned to believe the media.
    Problem is minds are polarized, afraid and its not always easy to tell the paid shills( telling sequiturs just arguing masks and measures) from those that are genuinely just very ignorant .
    But it goes back to just the facts telling the truth -and not worrying about all the “critics and the shills”.
    There can be no vaccine for a ” new disease” that isn’t.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      There once was a disease that wasn’t.
      But everyone considered it pleasant
      To prove it was so
      Just for the dough
      That they could collect, it was present!

      • Paul says:

        “A poet is a poet and knows it…”

        And I too!
        Of YOU.

        I think Jon might be a-bit-of-a Merlin.

        Having been visited by Mr. Richard Jenkins and all.

        He Energizes us & brings out the best.

        So know it!

  42. Jon, Thank you for all the important work that you do. I would recommend Eustace Mullins’ “Murder by Injection,” esp. his chapter on Vaccination, to see how in 1976 the government sold the country on a virus that wasn’t, the swine flu. The swine flu “vaccine” was originally developed for hogs, but those who raised the hogs didn’t like it because it was killing their hogs. So the “vaccine” was repurposed to sell to human beings, but first the CDC had to gin up a threat because nobody had the “swine flu.” As with Covid-19, it had not been isolated. But President Gerald Ford and good old Walt Cronkite sold the threat to the country and thousands were then injured by the vaccine for a flu that wasn’t. Millions of dollars were paid to people injured by the worthless and dangerous swine flu vaccine, which was pulled from the market with a lot less fanfare than was used to promote it. So this had all been done before, as you point out, Jon. Thanks again!

  43. Charlotte says:

    Two places to tackle to finally shut this down 1. The media and 2. Our compromised governments.

    Covid exists in the media and in the governments that are comprimised/being black mailed/being paid by pharma and/or promised to be POTUS 2024 (Newsom).

    Billions (?) have been spent world wide on the promotion of covid. Nobody noticed how- world wide-signs and masks and carbon copy of humanity’s new rules for survival instantly came out of the woodwork-all at the same time- in every language. Who can go anywhere w/out running into a mask warning sign or hearing the “numbers”-even on conservative radio shows?

    When people lose their fear of our employees our /elected leaders we can make traction and put this all behind us- sharing the facts of this case AND-TAKING ACTION. The “keyboard warrior” only goes so far.

    Who has not signed atleast one recall petition yet?

    CA is awaiting the decision about Newsom from October 21, 2020 Sutter Superior Court case Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher vs Newsom.

    paraphrased from David E Martin’s contributions:
    Newsom was the first (Mis)leader/Governot to declare a State of Emergency on March 4 2020. 44 go-fering governors followed him and declared their states under emergency-even w/out a shread of evidence of any threat! Schools closing, because of rumor level information

    If Newsom’s declaration is (hopefully) declared null and void like Michigan governor’s ruling was maybe we will finally see the missing traction we need to move forward again.

    Wouldn’t we love to hear this in Ca?

    “That means burn your masks right now if you didn’t already. Open your gym and movie theater and open whatever business you have,” Attorney Katherine Henry said. “Go on and frequent whatever business you would like to go to, if you have a church that’s limited your services because of how you’re reading the EOs, forget that. All of those executive orders, based on COVID-19 circumstances, from 2020, they’re out, they’re gone, they’re done.”

  44. Steve Laurence says:

    As of 12/1/20, they have updated the CDC report that you have linked here and seem to have removed how they have no virus isolates.
    I’m still searching.

  45. Steve Laurence says:

    Found it.
    It’s now on page 42 but still says the same.
    They do not have an actual virus.

  46. lilly says:

    It’s all exaggerated, Doctor Genevieve Briand at John Hopkins University (JHU) analyzed the yearly deaths allegedly due to COVID and what she found is what the doubters have been saying all along (we are labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’). I believe this is being done at the GLOBAL level. Take a look at the evidence below:

    Dr. Genevieve Briand MS in Applied Economics Assistant Program Director found that COVID did NOT increase the yearly death rates, meaning according to the study the death rate should increase drastically when you ADD all the other deaths due to: Heart disease; Heart attacks; Cancer; etc… But it has NOT!
    It seems almost “everyone” just stopped dying from anything else and now they are ALL dying only from COVID? Makes NO SENSE! The study is indicating that most causes of death are being “REASSIGNED/CATEGORIZED” as COVID, to create a pandemic that does not exist! She elaborates more… but the sites where this is being reported are being taken down by Face Book, Google and even UTUBE! It is also being ‘CENSORED’ on the John Hopkins University (JHU) site! But thank God it is still available on ARCHIVE.ORG the article is below:

    A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19


    After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September.

    According to new data, the U.S. currently ranks first in total COVID-19 cases, new cases per day and deaths. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in her webinar titled “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data.”

    From mid-March to mid-September, U.S. total deaths have reached 1.7 million, of which 200,000, or 12% of total deaths, are COVID-19-related. Instead of looking directly at COVID-19 deaths, Briand focused on total deaths per age group and per cause of death in the U.S. and used this information to shed light on the effects of COVID-19.

    She explained that the significance of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths can be fully understood only through comparison to the number of total deaths in the United States.

    After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September, which includes the period from before COVID-19 was detected in the U.S. to after infection rates soared.

    Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19. Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.

    “The reason we have a higher number of reported COVID-19 deaths among older individuals than younger individuals is simply because every day in the U.S. older individuals die in higher numbers than younger individuals,” Briand said.

    Briand also noted that 50,000 to 70,000 deaths are seen both before and after COVID-19, indicating that this number of deaths was normal LONG BEFORE COVID-19 emerged. Therefore, according to Briand, not only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths.

    These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.

    This comes as a shock to many people. How is it that the data lie so far from our perception?

    To answer that question, Briand shifted her focus to the deaths per causes ranging from 2014 to 2020. There is a sudden increase in deaths in 2020 due to COVID-19. This is no surprise because COVID-19 emerged in the U.S. in early 2020, and thus COVID-19-related deaths increased drastically afterward.

    Analysis of deaths per cause in 2018 revealed that the pattern of seasonal increase in the total number of deaths is a result of the rise in deaths by ‘ALL’ causes, with the top three being heart disease, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia.
    “This is true every year. Every year in the U.S. when we observe the seasonal ups and downs, we have an increase of deaths due toALL causes,” Briand pointed out.

    When Briand looked at the 2020 data during that seasonal period, COVID-19-related deaths exceeded deaths from heart diseases. This was highly unusual since heart disease has always prevailed as the leading cause of deaths. However, when taking a closer look at the death numbers, she noted something strange. As Briand compared the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018, she noticed that instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.


    Graph depicts the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018.

    This trend is completely contrary to the pattern observed in all previous years. Interestingly, as depicted in the table below, the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. This suggests, according to Briand, that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading. Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19.

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