The virus that isn’t there and the sales-job

by Jon Rappoport

October 23, 2020

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In previous articles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], I’ve established the fact that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 is unproven; and I’ve brought forward Dr. Tom Cowan’s evidence that the genetic sequence of “the virus” was cobbled together, piecemeal, from databases, based on zero science. In other words, the “sequencing” was a fraud. [6] [7] [8]

The chosen direction of the fraud: a coronavirus. That was the arbitrary choice.

Researchers picked, off the data-shelf, a “new coronavirus”—meaning they assembled pieces of genetic code they claimed were “corona,” and they hooked them up and said, “Voila, we have a new SARS-type virus.”

If you look at the motley collection of pre-pandemic drills and exercises and conferences, the theoretical virus almost always turned out to be a coronavirus. THAT was the pre-ordained story line.

That was the plan. Selling that story.

Am I suggesting that many, many scientists, and even political leaders and globalist big shots knew, in advance, that no real virus would ever be discovered, that the sequencing would be a fake? Of course not.

In every major covert operation, information is compartmentalized. In this particular operation, we have a stunning fact: almost everyone automatically believes the genetic sequencing and the virus are real. That goes for elite scientists as well. They’re in the dark.

Only a very few are aware that the whole process of cobbling together the “new virus” is fraught with fraud. So, for all intents and purposes, “the virus” con is protected. It’s protected by institutionalized science. By massive consensus and massive ignorance.

The situation is even more stunning than that. All over the world, there are scientists in labs of various kinds who believe they’re working with “the virus,” when they’re working with a cobbled-together IDEA of the virus.

So, for the most part, in this COVID operation, the key players are only aware that researchers could arbitrarily choose one virus over another as the “cause of the pandemic.” They’re not aware that the choice is actually a fake virus.

The choice of a new coronavirus was made for a simple reason. The diagnostic test would turn up huge numbers of false positives, thus jacking up case numbers and providing the rationale for the lockdowns and the economic devastation. Which were, all along, the real aims of the operation.

To put in more specifically, the PCR test would register positive, because it was geared to detect genetic sequences commonly present in people all over the world.

To put it still another way—the PCR test was pre-set with DATA which would “match” THE DATA extracted from patients. The fix was in.

The virus was concocted out of data. It was and is data. The test was loaded with data that frequently matches the virus-data.

Think of it this way. You have a map of a lost gold mine. It seems to chart a course through the mountains and valleys of California. Of course, the map is a fake. It was drawn and made to look old.

You follow the map, and sure enough, in a remote mountain area, you arrive at a giant hole in the side of a hill. But the hole and the “mine” are fake, too. They’re a Potemkin Village. The tunnel and the braces and the struts were built recently.

The “map” matches “the mine.” Fake leads to fake.

In the digital age, any material thing can be digitized. The material thing is then represented by code. “Activate the code” and a virtual portrait of the thing pops up. But it’s just as easy to invent code for something that doesn’t exist. Or has never been proven to exist.

Like SARS-CoV-2.

Pure gold and pure garbage are made interchangeable. In the form of DATA. [9]











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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

105 comments on “The virus that isn’t there and the sales-job

  1. Tim says:

    I had to be tested in July as a prerequisite for a surgical out-patient procedure. The bulk of the test report is semi-disclaimers. In part:
    “Negative results do not precludeSARS-CoV-2 infection and should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions. False-negative results may occur due to improperly collected, transported, or handled specimens, or due to te presence of RNA at a level below the detection limit of the assay.”
    “Performance characteristics have not been validated for screening in asymptomatic patients.”
    “This test was then developed , and its performance characteristics verified by —- —- Laboratory. It has not been cleatred or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, outside of being granted EUA [Emergency Use Authorization]. This test is used for clinical purposes. It should not be regarded as investigational or for research.”

    • Paul says:

      On a slightly different theme, but hospital-based.

      I just had a simple surgical procedure. The nurse at the doctor’s office gave me paperwork to present to hospital lab for COVID test.

      She “strongly warned” me NOT TO SAY THE WORD COVID! She said “they’ll (sign-up-desk personnel) freak out.”

      She said hand them the paperwork, & if they ask, just say you are here for “respiratory pre-op panel.”

      Now…this is a hospital…right?

      Oh brother.

      On a lighter note, as I awaited my test results, I couldn’t help living with the utmost giddy anticipation on being an approved member of society, I received my Covid results back as (-), & realizing I could now continue to live without shame, I immediately ran outside onto the street dancing like Gene Kelly in Singin` In The Rain, twirling & looking up to Heaven Above & was summarily struck by a massive truck.

      Are any of you AB+?
      I think I’m gonna need a transfusion or two.

    • za ka lu says:

      it has become obvious to me from my own research that viruses in general do not exist. There is no evidence supporting or proving any virus has ever existed at all–

      a concocted false narrative (distortion of exosomes) to go along with the rest of the false narrative we have been ‘taught’ for centuries by the malicious usurping controller.

      End compliance, there is no valid agreement.

      the only way to win is not to play.

      claim your estate, send notice to sec of state where you live, and to sec of state of state issuing cert of live birth. (for U.S., find similar gov’t branches in country where you live)

      Regain full-time permanent status as beneficiary and administrator of own existence (natural order), correctly returning STATE/State back to its proper persona as trustee through artificial commercial fiction account called PERSON, JOHN DOE SMITH.

      • Post Hoc says:

        Za ka lu,
        It’s going to be an interesting turnaround when people wake up to that fact.
        Then there will be sound reasons to improve all aspects of life on earth to eradicate disease conditions….clean air, healthy soil, nutrient rich foods etc.
        More work will be needed to replenish our poor sick planet and improve people’s health.

      • Nora Claypool says:

        OMG! I’ve been saying this since February and you are the only other person who I’ve found that agrees. Exosomes are what they are looking at, not viruses, per se.

        • Geri says:

          He can’t be the only one who’s come to that conclusion. Serious scientists have been claiming rethink of the infectious paradigm for at least a century now.

          With all respect! My reply was just aimed at reassuring you that not all of humanity is and has been lost. As way of offering comfort and a word of encouragement to you.

        • za ka lu says:

          thanks Nora

      • Bettina Heinz says:

        many viruses, including plant viruses and bacteriophages have been imaged via ems and also isolated. Exosomes exist too, but do not subsitute for viruses. Tell people who contacted rabies, that they are suffering under an exosome attack, a cellular waste vesicle.

    • Monty says:

      I was enjoying my lunch today, listening to the national news here in Canada. One news item stated that the newly approved quick test kits are now shipping across the country. Test results will now be available in as little as 30 minutes. One proviso though, “the quick test will not provide the accuracy of the PCR test.”

      Reporting like this goes on every day, even in the face of public statements made by the CDC that the PCR test is not intended to diagnose disease, etc.

      And yet people eat this stuff up, happy to hear such great news.

      Next, our Prime Minister stands in front of the cameras to announce that Canada (straight out of taxpayer pockets) has purchased 350 million doses of the vaccine. We have a population of well under 40 million people in this country. The numbers just don’t add up.

      What does add up, is the research presented by Jon on this blog each and every day. Thank you Jon for helping me and many others keep their critical thinking skills honed to a fine knife edge. The work you do is invaluable.

    • Ken says:

      Of course this pandemic is BS. Someone would need to be pretty stupid to believe this virus is any worse than the flu plus timing and parties involved are not a coincidence.

  2. Michael Kirby says:

    Hi Jon,
    I love your work and you are truly amazing in your conclusions
    about the so called virus. I have a few uncles and aunties who are doctors and nurses here in the UK. They will not read your work which is so sad. They tell me the hospitals are overflowing with cov patients. What do you think these patients are actually suffering from, is it ordinary flu or a new seasonal strain of flu.

      • Amanda says:

        That search didn’t work for me (that’s been happening a lot).

        But I followed the empty hospitals issue from the very beginning. People from all over the world were filming their hospitals (even in NYC and at Elmhurst hospital, which was supposed to be “pandemic central”) and what they saw did NOT match the narrative from the MSM. They saw no signs of urgency, tons of ambulances parked, EMTs relaxed and hanging out, empty waiting rooms, no sirens, no ambulance racing in, etc. Same for the testing tents outside of hospitals–they were always empty, obviously just props to sell the narrative. Same for the masks.

        And people were constantly loading their videos to #FilmYourHospital
        I posted them here:

      • Tr4head says:

        Any search of between 1 and 1000 “New Cases.”

    • rivercity says:

      C’mon! Western societies (or the whole world I guess) have invested max trust in the medical industrial complex! People no longer remember natural derived remedies. We are in a contaminated environment. There are always sick people. I won’t go into issues of where one should place their faith … but start by rejecting medical dictatorship!

      • za ka lu says:

        agree rivercity–

        reject medical dictatorship, just like all of the SYSTEM, it is malicious fiction.

        this virus dis-info paves the way for ‘medicine’ to stop the body’s natural healing process, ie; symptoms like flu and cold. This is leading to stopping man-kind’s healing process, as it is now considered disease what is natural healing.

    • Ryan says:

      The hospitals in the UK are not overflowing with patients and levels of hospitalisations and deaths are around normal for this time of year. By the way UK hospitals in the UK never came anywhere near being overwhelmed, even at the height of the so called pandemic last April. Your aunts and uncles most likely woefully ignorant or possibly being untruthful.

    • Low Voltage says:

      A question like this appears every day. “People are dying, so how do you explain it.” If you live long enough, you WILL get sick and die. Most of the “covid” patients are quite old.

      2.8 million Americans died in 2019, and the only deaths anyone cared about were the ones from “mass shootings.” Roughly .85% of the population dies every year. Is it that hard to attribute 10% of those deaths to a “mysterious” new illness?

      If people are willing to put up with lockdowns and mask-wearing, that’s how life is going to be. But it won’t stop people from getting sick and going to the hospital.

      • Post Hoc says:

        It’s amazing to realise how many people actually do die every day from a huge variety of causes.
        As a former RN I worked among many patients who died.
        People with heart disease, terminal cancer, road accident victims, overdose victims, and the list goes on.
        That why we have hospitals and palliative care.
        Now that we have this C19BS, any talk of death is construed a C19 death!
        How absurd is that!
        We should not allow ourselves to be spooked by misleading information from MSM.

        • NC_Rambler says:

          Thank you, that is a common thread in my discussions with family and friends. They agree, then they get Covid, then it is everybody should wear masks. Masks that don’t work, which we all agreed before they got sick. Wish the understood that you cannot prove a negative.

    • Felix says:

      ‘Overflowing hospitals’ have been drilled and drilled in disaster scenarios. See this video from Canada, 2011. Hospitals weren’t built or staffed in any case to be anything other than busy [except when they threw out all their sick patients in Spring 2020 to clear the wards for dance routines]

  3. Paul says:

    I guess in this particular viral construction, DATA could serve as acronym for:

    YET, its lockdown results “amounted” to effects devastating & surely REAL.


    “The Case of Scientific Legerdemain”
    (subtitle: Something From Nothing)


    Is my question.

  4. Sean says:

    DATA. Ok now we know what more to question. Hahaha Nice!

  5. P says:

    Friends out there, question? Of course we all know the propoganda and bs that is the “pandemic” and covid. This week my nephew and his girlfriend became sick and tested positive for it (after dancing all night at a packed club in Orlando … Yay for young folks living!) They’ll be fine but you know, feel totally cruddy. So what’s the illness they have??? Help me connect the dots!

    • g o says:

      what? people never got sick the past 20 years? would you have been so puzzled last year?

    • jan says:

      they simply have a cold or some kind of flu, and the test of course picks up on this.
      orrrrr the test just spat out one of the 15% false positives.
      For all we know, they could have eaten a pawpaw and tested positive because of that.

      In Belgium, MSM yesterday: “we will have a very mild flu season!” I wonder how they can predict 6 months of illness before the fact.

    • ak in vt says:

      Ummm, alcohol? physically wearing oneself out? talking/shouting loudly to be heard above the crowd?

      Hmmm — looks like that amounts to:

      headache, dizziness, heat exertion, aching and sore muscles, tendons, etc…, sore throat from shouting and singing loudly — sounds like “covid” doesn’t it?

      Thanks P, you make me laugh.


      AK in VT

    • Jenifer says:

      Any chance they drank a bit too much?

      • Jomsvikings says:


        No kidding. I remember once upon a time ago when I was a much, much younger man doing the weekend nightclub scene, I woke up to countless Sunday mornings with flu-like symptoms. It’s called a hangover! Lol. And your body basically goes into a highly toxic state for the next 24-48 hrs.

        I don’t think the young people these days get it. They go drinking & partying like there’s no tomorrow (maybe there isn’t. Lol) and wake up the next day sick as a dog. They put on CNN or some other BS MSM propaganda outlet and see some mind-controlled knucklehead “medical expert” list the symptoms of Covid and strongly encourage people who have ANY of these to get tested. Well…our *hungover* young person sees they have some similar symptoms and like good little robots go get tested and wala – they’re are now positive… victims of a false positive monopoly.

        A vicious cycle – wake up and smell the coffee young people!

      • Piksil says:


        I’m gonna say “no”. They didn’t drink enough. Oddly enough, just as I was reading this there was a bit on the news regarding a study at U of Pennsylvania that reported 30 seconds of mouthwash use killed 99+% of virus…..

        What proof is Scope?

        Speaking of proof, I would like to see that PU (intended) study. Not sure if they are implying Covid, or just any old ‘virus’.

        But bars close by 10PM in Illinois, because the ‘virus’ is still working night shift.

  6. Hélios says:

    You wrote : “The choice of a new coronavirus was made for a simple reason. ”

    A good one is illness looks like common flu also.

    Influenza comes from “influence” made by beliefs in people’s mind. As virus are dead and not contagious, flu is fabricated by the brain in certain circumstances of life, when there is an “egregore” (in French), a kind of cloud over a group of people with similar stress. Sorry, too difficult to explain with my poor English. But what I can say is every illness doesn’t come from outside but from inside the body and first, the brain.

    • Eluard says:


      I totally agree with you–and this is why I “straddle” the fence between terrain theory and the “other” theory. Not that I believe in germs–but that’s just it! — My view is, if you BELIEVE in germ theory then you’ll likely catch whatever those “germs” are “carrying.” No, I don’t think it’s real, objectively and Ultimately. But — our beliefs, our minds, are very, very powerful.

      It’s hypnosis. Mind control. Often self-induced. Jon’s been writing about it but it’s an extremely subtle thing to explain and receive. Yeah germ “theory” is b.s. but human belief “theory” is most certainly alive and… not always so well.

    • Paul says:

      Many, many Moons ago, there was a RadioMan named Roy Masters.

      He was a Jewish diamond cutter. He studied under the 1st assistant of Paramahansa Yogananda.

      On his own, he developed a meditation technique, which was a hybrid or synthesis of Jewish & Indian mysticism.

      If you are familiar with a tefillin, a Hebrew leather device for prayer. He did NOT use the device, just the “underlying premise of it.” (I realize that’s a little nebulous).

      His 1st book (I believe) was “How Your Mind Can Keep You Well.”

      I use to listen to him long ago.

      He was one interesting cat!

      I learned much from him.

      I notice Jon is 82 & going Strong!

      God Bless Them Both.

      And ALL of You.

  7. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I regret that I have but only one mask to remove for my country.

  8. Donna says:

    My sister lives in Florida and has had several procedures, hospitalizations, and even a stay in an extended care facility. I talked with her on Wednesday after her valve replacement surgery. She is doing better. She told me that she has had 7 covid tests and they have all been negative. I asked her what the test was supposed to be checking for since covid has never been proven to exist. She said she doesn’t know. I told her that the people were being conned; but, to what end? I asked her if this was China’s way of taking over the world? She said she doesn’t know; but, it wouldn’t surprise her if this turned out to be the case.

    Jon, if you read this message, can you do a report on McKinsey and Company? This is the organization which Jay Inslee has paid $165,000/week, using tax payer money. This company told Jay Inslee how the state needs to behave to deal with covid. This company used Washington state as a guinea pig and has since replicated the policies in other states such as Maine, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia. Jay Inslee authorized a $1.32 million contract which escalated into $5 million.

    Jay Inslee has practically ruined Washington state. I don’t think the state will survive another 4 years of his administration.

    • ak in vt says:

      Hi Donna

      Glad to hear your sister is recovering. Simply put, the seven tests given her amount to about $2100 to the various parties raking in money off the testing alone. One positive would have meant even more money.

      Regarding power, control, China — it’s all about money and the Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules. Power and control allow one to keep the gold and maybe accumulate more so that one can have power and control to keep the gold. Vicious circle.

      Those who wish to keep and/or seize control do not like the middle class, especially the rapid regrowth this nation was experiencing for them, as it means their gold is not as valuable as it was before as others have more than previously.

      So, how do we solve the power and control hungry solve this? Figure out a way to “steal” (legally, of course) the middle class’ new found wealth. Fake “covid” worked perfectly.

      Praying for a speedier recvoery for your sister.


      AK in VT

    • Amanda says:

      Its the central bankers who are taking over the world. They are using the covid scare to usher in their new global digital monetary system and Agenda ID2020.

      The central bankers are the most powerful people on the planet because they have the power to create money out of thin air and loan it to governments at in interest (so nations are in debt to private bankers for money they could have printed themselves).

      The central bankers are using the covid scare as cover for waging a war on humanity and forcing us into their new digital slave grid.

      More on this here:
      The Global Takeover Is Underway

      The founding fathers knew that international bankers tried to get control over governments by getting control over the issuance of the national currency, which is why they gave this power to Congress. Unfortunately, in 1913, corrupt politicians gave this power away to private bankers and now we are at risk of losing our rights and freedoms and our very country.

      Former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, warned about the Federal Reserve, but nobody listened.

      Here’s what the founding fathers said about the international bankers:

      President James Madison
      “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”
      President Thomas Jefferson
      “I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
      “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
      “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.”

      Unfortunately, it looks like the Democrat party is 100% on board with advancing this agenda. Soros owns the Democrat party, and Soros is a front-man for the Rothshcilds, who are one of the families that own the Federal Reserve

      Please copy and share this information! People need to wake up asap!! They are moving forward with their agenda and people are still completely brainwashed!

      • ak in vt says:

        “He whose mind is in heaven does not feel the chain about his leg.” (I can never remember if this is a Lactantius or Tertullian quote fromo the 3rd century AD.)

        You are most likely correct Amanda. But, “they” have not control over you if you don’t play their game. Barter, raise your own food, get an old car and repair it yourself (or get a horse, they increase in value after you train them instead of dropping in value after you take a car off the lot). What else? Set up a farmstand/craftstand at your home or in a parking lot.

        If currency disappears, create your own with a group of people (more than a handful of towns across the country have done similar). How about a return to precious metals for currency? How about labour, or something you can make for bartering? How about using your mind for bartering?

        There will be many “in the system,” because they feel they cannot do without whatever the “bankers” set up for them, who will be more than happy to “buy” things for you with the future “credit system” in exchange for your goods and services.

        Most people will fall in line. Many will not, but will be fine if they don’t lose their cool.

        By the way, this reminds me of a book I have read about. Can’t recall the name, but the premise is that society is made up of three types of persons:

        Larry, Moe and Curly of the 3 Stooges.

        The vast majority of people are Larrys (sheeple). The rare few are Moes (those who control everything). The rest are Curlys (“troublemakers who do not fit in, see the Moes for who they are and though they never come out on top they make it difficult for the Moes and are continually throwing monkey wrenches into their plans).

        I consider most of the commenters on this site to be Curlys — Jon included.

        With regards, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

        AK in VT

  9. Ryan Matters says:

    The junk science being performed on this fake virus is embarrassing.

    “Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.” -Richard Horton, former editor of the Lancet

  10. Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

    Hey Jon
    There are various scientific papers and reports from the Wuhan team freely online. These explain how Chinese government researchers sought, located, analysed and isolated potentially deadly new coronaviruses from Chinese horseshoe bats over a period of at least 10 years. They only selected viruses that might transmit directly to humans, and stored these at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, alongside 1000s of other dangerous viruses. Wuhan, of course, is where our current pandemic began. This Wuhan article from Nature Magazine 2013 shows the team’s success and pride in their work: “Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor”

    This following article explains the aims and expert concerns about the Institute and its mission:

    How should we view such material and evidence? As CIA fakery, perhaps? Such unsupported beliefs, and the claim that covid19 isn’t a real virus, both work very well to protect the CCP from any critical attention. But perhaps you have convincing proof of Beijing’s innocence in creating the pandemic, or good reasons for why we should all forget about Wuhan?

    • Piksil says:

      Viruses do not cross species.

      • DeeJay says:

        With the exception of rabies, but even that requires a puncture wound from an infected animal since it is transferred via saliva. Perhaps other viruses can undergo gain-of-function and transferred via another puncture wound…ie…so called vaccine. Most insect transfer of chronic diseases began where GMO/Lab manipulated insects are released. It seems most all insect transferable diseases are designed in a lab. Never a cure, always “pharmaceutically managed”$$$.

      • Pete says:

        Your statement is full of problems….you seem to Imply viruses exist….and if they exist they have a special set of rules that disallow species hopping…..but why would those “natural” rules apply to something that was created in a lab? Even if viruses do not exist, why can’t scientists create some thing that acts like what they have led us to believe is “virus behavior”? Does it really matter if “viruses” are naturally occurring or if they are a created by evil scientists? Also, Pasteur and the other guys arguing germ vs terrain theory did not have the same set of facts to look at as we do now: tremendous evil n the world and tremendous “technical advancement”. I think there are some assumptions underlying these germ/terrain discussions that need to be brought to front……

  11. ken says:

    “In previous articles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], I’ve established the fact that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 is unproven;…..”

    Except for this site,,, every site I go to states the “Virus is real”. Even some sites that claim to be unbiased. Sites like Martin Armstrong,,, Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal claim the virus is real.

    Many times it is phrased like “Although most recover the virus is extremely dangerous”

    How is it that without “proof” all will BELIEVE CDC, WHO and governments BUT regardless of proof, even links to the CDC, FDA, you have that the virus is fake results in conspiracy theory claims.

    One site however has said the virus was isolated. Paragraph right below the Graphic “How does PCR Testig for Covid 19 work”

    “While SARS-CoV-2 –namely the the virus which is said to cause COVID-19 (erroneously categorized as a disease rather than a virus), WAS ISOLATED in a laboratory test in January 2020,….”

    That’s it,,, no details. My CAPS.

    Maybe Jon can dig out more information….

    • Felix says:

      Another ghastly article from the Guardian as expected. Buried there is a link to a Nature Medicine paper[Oct 15] which is a fascinating summary of all cause deaths in the [artificially produced] “first wave” showing striking differences between countries. The take-home message is that some countries, e.g. in Eastern Europe, were NOT effectively carrying out euthanasia of their elderly people by closing down hospitals and health care. These elegant graphs can only result from a manufactured pandemic. Unrelated to the above paper, one area of study also necessary is which countries altered their reporting on the cause of death at the start of the phoney pandemic. The changed US and UK procedures seemed remarkably similar, as if co-ordinated.

      • Mos Craciun says:

        1) I am sure that you noticed the sarcasm I used in re. Fergusson 2) I fully agree with your observations — yes, the changes in procedures were coordinated

  12. Amanda says:

    Please read, copy and share:

    The Global Takeover Is Underway

    Global Covid Report- There is no deadly pandemic
    (German Doctor for Truth- Corona Extra-parliamentary Investigation Committee)

    • Piksil says:


      Great that Dr Mercola is saying “The Great Reset”. I get his emails daily, and saw this.

      “Global Covid Report”, has some interesting bits, especially regarding ‘vaccination’. Useful to some who dont know that information.

      However, this is being presented under the guise of “Covid-19” being an actuality. Even if people read the booklet and think “well, my chances of survival are pretty good, maybe better than average…”, they may also be thinking “Gee, I just heard on the news that the case numbers are spiking. Do I want to risk being one of those exceptions? What if I’m one of the few that succumb to this real, but ‘only as bad as the flu’ bug?”

      When they should be saying “It doesn’t exist. Covid is fake.”. As should the authors of “Global Covid Report”.

      Even the German class-action lawsuit is based on the premise that ‘Covid’ is no worse than the ‘seasonal flu’. While well intentioned (like “Global Covid Report”), I think the foundation should not be based on a fiction. All the defendants would have to do is fake some more case and death numbers. They’ve done it since the beginning, I doubt if they’ll stop now.

      Just like they’re not stopping vaccine rollout, IoT, AI, 5g, digital currency, techno-education, tracing, wealth concentration, slavery, etc etc.

      • crumbo Jameson says:

        It’s called controlled opposition. “They” know that there are awakened or partially awakened folks out there. So they have these sites and personalities that are hired to give half truths, toxic “truths” and just plain lies to those that are waking up. It’s damage control. Viruses do not exist period. No flu. No colds, no AIDS, no covid. It’s all just the body detoxing. And they all love the word “global” gotta keep the sheep believing we all live on a globe.

  13. greg says:

    With all the truth and understanding we have about this event and nobody can do or is doing anything about it.

  14. worldwide scam says:

    there is no hope

    • Paul says:

      Greg & WW Scam,

      You’re “doing something” right now by informing yourself & likely others.

      Hang Tight.
      Don’t lose Sight.

      “Oh, Right now
      It’s what’s happening?
      Right here & now”

      ~ Van Halen

  15. Phil says:

    It looks like the lab made virus theory is the controlled opposition/fall back theory. When people have figured out the illness is benign, lockdowns are criminal, and masks are retarded, feed them this controlled opposition narrative. Hypnotize them with geopolitical tensions between the US and China. As long as they believe in the bogus pathogen theory, they can be hoaxed over and over again. Case in point, Tucker on Fox did air the Chinese virologist who claimed the virus is manmade. Montagnier was shown on French TV. But no media will ever touch the exosome story, why?
    John Rappoport is an elite writer and investigator. I’d love to see him write about Plandemic 2. This film states that the virus is real, and makes the case that thousands of patents are related to the coronavirus. If viruses don’t cause illness, what are these patents for?

  16. Pft says:

    37 base pairs is incorrect. Each PCR primer uses 100-400 bp to amplify. 37 PCR primers does not mean 37 base pairs

    Also none of the human cell lines were HAE cells (lung tissue). These are high in Ace2 which CoV targets. The fact it does not kill other cells does not mean it wont infect human lung tissue. Not an expert on this though. No idea why HAE not used

    • Julia says:

      Thanks for your valuable comment. It’s a pity for me to observe here how people can be easily mislead by someone who has no idea of the topic he speaks. I mean Dr. Cowan here and his ‘analysis’. In fact it’s pretty easy to understand he’s wrong. For this one has to check the source itself and google the terminology ‘concencus sequence’. It is then immediately becoming obvious he has no idea of what he speaks about. He uses the word ‘concensus’ in its usual meaning and draws false conclusionsfrom here, whereas in the paper it has a dramatically different meaning. Guys, don’t trust blindly to anyone! Check the sources yourself and think with your own brains!

      • glenn says:

        Yes Dr. Cowan is not helping. I thought it was just a mistake of BP for PCR Primer as he previously did correctly used PCR primer. But yes he is making obvious wrong conclusions. Although the point still stands that even if we correctly understand the paper, that the virus is ultimately theoretical. And theoretical is not enough to institute lockdown measures. Especially when other possible factors that can cause these symptoms are ignored.

        • Julia says:

          Honestly, I doubt this conclusion. The only thing I can say for sure is that I lack background to be able to judge if the virus is a real thing or a theoretical concept. From people claiming firmly smth on that point I would like to see more solid arguments. If I, with my lack of background, see that this someone (claiming such strong statements about the whoke world being so damn wrong), has even less of understanding, I won’t take him seriously.

          • glenn says:

            I’m not concluding that the virus doesn’t exists when I say theoretical. I don’t know for sure. My statement of theoretical is in regards to the nature of the research. The overall research does not support the straightforward person A infects person B with no immunity presented to us by the media and public officials.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      @Pft and @Julia

      Forgive me , how your assertion will change the conclusion of Cowan ?!? OK , let’s agree that 37 primers will use 100-400 base pairs to amplify with the PCR technique . And let’s take the max. therefore 400 . Therefore the max. will be : 37×400=14800 base pairs out of aprox.30000 base pairs. And the rest is “provided and generated” by computer.

      The point Cowan makes is the fact that this is a forced matching , and this is called scientific fraud. I fully agree with him.

      I wish that he and others will make the same observation many years ago, when this type of trick ( fraud) started to become standard practice in virology “research”. Will not prevent the present global scam, but will make people become aware earlier and even save many lives.

      In the evolution of science , everytime an honest discovery was made , soon after was twisted upside-down and misused for the benefit of the pharmaco-medical cartel — the PCR theoretical foundation , principle and method is just one example. And the abusive sticking of the term “test” near the term “PCR” is an example of semantic gymnastics so often used in order to depart from topic and deceive. I repeat : is just one example !

      • Julia says:

        To my opinion, it’s all nothing more than simply wishfull thinking and guessing. Why are you talking about base pairs at all? There aren’t those in RNA. Where do you have the numbers from? Someone wrote them in a comment? Great source… Did you even read the paper yourself? Just like you, I would like to know the truth. And, working in science (far from biology or medicine), I know that understanding things and coming to true conclusions takes time and effort. No, like this: it takes A LOT of time and effort. What Dr. Cowan presents I cannot take seriously. He has no idea of the topic. He misunderstands the source he critisizes. Would you go to a dentist who has no idea of what his job is about? I guess the answer is obvious. Why do you accept then his fantasies on genetics? Because you like the outcome? It’s your free choice and I don’t mind. And I make my free choices on my own. I choose to go elsewhere to look for better argumentation.

  17. Benjamin Martin says:

    I thought to lend a brief commentary on what it is currently like to be living in Victoria as a not particularly confrontational person who nonetheless places inestimable value upon preserving their independence and personal freedoms.

    Mask-wearing is for me by far the most sinister idea and serious perversion of humanity to thus far be mandated, for reasons that immediately strike a chord in any at least partially receptive human being. There is a very high concentration of police presence in certain areas such as the city and St Kilda (because it’s a popular beach area), whereas where I live I can’t honestly say I see more about than usual. However, the general public tend to be highly compliant, yet it’s also apparent to me that an increasing number of them are growing slack about wearing them. By no means all are automatons.

    In terms of my own attitude, well, here goes. Several weeks ago I took my daughter to a park in Eltham which that day was riddled with anxious mask-wearers. I did not wear one, nor did I have it tucked underneath my chin like a stupid bib. A burly man in his early 60’s bundled up and extorted “Shouldn’t you be wearing a mask?!”. To which I responded that it’s just a nightmare environment for the kids, that you don’t want to normalise this as though it were permanent, but rather, randomise the environment at least in order that they do not feel compelled to imitate their elders. To which he mumbled some profanities, adding that 200,000+ deaths in the US, that his wife’s a nurse, and so on and so forth.

    About half an hour later a woman with a strong American accent literally came out of nowhere and with a crazed look beneath her glasses literally screamed in my face “PUT ON YOUR MASK!! PUT ON YOUR MASK!! THERE ARE KIDS IN DANGER! PUT ON YOUR MASK!!!”. All eyes were upon me, an outlaw, a killer of humanity apparently. I just reflexively put my hand up in front of her face, it wasn’t premeditated. I didn’t say anything. She left in a great huff.

    I have to say my nerves were jangling quite a bit. It’s true and important to remember that, ridiculous as it is, many of these people are genuinely afraid of this phantom virus. I feel for them, even if they are deluded, as their fear is genuine. I thought it over later that evening and decided ‘Ok, if I’m unable to wear a mask, then I’ll simply take a prop with me, an empty cup. That way I provide people with an excuse not to bother me’.

    And so that is what I now do at places which are potentially volatile, including shopping malls (whereas generally I go without a prop, preferring to take my chances). A bit cowardly perhaps, this passive resistance, but my point is that it seems to me a necessity in such circumstances to at very least perform calculated risks. Some, many perhaps, will suspect you are not being genuine. So much the better. It might at least give some of them a clue, and provide them with a fairly painless example that where there’s a will there’s always a way when it comes to preserving one’s independence and freedoms.

    • Paul says:

      “I have to say my nerves were jangling quite a bit.

      I feel for them, even if they are deluded,…”

      In my state, it is mandatory to wear a mask in public.

      I choose to wear one, for the reason stated below.

      I do NOT fault anyone who prefers to “take a stand” & refuses to engage in the silliness of it all. I really think it IS silly. Uniformed Behavior. It is up to each to follow his conscience.

      With that said, in the event of a Biden win, with a Mask Mandate enacted, it seems absurd to me for single righteous people to end up in jail over a mask, via the Scientific Edict of a Fauci, et al.

      Think before you act. You shouldn’t fall under the hands of morons! We are ALL better than that.

      On the lighter side… I told my wife 6 months ago, when we were leaving the house for groceries that I was gonna write on my (typical-light blue medical) mask with a black Sharpie, “I’M A TOOL.”

      She recommended not to. I followed her sage advice.

      I’ve come to the conclusion of what I call the “stampede effect.”

      One can simply NOT convince another of something they are unwilling to look at.

      Oh well.
      Cheers! nevertheless.
      Drink up.

    • Eli35 says:

      Wait — I love this story, but I’m coming up blank on the reason for the empty cup? Please elaborate!

      My line, which I hadn’t thought of yet when I was yelled at for no mask in the past, but plan to use the next time I am told I need to put on a mask is, “Why? Are you having trouble staying 6 feet away from me?”

      • Benjamin Martin says:

        Well…if you’re supposedly drinking something you can’t wear one. To be sure I’m not comfortable about this ‘method’ because in truth freedom is too glorious than to be won by cleverness, and even a hint of cowardice robs it of its glory.

        But for me it’s still better than feeling – and therefore, being – humiliated and enslaved, which is a sentiment that must be confronted. I struggle with it, and think it somewhat obligatory that others who value freedom do too. I find that courage comes in waves…sometimes one is less up to braving it than at other times. But ultimately one doesn’t really have a choice, certainly insofar as creating a healthy psychological environment for kids, and so you simply choose your poison each day and do your best.

        On one occasion I was ordering coffee without a mask and all of a sudden noticed that there were four armed people standing beside me: they were plain-clothes police officers. Interestingly not one of them asked me to put on a mask (although the female officer, as it happens, was glaring at me): it might have had to do with my demeanor, that I just didn’t react guiltily for having been ‘found out’, but simply assumed I’d be fined without feeling in the least bit ashamed or fazed by it. Perhaps they felt like being generous. Who knows. The human psyche is a strange and powerful thing.

        But my main point is that if you’re not ‘feeling the pinch‘ in all of this then you’re doing it wrong. You don’t have to be a big hero of the people, or make a big stand that instantly gets you arrested (extraordinarily easy to do over here, it must be admitted) but at very least simply and moderately respond to all of this with some semblance of sanity and compassion for the individual.

        • Paul says:

          “The human psyche is a strange and powerful thing.”

          IMO, not-so-strange, but I know what you mean. On POWERFUL…you got that right, my brother!

          You’re a thoughtful man.

          Enjoyed your thoughts.

    • Greg C. says:

      The mask wearers are creating a social hell, where it is an outrage to show your face. Whoever thought we would need to spell out the right to show your face in public? It is a human right, period. No one can revoke it for any reason.

      It would be redundant to tell the mask wearers to go to hell. They have created it.

    • peterbro says:

      As one living on a State south of you, where everything is far more relaxed, I feel for you suffering Demented Dan’s deluded demands.
      It has nothing to do with health matters, but everything to do with social conditioning and trained acquiescence to imposed authority.
      What the world has seen of the Vic. police/security wallopers in action, is against all conscionable human norms, and demonstrates that something else is occurring there and it is more substantial and nefarious than a phantom virus.

      • Benjamin Martin says:

        Your concern is appreciated. But my concern runs along somewhat different lines. To pick just one of the multitude of problems that we face both here and globally, it strikes me that our current vocabulary is, generally speaking, hopelessly impoverished and ill-equipped to deal with such a situation as we currently face.

        For example, a great deal of energy is spent on attributing government policy to hidden (and not-so-hidden) agendas. That is not unreasonable. But it is overly causative, and therefore almost certainly only half the story, if that. That is, we seem to have abandoned a most essential psychological viewpoint accounting for the individual human being, especially where leftist politics are concerned – as though politicians on the left are somehow immune from being or becoming totally unhinged – which might otherwise lead to a greater understanding.

        In short, the a Premier of Victoria is almost certainly a victim of extreme narcissism: he is a sick puppy, a spiritually bankrupt, less-than-half-baked, catastrophically underdeveloped character trapped within infantile delusions of grandeur. There are no doubt other powerful agendas at play of which he does his utmost to serve. However what occurs with genuine narcissism is that every so often the meekness of the core personality becomes so dwindled in the process of obeying commands that, out of sheer unconscious desperation, the narcissist will suddenly do something utterly and blindly self-destructive that seemingly opposes any workable agenda, simply because having felt so horribly inferior they are compelled to assert themselves as master of all circumstances. At such a point it becomes clear to their masters that they have an unhinged, morosely self-absorbed and useless person on their hands. It is only a matter of time, then, before the situation becomes unworkable, the deal is called off etc.

        Yet to make matters more complicated, any number of these clearly dystopian agendas are in themselves predicated upon, or might only be supported and promoted by, those victims of a narcissistic pathology. It is ultimately an assured path towards destruction, nothing more. Moreover, supporters of such ideologies invariably become infected by this narcissism and prey to its pathological contents, a fact so tremendously reinforced by the greatest horror of all, the double-abstraction cyber-state known as social media, where all are encouraged to develop a fictitious personality and lie constantly while remaining anonymous; a narcissist’s dream as it is the ideal tool for self-invention. It is no accident that Daniel Andrews spends the greater part of his time cultivating his persona on social media: that is the only way he gets to feel the rush of power, which is really all it’s about for such afflicted beings.

        But as I see it, social media is the greatest killer, and those who depend upon it for their sense of well-being are, in a word and one way or the other, doomed.

      • Paul says:

        “…and demonstrates that something else is occurring there and it is more substantial and nefarious than a phantom virus.”

        Hear! Hear!

  18. Larry C says:



  19. Note Worthy says:

    I remember all those ppl in China who supposedly fell over dead instantly. The dead in the videos were perfectly posed in an unlikely way.

  20. Paul says:

    There’s been much ado in the Press about the Biden Family & certain “capital investments.”

    Well here’s a dizzy:

    I heard reported on FOX…

    Joe Biden’s daughter’s husband may be investing in the “PPE market” (masks, etc).

    Joe has alluded that he might make mask-wearing mandatory, if Prez.

  21. George Robinson says:

    My friend read Jon’s other postings, and is perhaps put off this piece. But we’re not going to be put off by the personality or beliefs of a writer if his argument is good, surely? Any more than we turn away from Spike Milligan’s jokes just because he was affected by the cycles of the Moon ?

    I think Jon’s description is reasoned in the same way that we model that gravity exists. We’ve never proven gravity either, as far as I know it’s not certain that it exists, but it matches the data points with the simplest known causal model.

    Jon’s piece unites the apparent contradictions of the RNA sequences in the NIH database (that indicate the virus is man-made and designed to maim badly – see Dr. Paul Cottrell ) with the various bands of thousands of doctors & nurses in different countries complaining that cv is only a ‘nasty ‘flu’. Jon’s idea can also explain why there is not one real detailed image of cv, we only see jelly-like cgi images – odd, because we can image real Lithium ions bound in their metallic crystal <> and yet we can’t image RNA which is several hundred times larger. Jon’s suggestion explains why in the UK there have been NO excess deaths over the last five years (Ivor Cummins has pointed out that although uk Deaths 2020 look huge, actually this season only killed off those who were spared by mild ‘flu seasons in the previous years). It also dispels the mystery around the anomalously low deaths in Africa, Singapore & Qatar, It’s a very exciting idea, and although I came close to deducing it months ago, I couldn’t have put flesh on it like Jon has.

    Does the model fit the record on board the Diamond Princess expertise too, anyone ?

    What Rapport doesn’t address is how Mr. & Mrs. Gates are so darned sure that “people will sit up and take notice of the next wave “. One possibility is this: It’s been reasonably argued that vaccines over the last century exceedingly rarely work, and that the ridding of disease from the First World is principally down to better sanitation, food, water, living conditions etc.. It is also argued that vaccines weaken healthy people making them more susceptible to ANY infection directly after the shot. Given that there is no obligation for the constituents of any vaccine to be disclosed at any time, then it would be feasible for Gates to have set up 2020 for a big killing. He could arrange for the vaccines delivered in three preceding years to be diluted or fully placebo so as to build up a store of frail citizens for a big event later on. The same mechanism would allow him to reverse the adjustment in any chosen year so as to make the vaccines particularly deadly, ie. to create a spectacular cull of the frail at a timing he chooses.

    This last move is then more genocidal than ever before. Until now natural viruses have done 99% of Gates’ deadly work for him. Natural viruses did the actual killing primed only by the global vaccine programs, but perhaps they smirked in “that Bill and Melinda video” because they’re now sure that they can add toxins into their vaccines to kill people AS WELL AS the natural viral pattern. “This time” as Gates puts it, global vaccines might actually directly kill in large numbers in 2021.

    This nifty little mechanism would give Gates pretty good control of death rates (timing, location, demographic, and depth of cull) in comparison to releasing a genuine military virus, with the essential benefit that it would be safe for elite personnel (who are instructed, or invisibly guided on, how to step out of the path of the vaccination program).

    It was always weird living in a world where 95% of the public believed the fantastically incorrect narrative of 9/11 while quietly knowing that it was false. But walking amongst unnecessarily masked citizens now and visiting self-strangulating shops, cafes and my partner’s strung-out school while knowing that CoVid19 is not real, is a whole higher degree of surrealism !

    By understanding the hoax nature of CoVid19, we exchange one set of worries for another…!!

  22. Lewis Papier says:

    Check out my new song, THE SCAM, at:

    Here are the lyrics:

    The Scam

    When you’ve been the victim of THE SCAM
    You believe you’re lending helping hands
    Never close, your gaze has turned to stone
    You march apart, sadly all alone

    You believe you’re saving many lives
    Now it’s time to pull out all your knives
    You claim you’ve been surely heaven sent
    Ensuring that you will crush all dissent

    Chorus: Now it’s time to grab your trusty mask
    Put it on so you fulfill your tasks
    Keep your six feet distance to the inch
    Isolate, no contact, it’s a cinch!

    You ignore the people that you hurt
    They’ve lost their jobs now they feel like dirt
    Never acting like you really should
    Claiming it’s for the greater good

    Bridge (1): Insisting that you always must be thanked
    Science never wrong, it’s sacrosanct
    You decide for all of us what’s best
    While pinning medals on each other’s chest

    Bridge (2) Everything must go without a hitch
    As long as you are certified a snitch
    Turn them in for that must be their fate
    They’re contagious—please don’t hesitate

    When you’ve been the victim of the scam
    You must believe in their holy plan
    Shout for joy-a mandate by the state
    All take your shots—for they will vaccinate

    There are no corpses in the street
    No one dead-you will ever meet
    Things are getting worse you all agree
    Just because you’ve heard it on TV

    Chorus: Now it’s time to grab your trusty mask
    Put it on so you fulfill your tasks
    Keep your six feet distance to the inch
    Isolate, no contact, it’s a cinch!

    All that’s happened doesn’t leave you blue
    Despite the crazy things they make you do
    What a shame you surely never knew
    That you’ve been duped, missing all the clues

    Bridge (1): In China the pandemic was called real
    The peoples’ liberty yes they did steal
    Based upon the scientists’ cheap guess
    There were surely no exhaustive tests!
    Bridge (2 ): All the sick and dying that you claim
    Your reasons why they’re dying are quite lame
    Sick for many years there’s always more
    From pre-existing factors you ignore

    When you’ve been the victim of the Scam
    You will never try and understand
    But maybe one day you’ll finally see
    Time for all of us yes to be free
    Time for all of us yes to be free

    Music and Lyrics by Lewis Papier
    Copyright 2020

  23. Paul says:

    Original Music brought to Jon’s Lyceum.

    I think it’s a 1st!

    BRAVO! Lewis BRAVO.

  24. Robert-Dale says:

    I’m with you, Jon. Everything about this plandemic is fake. But what have you been saying to the people who claim someone they know died from this (not some preexisting condition, but “the actual virus”)?? There aren’t many, but I’m sure you’ve handled this before. Thanks for all your research!

  25. Carlo d'Avalos says:

    The other smoking gun is that the upcoming vaccines don’t contain the ‘virus’ either….they are using adenovirus….wonder why?

  26. Viktoria says: Brazilian Volunteer In Oxford AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine trial Dies, Authorities Say Count that as a homicide.

  27. It is unrealistic and personally frustrating to hope that the mass of humanity that lacks (“is challenged by”) critical thinking will ever admit that their TV is simply lying propaganda. Stop berating mask wearers, virus believers, etc. You might as well discuss Shakespeare with your dog. Too much waste of digital ink here. I can’t help wondering how may Covid skeptics realize that 9/11 was just a 64 minute digitally animated movie shown throughout the day on their channels as “breaking news”, that there were no commercial airplanes involved, and that no one died that day (due to some controlled demolition with a twist). Inquiring minds might spend some time on

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