COVID is a fraud; so is Trump, so is Biden

COVID: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

by Jon Rappoport

October 21, 2020

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In my last article, I explained why the only thing worse than Trump is Biden, and therefore Trump needs to win the election.

Face it. Both men, in their own ways, are fronting for massive COVID crimes. Biden hopes to front for even greater tyranny if he can gain the presidency.

To excuse the two of them, on the basis that they’re blind to the fake science, doesn’t cut it. They’re willing to assault the Constitutional and natural freedoms of every American.

They’re willing to go where NO emergency is permitted to go.

Natural disaster, health disaster, political violence, war—there is NO situation that excuses past, present, or future lockdowns.

The miles of fake science that have been launched to explain, justify, and make sense of the “COVID containment measures” are a farce; but beyond that, they’re irrelevant—because freedom and liberty are the enduring foundations of life. No matter what. They are not subject to “adjustment.” They’re not “relative” qualities, subject to “circumstances.”

Once, this would have been obvious to the majority of Americans. Now, further pacified, further weakened, the majority are deep in hypnotic trance.

Exchanging freedom for chains is a titanic proposition. Trump presided over it and did nothing. Since then, he’s refused to confess to the amount of economic devastation that has occurred. Biden wants to double down and make the slavery more complete.

No American political leader with high visibility has the balls to call what has happened a COUP—call it a coup not once, but over and over, until more people wake up.

In the several versions of the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the characters continue to look the same, but they’ve been taken over by an evil force. They’re now robotic. An updated incarnation of the film could be shot at a large Whole Foods, showing shoppers trudging along aisles pushing their carts, wearing their masks, avoiding eye contact. Liberty and freedom have been washed from their minds.

They are now “products of circumstances.”

They can no longer think for themselves.

I would have a character dressed as Thomas Paine enter the store, unmasked. He would walk among the shoppers, reciting his immortal words from The Crisis, Number 1:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated…”

He would brush away the store clerks who approach him and tell him he must put on a mask. He would ignore the masked shoppers who give him hostile looks. He would keep reciting his long-forgotten words, until…gradually the shoppers begin to awake from their induced trance.

One, two, three of them take off their masks. They BREATHE…

And why not have Trump enter the scene? He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He attacks Fauci. He praises the vaccine. He hails the rebirth of the economy. He says the virus is dangerous. He puts on a mask. He takes it off. He puts it back on again…

Tom Paine approaches him and says, “When are you going to admit you were the central character in shutting down the American economy? When are you going to tell the people how great the economic and human wreckage is?”

Trump spouts out blame against various persons and governments, but will not take responsibility…

He says to Paine, “Watch out for Biden. If he comes in here with his troops, they’ll shoot you.”

Paine laughs. “Dummy, I’m a SPIRIT. Bullets can’t affect me. I patrol the border between your side and mine. What I say is buried in the hearts of many people on your side. They turned into robots, but they never agreed completely with the change. They still yearn for the freedom we won a long time ago. They still know what it means. FREEDOM is what rips this whole insanity apart. Stop bullshitting like a real estate operator. Talk FREEDOM. Go to the core. You’re the PRESIDENT…”

Trump looks baffled. “You mean the freedom to prosper, economically?”


Well, does he? Does Trump know? If he loses this election, it will be on him. He doesn’t know. He can’t go to the core. His mind and soul stop at building golf courses and re-energizing Kodak so it can manufacture pharmaceuticals.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

121 comments on “COVID is a fraud; so is Trump, so is Biden

  1. Ignazio Silone says:

    Why do most ALL humans need Masters?

    Even the supposed “independent” and “thinkers” require Masters to tell them what & how to think.

    This is AS TRUE of the “left” as it is of the “right”.

    In true de Tocquevillian thought, concepts like “independence” and “liberty” have become mere catch phrases.

    What we could’ve gotten with a Hillary presidency:
    • Wrecked economy
    • Greater globalism
    • Greater wealth inequality
    • Greater power, control & wealth of the billionaire elite
    • More completely failed healthcare
    • Massive debt
    • Explosive unemployment
    • Massive budget deficit
    • High taxes
    • Bigger & more powerful surveillance state
    • More corrupt & deeper Deep State
    • Growing authoritarianism
    • More national division
    • More war

    What we’ve gotten with the Trump presidency:
    • Wrecked economy
    • Greater globalism
    • Greater wealth inequality (greatest wealth transfer to the billionaire cartel EVER)
    • Greater power, control & wealth of the billionaire elite (The Trillionaire Man March continues on)
    • More completely failed healthcare (The federal government spent nearly $1.2 trillion on health care in fiscal year 2019. U.S. medical industry listed as the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the U.S. via preventable medical mistakes, aka malpractice)
    • Massive debt ($26.5 TRILLION, up from ~$17 trillion last year)
    • Explosive unemployment (Over 117 million Americans unemployed, up from ~101 million a year ago)
    • Massive budget deficit (Over $2.7 TRILLION, up from $0.7 trillion a year ago)
    • High taxes (tariffs)
    • Bigger & more powerful surveillance state (Big Tech thrives)
    • More corrupt & deeper Deep State
    • Growing authoritarianism
    • More national division
    • More war

    What we could expect with a Biden presidency:
    • Wrecked economy
    • Greater globalism
    • Greater wealth inequality
    • Greater power, control & wealth of the billionaire elite
    • More completely failed healthcare
    • Massive debt
    • Explosive unemployment
    • Massive budget deficit
    • High taxes
    • Bigger & more powerful surveillance state
    • More corrupt & deeper Deep State
    • Growing authoritarianism
    • More national division
    • More war


    • za ka lu says:

      ‘Once, this would have been obvious to the majority of Americans. Now, further pacified, further weakened, the majority are deep in hypnotic trance’.


    • Paul says:

      Very Interesting!

      It has been said “it doesn’t matter who you vote for…`cause the government still gets in.”

      By “government,” it doesn’t mean those portions that do serve, but rather those career bureaucrats that stay behind the scenes & propose, then write the actual legislation.

      I like to watch the Senate sometimes. I pay close attention when one of them is proposing the “wonderfulness” of some legislation. The Senator is clearly reading from a script, that he’s or she’s barely familiar with. But take a look at the “assistant” sitting just behind the “honourable” one.

      They’re “tracking along” with what’s being said rather intently.

      With that said, & in the present & short-term, I think Jon has got it right about the least worse.

      Just my opinion.

      Enjoyed your post.

    • Shelly says:


    • arjan says:

      You forgot 1 thing about Trump and made 1 mistake there:

      – Less human and child sex trafficking (forgotten)
      – Less wars

      • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

        He didn’t only forget these huge achievements and ignore many more; he also invented Trump for us: “His mind and soul stop at building golf courses and re-energizing Kodak so it can manufacture pharmaceuticals.” Sorry, but this is garbage slander worthy of haters like CNN and De Niro.

      • Zoey says:

        I have faith that Trump will put Kabash on vaccine once he’s re-elected & has ACB sworn in so that he has true majority in Supreme Court that he’ll need to fight against Obama judges who will resist his every move.

    • Les says:

      Thank you.
      Much food for -much!- thought!!!

    • saoirse says:

      Excellent analysis of what either corporate, Israel-loving clown has in store for us.

  2. Maria Missiroli says:

    Trump has always tried to dispel fear, but that’s not easy against a frightened population. What Trump did is saying “there are cures, so be not afraid”. If a leader said “this is a coup” that would be his end.

    Here in Italy, a title of today: “One in three is in favor of jail for not wearing a mask”.

    You had better know the enemy if you want to beat it.

    • Amanda says:

      Here in NJ (US) they are trying to criminalize failure to wear a mask. Here’s the urgent message Stand For Health Freedom sent me:

      ALERT: On Thursday, October 22, the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing bill S2814, which makes failure to wear a mask into a store with posted signage during the declared state of emergency by Governor Phil Murphy a criminal trespass offense.
      If passed, S2814 “shall take effect immediately and shall expire upon the expiration of the state of emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order 103 of 2020.” According the bill’s language, “a person commits a violation if that person is not properly wearing a mask which at a minimum simultaneously covers the nose and mouth.” The offense is punishable by up to 30 days imprisonment, a fine of $500 or both.

      The rest, with directions on how to register your opposition, is too long to post, so I posted it here:!!!!!&p=972610#post972610

      If anyone reading this is from NJ, please register your opposition to these tyrants. And if you know anyone SANE in NJ, please send this to them. Thanks!

      • Amanda says:

        fwiw- I just found out that they are not going to discuss Bill S2814 tomorrow–it was taken off the agenda. There was no explanation, so I don’t know if this was because there was so much opposition or they wanted to sneak it through some other way. I don’t trust these people (7 tyrannical democrats, 4 sane republicans on the judiciary committee). I worked all day yesterday on my letter–it’s really long, but I wanted to expose the entire fraud and not just the reasons why the shouldn’t criminalize the lack of a mask.

        Also, I got a message back from one of the Republican State Senators saying that he does NOT support the mask mandates, which made it overwhelmingly clear that what we are now voting on is freedom versus slavery and tyranny. It’s that simple. That’s what things have come to in this country. And it’s clear that the Republicans still care about freedom, and the Democrats cannot get enough of the tyranny.

      • Elaine M Overturff says:

        My dad was born and raised in New Jersey. We still have some family that lives there. I will never forget what my dad called New Jersey when we moved to Texas. he called it “the armpit of the USA.” I am sorry that you have to put up with that tyranny. Here in Texas, in my county we have a judge that does not believe in the mask mandate and has said he will not enforce it. Though many businesses have signs outside saying wear a mask. I refuse to comply and still walk in the store. I disagree with one of the repliers on this blog. Making a generalized statement that we are all told what and how to think is truly incorrect. I am a rational thinker and critical thinker. If someone, like the Governor of Texas mandating a mask, says that I have to do something it better not be a lie. Then that is when I have a real big problem.

    • Erika says:

      He is walking a tightrope here..because if he comes out and tells people straight up that the entire pandemic is a SHAM, he could lose the election over it..and then what he has been trying to do will go up in smoke as agenda 21 kicks into high gear, and the green new deal destroys the country.

      He has signaled that he KNOWS the pandemic is a fraud..he is hesitant to have to spend his time fighting on that front as well…fear is a powerful motivator, the left is completely unhinged and has been burning down cities and assaulting people (BLM and Antifa both bolshevik operations)
      Trump understands that their violence, which is still ongoing would escalate against the American people. We are witnessing a slo-mo Bolshevik revolution.

      Before Trump was even sworn in he had 28 assassination attempts on his life.The globalists of the Democratic (and Repub) party actually have attempted a COUP a couple of times..this is deadly serious.

      Trump s NOT a dictator. The federal government is supposed to protect citizen’s constitutional rights when the state abrogates them. They do that through the federal court system.

      He cannot force states to stop violating our rights, the courts have to decide that…many suits have been filed and are going up to appeal now.

      WE have to stand strong altogether against this onslaught of globalism. Poland and Hungary know the score.
      Stay strong in Italy my friend and God Bless!

      • Maria Missiroli says:

        Very well said, you are so right.
        God bless America!!!
        We are all counting on you over here.

      • D. Smith says:

        I believe you’re right about Trump knowing the score about the political motivations which go along with this faux pandemic. He doesn’t DARE say what he really believes about the vaxxines or the drugs from the largest drugmakers in the entire world. He has to walk softly and carry a big load until after the election. Then he can truly speak out about his feelings about all of this nonsense AND start carrying a BIG stick, as the saying goes.

        The problem arises if, God forbid, Trump should somehow be swindled out of the election – – and with the difference in the amount of people at the Trump rallies vs the Biden “rallies” or whatever you want to dub them, I think those polls are nothing but a lie. There’s just no way, judging by those crowds, that the dims could be “winning”. But the dimocraps OWN the media so they report what they’re told to report (except Tucker, who tells it like it is). He’s the only one I watch anymore.

        Thank God we only have 2 more weeks to go because I don’t think my nerves can take much more of this suspense. Sure, Trump ain’t perfect but he’s the BEST CHOICE we have, by far, at this point in time. He is playing the game strategically, I hope. If not, it doesn’t really matter who wins, does it?

        • wanda cassese says:

          I agree, I believe Trump knows. Scott Atlas knows! I heard Atlas use the phrase “crimes against humanity”…he knows! John Ioannidis and Michael Levitt were mentioned by Fuellmich and both are professors at Stanford University like Scott Atlas. If Trump or Atlas were to say this is a coup, who knows what might happen to either of them.

      • Paul says:

        “…Trump understands…”

        Interesting take on things.

        I HOPE you’re correct!

      • Sue says:

        You are RIGHT, Erika. It is so easy to criticize when you’re not the one swimming among a huge throng of sharks, and having to figure out a strategy every stroke of the way.

        It would be different if the audience was awake, but most of them have been brainwashed by the globalist media, and loving it.

        About 4-5 minutes into this video from China, one very compelling reason why the Dems are frantic to win this election is explained.

    • george says:

      freedom is gone forever. with 99% of population scared and stupid, there is no chance of it ever coming back.
      religion scam lasted for 6k years. this allowed a very easy control of the sheep. science scam can last at least as much

    • Zoey says:

      So true & if He waits for ACB to be sworn in he’ll have much better shot at getting support he’ll need from the Supreme Court when the Obama judges in lower courts resist him.

  3. Darina Laracy says:

    I was reading an article from a “socialist” candidate the other day.
    In that article this candidate criticized what has become a single-party state, identifying the vast similarities between the “GOP” and “Dems” (despite ignorant objections by the fanboys & fangirls of each party).

    He was correct in that assessment.

    And yet in the very same article he was promoting “progressive/socialists” Bernie Sanders & Ocasio-Cortez.

    I sent a reply highlighting the campaign contributions of both those candidates.

    Amongst their largest contributors?
    • Alphabet (Google)
    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Microsoft
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • US Army
    • AT&T
    • Facebook
    • IBM

    Then, looking deeper into the largest shareholders of these firms, one finds the same CARTEL of largest investment banks (whose largest shareholders/investors include the billionaire class, and other of the largest investment banks).

    So, not only do both the “left” and “right”, the “GOP” and “Dems” want you to believe they are “opponents”, despite being funded by the same Elite, but now even the fringe elements, like the “Libertarians” and “Progressives”, whom are also funded by the exact same Elite, want you to believe they exist as true alternatives.

    Modern history is proving the absolute effectiveness of really good propaganda.

    Even those proclaiming a knowledge and awareness of propaganda are falling into the exact same traps, completely unaware of their indoctrination by the completely corrupted system.

    Humans are absolutely lost these days.
    There are so few true Thinkers anymore.

    Just a bunch of mindless followers.

    • Arby says:

      Betrayal is a plague right now. I’ve never seen so much of it. I’m leftwing (and do not accept all leftwing positions and do accept some Conservative positions) and the self-identified leftists (especially WSWS) who I once looked to for information and guidance have shown their true color: black.

      All politics moves to the Right over time because the Right is resource-rich and, like a large body with more gravity, it pulls everything along with it. The Dems are rightwing Bear Cola and the Repubs are rightwing Snake Cola. The darkness deepens and spreads – in every direction, snuffing out even once genuine progressives and socialists as well as principled Conservatives. We – and that is ‘not’ all of us – are very in need of, not another gangster politician to save us, but for Armageddon.

      • Mindy Miller says:

        Indeed, we are. I have had all I can stand of this long-running Shit Show The Psychopaths, who literally are from Hell and who Sit on High, have set up for us and that anyone who was unfortunately born after Sept. 11, 2001, believes is supposed to be “a life”.

        This Betrayal Plague you speak of is a result of the people as usual following the actions of their so-called “leaders” all of whom are now bona fide Psychopaths hell-bent on enslaving ALL of the people, barking out ridiculous orders for us to “cover our noses and mouths” and stand 6 ft. away from one another to “stop the spread” of what they are touting as a “virus”, although no such virus does exist. Betrayal does not even begin to describe the type of war these inherently evil and sick MFs have waged against the people.

        It is obvious here and everywhere around us the people are still looking for some fearless allegedly human elected official to save them from the onslaught of absolute tyranny, full-on slavery, and complete death of freedom of anything coming our way.

        Unless and until we have some sort of real quick-like collective Mass Awakening throughout the USA and the entire World, we should all know this: things will not continue to just go on as usual. Things are going to get really really horribly awful for a whole lot of us before anything ever gets any better for any of us. Ready or not, Armageddon in some form or fashion is quickly approaching. I too am definitely amongst those who will welcome it with open arms. Cheers.

  4. Alan says:

    Perhaps a large factor for why people have turned into zombies is biological brain damage. Their brains have been impeded by a wide array of toxins and malnutrition.

    – water fluoridation
    – vaccine damage
    – sugar / refined carbs poisoning
    – food additives poisoning
    – fat / cholesterol deficient diet
    – processed food, sterile (dead) dairy
    – zine, potassium etc. deficiency
    – vitamin D, collagen etc. deficiency
    – EMF poisoning

    and so on. Added to the spiritual poisoning from school and media brainwashing, and we have zombies largely beyond salvation.

    • Cary says:

      Correct, except that cholesterol is not poison; cholesterol-lowering pharmaceuticals are. Our brains need cholesterol, and people with higher cholesterol tend to live longer than those with lower cholesterol.

      • D. Smith says:

        Alan’s post (above yours) Cary, says that we have “fat / cholesterol DEFICIENT diets. He’s certainly right about that . Processed dairy is horrible for people, but even in the rural state where I live we can no longer obtain raw milk, as of last summer. Our “legislators” at the state level did a fine job of screwing the pooch on that one. There were a couple of those politicians, in particular (one is now in WADC, I might add), who were so strenuously objecting to anyone getting REAL RAW DAIRY FOODS that they passed this “under the table”. BIGDAIRY, however, has no trouble because now they ULTRA pasteurize everything, as if just pasteurizing it didn’t kill it dead enough. Good God.

        So now Americans are left with manufactured foods and dangerously highly sprayed crops to use as foods. Believe me, at this rate, Whole Foods and the like won’t be in business for long, and that’s ok with me – – because they’ve managed to slit their own throats. The term organic also means nothing anymore. Even grass-fed beef isn’t what it used to be, because the grass is sprayed with crap every time a plane goes overhead.

        We live in the most disgusting society ever, so death, for whatever reason, is starting to look good. The politicians are behind it all, believe me.

        It’s funny because every ad on tv these days is about getting FREE STUFF GALORE from medicare, but they don’t want anyone to live long enough to ACTUALLY USE IT !!! What a deal.

        • Paul says:

          “…but they don’t want anyone to live long enough to ACTUALLY USE IT !!! What a deal.”

          Your Irony is Masterful!

          My wife has family (small dairy) in WI. You’re exactly correct about raw milk.

          It is hypothesized that ultra homogenisation (the physical breaking up of large [Nature-sized] fat drops, into smaller droplets) is one contributor toward arterial plaqueing.

    • george says:

      what? 99% were always zombie. how do you think religion lasted so long? the best explanation was made by monty python ‘you are all individuals’

    • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

      But how did you escape zombification?

    • Laura Hernandez says:

      You are 100% correct with your assessment.

  5. bleak says:

    That’s it. FREEDOM. Without it, there is nothing left worth living for. They took my freedom. I want it back. I would rather die than live without it. If WAR is what they want, WAR is what they’ll get. From me at least.

    “You must accept that you have been cattle and the ultimate consequence of being cattle — which is slavery — or you must prepare to fight, and if necessary die to preserve your God-given right to freedom.”
    ― William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, that’s how I feel too–this election is all about FREEDOM!! And even Dr. Scott Atlas tweeted that out too–to vote like your life depended on it!!

  6. Firestarter says:

    Has the second wave been planned all along for this election’s “October surprise” to make sure Donald is re-elected?

    Simply starting the “second wave” pandemic, followed by lockdown rules that will effectively make it nearly impossible for people to vote in overwhelming Democrat districts in the “swing states”.
    What could possibly go wrong?!?

    In line with Donald’s Executive Order – in a nice Orwellian twist – “protecting free speech” on online platforms…
    Facebook has already banned ads that the (coming) U.S. election was rigged:

    • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople says:

      Are Twitter, Google and Facebook doing Drumpf’s bidding regarding the New York Post’s expose of Hunter Biden? I wonder why he would order them, and the MSM, to prevent that story emerging, as it is so very, very damaging to his enemy. Weird.

  7. Diane DiFlorio says:

    A WHISTLEBLOWER from the liberal party of canada PMO’s office shared the roadmap / timeline for Canadians rollout of further draconia measures. This roadmap is very disturbing.

    • Arby says:

      I found much in that statement to be suspicious. If you are a believer, then why blow the whistle? And, I’m sorry, you joined a gang. If things are as scary and evil as you say (as though your gang isn’t okay with that), then do an Edward Snowden and tell us who you are. We want to question you and ask, for one thing, why you are embracing lies about covid 19.

      Others have reported on the apparent plans for concentration camps for resisters to fascist authorities’ abuse. Dan Dicks for example. Trudeau has all of the depth and integrity of a drop of water in a 400 degree oven.

    • Fenwick says:

      I saw that yesterday and found it profoundly disturbing. Three years ago I started planning my retirement which officially began in June. The joy I had anticipated accompanying my new freedom has been squelched with this fake pandemic and the future looks even more bleak with the threat of forced vaccinations, ever-increasing tyranny and restraints on liberty, and the looming “Great Reset” by the IMF. I try to be hopeful and optimistic but instead find myself psychologically paralyzed with the dread of what’s coming next.

      I would like to know what practical things we can do to change the world back to the way it was before the plandemic. Without joy, life is just existence.

      • Paul says:

        “I try to be hopeful and optimistic but instead find myself psychologically paralyzed…”

        The easiest thing to offer, is advice.

        So… it’s difficult.

        However, Insight, usually, has The Power, to overcome paralyzing emotion.

        I know it’s all-too-easy to say.

        Just think about it.

        Your clarity of Mind, should get you through.

        Trust yourself.

  8. Jim Moses says:

    …..while I do not PRETEND to be THE biggest Trump fan, it’s VITALLY important to understand that he’s running a MASSIVE long con on MULTIPLE culprits, Jon (and as you YOURSELF have acknowledged, our BEST chance for preventing a technocratically-DIRECTED life truly worse than DEATH)- I liken his underwriting of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to feeding a CANCER which DOESN’T then, in turn, feed on millions MORE innocent victims of their PATENTLY bad science (as since REVEALED this past year more than EVER before…..)

  9. Sean says:

    Freedom to be free. Thanks NoMoreFakeNews. Great stuff. Paine nails it. His words seem alive.

    • Arby says:

      His words are weapons and he was just another Obama.

    • Paul says:

      “The harder the conflict,
      the more glorious the triumph.

      Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must,
      like men,
      undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

      The world is my country,
      all mankind are my brethren,
      and to do good is my religion.

      ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm,
      and whose conscience approves his conduct,
      will pursue his principles unto death.

      My country is the world,
      and my religion is to do good.”

      INDEED Sean.

  10. Low Voltage says:

    Listen up, folks. The Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex have resurrected the ghost of Oliver Cromwell to torment you during the coming economic depression that they have been planning for decades. You’re going to be so miserable, you won’t even want to question who did this to you. Everything that made life worth living will be verboten.

  11. Erika says:

    Interestingly my browser has just started flagging Jon’s site and warned against continuing…how nice.

    Our overlords don’t like you Jon.

    I have had a gutful of these overseers and meddlers…the federal and state governments are bloated with leaches and parasites and need a detox- i estimate a full 70% of the executive branch needs to go.Shut down the CIA, NSA, shut down the “Education” Department with their social engineering BS..shut down the lying sack of cack CDC, FDA..we need a huge purge if the patient is going to survive and not become a part of this AGENDA 21 PANTOPTICON.

  12. Kerry says:

    What’s going on is nothing new, it’s just much more obvious. What people DO…reveals what they are capable of and that’s it. “Hope” is a four letter word for losers. Sorry, but that’s how this has played out.

    Currently the hidden hand that controls the so called Deep State is using the bedrock of HOPE: things will return to normal, will get better…AFTER we finish this pandemic.

    We can observe the change in America alone, the decades of generational change that has been guided by Big Education, enforced by Big Business through the extortion of being fired.

    We can track the money and organizations of who funded the above change, including the so called Feminist Movement, and the 60s “check out and get high” movement.

    Yes Dorothy, these are big, complex conspiracies which is a label for business goals, planning, and project management. Only a fool believes otherwise, and we have no shortage of them.

    Trump changed his tune. Initially he said the virus was another Dem hoax and was smack on the money. He and Sean Hannity of Fox News said the same thing…and both changed their tune after being TOLD to change.

    The main war has been the one on the psyche, and the sources of these evil planners are not from any country, but from orgs of old. Very, very few people research this because–pick a reason, but I believe it has to do with DENIAL that such evil people exist and these old groups are older than America itself. (only the naive believe that old powerful groups die out).

    So you have nations (America, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc) who through generational indoctrination via Big Education, Hollywood, the News…have masses of people who can’t put things together and have no balls. They’re not heroic, the term in psychological terms is Feminized, and is not sexual, but of spirit. there is next to no masculine energy left in the spirit which has atrophied into a false self, a pseudo self that is clambering for a meaningful life and has latched onto the false meaning out there: “causes” provided for them by the same groups who feminized them.

    Even now, most will blow off what I wrote because…”they know better” and are self entitled in that they don’t HAVE TO…learn. Such self imposed ignorance seals the fate.

    Brothers and Sisters, we are going DOWN.

    Michael Tsarion is one of the very few researchers that will at least show you who these evil groups are.

    • Paul says:

      “the sources of these evil planners are not from any country, but from orgs of old.”

      I do agree.

      But…if Truth needs anything, especially right now, it’s for people like YOU!, informed & strong, to hang tough.

      Weather the Storm.

      Roses will replace the thorns.


    • hayden says:

      I actually would love to go to war against these people, sometimes i wish it was the old times still as we all could make an army and sort each other out a good old fight,. War is needed it acts as a state of preservation of ones way of life weather the ideology’s are good or bad.

      To die for freedom …..”I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knee(zapata)”

      [Verse One]
      For more justice
      Amazonia burns
      Can you hear them

      I’ll fight
      To save another day
      So join us
      And we’ll make them leave this land

      To kill how we feel
      If we stop them it’ll be worth dying for

      When you go down
      When you go down motherf##ker
      When you go down
      When you go down fighting
      When you go down
      When you go down motherf##ker
      When you go down
      When you go down fighting

      Ahhh nothing like Brazilian heavy metal

      • Paul says:

        “I actually would love to go to war against these people…”

        Your Spirit is Admirable!

        There is something to be said for noble ferocity.

        But stay cool.
        The new war may be one of Mind.

        For You & Zapata both.


    • Piksil says:


      Agree big time. We have been going down for a long time. And not just since 9/11 either. >100 years. >200 years. Seems that most of what we’ve been told is a lie, or at least a mis-direction.

      “Michael Tsarion is one of the very few researchers that will at least show you who these evil groups are.”

      Thank you for that. Thank you for the (so far) 4 day rabbit hole! Just starting to read some of his articles, then some on Ralph Ellis, then back to MT, which I’m sure will lead to other (re)sources.

      Back to it again.

  13. Tim says:

    Germ theory is more than 100 years old,, many people with perceived conflict of interest that binds them to it and closes their mind to revelation of the falseness and futility of it.

    I believed in it to some degree before this hoax, I have never been particularly worried about “catching” some desease, but I believed in the possibility.
    EVERYTHING is a perception in this world. Everything is a PROJECTION in this world. Sourced from mind. The material and everything perceived is effect, not cause. So, the world can be ANYTHING, depending on the dominant system of belief or ideas operating within the mind.
    “They” are hijacking our Creativity.

    They are the synogogue of satan. Ego dominated supremacist deniers of Truth. Attempting to keep us from REMEMBERING what we are and what “GOD” IS, they attempt to substitute and fabricate a false “oneness” devoid of Spirit.
    The truth is,, I’m not in the body, the body is in my mind. I’m not in the world, the world is in my mind.
    “They” are in my mind too. “They” are a part of me. What they represent is a part of me that has become immersed in untruth, taken over by illusion and disconnected from Source.

    This whole virus thing can be a metaphore for what is going on within our, or my mind. The lies within in conflict with The Truth within.
    Truth wins. There never really was any Reality in conflict with Truth. IT IS, WHAT IS. Anything else is fantasy, dream, hallucination…
    If that is seen as restrictive or enslaving(lucifer), sorry, that’s not the intention, and therefore absolutely not the Truth about it.
    Enslavement and restriction(and death) only only *seem* to happen in fantasies,, NOT REALITY.
    “They” most definitely do not want people to doubt the “Divine Creation” of this world( heretic, blasphemer!). This is egoWorld. Miscreation abounds.
    My GOD DID NOT “CREATE” IT, IT has a presence here, and the purpose is escape, awaken, remember.
    TOOL: Pneuma

    • Paul says:

      “They are the synogogue of satan.”

      “Whittle a man at his feet,
      Make him feel incomplete.”

      ~ The Great Un
      (recited at a Black Mass)

  14. Paul says:

    “They’re [Biden/Trump] willing to assault the Constitutional and natural freedoms of every American.”
    “…because freedom and liberty are the enduring foundations of life.”

    for you Endless Enduring VOICE…

    “The human race was dyin` out
    No on left to scream & shout…”

    ~ Jim Morrison (Ship of Fools)

  15. Larry C says:

    In parts of Brooklyn and Queens, a 500% INCREASE in soup kitchen food requests:

  16. BDBinc says:

    Yes its an unbelievable media show battle between 2 banking cabal tools/candidates. On a positive note this obscene media farce -the election process 2020- clearly exposes the crumbled democracy dogma .
    We cannot select out just banking cabal’s men Trump/Gates or F they are Rockefeller’s front men.
    People were asleep, afraid and so believed they became infected with covid the 100% mental virus, a thought form.
    Most people still are in the grip of the collective hive/egomind.
    It is important to have an inner revolution, to be free from the limitations of the conditioned mind so that clarity and wisdom( our birthright as human beings) can appear.
    This will change our reality.

  17. M says:

    “… the majority are deep in hypnotic trance.”

    In 2007 when it was announced Obama won I was in Chicago driving on Clark. Bar and restaurant goers poured out into the streets, staring up at the sky, mouths gaping open. It was stranger than the Cult of the Mask going on right now but at least they weren’t demanding I get out of my car and blindly walk into the road staring up at the sky with my mouth open. A buddy saw the same thing going on downtown.

    • Paul says:

      Nice Observation!

      “… the majority are deep in hypnotic trance.”

      Is it my Imagination or is one of the guys runnin` for Prez truly cognitively compromised?

      I mean…really!

    • zydane says:

      Sort of like the brief period they had citizens clapping like seals for our “heroes on the front line” every night. That was a bizarre spectacle.

  18. ReluctantWarrior says:

    We are living through the end of one age and the beginning of a new one. This is the source of much of the disruption that we are experiencing today. With Trump we will only manage to stave off this change a little while longer. We tend to gravitate to the familiar but the status quo holds no answers to our extreme existential crisis and our feelings of alienation from the world. The material age is over. It is more than just our addiction to having things it is our entire belief in and objective reality outside ourselves that has caused our dilemma today. We now enter the age of what I call quantum enchantment. The world is not separate from us. ‘It is the human perception that makes the world a gift’ so says Robin Wall Kimmerer in her book “Braiding Sweetgrass.’ You might even say, based on the science of quantum physics, that It is human perception that makes the world. ‘We live in a world of being” says Kimmerer, “with unseen energies that animate everything.” For many centuries the Newtonian/Cartesian paradigm has been the basis of our agreed collective agreed upon reality. It is a belief in a mechanical universe made of things that are real and made of solid matter. A world devoid of enchantment where we are to dominate nature. The new paradigm changes all this and brings us into accord with nature as co-creators of the world we see. The beauty of a struggling rose above a whorl of thorns touches us because it is a reflection of our budding soul, the blossom of our being coming to be amidst the thorns of our suffering. It should be noted that the world we experience, the world we see, the world we feel is not even there unless brains are present for it to cohere through. Otherwise the universe is simply a huge arena of quantum vibrations playing an unfinished symphony.

  19. Tony Catania says:

    I don’t agree with that assessment. I usually agree with just about everything I read here but not that. Trump was surrounded by the complicit agenda and NO ONE had the “balls” to confront Fauci. He saved lives, or else it would’ve been worse whatever this “aerial dispersion agent” spread globally was.. it was something but not a “virus”. And what of that Chinese chick that claims to have worked in the wuhan lab who fled here and spoke out… ? And what are we gonna do? Be coerced by idiots to vote democrat? no way. THAT to me is the worst part of this. One thing you are 100% correct with and the science that dared to comment was and is the science was NEVER done to a reasonable account on anyone. The PCR test is looking for DNA, RNA to see if people are human… if thats true, what the hell is THAT about ? Oh and one more thing, the state governments are the cause for the prolonged lockdowns and economic devastation which by law allowed them to use this against the people for political accusations. State autonomy has been used against Trump and the people to keep things screwed up. We need to break free from that oppression. Blue states are prolonging the problem. Fact !! Thank you.

  20. Arby says:

    My side promotes Thomas Paine again. ‘Virus’ is a concept and a hoax. The ‘heroic’ Thomas Paine is a concept and a hoax. 🙁

    “Thomas Paine Was Not A Hero” /

    • D. Smith says:

      @ Arby: I’m not taking sides here on this Thomas Paine issue, but the truth of the matter is that you can find ANYTHING you want to look for online. If you want to believe he was a good guy, you only read the good stuff. If you want to believe he’s not a good guy then you look for the stuff that’s not so good.

      Not much of the ONLINE WORLD is true reality. How could it be?? You just hafta pick and side and stick to it.

  21. Kia Kaha says:

    It’s quite the phenomenon to watch adults work out how to share and how long it takes them to learn what we teach to 2 year olds…

    then what makes them forget the simplicity of the lesson.

    So much of our lifetime trip to Earth gets wasted in the unnecessary.

  22. Interesting how they keep diluting the presidency, distilling it down to lesser and lesser substances.

    Johnson, then to Nixon, Ford, then a peanut guy and then Reagan a Hollywood actor with his better half screeching like a banshee, “Just say NO!”. Then he got Alzheimer’s and we noticed something…

    And then when we thought it could not fall further! The CIA took over with ‘BUSH the Elder’ and that fell to Clinton the “I did not have sex with that woman.” And then of all people a cartoon character, Yosemite Sam made it to the Whitehouse.

    Then a black man, not a great black man but a twit with big ears and a creepy running mate who likes to sniff hair and won’t go away.

    And now Trump who fought it out with the wicked witch of the west and needed Cambridge Analytica to kick her ass.

    What is the lesser evil between Trump and Biden? How much more diluted can it get than an Alzheimered old twit and a cardboard cutout? What’s…what’s worse than Joe Biden.

    Mrs. fuckin Biden?…””Hunter did nothing wrong. And that’s the bottom line.”…”so there”…*big raspberry*

    I predict that the next election — after this one — if the country isn’t burned down by then…California I’m sure will be a smoking pile of ashes and a long-awaited earthquake will allow it to slip quietly into the sunset of the Pacific.

    That lesser, Jill Biden! Will be running for the office of President of the United States of America against Ronald MacDonald and Wendy the little red-headed pig-tailed girl with the freckles…oh, and Jill’s running mate will be a totally rebranded Madonna.

    “like a virgin… running for the very first time…like a vir-er-er-er,errr-gin. Running for the very first time.”

    Hook or by crook, the big vegas money is on a woman in the Whitehouse by 2025, in fact, the odds are 1: 1.00000000007.

  23. Steven says:

    It could have been worse if crooked Hillary was up for re-election.

    As for mandatory mask wearing? I choose to resist based on principle. Although some stores in my city allow for an exemption due to underlying medical conditions, most will tell you it’s Governors otders so just obey and we won’t get in trouble.

    In the last three months I’ve only had one run-in with a store manager for not wearing a mask. When asked why I wasn’t wearing a mask oh, I simply replied….
    “I’m a vet with PTSD…AND homicidal tendencies…Anymore questions?

  24. Tim says:

    Thomas Paine was mistaken about Christ.
    Deists believe this is a Divinely Created world. They believe it is representative of the qualities and attributes of “GOD”. The god they’re believing in is an imposter, a liar, a predator and a parasite. And they and other ignorant ones within this collective give power over to that thing by their belief,, which makes it more difficult to break free from it (matrix). The “yin-yang” is another one. 2-faced insane “god”. Fake.

    It’s all an ego deception. The ego is satan. Anti-Christ. ( people don’t like to hear that, that they’ve got their own little pipsqueak anti-Christ following them around everywhere.. giving them all sorts of insane ideas and suggestions.)

    The predators and parasites at the top of the world corporate pyramid are operating in alignment with the nature of this world, and therefore are doing the bidding of the false-god that the collective supports.

    They confuse cause with effect.
    They believe that what their 5 senses perceive and experience is proof that what they believe is true and real. They don’t understand that “believing is seeing”, not the other way around.

    This world is an insane asylum. And yes, it it quarantined off from the Greater Infinite Reality– the quarantine is effective only against unTruth. The Truth can come in,, and leave, but the lies are what imprisons the unbelievers of Truth. Until they accept WHAT IS AND EVER SHALL BE.

    The Truth is unstoppable. And NEVER fails.

    But we can drag it out though,, IT dosn’t force itself on anyone… that’s not IT’S Nature…Infinite patience yeilds immediate results…

  25. Marius says:

    Thanks for the article, as usual high quality, your articles about vaccines and covid has been very helpful. Yesterdays about “Trump must win” was an exception though, imo.

    Look at the 2 candidates, a bad joke?, probably the idea anyway or is it an idea from another place/dimension.. (not hierarchical).. so in your face bad I mean, to provoke, to help a change.. It seems it requires more and more ignorance to keep participating.. Well, from a spiritually evolutionary standpoint (not darwin or religion) I think it is self-destructive to participate in a self-destructive concept, which politics and covid is because, among other things, it only serves the status quo or worse. New concepts need to emerge, which requires different thinking/perceptions.

    The old thinking: Hang on to hope, f.example, hope for a better future, the programming of hoping something external will save us (Trump/”health-experts”) is a real challenge to let go of obviously.

    My opinion is that “hope-programming” is one of the biggest reasons people still (after overwhelming evidence through hundreds of years it is futile) believe in governments/choose to participate in politics (“vote”). Hope is also very often attached to something external/something outside one’s control.

    The new thinking: Spiritual and emotionally individual responsibility, meditation. Can f.example be: The now matters, not hope (external), people see themselves truly, honestly interact physical/non-physical about what they really think about/what matters, take responsibility on an individual level, for their own existence in the now, and act accordingly. If achieved, it would not be possible to participate in today’s politics because it would not exist or “covid19” for that matter.

    In other words, in a low vibrational world/less intelligent/less spiritually evolved world, today’s politics/governments make sense. A higher spiritually evolved being would challenge oneself and create something new.

    My opinions in the moment

  26. hhi says:

    What did the bacteria say to the virus ?

    Get a life !

  27. Janet Rocha says:

    The left /right paradigm is a distraction from the real source of our problems which are the legalization of usury with the Protestant reformation and the privatization of the issue of the currency with the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694.
    On the same day they established the Bank of England, they instituted limited democracy so that the citizens could not renege the debts contracted in their name by a representative government with private bankers who conjured money out of thin air under the fractional reserve system.
    Citizens became mere collateral for debt.
    They also instituted income tax so that the government always had the money to pay back the debts with interest. Citizens vote for their slavery to a debt based financial system.
    Every single war and revolution since then has been to impose this nefarious system on the rest of the world under the cynical guise of promoting democracy .
    For Catholics and Muslims usury is a sin. It is no coincidence that after 9/11 the only two countries left in in the Middle East without a Rothschilds controlled central bank are Syria and Iran.

    • Paul says:

      There is a DVD titled ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM. It explains the money system (similar to what you state).

      I find study of the monetary system somewhat challenging, & so a DVD allows rewind & re-study.

      And for those spiritually-inclined, Krishnamurti is shown delivering a rare, opening & closing speech, in his inimitable way.

      This day’s (10-21-20) particular posts, I’ve found most interesting & rewarding, exceptional, even for Jon’s site.


      Don’t give up the Ghost now!

      Keep The Faith y’all.

      Jon’s 82 & he’s still pumping this stuff out. And so can YOU.

  28. Elaine M Overturff says:

    This fakedemic was concocted by some really inept people. The virus supposedly is suppose to be a virus we have never seen. They do not know the genetic makeup of this virus. I really feel that this respiratory virus has been here in the USA before. The reason I believe this is the survival rate. As for Trump, I think he is playing a very dangerous game with unscrupulous people. I just hope that this emergency is called off.

  29. Big Al says:

    Trump vs Clinton was no choice, and Trump vs Biden isn’t either. Trump is an idiot conman, nothing more. He’s ignorant and flies from the seat of his designer pants. He’s not our savior. Until we change this system via some sort of revolution or citizen revolt, this is what we get. It might get dressed prettier than Trump, but it’s only getting worse.
    I understand your rationale Jon, but I tend to side with Biden in that pretty much all things being equal, Trump will prevent any sort of uniting against the ruling class because of his divisiveness and racism. I think that will (continue) to make things worse for most of us. With Biden, I think we have a better chance at the right and big parts of the left uniting together against our common enemy, the rich and powerful that control us all. Probably a reach, but no more so than saying Trump should remain in there because of the lockdown. I wonder what percentage of the people are voting one party or the other primarily because they simply don’t like the other party, or rather how the other party is portrayed to them? It’s all reached a point of absurdity that needs to end. I’m amazed at the lack of focus from those of us that aren’t totally subsumed by the propaganda and illusions on the political system and the constitution itself. Humans will always be humans.

    • Lyn P says:

      Very odd “understanding” of Biden. He is a TOOL, and empty shell, a vessel for the accelerated entry into and conversion of the U.S. to the Communist-Fascist State. BY the rich and powerful, BTW.

      Division is not going anywhere but UP in any case, but Biden wreaks of tyranny and would be there only long enough to channel it further. And I’m no cheerleader of the Donald.

  30. hayden says:


    The new complaint, filed in the federal court in Manhattan, restates plaintiff Jane Doe’s claims of the earlier lawsuit. Namely, that she was lured by a recruiter to summer parties hosted by co-defendant Jeffrey Epstein at an Upper East Side mansion on East 71st St., tied to a bed and forcibly raped by Trump

  31. paul munfort says:

    The facemask has become a security blanket.

    Human personal insecurities and degradations have reached a peak, and in times of insecurity people often turn to comfort items.

    The facemask has become one of those comfort items.

    The only real protection they’re providing is psychological protection.

    • Lyn P says:

      Which of course is FAKE. Causing real-time oxygen deprivation and possibly long-term brain damage is protection from nothing except your own human worth.

  32. alex rabbitout says:

    A massive increase in death tolls from the supposed “covid-19”?

    Are we sure of that?

    Sweden is one of the few countries I’ve found that keeps a detailed, and regularly updated, to-date, yearly death toll, from all causes.

    As of Oct 5, 2020, total deaths in Sweden, from all causes, currently sits at 71,647.

    The 10-year, yearly average is ~90,500 deaths per year, from all causes.

    Thus, given it’s now October, Sweden is on-track for a normal, average number of deaths this year, despite the supposed “pandemic”.

    What, did people stop dying of other causes, in direct proportion to supposed “covid-19” deaths?

    Where did all the extra deaths go?

    Why is no one talking about this?

  33. ken says:

    Choosing between Trump and Biden is equivalent to choosing to die by fire or drowning.

    I choose neither. The whole country reeks of cowards and corruption.

    If there is any way to save it— which I doubt — it sure as hell won’t be by an election.

    Think not? Wait until next year when things just get worse and then ponder why you wasted your time voting.

  34. Bubba says:

    “They can no longer think for themselves.”

    They have never thought for themselves!

    “His mind and soul stop at building golf courses and re-energizing Kodak so it can manufacture pharmaceuticals.”

    He is a dealer!
    He cut a deal with pharma and faked a covid!

    “covid” is possible because of the long history of humans not thinking or caring!
    Chickens coming home to roost!

  35. Ed Movius says:

    Freedom is at the core of the values we love about America.
    I’m sure that many reading Jon’s blog and Jon himself may not know that a U.S. Citizen is not an American. A U.S. Citizen is a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and as such you do not have any Constitutional rights or guarantees. You are subject to British Equity law, which means the judges take what they want and share the loot with the Crown.

    The same applies to citizens of the United States, except you are considered a Civil Servant and under the Papist Municipal government jurisdiction and do not have any constitutional rights or guarantees.

    The lies and the fraud have been ongoing since 1861 and have been revealed by a group of dedicated scholars and researchers called the living law firm of which Anna Von Reitz is the voice.

    If you were born in the USA or one of your parents were born here, you can reclaim your birthright status as an American State National or an American State Citizen and enjoy your constitutional guarantees again.

    The only caveat is that we will have to self govern. We are responsible for upholding the public law and for upholding our constitutional guarantees. No one else can or will do it for us.

    In that process of self governance, we will take the steps to hold the rogue corporations accountable for their actions. Take a moment and think about that. Imagine disgorging the likes of Monsanto/Bayer, and the entire pharmaceutical industrial medical complex.

    The road maps to all that I mentioned previously has been spelled out on 1 website:

    Once Jon does his due diligence in this regard, I’m confident he will join the effort and you’ll be reading about it directly.

    I hope you all do the same. It is the only way we the people can truly be free again.

  36. Bubba says:

    For the morons who vote, here are your “representatives” hard at work for your benefit:

    “Today’s hearing is expected to include discussion of the draft proposal, released last month by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, which would overturn current restrictions on patenting products and processes that occur in nature, including human genes.”

    “Called cDNA – the “c” stands for “complementary” – it is essentially an edited form of a gene, with extraneous stretches excised. This DNA is patent eligible, the court said, because it is not naturally occurring, unlike isolated DNA simply extracted from a human body.”
    Translation: If it’s done inside the body, as Gates and others want with a vaccine, the whole body is patentable!

  37. Sid says:

    In New Zealand we’ve just had our 3 yearly government elections last Saturday. Needless to say the commie (Jacinda) from the red party (Labour) scooped the pool.
    Our country has become a brain dead leftist former free land.
    I feel sorry for the citizens of the USA.
    They have two options to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. A.I.D.S or Ebola.
    Both candidates are totally corrupt.
    Goodbye Western World. It was good while it lasted.

    • Jomsvikings says:

      @ Sid,

      I regulary debate some mainstream scientists on another discussion forum and they always bring up the New Zealand model for having a very limited number of deaths and being proactive with hard lockdowns as soon as there’s even the slightest hint of an outbreak.

      The stats do bear this out with very few deaths – so what happened there? Did your government didn’t need to created phony deaths to scare the people and just went with a hard lockdown to impress on the people who’s in control?

      This is one area where the mainstream scientists in the States get to me. They invariably point out the low death rate in NZ, S. Korea, Vietnam & Japan and posture that if this is a “Global Elite/Medical Cartel” organized movement to create an artificial pandemic why aren’t those countries showing more deaths to parallel the high deaths rate in the U.S., Europe & South America.

      It’s tough at times debating these pretentious mainstream scientists because they do get me backed into a corner with the huge inconsistencies of the death rates worldwide.

      FWIW, a friend of mine who’s into the “created in a lab” theory says two different strains were released; a very potent strain to the U.S. & Europe and a very mild less virulent one to the Asian countries and Australia & NZ.

      I’m not saying I believe the “created in a lab” theory, but the inconsistencies with the death rates of Asia vs U.S./Europe is very problematic.

      Any thoughts anyone?

      • eceres says:

        It’s not difficult to assert premises of possible faulted testing data, either for purpose of profit or for steering agendas. Cases may be skewed by use of faulted testing such as use of PCR or other type tests which may skew claimed positive cases that are actually false positives. With those two factors, supposed differences between supposed rates in Asia vs US/Europe, case numbers can be skewed, or otherwise simply made up to suit purposes, such as by citing fewer cases in China, propagandists here may use to point to i.e. “see how masks and immediate lockdown and contract tracing worked” such as to push surveillance. The argument falls apart though if people also look at Sweden, no lockdowns and few cases, though now despite many months of being a counter example, they’re making claim of more cases in Sweden, which could simply be due the same factors. Finally, back to China, the difference may also be per timing, of there being supposed more cases, then less cases, as to claim success by totalitarian measures, though in fact there were also question of significant false positives there – which when questioned as noted in this pre-pub paper, the paper was then withdrawn.

  38. you said it, all of ya! couldn’t’ve-said-it-better-myself!!

  39. oops, wrong, big al, not you~

  40. Phil says:

    There are limits to what Trump can do, and say. The massive propaganda for COVID was too much for him to handle from his Twitter account. He would have lost too many normies, and most likely the election. He did signal to us though, which is cool. We have to keep doing our job. Once we have awakened enough normies, he can join in. To be honest, 6 months ago, I had no idea that vaccines caused autism, and that viruses do not cause illnesses. Had Trump tweeted that in March, he would have lost me.

    Additionally, we don’t know everything yet. Perhaps the purported slaughter of millions was supposed to happen – through other means. Toxic agents, direct energy weapons, who knows? Following this speculative narrative, Trump has averted the worst and is now playing the long game. He’s letting the Deep State dig its own grave. The media is stuck playing us the hand they had for an actual two million dead, except the deaths didn’t occur. Let us be patient; acknowledge that the alternative is worse; and most importantly, organize locally. Do not count on Trump, but let him be a bonus.

  41. Mac says:

    ‘ Natural disaster, health disaster there is no situation that excuses present or future lockdowns.’ – Is core yet some don’t see. The claim -virus therefore lockdown, debases ability to associate friends or partners, and which dictate is not viable, also not consitutional, if one subscribes to the concept. The constitution has amounted to govt/state claiming as basis for existing, the same time now denying the first and fourth amendments (hate speech laws soon to include no speech against govt, fourth, police, swat, dhs hundred mile constitution-free zone etc). As to claim of protecting by lockdown, if a person has fear they can wear mask or lock themselves away. This fact negates claim of govt/state protecting, as people do those things themselves if they choose. To dictate that no one can go anywhere, so fearful people feel good sitting at home, doesn’t protect anyone, it is crazy. In this age of weapons squatting in home or wearing a mask does not protect from disease, therefore there is no logic to the claim. To deny ability to feed or defend ourselves or territory the way we choose, dictating people away from ability as claim of protection, is a sum zero argument, and this would still be true even if many were grossly affected by whatever external means. Anyway the “I’m a Spirit” was neat creative Jon, where freedom begins.

  42. BDBinc says:

    The crumbled democracy dogma.
    Two candidates( you would not trust to look after your kids) are presented to you by govt ( media) to be what is a facade( media spokesman) for the corporation of the USA.
    This year was blindingly obvious that there is no such thing as rule by the people( democracy) in politics.

  43. Laura says:

    Wow, things have changed since I last read here, Jon. You now want Trump to openly talk like an anti-vaxxer and covid denier, and not lose massively to Joe Biden? At least you stated that Trump needs to win the election if there is to be ANY hope for us all. Yet your advice to him would truly ruin his chances. You need to understand what most voters are in this country: medicine (“science”) worshiping dupes who think “healthcare” (sickness maintenance) means HEALTH. Regardless of any facts. Same way they largely distrust the mainsleaze media due to their glaring corruptness, but still watch, listen and obey.
    Vote Trump, everyone, he’s the only thing standing between us and our becoming the USA-PoC (property of China). He’s not perfect, but since when has there been a perfect political office holder? We promote and vote for the best we’ve got to protect our freedoms, and he is it.

  44. za ka lu says:

    it has become obvious to me from my own research that viruses in general do not exist. There is no evidence supporting or proving any virus has ever existed at all–

    a concocted false narrative to go along with the rest of the false narrative we are taught by the malicious usurping controller.

    End compliance, there is no valid agreement.

    the only way to win is not to play.

    claim your estate, send notice to sec of state where you live, and to sec of state of state issuing cert of live birth. (for U.S., find similar gov’t branches of gov’t in country where you live)

    Regain status as beneficiary, correctly returning STATE/State back to its proper persona as trustee.

  45. jcdenton says:

    With respect, I honestly don’t think Jon is fully informed on DJT ..

    My sources inform that DJT is fully aware of the fake virus/pandemic .

    He must play to a certain narrative to the masses ..

    In similar fashion as RWR had to play double-agent to GHWB/Cheney ..

    So does DJT ..

  46. Mae says:

    So let’s focus on the unelected officials that’ve been in control ever since the US veered off the tracks in the 1980’s. People like Fauci. Dr. Peter Breggin has done some deep research on this cretin.

    Fauci’s Pandemic: How He Caused It and Uses It.

    • Kjell Holmsten says:

      I do not agree with this doctor at all, just another doorman, unfortunately. It is important to pay attention to them when talking about laboratory manufactured viruses? However, there is nothing to say that there have been laboratories involved in biological weapons that have been and are something other than the scam – Virus.
      If this is not explained then I will stop listening. Have you not learned anything from JR? Thank you Jon for opening my eyes.

  47. Terri says:

    I agree absolutely. I have a small hope that Trump is playing along until after the election to start telling us the truth and fixing things. But it’s probably a pipe dream.

    The only way to get freedom now is to STOP the media barrage of lies and for the People to find their backbones, stay out of fear and quit playing along with the Scamdemic. But I don’t see that happening either. I seem to be the only one in a store acting normally, without a mask. 🙁

  48. June says:

    Trump is not a fraud. He did what he did for a reason, which is too deep to go into here. Remember, Trump is fighting against the “Deep State” for the people. There is strategy involved and sometimes misinformation for the better good. All will be disclosed in due time. I appreciate your article, but it is quite clear that you are not in the loop about everything that President Trump is doing or what he is accomplishing.

    • Theo says:

      trust the plan?

      were all the mom&pop businesses going out of business, and all the people that were heavily sedated — so as to not gag on the tube stuck down their throats — called intubation — also known as ‘ventilators’, and, all the old people in the nursing homes, and the increase in suicides,… were they Trump’s ‘pawn sacrifices’ in this high-tech 21st century world-war-5?

      WW3 — cold war, 1945-1993
      WW4 — proto-information war, 1993-2015
      WW5 — medical dictatorship war, 2015-

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