Why Trump must win the election

The only thing worse than Trump is Biden

by Jon Rappoport

October 20, 2020

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I’m not talking about the breaking Hunter Biden scandal. I’m talking about the response to the fake pandemic.

Trump bought the big lie: a computer projection claiming 2 million COVID deaths would occur in the US. This Neil Ferguson projection was funded by Bill Gates. It was nothing more than a scare tactic DESIGNED to convince national leaders to declare states of emergency and lock down their countries.

Trump fell for it (see also here). He issued the US state of emergency. He set the tone. He praised the upcoming vaccine, as if it were a new championship golf course. He vowed to use the military to inject Americans with the shot.

He presided over the massive hit to the national economy, the very cornerstone (“make America great again”) of his pitch and promise to voters.

He refused to assert, uncompromisingly, that COVID was nothing more than a severe season of flu-like illness, and we would live through it, as we always have.

So what could possibly be worse than that? Who could be worse than Trump?


I have explained why before, but it bears repeating.

Trump left the door open for US governors to devise their own “virus-containment” policies. Of course, this was no picnic, because all but a few governors are criminals. They deserve to be imprisoned for their COVID actions. Nevertheless…

This is better than what Biden is promising and fronting for: an overall coordinated national plan, mandated from the federal level, to “contain the virus.”

Biden represents a fascist scheme that would, if enacted, override the states and set up a dictatorship, the likes of which has never been seen on US soil.

Mandatory mask wearing for all citizens. National lockdowns declared at the whim of the White House. A vaccine federally mandated.

With Trump, you get glints of light; with Biden, you just get darkness.

In a half-sane country, neither Trump nor Biden would be the next president. But our political leaders have made sure we aren’t living in a half-sane country. It’s not even close.

Trump brought in Dr. Scott Atlas as a presidential coronavirus advisor. Atlas understands the whole public policy designed to “control the pandemic” is sheer madness. He has made this point several times, despite overwhelming opposition and attacks from the medical establishment and the press.

With Biden, there would be no Scott Atlas. Some Darth Vader would replace him.

If America were a sinking boat, Trump would say, “Guess what? I’ve just discovered we’re carrying a million tons of bubble gum. We can use it to patch the holes in the hull.” Biden would say, “I promise you there is a new undersea kingdom all laid out for us, as we take on more water and drop below the waves. Join me in establishing an aquamarine era…”

For the longest time, it’s seemed the choice between presidential candidates has been insignificant, because both sides are corrupt beyond the telling of it. Both parties represent the same force bent on escalating federal power over the population, no matter what labels you might want to apply to the operation.

But now we are sitting in the middle of a (planned) crisis whose dimensions are so far-reaching and insidious, we’re experiencing political, economic, and human disintegration. Not long-term gradual corrosion. Short-term devouring of even the pretense of civilization.

So now, faced with the differences between these two presidential choices, we have to look for shreds of possibility, openings, paths for restoring freedom that haven’t been completely shut down.

And on that basis, the only thing worse than Trump is Biden.

Trump, mired in his delusion that he can escape responsibility for torpedoing the whole economy, hails the “the ongoing recovery.” Biden has been told he is the reincarnation of Franklin Roosevelt, and he can enforce a New Deal for the 21st century—after he completes the job of locking down America. He can create a federal works program that will tie the people to government for survival itself. After which the globalists and technocrats will move in and make the nation over into one great Smart City, with wall to wall surveillance, a currency reset, reduced energy quotas for all citizens, and the other accoutrements of high-tech slavery. Called Peace.

Trump is the fast-talking swaggering cowboy striding into a Wild West bar with his holsters open and his hands above his guns. He wears a two-cent badge he bought at an arcade. He tells the patrons the bar has to be shut down temporarily, because the whiskey has been poisoned.

Biden is the demented lifeless code inspector. He comes into the bar with an army of bureaucrats and a posse of “concerned citizens” (meddlers). He has a list of 137 violations he needs to check, and the bar will be shut down and boarded up immediately. If it ever re-opens, the mayor will own it, and it will sell seeds and grain—despite the fact that three other privately owned stores in town are already selling these items.

If the re-fitted bar fails as a grain and seed store, who cares? The government will do something else with the place. And if that, too, fails, it doesn’t matter, because the central fact is: the government owns the property. That’s all that counts.

COVID-19 is, as I’ve been documenting for months, a fake. Both presidential candidates are faking. But there are important differences between them. An assessment of their differences reveals that, like it or not, public resistance to the lockdowns stands a better chance under Trump than Biden.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

113 comments on “Why Trump must win the election

  1. Arthur Danu says:

    I do not condone the participation of any “political process” that treats THE PEOPLE with such utter disrespect and contempt….a disrespect and contempt that has been well earned, by the way.

    If I were registered to vote where I live, I would simply write NO CONFIDENCE all over the ballot. (Imagine if tens of millions did that!) But our “electoral process” is so fucked up that I’m confident, along with millions of other “votes” across this “nation”, that it won’t even be read, let alone counted.

    America is a SICK JOKE. Actually, it’s a DEAD JOKE.

    21st Century America is THE MATRIX, Jon. I thought you were working to help people BREAK FREE of it, not continue to participate in the ghastly illusion that it most certainly is.

    People must CREATE their own reality instead of being served the shit soup that pervades all choices on the American menu.

    • jjtech says:

      I concur. Voting is a waste of time.

    • za ka lu says:

      i could call ‘them’ evil, but evil would probably sue for defamation of character–

    • Joe Shmuk says:

      TROLL ALERT! When logging onto Nomorefakenews today I kept getting a message that the security of the site can’t be assured. I took a chance anyway and lo and behold – a plethora of don’t voters (which would probably favour Joe Biden).

      While there is a strong chance that both political parties are controlled by a man with green skin and/or a family name beginning with R, there is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE of a troupe of puppeteers let alone a single string puller.

      There is however, much evidence rising every day of authentic, courageous people actually doing something about the insanity. People like Jon Rappoport and vitally, Reiner Fuellmich. Last time I looked his vital video was approaching 1.5 million views on Youtube. That’s more than the baseline 10 percent of 1 percent of the populations of the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia. When viewings get up to the critical one percent the video should go viral and lead to the biggest mass lawsuit in history.

      Here’s hoping and doing something by supporting those most likely to not ban (or murder) Fuellmich. And that would be Donald Trump.

      • Joe Shmuk says:

        Youtube has now banned the original Fuellmich video (in an attempt to stop it reaching critical mass). There are many more popping up. Which only goes to prove that they – The Freedom Eaters – are not just hungry, they’re rabid.

      • TROLL ALERT!
        I noticed the same thing, it’s the Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party have bugs everywhere… there in the phones and Amazon packages coming from China…

        Here’s the Trumpalator telling the truth about that green new deal and creepy ole Uncle Joe, who’s rubber is not on the road and that banshee of women who hates coal and oil, and they are both frozen hearts that would break what left (that’s a pun) of America’s heart and serve it up, all cooked up to the Chinese Communist Party on a dinner plate.


    • Joe Biden is the CCP coming home to roost, he will open the flood gate and allow those evil bastards in, he will let Google off, he will mandate masking and vaccination and he will buy vaccines cheap from the Chinese and stick them in your arm, he will allow Big Tech to run amuck and Kamala Harris will take over somewhere around the first year of his office and then all that green shit will come pouring in and the final taking apart of the infrastructure by her insane Green New Deal.
      They wish to kill America, once and for all and bring a Chinese communist-style Technocracy with the five horsemen of Big Tech.

      The democratic party is owned by the Chinese.

      And buying endless solar panels from the Chinese. The Chinese will come flooding in, it was they who killed the economy, on purpose. With the CCP virus made in Wuhan.

      With those five idiots who get their Tech products built there for a bowl of rice. Gates, Brin, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Cooke need to be shot in the face with a bazooka and then pissed on and tarred and feathered.

      Joe Biden is a Chinese Manchurian candidate, he doesn’t know it and Hunter Biden is a goddam thug who is owned by the central committee. The Chinese got so much shit on that bastard…

      Don’t be fooled and listening to these two idiots JB and JJtech, their two-thirds of the three stooges.

      Vote…Vote loudly and don’t be afraid of it, it is your right to.

      As the man says…”With Trump, you get glints of light; with Biden, you just get darkness.”

      Absolute goddam darkness, Joe’s elevator does not go to the top floor. Its drugs that are keeping light in those eyes. He has dementia…

      But don’t ignore it the vote, they want you to, so they can slip Kamala Harris in through the back door.

      They will do anything to get a woman in the Whitehouse, but they don’t want a stand-up woman like Tulsi Gabbard, and Google made sure of that… withy their censorship of her candidacy.

      • JB says:

        I don’t think so, pal. I am not a stooge. I am plugged into reality, which a lot of Americans aren’t politically. You have a lot more of a voice than you think, but all you do is vote for evil people and sign your life over to them. And, here’s the kicker: Your vote doesn’t even matter!! They know who the president is going to be already. Nobody’s vote has ever counted for a long time.

        • Dave Freedom says:

          I will admit to losing faith in the voting system when George W. Bush was appointed president by the Supreme Court. However, I will continue to vote. I still hold out hope.

          I have to believe that if they had total control over the system, Hillary would be president and America would be completely gone. I have voted both parties and independents over the years. I vote for the person and the situation. Unfortunately, it is usually the lesser of the evils.

          At this point in time, I can not vote for a democrat. The policies that they are currently pushing are unAmerican.

      • jjtech says:

        Trump will talk the talk and then sell you to the devil – cook you slowly. He’s a Rothschild puppet (bailed out by Rothschild Inc. after bankrupcy). And now he’s pushing operation warp speed and doing “deals” with CVS and Walgreens to usher new poisonous vaccine to the seniors in health care facilities. Biden, Harris and Trump play on the same team and everything else is just a theatre for imbeciles with cognitive dissoanance.

    • wardropper says:

      Sad to say, even if tens of millions wrote NO CONFIDENCE all over the ballot, those ballots would simply be declared invalid, or the voting machines would register them as a Biden vote – interpreting NO CONFIDENCE as applying only to Trump…
      “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
      Good ol’ Mark Twain knew it a heck of a long time ago. Why do we still not know it now…?

    • Wayne says:

      Heh Jon I have a question, after a little research I found that a major shareholder in all media (and recently started buying into Fox News Parent) and most Fortune 500 companies is an investment firm called Vanguard (translates close to “new world order”). Vanguard is owned by the people who’s money it invests, (private shell Corp). Blackrock is a close second. Vanguard has 7 Trillion in assets. Is this the source of the new world order? Is it Rothchi…s money? Controlling the narrative of everything we see, hear, feel through ownership of everything? Is Individual freedom of thought lost? This bug seems to only exist on TV and the Internet. Anyone with real symptoms can be a cold, a flu, an allergy, etc… but that seems to be illegal talk now.

    • LISA GIUDICI says:

      in a way it is kinda WHAT THE USA deserves. For decades interfering in elections in other countries, arming terrorists, overthrowing elected governments, fake endless wars, SO in a way it is what they deserve. A WAR ON THEIR SOIL FOR A CHANGE..

  2. Owen says:

    How about a national campaign to not vote at all. The choice appears to be get poisoned slowly and die or get poisoned quickly and die. Either way, you die. Trump is the front man of the right as Obama was to the left. Would the right except the edicts of Hillary with mask wearing and the like? Absolutely not. Trump has put the right to sleep which was one of his prime objectives to being elected president. He is working for his bettors, not the people.

  3. Amanda says:

    FYI- Anyone in NJ, I just got this from Standforhealthfreedom:

    “ALERT: On Thursday, October 22, the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing bill S2814, which makes failure to wear a mask into a store with posted signage during the declared state of emergency by Governor Phil Murphy a criminal trespass offense.

    If passed, S2814 “shall take effect immediately and shall expire upon the expiration of the state of emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order 103 of 2020.” According the bill’s language, “a person commits a violation if that person is not properly wearing a mask which at a minimum simultaneously covers the nose and mouth.” The offense is punishable by up to 30 days imprisonment, a fine of $500 or both. You can take four simple steps now to show how many New Jerseyans oppose this bill.”

    There are action steps in the email, but too long to post here, and its not anywhere on their website that I can see. So, if you want to know what to do, who to contact, etc. just email me at notyranny2020@protonmail.com

    • Amanda says:

      Or if you don’t want to email me, I just posted the message with all the contact info and what to do here: http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?102918-Tyrannical-Democrats-in-NJ-are-trying-to-CRIMINALIZE-failure-to-wear-a-mask!!!!!

      • Mac says:

        Appreciate the note, couple thoughts on cycle of things, as stores are doing enforcing, yet govt is yet further pushing, the question is why. It works for them as politicians as they have their big paychecks and insider status so they don’t care about wearing a mask when they leave their million dollar condos to vote for more laws. Another thing though is feedback loop, large food stores have power now, have supply lines etc so why aren’t they telling govt if they don’t stop the masks agendas then politicians won’t be allowed in stores, instead of telling people to wear masks. The food stores could do so, but if people go along anyway, why would they take the chaff if people don’t care? It’s a circle or cycle.
        By the way got the ‘untrusted connection’ thing several times trying to view blog.

    • jjtech says:

      I can’t help but wonder what would happen if people simply ignored these stupid tyrannical orders and came out without masks. This is all it takes. This idiocy would be pulverized into nothingness in 1 day. These tyrannical, evil scum of the earth are literally releasing violent criminals from prisons so they can rape and murder more people, but somehow they have space for free individuals refusing to put a useless diaper on their face? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize I’m not dreaming. Unthinkable is happening and people seem to be hypnotized. I’m not part of this system anymore. I refuse.

      • Sean says:

        I dont wear masks at all and Im ready to not be part of thid system myself. Looking at options.

        • Jeff Carmack says:

          I was fined $1000 USD for not wearing a mask. What would you do?

          • Sean says:

            Could check out https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/

            Im looking at what they are doing and may do the same. Also you could look at http://www.youarelaw.org for looking at law remidies. Its a great resourse.

          • Marty Gutherz says:

            Log onto thehealthyamerican.com. The website creator, Peggy Hall, is a very articulate and dynamic person who has developed strategies for fighting mask mandates, etc., and has had some success in doing so in her area of Orange County, CA. Anyway, I believe that you can even schedule a private consultation with her for a small fee.

        • jjtech says:

          My way of opting out is “killing myself” (death certificate) – that way I won’t have no personal id, bank account, national health insurance and so on. And no vaccination certificationk. I will work soleley within my group (which is growing) or work at remote farms for cash and food. No tax, no id, no citizen – I’m becoming a human being. Next steps include starting our own “currency” (backed in real good – mostly food) and cooperative. A lot of barter exchange of goods and services. I hope this way gets trackion. We need more people opting out, urgently. The time is now.

          • Sean says:

            Im learning the difference between public and the private. Status correction, then operating mostly in the private but also in the public. Findi g new options other than living in a cave to stop feeding the beast.

        • Kevin says:

          I never wear a mask, not even at Walmart or Kroger. I tell every fast food cashier wearing her damp, germ-filled mask that she should find a new job where she will not get sick. I suggest the shift walk out. Unemployment is not as bad as sickness and brain damage.

      • Tom says:

        Brilliant. This is what I’m thinking of doing everyday and I tell my wife this. What if we all open up anyway despite their stupid “mandates”. You can write all the summonses you want. I’m not paying and I don’t care…

        Problem is we need enough people on board. Which we don’t. Because they’re all so scared of numbers. They’re all sheeple.

      • Monnie says:

        No aware person expected to be living through this dystopic period. It’s a prolonged nightmare that won’t end. I live in Washington state. If New Jersey makes it a criminal offense to refuse to wear a mask, Washington will be sure to follow.

      • Dave Freedom says:

        I am still refusing to where a mask. There are always businesses that are not pushing it, much to the frustration of the tyrant want to be in Lansing Michigan. It disappointing that more people are not doing the same. You are correct that it would end the problem.

      • Eli35 says:

        We live part time in the city and part time in the country. (Both are in states with strict mask mandates.) People in the city comply with the masks. In the country, almost no one does. You can shop in the big grocery stores with no mask, and none of the employees at the small stores wear them. A nationwide mandate will not change that.

    • Jim Moses says:

      …..needs to be made CRYSTAL clear to these TOOLS like Murphy, Newsom, Cuomo, Inslee and (NIT)Whitmer, that the ADA forbids requirement of masks being worn – REGARDLESS any PREP Act outrages, to the tune of $75,000…..

    • Patrick D. Grengs II says:

      Here in Washington State, in Benton County, where I live, muzzles are required and the signs are posted accordingly. I comply … however, I do so in my own context. I wear an obscenely huge organic acid gas respirator that I found in my garage from use at 3M over 35 years ago … does it work? Who knows and I do not care… I also decked out and wear my mountain climbing helmet in tin foil, plus complete the ensemble with wrap-around sun glasses. I get a few raised eyebrows and open laughter wherever I go… plus some slaps on the back and comments such as “way to go!” I recently created some hand-made muzzles with thin white cloth and the word “OBEY” in black… another muzzles says “TYRANNY” The local fitness center supposedly requires muzzles. I never wear one, period… rebreathing one’s own waste gas is a hazard to good health. I set an example — after a few minutes, all the guys in the club have removed their muzzles as well. RESIST!

  4. D. Smith says:

    The lesser of two evils doesn’t make the evil any less.

    And, for all the people who don’t know their history, FDR was best friends with Josef Stalin, which is one reason the depression lasted as long as it did and why he set up federal work programs. Many were subjected to forced vaccination under FDR, as well.

    Do we really want to go back to any of that?

    So, yes, there IS no lesser of two evils in 2020. We can only hope that one is just a bit less evil than the other and that’s ALL we can hope for because our futures are already gone.

    Not very uplifting, is it? But it IS the truth, like it or not.

  5. TS says:

    Ahhh, excellent.

    “Fighting” the completely broken & corrupted system by joining the completely broken & corrupted system?

    How about voting NOTA instead?
    You know, most states do offer the Write-In option on ballots.

    Why are you limiting yourself to the mere choice of two complete, inept imbeciles, as directed by that completed corrupted & broken system?

    This is the truly sad state of “independence”, “freedom”, “rights”, even “liberalism” and “republicanism” in the U.S.

    They are non existent.

    As stated by Alexis de Tocqueville:
    “The last thing abandoned by a party is its phraseology, because among political parties, as elsewhere, the vulgar make the language, and the vulgar abandon more easily the ideas that have been instilled into it than the words that it has learnt.”

    This kind of complacent, docile, defeatist attitude is exactly why the “Matrix”, a sort of Plato’s Cave, exists.

    People mindlessly submitting to their merely designated roles.

    Not questioning, not thinking, not employing logic, nor reason, nor common sense.
    Just mindlessly doing.

    Simply doing the same old things results in the same old consequences.
    It’s insanity.

    Just when I think Rappoport is seeking to Enlighten people, he brings ’em right back into that cave by directing them right back to the same old broken & corrupted system.

    That’s progress!

    Weak minds need strong leaders.
    The truly strong are able to lead themselves.

    • jjtech says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Voting is gone for me. Done. Sometimes I even think it’s better to bring it to the extreme as soon as possible. As extreme and idiotic as possible so maybe more people will be hurt and start acting at last. All it takes is civil disobedience of 10-20% of humans and the nightmare will dissolve. But no, they chose to comply and destroy whatever is left of any human right on this planet. Humanity at lare are too far gone, too dumb, too fearful and hypnotized.

    • Regina says:

      Are you NO-VOTERS actually democrat trolls? Sounds to me like you are attempting to overthrow (by manipulating opinion) the process of selecting who will be the leaders. Not voting is not a solution. How about proposing and beginning a third party? Or, are you too lazy to want to do that? Instead of bashing I urge you to get off your lazy duff and DO something constructive. Not voting IS NOT CONSTRUCTIVE!!!

      • JB says:

        Neither is voting. Presidents are selected, not elected.

        I think that Americans don’t want to admit that voting doesn’t work because they think that they have way less power than they do, so they hang on to the voting illusion.

        WAKE UP!!!

        I am ashamed of Americans. They are stuck at a pre-school level politically. The Apostle Paul talked about how he thought and acted as a child, and then putting away childish things. Americans need to stop acting like children politically and put away childish things like voting and honoring politicians.

        Also, check this guy out. He is on the right path:


        It is talking about COVID camps in Canada, but that may be coming here as well.

      • jjtech says:

        I, for one, am not a democrat or republican. And I’m not giving my vote to any of these scumbags. You have a choice – either get cooked slowly by trump or get fast-tracked by biden/harris. It doesn’t really matter in a long run, unless you have a good plan and need to buy some time.

      • ReBecca says:

        Agree. We must vote for TRUMP no matter what.

  6. Amanda says:

    Yes, Jon, I totally agree- our only hope is Trump and the GOP. The Democrat party is 100% controlled by Soros (Rothschild frontman) and they are 100% on board with the Covid HOAX and tyranny!!

    The Dems are completely owned by the banking oligarchy and their entire platform serves the oligarchy (e.g. Green New Deal, Covid hoax tyranny). They support a national lockdown, which is basically a deliberate collapse of the national economy to force everyone into poverty, which makes the people easier to control (they will need financial handouts, so they will be wiling to sign up for the digital currency).

    And the Dems have introduced “Banking for All” bills into the House and Senate, which are a step in the transition from cash to digital (cashless) currency as outlined by the IMF, according to Lynnette Zang. And once that happens, we’re finished–we will have no freedom because the psychopathic central bankers will simply turn us off if we dissent. Here’s economist, Richard Werner, warning that several central banks already have RFID chips (to go under the skin- for your financial information) ready to go: https://twitter.com/TheSolariReport/status/1315620059239321601

    • Morpheus says:

      You are totally missing the point! Both parties are completely corrupt. The trap is picking a side. When you pick a side you become a blind imbecile who is fully plugged into the matrix. Once you decide one side is better than the other you are no longer free. You will believe anything that side tells you to believe. There is no choice. Choice is an illusion when both parties are serving the same master. There are not two parties only one. It’s not a real election, they don’t allow everyone to vote. They don’t count all the votes that get cast. The debates are fake. It’s all rehearsed, they get the questions and answers ahead of time. The whole election is just theater. A drama show designed to hook you. Another plug from the matrix to drain your energy and control your mind. “Trump and the GOP are our only hope” “Soros is a Rothschild frontman” Really? What flavor was the Koolaid you drank? You might as well be an agent for the matrix

      • jjtech says:

        Very well put! I totally agree. The only option is to OPT OUT of the whole system. Create small groups of resistance. Create our own currencies, our own laws. OPT OUT of all contracts we have with the corporation known as a country. Find a doctor who will declare you’ve died and another one who will sign it. Then you’re gone. In our group we have a doctor, two lawyers, IT specialist, marketers and farmers. I’m not even saying it’s a sure way to survive, because it’s not. But at least I will go away not part of this disgusting, corrupt fascistic tyranny.

        • Morpheus says:

          jjtech I’d like to hear more about your group and how it works

          • jjtech says:

            Thanks for your interest. First thing, I do not live in the US, so the laws must be different. To disappear from all security data bases, from health care and texman…. you need to “kill yourself”. A doctor needs to confirm you’re deceased and another doctor needs to sign your death certificate.
            At the same time, within a group we use a lot of barter to exchange goods and services. We’re lucky to have two doctors (one nearly there), farmers who provide food and a lawyer (very soon lawyers) who give us advice how to maneouver the “law” to our advantage. The group is 20+ at the moment and we’re setting the bluepring how to do this. We meet in person, limit our online communication to the minimum. I’m still learning the art of disappearing, but we’re getting there. Even here I don’t want to write too much ,but we’re working on setting an over-ground country guided by the natural law.

      • Marten says:

        Amen Bro….

  7. Paul says:

    “Biden would say, “I promise you there is a new undersea kingdom all laid out for us, as we take on more water and drop below the waves. Join me in establishing an aquamarine era…”

    What a fantastic visionary writer you are. Western saloons to boot!

    Dare I say, the best contemporaneous American political commentator around.


    “Unfortunately, a modern American presidential election has become merely a choice, of the least-worse.”

    ~ Ralph Nader

  8. Kjell Holmsten says:

    Very good lock Jon, thanks for Trump? Better Trump and the United States and conservatism than Bidden and China and socailism? But I do not fully trust Trump either, he has something in mind, but what? Have had enough of this here at home in Sweden.

  9. Low Voltage says:

    I’ll take a genuine enemy over a fake friend any day. Trump is as fake as they come.

    • Morpheus says:

      Well said Low Voltage. Unfortunately very true.
      Two con-men walk into a bar (Trump & Fauci) which one orders CoVid 19? Which one winds up in the hospital? Remember when Rappoport thought “they” were trying to kill Trump? What a hoot! Seems like Rappoport has fallen for the Trump con a little bit. Kinda like a wife who’s husband cheats on her all the time and beats her on occasion, but she still loves him. “Sorry honey I’ll never do it again.” and she believes him every time.

  10. Maria Missiroli says:

    Trump could’t have acted differently. A scared population is a overwhelming force. He never fell for it. But he had to cope. Each of his messages was a message of hope. He kept Fauci to control him and let him destroy himself.
    The Covid scam was against him since the beginning. It was aimed at the election (destroy economy, claim vote-by-mail, hide Biden, accuse Trump for the dead people).

    There is an ocean of difference between Trump and Biden. About the difference that there is between life and death.

    Trump has done all (and probably more!) that can be humanly possible to fight fear effectively. He certainly does not deserve to be judged as barely better than Biden.

    • Marilyn Nelson says:


    • jjtech says:

      If he couldn’t acted differently then it doesn’t matter if he’s a president or not. He’s either part of the scam (which I’m personally sure he is) or he’s no real power to do anything. These legions of lemmings could walk in their useless face diapers all day long – I couldn’t care less… It’s about freedom of choice. But forcing others to do idiotic things just because majority is stupid is a complete con and anti-freedom act. Screw powerless trump and his swamp.

      • Maria Missiroli says:

        Then there is the real world. In which you have to be very careful.
        Never underestimate the power of a frightened population, and it wasn’t Trump who frightened them.

        • jjtech says:

          I disgree. The game Trump is playing is called non-linear disinformation and its’ goal is precisely to confuse and scare the populace.

    • Morpheus says:

      Yes it’s true, The Donald is a helpless victim. That qualifies him to be President for another 4 years. Let’s all vote for little Donald because the other boys in school were picking on him and his father isn’t alive to protect him anymore. Other Presidents had to deal with the swine flu, MERS, SARS 1, and HIV. None of them locked us up and made us wear masks. None of them gave their power and responsibility away to governors. Trump is a clown who got conned by better con-men than he. Trump is the President. He is the commander in chief. This happened on his watch! He is responsible for this mess. He and he alone is to blame. He failed! He wasn’t up to the challenge. He’s not a man he’s mouse. No excuses! No more fake presidents!

    • ken says:

      “A scared population is a overwhelming force.”

      You are being too kind…

      A stupid population to be more precise…

      At this point in the game, anyone not seeing this for what it is are willful ignoramuses.

      • Maria Missiroli says:

        A stupid population full of fear.
        Calling them wilful ignoramuses is probabably correct, but doesn’t solve the problem. We all have to live among them. The only way is to show them unmistakably, and that’s what Trump is attempting to do.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:


  11. Nora Claypool says:

    I won’t criticize Trump–maybe he’s guilty of being naive about how the people surrounding him are– (truly evil)but he’s done a lot of good. When I think of what it would be like to be in his shoes, trying to get an AG to arrest somebody, I see how ham-stringed he is. The people he needs to get the job done draining the swamp are not on duty, and those that are on duty are running cover for the CIA and FBI. A critical thinker like Jon should be able to cut across the b.s. and come up with a plan. I pray, yes I will not apologize for being a believer, that it’s all over soon since we already know how this movie ends. We have those ruby slippers in the closet somewhere, I think it’s time to click our heels; go back to gold, revoke the Federal Reserve’s charter and freeze Rothchild assets. Put out a world-wide bounty for the likes of Soros, dead or alive and hang the traitors. Swing ’em soon.

    • Amanda says:

      fwiw- Over at conservativetreehouse (CTH), they say that the reason Trump is surrounded by deep state swamp rats is that Mitch McConnell controls who gets approved. So as CHT explains it, McConnell simply tells Trump who he can and cannot get approved, which is why they are are deep staters. The only one in there who is NOT a rat is Ratcliff at DNI.

      • Theta says:

        What is DNI, Amanda?

        • Amanda says:

          Director of National Intelligence–it used to be Coats(who according to Dr. Ron Paul was basically a puppet, couldn’t think for himself, and just followed orders). The TPTB (media whores on MSNBC, like O’Donnell) bitched and moaned when Trump initially nominated Ratcliff for the position, saying he wasn’t qualified, but the real reason was b/c he’s not part of the deep state swamp (not controlled by blackmail, they only like people in these key positions who are controlled by blackmail b/c then they are good puppets). But somehow Trump was able to get him in (lost the details on how that happened but something with Richard Grennell).

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I was watching a video on the IMF meeting at Davos. Shwab talked about his technocratic transhumanist wet dream and there in the audience was Biden the puppet of the “world reset” fascists.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I wonder what a transhumanist wet dream is like, anyway? Robots would have to use oil and springs, I guess. Computer brains would have to be programmed to spark at the correct microsecond. The sonic output would be something like “Beep, beep, beep…. alarm bell”. Transhumanist thought is actually better thought of as machine-critter thought. I don’t believe transhumanists enjoy being organic squishy touchy feeling things with higher chakras and possible afterlives. They’re fundamentally psychopaths, like Bill Gates who likely wants to be a DOS-GOD. Even the notion of a “world-reset” is stolen from electro-mechanical computers and pinball machines. The entire “show” they’re projecting seems to be based on a Newtonian Mechanical Universe of spinning billiard ball-planets in a space-time pool-table in a cheap bar with a juke box playing In the Year 2525 by Zagar & Evans…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKQfxi8V5FA

  13. Kia Kaha says:

    Melissa Ann Shepard : Internet Black Widow (2012) – the fifth estate

    Attempted murder or actual murder, slowly poisoning someone to death is a criminal offence, punishable by law. Escalate this issue. It applies to those who authorize and do poison our air, food, water, land, sea, drugs including vaccines, other products. There’s plenty enough evidence.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Georgia Guidestones placement, by that thinking, is a crime and needs to be investigated as such. For those who are not familiar with that easily searchable term, the stones in Georgia, I believe, are tombstone-like rocks placed in a park somewhere with a prescription for reducing the world’s population to a half million. I would think that that would have to involve slow (or quicker) mass-murder. Either that– or a long-term de-escalation of births through fertility reduction– which technically could qualify as “future-murder”, although it might be interesting to speculate on that one. I know people personally who are desirous of the cessation of the human race altogether. They believe beetles have a better handle on ecological reality. The problem I say to those folks is that beetles do not understand physical principles and therefore are subject to ecology whereas humans are a HIGHER lifeform that have ESCAPRED ecological constraints by understanding and applying higher energy-throughput principles of the universe– somewhat godlike powers that beetles can’t have. My arguments get lost however. I’m too smart for my own good, it appears. Well, stupid humans will either eventually learn or disappear via the Guidestone edicts eh? Haha. The yoke is on them.

  14. Mary says:

    Everyone has missed the most important fact. God is alive and on the throne. He already gave us all the facts along with a plan for this time in history. I don’t have to worry about what will happen, He promised me that not one single hair on my head would be harmed. He is the only One that keeps his promises. Dox me if you will, but the day of God, vengeance is almost here. What you are witnessing here on earth was prophesied a long time ago and is unfolding at a rapid pace right now. Where do you think the concept of a NWO came from? The Bible, God’s word, several thousand years ago. It is written! Have you read it?

    • Michael BoryAlis says:

      Those in the Darkness speak of the Darkness.
      Those in the Light, speak of the Light.

      Once you move beyond the simplicity of it, it get’s complicated.

      Foster the Dawning of Jesus Christ within you, which is the ‘Second Coming’.

      I’ve got something for the Fake World Order to FEAR.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Where DID the concept of a NWO come from? Can you point me to the book, chapter and verses? I don’t recall that one, haha. I’m serious. What are you referencing here?

      • rivercity says:

        Rev. 13 for one …

      • JA says:

        Reply to Rick Potvin (and others):

        There are a few posters here who have been given “ears to hear and eyes to see”. Have you read it? You might begin with the website World Events and the Bible. We are living out Revelation, like it or not. The “beast system” there is the NWO. And we will not be able to stop it. It is written.

        One thing about it, be it Biden or Trump, God and his Son Jesus controls everything, good and bad.

        At this juncture we are supposedly not allowed to call out the real controlling forces of evil (check out the Noahide Laws) although some posters have tried to alert you to WHO really is in control at the present.

        “When you begin to hear “peace, peace, peace” you need to prepare, prepare, prepare.

        So if you are interested in the end to this nightmare check out the website I have posted. It is a GIFT of the truth!

  15. bleak says:

    Trump has to win. Whether non-voters/sovereigns or whoever like it or not, something will “win” this “election.” What I suspect is that it won’t be a real election; it is already decided and the outcome is the worst to be expected. The Biden socialists.

    Looking at signs. Biden’s bargain basement campaign. Trump videos and adverts featured prominently on yewtube (planting plausible deniability). Two disconnected hints of the futility of even voting because it’s already decided.

    But for me to not vote for Trump because of my intuition would be patriotic negligence. WE arrived at this point in time and space because of ignorance. Ignoring this election by not voting will expedite and facilitate the extermination of America.

    At least with Trump, there is a thread of hope. He said he supports 2A.

  16. From Elsewhere says:

    Please, US must stop, so that others will stop this madness of testing, locking, frightening and driving people over the edge of despair. Ridiculous fake experts, greedy politicians, low life leaders… Dante, Boccacio, Hitler have their laughs down under…

  17. Michael BoryAlis says:

    There is no “New World Order”, it’s the same ‘Adamic Order of Death’ that has always been.

    Psalm 91
    91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

    2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

    3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

    5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

    6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

    7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

    8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

    9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

    10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

    11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

    12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

    14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

    15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

    16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.


    Fear no mortal man –
    Take heed to the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

    • hayden says:

      Sumer, in what is now Iraq, in about 3500 bce. The Sumerians were the first to commandeer the agricultural surplus grown by the community in the fertile plain that lay between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates and create a privileged ruling class. By about 3000 bce, there were twelve cities in the Mesopotamian plain, each supported by produce grown by peasants in the surrounding countryside. The Sumerian aristocrats and their retainers—bureaucrats, soldiers, scribes, merchants and household servants—appropriated between half and two-thirds of the crop grown by the peasants, who were reduced to serfdom. They left fragmentary records of their misery: “The poor man is better dead than alive,” one lamented. Sumer had devised the system of structural inequity that would prevail in every single state until the modern period.
      much in common between the Talmud(babylon talmud) and Mesopotamian texts, the flood stories etc in Bible all taken from older sources.
      This been going on for thousands of years.

  18. From Quebec says:

    you stupid baster jon. trump is the only person who will kill the plan. of the new order trump is the best president you ever had, you are to stupid to figure it out because you have no imagination.
    trump has a plan that will free the hole world

    shame on you you idiot.

    • crumbo Jameson says:

      You are one dumb naive clown. Must be one of the Qanon fan boys. Let me catch you up Quebecster: Trump is no more “President” than you are. PERIOD. He (or she )is simply a puppet, a paid actor, a figure head. There is one centralised system that enslaves humanity. Every country in the entire world is not sovereign. Not one. There is and has been for some time, a one world order system. Headed up by the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Morgans, Schiffs, Duponts, Warburgs, and other inbred jewbagsteins.

      Trump is their monkey. Just like Canadas monkey Trudeau. You are a mindless idiot. Perhaps you will find more like minded goons over on Fox News.

    • jjtech says:

      so just join the legions of zombies. more fox news necessary. don’t forget alex jones.

  19. Amanda says:

    I think everyone here knows not to get tested, but here’s a good reminder from a comment at Zerohedge:

    “I have an amazing update. My idiotic brother in law decided to have the whole family tested because they were going on vacation. Thinking getting negative tests would help with traveling.

    My 15 year old niece tested positive and the rest of them were negative. She has absolutely no symptoms and neither does the rest of the family. Now their vacation is cancelled and my brother in law’s entire workplace needs to quarantine along with my nieces entire soccer team.

    I told him to get her retested. They did that today and it came back negative. Guess what?

    According to the doctors and state regulations, the positive test stands!!! No matter how many negative tests you get, the positive will stand and count as an active case. It will be reported and you are fuhked.

    It didn’t for the governor after his second test came back negative. But the abundance of caution applies to citizens.

    Never, ever get a Covid test. They are 100% inaccurate and can not diagnose an infection. All you can do is get a negative result or a false positive that can ruin your life and everyone connected to you.”

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Good report there. Thanks. For the first time, the City of EVIL Phoenix… had a COVID TEST VAN– with cute pics on the side of maskers… and TENTS set up at my Fry’s Grocery Store parking lot where I normally park. Bastards were in my way of my normal routine. I shouted out– Covids a hoax! on my way by. Some idiotic “polite” woman said back “Thank you”. I said “no, thank YOU” thinking to myself “no, thank you you stupid fool for helping drag us down into sheer idiocy with IQ of 40”. The whole shebang with Fry’s, the City, the corporations are all interconnected. How? Maybe Jon’s Matrix explains it.

  20. JB says:

    You should check this guy’s videos out, if you already haven’t:


  21. Not So Free says:

    The only thing worse than Trump is Biden
    By an exponential margin.

  22. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of Gunsmoke with James Arness as Matt Dillon lately and I couldn’t help but imagine Jon’s scenes describing Trump and Biden above in an episode. Great creative writing Jon. LOL.

  23. JT Kong says:

    Jon I agree 100% with your analysis but I’m not
    sure about your conclusion that Trump is better than Biden, for the very reason you iterate. Trump provides a significant portion of the population with a sliver of hope that the nightmare unfolding in every direction can be stopped or at least mitigated. With Biden there is no hope, only vaccines macht frei.

    As the Covid 19 Express barrels down the track to the WEF Freedom Theme Park, the question becomes- is it better to know exactly where this train is going, or is there some benefit in being lulled into a false sense of complacency that Trump could, or would, stop this train mid track?

  24. hayden says:

    Bring back Spartacus….The growth of Spartacus’s force was aided by other factors. Throughout his rebellion, his army spent much of its time in rural areas and small towns, places that were poorly defended but had an abundance of slaves. Additionally, according to ancient sources, Spartacus insisted on equally dividing the spoils, something that made recruitment all the more easier.

    In time, he even succeeded in getting non-slaves to join his rebellion. “They were able to build such a formidable force in part because many freedmen and other free commoners joined their ranks along with thousands of fugitive slaves,” writes historian Michael Parenti in an essay published in the book “Spartacus: Film and History” (Blackwell, 2006).

    Wouldn’t it be good if the profits was distributed amongst the earths people, no i dont mean the universal incomes pitiful amount.

    More like all earths citizens have shares in the markets soon as they are born. Hell small example is In 2019 the United States spent around 718.69 billion U.S. dollars on its military(and thats just USA)….this instead could be spent distributed back to the people. But War is a great profit maker for the War gods weapons industry’s etc.

    • hayden says:

      man that Privacy page shit is annoying….
      This server could not prove that it is blog.nomorefakenews.com; its security certificate expired in the last day. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer’s clock is currently set to Wednesday, 21 October 2020. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system’s clock and then refresh this page.

      Proceed to blog.nomorefakenews.com (unsafe)

      • JA says:


        Wont be long until this website is no longer available. The comments section is getting to close to the real truth and the web scavengers wont/cant tolerate the truth.

        Looking back at my “favorites” on an old computer that I have, about 90% of the saved articles have been scrubbed.

        The truth of what is happening to my beloved country, America, cannot bear the sunlight.

  25. Tim says:

    … you sure brought out some venom spitters with that one.

    The fact is, I only know that the Dems are totally Bolschevik-Maoist minded… and I know where that leads. There’s way too much effort being expended at great cost and risk of discovery to destroy Trump and maintain the conjob19 scam to say that it doesn’t matter who is president. He has minimized it as much as is reasonable considering the media-monopoly and dem states, and during an election year.

    I know the game has been rigged for a long time. Still, the dems are 100% anti-Republic, anti-Constitution. They’re the hysterical ones grabbing the guns, they’re the ones that 100% pulled the lockdowns and “mandated” masks..allowed riots and supports maoist front groups BLM-antifa.

    They blabber about our “democracy”, which is a lie,, the infiltrators and sellouts destroyed McCarthy, Forrestal, probably Patton, and the Kennedys(the last “liberals”, real ones).

    Trump is no one’s savior. That is Within. But the fact is one side is 100% corrupt and compromised, maybe the other is 90% corrupt and compromised… maybe less, maybe more, but not 100% shit as PROVEN by not locking down or “requiring” masks in some states… but it’s the Dems that are foaming at the mouth now, them along with the majority of the media, except for Fox,, I havn’t owned a TV since 1999,, but I can still keep up on how they’re operating… Fox is closer to telling the truth… and then there’s the Q thing, I’m not very involved with it, but I am reserving judgement on it.

    I’m not much invested in this world anymore, I’ve got the getoutofjailfreecard, it’s called ;The Truth. But I do care about others, and don’t really want to see my people suffering or having their minds and lives hijacked by an artificial alien system of belief.

    “artificial intelligence” is an oxymoron. Of course.

    I Am Infinitely Greater and more Effective than any illusion or false idea, I Am The Truth.

    And My Name Is Love.

    The True and The Real is ONE ETERNAL.

  26. Walking Dead says:

    I can’t hire a contractor without getting ripped off. I can’t hire a doctor without getting ripped off. I can’t hire a lawyer without getting ripped off. For my whole life I have watched the voters vote, even participated when I was young and brainwashed, and then watched the voters get ripped off. My whole life the government has done nothing but get more corrupt. Voting does not work in the USA to get the best leader for the country. You are voting for a corporate puppet. Didn’t George Carlin teach you people anything, must he die in vain?

    As long as you the people participate in the corrupt system, nothing will change but more corruption. Voting for the guy that stole less money, less evil, will never work and never has. It is you people participating in the corruption that has screwed us. The same people that will lie and take the vaccine to keep their job. Money has made people forget their morals. Greed has no morals. Just remember, when the boot connects with your face, like in George Orwells book “1984”, You voted for that asshole. You put him in charge of you. An old man, either one, that can’t fly a plane or serve in the armed forces because of their age. If they held a normal job they would be forced into retirement. Also remember, it is the old people that get scammed the most by scammers. This is a fact!!! But you vote, it is your right. It is my right to call you what you are, Morons, slaves, cattle, and sheep. To you non-voters, may you be blessed and rid yourself of these morons, slaves, cattle and sheep that keep the corruption going.

  27. Diane says:

    Jon’s brilliance as a writer and researcher has always blown me away. I will not be posting this particular blog for obvious reasons, but I wish to thank Jon for working so tirelessly to deprogram the vulnerable public during this unholy period in human history. In its aftermath, we will still have to deal with the Ruling Families. We must never forget who really runs the Matrix. They aren’t going away anytime soon. And Jon, by openly backing the pre-selected Trump, has revealed a personal connection to all of that. But I will not, cannot, discount the tremendous good he has done, either. Thank you, Jon.

  28. Baba says:

    “Trump bought the big lie: a computer projection claiming 2 million COVID deaths would occur in the US.” Actually Trump did not buy the big lie. He appeared to buy it on purpose. He knew how many people are so indoctrinated that they would believe the media, WHO, governors and their health officials, etc. He knew how deep the swamp goes in both breadth and depth. He knew going against it openly from the start would have been his demise. Instead, he had to let much of this play out so the people who already did not know what it was all about, would begin to see it for what it is.

  29. JBW says:

    I’ve always seen T-rump as Washington’s court jester. Certainly not a cowboy. Not even Three Amigos brand. On a dairy farm, the options here are like the difference between shoveling the shit with a front end loader, or shoveling the calf soup out the pen window in fishing waders.

    “Mandatory mask wearing for all citizens. National lockdowns declared at the whim of the White House. A vaccine federally mandated.”

    Doesn’t matter who occupies the W.H. Its coming.
    He who owns the gold, makes the rules.

  30. BDBinc says:

    Rothschild ” Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! ”
    I don’t think the president of the corporation matters as he is a tool for the banking cabals economic and political monopoly .
    They mind manipulate they shove Biden at us to make trump more popular.
    We have an economic and political monopoly but we are( unknowingly ) consenting to it .

  31. Arby says:

    People. Please think twice about voting for a gangster politician. If you think that your choice is ‘not’ one, then you haven’t been paying attention. And that’s putting it mildly, because how could anyone not notice covid 1984, in which, as Andrew Kaufman pointed out, you saw an unnaturally high degree of coordination between national governments. That’s because independent sovereign nations don’t exist. They haven’t for some time. Leaders are not leaders who represent the people. They may come from among you, but – and they know this – they are gangsters who are in it for themselves and they take their marching orders, as Peter Phillips makes clear in “Giants – The Global Power Elite,” from the unelected transnational capitalist class.

    If you are actually with faith, as in a genuine faith that includes a real God who isn’t us, let alone Bill Gates, Klaus Shwab et al, then you would also be someone who has principles and wants, not man’s approval, but God’s. That’s the same God who ‘does’ have the solution and ‘will’ solve the big problem of covid 1984, and, at the same time, do a true, positive, reset of not just the global economy but our entire civilization. That’s the good news. The bad news? Well, There’s only bad news for predators / parasites.

    If you don’t believe that God will fix this (because we sure can’t) because he’s not really there and therefore we have to or else it won’t get fixed, then fine. If you believe that you have to vote for the least heartless gangster because ‘see above’, then fine. But if you do believe in a real God / Creator and that he will carry out his plan for a great reset (new heavens, or governments, and a new earth), then think twice about voting for a gangster who will break your knees for the TCC and call that ‘your’ safety or protection and national security.

  32. Jenifer says:

    “COVID, COVID, Pandemic , COVID, COVID, COVID COVID…” “People aren’t buying it CNN, you dumb bastards…”

  33. Big Al says:

    Let’s see, a completely divided country on the verge of civil war with an increasingly violent police state, uncontrollable national deficit, failing economy for the bottom 70%, imperialist war with Russia and China, and a senile narcissistic liar as president, or a completely divided country on the verge of civil war with an increasingly violent police, uncontrollable national deficit, failing economy for the bottom 70% imperialist war with Russia and China, and a senile narcissistic liar as president?

    That’s our choice? This time? I think I see the problem.

  34. Elaine M Overturff says:

    I am sick and tired of this fakedemic. I am disappointed in the Texas Governor too. I want to know why Kushner, Pompeo, the military industrial complex, and others from the USA went to Bilderberg? You are absolutely right that Trump is the only candidate that will not enslave us. I have some doubts about Trump. Why did he believe every word that these people were pedaling this pandemic? Why did he agree to create a vaccine for a virus that is not lethal for the majority? It does not make sense. Then I read the report that the world bank put out about our money systems in the USA. Basically, the report said that the globalist IMF and globalist world bank said they did not like how uncooperative the USA is and then went through pointers of how they could get us on board for becoming global. It is just about wealth redistribution under the guise of humanitarian causes. I have lost faith in the American people because they are all fakedemic zombies. If you say that a mask is not going to save you from a virus, then they say well my 18 year old cousin died from this virus. They were health is what they insist on. Well that dummy, does not understand that sometimes people have health problems that have not been diagnosed yet. Look at many of the high school athletes that drop dead in the middle of the game because of an undetected heart problem.

  35. old hickory says:

    voting for trump is for the consent of the governed. why would you give your consent? if anything the nation needs a completely new special election to bypass this dog and pony show.

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