CIA Mockingbirds shake the world


More than once, after I’ve written and published a piece along these lines, someone asks me, DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? The answer is NO, BUT IT WOULD. IF PUBLIC FIGURES CONFESSED THEIR CRIMES.

by Jon Rappoport

October 2, 2020

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—Our paper, The New York Times, is the most trusted news source in the world. Lately we’ve been devoting pages to first-person accounts of lockdown experiences, during the pandemic.

Yesterday, owing to the exhaustion of our editors, we published a piece by a resident of Riverhead, Long Island, without properly vetting the text. We apologize for the error.

Apparently, this person was trying to describe a dream he had. He couched his story in terms of a briefing, but obviously no briefing occurred.

The Times editor who allowed the errant piece to be published also lives in Riverhead. We’re investigating to determine whether he, in fact, was the author.

THE NEW YORK TIMES PIECE (fragments retrieved):

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, this is an informal briefing.”

“…Some humans can fly. Flying has no technological basis. It’s a rebound-reaction to months of lockdowns and overreaching government regulations.”

“I’ve discovered, so far, 63 federal agencies no one has ever heard of. They are all promoting the COVID vaccine, which is a very dangerous injection. These agencies are connected to Zuckerberger Enterprises, headquartered in two well-fortified buildings in the center of Baltimore. I have those buildings under surveillance.”

“I come from the future. I’m here to say a program aimed at injecting every person on Earth with toxic compounds, under the pretext of preventing disease, is a terrible mistake. Do not take the COVID vaccine.”

“Joseph Biden, from my Boston office, is also from the future. He wants to inject every human with COVID poison, called a vaccine. He is suffering from dementia…”

The NY Times piece gave birth to untold millions of tweets, most of them jokes written by pro-vaccine advocates. The paper did, in fact, discover that one of its editors, Hill Regis, wrote the lockdown “briefing.”

After a medical and psychiatric examination, Regis was pronounced “COVID-infected, with dementia symptoms,” and isolated for 14 days in a hotel on Broadway. He refused to take psychiatric drugs.

On August 14, 2020, he escaped from confinement.

In ensuing days, he posted many online memos under the name, “Mars.” For example:

“My head has cleared. I’m from the distant future. I’m here in 2020 to tell you the COVID vaccine the government is developing contains a series of so-called Q-compounds that will, over a period of years, produce profound disabilities of body and brain…”

Mars posted dozens of these memos attacking the COVID vaccine.

A reporter for the NY Times claimed Mars was acquiring hundreds of thousands of true-believer followers—anti-vaxxers.

So it was a surprise when a small online news service called the Kimosabe Courier exposed Mars, Hill Regis, as a former CIA officer who had been hired as an editor at the NY Times in 2014.

His most recent assignment, the Kimosabe Courier claimed: publish attacks against the vaccine, while “mentally unbalanced,” thereby smearing and defaming genuine vaccine opponents. Guilt by association.

The Kimosabe Courier interviewed Mars’ sister, Evelyn, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She is a public defender. She told the Courier, “My brother, Hill Regis, who is calling himself Mars, worked for the Agency for almost twenty years. He analyzed reports and documents, and profiled foreign politicians. I was shocked when I found out he was employed by the Times as an editor. I suspected he was one of those, what did they used to call them…Mockingbird agents. Plants. He’s not suffering from any mental disorder. He’s quite sane. As a boy, he loved spy novels. He always wanted to work for the CIA.”

The Courier story was picked up by other news outlets, and finally the Associated Press confirmed that Mars, Hill Regis, had a long record of service at the CIA.

The NY Times stated it was conducting an “internal inquiry.” The CIA refused to comment on the exposure of one of its agents.

The Miami Herald dug into the story and came up with a suggestive finding. The CIA and the Centers for Disease Control had held a small joint “table-top exercise” in 2018, during which the subject of “pandemic messaging” was discussed. In the event of a global outbreak, how could a vaccine be sold to the public? How could disinformation be used to paint anti-vaxxers as deranged conspiracy theorists?

Suddenly, the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle fired two medical reporters. The newspapers stated these two employees had “misrepresented COVID-19 case numbers.”

Sally Westfield, a veteran reporter at Harper’s, wrote a long piece about the history of CDC efforts to “market vaccines through inducing fear.”

Her opening paragraph: “Anti-vaxxers may be wrong, but that doesn’t necessarily make them crazy. However, certain players would like you to believe both charges. These players are pulling down regular paychecks from the federal government, which Americans subsidize with their taxes.”

The first wave of exposure reached new height with the resignation of the NY Times medical editor, Dr. Phillip DeMarco. He published a mea culpa online at his new blog, My Long Sentences:

“I may not be able to fly over tall buildings, like my former colleague, Hill Regis, but I can lie inside buildings—which is what I’ve been doing at my newspaper for the past thirteen years. In particular, I’ve been distorting and suppressing the connection between childhood vaccines and autism. Now it’s time to own up to the facts. I know the facts. I’m a graduate of the CDC’s elite program, the Epidemic Intelligence Service. The EIS trains medical professionals. Some of them have gone on to occupy key positions in the field of journalism. I’m one. Or I was, until recently.”

Dr. DeMarco’s confession created an uproar.

Three CDC researchers emerged from the shadows and admitted their role in a vaccine-autism cover-up. They cited studies they’d authored, which had buried crucial and damning data linking the DPT vaccine to autism.

The CDC released a statement which failed to respond to the confessions of its own researchers, but did contain a few interesting nuggets:

“Replying to recent press queries, the CDC does send certain employees to the CIA for training, and they do return with enhanced security clearances, but this program involves an important educational exchange on the subject of biological threats, which are an ongoing concern.”

Two days later, Marci Crist, a former CDC spokeswoman, testified at a hastily called Senate Committee hearing: “…then what was I, a PR person, doing at Langley?” she said. “I am not a scientist. I wasn’t discussing ‘biological threats’.

I was meeting with CIA communications people, and they were filling me in on press contacts I wasn’t aware of. I can say this. Between the CDC and the CIA, we have American media covered, when it comes to medical issues. We control much of what the public learns and doesn’t learn. And if you want material for a few headlines, try this: pharmaceutical companies are also in the mix. The mix of disinformation. They pay for all those television drug ads for one reason and one reason only. They are paying for the news. The news needs their money. The networks need their money. So these drug companies and their agenda own the news.”

A Senator piped up: “Then how do you explain the recent shocking media revelations? These revelations are coming from the ‘news’.”

Marci Crist replied: “Well, Senator, people like me are obedient professionals, and we usually tell lies on command, but we are human beings, too. We can only take so much bullshit.”

That night, Crist, an instant star, sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The interview immediately went sideways. Cooper interrupted Crist a number of times. He teetered on the edge of outrage. Finally, Crist said, “Quiet down, Sonny. America wants to hear me right now, not you. I’ve got my fifteen minutes of fame. The CDC buys about four billion dollars worth of vaccines a year. They also do studies to find out whether those vaccines are safe and effective. Is the CDC going to say, ‘Guess what, this vaccine we bought in quantity causes brain damage in children’? What are the chances? It would be like your network saying, ‘Guess what? This war we’ve been promoting relentlessly night after night? It’s not only destroying millions of lives, it’s completely unnecessary.’”

Cooper tried to smirk, but his mouth froze in a grotesque rictus.

Crist continued: “The pharmaceutical companies, Anderson, own your genitals, your heart, mind, and soul. You just don’t know it. Or maybe you do. Which is it? Let’s take a poll. Let’s do one of those famous CNN polls.”

FOX’s Tucker Carlson brought on a surprise guest, the man nobody thought they would ever hear from again: Hill Regis, aka Mars, the disgraced editor of the NY Times, who had kicked off the whole scandal.

Carlson: So which is it, sir? Are you sane or are you crazy?

Regis: I’ve always been sane, Tucker. I was a Mockingbird for the CIA. I was planted at my former newspaper…my most recent task was to make it appear that any person who opposes the COVID vaccine is insane. The technique is simple.

Carlson: You attack the vaccine, you appear to be a whacko, and therefore, anyone who attacks the vaccine is assumed to be a whacko.

Regis: That’s right.

Carlson: So, DO you actually oppose the vaccine?

Regis: I believe we need a major investigation. I wouldn’t take the shot in my arm without knowing a lot more about it.

The Senate Committee, seeing their every move grabbing huge news headlines, decided to expand their show. They brought in Dr. Tony Fauci and grilled him.

At one point, Senator Rand Paul said to Fauci, “Is it true the major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine are only designed to prove the vaccine can prevent MILD cases of COVID-19? I ask the question because mild cases cure themselves. No vaccine is needed.”

Fauci said, “A case is a case.”

RAND PAUL: Really. A person with a sniffle and cough is the same as a person lying on a hospital bed receiving heavy drugs?

FAUCI: Of course not. But they’re both infected by the virus.

RAND PAUL: You’re being evasive. You know and I know that the current tests of the vaccine only apply to people who have mild cases—and no one cares about that. As I just said, mild cases cure themselves. No vaccine is necessary. These clinical trials are a farce.

FAUCI: I disagree completely.

RAND PAUL: Suppose I told you the Committee’s next witness is a man who actually DESIGNED a test for the vaccine?

Fauci appeared shocked. The image of his frozen face would be sent online around the world, millions of times, in the next few hours.

FAUCI: Designed it for who?

RAND PAUL: For a company whose COVID vaccine you support.

FAUCI: I would say that man is making a grave mistake.

RAND PAUL: Really? Why? Because he’s willing to destroy his own career by telling the truth? By telling the world that his test of the vaccine has nothing to do with protecting people against real harm? That’s what he’s going to admit in the next few hours. On live television.

And he did.

For the next few weeks, media coverage was all COVID vaccine, 24/7.

Two major clinical trials of the vaccine were halted.

Hill Regis, under tight military security, was brought into the Senate Committee room to explain CIA-news media connections. Infiltration; the planting of agents and assets in newsrooms and editorial offices all over the US, and in foreign countries as well. Their mission: shape information; invent disinformation; bury vital truth.

At one point in his testimony, Regis said: “I can assure you that, in the wake of John F Kennedy’s assassination, the CIA played a major role in the media suppressing the names of key players involved in the plot. You have to ask yourself, WHY?”

A Senator said, “Is this another one of your crazy tricks, Mr. Regis? Because your former employers at the CIA are certainly going to say so.”

“I have no more tricks, Senator,” Regis said. “Do you?”

A week later, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, resigned. An editorial in the Washington Post suggested several ex-Army officers were prepared to testify, before Congress, that decades ago, while working as a medical researcher for the military, Redfield had invented false data to promote his proposed vaccine against HIV.

The day he left his post at the CDC, Redfield made a brief statement to the press: “…I know, for a fact, that all three major clinical trials of the experimental COVID vaccine are useless. They’re designed to protect people against nothing more severe than a common cold. The vaccine should be protecting against severe COVID-19 cases. It doesn’t.”

The Drudge Report posted a huge headline: REDFIELD SAYS SCREW YOU TO COVID VACCINE AS HE WALKS OUT THE DOOR. Within a few hours, 50 million people viewed that headline.

The following Sunday, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl interviewed Tony Fauci.

Stahl: So, is the COVID vaccine designed to protect people from serious illness, or isn’t it?

Fauci: All these studies, these clinical trials, need to be redesigned. In the current format, they’re only trying to show a vaccine can protect people from mild cases of COVID-19.

Stahl: And that’s not good enough.

Fauci: No.

Stahl: How long will it take to do new clinical trials?

Fauci: At least a year.

Stahl: Dr. Fauci, when did you become aware of this problem?

Fauci: A few weeks ago, Lesley. I was shocked.

Stahl: Why did it take you so long to understand what was going on?

Fauci: Key information was being withheld from me.

Stahl: By whom?

Fauci: Dr. Redfield and others.

Stahl: Which others?

Fauci: People at Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Two companies doing major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine.

Stahl: There is a third company, too. You’ve made very positive statements about their work on the vaccine.

Fauci: Yes. Moderna.

Stahl: Did they too withhold vital data about their clinical trial from you?

Fauci: It’s possible, yes. I would have to check my records.

Stahl: Dr. Fauci, you’ve been the face of the government response to the pandemic. Many have called you a hero. How did all this happen?

Fauci: Mistakes were made.

Stahl: Nothing more than mistakes?

Fauci: I’m conducting an investigation. We will see.

Stahl: If necessary, can you investigate yourself?

Before he could stop himself, Fauci smiled and laughed.

Three days later, he resigned from the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

The news-media winds had radically changed direction. It was now all reporters on deck to expose the COVID vaccine fraud. The story was a raging storm. It couldn’t be held back. Television news ratings were enormous.

The next revelation came out of the CDC itself. Its new interim director, a Dr. Carol Fole, whom no one had ever heard of, held a press conference in Atlanta. She made the following brutal statement:

“We have begun an investigation of the three major ongoing clinical trials of the COVID vaccine. For the moment, I want to stress a point that hasn’t been covered. Two of those trials are using a new technology, called mRNA, which has never been approved for use. Not for any vaccine or drug. The reason is, in past efforts, researchers have seen adverse reactions in humans. That means HARM. I’ll try to explain. The immune system becomes confused. It starts looking at the body, at certain areas of the body, at certain organs, as if they were intruders, enemies. You could say the body begins attacking itself. These vaccine companies believe they can overcome this problem. They want to overcome it. Will they be able to? We don’t know. Here is what we do know. From a business point of view, a commercial point of view, the new RNA technology makes it possible to design and manufacture vaccines much more quickly, easily—and more cheaply. Am I suggesting THIS is the motive for these companies bringing a new kind of vaccine into the world? Not yet. But I want to find out exactly what is going on here…”

Moderna halted its clinical trial of the COVID vaccine.

In a mind-bending moment on the NBC Evening News, cadaverous anchor Lester Holt told his audience, “In our profession, the news business, we are always skating across thin ice, based on the information that is fed to us, mostly by government sources. We trust the government. But then there are moments when the ice breaks. Then we…” He broke off and stared silently at the camera. “Then we need rescue from truth tellers. Where will we find them? Is Dr. Fauci a truth teller? I feel cold in here…”

That night, Holt scored the highest ratings of his career at NBC.

The following day, the commissioner of the FDA, Stephen Hahn, released a stunning statement. It was pure red meat for the press. They were all over it like ravening wolves:

Hahn: “As FDA Commissioner, I want to send a message, loud and clear, to the vaccine companies. If you come to us with an application to approve a vaccine for COVID-19, you’d better have your house in order. If you’re testing a vaccine that uses RNA or DNA technology, or any genetic modifications, we will demand solid evidence that your product does not cause harm. I am not making a political remark here. This has nothing to do with what the President wants or the Democrats want. Today, I have sent a letter to US Attorney General Barr, asking for a criminal investigation of the COVID vaccine clinical trials of all major companies. I believe the American people are being hoodwinked. Corporations are lying. Corporations are pretending they know what they’re doing. They want to unleash unproven technologies on our citizens. I will not allow this to happen. We always say we want transparency. Well now we’re going to get it. I’m warning my own reviewers at the Agency, do not try to slant the truth or skim the surface. If I discover any collusion with the vaccine manufacturers, I will make sure you are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Frankly, I’m operating out of a sense of fear. I fear for the safety of our country. Because of the disturbing revelations that have emerged over the past month, I also fear I could personally be caught up in a scandal not of my own making. Yes, it’s like THAT. I openly admit it. I have a very important job. I have to be the navigator. I’m not going down with this ship. I’m going to do everything I can to save the ship. Whoever you are in the pharmaceutical world, wherever you are, don’t try to wrap me up in your machinations. I hold a true compass in my hand. Trust me, you don’t want to see me in a state of anger and outrage…”










And it had all started with a man who had a job to do: convince the public that anyone who opposed the COVID vaccine was a whacko.

That man was a CIA Mockingbird.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on “CIA Mockingbirds shake the world

  1. Piksil says:


    Thanks for the smile!

    Especially needed in these trying times, as the POTUS and FLOTUS and FUCKUSALL have tested ‘positive’ for ‘the coronavirus’. I guess this means that this ‘virus’ is real.

    Hoping your next article will explore what would happen to this most important election of our lives if something terrible happened to the prez, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I would explore it myself, but I’m too shaken by this breaking news to think straight. I’ve already thrown my copy of “Bechamp or Pasteur?” in the trash (screw the environment, I’m not gonna recycle it, there’s probably not enough time….this is real!!)

    I’m hoping the government has started a gofundme….let us know if you hear something.

    I’m so scared for the prez….and First Lady. I’m shocked beyond belief that local news hasn’t shown footage and made comparisons to Boris Johnson’s terrible experience with the real and scary ‘virus’ (the worst thing ever to happen to the world, except China thankfully). It’s been 2 1/2 hours since I awoke to this tragic news, and finally the CBS Morning News reminded us of the plight of Mr Johnson. (Does no one remember how tragic those times were? He was in ICU, so you know it’s real!).

    My mind is racing. I hope someone like Bill Gates or Elon Musk can invent a time machine, and that once a ‘vaccine’ is approved (it’s just around the corner, approaching at Warp Speed), we can go back in time and ‘vaccinate’ DJ & Melania….

    I think I’m going to go door to door in my neighborhood (wearing a mask, carrying hand sanitizer and a 6 foot long 2 by 4 to knock on doors, to raise money (digital of course, as real money could harbor the ‘virus’) and support for both….anything to help them through this most challenging event of Friday morning.

    So, gotta hit the bricks. Please please please everyone, get out in your neighborhoods and workplaces (the 6 or 7 who still have jobs) and raise money to send to Washington! They need our money. To help. With the worst thing ever. In the world. This is real.

    A reader in Langley

    • lockdowns & forced vaxx says:

      them “testing” “positive” for scam19 with those worthless “tests” is going to make this clownshow worse.

    • Jen says:

      Well, he did promise to unite us. He will undoubtedly come close to death and will gasp out through his golden ventilator, “Masks. Unite. US.” And just like that every patriot showed their patriotism by wearing a mask. And a common enemy was born for left and right: mask deniers.

      I had no idea that when freedom died it would keel over wearing a clown outfit.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      LOL !

    • Larry C says:

      In my neck of the woods, COVID-19 viruses have reportedly been found swirling down the drain on a college campus. (No word yet, on whether Antifa cells have been cultured from that same drain.)

      PS – You are in my prayers. ????

      • Piksil says:

        Larry C:

        I actually saw on the news this morning that someone somewhere was doing a study to find ‘coronavirus’ in wastewater/sewage. No shit.
        (Actually I said to the wife “that’s a bunch of crap.”)
        You realize the next group targeted after this study will be ass-symptomatic carriers.

        The sad part is, people believe all this….and the hoaxsters are way past doubling down. What’s next, saying that a papaya and a goat can transmit ‘covid’ to poke fun at the president of Tanzania? (See, our test does work. This is real)

        Write it up in a ‘journal’ and it is so. Scientific.

        I don’t know if anyone saw the demo that Del Bigtree did with his 11(I think) year old son, measuring CO2 levels in a mask, and showing how after just seconds the readings surpass OSHA Safety Limits?
        Well, somebody did, because the only part of the local news I saw this evening was a ‘report’ that wearing masks does not hurt healthy people OR people with COPD…..relating to CO2 levels…
        HOGWASH. Why have OSHA regulations for CO2 limits?
        But this is reported with a straight face, and people buy it. Cuz it’s on the news.

  2. Doug says:

    Some day. We can hope and it will come. I have friend. He believes Q is an insider from the CIA helping Trump.

    Just like any Matrix controlled human there is little that gets through. I try to tell him that he cannot trust his own thoughts. He should Quiet the Mind and meditate.

    What other choices do we have with such scenarios?

    Myself I continue listening to TMR. Once I get through the 6 hour (7.5 hr) audio I will start with ETM. Meditating helps but it’s far from enough.

    At this point fixing myself is my best bet before attempting anyone else.

    Hmm. Sounds like plan…..

  3. Doug says:

    So what is this thing called Covid anyway? Are people actually infected with something. Is it generated by 5G?

    Will we never learn how or what it is? Is it anything at all or just an idea planted deep enough in many to make it appear real.

    I recall how the media created the current Trump Hate Syndrome. I do not watch TV or follow any news but something landed me on CNN back in early 2017. I could not believe what they had on the site. Videos would play without any clicking start. The first was a ravaging of Trump. Then came the second. It was a different angle also ravaging Trump. This went on for at least 9 videos one after the other.

    I can only assume that those that have this deep hatred for Trump, and there are so many around here (NY/NJ area) that it is mind boggling.

    My job has at least 8 such people. Total company 20. Over 10 are lower wage and don’t hate him. They repeat everything. For a while I tried monitoring stories to see if I could relate someone’s comment to where they read or heard it.


  4. Paul says:

    “That night, Crist, an instant star, sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
    The interview immediately went sideways.
    Cooper interrupted Crist a number of times.
    He teetered on the edge of outrage.
    Finally, Crist said, “Quiet down, Sonny. America wants to hear me right now, not you.”


    I’ve noticed AC’s endless & growing sneering judgement at all things not he.

    Alas, I’ve felt he’s just about ready to do his SUPERIOR DANCE one of these days, just like Dana Carvey’s The Church Lady.

    Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction man!

    Nice Work.

  5. Dr David Hill says:

    When all this is over one can only hope that politicians come to their senses. In this respect Trump and all other politicians will have to comprehend that they do not know everything by any means and where governments across the world have to start thinking differently with solving and counteracting Covid-19 and all other human-to-human killer viruses that will definitely come in the future and where they will all be different and the last vaccine if one is found will be impotent, as all these viruses are different and constantly mutating with 1.7 million constantly interacting with animals that cause influenza/respiratory viruses according to National Geographical..

    Confronting Pandemic Influenza : “Just Don’t Let It Start in the first place” – the “Proactive Strategy” and NOT the “Reactive Vaccine Strategy” –

    • Piksil says:

      The best step to preventing the spread of human-to-human killer viruses is to stop believing in them.

      Pasteur disciples have caused enough damage over the last ~140 years ATMO, spreading the gospel of John D, John D, Jr, and David. Vaccines and a theory in the same package. Look at all the sheep that died! (I know, sheep lie.)

      The theory that viruses cause dis-ease, rather than try to restore -ease, is the outline for this ‘covid’ cover story. The mutation aspect is the setup for a sequel or sequels.. And the ‘vaccines’ are the gift that keeps on giving. (Reminds me, almost time for my flu shot…..wait, it’s never too late for a flu shot. That’s the ticket.) They keep making flu shots, and whoops, the ‘virus’ mutated. But it’s OK, it’s better to get a “little bit of protection”
      No, don’t ask what is in it. First, we don’t know for sure, and B, only science-y types would understand what they are, so don’t waste your time. Lots of big important multi syllabic words. And pay no attention to that Itallian study done last year or the year before that showed NO LISTED ACTIVE INGREDIENT in any of the vaccines they tested, because they did find a whole bunch of big word poisons in them, but again, many syllables. Ewwww.

      The government officials know they don’t know everything. That’s their excuse. They get money, align with the party they’re assigned to, and read a teleprompter. And lie. And steal. To us, and from us. They’ve had plenty of opportunity to figure out the hoax, and I suspect most all know it is just that. Possibly they’ve been preoccupied with trying to help their constituents, during these trying times. They need to be imprisoned at least. And made to wear masks and ‘vaccinated’, because prisons are a hotbed of ‘covid’, as we were told months ago, as dangerous felons were released.
      Because of the caronavirus pandemic. It’s the new normal.

  6. Eluard says:


    This is one of your “Keepers.” They’re all good, but this is a Great one, one of those Rappoport Specials, that cause a crack in the ice of false consciousness, of the Matrix if you will.

    Jon is an agent from the False Consciousness Crack Squad. Many of us who reason-ate with his work are as well. Our energy, shared even just by coming here and reading and contemplating, is energy that keeps us vibrating at higher levels, lighter levels, if you will. Just know it. It is so.

  7. LORALEIGH says:

    appreciate all this information which i could never have access to except through you

  8. Bruce says:

    Thanks Jon. Amazing!

  9. Opie Poik says:

    Take the jab or lose your job: Medical journal calls for a MANDATORY Covid vaccine, says ‘noncompliance should incur a penalty’

    80 million Americans hold 300 million firearms and billions of rounds and have millennia of practice.

    Go Fauci yourselves, perverts.

    • Doomed says:

      @ Opie Poik,

      Thanks for posting that info – but that’s the scariest thing I’ve read in a longtime!

      Coming right out of the New England Journal of Medicine and disclosing their game plan to basically force vaccinate all of us should scare the living daylights out of anti-vaxxers and pro-choicers alike!

      And with Trump now in the hospital for Covid (especially if he takes a turn for worst & becomes critical ill) there’s even more traction for Congress to get involved and jump on the forced vaccination bandwagon.

      I really don’t see hope – it would take a miracle to get out forced vaccinations in this current climate. Pharma & the medical cartel have won – they’re taking over of all world governments!

      There’s just not enough unity for any significant push back against forced vaccinations. There’s Jon & Del Bigtree on the investigative journalist side who have the knowledge and willpower, and our outstanding researchers – but that’s about it. On the scientific side, there’s Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and maybe a few others. On the legal side, there’s just one lone voice in attorney RFK, Jr. And where are all the politicians to protect our rights to decline a medical treatment? Is Libertarian Rand Paul going to help us? Oops…I forget – he’s an M.D., so we can forget him. Lol.

      No one high enough on the food chain is there to help us. Not enough unity with the experts. And if Trump survives his ordeal and is reelected, he’ll probably want manditory vaccines. I know if Biden is elected, it will definitely be mandatory vaccines…period.

      We’re all screwed thanks to pharma & medical cartel using an invisible enemy to divide & conquer. Where & when to I report to the nearest neighborhood assimilation station where I’m vaccinated & programmed to obey & follow orders by the medical cartel?

      What was The Borg’s famous cliche? Resistance Is Futile. 🙁

      • Piksil says:


        Good post! I’m glad you mentioned Del Bigtree and RFK, Jr.

        Don’t forget about atty Thomas Renz’s lawsuit (Ohio), and the Pennsylvania federal judge who ruled the PA Governor’s lockdown restrictions were unconstitutional. There is some hope, I think. Especially Renz’s case.

        Informed Consent, safety and efficacy, and liability/responsibility should provide leverage to opt out of a mandatory vaccination scheme.

        A mandatory vaccination program should not be started prior to Renz’s case being heard. And, provided it’s not tried in a kangaroo court, should expose the hoax for what it is, thereby eliminating the need for a vaccine (for something that doesn’t exist?) program.

        Again, there is some hope.

    • R.C. says:

      Another show of FORCE. Freedoms stripped away. AGAIN. Comply or die. Effen idiots! Again, this shows what punks they are. Using bully tactics, intimidation, fear and the like, instilled in the news watchers. OMG! It’s real. It’s on TV and the president has it. And his wife has it. I knew early on that chump would buckle at the knees sooner or later. Financial payout was finally huge enough for him and his puppet wife to cave in and go along with this hoax. What a disgrace he and his wife are to this country. This has gone to the ultimate betrayal to mankind. They commit crimes using money the steal from the working class. They hide away so, nobody can get to them. Cause damage and send out the military against the very people and country they are supposed to protect, to force control and compliance. All those in on this hoax should be punished with life imprisonment in solitary confinement!
      One other note: NONE of those involved and in control of this hoax, will EVER get these shots-to-the-arms. They know it’s horseshit. And if they go on the brainwashing mainstream media to show themselves “getting the shot”, it will be a vial with nothing more than vitamin water in it. They’re not capable of telling the truth. THATS politics: Lie and Deceive!

    • Piksil says:

      Opie Poik:

      So, the original date of the NEJM article is June 26, 2020. It reeks of Davos/World Economic Forum. (“Stakeholders”….as in The Great Reset”)

      It also reeks of Event 201. But WEF was a part of that as well. The RT article points out the authors’ affiliations with Gates Foundation donor facilities. I’ll bet a quarter that this paper was immediately being worked on in response to Event 201, if not before.

      Not one MD on the author list; no, just lawyers, and public health policy types. It seems they’re providing a blueprint for rolling out (forcing) the vaccine in a way that tries to limit legal interference, as well as suspicion from the Guinea pigs, er, the population at large who will be the first recipients. “…vaccine manufacturers should stay on the sidelines.” WOW!!! Pretty much admitting nobody trusts them! Maybe saying Tiger Woods came up with the vaccine would make it acceptable?

      Since they seem to want to avoid legal confrontation, I would think that would be the best way to defend this attempted assault, if it actually comes to pass.

      Thanks for the link!

  10. hayden says:

    The war continues…..when will it stop nobody knows,maybe 10,000 years according to Jon.
    once space flight becomes available for all then there will be mass migrations from the earth just as has happened in earths past with mass migrations because of war,climate,drought,mini ice ages etc especially if the earth goes towards a nazi run Blade Runner, 3 sea shell Demolition Man movie outcomes.

    Then this will seed future galaxy wars as once these new colonies set up they will continue fighting.

    Vegans will escape to there planet, vegetarians will escape to there planet and then properly all start fighting against omnivores cause some extreme vegan religious sects see omnivores as demons(master ching hai as example) talk about brainwashing on all fronts lol.

    Galaxy stormtroopers who obey the future nazi run system(just like past and present shows) will still be loyal to the fake narrative agendas. All the different types of Human society’s will all find there own little spot in space and continue with the fight.

    Maybe its needed as Universe maybe using us as a way to seed the universe(without us being aware of nature intentions). Nothing can stay on the earth forever as even earths sun will explode destroying Earth. Migration or extinction one of the two is inevitable for humans.

    Maybe this why we should stop with all the fighting amongst all the myriad of mans created fake narrative structures(religions, Government deep state etc cause we could already be out in space if we were all working together as a team.

    Together we stand, divided we fall, Pink Floyd

  11. R.C. says:

    War Pigs. Black Sabbarh!,
    “Generals gathered in their masses.
    Just like witches at Black Masses.
    Evil minds that plot destruction.
    Sourcerer of death construction.
    In the fields, the bodies burning.
    As the war machine keeps turning.
    Death and hatred to mankind.
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
    Politicians hide themselves away.
    They only started the war.
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that all to the poor.
    Time will tell on their power minds.
    Making war just for fun.
    Treating people just like pawns in chess.
    Now, in darkness, world stops turning.
    Ashes where the bodies burning.
    No more War Pigs have the power.
    Hand of God has struck the hour.
    Day of Judgement, God is calling.
    On their knees, the War Pigs crawling.
    Begging mercy for their sins.
    Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.
    Oh, Lord, yeah.
    Ozzy, Toni, Geezer and Bill Ward. Way ahead of their times!

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