The Pandemic Pattern—how the illusion is built

by Jon Rappoport

August 13, 2020

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This article is based on my study and investigation of so-called epidemics over the past 30 years.

In the case of COVID-19, I’ve written at least one piece covering, in detail, each main element of the illusion. Here, I’m laying out the pattern. It is the same for each fake epidemic.

ONE: Through many meetings, exercises, planning sessions, a structure is welded in place to promote and launch the IDEA of an epidemic. World Health Organization, CDC, influential public health officials attached to governments around the world, etc.

TWO: There is a purported incident. An outbreak. The most obvious cause is intentionally overlooked. For example, horrendous air pollution, or the grotesque feces and urine pollution on a giant commercial pig factory-farm. Instead, the world is told a new virus has been found. Local researchers, if any, are augmented by researchers from CDC, WHO.

THREE: There is no air-tight chain of evidence explaining exactly how the purported new virus was discovered. From details released, there is NO proof of discovery by convincing methods, no proper unified study of MANY supposed epidemic patients.

FOUR: But WHO/CDC tells the world this is an epidemic in the making, caused by the new virus. The promotion and propaganda/media apparatus moves into high gear. Ominous pronouncements.

FIVE: Diagnostic tests for the unproven new virus are rolled out. They spit out false “proof” of “infection” like coins from a jackpot slot machine. These false-positives are an inherent feature of the tests.

SIX: Thus, all case numbers and death numbers, which are based on the tests, are rendered meaningless. And…they were already meaningless, because the supposed new virus “being tested for” was never properly discovered in the first place.

SEVEN: Nevertheless, these tests (plus useless eyeball diagnosis) are used to build official reports on case numbers. For the duration of the “epidemic,” reports keep coming, and escalating numbers are trumpeted. Within the basically meaningless structure of these reports, there is fiddling with totals, to make them more impressive and frightening.

EIGHT: Real people are really getting sick and dying, but for the most part, they are people who are dying from traditional and long-standing conditions—flu-like illness, pneumonia, other lung infections, etc. These people are “re-packaged” under the new epidemic label—e.g., “COVID”. The official description of the “new epidemic disease”—the clinical symptoms—is sufficiently general to easily allow this re-packaging.

NINE: If there is new illness, it can be explained by causes having nothing to do with the purported new virus. For example, a toxic vaccine campaign. A highly destructive drug. Highly toxic pesticides.

TEN: Over time, the definition of the epidemic is arbitrarily widened to include more symptoms and clinical features, in order to inflate case numbers.

ELEVEN: Control of information about the “epidemic” is hardened at the top. The talking heads, from the press and public health agencies, know as much about actual science as rabbits know about drone strikes. But they are “in charge.” Dissident information is attacked and censored.

TWELVE: Medical drugs and procedures (e.g., ventilators) used to treat patients are quite harmful. If a vaccine is rolled out, it, too, is toxic. Illness and death resulting from these and other medical attacks are counted as “epidemic cases caused by the virus.”

THIRTEEN: ABOVE ALL OTHER ILLUSIONS, the main deception is: “the epidemic is one disease or syndrome caused by one germ.” This is sold with unceasing propaganda. Most people fall for it. They will even argue among themselves about which “it” is the single cause of the “it” disease. There is no “it” cause or disease.

FOURTEEN: The public is sold lie after lie about contagion and the “spread” of the “it.”

FIFTEEN: The public chants (as if no one has ever died before), “People are dying, it must be the virus.”

SIXTEEN: The virus fairy tale always functions as a cover story for government or corporate or medical crimes. It obscures and hides these crimes. For example, a large factory is spewing horrendous pollution into the ground and water of an area, and people are getting sick and dying? Wait, the researchers say, the cause is actually a new virus no one has ever seen before.

As I wrote at the outset of the COVID illusion, the only difference this time, in 2020, is the weight of the lies—because they led to the lockdowns and the economic devastation. This is West Nile, SARS, Swine Flu, Zika, writ large.

Needless to say, the persons and groups responsible for launching these illusion-operations must hide their crimes.

The criminals have their weapons, of course. Among their most powerful: control of the press, and arcane technical language which pretends to relevance. This language is so dense, the uninitiated stand no chance of penetrating it.

For instance, researchers can babble for hours about their vaunted diagnostic test, the PCR. However, the simple truth is, the test has never been vetted. The test has never been tested in the real world outside the lab.

I have written about this extensively. Using a little guideline called SCIENCE, you would “test the test” by lining up, say, a thousand patients, some healthy, some sick from a supposed virus. Any virus. Tissue samples would be taken from each patient.

PCR mavens would run these samples through their equipment, reporting which patients show what they call high “viral load.”

This means: these particular patients have millions and millions of virus actively replicating in their bodies, and they will be unmistakably and visibly sick.

The PCR princes would then announce, “Patients 3,45,65,76,132…are all definitely sick.”

Now we un-blind the study and see what’s what and who’s who. Are these designated patients ill or are they running marathons? That’s called simple scientific method. Not technical gobbledygook.

This chunk of research has never been done. It never will be done. It’s too real. Too naked. Proponents of the PCR would have too much to lose, if their assessments of who are healthy and who are sick turned out to be absurdly wrong, and their arcane technical rhetoric about the PCR ended up being useless gibberish.

I include this illustration to indicate there are, indeed, ways of exposing professional liars, if you change the venue on them, if you use common sense, if you stand outside their self-appointed temples of mystical pretense and observe what their lies look like when you boil them down to human terms…

Here is another study of the PCR test that has never been done and never will be done, in the real world: line up a thousand patients, take tissues samples from them and send the samples to 40 different labs. Have the labs run their PCRs and announce their specific findings. Compare the results. You can bet the farm the labs will come up with contrary results.

This is part of a pattern: keep “scientific details” close to the vest; keep them “in-house”; don’t permit large-scale independent studies that will either confirm or deny basic tenets of official research.

COVID is a fraud from top to bottom. From beginning to end.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

81 comments on “The Pandemic Pattern—how the illusion is built

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Boy in the Bubble: A Warning to Humanity

    In 1971, the ultimate germ-free animal was created: a human. David Vetter was born with severe combined Immunodeficency (SCID), and his doctors were ready. They had, in fact, anticipated his condition, as his parents had a 50-50 chance of passing down the genetic defect. In an act of remarkable hubris, they convinced the parents to conceive the child, reasoning that a bone marrow transplant from his sister would cure any SCID. When he was born, however, his sister turned out not to be a match, and David would live the rest of his life in a plastic bubble. He became famous as the ‘boy in the bubble.’

    The doctors had hoped to learn what happens to germ-free humans, but the setup was not appropriate for any reasonable findings. David didn’t take long to realize that he was doomed to be cut off from the world , and he started questioning life. He was depressed,but whether that was from being germ free or just because he lived in a plastic bubble with no physical human contact is debatable. By the time he was 12, medicine had advanced enough to try a marrow transplant from his sister, even though she was not a perfect match. Sadly, she had an undetected virus, and within weeks of the transplant, David was dead. In David’s final days, his mother was able to touch his skin for the first time in his life.

    The public was taken aback by this human experiment that had gone so wrong, and at a stroke, it seemed we awoke from the dream of a germ-free world. David, freed from his germs, was not a superkid. The microbes had won a reprieve.

    Scott C. Anderson, ‘They Psychobiotic Revolution’

    • Low Voltage says:

      “she had an undetected virus”

      • Piksil says:

        That stuck out to me, too. I was thinking that it was a good thing it didn’t get out of the bubble, or it would have killed all of mankind…wait, why didn’t it kill his sister?

        Hmmm,, maybe they got this germ theory wrong? Otherwise, the virus should adapt whenever it changes hosts, right?

        I wonder if they’re changing his cause of death to Covid-(whatever year he died)?

        • ReluctantWarrior says:

          The point is that we need our collection of microbiotic partners that this boy was deprived of as an experiment. These partners that live in our gut and in every crack and crevice of our bodies are an integral part of our immune systems. Living in the bubble of social separation is exactly the wrong strategy. Trying to isolate ourselves from the ‘outside world’ and all those ‘evil’ germs only weakens our immune systems making us more vulnerable to diseases in the long run.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      You know– we’d have to be extra careful in looking at that story– that I personally recall reading about in Time Magazine. I also had a neighbour who claimed she “had no immune system” so has to have weekly injections with “immunoglobulin”. Interesting word that, no? ImmunoGLOBULIN? Sounds like GOBLINS or ghosts… or humunculins or the BLOB. The DISCREDITED-based-on-covid-push-medical-community-as-a-whole is to be investigated and reviewed and inspected like never before. We citizens are no longer the LAY people… the LAY people… LAY… we “have the internet now”… as long as they don’t turn it off. It’s time to COUNTER ATTACK in a civilized manner using REASON as well as an unrelenting assault on their LIES. So the Bubble Boy… you know– Seinfeld did an episode on that that I think would be appropriate to lean in on this with… care for a short video?

      • Piksil says:

        He said “moops”
        He said “moods”

        Classic. Thanks Rick!

        First thing I thought of, but focused on his sister had an undetected virus. So, in essence, they have no idea why he died. (Can’t figure it out, say it’s a virus. Residency 201)

        • Alan says:

          “Not a good match” – introduce foreign DNA into the body, causing an immune response. Just like injecting a vaccine.

      • Steve Lipohar says:

        You just made my night with that link….thank you.

  2. Brett Morgen says:

    Excellent summary Jon, I think this is the article to share with all the sheep. As always you lay out the truth perfectly.

    It’s funny how I’m in the middle of a covid “hotspot” (notice how they use war terminology) and don’t know anyone who knows anyone who’s sick. Neither do my parents who have lived here for 50 years.

    • Monty says:

      I ask the same question of friends and relatives all the time. Where are the sick people? Nobody knows anyone who is actually sick, something completely different than being diagnosed with Covid. So where are the sick people?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        I had a thriving piano lesson business that depended highly on me personally as a personality at a big box store… and NONE of my students was sick and I wasn’t. But they shut me down. And they refuse to reopen for in-person lessons. This is week 20 for me. I’ve never seen anyone go after piano lessons before. The powers-that-be must be real small minded little autocrats to destroy someone like me. I don’t even think they’re directed by humans anymore. How can they be? This is a direct assault on human activity… by what amounts to non-human entities. Maybe I can summon the Three Muses to go after them. If they can believe in virus-mythology, I can deal in music mythology…

        • WRH says:

          file form 95. lawsuit for losses do to illegal, unconstitutional lock down against the governor and class action against co-conspirators, as in media and fb and Twitter,…

      • Eli35 says:

        No one in our family knows ANYONE who has been sick, and we are from 8 different states, many of which are considered “hot spots.” Actually, none of us even knows anyone who has tested “positive” either.

        However, almost everyone I know had a terrible flu last winter (February).

        My mom (age 95 1/2) was dying in May, with the very typical end of life symptoms of fever and cough (shutting down of heart, fluid in lungs). Hospice offered a covid test. I asked what would be done differently. They said they’d give her “a cocktail of antiviral drugs” I said no thanks. Her care givers and myself continued to be with her with no masks and certainly no distancing. She died peacefully, thankfully not falsely added to the numbers they are using to scare everyone.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        All the sick people….where have they gone to? Sounds like the lyrics to a song.

    • Monty says:

      One exception though, the wife of the son of a dear friend lost her grandmother recently, purportedly to Covid, Not to diminish the loss of someone’s mother or any family member, but she was 93. I don’t know what means were used to make this diagnosis.

      • Brett Morgen says:

        She was 93. It means she died of old age and they marked her up as a “covid” death so they could make money.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        I’m reminded of the 9/11 hoax where people would say “a buddy of mine’s friend’s mother’s sister, well her uncle– his brother died in the building collapse.. so I KNOW people died”.

        • Padraigin Eagle says:

          Yep, no planes, no deaths, just the bought and sold crisis actors crocodile tears crying, Silverstein three buildings richer, hidden hands script the lying, but then eyes-wide-shut will never see the picture!

      • tony bonn says:

        purportedly is right. no one has ever died of a virus. everyone has viruses in order to stay alive.

  3. Amanda says:

    Anyone in NJ looking for contacts who are awake to the scam? Please get in touch with me notyranny2020[dot]protonmail[dot]com (everyone here is brainwashed)


    Please copy and share! And if you know of any left-wing independent sites that do not censor, please post these there!


    “Doctors for the Truth” Speak Out in Madrid, Denounce Covid-19 “False Pandemic”

    “It’s all Bullsh*t” – 3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative In recent days a series of leaks across the globe have further shown the “official line” on coronavirus does not hold water

    The Covid-19 Pandemic, Does It Exist? The Truth is Being Obliterated. The Global Elite’s Campaign Against Humanity

    Italian Leader Slams ‘False Coronavirus Numbers: 25,000 Did Not Die, it’s a way to Impose a Dictatorship’ (Watch)

    Renowned Forensic Doctor Destroys Media ‘Killer Virus’ Lies: ‘Nobody has Died of Covid-19 in Hamburg without Previous Illnesses’ (Watch)

    The Voluntary End of America Due to a Coronavirus Hoax By Gary D. Barnett

    The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda By Gary Barnett

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Where is your understanding that there ARE new symptoms being observed, Amanda? In your entire list of linked articles, there is no reference to what really IS going on… so are you under the impression that NOTHING NEW is going on? Jon cites pollution. But there has been pollution in the past. If we’re going to rise above this virus-hoax– the idea that a VIRUS is causing the NEW SYMPTOMS, then we MUST address the SYMPTOMS– which are primarily having to do with oxygen uptake– and dry coughing… consistent with oxygenation trouble– and find the REAL cause. I have some suggestions– 5G, cynaide from fracking refineries where Trump loosened the rules lately, the very act of sticking a swab up into the nasal cavity to hit the brain– possibly being poisoned rather than tested– causing a loss of smell… and just today, the lack of selenium in the diet which causes deterioration of the lung tissue. JON IS CORRECT about covid being an UMBRELLA covering multiple symptoms/causes… but to get traction on this CRIME-OF-THE-21st-CENTURY– we should specity and MEMORIZE top symptoms and track down the REAL causes. Start with people falling down in Wuhan… where there was a TEST of thousands of 5G antenna being rolled out.

    • Steve Lipohar says:

      Good stuff Amanda….we’re on the same page

  4. Larry C says:

    Apropos of item #11, 640 European doctors gathered recently to discuss the damage to society caused by the overreaction to (the putative) COVID virus. Haven’t heard a breath of this in Mainstream Media…

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I tried to listen to that conference but the Europeans don’t know how to mic themselves on stage and the whole thing was un-listenable-to. I’m sure they had great ideas but if it’s badly recorded, it’s sunk. That’s why the USA is number one. Europeans even accepted the EU and the Euro. Recall that American was founded by Europeans who were sick and tired of Europeans conducting wars against each other for no apparent reason. That’s why the US should have stayed out of WWI and WWII… don’t get me started. Read Pat Buchanan-… Nation or Empire?

  5. bob klinck says:

    What people should be reflecting on is how all the mainstream media, professional sports organizations, politicians, bureaucrats and recognized medical institutions can, on a global scale, be singing from the same hymn sheet on this alleged threat. It is quite simply because anyone who dissents stands in danger of losing their jobs and their incomes. The “pandemic” has exposed the potency of this system of control–in fact, enslavement–of people everywhere. We have allowed financiers to install the system and are now suffering the consequences in the form of the corruption of souls and the disappearance of integrity from our societies. As long as this control mechanism is allowed to persist, merely reverting to pre-COVID conditions will not save us from other artificial crises in the future.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I was at UPS today talking to my friendly UPS manager who I have frequent philosophy conversations when no other customers are around. He was masked with a blue N095 and his employee wore a face shield. I know him well enough to joke around. He greeted me. I said “what???”… He mumbled something else… “I can’t hear you!” I shouted because I’m unmasked and I laughed. I think he laughed too. Then I barely heard him say, “they make us wear these”. I said “it’s a violation of the 4th amendment right to personal integrity”. As long as EMPLOYEES tow the line for fear of losing their jobs, we have, in effect– a corporate tyranny right now. Maybe we should announce a NATION WiDE TAKE YOUR MASK OFF DAY for ALL employees everywhere. The corporations– another historical trick too big to discuss here– would not be able to fire everyone. And it would be ONE DAY. Let’s say– Sept.7– Labour Day. Jon?

  6. TS says:

    I can understand your thoughts. I work with some folks who are out due to the ‘virus’ if you will; have another co-worker who has had some relatives die and I, myself, had a classmate die a couple of weeks ago due to ‘complications’ of but did have other issues. The thing that makes me wonder is if there weren’t a supposed virus’ at this time, would all of these people have died, at this particular moment in time? Very odd as it seems that something expedited their already existing conditions.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Like Jon keeps pointing out– toxins exacerbates pre-existing conditions. Not only that. Lack of critical nutrients exacerbates pre-existing conditions too. I just read about a critical nutrient, this afternoon, that is now lacking in the American diet due to the use of chemical fertilizers– that being selenium. Icelanders and other Nordics live longer lives because of volcanic ash in their soil containing lots of selenium which leads to glutathione which is an important part of the lung tissue. Jon’s point about pollution is well taken and I would add 5G- which has a bad effect on oxygen update and was associated with ground-zero-Wuhan-people-falling-down— as well as cyanide poison which affects oxygen uptake too. There IS NO VIRUS. The virus is a hijacked CONCEPT that is non-existent and based on the Dr. Kaufmans’ explanation of exosomes that occur naturally as an anti-toxin immune function in the body leading to symptoms that make the person appear to be sick but which is a cleansing of their body.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      That “something” is called induced death and is done in the intensive care units , behind closed doors. Is not new , just that now is used for statistics and, of course, financial gain! There are several techniques employed for this purpose .

  7. TS says:

    If there isn’t a supposed ‘virus’ should we take that to mean that this year has had a very nasty flu outbreak then, instead?

    • Piksil says:

      ‘Flu season’ is a detox period, when groups of people detox (usually seasonal changes).
      Can the introduction of some new or different toxin cause groups of people to detox in the ‘off season’? I would assume that it could, especially in the area or areas where this new or different toxin was enough to overload the immune system, or something caused an abnormal change in temperature in a group of people at roughly the same time for a given reason, say, wearing masks? (Fever indicates healing process, but can an elevation in body temperature start the healing process? Think: sauna.)

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The new biology of the microbiome based on terrain theory of Beauchamp which supercedes Pasteurs germ theory implies that there are inbreaks, not outbreaks. An outbreak implies contagion and transfer of magical flying RNA-wrapped-in-proteins attacking people from the air sitting less than six feet in front of them– thus the six foot distance rule. It’s basically a myth or superstition. It’s likely that ghosts have a better basis in fact and evidence than flying killer viruses. The inbreak means that our bodies create exosomes that are responses to toxins. These can occur in large population groups in geocontiguous areas due to to climate changes, solar activity and localized toxic effects of other things in the environment. So, there isn’t a virus. There are exosomes. There is no outbreak. There are inbreaks. There are no germs-as-viruses-flying-through-the-air-like-the-man-on-the-flying-trapeze. Viruses are imposters. Exosomes are the original identity of the entity the hoaxters are passing off as a virus. Microbes such as bacteria and fungi are real and can be transferred through direct contact with blood and saliva and close proximity through the air as they can be disturbed and fly upwards momentarily. Viruses however are less a reality than ghosts. We’ve shut the economy down for something with less evidence than ghosts.

      • tony bonn says:

        i am in agreement with the tenor of your comments but would accept that viruses exist. however….they are organic non-living, non-reproducing, non-communicable, non-contagious proteins which are produced cell-specifically as solvents to break down wastes and toxins in the body. the cells encode them with rna and dna of the host to ensure safe destruction of foreign bodies. you can’t “catch a virus.”

      • Kia Kaha says:

        …and shutting the economy down is all about $nothing anyway. All this, years and years of this for $nothing. We have plenty of willing people to do the work that needs doing, enough talent and resources to make it happen, fulfill every need. But the $numbers aren’t right, the $numbers, the numbers, the numb-ers aren’t right. They don’t care, they are comfortably numb.

        What Really Makes You Ill

      • Hélios says:

        Exactly, germ theory is totally wrong and it’s main doctrine among all doctors.

  8. joseph coretti says:

    jon, your spot on on every article you write about, and, ever since, iv’e been reading your articles. i refuse to watch msm news. they’re nothing but a propaganda machine

  9. Thankful says:

    Hey Jon, I contacted the doctor with a question asking him what he would say regarding your article that there is no new virus, they tested DNA to prove……then I sent him another article – but I am going to give you the article link Jon and on your downtime possibly you might want to address this in a future blog post. His answer to my question was this……

    “We know it’s a new virus because we sequenced the DNA of the virus from infected people. That DNA sequence is the basis of the PCR test that is used to tell if someone is infected.”

    Best wishes,


    Anyway, I sent him an article regarding the PCR and I know you have touched on the PCR also, but maybe you could be more specific on the DNA part….I’m not a scientist and neither are the people I share your articles with and you do a great job of making it understandable to all. Thankful

    • tony bonn says:

      your doctor is a quack. the full genome of the virus has not been mapped and is required to positively identify a virus. anything short of that is a guessing game based upon substrings. a search for some may yield sometime, somewhere, somehow, and maybe even sumpin’ sumpin’. now, which some were you looking for?

      a virus is not an infection. a virus is a symptom of infection which the virus is attempting to destroy. viruses are the result of pathology – not its cause.

      the pcr test is a total fraud and i don’t have time to regale anyone on it. its inventor warned that pcr is NOT a diagnostic tool. it proves absolutely nothing.

      • Thankful says:

        Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I have read a lot on the PCR and its lack of proving anything. I don’t believe any of the reports using the PCR but I am educating others so just wanted more information.

    • glenn says:

      The DNA was pulled from viruses found in only a few people. Yes the genome was fully mapped at around 28,000 BP however most of this sequence is completed with computer modeling. So the genome is purely theoretical not the actual genetic makeup of the virus. That DNA sequence may be the basis of the PCR test but the test only uses a small 200 to 300 BP sample of the full genome.

    • Alan says:

      They sequenced the DNA of the virus out of unpurified samples of infected people. Unpurified means that there are thousands of impurities. Hence there is no evidence what that DNA can come from, and no evidence that said DNA belongs to a pathogenic virus (or any kind of pathogenic particle).

      We can bet that whatever particle that DNA is taken from (if it indeed is from a single particle at all) has no pathogenicity, since that’s most of the stuff in us. There is no evidence that said particle has been pathologically multiplying, since PCR is not quantitative.

      There are just too many holes in the logic to list them all.

  10. CJ76 says:

    The talking heads, from the press and public health agencies, know as much about actual science as rabbits know about drone strikes.

    Best line of the day!

  11. Allen says:

    AVG Age of “Death by Covid”:

    Austria 80+ years Source EMS;
    Canada 86 years Source HCSC;
    England 80+ years Source NHS;
    France 84 years Source SPF;
    Germany 82 years Source RKI;
    Italy 81 years Source ISS;
    Spain 82 years Source MDS;
    Switzerland 84 years Source BAG;
    United States 80 years Source CDC;
    Sweden 86 years Source FOHM

    A “global pandemic” is certainly not defined by age of deaths EXCEEDING the normal lifespan with no young healthy people are affected.

    I will offer up just a few broad comments and put details to them if you wish:

    1) There is no excess death toll due to virus- that death toll is due to policy shifts and attribution to “Covid” is patently false when not outright administrative corruption by health officials;

    2) Above “excess” death toll is an artifact of nursing home mismanagement- 60% of “covid deaths” from nursing homes + or – 3%- once that is taken away we have near record numbers of low mortality rates in country after country;

    3) The average age of “Covid deaths” worldwide EXCEEDS the normal lifespan of citizens of those countries- that being 81 years old with on average 2.5 comorbidities- think about that;

    4) Average number of weeks of life lost due to “Covid” is a mere 1-3 weeks and that’s without consideration of having died “from” or “with”;

    5) PCR tests used to determine “cases” are a diagnostic fraud- inventor of PCR test, Kary Mullis, asserted PCR tests were not designed for diagnostic purposes;

    6) Cases which are determined by flawed PCR tests are purposefully juiced up in numerous ways- want details?- this is not simply more tests=more cases we are talking medical and institutional fraud- why did the CDC change years old policies on March 24th, April 14th and June 13th with each change designed to increase number of “positive” test cases;

    7) The WHO changed it’s definition of pandemic in 2009. Why? What preceded this in 2007?

    8) In the annals of pandemic since the year 350 this one ranks 23rd out of 24 in overall deaths as a percentage of population worldwide. The swine flu pandemic of 2009 (coincidentally the same year the WHO changed that definition) ranks 24th. These two pandemics are several hundred (thousand in some cases) % points lower in mortality rates than past pandemics- how did they even make the cut;

    9) The “deaths from Covid” are from a specific demographic- pandemics are noted to impact mortality rates of a broad demographic. That demographic is not merely the elderly but the most fragile of the fragile of the elderly who could die from any infection in their condition;

    10) “Deaths from Covid” are from specific locations. Pandemics are defined (supposed to be) by cutting across a wide swath of geographic regions. This pandemic has the habit of only impacting densely populated areas and more specifically the elderly in those areas and more specifically nursing homes- in the US for example if we eliminated just the deaths from NJ and NYC nursing homes we would not be having this conversation. In Italy same would be said if we eliminated deaths from elderly in Northern Italy- same elsewhere Belgium, spain, Canada, Sweden etc.;

    The above 10 points are the short list.

    If people would stop wearing masks and stay off the internet and cable news for a week no one would know there was such a virus in existence.

    You can’t stop living the lie until you stop telling it.

    • tony bonn says:

      i loved your opening numbers. so let’s see. i am past the statistical life expectancy, i had a number of health conditions, and i died. From what did i die? being on borrowed time? old age? a pre-existing condition? a virus? sunspots? aunt agnes always wore red when she visited me?

      i can tell that most people at large and on these comments have no understanding of critical thinking or statistical analysis. it would take a pile of data and multivariate, time series based series to “prove” that anyone died from simply one of these factors. and how do you untangle multiple factors?

      i died and aunt agnes always wore red. those statements are so so so true. but does aunt agnes’ wearing red prove that i died from her wearing red? oh and billy bob died too and his myrtle always wore red. so many true statements, but did billy bob die from aunt myrtle always wearing red?

      and this one: mary sue always wore a mask and did not get sick. does that prove that the mask kept mary sue from getting sick? i never wear a mask and i don’t get sick. what does that prove?

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        You’re right Tony. I’ve been waiting for statisticians to appear anywhere– talk radio, online forums like this, teevee, faux news— to point out, with graphs and formulas– how “data, multivariates, time series and other tools of analyses– that untangling causes of death is complicated. These statisticians exist! I was in a stats course with a giant stats text book and it was… well– I didn’t pass that course. Given the shutdown is based on false analyses, you’d think some of these people would “show up” at the media circus. Not even in magazine articles or books are they appearing! We only see false CDC and WHO and local govn’t “dashboards”. Where are the economists as well? Economics involves lots of analyses– and its the economy being destroyed here. Where are they? It’s astonishing to witness their relative absence in the face of political pronouncements by medical “authorities”.

    • Alan says:

      Allen, to second your point #6:

      This Japanese professor exposed the exact same thing in late March in Japan, a policy change causing an explosion of “positive” test cases.

  12. Erika says:

    I am not enjoying this ride on the covid carousel of clowns..can i have a refund?

    Bad enough i caught Communist News Network spreading outright LIES again about the flu shot (responsible for the highest adverse reaction rates, and part of what makes people test false positive) was “protecting” you from Covid infection.
    Crooked as a crazy straw.

    *******The truth is that flu shots make you at least 36% MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SO CALLED COVID FOR ADULTS.
    And get this FIVE TIMES more susceptible in children.*********

    This is the first time this ship of fools has tried their “pandemic” on a GLOBAL SCALE.

    The great news
    (thank you Pam Popper- whom i have followed for years because i am a “whole food plant based” eater) is that a team of propagandists at Yale is working on ways to convince Americans (50% of whom do not want a covid shot) to get the vaccine.

    The usual shaming, blaming, praise of “unselfishness”, and pretense of “consensus science” that we all remember so fondly from childhood , appears to be the trend- the usual methods of manipulative abusers.

    This appears to indicate that , despite president Trump saying he will call up the Army to JAB the beejeeesus out of the population…it won’t be mandatory.

    • Piksil says:


      I’ve noted ced the past couple of days that MSM is upping the sales pitch on vaccines. Story about kids not getting their wellness checkups, and thus fewer of the scheduled vaccines (they left out the part about the Infant Mortality Rate dropping 30%, but oops, just an omission, right?), and that they need to get the kids in soon for mandatory school vaccine requirements.
      Really!?!?!? If they’re staying home they still need vaccines?????? (Guess they do, just like in some school districts they are going to require students follow the dress code, even with virtual classrooms.

      And of course updates on where the vaccine trials are.
      Where’s Jay Leno and his reporter on the street questions?
      These same people who couldn’t pick out their home state on a labeled map are excited that Astra-Zeneka’s experimental euthanasia (sorry, I meant ‘vaccine’) is in Stage 3 Trials, and even have an inkling of what that means.
      All this right after telling us that FB deleted, censored, or tagged how many million posts as mis- or disinformation. (It’s a threat to our democracy.)

      I’m going to end this rant now, but I want to leave you with the latest corona virus case numbers for the St Louis area as we go to commercial………..

      • Erika says:

        Yep..they are.
        This morning on MSN they were saying that fully 1/3 of Americans woul refuse the vaccine , with another 10% or so “unsure”.
        The head of NIAIH (whom Feckless Fauci works for) was “appalled” and stated that the “pandemic” will go on and on and on..if we refuse the vaccine.
        Sounds like a veiled threat to me.

        On other fronts, it is clear that the Bolsheviks of the democratic mob are planning to CHEAT on this election with mail in ballots- sky news had a piece showing to of the Joint Chiefs of staff would have Trump forcibly removed if he refuses to concede the election.

        IF Biden gets into office, the bolsheviks will no longer need the pretense of the virus to destroy the country they will be doing it directly.

        • Piksil says:


          If Biden wins, who will really be president?

          I think the answer to that is it will be the group of people doing this whole reset of/on humanity.

          Sadly, I think it’s a ‘done deal’. We don’t know for sure who will win, but somebody already does. All of this two party tango stuff going on is just another distraction, like covid, George Floyd, sports, and TV.

  13. Shamal says:

    What does it mean to be asymptomatic? A healthy person does a PCR test and is “positive”. And their life is thrown into a downward spiral beginning with a 2-week quarantine. Can someone/anyone please explain such a scenario? Why are healthy people (no headaches, fever, aching joints etc) doing tests? WHY?

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The only reason why a healthy person with no symptoms would allow some fool he does not know to stick a swab up his nose is that he or she is completely insane in these matters. They’ve lost their minds. The test itself might be the cause of the loss of smell according to some things I’ve read. As well, these techs can shove a chip up your nasal passage and attach it to the cribriform– a nasal bone connected to the brain. Asymptomatic people are free of symptoms and thus free of disease. The commynist agenda is to implicate everyone in this attack on humanity. Find reasons to fight back in your own way like I do. We’re currently fighting trench psychological warfare. It’s every man-woman for themselves, it appears to me. It takes substantial prepwork for me to go out in the morning with my lanyard saying I’m exempt due to ADA and with my pocket trifold handouts about how the mask is harmful, prepared for “encounters”. I had a surprisingly FRIENDLY one today– where the clerk at Home Depot asked me what my lanyard said which led to her confessing that she doesn’t like her mask. She even took it off for me! Haha. Lovely cherubic face and smile.

    • Brett Morgen says:

      Because they wouldn’t be able to keep this scam going unless they can now say that healthy people are going to “kill their grandma” (which obviously they aren’t, but they can fool the sheep through these fake tests into thinking they are “contagious”, it’s pure evil, its devil worship).

    • Piksil says:


      Some tests are required for school or are job related. (Daughter for school; sisters for work, that I know)

      Some tested because a family member or close contact ‘tested positive’ (former coworker is quarantined and tested because her daughter ‘tested positive’.)

      Some are probably curious, some might get tested out of fear of getting or having the ‘virus’.

      Asymptomatic carriers show no symptoms. But they supposedly can pass the disease on. That’s as fake as this whole hoax, because viruses or exosomes cannot transfer from one person to another and start functioning in the receiving person. And certainly not human to animal or animal to human. Or attenuated in a ‘vaccine’. (It would be interpreted as a toxin, just like all the other toxins they put in vaccines.)
      All a lie. All a distraction from the major purpose of this operation.

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Piksil wrote “All a distraction from the major purpose of this operation.”…. Rick: …which is… ? what?

        • Piksil says:


          I’ve posted a 3 word response several times, but it is not appearing. (Since the first submission, I get a message that reads ‘oops, looks like you already posted that’.) Not sure what’s going on, so I’m trying an end-run….

          The Great Reset

          The World Economic Forum’s plan to make the world a better place with equality and justice for all, and tackle poverty at the same time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

          This is the move to totally enslave humanity, the 4th Industrial Revolution, a technocratic world. With the rollout of 5G, IoT, 24/7 surveillance, AI/digital learning, etc, covid is the cover story to usher in the electronic fence and feeding system to control the world population.

          For some (China), there may not be that many overt changes. Others are being made to look at the China model and believe that their model is the only method that will get some sort of control over covid. We are being herded into a pen that’s not even completed, although the stepped up 5G rollout in the US is a major component (of the control system and of ‘covid’ illness).

      • treepixie says:

        Hospitals (not sure if it varies between hospitals) are also requiring healthy people to be tested before being allowed treatment e.g a planned operation.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “Asymptomatic” is the heart of this stupidity. Loads of healthy people test positive for COVID, but they have no symptoms whatsoever, so instead of acknowledging what Kary Mullis inventor of PCR tech said all along, that PCR cannot be used as a diagnostic tool, our ruling idiots and psychopaths decide to invent a new category of people – the infected “carriers” with no symptoms.

      In this way, NOBODY will be allowed to escape their totalitarian dragnet, since even staying healthy and symptom-free can’t stop you from getting quarantined and vaccinated if they decide to go door to door and test everybody under the sun. ANYONE could potentially show up “positive” since the test is utterly unreliable and inaccurate to begin with. We are literally living through a novel by Kafka or satire by Jonathan Swift. Their fiction doesn’t even seem exaggerated anymore.

      • Alan says:

        “Asymptomatic” renders the test unable to ever be proven false, either by healthy people testing positive (“asymptomatic”) or sick people testing negative (“typical flu/pneumonia”). Hence the test predicts everything; in other words, it predicts nothing and is scientifically unvalidatable. Just like, if you bet on every horse, you will always win, and you will never win.

  14. Roman says:

    Thanks for a great article Jon. A lot of people are mortified by the relentless MSM propaganda, it really is State terrorism and criminal as well. I know people who used to be rational and are now so frightened by this scam that they can’t even think logical. In example 75 yo people who are even afraid to venture outside their homes. After all at 75 years you still have half your life to live right!! That’s If the COVID Doesn’t get you.

  15. Tim Haas says:

    Aren’t there many ethical, experienced physicians treating patients for what is allegedly this disease? Aren’t many hospitals and medical groups testing treatments, hydoxicholoquine, etc. for this disease? Are we to believe they are all complete idiots?

    • Piksil says:

      Most have been trained to treat symptoms, and not determine the cause. And do it fast, because few of them work for themselves anymore, they work for ‘systems’. And in many cases, methods of treatment are dictated or limited by insurance providers and/or ‘standards of care’.

      And since this ‘novel’ ‘coronavirus’ was discovered, most of the direction has come from on high (CDC, WHO, state health departments, etc etc).

      Medicine used to be an art.
      Now it’s a business.

  16. tony bonn says:

    you have no proof that “all of these people have died.” In fact some have posted in the comments that fewer have died in 2020 than in previous years. people die – that’s what people do. you have no hypothesis, no data, no nothing.

    • tony bonn says:

      this comment was meant to be a response to someone above but an email error correction caused it to be placed here.

  17. Hélios says:

    Terrifying law project in Canada, at least in Quebec, prolounge urgency state for 3 more years ! It must be voted in fall. So masks, social distancing etc.
    I wonder if other countries will implement that measure, following these psychopath governors.

  18. john says:

    Thank you Jon. So good to know there is some one who has researched the hiv decacle so extensively and can now expertly elucidate the deja vu of this new covid19 fakery. Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR,(covid19 “test”) had a few choice words about the abominable “dr” Fauci. Unfortunately Mullis died just before this new fake pandemic began and now most of his choice comments have been disappeared from the internet! (I know this for a fact because I researched Mullis for many many years.) I also love the comments here too….I always start my day with No More Fake News.

  19. Mos Craciun says:

    In relation to point number 7 –On fake numbers and statistics: Britain just made an adjustement of “only” 1.3 million !

  20. Thomas Milton says:

    I saw this coming, having learned about the AIDS con. Through this time I’ve come to doubt the existence of “bio-weapons”. They always happen in Africa where no one can check. Convenient. I knew vaccines were bogus, but now have come to doubt the existence of viruses, which is to say what they really are and whether they pose a grave danger. We’ve seen so much fraud over the years, why believe anything we’re told.

  21. Alan says:

    David Crowe pointed out that a big factor which contributed to the weight of this lie, making it bigger and last longer than previous fake pandemics, lies in nowhere but the /definition/ of a “confirmed” case by WHO. A trick of the pen.

    For SARS, respiratory symptoms and epidemiological link are required in addition to the PCR test. But this time, a confirmed case is defined purely on the PCR test positive alone. No symptoms nor contact with a known case is needed. Especially, not requiring any epidemiological link means that any kind of quarantine or lockdown cannot contain the “spread”.

  22. Steven Fecser says:

    At least one elected official had the guts to call out the CDC’s Covid numbers racket. Senator Scott Jensen (R) Minnesota who is also an M.D.
    Naturally he caught a lot of blowback but stood his ground. People like him are the true “Heroes”

  23. Chris C says:

    Exactly. These “medical experts” and “medical reporters” are not the least bit savvy to CAUSATION vs. CORRELATION? In fact, the very “researchers” have not idea how to follow even basic scientific method. Statistical breadth and depth play the most important role. None of the “numbers” – heck – the entire “presentation of the pandemic” – even has one iota of statistical significance.

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