Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, physical freaks

by Jon Rappoport

July 31, 2020

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Take a deep breath. Ready? In today’s episode of the current president in the iron mask, and a 77-year-old physical freak, Biden, with a brain aneurysm (and twelve doctors) who won’t make it through the swearing-in ceremony if he’s elected, leaving the fate of the nation to one Kamala Harris; and a country smoking in ruins, sold out by Fauci to the Chinese—hold your horses, no self-respecting B studio will green-light this mess, it could never happen, this is America, this is the land of the rednecks with big guns ready to invade governors’ offices alongside coiffed soccer moms who see their kiddies quarantined and locked down in schools after several snot-bubble sneezing third graders test positive on a viral assay geared to inflate case numbers…

What do they have on President Trump? Is it his taxes? Something much worse? A night in a hotel room? I’m asking, because the US GDP has just dropped more than 30 percent this past quarter—the greatest collapse in US history. Bar none. And what is the president saying, what is he doing? Besides wearing a black mask. And talking about operation warp speed to develop a killer Gates vaccine. And wondering whether the presidential election should be postponed.

Recently, I wrote five consecutive pieces directed at Trump, urging him to use the full power of his office to force open the economy of the country, come hell or high water, deploying the military or the DOJ—because the economic wreckage was that bad, and the danger line had been crossed months ago—and how much more evidence does the man need to convince himself this is an economic war being waged against The People, under the cover of a fake pandemic? Does he need Fauci to confess before a tribunal, Gates to admit he’s a Howdy Doody eugenicist on YouTube, the UN to issue a directive swearing allegiance to Mao and Stalin and Lenin and turning over its priceless piece of NYC real estate donated by Rockefeller to ANTIFA? Would that do it? Does he need raging mobs of dispossessed and evicted Americans attacking the White House and being gunned down by troops? Would that do it? Does he need a spinning silver Saucer landing in the Rose Garden with gray men stepping out holding a communique from the Milky Way Council of Elders stating America is finished? Would that be enough? Or does the president just want to wear a black mask and not find his ass with both hands?

In 1928, Edward Bernays, the wretched father of modern propaganda, wrote: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…”

It’s obvious that the global virus fakery called COVID depends on The Individual conceived as a social construct. He is now a carrier, infector, transmitter, vector of disease.

Even more important in this personality makeover, he is now a socially conscious member of the community of share and care and collective goo.

“Once we convince you that you’re an altruist down to your toes, we can manipulate you six ways from Sunday.”

That’s the synthetic part. You take a direct ideal—humans helping other humans—and you twist it into papier mache and plastic and cartoons and deflating politeness and robothood and automatic reflex and stimulus response. Everybody’s a good neighbor in Pleasantville. Everybody wants to “save the world.” There is a new gloss over society. Shiny. Oh so shiny.

This operation takes decades to perform. It involves constant messaging on television, in classrooms—especially in classrooms—in the workplace, in homes, in churches.

And when the operation succeeds, guess what? The government can enlist untold numbers of people in self-immolating programs on behalf of Humanity. Pull the trigger, obtain compliance.

“Of course I’ll go along with the masks and lockdowns. Anything to serve a higher cause.”

Yes, indeed.

A new identity has been glued to The Individual. He is no longer just himself. He’s been made “better.”

Again, the trick is starting out with something genuine—and then twisting it into an artificial shape and imposing it on the mind.

Plotline: people were once strong, independent, resistant, and highly suspicious of all efforts to entrain them into cartoon versions of themselves. But after enough messaging, they became docile.

Thread: Once upon a time, pro athletes were highly difficult to control as “citizens.” But then came the concept of being role models. Which meant: behaving. Which meant doing good works in the community, for charity, for the less fortunate. Nothing wrong with good works. Certainly not. But hidden in the background, there was a successful effort to make these men over into obedient members inside society’s structure, willing to follow orders on behalf of the greater good. As defined by appointed anointed officials. There was a reversal in their minds—along with very large amounts of money….have to protect that cash…

Sports tough guys, billionaire team owners submit to COVID.

I stand in awe of their cowardice.

Not one of them will grow a pair and say NO to COVID. They obey senseless and destructive government directives like abject weaklings. The whole lot of them.

As the three major sports leagues in America try to open their seasons, the athletes bend and bow before warnings: THE WHOLE YEAR COULD BE LOST IF ENOUGH PLAYERS TEST POSITIVE. That little worm Fauci actually controls their every move, their dollars, their careers, their teams, their fortunes. And they take it.

The team owners, rough and ready capitalists who do cutthroat business like pirates of old, meekly submit as well.

Yes, these sports heroes and their owners do exhibit all the signs of living in a state of hypnosis about “the pandemic.” But that’s too easy as a final answer. The athletes are supposed to have enormous reserves of adrenaline and courage. They play through pain. They endure injuries that would make ordinary civilians flee to Disability.

And yes, it’s about the money, just as it was about the money when the China-Nike scandal blew up and pro basketball stars kept their mouths shut about the horrific human rights abuses (mass murders) in China, in order to protect their shoe contracts. Sure. Money.

But again, it goes beyond that to basic courage and independence, which these players are showing NONE of.

No guts, no glory.

Some of the more famous athletes are acting as overt whores of the State. They make little video vignettes for propaganda television. They’re “at home with the family,” urging the public to go along with the hammer directives of the State lockdowns, which are destroying millions and millions of lives.

The athletes and the owners and the coaches have fitted themselves into the weave of society at a level that is the ultimate choke.


Where are the sons of bitches of days of yore who went out there and ran and hit and slid and tackled and blocked and fought and clawed for every advantage? These modern-day Sampsons have had haircuts. They’re bald.

I try to imagine what men like Ted Williams and John McGraw would have done and said in the face of a Fauci lockdown warning. It would have been a sight to behold.

There was a time when the men who built cars at the Ford factory—who staged a massive sit-down strike at their work benches and wrestled the right to unionize away from Henry Ford himself—these men would have rushed INTO work, no matter what, if told they had to stay at home and lock themselves in because of a GERM.

Now, like little lambs, the athletes’ unions fold up their tents and obey the governors’ edicts.

Take all the coaches of all the sports in the country—not one of them is saying NO to the lockdowns and the insane directives about distancing and masks. Not one coach among all these tough guys, most of whom are former players, is saying the whole vicious charade is insane and he’s not going to give in.

These athletes have been mind-controlled at a level that is astonishing, given how they used to think and live and play their sports. Their natural impulses to do good have been turned against them, through the magic of years and years of propaganda messaging.

—Now let’s turn from these bald Sampsons to the people of New York.

I was born there. One of my early memories was looking across 2nd Avenue at a candy store. This was 1943. The candy store no longer sold Fleer’s bubble gum—the best bubble gum—because the latex was needed for the War effort. But the rumor was, they peddled it under the counter for an exorbitant two cents a chunk, with the cartoon inside the wrapper.

When I was 22, after growing up in the suburbs, I moved back to NY and for several years lived among some of the smartest asymmetric people in the world. You could have an argument with the dumbest person in the city and it would be a smart argument. Everyone had opinions, and they could back them up. There was no such thing as political correctness, believe me. If you had uttered the phrase, no one would have known what you were talking about.

New York was a great city. The thing was, no one was proud to BE a New Yorker. That false synthetic layer of goo came much later. In the old days, there was no pose, no artificial front. People had ideas, they had talent, they had survival instincts.

The best jazz musicians in the world lived and played in New York. When a giant like Bud Powell was playing at Birdland, you could get in for a dollar and sit in a hard wooden chair and listen to him until two in the morning. A buck for the greatest pianist in the world.

And now, the city is wrecked and boarded up, and the people are locked in.

Out on the street, the few aimless glazed pedestrians wear masks. They’re not the same people. They’re replacements. Pods.

OVERNIGHT, the people of New York could throw off the whole phony pandemic, not only for themselves, but the world. They could come out of their apartments and go back to work, defying the petty little lunatics like Cuomo and De Blasio. They could open up their restaurants and bars and stack in the customers. They could start building again. They could open wide the libraries and museums and fill the concert halls. They could open up the little groceries to all comers. They could laugh in the face of the public health authorities.

And it would be OVER.

In 1962, that’s exactly what would have happened. And not for some cause. Not for the chance to do a little virtue signaling. Not for the sake of “being a New Yorker.” For survival. For continuing to live their lives, people would have shaken off that slimy fraud Fauci like a five-minute bad dream. A joke played by an idiot.

They would have looked at the screaming lockdown headlines in the newspapers on the corner stand and shrugged and gone on their way. “You’re telling me I can’t walk down the street and listen to John Coltrane at the Jazz Gallery on a summer night? You’re out of your mind.” And the Termini brothers, who owned the club, would have packed the place even tighter than usual, just to thumb their noses at the mayor and his con artists. They would have put in a call to their contact at Democratic Machine headquarters. And it would have been OVER.

No one would have obeyed. Independent scholars would have walked into the 42nd St. library, as they did every day, and gone to the reference desk and asked for manuscripts on ancient Roman law and the Walt Whitman papers and the early maps of the city. The quiet upstairs macrobiotic restaurant on 2nd Avenue (1962) would have served supper as usual. The Cedar Bar on University Place would have turned in another raucous night. The Irish bars would have been jammed. A chamber orchestra in Washington Square Park would have performed Vivaldi, with the sounds of traffic from 6th Avenue in the background. Miles Davis would have played at the Apollo. If Ravi Shankar was in town, he would have done a couple of stunning hours of ragas at the Asia Society and adjourned to an East Side apartment to continue on until dawn. No one and nothing would have obeyed a lockdown.

Pandemic? Virus? Get serious.

That New York…where is it? Who are all these one-dimensional super-politicized puny goofs of the city swearing allegiance to the medical fakers? Are they waiting for gold stars on the blackboard from the teacher?

In the old days, New York had DISDAIN. You didn’t get by with platitudes. You didn’t blithely mouth Left or Right and get away with it. The city was plugged into its own non-stop bullshit detector. What did you have to OFFER? Aimless blabbermouths were consigned to a special circle of Hell.

There was no political PROGRAM. Today’s “New Yorkers” would apparently be afraid to live in a landscape like that. They wouldn’t know which way to turn. They have a desperate need to become slaves to an IDEA. In this case, an idea about a virus.

In the 1960s, concealed by the Vietnam War, the city was undergoing a transformation into a cartoon of itself. That’s when the synthetic notion of “being a New Yorker”—based on nothing—started to take hold.

There were many reasons. Mind numbing leveling television. The raising of children to be targets of advertising and fetish objects in a consumer society. The new New Yorkers were taught that liberal politics were a necessary adjunct of their status. Liberal equaled big government. Messaging from every possible quarter was aimed at turning the people of the city into servants of share and care as defined by government…

Going to doctors and acquiring diagnoses of physical and mental conditions was starting to take off as a social trend. It was part of “good behavior” and “being good.” The medicines and the vaccines were, of course, toxic. Street drugs were also trending upward. Although no one wanted to admit it, because “being good for the greater good” was paramount, the city was taking in more immigrants than it could handle. There weren’t enough jobs. Desultory schools were steamrollered. Even skyscraper architecture was moving away from unique structures like the Chrysler and the Empire State, into functional steel and glass boxes. Signs of the minds. “We need more offices so more people can be good workers for good companies.”

With people dumbed down enough, they would fall for any con. Any piece of shiny gloss. And it was provided:

New York media (the greatest communication center in the world) covered the rise of New Money as if it were a perfumed cultural signal of a dawning epoch. By the 1970s, intellectuals in the city were reading hyped chronicles of the emerging $$ stars of Manhattan. Painters, fashioneers, stock speculators. And yes, Trump. The content of these celebs’ output was entirely irrelevant. All that mattered was that it was ringing up extraordinary sales in inflated dollars.

To view how thin and vulnerable new New York had become, and how brainless—when, in 2020, the fake pandemic hit, and lockdowns were announced, the population promptly folded, and went into mask and social distance mode without a whisper of protest.

In short order, the city was made over into abject wreckage, shuttered, obedient, loyal to a psychotic delusion.

In a silly song he recorded long after its internal demise, Frank Sinatra said New York was the city that never sleeps.

Now that’s all it does.

CODA: If the September 11th attacks had happened in 1962, there would have been no need for Billy Joel or the Yankees to rally “all New Yorkers.” The people of the city would have looked at the firemen and cops as human heroes risking everything for other humans. Period. That would have been enough. More than enough. That would have gone deeper into souls and minds. Where it counts.

—Entraining minds. The job of the super-State. Reworking independence into devotion to a synthetic pose of altruism.

But in this phony pandemic, it’s good to be BAD…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

86 comments on “Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, physical freaks

  1. Peter says:

    Amazing article Jon, I find myself surrounded by altruistic robots who just want to be kind and do their part while all freedoms are being removed. It all starts with the individual, say no to this and take your mind back. Non compliance even if you are the only person or of a few in your community, refuse to bow to this nazis. We have the creative power. FREEDOM

    • JA says:

      Where did you dig up the word nazi for what is happening to America and the world?

      Are we going to stay so dumbed down that we cannot see that a young generation of Bolsheviks have risen from the 1917 slaughter in Russia and now are in power in all phases of the four hidden dynasties. EDUCATION,POLITICS, RELIGION, ECONOMICS worldwide?

      If you don’t understand what the word Bolshevik means, by all means look it up.

      Tearing America (and the world) down to slave states to be included in the United Nation has always been their ultimate dream. The “shock troops” on the streets of Russia were used just like the “shock troops” on the streets of America are now being used. Those shock troops are not the head of the snake. We need to dig deeper to see who the overlords are who are really behind these troops and their end agenda.

      George Soros a nazi, hardly. Rothechilds, nazi? The families who own our so called Federal Reserve, nazi? The Senate and Congress Critters who are dual citizens, nazi? Members of the CFR, Tri Lateral Commission, Brookings Institute, nazi? And the list goes on.

      There are still a few sites where you can study the Russian Revolution and the truth of how it happened. Eustace Mullins would be a good place to start.

      I want to thank Jon for his wonderful insight into what amounts to the taking down of America. We need to be on our knees asking forgiveness for not taking the proper care of this wonderful nation that GOD entrusted us with. We are “paying the piper” for our neglect.

      • RegretLeft says:

        Interesting points – first: I think we should call them what they called themselves: National Socialists. “Nazi” helps our rulers to hide the fact that they were socialists (in a nonstandard way).

        But one of the reasons it helps to use “Nazi” in this connection is “Gleicschaltung” “co-ordination” getting everyone to think in the same way to act in the same way and to direct that effort from a centralized power. That’s the topic of today’s very powerful post.

        • Alessandro says:

          You saved me writing the same response, so thanks!

        • Manfred says:

          Yeah RegretLeft, I’m gonna call BS on that. JA is correct & you are all believing the PsyWar rhetoric that these BOLSHEVIK JEWS are somehow “nazis” when they very clearly ARE NOT! Stop mixing up the “nazi” BS with what is clearly just a modern version of jewish communism now applied globally. Believe whatever version of programmed virtual reality you like about the man called Adolf Hitler but one thing is glaringly clear – he (and many others, see example that follows) was right about the jews!

          And now for just one example of MANY quotes throughout history (because this one says it so well).

          Mr. Ouderdyke, the Representative of the Netherlands Government in St, Petersburg, who was in charge of British interests after the liquidation of the British Embassy by the Bolsheviks, sent in a report to Mr. Balfour. “I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe, and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by jews, who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.” British Government White Paper. April 1919.

          • deep says:

            Lol, ah we have actual Nazis posting on this blog now, and John approves their messages. Delightful place you’re running here.

            Yea, it’s ‘The Jews’ (TM) that are all out to get you. The mental gymnastics one must do to reach this conclusion is truly remarkable. It requires one to ignore 98% of the other ‘bad actors’, and laser focus on a tiny minority, and using half-baked references from a century ago, at that. Please tell the class just how many of the ‘Jews’ are in on it? All of them, I’m guessing? All the while one must misrepresent both historical facts, instead apply logical fallacies, and attribute a single mindset to an entire group (which is called the fallacy biased generalization), all in some lame attempt to obviate any personal responsibility from yourselves or any of your own ‘leaders’. Next you’ll be plucking quotes out of the ‘protocols’, cause everyone knows THAT was the real one, right?

            Yea, Hitler was a great guy. He just wanted to hand out lollies and teddy bears. The holocaust never happened either, he was tricked into invading Poland. Hell even those Catholics he murdered were just collatorsl damage, that was an accident, he only wanted unlimited Sauerkraut for them.

            Invading Russia? Pffft, that was a brilliant piece of war-time strategy, historians are liars, he wasn’t a categorical schizophrenic; after-all, he was just setting up table massages and tennis games for the over-privileged inmates wherever his army went. He wanted to pamper them and their countries, amiright?

            Or, maybe he was just getting revenge on all those vile authoritarians that wanted to remove the individual, his freedom, his sense of self, those who would make the State God in its own right and remove their own authority…oh wait, or was that him…

            Lemme guess, you watched “The greatest story never told”, yet never bothered to read the actual historical documentation that unequivocally proves that idiotic conjecture piece is twisted nonsense.

            Alas, you’ve never read the actual documents, instead you’ll parrot bologna from conspiracy or nazi propaganda books. There are documents, you realize, actual historians have them, right? There are unsealed records everywhere. You actually believe their was some grand conspiracy to make Hitler look bad by everyone else, including every historian ever, and he dindo nuffins and was misunderstood?

            Ah, it must be that only Eustace Mullins (lol seriously?! That guy was a moron that wrote for gullible fools and withheld verifiable references and used selective cherry-pickling of information) that knows the truth. Nevermind those questionable, unverifiable-references and cum hoc, ergo propter hoc reasoning, cause we all know it’s the Jews, and Hitler’s legit, amiright?

            It’s really incredible that every few decades this nonsense makes its rounds. It’s a myth for the simply minded, the feeble willed, for those without the fortitude to look beyond ‘conspiracy’ literature to take the time to study actual, in-depth State records. Nah, it’s easer to go with historical half-truths, selective observations, and deliberate withholding of contrary exculpatory evidence.

            I’m ashamed to have once been a fan of this site, Rappaport. People like this use ‘free speech’ as a cover to spread lies, fallacies, blatantly biased and unproven accusatory nonsense, and you’re approving of it.

            Maybe the virus is real after-all (its not, but let’s play). And if it’s not, I don’t care, I wouldn’t want to be associated with people like these if only ‘they’ have the answers, nor would the other 99% of the country. Thus, the ‘based’ will be forever relegated to the freak show car on the train to the otherworld.

          • AK in VT says:

            And the Bolsheviks loved the Jews? I believe more Jews were killed by Lenin and Stalin without a war than Hitler’s war machine killed.

            By the way, though Hitler did not “love” the Jews, he kept some Jews in his government and in high business: so long as they followed the program of 3rd Reich imperialism.

            Mainly, Hitler was after the Ashkenazim Jews who came out of current Kazakhstan area after the entire nation was “converted” to Judaism by their king. The following invasion across Asia by the Huns and Mongols pushed the Ashkenazim out of central Asia and into Eastern and Central Europe: these became known as the Yiddish.

            Some of the Ashkenazim became money lenders (we now call them “bankers”): perhaps they learned the system of banking and paper fiat (money on demand) from Genghis Khan’s Mongol invasion. Anyway, as they had a lot of money (especially during the Great Depression), they would attract the attention of someone needing money to start a war: a la Hitler.

            The Sephardim were pretty much left alone and mainly occupy the Iberian peninsula and Morocco. They are thought to be of Middle Eastern and Egyptian heritage.

            And lastly, Manfred, “Love your enemy,” even if he is a “Bolshevik Jew.” There is no place for hatred.


            AK in VT

      • letmepicyou says:

        Ahh, a Rothchild scholar. “Rothschild Money Trust” is a favorite book of mine. When it comes to the Russian revolution, I like to go straight to the result because it paints the best picture of communism and it’s evils. What are your thoughts on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? “The Gulag Archipelago” ?

        • JA says:

          Solzhenitsyn historical account of the take over of Russia by the Bolsheviks and the truth of the slaughter that followed cannot be matched.

          He tells the true account of what happened there. the holocaust of the true Russian people.

          Another author is Juri Lina if you can still find his pdf of The Trail of the Serpent. So much truth is being scrubbed from the internet, I have not tried to find it lately.

          Ask yourself who and why all this information is becoming impossible to find on the internet. Who is afraid of the truth?

          Starting down the “rabbit hole” is a scary journey but it is better than being a ‘sheeple’ in this day and age.

    • Bob says:

      Excellent writing, but I believe predicated on nostalgia more than honest reflection.

      Alternatively, the War of the Worlds broadcast in ’38 immunized a generation or two to mob-hysteria (doubtful).

  2. Thankful says:

    You are one of the few out there speaking the truth. Thank you your keeping me sane in an insane world.

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Quantum Tempest

    Harper Eliot

    We are children of the quantum tempest
    Delivered from the womb of oblivion
    Who did in Kronos’ game invest
    The mystery of fair Elysium.

    Like the lonely rose bud
    Atop an angry whirl of thorns
    We arose from dirt and mud
    From which our beauty born.

    Tho the stars arrange our fate
    On this lonely earthen plane
    We can pass through hell’s gate
    Transcending our mortal pain.

    Life is but a quizzical game
    That challenge heart and soul,
    To the demons of deceit tame
    With the beauty that time stole.

    Tho the atomic sculptures elemental
    Seem void of all life
    They are alive with creative potential
    Fighting the headwinds of entropic strife.

    Particles winking in and out of existence
    Denizens of the quantum void
    Telling the story of love’s painful persistence
    With rosy cheeks coy.

    And out of this cosmic maelstrom
    Arose the forms sublime
    That formed our mortal hellstrom
    Partners in love’s capricious conspiracy of time.

    And as my soul slides down to die
    I can see life’s meaning
    In my beloved’s eyes
    Filled with the love that we are dreaming.

    And as I walk my long green mile
    I have learned one thing for sure
    That the sirens of mad love do beguile
    Even the heart most pure.

    And lashed to the mast of life
    I drink the sweet melodies of eternity
    That doth the soul make ripe
    For it’s glorious fated destiny.

  4. Walter says:

    This was great. I honestly hope you will make more of these articles. A lot of people that remember the old ways and days of the US are either dead or on the brain dead side. How can the youth be expected to fight for what’s better if the better they knew was crap from the day they were born? Thank you, be blessed.

  5. Jeffrey S Hagen says:

    Bravo- I am not a New Yorker, yet I got the taste of what it meant to be part of that city years past.

    We are not all asleep- We must keep on punching

    and how do the Sheeple not see the same thing in the creature Fauci?
    Despicable liar.
    TY Jon

  6. Bruce says:

    This…. This post is exceptional. Thank you.

  7. Dave Freedom says:

    Best article that I have read in a while, and you write a lot of good ones Jon.


  8. JV says:

    One athlete did stand up…Novak Djokovic. And boy did he pay the price. They are smashing him into oblivion now.

    The other “virtue signaling” or whatever to call it that gets me is the commercials showing how “brave”, “courageous” those “fighting” cancer and other diseases are. For someone a little love starved, there is no better way to feel worthy and loved…

    • Tom_12 says:

      Glad you brought this up. The “infection” has spread everywhere in terms of control of Society. Even if a club wanted to allow clients to come to listen without masks and distancing the owner would have the Health Dept. on their neck in no time. I dare say, no one would help them when the business would be run into bankrupts from fines, constant controls and contact tracing just to scare off the braves ones friends who would be in their chain of known people.

      I fear we are in midst of “1984”

  9. Eluard says:

    Jon, I rarely swear in voice or print but:


    Jeezus H., what HAPPENED to my beloved New Yawk City??? The fire, the dazzle, the no bullshit, the caring concealed by brashness? Oh, man….

    You’re rocking it brother. You truly and really are.

  10. stu says:

    As a jazz musician and fan I envy that you lived through NYC in the 50’s and 60’s.

  11. Pisces says:

    I agree with most of the article, but what’s the point in trying to tell Trump what to do, hoping for he’s going to listen and re-open the economy of the country as if it’s that simple? “Trump, you need to do this and do that in order to do this…” Do you know how annoying it would sound to you if you were in his position?

    Reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and comparing the past with the present is also meaningless, because we’re in a very different time right now. People are different. Talking about how awesome people were back then won’t bring them back. I’m sure that if people back then were constantly exposed to toxins at the same level with people are being exposed to in this day and age, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the mentality of young people back then and young people now, because it’s the poisonous substances they deliberately put into the food and water supply that are making people weak. It’s cause and effect. The cause is poison/toxins and the effect is weak mentality, etc.

    Jon Rappoport, you shouldn’t write articles to ridicule other people and only write articles to raise people’s awareness… Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m writing this stupid comment just to show you how annoying it is to be told what to do or what not to do by other random people..

    Good luck with telling the president what to do. Seriously. I’m not being sarcastic, I hope he can read your articles and act accordingly.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Jon: The best jazz musicians in the world lived and played in New York. When a giant like Bud Powell was playing at Birdland, you could get in for a dollar and sit in a hard wooden chair and listen to him until two in the morning. A buck for the greatest pianist in the world.UNQUOTE Here’s a sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaSDinL6pC8

      Piksil wrote QUOTE “I’m sure that if people back then were constantly exposed to toxins at the same level with people are being exposed to in this day and age, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between the mentality of young people back then and young people now, because it’s the poisonous substances they deliberately put into the food and water supply that are making people weak. It’s cause and effect. The cause is poison/toxins and the effect is weak mentality, etc.”UNQUOTE <<<<THIS!<<<>> Increases pH to alkaline
      I found out that the effect of HCQ++ is to RAPIDLY decrease the ACIDITY of a body which correlates not with a non-existent virus but rather with the activity of janitorial exosomes that are created and activated to rid the body of toxins. The effect of HCQ++ is to raise the pH which decreases the immediate anti-toxic-work of the exosomes– thus shutting down symptoms. The toxins remain in the body however and still need to be cleared at some point. The best therapy is LONG TERM ALKALINE/acid balance but ulimately the toxins must be cleared.

      Therapeutic use of HCQ++ and oxygen concentrators as-seen-on-TV for seniors… and non-pressurized use of ventilators (because weak lungs is not the problem– it’s lack of oxygen presense) would be a start. Longer terms involves detoxification with less exposure to pollution (Jon’s correct several articles about that including cyanide, fluoride, food pesticides like glyphosates) and detox supplements like chelation, foot pad anti-toxic pads. Longer term use of alkaline foods so acidic environment for harmful bacteria and parasites is reduced. American diet has become too acid. NO Nitric Oxide boosts oxygen in the system with beet juice and other supplements.

      • Pisces says:

        This is the first time I listened to Bud Powell. Thanks for the link. He’s good, but to say that he’s the best pianist in the world is one’s personal opinion. I guess it depends on which genre you like the most to choose your favorite musician. I like classical music, and to me, the best pianist in the world is Martha Argerich. Everything about how she plays a piano is perfect, in my opinion. The musicality, the balance of how she’s pressing the keys, the delicatness, the energy, etc. etc. everything is mastered to perfection. Here’s an example of why I think she’s the best pianist:
        (It gets intense at around 5:45)

        Here’s another one. So many people prefer Pollini’s interpretation of this piece, but Martha’s interpretation is my favorite. She made it sound so effortless and this was recorded live:

        And to reply to the last part of your comment succinctly, I agree with you on the importance of balancing the pH of the blood.

        And I’m not Piksil, btw.

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          You’re right– the classical music allows me to think bigger ideas! Part of the problem with schools is they dropped the music appreciation listening courses. It really develops something important in thinking ability. Went through both– great!

          There is no virus. There is not even an engineered virus. There are exosomes created by cells, internally, as part of the immune system to get rid of toxins and deal with damage. Toxins– including damage from 5G, 4G, wifi, cyanide, fluoride in the water which can be increased anytime they want to instantly sabotage city water supplies– and arsenic increasingly in wine and rice 7X the regulation level… Jons idea previously is that covid is an umbrella to cover all of those. Here are more toxins that have symptoms they’re LABELLING as covid-virus.

          Glyphosate is ubiquitous: it’s not only a major contaminant in food, but it’s also been found in soil, rivers, lakes, streams, and groundwater, and in blood, urine, and breast milk. It’s in rain and in the air and in lung tissue…. In high doses, it is clear that glyphosate has a profound damaging effect on the lungs, even when taken orally. We know that a farmer who tried to commit suicide by drinking a cup of a glyphosate-containing herbicide formulation developed a precipitous drop in blood pressure along with hypoxia, respiratory distress, and acute pulmonary edema within a short time of admission to the hospital [16]….Is this all just coincidence? I don’t think so. Instead, I strongly suspect that the degree to which a person is susceptible to COVID-19 is proportional to the degree to which they have been exposed to glyphosate…The United States has stood out as the country hit the hardest by COVID-19. We also consume more glyphosate per capita than any other country in the world…

          TOXIN : COPD … SYMPTOM: Shortness of BREATH
          A meta-analysis of seven studies involving 1,813 COVID-19 patients reported several statistics on associations between ICU admission and various risk factors [17]. Shortness of breath was the strongest symptom linked to the infection. COPD was the most strongly predictive comorbidity for both severe disease and ICU admission.

          TOXIN: VAPING SYMPTOM: Shortness of BREATH
          E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid and deliver an aerosolized product to the user. Recently, an epidemic has emerged in the U.S. of an unusual lung disease, clearly linked to the use of e-cigarettes, otherwise known as “vaping.”…“The most common respiratory symptoms were shortness of breath (85%), cough (85%), and chest pain (52%). Reported gastrointestinal symptoms included nausea (66%), vomiting (61%), diarrhea (44%), and abdominal pain (34%). All patients had one or more constitutional symptoms, with the most common being subjective fever (84%). Upper respiratory symptoms such as rhinorrhea, sneezing, or congestion were not commonly reported.” [18, my emphasis].

          TOXIN: absence of toxins due to organic nation BHUTAN SYMPTOMS: absence
          Why no COVID-19 in Bhutan? Bhutan is a landlocked country in the East Himalayas, bordered by Tibet and India. The population of Bhutan is a little over 807,000 people. As of this writing in early April 2020, only four cases of COVID-19 have been reported for Bhutan, two of whom were visiting foreigners. Bhutan has embraced the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first 100% organic nation [38]. Is it possible that there is so little COVID-19 because Bhutan’s people aren’t being over-exposed to glyphosate?

          • Viktoria says:

            Deliberately and intentionally putting toxins (poisons) in food, drink (roofies, aspartame) etc., water (flouride), and pharmaceuticals and other poisons is really a declaration of war. Mass-poisoners, still at large….

        • Piksil says:

          Pisces (and Rick)

          Yeah, I sure didn’t remember saying that!
          But, that’s OK, it’s a good statement.
          I’m glad my memory isn’t as bad as I (can or can’t) remember!

          “Covid-19 isn’t simply a virus to be dealt with so we can move on with our lives. The response to this event is meant to instill fear and an acceptance of indefinite authoritarian measures.”
          Allison McDowell, Amay 17, 2020; wrenchinthegears.com
          Some good stuff over there.

        • AK in VT says:

          Hey Pisces,

          Thanks for bringing up memories of my grandmother — pianist extraordinaire. Seeing the young lady, Martha Argerich, playing with her dark hair and central European looks reminded me of my Polish grandmother, Helen, who once played at Little Carnegie Theatre in the 1930’s. She got married young and her husband (my grandfather) died young of cirrhosis of the liver from hard drinking. so her career ended in her early 20’s as she had my young father to look after.

          Loved to hear her play, most especially when she was in her 60s and 70s and many hard years of life and playing piano crippled her hands with arthritis and goiter. She could still roll out Chopin (her favourite) to everyone’s delight. Still miss her after 25 years of having passed away.

          Thank you, again

          AK in VT

      • BS Detector says:

        And what would the repeated vaccinations the stooges (no offense to the comedy troupe or later rock group) accomplish? Load folks up with MORE toxins. Then blame another “pathogen” for how sick and disabled they get from all these poisons. Rinse and repeat… unless TOO many people catch on, at least. That’s were we come in.

        Just like poliomyelitis, which skyrocketed as the food supply in the US was poisoned with pesticides that kill insects by paralysis, such as lead arsenate (a compound of lead and arsenic, wunnderful), benezene hexachloride (the peak of which use the peak incidence of poliomyelitis followed like a shifted image), and of course good ‘ol DDT.

        It decreased as those pesticides were withdrawn from use, which happened to just about coincide with the vaccine for the harmless enterovirus that was blamed for the paralytic condition caused by the poisons. but not quite. Poliomyelitis was on the decline a couple years before the vaccine came into use. Good try, pharma, but you didn’t cover your tracks quite well enough.

        • Piksil says:

          BS Detector:

          Don’t forget that, in spite of declining numbers prior to its release, the polio vaccine caused a surge in cases.
          And I think the majority of ‘wild’ polio cases in the present are vaccine related.

          Did anyone see Fuck-si (did I spell that right?) and his statement on HCQ, that it’s never been subjected to a randomized, placebo controlled trial, “the gold standard”?

          What an effen hypocrite!!!! No vaccine has EVER been rpct’d. Nobody (CON-gress, the media) called him out on this at warp speed??
          But, he won’t make $$ from HCQ. He will from a vaccine though. Lot$. (Yes, I realize ‘vaccines’ are considered biologics, not drugs, so they had them exempted from testing. But that was a coup, not science.)

          • BS Detector says:

            Of course poliomyelitis cases increased in response to the vaccine. Loading toxic bodies with MORE toxins will do that.

            The evidence is all too clear. It had nothing to do with the poor ‘ol harmeless enterovirus that was framed to the point it was named for the disease. Nothing at all. Indigenous people who had 100% poliovirus infection rates, and nearly 100% of 3 strains, had no paralytic disease; whereas service people from the US in the same areas did. Thanks to the toxic pesticides they used and toxic food brought from home. They’d have been better off chowing down on larvae with the natives.

            Sure, double-standards abound. Just like vaccine believers who base the very notion that “vaccines have saved millions” on the presumption that correlation implies causation regarding the decline of diseases and vaccination (ah, but the death rates due to non-vaccinable diseases declined just as surely and the introduction of the vaccines had no noticeable effect on the death rates of vaccinable diseases), are so quick to say “correlationdoes not imply causation” regarding the concurrent proliferation of chronic illness, especially in children, with the proliferation and earlier administration of their childhood vaccines. Conditions which unvaccinated kids in the very same areas incur at a several times lesser rate.

            To quote Spock: These humans are highly illogical.

          • Piksil says:

            BS D:

            Live long and prosper. (Don’t get a vaccine)

      • AK in VT says:

        Hi Rick, Excellent point about pollution and toxins. Here in Vermont where there is a strong local food movement (it’s a bit more expensive than the supermarkets, though), and where the air and water are quite clean, we have one of the lowest per capita death rates attributed to fake “covid,” as well as the third fewest deaths and fewest “infections.”

        More than half of our deaths have been at nursing and long-term care homes where one knows these very sick and elderly have been poisoned with toxins while residents of these “waiting places,” as well as many of them lived for decades in polluted cities before coming to retire in our beautiful state. It is no wonder these are the people dying in Vermont and so very few otherwise.


        AK in VT

    • John Carter says:

      in Fact the majority of people went to war in Vietnam because they were told to – that they were protecting the US from communism it took most of them a long to figure out the truth,, some never did – same sheep different issues.

    • Rachel says:

      Pisces, although you do have a valid point, I think it’s important to take notice of a few recent developments: It was shortly after Jon started writing his articles to Trump that Trump started really challenging the Covid narrative. It could have been coinsidence, but there could also be some weight to that.

      I will say that after this new set of articles started appearing, I am seeing Jon’s work pop up far more than I have since this whole thing started.

      So while I do agree it often doesn’t help to tell people what they *should* do, the president is a man with many advisors, and I believe Trump is smart enough to use them. He just needs a lot of better ones than the many he has.

      No matter what, change is happening, finally, and that gives me more hope.

  12. Bala Bala Das (Bruce Hatcher) says:

    You are hitting on all cylinders, Jon. So much quotable material, i hardly know where to start. Your old self is shinning thru today. I am constantly stunned, on how folks are so easily manipulated. Thank you Jon, for being you Like Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson) sung – “Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding”.

  13. Brit says:

    He just did the 33rd Production Act!
    Defended his son against twitter
    AND started re-campaigning.
    I think he is trying, its just not as if robots will obey his every whim. To the contrary, the resistance he receives is one of the checks and balances of what some people tried to ingrain in governmental appartus.

    • Low Voltage says:

      Hope springs eternal. LOL

    • BS Detector says:

      A petition is out urging him to sign an executive order mandating freedom of choice regarding vaccinations. What, if anything, he does with that will tell where he really stands and if he has balls enough to do what is best for Americans.

  14. scooter says:

    Amen, Jon. Amen.

  15. rivercity says:

    To me, some comments that dwell on stylistic aspects of this piece (as excellent as it is), miss the impact of the 3rd paragraph. It well states that WE ARE AT THE END OF THE LINE. There is nothing more to add. TRUMP – no where to be found. Despite impassioned articles and appeals for response from this White House – basic liberty has not even been broached from the Presidential podium!

  16. Amanda says:


    2005 Article from Virology Journal, a journal of Fauci’s NIH, saying chloroquine effect for treatment and prevention of coronavirus cases.

    • NC says:

      Which coronavirus? The one which has never been shown to cause any disease? The causation is assumption. Modern scientists find what their minds say must be there. But the presence of a “Virus” (for which PCR and antibody tests are woefully inaccurate) is simply thought to be a cause, when it (if it is present) can be effect.

      • BoogeymanSlayer says:

        Agree. I worked in the medical field in the USAF in the 70s. I worked in their largest hospital and I worked with dozens of doctors and countless patients. Not once was a virus text ever utilized to diagnosis an illness. Let me repeat that. Not once was a virus test ever utilized to diagnose an illness. We used patient interviews, physical exams, lab tests, lab cultures, x-rays, etc, but never any test to detect ANY virus.

        This entire hoax gave me the opportunity to reflect back to scan my memory on that. I never even heard of a lab test or results that proved any virus whatsoever.

        Something to ponder.

  17. Pft says:

    That crowd in 1962 didn’t exactly wake up when their President got snuffed by the mob in 1963. That mob rules us today.

    The Dons been owned and an intelligent asset since 1987. His property was used to wash dirty money and he provided intelligence on the buyers. Trumps been in on the scam since the beginning, starting from day 1 of his Presidency. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric and fake wrestling

    The owners of all these sports teams, most of them Kompromat themselves, will be bailed out. They know it. The players have never been known for their IQ’s and their unions have sold out to the leagues as most private sector unions have. Same thing with most major companies, Larry Fink of Black Rock served them notice in January. Cooperate or he pulls his 7 trillion in investments. Now he is in charge of doling out the trillions of the Feds candy to cooperating companies

    As for the people themselves. Dumbed down over 40 years with drugs, entertainment, vaccines and RF/EMR damaged, and common core victims. IQ’s and sperm counts have plummeted. Half of what they believe is false. Maybe more. So divided amongst themselves they wouldn’t know who the real enemy is. Most of them have replaced their brain with their party’s talking points, they wouldn’t know how to think for themselves. Most have not read a non fiction book in years not having yo do with diets , sports or food and cant communicate beyond short moronic tweets

    Elections? Forget about them. One party forever. Make the Trumper King with Ivanka to follow as Queen. At least then people will know who to blame. Back in the day Kings and Queens knew they had to deliver or they would lose their heads. Twas a great motivator. Of course, the people they led were smarter and tougher then.

    Bring out the Lady to sing that final song. Its over

  18. Larry C says:

    “But in this phony pandemic, it’s good to be BAD…”

    I’m gonna remember that one!

  19. useless eater says:

    RE: jazz in NYC during these dark, inhumane scam-/plandemic days

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sntho7ww5VA – mike moreno quartet performing in masks @smalls (2020.07.10.) – rehearsal-cum-broadcast concert w/o live audience

  20. From Elsewhere says:

    99% podpeople wait for those 1% counted as sick to justify the lockdowns and 30% GDP drop? This is madness! I hope your fury spreads, Jon, thank you for it.

  21. joe grimes says:

    jon, the last of the vanguard leaving the city, looks over his shoulder. and a tear runs down his face. he mumbles where is john gault!

  22. Karl Pomeroy says:

    This “pandemic” is sillier than a hoax. It’s a prank. Some secret club, like Skull & Bones or The Masons, has finally figured out how to take over the world. They are slapping their thighs at their own success, bleating with laughter that the world is wearing masks at their behest. We need to devote our efforts to finding out who these pranksters are. I’d even appeal to the Rothsch**ds for help, if I knew their email address. LET’S GET THIS DAMN THING OVERWITH.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      quote “Here is one example of how the trick may play out. A toxin creates a disease. The toxin might be pesticides or industrial pollution or wireless technology radiation. The toxin damages millions of people and their communities. Companies or their insurance provider may be liable for civil or criminal violations. Then a virus is blamed. A “cure” is found in a “vaccine.” The pesticide or other toxic exposure is halted just as the vaccine is introduced, and presto, the sickness goes away. The vaccine is declared a success, and the inventor is declared a hero. A potential financial catastrophe has been converted to a profit, including for investors and pension funds. As a portfolio strategist, I admit it has been a brilliant trick and likely has protected the insurance industry from the bankrupting losses it would experience if it had to fairly compensate the people and families destroyed.”http://stateofthenation.co/?p=22866

      • BS Detector says:

        Poliomyelitis, The Remix.

      • Karl Pomeroy says:

        Just to let you know, Rick, State of the Nation has been my favorite website for a long time. Chief editor Michael Thomas has profound insight into the workings of global power. Yes, there are ways this trick can be done. Some of these secret societies are huge. Good quote, BTW.

  23. Liberal Mast says:

    I hope Biden wins becouse he knows where he is !
    Just like Fauchi, it would be the greatest team in 2021 !
    The MAST is there !

  24. DarL says:

    Does anyone remember when fluoride was introduced in the water supplies? How back does that go? It is all the chemicals and toxins as many have stated. Which has produced to the following quote:

    “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” Aristotle

    Great article Jon..loved reading about NY past.

    • JohnQPublic says:

      I believe fluoride began to be added to water in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s based on bogus science, perhaps originated from the nuclear weapons research and production with a waste product of uranium fluoride. I think Jon Rappoport here wrote some articles on it so you may want to check his archives. You can also search for the Flouride Action Network for more information.

  25. just sayin says:

    Great article. “In this phony pandemic it’s good to be bad” you said. Isaiah said, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent (clever) in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked (declare innocent) for reward (bribes) and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! Isaiah 5:20-23 KJV “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD. Proverbs 17:15 KJV. I know your not Christians but the greatest wisdom ever written is in the Bible.

  26. Doug Ronald says:

    Good, and important essay, thank you. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and gained much of my education from daily reading of all the newspapers and newspaper columnists I could. You are cut from the same cloth.

    Sadly, I’m afraid that the next inflection point, if nothing can be found to turn this nonsense around now, is a lot farther down the hill. Eventually, slaves begin to realize they’ve lost their freedom, and only then might they realize how dear it is.

    Then they may rise up and regain what is being so ignorantly given away now. But of course it won’t be an easy battle. There will be much loss, many casualties.

    I pray that you and I are wrong about the inevitability of our losses.


  27. lamberth says:

    “But in this phony pandemic, it’s good to be BAD…”

    What I’ve been saying for months now.
    We live in an inverted reality, where everything is upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out.
    Truth? We don’t need no stinking truth!
    The Twilight Zone.
    And not just NY. World-wide.

  28. bleak says:

    It’s interesting to hear about NYC before I got there in 79. That “synthetic notion of ‘being a New Yorker'”. Did it lead to the ‘I LOVE NEW YORK’ campaign? I don’t doubt it.

    Is there a pattern? Is this ‘segregation through pride’ the trap? Isn’t BLM of the same fabric?

    We need new swag that says I MISS NEW YORK. I do miss it and I did love it. I lived in all five boroughs at one time or another and at multiple locations in each borough. The fate of many starving musicians.

    Speaking of BLM, is the slogan “Black Lives Matter” a coincidence?


    Punch “bellum” into wikipedia and see what you get.

  29. Moshe Sopher says:


    The mind control of the sheeple is incisive and pervasive. While science has progressed to staggering heights, the minds of the masses have shrunk, when, science, as a liberating force, should’ve ripped off the shackles of illusions and delusions.

    Deep State has an army of trolls in media, government and businesses that shut down dissent by labelling anyone a “crackpot” who questions or exposes the official narrative. It goes further when truthers get the sack from jobs or forced into mental asylums to shut them up and to terrorise others who face off with the elites.

    Crass materialisn has spawned acquisitive hedonistic tendencies that value comfort over valor, fiction over fact and compliance over confrontation. A population that has largely lost its natural capacity of critical thinking and defence mechanism against lies is easy to manipulate and control even if it means engineering a global faux drama that destroys the economy and snatches fundamental rights because most of the dumbed down sheep go along with it.

    Nevertheless, tens of millions around the world have awoken to the covid19 farce and tens of millions more are fast waking up as they sense something is gravely wrong.

    With the hoax exposed and with twns of millions of people vociferously demasking the coronahoax, the Globalists are backtracking as seen in their switch from military conflicts to cold war.

    The July 18, 2020, edition of the Rothschild owned The Economist has on its coverpage a flag of China with the Eye of Horus on it and the bold title: Trade Without Trust (How The West Should Do Business With China). Other articles moan about how bad it is for students to stay at home. These are clear hints that the world has entered or is entering the Globalist scripted Cold War phase while regional wars and world war have been sidelined.

    Bill Gates confirmed that the covid19 vaccine trials are adversely affecting recipients who complained of high fever, chills, tremors and severe body pain. Polls suggest that over 50% of Americans are wary of the vaccine and oppose it. In Africa, too, people are organising themselves to resist mass vaccination as word of its genocidal potential spreads.

    The Globalists thrive on ignorance.

    Now that their game is exposed the Globalists are evidently backing off fearing a massive backlash that could mean murder of key Globalists and their lackeys at the hands of livid patriots and factarians.

    Like plans for war have been put into the bin, the vaccination drive, too, will be put on hold or shelved in the coming weeks as opposition swells.

    The Globalists are not omnipotent or omniscient..they’re a bunch of evil doers that are headed for a mighty fall including assassination.

    The world should limp back to near normal by year end or the first quarter of 2021.

    • BS Detector says:

      Yeppers! In order to boil frogs in water without them getting a clue and jumping out, the heat has to be turned up slowly.

      In this great big stew of doo-doo they have turned up the heat too high too quickly, and in doing so have awakened many of the frogs, who are leaping out en masse like a great big chain reaction.

      It is the one mercy of those who are intoxicated with power that they are also blinded by it, and tend to overplay their hand, just like a drunk at a poker table.

      Censorship efforts only cause the awakened to shake their heads in disgust or disgusted amusement.

      The jig is up. And not a moment too soon.

  30. Moshe Sopher says:


    I’m atheist but a group of dedicated Jewish spiritualists with a visble golden glow radiating from tbeir faces and whose deepest prayers and wushes almost always materialise have assured me that the evil of the elites won’t last and that the divine consent to judge the world has been withdrawn and soon we should witness a reversal in the misfortunes of the world. They emphasised that the divine fiat now favors a return to normal after testing/punishing the world for 4 long and torturous months via lockdown and economic collapse.

    I withold judgement and await the evidence but the recent marked move from plans for military conflicts to implementation of cold war in the world gives me a glimmer of hope of the rosy prediction of the Jewish spiritualists referred to earlier and besides as science knows nothing about consciousness and its deeper functions, well, the spiritual dimension could exist as rarefied states of consciousness leading to a singularity of mass-energy-consciousness (G-d).


    • JA says:

      Ah yes,

      But the true GOD states when you hear peace, peace, peace, that is when you had better be a WATCHMAN. We are living in the “Generation of the fig Tree”. When Jesus stated “LEARN THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE ” HE MEANT IT!

      Whatever transpires in the coming days know that the true GOD is directing the outcome, however painful it may seem.

      When you see G-D know they are not talking about the GOD in the Bible. Peruse Jewism101.com if you have any doubt.

    • Karl Pomeroy says:

      Moshe, I like the positive message. Mystical political pundit Sacha Stone said recently that we have already won the war against the global ruling elite, that they are being massively exposed, and that victory is playing out in the real world, soon to be evident to all.

  31. Benjamin Martin says:

    Great article. Tragic indeed that things could be turned around overnight…but almost certainly will not be. But not everyone is truly brain-dead or brainwashed on this issue. Most people, perhaps, it would appear so, but a small proportion are well awake and know that they have a hell of a job ahead of them.

  32. BS Detector says:

    Really nails it, especially the point about using bogus “altruism” to lead people by their noses.

    Just assuming for the sake of argument the illness is even having the effect it is said by big corporate media to have; if anyone told me our once great nation would be locked down on account of an illness that is less deadly than a bad flu for anybody but the very unhealthy and/or very old, I’d have thought they had completely lost their mind.

    Instead multitudes of people have lost their minds… and their guts. Or have been tricked out of them, as the case may be. Even many who should know better, but have conned by the “altruistic” spin.

    But there are also many who see the emperor’s clothes for what they are, and are not fooled one bit. And as the absurdity of this becomes clearer, our numbers are growing.

    I, for one, am more adamant than ever. And I’m far from alone.

  33. anonymous4u4me says:

    I’m from Jersey and about your age, all I can say is, those were the days my friend we thought they would never end. Great people, great food (the best) great fun and great entertainment. Said what was on your mind, got things done. I miss them, enjoyed your article one of my favorites. Thanks for the memories.

  34. SanityClaus says:

    Edward Bernays is not the father of modern propaganda.
    Aristotle is the father of all rhetoric and politics. He invented them to serve his boss Alexander the murdering cunt from Macedonia, THE SON OF GOD.
    Machiavelli and Bernays are mere practicioners of the art of bullshit invented by Aristotle.

  35. ambrosa mihai-cristian says:

    Hi Jon, I enjoy reading your posts, just brilliant.

    I have a comment on the whole pandemic hoax. Here it is: there’s a pattern, a pattern since the beginning of times — a new religion, a new god with false prophets and “thy” name is covid. Let’s all hope there will not be wars between believers and nonbelievers!!! This is what they want.

  36. Sean says:

    I am learning that we are in a commercially based world. And if that is true, then all of these mandates and executive orders by mayors and governors and presidents are merely offers. Business offers I guess. And there is a way to counter offer them. Direct refusal isnt appropriate and may have bad consequences, from the dictators. Conditional acceptance to their offer of Anything is supposed to be the appropriate and actual legal and way to stay honorable in our system and puts them in checkmate. Ive recently learned some stuff from our Australian freedom lovers on how to do this and they are having success. I just sent the white house, Trump, ect a conditional acceptance of the vacs if they can prove to me this that and another then I will take them and if I do get sick from them or die, you owe me big time compensation for it, sign right here. Its that simple, but there is a protocol.

    Thanks for that story Jon. Another great, great one.

  37. Sean says:

    I enjoyed that.

  38. John Dugan says:

    I had similar thoughts when, through serendipity, after another depressing evening of absorbing current events, I came across the story of Sonora Carver. She was a horse diver at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. The horse would come running up a ramp, Sonora could jump on in mid-gallop, then the horse and rider would plunge 40 feet into a pool of water. When she 27, she had an awkward jump, landed face first and went blind. Later, Disney made a movie about her life. Sonora told her sister, “The only thing true in that movie was that I rode diving horses, I went blind, and I continued to do the dive for another 11 years.” That she did. What on earth happened to the country that used to produce people like Sonora Webster Carver?

  39. Arby says:

    “Mao and Stalin and Lenin”? Bill Gates et al are perfect capitalists. What is capitalism? Or better yet, what kind of system do we have? We have state capitalism, aka socialism for the rich. Just to be clear. The only free market you ever see, anywhere, is at your garage sale or local farmers’ market.

  40. Viktoria says:

    Covid Cult, prime members of the CULT leadership, Bill Gates and Fauci. If you don’t believe in this new CULT, the CULT of the brainwashed ideology will have you in quarantines, perpetual imprisonment, perpetual poverty, incremental artificial food scarcity/toilet paper, and supply line shutdowns until YOU conform to the COVID Cult of whackos with their face masks. QUIT CONFORMING TO THIS CULT!!!! or live on planet evil.

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