Dispatches from the War: Black Lives Matter; Trouble in covid vaccine paradise

by Jon Rappoport

July 28, 2020

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National Geographic headline, July 17: “More than half of Black-owned businesses may not survive COVID-19”.

“COVID-19 shutdowns have pounded Black-owned businesses particularly hard. Research at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that 41 percent of Black-owned businesses—some 440,000 enterprises—have been shuttered by COVID-19, compared to just 17 percent of white-owned businesses.”

Ignoring for a moment the fact that the economy of the entire country has been sent over a cliff…

Does Black Lives Matter care about what’s happening to black-owned businesses?

Or are major BLM money men intent on destroying “horrible capitalist” businesses of any kind?

If all-out destruction is the goal, then BLM should speak directly to the huge number of black business owners and tell them exactly that. And then stand back and see how the message is received.

If Socialism (aka Communism) is BLM’s goal, spell that out.

Karl Marx did. He called tyrannical dictatorship and destruction of free enterprise a necessary phase…that eventually leads to the withering away of the State and the development of a paradise on Earth. Good luck with that fairy tale. The only thing that withers away is freedom.


Aside from the actual fact that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective—which I’ve been proving for the past 30 years—the mainstream COVID vaccine narrative is breaking down. Badly.

Headline, San Francisco Chronicle, July 17: “With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too”.

“Disturbing new revelations that permanent immunity to the coronavirus may not be possible have jeopardized vaccine development and reinforced a decision by scientists at UCSF and affiliated laboratories to focus exclusively on treatments.”

“Several recent studies conducted around the world indicate that the human body does not retain the antibodies that build up during infections, meaning there may be no lasting immunity to COVID-19 after people recover.”

“’I just don’t see a vaccine coming anytime soon,’ said Nevan Krogan, a molecular biologist and director of UCSF’s Quantitative Biosciences Institute, which works in partnership with 100 research laboratories. ‘People do have antibodies, but the antibodies are waning quickly.’ And if antibodies diminish, ‘then there is a good chance the immunity from a vaccine would wane too’.”

“There is still hope that the remaining antibodies will bestow some immunity, but infectious disease specialists around the world were surprised and discouraged by the rapid reduction observed in the studies. If the [antibody] numbers continue dropping after three months, it could mean people will be susceptible to infection by the coronavirus year after year.”

There is a lot to unpack here. First, the experts are throwing cold water on a COVID vaccine. Their grave doubt would apply to ALL current clinical trials of vaccines, regardless of how positive the results seem to be.

Those results are based on the body’s production of antibodies, which are fading fast. Therefore, no lasting protection.

What to do? The mainstream approach will a) stress highly toxic antiviral drugs and b) a COVID vaccine that needs a yearly upgrade with a booster shot, like the ineffective and toxic flu vaccine.

This means the entirely fake COVID pandemic will be promoted on and on, in order to keep people coming back for the vaccinations. It also means more lockdowns and economic devastation will occur—unless the economy is forced open permanently.

On the subject of repeated vaccinations, here is another quote from the San Francisco Chronicle article: “Even if a [COVID] vaccine were produced, infectious disease specialists say it could take years before the entire population was inoculated. If the vaccine wore off over time, periodic boosters would be needed, as with influenza shots.”

This would create an excuse to deploy aerosolized mass-sprayed vaccines. RESIST SUCH A PROGRAM IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

The article continues: “’Our whole approach is to find what is the virus hijacking and what drugs can be developed to reverse that hijacking,’ said Swaney, an assistant professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology at UCSF. ‘Basically, we try to take away what the virus relies on for survival so it can’t rely on it anymore’.”

“One possible target for intervention is a receptor embedded in the membrane of human cells called SigmaR1, which Swaney said the coronavirus interacts with. The SigmaR1 gene plays an important role in the functioning of tissues associated with the endocrine, immune and nervous systems.”

“’What we found is that if we use drugs that reduce the level of SigmaR1 in human cells, the virus cannot replicate in those human cells,’ Swaney said, adding that many other potentially influential receptors are being studied.”

Whatever “they found out” was in the lab, not in humans. And the payoff? Reducing the level of a gene means tinkering with the genetic makeup of humans.

It means “gene therapy.”

Highly dangerous.

The researchers are beyond clueless. There are always unintended genetic ripples when they barge into this territory. They speak of reducing the level of a gene as if it were a slam-dunk chemistry demonstration in a high school class. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bottom line? The researchers are aimlessly flailing. Regardless, they’ll “find something” Pharma and Bill Gates can hype—toxic drugs and vaccines—and these treatments will be promoted and sold to the eight billion inhabitants of Earth.


—And now, stepping outside the lunatic world of mainstream “science” and vaccine/drug development, here are a few crucial facts I’ve established in the more than 150 articles I’ve written about the fake pandemic:

The new coronavirus was never discovered in the first place—not by proper procedures of purification. Therefore, even if a vaccine were safe and effective, it would provide protection against something whose existence was never proven.

The vaccine, the drugs, the masks, the distancing are all pretexts and explanations designed to justify the lockdowns.

The lockdowns are warfare. This is an economic war against the entire population of Earth.

The war is a gateway into brutal Socialism/Communism, which is a phase merging with planetary technocracy. Brave New World.

This is the game plan. This is the ten thousand year war we are fighting.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

40 comments on “Dispatches from the War: Black Lives Matter; Trouble in covid vaccine paradise

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    This is a holocaust waiting to happen. With the lowered immunity of the world population due to the diseases of modern lifestyle are we not setting ourselves up for a real global mass killing? The modern immune system is beset with factors that interfere with its normal function. The toxic load on our immune systems from the effluvia of modern living is enough to make us all vulnerable to a vaccine and its yet unknown side effects. The world population is now beset with fear and terror that has been engendered by the captains of viral horror and along with the sadness of social separation and the dangers of masking it seems that we have a perfect storm that could wipe out a good chunk of humanity.

    • Piksil says:


      “This is a holocaust waiting to happen.”

      I don’t think that it’s waiting. Jon had posted a short time ago that 42% of ‘covid’ deaths in the US happened in Long Term Care facilities.

      But yes, a holocaust.

    • BS Detector says:

      But they’re already encountering a BIG problem selling their propaganda. As the massive issues mount, people are seeing the propaganda for what it is, and the censorship and brainwashing attempts are having the opposite effect of what is apparently intended. Unless the actual intent is different than what we think.

      Things have gotten so weird it’s hardly clear what is going on. It would seem that master manipulators would have a better chess sense than little ‘ol me. But then, it it is a time proven error of the powerful to underestimate their opposition.

      • Invisible Man says:

        I think what is happening is different elite factions have somewhat different agendas.

        Bill Gates primarily wants a world of universal mandatory vaccinations, ID cards, nanotech, complete control of the public. Meanwhile Soros is off funding his violent Black Lives Matter protests. Different billionaire “philanthropists” have different main agendas.

        But these two agendas conflict to an extent. So you can have the media bashing small businesses trying to open or Walmart shoppers resisting wearing masks, then they turn around and praise BLM protesters packed together like sardines, they then have to pathetically insist these jam packed protests are safe while getting together for a house party is not. They will insist that “science” proves an evil Trump rally has increased the spread of Covid while a BLM rally has spread nothing but justice and truth. Even George Orwell couldn’t have made this shit up. It is Doublethink more extreme than any of the examples found in 1984.

        • Piksil says:

          I M:

          Venn Diagram. Separate groups with intersecting points.
          The 2 you list are distractions, with purpose.

          Global reset (economic). Population reduction. Digital currency. Digital ID. Continuous surveillance/tracking.

          Total control

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          You’re hitting on something with merit… Evil is inherently internally self-contradictory… it must be, otherwise it would not qualify as evil. The definition of the corollary, good, would be the absense of internal contradictions. The job of determining good from evil, then, becomes one of pointing out systems that are internally contradictory from those that are free from contradiction. Where we find internal contradiction, therein lies evil. I’m just guessing and making it up now but maybe there’s a school of thought that’s been developed on this from ancient Greece.

    • Yolette says:

      That has always been the agenda.. They are simply more agressive and noticeable, as people gain discernment. Thus, their plan is being accelerated before the masses awake.
      Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda https://www.hli.org/resources/exposing-the-global-population-control/

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I guess we have no choice. We have to move forward. Turn off the microwave transcievers called smart phones and upgrade your hard wire net connections. Buy EMF shielding materials. Stock up on MRE’s. (Meals Ready to Eat). Keep silver coins or watch silver/gold ETF’s. Avoid being tested– do not allow that swab up your nose. Don’t wear a mask but rehearse and role play with family and friends what to do when encountering mask-enforcers to de-escalate. I guess they’re not going to let us Make America Normal Again…. but intend to push their agenda.

      • Nancy Coman says:

        I always knew there was a good reason I never have purchased a ‘Smartphone ‘. More people need to get my cool Flip-phone. What is a EMF Shielding materials ? and YES,,, i am Brave and don’t Muzzle going into stores,, my heart races the whole time, But We ALL Must do this. It’s disheartening…I keep looking for others there who will back me up, but don’t find any :/ I have thought long and hard and Don’t engage when someone calls me out… I’ve told them I have asthma, that shuts them right down. Welcome to the New Abnormal :/ I’m trying my best to NOT have this Mess with my mind anymore ……

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          FLIP PHONE
          Captain Kirk and the crew used flipphones, not smartphones. The origin of the flip phone was indeed inspired by a guy who saw Kirk flip his phone… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN-_VA5HFwM

          Electro Magnetic Frequency shielding material… EMF shields. You can wear it, install it, build with it, and paint with it. Anything that blocks EMF including Faraday cages which are built of minimalist chicken wire fence. Anything that interferes with or blocks radiowave transmissions… and that MIGHT even be the famous tin foil hat which has a basis in fact.

          DO NOT ENGAGE
          Smart to not engage and smart to claim asthma. I wear a lanyard with a card that says I’m exempt due to health reasons on ADA. Fry’s grocery and Walmart are respecting that and even announce it as an excuse on their latest PA over the past week. We ARE making headway. Don’t be disheartened. It’s psychological trench warfare.

          NEW ABNORMAL
          Good one. The new abnormal. How about MANA… Make American Normal Again?

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Miracle

    Harper Eliot

    I am the miracle life
    Right before your jaded eyes
    Radiant reality plagued by strife
    Riding beauty’s wing that flies.

    How to explain my sun dappled windowsill
    That greets me each morning
    That does the hallows of my heart fill
    With the glory of a new day dawning.

    Wide eyed rabbits terrorize the yard
    Confounding lookers on
    Amazing all those local bards
    With whom the chills of awe abound.

    Thunderstorms threaten on the horizon
    As we learn to sing the blues
    Caught in the nets of cruel Urizen
    The miracle is you!

    The sound of silence
    Celebrates the miracle of each new day
    As we serve our mortal sentence
    Above feet made of clay.

    As the bullyfrogs with each other chat
    Down by the lovely pond
    They seem to be having a regal spat
    Among the waving fronds.

    I have even had the pleasure
    Of grunting with my bulbous friends
    In times of ecstatic leisure
    With wonder that never ends.

    That we are even here
    Is difficult to explain
    The trail of an idle tear
    The wound of love’s pain.

    Each day a fresh canvass
    To sketch the quantum dance
    In the beauty of my soul’s fair lass
    Blessed by such a sublime romance.

    The neighbors watch and wonder
    At the queerness of the world today
    That has torn us asunder
    Where once we used to play.

    And when the day is done
    We anticipate the morrow
    With the beauty of the setting sun
    On this god forsaken barrow.

  3. Piksil says:

    “’Our whole approach is to find what is the virus hijacking and what drugs can be developed to reverse that hijacking”

    Here’s a tip: isolate the effen ‘virus’ first! How can you say something that doesn’t exist, hasn’t been isolated, is ‘hijacking’ something. You are among the hijackers!

    “This would create an excuse to deploy aerosolized mass-sprayed vaccines”

    Well, as long as they start over Gates’ compound and metro DC and CDC hq in Atlanta…..I guess they would be doing this over the so-called “hot spots”?
    For now.
    Like fluoride. Medicating the masses without (informed) consent.

    If a ‘vaccine’ is approved (and there’s NO isolated ‘virus’), then WHAT is in the ‘vaccine’ (besides the usual poisons), and what is it REALLY for?

    Great points, Comrade Jon! (I guess we had better get used to this….but it’s so time consuming to type “comrade”. Could we abbreviate, like “C. Jon”? Acceptable? Maybe the technocrats can employ some sort of auto-fill to avoid embarrassment if “comrade” is accidentally or lazily left out.)

    • glenn says:

      How does a virus hijack anything to begin with? It is a lifeless piece of genetic material covered in protein. It has no mechanism to allow it to move or penetrate the cell wall. The living organism does everything for viruses from helping them replicate to spreading them around the body. Maybe the research should be focused on the living cells themselves that is allowing this. Of course there is plenty of research on why that it goes against everything we were told about viruses and disease.

      • Piksil says:


        Exactly. ‘Virus’ people scream louder, scare more people, get more press.
        I’ve noticed on local news the past few days they’ve been talking about “virus deniers”, like they’re conspiracy theorists. But they’ve not once asked a “virus denier” why they deny the ‘virus’. Instead, they show them holding signs saying “The Virus is a Hoax”, etc etc.
        Then go to ‘the latest case numbers’ or some other propaganda. Very thought out and crafted.

  4. BS Detector says:

    Except what with how fast things happen in a technocracy it is not a 10,000 year war, but more like a 10,000 HOUR war. Every millisecond counts. The technocracy depends upon complicity, because too many people refusing to board the trains – or if it comes down to it, bum-rushing the guards and taking their weapons – will overtax the law enforcement mechanisms – if the foot soldiers don’t switch sides first.

  5. From Elsewhere says:

    Although sad, the number of people who (supposedly) died of the new (fake) pandemic infection is low, spread over almost six months around the world, compared to other medical causes of death, for which vaccines were produced and sold. Ergo, this is a cover, heavily pushed on the public agenda.

    Black lives matter to everyone but BLM, with a desperate hope that people stamina will endure and remerge from the ashes of lockdowns, fear and fascist orders from mad scientists and greedy governors. People will prevail. We are now capable to reduce the cost of this war, win it fast and completely, before new blood will rule and wash away this madness.

  6. Monty says:

    This U.K. Doctor gives a measured, logical recounting of the past few months. Very good. We need to pass this kind of thing around to wake people up and make them think. There is not enough critical thinking being done by people at all.


  7. Brett Morgen says:

    Another great analysis Jon. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you have done to dispel this despicable trauma based mind control operation.

    Every cable TV station is just disgusting, despicable propaganda and filth nonstop, both commericals and programming.

    Sports are a total joke, check out the video of the manager of the Pirates I think arguing with the ump when they both put on their masks and “social distance” in an empty stadium with simulated crowd noise.

    We are truly in an idiocracy and it only took until 2020. Look at the back to the future movies to see how wrong everyone’s predictions were about technology would “advance”, just lies upon lies. I am so overwhelmed with the lies I can hardly stand it anymore.

  8. wanderingtwin says:

    Please use my comment as much as possible, everywhere I post it people seem to get an understanding of what is really happening. I say in my comment, “Quarantine is when you restrict the movements of a sick person, Tyranny is when you restrict the movements of healthy people”. Peace

  9. Rachel says:

    What can I say that those of you who read Jon’s work wouldn’t already know? Probably not much. I would, however, encourage you to watch some of Bill Gates’ more recent interviews. I want to say I was shocked, but that doesn’t convey my emotions.

    When Gates was directly asked about the fact that 100% of patients in the high dose category had adverse reactions, he basically avoided the question and said, essentially, that it will just mean more vaccines. It was painful to watch, especially seeing how happy this makes him.

    My biggest question was WHY IS ANYONE ASKING THIS GUY ABOUT ANY OF THIS? He has no authority in anything other than human suffering. Why does he get a platform?

    And this morning, setting out to try and find additional support for my response, what I experienced was, I believe, the more important point: There was no full transcript in my searches, no full interview, nothing that would allow someone to see a bigger picture to make a more informed decision. Looking for the results of the vaccine trials, only news stories of success came up in my results. Of course, even reading those, they fully acknowledge these vaccines are GENE THERAPY, something to change the fundamental make up of who we are-not some other virus to build up our immune system for when the real thing hits. Even the best articles can’t make this look good or safe. And even if the vaccine was safe, it is still forcefully putting something into someone… And there is a word for that…


    The Gates interview starts fairly soon in the show, before the 30 minute mark.

  10. Eluard says:

    C’mon Jon, we can do this in our lifetimes, don’t call it ten thousand years. Why can’t WE do this, we and our children, our friends, Here–Now?

    We can. I want to see this start to fall in the next five to ten years. We’re powerful. As Icke says, they’re a tiny few compared to our numbers. Even those of us awake are still far more than “they.”

    TEN years. NOT Ten thousand.

    • Rachel says:

      Perhaps we CAN do this in our lifetimes. But we definitely do NOT have even ten years. Agenda 2030 is coming faster than even that…

  11. Neo-Paradigm says:

    Christine Grady, Dr. Fauci’s wife is Chief Bioethics Head, of Human Subjects Research at NIH. Therefore it’s “ethical” to experiment on human guinea pigs.


  12. DarL says:

    On the frontpage of our newspaper today it had an article stating that 33,000 people volunteered to test out the new corona vaccine. Somehow I find that difficult to believe….but then maybe not.

    • Pft says:

      I believe they get paid something. Also half the population has an IQ under 90.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t believe it–they lie about everything.

      And look at the number with “33” thousand–that’s a Masonic number. I’m highly suspicious when I see stories with 33s all over the place–it’s like their calling card to mark an event. And there were 33s all over this corona hoax.

      Back when the hoax got started, they used to say that hospitals were flooded with people who wanted to get tested, so they had to set up testing tents. Well, I can’t tell you how many videos I watched with testing tents, but there were ALL EMPTY. The testing tents were just props to sell the narrative.

      We cannot trust our media at all. I also think it was fake news when they were saying something like China tried to hack into our vaccine info (seemed like an effort to make people think it’s good, like “wow, we have the best vaccine and big bad China wants it”).

      Believe NOTHING from the mainstream media.

      • DarL says:

        Ha…I forgot about the “33” number! Ya, now I know I don’t believe it. And if any did allow themselves to be a guina, then yes they would be paid.

  13. Pft says:

    They don’t want a vaccine that provides lifelong immunity. Annual vaccinations is their game. That plays right into their narrative.

    Also, antibodies are only one part of our immune system. The focus on antibodies started in the 50’s when we knew little about the immune system. We now know the innate immune system can be trained and cellular immunity has memory. Most of us are immune by virtue of our innate snd cellular immune responses and don’t even need antibodies. Indeed only the most seriously ill go on to produce the largest numbers of antibodies because the infection lingers long enough for them to be created in large numbers (2 weeks required for maximum production)

    We already have a treatment. HCQ+zinc. But no money in that is its out of patent.

  14. ken says:

    “COVID-19 shutdowns have pounded Black-owned businesses particularly hard. Research at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that 41 percent of Black-owned businesses—some 440,000 enterprises—have been shuttered by COVID-19, compared to just 17 percent of white-owned businesses.”

    Covid 19 has not shut down one business. Moron politicians however, have shut down millions.

    The reason they cannot find a vaccine for Covid is because you cannot vaccinate against a non existent virus.

    The only vaccine we NEED is one that can immunize against government.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “The reason they cannot find a vaccine for Covid is because you cannot vaccinate against a non existent virus.”

      Exactly. Even people who see through this usually just say, “the virus is real, but the numbers are exaggerated, blown out of proportion.”

      No. The virus isn’t real to begin with. It doesn’t exist. There is no epidemic. And we have no real journalists left to say so, except those on the margins.

  15. John Wisnom says:

    Concerning Black Lives Matters, the group’s critique of society and politics is based on identity (the equal or unequal position of Black people in contemporary society), not class (Black people as a part of the exploited working class), to the relief of the Democratic Party leadership. For example, given that Black people comprise 12% of American society, 12% of all billionaires in the United States should be Black. The formula is “given 12% Black, then 12% of _____ (fill in the blank); e.g., police inflicted deaths) should be Black. Therefore, the disproportionate amount of Black business closures vis-a-vis White businesses should be right up BLM’s liberal elitist alley. Please refer to the commentary that Adolph Reed, Jr., PoliSci professor at Penn, has published about BLM.

  16. Kenan Meyer says:

    Jon, how can you know that this is not a hybrid(cultural and biological) warfare of the chinese communists against the west, which has been ongoing since at least 25 years? Remember, the CCP is by far the worst mass murderer in the history of mankind. Mao’s so called great leap forward alone cost about 35 mio lives. What if the communists have been staging the Corona outbreak to gain sufficient credibility in the western world in order not to be seen as an agressor but just a “victim” like anybody else? All while causing maximum chaos via its western cultural war agents. Why would they care about some 10.000 deaths among their own people?What if Covid19 is the last stage of a long war after which the chinese plan to completely take over the western world?

    What if Covid19 is not the real culprit we have to deal with, but the stone age like marxist mindset? The ultimate cancer of humanity.

  17. Neo-Paradigm says:

    They are testing how best to shame and brainwash the masses into taking the vaccine. They realize people won’t want to take it unless they can shame and/or scare them into it.


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