Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, the enemy is deep inside the gate

by Jon Rappoport

July 17, 2020

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Note to the reader: As I stated on Monday, don’t blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve. The nation is under the control of public health traitors. They can declare “new waves” of cases. They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again. This is not over. The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy America.

Mr. President, don’t imagine that simply “minimizing” the presence of Tony Fauci (your current plan) will significantly degrade his influence. The governors and mayors will still listen to him and follow his advice. Take him completely off the board as a member of the coronavirus task force. It’s not enough to say you disagree with him. Put him out to pasture. You don’t realize just how dangerous he is.

Do not believe any of his declarations of “science.” They are, in fact, weapons of sabotage.

Earlier this week, I proposed that you send in troops (or the FBI) to the states and cities, with a wartime mandate to force open the whole American economy…

Once and for all…

Preventing state and city officials from continuing any form of lockdown or restraint on the LIBERTY of the people…

Because this IS war, and the enemy IS in charge right now. You certainly aren’t.

I’m sure you have a few bright people working for you, people who aren’t secretly spying on you or operating on behalf of Big Globalism. Bring those people into a room and tell them you are open to suggestions and operations that do not include sending in the troops.

Listen to what they have to say. Carefully. Do any of their ideas amount to effective solutions? I’m not talking about cosmetic actions that make you look good. I’m not talking about flailing in the face of the enemy. I’m talking about wartime plans that stand a good chance of succeeding. Do these people have anything at all to offer?

Come clean, in public, about the disastrous effects of the lockdowns on the economy and human life. Don’t hold back. The people must know how heavy the costs of the war are.

Political journalist Elias Marat reports: “…nearly one-third [of] U.S. households – representing 32 percent – have still not made their full housing payments for the month of July, according to a survey from online rental platform Apartment List.”

“And with public health experts warning people to continue to ‘Stay at Home,’ the slogan is taking on a perverse new meaning as humanitarian disaster looms for some 28 million people in the U.S. who are facing eviction and homelessness in the immediate future.”

This is the true face of the war, Mr. Trump, and no amount of empty rhetoric can defuse the catastrophe.

The COVID case-counting fraud, a scandal of enormous proportions, is inflating numbers to sustain lockdowns, work stoppages, unemployment, business bankruptcies—the whole vicious assault against the very survival of Americans.

Are you willing to turn your back and walk away from this?

Are you willing to let public health officials destroy the country with their insane fear porn about a germ; about what amounts to a flu season?

Fauci is leading that pack. He is playing a deranged tune that is sending the nation over a cliff.

Are you in a trance, Mr. President?

Can’t you put yourself together and see what is actually going on? And then ACT ON IT?

This whole COVID operation is far from an accident. The plan is economic warfare. That was the intent all along. The hyped-up STORY about a germ was and is the means to implement the plan.

Many credentialed doctors and scientists have exposed the vastly overblown story. They’ve been trying to reach out to you, but the news networks and other traitors are blocking them.

You’re in a bubble.

This SENSELESS war is breaking apart loved ones from loved ones. Can you understand what that means?

If tomorrow, all the people took off all their masks, and all the people stopped walking six feet apart, and all the people said no to testing and tracing, and everything that was closed suddenly opened…nothing harmful would happen. This would be another flu year. Just as you supposed at the beginning.

You know that. Yet, knowing it, are you going to stand aside and let this country go down into chaos?

Are you?

Every person, at some point, thinks about his own courage. How far would he go, what pain would he endure to stand by his deepest values and principles?

This is your time.


What are you going to do?

There is a train stalled on the tracks. The engine is shut down. Men are standing around the locomotive. In the cabin, the engineer is terrified. The men have told him that if he turns on the engine, the whole train could explode.

You’re standing on a hill overlooking the train. You’re the General. Your Army is behind you.

What do you do?

You send your Army down to move the men out of the way. One of your men walks into the cabin, brushes the engineer aside and turns on the engine.

The engineer recovers.

The train moves again.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

90 comments on “Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, the enemy is deep inside the gate

  1. Arby says:

    “Every person, at some point, thinks about his own courage. How far would he go, what pain would he endure to stand by his deepest values and principles?

    “This is your time.”

    Yes, That would be fine if we weren’t talking to someone who fantasized about killing someone in public, and broad daylight, before being elected and then, the first chance he got, committed murder (which was called killing terrorists). And he hasn’t stopped. There’s the stuff we don’t hear much about from corporate media. And then there was the stuff in Syria and the murder of General Soleimani. I would have wrote a very different open letter, in some respects, myself.

    • Bala Bala Das (Bruce Hatcher) says:

      What are you waiting for, Arby? Write that open letter, talk is easy. I’m sure your letter will be meaningful, if you write it.

      • Steve Lipohar says:

        I’ll write an open letter. I’m a small business of one buying from mostly USA sources (hopefully 100% in the near future) I got shut down in March and watched some customers with employees in excess of 400 struggling to keep everyone up and running…bills. bills, bills….these damn bureaucrats haven’t lost a nickel since this started and we’re supposed to keep going along with this…a second lock down?

        Let’s all get on the bandwagon and create a website where we all sell face masks and make some money….and then throw in some sanitizer to make us all feel clean about doing that? Is that the answer? Face masks and sanitizer?

        Stand up and say go F yourself. I have a 2500 mile journey in front of me to support sales I already made before this virus hit the scene and now I can’t even figure out where I can go without being fined…$2K….$5K? Are you kidding me? And I have to quarantine? Where….in a hotel?

        How about this? Tell the folks you want to slap a mask on to start boosting their immune system…zinc, elderberry, silver, 1000mg of NAC…eat some fruit…get some sunlight…take a walk….Why the hell don’t we get a single word about natural things that obviously can help and all we hear about is some WarpSpeed vaccine and other drugs or now the second buzz word is therapeutics to deal with what? A virus that kills less than the common flu? I’m into the sanitize my hands thing and whatever….the commercials I see about the new normal..stay at home if you can and especially listen if “they” tell you to stay inside at home….I was brought up free….this crap is enslaving freedom and it’s pathetic. Wake up folks….this is the bully in the school yard that hasn’t got the punch in the face to tell them F%#@ YOU !!!!

        GOD,FREEDOM,TRUTH,USA….that’s my open letter to whoever….I’m making my stand against this blatant tyranny that totally opposes the values I grew up with. I encourage Jon Rappaport to write more open letters to the President. If he doesn’t listen I believe many of us are….and we’re the majority. The sooner the rest of us realize the power we have the better off we’ll all be.

        The only troubling point in this entire facade going on with the virus, is how the mask and social distancing is pervading forward. Educate yourselves and don’t let go of your freedoms. The truth will set you free of this impending immoral disgusting mandate. Wake up now because it’ll end up being a bad dream if you don’t.


        • Becky says:

          Well said!

          • Arby says:

            I don’t use bad language but I can be riled. I just finished work and called a cab here in Toronto. Most of the cabbies have been reasonable people who I’ve even left my contact card with (which includes my blog address). Often, They don’t force me to wear a mask even though they’ve been given the order to wear masks and ask their passengers to wear masks. This morning I got a cabbie who not only drank the Covid Kool-Aid, but he was into it and, while I had my mask on as he requested (below my nose so I can breathe), I told him what I thought about it. He just got angry. He gave me a dumb spiel and then, when I tried to give him an informed spiel, he wouldn’t listen to me. That pushed a button for me. I said “Let me out.” He did so but yelled at me that I owed him $5 and called me names.

            Jerry Day is correct about our having to eventually face these amateur government agents (Randolph Bourne’s description for people who voluntarily meld with the State in a time of war). The predators have managed to turn us against each other. Just great. They know what they’re doing, I must say. While we are attacking each other (and we normals are truly outnumbered), the predators who are exploiting and destroying and attack God and nature with glee sort of slip away unseen.


      • Arby says:

        Well, I spend just about every waking hour of my free time researching and blogging. Would that qualify?

      • AK in VT says:

        July 20, 2020

        An open letter to the people of America:

        “Come out of her my people (the Christ to the Jews of the first century before the apocalyptic fall of Bablyon the Great, Jerusalem, where they crucified Him). We now face a new crisis. Is this the end of America and freedom or a rising to a new and better freedom?

        Come out of the system, people of Freedom and true Liberty. Do NOT look to government to “bring you out” of this morass. Ayn Rand (of Atlas Shrugged fame) stated often that the reason the Soviet Union was going to collapse was because many people (a minority, though) withdrew from the system and refused to participate. When your property became property of the Soviet Union, you gave it to them and walked away.

        An old Biblical principle is to not fret over your possessions. If someone wishes to take them, let them: eventually, someone will take it from those who thieved you.

        Get off of Facebook. Turn off the TV. Listen to radio talk shows infrequently (at least they do give you a chance to think, somewhat). Stop earning money (which will be taxed to keep the government in power) for things you can do for yourself: grow some food, drive less. Make your own meals more often. Learn how to fix and repair equipment. Look at all you spend money on and realize that with social security payments, income taxes, etc… you are probably spending 20-30 percent more because you are being taxed on the income you need to pay for these things.

        Do as the pioneers and immigrants of old did: move away to somewhere you can afford. Do you like your Freedom more or your money and lifestyle?

        Example: Property tax: If your property tax is $3000 a year, you probably have to earn an additional $900 to pay the income and FICA tax on the $3000 you’ve earned to pay your property tax.

        Stop feeding the “COW.” Government thrives on it, on you.

        By your EXAMPLE, not your words, others may see and will change.

        There is a free book on the internet. It was written in the late 60’s by an ex-preacher named H.L. Roush: Henry and the Great Society. Read it. See the real freedom you could have. Find your way.

        Stop looking for the next President to save you. They only have a maximum of 8 years and then a new one comes along.

        And, by all means: Think local. Who cares how many “cases” are in another state, another country. Has more knowledge of mayhem, carnage, poverty, suicide, illness, added an inch to your stature. How much more does it build you up if you know about one more “covid case?”

        YOU RUN THE NARRATIVE, not them.

        I’ve said enough.


        AK in VT

    • striketheroot says:

      Tell me again how many wars DJT has implemented. The reason the D.S./MIC wants DJT out is because he has been terrible for the war business and profiteers…

    • Harry says:

      Thankfully you are too weak to do so but strong enough to talk about the one leader many of us have had throughout this insanity.

      I wouldn’t follow you to a pot of gold for fear you would kill me if I looked at it wrong.

      Go away. Jon let you post. He is a man of character.

      Thank you for being here in the early days when I knew it was nonsense but so many I trusted said otherwise. Allan Weisbecker comes to mind. He had the disgust to call you a LH. Limited Hangout.

      I stopped sending my $3.50 a month to him over it actually. He writes me to ask why.

      He was convinced the virus was natural and a real disaster.

      That’s OK. Fear is tough. But he was tu leader and he failed IMO. Sorry Allan but you know I am telling the truth. Still you are not the enemy. I wish I the best.

      To the doubters and the post I am replying to it’s your right to talk and it could have been moderated away, but it was not. Do you know why?

      Think with that lump between your shoulders. Isn’t the goal to get us from all being fucked up big time? Now you would attack the only person that can help?

      Opportunity is here for you. You can reply and agree or you can do nothing or reply that you have more pent up hate and must use it all right now no matter who it may hurt.

      Good American. Be sure to wear your mask and stay 6 feet apart.

      • Amanda says:


        Wow, Alan Weisbecker believed the propaganda about the corona hoax??? I’m actually shocked by that–he should know better. I remember him trying to wake people up to the moon and 9/11. I thought he was smart enough to know everything from the MSM is BS.

        • Harry says:

          Yes it was an awakening for sure. He stated the Musk launches are all faked.

          I liked his intelligent though a bit insane commentary. At least he was thinking. Yet the Virus had him hook, line and sinker.

          Exactly as I wrote I was perplexed and while I read Jon’s stuff there were a few times in the early days I had those tickling thoughts of this is a pandemic.

          Thankfully just breathing a bit brought back reality yet the insanity was mind boggling.

          Allan was sure it was a virus and he posted evidence in the way of cell phone videos of patients being rushed to the hospital in China.

          It’s so easy to stray off the path a bit when even those that are the supposed truth exposers are under the brainwashing.

          I came back hear in the very early days, before any Solari Report videos with C A Fitts who is wonderful as well.

          Yet Jons blog here was like an Uncle in the record business. Crazy Eddy comes to mind. Hahahaha. Sorry Jon but you know I love you.

          Imagination! I must get back and do my Exit from the Matrix stuff. Thank You Jon. Your strength is supporting so many.

    • Harry says:

      Oh Arby you are so right. Yes Arby I would back you 100%. It’s always those that talk about what they would do that count the most.

      Those that actually take action each day are of no value.

      Arby, it’s people like you, the super smart quiet ones that woulda shoulda coulda that are the key to success.

      Let’s blame Trump. There is no question he has been getting the support of the media exactly the same way Obama did yet look at how little he has done compared to his two most recent 16 years worth.

      Yes yes I will vote for you Arby. Just because you have no photo and a fake name shows the strength of your character is brimming with wonderful beauty and charm.

      Thank you Arby for speaking for all the unconscious who are incapable of taking it up to the next level like you have done.

      Please tell me where in my state I can join your coalition for saving our great country from Tyranny.

      My God why doesn’t everyone see it like us.

    • George says:

      I’m left wondering just who do we expect is going to read this “Mr President” and what unearthly influence is going to grant him the required attention span to process such a relatively complex set of thoughts?

      In the end “Mr President” is not inclined to act in any such way. What we call the “common good” is not a concept he’s familiar with. So this entire appeal is much like a weak stream of piss into a gale

  2. Piksil says:


    Is this the great culling, the great reset, the ushering in of the ‘new world order’, and you, Mr. Trump, have been promised a seat at the table as a reward for your performance in presiding over it in the US?

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      TRUMP and the GLOWING ORB
      At the start of the presidency of Trump, we saw what-I-considered-to-be at traitorous act of Trump attending a Saudi sword dance then placing his hands on the sphere representing Earth with the Saudi King and the French PM I think. What bizarre nonsense for an American President to partake in. Here’s the unforgettable photo.

      There are two parties involved in competing for control of the globe according to forbiddenknowledge.com. The China Globalists including Hillary, bushes and Obama, Gates and others. Trump is on the other side with Israel-Mossad, Saudi-Arabia, the Freemasons, and more.

      Jon wrote “There is a train stalled on the tracks. The engine is shut down. Men are standing around the locomotive. In the cabin, the engineer is terrified. The men have told him that if he turns on the engine, the whole train could explode. You’re standing on a hill overlooking the train. You’re the General. Your Army is behind you. What do you do? You send your Army down to move the men out of the way. One of your men walks into the cabin, brushes the engineer aside and turns on the engine. The engineer recovers. The train moves again.”
      END QUOTE. The first thing I thought of, of course, was THE TRUMP TRAIN. https://assets.change.org/photos/1/nu/qi/gNnUqIKitmZXgBS-1600×900-noPad.jpg?1480434797

      There are two parties contending for world control. The China Globalists and the Basil Globalists… Basil being the home of the Bank of International Settlements. https://c8.alamy.com/comp/cp87y4/cityscape-of-basel-switzerland-europe-historic-engraving-from-the-cp87y4.jpg
      Trump is not working simply as a US President but rather as part of a “less evil” and possibly even “good” world order team. There are undecided major players in this too.

      Masks are symbolic of slaves. I stopped wearing neck ties a decade ago because I kept getting bad feelings about putting a cloth tie-rope around my neck. Lately, and off and on over the decades since the internet kicked in, I’ve been viewing articles regarding the history of neckties and their association with subservience. It’s quite a horrible realization but masks are in the same category. It’s absolutely shocking to me to see everyone but me at the grocery store today wearing one.

      • RAW says:

        The globe was a new A.I. tracking system called Palantir. And the founders were involved with Bilderberg conference at that time.


        Trumps devotion to Israel has always been a red flag, however, I remain neutral about him at the moment. There may be a much bigger event arising in next few months.

        Agree with your points as a whole… I enter all buildings and markets with a dare. Dare me to mask up.

    • S says:

      I’m wondering also if Trump is with the cult?

      • Piksil says:


        Pictures with Epstein and G. Maxwell (could be photoshopped I guess).
        Paid off porn stars, charges of sexual harassment….(could be fake charges and just after money and 15 minutes of fame).

        Could be part of the cult, or just a distraction?? I’m not sure which, but I guess most of that is in the past.

        What matters is what he’s doing now, which to me, points in the direction of being a member. However low on the ladder POTUS is.

        He’s reading a script; ‘he’s made great progress on reading the script, you’ve seen how much great progress reading the script on the news. Script includes great generals, and treatments, and vaccines. He’s made great progress on generals, and they’re wonderful, and treatments. Great progress. Vaccines are for another talk, but we’re making great progress. Great wonderful people working on the economy’ (really? Who’s economy?), ‘and helping the American people’ (do what DJT? Helping the American people do what?)

  3. Susie says:

    We all know and hear about the elevated numbers. We all know and hear about Fauci. Why isn’t he hearing what we hear? Why does he not know what we know. It’s his economy. It’s his country. What am I missing here?

    • D. Smith says:

      Yes, we hear about elevated numbers (constantly) but no one in the mainstream media (like ABC or MSNBC et al) are differentiating between illnesses and deaths. That’s a biggy.

      Who is the “he” you’re referring to? PDJT? You are right on some of your points, but we may all either be missing something or not privy to what the President is actually “up to” these days. Personally, I think he has a plan. He keeps Fauci around because of, I think, the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Trump needs to keep Fauci away from a microphone from now on, that’s my biggest complaint. Fauci stirs up trouble whenever he talks, simply because he’s changed his tune drastically since January, and the flip-flop he did was immediate. He went straight from “this thing is no problem” to “everyone must stay locked down until someone of authority says differently”. Evidently they think Trump has no authority . . . the whole thing is just crazy and getting worse. Trump must act, and soon. The other thing I don’t like is that Trump seems to agree about a vaccine. Does he KNOW anything at all about vaccines??? Apparently not. Someone better educate him, and fast. We have no idea what’s in a vaccine now, so can you imagine what they might stick into a “corona” vaccine? OMGod.

    • Harry says:

      We all???

      You do know We All is likely less than 1 million people, yes?

      Have you been out talking to believers of the story?

      I was told by a man I respected and worked many projects together over 25 years that why would he believe such crazy ideas when there are “Trusted Journalists” telling me the truth. He is referring to CNN, CBS, NBC etc as trusted journalists.

      How did I mark him do wrong? My best answer is he is one of Delores Cannons Backdrop people. At least that gives me some hope since he has no soul.

      If you are not seeing this then where ever you are sounds wonderful. Please where are you? I want to be where it’s hard to understand since there are none of these unconscious being compare around.

      I assume you are joking, yes?

    • S says:

      I’m thinking the same thing!

  4. Duke Walters says:

    Great article. It is inconceivable to see the lack of analytics in the brains / minds of the American people and of many other of the world citizens. The media, press, credentialed scientists practicing fake science, and politicians are doing humanity a major disservice, consistently committing acts of terrorism by promoting fear and terror to the world population. I can’t fathom how they can sleep at night.

  5. Larry C says:

    “This is your time.


    What are you going to do?

    There is a train stalled on the tracks. The engine is shut down. Men are standing around the locomotive. In the cabin, the engineer is terrified. The men have told him that if he turns on the engine, the whole train could explode.

    You’re standing on a hill overlooking the train. You’re the General. Your Army is behind you.

    What do you do?

    You send your Army down to move the men out of the way. One of your men walks into the cabin, brushes the engineer aside and turns on the engine.

    The engineer recovers.

    The train moves again.”

    All aboard, Mr. President…ALL ABOARD!!!

  6. Sean says:

    Just pull the trigger Trump and it will go again.

  7. Rae says:

    thank you Jon, for your tireless efforts…much appreciated

  8. Jim says:

    Feds were deployed to one of the north west states. They only arrested peaceful protestors. The rot is complete.

  9. Joe Shmuk says:

    What I’d like to know is this – where has Bill Gates gone?

    • Harry says:

      He has gone no where. He is still around.

      New Zealand last I heard but not hiding.

      He has stated his vaccine with kill over 1% of the population. He thinks that is a fair amount for the lives it will save.

      He and his family should take it first. Unluckily there is no way to trust anything we see in the media.

      This is the time when we must come forward together? How where when.

      Thank you Jon.

      We must each work on Ascending. Going to the New Earth. This old one is gonna fry from the Sun anyway. The GEC is going to disable all the electrically powered garbage as the Sunspot cycle 24 plays out

    • S says:

      Joe, I’m thinking the same thing, where is bill gates, you dont see him in the news, you just hear about him.

  10. Kia Kaha says:

    Warnings of Possible Cover-Up in Progress as Trump Orders Hospitals to Stop Sending Coronavirus Data to CDC

    Health and Human Services said that going forward, hospitals should report detailed information on a daily basis directly to the new centralized system which is managed by TeleTracking, a health data firm with headquarters in Pittsburgh,” the Times noted.

    As of July 15, 2020, hospitals should no longer report the Covid-19 information in this document to the National Healthcare Safety Network site,” the directive states, referring to the CDC’s data-gathering system.


    Is Trump wanting to slow down the testing because the testing is faulty, to own, protect, control the data, or to cover up the scale of the “epidemic” (that has not yet been clearly and honestly defined) to protect the country from an expansion of a possible economic takeover by groups worse than now, who have America as an eye on the prize. Who knows? Who do you trust when liars compete?

    • Kia Kaha says:

      Israel’s CDC Comes to Atlanta
      Which way does the science, technology, info, directives flow and from whom? Is it from Israel to the CDC or from the CDC to Israel?

      Research Misconduct Allegations Shadow New CDC Director
      ignoring complaints that he botched high-profile vaccine research

      • D. Smith says:

        @ Kia Kaha: Never depend on anything you learn or hear from NPR. You do realize that article is from 2018, don’t you?

        • Kia Kaha says:

          Yes, of course I do realize 2018, historical controversial background mishandling data, the production of a vaccine that did not work, many others have written the same. For history records, we go back in time.

        • Harry says:


          Jeez. The friggin link has the fucking date in it.

          And we are the awakened ones.

          Imagine the unconscious.


          Drugs are looking more and more like a good option every minute.

    • Piksil says:

      Kia Kaha:

      Re: Hospitals to stop sending cv data to CDC.

      Too little too late. How many hospitals send data (case results) to CDC since no one has been allowed in a hospital since April, and lots of testing being done in outpatient settings? If it’s anything like 2009, with H1N1, they’re making up numbers anyway. Maybe Neil Ferguson got a job there….

      It’s akin to Trump wearing a mask for the photo op (looks great on the campaign trail!) at Walter Reed last week.

      The damage has been done. The first ‘case’ of ‘covid’ , the first ‘death with covid” were lies.
      Every single number has no meaning.

      People bring up the absurdity of states counting ‘cases’ and ‘positive antibody tests’ and argue the numbers may be “off”. Or the fact that some people have been tested multiple times and have registered more than one positive. One person, multiple ‘cases’. WTF? But the MSM spews updated numbers on every ‘news’ broadcast. (We just want to keep you informed here at News __) It doesn’t matter.

      Every single number in the stats since day one is a lie. Is TeleTracking going to start at zero ‘cases’, or start with the numbers that were reported at the time they got the directive? Will they ‘report’ with a +/- % of error to factor in false-positives/false-negatives? (Something the media has been forgetting to remind folks of since just after this started, at least in my neck of the woods.) Again, it doesn’t matter, as all the data is a lie.

      So, until the truth is told, I don’t think we can trust either or any of the competing liars. But, we can trust that they are lying!

  11. Dug says:

    With turds like mike Adams and his wishy washy bs ! It’s no wonder things are so confused. I’ve deleted his crap permanently this time around.
    Jon appears to be one of the few left that still speaks logically. Bring on the anarchy!!!!

    • Harry says:

      Larken Rose is also awake though they are attacking his new release on how to deal with the unconscious.

    • Kat says:

      Mike Adams is playing both sides of the fence; he’s just awful.

      I always thought he was but I wasn’t truly vindicated until this year and his promoting the hoax so he can sell his masks and “cures” but still staying “within the lines” of critical alternative medicine culture

      I am saving his emails and articles for the time when this all comes out/ends

      I am keeping tabs on anyone and everyone who promoted this hoax

      Maybe at the beginning it was good to be cautious, and a lot of us were scared, but enough time has passed to where it is obvious what this is

      It was obvious MONTHS ago

      Never forget

      • Amanda says:

        @Kat- Yup, I always knew he was a shill (I recall that he refused to post my link to Rappoport’s “fictional scenario on Epstein”–that was the final straw for me). But now with his stance on the corona hoax (I think he even had the audacity to attack Dr. Andrew Kaufman and David Icke for talking about how they did not discover a new virus and how they most likely found an exosome).

        The alternative media has definitely been a disappointment throughout this hoax nightmare. I’m completely done with Ron Unz–he pushed the fear porn, bio weapon nonsense just like the MSM and he refused to post any alternative info (like links to the CA doctors saying this was just like the flu). Same for zerohedge–they pushed the fear porn and sensationalism 24/7 right from the start and never posted any alternative views until now (the only thing that site was good for was their comment section–great place to exchange info with others who are awake).

        Sott.net was also a disapppointment. Though they occasionally posted Jon’s articles, they continued to post lots of garbage and fear porn.

      • I believe Trump knows more than he’s letting on. I think he’s keeping his enemies close & playing the game, but sending subtle messages that he’s not buying into the BS. For instance, although he’s a germaphobe he refuses to wear mask & during press conference he matter-of-factly states that he’s been taking Hydroxychloroquine. In my opinion, Trump’s actions always speak louder than his words.

        We have to remember that Trump beat Hillary, despite Clintons being one of the most powerful political machines in world who had support of MSM, academia, FBI/CIA, Obamas & hollywood.

      • Heidi says:

        I chilled out on Mike Adams when I found him to be buddies with AJ. Shame. So many lies out there. Grrrr….Try Jeff Censored YT channel. Seems to be one of the good ones. Also Larken Rose,Spiro Scouras and Mark Passio although the latter yells a lot.

    • Karl Pomeroy says:

      Interesting comment, Dug. I used to read Mike Adams every day, until last Saturday, when he posted yet another blood-thirsty pro-civil war diatribe. The violence he promoted, that of urging patriots to put all liberals in front of a firing squad, crossed the line in my mind. So I lodged a complaint with one of his providers.

      I abhor censorship. But the internet should not be used to promote mass killing. We need peace, understanding, and as you say, logic.

      I have been looking around for other news sources, and was happy to find Jon Rappaport.

      Yes, this article is a good appeal to our President. Trump needs to listen to his true supporters.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “Mike” lost my trust many months ago.

        I used to recommend his Natural Health News website to all my friends and associates for years. When it came to government-forcing mandatory masks on Americans, he was fully in support of it, AND even shit on the many fine folks who were researching and revealing that this whole COVID-19 “shamdemic” was an utter hoax! The proof was all there, plain for everyone to see, and “Mike” ragged on them about being anti-American and “hating preppers” (on his Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon).

        From then on,

        I avoid Mike Adams, Michael Snyder, and the other “Sunshine Patriots” as if they were the plague (against the WHOLE truth) themselves.

        So if HE is actually encouraging the instigation of emotionally-driven, misdirected violence against others – without any real sound thought about the possible conclusions == I would suspect he is becoming “radicalized” for some hidden reason? ? ?

        I do know he was hawking some over-priced masks on his site, and trying to profit from the continued fear-mongering (helped by himself, of course)!

        – “The Times of Great Confusion are upon Us!

        • NaturalWoman says:

          Actually, I think Mike Adams’ problem is that he called it wrong early on and doesn’t want to back down. He continues to say that he is not promoting violence, but that it might come to that. It’s unfortunate that his emotions got away from him and he condemned Icke and Kaufman.

          • Danny says:

            Natural News used to be one of my favorite sites to go to when I started my natural health journey. The site went to shit when it became so political. He made an article saying he was going to leave politics off that site and that they were going to focus on health stuff but I don’t think that lasted a week… I was just on there today and read his civil war article and it was really just a depressing article to read. I emailed naturalnews a couple months ago to start doing research on germ theory of disease and viruses and of course it was ignored. And most of my comments are deleted whenever I call covid a fraud. Their fear mongering is almost as bad as the msm. How anyone can believe in this virus hoax is beyond me but I don’t follow the msm so maybe that’s why I don’t… And in my opinion David Icke and Andrew Kaufman are on point with everything they talk about in regards to this virus psyop and the takedown of America and the world for that matter.

  12. Amy Armadillo says:

    Zombie Beethoven will rise from the grave and compose the 10th Symphony before President Trump starts acting like candidate Trump.

    He blew it. Somebody must have compromising photos of him and a goat.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The Rothschilds are one of the main factors!

      I remember a certain “tweet” from one of those pieces-of-human-refuse threatening the President over his remarks (and complaints) about the FEDERAL RESERVE (which is NOT at all “federal”)! The avatar image even looked recognizable as one of the Rothschild-whelps! ! !

      So there is one of your answers (courtesy of the cocky “bankster-child’s” publicly-visible retort himself).

      ( Under the name: “David de Rothschild”. )

  13. kerry says:

    I wish that Trump would do his job as president BUT…neither he nor the Republicans are doing that. Instead you get THIS:


    • Piksil says:


      They ARE doing their job, which is to keep the fake dem/repub paradigm going to keep the people divided, while stealing money from us, and passing laws that benefit those who write and pay for them (corporate/fascists).

      Maybe this will result in a give-take agreement that will result in the government mandating the ‘vaccine’ once that is released. (Pharma already has release of liability for vaccines in the US, it’s the mandation that will be most lucrative, and a great example for the rest of the world to see.)

  14. Kia Kaha says:

    IT’S JUST YOUR FREEDOM | Simply Abandon It.

  15. Siouxma says:

    Jon must be pulling our leg postulating “Trump is on our side.” Trump has done a 180 on most the important issues from the Get-go –but oh Look how high the Stock mkt went!! Proof of which side Trump is on in: EO Operation Warp Speed!
    Why can’t people admit we gave Trump the benefit of doubt, but we’ve been conned. What’s in it for him? A big quid pro quo with no criminal prosecution when he is out and none of his businesses and wealth will be taken from him and his family…and someday Ivanka gets to play fairy tale princess potus of the NWO America with Chelsea as her VP. No Dem would be allowed to do this, so it has to be the MAGA King. History will never tell the story of what happened to America accurately any how, but what else is new? Trump will be lauded for saving America and the world from the Cooties!

    • Karl Pomeroy says:

      Would you rather have Biden?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Would rather have REAL America-loving candidates, but the “media” makes sure they never get any air-time (just think: Ron Paul X’s 3 – total media “blackout”).

        I would rather The People stop trusting that “government” would ever police itself! – Too many still seem to think any of these “officials” would ever climb down from their high horses, all the while helping their other “friends” in high places – at The Peoples’ expense!

      • Siouxma says:

        Trump was chosen in 2016 to show the Deplorables this reality. No one will be allowed to “drain” The Swamp of Worldwide despicable corruption. Only the actors change in elections, but no improvement even with new faces. It just gets worse.
        Trump has the power to do everything Jon suggests, and we true MAGA believers should serve as the foot soldiers supporting any way we can- but instead we argue about masks and testing over not-new virus, division and diversion. So what is Trump waiting for in his Twitter bully pulpit as more pieces of enslavement are moved into place?
        This a Spiritual War whether we admit it or not. I do believe and trust in the God of Jesus Christ and our need to repent of our own wicked attitudes and behavior that hsve brought us to these Dark Days that are going to get much darker. Few are truly innocent. Write me off as one of “those JC people,” but what else you got that has put a lasting dent in any of the Chaos?

  16. Jim S Smith says:

    Time to blow the lid of the mandatory masks!

    Kudos to Ben Swann on this one! ==> https://youtu.be/h8upEg-bEJ8 (“Why Face Masks Don’t Work, According to Science.”)

    Will be uploading a copy of it to my Brighteon channel shortly (just in case “YouRube” decides to “memory-hole” it too!)

    This mandatory mask posture, is simply another dimension of the “War on American People, Freedom, and Liberty”. Time to take a huge dump on all of it!

    Please email the link and any other links to actual Randomized Controlled Tests and in-depth research into this – to all you know, and then some! Time to crack this goose-egg now.

    – Jim S.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I’m beginning to see a common linke between all these higher-human-mind mechanisms: the mask– a sign of a slave… the necktie– sign of a member of pledged group, circumcision– a dastardly common practice still accepted for males that ruins their procreative tendency– and sodium flouride in drinking water- which lowers IQ. Let’s dump all of this and more while we’re at it. It could be the revolt of the HomoSapienSapiens! We might actually be in an inter-dimensional-inter-species war.

  17. Amanda says:

    Dr. Vernon Coleman
    They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

  18. Laura says:

    I hope people will send this article directly to President Trump; he needs to see it, and to let it sink in, and then get moving now to end this ugly charade. I’ll send it to the White House “contact” page, attention Trump. Here’s hoping this damned tragedy of corruption is put to an end very soon if not yesterday. All people who THINK are sick to death of this mess. There’s no excuse for putting people through all of this and there never has been any excuse from Day One of “covid,” the shamdemic.

  19. Mary Ann Stiegel says:

    Is no one really dying of this? Then what? Just the normal old stuff? Have your taxes increased?

    • CinthEmm says:

      Lots of ways for people to die without there being a new virus. Or any virus for that matter.

      My taxes haven’t gone up-yet…but I’m sure that’s coming.

  20. CinthEmm says:

    Surprisingly, Dr. Andrew Kaufman was on the Highwire yesterday. Many, many viewers of that news program kept pestering Del Bigtree to put him on…so they did! Dr. Kaufman got 40+ minutes to talk about this hoax, explaining without interruption about the fact that no virus was isolated, how isolation is done, as well as terrain theory vs germ theory and even Koch’s postulates. AND at the end of the interview, Bigtree asked him WHO do you think is behind this, because it certainly seems bigger than the USA? Amazingly Kaufman recommended that viewers go to the World Economic Forum website and look specifically at the Great Reset, and other plans for global government. I was watching on YouTube and there were at least 3.5K viewers for the live show. I have heard people claim that Kaufman is controlled opposition, but at the beginning of the interview, he claimed to have no ties to any organization. In any case, I don’t know why I have yet to delve into the WEF website-but I am going to now. How can we let an NGO run the planet? There must be more to stopping that than DJT?

    • Amanda says:

      Wow, that’s great news about Dr. Kaufman getting on the show with Del Bigtree–great to hear Del let him get his info out without interruption.

      Yes, the ruling elite at the WEF–IMO the ultimate power in all of this are the central bankers (Rothschild banking family being the main one) who control the Federal Reserve and all the other central banks in the world. They have the power to create money out of thin air and to loan it to governments–they are the ultimate power, they control governments from behind the scenes. The founding fathers knew about this (I’ll leave quotes at the end), which is why they specifically gave the power of creating and issuing the national currency to Congress. But in 1913, the corrupt whores in Congress gave this power to private bankers at The Federal Reserve, the most evil institution on the face of the planet.

      In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSArbx0VbGM Greg Mannarino call this whole corona HOAX saga a FEDERAL RESERVE PSYOP, FEDERAL RESERVE BLACK OP. And his title for this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FBiJdzz8RE is America Has Fallen: The Federal Reserve IS NOW IN CONTROL.

      If you don’t know about central banking, the best documentaries on this are Bill Still’s The Money Masters (long but worth it–history and the wars will finally make sense), Money as Debt, and All Wars are Bankers Wars by Mike Rivero.



  21. STRENGTH says:

    I don’t live in USA.

    What is the percentage of recent “Covid cases” which are asymptomatic or with mild cold symptoms? And people with unrelated pathologies, like a lot of old people have, which are tested “positive” even without symptoms of the alleged “Covid”? How many of them have atypical pneumonia (which was supposedly the excuse to create a new disease, even if a percentage of pneumonias has always been considered “atypical”?

    The plan seems to be this:


    I guess you remember that this PHILANTROPIC foundation was the same that scripted the pandemic show:


  22. bleak says:

    If I were a respected journalist with a popular blog, I would write to the military types. They are the group(s) who can save us. Appeal to their patriotism while giving them bits about the falsity of this hoax. Hopefully through ‘word of mouth’, some of them will see how we are being played and take action.

    This is an insurgency. What we need is a counter-insurgency but one with legitimacy. The military has the skill but not the reason/incentive. They need to know who we, as a country, are losing to, what we are losing (everything), and why we’re losing it.

    Just my 02.

  23. From Elsewhere says:

    Every lie from “the others” must be met with a simple truth from Jon and people devoted to the naked, simple, proven, solid truth.

    Perhaps, some West Point graduates still have a strong sense of dignity and justice, knowing strategy and able to recognize and fight deceipt, lies and dummies. Current leaders, DJT included, had their chances and failed. New leaders, honest, fearless, are badly needed.

  24. Donna says:

    What we can be sure of; tRUMP is just another Zio stooge puppet head with a bad case of bipolar idiotitis
    The only group with the power to close down all the economies of the world over a scamdemic is the Rothchild cabal because they control the cash of those countries and all top businesses, banks, governments, media, print, social media etc are under their evil control.
    So while everyone debates their elevated cabal minions ..Gates Fauchi Soros blah blah blah these Rothchilds are figuring out how to suck us dry, maintain Bolshevik Nazi control over the people and reset their failed money system

  25. Daniel Arnaud says:


    You have a misplaced trust in DJT. If he were paying attention, or able to, he would be ahead in the polls. But he cannot maintain a consistent narrative. He’ll say something true (hydroxychloroquine) and then back off, and he then goes of on the ‘warp speed” vaccine. He’s only out for himself and cares not a whit for anyone else.

    It would be so easy for him to discredit the lying, fraud Fauci. His lies about HCQ and remdesivir, his lies about the safety of masks (they don’t impact your oxygen/carbon dioxide levels), his lies about the safety of swine flu vaccines that injured so many. This list could go on. Why won’t he do that?

  26. The Watchman says:

    Good article, Jon. Linking as usual @ https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/
    Also linking an excellent article by David Stockman about Fauci –
    “The Clown Cars Are Fully Loaded and Dr. Fauci’s Is Leading the Parade”
    I urge everyone to read this!
    Will be linking it as well today.

  27. Calamity Jane says:

    If only you could use common sense but alas people that are nuts in the grip of ego like Trump often don’t listen to reason. Its more our humanity being remembered , wellbeing and mental health thats needed right now than the economy (*if people are on unemployment can can get food).
    Trump is a banking Cabal puppet like Putin they all just follow orders.Trump was clearly put in place to tell the American people ” you’re fired”. Well many are now.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      There are 3 parties, globally, according to ForbiddenTV. I have to find the link again but for now, we see…
      Basel Globalists vs. China Globalists and then the Undecideds.

      BASEL Switzerland GLOB
      Central banks, Saudi Araia, big oil, Freemasons, Trump, US military, Trukers, other labour uninos, Mnuchin, Blackrock.

      China Globalaists
      Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Rockefellers, Bill gates, big tech, big pharma, woke corporations, World economic forum, UN, agenda 21, pope prancis, technocarts, teachers unions, neocons, commies. ”

      rothschilds, wallst. British royals, EU, Russia , big US manks like chase, FA, Wells fargo, etc.

      I’m just a piano teacher. I was going about my own business until a big box store shut my lessons off because of a hoax virus being perpetrated by the china-globalist elite. So therefore, I’m with the trump elite who would have just left me alone. Any elite who finds it neccessary to shut down ordinary piano lessons is my litmus test for evil. It’s hard to believe they could not leave piano lessons alone. Life was hard enough eking out a living– and then they step on me like that? No. If it’s a choice between elite globlists, I’ll take the BASIL GLOBALISTS over the CHINA GLOBALISTS anyday. I don’t have time for this nonsense.

      I have the pleasure of explaining what a masktard was to a Fry’s security guard who I’m friendly with today. Sometimes, we don’t realize how little others know so we have to explain things without belittling or ridicule. He seemed appreciative.

  28. ken says:

    All the corporations are now requiring masks as of next week taking the onus off of government.
    I wonder how the corporations can legally require this as wearing masks will be detrimental to the health of many people.
    Don’t wear a mask, you don’t eat. Maybe the mark of the beast are corporate logos.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I noted that Disney +, a new online service, has a “swoosh”– a curved line. All corporate logos that have curved lines are in on this nonsense with “china globalists” like Gate, Rockefeller, Bushes, Agenda21, the Technocrats, Pops Francis, the Neocons and commies. See Makow for more on that. The swooshes is their trademark. Watch the logos.

  29. Piksil says:

    This lecture was presented almost 3 years ago.
    The first ~40 minutes provide a good background.
    @41 minutes….drugs, bugs,…weapons of mass disruption. Then goes on to illustrate how media can spread a virus throughout target populations.

    If this was being talked about, think it might already be in use? Anything sound familiar to what’s going on today, like strokes?

    The person passing this on mentioned ‘avoiding the nasopharyngeal swab PCR ‘test’ at all cost’.
    Maybe they’re just collecting dna

  30. Jon,

    Perhaps set the bar low enough for Pres. Trump to experience the elation of victory in a quick and easy battle: Suggest he order his own (federal) National Archives II in College Park, MD to reopen their researchers’ reading room, as is still closed “due to CV-19″(https://www.archives.gov/college-park).

    Among records maintained at that location are the JFK Assasination Archives (including extensive redactions). Speaking of which, perhaps President Trump can also correct his error of October 2017, when he teased release (mandated in the 1992 JFK Records Act) of all those records “in full” (no redactions), then seized defeat from the jaws of victory by not doing so.

    Come to think of it, then-candidate Trump announced in February 2016 that if elected, we would all learn “who really knocked down the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.”

    President Trump could begin following through in his promise of 9/11 disclosures by soon directing the world’s attention to that information, perhaps in part by simultaneously plugging imminent release (9/11/2020?) of AE911Truth org’s new and definitive documentary (titled “Seven”) on the cause of collapse for WTC-7.

    President Trump might even point to proof we’ve mostly let ourselves be bamboozled concerning what really happened on 9/11/2001 as a good starting point for accepting we need to abandon the CV-19 Lies and Fear Porn of WHO/CDC, Gates, Fauci et al.

    Maybe 9/11/2020 is shaping up to be D-Day for pulling the plugs on further concealment of parties responsible for both the 9/11/2001 and CV-19 covert/ intelligence operations.

  31. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Anyone without exception who is part of the narrative is IN ON IT.
    I pay Trump the compliment of knowing what he’s doing.
    I’m very tired of excuses…he is part of this and that’s why he isn’t being an executive against it…we’re being herded into 5G population controls, money cloud controls, all the deep power rubbish. But it will fail because every tyranny has the seeds of it’s collapse baked into the universe.
    Mike Adams…I agree. Not right.
    With Trump I feel like the cab driver at the airport in “Airplane”….”I’ll give him ten more minutes” over and over and over.

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