Dispatches from the War: Trump and Fauci, a marriage made in the Beelzebub Room of the White House

Welcome to Let’s Pretend. Let’s pretend everything is OK and Nice and Polite are going to win the day, and no one is going to have to give up his position in life or his security. The missiles fired into the heart of the economy will have no lasting effects. Politicians who can’t find their asses with both hands will put things right. Fascist governors and mayors will soon abdicate their power and never lock down their populations again, no matter what. It was all just a bad dream. A cloud passing over the sun for a few minutes.

by Jon Rappoport

July 14, 2020

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There’s a reason MY contact tracing led to you, Mr. Trump.

You’re the only one left in the menagerie. You’re the only political animal who could offer a shred of a sliver of a slim ray of hope. To push back the invaders.

Several times you’ve said, “It’s no good if the cure is worse than the disease.” Surely you understand by now, the cure IS the disease. The H-bomb that went off in the middle of the economy was and is the whole point of the invasion, which has been taking place under your nose.

With your assistance. As a result of your failed marriage to Tony Fauci.

Let’s put aside the gloss, Mr. Trump. You understand the real effects of the lockdowns. The effects the networks refuse to lead with, on the evening news.

There is the symbolic economy, represented by the careening up and down stock market. Then there is the real thing—the businesses and lives destroyed.

Nixon and Kissinger. Bush and Cheney. Bill and Hillary. They don’t hold a candle to you and Fauci.

You allowed Fauci to become head of the coronavirus task force, and to remain in that position, spreading vast clouds of overblown lies about the “pandemic” and the fascist measures needed to stem it.

That’s a crime you’ll have to live with.

But you can do something about it. The governors won’t. The mayors won’t. Believe me, I’ve looked high and low to find someone other than you, to whom I could send these dispatches. Some noble figure in the American landscape with power, who could turn the tide in the economic war against the people. I don’t see one. You’re the default choice.

You sat in the Oval, when Fauci slithered up to you with the absurd computer projections Neil Ferguson authored, and that psychopathic freak, Bill Gates, bankrolled. You accepted the numbers of deaths Ferguson predicted. Two million in the US. You never had your people investigate Ferguson. In an hour, they would have discovered he had a long track record of abysmal failures. Failure is his whole story. Yet, you took those numbers and allowed Fauci to run with them. Leading the nation into a crushing economic dead-end.

So you see, you’re actually part of the war against the people. If you’re going to be a General now, you’ll have to admit that. You’ll have to fire Fauci and stand up straight and reclaim your own soul.

If hundreds of thousands or millions of Chinese soldiers were encamped in cities and towns across USA right now, smashing the American engines of production, don’t you think you’d be justified in sending in the troops? To liberate the people? Would anyone is his right mind cite Posse Comitatus to try to stop you?

Well, the US governors and mayors and public health officials are our enemies, and their lockdowns were and are the war. So send in the Army and liberate those towns and cities. Forcibly. Open the American economy all the way. Permanently. Tell your opponents, THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE. Tell them 50 million Americans out of work is intolerable.

You’re supposed to be the riverboat gambler. So shove in all your chips on this one, Mr. Trump. Crack the media delusion that all is well in America, if we just “stick together,” which means bowing down to the masks and the distancing and the dehumanizing and the isolating and the tracing and the testing and the vaccinating and the shredding of the economy.

As you know, COVID is one supermax lie. Nothing worse than a flu season is happening in the world.

Of course, I’m out of my mind. I must be. Who could imagine sending in the Army to liberate the people, so they could live free?


Better to huddle in fear. And wait. For the keeper of the cage to open the door.

So we can go out for a little while.

Right, Mr. President?

Until the next time, the next wave, the next crisis—tomorrow.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

57 comments on “Dispatches from the War: Trump and Fauci, a marriage made in the Beelzebub Room of the White House

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Our nation has become a major player in a global criminal enterprise. It may be best to just let it crash and burn and then have the phoenix of a new civilization arise from the ashes. The trouble with this approach is that the global criminal enterprise is in the process of morphing into a New World Order with the implicit authority to rule the world. Trump was our last best hope to defend against this eventuality. My sense is that he is a self made man. Whether you like him or not he did not whore his way to the top. He has witnessed his country and his own city (NYC) ruined right before his eyes and is at a loss for how to defend against it. I am sure he understands what the price is to oppose this global syndicate. Looks like it is going down to the wire.

    • Amanda says:

      @ReluctantWire- I agree, the central bankers who rule the world from behind the scenes are now in the process of a global takeover, as they are deliberately waging war on the people of the world and destroying the global economy and financial system so they can usher in their NWO global crypto currency and Agenda ID2020 (look it up- see Peter Koenig’s articles on this at globalrearch.ca)

      I listened to Greg Mannarino today (here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSArbx0VbGM) and he also agrees that this is a Federal Reserve psyop/Fed. Reserve black op (they are the ultimate power behind all that we are seeing, and the left seem especially on board with the psychopathic agenda). He says they are the ones behind the economic warfare and grinding the global economy to a halt, while they print infinite dollars and buy up the world. If humanity does not wake up soon and fight back, I honestly don’t know how we are going to stop this. And I don’t think any of are going to want to live in this horrific new world order that they are creating for us.

      Please watch and share this video from Dr. Carrie Madej:

      Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne

      And be sure to check out all of her links, especially the one on DARPA and hydrogel biosensors–the mad psychopathic scientists have gone too far with all of this. I hope people break through their brainwashing and wake up to this plot against the human race.

      • Rachel says:

        At this point, when they literally just kill those brave enough to speak against them and destroy countries that refuse to submit, what CAN anyone do?

        I used to think that they wouldn’t destroy the who world-if you don’t have people who are in a lesser class, you can’t be on top. Or they still need slaves. Or in order to have power, there has to be something to have power over. But I was wrong. They have told us their plans, even if people refuse to listen.

        So I ask again, what can we do? (At this point all I can see is a global uprising, but people won’t see the truth when there is no other explanation.)

        • Amanda says:

          Rachel- Yes, they just kill anyone who doesn’t go along with the agenda, just look at what happened to the leader of Burundi: https://off-guardian.org/2020/07/14/coronavirus-and-regime-change-burundis-covid-coup/

          And, yes, I never thought they would destroy the world or the human race, but that seems to be the agenda, especially given the nature of the vaccines they plan on using.

          I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. The only positive I see is that we outnumber them, but the down side to that is that most of humanity is completely brainwashed. And we are under time pressure to wake them up. I’ve been trying, but it’s beyond draining and completely hopeless with those die-hard lefties.

          I’ve been trying to find people in NJ who are awake to the hoax, which is easier said than done. I’m trying to build up a network of contacts so we can work on coming up with strategies (anyone in NJ or elsewhere who is interested in chatting behind the scenes can contact me at notyranny2020@protonmail.com)

          I suppose the next step is to start writing letters to our state legislators? Or perhaps sending Sheriff Mack’s info to our local sheriff, in the hope that they are not corrupt and will stand for the Constitution. I signed up with Peggy Hall at https://www.TheHealthyAmerican.org but I haven’t followed through on her suggestions. I also have to sign up with Dr. Pam Popper at https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/ (she’s trying to organize people as a voting block on the single issue of fighting mandatory vaccines).

          Other than that, I don’t know what else to do.

  2. Lynn says:

    Trump’s ability to effect change is on par with that of the average person on the street. Perhaps less so. The U.S. presidency is simply a figurehead position, occupied by an individual committed to following their orders. No one should be fooled by the script Trump reads from.

    In reality Trump is no more capable of changing the plot than an actor would be playing the president in a movie.

    • DSKlausler says:


      I am presuming that Jon knows this.

    • Sue says:

      It appears that Trump has certainly tried, and done a lot of things which infuriate the globalists; that is, UNLESS their expressed hatred, constant attacks, and attempts to get rid of him, are also fake.

      And if so, and if ALL of this is just a dog and pony show, then there is no hope. And, no reason to even try to resist, or write about it.

      • Lynn says:

        No hope? Yes and no. It all depends on how one looks at it.

        Yes, the globalists are orchestrating the whole shebang. Always have.(By the way, I find the term “globalists” problematic, and prefer “the Powers That Be”, or “the Controllers”.) All politics, media, national sovereignty, religion, “health” industry, most science… you name it, are loaded down with hoaxes and deceit. They plan and deploy it all. It’s been their dog and pony show for decades– maybe longer. They exercise complete control over every aspect of our society and culture, allowing slices of freedom here and there, e.g. Jon’s little corner of the Internet. Yeah, thinking about all their evil doings is depressing.

        However, vast swaths of people have awakened to their many deceptions. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s everyone believed the Apollo moon landings. Nowadays, not so much. Not long ago everyone agreed Germ Theory explained disease, case closed. Now many have dropped it for Terrain Theory. People are learning about the many lies sold to us by science and industry, including suppressed technologies. Their efforts to distract us from the reality of consciousness and inner purpose have become less successful. I could go on forever. At some point this awareness will reach critical mass, and that is exciting.

        So there IS hope.

  3. Dr. E. Black says:

    Great article Jon.
    Michael Scheuer also sees the supermax lie.

    Prepare for the worst with a brave heart, guarded optimism, and militias

  4. Jim says:

    Trump admit he was wrong? Don’t see that happening.

    • Siouxma says:

      Trump is not a medical doctor, so he needs honest medical advisers, none of whom are housed in the CDC, and never have been. The ones who are/were honest had to find work elsewhere or end up suicided in the Chattahoochee River.
      In Fauci’s speech at Georgetown in 2017 (just before Trump took office), he declared there would be a serious pandemic coming during this new Administration. If we know that, so does Trump. If Trump let’s Fauci call the shots, I no longer care why. He is defacto not on our side.
      It looks like there might be warring factions within our visible government for power and control, but I see no indication that any of these factions have any interest in saving our formerly Free Constitutional Republic. Team Captain Trump talks the Game, but the plays he calls indicate he is throwing the game.
      As long as his EO-Operation Warp Speed is in place, the only military coming to our streets is the one coming to innoculate everyone with the Magic Bullet and disappear the dissenters.

      • Amanda says:

        Yes, I agree Trump has to know about Fauci–Trump called it a hoax right away (he even pointed out that the seasonal flu has far more deaths, yet we never have any hysteria), but then they somehow got to him. Maybe it was just a foot-in-the-door thing, with them getting him to agree to just two weeks of a shut down (isn’t that what he said) and then it just took on a life of it’s own. I think I saw somewhere that if he declares a national emergency, then FEMA somehow gets activated and takes over.

        Right now it’s not looking like he’s on our side, especially since he’s been pushing the vaccines (after campaigning on setting up a vaccine safety commission), and since he signed that deal with Peter Theil to set up that Chinese-style surveillance system with Planatir https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/04/22/covid-world-order-trump-hires-thiels-palantir-to-track-americans-with-chinese-style-surveillance-app/ which seems like a step closer to Agenda ID2020.

        • Invisible Man says:

          Boris Johnson also initially downplayed the significance of Covid in his public comments, but did a complete reversal and introduced draconian measures in the wake of weeks of hysterical news coverage.

          It may be that the likes of Johnson and Trump are not deep state puppets or “in on the plan” as some have suggested, so much as they are afraid if they don’t appear to do enough to protect the public, the media will crucify them and destroy their political careers.

          They are just human beings like all of us. And not being medical men themselves, they trust their medical advisors to tell them the truth and give them an accurate window onto reality. Unfortunately, their trust, and the public trust, is frequently misplaced.

          It’s the media that is the bigger problem. Few people will blame a politician for introducing draconian measures if it’s ostensibly for the public good, to save lives. But anyone who appears to be doing little or nothing to “save lives” has the entire media class of jackals and vultures as his enemy. Note the way all the hack journalists and much of the public nowadays regularly ridicules Trump for his initial pooh-poohing of the Covid hysteria, suggesting the panic was overblown. “If Trump has only taken decisive action immediately, hundreds of thousands of lives could’ve been saved! He has innocent blood on his hands…” blah blah blah.p blah…

          When of course, in reality, Trump’s initial instincts were correct and it was only once he caved in to the medical “experts” and “ scientists” of the WHO and Gates Foundation that he went astray.

  5. ecbound says:

    Jon, I understand your frustration that Trump is not acting fast enough, and appears to be working with bad players. But, may I ask how we will be helped if turn your readers against him? If he loses, who wins? Under your scenario, the greater of two evils will win. There is not a democrat out there who won’t do 1000 times worse. And, even if they put a “good” GOP candidate up, will he/she be less of globalist and more of wrecking ball to the system than Trump?
    Also, if you know anything about the Qanon movement, you know there is a good chance that this is all part of a plan between Trump and the good guys in the military intelligence to take down these deep state players. Qanon has been saying that Trump had to let the deep state carry out this fake pandemic plan to show the half of Americans who have no idea there even is a deep state, that not only do they exist, but to show them what they’re capable of. Q said “Sometimes you can’t just tell people, you have to show them.” This makes sense considering Trump went from allowing Fauci to be the “expert,” giving us all advice on how to handle this pandemic, to slowly disagreeing with parts of what he was saying, to pointing out inconsistencies in his story. Now, when the accusations toward Fauci come out, he has already shown to American people a bunch of lies. He is removing the veil so people can see just how corrupt these organizations (CDC, WHO, FBI, CIA, etc.) are and have been. Unless you’re only watching mainstream media, anyone can see how he and his people have been systematically revealing the corruption in these institutions. If he’s working with these people, why have there been hundreds of (globalist) CEOs resigning since he’s been in office, and about 100 congressmen and senators, on both sides, who have suddenly decided to not run again so they can “spend more time with their families?” Why were there more pedophile and trafficking rings broken up, and arrests made, in the first few months he was in office than in 8 years under Obama. Why did the media ignore his press conference weeks after his inauguration, where he said one of his main focuses would be stopping trafficking and pedophilia?
    Perhaps instead of listening to MSM (including Fox news, which has clearly been letting globalist dems and RINOs in little by little), you should do some research of your own on the Qanon movement. Of course, MSM has written and aired tons about how it’s just a conspiracy theory, but you know better than anyone that that is what they do when they feel threatened. I’ve never heard anyone, even in the alternative media, who has really delved into the Q posts, who has said it’s not real. It’s either those who haven’t looked at it at all, or those who have just given it a cursory look that say it’s not real. Those who have followed it from the beginning have seen so many “Q proofs,” and seen so many events predicted in advance, it’s hard to deny.
    But, even if you don’t believe in Q and “The Plan to Save the World,” there have been many things that Trump has done to act against globalism and globalists. No matter what, he is still the best chance we have.

    • Eluard says:

      Please use Paragraphs my friend.

    • michael burns says:

      You are far too close to what you believe Trump is…I personally am apolitical so I have a parallax view.
      He (Trump) is, not one of the good guys, in fact, he is so much closer to them than you can believe. He is one of those kinds of retiles that can change their spots. Like a chameleon.

      Let’s face it!

      It’s a goddam swamp. Right?

      You seem like a nice guy to me, your words are well laid out. But not thought out.


      The CEO of Blackstone Group has been preparing for this…cluster, for a couple of years now.

      “The Blackstone Group Inc. is a multinational private equity alternative investment management and financial services firm based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.”

      Blackstone has been streamlining and rebranding and dumping money by the truckload into a little known Health Services Company, dealing in online pharmacy work with radioactive drugs and medical paraphernalia. The company is called Cardinal Health INC. it is now turned into Catalent a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)that is being ramped up to handle global vaccine manufacture, fill and package of the product produced by any of the eight firms chosen in ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

      Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, J&J etc…That’s a fucking monster of contract, years-long and a trillion dollars wide.

      The CEO of Blackstone was Chairman of President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum. The co-author of Blackstone was a CFR member. They both have donated their entire fortune to the trillion-dollar Gates and Buffet clusterfuck, the ‘Giving Pledge Organization” of 204 billionaires creating a Super Duper Foundation with $1.2 Trillion in assets and growing rapidly with New World Order aims of global domination in this case of vaccines.

      He Stephen Allen Schwarzman of Blackstone donated personally $850,000 to Trump’s inauguration and an additional $5.5 million to the Republican party. His partner was the chair on a Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy and Nixon’s secretary of Commerce. Among its recommendations adopted by the government were that foundations be required annually to disburse a [minimum] proportion of their funds. “He is chairman emeritus of the CFR and co-founder of the Blackstone Group. Peterson was formerly the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2000–2004.”
      He kicked the bucket after donating $1.8 Billion to the Giving Pledge.

      They are all best buds and have been for a long long time.

      Now, go get a ladder go outside and lean it against the eave… now go up there and get on the roof, go to the peak and lookout, and turn 360 degrees, it turning into fucking wasteland, infrastructure is falling apart, roads bridges and now schools are closing, junkies dying on sidewalks, 40 million out of work and no taxes on the bastards that cause that because they created a tax-free super Foundation and are gaining power, Trump is playing twitter with the fairy tale for the kiddies called COVID.

      He and his ilk are all reptiles! Snakes and alligators.

      I ask you…Are there any adults left in the room? Because it’s as clear as fucking mud to me what’s happening.

      • JA says:

        Michael Burns I SALUTE you. You have done your research well.

        How did we ever become a nation of ostriches with our heads in the sand and our sun burned butts pointed skyward?

        Most every Trump supporter (including myself) had hopes that he was going to pull this nation out of the Gulag. We were ready for the great change!

        Hard to face the fact that we have been snowed again and the deep drifts are burying us.

        We are censored so bad we cannot even dare say who our ultimate enemy is. However with not much perusing you can find them uncovered in John Chapter 8 of the New Testament. WE DO WIN IN THE END. It is promised.

      • I think Trump’s been compromised. I believe he was sincere on the campaign trail but after his one-on-one with Obama, he’s doing squat. If one sees the video of him just before and right after this meeting, Trump’s eyes went from upbeat prior to disbelieving after. These meetings generally last for 20 minutes, this lasted well over an hour.

      • Amanda says:

        Michael Burns- Thanks so much for your post!!!

        I supported Trump on the campaign trail–I agreed with economic nationalism, getting rid of NAFTA, setting up a vaccine safety commission, and ending the wars and bringing home the troops. I think in one of his speeches he even mentioned something about “learning from the foreign policy mistakes of the past…”

        But, sure enough, none of that materialized. CFR Richard Hass tweeted that USMCA was NAFTA plus some of TPP (apparently 57%), yet Trump campaigned against TPP. I do believe Trump tried to hold to his campaign promises on foreign policy, but was continually blocked and bullied (Russia hoax, impeachment) until he caved to the deep state. Now his foreign policy is marching in lockstep with the establishment (Mike Whitney has an interesting theory on what happened behind the scenes https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/tit-for-tat-why-did-mueller-let-trump-off-the-hook/). As president elect, Trump met with RFK Jr. and told him to announce the vaccine safety commission. Of course the media were not supportive, and then Pfizer made a donation of $1 million to Trump’s inauguration, and Trump later made Pfizer lobbyist Alex Azar in charge of HHS, and Pfizer lobbyist Gottlieb in charge of FDA, and that was the end of the vaccine safety commission.

        The US govt, state govts. and MSM (mainstream media) are waging economic and psychological warfare on the American people and nobody is doing anything to stop it. America is being taken down (so too the rest of the world), yet most Americans are too brainwashed and braindead to even see what’s happening. The founding fathers must be spinning in their graves to see how quickly America fell, without them even firing a shot.

    • ken says:

      If Trump is the best chance ‘we’ have then you better run up the white flag and beg for a conditional surrender. lol

    • Sue says:

      I agree, ecbound. Turnig on the one who has done so much already (while enduring constant slander, media attacks, and even impeachment proceedings) is like biting the hand that feeds you because the food isn’t coming out of the bag fast enough.

  6. Brad says:

    What a preposterous thought to believe Trump is anything but the current White House janitor filling a role, that someone with an overblown but false sense of their own importance must have as prerequisite must have in order to fill that job in keeping the total illusion of a federal republic in play. This while the backroom boys orchestrate crises as the distraction to the looting of the store of the people’s wealth. It rather reminds me of the ‘mob’ taking over the local sporting goods outlet after its owner gets into too much debt owed to the ‘mob.’ Then the wholesale liquidation of the business’s stock and outright theft of the choicest products directly by the ‘mob’ takes place as they eat their cake leaving nothing behind. Eventually ‘they’ will eat all the cake and nothing will be left for anyone to generate any sort of income or economic activity. When the common man sees his children beginning to starve the resulting anger will explode in all directions taking the good and the bad in the resulting emotional but righteous explosion.

  7. Piksil says:


    Great article again!

    Have to agree with ReluctantWattier and Lynn, however. Trump’s too far gone. If he tried what you’ve suggested, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be (TPTSB) would take him out at his first call to the first military person. First call.

    He should have ditched Fauci long ago. It’s too late now. Most of the people have bought the lie. (Well, it has to be true, Trump is even wearing a mask at times.) Even most health professionals bought it. Biden probably has a chance to be (s)elected, just for wearing a mask and being held in confinement due to progressing dementia (the mask is so they can dub over whatever jibberish he’s spewing, so his controllers can spew out the jibber is they want).

    It’s going to have to come from the bottom up, I believe. But I would be glad to admit I was wrong if Trump does do what you’ve suggested.

  8. JA says:

    Trump and Fauci Marriage:

    Take a thorough look at the “witnesses” surrounding this happy couple during this marriage ceremony.

    Goldman Sachs employees, CFR members, Corporations, Big Pharma, Bill Gates Foundation, Tri-lateral One Worlders (and on and on) all hell bent on seeing THEIR UTOPIA, that “shining city on the hill”, the NWO United Nations government become reality. Trump didn’t send them packing after the ceremony was over, hell no, he appointed them as his cabinet and closest advisors!

    Hard to believe that Trump has said “I DO AND I WILL” to these destroyers of our way of life in America.

    Folks, “It’s a small club and YOU AINT IN IT”, unless you remain healthy enough to be their unwilling slave when their dream is accomplished.

    So much for the honeymoon……

    • fluidity says:

      I suspect they will take pretty good care of you- after all, they may need your heart one day. Or your kidneys, or your eyes, or your lungs….

      • Rachel says:

        They have no use for us. They have humanized mice and are growing plants with human cells. People on here have either directly given the links or alluded to them-look into DARPA and hyrdogel if I recall correctly.

        Also, mentioning a marriage reminded me of Chelsea Clinton’s marriage-certainly an eye into the club.

        Also, for anyone with doubt, just Google Trumps and Clintons or Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. Or how about who shows up on flight logs of Jeffery Epstein?

  9. Dawn says:

    Trump is playing his part for the ruling class. Jon has finally hit the nail on the head here. Trump has done nothing to actually stop this fabricated disaster that has pretty much tanked the great USA.
    Trumpitis has blinded many to the fact that Trump is aligned with the Zionists who are foaming at the mouth to bring in New World Order. The presstitute has fed the people propaganda till it is coming out of their ears and noses! The people have the ability to stand up and say “we will not comply any longer” but will they? That is where the power is to stop this disaster is but the people are weak. Many like their stuff and entitlements way too much. The cost to speak up is to high. Cowards give up freedom for safety.
    Excellent dispatch if only our president truly cared about us common folk.

  10. Eluard says:

    I appreciate this toss of the dice, Jon. I know you’re gambling as well. If Trump did what you said–and handled it well making sure all our rights were respected by these “troops”–he’d be a hero and win by a landslide in November.

    I know why you’re doing this, you’re taking a chance that somehow he’ll listen to someone reading this to him–maybe his son?–and start to chew it over. It’s a desperate move on your part, a hail mary pass, late in the 4th quarter. After the recent Gavi give-away, I don’t hold out much hope in this area. Good luck, brother.

  11. John Payne says:

    Sure hope you are wrong, for there will be rivers of blood

  12. I’d have to agree with Lynn. Civilians need to realize that “leaders” are only part of the entire social hoax. A hoax that certain persons are better qualified to forcibly suppress individuals, because they posses better speaking skills or wear impressive costumes.

    Trumpeting the populace into submission is only evidence of a wide spread social disease. No amount of identity masking or mental isolation will solve the illusion.

  13. Neo-Paradigm says:

    The media has ordained Fauci with the title, “The Nation’s Top Expert In Infectious Disease.” Any and all opposition is censored. Trump needs to go on TV with a panel of alternative experts who oppose Fauci. It’s easy to discredit Trump but harder to discredit a PhD from Stanford University with impeccable credentials. If the public hears the truth for once, they might even throw away their masks and return to the living. Trump’s opinion alone will not turn the tide but discourse from credible scientists and economists can punch big holes in the Fauci narrative. Trump can end the censorship!

  14. Ivan Zunic says:

    It’s all so obvious from a bit of a distance.
    Distance gives freedom to see the whole shallow picture.
    (Maybe you can help us on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and give us the whole picture, the Whole, us.., too.)

    Besides other things they pursue and try to reach (flesh crush down transformation, digital total control (dreamt of..), some vaccine money and terrified to death people willing to eat everything out of saviors hands..),
    it’s the best way to crush the President. And they are doing very well (first time since 2017 they pose again the first words on tv and other run after to catch up. They are doing the game again. Even the great but shallow China war front idea of mister what was his name again, won’t do. It won’t do because there is a real point with that China threat thing. The time and the technologies and their way seems to play for them..They only have to wait and pose little needles from time to time, on this and that place..On first and second glance, they make the game..)

    They already made their job, great and evil if you watch the disgusting substance they perform their magic with..Very evil, disgusting if not so cheap.

    So there is only this very severe medicine against this big comprehensive war and disease on your society. Its called: enforce the army to free!

    However, I think a first step enforcement of army would be enough. Finally you can’t solve the real self made disease with this external act. You can not simply go back to ante. You would then in two more weeks end up, where you started.

    But the real solution is soo easy, looks so easy..ok from this little distance..
    You have now for the first time in history after your great triumph the opportunity. It’s all yours and about you.

    You only can smash all these flies with this one:

    Enforce a real Welfare state (guaranteeing the lacking stability of your society) (for the first time, cause you haven’t really constitutionally had it, a state. Its not socialism! You can really look some good thing up from Europes former real Welfare states..It won’t make you a fool. Its not socialism! How about an Obama Health Care Act named Trump Health Care Act..Here it really didn’t harm anyone..Study this! Its not socialism.)
    A real Welfare State enacts the individual initiative, ability, freedom, cause it can also protect and guarantee it. You can’t only with weapons! (So this throws on the machine that made you big, the dynamics, but for a bit more than a few, who turn to be biggest suppressors of the same, as we see now.)
    These 2 combined: dynamics, innovation + staming from a really strong social body is the only magical remedy to let you play with the Chinese dragon and guarantee you a Win. You cant do it only with weapons. You really won’t. Bannon has no understanding of this bigger and really powerful constitution of reality.

    And to come back: There is only one person that can grow beyond himself and grow in him self to make this be. And this is the President.
    This would be the greatest name in all history books.
    The States would be for the first time again made great again, because they would start for the first time after the first time that is gone..
    and the “Chinese war” would be decided from the beginning.
    (You can not win by imitating their weapons. This is where they got you. The great nation fooled, lost.)

    In contrary you have the whole country a mountain of dead flesh.
    Vain battles
    And an already made decision for the big war: And this time you are on the loser side.

    So, dear Mister President, do what you were meant to do and be age 6, before you started to think, you will then try it other way around,
    but this way lead you to these dead ends. The sign ist staying nex to this little man
    and you really don’t have to,
    and I know for sure you can.
    Because that’s your destiny
    or there will be nothing left behind.
    So do it. Its all yours and it’s easier then you think. For you. And for all.

    It really is easier and more powerful and wonderful than you think.

  15. Invisible Man says:

    What has happened defies the cynical imaginings of even the boldest satirist.

    The late genius Kary Mullis invented a technology for completely different purposes than the discovery of new viruses. Before he died, he decried its misuse and explained very lucidly what its actual purpose was and why its present use is invalid.

    And yet – not a single mainstream journalist or new program has even ADDRESSED this elephant in the room! Only some members of the alternative media have yet touched on this even glancingly.

    The ENTIRE PLANET is on lockdown on the basis of a MISAPPLIED TEST. And misapplied not according to debunking opponents of the test, but according to the very man who INVENTED the test.

    If a novelist had written this as fiction a few years ago, it would have been turned down by publishers as too implausible.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, I hear you, but unfortunately, journalists in the mainstream press are not there to be journalists and get to the truth, they are there to sell the narrative. They are noothing but presstitutes and propagandists, and have willingly gone along with the plot to destroy the world and take down humanity.

    • glenn says:

      The latest mainstream article I could even find on Kary Mullis is one on his death. They ridicule him as an insane conspiracy theorist, climate change denier, and he got lucky with his PCR invention. If that is what the mainstream thinks of him it is more insane to use his invention for a big scary pandemic.

  16. Invisible Man says:

    And another giant irony –

    If Trump were to openly discuss the problems with the PCR test, and give an honest public airing to members of the alt media, who are the only people reporting the real facts, he could put an end to the nonsense in an instant.

    The one thing that could guarantee his re-election and silence his critics, Trump refuses to do. He could’ve been the man who ended the scam, but he caved. If he does win a second term, it will be by a hair.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      The 4D Chess Case Against ending the nonsense is that the Deep State will no longer expose itself. By dragging this out, and NOT ending it, more and more organizations, unions, groups, individuals and others end up showing their hand. It’s the biggest poker game of all time– and of course the name TRUMP itself evokes the idea of the win.

      What does the move trump card do?
      In general strategy, a trump card is the move one party can use to attain decisive victory. In this sense, a trump card can be a person, a weapon, or the starting of a chain of events. See also [ edit ]
      unquote from a bing search result summary

      How was the phrase ‘trump card’ originated?
      The English word trump derives from trionfi, a type of 15th-century Italian playing cards, from the Latin triumphus “triumph, victory procession”, ultimately (via Etruscan) from Greek θρίαμβος, the term for a hymn to Dionysus sung in processions in his honour. Trionfi was the 15th-century card game for which tarot cards were designed.
      unquote from same source

      What is a trump card game?
      Trump (card games) A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its usual rank in trick-taking games. Typically, an entire suit is nominated as a trump suit; these cards then outrank all cards of plain (non-trump) suits. In other contexts, the term trump card can refer to any sort of action, authority,…
      unquote from same source

  17. Pft says:

    Not exactly. The public officials, governors and mayors are simply pawns in the game. Public officials are controlled by Big Pharma and Philanthropic Big Pharma enablers like Gates. States are controlled via Block Grants and the unelected Regional Councils that distribute them. The members are appointed by the Secretary of each Federal Agency. No governor dares thwart the wishes of these councils as they control who gets the candy

    The Governors have mostly acted in a coordinated fashion. Crimson Contagion Exercises were held last year by Trumps administration simulating a Pandemic and walking the states through their response which was coordinated by the Federal Government. Although not all states participated, representative states from each region were involved the National Governors Association is the means to share such information with non-participants.

    Trumps on top of this. His financial friend (Larry Fink-Black Rock) is big on the WEF financial reset and currently charged with investing 4 trillion created by the Fed in companies who support it and propping up his ETF funds. His Tech friend Peter Thiel is taking charge of Big Data . Health data of each individual is being shared with CDC and Thiels Palantir is on the job. Then there are a bunch of Israeli backed tech/AI companies like Carbyne (backed by Thiel and Epstein), Cybereason, Diagnostic Robotics who are positioned to score big, and lets not forget Gates (Trumpster offered him a job) and Big Pharma , nor Trumps pet project to boost AI led by Eric Schmidt. All are huge beneficiaries.

    If Trump wanted to stop this he would have Barr take the states to court in an expedited fashion to stop them violating his citizens constitutional rights. Eisenhower did that in the 50’s to stop states preventing black kids to go to school and then sent in the national guard under Federal command to enforce it.

    Trump and Barr wont do it because of the above, and also Barrs Precrime and Trumps proposed HARPA are poised to be deployed as a solution to protests and enforcing contract tracing thats being ramped up according to the Rockefeller Foundation plan.

    Barr and Trump are also going to boost censoring by blogs and social media by taking away immunity and making companies responsible for comments and posts (making them publishers). Supposedly doing so to fight censorship. Lol

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      I didn’t know about that simulation in early 2019, just the Event 201 in Oct 2019. Here’s the wikipedia entry on it
      Obviously, Trump had to know about it. Trump is therefore playing such a deep counter intel game that it appears to all of us that he’s participating in it. He’s either the best undercover cop I’ve ever seen or he’s one of them. It might be impossible to “know” at this point, just as in the Schroedinger’s Cat Paradox. In that thought experiment, the physicist Schroedinger said that quantum mechanics will not lead to any conclusion about whether a cat lived or died in a box due to a hammer hitting a vial of poison or not, triggered by atomic-decay– until we open the box. Similarly, we citizens are stuck with Trump’s Mind. It is impossible to know if he’s acting in our favor or not until we see the result. It’s as impossible to know as it was with Schroedinger’s cat. I believe I’ve just created the best upgrade to the old 4D chess analogy ever.

  18. Hayden says:

    In tune with USA anthem

    Oh say can you see, all the hypocrisy
    They say this, and they say that
    And it’s all for the vaccines and greenback.

    Or my take on baa baa black sheep

    Baa baa red sheep have you any will,
    No sir no sir you brainwashed us all
    One for the master and one for the slave and one for the AI that live on electric Avenue lane.

  19. John says:

    I happened to come across a report on Research Gate that may be of aid in these dispatches, or merit an article of it’s own, postulating that the late all cause mortality spike was a direct result of government and WHO intervention-



  20. Larry C says:

    Former FEMA manager Celeste Solum, talks Coronavirus


  21. Fron Elsewhere says:

    Is the Army clean enough, or in the same boat with Fauci and the governors?

  22. Erika says:

    Ummm no
    I just listened to his
    Rose Garden Speech and he came out SWINGING against Maoist Joe.

    Most of us have been hoping he would come out against our globalist controlled “health” industry advisors like Fauci and he has been..you just aren’t hearing it on whatever you are watching…they have a long list of every time FAUCI LIED OR WAS WRONG..explaining why he will no longer be listened to..several republican house members have come out full blaze saying this whole covid crisis IS POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.

    President Trump is very aware of what is going on..you guys need to watch Fox Business news where he speaks UNEDITED.

    Do you understand how many fronts they have attacked him on? This is all out war the globalists have declared on him..
    I am deeply offended every time i hear these “health experts” claim to be SCIENCE .
    Any idiot twaddle that passes their lips is “science” no matter what logic or the numbers say..

    Do me a favor to yourself, go to PEERLESS READS on youtube..download and save all the free PDFs
    he runs analysis showing definitively how the numbers are a complete fabrication..there are tell tale signs like the lag between the infection rise and death count rise..alot of material you have to see,,,trust me, if you are mathematically inclined you will not be disappointed.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      RUSH LIMBAUGH is on Trump’s side and was pointing to the political motivations of covid cases today. LAURA INGRAHAM was ridiculing masks today too during her “get back to school” editorializing today. GEORGE NOORI is against masks for for getting things back to normal too– though he often features the complete clown Howard Bloom– that panic maniac– during the news feature of the show.

  23. Lea rosier says:

    Thank you Jon Rappoport for always telling the truth.

    I may have said this before but I can’t help but say once more.

    Fauci and Gates are examples of extreme psychopathy plus Munchausen disease by proxy multiplied by 6 plus billion.

  24. Anthony Zappia says:

    Hi Jon, any thoughts on Dr Richard Bartlett’s work using Budesonide. He’s based in Texas and has been using Budesonide on patients diagnosed as COVID-19 with 100% success.
    And apparently it’s been used in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.
    He says no need for a vaccine that will never work (the pathogen is constantly mutating); no need for masks, social distancing or a lockdown. Bartlett of course fully expects them to set up studies for this Budesonide that will be set up to fail.


  25. Jtkong says:

    I’m somewhat surprised by your appeal to Trump, although I do appreciate its rhetorical elements.

    Seems to me, Trump was cast from the beginning to oversee the surrender of America.
    Who better than a hotel casino nameplate, turned reality tv show actor, turned patriot president, to narcotize the right with the false hope someone would save them at the last minute.

    It should be as clear as a diamond bullet right through the forehead, no one is coming to save America. We’re on our own – and the sooner we accept that horror, the more chance we’ll have to imagine, and implement, an effective counter to this psyop-apocalypse.

  26. anon says:

    Trump is the False Light
    In this coming presidential election, Americans get to choose between the False Light and the Dark.
    Obviously the False Light is prettier than the Dark but whoever votes for Trump will still end up in deep doo doo, albeit by a slightly different route.

  27. mistanick says:

    I love good truthful writing. This.

  28. Gypsy says:

    Wow! You mesmerize me with your heavy-hitting truth-telling writing! I loved both of these “Dispatches From the War…” articles.

    I hope somehow President Trump would read this and be affected.

  29. Truth-Hurts says:

    […] Let me pose this question: Trump brought all the known NWO and banksters and rothschild puppets into his administration. Bringing jared — scion of known criminal with ties to NWO barons – instead of Don Jr – reliable conservative???
    Trump is a FRAUD —puppet of the banksters – only issue, we failed to recognize and putting our hopes on a FRAUD!

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