COVID: what was the plan all along?

by Jon Rappoport

July 10, 2020

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The plan all along was: sell a STORY about “a new virus.”

A virus that researchers would believe they had discovered—but didn’t.

The researchers are cultishly devoted to procedures of discovery that are scientifically useless and non-valid, as I’ve explained in several articles.

A few questions:

Why would elite players have run all these pandemic exercises, drills, planning sessions, and table-top simulations well in advance of the “outbreak,” so that anyone with a computer could discover them in hours?

Why would a few of these exercises have openly named a coronavirus as the cause of the upcoming pandemic?

The plan all along was to dupe people into believing that a real virus was spreading across the globe.

The tabletop exercises, the drills, the exercises, the seminars, the announcement of the discovery of a new virus—all of these tactics were part and parcel of convincing people that the story of a new virus was real.

And if you doubt that so many researchers, planners, public health officials could be “in on the conspiracy,” you’re absolutely right. No need for conscious knowledge. 99.99 percent of the players are already true believers in THE VIRUS.

You’ve got, say, a dozen “pre-pandemic” tabletop exercises, and all in all, there are 300 people sitting at tables, and they believe they’re talking about a real deadly virus—because by prior medical training and propaganda, they were taught to be true believers.

And at those exercises, there was one man sitting inconspicuously at the table, or leaning quietly against a wall, observing, who knew the truth. He was there to make sure the believers never wavered.

If someone wants to make a movie about reality, there it is.

A variation: Twenty CIA people are sitting at a table planning a covert infiltration of, and a revolution in, a foreign country WHICH IS THE ENEMY—and everyone at the table believes that foreign country IS the enemy. Except for one man. He knows the CIA has already created, through propaganda, A FALSE STORY about that country being the enemy.

There are dozens of variations on this theme, which is: the true believers, and the operator who knows the truth.

Another example: a “patriot” CEO with deep pockets commits his workers and resources to building up weapons for the war effort; but at the same time, he is secretly selling armaments to the enemy. He’s playing a bigger game. 99.9 percent of everyone else believes the war is being fought honestly.

A phony televangelist is preaching to huge crowds and raking in donations. Only a few trusted associates know the whole operation is a con. The crowds are true believers.

Fill in your own examples of the basic theme. It’s standard practice in small and large operations. It’s no surprise, that in the case of COVID, the same m.o. should be in play. But in this operation, “science” is touted as the proof to satisfy all the faithful. And science is a very convincing hustle.

Behind the hustle is a political hierarchy. That means only carefully chosen scientists are allowed to stand next to the president on television and lie through their teeth to the public.

The COVID plan, all along, involved lockdowns and economic devastation. That was and is the short-term goal. The story about a virus is the means to arriving at the fulfillment of the goal.

It’s possible that the next phase of the plan will involve an excuse to assign energy-use quotas and limits to nations. Ordinarily, this would be sold via a story about climate change. After the virus hoax and the lockdowns, some fairy tale about needing “re-allocation” of energy in order to reopen national economies “with justice” might be the ticket. Don’t look for logic. The planners use fake logic, just as they use fake viruses.

Globalist technocrats yearn for energy quotas. They want to monitor and control the ongoing energy use of every human. It’s part of their vision for re-engineering society, to resemble a machine.

Stay tuned. Stay resistant. Revenge of the Nerds wasn’t just a movie.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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65 comments on “COVID: what was the plan all along?

  1. Tim says:

    the mask is the new tin foil hat.

  2. Al says:

    Thank you very, very much for all of this vital and refreshing source of important information. And also thank you for carrying on the good work when even the world has entered such an evil and dark time.
    This isn’t over yet and we must all be aware of what these dark entities wish to promote and achieve.

    These are certainly trying times, so all of you good people out there, never give up and hold your ground against what may at times feel like impossible odds.

    Have a blessed day my brother – Al 😉

  3. Eluard says:

    “But in this operation, ‘science’ is touted as the proof to satisfy all the faithful. And science is a very convincing hustle.”

    First line above tells us Science is the new religion–and it is. Most people just take in what they say as Truth.

    Second line tells us for the most part this religion is a con, just like any other con–multi level marketing, bogus financial advisors, the local stud in a bar, insurance salesman trying to reach his quota…

    Yes, resist. We don’t have to freak, we don’t have to struggle, where you CAN don’t wear your mask, explain–if appropriate–why you are NOT wearing it. Hug someone in public, even if it’s a wife or pal–let people see other people TOUCHING. Laugh out loud in public, show people your FACE in relaxation and nonchalance. Joke with clerks in stores, show some sympathy. Smile because people will get reminded–gee, I NEED to smile too.

    Like Icke says over and over — DON’T Acquiesce. Peacefully. Peace is our birthright–and so is freedom. Practice both every day. And don’t worry.

  4. Alex says:

    Just ICYMI = (In Case You Missed It): There is no newly discovered COVID-19 virus. You’ve been ‘played,’ and apparently, you are part of the 99.99% of ‘True Believers.’ How’s that working out for you? I mean, all that decreased FiO2, ‘n all? FiO2 = (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen). Also, decreased FiO2 means ‘irreversible brain damage.’ And how much longer will it be before you reach the stage of early-onset Alzheimers? WAKE UP!

    • FiO2
      I like that, first time seeing FiO2… and early Alzheimers. I’ll add that to my list of harmful effects of masks trifold flyer that I hand out. I just came from the bank and the security guard asked if I had a mask. I said nope and kept walking. On the way out, I handed him a trifold flyer with my several harmful effects in large bold typeface. He looked at it and said no thanks. I think these masktards are afraid to touch pieces of paper because it might have a lethal virus on it. My attitude lately is one of salesman. I adopt my selling mindset and promote anti-masking & other flyers the same way I used to promote piano lessons– cheerfully and without pressure, but ready to sell if I find a good prospect… in this case for “freedom”.

      • MaidinAmerica says:

        You are doing great, Rick! To add to your list of harms that downgrade health, have you looked at Senomyx? has been revamping their website so it took me a while to find it this time. (They have a ton of enemies so they must be doing some things right). Senomyx is a flavoring (often called natural flavoring) to help cause addiction to a product and here’s the zinger: it’s made out of aborted babies. Some companies that use this are Kraft, Cadbury, Nestle, Pepsi, and more. I think they are trying to not be so obvious about it and are covering it up more. They have been found out in the past, and say they’ll stop but I don’t think they do. A drinking water company had it for a while but I don’t know that status now. Obviously this does not create healthy bodies.

      • Veronica says:

        Check out the list of proven harmful effects of masks.Dr. Blaylock asks why aren’t guidlines given for people who should NOT wear masks
        I love Technocracy News & Trends | Special Interview With Dr. Russell Blaylock on Face Masks And COVID-19, let’s play it!

        • Sue J Love says:

          If I want to go into a store or a restaurant or a mall or any public indoor place, it is mandated for all that we wear masks. So, I can choose to not go into any indoor public places or I can comply. If I wear a mask, though, it labors my breathing. If I walk at any pace at all wearing a mask, in a very short time I am wheezing. I don’t normally wheeze when I don’t wear a mask. I feel the mask cuts off my air supply. Much harder to breathe.

        • Rachel says:

          Technocracy News and Trends certainly offers insight to the plans of the elite.

          One of their recent headlines, “World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind the ‘Global Reset'” clearly outlined much of what Jon talks about in this article. It named those who run the show and what levels of commitment each player holds and what they can know, etc., so long as they maintain commitment to the agenda. It started to sound nearly cult like in some parts.

          I myself can only read this article and the site if I come at it trying to learn about my enemy. But it certainly gets into details.

  5. Piksil says:

    Thanks, Jon!

    So, now what do we talk about?

    “The Great Reset”, from World Economic Forum.

    (Checking to see if “Revenge of the Nerds” is on anytime soon. Haven’t seen that in years!)

    Energy quotas….part of the infrastructure is in place where I live: smart meters for gas, electricity, and water. (Yay, right?) Only the water company has to drive by to get readings at this time, no meter readers anymore, just data collectors.

  6. Low Voltage says:

    Pompeo won’t deny COVID19 is a hoax under oath.

  7. Pisces says:

    They even talked about how they should handle “misinformation” or “fake news” and “vaccine skeptics” in that pandemic exercise. “Fake news” being any media that publishes narratives about “covid” event that they (the globalists) are not in control of.

    To make the new virus theory believable to the whole world, they started in China (as usual) to create mass panic that, as part of the plan, will be broadcasted on major media all over the world to impose fear to make people obey their lockdown rules easily and instill the idea into people’s minds to get them vaccinated against the “new virus” that they’re programmed to fear, and it’s not that hard to see that they’re “resetting” currencies via lockdowns to make the nations financially weak in order to make them easily controllable before they implement their UN Agenda 21 plan to centralize everything to take full control over every nation in the world and the lives of the people to make one world government. The New World Order. I can’t believe that most people, no matter where you are, still believe that this event happened by accident.

    Largest 5G network was rolled out in Wuhan in october 2019, and chinese govt. made vaccines mandatory in december 2019, and if you combine the effects of 5G and vaccines on the body with already existing terrible and lung-polluting air quality in China, you easily get high mortality rate of people with flu-like symptoms and blame the non-existent “new virus” to deceive the world to create mass panic. That’s what they’re doing, not just in China.
    They already talked about there could be “second wave” and Bill Gates calls this “outbreak” a “pandemic one”, it’s not outrageous to think that this “first wave” could be just a “beta test” before they actually implement their deeper plan than the lockdowns.

    • bleak says:

      Initially, wasn’t the other major “outbreak” in Milan? And wasn’t there also a major 5G “rollout” in Italy? How did the “virus” get from Wuhan to Milan so quickly? Why Italy and not somewhere/everywhere?

      Call me an Occam’s Razor dude but…

      • Rachael Tyrell says:

        There are about 50k Chinese workers in the fashion industry in Italy. They work and live cheap to make leather handbags, etc. Many traveled back to China in December/January and then back to Milan. Funny how China had this sudden outbreak of a deadly virus, but the planes kept flying in and out.

    • Piksil says:

      Yeah, but…..US has more ‘covid’ cases and ‘covid’ deaths, so we win, right? Yay! Suck it, ChiComs! We’ll get the vaccine first, that’s the prize I bet. WooHoo!
      Gee, I hope we can win round 2 too. We need to practice, those Chinese and Italians are real competitors.

      What if the whole China epidemic was fake?

  8. Kerry Boytzun says:

    Remember the TV series The X-Files in the 90s? This was one of the themes they covered. That show covered a lot of conspiracies including how the FAA air traffic controllers would be aware of ANY shenanigans going on in the sky (like geoengineering).

    The show got so popular that it had people in the street saying “the truth is out there.” thus the show had to be changed…they did the X-Files movie which killed off all the conspiracy cult men and left the single govt man.

    The original Ian Flemming James Bond books involved an occult group called SPECTRE which had members infiltrating all govts everywhere. This was making people think and voila, the later James bond movies went to the single villain concept.

  9. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Well, what should anyone expect from a generation that bought ideas like ‘fat is all bad for you’ and ‘Starbucks coffee is good for the planet’ and what’s with the ecology people wearing black spandex, which ruins water everywhere? Nothing makes sense…”slavery is horrible but keep buying Nike.”

  10. Larry C says:

    “And if you doubt that so many researchers, planners, public health officials could be “in on the conspiracy,” you’re absolutely right. No need for conscious knowledge. 99.99 percent of the players are already true believers in THE VIRUS.”

    That explains why – almost overnight – mainstream news was suddenly bursting with *experts* on the coronavirus, all the way from the hosts of nightly news, to their syncophantic reporters out in the field, “bobble-heading” their agreement back and forth signaling to one-and-all that what was being posited was Gospel Truth….so much nodding agreement that one could be forgiven for thinking that their protective masks held a ration of oats.

  11. Mark says:

    I would say the most Americans think Covid and economic destruction are about a virus. It’s not. It’s a culmination of plans simmering in the background for many generations, plans people would know of if they ever read or listened to something besides mass media PR. I’ve been collecting quotations for decades. Here are a few. Notice the dates.

    “In 1975 the CFR launched a public study of global policy titled the 1980’s Project. The general theme was ‘controlled disintegration’ of the world economy, and the report did not attempt to hide the famine, social chaos, and death its policy would bring upon most of the world’s population.
    The study explained that the world financial and economic system needed a complete overhaul according to which key sectors such as energy, credit allocation and food would be placed under the direction of a single global administration. The objective of this reorganization would be the replacement of nation states.” – Cynthia Chung via The Strategic Culture Foundation

    “The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, author of Between Two Ages, 1970

    “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government.” – Chester Ward, Rear Admiral and former Navy Judge Advocate 1956-1960 and a CFR member for 16 years.

    “We shall have world government whether or not you like it by conquest or consent.” – statement by Council on Foreign Relations member James Warburg {banking family] to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950

    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” – Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderbergers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

    “He who controls people’s fear becomes the master of their souls.” – Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527

  12. Jim S Smith says:

    The taxation of every breath, I believe, was already suggested years ago.

    There are those who want to tax our Oxygen use! ! ! (Sounds like an ulterior design behind “mask-mandates”?)

    I had don a face mask yesterday, in order to get a few needed items. Unfortunately, virtually ALL of the grocery stores are requiring ALL customers to wear masks. – I was in the store for less than ten minutes when I desperately needed to get back outdoors. – Some of us suffocate in any of those masks! This is especially true if you normally breathe deep-breaths (as many well-trained runners do).

    This mandatory-masks policy must be shut down! If one can begin to have breathing problems after wearing one for only a few minutes, then I can only imagine what it is doing to many others (include very little children)! After only about ten minutes, even I felt I was suffocating.

    This fraud called “COVID-19” needs to be shut down, forcibly if needed!

    – Jim S.

  13. bean says:

    watching people drive around with their windows up and muzzles on makes me cringe so hard

  14. Pam says:

    I’ve been wondering if they’re directing the covid angst mostly at the baby boomers because we’re such a large group that can cause a stampede. Over the years I felt the economy shifted to accommodate the different stages of our lives because we were such a big market. Now this, trying to scare anyone over 65. Just thinking out loud, could we figure out a way to counter this?

    • PC says:

      Pam – Down here in Cuenca, Ecuador, which has a large N. American expat population, you would be amazed at the % of goose-steppers and bootlickers. Virtually every retired expat (>65 yoa) is gung-ho pro-mask/distancing/quarantine. All totally mind-programmed automatons who will argue for their POV until the grave grabs them.

      • Pam says:

        Interesting and sad. I thought the expats were escaping the system here. It’s troubling to see the unreasoning fear – aren’t we old enough not to believe in boogieman covid?!

  15. bleak says:

    “Need to know” is both an imperative (like G Edward Griffin’s site) and a tool used by the intelligence communities. And the military, corporations etc etc etc…

    On a “need to know” basis keeps people compartmentalized. That is partly how they get pilots to spray shit in the sky. And a Confidentiality Agreement.

    I have a thing for CIA and in my next incarnation, I’m going to join up early. They will still be here because, you know, they are God. Then I’m going to fuck their shit up from the inside.

  16. Loreto says:

    Germany – The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee :

  17. Siouxma says:

    Just finished looking at the most recent Michigulag provisional mortality data- Comparing the first six months of 2020 with 2019, overall deaths increased by about 13% overall. 70% were attributed to covid culling just under 6,000 and 75% of those deaths were in the Greater Detroit area. C-Deaths are about nil in July, but frightened healthy younger people are lining up to be tested any way in the center part of the Mitten. Many false positives, so Gretch just ordered masks for everyone everywhere — the Exec.Os still say “IF YOU ARE MEDICALLY ABLE ” I am not able- I need 20% oxygen all day every day and so do you all. Read the EOs yourself and tell me your state or city doesn’t have the same medical exemption
    Like Jon says, these deaths were predominantly among the Elderly who regardless of where they live (own home like old curmudgeons like me or a nursing home) we didn’t go to the hospital whether we needed to or not. Non-emergency equated to non-essential. Plus, knowing we are on the Targeted Cull List, I am at peace meeting my Maker if it comes to that.

    • Magpie says:

      The mandated masks seems to be following a script. Well it is and we know that. Everywhere around the world all of a sudden they are making masks mandatory in July. ( I’m in Ontario Canada) I believe it is for their second wave. People getting sick from wearing masks, immunity down from all the sterilization and hand sanitizers (that i never use-actually I take a cart at the grocery store that has not been sanitized), and I’ve never played their game.
      So many more will be sick after summer which is right in line with the flu season which will now be called COVID.
      Imagine COVID is the cure for all diseases in the world (cancer, heart attacks, old age etc..)
      Looks like we never needed toxic drugs just COVID!!! (Insert Sarcasm).

      • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

        Masks are even worse than at first considered since one of the effects of 5G is, apparently, lowered ability of HEMOGLOBIN to accept oxygen. With an oxygen-lowering mask already in place, anyone in 5G proximity will have a double difficulty in breathing. I wonder how many of those we first saw “fall down” in photos in Wuhan in Feb 2020 were wearing masks already, due to pollution?

  18. Alexander says:

    Kill the operator, and the whole bullshit falls apart. Damn evil operators. So tired of this shit. All I wants is to repair my brain, work hard writing awesome fun stories that hurts no one, and make money by the millions, and then build new life for men and mine. Damn them, always interfering in MY PLANS FOR MY LIFE!!!!!! What’s the hell’s wrong with them? They’re so wealthy, they can RETIRE and not bother anyone, but nope, they gets rich and then they gets to be busybodying telling us what to do and what to think, they can’t even live for THEMSELVES, they gotta be leading us all by the hands and thinks we’re not to be trusted to live our own lives… well, I’m almost 50 and I’m tired of their fucking attitude thikning we’re not smart enough to take care of ourselves. fucking arsholes. LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!!!!! FUCK OFF DOGOODER FUCKWHITS!!! They got a giant cognitive dissonance! Fucking morons! I CLAIM INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, MYSELF! SO NO IMPLIED CONSENT, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! Globalists are SCUM of the earth. They all must be rounded up and wiped out, we’re SICK and TIRED of these scumbags all thinking they can make our lives better but they’re NOT making our lives better, they’re making our lives MISERABLE. Worthless scumbags!!!! DEATH TO ALL THE FUCKING USELESS ELITES!!!

    • says:

      > and make money by the millions

      Who is on the other side of that money? A debt slave. See? We all perpetuate the system because we believe that if we only did it RIGHT it would work for us!

      Economics, government, civilization, money, whatever you want to call these huge extended orders we have created – they are the One Ring that cannot be used without destroying one’s self.

  19. ariel says:

    Glad you got there, John. Covid 19 DOES NOT ‘EX(ORC)IST. It’s a SPELL.

  20. el gallinazo says:

    “Why would elite players have run all these pandemic exercises, drills, planning sessions, and table-top simulations well in advance of the “outbreak,” so that anyone with a computer could discover them in hours?”

    Our Overlords always use these sorts of drills and media exposure prior to a major psy-ops. Your rational is partially true, but my research indicates an even high priority objective. First, the tiny band of ruling elitists are all occultists. They are fully aware of the laws of karma for committing their atrocities and the rights of free will. In order to build a case beforehand, like shyster lawyers, they announce to the public exactly what their intentions are. Some call this predictive preprogramming, which to a degree is true, but they intend to claim to the real Powers That Be in this universe, that they did not violate the Law of Free Will because they announced to the public what they intended to do, and the vast majority of the public did not object. Who knows whether the Creator will buy it, but the occultist Overlords think it will get them off the hook?

    • Rachel says:

      But don’t the occultists follow satan so they are not needing/wanting to get off the hook? If anything, this furthers the agenda of the antichrist.

      On a related side note, it was only through all this Covid madness that I realized what was meant when people say it doesn’t matter if you believe because they do. They believe in God and Satan and the second coming and will work to make it happen. Even Kayne West believes the vaccine is the mark of the beast.

    • says:

      Free will is a Law of God. You cannot break the Laws of God. YOU HAVE FREE WILL. PERIOD. No one can take it from you, ever. There is no ‘heavenly court’ where one debates violations because there are no violations.

      However, if you are ignorant of natural Law you will make choices that do not lead to the desired result! The whole Matrix is designed to deceive you into choices that benefit your Overlords at your expense. Karma is simply the laws of cause and effect. The Occult Overlords are punished by getting what they want and becoming more and more addicted to control over matter rather than ascending to God.

  21. Ady says:

    The concept that SARS-CoV-2 is the fundamental cause of the illness known as COVID19 doesn’t even make sense just in the context of analyzing the statements made by health bureaucrats.

    The basic messages I hear broadcast to the world are:
    1. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID19 disease.
    2. The PCR test is a reasonably accurate test for detecting the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    3. We should be worried about more positive test results from PCR tests.
    4. We need to separate and muzzle everyone because there are asymptomatic spreaders of SARS-CoV-2. Some people may never develop symptoms.

    It boggles my mind that these four assertions put together are taken seriously! If someone can have a positive PCR test result and never develop any symptoms of COVID19 illness, either the test is flawed, or the virus that it is detecting cannot be deemed a singular root cause of COVID19 illness. It fails Koch’s first postulate if a virus is reliably determined to be present, and there is no illness: “The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.”

    The whole concept of asymptomatic carriers is fundamentally incompatible with the idea that a virus is the sole cause of illness. Pre-symptomatic carriers could exist, but if there are individuals who never experience illness, then obviously there is some other variable or variables that contribute to illness. At most, the detected virus (imagining for a moment that there was a reliably detected virus) could create an effect in combination with some other pathogen that would also need to be verifiably shown to exist, or it could represent an additional stressor that adds to a cumulative load of existing stressors.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Healthy happy people with no symptoms are being thought of as carriers of killer virus. How evil that? That’s about as evil as I can imagine from the worst B-grade sci fi 1950’s horror movie I can think of.

    • pozoli serbaroli says:

      Well, I’ve been saying the same, but about a month ago I got some really strange symptoms that have nothing to do with flu. Trust me, there’s something new out there. Starts out as fever and bodyache, then comes shortness of breath and chest pain. Fever comes back eventually but chest pain and shortness of breath just linger there… I live in southern Mexico and I’ve been calling BS since day one, but this bug generates new symptoms. It starts by destroying your hemoglobin, which is why Jon says lungs are functional but can’t seem to pull oxygen into the body. When this covid thing got me, I was in very good shape, running on a daily basis. I have no degenerative diseases either.

      Don’t know what they released, but something is out there. However, the new bug is easy to beat, and that’s where the true conspiracy is at. Jon has been right all along saying that ventilators are killing people like flies. You don’t need any of that. Chlorin3 dioxide gets the job done within days. After 60 hours of taking a few drops per day, I woke up without any pain or fever, though some people get it again a few weeks/months later, especially hospital personnel. Once again, clorine dioxide will get the job done.

      Even if you don’t believe in the bug (and I met doctors who also changed their mind just as I did), have MMS at hand. This thing has little to do with the flu, although a few might develop flu-like symptoms.

      • glenn field says:

        We need to be careful with the ventilator argument. They have plenty of proof that the ventilators were only used as a last resort and nearly all patients were already in a critical state. Sorry but they are covered against any legal action over the use of ventilators.

        The real medical killer was banning of non-intrusive oxygen delivering equipment and nebulizers as well as non-resuscitation orders. This was done all under the guise of stopping the virus from aerosolizing into the air. Removing these things ensured that patients will likely be in a critical state and left ventilators as the only allowable equipment left to treat lack of oxygen.

      • Ric says:

        Unfortunitely, the FDA is now going after MMS, they just raided and shut down the Genesis II Church in Florida, where you could get Chlorine Dioxide as a sacrement… religious exemption not even on the table; for something that has been okay to use for years as a sanitizer

  22. Greg says:

    Many businesses are getting the incentive to go along with it thru the Paycheck Protection Program. They haven’t lost very much business or furloughed employees. Some businesses are getting up to $300,000. Individuals are getting the incentives to go along to get along with the Economic Impact Payments of $1200 and there may be another one in a few months. You can see the wolves in your own communities no matter how small of a town it is.

  23. Deuce says:

    This is all more astute than you think. So often in medicine we look for something and find it. Only to find it wasn’t the thing we were looking for. HIV is a good example. When we found AIDS we looked. And we found something. We called it HIV and deemed it the cause. But whether you know it or not a debate has raged for decades whether this was really a viral culprit or just junk DNA produced by a weakened body. The tests have never been good nor have the standards of what we call AIDS been very well established. You can have it in Australia and not have it in France. I’ve felt this was going on with COVID since the start.

    Clearly the thing we call COVID is not the same thing that wiped out a slew of folks in Wuhan in short order. To the point that they were welding apartment doors shut. But we heard about it and started lookin’ ’round. And in our looking, we found this Coronavirus, one of many. We found it in many people. Not surprising since Coronavirus have been circulating for thousands of years. We carry many many viruses that we never knew we had. So the fact that we looked and found this particular strain is not especially compelling. So did we isolate it? No. Did we pass it through Koch’s Postulates? No. Did we test a purified strain on a living host to confirm effects and symptoms? No. We looked, we found something, and we called it the culprit. That’s it. You should be VERY happy to know that the standards in medicAl science are much higher than this. You should be VERY happy that so many doctors have raised valid objections and called for more rigorous standards and testing. But you should be equally perplexed that these cries have been met with scorn and outright bans and silencing. From a media that knows nothing of the medical facts but clearly has marching orders.

    From this context, Look at the game being played right in front of your eyes. Say it is just an old random virus. You would have got it, built antibodies and defeated it. You might not have even had symptoms. You are basically cured at that point. Now say you got a COVID test. It would find the antibodies. This would be a positive test. Whether or not you are asymptomatic, the CDC would count this as a ‘case’. This is the exact opposite of the medical standard but they are doing it anyway. The TV would then include your ‘case’ as one of the ‘growing number of new cases reported today’. And call for more government action to ‘fight this deadly disease’. And thus the pandemic rages. On TV anyway. But you are NOT a case. You do not have active symptoms. You may have been exposed 3 years ago and never had them. But you would be one of today’s cases. Now how many of today’s cases ARE THESE cases? The fact is MOST of them. Asymptomatic cases are now the majority of ‘cases’. They should NOT be counted as cases according to every medical standard. You have the cure and are cured. But this is the trick. The CURE has become the DISEASE. You don’t need to have any symptoms of the disease to have it. If you have the CURE, ie. the antibodies, you are deemed to have the DISEASE. And it’s highly suspicious just how many of us DO already have antibidoes to a virus just ‘discovered’ 6 months ago, on the other side of the world. So there’s every reason in the world to question if any of it is true. How do you have a pandemic when 70% of the people you test are already cured? How is COVID 19 some dangerous killer when 70% of everyone tested already has the cure? And how do you base ‘case’ numbers on these test results when these are the exact literal opposite of a ‘case’? Well guess what. This is exactly what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. And you can see that no actual deadly virus was even required.

    The joke’s on you!

  24. JimLloyd says:

    “Science” is the new god, but so few understand what it is and it’s liabilities. I’ve had exchanges on social media with low-level health-care workers [CNAs, PTs, and the like] who believe they work with science and then advocate masks, social distancing, etc. When I tell them biology, chemistry, pharmacology and every subject that comprises the practice of medicine is NOT science, but the results of scientific investigation and a clearly defined process to draw out a more inclusive “truth” however flawed or unstable it may be for however long, and that the scientific process can and should be applied to every aspect of life, especially information or news, that must be the end of the argument that includes me, because there isn’t a discussion after that. In an era of history criticism and destruction, the lever to encourage critical thinking exists, if properly applied, but specificity is not common in ‘Merica, and self-righteousness offers a more immediate benefit than research.

  25. Fredik Graslund says:

    Swedish doctor that has examined a lot of “coviddeath bodies” finds no virus and no virusinfection. This is in one of the bigger swedish TV-channels.örbryllar-läkare-hittar-inga-tecken-på-virusinfektion-i-organen-13282477

  26. Kat says:

    I never bought that it was a “bat flu” either. People cherry pick this conspiracy theory to dismiss being critical altogether.

    I think this is exactly like HIV. There is no virus, just relabeling old illnesses.

    With the tenacity and psycho logic of flu vaccine propaganda.

  27. tynde klienter says:

    Really enjoyed this reading!

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