To patriots: look at Italy now

by Jon Rappoport

July 6, 2020

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Last week, when I hosted an hour of the Alex Jones show on Infowars, I urged the audience that, at all future Trump rallies, they hack the proceedings from the get-go, refuse to let Trump talk, and shout over and over, in unison, OPEN THE ECONOMY, FIRE FAUCI!

Make that message sink deep into the brain and gut of the president.

Because it’s come to that.

The second wave of lies is underway. COVID case numbers are being faked at new and higher levels; mask wearing is being mandated in communities; Fauci is fronting for more lockdowns and more economic destruction.

If this continues…well, look at Italy. Look hard.

Once the titan of a Renaissance, Italy is now under the gun. Its people are under the gun of their government. And unless a new political party rises quickly out of the mire, and enough Italians support it, there will be a stark choice: submit or openly rebel.

Do you want America to suffer the fate the Italian government is imposing on its population?

Here is a letter written by Italian researcher, Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti, to Robert Kennedy, Jr. It is published at Children’s Health Defense. Gatti is a Visiting Professor to the International Clean Water Institute; President of the Health, Law and Science Association; Past-Consultant to the Italian Governmental Commission on Depleted Uranium (XVI legislatura); and co-author of a 2017 study which found vast contamination of vaccines by metallic nanoparticles:

Gatti: “I don’t know if you are completely aware of the Italian situation. Summarizing everything in a few words, Italy was sold to Big Pharma and has become a huge laboratory where experiments are carried out on the population: adults, children, old, healthy, sick people … it makes no difference, we are all guinea pigs. Now the business, and not just an economic one, is to force 60 million Italians to get vaccinated against COVID, so much so that tens of millions of doses of a product have already been purchased, a product that, in fact, is unknown both in terms of effectiveness and, above all, in terms of side effects. In the meantime, while waiting to receive the goods [a COVID vaccine has been pre-purchased, before it’s been tested, sight unseen], a law is being passed according to which everyone, including children, must be vaccinated against the flu (why?), and this in addition to the 10 vaccines that are already mandatory.”

“As if that were not enough, many personal freedoms, although guaranteed by the Constitution, have been brutally canceled.”

“As you know, for years we have been analyzing vaccines, finding them always dangerously polluted and we are contacted daily by families of children damaged by vaccines.”

“Now, in our parliament there is no longer any difference between majority and opposition and, if the situation remains that of today, we will have no escape.”

“For some months, a group of highly educated people has formed a political party called MOVIMENTO 3 V (Movement We Want the Truth about Vaccines). Neither Stefano nor I are members of the party but we have been asked to help them from a scientific point of view, and this is what we are doing.”

“We would all be very grateful if you could inform your people of what is happening in Italy and if you could write an appeal to encourage the Italians to support the party which, at the present time, is the only possibility of making a voice heard that is different from that of the regime.”

It would now be pertinent to ask, what degree of destruction has been visited on the population of Italy by those mandatory 10 vaccines, over the past few years? How much of that destruction is now being called COVID?

What does the Vatican have to say about all this? I’m listening, but I don’t hear a word of objection. Has the Pope taken a vow of silence?

Is Italy now a firmly conquered territory and a slave province of the Rockefeller Globalist Empire?

Can you possibly doubt, at this point, that the elite intent is to make America another province? Can you reject the evidence before your eyes?

Science? There is no science going on here. It’s smoke and shadows and fakery. Stage magic performed by a rank amateur.

I’ve been at this since 1987. I warned, then, that the medical cartel is the most dangerous cartel in the world. It flies under no overt political banner. It claims only the desire to help. But as the captive of Pharma, it is the land army of toxic attack. Against the people.

America is now being run by a committee called the coronavirus task force.

A bloodless coup has been carried out.

Anthony Fauci is the vice-president serving under President Bill Gates.

Their minions are governors and mayors.

—“Yes, my son, one day we woke up and our nation was under the control of a sociopathic Howdy Doody vaccine freak named Bill Gates. We thought at first it was a joke. But then we realized the whole vicious cartoon was all too real. The people of the nation were asleep. They were under a spell. Like good little boys and girls, they followed orders. They fell in line.”

“There was a president at the time. His name was Trump. Outwardly, he seemed to show great courage. But he had no idea how he would be tested. When it came down to it, he couldn’t pull the trigger. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t throw off the coup plotters and the traitorous conquerors. He gave in. He let them wreck the economy and destroy millions of lives. That was their real intent.”

“They hated America. They hated freedom. They couldn’t stand the idea of a free individual with creative power who could guide and invent his own future, according to his greatest vision and his deepest values. This reality, to the conquerors, was like the sun to a blood-sucking vampire.”

“Why? Because, my son, the conquerors had arrived at their positions of power through theft. They stole whatever they desperately wanted. That’s all they had. The ability to steal. They didn’t want to be reminded of what abject failures they really were. And the potential of FREEDOM, you see, was that reminder. So they set out to destroy it.”

“They made America over into another country that they had also conquered. Italy, which no longer exists. But it was once a great force in the world.”

“And this is why we are at war now. This is why we fight every day. This is what I have to raise you for. The battle. And as you fight with everything you have, you must never lose your own freedom in the process. You must never sink to the level of the enemy. You’re not stealing. You’re taking back what is yours.”



* (“CDC Admits Mistakes in Covid Case Numbers” at the 18m56s mark)


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

55 comments on “To patriots: look at Italy now

  1. Eluard says:

    Yes, it’s come to this. Some will see and many will not. We need each other more than ever. Keep the faith and keep sharing the information and whenever you can, DO NOT ACQUIESCE. Take down the mask.


  2. Kevinmm says:


    • Piksil says:


      I see people driving with them on. What maroons.

      Surgical masks are used in a controlled environment, with specific regulations for temperature, humidity, and air exchanges. I can say from experience that using an N95 mask in an OR is more challenging than a regular surgical mask.

      I think I’ll make a mask out of one of those mesh onion bags…smokers could use them, too. And safer for driving. Just as effective against covid.

      I have a Dr appt today, in an hour and a half. Will be required to wear a mask. Heat index right now is 99*F. If I die from hypoxia, it will surely be covid on the death certificate.

      • JohnQPublic says:

        My wife had an appointment with her GP last week and she and I were in the exam room. We both had to wear masks. A nurse can in to take the vitals on my wife and used a pulse oximeter on her finger to test for oxygen level. The meter registered 91%, dangerously low. The nurse asked my wife to remove her mask and take deep breaths. It took 30 seconds of deep breathing to get a reading of 95%. The dangerousness of mask wearing is obvious. Persistent low oxygen in the body leads to cyanosis in the extremities and also to cancer. When the cells in the body cannot get enough oxygen to burn glucose for energy, the cells revert to fermentation and become tumors. See the book “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, by Dr. Thomas Cowen, MD.

        • Piksil says:


          Thanks for the info. See my reply below.

          Yes, we can only compensate so much.

          Did your wife get any sort of note or exemption from her doctor? Did they even make a notation of O2 Sats with and without the mask?

          • JohnQPublic says:

            Piksil, to answer your first question, no my wife did not request an exemption for wearing a mask even though I recommended it. She is a believer in wearing masks in spite of the evidence of harm. This is very frustrating for me, as she has been battling cancer for 31 years. That is her choice. On your second question, yes the nurse did write down the O2 figures for both masked and unmasked.

    • Robert Kernodle says:

      There is a much more serious issue about masks than air quality. In fact, the air-quality argument seems to be false, as I understand how those meters work. Air-quality arguments are simply untrue arguments, in terms of quantifying oxygen concentrations.

      The bigger issue is (1)porosity, (2)perimeter leakage, and (3) human failure to use masks properly, even if they were effective (which they are not, for the other two reasons).

      • Piksil says:


        Thanks! I was going to add that it would be nice to see pulse oximetry readings along with the readings ‘behind the mask’.

        The body can compensate somewhat for differing oxygen concentrations.

        How big a concentration difference, or, for how long, I don’t know.

    • Larry C says:

      The other evening I was in the checkout line at a local grocers. Just as I was about to place my purchases on the counter, the female clerk suddenly ripped off her protective mask and began panting as though she’d just finished a 100-yard dash. I’d guess her age at from 18 to early twenties…she appeared to be in excellent health. I watched her carefully…she was totally focused on her breathing and was close to a panic state if I read her accurately…

  3. Kevinmm says:

    Right on…..and they also did it a long time ago by what’s termed as “legal documents “. People stepped right up and signed their signature (autograph) WILLFULLY on all those legal documents.

    • trishwriter says:

      Please explain. I am curious. What “legal documents” are you talking about? How does all this fit into the narrative, and why is it not a good idea to sign legal documents? I appreciate any information on this.

  4. Mark says:

    Another fantastic blog, and, the InfoWars episode was spot on. Thank you Jon for doing such a great job exposing all the lies!

  5. Erika says:

    Exactly Jon..bless you for what you do.

    The Climate trojan horse did not work to bring in Agenda 21s promise of a one world collectivist state so the new enemy is whatever virus they can latch onto to usher in the new utopie.

    I am not going to post the link but if you type in to DUCK DUCK GO
    “Fire FAuci”
    You can sign a petition to get rid of this charlatan.
    The problem though is that they are like pop-up cafetria trays- another will just replace him.
    But it might buy is a little time to muster more resistance.

    Pam Popper (check out her youtubes) is now organizing for a pushback against mandatory vaccination (especially with a covid 19 vaccine)
    you all may want to hook up with her…at least sign up to get her incredible newsletter which will DISSECT the data and show scientific studies that everyone is ignoring.

    It looks like Trump is going to let them trample our inalienable rights under foot- (or cases are working through the court system now, not sure which- there is a process for bringing the hammer down on states that violate citizen’s inalienable constitutional rights and it take a LONG time- we do not have that time)

    Jon i want to thank you for everything you are the best.

    • Pft says:

      When states violated constitutional rights under Eisenhauer his AJ filed suit and the judge expedited the case and ruled accordingly. Eisenhauer sent in the national guard to enforce the ruling. Trump/Barr could have done the same.

      Instead Trumps task force issues guidelines that the states follow, and Trump is handing out billions to these states to cover the economic damage to the states government due to loss of tax revenue, etc.

      Sounds like he is an accomplice, maybe the leader. His supporters are blinded , as are his haters who take the bait that he is opposed to lockdowns, thus they support them, while he is actually the man behind the lockdowns he pretends to be against.

      Lol. Its all Kayfabe

      • Ivan Zunic says:

        I am wondering what these people can lose, when everything is lost.
        Even if they went astrein from some point on and even deep in the mud,
        How can the loss of this crap
        Be bigger then the gain of a new start?
        Was there nothing that would be bigger then the opponent and would be even more now?
        Except they are really and totally blinded and gone activated mad. But then you also need to step for a moment aside and watch the blind rocket…
        If the shit is deeper we have to pray for an even shorter end
        And bless the burnt in his end.
        And the meanwhile damages to the surrounding?
        Nothing can harm a person aware of it self.

  6. Greg C. says:

    Trump needs direction – he is floating aimlessly on top of the wave of last election’s populism. He spends much of his time opining on Twitter or from the podium. He can’t do too much about states shutting down businesses, but he can fire Fauci and exert control over the FDA and the CDC. I begin to wonder if those pictures of him with Epstein explain his inaction.

      Trump might have been sharper when younger. As we age, our brains age and things just don’t get into focus as easily as they did when we were younger. He may be unable to focus due to a normally aging brain. I’m currently reviewing a supplement called JUVENON Cell Energy that promises to reenergize your brain by supporting mitochondria growth. Another supplement supports dendrite connections, and another supports I-forget-what… just kidding. Maybe we cannot depend on TRUMP’S BRAIN anymore with this complex situation.

    • Honest liberty says:

      You know, the guy….

      Revelation 2:9,3:9.

      Until we strike at the root, Esau will be led to slaughter by those filthy termites that love the deceiver, Jacob

  7. Jim S Smith says:

    I’d say it is time for the People to issue their own ultimatum:

    “Mr. President, you either regain control of your ‘officials’ and rein them in, or We The People will retake control of our Nation – with – or WITHOUT your blessings!”

    It is WAAAAAYYY past time to put “government” back into the bottle!

    • AK in VT says:


      You may have hit the nail on the head. I have wondered if President Trump is purposely staying aloof in order that we get riled up and do take control of our states. The thinking behind it would be:

      “Stop looking to your government and President to save you. Have some guts and take control of the reins yourself; otherwise, you continue to let government have more power than you.”

      We are the solution, not any President, legislator, governor, etc… To quote John Lennon, “Power to the people.”

      What have we to fear? What more can they take from you than your freedom? Are you afraid to lose your income, your savings, your home? You will lose those slowly if you refuse to stand up. You might keep them if you take charge and refuse to be in bonds to these material things you think you control.


      AK in VT

  8. Pft says:

    We might have been better off staying under King George III rule. Ya think?

    • jthanna says:

      some say we never truly got out from under it…Eustace Mullins comes to mind.

      The Governor General in Canada is the Queen’s Represenative. Under Royalty, the USA would have simply been Canada. Canada is locking down as well right now which brings us exactly to where we are today.

    • JohnQPublic says:

      If King George came back from the dead and looked at what is going on in the American colonies, he would say: “Why didn’t I think of starting a plandemic? Look at those milksop Americans, they rolled over like sheep. I could have squashed the rebellion in no time.”

  9. Larry C says:

    “As you know, for years we have been analyzing vaccines, finding them always dangerously polluted and we are contacted daily by families of children damaged by vaccines.”

    And not a peep from mainstream news.

    Hang on…there’s a news bulletin coming across the screen…


  10. From Elsewhere says:

    I keep saying, hoping: hundreds and thousands of complaints and prosecutions. There must be justice. Rrstoration of honesty, honor, goodwill.

  11. Peter says:

    This whole scamdemic provesTrump is controlled oposition. G edward griffin is correct.
    American ppl will believe every lie.they will never scream at Trump rally demanding this.. or demanding end the Fed. Too weak. Too naive.
    Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein fake arrests also prove without shadow of a doubt that Trump wants New World Order and victory of deepstate.
    The nation might be a little angry but only just a lil..little.

    • Amanda says:

      Peter – I agree with you on Trump–he seems like controlled opposition. IMO Trump is bringing in the NWO.

      Do you have a link to G Edward Griffin’s site? I think it’s something like needtoknow? I was there maybe a month ago, where he had a post on the exosome theory and linked to this video:
      I was very impressed to see him still in the fight, especially at his age (I think he’s in his late 80s or maybe even early 90s)

      And I totally agree with you on Epsstein and Ghislane being fake arrests. Winterwatch has done excellent work on both. And it was Rappoport’s post here (“fictional scenario on Epstein”) that I was most in agreement with. Spiro Skouras also doubts Ghislane’s arrest–I think it’s just another fake to fool the sheep into thinking there’s some hope.

      • Piksil says:


        Not Peter, but GEG’s website is

        There will be several posts of articles and/or videos each week, but not daily (sometimes daily, sometimes it’s 3-4 days between new posts).

        • Amanda says:

          Piksil–Thanks so much!! Wow, I was actually really close, but never would have guessed an ending of .news

  12. Ivan Zunic says:

    O you only living in a dead land
    Shout it loud, never stop shouting
    This marvellous sign,
    cause you are the President‘s
    Let me see the Statue‘s
    Flame again
    From here,

    Because God demands

    From far away waiting

  13. Donna says:

    They are now saying covid is causing blood clots. Anything to scare the populace even more than it already is. My governor has bypassed the legislature completely and creating rules and mandates that take away from our freedom to choose whether to wear a mask or not. His latest thing is to order businesses to refuse entry to anybody who is not wearing a mask, which goes against the order from the Secretary of Health. At least the doctor does provide a category for people who can’t or shouldn’t wear masks.

    • Piksil says:


      “They are now saying covid is causing blood clots”

      That sounds like covering their butts for EMR (agglutination of RBC’s from microwave radiantion with just a few minutes of exposure.)

      Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, police brutality, will all be linked to covid soon.

      And the only way we will get back to normal is a vaccine….

      • Kuru says:

        Yep. Give me my $13,000. I heard one doc asking for ventilators again even tho it’s been determined that they’re killing people. But they’re worth $thirty nine thousand.

      • Donna says:


        When people spend months at home not going anywhere because stores are closed, museums are closed, so many places are closed, so instead of getting outside and working in the yard or going for a walk, they sit at their computers all day; or, they sit in front of the tv all day, that creates the perfect conditions for people developing clots, especially in their legs.

        I have my favorite stores where I like to go just to look; but, now, I can’t because they want me to wear a mask which I can’t do if I want to breathe.

        When I go to the grocery store, all the employees are wearing masks. The cashiers are standing behind plastic and I have a hard time understanding what they are saying since I can’t see their lips move.

        Well, I don’t think they will come up with a vaccine for covid anytime soon; especially, since it seems to mutate quickly. They’ve never come up with a vaccine for the common cold. People have died because of the common cold.

        Whether covid occured naturally, was created in a lab, or is not a virus at all, just look at what they have gotten most people to do. It’s just so bizarre.

        • Piksil says:


          Read Jon’s post today (July 7).

          Yes, sitting around doing nothing can lead to clots and DVTs, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary emboli, etc. Not a good formula for health.

          But that’s part of the plan. If everyone was healthy, we wouldn’t need the 3rd largest industry in this country, or a large part of it. And that would have effects on the top 2 industries as well.

          Yep, masks everywhere here too. Not mandated, but grocery stores and other businesses have the right to require them. (No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service. No way)

          Had a Dr appt yesterday afternoon. Their AC was out, heat index outside was 102 when I got there. Very warm in the office. I felt sorry for all of the staff, having to wear masks. I left the bottom tie strings untied, mask was just hanging on my nose. They didn’t say a word.

          No magazines or newspapers in the waiting areas either, so nothing to fan with. (Upside, no pamphlets for statins or vaccines either!) 2 of every 3 chairs turned away from seating “for your safety” (from ‘the virus’, I guess).

          I was being facetious about the vaccine, because that’s what Bill Gates, Fauci, etc etc have been harping almost since the beginning (publicly harping, that people are paying attention to now related to ‘covid’. Before ‘coved’ if you look at past musings…)

          I think they will come up with a ‘vaccine’ for ‘covid’, because that will win over the people. It doesn’t have to work; people will believe it works, and line up for it.

          That, to me, is the scary part.

          It’s more than a 3-ring BS circus now. And as Jon has said before, they’ll just tell more and bigger lies when it starts to fall apart, to keep the story going.

        • Sonia H. says:

          Taking a good sized qty of cayenne pepper mixed with water (say, 3-4 capsules emptied into 8 oz of water) every 15-20 minutes might be helpful for any circulatory problem. Not capsules: your tongue needs to feel the burn, that’s the way cayenne works.

          PS. No one has died “because of” the common cold. Cold and flu are 2 different things. But even flu – you don’t die of it unless you are in bad shape from the start.

  14. CynthEmm says:

    Phenomenal work Jon, thank you again!

    I want to learn your investigative techniques-going to purchase your third Matrix program hoping to develop writing and investigative skills. Have you or anyone here looked into joining Parler? I joined it this week.

    If anyone here is on, look me up as CynthiaSilveri, I’d love to connect. Best to you all X

  15. Truth-Hurts says:

    Sadly, Jon also is NOT thinking clearly! Just look what Trump told us to get elected and Now, he wants to use the military for Forced Vaccination…and yet, Jon, you are saying he does NOT know what to do? Gimme a break!
    Trump is a FRAUD! He pulled a fast one on all of us, but once he formed the cabinet full of NWO people and banksters –at least some of us realized we were fooled! But, people like you, alex and others still cannot see the Truth – really cannot believe it.
    If Trump were Real, he would have protected that maxwell pimp of epstein already instead putting here in federal prison! It is clear, he is part of the global elite of rothschilds, rockefellers etc. Sad to see good people like Jon are so easily fooled!

    • He’s playing 4D chess, TruthHurts. Ba-doom! Cymbal crash. Seriously though, I heard his patter on vaccination and he didn’t say he’s going to force it, in his MountRushmore/July4AirShow talks… where nobody wore masks or distanced… he said he’ll make the vax OR a treatment available. I think that’s his out. He’s playing a dangerous game of course but I’m still hearing hope.

    • kevin says:

      I’m definitely not here to defend Trump in the least, but he was the first president since WWII to not fill his administration with globalist CFR and Trilateral Commission members. Even Reagan had many CFR members in his administration. Trump has relied on the Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy to staff his administration and almost entirely shut out the usual CFR/globalist network. However, he may still be controlled opposition.

  16. Nancy says:

    Someone I know from Spokane, WA was tested twice for Covid, got two asymptomatic positive result, and was listed as two cases.

  17. Amanda says:

    Dr. Carrie Madej warning about the experimental vaccines–must watch all the way to the end, she talks about DARPA projects/plans for humanity. Her warnings match those from Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Rashid Buttar

    Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne

  18. Rachel says:

    Indeed I was hopeful that Trump would be different and do what he was truly elected to do, but he is a fraud.

    Here are a few examples that I haven’t seen mentioned yet: Trump may have severed funding to the WHO, but he turned around and gave GAVI $1.16 billion-and take a guess who is running that? (See: )

    Also, Jon mentions what Italy has purchased, but what about the US? The US has purchased more than enough syringes to vaccinate the population. (See: )

    The ONLY reason Trump hints at suggesting vaccinations will not be mandatory is because he might remember so many people who elected him are against vaccinations.

    The US is left with being damned if we do and damned if we don’t. All the decisions being made by politicians have the same ending because everyone is bought. It is time that the people stand up to take back what is ours.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, Rachel, I totally agree with you on Trump- I personally think he’s been captured/hijacked by the dark forces, yet, he’s still trying to pander to his base and pretend he’s the same guy he was on the campaign trail.

      And I think he was hijacked pretty early on–from what I understand, Mitch McConnell is really the one in control, since he controls all the appointments, hence, the reason Trump is surrounded by deep-state snakes.

      Apparently, according to RFK Jr, after campaigning on setting up a vaccine safety commission, once he was elected, Trump followed through on this and met with RFK Jr. and told him to announce it to the press. After that, things quickly changed, and Pfizer made a $1 million donation to Trump’s inauguration, and shortly after, Trump nominated Pfizer lobbyist, Alex Azar to HHS, and Pfizer lobbyist, Gottleib to FDA. And after those two got nominated, that was the end of the vaccine safety commission.

      So, all of that is to say that I think Trump folded rather quickly to Big-pharma, but he’s continuing to pretend like he’s the same guy he was on the campaign trail, which is simply not the case.

      Another Trump surrender was to Peter Theil when he made a deal with him to set up a Chinese-style surveillance system here in the US, which can be used as a platform for all the nasties they have planned for us, including Agenda ID2020:

      IMO the real lesson here for all of us who consider ourselves to be patriots is that even it we actually get someone independent (who represents our concerns, elected) elected, the deep state will quickly find a way to block and/or hijack the person we elected.

      Trump hasn’t been able to do anything he campaigned on–they have constantly blocked him (not just the Dems, the dirty GOP joined ranks with the Dems behind the scenes, they couldn’t have gone forward with the attempted coup were it not for the GOP willing to work with the dirty Dems, like Rat Ryan and Dirty, Corrupt, Mitch McConnell,and many others). I personally think that once the Dem controlled house passed the articles of impeachment, there was a delay in actually handing over the articles because Pelosi wanted to give time to her partners in crime (the deep-state controlled GOP senators) to work on Trump and to blackmail him/threaten him into killing Soleimani.

      • Piksil says:

        Rachel and Amanda:

        Presidents are (s)elected for a reason!

        ‘Tis been that way for a looong time.

        Also, Gates got to Trump too. Gates recounted talking with Trump after the RFK Jr press conference, acted like he (Gates) didn’t know who RFK Jr was. (??? Hmmm, lawyer suing Mon-satan, Gates has many $hares of Mon-satan stock, but doesn’t know who he is?). Gates said Trump asked him if HIV and HPV were the same (crowd laughing in the background). Gates said Trump told him about the vaccine commission, Gates said to Trump, nah, you don’t need to do that.
        That was in a video I saw a couple of months ago. Not sure where the link came from, sorry. I don’t even remember the title of it. I just remember thinking: “what a skid mark”.

        Yeah, the last time I believed Trump was when he said I/us/US wasn’t paying the WHO anymore.

        Then he gave $$ to GAVI/Gates.

        (S)elected for a reason!

  19. Hayden says:

    Benny Hinn has all the answers. Lol

  20. hmm says:

    the “woke” twitter mobs will welcome a situation like italy’s

  21. Harry says:

    We are done unless we each fight like rabid dogs when they approach with that needle.

    Dershowitz Chad stated unequivocally that they can and will hold us down and force the vaccine into us.

    The estimate is 100 million left in the US by 2025.

    This is a culling of the herd. The US is bankrupt and cannot continue paying all these checks. Yet they can spend $10 trillion like they just created it out of thin air. Oh shit, they did.

    Good luck to us since we refuse to stand together. It’s no one’s fault and it’s everyone’s fault.

    • bleak says:

      If they come to my door, I don’t expect to live through it.

      We give Israel $38 billion; $10 million a day.

      Well said.

      Agents of the law
      Luckless pedestrian
      I know you’re out there
      With rage in your eyes and your megaphones
      Saying all is forgiven
      Mad dog surrender
      How can I answer
      A man of my mind can do anything

      Can you hear the evil crowd
      The lies and the laughter
      I hear my inside
      The mechanized hum of another world
      Where no sun is shining
      No red light flashing
      Here in this darkness
      I know what I’ve done [nothing]
      I know all at once who I am

      I’m a bookkeeper’s son
      I don’t want to shoot no one
      Well I crossed my old man back in Oregon
      Don’t take me alive
      Got a case of dynamite
      I could hold out here all night
      Yes I crossed my old man back in Oregon
      Don’t take me alive

  22. Honest liberty says:

    Everyone here seems to scared to admit the Austrian painter was correct.

    Go follow the information. It will lead you directly to Revelation 2:9,3:9… Every. Single. Time.

  23. Juliano says:

    This is a very powerful article highlighting that letter telling of the terrible oppression happening in Italy due to the medical martial law. What I do very much question though is the implication that President Trump is some poor hero whose quest to ‘keep the freedom’ is under attack. This is naive assumption. For one, no one gets into power in the corrupt political system without much planning, and power BEHIND the scenes. And a deeper way to find this out is to be aware of the occult code these fiends have and use both to communicate to each other and a form of magick and/or mind-control over the people, and to , they believe, influence what they will to happen. I would ask people to checkout the evidence for what I am saying here by looking at these links, and also the Covid fraud is also stepped in their code too. For example they love the number 33. Look at this:
    Viruses love the number 33

    And Trump is not a nice guy. He is seen on video saying how he loves torture of others!! Hmm wonder how much he’d luuurve it if it was happening to himself!! POS

    WTH Are We Living: Trump Programming 1896, 1958, 1990, 2000 – Living A Reality Scripted?

    Trump Ripped Off The American Mask, Revealing To The World Who We Really Are


    The TRUMP “58” Matrix That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

    TRUMP is The Devil’s Advocate MIND MELT

    Trump Cornerstone of EVIL Built On the Pit of Hell

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