Let’s fact-check Reuters: they say DNA vaccines don’t change your genetic makeup—true or false?

by Jon Rappoport

June 23, 2020

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As my readers know, I’ve been reporting on new types of technology that could be used in a coming COVID-19 vaccine—and warning about the consequences.

One such technology is: DNA vaccines. They would alter recipients’ genetic makeup permanently.

But Reuters has seen fit to claim: “A future COVID-19 [DNA] vaccine will not genetically modify humans.” This comes from their “fact-check team” — May 18, 2020: “False claim: A COVID-19 vaccine will genetically modify humans.”

To reach this conclusion, Reuters cites two people: “Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow at Cornell University’s Alliance for Science group”, and “Dr. Paul McCray, Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology, and Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa.”

I have cited the New York Times, March 10, 2015, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” Here are quotes from the Times article:

“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

“’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.”

“The first human trial based on this strategy — called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. — is underway, and several new ones are planned.” [That was five years ago.]

“I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.”

[Here is the punch line] “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

The Times article taps Dr. David Baltimore for an opinion:

“Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”

So it’s a battle of the experts. The two men Reuters cited, versus the Times’ David Baltimore.

I don’t hold up the scientific work of any of these men for great acclaim. I’m only interested in which man knows whether a DNA vaccine would permanently alter the genetic makeup of every recipient’s DNA.

David Baltimore is a Nobel Laureate (1975, in Physiology/Medicine), and the past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1997-2006). He’s one of the most famous scientists in the world.

I’m betting Reuters would happily trade their unknown experts for Baltimore, if he would side with their claim. Perhaps they’ll now approach him, and perhaps he’ll change his mind. But the NY Times has him on the record, in 2015, admitting that DNA vaccines do alter genetic makeup.

World famous mainstream experts don’t readily admit this sort of thing out in the open, unless they’re stating the obvious.

The verdict on the Reuters fact-check team? Fact-checkers checked the wrong box.

Final point for the moment: Researchers are fond of saying their genetic technologies are quite safe. This a bald-faced lie. Claiming, for example, that a DNA COVID vaccine would alter humans’ genetic makeup in entirely predictable and harmless ways is like saying a car without brakes, doing a hundred miles an hour, set loose on a highway during rush hour, would create no damage whatsoever.





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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

54 comments on “Let’s fact-check Reuters: they say DNA vaccines don’t change your genetic makeup—true or false?

  1. James Lunsford says:

    This play I’m supposed to immerse myself in has become too ludicrous for me. Now they want me to believe that a vaccine which is designed to alter my genes won’t modify my genes. Yeah. Think I’ll go fishing.

  2. Pisces says:

    It’s hard to “dehypnotize” most people to make them see that vaccines are weapons against us that are designed to destroy our internal parts of our bodies, especially the brain. Sorry for my bold statement but vaccines are weapons that makes people dumb and numb because some parts of the brain are deactivated not long after the injection, especially if a poison/vaccine contains mercury. You can see an example of what I mean in this video where it’s mentioned that “they have over-expression of the Vmat2 gene and that by vaccinating them against this, we’ll eliminate this behavior.”. This is recorded in 2005!


    • Madness says:

      I agree with you. Vaccines are weapons working against us.
      Back then I read an article (whale.to) and saw a video (youtube but can’t find it now, maybe removed).
      According to these: if you ever got TB(tuberculosis) vaccine and got TB, too your survival chance is much lower.
      If you ever got tetanus shot your survival chance or a tetanus infection is around 3%, if you never got your chance is 47%.
      I can’t verify it but I still remember one of the article of Jon when he was writing about the A-typical infections in children after vaccination. If I see it as a kind of pattern I believe the writings about TB and tetanus, too.

    • JungianINTP says:


      How might at-large society be dehypnotized while JOURNALISTS are controlled by rich-man HYPNOTISTS?

      Read my letter to Sharyl Attkisson, posted at her website



      The terms, “journalism” and “journalist,” are too tainted to keep using.

      Let’s begin writing/saying:

      F A C T U A L I S M


      F A C T U A L I S T..

      Sharyl, you are a F A C T U A L I S T, not a J U M P I N G JACK (( see quote, below )).

      Use my terms!

      There is an ancient Greek saying, about MESSENGERS:
      “The messenger died because he lied.,” used as a
      warning to those consigned deliver messages here and

      What has changed, Sharyl, since the time of former
      Chief-of-Staff of the New York Times, who lectured
      before the New York Press Club—to toast an
      “Independent Press”:

      “There is no such thing, at this date in the world’s history, in America, as an independent press . . . If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie, outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and sell out his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes [[ can you name that Demon, Sharyl? ]]. We are jumping jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are the property of other men. [[ name the NAME, Sharyl ]]. WE ARE INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTES.”


    • Kati says:

      It is hard because it has several reason, often they dont want to lose their status; you can get fired in lots jobs if you dont vaccine, and if you deny vaccine in public lots more can happen to you, so sure alot just go along.

      And then a good part goes along just for convinience.

  3. Kia Kaha says:

    This is the wrong approach to health care. What about individual self-care?
    We should not be defending our right to life by defending ourselves against proposed treatments. We live in a natural healing environment. Everything that we need to sustain life is here. It was here before we arrived. Even the colors, the sun and the moon tell us so.

    It has been corrupted by men with toxic war chemicals, bio-weapons war labs masked as health care laboratories and agencies. Take off your mask! Those who are interested in war are not interested in peace, health, sustaining life.

    The Mineral Power for Your Body’s Electrical Supply | Stephanie Seneff | TEDxNewYorkSalon
    Blood and oxygen

    While they want us to be narrowly focused on the vaccines, we must zoom out a bit to see them in the much larger context of the entire “health care system” they’ve devised and developed and the agencies that regulate, dictate and control them, like insurance, investors, corporations.

    Governments with a propensity to control perception, often pre-frame the delivery of the information/propaganda prepared for the public so they don’t have to think much. Trust in this method is waning. Experts mislabeled, wearing masks to hide their true intentions.

    This narrow focus may be something controllable and manageable for bankers, governments, war criminals, but the intuitive mind hears and sees the much larger context that is trending. The dark path!

    While they want to push drugs, vaccines, hospital protocols onto the public, if we are indeed talking about our health and not sickness, we should be saying, hey, wait a second here!! There are many factors in our environment that contribute to illness and disease proliferation or the influence and expansion of our overall state of well-being.

    What are the real causes in the rise of disease?

    We should be eliminating the factors in our environment that lead to ill health in the first place.
    We should be understanding the workings of the body, our energy, so we do not get sick in the first place.

    Let’s take a preventative approach.
    It’s good for us, good for Earth.

    So before we go off on a tangent of vaccine proliferation to enrich the war machine, especially when there is already plenty of documentation to prove the harm they do, we cannot bypass the removal of the tremendous toxic overload produced by them in the environment already, nor the psychological pressures that are stress inducing conducive to the spread of disease and the social engineering that encourages an odd unnatural lifestyle that turns us into an absolute walking contradiction to our natural environment.

    We are energy, a body of miracles, electromagnetism, an entire living, walking, talking, breathing communication system that communicates with the external world on so many levels.

    We are to live together with the animals and each other, not pick them apart, poke and jab them in labs to cause them ill health by terrorizing and torturing them… while we behave irresponsibly, ignore what’s in the environment that has made us sick in the first place.

    • Madness says:

      Sorry, comment section are closed where you wrote me: I live in the UK, we still can have normal, wired phones here called landline.

  4. Pisces says:

    *was* recorded in 2005.

    They want to vaccinate us all to make us obedient, easily controllable slaves with no critical thinking abilities, and that’s why it’s crucial for us to share the knowledge about dangers of vaccines and ‘their’ purpose to make vaccines mandatory, even though it’s not easy to do that.

    They literally want to take control of how you think, feel and act by changing which part of your brain you’re allowed to use. Seriously. They want to maximize their control over us to the fullest extend. That’s why they really want to make vaccines mandatory.

    • h5mind says:

      100% agree. Anyone who has studied microbiology for ten minutes will know the entire vaccine fraud is a multi-billion dollar scam to milk money from fearful masses while damaging health. Science so far has identified .0000000000000000000001% (I may be missing a few zero’s) of the DNA material of viruses on this planet, and yet, in the span of a few months have identified ONE of the 1,400 viruses which interact with humans. Miraculously we will have a vaccine for this one before year’s end. And the other 1,399? Viruses kill bacteria. Without them, we’d all be dead in a day or two. Viruses are not the enemy- ignorance is.

  5. Piksil says:

    Many people nowadays have very short attention spans.

    Many people nowadays don’t search for the truth, or even check what they were told is the truth.

    Many people will go to the doctor for this ‘vaccine’ and ask if it is safe. Doctor will state “safe and effective”. A few might remember that some ‘scientists’ said the same thing: “safe and effective”.

    Many will get the shot.

    Many might have issues a short or long time later. Many will not equate those issues with that ‘vaccine’. (Their doctors most assuredly won’t…..”here’s a prescription for your new issue, let’s see how you’re doing in 2 weeks. We can try another route if you aren’t feeling better. I’ve sent your prescription to CVS, they’ll give you an automated call when it’s ready”.)

    Plandemic II, The Sequel, hits after the ‘vaccine’ has been issued. It’s killing people, some that the ‘vaccine’ didn’t kill. It’s killing some that got the ‘vaccine’. More testing!
    We need more testing.

    It’s all over the news: doctors, scientists, race car drivers, actors, all say “it’s bad”.

    CDC and WHO say ‘the virus’ mutated. Neil Ferguson (who’s he?) predicts 1 mil dead in England, 4.4 mil dead in US.

    President Biden orders double lockdown, 12 foot social distancing, and double hand-washing required.
    Pushes for a new ‘vaccine’ to be approved in super dooper warp speed, and eliminates human clinical trials, because the only way to fully get out of the lockdown is going to be a ‘vaccine’. (Hey, that’s what Dr Bill Gates said, and he should know. He’s head of the WHO!)

    Many will get the shot. Some might take it in their third arm.

    Many people nowadays have very short attention spans.

    Poor memory, too.

    • Madness says:

      To the previous one (your question): Yes we put it on the ceilings, too. But the metal tape can go through the ceiling and walls and MUST BE grounded (or you have a bad effect, worse than without shielding). You’ll find some manuals on this site.
      Photos of how: https://www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk/page.asp?id=paints
      The paint we used: https://www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk/prodtype.asp?CAT_ID=102&strPageHistory=category
      Foil we used on windows:

    • Madness says:

      And what if the vaccine is only a distraction? I mean more and more people getting the full picture and will resist. While the articles here and there like Daily Mail one day states that it is close to success, next day that it might never will be ready.

      With 5G they absolutely don’t need a vaccine for depopulation or for control. They talk about the vaccine openly, too openly like Gates when admitting that it is for depopulation but you can’t talk about 5G.

      I even can imagine that they vaccinate those who are willing for a human guinea pig experiment like how to make you a bit of a robot-like or zombie-like, a controlled tool (if you survive it) but they don’t need 7 billion people for sure. To kill us silently and quickly enough frequencies are perfect, for a long time people don’t be very suspicious due to the different kind of symptoms and health effects. COVID is radiation sickness if not a re-labelled something “usual”. The symptoms are identical.

      I don’t know. They are just too open about their plans (except 5G, the most heavily moderated subject ever). They are rich, they can be arrogant, yes, but those families survived hundreds of years, I wouldn’t think they are so stupid. But then the leaking about their plans are planned and can be a diversion.

      • Piksil says:


        The ‘vaccine’ could very well be a distraction. It may not be the ‘killer’, but it would be a good way to introduce (heavy) metals into those that will voluntarily take it.

        Tying into 5gee, metals might enhance the ‘antenna effect’? I would think at the cellular level metal toxins could do that, and be essentially undetectable, at least with common lab work.

        I’ve said for years that TPTB know exactly how many slaves they need to keep their power and position. I’m thinking now that the 500 million figure on the Georgia Guidestones might be too many. Maybe not.

        I think there will be a ‘vaccine’ for ‘covid’. I think that the large portion of the world population that is still buying this plandemic demands it, no matter what’s in it. And, they will take it readily. Others will be coerced into taking it, like for job security or school enrollement, etc etc.

  6. Redeye says:

    Virusfasism machinery is now installed. It will be re-used. I suspect another episode is coming. Covid – The Resurrection. In a 3D-reality theater near you and me. Before September 2020.

    Is there any other way to interpret the usual suspects talking about “systemwide simulation exercise”? (p.39)


  7. Eluard says:

    Here’s Andrew Kaufman talking to Spiro about their “fact check” of his DNA/RNA vaccine warnings:


  8. Sue says:

    RE:”By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

    AND SO, to all those who have accepted vivisection as “necessary” to ‘human’ health, and turned a blind eye to a great profusion of tortures (which encompass every abomination one could imagine, and many you could not), THIS is your reward. Our silent support of white coated ghouls masquerading as Demi-gods comes back around to bite us on our self-centered butts.

    Maybe there IS justice, after all.

    • Madness says:

      You mean we deserve it? Many of us didn’t know about it and many still don’t know. The bigger part of the world is very poor and live or lived under dictatorial regimes means worked or work for survival like hell, part of the fight is constant learning (of a new skill to be able to find another job) with very limited free time if at all. If you have to work really hard you don’t have the time to dig the internet for truth, that’s the privilege of western societies. Sorry.
      But I agree with you that many with a lot of free time are just ignorant tools, sheeple, they could afford to educate themselves but too lazy and comfortable to bother. But I still not get why I should be punished because of them – nevertheless instead of bathing in self-hate or in sorry I still not live comfortable as rather try to use the time what I can to write ‘everywhere’, to spread the info, to make them wake up.

      Not as if life would be about justice. 🙂 Peace.

  9. Rixta Francis says:

    I find it fascinating that they keep talking about antibodies, though even the COVID test states that scientists don’t know if antibodies mean protection. And “powerful” antibodies sounds like a very scary concept under any circumstances. High levels of antibodies, or “powerful” antibodies, just hugely increase your chances for auto-immune diseases. That’s not hard to understand. And with this technology it would be very hard to undo the damage.


    1- First, they should proof that the particle called Sars-Cov-2 causes am specific pathology when entering the body.

    2- If that is proofed (and it seems, on the contrary, that it is biologically impossible and utterly ridiculous), people must decide if they want to take a drug to “prevent” a cold and that it is mostly “asymptomatic”.




    Djokovic is on our side and fighting with us. And I think that he and all his friends are healthy, “asymptomatic”. They were just labeled. Except the first one, Dimitrov, who probably had fever or something one day, or just nothing.

    In all these cases of “party contagion”, it is not just about “false positives” (and we know that even a “true positive” doesn’t mean anything), but it seems to be about fraudulent results on purpose to take revenge on the rebels and also to use these celebrity cases to continue with the terror and say “see what happens when you don’t do social distancing?”.

    Also, Djokovic is anti-vaxxer and his wife likes Thomas Cowan, so there was an extra-incentive.

    The situation is seriously insane. We are not even talking about health anymore, only about imaginary contagions. And people wish the players “a good recovery”. Recovery from what? From a “positive” result of a useless test? They are already bloody healthy.

    The test is now literally an instrument of discipline.

    Every day things get more surreal.

    Most politicians, doctors and journalists should be in jail, no joke.

    • TESTING – Trump insists on slowing it down.

      IG wrote ” And people wish the players “a good recovery”. Recovery from what? From a “positive” result of a useless test? They are already bloody healthy.”.

      That’s a funny observation. Even funnier, to me, is Trump coming up with the MOST EFFECTIVE way to deal with INCREASING “CASES” by “slowing down testing”! Haha. That drove Fauci and others crazy yesterday. The whole thing reminds me of the impossible scenes in cartoons where impossible scenes are acceptable and entertaining as long as they’re “internally consistent”. Our political life is seriously like a cartoon!

      ROADRUNNER vs. CAYOTE – 1960s cartoon
      Cayote wraps around himself. Cayote’s eyes bug out of his head. Cayote blows himself up. Cayote finds an old car with a touch screen (1960’s cartoon?!) and automatic cannon. Cayote find an ACME kit with remote control “jet” (1960’s cartoon!). Cayote survives 1000 ft. fall and being crushed by huge boulder. Cayote orders a giant rubber band for trapping roadrunners. Cayote flips rock over on cliff but it doesn’t fall until he steps on it. Cayote orders rocket rail car. Cayote drops bowling ball through tube but it bounces back at him. Cayote tries to slingshot himself but it delays until he’s not positioned. At the end, he quits and puts a sign out advertising for “one gullible cayote”.

      Our current political ongoing reality-show cartoon can be analogized to this. Here’s an example of one of many cartoons (surprisingly there are a lot of cartoons about covid) that I’ve reviewed. It’s 5 minutes long & gives us the “cartoon version” that mask-wearing-virus-promoting fools are delivering to us as reality.

      If the public have a cartoon impression of covid in their mind, then maybe we need a cartoon to refute THAT cartoon. Just a thought.

        Making the Rockefeller Lockstep Lockdown Entertaining

        I ran across “It’s AumSum Time” cartoon series which is well done and features a number of covid related cartoons. They’re apparently meant for children in lockdown to make learning more entertaining while at home. I’ve NEVER seen lockdowns and masking presented in this lighthearted and entertaining way before. The predictive programming cartoon EVEN ANTICIPATES resistors like us! They already have plans to deal with us. These are getting a half million hits inside of a month on average. The cheerful narrator does an entire sequence on how face masks “will” become the norm and how “social distance” “will” change the way we interact, permanently.

        These propaganda cartoons are getting a half million hits inside of a month. The language used is at about a 6th Grade Level I would say. Just a thought: Resistors (Normalizers?) like us could COUNTER the cartoons with FREEZE FRAMING while COMMENTING calling out the FALSE ASSERTIONS. I don’t have the software to do it but someone else might.

        I found that by being “delightful” and smiling while pointing to my lanyard, that I now wear that indicates I’m EXEMPT from the MASK REQUIREMENT while entering stores, and practicing chuckling if offered a mask while saying “no, not for me, thanks” is more effective than stopping and being serious. Maybe if we practise being like cartoon characters, we might forge a resistance. Maybe that’s what Trump is doing by saying that he can make the cases go away by not testing…. a line written for a cartoon.

    • Madness says:

      “Most politicians, doctors and journalists should be in jail, no joke.” – agreed.
      They are the privileged whores / priests of the new religion. They are silent while no way they didn’t know the harm they caused by vaccines and by many drugs.
      But it is hard to believe for many people. It was hard to me, too back then.
      Now they use the “we didn’t have proper education on the subject” as an excuse. Then why they didn’t do their homework like read after things and educate on the field they are working, responsible for lives but don’t bother to learn? They chose a profession to heal and save lives and they do the opposite. And so well paid for that.
      Look around in an animal clinic, shelves are full with junk food for your pets, they will send emails and cards to make you remember to vaccinate and treat the big NOTHIGN as “PREVENTION”. Prevention? The biggest lie ever. And how they don’t know that cats are obligate carnivores? Or that they a kind of ‘steal’ vitamins and enzymes from their prey (fresh and raw) as unable to make it for themselves? I know this and vets don’t?? They are there to heal pets but don’t know the basics?
      Nowadays we tell to our clients that if they wish the cat to die early the most easy way to go for a pet-plan. They will administer so much poison that the kitten will die after just 3 months or so (we’ve seen cases).

      I am sick of these privileged criminals and criminals the lot of them.

      And their lies after lies after lies.
      – lies about cholesterol and banning animal fat but advocating oils
      – lies about the salt – you need that salt badly, if you don’t know why google after cell-pump and the good ratio of sodium-potassium
      – they pushed potassium – how many early heart attack? I still can buy low sodium salt – they should sell it as poison.
      – the lies about cancer and their ‘healing’ methods, Jon wrote excellent articles about the subject back then, survival rate of their treatments after 5 years was almost zero? And the lies about the causes of cancer..

      They are pushing vaccinations because it is extra money to them but they don’t vaccinate their children and pets?

      After so many bad things what is happening I truly hope that at least their fake science will collapse now – forever. I never made the maths but I guess they killed far more than the wars in the last 110 years.
      Enough! We are poisoned deliberately since birth with every possible way to make us sick and dependent of them or dead: flouride, oil vs healthy animal fat, fake info about sodium, putting potassium to the soil (fertilizers) but in this way you eat much more without knowing it while the necessary stuff is only in the natural fertilizers like what is come out from the ass of the horse and so (sorry), vaccines, drugs, “prevention”, hiding the truth about the harm of radiation, fake and harmful treatments, unnecessary surgeries, fake education, brainwashing – really I so much hope that this will be the end of them. They started a war against common people, now openly I hope that they will be the ones who finally pay the price for killing us.

  12. Larry C says:

    “…white coated ghouls masquerading as Demi-gods…”

    Indeed…and this belief – or more strongly, RELIGION – is constantly reinforced in all forms of media, whether films, television series, novels, commercials, etc.

    Our entertainment is an insidious form of brainwashing and brain entrainment, and has been for decades…

  13. BDBinc says:

    The proposed NWO UN vaccination plan is bioterrorism.
    There is no such new disease ” COVID” .

    They cannot say what these experimental injected substances will do in/to a body.As we allegedly have ancient viruses incorporated into our dna, how will a immune response against say an ancient corona in our dna play out?
    Paleo virologists and virologist that study the human virome which has trillions of viruses in and on a healthy person at any set time do not support the germ theory viruses make people sick.They do not claim the viruses ( in and on us)make people sick.

  14. BDBinc says:

    Fact checking is just censorship rebranded.

  15. Pft says:

    It alters the DNA in the cells it infects in your blood plasma. These cells die off eventually, although some live a long while and some can replicate a number of times and pass on these changes until they die off. So any DNA changes not permanent. Your cells are created from stem cells in the bone marrow. My understanding is the vaccines wont infect those cells. They are the source of all new replacement cells being made.

    For DNA changes to be passed on to your children, the vaccine would need to change the DNA in your germ line reproductive cells (egg or sperm).

    I guess we need to know what cells will be infected by these vaccines which are in fact a type of virus that infects cells and alter DNA like a virus .

    The real problem is they cant control precisely what genes or parts of the gene are being altered. Besides the targeted part of the gene it might alter unintended parts with unknown effect. We are all different. One size fits all doesn’t apply and experimenting on a small number of young healthy people over a very short time tells you squat about the long term effects in the population at large.

  16. Hayden Redwood says:

    And yet they still get away with murder, that’s the world for ya bullshit. Oh remember god created it all even the arseholes we all poo out of.

  17. D. Smith says:

    Reuters in is the business of reporting news, not promoting medical directives, in the first place; and in the second place, they really need to start checking their own facts before shooting off their mouths. They don’t know siccum.

  18. TRUMP in PHOENIX right now.
    He’s in Phoenix at a church up the street from me and I just heard him say he’ll have a vaccine soon. And the stupid kids sponsoring his appearance there applauded. Yay!!! Applause!!! A vax is on the way!!! What a bunch of dumbed down new gen idiots.

    • Piksil says:

      “What a bunch of dumbed down new gen idiots.”

      Sprung from a bunch of dumbed down old gen idiots.

      Let those that want the ‘vaccine’ get it. It just can’t be mandatory. Not for me anyway.

      Glad ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is working for them.

        Old gen are gullible idiots to be sure but the new gen were supposed to be SMARTER– in the grand scheme of things– especially since they grew up with search engines to do their own research vs. the old gen’s standard MSM forcefeed. Younger gen ought to have been able to call out the hoax just as we’re doing here more easily than old gen.

        • Debbie says:

          A Rick in Phoenix AZ – Because of fluoride being in our water system for 5 to 6 decades or a few generations now; the educational system, increasingly with time, minimizing and eliminating critical thinking in students; the increasing biasedness of professors, instructors, and teachers into supporting socialism; the hypnotic effects of the electronic devices in addition to constant globalist propaganda from the media, I’m surprised that the “new gen” can mentally function at all and are not total zombies by now.

          • [Sodium fluoride military]
            [Sodium fluoride detox]
            Debbie, true– I forgot about that since it has not taken me down completely (yet). I used the search phrases above on BING to review the problem and there’s still lots there. They started putting it in water in the 1940’s so the boomer gen would have been affected and then gens after that would be doubly affected with more universal coverage. The resistance to it has been on my radar for years but it really hasn’t knocked it down at all– and still no msm coverage. Detox, however, seems to be a big topic and might work on F.

    • Kia Kaha says:

      Old guppie lips himself.

      They always go after the youth.
      They can’t see around corners yet…
      but they will.

      2020 MOCK DEBATE | We Must Have Humor In This Presidential Crisis

      A channel worth subbing. He’s a rancher, formerly in real estate, building a workshop shed. I said long ago, farmers should be president. They are still connected to the land, understands being humble and wise, useful and practical, self-sufficient and strong, responsible and honest, creative, an individual in community. Coherent.

  19. Truth1 says:

    well, I am looking forward to the law of the jungle asserting it self as the fittest IQs survive and the ignorant die. maybe nature is not so dumb afterall.

  20. peterbro says:

    Cricks, who co-discovered with Watson the structure of DNA, stated the DNA was a crystal, and by inference had a resonance particularly attenuated to communicate with one’s Being.

    Rudolph Steiner had this to say about the future:
    “I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young.”

    Change the structure of the DNA, change the resonance of the antenna!

    • Madness says:

      They are already doing it. With cell phone’ radiation just telling, proven to cause dumbness in children and young people, also proven to cause a kind of autism, learning difficulties, behaviour problems and lack of empathy and responsibility, asperger like syndromes that Greta girl. They are already “zombifying” people. Vaccines, psycho drugs, radiation, all part of the plan.

    • Mark says:

      Gotta love Rudolph. Pretty much everything that came out of that man’s mouth is 100% golden.

  21. Alexander says:

    Wants to know what’s weird? All these psychopaths pushing their control-by-any-means agenda through all their cartels from WHO Mafia to UN Mafia, to Pharma Mafia, to Medical Mafia, to Oil Mafia, etc etc etc…. these psychopaths wants to do away with us, make us cold, unemotional, conscienceless, no empathy, empty, like themselves, ain’t that a kicker?

    In the past, they did it through violence, brutality, but we fought back, took back our freedom, thanks to veterans of wars on our behalf. Now it’s through medical vaccines to mess with OUR BRAINS so we’d be dumbed down as much as possible and still be able to function in order to follow their megalomaniacal commands, slavery, in other words.

    Why is this happening? How do we detect these douchebags and take them out, so only NORMAL humans exists, and thus work to remove these soul-destroying techs, etc and thus dooming the luciferian new world order crapola? Ahah, there’s one method… oh oh, too bad, it’s been locked away, forbidden, why? Because the psychopaths-that-be do not want us to see them for what they are, SOULLESS, COLD, EMPTY, because that’s what they are, reptilians, demonic, and it’s easy to see with this one method.

    Check this page: http://soundofstars.org/auragoggles.htm

    It is clear that we all, well, us NORMALS, have these auras, lots of colours, or whatever, but here’s the kicker, the psychopaths, the reptilians, the cold demonic douchebags, all have no multicoloured auras.

    Normal people have multicoloured auras.

    It explains so much about why our world are so fucked up, because these douchebags are here, has been here all along, and are busy busy busy busy screwing us all along…

    We normals just wants to live our lives peacefully and builds our lives peacefully…

    Where the hell these god damned psychopaths comes from? It is tiresome of these God damn pests meddling in our lives. To hell with these psychoapths reptilian douchebags! It’s time to take back our freedoms.

    Let’s build gadgets, special liquids, whatever, heck, even special software filters and apps to be installed in all cell phones that would help people SEE these God damned douchebags with no multicoloured auras for what they are, evil shits who needs to be taken out asap. This would be awesome.

    • Mark says:

      Obey. Submit. Consume. Watch TV.
      Do not question authority. Money is your God.
      No independent thought. No imagination.
      They live. We sleep.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Thanks for this info, most interesting. Karma Singh has mentioned something like this at The Bolen Report. Says wearing this, we could see when our leaders are lying.

  22. Mos Craciun says:

    As I can see, the snake ate the bat right in time … What a coincidence !

  23. Adriana says:

    Love your work Jon, I am curious though in this article why you did not refer to information by a couple of renowned scientists who I appreciate, who were the first to get through to my brain, just because I was lucky to find them and listen to them, in the same way I found you. Dr Judy Mikovitz and Dr Suzanne Humphries. Also DR Jennifer Daniels. And there are many more.
    I haven’t had a chance to read their books, hope you have.
    I see that your article is brief, which is always a tool you use well.
    I can guess that perhaps you avoided references to doctors who have had their lives and reputations destroyed by the established technocracy, choosing a single reference to a single doctor who has not yet had his life and practice destroyed. Is this the reason you did not refer to the work of judy or suzanne?

  24. Mark says:

    What is the point of a DNA-anything if it doesn’t alter your DNA in some way?

      I’m with you on that one Mark but my sci fi reading and movie watching over the years pointed to tightly knit operations with volunteers like astronauts are to space– for DNA alteration. Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor drank his experimental DNA altering potion himself. None of these fictional accounts had a massive banking/corporation cabal force it on all of humanity. There WAS one book I read called IQ 80 I think, but I’ll have to check, where all humanity was dumbed down. The point is– why are the latest DNA vaccine companies not putting “ads” out for “volunteers” which WOULD be interesting?

  25. Adriana says:

    after commenting i realize i had not yet gotten to this message. i am new to your work, and not long after i discovered your work i discovered that your beloved wife was a doctor herself and that you have lost her. I am so sorry for your loss. How wonderful you are to carry on with your human services in your wonderful work. Thank you for continuing to offer peculiar clarity where it is damned hard to find. You have such a special gift. I wish you the all best with a sincere and oft broken heart.

  26. Karen Ronan says:

    They had me at , “If all goes well…”

  27. Victor Alan Pate says:

    It’s important to recognize that David Baltimore is also a for-profit piece of trash that very well may change his position (or fumble thru modifying his NYT statement). He, Fauci and Robert Gallo were leading the AIDS/HIV mythology during that “plandemic”

  28. Gene Bellerian1 says:

    Look up Electroporation. Thats what its called when they use a little electric zap to force cellular ion channels open to accept the dosage of whatevers in the vaccine.

    Also be aware of this:


  29. Joe says:

    Regarding the shielding nowadays – I’ve used the new EMF-Turtal paint as it shields the whole 5G range. As it is already super popular it might be hard to find who has it available at the moment, but I got mine from here recently:


    Ground it with the self adhesive copper tape all along the wall, it is dead easy, improves the shielding and eliminate electric fields.

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