Nurse at COVID epicenter hospital: “it’s murder”

Where is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose District includes the hospital? Is this the shining example of social justice she wants—death by medicine?

by Jon Rappoport

June 12, 2020

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Her name is Erin Marie Olszewski. She’s a military nurse. She worked at the hospital that’s touted as being at the very center of the global pandemic, in terms of numbers of cases and deaths.

Her video is out there. Infowars has it among their banned videos. David Icke has it. has it. The Brighteon platform has it. Others have it. It’s devastating testimony, first-hand, from Erin’s undercover investigation inside the Elmhust Hospital in Queens, New York, “the epicenter of the COVID epicenter.”

But this isn’t about the virus. It’s about murder at the hospital. That’s Erin’s assessment and conclusion, after working at Elmhurst.

I’ll boil down essentials of her findings:

At the hospital, poverty-stricken patients, mostly black and Latino, come in and are tested for COVID-19. When the conventional tests read negative—meaning no COVID—some of these people are nevertheless marked down as COVID-19 cases.

That puts them on a train to death.

For no good reason, they’re placed on breathing ventilators. They’re sedated, to keep them from moving around and feeling the discomfort and pain of the invasive intubation.

But these patients are HEAVILY sedated for long periods. As much as a MONTH.

Completely cut off from the outside world, they never wake up.

This is no mystery. Any medical professional, doctor or nurse, WOULD KNOW DEATH IS THE INEVITABLE OUTCOME. It’s a protocol for killing.

And of course, the patients’ deaths are marked down as “caused by the virus.”

I can think of at least 20 New York and federal agencies who should be swarming all over the Elmhurst Hospital. But there is no action of any kind from them.

Where is the famous Congresswoman from the 14th Congressional District, which includes the Elmhurst Hospital? I’m talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist who wants a single payer health system for all Americans. Is THIS the kind of healthcare she’s talking about? Why isn’t she storming the hospital with reporters and cameras, demanding answers, brushing past guards, blasting into the office of hospital CEO Israel Rocha and demanding to know why patients are dying on ventilators?

Where is Bill De Blasio, the New York mayor? Where is Cuomo, the New York state governor? Nowhere. They’re too busy with the punishing lockdowns. Too busy destroying the New York economy. Too busy destroying the lives of millions of New Yorkers with their insane economic attack. Too busy playing up to their “liberal” voters, who are loyal to new zombie normal with their utterly useless masks.

Where are New York reporters? Why aren’t they camped out at the Elmhurst Hospital demanding answers and exposing capital crimes?

Where are public protests at the hospital? Inside those doors, many people CAN’T BREATHE anymore. But in this case, it has nothing to do with a cop who has his knee on the neck of a black man. It has to do with a standard of medical care that is pushing patients on the train to death. If local reporters and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez were doing their jobs, you would definitely see those protests, and the whole foul truth would come tumbling out for the world to know.

What about the doctors and nurses inside the Elmhurst Hospital? What do they have to say? Who set up the protocol of death? Why are these health professionals “just following orders?” Who is giving the orders? Labeling patients “COVID-19” brings more insurance money to the hospital. That’s obvious. But what about INDUCED DEATH? Is it just the result of cold indifference? At one point in the video, Erin says that, although she works with some good people, there are others, and apparently for them, patients are “disposable” human beings.

Surely, these Elmhurst doctors and nurses know about Erin’s video by now. Don’t they have anything to say? Wouldn’t you assume they’d be defending themselves? So far, I see and hear nothing from them. Are they under strict orders to keep their mouths shut? If so, why? If they aren’t committing horrendous crimes, why should they stay silent?

And don’t assume Elmhurst is the only hospital where death by medical murder is occurring. Don’t assume New York is the only city where it’s happening.

In a mainstream review I’ve often cited, annual deaths in the US caused by medical mistreatment and errors, in hospitals, is 119,000. And that doesn’t include deaths caused by the administration of FDA approved drugs. THAT number would be 106,000 per year. (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”)

Go ahead. Add up those figures. That’s 225,000 deaths a year at the hands of doctors. That’s 2.25 MILLION deaths in America, per decade, caused by doctors.

It’s time the American people started paying attention to the third (maybe the first) leading cause of death in their country: medical care.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens New York is the epicenter of something. But it isn’t a virus.

Brushing medical hocus-pocus aside—let’s get down to the core of the death protocol. Who ordered it? Who started it? Who is enforcing it?

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

90 comments on “Nurse at COVID epicenter hospital: “it’s murder”

  1. From Elsewhere says:

    I am afraid medical murder is now standard. Insurance money. Pharma money. Cover money. People need to express freedom and exact justice before it’s too late. Because Jon speaks about murder by education and medical murder with insiders’ testimonies.

    • Madness says:

      May I ask something please? I don’t know the system in the US.
      Jon wrote about mainly poor people, do they have insurances? Or how does it worth to the hospital to deal with them, to put them on ventilators? I also read that a COVID case with ventilator means 39.000 $ to the hospital. Paid by the insurance.
      Sorry, I lost the track probably because of my ignorance not knowing your system there. Thanks.

      • Kuru says:

        Medicaid for poor people pays for it all.

      • Rachel says:

        Adding a little about Medicaid….

        I am on it because my income is so low. There is a “donut hole” effect, where is I push myself just a little more and increase my income, I will lose the health insurance that covers nearly 100% of everything medical, which would ultimately create more debt and and an inability for me to afford ANY medical care.

      • Y. Blasie says:

        Madness, good questions. No these extremely poor do not have insurance to cover them. From what’s been reported, hospital receive thousands of dollars from government for every COVID19 diagnosis. They receive thousands more for putting them on ventilators. It’s a matter of, Follow the money. Total corruption.

        • Anon says:

          Y.Blasie is wrong. Poor NYers have Medicaid insurance. Others have state marketplace insurance and others have private insurance from employment. The latter would likely not be at a public hospital. There are a few people who are working who do not have insurance at all.

  2. Anon says:

    “…A New York emergency doctor…
    Lorna Breen, 49, died on Sunday from self-inflicted injuries in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she had been staying with her family, police said in a statement.

    Breen ran the emergency department of New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Manhattan, a facility that has seen a huge influx of COVID-19 patients.”

    And why the ‘suicide’? Was it because she saw the truth first hand, and was talking about it, and had to be silenced???

    • Anon says:

      The story is not believable, because a mature ER doctor would have seen many dead already, and would not be as affected as the story pretends.

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      I think the first non fake Victim of Coronation in Germany was the finance minister of the State of Hessen, Thomas Schäfer. He would have probably become Governor of the State and was not know as a dreaming coward..Thomas Schäfer killed him self March 28th.

    • Rachel says:

      Dr. Breen was “fake news.” I used to have proof, but I reformatted my phone and google conveniently didn’t track a lot of my searches over the last few months.

      If you start looking up her father, also Dr. Breen, the story starts to unravel more than it does with her (when this story first came out, they couldn’t remember story to story what kind of doctor she even was).

  3. Pisces says:

    Did they changed their tactics to depopulate the world, from killing as many people as possible with toxic substances in food, water, medications, etc., to legally kill people using approved “medical” treatments, so they can reduce the world population quicker than they would if they only used their chemicals to do that?

    I suspect that doctors, journalists, etc. are staying silent to avoid their licenses being taken from them, because that usually happens when they try to speak out against the corporations or industries they’re working for. Either that or they’re being censored, threatened or even killed because these are the usual methods used by three letter agencies when they really don’t want people to know about the truth of any information they’re hiding from the public.

    • Madness says:

      It is disgusting, deliberately kill people, vulnerable people is disgusting. However I wish it would be only toxic medication, as that’s the easiest to avoid or almost.
      According to Arthur Firstenberg, the author of Invisible Rainbow, if we don’t stop Musk we have appx 3 months time to live. I am just watching the 5G summit, his speech starts at around 30 minutes. He thinks that even Musk is not aware how big the danger is. Fact that he got hundreds of emails when these wretched stuffs were launched, mainly about palpitations. I don’t know what to think but one thing is sure, he has been researching this area for decades now and one of the biggest expert of it.

      If you are interested in:

      (I know what Rick wrote about satellites but it looks it is a bit more complex. Dr. Buttar was also a guest on this conference, he is the one who explained in one of his videos how the army use satellites to find/follow someone and even personally target it.)

      It also looks a kind of proven that many COVID death were due to radiation – Dr. Magda Havas’ part. I guess this is how they solve that the staff in hospitals also died in numbers or the elderly in care homes. Invisible, comfortable, just blame a virus. And the effect can be very complex, it encourages bacteria to grow – more poisons in the blood if you weren’t sick enough.

      “I suspect that doctors, journalists, etc. are staying silent to avoid their licenses being taken from them, ..” – yeah, the last one please switch off the light.

      • Piksil says:


        Thank you for the link!!!
        Best 2:20 I’ve spent in a while.

        I guess the follow-up or the second part is this weekend? (None of the emails I’ve gotten had mentioned this first summit at all.)

        As far as doctors, journalists, etc, being silent….yeah, I’d like to know the answer to that as well. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

        • Madness says:

          Sorry, I have no additional info. I found this link here:

        • Madness says:

          Hello Piksil, I think I found it, but unfortunately to see it for free is very limited. I forgot but we are on the mailing list of Josh Del Sol.
          This is the link for different scientists’ interviews but it might be late, sorry. I couldn’t have time to watch them, I saw only two.

          Apart from Jon’s blog here, I follow Greenmedia info (when I have time to read) and Bolliger’s, Josh Del Sol. All very interesting I wish a day would be double as long as simply can’t read everything.

          • Piksil says:


            Thanks! I found the 5gee summit replay….that’s where I’ve been the past 2 days!

            I was able to watch 14 of the interviews, out of 41 listed. I’ve had virtually no income since January, or I think I would buy the access to the series, as I’ve not watched one that wasn’t worth watching again. Oh well, I took a couple of notes…

            Hopefully they’ll replay it again. Soon would be nice.

            Thanks again for that first YouTube link to the panel discussion.

            I agree with the time factor. Besides Jon’s site, I check 3 other sites daily, before settling down with this one!

            I have learned to unlearn a lot in the past 3 months or so.

  4. Zanz UK says:

    I’m gonna tweet the hell out of this piece, Jon – it’s DINAMITE!!

  5. Saul B. Ess says:

    Suppose that it is designed that way.
    The message is outrageous, yet the lack of response tells me they want us to see this. No You Tube censorship? Bongo, Bango, Bingo
    The powers that ought not be don’t “let-us-in” on their machinations for all their malfeasance, just select narratives. And they drive that narrative clean off a cliff.
    Jeffrey E. and George F. are not dead. They are narratives for distraction.
    From what are they distracting we the people, yet again? That is the question. The bigger the story, the more pre-planned and fabricated it appears.

    • Rachel says:

      I completely agree. Even the “alternative,” go against msm is so scripted the stories don’t differ website to website. Jon is clearly an independent thinker, but we are still in the Matrix with all this.

  6. Eluard says:

    I just did a Google search for Erin Marie Olszewski, both in the “All” and “News” catergories. This is in the top five of biggest Covid stories and NONE of the major news outlets/newspapers appear to be covering it. Hardly any results came up at all.

    You have to give Tucker Carlson credit for having her on his show last night. As his advertisers like rats desert the ship he stands tall and shows them his balls–I’m proud of the guy. He’s also the only mainstream news show to have on Bobby Kennedy, Jr. to talk about vaccines.

    I think this is going to get buried–unless Trump starts tweeting about it. That’s what it’s come to. Erin’s story is–shockingly–no longer shocking to many of us here. (Bigtree interviewed her yesterday too) I have a feeling this was repeated in many other hospitals in NY, NJ and other states. Combine Greed with Psyop and this is what you get: Murder, subsidized.

  7. Rebecca says:

    ????????????????Thank you!!! FINALLY, A REAL ARTICLE TELLING IT EXACTLY HOW IT IS HERE IN NY AND WHO’S NOT AFRAID TO NAME NAMES!! I wish ALL journalism upheld to the same standards!

  8. Teresa says:

    Your writing in an inspiration.

  9. Kate Gowen says:

    I am a HUGE fan, Jon.
    I am becoming VERY concerned about this Nurse Erin character, however.
    The minority reporters need to do STRINGENT due diligence about photogenic “heroes” who may have surprising agendas, undetected until too late.
    I am not claiming to have definitive information, but had you seen this—

    • za ka lu says:

      kate after viewing this erin video using jon’s link at beginning of article, i have to say staged actress, along with the ‘undercover footage’ of nurses on ‘hidden camera’ talking etc, all staged.

      this doesnt mean people are not being murdered on ventilators etc, just most if not all this ‘info’ and ‘reporting’ is staged psycho-drama, actually assisting in the roll out of agenda–

      which i have to say includes jon, whether he knows it or not, and he very well may. no recourse for remedy is ever given, always this is what is or might happen so look out and get gov’t to fix it. well gov’t is the platform for implementation. gov’t is ‘them’ that are rolling out the ‘new normal’.

      from that point, there is nothing to fix, the system is not broken, it is working exactly as designed.

      this interview explains this ‘method’ well

      • Kate Gowen says:

        I agree.
        The trouble with allowing her to be the movement spokesmodel is that when she gets discredited— for the little fictions (do those PARTICULAR heartwrenching cases exist or are they “inspired by real events”?) among the BIG truths— SHE WILL TAKE THE MOVEMENT DOWN WITH HER.

        • za ka lu says:

          probably the plan kate, take down the ‘movement’ by exposing the ‘leader’ to be fraud—pretty clever, mitigate resistance and future ‘movements’ with this posited psycho-drama.
          plays well into the ‘method’ of making manifest all that is hidden, as described by michael hoffman in the link i posted above–

          erin is certainly a false name along with a blatantly false bio as well–

          yet another example of the ‘global’ platform used for harm. getting back to local is an answer to this. get together in your own locale, local food, local support, local barter etc without the centralized megalithic ‘group’.

    • za ka lu says:

      kate after viewing this erin video using jon’s link at beginning of article, i have to say staged actress, along with the ‘undercover footage’ of nurses on ‘hidden camera’ talking etc, all staged.

      this doesnt mean people are not being murdered on ventilators etc, just most if not all this ‘info’ and ‘reporting’ is staged psycho-drama, actually assisting in the roll out of agenda–

      which i have to say includes jon, whether he knows it or not, and he very well may. no recourse for remedy is ever given, always this is what is or might happen so look out and get gov’t to fix it. well gov’t is the platform for implementation. gov’t is ‘them’ that are rolling out the ‘new normal’.

      from that point, there is nothing to fix, the system is not broken, it is working exactly as designed.

      this interview explains this ‘method’ well

    • za ka lu says:

      kate after viewing this ‘erin’ video using jon’s link at beginning of article, i have to say staged actress, along with the ‘undercover footage’ of nurses on ‘hidden camera’ talking etc, all staged.

      this doesnt mean people are not being murdered on ventilators etc, just most if not all this ‘info’ and ‘reporting’ is staged psycho-drama, actually assisting in the roll out of agenda–

      which i have to say includes jon, whether he knows it or not, and he very well may. no recourse for remedy is ever given, always this is what is or might happen so look out and get gov’t to fix it. well gov’t is the platform for implementation. gov’t is ‘them’ that are rolling out the ‘new normal’.

      from that point, there is nothing to fix, the system is not broken, it is working exactly as designed.

      this interview explains this ‘method’ well

    • AK in VT says:

      Jon, please, please look into this:

      Thank you Kate

      I have read the entire link above showing concern for this Nurse Erin Marie Orszewski. It is very interesting. Looks like either she is a bad one or one of those she has worked with regarding an organization she is or was the President of, the Florida Freedom Alliance, is the bad one. Is she still the President of the Florida Freedom Alliance? I tried to get on their website and was warned by Norton Protection to stay away, so I did. Their facebook page does not mention her (or I could not find it). Has she moved on or is she still with them?

      Anyway, Jon, I believe it is really important she be looked in to. Given her very recent history (with the Florida Freedom Alliance) she might actually be one whom we should not trust at all. What might her game be?


      AK in VT

      • From the youtube description:

        “She co-founded the Florida Freedom Alliance but no longer has any connection with the organization.”

        • AK in VT says:

          Thank you Follows the Way, but can you pinpoint or approximate when in the video she said she was no longer a part of FFA? I watched the whole thing, but was working as well and missed it. Very busy man with so much distraction I do not have time to go through the whole thing again and potentially miss her saying such.

          Appreciate it muchly. It will go a long way in my discussions with others about “covid.”


          AK in VT

  10. za ka lu says:

    “Who ordered it? Who started it? Who is enforcing it?”—

    How STOP it?

  11. fluidity says:

    NYC Blues

    The words create fear. The fear creates stress.
    The stress leads to symptoms. The symptoms progress.

    So he took to his bed where his ailing increased.
    He went to the doctor, and now he’s deceased.

    I don’t mean to be flippant, but it’s a rotten business to keep the numbers up there.
    Or perhaps it’s just a hazing ritual to weld a bunch of med pros to the system. They can hardly admit this, but they will get to join a Secret Club of “heroes”, and the leaders of the covid crowd will know who they can tap in the future.
    The video is long, but compelling enough to watch through to the end. Rage and weep, as Ed Curtin says.

  12. Lou says:

    The patient’s death is colateral damge from the enforcement of the ventilator policy – strictly financial gain for the hospital administration.

    “An analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation looked at average Medicare payments for hospital admissions for the existing diagnosis-related groups and noted that the “average Medicare payment for respiratory infections and inflammations with major comorbidities or complications in 2017 … was $13,297. For more severe hospitalizations, we use the average Medicare payment for a respiratory system diagnosis with ventilator support for greater than 96 hours, which was $40,218.”

    It is true, however, that the government will pay more to hospitals for COVID-19 cases in two senses: By paying an additional 20% on top of traditional Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients during the public health emergency, and by reimbursing hospitals for treating the uninsured patients with the disease (at that enhanced Medicare rate).

    Both of those provisions stem from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act.”

    source: factcheck[dot]org/2020/04/hospital-payments-and-the-covid-19-death-count/

  13. Charles says:

    Would the choice of victims have anything to do with the type of medical insurance they have? Wondering if most of them a predominately Medicaid/Medicare. Also, wondering if you have government health insurance, can treatment be forced on you, i.e. contrary to your wishes, choice, and/or consent.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      EVERYTHING depends on being or having your own advocate. A family member or friend can talk about how the patient will be missed, how they matter to others, how many friends they have a church, etc.
      Prove the patient is a somebody and others will demand accountability. A Medicaid patient especially needs this.

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      its human flesh business.. its the total subordination of basic things (health, education, policy) on the money principle..Its a “logical consequence” combined the sarcasm that follows it (otherwise not standable!) .. Its Gogol’s Dead Souls combined with The Heart of Darkness with Serpent’s Egg, with any other Hell Story. I hope we see and use the Exit and smoke out the Cave!

  14. fluidity says:

    NYC Blues
    The words create fear. The fear creates stress.
    The stress leads to symptoms. The symptoms progress.

    So he took to his bed where his ailing increased.
    He went to the doctor, and now he’s deceased.

    I don’t mean to be flippant, but it’s a rotten business to keep the numbers up, generating more fear. Or perhaps it’s a hazing ritual to weld medical professionals to the system. They get to join a Secret Club of “heroes” and the covid crowd will know who to tap in the future when they need some “specialized medical procedure” done to someone.
    The video is long but compelling enough to watch through to the end. Rage and weep, as Ed Curtin (where I saw it) says.

  15. Free 723 says:

    Mass murder by political policy seems to be the new abnormal of 2020. A good working research article about this was published June 2 by D.G. Rancourt on Research Gate:

    It was Rancourt’s “Masks Don’t Work” article that was also censored by Research Gate on June 5th after hundreds of thousands of views, which is available on here:'t_Work_A_review_of_science_relevant_to_COVID-19_social_policy

  16. Donella says:

    “Who set up the protocol of death?”

    I realize that’s a rhetorical question to everyone who knows this plandemic is a complete and total sham, but man oh man just reading it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    I refuse to be at the mercy of a contemptible band of murderers and eugenicists. We know who they are.

    Erin is a brave woman. I believe I owe it to her to share her video wherever I can.

    • Anon says:

      Such protocols are usually set up by consensus or anonymous voice, to prevent anyone taking blame. “industry standard”, again set up by anonymous. It’s the hive mind, no one is ever to blame.

  17. Robert Forte says:

    maybe she is not who she appears to be? i was impressed, and a little suspicious, when i first watched her.

  18. Lewis says:

    I live in NYC. Sadly the pod people have taken over here and there are simply no questions being asked. Check out the video of my new hit single, THE VIRUS IS MY GOD.

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      Its a genius trick, one must admit. Soo many super rational people caught by a simple unenlightened regression: health and its witches and bad ghosts.

      And then on the leash to the before barked master/oppressor. So easy woof woof. Good dog!

      Only so long the sedatives and the suggestions work..then biig teeth baring..

      (Blame it on my English if sth sounds strange to you 🙂 ) Greets from Berliln

      First we take … then we take…!

      Serpent’s Egg Bergman

  19. voza0db says:

    “Where is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose District includes the hospital?”

    Well… It was clear for those not blinded by idiocy that Scoundrel AOC was just another DNC Gang Member!

    She’s doing what is expected!

  20. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    This is the reason for visitors being banned. Normally visitors walk up and down passing rooms with communicable diseases much worse.

  21. Trak says:

    Nursing Homes Shocked at ‘Insanely Wrong’ CMS Data on COVID-19
    — One facility supposedly had eight coronavirus deaths for each bed

  22. Hayden Redwood says:

    To many paid to much gold to make change no justice will be done, I don’t know why I bother visiting these sites nothing ever gets done and if i did . I know a acupuncturist and he says the same no one cares no one wants to know when he speaks out about stuff at his work.

    Greed essentially is the main driver free fuel cards, conventions, fine wine dining , the medical political class welcome to greed,,, smeagle this is mine it’s mine mine mine dog eat dog world I secured this it’s mine I must protect what I have(primal territories behaviour) mine mine mine

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      Hayden, if you/we stay isolated with all other millions isolated and paralysed in powerlessness and dispear in your country and all over the world…..

      and if you unite virtually and physically-virtually and combined fix the Eyes of the Scull, the Scull goes ashes in the wind and the Greed stays empty hand and suffers dead from thirst.

      Its dead! It longs for live. Its a cheap, poor non vivid.

  23. Pft says:

    Given false negatives are a reality of PCR tests its not unreasonable to presume COVID in patients with pneumonia and low oxygen levels during the height of the outbreak.

    Pretty sure nobody was intubated if they had adequate oxygen levels.

    As far as the protocol. Beats me. I guess thats what was done in China. Now was it the intubation that killed them, or is it that once there is enough damage to cause low oxygen levels that means the intubation provides no value? I don’t have the expertise to say. Some Doctors apparently figured out it did damage and were perplexed as to why patients with healthy lungs were showing low oxygen levels. Again, I am out of my element here. Hopefully the protocol changed at some point.

    So new virus, a protocol developed in haste that proved faulty, that can be explained.

    There is no doubt the hospitals had financial incentives to dx as COVID (13,000 dollars) intubate (39,000 dollars) which is apparently much higher than if it was just regular pneumonia.

    Of course the protests have distracted people so no talk of what happened, just of protests and coming 2nd wave blamed on protests. Convenient. Any investigation would just be a whitewash as all investigations of government and sainted medical professionals are. Its like the church investigating the Pope.

    • OXIMETERS COST $15 to $50 at WALGREENS
      I don’t know if this can be added to the mix but I’m big fan of SPHYGMOMETERS (one’s own) and OXIMETERS. If there is a phenomenon going of due to Jon’s pollution theory or 5G hemoglobin theory or anything else, then OXIMTERS might be a KEY ITEM for regular people like us to start recording data on, related to loved ones and ourselves. They’re not real expensive… you can get them at Walgreens for about $30.

      • Madness says:

        Lena Pu, she has a website. She made an experiment with a teacher. The teacher had low oxygen level and thick, sticky blood (cause of low oxygen), there was no 5G around, a single WIFI did it. The experiment is documented, it was 1.8 Ghz if I recall well.
        The other experiment with a video proof, smart meter, 1 foot distance 45 minutes, similar effect.
        I haven’t read Dr Magda Havas’ site yet but I think she also documented her research.
        Dr Buttar explained how this thick (roulo?) blood lead to oxygen deprivation and pulmonary edemas.
        5G just the top of the iceberg to make it much worse and their very needed control, surveillance tool.
        I consider the effect of radiation the most important for ‘real’ (not relabeled) Covid cases and the biggest danger to our health and future. Once the surveillance is ready we can’t escape. While for 4G it took years to cause cancer, for 5 days or weeks are enough. And everything else is dying, bees, birds, animals, plants. Covid is the cover for the excess death because of radiation. The most moderated topic everywhere. You are free to discuss the virus or riots but radiation and 5G. As Jon would say, that’s a clue what they try to protect and hide.
        Your satellites link – 2012, a bit old. Sorry. 🙂 Our bodies works based on electric impulses, the Earth has a leading, curing role, even plants react to these impulses, the good boosts them the bad makes them sick or die. The satellites – as to my understanding – while radiating the Earth alter its own and without it no life. We need to cut back rather than allow more. We are in a great danger and for me, apologies, the rest of their ways to kill us .. more easy to defend and prevent.

        Btw a clever solution, you are so afraid of their hospitals you’ll die because you avoid them no matter what.

          Thanks for that– thick blood and hypoxia makes sense as does the radiation problem. I sleep on a grounding mat to neutralize (hopefully) extraneous radiation in the atmosphere, giving my cells a chance to ground and normalize their voltage. I’m also considering more em-insulation installation around the house in general and perhaps to wear although I haven’t ordered any gear yet. There’s lots out there. I expect that those who can afford it will protect themselves and that the rest of us will be cooked if we don’t slow their “progress” down.

          • Madness says:

            I think paint is the most affordable but you have to ground it.
            For boosting with healing energy (I don’t know they work or not, don’t blame me please if not but reviews are good enough) have a look at this please, I guess you have similar in the US:

            But what a mess. You are right as we just should stop them to implement more. We can protect as much our homes as we are able to do but can’t animals and plants and without them our survival won’t be long anyway. Interesting details that about 10 years ago if you sent 100 postal doves you lost 15 during the way, now you lost 85 or so. They can’t navigate. For a long time Hungary had excellent bee population, one of the most popular product was their acacia honey, even from the UK they asked them to lend bees (UK was more advanced on G-s), now it is the same, now Hungarian bee keepers went to Argentine for bees. Was it Einstein who told that when we loose bees we loose life on the Earth? Sorry, off-topic again..

            But how clever these cabal men. How convenient, comfortable: invisible, it can be use to mimic a pandemic, you can’t really measure (you can’t afford those what can measure 5G and even a decent one what can 4G and lower is pretty costly), they already reached a significant level of infertility of the population hiding truth about cell phones and as it is a DNA damage, with every generation we are more and more injured men and women, too. Girls become injured (their eggs) while being still in their mother’s womb, they might look ok later but their children, the grand-children are totally screwed. It causes hypersensitivity, triggers allergies and you depend on them, I mean youth can’t be without their cells and must admit I can’t be without a wretched laptop as I use it to everything, learning, reading, entertainment. How tricky.
            Can’t believe that only just a couple of months ago I started to interested in this topic and was so blind before that. I can buy as much organic and good food as I can afford but only that won’t solve the problem.
            And another effect: it is harmful to brain but according to one of the researcher (5G summit) cell phones first kill the personality, kill that we call empathy, consciousness, responsibility – almost everything what makes us to be humans. What is left: a kind of zombies.
            Radiation take away proper sleep (when your body could heal itself), causes a lot of weird (and so common in these days) conditions, 10 years old child as senile as if would be 80. So far I focused on vaccines and environmental poisoning but missed the Joker and I guess many of you too.

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      Dear pft, regarding the disclosure of your status for me there is no doubt not to enforce the switch off order to your all over body and brain inplanted toxic chip. No need for DNR. Should I? OFF.

  24. Suw says:

    And, I’ll say it again. Those statistics of people dying in hospitals doesn’t even include the huge numbers of deaths, severe damage and delayed event damage from vaccination (which most people are too brainwashed, and lazy, to investigate and connect the dots).

    HHS says less than 1% of vaccine “adverse events” even get reported to the VAERS kangaroo court. A great deal more damage is being done right under people’s noses, and way too many of them don’t even want to know about it. Good luck with that.

    And now the Big Daddy of all vaccines is coming soon to a venue near you. If you’re stupid, clap your hands, and go for it!

  25. Doreen says:

    State-by-state breakdown of COVID19 deaths and their $ value per case

    Minnesota $380,000 per death
    Virginia $201,000 per death

  26. Moshe Sopher says:


    1) United Nations Agenda 21/2030 (with its stress on deindustrialization, depopulation and complete switch to clean energies) held at the Earth Summit under the leadership of Maurice Strong in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and reaffirmed at the UN HQ in New York in 2015 …both funded by the Rockefeller Globalists.

    2) The Rockefeller Foundation Paper of 2010 – “Pandemic As A Pretext For Imposing Authoritarian Rule In The World” with complete details of lockstep (lockdown), masking, martial law, etc.

    3) Event 201, held on October 18, 2019, in New York, was a rehearsal of the pandemic (outlined in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper) that was sponsored by the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University attended by top officials from China, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN, WHO, George Soros, CDC & big pharma.

    4) Globalist intellectual Albert Pike’s 1871 endgame plan involving 3 world wars with the third world war pitting Political Zionism (Israel) against the Islamic nations in a fight to the finish.

    5) Henry Kissinger’s Sept 2012 explosive statement to the New York Post referring to the destruction of Israel (and the rest of the Middle East) in 10 years (i.e. by 2022).

    ● Welcome to Globalist shill Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel published in 1932 titled Brave New World and to the scary book of a world police state described by Globalist puppet George Orwell in “1984”.

    On being asked to define the world police state, George Orwell would be like a boot stamping down on the world’s face forever.


    “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.”

    – Maurice Strong

    UN Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992, to discuss Agenda 21 with its stress on deindustrialization, depopulation and complete switch to clean energies reaffirmed at the UN HQ in 2015

    • Madness says:

      A big contradiction, how they wish to use only green energy when their 5G surveillance system requires 170% more energy to run compared we use now? (Not sure the % is true but it will be surely much more.) How a technocrat world manages its robots and smart appliances without the need of more energy? (Nothing personal, we just shouldn’t believe every word from their not so hidden agenda.)

      How much they really care about environment and living things on this planet while poisoning it on every possible way already killing its habitats? Chem-trails, poisons dumped into the water, litter around the earth in the space, millions of antennas emitting poisonous radiation? It is one or the other but can’t be both.

      • Rachel says:

        Fossil fuel is not actually a finite resource. Read all about the reality of energy resources here:

        (I will admit I can’t speak for the source, but they cite themselves well, and I am no expert in energy, but I doubt many if us here are. All we can do is read, explore, and follow our instincts, and my instincts tell me this source is more likely on the right track.)

        On a side note, mother nature has also developed an organism that eats plastics, making plastic a product that no longer completely destroys environments.

        • Madness says:

          Thank you, I shall read after it.
          But nonetheless what a hypocrite these cabal people are, what liars. They use a phony environment protection, little Greta, extinction rebellion – what a SHOW – while their surveillance system requites elevated level of energy.
          I am just so mad at this point, sorry. Is there a single thing they didn’t lie about? My whole life, education, things I believe in, ‘science’ – slowly and step by step it turns out almost everything was fake.
          I’ve just read somewhere, even Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a lie? We believed it, I never gave a thought about half-life of isotopes to match with these towns but according to that life would be impossible in these towns for centuries or thousands years.
          How annoying that being 50+ and can’t cache up with the real knowledge as I have no time enough to update it on every matter. I hate them to the score . Now I understand why many believe in the reptile aliens, because they can’t accept that real people can be so evil. But they are flesh and blood psychopaths who can die just like us.

    • Ivan Zunic says:

      Dear Friends,

      if I may enter.

      What is wrong about Globalisation?

      Its the dream of every single man and of all mankind to be a one world and in a one world one and single and individual.

      So far more than nothing wrong with Globalisation.

      But: The aspirants in their secret or disclosed plan (Are any strategic plans of every corporation, person etc not also of such semi-disclosure?)
      are showing inability by initiation, means of pursuit and goals.

      Whats a World (or transformation) that needs to start with an lie?
      What success can means terminate if they are inherently destructive or unjust?
      How sustainable is a goal that functions on the basis of Master/Slave, Dependent/Unbound?

      ITS A FAKE!

      THEY CAN’T DO IT!!

      If the projection, project, system of a subject is self-contradictory and self-destructive in its beginning, process and end the projecting subject must be of same constitution.

      We would save so much time an energy to shorten the time of the subject’s self-destruction or healing and salvation, as it may be

      and enforce a really self-sufficient and divinely open and freedom based coordinating and selforganizing system (and shut down the main “pollution emitents” and prevent main corruptions. (or at least work hard to develop a sustainable picture and concrete vision/system of the same)


      The other day I stand in front of the Devil. We stared at each other. He came across me as that scull person in Bergman’s Chessplay. We stared at each other. Besides that after some time he pulverized, he started to weep.. His weeping was endless. All the rain and waters come from it, I thought.
      And the other day, I saw the Bearer of the Light pleased and happy. He was more than redeemed. He had his Job again. He was happy.
      He said: Dont ever be scared of a projection and picture, especially when it should consequently scare you! What a cheap theater!

      Best from Berlin! The place of Serpent’s Eye

  27. Moshe Sopher says:


    1) “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order,”

    – said by David Rockefeller on September 14, 1994 at a United Nations meeting.

    2) “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘Internationalists’, and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure: one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”

    – David Rockefeller in his memoirs.

    Be prepared for the worst as the Globalist scripted New World Order is setting in fast…

      I can’t help but counter Moshe here with a little counterpoint. The argument against globalism (aside from the fact that we’re not on a “globe”… is sovereign nation-statism. Nuf said for now. To Moshe: Do you have a blog or list of references that we can triangulate your position on? Thanks very much. Let me assure others here that the only way forward is to cross-examine your percieved opponents. Fairly. Squarly. Logically. And Friendly-like. But cross examine nonetheless.

      • Madness says:

        What Moses wrote about the agenda is fairly true, I followed these ‘theories’ since decades or so always when I bumped into a big lie like the climate change blamed on us.

        For me the bothering things:
        1. Too open
        2. Contradictions I wrote above to Moses.

        Surely there is an agenda but not so sure it is the same they made public enough for us to know.

        I guess that the leaders and elites of the countries agreed to depopulation and work together but as greed has no limit slowly it is time to them to turn against each other.

        Or they just lost track and no agenda apart from depopulation and cover their back. The only tool they have is to spread fear. Their medical tyranny is quite over. I guess AI is the life boat to create another religion before the previous must be buried.

        • Rachel says:

          Perhaps I have come across their REAL agenda. I have spent most of my time trying to piece this puzzle together.

          As it turns out, Planet X will be coming around any day now (I haven’t yet been able to tell if Planet X is the star that is part of the dual system or the actual 9th planet, but ALL the resources, like the MISSING $21 trillion dollars (yes, you can look that up) has apparently gone into creating a secret underground world. Start listening to Coast to Coast and Beyond Belief on YouTube, and also this guy (and to Rick who says we aren’t on a globe-even if that is true, what matters most is what people believe to be true, and all these rich elites are definitely creating a world underground for their survival).

      • Moshe Sopher says:

        @ RICK

        Cross examine my missives? ????

        ● I am only quoting the mainstream and alt news and connecting the dots.

        1) The UN Agenda 21/2030 with its stress on deindustrialization, depopulation and complete switch to clean energies as discussed and endorsed by 170 nations at the Earth Summit ’82 and its reaffirmation by the UN in 2015 are on record.

        2) Maurice Strong – (official in-charge of the UN Earth Summit where Agenda 21 was laid out)… Maurice Strong’s statement of deliberately crashing industries as part of the Agenda 21/2030 is on record.

        3) The Rockefeller Foundation Paper of 2010 with a detailed section on “Pandemic As A Pretext For Imposing Authoritarian Rule In The World” is available in print/online.

        4) Event 201 (rehearsing the Rockefeller Foundation Paper of 2010) organised by the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University, in New York, on October 18 2019, needs no introduction and is well documented.

        5) Albert Pike’s endgame plan written in letter format in 1871 by Pike to fellow Free Mason, Mazzini, involving 3 world wars with the third world war pitting Political Zionism (Israel) against the Islamic nations in a fight to the finish is in the London Museum.

        6) Henry Kissinger’s Sept 2012 remark to the New York Post regarding the destruction of Israel in 10 years (i.e. by 2022) is on record.

        7) David Rockefeller’s quotes on authoritarian rule and the NWO are from his memoirs.

        8) Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel of 1932 “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s book “1984” outlining the future world police state are well known publications.

        So, what is there to verify when everything is in plain sight, unless you’re blind, mentally ill, brainless or ill-educated. Or a combo.

        Next, you’ll question the existence of genes, thermonuclear fusion or electrons.

        You’re still stuck on discussing the fake virus when that’s only a smokescreen for the larger and sinister plans of the Globalists, as pointed in my posts, that’re kickstarted and are set to intensify by year end.

        Run along, now.

        • Moshe Sopher says:


          Earth Summit ’92 (not ’82)

        • Piksil says:


          Even though it’s fairly recent, you could add Davos’ World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset” to this list as well.

          WEF has had involvement in just about everything you listed.

          And even though the formal announcement of “The Great Reset” is recent, this surely was planned well in advance.

          Moshe is correct to cite his list of sources for globalism but in economics, they call those “POSITIVE STATEMENT” or statements of fact. I don’t disagree with his list as far as they go to show that Globalism is a real force that that the fake virus is a smokescreen for it. It’s actually a very good list! HOWEVER… my point was that EVEN THIS FACTUAL LIST does not address the COUNTER-ARGUMENT– which would be called a “NORMATIVE STATEMENT”– or something that is “prescriptive” and yields solutions or the world as “it SHOULD be”. As I was saying, the CONCEPT of the nation-state is a good counterpoint. In effect, when Moshe connects his dots, someone here, (me?), “should” point out that globalism is not INEVITABLE and “can” and “should” be argued against with a viable DifFERENT worldview. Here is a good article that describes positive vs. normative economics.

          As Jon wrote a few days ago, Bill Gates & the tech industry view humans as stimulus-response units. I would argue that its not just Bill Gates and big tech but the entire group involved in globalism that Moshe listed above. This is a bifurcation that we can understand and thus understand what it IS that we’re resisting. The alternative to the man-as-machine view is man-as-higher-soul most closely linked with Christianity… …or even, I might say, the 7-chakra view of human-existence . Here’s Jon’s piece on that again for reader-review.
          Bill Gates and his stimulus-response empire

  28. Mos Craciun says:

    As I can see , the video is available ad integrum on youtube :

  29. Ivan Zunic says:

    The Serpent’s Egg – Ingmar Bergman The Serpent’s Egg – Ingmar Bergman The Serpent’s Egg – Ingmar Bergman

    It looks like human flesh trade. Its the abyss of everything.

    May God keep his protection over the heroine. Mister President, enforce an investigation right away! They make you a fool! Accept your insight and stop the foolish game! its your only way out!

  30. wardropper says:

    If the other doctors and nurses are saying nothing, it’s simply because they are afraid for their careers – if not their lives.
    The “new normal” is the new Soviet, the new 3rd Reich, the new Myanmar. We now have a zomboid state machinery where there used to be human beings, so we can no longer expect normal reactions from the state’s slaves. We’ve reached the point, folks. We actually have, and it finally happened February – June 2020.

  31. Let’s call it the “Coronacaust at Elmhurst Hospital” – yet be ready for AIPAC to object, asserting Trademark infringement:)

  32. Jerry says:

    C’mon, folks. If we are to believe that the NYC Whistleblower Nurse was a staged operation by the state, ask yourselves a simple question: to what benefit?

    If the story is false (i.e., staged by state operatives) , then it further reveals these ongoing crimes of state; or

    if the story is true, then it reveals the breadth of these ongoing crimes of state, as the hospital is openly exposed for its criminally complicit acts as well.

    There is no winning for the state narrative in either case.

    • Rachel says:

      In both instances, the state still controls the narrative. They win. You will always have a group of dissenters regardless of the subject, so why not control both?

  33. Laura says:

    It’s first degree homicide, passed off as lifesaving healthcare. How is it that I’m not at all surprised by this? Further disgusted, but not shocked. No wonder those medical staffers had all that time to do all those embarrassing choreographed dance routines for the cameras. Easy work; stick the sedated victims on ventilators and there, your pretty much done! Ka-ching!…in comes another $39,000 a head. “Let’s do a dorky dance!” Everyone other than “nutty conspiracy tin-foil-hatters” are just fine with all of this, it seems. Then come the contrived BLM race riots and city takeovers by antifa militias, just when the economy began to recover. (Can anyone say…George $oro$?) 55% of dems polled by dem pollsters said they’re for defunding the police. Such collective insanity merits a massive overhaul of this species. It’s worse than ever before. It’s “progressive.”

      Trump surrounded himself with deep state lackeys and thus chats with the wrong people. Too bad. BY pushing ventilators, it’s possible to now consider him an accessory to that first degree homocide. Maybe the era of mankind being “led” by “leaders” has ended. We’re now in a more sort of synergistic power-vacuum of “swarms” of entities and ideas with no words to describe it yet. The actual political levers of democracy, truth, reason and power have been over-run by chaos, disorder, lies, and deception. The only relief is found in forums like this.

      I think Gen X is Millennial… forgot the nicknames but it seems to me that the slippery slope to chaos accelerated with the tatooed nose piercing rock and roll rejecting Millenials. With minds of mush, no books and constantly on social media, they have no human historical reference points anymore. So they’re easily bought and paid for by Soros to run these fake race riots.

  34. MDSkeptic says:

    The horror of institutional medicine in the US is much more banal than most of the comments acknowledge. The horror is that death by modern medicine is indifferently accepted by doctors, nurses and patients because it is “standard of care” or the guidelines du jour. Just look around yourself at 3+ months of closed businesses, schools, churches, playgrounds and folks walking around like idiots with stupid masks on a 90 degree day. Most people just don’t give a damn about the harmful and immoral rules they’re ordered to obey. As for this “under cover nurse”, I agree her presentation is too buffed for my taste, but here is a real hometown NY professional saying the same thing over a month ago. . You don’t need a ghoulish murder mystery to shock and terrify. The general acceptance of depraved indifference is the real horror story.

    • Piksil says:


      To add to the masks:

      The St Louis Zoo re-opened Sat June 13. (No, not sure if the bat display was open or not lol)

      Signs posted (as shown multiple times by local media):

      Social distancing, wash hands frequently, etc etc.
      “Masks required ages 9+”

      So the ‘virus’ checks ID I’m assuming, since I guess if one is under 9 they are immune? Birth certificate required, or just a note from their parents to the ‘virus’ confirming age?

      At least it was a bit cooler Sat and Sun, or there probably would have been people passing out from the heat. I mean the ‘virus’.

    • Jubal says:

      Erin Marie Olszewski is probably the source of both videos.

      Note that the nurse speaking in that video you link does not say she is in the frontline nor in NY. She says that she is speaking on behalf of a friend nurse in NY. Also, she says that she knows a friend nurse “who was fired in Florida”, the same state where Erin Marie Olszewski worked (a common friend?). If I remember correctly, an article in the Daily Mail website about this same nurse in the video you link was showed in an Infowars video about the Erin Marie Olszewski interview, suggesting Erin was the source.

      I don’t know for sure, but her friend, the then anonymous whistleblower referred in the video you link, probably is Erin Marie Olszewski.

    Quote from an article at
    “Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient light lobotomy]

  36. Arby says:

    250,000 deaths per yr within the Rockefeller health care system? Try about a million:

  37. Arnoud says:

    “People are so quick to defend something they do not really understand.”

    This woman is a warrior!

  38. Friend says:

    Here are great examples of the medical Complex suddenly becoming mute when confronted with horrors of people being killed….nothing but silence!

    I hope this link works…here it is…

    If someone knows the source of this video please post it cause I don’t have it. Thanks.

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