COVID-19: a movie on the screen of life

by Jon Rappoport

June 5, 2020

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Recently, a report on the COVID-19 crisis was leaked from the German Interior Ministry.

The report states quite definitely that the whole threat has been overblown. It was a “false alarm.”

World media have taken very little notice.

As reveals (see also here), the report, “Analysis of the Crisis Management” (an English translation, here), was authored by “a scientific panel appointed by the interior ministry and composed by external medical experts from several German universities.”

“The report was the initiative of a department of the interior ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge [of] the ‘Protection of critical infrastructures’.”

“Some of the [leaked] report key passages are:
* The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
* The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
* Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
* The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
* A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.”

Of course, here in America, we’re grateful that the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all the major television networks have been trumpeting news of the explosive findings in the leaked German report. Our major media have been on top of this story from the beginning, with page-one headlines and lead items every night on TV news broadcasts. We’re grateful to Tony Fauci, Deb Birx, and the whole coronavirus task force crew for highlighting what’s been happening in Germany in their daily press conferences. We appreciate the hour-to-hour updates on Germany from the CDC and the WHO. Bill Gates’ breathless reports on YouTube, demolishing the official COIVD narrative and praising the German leaker, have warmed our hearts.

WAIT. Sorry. For a minute there, I thought I was writing PR releases for…some honest US government agency and media consortium that don’t actually exist. My mistake. Wrong country, wrong world, wrong universe.

Let me try to go back into the theater where the population is watching the movie called “COVID-19, Terrifying Pandemic.”

Excuse me, what? I can’t go in without a mask?

Problems, problems. I give up. I’ll just stand outside.

—I’ve written about 140 articles so far about COVID, in which I’ve disassembled the plot line of the movie.

The movie, of course, seems to take no notice of this. It just keeps playing. The studio, the producers, and the director are finished with their work. No point in asking them to “retract” what they’ve already done. And the actors…well, are their roles real? Those roles are IN the movie.

I’m going to say something controversial now. Here’s the thing. This is a special kind of movie. By exposing the studio, the producers, the director, the actors; by revealing what we could loosely call their bad intent, and their specific lies, the movie itself can change. I know that sounds preposterous, but it’s true. And by change, I mean new story lines bleeding into the central plot. I also mean something more drastic: rips and tears and shreds in the screen itself, the screen on which the movie is being projected. THAT’S what I’m REALLY interested in.

The exposure of the fact that COVID is a movie in the first place.

Now, you have to understand that the audience in the theater is hypnotized by the movie—and they also have a role to play. Whenever one or two of them start to wake up, the rest of the crowd acts as a Greek chorus. Together they say: REAL PEOPLE ARE DYING, IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.

And then those few people starting to wake up go back to sleep. Everyone in the theater is in the trance again.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the virus. People are dying of any number of causes. But the chorus wins out.

Let me explain all this in a somewhat different way.

Here is the headline:

The Blockbuster Movie Called Reality.

There is always a certain amount of whining and remorse as one enters the theater to see the movie called Reality, after buying the ticket.

“Is this a good idea?” “Why did I do it?”

But you can already feel a merging sensation. The electromagnetic fields humming in the theater, even before the movie starts, are drawing you into the space.

Your perception of x dimensions is narrowing down to three.

You take your seat. You look at the note you’ve written to yourself, and you read it again:

“Don’t forget where you came from. Don’t forget this is just a movie. Don’t fall asleep. The serial time in the movie is an artifact. The binding feeling of sentimental sympathy is a trance-induction. It’s the glue that holds the movie fixed in your mind.”

“The movie will induce nostalgia for a past that doesn’t exist. Don’t surrender to it.”

“You’re here to find out why the movie has power.”

“You want to undergo the experience without being trapped in it.”

“The content of the movie will distract you from the fact that it is a construct.”

The lights dim.

On the big screen, against a gray background, the large blue word REALITY slowly forms.

Suddenly, you’re looking at a huge pasture filled with flowers. The sky is a shocking blue. You can feel a breeze on your arms and face.

You think, “This is a hypnotic weapon.”

Now, the pasture fades away and you’re standing on an empty city street at night. It’s drizzling. You hear sirens in the distance. A disheveled beggar approaches you and holds out his trembling hand.

He waits, then moves on.

You look at the wet shining pavement and snap your fingers, to change it into a lawn. Nothing happens.

You’re shocked.

You wave your hand at a building. It doesn’t disappear.


You reach into your pocket and feel a wallet. You walk over to a streetlight and open it. There’s your picture on a plastic ID card. Your name is under the picture, followed by a number code. On the reverse side of the card, below a plastic strip, is a thumbprint.

There are other cards in the wallet, and a small amount of paper money. You look at the ID card again. There’s an address.

Though it seems impossible, you remember the address. In your mind’s eye, you see a small cottage at the edge of an industrial town. There’s a pickup parked in the driveway.

It’s your truck. You know it. But how can that be?

You walk toward larger buildings in the distance.

Three men in uniforms turn a corner and come up to you. Behind them emerges a short man in a business suit. He nods at you and holds out his hand.

You know what he wants. You pull out your wallet and give it to him. He looks at the ID card, at you, at the card again.

“You were reported missing,” he says.

“Missing from what?” you say.

“Your home. Your job. What are doing here? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” you say. “I was…taking a short trip. I’m just out for some air.”

“In this part of the city?” he says. “That’s not smart. We’ll take you home. Our car is right over there.”

One car sits on a side street. In large red letters printed on the trunk is the word Concern.

You walk with the men to the car.

Waves you’ve never felt before are emanating from it.

Mentally, you try to back up from them. They’re targeting your body. You feel a haze settle over you.

In the haze dance little creatures. They’re speaking. You try to hear what they’re saying.

Now you do. “Real, real, real.”

You look at the short man in the suit. He’s smiling at you.

Suddenly, his smile is transcendent. It’s so reassuring, tears fill your eyes.

You’re thinking, “They built this so I would be lost, and then they found me. I’m supposed to be rescued. I’ve never experienced being rescued before. I never knew what it meant.”

You hear faint music.

It grows louder. As you near the car, you realize you’re listening to a chorus and an orchestra. The rising theme is Victory.

One of the uniformed men opens the car door.

You nod at him.

“My pleasure, sir,” he says.

The music fades away.

The scene shifts.

You’re standing next to the pickup in your driveway alongside your cottage.

You’re home.

Think, you tell yourself. What’s going on?

You recognize your mind has sections. The first part registers sensations from this new reality. These sensations are meant to be sorted, in order to answer the question: How Am I Doing?

The second part of your mind is entirely devoted to perceiving problems and solving them. Everything at this level is organized to constitute problems.

You were never aware of these two distinct sectors of your mind before.

Where did they come from?

Now, as you walk into your cottage and instantly remember the rooms and the objects in these rooms, an accompanying sensation of Familiarity, slightly out of phase, grows stronger.

You realize, without knowing how, that you’re supposed to feel tremendous relief. This is what’s expected of you.

It’s expected of everyone. They live with one another through the touchstone of the Familiar. They share it like bread.

They keep coming back to it. The Familiar is a sacrament.

It’s built in. It’s invented through…it’s stamped on every object in this space…

…In order to suggest you’ve been here before. To suggest you belong here.

As you look around the cottage, you apprehend a third sector of your mind. You struggle to identify it.

It’s the fount of a different kind of perception.


You keep staring at the cottage and you see space.

You see pure space that…

Has been placed here. For you.

And at that moment, there is a small explosion behind your head.

And you’re sitting in the theater again.

The movie is playing on the screen. All around you, in the seats, people are sitting with their eyes closed.

You feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn. It’s an usher.

“Sir,” he says. “Please follow me.”

He leads you up the aisle into the lobby, which is empty.

An office door opens and a young woman steps out. She strides briskly over to you.

“You woke up and came back,” she says. She gives you a tight smile. “So we’re refunding your money. It’s our policy.”

She drops a check in your hand.

“What happened in there?” you say. “What happened?”

She shrugs.

“Only you would know that. You must have done something to interrupt the transmission.”

“And the rest of those people?”

She looks at her watch. “They’re probably into their fifth year by now. The fifth year is typically a time of conflict. They rebel. Well, some of them do. They rearrange systems. They replace leaders. They promote new ideals.”

“I had such a strong feeling I’d been there before.”

She smiles. “Apparently it wasn’t strong enough. You’re back here.”

“How do you do it?” you say.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “That’s proprietary information. Did you meet your family?”

“No,” you say. “But I was in a cottage. It was…home.”

She nods.

“If you hadn’t escaped, you would have been subjected to much stronger bioelectric bonding pulses. Do you have a family here?”

You start to answer and realize you don’t know.

She looks into your eyes.

“Go out to the street,” she says. “Walk around. Take a nice long walk for an hour. You’ll reorient. It’ll come back to you.”

“Why do you do it?” you say.

“Do what?”

“Sell this trip.”

“Oh,” she says. “Why does a travel agent book a vacation for a client? We’re in that business.”

You turn toward the exit. The sun is shining outside. People are walking past the doors.

You take a deep breath and leave the theater.

The street is surging with crowds. The noise is thunderous.

You notice you’re carrying a rolled up sheet of paper in your hand.

You open it.

It’s a non-disclosure agreement.

“If you return from your movie experience, you will not reveal or discuss, under penalty of law, anything about its nature, substance, or duration…”

You look at the sheet of paper, make up your mind, and it bursts into flames.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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62 comments on “COVID-19: a movie on the screen of life

  1. Piksil says:


    Thank you!

    And all this time I was thinking that “Plandemic” was the name of this movie.
    I am starting to realize I was wrong.

    And all this time I was thinking that this movie started around December 2019.
    I am starting to realize I was wrong.

    • Beata says:

      this is FOREVER movie. Always been and always will be. This is a life on this plane. For few who woke up on purpose it is FUNNY movie but one who woke up a little will see it HOPELESS. For others it is a FAKE movie for some even UNFINISHED movie. Each of us will purchase a ticket not once but again and again till one day we realize there is no movie at all, never been.
      ***someone like Jan Rappoport is helping us understand more each time we attend.

  2. Larry C says:

    I a bit of a film buff….but there’s gotta be popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn, grown locally, organically… hold the GMOs and Dicamba. Buckets of freshly popped corn, drizzled lightly with melted butter (unsalted, please for freshness), and then sprinkled with a bit of sea-salt, and maybe a light dusting of freshly ground pepper.

    If Fauci and Co. had made the slightest obeisance to us minions on their Nightly Mellerdrama (aka Fake News) with the slightest dollop of HOPE FOR POPCORN…well sir, I would have been a fawning disciple for life!


  3. From Elsewhere says:

    Movies end. They get people bored or plain tired. What happened in Germany, any convicted or at least resigned for the “mistake”? Merkel said 70% of people would get sick. Is she in chains? Would anyone be prosecuted, ever for the bad plot of the movie? Just a ticket refund doesn’t cut it!

    • Hayden Redwood says:

      They will get away with it as history shows no justice ever done. Except when death arrives


      Speaking of movies… take a look at THIS move. CEO’s sold at the top– and we’re now in what’s called a “distribution” phase where the they UNLOAD the falling stock on SUCKERS. I’ve seen legal justifcations that what they did was pefectly legal… but they all ought to be arrested in my opinion. Then give them sodium pentathol (truth serum… or beer does the same thing) and make them confess what they know.

        Speaking of movies… take a look at THIS move. CEO’s sold at the top– and we’re now in what’s called a “distribution” phase where the they UNLOAD the falling stock on SUCKERS. I’ve seen legal justifcations that what they did was “perfectly legal”… but they all ought to be arrested in my opinion. Then give them sodium pentathol (truth serum… or beer does the same thing) and make them confess what they know about this vax scam business. Jail them. Then… inject them with their own vaccine. See how they react. Interview them before and after. Post the interviews to youtube. That’s what I call justice. Gunsmoke Matt Dillon Justice.

        Take a look at when INSIDER Stephan Bancel sold his shares of his own company Moderana. Someone please arrest this prick. Thank you.

          We’re witnessing the riots lately but there are even more violent crimes being committed by the Moderna corporation. Moderna is pushing a vax with no peer reviewed studies. In any sane ordinary world that I’m personally from, we oldsters called this science FRAUD. This is arrestable, convictable and jailable.

          In February 2016, an op-ed in Nature, criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology, unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies, and compared its approach to that of the controversially failed Theranos.[12] In September 2018, Thrillist published article titled, “Why This Secretive Tech Start-Up Could Be The Next Theranos”,[23] criticizing its reputation for secrecy and the absence of scientific validation or independent peer-review of its research, though having the highest valuation of any U.S. private biotech company at more than $5 billion.[6][7] A former Moderna scientist told Stat: “It’s a case of the emperor’s new clothes. They’re running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that’s successful”.[6]

          • Slim Jim says:

            White-collar criminals always get away (unless they step on the wrong toes, that is).

            Even the IRS stopped prosecuting white-collar crimes, and instead chose to go after all the “little people”.

    • za ka lu says:

      can agree there is no remedy offered that ‘cuts it’=

      courts, as with all the system, is ‘their’ construct of artificial value—

      ‘they’ will never prosecute and convict themselves.

      their entire game is fluidly rigged

    • James Lunsford says:

      The people have been watching the shadow show since long before Socrates. They never get tired of leaving their thinking to others.

      As for paying for their crimes; people would have to leave their precious shadow show. Though once they left the cave, those cons would be forgotten by what they discover.

      • za ka lu says:

        agree james, very likely entirety of recorded as told ‘history’ is ‘plato’s cave’ shadow puppet show.

    • Invisible Man says:

      They will just claim the lockdowns worked, that all those people who would have died were saved because they successfully “flattened the curve.”

      They will claim that hypothetical 70 percent owe their lives to the government’s swift and decisive action.

      • Slim Jim says:

        Nothing different from within the USA.

        That is, without much notice to places which did NOT have lock-downs (like South Dakota, for instance).

        All a huge scare-fest, and a very profitable one to some.

    • MaidinAmerica says:

      Yes,even film buffs will look for a change of pace. I see over there across the street at the Uptown they have just opened a new showing on Hollywierd’s new pick: “Racisim Matters”. 50% of ticket prices will be donated to charity.

  4. Mos Craciun says:

    It is good that the sheet of paper did burn into flames , so that we could read your over 140 articles about the movie. Thank you !

  5. Blue Crab says:

    A blog about COVID-19 with links to articles, videos, books, and some personal comments.

    The texts are in Spanish. Google Translate does a pretty decent job when it translates to English, except for some words and expressions. And you can access the links which are mainly in English.

    SOME UPDATES ABOUT: Jon Rappoport, Bill Gates, Sara Cunial, John Magufuli, funeral directors in USA, Vaxxed 2 documentary, Dr Angel Gracia, face masks

  6. Ed says:

    Dear Jon, these days your writing is a painkiller for my soul.

    The only good thing about all this madness from the last 3 months was finding out about you and your work. It makes me feel I’m not alone: this is a huge relief, as I cannot feel sane anywhere else.

    My everyday “real” life is playing my insignificant part in this cheap B-Movie script I have to play, with that bloody mask on and trying to not having much trouble for being a rational human being… acting gets really tough as the movie keeps getting worse.

    I NEVER felt so disconnected from “reality” before. I guess many guys here feel this way. Adding a comment to your posts is like waving a flag that says “you’ve not defeated me yet, my mind still works”.

    Thanks again. Even if there’s an eventual internet blackout, censorship gets worse, of I cannot read your posts from my country, I will always be grateful to people with an honest, creative brain and a pair of balls like you.

      I have three balls. It’s true. I checked with a doctor once and he said my third ball was a harmless cyst. It’s never given me any trouble. However, I believe having three balls is consummate with my ability to write and to be truthful. I’ve never before heard of anyone else having more that a pair of balls. Until I just claimed it. I think I’m starting to like the idea of having “more balls” than the next guy.

      If they destroy the internet, don’t fret. I’m still of the opinion that internet is the hula hoop. If you don’t know hula hoop references, then look it up while the net is still up. In my opinion, the internet is still pretty crappy and I’d rather re-read a lot of my library and archive. But– things being the way they are– it’s nifty. Still don’t rely on it. Git a gun. Imagine fighting. Keep your nutrition and exercise routines up. And call your mom.

      • Slim Jim says:

        We can still create our own internet, if need be.

        There are plenty of hardware hackers who can make it happen. (Ever heard of “Mesh-nets”?)


        Books don’t require internet, and neither do they batteries!

    • Rachel says:

      I, too, have found solace in Jon’s work, along with most of the people who comment. And while I would rather have a different path, at least I am left knowing not all was truly lost even when they take what’s left away.

    • Greg C. says:

      The great commandment is: we must all belong to the same reality. That is why the scattered writings Jews and followers of Jesus had to be agglomerated into one book. And they are supposed to represent one truth. It is why medicine has to be standardized by law, and education too. It’s time we say this is madness. We know now it is madness – anyone who can pretend that nothing is seriously wrong is as crazy as Norman Bates.

      It is a good thing to be disconnected from reality. To feel disconnected as a negative thing is just the remnant of years of training. Learn to feel it as a positive thing. Change your beliefs at least once a week, or on alternate days. Get accustomed to the arbitrariness of beliefs. You don’t have to wake up each day the same person as you were yesterday – that’s like wearing the same clothes every day.

      All of us are in a prison of our own making to one degree or another. That prison is – “Be the same!” It is what makes life more dreary with each passing year – the monotony of it all. Break free.

      • Slim Jim says:

        “It is why medicine has to be standardized by law, and education too.”

        Uh, and just WHOSE “laws” would be the great standardizer? ? ? – If you meant “God’s law” (or, “Natural Law”), I could see agreement, but another man’s “law” I take serious issue.

        A Nation is not defined by its “laws”, but by its People.

  7. scooter says:

    Movies in the Matrix. Sounds redundant. Speaking of the Matrix…
    Blue Pill People

    • Slim Jim says:

      All this talk of taking the “Red Pill, Blue Pill” yada, yada, yada.

      Human beings did far better before there ever were any “pills”. I say, sack the “pill salesmen” – and then tar-and-feather them outta here.

  8. Larry C says:

    Coming Attractions:

    Booker T. Jones ~ “PROGRESS”

  9. za ka lu says:

    * A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.”

    starting perhaps in say ancient sumer–

  10. za ka lu says:

    huxley’s ‘fealies’


    “Covid-19” is just “Pandemic I”. The sequel, “Pandemic II”, comes in 4 or 5 years maybe. And it is about a bio-terror attack. They are already promoting it.

    We are trapped in a succession of nightmarish movies. This particular one affects us more because of the lost of freedom. And so we need to be more clear an incisive exposing the plot. And we need more people on our side.

    By the way, great dreamlike article. I don’t know how Rappoport manages to write one of these fine and long pieces every day.

    The first part of Jon’s piece above was about the German exposee. THAT to me was the attention grabber. Or did you get in Jon’s dream? Yeah, likely. But go back and look at this…


    “The report was the initiative of a department of the interior ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge [of] the ‘Protection of critical infrastructures’.”

    “Some of the [leaked] report key passages are:
    * The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.

    * The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).

    * Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.

    * The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.

    * A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.”


    That alone is worth Jon’s post today. If you drill down on each point there, it’s stunning. F

    • Piksil says:


      Was going to post a comment earlier, after reading just that first part, but decided to read the entire post.

      ‘They’ have already moved on, in my opinion.

      Now it’s the ‘G. F. Memorial Riots’, with a dash of covid condiments (I’ll take mine on the side, please). And don’t forget that this weeks special is a scary hurricane season! (Free while supplies last!) Throw in a (painful) Joe Biden comment for dessert. (I wonder how many takes they do til he gets the script right…it’s sad).

      So, I used to wonder when ‘Plandemic II, The Sequel’ was going to be released to theaters nationwide (worldwide).

      I now think it will just be part of the same movie, along with one or more vaccines. As Jon alluded to in yesterday’s post, the hundred years of deception.

      Time to focus on getting the ducks in a row.

        Only in the past week has my toilet paper panic subsided enough for me to scout around my house to witness the results of the fear I’ve been subjected to, which seemed quite justified at the time. My storage room I used for these things is jam packed to the ceiling with all brands of these products, including the blue AutoZone cleaning towels I thought might substitute for PT if needed. I likely have enough paper for at least 3 to 6 months. Only now am I going through Toilet Paper Panic Withdrawal, TPPW. I haven’t looked into my pantry for weeks where I was stashing canned goods for awhile.

        It seems “they” are giving us a little breather in between their planned upheavals. It’s kind of nice of them I think. I feel the Stockholm Syndrome kicking in. There are paper products at the grocery stores, the meat shortage seems to be more in the news than evident at the market. And we’re being told that the riots have become less violent. Thank God for all that. And even though I don’t own stock, it’s nice to see that the DOW is rising toward 30K again for the wealthy. Deep breath here. The weather has turned a bit cooler here in Phoenix. The birds are having fun in the slight breeze. And I had a plumbing job completed so my kitchen drain works again. The masks people wear are getting more playful with different patterns and colors which is a good sign I think (sarcasm). I listened to Louis Armstrong sing What a Wonderful World last night on Coast to Coast…. I wonder if this is what it’s like to be driven “mad”? …We can’t really “feel” ourselves going mad– it just happens until one day until remember what it was like 3 months ago…

  13. Pete Summers says:

    Hi Jon Rappoport,
    Your articles are stimulating and informative to say the least.
    Slightly off topic- apologies for this!
    I have not watched plandemic yet. I have an aversion to Dr Mikovits claim that HIV was isolated by Montagnier since characterisation did not correlate with that of Gallos i.e. not isolated. Indirect methodology aside they did not conclusively prove isolation nor did they follow gold standards conforming as close as possible to koch’s postulated guidelines.
    Since Mikovits bases her premise on what I regard to be a false premise I have to question her authenticity.
    There appears to be confusion sewn and possibly this is the intent!
    It would be interesting to know what your analysis of her part in this is.
    Kind regards

    • Madness says:

      I agree. She is pushed to the foreground now but I feel the same. I can’t trust in anyone who keeps up the virus legend. Distraction. As long as it lives we are ‘redirected’ to notice the real danger. Sometimes I have the feeling that even the Gates vaccine is a distraction. Because they were too open about it, and because they don’t need it to control and kill us. The virus legend another distraction.

      Watch this, this is the real danger, and also this is the subject we are not allowed to speak. With this tech, they don’t need vaccines. And we know so LITTLE about what they can do with it. And we underestimate it, seriously in my opinion. Still a kind of shocked what they can do with it.

      • Piksil says:

        Thanks Madness!

        Over a year old too, and references to economic and societal collapse. It looks like we are already marked by nanoparticles. You’re right, we won’t NEED a vaccine. (But there’s still a crap-ton of money to be made by developing, manufacturing, and distributing a vaccine. Not to mention ‘caring’ for the side effects.)

        I’m so glad we’ve had this planedemic to derail that 5 gee talk…..wait, these riots will derail that 5 gee talk…..wait…..

        These ‘people’ in government, and especially in the agencies that are supposed to protect us, need to go. It would be nice if they would just disappear of their own accord, but I doubt they have consciences.
        But they need to go. All of them.

        Nice video, thank you for the link.

  14. Beata says:

    Jon you are brilliant. What you wrote here is a 100% true. Thank you for your work.

  15. Lea says:

    Mr. Rappoport.

    I’m wondering whether “Dr”. Fauci and crew are “suffering” from Munchausen disease by proxy multiplied by several billion.
    Just a theory.

    Thanks for all your great writing.

  16. Truth-Hurts says:

    Would request any reader to translate this report …it is in German! Post it in different blogs…we need this to rally the people who have been skeptical of the whole nonsense as more than a flu.

  17. maria says:

    I’m not sure that we can escape this mind trap.

    The on-going struggle between people has always been for command. Then there are more ambitious people who want xclusive use of other people. Clearly it is a farming /milking system that is run here where a few dominator types basically extracting energy, i.e. labor – from others and hold their lawless attitudes in place by using tricks. This ‘farming community’ rides the resulting misery and needs ‘uniformity’and compliance from the sheep. The have sheep-dogs well trained to come running when whistled for at herding time, to round up sheep for slaughter. Farmer does not want to have to do any work himself. The dogs do it for him policing the herds in return for food and staying on the right side of farmer’s abusive character. That’s like many of the working soldiers and police ‘force’ out there on the battlefront against they know not what.
    It is so ugly that this system is practiced here on earth and never seems to get gotten rid of.

    We all know about this hideous system. We come up against it all the time.

    ‘They will love their Servitude’.
    Aldous Huxley warned long ago of ‘herd intoxication’ and the coming establishment of a ‘scientific dictatorship’ organized by self-aggrandizing decision makers, off their heads on power (and cocaine). The rest are forever willingly shepherded to places in the mind where the free will and innate moral conscience of each human is nullified.

    This is the system in place here. And it always works.
    A kind of twisted psychological game where the loser gets impotence and stays in the slave class until he learns how to be cruel.

    The xcluders have always succeeded in throwing humanism to the dogs. They keep things tense. Now they’ve got ways of replacing what’s left in people’s thoughts with fake ‘smartness’ to bring their ugly dreams into other people’s reality. And we get a detached or ruined imagination.

    Human liberty is not a failed ideal.
    But there is an insoluble problem there and that is that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. There doesn’t seem to be a way in which we can all have our own free space without taking it away from others.
    We end up accepting a ‘liberty’ that means total mastership for a minority and slave function for the rest. Digesting somebody’s hellish recipe for the ‘collective’ palate.

    The hyper-active people seem to lead others where they don’t want to go.
    Elon Musk – as just one example – he’s let loose to contaminate space as far as I can see. At the same time he’s doing that he’s also busy drilling tunnels through Earth with no hindrance to his Will. Is anyone able to touch his godlike status and ask what the consequences of his pride might be for those living below his satellites and rockets and wishes? After all it’s just the one world here for every body.
    But he’s just one of many ‘free’ men.

    Isn’t it so that true freedom can only be the freedom to avoid the consequences of other people’s actions?
    How can that be made possible?

    • Greg C. says:

      I admire Elon Musk because he takes outlandish ideas and makes them work. He has trained himself to be indifferent toward failure. We could all stand to learn that it’s no stigma to fail at something. Elon Musk is not the normal corporate type. What he produces comes out of his imagination, and not the collective corporate hive mind. His predecessors were Howard Hughes and Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s no accident that all of these men were a bit disconnected from reality. They didn’t have it all together, so to speak. In that sense, they were genuine. They were not self-made men in personality – they focused their energies on their work, not on creating a mask, a persona, or a personal legacy. They were not after power or personal achievement. They just enjoyed building big things. Donald Trump is of the same ilk. His past career was building big things. Like Musk, he is ignorant about the way things ought to be done, the traditions, what everyone knows is possible. He doesn’t care about that. Yes, he still plays the political game – just as Musk plays the corporate game – but he plays it in ways that the rule makers never intended.

      We don’t need greatness or perfection, we need quirky uniqueness. We need for people to be themselves, and our leaders too.

      • Eluard says:

        Greg, admire Musk all you want, but he’s in the same house as Gates, only different rooms. He’s already put up hundreds of satellites above us, for what? Something great for humanity? Or more surveillance and 5G radiation? He’s also looking to put a total of over 40,000 of those things up there. Did we all collectively say “yes, please Mr. Musk fill the night sky with your spy satellites connecting to all the 5G poles right outside our windows” ? No, I don’t think we did, or I missed that meeting.

        Musk is also into that Neuralink mind-machine meld. Just because someone is a genius and tweets out what appear to be “woke” ideas, means nothing. This is not a person on the side for the future of human freedom.

        • Greg C. says:

          Eluard, you could be right. I don’t know anything about the dark side of Musk, if there is one. My comments were limited strictly to his innovations.

      • Slim Jim says:

        Yeah, and Elon Musk wants his say in how humanity is to be run (into the dirt, and merged with machines). – NO THANK YOU!

        Elon Musk is just as bad as George Soros, Bill Gates, Marc Rich, and the rest of decrepit lot. The world doesn’t need them, and would do well better without them!

      • maria says:

        Problem’s always the reality created. And revving up an already lively situation with power boosts.
        And the narrative that gets established. And the direction that runs off in.

        I don’t think my puzzle is the persons as such but my relationship to what is happening.
        Especially in the context of somewhat reckless destruction of the surroundings for many other life-forms that are living in their way. and enjoying their less dynamic, slower, possibly more reflective non-influential lives. Still evolving. Slowly.

        It’s really hard to say.

      • Madness says:

        As Maria wrote, we have the same Earth. There is just one. Who the hell authorized him to put so many garbage to the space? Now they sent up 60 / every two weeks. And they started with 66, just telling…
        No safety tests, nothing. Last year the weather forecast complained that their satellites don’t work properly any longer. What about airplanes and their safe flights?
        He is pushing the AI legend, the new god, fitting their technocrat nightmare. They even tell that BENEVOLENT AI. And as many people are so stpid (sorry) it’s easy to train the seeple to this direction. No such thing that benevolent artificial intelligence, because ARTIFICIAL and that tells everything. Especially nit with this evil people. They teach their AIs, no such thing that creative AI because you have to be a living thing to be creative. A raven can be creative using the cars on the road to broke the shell of a nut, a rat can be creative. An AI never.
        I am sick of this technocrat BS. I love animals, I grew up on Attenborough’s series, I can a kinf of talk with animals (I know it sounds nut, and I don’t know how I do it, they somehow understand me if I am honest and speak with respect, maybe my brain or ‘radiation’, if I feel happy, very rare, animals I never met before will come to me).
        Anyway, my favorite marine animals are dying because their stpd radars, bees lost their way, birds dropping dead – I am fed up! To me Musk is just like Gates, mad, irresponsible megalomaniac messing with every living things because he can do it. I am not religious, like not belong to any human’ interpreted religion. But if I ever would believe in the satan Gates, Musk, Rockefeller would be it. These people are evil and mad. Risking us all.

  18. Robert Chandler says:

    Simply the most honest and brilliant mind in today’s world of nonsense
    , keeps this soul nurtured

  19. scooter says:

    So, who is this ‘philanthropist’ that wants to help the world find a vaccine, out of the kindness of his heart?

    Who controls the Gates family?

  20. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Here in my corner of the deep south the stores and medical places insist on masks for employees but the consensus is to roll the eyes and make believe it,lest others are insulted….in short, let’s pretend so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings!!
    The genuinely fearful seem to be the Starbucks generation of 40-60 year old secularists who keep Public radio on all day…thy are loyal to all tech and its modern demi-gods. I wasn’t surprised that in the film Vaxxed the “perfect” parents of that age ignored the warnings of boomer relatives and got so many vaccinations for their “perfect” babies…being so dreadfully hurt by it.
    This is the age group everywhere I see in designer masks even alone in their cars with windows up…so sad.

    • Slim Jim says:

      This means the programming was successful.

      You’d be lucky to see a mere 10-15 % be completely wide awake to this nonsense. Hmmmm. All it takes, is a majority to agree with the “recommendations”, and then put pressure on the recalcitrant minority, and voila – you have a controlled, “self-policing” society (just like with the old East Germany).

  21. Keith says:

    Jon, may I get the source for the data of 1.5mil dying in the 2017/18 flu pandemic?

    Many thanks.

  22. Slim Jim says:

    As Elvis Presley intoned in his song, “Are You Lonely . . .”:

    “The world is a stage, and everyone plays a part.”

    I still hear those words reverberating in my mind!

    This well-written piece was a real Crowning touch! So apropos too.

    The “media” is playing us all on a huge stage act. I tried waking up fellow citizens for years on this very fact alone. It’s simply AMAZING how many people will even get close to violent, in their strenuous defense of this whole farago! ! ! Most people just want to believe in something, even IF it is an utter falsehood.

      Slim, the people we see on nightly “news” propaganda are paid lackies of the powers that be including Rockefeller and Soros. Notice that the “press” never “interviews” (has a conversation with) them. My fave thing to watch for are the WATER BOTTLES that are supplied… as are the bags and pails of bricks. And there are no porta johnnies so we know that the MSM are simply mediating a PEFORMANCE. Hundreds or thousands of protesters need to EAT, SLEEP and perform BODY FUNCTIONS. Where do we see evidence of follow up on that? Nowhere. Therefore, it’s ALLLLL fraud. All of it. It’s LEGALIZED LYING. Trump is only partly correct about FAKE MEDIA because it’s ULTRA fake media. NOTHING can be verified. There are no timestamps, locations, cross-examinations. It’s the “new Broadway”.

  23. Madness says:

    To people from UK, please help to make a precedent if you agree with it, and sorry, I don’t use social media to spread the world. To stop 5G.

    Who is this man:

    Another opinion about 5G, satellites, AI and the danger of radiation from someone who worked for the UN:

    The more I read the more I am sure that we seriously underestimate this aspect of the process, what is happening with us now and why. Everything is about it. It’s a weapon and we are already targeted. Don’t believe me but please check. And Dear Jon, could you check it, too if you have the time? Just because after seeing these our conversations, problems with fake pandemics, riots, lockdown … as if ants discussing news in the shade of the foot of an elephant which is closer and closer with every day! They sped up, 60 new satellites in every two weeks and who knows how many more stuff of 5G invisibly in street lights, manholes and so. No joke, two sources, professionals, same info.

    And my apologies…

      Madness… don’t fret. Satellites are a hoax. See

      All 5G and other microwaves and radio waves are directed by triangulation on a flat earth using antennas of various heights and strengths. There is no outer space for satellites. The SpaceX flying objects we’ve been seeing are high altitude aircraft. I saw them myself about a month ago over Phoenix. Combinations of radar triangulation and aircraft perpetrate the 5G coverage. I forgot the name of the company that advertises on Sunday morning tv talk shows about their aircraft coverage. PLUS most of our connections are through undersea cable. No “outer space” required. Total hoax. Hard to believe I know. Can’t deal with it in Jon’s blog.

      • Madness says:

        Hi Rick,
        hope you look back to read.
        You can be right – I mean in such a mad world anything is possible – but I doubt, please forgive me. Only because it is not just Steele who talked about it in that little documentary of Sasha Stone I linked earlier but Claire Edwards, too. She is an ex UN worker and she is behind the international campaign to stop 5G. And she also talked about satellites as a great worry, too many object in the space.
        My conclusion so far that why not? Maybe not directly but to work together with the rest of G. If we use satellites for weather forecast, cell phones, navigation – why not?
        As little as I understood – as the 5G part is very complex – it will work together with street lamps, they put it in manholes. But I shall check the link you wrote, thank you.
        And I am totally freaked out because of it. It was a co-incidence it turned out but I am certainly EMS hypersensitive. I am positive because whenever I was away on place where there was hardly any or very little I miraculously recovered, when I came back all of the symptoms started again.
        I saw freshly implemented lights to places where there is absolutely no need it, while the council doesn’t bother to fix the roads, they put new traffic boards where they are not needed, they are interestingly low, close to the earth and have light on the top, all. They’ve just did something with manholes in my area, so badly they are above the ground with 10 cms or so. And as I told, meantime they don’t bother to fix the road, it is in a terrible condition. I found news, last Dec, our little town was planned to be one of the first. Whenever I go closer to the new antennas I have vertigo, long hours, very bad, can’t do a thing. Before the EMS shading I started to have it at home, quite often in the last couple of months, this year. And what happened with my kittens. I think this problem is very real and very dangerous to everyone, maybe a bit slower but we all will be affected, children especially, small pets especially.
        5G must be stopped but I am full with fear that for us it can be too late. And can’t move, we have no one or no where to go.

  24. Hannah Nyberg says:

    My job: deliver fresh & frozen meat from the midwest. There never was a meat shortage; the Smithfields, Tysons have a good 6 months of deep frozen(-20F). I asked about it on Easter Sunday, when the Smithfield in Sioux Falls got shut down. All was well,so long as you didn’t watch the TV.
    Also, a driver may travel through 5 states in any given week; my company never “commanded” us to wear the face diaper(slave muzzle). Before there was Tony Fauci, I, and I suspect most of my generation, knew that wearing the paper mask did absolutely nothing good, for the wearer or anyone in his immediate vicinity. Evidently “Dr.” Fauci couldn’t make up his own mind regarding the muzzle. Again, all is well.
    Bottom line: refuse to comply with stupidity, and it helps to use all those manners Mama taught to pull it off. 🙂
    Learn who and where your local butcher is; he will probably know where the raw milk is, and just look around to see where the farmers’ markets are.
    Gardening is a pleasant and rewarding pastime. 🙂

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