The “hot zone” theory of new frightening diseases

by Jon Rappoport

May 28, 2020

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Remember? There was a 1994 book by that name— and then “experts” began piling on—it went something like this:

“Out of the deep dark rainforests of Earth (cue sounds of native drumming), as a result of modern plane travel, viruses we’ve never encountered before will spread epidemics across the globe. Our immune systems, ill-equipped to recognize or deal with these strange killer germs, will fold up under the pressure, and all of civilization will be threatened with extinction.”

Aside from, “I’m still waiting,” what can be said about this assertion?

Let’s see. Since planes fly back and forth, and since all sorts of Westerners travel to the rainforests, why haven’t we seen whole native tribes wiped out by viruses from the deep dark streets of Brooklyn?

It would even seem that viruses, common in, say, Norway, would cause trouble in Oregon.

Why does it have to be “viruses from jungles?” Or other faraway places like China? Why can’t we have the Second City Virus, emanating from a slaughterhouse in Chicago and infecting people in Nigeria? Why can’t we have a Big Easy virus from New Orleans traveling to Beijing?

Perish the thought, but is it possible that jungles and Africa and China are typically chosen for virus fairy tales because, in the minds of many Westerners, they satisfy a requirement of “strange,” “different,” “primitive,” and so on? We’re talking theater here—and when you stage a propaganda play (fiction), you want to tap into the reflex instincts of the audience. The Hartford Virus, the Des Moines Virus, the Vancouver Virus just don’t fit the bill.

Because they can’t drive up the fear that jungles or Africa or China can.

Unless you’ve been living in an ice cave in the Arctic, you know selling fear of THE VIRUS is big business. To do that, you have to strike the right notes.

I personally would be interested in a Beverly Hills or a Scarsdale or a Park Avenue epidemic virus story. I’d like to see the media try to sell that one.

What about a Bill Gates Seattle virus that some Patient Zero unknowingly carries on a plane flight to Mexico City?

Think it through. We NEVER hear killer virus stories about germs traveling from Europe and America to Asia and Africa. Why not? Because such a story won’t sell. It won’t bite.

This is called a clue.

It tells you that virus-stories are shaped and managed and written and managed and broadcast according to a plan that has nothing to do with actual disease.

If a monkey in Africa can bite a man and thus transmit a virus to the West, then a salesman in Duluth can sneeze on a man at a local airport and thus send a virus to Ethiopia.

But amazingly, through secret communication among viruses, it never happens that way. The germs have decided what the traffic pattern is, and the CDC and the World Health Organization are just discovering What Is.

Sure they are. And if you buy that, I have condos for sale on the far side of the moon.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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29 comments on “The “hot zone” theory of new frightening diseases

  1. Madness says:

    And there is more. Many people live with pets, some even with exotic ones. If any virus just so easily can mutate and jump to people shouldn’t we have noticed it? Ask any owners, we never caught anything from pets.

    And they bold enough to claim that even COVID has 20 mutations or more, already. Wow, how quick to mutate…

    Another little piece of info, you might find interesting.
    When we were new in the UK we heard a legend about that everyone who went there got a very bad flu after 2-3 weeks (not earlier, not later). We thought it was a legend but happened with us, too. We thought back then that it was probably because of the many airports, many people travelling from different parts of the world. But then why 2-3 weeks? Previously I spent there 5 days – nothing happened, I didn’t went sick during that time or later after I arrived back.

    Because it – again – never was a virus. I guess it was the fluoride in the drinking water or other environmental poisoning. Poisoning do cause flu like symptoms, and ‘flu’ is the process of our body to get rid off poisons.

    • Erika says:

      Actually, the way harmless viruses from animals passes to humans is not through the skin but through the digestive tract, which is in fact a pivotal part of the immune system.

      Living with animals does not cause diseases and contagions- eating them does,consuming animal flesh so that their viruses mutate in the human gut..

      Cancer, heart dsease, diabetes, etc and flus, SARS, Covid 19 etc etc
      caused by diet.

        I haven’t seen this theory before. I believed in MAD COW DISEASE however. And when I eat bad food I get diarreha which might be a bacterial problem. To say Covid is caused by diet is new to me. Reference? Thanks.

      • Plamen says:

        Don’t tell me. You’re a vegan?

      • Madness says:

        Sorry, but it is something I’ve never experienced. As Rick mentioned, if we eat something off, already in the process in recycling via bacteria we end up with bacteria poisoning aka. food poisoning.
        The so called virus infections come from poisoning labelled as virus rather than admitting that the food was poisoned with too much fertilizer, pesticides and so on. Have you heard about the Spanish oil aka tomato case? 1000 died but they didn’t admit the truth. Maybe not the best example in the meaning that they blame oil instead of a virus but they cover that the tomato, the real cause was poisonous due that they wanted to harvest 3 times.

        That’s they always do, lobby and business before safety. But as viruses as tiny that even the process like how they infect or multiply can’t be seen even under an electron-microscope they are very handy to blame.

        Those living animals bold enough to chew my food or drink into it behind my back and I probably not always notice. 🙂 We never got anything from them. In fact they are the best testers. If I am not sure about the quality of the meat I ‘ask’ my cats. If it is junk meat or off they won’t touch – neither we after that. 🙂

      • Madness says:

        Sorry Erika, I forgot, to the cancer and other diseases part.
        Than what is the explanation that cancer was relatively unknown back then? I have a family who ate normally (omnivores, meat part of the diet) none of them got cancer, the oldest is 91 now and still quite healthy and active.

        It’s not the meat, but the quality of it, junk-meat, animals raised on GM and so. Also the so preferred oils. In human history we never consumed so much oil as when we chew a couple of almond it is not like to poor almond oil 3 times a day to some salad. Oils easily can go rancid and can cause cancer, heart disease. In my country elevated level of heart diseases started when people were persuaded to use oil for cooking instead of animal fat. And animal fat has a coding role. You’ll never end up heart disease due to consuming organic animal fat but oils.

        There was a book, not sure I remember the title well but I found it in a pdf form and with free reading on a cell phone, maybe Fat Bible?

        One of the biggest lie of the present medical mafia is their advice that what to eat and how to eat. You need that cholesterol and if you don’t eat it, your body will overproduce it as being in ‘shock’ because of the lack of it. Aged 50+ my cholesterol problem and bad circulation all went away when I realized it and switched back to animal fat. Raw milk, raw butter, using lard, goose fat or duck fat for cooking, only in 3 months my circulation recovered and never have cold feet or legs (despite that I smoke a lot).

    • michael burns says:

      Ever heard of weldedsr flu. or zinc flu…

    • Rtp says:

      People often get sick when they go on holidays because illness is a healing phase after a period of stress/trauma.

  2. Brett Morgen says:

    I always ask what’s the name of the person from China (or Italy, or whatever place they lie about where the “virus” came) who brought the “virus” to the U.S.? What flight did he take? What’s the name of the person he gave the “virus” to?

    Liars response: Oh that’s just silly! How are we supposed to know who actually spread the “virus”? Names are too specific! We just know it “spread” from China because we watched the movie Outbreak and the movie Contagion!

    What an utterly despicable lying hoax campaign being carried out mostly by scared, mainstream media addicted enforcer sheep.

    By the way, parents who are willing to strap a muzzle to their kids’ face for 6 hour school sessions are child abusers.

    • za ka lu says:

      vicious liars that will never come clean. Corrupted in spirit, mind and body are these usurpers of natural tangible value.

    • Free 723 says:

      Well said.

      With the vast majority of US mainstream media being Democrat loving and Democrat politik being all about the endless “Nanny State” (ie. obnoxiously authoritarian Big Government, dictating every minutia of how people can live their own lives) it is not surprising that the “utterly despicable lying hoax campaign” (bravo!) being propagated by that Democrat loving press is then “being carried out mostly by scared, mainstream media addicted enforcer sheep” (who are most often Democrat loving, due the Democrat loving nature of the mainstream press they worship).

      It is therefore perhaps no surprise that the “virus” is over 3-fold more “deadly” in Democrat controlled states (ie. 3-fold and higher fraud on death certificates in Democrat controlled states):

      The common link, of course, being killer air pollution, which has been the case long-term in the urban areas of all top five “deaths per capita” states in the USA (all Democrat controlled). Just as Brazil (whose deaths due “virus” are now rapidly climbing) also has killer air pollution:

      As Jon has repeatedly written about in the recent weeks, Jim West has some of the best available research on the correlation between killer air pollution and “virus” deaths:

      Interesting to note that Republican voters are buying the lies far less readily than Democrat voters:

      It proves that paying too much attention to mainstream media does indeed significantly increase the chances of being a controllable fool (with those fools being willing participatnts in the new fascism of the “masked herd”, who blindly attack intelligent people capable of using their own intelligence about these matters, all based on their own unhandled fear).

  3. From Elsewhere says:

    This is simple. Because it is true. Therefore, so much money and so many people are involved in the public web of lies, with so much force: media, authorities, doctors, experts, patients. Here and there, a beam of light to remove the darkness. A tiny drop of light is enough to obliterate the deepest darkness. Jon is one such beam of light, thank you. Another one is here:

    The liars feed on fear and greed, using the weapons aimed at our basic needs: security and health. But they failed! Truth prevails always, even if it takes more time than we have patience…

  4. Kevinm says:

    Jones, you keep going back in time. Ok ok, we get it.
    The question is; what are individuals going to do about it collectively?

    People can go back in time and lament their divorces and what events happened to them but why? Why continue to beat a dead horse?

    Move forward. Good grief.

    • Laura says:

      Who’s this “we”?
      It takes changing people’s minds to get enough people on board to “move forward.” That’s what writers like Jon and other content creators do. The Gates scumbags have the majority for now; the correct side cannot win without shifting that majority over. Then that overwhelming “collective” can get the job done. If you’re tired of reading Jon’s articles, why not do something else you consider more effective? (Since you seem to believe you cannot do both.)

      • Kevinm says:

        I for one get it.
        I get cdc and who lie, and gave been lying.
        I get that the testing is bogus and the death counts as well.

        Just like I got it that 19 so called hijackers did not pull off 911 with Osama. I got that Saddam did not have
        WMD’s, and Osama was not killed and buried at sea, but I bet you cheered on to invade Iraq illegally under a pack of lies.

        I for one…DO get it. It’s far past time to move onward.
        People in the USA claim to be woken up / spreading the word……for how many years now???

        • za ka lu says:

          it is time for ACTION, severe relations with the beast usurping tangible value in every way possible–

          this ‘reporting’ in many ways assists the roll out of ‘their’ agenda–‘the method’ of making manifest all that is hidden–

          reporting on, or ‘revealing’ this is that or that was this or he did this or…is participating in the plan–a subplot role in the psycho-drama

          Michael Hoffman explains it well here;

          Only way to win ‘their’ game is not to play.

          Why honor what is absolutely dis-honorable? ie; the entire SYSTEM.

        • Laura says:

          Kevinm: There are many others outside of you who do not get it yet. They can come here and learn some things. Anyhow, feel free to move onward, of course. Jon’s or anyone else writing articles and such should not stand in your way. Why even come here, to a blog full of exposé articles, if there are more effective things you could be doing? Or do you need Jon (or his readers) to take some smarter, more forceful action with you? And what might that action be? Exposing lies and CREDIBLY informing people IS a necessary action. Those that are tired of it, like yourself, probably should move on and let others, newcomers, be awakened…without thinking they have to be 9/11 truthers or anything else, to resist the covid sham.

  5. za ka lu says:

    the tales of disease ravaging the peoples here when Columbus/Europeans arrived quite possibly are lies too. If was more than outright slaughter, it may very well have been poisonings–
    So the ‘virus’ lie has been around for a very long time.

    End Compliance, there is NO consenting agreement!

    These heinous liars offer NO remedy, there is no correction through their rigged SYSTEM, courts, voting, country, STATE, county, medicine, $, on and on and on—

    They are DECEIVERS through and through, and are willing and adamant on LYING boldface looking us straight in the eye, forever!!

    Recognize there is NO valid JOINDER now or EVER! Their play is to devastate, exploit, harm, enslave, deceive, usurp tangible natural existence into artificial, absolutely detrimental to man and earth.

  6. Laura says:

    “Brentwood Virus Disease (BVD????) has passed another Grim Milestone, everyone, so self-isolate, wear your pool noodle hat, hunker down, muzzle up, and keep those hands clean!” Hmmm, somehow that just doesn’t muster up the ever-lovable mindless hysteria and braindead self-righteousness. Hahahaaah! This was a great one, Jon.

  7. Pft says:

    Since the Special Virus Cancer Program was established in 1964 the Virus Hunters were sanctioned with unlimited Federal Funds to find, modify and unleash viruses on the population for the purpose of population control. Especially after the NCI and Armys Biowarfare labs merged following Nixons declaring a War on Cancer and halting Biowarfare research (except for defensive measures which meant finding new viruses for vaccine development) . The NCI gave way to the NIH after HIV as the War on AIDS replaced the War on Cancer in priority.

    Fauci was the general of the War on AIDS and promised a vaccine in 2 years. Pffft. Milked that cow for over 15 years. The Vaccine industry, evolved in tandem , exploding with Reagan/Fauci 1986 Vaccine Act giving makers no liability. They formed a public private partnership that exists today between the Virus Producers (merger between the Hunters and Makers) and the Virus Protectors (Big Pharma) funded by DARPA, USAMRIID, NHS, NIAID , and Gates . FDA and CDC handle licensing/marketing of vaccines/meds and academic scientists join the party with licenses of patents derived from the government /Gates funded /research.

    Fauci came around just as HIV/AIDS , ME/CFS , Hep B was exploding. For some unexplained reason he thwarted any exploration into the viral cause of ME/CFS which some called non-HIV AIDS. Perhaps because both viruses were transmitted via vaccines? I don’t know. But surely the public would see through 2 naturally occurring pandemic viruses occurring at the same time, so he insisted it was all in their head.

    Then followed Lyme (bacteria), Zika, Ebola, SARS, MERS, H5N1, mad cow disease (prions), ASF (poor Babe) , COVID. And a bunch of new Herpes viruses (HHV-6,7,8) . Oh joy. All of them opportunities for money, money, money.

    The current CDC Director worked on AIDS vaccines in the 1990’s and accused by a military oversight agency of falsifying vaccine trial data/results in Phase I trials. Investigation was whitewashed and went nowhere, and the vaccine went nowhere as well after Congress forked over an additional 20 million for a Phase II Trial that failed under heightened scrutiny

    So now we move on to the War on COVID. Check out Locksteps Rockefeller Foundations latest proposal

    Fought with not only vaccines but Army’s of Vaccine Tracers who in certain states can storm your home and remove your kids to protect them from you, as you are infected with the VIRUS. Of course you are infected, the test with up to a 50% false positive rate (when universal testing is done in communities with low prevalence of disease 50% of positives will be false) says so. Your contacts must quarantine for 14 days, job or no job. Surgery needed or not. Hold off that Cancer treatment. Mandatory.

    The tracers will make sure everyone gets TESTED to keep COVID infection numbers high until a VACCINE can save us. DNA harvested from mandatory testing will be linked to your Digital ID and preserved in a DNA bank like Gates Doomsday Seed Bank, since like GMO seeds, human DNA will be changed by DNA changing vaccines, and they might want to repopulate if the experiment fails (at least those with cute looking or athletic DNA)

    I mean, what could go wrong? How about this prediction by a government intelligence group (Deagel) showing the US population going from 337 million to 100 million by 2025?

    But remember, if the vaccine goes wrong, no liability for those who made it or approved it.

  8. Hayden Redwood says:

    Nothing has changed humans being humans.

  9. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    here in Bordeaux pod people wear their pet muzzle with a surly spirit .
    We haven’t seen anything yet . Brace for impact …


  10. Larry C says:

    Note to the CDC and the World Health Organization: How am I supposed to watch your Pandemic on the nightly news WITH NO DAMNED POPCORN?!?!?

  11. Laura says:

    Pod people point and glare and shriek like banshees when they spot a real person…equal to anyone mask free or otherwise disobeying the “new normal” rules of today:
    Compare that with this: and this:

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