COVID-19 vaccination: what the plan looks like

by Jon Rappoport

May 26, 2020

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“Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.”

“The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology…”

“Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a ‘serious adverse event’ within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. Moderna…acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as ‘Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention’.”

“Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to ‘every person on earth’.” (Robert F Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense, May 22, 2020, “Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group”)

But who cares, right? Full steam ahead.

In many articles over the years, I‘ve provided evidence that vaccines are unnecessary, destructive, and useless. This article is about something else: how the planners are shaping their scheme for injecting a COVID vaccine into the bodies of the global population. The planners aren’t completely stupid, you know. They understand there will be problems. They understand many people will say NO.

Think of their scheme as an intelligence-agency operation. Their architects engage in many discussions; they lay out predictions; they consider options.

“What happens if we flat-out make the vaccine mandatory for everyone?”

Aside from awesome logistical problems, “mandatory for everyone” means the planners have no wiggle room. It becomes difficult to make adjustments in the face of public opposition. They’ve played their hole card from the get-go.

Heavy enforcement is possible, of course. Bring in the military. Go door to door. For years. Try to track down every refuser and hold them down and shoot them up. Overt police state.

“That could be a bad play. We actually incite more resistance and rebellion with our tactics.”

Trying to funnel eight billion people along a single path to a shot in the arm has serious drawbacks. This isn’t a low-budget sci-fi thriller on the big screen. The government doesn’t just snap its fingers and vaccinate 320 million people in America.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, they could offer a light suggestion that everyone take the COVID shot.

“That’s a loser. All our propaganda and preparation go to waste. We look like wimps. People aren’t going to line up like robots on the basis of a mere suggestion. They’re going to think the pandemic isn’t all that serious anymore. It’ll be like the flu shot. Lots of people will go for it, and lots of people won’t. No good.”

What might an in-between scenario look like—something in the middle.

Define CONDITIONS under which the vaccination is mandatory. Push that, along with heavy encouragement for all people to take the vaccine. Wall to wall propaganda on TV. Widespread shaming, targeting and outing refusers. The usual nonsense stories about people who didn’t take the vaccine and died, or spread the virus to others who died.

“If contact tracing reveals a person has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, he/she must be vaccinated, in order to protect the public. A person over 65 who has suffered from any one of several key illnesses must be vaccinated, as a precaution. All hospital and nursing home employees must be vaccinated. Travelers returning from the following locations must be vaccinated before re-entering the country…”

Even here, there will be problems. Too many conditions and the situation is too complex. The public can’t keep track of all the rules. Still, “we must make it work.”

Conditions plus CULTURE—that might be a winner. For example, enlist the assistance of employers and companies. Issue government rewards based on the vaccination rates of employees. Actively lean on employers to make their own tough rules about vaccinations for their workers. Lean hard.

“So, Bob, you’ve been working for us for twenty years. You’re a valued employee. I see you haven’t signed on to take the COVID vaccine. Last Tuesday, in the lunch room, you talked to Susie from accounting about possible dangers of the shot. We simply can’t have that, Bob. Now, I understand your questions about the vaccine. There are always questions. You have a choice to make. This is a free country. You can take the shot, or we can’t employ you…”

Unlike most of his fellow employees who eagerly opt for the shot, or fold at the first veiled threat, Bob sticks to his guns. He quits his job. Now, all his friends know he’s sacrificed a very good salary and the security of his family for some weird principles. Bob is a son a bitch. How could he do this to Kathy and the kids? Shun Bob. Don’t talk to him…”


“Dammit, I think Bob had every right to refuse the vaccine. But if we talk to him, what are our friends going to say? We love Bob, but we can’t take the chance…”

“Here at XXX CORP, all our people take the shot proudly. We want the community to know we’re in the lead in compliance. We support Governor Gargoyle and his team of public health experts. Our new contact tracing app has built in signals telling you when you’re at risk in certain neighborhoods. Visit our Facebook page and learn more.”

“Hi, I’m Dr. Julius Meng of the CDC. I want to tell you about a man named Carl. He refused the vaccine and infected his whole warehouse and we had to shut down the company. Right now, Carl is on a ventilator fighting for his life in a hospital…don’t be a Carl…”


“Did you know you can report certain people who actively refuse the vaccine? We can’t forcibly inject them [yet], but we can isolate them when necessary and protect the community. Go to our Facebook page and learn who you can report on and why…”

“We here at YYY Corp, all 32,000 of us, want to salute the nation’s contact tracers who are working to keep all of us safe. We know you’re out there protecting us 24/7. So we’re cutting your insurance premiums by 15 percent across the board, for the next six months, as a gesture of thanks. Remember, America, tracing leads to vaccinating, and that’s what we all need—immunity from the virus…”

“Leading our coverage tonight, the CDC has pinpointed three areas in Utah where vaccine refusal has climbed higher in recent weeks. Some estimates place it as high as ten percent. A breakaway church and its pastor have been blamed for spreading conspiracy theories. In accordance with federal conditions under which the COVID vaccine can be mandated, one of those areas has now been designated a ‘hot spot.’ Local border controls have been set up. Two clinics are prepared to receive people who have turned down the vaccine and are being placed in custody. We now go live to the ER at Buchen Hospital…”

Culture plus conditions.

Outing refusers? “In Houston, a group calling itself COVID Truth has leaked a public-health list of local residents who have so far refused to take the vaccine. Utilizing Facebook posts, 90 names have been exposed. Of course, medical privacy is an issue, but the majority of local citizens seem to be siding with COVID Truth…”

“Shocker. Word on the street is, a Chicago Catholic bishop is prepared to exercise ancient excommunication laws for any of his flock who actively promote refusing the COVID vaccine…”

Culture, plus conditions, plus local mandates. A state governor decides that all new applicants for restaurant business licenses must present a certificate of immunity obtained after vaccination. All hotel workers must receive shots. Schoolteachers must be vaccinated. State by state, piece by piece, a quilt is stitched together. It looks like improvisation (it’s supposed to), but state public health officials are carrying out confidential federal CDC orders to advise and lean on governors in specific ways.

“Today, three eastern states reached agreement limiting inter-state travel, deploying a wide-ranging series of highway checkpoints, where officers can demand certificates of immunity…”

“Two major airlines will accept passengers for out-of-state flights only after evidence of vaccination is presented…”

“The governor of Alabama has so far resisted all efforts to make COVID vaccination mandatory under any conditions for residents of the state. However, now, two major meat distributors have decided not to ship beef or pork to Alabama…”

Culture, conditions, local mandates, boycotts.

Of course, some planners will still want a federal order mandating the vaccine for EVERYONE. They want, first and foremost, a police state. They’ll do everything they can to cook, fake, and inflate case numbers and death numbers to attain their objective. Bill Gates and his minions definitely want to fake case numbers. One reason? When “adverse events” from the vaccine start piling up, they’ll need to label this horrific human wreckage “cases caused by the epidemic COVID virus.”

The president of the United States, whoever he is, will say, “We’re keeping a careful eye on reports and updates about the success of the vaccine, and new coronavirus cases. So far, we see no reason to issue a federal emergency order making the vaccine mandatory for everyone. We hope that will not change in the coming weeks and months. Contact tracing and testing are absolutely necessary…”

The underlying message is clear: If you want the right to refuse the shot, cooperate completely with contact tracing and get tested…and then we’ll see.

More culture, outing, sensationalism, celebrities:

“Tonight, New York City is on fire with the story of former weatherman, Fred Smith. A popular fixture for many years on several local channels, Fred left his last job a month ago, after refusing to take the COVID vaccine. His subsequent divorce made headlines in gossip outlets. Then it turned out Fred had also refused to get tested. This was too much for his two adult children. They made public statements distancing themselves from their father. His son Ben said, “I could barely understand why in the world dad wouldn’t take the vaccine. But when I found out he wouldn’t even get tested, I was completely in the dark. I didn’t want to speak to him anymore. I felt ashamed, devastated.” Well, tonight we have learned that Fred has gone missing. The police are searching for him. He may still be in the city, but no one is sure. From beloved figure to outcast, Fred Smith…a tragedy…”

The coronavirus working group, composed of people from CDC, WHO, NSA, FBI, and other agencies, keeps pushing. They present a new set of numbers to the president. He holds a press conference:

“Frankly, it pains me to say this, but we must institute two lockdowns of cities. Dayton, Ohio, and Boulder, Colorado, are showing a new wave of COVID cases. After consultation with the governors of those states, mandatory vaccination is in effect for five defined groups of residents in those cities. The governors will be releasing specifics tomorrow…”

National TV talk show:

“So, Jim, first of all, thank you for your service. You’ve been working as a contact tracer for a year. Can you tell us what you do?”

“Sure, Bill. Basically, I go door to door and interview people who’ve been in contact with people who are infected with the virus. I inform them. I tell them they’re at risk. I find out if they have symptoms. Many of them are surprised to learn there could be a problem. But I’ve also done a new training course. I can not only test these people, I can also vaccinate them.”

“That’s really terrific, Jim.”

“I know. I’m now a one-stop shop. See, I had lost my job during the 2020 lockdowns. My family was on the edge. But when I saw the announcement for tracers, I jumped at the chance. At first, I was thinking of joining the military. But for me, this was even better. I could work in my community…”

“I see colleges are signing up students to be contact tracers now.”

“You bet. In droves. And vaccinators, too. These kids are remarkable. They want to serve. I mean, education is a great thing, but work-study is a no-brainer. When you’re young and you have high ideals, you want to make a difference. And now you can…”

Culture. Collectivism “at its finest.”

“Dad, mom, I want to tell you something. I’ve decided to drop out of school and become a full-time tracer. I can still go back whenever I want to. But this work feels a lot better. The thing I’ve found out—we really ARE all in this together. And look, I can make 53 thousand a year, plus medical and dental. If and when I go back to college, I’ll be on full scholarship. That’s part of the new deal. You won’t have to pay for my education anymore. I’m trained to vaccinate people in their homes. I’m friends with Paul, the starting tight end on the football team. He’s dropping out, too. He wants to serve…”

Culture. Mind control for victory.

“Our top local story tonight. In San Francisco, the group known as VV, ‘Vaccinate or Vacate,’ which has been going door to door checking to make sure people are taking the COVID vaccine, now has uniforms. As you can see in this clip, the pants and jackets are brown and they appear military. VV states they’re ‘urgers not enforcers,’ but some residents are worried. The city director of public health, Dr. Marissa Molotov, has met with VV and quote, ‘come to an understanding’ about the use of forceful language. ‘These people are well-intentioned,’ Doctor Molotov said. ‘They just need to dial it back a little. Look, lives are on the line. Do we want more deaths, or do we want simple vaccine compliance?’ Earlier this month, two members of VV, who are no longer with the group, were arrested by police after an altercation at a gym. The city attorney is still sorting out the details, and determining whether a weapon was actually drawn, and if so, whose weapon it was. Julia Copper, an ex-member, has previously told Channel Six News, quote, ‘These people are fascists. They want to help the government by clamping down on people. This has nothing to do with vaccination, which everyone supports. VV has a violent mindset. They’ve formed groups in four states. They’re expanding’.”


Bill Gates, TED talk: “Now that we finally have a vaccine out there, people are asking me how I think it’s going. This is a question about logistics. There is no doubt we have to find a way to make the vaccine mandatory for everyone. The science tells us this. I and others have a plan. It’s incremental, and it works. It’ll reduce the incidence of COVID-19 by almost twenty percent in nine months…legislatures all over the world are now looking at a package of new laws that will clearly define conditions under which electronic surveillance can be expanded to ‘pre-locate’ people at risk for COVID-19 (standing ovation from the ‘intellectual’ audience who believe they understand ‘science’ but of course have no clue).”

Culture, conditions, law, shaming, tracing, boycotting, collectivism, enforcement, leaking, snitching, celebrities…

A poisoned cosmic cheese-glob sandwich inducing amnesia about the past as the Brave New World shapes up.


The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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100 comments on “COVID-19 vaccination: what the plan looks like

  1. Theo says:

    “So, Jim, first of all, thank you for your service. You’ve been working as a contact tracer for a year. Can you tell us what you do?”

    These words will now for ever echo in my head: “thank you for your service…”

    • James Lunsford says:

      Me too. One of my friends was blindly thanking me once for being a vet (used to be a statist). I asked him how did my shooting someone over there protect their rights over here. He locked up faster than Vista! Then he walked away. Wasn’t able to confront the question. People don’t want the truth. They demand to be comforted by the shadow show.

      • Larry C says:

        Your interaction reminds me of an observation by the late, Gore Vidal: “Americans don’t do death.”

      • Laura says:

        James: Are you a globalist and/or progressive if you’re not a statist? If a globalist/progressive, do you try to justify the worldwide covid panic, lockdown and push for mandatory testing, tracking, vaccinating, etc.? Just asking, so please don’t take offense or attack.

      • zakalu says:

        resist jon?

        DO NOT COMPLY!

        there is NO agreement to compel performance!
        This is FACT!!!

        DO NOT be ‘their’ Glossa NAME PERSON is also crucial!!

        Do we want to STOP this, or just report on it?

      • Thomas Milton says:

        Vista, LOL. And Billy’s vaccines are worse than his software.

    • trishwriter says:

      Wow, yes, that hit me hard as well. I feel as though we should be thanking the protestors who are truly fighting for our freedoms, with no paycheck, rather than the doctors and nurses, who are getting a paycheck. It’s as though the truth is just the opposite of what the government and media say it is.

      • Larry C says:

        “It’s as though the truth is just the opposite of what the government and media say it is.”


      • lamberth says:

        “It’s as though the truth is just the opposite of what the government and media say it is.”

        Exactly, it’s all inverted.
        The Matrix of Inversion brought to us by the Cult of Inversion.

        • zakalu says:

          replace with artificial–

          -$ is artificial value
          -medicine/science is artificial posing as health
          -artificial food
          -artificial PERSON/NAME
          -artificial Consent (implied, tacit, consent of the governed)
          -artificial concepts of COUNTRY/STATE/COUNTY/CITY
          -artificial law (courts/rule of law/colorable statues etc)

          Divorce from true/real creation/nature

          usurped real-ity

    • Mortimer Snodgrass says:

      Some weeks later, while on a new route, Jim disappears. A follow up investigation led to no real clues of his disappearance. But many of the residents in the area of his new route were heard to say, “Disappeared, you say. Too bad. Never saw him myself, but I heard he had a nice funeral.”

  2. Madness says:

    Have you seen this Jon?
    I am on the edge to jump out of my skin. These people are simply criminals. They took the money and distributed it among themselves using this and that’t organisation, covered as it was because of the covid and supporting their other plans like ID2020 (GAVI is one of the sponsor.)

    For people from the UK this article is a must!

  3. Fantastic Creature says:

    The world has been turned into a
    Snowflake Bubble.

    Seems their ‘ Safe Space ‘ has become mandatory,
    along with mandatory muzzlement.

    Binding vaccines for all,
    the final phase in closing off
    all dissenting opinions.
    The shutting down of all dissenting
    facts contrary to Gomervental’s Pile of Policies.

    Yes, many are suffering from
    Special Snowflake Syndrome:
    The Unrecognized Personality Disorder
    Destroying the World

    – now recognized.


    • Chalzer says:

      Fantastic Creature,
      You nailed it with sarcastic free poetry; unfortunately, the masses won’t have a clue as to its meaning.

      Possible Conclusion: sarcasm is the antidote to stupidity?

  4. Zanz UK says:

    Jon – this is brilliant, thank you once again.
    I’m resisting – it feels fine at the moment!

  5. Rachel says:

    “Governor Gargoyle”… I don’t know why that caught me so off guard and really made me laugh.

    In other vaccine news, theere is a vaccine that “does not necessarily indicate it will protect people from Covid-19” and may well be on its way to be a success since there were no major serious reactions after four weeks.

    Are they even trying?

  6. Greg C. says:

    They can’t pull it off. Millions of people are already ignoring social distancing. In my neighborhood, whenever I stop to talk to anyone, we are about 3 feet apart without masks, and nobody cares. Most of my neighbors are democrats, and yet even they are not buying into it. If I venture into the inner city, that’s when I encounter the party-line true believers. Like a guy running a used furniture store requiring masks and selling them for $10 at the door. I walked away laughing.

    Social distancing is a new, untested idea that is turning out to be unsustainable. No matter how much people believe they should do it, our basic instincts override the indoctrination. No one wants to be isolated, especially the women – they are wired completely contrary to this middle-game strategy. And if the middle-game is not successful, the end-game won’t ever materialize.

    • JB says:

      Well, that’s good. This government needs to keep being exposed for the fraud that it is. Voting won’t work.

        In the grand scheme of 4D Trump chess, voting in November will still work. But you have to believe in 4D Trump. Eric Trump recently said that once Trump is voted back in, that the entire covid coup will collapse. It an interesting thought. This line of thought is consistent with Trump’s critique of mail-in vote fraud yesterday. Keep in mind Bev Harris’s black box voting analysis a few years ago– and we still have problems with machines too. It’s still too soon to set voting aside I think, tempting as it is.


        Jon: [What they’re planning:] Culture, conditions, law, shaming, tracing, boycotting, collectivism, enforcement, leaking, snitching, celebrities…..A poisoned cosmic cheese-glob sandwich inducing amnesia about the past. [covid – cosmic cheese-glob strategy – jon rap]

        Rick: Interesting analysis– which is why this entire show is so overwhelming to all our senses. How to fight back however? Start with anti-amnesia. Point out the history and science of viruses starting with Pasteur and Beauchamp. Review the computer projection by Niel Ferguson of 2.2 million dying and how Trump was impressed with Fauci’s delivery of that…. and how wrong projections are and why. Raise new questions as riddles to jar the thinking of covid mask wearers– like “if both of us wear masks, is that twice as much protection?” or — “what if the holes in your mask are bigger than the virus?”. [covid – anti-amnesia tactics]

        When I get depressed about the current scene, I recall, to myself, the idea that all problems are already “built into the world”… and that the manifestation of them was inevitable… that there is a sort of PREDETERMINED way that the world works. Just because I was UNAWARE of it, doesn’t mean it did not exist. My kitchen plumbing got bad last week but the old pipes and connections were already going bad without my seeing them. The problem existed. I was simply unaware. MIND CONTROL and WILLING PARTICIPATION OF DEMOCRATS in pushing a virus hoax were potentials already built into the world. I was simply unaware of it. STOICISM is my favorite PHILOSOPHY lately– because it asks “what now?”. Very interesting to be a STOIC at this time.
        [covid – stoic] [covid – inevitable]

    • Plamen says:

      I see the same reaction here (London), which is why I fear they will orchestrate “a second wave”. You can not condition the Pavlov’s dog with just one repetition.

      • Greg C. says:

        The big difference with Pavlov’s dogs is the conditioning was reward-based. Fear-based conditioning is less effective, especially when it is mostly verbal. I wouldn’t even call it conditioning – saying that something really bad will happen unless you do something – that’s more like taking advantage of someone’s ignorance.

        When the cost is high, people naturally will question the need. For a second wave, people will have the experience of first-hand actual bad things that happened to them for previously complying to think about. The first wave worked because it was based on a lie – “Oh well, we will all probably open back up in a week or two.” Costs were low at the beginning, before we signed on to the plan. Now, we know the costs are much, much higher than before. Not nearly as likely to buy into it again. Their position is much weaker than they want us to think.

        • Plamen says:

          How many “terrorist acts” did we have after 9/11? How many wars were started based on them?

          • Tom says:

            But those wars did not visit everyone in a physical way the way this is. Afghanistan is far away. House arrest is right here and now. Unemployment is for the foreseeable future.

      • Rachel says:

        There will be a second wave. And there will be another wave with another virus again after that. They have already told us their plans, that this will be known as “Pandemic One.” Indeed you are right about Pavlov’s dog needed more than one to be conditioned.


          Rachel: Indeed you are right about Pavlov’s dog needed more than one to be conditioned.

          Greg C: The big difference with Pavlov’s dogs is the conditioning was reward-based.

          Rick: I wonder what the rewards are for mask wearing? Because you would think it’s harder to breathe, it’s a pain in ears to wear and maintain– extra daily work– and it’s hot, especially in Arizona. Yet many wear them. Is there a social reward? Is it a feel-good virtue signal?

        • Madness says:

          Won’t be if people manage to stop them. They have to mimic in a pandemic in a way or another. When people are getting suspicious they tend to get rid off what they consider to be a threat. The masts they got rid off here are around 80 now.

          But there is another problem, a BIG one they are not so aware yet.
          We had only one day of good rain since the beginning / middle of March or so. In the UK! Don’t know the reason (satellites? manipulating the weather? if it is rainy their frequencies work a bit less effectively especially 5G). Without rain there is no food. Or even worse no water to drink.
          Lack of food and water are excellent tools to blackmail people.
          (And I am more and more suspicious, before the dry period there was bad flooding, many lost their homes – and that was unusual too.)
          What happened with the weather? I don’t think that just a coincidence.

          They can try to use some chemicals, too.
          Only relabeling won’t do. And some people are very suspicious like myself. It won’t be so easy to them to do it again.

          And almost no news from Europe, I mean outside the MSM.

          Would be so nice if some people from there who can write in English can give info. What people think, their mood? They believe the official propaganda?

          • Dayne says:

            I went to my mosque here in Bulgaria last week for Friday prayers. On the door, a scary sign about 5ft distancing, masks, bla bla bla.

            Inside, everything as before. No one wore a mask. Not the imam, not the 70+yo caretaker. Little boys were sent around to shake everyone’s hand.

            In a country that’s 1/3 retirees living on €100 pensions, there’s only so much government BS people can still digest.

      • Kimmy says:

        This is being coordinated on a world wide scale. TBTB are desperate to implement their one world government. The second wave will arrive within weeks (blamed in the U.S. on the opening of the states and holiday Memorial weekend). It’s guaranteed to be even more sensationalized by the MSM than the first wave. Trump must be defeated in November so the China virus is sticking around until November 4th. Has anyone happened to notice that the UN is now calling itself the UN NWO? Check this out

          Eric Trump predicts that covid will disappear after Trump is re-elected in Nov. Thus, it becomes crucial to be sure voting is not fraudulent, that mail ins are minimized, and that black box voting is corrected so fractional voting is not possible. [covid – election2020]

  7. scooter says:

    May I suggest everyone watch the latest ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) emergency seating on the Coronavirus “pandemic”, in which damning solid evidence (grants and patents) is given of felonious collusion to create a weaponized version of the virus as early as 2001, and familiar “persons” are named as conspirators. Although the ITNJ yt channel is threatened with removal, it is still available on that platform. Plans are being made to migrate to Bitchute in the near future.

  8. michael burns says:

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  9. Eluard says:

    Greg C., above, whom I respect a lot for his thoughtful comments, thinks this is a no-go from the start. Maybe… But we thought a total world lockdown was a no-go also, once. And certainly not for 2 months. What Jon is indicating here through his satirical lens, is the way it all get ramped up, the Ellis Medavoy-like propoganda, relentless, pounding, Seemingly irresistable.

    Yes, there are many who balk, already, at what’s happening, and what might happen. But look how easily the masses fall, like dominoes. I hope it’s too late for it and they’ve learned now, through people like Jon and Corbett and the others. All of you here. But I wonder if this will take on the hues of what Jon writes herein–wave after wave of our neighbors drowning under the constant stream of “horrors” and social shaming. Economic Pressures. Yah, I do wonder.

    • Leanna Reece says:

      I agree, many say these things won’t come to pass, but as you said a year ago almost everyone declared the warnings that something like this would happen to be a “conspiracy theory.”

      Sheeple gonna keeping sheepin’ on.

      Personally I’m brainstorming income ideas from home as it’s likely a matter of time before small businesses will be pressured beyond resistance to force testing and shots upon employees and travel restrictions are enacted for those who refuse tests/ shots.

      What Rockefeller wants, Rockefeller gets. Lock Step it is!

      • I wonder if “lock step it is” is true or not. We sort of take our regular lives for granted in a way– because we have to. It’s how we get on in life. I wonder if there is a point we can imagine at which we would take a stand and say no, however? It would be life-defining and risky– and it might get us injured or worse. But– is that what the world is coming to? Where regular people have to start imagining saying no? Maybe. Our middle class or somewhat middle class American dream economic freedom and optimism would have to confront the black boot thuggery of commy-fascist-dictatorship- a situation we’ve never been prepared for.

  10. Madness says:

    A very good writing. 🙂 Sorry, I am still laughing even if it is not the moment, Dr. Marissa MOLOTOV.

    I might read too much Stephen King and tend to be too suspicious but they need more to convince people. I spend a lot of time to read comments, mostly in the UK and – I don’t know how those people are a representative sample or not – but what they mention the most often.

    – I am not an antivaxxer / I am a pro vaxer but I don’t want a vaccine they made in a hurry
    – 5-8 years of testing at least
    – I am young and hardly any die, can’t see the point
    – Only if Bill Gates and Government had it
    – No way, never
    – How they could make a vaccine so quickly when they couldn’t for cold or SARS or HIV for decades?
    – What is the point the virus will mutate anyway?

    And some like: hope it will work, finally – but the site is full with trolls and even with the help of trolls this group is much smaller, the other party is stronger.

    If I would be as evil as them and would consider it as a task … sorry I make them far more frightened. The virus legend is dying, people are not blind, no one drops dead on the streets and they knew that many deaths were re-labeled as COVID.

    I would make them frightened using their children because that would be the real hit.

    And honestly this is something I am very afraid of that they are capable they went to far, they can’t fail now or they are over.

    There was a news on Daily Mail a week ago or so that children should be back at school on the 1st of June BUT with these conditions:
    – in bubbles but visiting not their usual school
    – different ages like a very young group and an older
    – tested and tracked (!!!)
    Of course it can be an idea to prevent people to go back to work because using their children but sorry, what is the point to send them to different schools – if it would be a real pandemic that would spread the virus more. (And that thing can be useful later for explanation) I would use WIFI or 5G just is happened in the US,
    children would go home sick and sicker with every day. Voila, the second wave, with tracing more susceptible infected, if some would be fatal? Even better for the case, more fear.

    I think there will be a second wave, they will solve it and I see no other point to send them back now in June and for different schools – parents wouldn’t know each other to discuss the illnesses of their children, it wouldn’t be very obvious that where they went ill as living in other areas they would end in different hospitals – no one would suspect the school but a second wave. I would relabel some more case as plus (not just children, they made a mistake in the beginning when children were not affected or was it deliberate for the second wave to make the parents relaxed in advance?) Or simply just would release some frequencies here and there. I still think that they can make us ill using our cell phones and / or WIFI. It’s not only 60Ghz what can make you sick, 6Ghz messes with iodine and they have some more.

    Sorry if harsh but these people are shameless criminals working on depopulation- why not? if you know what I mean.

    One more thing, they have a believe in ‘satanic’ numbers – I am not so familiar with them but – it looks that 3, 6, 9 are important. 6th of June or 9th of Sept?

    Parents should check the schools for antennas, in the US they made the mistake they checked everything, gas, mold but not radiation. And they should demand not just to stop and remove 5G NOW and everywhere but remove wireless from schools and cell phones, too.
    They are still not aware how very bad they are to a developing children as harm is slow (years). Home schooling – again children are in front of a radiating monitor and even WIFI unless households go back to cable internet.

    • QQ says:

      Well reasoned sir.

      The only thing I would add: I suspect by the next fall the economic destruction will have progressed to the point that fresh lockdowns will be popular as all of the unemployed will get COVID checks. These checks will eventually be made contingent on the vaccine, in addition to the various propaganda pressures.

      The biggest question to me is when they will strike with the second wave. On the one hand, I view this new covid lockdown as a sign that the tempo of events has accelerated from the slow burn of the past 200+ years. On the other hand, they need to give people a chance to blow off some steam while gradually accepting coronaviruses as a fact of life. I’m leaning towards next fall as flu season winds up, say October/November, over June, but I am hardly a fly on the Cabal wall.

      • Madness says:

        Thank you for your comment. You are very likely right that how to use it , COVID checks. And I hope you are right that it will be just at autumn as in this case we have more time, more people can wake up.
        I wrote earlier, sorry for repetition if you read it, there are two ongoing cases, a petition to end the lockdown and Simon Dolan’s legal case against the government because of the lockdown. I’ve just read an article on about the deep corruption, if even the half of that is true, those people are the worst criminals. I am afraid it is naive but I still hope that there should be a level of crime where punishment can’t be avoided. Let’s hope.

    • Hélios says:

      If children of some people here have to go back to school, you must be aware they can test your child there. Write a letter to the teacher that anything is done without your presence or consent.

      In European Union, vaccination card/passport was planned since 2018…

      A disturbing video :

      The original version on Vimeo has been deleted.

      • Madness says:

        I don’t have a young child, it’s simply because I find it just too much. We are led by a worldwide mafia, these people are murderers. I involved only to try to warn the parents but there was a strong campaign to protect the new tech like 5G blaming ‘tin foil’ people like me that we thought the virus could spread with 5G – a clever action to show us as idiots.
        It’s a kind of unbearable that many children can be hurt or worse because of the ignorance / blind trust of their parents.

        Thank you for the videos. 🙂

    • Eluard says:

      Yes, that looks bad, but what’d he say just after it was cut off?

      Not sure when that was filmed but if you listen to him now, he systematically destroys every vaccine on the schedule–and was one of the producers of Vaxxed II. Check out his recent interviews. I think Bobby made mistakes in his language, especially before, on this issue, but I believe he’s definitely on our side.

    • Madness says:

      Oh, please. Maybe I am not the best to say someone what to wrote here or not. But I saw this.
      It is not a new stuff but freshly uploaded. I mean people change with experience. I also vaccinated my cats 6 years ago, less and less but did until a bad batch hit in.

      Their arguing, him and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the second is the dishonest and I am done with him and his videos, too. He blamed Kennedy Jr not to shake hands with him, Kennedy Jr could show a photo where they did it. Besides Ayyadurai tried to sell himself to Gates and others to produce better vaccines – he is the last to label someone because the someone was pro-vaccine back then.

      Finally: Kennedy Jr. did more than Ayyadurai ever did. Kennedy Jr and his team was who won the case on the US court that Big Pharma lied about vaccine safety and efficiency for more then 30 years to the public. Another reason why we have a pLandemic now. It happened last Dec but I bet BPharma knew earlier they would lost the case. Without a pLandemic they would be over, would be sued to extinction. Their value of shares was badly dropping before the pandemic (20-25% the first 10), after it it was +20-24%.

      But if you happen to need more, watch the documentary of Ty Bollinger (an excellent one), The Truth About Vaccines for more proof. Kennedy Jr is with us and was took part in it.

      I lost trust in Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and don’t wish to hear about him, he was clearly lying and that’s enough to me.


    • michael burns says:

      Bobby Jr is a good man.

      The Kennedys have laid a lot of blood on the altar of freedom. His uncle confronted the CIA, and threatened to break it into a million pieces — he paid for that remark with his life.
      Bobby Jr’s dad, Bobby Kennedy suffered assassination for taking on the mob amongst other criminals. His Uncle’s son (John Jr) died in mysterious plane crash. It goes on and on… So I’m sure he (Bobby Jr) knows too well how corrupt and evil these motherfuckers are…

      You took this piece of video, 25 secs, out of context. You did that either on purpose or you’re terribly ignorant. Which is it?

      Play the remainder of the conversation! If you have not heard it. Go find it, go look for it…

      Bobby wants strict safety trials on all vaccines and drugs as a matter of fact; he wants mercury out of all vaccines, as well as rivers lakes and streams; he wants the ‘Vaccine Injury Act’ overturned as it serves only to protect the manufacturers of vaccines from liability of the damage they do; he wants absolute safety in making vaccines, which, the vaccine manufacturers have said publically is IMPOSSIBLE.

      There is no vaccine for a virus! It mutates too quickly — as can be seen in one Chinese study, the COVID virus they were studying mutates 25 times per year, as compared to 50 times per year for the standard ole run-of-the-mill Influenza versions that hit every year for the last ten thousand years.

      What does not kill you makes you stronger. Natural immunity is the only way. This idea of germ theory is topsy turvy.

      How can you safely make a COVID vaccine that mutates 25 times a season? That is why the flu vaccine each year has no effect on the flu. Its useless, the virus mutates too quickly it is a hoax of the highest order perpetrated by criminals.

      The only reason a vaccine is given, it to put mercury in a body, and manufacture future sickness.

      Bobby Jr knows this very well…Bobby J is a warrior of God. It is in his blood, what price he might have to pay in fighting these bastards. Bobby will die with his boots on — he comes from a long line of warriors fighting for children…fighting for justice.

      Educate yourself Sunny!

  11. MorningStar says:

    The United Nations Just Launched A Website Called ‘New World Order’:

    United Nations New World Order:

    COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport:

    • trishwriter says:

      “Let’s Take Our Planet Back”?!? WTF?!? I had no idea the U.N. was planning a propaganda campaign pretty much based on what we’ve all been planning to fight for so long. But why wouldn’t they? They’ve really been monitoring our feedback and designing policy and public relations around it. It’s as if they take every phrase that we could use and turn it to be used against us.

  12. Tim Lundeen says:

    Over and over again we see 80-85% immunity to coronavirus, provided by the innate immune system (first line of defense). When your innate immune system is healthy, they can’t detect the virus despite intense exposure.

    Of the people in whom coronavirus is detected, a large percentage of them show no symptoms. I don’t know for sure, but very likely these people eventually clear the virus via the innate immune system, and do not go on to develop antibodies.

    So only a small percentage of people exposed to coronavirus will go on to develop antibodies to it. Antibody testing confirms this, with most people not showing any SARS-Cov-2-specific antibodies.

    Basically, we don’t need a vaccine — we pretty much have herd immunity now, and are on the tail-end of the outbreak. Historically these coronavirus episodes are pretty much gone by mid-June or early July, and we are on track for that now. Next year, the same virus will have tough going, with 95%+ of people already immune.

    • Madness says:

      Except that it is not a virus.
      Example is from the UK again, sorry. During next autumn or rather early winter many of us went down with COVID like symptoms (according to that how they wrote what were covid like symptoms). The long dry cough part was very unique, also the enormous amount of lung discharge after that.
      And I am 100% sure it was not a virus. First because it kept coming back (flu or cold never did that), secondly because it happened I traveled twice (already paid holidays). And no matter which phase I was (once I went after 7-10 days of illness, secondly it just started like 1-2 days) I recovered fully on abroad in 3-4 days or 4-5. Those who remained here followed a slower recovery. No virus works like this, whatever was it it was just here were I live and I suspect environmental poisoning or the first phase of testing their new toys, frequencies.

      • Madness: “And no matter which phase I was (once I went after 7-10 days of illness, secondly it just started like 1-2 days) I recovered fully on abroad in 3-4 days or 4-5. Those who remained here followed a slower recovery. No virus works like this”

        Rick: You raise an interesting aspect to this whole thing Madness. EXACTLY what symptom-pattern is experienced by people, in general, either going through “a cold”, “the flu” or a diagnosed covid track. Environment poison– like Jon pointed to a few days ago– as hydrogen cyanide from looser regulations on fracking-oil-refineries… or 5G… are suspect.

        Madness: No virus works like this

        Rick: Right– and MSM is too shock-jock oriented to have the disciplined thoroughness of logic and thought to pinpoint enough CASE STUDIES of people to delineate what’s going on.
        But if we could get some kind of INDEPENDENT STUDY done, following individuals with symptoms, we might find correlations and causations. Certainly enough work there to justify NOT “shutting the economy down”– which– quite frankly– I’m shocked to the core– that that was even POSSIBLE!

        • Madness says:

          Hi Rick, yes you are right, more and more people seem to realize that “shutting the economy down” was not justified no matter they thought it was a virus or something else. I can’t see how to prove it, that’s the problem.
          Maybe if everyone who was effected like me and my cats would share the case? Similarities? I went there – happened – something like this?

          Virus part: I know that even I struggled with the Germ Theory I mean I knew it was not true, couldn’t be in that form but my brain ‘took me back to the beginning’: ‘I saw it was an infection’. I couldn’t be more grateful to people here to make me understood that we are cyclic and our whole environment, the life itself is cyclic and we are influenced by the law / invisible energy processes of the nature – and that’s a problem as I guess others end up with the same: ‘but I saw it was an infection, every kid got it’.

          One of the problem we can’t have the tool to measure. Environmental poisoning? But what kind of poison and how I look for it? (And environmental poisoning a very valid thing, I have other examples from past like how the stuff they used on the nearby field to get rid off tick caused abortion in cats, more, healthy, almost in the same time, always during autumn, only those affected who spent a lot of time outside – but it took years to make the puzzle, a vet helped and told what could possibly happened.)
          Radiation? Those tools that can measure reliably are in the expensive group and they are very clever we didn’t find any to measure 5G like on the high side, 60Ghz. So how you prove it?
          Then it looks to me – my experiences – that a very limited time is enough to being hurt by them. It means they don’t have to use that harmful frequency long, even minutes can do the job. BUT please correct me so if anyone is better in the subject, correct me!! I am just guessing based on experience.
          It looks to me they can reach us via our cells and maybe via the WIFI in the house, too. (Social distancing? Dr Buttar on the subject…)
          But 5G is terrible, really is. Even a very short time and you can’t know what to do or not, how to avoid, you drive close to them and if you are unlucky… I am struggling with a pleurisy for more than a month now. I didn’t have respiratory symptoms, get cold or so. What happened I went to shop close to these damned things, I wore metal and my guess that metal acted as an antenna fortifying the effect. I could feel it almost at once (in 1-2 hours the pain started on a relatively small area and never went away, never developed to a real pneumonia either). Next time – still not suspicious – I wore a bag with metals on my shoulder, again where the metal part was – as if a small group of muscles injured – no lifting, I did nothing what could can cause, luckily that pain healed after 1-2 weeks.

          Please tell me if it is just my imagination but I don’t think so. I wrote it only to help others, to be careful. I got asthma attacks, happened twice after speaking on my cell just as shortly as 1-2 minutes (4G volte), it didn’t happened again when I put it back to 3G. When I got it was as if something blocked my lungs, couldn’t cough it up till half a day or so, after that yes, and after that it went away.
          And no way I could imagine what happened our kittens and still no known illness like this, they were so close to die and I am still so MAD – and they were very close to my cell at that time.

          OK, how I prove it? How I prove it that that was the cause? I see no way. Do you, please?

          Imagine that kids go back to school. Imagine these wretched things around. This is the same that why some people end up with hypoxia and others not?
          Are we targeted via our cells (some of us, randomly or on a ‘black list’ already?)

          And if they capable to do this – and after Dr Buttar’s video I think they are, army could do it – it is great to mimic a pandemic and to hurt or even kill people without really hurting those who are around the targeted but not close enough.

          • Piksil says:


            Your post about the shoulder damage made me wonder something.
            “Bag with metals” on your shoulder…thinking of kids going back to school, some with backpacks, carrying computers, cell phones, etc. (Not to mention that most kids today probably carry more metal in them from vaccines.) Each metal item becomes an antenna. Now picture the kids not staying very far apart. Could larger groups of close standing metallic objects somehow amplify the radiation, increasing the risk for harm? Could this be the (known but not told) reason they’re harping (HAARP pun intended) social distancing?
            Just wondering out loud.

  13. Brett Morgen says:

    Governor Gargoyle… classic… Jon it’s an absolute joy reading your blogs every day. This hypothetical rollout is so spot on (and hilarious) it’s absurd.

    Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration in a world gone literally insane. It’s really, really bad here in NJ with “100,000 cases” of “covid-10” (lol)

    They don’t mention that 90% of the “cases” the “patient shows little or no symptoms”.

    It’s all fake, all of it. The complete weaponization of cold and flu season.

    God Bless Jon Rappoport.

  14. Laura says:

    Great article. You referred to the “covid” jab as “a shot in the arm,” but it wouldn’t be just one shot, and this leads the way to making any and all vaccines enforceable by social pressure, if not more than that, depending on its success.

    Here’s what Fauci said about the Moderna vaccine 4 days ago: “Having looked at the data myself, it is really quite promising,” he told NPR. And all that a May 18 NBC “news” article would say on the Moderna jab was: “Final information on the 250 microgram dosing was not available.”

    This whole issue is extremely maddening. Especially about vaccine injuries: “But who cares, right? Full steam ahead.”
    “They understand there will be problems. They understand many people will say NO.” Nothing a Gates-Fauci type hates more than the word “NO” uttered at them by mere humans.

    “The new rules” they love to blither about. Social pressure…go along with us all or you’re a freak, an undesirable. Doubleplus ungood.

    Being kind & polite, helping others when you can, waiting your turn, signaling while driving, etc., etc., all the common courtesies we all accept and most live by. Now included in that are: wear your mask, at least 6-foot distance at all times, be vaccinated or be a pariah, wear your gloves, sanitize everything, blah blah blah.
    Um… HELL NO. They can write all their insane rules down on a cardboard sheet, roll that up into a tube, cone shape it, then sit on it and twirl.

    Here’s the Gates fantasy of mass compliance (which has largely taken hold with the horde of malleable trend-slaves):
    Billions of pod people recite en masse, “We’re ALL doing the covid rules now, it’s fun, we like hot trends…covid rules are all the rage. Just like the Beatles way back when, ‘member? We’re all the buzz, history in the making! Generation COVID. Whole new way of life on planet Earth, all squeaky clean, germ free and safe…yippee! And we all HATE those dirty icky disease carriers…lepers!…we want them all locked up in some corona colony, or better yet, just kill the scum!”

    Here’s an excellent video on refusing vaccines:

  15. Scaliger says:

    Proofs that Viruses and Immune-System don’t exist:
    1. There’s no activation energy per the virus hypothesis/model,
    which is a pair of passive molecules. Without any energy sources
    (sugar,fat), converters(mitochondria), energy storage (ATP) or
    actuators. Yet we are supposed to believe that the “Virus” breaches
    the cell-membrane and injects materials into it!
    The microscopes’ photos show Exosomes:
    2. There’s no evidence to a learning function and/or to a long-term
    memory-structure, on which the immune-system is predicated.
    It is also sub-optimal n comparison with:
    3. Cells undergoing Apoptosis send mRNA Exosomes,
    which are reciprocated by Catalytic-RNA exosomes
    from the healthy cells in the same organ,
    in order to help removing the dying/poisoned/fungus/mold/cancer
    tissues. This is a local mechanism in space (organ-specific)
    and time (no long-term memory).
    Perhaps only the phagocytes are global via the vascular system.
    Since bacteria are maintenance workers in the human body, 60 Trillion in a man, removing the bad tissue, then there’s no microbe left to cause any disease!!! Thus there are no plagues, but rather poisonings; malnutrition (shortage in Zinc == Sepsis aka Influenza & Pneumonia);
    oxygen blockage == cancer, e.g. because of parasites like worms, fungus and mold.

    • Piksil says:


      Has this information been peer-reviewed? (Just kidding, great post!)

      At the rate this drama is unfolding, I fear Jon’s ‘satirical’ post may become a text of history. Sad.

      I’ve said it before, and will say it again:
      If vaccines were effective, the vaccinated should not fear the unvaccinated.

      And, to take that a step further, if vaccines were effective, there would not be a need to make them mandatory.

    • Plamen says:

      Well done!

  16. scooter says:

    It is amazing, to me, how reactions differ regionally. I live in Mississippi, one of the few states that has never had gathering or travel restrictions. Think of the state what you will, but to be sure, this state’s population is armed to the teeth and everyone knows everyone else. Our policemen and deputies are our neighbors and hunting partners. The thought of some ‘official’ attempting to enforce something unwanted on anyone is laughable. We live or die by the Castle Law. States’ Rights, baby!

    • Eluard says:

      Interesting Scooter, I was thinking a few weeks ago, all the states (Like MS) that are forgotten, denigrated, belittled, etc., by those snobs (like me!) on the coasts WILL BE the ones that save our asses! Seriously, you guys are gonna be the paradigm we’ll look towards for guidance in the coming months. This is the time to learn from each other and realize that our brothers in the “hinterlands” have a lot to teach us.

    • Amanda says:

      Great to hear the state is armed to the teeth. I’m in a blue state (NJ) and I regret living here every single day.

  17. scooter im whit you

  18. Diane DiFlorio says:

    New Zealand MP Warns of Absolute Tyranny

    Police can enter your home without a warrant!

    • lamberth says:

      Diane DiFlorio,
      Thank you for this link.
      I do not watch/read/listen to NZ “news” even though I live here. This video is a chilling reminder what lies in store, just as Jon wrote in this article.

      There are two petitions currently running on the NZ Parliament website trying to stop this tyrannical legislation.
      Here’s one of them:

    • lamberth says:

      Diane DiFlorio,
      I do wonder what Mr O’Conner’s stance would be if the National party was the one in power at the moment.
      My guess?
      Not a peep from him, he would be going along with it.
      It does not matter which party is in power when it comes to things such as this.

      The actual bill can be read here:
      Here is section 20 on “Powers of entry”, first four “directives”:

      20 Powers of entry


      An enforcement officer may enter, without a warrant, any land, building, craft, vehicle, place, or thing if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person is failing to comply with any aspect of a section 11 order.


      However, subsection (1) does not apply to a private dwellinghouse or marae.


      A constable may enter a private dwellinghouse or marae without warrant only if they have reasonable grounds to believe that people have gathered there in contravention of a section 11 order and entry is necessary for the purpose of giving a direction under section 21.


      A constable exercising a power of entry under this section may use reasonable force in order to effect entry into or onto the land, building, craft, vehicle, place, or thing if, following a request, a person present refuses entry or does not allow entry within a reasonable time.

    • Hayden says:

      cheers for that. Nzl definitely land of the sheep lol.

  19. Beethoven says:

    Words seem so indefinable,
    so inexact, so easy to misunderstand
    compared with real music,
    which fills the soul
    with a thousand better feelings.
    What is expressed to me
    by music that I love
    is not too vague to be put into words,
    but on the contrary,
    too precise.

    Felix Mendelssohn
    (letter to Marc-André Souchay, 1842)

    The Music Effect
    Music Physiology and Clinical Applications
    Daniel J. Schneck and Dorita S. Berger

    …The body’s immune system
    is trained to recognize and respond to
    invasion by substances – living or dead –
    that are not indigenous to the organism
    into which they gain access.
    Controlling systems
    responding to CNS (Central Nervous System) commands
    issue forth their own control signals
    that attempt to bring controlled-system outputs
    back in line with desirable operating set-points,
    thus completing the feedback control loop.

    Typically, electrochemical control signals
    operating through the autonomic nervous system
    are digitally coded
    into corresponding biochemical packets called synaptic vesicles.
    These are embedded in the terminal regions (boutons)
    of motor nerve endings, called axon terminals.
    Each synaptic vesicle
    carries a quantum amount of biochemical neurotransmitter,
    such as norepinephrine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and dopamine.
    Every time the nerve “fires,”
    a fixed number of these vesicles is released,
    so that, over the period of time that the nerve is active,
    the total amount of neurotransmitter released (squirted)
    into the synaptic space
    will depend on the firing frequency of the nerve.
    As will be discussed further in Chapter 6,
    neural excitation/inhibition and/or neogenesis
    can be directly influenced by external stimulation
    through the various elements of music.

    Control signals operating through the endocrine system
    are similarly digitized in the form of hormones,
    such as corticosteroids, enkephalins, epinephrine,
    and endorphins (Chapter 5),
    while those operating through the immune system
    are coded into antibodies and the nine biochemical ingredients
    that make up the complement complex.

    Several of these neurotransmitters, hormones, and antibodies
    have been shown to be secreted
    in response to certain types of musical stimulation
    (to be discussed in subsequent chapters),
    but much more research is needed in this area
    if the rapidly growing field of music therapy
    can effectively exploit these responses
    in an effort to provide meaningful clinical intervention
    for a wide variety of medical and social afflictions.
    Page 77-78

    • Beethoven says:

      The key word is Set-Point.
      The Set-Point/s not only pertains to Physiology,
      but also to the Psychology of the Individual and Masses.

      The so-called Reset,
      is moving and altering the Set-Points,
      much like moving Boundary Stones in the days of old.

  20. bob klinck says:

    COUP-VID-19. Just a garden-variety coup. A play for increased power, standard fare in the domain of politics. Are people so ignorant of history that they can’t recognize when an enemy has been conjured up to justify imprisoning the population and installing an enormous bureaucracy to keep them under guard?

  21. Sean Garrisson says:

    So my path will be to not only resist but more importantly, to be self-directed. Conform/resist or self-direct. I will work for an out. Admittingly, I am not so sure if I will succeed or be able to help anyone else succeed either. Is it really a house of cards? Are we a bunch of Victor Frankl’s? I wasn’t feeling all that free before this reset. Got to be licensed, ect, ect. I am not willing to take a shot ever or traced or help any of this go on.

  22. Larry C says:

    From the United Nations New World Order link, above:


    These insipid, syrupy, and mawkish labels are ridiculous…

  23. Siouxma says:

    Mr. CONSTITUTION Dershowitz is all good with the Plan that Jon just laid out. They have been practicing the Dplorable Shunning Game the past four years so on to the next level of Mayhem.

    Brave New World was the blueprint, but even it seems more humane than what will actually happen to the Resisters. The Savages had a place to go in BNW called the Reservation. This Fauci/Gates crowd will go scorched earth literally – why else would St. ELON be deploying all these 5g/DEW Sats over every city in the country… yeah, right, better internet performance …

  24. Burrado says:

    Or you could just use the catholic solution and go with a “moral” vaccine:

  25. lamberth says:

    Great piece Jon, thank you.
    Spot on as usual.
    And delivered with your usual sarcasm, black humour, satire.

    How can the masses possibly still deny what this is truly all about? That the whole thing is based on nothing but propaganda, hype & pseudo-science? A stinking pile of BS?
    Meant to implement a global, fascist tyranny, right before our eyes?

    Another “new normal”.
    Just as post-nine11 was a “new normal”. Just as post-WWI&II was a “new normal”. Etc.
    We’ve been in this play for a while now.

  26. Mos Craciun says:

    Here we are : “the tracker” is from now on PERMANENT :

    And Jon was so right when, a few days ago , wrote about the “chinese model”. And not only for the tracker — this is just the beginning !

  27. HOJO says:

    to all he people who wear a mask and stare at the free’s, I say, stick your hand down your pants rub some privates and then take a good wiff. That is the smell of fear. Wake the heck up, get out in the sun, put down the stupid phone and scream out loud that you want freedom over safety.

  28. AlLiving says:

    “The governor of Alabama has so far resisted all efforts to make COVID vaccination mandatory under any conditions for residents of the state. However, now, two major meat distributors have decided not to ship beef or pork to Alabama…” Do you have the source for this?

    • Eluard says:

      AllLiving, Jon is being satirical here. He does that often–and is usually pretty clear about it tonally–to make a point about what he sees is coming or what’s happening behind the scenes.

  29. PJames says:

    I just read about a very clever idea called “Conditional Acceptance”.

    The idea being that even though you cannot sue the manufacturer of a vaccine because of the 1986 vaccine act, you can still place the onus on the person giving the shot.

    Essentially, you agree to receive the vaccine only if the person administering the vaxx agrees to pay for any and all damage you suffer. If they refuse to sign it, it now gives you the right to refuse the vaccine because they have failed to meet your reasonable requirements of safety.

    This seems like it has good potential, especially as the people administering the vaccine will probably have no knowledge whatsoever of the ingredients in it so the idea is they would be unlikely to acquiesce to the request.

    I believe there’s more information on this idea at preparewithjerry. com

    I’m sure there’s some flaws in this concept but it seems reasonable to me that with the right lawyers & the right advocates, if done within the next two or three months, could legally tie up the corrupt criminal cartel that is that is big Pharma and their bought and paid for proxies at the WHO and the CDC. Of course they have the money to hit back but the idea is it can buy more time to try and wake people up because as we all know, once the truth is out in the collective consciousness, it wakes up more and more people.

  30. Amanda says:

    I forgot to add, I also recommend people sign up here:

    They send out petitions and action alerts, like this morning, then sent me an alert, warning that Big Pharma was meeting with NJ legislature (no doubt, to push mandatory vaccines), so I was able to click and have letters sent out to my reps.

    I’ve also signed up for Dr. Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty because he also sends out warnings about what Congress is up to, as well as action alerts and petitions.

    At this point, I just face each day as though I’m at war for my life and freedom.

  31. Hayden Redwood says:

    What’s the matter with the f@#ken world this is driving me crazy,now I actually can’t wait to get the hell out of this tyranny shit hole of a earth is becoming.
    Not free here at all just genetic drone slaves. I CAN’T WAIT TO BE REALLY FREE.
    Fuck Hayden Redwood I’m just product of the world an actor, can’t wait to be the real me.

  32. KAS says:

    Has anyone heard of the novella Futility? How could the author almost to a T predict or write about the Titanic decades before it happened? Just like 1984 seems to predict today and various other accounts of film imitating life. Here’s my honest and humble question. Imagination does seem to account for our future. Ford had to imagine a car to some degree.
    Jon- although your writings are so wise why do we keep imagining and writing out the doomsday senarios?? Then wonder why they seem to come true?

    • Janet says:

      It’s almost as if we want it to happen. As much as we hate the idea – it needs to manifest. So we can despise it. The dark and light scenario infinitely unfolding in our consciousness. Yes, be aware and fight for freedom, but also recognize the absolute Truth – God is neutral, circular, infinite potentiality. It has to play out.

  33. michael burns says:

    How can you create a VACCINE for the COVID virus that mutates 25 times a year, as compared to the seasonal Influenza, that mutates 50 times a year…it is impossible to create a vaccine — one must GUESS at best what mutation you are dealing with…a population could have 100’s of thousands to millions of cases of different mutations plus the regular influenza mutations in a year.
    This is paramount to catching smoke with a net.
    And all this, we have been living in for ten of thousands of years. And we seem to have been doing fine until a bunch of psychopaths took hold of the whole thing and said “Natural immunity does not know what it doing”.
    As long as we eat correctly, have a robust amount of micronutrients and Vitamin D, exercise and stop being afraid.

    “Every child needs to eat a pound of dirt to be healthy” — Grandma

    “Like other RNA viruses, coronaviruses have a high mutation rate, around two orders of magnitude higher than DNA viruses (3). Their genomic mutation rates, estimated by the average number of mutations each off-spring will have compared to the parental (or ancestral) genome, are higher. By some estimates, a typical SARS-CoV-2 strain could have around 25 mutations per year, somewhat less than seasonal flu, which has a mutation rate of almost 50 mutations per year (6).”

    – “Could SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 simply fade away?”, Diego Rosselli,1Daniela Yucumá,1Alfonso J. Rodríguez-Morales,2,3,*Silvano Esposito

  34. Koobeechee says:

    Dear Jon,
    I agree 100% with you that the coercive and repressive tactics employed by totalitarianism are very effective in “persuading” people to do what the government wants. I say this, not because they told me or because I read it, but because I suffered it firsthand in my country of origin, Cuba … an opprobrious and ruthless regime that suppresses all divergent thinking, a tyranny that has a monopoly on thought with the sole purpose of preserving the benefits and perks of a rotten, corrupt and abusive elite. We are obliged to prevent at all costs that what happened in Cuba from happening here. If we do not, we will lose even the right to breathe.

  35. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon,
    NATO is putting the finishing touches to a biological attack which will be offered to us at the start of the school year, before the American election, probably in October. This is why the “media” part of NATO (what we call “television”, “radio”, but also for example “global shapers”) is at work and speaks of “second wave”.


  36. MaidinAmerica says:

    Wo, Jon, You got a hold of their playbook! It’s sure too bad kids just graduate with a Compliance degree w/ no subjects in critical thinking. Did anyone see this excellent report by KrisAnne Hall, constitutional attorney on how to defy tyrant governors? It’s done by peaceful non-compliance which is essential. If we had done it right in the first place a sheriff, legislative body, or even a small group out of a legislative body would have issued a Resolution against the disobedient governor and then stood by it. A city council can do it, or a county can do it. And this would override the unconstitutional governor. It should have been done in the first place but can be done now and doesn’t have to be settled by a court. She starts talking at the 6 minute mark and gets more into this state govt business around 20 minutes.

  37. Tompa Tom says:

    This is the scenario that I also envisioned when Trump said he is going to use the military to enable vaccination???? Then next day, when people who voted for him revolted …he fraudulently said, only those who want it?? The biggest BS from Trump –worse than the wall or even scarping obamacare!
    When Trump the fraud said that the usual morons on the right fell for it…I has posted my comments in Infowars –when Alex as usual was licking Trump’s boots: when you have to go to DMV, on an airplane, or a student to attend elementary, middle or high school or even college, public sporting event, Fed, State or local government office…..this will cover 98% of the population and so there is NO Escape! Trump knows this –he is a FRAUD –co-opted by the same powerful NWO & Zi**ist bankers & his only goal is to win reelection –avoiding the vaccine would be close to impossible unless you are one of the billionaires & multi-millionaires, pols or NWO or zi**st bankers–you might get a placebo …no one would know! Trump has sold us all –if the morons on the right cannot get it through their heads –it is then thinning the herd! That is the law of evolution! Sadly, the poor people around the world will have no choice –they will perish! That is the plan all along by the white and zi**st devils – gates and rockefeller for decades! God help us alll!

  38. Aron says:

    It made me laugh, and imagine, and become aware, and become worried(!), and well…art reflects life.

    Well done. Thank you for being there when I really needed a dose of sanity to inject into my neocortex.

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