Virtual epidemic, virtual culture, prince of darkness

by Jon Rappoport

May 18, 2020

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I assume very few of my readers are interested in pro football, but bear with me. This one is too good to pass up.

Joe Buck, the number-one FOX NFL announcer, has wandered off the reservation…

USA TODAY“Joe Buck: If NFL games don’t have spectators, Fox might add CGI fans, crowd noise to broadcasts”.

“In an interview with SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen, Buck said that Fox is exploring a few routes to provide for a more normal viewing experience should these fan-less games come to pass.”

“’There’s probably going to be a season in doing games with no fans, which will be difficult’,” Buck said. ‘I think Fox and these networks have to put crowd noise under us to make it a normal viewing experience at home’.”

“When pressed by Cohen, Buck said he was certain crowd noise will be added to potential broadcasts without fans, and went as far as to say ‘I know they’ll do it’ and that it’s ‘pretty much a done deal’.”

“’I think whoever’s going to be at that control is going to have to be really good at their job and be realistic with how a crowd would react depending on what just happened on the field, so it’s really important’.”

“Buck also said the network is looking into ways to at least simulate a packed house for viewers at home.”

“’On top of that, they’re looking at ways to put virtual fans in the stands, so when you see a wide shot it looks like the stadium is jam-packed and in fact it’ll be empty,’ Buck said.”

All right, picture this: a Sunday game at the stadium in Seattle, where the crowd noise is deafening. The referees call a penalty on the home team. It’s obvious the refs blundered. What is the network going to do? Shower the television audience at home with BOOS? Show virtual angry fans shaking their fists, screaming, throwing virtual beer cans down on the field? THIS I WANT TO SEE.

And is Joe Buck, the announcer, going to play along with the charade? “The fans are going nuts in the stands. They clearly don’t like that call.”

Or is he is going to say, “After that blown penalty call, our people at FOX are doing a nice job of simulating the crowd reaction. Possibly, we need a few more shouts and screams. Can you guys give us some of that?”

Welcome to the expansion of Virtual Culture.

Speaking of which—right now, we’re in a virtual pandemic.

ONE: the discovery of a new virus was never carried out via proper procedures. Therefore, the existence of a new virus is unproven.

TWO: The widespread tests for diagnosing the purported virus—PCR and antibody—routinely spit out false-positive results which are damaging and useless…

THREE: Therefore rendering all case numbers meaningless.

FOUR: The people are who are dying are dying of causes that have nothing to do with a purported new virus; for example, flu-like illness, ordinary pneumonia, other traditional lung infections. Overwhelmingly, these people are elderly, suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, and have been treated for years with toxic medical drugs. Many are living in areas of heavy and noxious pollution. That’s why they’re dying. Other deaths may well be the result of toxic vaccine campaigns—for instance, in the north of Italy, where apparently a new type of flu vaccine was introduced in the fall and winter of 2019.

FIVE: The lockdowns are causing horrific economic and health tragedies. They’re entirely unnecessary. If you compare the purported effects of purported COVID-19 with official global figures on flu, the flu would be far more dangerous—and yet, no massive lockdowns vaguely approaching what we’re enduring now have ever been enforced for flu.

For these and other reasons, we are being treated to a virtual story.

This is a virtual pandemic.

Therefore, I suggest, to the prince of darkness, Bill Gates, a way to bring his beloved COVID-19 vaccine to market quickly. MAKE IT VIRTUAL.

A vaccine composed of water. That’s all.

Inject it into a few million people, declare it an unqualified success, spread some stories about case numbers declining, and call off the whole show.

There is only one problem. Having floated the illusion of a successful COVID vaccine, Gates and other vicious public-health scum would be able to trumpet, by implication, the importance of all vaccines. THOSE REAL vaccines are killers.

If you don’t think so, take leave of the doctors and the other promoters of vaccination and watch VAXXED II, a film that will shake you to the core.

What to do about all vaccines? Resist them. Refuse them.

Since 1987, I have been presenting a case against what is essentially the Rockefeller medical cartel. It occurred to me then—and I haven’t changed my mind—that we are in a ten-thousand-year war.

There is nothing virtual about it.

The immortal spirit of every human being is engaged, whether he wants it to be or not.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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100 comments on “Virtual epidemic, virtual culture, prince of darkness

  1. Dave Freedom says:

    I happen to really enjoy pro football. ????????‍♂️

    I get that it is not important in the grand scheme of things, but there are certainly worse forms of entertainment.

    That being said, the idea of virtual vaccines is brilliant. Much safer!

    Thanks for your work Jon

  2. Mary says:

    I would like to address a side of this insanity that I do not see mentioned enough. My daughter who completely believes in this false pandemic and narrative,has told me I can not see my 2 yr. Old grandson. I go to stores and do not wear a mask.She pretends she has told me a 100 times she will go for me, the one time I asked, I was meant with resistance. Never mind I moved here from my home city, at her request, so he did not have to go to daycare.Nevermind I gave up a part time job to pacify her fears. I wonder about all the backstories of this mess.I have no idea of any outcomes of all of this.All for power and money for a few. Where is the common sense, people will not even look at all presented to see another side. I went to krogers, a grocery store today, as an unmasked person I was outnumbered. I will starve first before I take vaccine or wear a mask. Good luck to all.

    • Neo-Paradigm says:

      Another tragedy of this madness is friendships disintegrating and families being torn apart.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      It really sucks to be the one sane individual, in an insane world.

      Felt like I have been trapped there forever myself.

    • Natalie says:

      I’m not against the grandmothers visiting my son but they’re the ones who are afraid. I don’t even argue about all this anymore since it’s useless. Your focus determines your reality, as one Jedi said.

    • TJ says:

      Yep this is my experience as well. Only my parents don’t believe in this nonsense. The rest of my family has bought it entirely. They completely ignore all the holes and plethora of truthful information out there, calling it “conspiracy theories”. I just wonder what it is that makes them so desperate to believe the lies.

      • Natalie says:

        “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
        If this is the lies it means authorities are not there to protect you and other things may be lies too and then the whole reality is falling apart. Most people can’t handle it. I remember the day when I realized how the Western powers control everything and use hegellian dialectics (Cold War, War on Terror, etc.) to advance the NWO I felt something literally shifting in my brain and I was in a haze for a week. And I didn’t even research into scientism, Freemasons and other secret societies, medical mafia, (the banking cartels was one of the things I knew about thanks to the Austrian Economists), I was aware how ancient this conspiracy is. I just looked at the world at a different angle and even that was enough to make me sick. But at least I was somewhat of an anarchist and didn’t trust mainstream much. If all you listen to is MSM and you’ve never questioned anything the doctors or “experts” have told you (beyond what’s been planted in your mind by he TV), forget about it, this person is lost. Only God can wake them up now.

    • Madness says:

      So sorry for you. I think it’s the effect of their ‘education’ coming from schools, media, friends. Similar here not because of this pandemic but basically because we saw things very differently, he believed the propaganda no matter what – we didn’t but tend to be skeptic and rather suspicious.
      The young generation, many of them already successfully brainwashed.
      It’s very painful, yes when we lost a child because that’s what it is. We lost them.

    • Moshe Sopher says:

      Your brainwashed daughter lacks both the scientific temper as well as critical thinking.

      She has the herd mentality..

      Most people have bought into the mass mind control exercise created by the elites using the fake disease as the Trojan Horse, a nonexistent malware, deployed to undermine the sanity of people by deluding them into thinking a bogeyman in the form of an invisible, deadly, life threatening virus is out to get them if they don’t comply with lockdowns and its naked deprivation of human freedoms.

      Countries are opening up in limited ways..with the new normals – physical distancing, facial masking, reduced workforce, almost 0 demand for most consumer goods and services, triple temperature checks per day in offices, closure of the premise if 1 case is found and the threat of multiple waves of the coronahoax assaulting humanity.

      Sad for all of us..sad for kids who’ll never know what it means to live life freely and to its fullest

  3. Neo-Paradigm says:


    The book is one chapter taken from his 2018 book, “The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome–Epidemic Coverup..”

    As Jon has pointed out, Kochs postulates were replaced by new lower standards to create an explanation for HIV. This is the “new science” that now has us all in lockdown awaiting a vaccine to cure a pretend virus.

    Back before Covid Ortleb wrote “If this crowd had superseded traditional science any more than they did, we would all probably be dead. (But wait. There is still time.)”


    I could only find this book on Kindle which can be erased from my library but print versions of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Coverup are still available on Amazon.

    • Natalie says:

      Were Koch’s postulates true at any point?

      • Pft says:

        Yes. But not always followed even by Koch himself.

        Even the seminal paper out of China announcing the Sars-cov-2 virus said Kochs postulate was not followed and more work needed to be done. Mainly they have yet to fo what they did with Sars-1.and provide proof from experimental infection of cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis) that the newly discovered SARS-2 associated coronavirus is the aetiological agent of this disease.

        • Arnie says:

          Check this article out re SARS that show that Kochs postulates were not actually satisfied and it looks into whether pollution was the true cause, sounds familiar

          As Janine Roberts, author of the book ‘Fear Of The Invisible put it “You can’t sue a virus”

        • JungianINTP says:

          Pft, stay a bit alkaline – e.g. don’t eat/drink table sugar – and you’ll mostly avoid sickness.

          And take D3, daily (( search for health expert Bill Sardi’s reports on same )).

          I had discovered a flu cure in 1990, premised on FORCED alkalinity:

          To: Bill Sardi

          Baking Soda or Cayenne Pepper Would be as Effective (( see my flu-bug cure ))

          “ . . . SARS-CoV-2 requires an acidic environment. Hydroxychloroquine is an alkaline compound, so it raises the pH levels of the host environment, preventing the virus from releasing its genes for copying.”

          My flu-bug cure, discovered in 1990, works on the exact same ACID vs. BASE principle.


          Ventilators raise pH, to explain why patients get well. My FORCED breathing technique does, too, killing the flu virus in about 20 minutes.

      • Arnie says:

        Check this out from Dr Andrew Kaufman re his detaiked investigations cause of COVID 19 and the idea that the virus is actually an exosome

        This Website might interest you


    • butch says:

      Read “Plague of Corruption” b y Judy Mikovits. She discovered ME/CFS way back, and then Fauci had her fired and arrested for refusing to retract her papers.

    • Moshe Sopher says:

      Koch’s postulates are flawed and incomplete with even Koch abandoning the 1st postulate after discovering asymptomatic cases in cholera patients..

      Plesse post up to date info instead of relying on obsolete 1884 definitions..

  4. Kevin says:

    On RT.COM, there is an article of an Italian lawmaker that wants Bill Gates arrested for crimes against humanity.

  5. Jon, FYI (seemingly consistent with your previous questions about application of Koch’s Postulates in isolating and identifying a specific virus as so-called “COVID-19” –

    “3. Koch’s postulates

    Based in part on the earlier perceptions of Jakob Henle, and in consultation with Friedrich Loeffler, Robert Koch devised guidelines to demonstrate that certain human diseases were caused by specific micro-organisms (Table 1 ). As applied to viral agents, “Koch’s Postulates” for establishing causation require virus isolation from a diseased organism, growth of the agent in pure culture, and the development of disease when the virus is re-introduced into a healthy organism (Koch, 1884, Rivers, 1937). This approach has been applied to microbes for over a century and is a current practice not only for identifying pathogenic viruses in diseased organisms, but for the isolation of viruses from their natural reservoirs and vectors that harbor them (see Table 2).”

    NOTE ESPECIALLY: “. . . Is a current practice. . .”

    So has the application of Koch’s Postulates been accomplished in isolating and identifying the purportedly “new/novel” COVID-19 virus?

    If not why hasn’t it been done – and/or why can’t it be done?

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    Kind of like the “synthetic terror” of a “virtual war on terrorism” we have been experiencing all these years.

    Or perhaps, many of those “virtual school shootings” (though I do not doubt that a few of them may have gone live). The majority of them were total psyops!

    Just like the “virtual (s)elections”, where we are supposed to believe that there are actually TWO (or more) sides to the political aisle, when in reality: All the “parties” and most of their participants are only acting like opposites!

    Nothing new, except for the faces and the particular game plan.

    The virtual football analogy is a very compelling one. Would not be surprised if “they” were already doing so that last several years, because attendance to some of these games had been dropping off sharply. (Especially when the ticket prices are getting outrageous!)

    • Madness says:

      “Or perhaps, many of those “virtual school shootings” (though I do not doubt that a few of them may have gone live). The majority of them were total psyops!”

      Dana Ashlie had a good piece on this. They can do using frequency to plant thoughts in your head, you literally can hear the voice in your head while no one around you hear it. They even admitted they could train anyone to be a killer just in 3 days. Those shootings even can be real in this way.


      A big thank you to Jon again for this article and the previous one. I also come here not just to exchange info what can be helpful if we spread but to feel little normal as otherwise I feel totally lost.

      • Jim S Smith says:


        Psychoactive drugs also play a part. Eric Harrison and Dylan Klebold had a history of being medicated on powerful psychotropic meds. (as many American children have been for years). Under the influence of these types of drugs, virtually ANYONE can become susceptible to “hypnotic suggestion”. Through repeated “sessions”, they can be made into “Manchurian Candidates” very easily.

        This was a large part of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s CIA-funded research, which was one of the precursor projects under MK-ULTRA, and later successive “experiments”.


        You also have the “virtual acts” played out by hired, well-played “crisis actors” in many instances too! There were several firms contracted to provide crisis-actors for various roles, including “mass-shooting” simulations. However, the “media” were brought into the game, to report on these acts as IF they were indeed real. It takes a very sharp eye to catch some of the “props”, which may easily give away the fact that all is not what it seems in a given “reported situation”. Just like all those phony “beheadings” the public was treated to!

        • Natalie says:

          Columbine was a hoax. The bodies were dummies, there’re videos about it, same as with the bodies falling off the Twin Towers. Waco, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombings, etc. – anything televised is staged as it’s easier to control the narrative this way. The victims are typically fake or crisis actors. Ironically, 9/11 was probably the most “real” one because the towers did fall even if everything else was fake.

  7. Pisces says:

    Is it legal for any industry, corporation or agencies to force the public to do something they don’t want to do, in this case lockdowns and soon-to-come vaccinations, based on someone else’s made up imagination/fantasy (“covid-19”) that has not been backed by factual, scientific evidence to prove its existence? Can they be sued for ‘Medical Fraud’ for knowingly falsely diagnosing people with made up and unproven “new disease-causing virus” with unreliable diagnostic tests? Can they be sued for ‘Wrongful Death’ claims for their claims about (wrong) causes of deaths and for their toxic “treatments” for this “new virus”, using False Claims Act? Because they knowingly violate the law by making false claims about pretending to have found a “new virus” and use it as a tool to force the nation to lockdown and as a reason to vaccinate people against their will. Is it legal?

    • Pisces says:

      I meant to ask “Or is it legal?”

    • Ann says:

      Go to youtube to CrowdSourcetheTruth to see an interview with Alan Dershowitz (I know, don’t vomit into your face diaper) in which he says we have no right NOT to be forcefully vaccinated. Now I’m sorry to say it, but if you’re a 14th Amendment slave (and you are if you have contracts with the State), he may very well be right. You have to renounce your citizenship and cancel all contracts with the State to remove yourself from being a slave. The reason they gave up slavery in the first place was because they could not perfect the collateral (people were too much trouble). So they just made everybody slaves, but it’s kind of a soft slavery. Now they CAN perfect the collateral (all of us) with the vaccine/chip. They think they are so close to winning!

    • Natalie says:

      To quote Emperor Palpatine, “I will make it legal”.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Legal” under the Maritime Statutes (U.S. Code), but NOT under the Constitution!

      There is a difference between “legal” and “lawful”, though. Best to know the difference, because you can argue about “legality” all day – and the Statues at Large are vague enough to find a “loophole” which makes a given act “legal”.

      The big problem here is:

      Because our nation has devolved into something closer to a “Democracy”, which it was NEVER intended to be (why it was founded as a Representative Republic) – this is where the “majority rules” comes in. With so many people accepting this as a “fact” (even though it is NOT fact), then when you are in the minority who chooses “NO”, you are effectively “overruled” by the ignorant and complicit “majority” (at least in their minds).

      It eventually is going to take physical force to put a stop to the depredations. Time for talk, out of peace, is about over. It will eventually require making the venture of the tyrants’ willing helpers more risky and personally costly – in order to get them to second-think whether their actions will guarantee them survival towards the next “victim” or not. – Human history has shown more times than not, “Lost Freedoms and Liberties are very RARELY, if EVER, won back through strict pacifism by the oppressed.”

      – Just my “two Zinc-pennies worth”.

  8. Mark says:

    Just a few thoughts…
    Shouldn’t it be ANTI-social distancing?
    Over heard a lady yesterday say its “just a mask, not a conspiracy”.
    Its just a train that coincidentally ends at a death camp.
    Italian politician calls for the arrest of Bill Gates.
    I hope this starts a cascade of people across the world doing the same.

    • Piksil says:

      “Shouldn’t it be ANTI-social distancing?”

      Good one!
      Yes, but that would be anti-positive, not good for the psyche, according to ‘medical experts’. (Maybe social engineers would be more apros pos?)

      This whole drama has been well planned, gotta give ’em that.
      But that’s all we gotta give ’em.

      Question about the fantasy football games (and team sports in general):
      Who plays? Players with antibodies? Players without antibodies? Won’t players have to wear masks? (I guess FauxSports could cgi masks on the players, too. But, they’re going to be susceptible to Plandemic II, the Sequel, and could die, cuz ‘they’ said the second wave “will be worse”.). Players on the sidelines social distancing? Will they be paid virtual pay checks? Will one announcer be in the booth, and the other broadcast from home, like the media is doing? Virtual team mascots and cheerleaders, or will they practice proper social distancing from home? Will the military color guard wear masks to present the colors during the playing of the national anthem? Will players do virtual visits to wards at children’s hospitals? Virtual end zone celebrations after a touchdown? (They’ve had more time to rehearse them this year than previously….as long as they practice proper social distancing, should be entertaining.)
      Virtual blimp for aerial coverage? Will virtual Cincinnatti be any better?
      Sorry, but this is virtually rediculous!

      • Mark says:

        Awesome! Virtual targeting penalities with virtual concussions…the league could play “virtually” forever!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      I’ve called these crazy laws “Anti-Social” for a bit myself.

      – On the right track!

  9. Pierre says:

    Hi again ,
    legal or not I don’t care .

    Pierre from Bordeaux

  10. Greg C. says:

    CGI simulation has come a long way since 9/11/2001, when we saw the CGI plane hitting the 2nd tower, with it’s nose protruding out the other side. OOPS. They quickly blacked out the screen, but not in time to hide the mistake. Missing water background behind the buildings. Extreme color shifts with the sky. Things like that. Apparently, the job went so wrong for the CGI team at the Pentagon that we only got to see one frame of the security video, with nothing identifiable as an aircraft.

    • Natalie says:

      Things were easier to fake in the 1960s for Kubrick’s moon landings. No wonder they don’t attempt it again, too conspicuous.

      • Rachel says:

        If all goes as planned, they will indeed have to fake a new moon landing. SpaceX was supposed to launch their first ship with people on board today, but it was delayed because of weather.

        • Natalie says:

          Interesting. I’ll leave it to the visual effects specialists to break it down later.

    • Larry C says:

      I wonder if this CGI screw-up was intentional on the part of the False Flaggers, to add further to the chaos and debate and disagreements regarding what really happened con 911.

      • Larry C says:

        To clarify: I believe that planes DID hit the Trade Towers in NYC. I do NOT believe this is what brought them down in their own footprints…it was something else. As horrific as it was, using commercial airliners to hit their targets on 911, was a diversion/misdirection/sleight-of-hand to hide the true cause of the destruction.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          No plane wreckage was found on site though.


          • Natalie says:

            Aluminum planes just sliced through the steel girders and disappeared completely, without even a tail falling off? Somehow the passengers were able to use the cell phones from 10 000 feet? Then you have the earlier witnesses talking about explosions (both in NYC and Pentagon). I also read reports from the pilots claiming it was impossible to fly planes at this speed at that altitude. Now I’m not a pilot so I can’t verify it but I don’t see why they would lie about it.

          • Piksil says:

            Yeah, but they ‘found’ Mohammed Atta’s passport in the rubble. (I guess he rolled down the pilot’s window right before impact and tossed it out. Cuz, you know, those things are a bitch to replace, all the red tape and all. Who would want that hassle?)

        • Larry C says:

          @Natalie (the ‘reply’ button was missing under your post). I’m no physicist, but an aluminum plane hitting a heavily reinforced building at more than 500 mph, would turn to dust for the most part…or so it seems. The explosions reported by many at NYC and the Pentagon, was the “something else” I alluded to. Agreed regarding the use of air-borne cell phones on that date. And finally, if there were no planes on 911, what of the 100s of thousands of witnesses who were present in the streets? I don’t mean to sound argumentative, just thinking out loud here.

          Parsing through the blizzard of claims surrounding 911, is challenging in the extreme.

          • Piksil says:

            Larry C:
            (Sorry I don’t have a link….old computer used and no longer available)
            Probably 8+ years ago, I read a transcript of testimony/deposition given by an experienced test pilot who stated that it was impossible for commercial jet airliners to fly at the speeds (>500 mph) that reportedly hit the towers, even 757s, due to the physics involved. He stated that the air densities at the lower altitudes, coupled with engine inefficiencies at lower altitudes, prohibited such speeds.
            Could they have been modified military aircraft, or modified (cruise?) missiles? I would think so, and probably easy to insert due to the number of military exercises taking place that morning.

          • Natalie says:

            @LarryC The original reports mentioned explosions, the footage with airplanes was released later. Same with Pentagon. You can still find original videos on YT.

            The best hoaxes are easiest to pull off if they’re relatively simple. The official story is way to complicated: let’s say CIA trains the terrorists to hijack the planes – but what if they chicken out? What if the hijacking fails? What if they don’t fly them into the buildings? What if the passengers subdue them (the scenario they explored with one of them). What if Air Force shots down the planes (where was it by the way?) Too many uncontrolled variables. With no planes, controlled demolition and empty buildings (look up some pictures, there’re no floors) it’s a lot easier to pull off. And then there’s WTC7 which wasn’t hit by the plane and yet collapsed in a controlled demolition manner.

            Also, where are the black boxes? There should’ve been 8 of them total. They’re very hard to destruct. There were planes blown to pieces or scattered all over the ocean and they still managed to find the blackbox.

      • Greg C. says:

        I suspect they had fun being in on the joke so in that vein it wasn’t a professional job. Part of the fun was seeing how far they could stretch credulity to prove how naive the masses are, making themselves geniuses in comparison.

      • Natalie says:

        Possibly. 9/11 story is so outrageously inept it could be deliberate. After all, TPTB created the Internet in the first place, to spy on us and form “public opinion”. Many conspiracy theories likely come from the CIA.

        • Piksil says:

          Yes, even ‘conspiracy theory’ was coined by the CIA, in response (preparation?) to the JFK/Warren Commission coverup.

  11. BDBinc says:

    Epidemic of insanity.
    Epidemic of faithlessness.
    Epidemic of guilt.
    Epidemic of lies and the false.
    Epidemic of the collective ego.

    Remember people believed all the media and govt lies and so made it their reality and our relative reality as we are not separate. As without human beings living in fear (and guilt from Climate change myth psyop ) believing it and locking yourself in home detention as a punishment would not have happened.
    An inner revolution is needed, as this is where all the wisdom and courage needed to move mountains is.
    Love is the power, not fear.

  12. Rachel says:

    When they cancelled all the sports, I was surprised. Traditionally, sports can be used as a great distraction from anything real. So why take away something that would help their cause? I understand that crowds are not allowed, but couldn’t a team just be a larger “family” that is not allowed real contact outside their circle? Or could individual sports like Nascar (which just did restart) be allowed, again to give people something to focus on that isn’t about any illness, real or made up?

    Sports have always been a great distraction from the real world. It is another piece I just don’t understand.

    • Piksil says:

      It still is a great distraction. I think the ‘pause’ was/is part of the distraction. (They still had sports on the news….)
      Of course, a couple of players from each team conveniently ‘caught’ ‘covid’. I wonder if they qualify for bonus pay, or a commerative ring?
      Still distracting with the talks (drama) of re-opening sports. Part of the greater distraction of covid, as economies, liberties, and lives are ruined.

    • Greg C. says:

      Ahhh – they don’t want an hour of escape – they want a reminder of the “new normal” every minute of the day. They want it to sink in, they want us to mull it over really well, so we don’t slip and go back to the old normal, where we could meet in groups, shake hands, network with people, build a business, ask a girl on a date, have a pleasant time at a restaurant without medical gear, you know, the way it was before the EVENT.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Problem is:

        The psycho-sociological damage has been done. The longer this “game” goes on, the more deep-rooted the faux reality becomes, and the harder it will be to “detox” from it – BACK to the “old normal”.


        All the business advertisements are also helping to reinforce the message about “social-distancing” and “caring for everyone’s health and well-being” (in lieu of the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’).

  13. Larry C says:

    I’m gonna buy the largest television I can find. (No doubt I’ll have to add steel beams inside the wall to support the beast.) I will bathe in perfumed waters prior to the nightly visions beamed down from On High, aka the Mainstream Media Corporatacrcy. (Note to self: Clean the tub!) Thirty minutes prior to services, I will light dozens of votive candles on either side of the screen. I will lay in a supply of expensive incense, and fire up a couple in the burner. I will don a monk’s simple shroud, befitting that of a humble supplicant, and then, to get in to the proper frame of mind, beat myself about the head and shoulders with an old rolled copy of the Washington Post, or Sports Illustrated. I will tell my sins in the confessional (broom closet), and crawl to the kneeling pad, arranged carefully in front of the altar (oops…tv set) to afford the best viewing angles. As the lights dim, and a crescendo of trumpets and kettle drums herald the imminent arrival of Our Masters (yup…those smooth-talking Media Hucksters again), I will prostrate myself on the floor, eyes averted for the required interval. Oh, damn it all, I forgot to check my brains at the door….HELP ME UP, SOMEBODY!

    • hhi says:

      thanks, I needed that, now I’m as happy as Larry

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Be careful here!

      Some day, you won’t even need a TV for that. – They will interact within your brain. Then, it will REALLY seem like “God is talking to you”.

      – Hoooobooy!

      Someone pass me a beer, please. I’m thirsty again!

  14. fluidity says:

    A new cell-based quadrivalent vaccine was introduced this last flu season. It was aimed at the elderly and another version was made for non-elders who were sensitive to egg-grown vaccines.
    One ad said at the bottom: “Italy. UK. Australia. 211,000,000 doses to date”, or something like that.

    The nocebo effect is when one reacts with side effects to a sham-treatment as if the real one had been administered. Finding out you tested positive on a covid pcr test and then getting sick would qualify, I think. The BBC calls the nocebo effect the contagious thought “that could kill you”.
    Public relations firms, teenaged girls, and practitioners of Voodoo know all about it.
    The power of suggestion is potent and works best when the subject is terrified.

    Happy Mt. St. Helens day.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Just like the power of prayer, when it comes to healing. It may lack the power purely on its own, but sure helps if you are also doing something else right.

  15. Pft says:

    Basically a global coup d’etat is taking place. Otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will lead to a Global Technocracy based on Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Nothing can stand in its way, they will steam roll it through. They have crossed the Rubicon and cant turn back. Censorship over corona virus and related matters is on Warp Speed.

    A New Order will make use of 5G, IoT, AI/Robotics , Big Data to control all aspects of life of each individual. These techs have been fast tracked and made top priorities of the Trump administration which is made up of the same folks who gave us 9/11 , anthrax attacks (Dark Winter) and the 2008 crash, and who have completed Crimson Contagion and Urban Outbreak exercises to practice for the real thing. Currently working on Operation Blackout (check out Whitney Webb).

    The main actors are those at the top of the global pyramid represent military, intelligence, public health, global industries (pharma, tech, financial, telecom, agribusines), philanthropies/foundations, with many interlocking connections. They control MSM , Social Media, and Hollywood and use them to disseminate propaganda. Many countries are on board from US to Europe, Asia and even our fake enemies China and Russia (on board since 1990) .

    Planning for this day via secret and not so secret meetings (Bilderbergs, TLC, CFR, Davos, UN institutions) , etc and exercises and simulations and actual events have been held over the last 50 years with the idea of destroying the old order and ushering in a new order. Despite step by step progress readily apparent with a retrospective look back the project can only be completed with a complete demolition of the old order.
    Its a demolition occurring along many fronts.

    This is not virtual. Its real. Although most people will need a virtual crutch to
    help them transition to this dystopian new world order of servitude, depopulation, and reproduction management.

    But hey, Go Pats. Who needs fans in the stands, just fill the stands with socially distanced cheerleaders.

    • Plamen says:

      Do you realize what you just did?

    • Pft: Censorship over corona virus and related matters is on Warp Speed.

      Rick: I hope Jon will permit me to post a link to my back-up forum in case his blog is taken down… I also tried a blog here…

      Pft: Currently working on Operation Blackout (check out Whitney Webb).

      Rick: Yup– I saw a reference to that in a small paperback I picked up at Fry’s grocery store– an actual little book about Covid– for 4.95. It covered the virus of course– but also went on with basic prep for emergencies like blackouts. They know what’s coming.

      Rtp: The main actors are those at the top of the global pyramid… [including] our fake enemies China and Russia (on board since 1990) .

      Rick: Fake enemies indeed. Both Russia and China are running continuing fake space station and fake robot moon missions, based on the original fake moon landing by the US.

      Rtp: …exercises and simulations and actual events have been held over the last 50 years with the idea of destroying the old order and ushering in a new order.

      Rick: I’ve been thinking of challenging all of it with… alphabetical order.

      Rtp: new world order of servitude, depopulation, and reproduction management.

      Rick: Consistent with Annuanaki’s Enlil’s vision of mankind rather than Enki’s as translated by Z. Sitchen from ancient cylinder seals, many of which are still untranslated, from Sumeria. The good news is that we’re at the end of the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius, to be led by Enki who designed mankind with higher-vision against Enlil’s wish for mankind to be dumbed down slaves. Bill Gates DNA vaccine is to remove some aspect of our higher vision from our pineal glands. I think that we succeed in listing all the problems in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, we might be able to match their every evil move for a counter-good move.

    • Natalie says:

      Senator Jenner was warning us back in 1954. Total control by assembly line. He though they wouldn’t pull the trigger until the American people have been convinced the old order has to go. The COVID psyop and the coming economic collapse could be the final straws. I’m sure they have contingency plans. Say, if for some reason Americans wake up and kick out the banksters like they did in Iceland, they’ll just start Word War III. America could be another Weimar Republic, only bigger and bringing down the entire world economy with us.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Sounds like my cuppa!

        Need to bring down the entire corrupt world system, and replace with a more-human system again.


        I think some of us may not be around much longer to see this happen. So, educating and reaching out to as many willing-to-learn types will be crucial.

        Remember: It took twenty years to actually get enough people to back fighting the British Empire and corrupt monarchy, in order to begin the process of severing all ties with it – and become a new republic. – Even then, only %2 of the populace was onboard at first.

        • Natalie says:

          They only want to destroy USA because this republic (whatever remains of it) is the last obstacle towards NWO. If it was going the way of the Roman Empire (i.e. decentralization) I’d be all for it but I fear it’s not the case.

  16. Fenando Martinez says:

    Solo hay una duda: Si las vacunas son tan peligrosas – que lo son!- porque nadie habla del MMS o del CDS?
    Andreas Kalcker el biofisico aleman ha puesto a disposicion del mundo una cura contra los supuestos ¨virus¨: aumento del oxigeno en la sangre – que libera a los pulmones de la embolia- .

    Toda la actividad de los llamados ¨virus¨ requiere oxigeno para combustion y eliminacion de las toxinas.
    El cuerpo muere por asfixia -falta de oxigeno- que el CDS – o el MMS- proporciona y tan solo con clorito de sodio.

    Demasiado barato para la industria medica, demasiado caro para que lo tengas en cuenta ?
    La revolucion contra las vacunas solo tendra solucion si utilizas conscientemente la alternativa a esos venenos, de lo contrario deberas girar como un hamster sin soluciones reales a su cuerda, a la soga Fauci-Gates que nos aprieta el cuello.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      Fauci, Gates, es todo. se vida ladron.

      “las vacunas son tan peligrosas – que lo son!”

      Y muy carro, en Plato Y en vida!

      – Si, Mi Espanol no muy bien.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        de “Google-Translate”:


        ¡Fauci, Gates y el resto son los “ladrones de vidas”!

        Sus vacunas son mucho más peligrosas que cualquier virus.

        Buenos pensamientos, amigo!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      To everyone else (In English):

      “There is only one question: If vaccines are so dangerous – what are they! – because nobody talks about MMS or CDS?
      Andreas Kalcker the German biophysicist has made available to the world a cure against the supposed “viruses”: increased oxygen in the blood – which frees the lungs from embolism.

      All the activity of the so-called “viruses” requires oxygen for combustion and elimination of toxins.
      The body dies from suffocation – lack of oxygen – that the CDS – or the MMS – provides and only with sodium chlorite.

      Too cheap for the medical industry, too expensive for you to consider?
      The vaccine revolution will only be solved if you consciously use the alternative to these poisons, otherwise you must turn like a hamster with no real solutions to its rope, to the Fauci-Gates rope that tightens our necks.”

  17. Burrado says:

    Jon, forgive me if you’ve already written about this, but this is huge. I stumbled upon this article, which lays out the origin of the social distancing “image”:

    Between knowing this is a New York Slimes piece (and possible misdirection), little Bush’s brilliant expertise on pandemics: “A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire,” the obvious self-congratulatory tone, and reference to nuclear weapons supercomputers, I found it hard not to gag while reading this.

    So it is probably best I link you back to the saner quarters of the web where my search began, where NO science at all supports this insane midieval mind hack:

    And still, back at the Slimes, they will continue to congratulate one another:

    The operation was a success! The patient died.

      Great little articles there, Burrado. I’d like to see the references in them used to create serious legal action against cities, counties, companies and countries.

      The city of Atwood, CA (pop. 28,000) declared itself a sanctuary city today based on a dozen different elements that I printed out this afternoon. I’m envisioning a website that lists references that can be used to construct legal counter acttacks against all the aspects of the corona coup in progress (with more promised to come in the second wave).

      I noted that Trump, in a presser today, indicated he takes hydrochloroquin daily now– which I doubt– but he said he does– and I think it might be a bit of psychological counter attack against big pharma in this country, including Cuomo’s NY, which are warehousing HCQ to prevent its use in favor of the new vax’s announced today. I think there may be LEGAL ACTION POSSIBLE against NY for such warehousing. India is using it with great success. It’s an anti-parasitic which many with covid symptoms might have– not all– but some. HCQ apparently releases zinc– consistent with zinc helping with immune boosting too.

      Your reference to medieval mindsets involved in this covid coup reminds me of an article I’ll have to reference here when I find it– that points to the original basis of THE CROWN taking back lands from PEASANTS by dropping dead human bodies in the area to start disease cycles. Medieval indeed.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        You might also be interested in this article on Investor World:

        Notice the “Operation Warp Speed” – Stocks to buy!

        This whole page of recommended investments had me reeling big time! ! ! – There are actually plenty of “financial advisors” plugging these various “tech companies” as the “next great investments”.


        But I DO have principles! I may be “poor”, but I count myself as one of the “Rich Poor”, rather than be one of the “Poor Rich”. – If you gather my meaning.

        • This is why the mainstream and others have suddenly dismissed HCQ– no money in it– whereas money in vax’s. And this is why Trump likely came out with his “ad” for HCQ, saying he takes it every day. A poor man’s HCQ would be TONIC WATER which contains trace amounts of quinine. I’ve developed quite a taste for it. It’s refreshing. And like Trump, I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now, every day. Tonic Water flew off the shelves at Fry’s grocery a few weeks ago when the news of it containing quinine hit. If I find myself pining for beer too early in the day, I satisfy my beer-brain-circuit with Tonic Water! It works great!

          • Toni says:

            As a child growing up in 50’s, Sweppes was known as the Tonic Water and known for the quinine in it. Today, I see that Sweppes has many “styles” of bottled waters, one of which is still the Tonic Water with, as it says, a little quinine but now the 1st or 2nd ingredient is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP?! It was, historically, a kind of bitter and effervescent drink: pleasant. No more,I tried it and the sugar sweet ruins it to me and it is not healthful to ingest that type of concocted sugar.

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you for the articles. The NYT hurt my head and reminded me of a headline from CNN a few weeks into the lockdowns-Denver didn’t adhere to social distancing in 1918 and paid the price. My comment on it was “Social distancing didn’t exist back then!” But only one other person understood. I used to doubt myself when weird contradictions from what I remembered would pop up. Now I worry I lost so much of my own history because the powers that be have always been changing the facts.

      On a positive side note, in Oregon the governor went too far for her own good, and all closures and stay-at-home orders voided. I pray it stays that way. We shall see…

      P.S. I wanted to add an extra thanks to all the humor today. It was greatly needed!

  18. Burrado says:

    The mfs and their “university-credentialed overclass”* are using this mind-f*** weapon against the population: ‘The precautionary principle’ – that no risks can be assumed if someone or something somewhere might be harmed. Robert Gore brought this up here:

    I think this is the same idea that James Corbett said the mfs are pushing in this video, that it is murder if a friend of a friend of a casual contact of a family member dies because you sneezed without covering your face:

    It is complete and utter bullshit and needs to be vigorously refuted.

    * The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite – Michael Lind

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That’s when it come to understanding true Science, and Logic. – Most of these “pea-brained”, micro-cephalic non-thinkers lack any traction on BOTH.

      • Burrado says:

        I suspect that this sad situation has been encouraged at least by the widening of academic standards and the push for universal “higher” education. Since when is EVERYBODY supposed to go to university? But it seems to have become an entitlement.

      • Burrado says:

        I mean, what did they think would happen when they started giving degrees to micro-cephalic pea brains and then admitted them to the “university credentialed overclass”? No offense to micro-cephalic pea brains lol.

  19. Laura says:

    Great one, Jon, and I couldn’t care less about pro sports, but that virtual stadium scenario makes me nauseous. You called these creeps “vicious public-health scum” and wow is that ever accurate. Anyone who sees/hears the words “public health” directed their way should leave the vicinity post haste. As long as we’re still free to leave, that is. Gates and company are working so hard to eliminate that little problem. May they all die now and never rest, in hell.

      • Laura says:

        The 9th. Although I don’t really believe those definitions, especially not the one about “suicides” being deserving of hell in the afterlife. It’s pretty obvious they’ve already had enough “hell” if they went so far as to kill themselves. That’s not an immoral crime, in my view anyways. But yeah, whichever is the worst, that’s what Gates, Fauci, et al, deserve for their passionate, hard-fought efforts (and success) to ruin existence for billions of people, and for countless animals in the bargain (all those in lab cages having the “covid” vaccine “tested” in them, the pets people are disposing of due to fear they spread “covid,” etc.).

  20. walkingdead says:

    A very good video on how and who. Know thy enemy.

    • lamberth says:

      walkingdead, thanks for this link.

      As I’ve been saying, anyone that thinks that Gates’ billions are his own is nothing but an ignorant fool.
      There, I’ve said it.

    • lamberth says:

      I just watched the video.
      At 40:38 – 40:50, there it is.

      The true enemy indeed.

  21. Jon, I hope you don’t mind my trying to restate your list a little differently as follows:

    The covid pandemic is VIRTUAL because…
    1. The EXISTENCE OF A NEW VIRUS, even within the viruses-are-contagious-&-harmful-paradigm, IS UNPROVEN because proper discovery procedures were never carried out. (Koch’s Rules?).
    2. THE TESTS for diagnosing the alleged virus—PCR and antibody—routinely YIELD FALSE POSITIVES so all case numbers meaningless.
    3. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING are dying OF MANY CAUSES that have nothing to do with a purported new virus; for example, flu-like illness, ordinary pneumonia, other traditional lung infections. Overwhelmingly, these people are elderly, suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, and have been treated for years with toxic medical drugs. Many are living in areas of heavy and noxious pollution and dense 5G trancievers. That’s why they’re dying. Other deaths may well be the result of toxic vaccine campaigns—for instance, in the north of Italy, where apparently a new type of flu vaccine was introduced in the fall and winter of 2019.

    4. The LOCKDOWNS ARE causing HORRIFIC economic and health tragedies. They’re entirely UNNECESSARY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and NON-SCIENCE BASED since there are other explanations for symptoms described as resulting from flu or Covid. Ordinary flu infections and deaths are much higher and yet, no massive lockdowns vaguely approaching what we’re enduring now have ever been enforced for flu.

    5. VIRUS THEORIES are wider than current medical models. In one theory, VIRUSES are EXOSOMES, and part of a health immune system to relieve the body of toxins. Another theory, Beauchamp’s enviroment theory is a better explanation than Pasteur’s germ theory. German New Theory is even more interesting than Beauchamp’s theory for toxicity reactions that are called viral infections and are based, surprisingly, on fear itself! Amazing.

    6. Mike Pompeo admitted at a press conference that it’s a drill. Trump looked at him and said “You should have told us”.

  22. lamberth says:

    Since 1987, I have been presenting a case against what is essentially the Rockefeller medical cartel. It occurred to me then—and I haven’t changed my mind—that we are in a ten-thousand-year war.

    Thanks Jon, that is hitting the nail on the head.
    And not even the Rockefellers are at the top of the pyramid. They are here today, gone tomorrow. Just as that sock-puppet Gates.

    This cabal has been around for centuries, long before the Rockefellers & Gates’ crawled out of their holes. They are this cabal’s snake-oil salesmen.
    Snake-oil in the widest sense of the word. From their fake fiat money, to their pseudo-science, fake vaccines, fake news, fake political system, etc.
    In short: The Matrix.

  23. Drifter says:


    The world population last night was about 7,782,191,911 and the population of the USA was about 339, 771,096. Therefore the US population is about 4.25% of the world population!

    Ok, at the same time I dug up some covid-19 numbers, The world had a total of 4,840,754 covid-19 cases and the US had 1,532,246 of those cases. Therefore the US would have had 31.65% of the world’s covid-19 cases!

    And the covid-19 death count worldwide was 317,363 and the US was 91,077 which computes to the US having 28.7% of all the covid-19 deaths worldwide!

    In the USA? The mightiest nation with the strongest economy, with the largest military, with biggest of everything and a nation that was supposed to have had men walking on the moon? (Just being cynical.)

    Those wild numbers have been obvious all along even without even using a calculator. Now, they stand out like a sore thumb!

    Is the US health care that bad? No. Can’t be. But even having zero health care probably couldn’t generate those kind of numbers.

    Or is there something really rotten in Denmark, oops, I mean the USA?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The USA also has the world’s HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY RATE, even though we have nearly the world’s most expensive “health-care” system! – BTW: Japan comes in second as to the infant mortality rate, and you wanna guess what else we and Japan have fairly high too? ? ? (The number of mandated childhood vaccines)

      – Nuff said.

      • Plamen says:

        Check this article on Japan

        Vaccines Not Primary Cause of Autism

      • Natalie says:

        I don’t think Japan mandates any vaccines, not even for school. At least they didn’t mandate them until recently. They also stopped recommending Gardasil because of the horrific injuries and deaths of young girls. Seems like Japan is about the only developed country where the government is not completely separated from the people (I guess there’s some advantage to being a mostly mononational country).

    • Madness says:

      You can’t believe those numbers, without working tests their number means nothing. They use other tools like relabeling the cases, as if they died to Covid19. While flu and other diseases a kind of disappeared.
      I think it’s just propaganda, they want to hit the West badly, to generate more fear, to brake us. They need it, still the West is the most rich and most free. This is why the US or the UK had so many ‘cases’.
      With some very real, early death, too. Like they helped many elderly to die early (care homes).
      If you want to know the real numbers check how many died in the last years on a daily basis. In the UK it’s 1400-1600. Then check how many are a ‘plus’.

      • Madness is right– I’ve seen convincing arguments that the USA is the number one target for the corona coup- so the numbers here are being inflated to make us look bad.

        Trump, playing a bit dumb– but coming off as a little bit comedic– said last week that the USA has more testing than any other country. Then he paused and checked himself in realtime quipping “I don’t know if that’s such a good thing because it makes us look bad”.

        Of course, the MSM talking heads ridiculed him for it but he DOES have a point! And again, it’s the USA that is the number one nation-state blocking all NWO attempts to globalize everything. So we’re the number one target.

        • P.S. Of course, keeping Jon’s earlier distinction in mind of arguing from WITHIN the idea that there even IS a killer virus out there vs. arguing OUTSIDE the box where there is no killer virus is important to keep in mind here. Trump’s response would be made WITHIN the assumption that covid testing has validity– which we here, at least ME, would dismiss because I’m outside that box. But at least Trump is CONSISTENT within the covid-is-real-and-testing-works-worldview.

    • Plamen says:

      Provided the world’s population numbers are real. My estimate is 2-3 bln MAX!

      Health care is one of the major reasons for deaths nowadays. Which is why “richer” countries were worst affected. Especially with flu, the more you medicate yourself, the worse it gets.

      • Natalie says:

        Hi Plamen, what do you base your estimate on? That’s one theory I haven’t seen before and I’m always curious about new anti-narratives.

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