COVID: David Crowe’s brilliant new paper takes apart antibody testing

by Jon Rappoport

May 15, 2020

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Assuming that a new virus called COVID-19 was actually discovered—we are being told that antibody tests are a vital tool for determining who is immune and who is not.

These tests are heralded as essential and necessary, despite some downplayed doubt among “experts” about how reliable they are.

Canadian author and long-time independent researcher, David Crowe, has written a new paper, “Antibody Testing for COVID-19.” (May 13, 2020).

(For David Crowe’s paper that challenges the discovery of the COVID-19 virus, click here.)

I can safely say it is the most detailed analysis of the tests anyone will ever read.

It approaches the subject from a number of angles, and includes a breakdown of the test-kit manufacturers and the comparative results of their efforts to bring a useful test to the public.

Here are several devastating excerpts from Crowe’s very deep dive:

“The only jurisdiction with a formal structure for approval of antibody tests is the United States but, until very recently, it was a complete joke, as the test manufacturers did not need to provide validation data. Now it is only a partial joke, as validation data must be provided, but the FDA can only do a paper analysis. Imagine if auto-manufacturers had to build cars to certain EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) fuel efficiency standards, but rather than sending a car to the EPA for testing, they could do the testing at their facilities, and just send the results in afterwards…”

“Antibody tests are often subject to cross-reactions with other conditions. This could be because the [other irrelevant] medical condition produces similar antibodies, or because something related to that [other] condition reacts with other test components. The choice of [cross-reacting] conditions to check for is completely under the control of the manufacturer and even when no cross reactions were found for a condition, the number of samples tested was so small that the possibility of a fairly high rate of false positive cross reactions still exists.”

“Positive antibody tests have only been found in a minority of people in the general population even where the virus is believed to have been circulating for months. These fractions are generally taken as truth, but one would expect a highly infectious virus to have spread much more widely…The one experiment that could show whether antibody tests are actually meaningful would be a time series of a large number of people who are currently negative on all tests. This experiment would be time consuming, inefficient (as many people would never become positive on any tests), intrusive (frequent nasal swabs and blood tests) and obviously very expensive. Those are practical considerations, but in the absence of such an experiment we are almost totally in the dark about COVID-19 antibody testing. Given the billions being spent on COVID and the trillions being lost by the economy, it surely is not impossible to do some worthwhile science.”

David Crowe’s paper demands widespread notice and very careful study. He has provided a great service.

Superficial reliance on antibody tests has no connection to real science. Yet, the so-called experts are using these tests to make momentous decisions about the present and future of humans on Earth.

The official experts have literally taken over governments in a grand coup. They must be rejected on every level.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

102 comments on “COVID: David Crowe’s brilliant new paper takes apart antibody testing

  1. butch says:

    Showing that you have “covid19[84]” is meaningless, we live in a sea of viruses and are ourselves viruses.. PROOF of infection is whats paramount, so far they haven’t been able to do that.

    • Lying Sweetly says:

      Viruses and Lies

      There is only one ‘gold standard’ method for identifying a virus so that you can be sure what is in your test tube. It is: isolate and purify your sample so that it only contains what you want to look at. Take electron-microscope photographs of it. Compare them with electron-microscope photographs from other known viruses. That’s it.
      ALL virologists agree on that point.

      Here’s the thing: NO ONE is claiming they have done that with HIV or COVID-19. No one.

      The ‘discoverer’ of HIV, Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier (the man credited with its discovery), makes a point of saying he never did that.

      No one claims to have done that with COVID-19.

      So, ALL claims to having identified COVID-19 in animals, including humans, are lies that they know are lies. They KNOW that their tests CANNOT be identifying COVID-19 because they haven’t IDENTIFIED COVID-19 as a novel virus. Right?

      If they haven’t done that, and aren’t claiming to have done that, why not? Have they run out of money to do that after spending trillions of dollars to fight the ‘virus’?

      What do their tests identify? Doesn’t matter because they are lying about COVID-19. If they will lie about that, then they will lie about everything. They know the gold standard and they aren’t using it, which means they ARE lying about everything, deaths, cases, treatments, vaccines and so forth.

      Now we come to the fine tip of the spear. Would the folks lying to the world about Corona virus and everything associated with it, those same folks who then severely crippled the world’s economy, do all of that as a prank, a joke? They know they are lying. We (who care to know) know they are lying. Why aren’t they afraid of us?

      The only reason that makes sense is that they are not worried about people who don’t know how to think rationally, who are able to think logically. They have been working for decades to provide mal-education and/or to drive people into poverty in order to limit the number of ‘thinkers’ so strongly that (they believe) the remaining thinkers do not pose a threat.

      There is one more piece. Most people lie to themselves. Most people are afraid of being caught lying. So, when a person (who might be able to think calmly in normal times) has their fear level raised dramatically by people telling huge obvious lies to them, such a person is immediately reminded of their own lying. Then rationality, logic and reason are out of reach.

      If you can’t stop lying to yourself, you can’t do anything about the people who are lying in order to wreck or control the world. If you can’t stop lying to yourself, how can you think of yourself as an honest person?


  2. Charles says:

    From Crowe’s new paper: “At present no antibody tests are properly validated, and the results cannot be relied upon, particularly not to make sweeping changes in society, such as mandatory vaccination and quarantine of people who do not have the ‘right’ antibody test results.”

    But that will never stop the state/government from steam rolling whatever additional freedom diminishing policies they care to implement. Don’t confuse ’em with facts. It gets in the way of an agenda and that agenda bodes nothing good and even evil for all of us.

    Slightly changing the subject – Planning on refusing the COVID-19 vaccine? Better give some serious thought on exactly how you are going to do that. Wouldn’t put it past the powers-that-think-they-be to use the US military and other armed government thugs to perform vaccination road blocks or door-to-door, literally at gun point, forced immunizations.

    • Cecille Chan says:

      I could not retire from our healthcare cartel fast enough. I spent the last few years of my practice fighting our infection control officer, presenting him with documentations about CDC egregious lies, etc. I am preparing for the forced vaccinations. It will be a fight to the death situation. I do not fear death. We are immortal. We cannot let tyranny win. God bless us all.

      • Kevin says:

        Good for you, and yes it’s a cartel.

        From the American Medical Association to insurance corporations ( stocks / investments at the international level), to big pharma, and more .

        What takes place at the executive board level is these fat cats sit on a multiple of boards.
        They network and these corporations function as 1.

        A guy that sits on the boards of a corporate hospital can also sit on an ama board and an international pharma corporation .

        It’s really a diabolical arrangement .

        Ive made it my life to NOT let the so called United States healthcare industry come close to me. The nuts are not touching me.

      • Mi says:

        I friend of mine, a Paramedic in Australia. Just got stood down for refusing a flu shot.

    • Mark says:

      Just watched President Trump, and other “professionals”, live broadcast this morning regarding OPERATION WARP SPEED to get the vaccine out ASAP, and probably “by the end of this year”. They will be working “with the military”…”to ensure everyone gets the vaccine”. It couldn’t have been more obvious and you didn’t even have to really read between the lines.

      • Christine says:

        Just sent this to White House…They May not be read…but sent it anyway…

        “Regarding the covid19 flu vaccine initiative called Operation Warp Speed: the first people that should be given this new / poorly tested vaccine should be President Trump, VP Pence,and their families. Then it needs to be given to all of members of Congress, then all the Governors, mayors, legislators of USA. Every single one of them needs to do so publicly. I want to see them receive it first, along with Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the military guys put in charge of this initiative. Let me know how they respond! As for me and my family, we will fight you tooth and nail to resist receiving that vaccine. ! “

        • Piksil says:


          Please please please add “the media” to that list! Oh, and bankers/Wall Street types too.

          As a licensed RN, I volunteer to give the big dogs their “immunization”.

        • Bullwinkle says:

          They would all be given a harmless saline solution. I am quite sure that the Ruling Class have never taken a vaccine.

      • zakalu says:

        agree mark, the proof is in the pudding.

        I never thought they would really take it this far, I was wrong. And this is just the beginning of the new beginning…The decades long build up of gargantuan gov’t was the proof for what is transpiring, along with the barrage of lies in literally every subject from every angle from these filthy invader perps.

        There is no USA as we think it to be, the US Law, American Medical Association ethics etc etc etc., are only in place to run cover for the filthy perps, NEVER were meant now or ever to PROTECT us—
        we have no ‘representation’—

        as it has always been for me, there is no remedy within the system. There is no ‘vote him out’ next time, or remedy from within ‘their’ controlled kangaroo courts etc etc—

        Is yet another good reason to not answer to the STATE issued Glossa text LEGAL NAME ie; JOHN DOE SMITH, that is the artificial fraudulent joinder, to the fraudulent artificial PERSON ‘appearing’ in the fictional realm of commerce, that will be on record to vaccinate. A man is john doe, with a family association who lives on Real Land, in a Real structure, drinking Real water, nothing fictional or artificial like with entire gov’t/commercial SYSTEM.

        That is the end goal, supplant all Natural with ARTIFICIAL! “Don’t trust earth or your body, trust plastic, electronics, science, medical vaccinations. Trust in your news anchor and gov’t official”… “Nature is your enemy, trust in our Technology”… (artificial value); this is at the heart of the usurpers deceitful agenda.

        I have burned all filthy perp ‘citizen’ (JOHN DOE SMITH) documentation and sent in Notice to STATE OF______________ informing them in their entirety including all affiliations will be in held in agreement to instant performances of all My Private Estate (john doe) Demands, Fees/Compinsations, Terms and Conditions for any past, present or future violations against My Private Estate, at the sole discretion of this Private Estate’s Beneficiary!!

        Realize now; There is NO one to turn to in Gov’t!

        This is war. We have seen gov’t get to astronomical proportions our entire lives, where even county sheriffs are outfitted with combat arsenal equipment, helicopters, tanks, hightech weapons etc etc…now we really know it Was Indeed for our physical demise in the most despicable and insidious of ways…

        Trump already has sided with the pharma goons hasn’t he? I say he is at best a turncoat, likely a deceiver all along as no one gets into POTUS that doesn’t carry the water!– wish it were different, but the proof is in the pudding, we have NO protection in the form of gov’t, USA is overtly hostile to ‘americans’ now—

        remember the photo of trump with n. korea guy awhile back last summer (2019 before flu-world-order) with no gold fringe around the flag? I still assert this was a big clue, USA is no longer independent military opposition to N Korea etc., a changing of the guard so to speak has taken place. The covid is the cover-story hoax distraction/excuse for this exponential tyranny and plunder. USA is now controlled overtly by ‘others’; there are and were no countries perse in our lifetime, just horrific business models of totalitarian barbarity; more than possibly, most if not all, are now working under one command and control. Just look at the lockdown. Most gov’ts around the world are obviously answering to this filth.

        man and earth are on our own

      • Why did Trump call the vax development “operation warp speed”… a reference to Star Trek? I looked it up to be sure…

        Warp drive in Star Trek works by annihilating matter (in the form of deuterium, a kind of hydrogen gas) and antimatter in a fusion reaction mediated by dilithium crystals. This produces the enormous power required to warp space-time and drive the ship faster than light.

        So warp speed is speed faster than light. I would understand Trump saying something like “we’re working on a vaccine for the end of the year” or “we’re working fast” or “prioritizing this” but he used a sci fi term “warp speed” meaning faster than light. It’s makes no PRACTICAL sense.

        Consider now the theory that Trump is a time traveller.

        quote from one result on yahoo:
        The Donald Trump Time Traveler Theory Explained – Wow …

        Donald Trump is a time traveler. There I said it, but we don’t have proof. John Trump, the uncle of Donald Trump was an engineer who worked for MIT at the time of Nikola Tesla’s death. When Tesla died the federal government confiscated all of Tesla’s work and hired a group of scientists and engineers to help them decipher his notes.

        Now consider that time is affected, according to Einstein’s theories, when travelling faster than light. If you search on “travelling faster than light affects time” you get this clue…

        But if something can travel faster than light, it can travel backward in time, according to the theory. In this case, an “effect” could travel back to a point before its “cause” had occurred — for instance, a baby swinging before he gets a push.

        I’m not drawing any conclusions. I’m merely pointing out that the idea of developing a vaccine “at warp speed” or “faster than light speed”, an idea promulgated by Trump who has already been considered by some as a time traveller based on his father’s connection with Tesla– is at least interesting.

        • Greg C. says:

          I put time travel and Einstein’s theories right up there with germ theory. Gravity of course travels faster than light – the earth is pulled to the sun where it is at any given moment, not where it was eight minutes ago. Planets would not stay in orbit otherwise. Time moves only in one direction, at the same rate everywhere, and to speak of “now” at one place being later than “now” at another place is just playing with words – what does it mean? Science has done its best to convince us not to trust our own perception and accept meaninglessness.

        • Alessandro says:

          A great meme for Twilight Zone

  3. Toddb says:

    How does one validate a theory without evidence or repeated results? SCIENCE, that’s how.=
    I wear a white doctor’s coat, have a stethoscope and lanyard I.D. around my neck, or own billions of dollars in pharmaceutical companies, so that makes me an AUTHORITY!
    There is a killer on the loose that is so crafty as to be invisible, so small in fact as to be smaller than microscopic, requiring prohibitively expensive equipment to be visible as a corpse, and can change itself to any configuration necessary for survival. It’s everywhere! Nobody is safe!!
    Ma & Pa Government will take the bestest care of you, you dirty little ungrateful infectorinos!!!
    Getcher test-Getcher shot right here, right NOW!!!
    Get In Line

    My 12 gauge #00 Buckshot is my immunization.

    • Bullwinkle says:

      Belief in “authority” is the most dangerous superstition.

      • Due Diligence? says:

        Absolutely correct.

        The only reason we are saddled with these ridiculous psychological operations — over and over again — is because we are STILL listen to the liars.

        Never fails… Every time… They present themselves as “experts” and “authorities”, and say, “The Sky Is Falling! So be very afraid! But, don’t worry too much — Big Daddy Gov cares about you and we will save you… Trust us; we are your greatest ally1”

        Of course, all “they” EVER do is LIE to us. They break all their promises, EVERY time, and have done so for well over a hundred years now.

        And yet many of us STILL listen to the crime syndicate frauds! And, worse, actually STILL BELIEVE what they say. It’s unreal. It’s absurd… In fact, it’s so absurd that I simply CANNOT comprehend how the average “human” has become essentially NOTHING.

        If our societies, to such a degree, have become this profoundly stupid, then we are getting PRECISELY what we deserve.

        The World has become ADDICTED TO LIES.

  4. Gary Orlando says:

    Funny how the FDA just said this

    FDA says Abbott COVID-19 test used by White House could be inaccurate. False negatives.

    well I guarantee you there are false positives which is even more of a problem.. false negatives is fine with them because it gives them an opportunity to do another test

  5. Firestarter says:

    I agree that David Crowe’s paper is very good.
    I think that these antibody tests will be used to “prove” that the DNA-altering corona vaccines “work” (more positive antibody tests for vaccines than in the control group).

    There is even a reference to the Dutch report from Sanguin, which got me interested in the corona antibody tests in the first place.
    My conclusions about the Dutch tests were.

    1) The experiment wasn’t defined prior to its start. This made it easy to manipulate the results because they could have changed the experiment as they went along.
    2) They verified the test, with the test itself. If the test is severely flawed, they would never find out.
    3) If 14% tested positive in March/April 2018 (why not more recent?)? How come only 3% of the blood samples after the epidemic had been raging tested positive?!?

  6. Pisces says:

    This event is a result of a broken and centralized governance where the private bankers can forcibly control the law, lawmakers etc. and the lives of citizens around the world. They cover themselves with their controlled frontmen puppets and let them do their work and they can finance any event they want to implement on the world, by generating money out of nowhere. They made us reliant on their system to keep us trapped inside their box. They’ve been gradually expanding their power over us, but now THEY TAKE IT TOO FAR! They’re going to take away all our rights and forcibly implement their new order. While they’re focusing on doing that, let’s focus on finding ways how we could balance and take back the power in order for us to keep the freedom of choice, if not boycotting the whole slavery system. I’m not claiming to fight back the system using slogans, I’m just sharing my opinions and ideas on why or how we should find ways to fight them back, while we still can. They already practiced and mastered how to strictly control people in, for example, China, for decades. “Covid-19” is not something to be afraid of, because it isn’t real. It’s why they’re doing this event and how we should counter them we should be focusing on. It’s up to us.

    Have you developed and practiced your skills on how to live without electricity and without relying on money, like growing your own food etc., just in case? Or doing an experiment with “self”-sustaining technology? Let’s focus on ‘the way out’ already, because we’re directly or indirectly working for the psychopaths who own the “game” and they’re changing their rules of how we the players should play the game and what we can or can’t do are now being edited. When the owners of the game of control decide to change the rules on how we the players should play their game, we have no choice and forced to follow their orders as long as they’re keeping us in their field and that’s what’s going on right now. They’re changing their rules. Freedom being oppressed, spirituality being suppressed, ideas to get out of the system being repressed, are done just to keep the outdated and destructive government going and they don’t want us to think about ‘the way out’. They want us to be reliant on their system and want us to religiously believe in the government and not to ask questions about how we’re being governed and by whom. Anyway.. this is just something to think about.

    • zakalu says:

      correct the terms and conditions are being changed, USA is for all intensive purposes is ‘under new management’. However, just as with the terms prior, there has been no valid offer followed by valid negotiations of which could have ended in an true and correct agreement. We are not party to any of ‘their game’ posited ‘rules’! There isn’t and never has been a valid truthful contract!!

      This is fact! Especially now with ‘countries’; case in point USA, being ‘transformed’ as we speak—changing terms and conditions without any valid offer or negotiation whatsoever–therefore no compelled performance exists and never has there been.

      So yes, do not comply, Get OUT of the SYSTEM.
      The only way to win their game is Not To Play.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        So yes, do not comply, Get OUT of the SYSTEM.
        The only way to win their game is Not To Play.


        That is going to be a huge test of inner-strength that most people will not be able to maintain. When “they” have all the proverbial and literal guns and armaments, then the only ways to escape their wrath, is to fight to the death. At least in death, they no longer have you to control.

  7. Tim says:

    It is known that other viruses have sequences also found in the corona virus. This means that a person can/could have antibodies to something else, that are also active against the corona virus, and so false positives would result.

    => no 100% accurate antibody test would be possible.

    => the world of political interpretations.

    • Tim says:

      The antibody debate is a distraction, to pull people back into the monopolistic big commerce net.

      What people need to know is how to take care of themselves.

      It has been known from early days with the virus, that the vast majority of people recover, and just people with co-morbidities have problems. So anti-body testing is a waste of time and money, just what the monopolists want. We don’t need anti-body testing for other endemic respiratory viruses. We don’t need a vaccine either, just like for other endemic flues and colds. Vaccines are what monopolists want.

      The virus is going endemic, so all the flailing and hair on fire antics are just bad theater.

  8. Kevin says:

    I’ve thought for some time now that that Dr Li (the so called whistleblower in Wuhan that is claimed to have died ) did not actually die and is just another crisis actor on this global stage .

  9. STAN MRAK says:

    When the enemy is invisible, they can make up anything they want. When I was 7, I was sure that “The Boogie Man” was real even tho i never saw him.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Almost the same tactic under the Post-911 doctrines: “An endless war, against a faceless enemy.”

      • Greg C. says:

        Exactly – they had to keep Bin Laden “alive” years after he died so the U.S.A. could finally “kill” him and quickly get rid of the body before anyone could verify it was him. COVID is his replacement. 20 years from now, they will have to come up with something like an escaped God particle from a cyclotron, and everyone will have to wear tin-foil hats instead of masks.

  10. D for Diligence says:

    David has also done a podcast episode on this research:

    COVID-19 Antibody Tests
    58m 21s
    The Infectious Myth
    May 12, 2020

    _David goes through his recent research on antibody tests and shows that they are as much a mess as RT-PCR testing for infection, maybe more. Important data needed to validate the meaning of antibodies is missing, it is randomly chosen from patients rather than from following one person, or it directly contradicts dogmas about how antibodies work._

    _A written version can be found here:

  11. Tim Lundeen says:

    One of the major issues (mentioned peripherally in this paper) is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So 60% to 85% of people are able to clear coronavirus using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies.

    The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection.

    There are a number of places where large numbers of people have been exposed to coronavirus in a contained space: cruise ships, military ships, and homeless centers. In all of these places, 60 to 85% of the people massively exposed showed NO coronavirus RNA, e.g. their innate immune system cleared the coronavirus, they were immune to it. So they did not, and never will, develop antibodies.

    • Morris says:

      If true, what does our “generic” system do to rid the virus. The body must have a mechanism that does this. What is that mechanism?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Your innate immune system produces the required substances to break down the viral particles, at least the necessary substances to bind up the viral receptor proteins. Once the viruses have been deactivated (IE: “bound-up”), then it is nothing for your body to simply flush them out of your system.

        This is also why your Lymph system needs to be kept healthy, it is your body’s “sewer system”. Thus, drinking plenty of clean water, and getting plenty of physical activity further helps the “disposal” process.

        • Natalie says:

          Sweating (sauna,high intensity exercise) and enemas are a must. And being as much in the sun as you can without burning.

          • Jim S Smith says:

            I can agree there!

            We are naturally outdoors creatures. This is why, if we are kept away from sunlight and fresh air for too long, we will die much sooner than we should. This whole mess from a B-S- SHAM-demic is here to begin the process of a mass-die-off of human beings, all so that the “elitists” can have this world and all its riches to themselves, for themselves.

    • This is excellent knowledge that really hammers the final nail in the official bunkum. The agenda of the British Empire 2.0 Treasure Islands and the Vatican (under the menes-heh) 1822 Treaty of Verona Inquisition operations has to be destroyed and fast.

  12. From Elsewhere says:

    More and more proof is… working? Who do you try to convince? A lie repeated obssesively and promoted by authorities has way more force than the truth. Please, help me, help us and help yourselves but focusing on the… “so what”? On the actions needed AFTER we learn the truth, so that this lie is stopped, the wrondoings reversed, repaired and the situation secured so that, at least for the near future, such monstruous lockdowns, theft and lies will not be possible again.

  13. Rixta Francis says:

    Even if the test were reliable it would be useless. For it has been known for some 80 years that antibodies don’t equal immunity.
    And as you know, since the 1980’s antibodies mean an active infection. Unless it’s after vaccination, then it’s a sign of immunity. And if some “expert” says so it’s also at once a sign of immunity, I suppose.

    The problem is that all these people are experts in dontknowology.

    • Morris says:

      So are you saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated to truly have immunity?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      For it has been known for some 80 years that antibodies don’t equal immunity.

      Not quite!

      It was “refuted” for eighty+ years (in relation to Natural Immunity) by false scientists, because they wanted to push the “vaccine theory” as the ONLY solution for human immunity. Antibodies are a sign that your body had to fight harder to remove a foreign substance. HOW do you think these auto-immune “diseases” came to be linked to certain vaccines, especially childhood food allergies which happened only AFTER innoculations? ? ?

      If think you got it backwards, and it is understandable, being that the propaganda and false-information in “medicine” has been so thorough and so long-term.

      • Djade says:

        Can you be more specific about Autoimmune Disease being linked to certain vaccines and provide links? I’m getting lost in the abundance of studies and my own time and health limitations. I know the studies and links are there, but I lost my bookmarks to them and for some reason cannot find them again…(can anyone spell “censorship” grrr)
        I’d appreciate your help very very much!

  14. Thomas Milton says:

    The most interesting thing I have come across are challenges to the very concept of viruses. Most people regard this as “settled science”, but that is far from the case. Science should theoretically never be settled.

  15. Rtp says:

    Even ignoring the fact that viruses don’t cause disease, if you think about it, the notion of immunity was predicated on the belief that germ infections were *acute*.

    But people can (so we are told) harbor viruses on them for years or decades before pathogenesis. Eg hepatitis b or shingles or HPV or SSPE or post polio syndrome.

    So if harboring a virus for years isn’t sufficient to teach our immune system how to fight a virus, what good could a vaccine possibly do?

    Our paradigm is impossible in so many ways.

    • Natalie says:

      I always wondered why Native Americans didn’t have measles or smallpox or other common “infectious” diseases until the Europeans came. On the surface, it seems like a proof of the germ theory… but what if they didn’t have so much disease because they lived closer to nature, more cleanly, less stressed than Europeans? As soon as they started taking their lands and altering their way of life, the disease started spreading.

      • May Hem says:

        The Indigenous peoples of Australia never had colds or flu until the white men invaded. In the early years of colonisation, many, many Aboriginal people died of colds and flu – no chance to develop any natural immunity.

        Sexually transmitted diseases also killed the many Aboriginal women raped by the invaders.

      • Jim Morris says:

        You’re leaving out important parts of history and biology with your ponderngs. There is a lot more to it.

      • Rtp says:

        That’s just it. Native Americans would most assuredly have had skin conditions.

        All epidermis* skin conditions are the same and they are all caused by a trauma of touch.

        Either touching something/someone you desperately don’t want to touch or not being able to touch someone you desperately do want to touch (it seems odd but the biological purpose is actually the same for both traumas (a desensitization of the skin in the trauma phase and the opposite in the healing phase (the phase where there is a rash)).

        If the trauma is “not wanting to touch” then the location of the rashes will be on the outside parts of the body (eg the knuckles). Nappy rash is another example of this.

        If the trauma is “wanting to touch but cannot” then the rashes will be in locations where the person sub-consciously feels the missing touch. So a child missing embracing their father will have rashes inside the elbows and behind the knees. A baby will have a rash on both hands and the mouth.

        Focused rashes are the easiest way to see for yourself that disease does and indeed must come from the mind. Obviously a virus cannot possibly cause corresponding parts of your body to have a rash.

        Now, epidermis rashes are harmless but they may cause panic (or panicked response). As the colonists *assumed* disease was contagious they assumed the epidermis rashes (smallpox) that they saw amongst some Native Americans must be new for them and brought there by the colonists.

        But in truth (and it should be stressed we have absolutely no idea how much epidermis rashes there actually were) the rashes came from the “not wanting to touch” trauma that so many Natives experienced in their First Contact. Many Native Americans would have experienced such rashes before it’s just that it had never been described as “smallpox” before.

        *Dermis skin conditions are related to a feeling of having one’s integrity attacked. Interestingly, these rashes know right from left – another proof that disease comes from the mind.

    • Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi are the first line of defence for your body. If those cannot help you then viruses are used. Why? FILTH! It’s the terrain not the organism or protein solvent (virus). The natives in their lands may have had those organisms but their internal terrain lacked the particular cellular toxicity. When the foreigners introduced the terrain then the natives would get sick. Now it could be that the natives had the internal terrain but a particular organism wasn’t found in their location and so they had no problems. Once the cleaning microorganism was introduced then there would be a mass food for that organism thus resulting in illness. The more of a particular filth at the cellular level the harsher the cleansing.

  16. Pft says:

    One thing people don’t understand. Not everyone needs or produces antibodies when infected. Antibodies are produced by the adaptive immune system, which is basically your army of last resort against pathogens and which takes 1-2 weeks to mobilize. The primary immune defense is the innate system made up of many cells and molecules that inhibit viral replication and kill them. They also coordinate with the adaptive immune system sending signals to mobilize and providing information on the location and nature of the pathogen.

    If the innate system clears the infection quickly, danger signals are no longer issued and the adaptive immune system is deactivated and stands down , so no antibodies or very few (below detection limits) are produced. So while antibody rates may be in the order of 20-40% of the herd. , an unknown number of the herd are also immune by nature of having a more effective innate immune system.

    Don’t let the bug masters fool you

  17. WitNess says:

    a Test is to be a Witness
    to the Existence of What is searched for
    thereby attesting to the Legality of Itself
    in conjunction to What is searched for.

    • zakalu says:

      orthodox agenda driven exclusionistic science and conjoined medical cartel with electron microscope and ink staining of cultures destroying the terrain in tests, is hardly a benign attesting ‘witness’. Thanks WitNess.

  18. zakalu says:

    decades even centuries of lies, perped by ones asserting to be worthy of our trust, has proven to be highly destructive to man and earth.

    “the human being is best at interpreting all new information so their prior conclusions [beliefs] remain intact”.
    quote attributed to Warren Buffett, brackets mine.

    control ‘belief’, control behavior, control man.

    We are being lied to. About Everything.

  19. Jim S Smith says:

    Just finished my own article today. This COVID-panic is being used for just about every excuse to alter our society forever!

    This is just my take right now, but waiting to see if ANY of the other “alt-media” decide to tackle this issue as I have trying to do now. I feel the COVID tests are being used to help “modernize” our military too.

    – “Read’em and weep, boys and girls!”

    Plus, still needing far more signatures on my petition on – Only has until May 21st to get the required minimum 100,000 signatures, and still has only “38” signatures! WTH! At least I’m trying to help get resolutions to our current crisis.

    Please sign, and spread the word!

    For God, and Nation,

    • guck the fovernment says:

      what I see is to petition this quasi-gov’t is like those imprisoned in the gulag work to death camps writing stalin for help.

      The USA is under hostile enemy control.

      • Natalie says:

        Everyone else is completely dominated, US of A is the last man standing (mostly thanks to the Bill of Rights and the protestant origins of the country) hence we’re the target now. Obviously, I’m referring to the people, not the government which has always been controlled by the free masons.

      • BDBinc says:

        The Corporation of the USA has always been under foreign control.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        It’s at least worth a try! ! !

        What are YOU doing in the mean time? ? ?

        – Geez! Bitch and carp about someone at least trying to do something about the issues, yet yourself doing doing what? ? ?

  20. zakalu says:

    the ‘violating constitution’ is a fallacy from what I see—there is no such ‘truth’, the constitution is not binding to anyone other than those who ‘claimed’ to be signatories, although there is no real contractual formatting of being actual signatories.
    A bunch of guys apparently all on the same team (union) behind closed doors at the constitutional convention came out of their blockaded room and said ‘here it is, to bind everyone’, and then appearing as the same party (unanimous) wrote their names below it. There was not two negotiating parties!
    And even then they are ALL dead now!! No one is party to an ‘agreement’ who have never negotiated properly or signed! I did not sign it or negotiate it, was tendered No true and correct offer to proceed into negotiations, I am Not party to it! Nor is anyone alive today!! Constitution story is used to ‘adhere’ man to their rule of posited law ‘belief’ SYSTEM for exploitation, fooling us into thinking we have a say in demanding ‘their’ falsely offered posited ‘rights’, that ‘they’ protect us! (what a blatant falsehood, they do NOT protect us!)

    especially now with ‘countries’; case in point USA, being ‘transformed’ as we speak—changing terms and conditions without any valid offer or negotiation whatsoever–therefore no compelled performance and never has there been.

    also one side note, I find nowhere is it ever implied that ‘we the people’ and a ‘citizen’ / ‘governed’ are one and the same; ‘citizen/governed’ and ‘we the people’ are TWO DIFFERENT PARTIES!

    for example; dec of ind–
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

    Derive ‘just powers’ from the consent of the governed? Indicates to me they refer to themselves as men and then the ‘governed’ as a different party, are two different parties, even as two different castes. Contractually, this is in your face their quasi-establishment for tyrannical control—-one fact is that no informed consent of the governed exists!! I for example was Not party to Negotiation!! Therefore informed consent is IMPOSSIBLE! This is standing in truth, to be with clean hands.

    The Only valid ‘law’ is nature/natural ‘law’!
    When it comes to the SYSTEM, what have I factually negotiated truthfully and validly and what have i not? That is my position. All of the SYSTEM is in ‘their’ NAME including the Glossa text symbolic LEGAL PERSON; is their construct made from my private property true name without permission, to exploit and entrap, it is ALL FRAUD-

    Natural Truth is the only valid truth–

    When I fall back into the SYSTEM by demanding ‘their’ posited artificial ‘rights’, I am compromised, I am without clean hands. I place myself in ‘their’ heinous game where I am less than subordinate; divorcing from what is valid tangible truth. I turn my back on ‘truth’.
    Who are they to say they determine what my rights are? This is despicable arrogance of the usurpers meant to supplant the ineffable intelligence of creation.

    • Natalie says:

      Constitution is not even all that protective of the rights by itself, the Bill of Rights is. Although some cynics suggested they only did it to allow Catholics, Free masons and the like to worship freely and have protections they didn’t have in the protestant countries who were naturally suspicious of anyone connected to Rome.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The Constitution doesn’t mean SQUAT, if the People are sitting on their hands.

      If one is knowledgeable and understands the basic premise of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, then the Constitution stands its own weight – BUT ONLY – If enough of We The People are there to enforce it! Don’t expect “government” to police itself, when The People fall asleep in their responsibility.

      So while we are trashing the Constitution of the United States, might as well be trashing ourselves too, for the generations of us who let the tyrants get away with subverting the intent of the Constitutions!

      So it falls back on The People for NOT doing their responsibility in keeping governmental power in check! ! !

    • Ann says:

      Zakalu is right. The Constitution does not apply to us!! Ask any judge. YOU DO NOT HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Get over it. The Articles of Confederation is what we should have kept, but that was ditched. The Constitution makes you 14th Amendment slaves. Rearch it! The courts operate under Admiralty jurisdiction–not the Constitution. You are viewed as a pathetic fool if you go into court demanding your Constitutional rights. Study the Uniform Commercial Code. It’s all about contract law. Everything is a corporation (from corpse–a dead thing). And stop “asking or pleading or petitioning” for your rights from the gov’t. They love that! How can they give you something they have no right to give or take? Either demand your rights or simply do not contract with them. Stop acquiescing!

    • The 1822 Treaty of Verona was set up by the Inquisition operations of the Vatican. This treaty was the start of the destruction of the American Constitutional Republic. The Vatican achieved its goal in 1868 with the destruction of the entire American nation (nat-ion = nativity contract). The nation was converted and incorporated as the United States Company of Vienna dominated by both the Vatican and the British Empire (still to this day with the British Empire 2.0 Treasure Islands). This is why you always see the Vatican rising phoenix fire bird on top of the flag staffs taking full jurisdiction over the venue/contract. The rising phoenix is the bird with the wings down. An eagle is the bird with the wings upward symbolising the U.S Postal Service. So when you see Trump and everyone else under the desecrated banner and flags with a rising phoenix you know the Vatican rules all supporting the venue. Trump serves the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service.

  21. Daniel Arnaud says:

    Please go to greenmedinfo and search for the following article: Antibody Theory: The Fatal Flaw in The Vaccination Agenda?
    Posted on:
    Wednesday, February 8th 2012 at 12:45 pm
    Written By:
    Sayer Ji, Founder

    The gist of this is that having antibodies does not mean you have immunity. Some instance have been reported in which people with antibodies still got the disease. The is also a segment of the population that cannot produce antibodies but still recover from diseases and maintain long-term immunity. And more recently, attempts at developing corona virus vaccines have been failures; the vaccines produced copious antibodies, but when exposed to the virus, the test subjects developed autoimmunity. In the case of a trial with weasels, they all died after exposure to the virus they were vaccinated for. I think that’s what’s in store for us.

    • Piksil says:

      Have you seen a picture of the ‘gun’ they may use for injections? (For an RNA/DNA vaccine.) It kinda reminds me of a paintball gun. It is supposed to have two extra needle probes that pass an electrical current through the muscle tissue to allow either a break in the chain of- or an alteration in the DNA to allow the vaccine’s DNA or RNA to attach or splice and begin ‘working’. The picture I saw of the device was attributed to DARPA (yup, they’re working on a vaccine!?!?).
      Anyway, even if it DOESN’T kill recipients, they will be, in effect, GMOs!

      I just wanna know what these f***tards are gonna do for ‘fun’ when they’ve wiped out most of the population. I imagine they’ll start turning on each other, repeating this cycle on a smaller scale.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Then you might as well throw out the entirety of the study of Biology, which has been developing and evolving for over three centuries!

      Such ignorance astounds me!

      Vaccines only convey TEMPORARY IMMUNITY because they only stimulate ONE specific area of immunity! Natural Immunity is far more longer lasting because you MORE layers of immunity acting in concert to protect the vital organs of our bodies. To say that “antibodies” serve no role in immunity is absolutely ridiculous and unfounded, as well as completely contrary to the Biological Sciences.

      This is just amazing! First we have those who parrot “viruses don’t exist”. Then we have those who parrot “no viruses are infection, contagious, and whatever other screed”. And NOW we have folks parroting that “antibodies do not evidence immunity”? ? ?

      We all might as well just completely ditch science then, and go back to “voodoo mysticism” of “oh, it’s the curse of the gods”.

      – Unbelievable! ! !

      • Burrado says:

        “Voodoo mysticism” might be preferable to what you science tards have done with science. And sophistry like yours just pisses me off. “We’re not REALLY talking about immunity after all, but TEMPORARY FUCKING IMMUNITY.” That’s like saying, I now pronounce you, Man and Wife … temporarily. Where did you go to school? No, I really want to know? Who is responsible for turning out idiots like you? Oh, did we insult your great god Hephaestus? You are the reason we’re in this fucking mess. And here you are again bleating we’re not allowed to question your papal scientific BULLSHIT! Scientists lie. And YOU apparently have no problem with that??? What difference does it make? Why am I screaming??? Why??? Because we’ve been living under threat of some possible government overreach BASED ON YOUR PRECIOUS 300 YEARS OF “EVOLVING” BIOLOGY FOR 8 GODDAMNED WEEKS NOW. What difference is there between “mysticism” and your so-called science with all these covtards and masktards walking in our faces? So YEAH, we’re questioning your precious 300 fucking years of “evolving” biology.

        Now go back and read Crowe’s bloody paper.

        • Burrado says:

          That was rather harsh. I didn’t need to resort to personal attack. But my point… My point is, science is a tool. I’m not against science. I’m against science idolatry or science as an end in itself. It’s a tool that has been hijacked by some really REALLY evil mfs. And scientists can still be wrong. Maybe not even maliciously. But wrong nevertheless. And I’m still pissed off about what they’ve done to all of our lives. And they really need to be put in their place.

      • Madness says:

        How? As far as I know there was not a single virus what was properly isolated, even on the Wikipedia which is not reliable source – you can see photos of virions but viruses- how do you make a vaccine then?
        You can’t see them working as they die during the process to see them under electron microscope. Then – assuming you manage to isolate a virus properly – how can you follow it as multiplying? How can you measure the right amount of live viruses for a live virus vaccine?

        I went after it you know. First Dr. Lanka had a good demonstration that what they stated that they were viruses what else were they in reality.
        It started that I didn’t understand that a virus like the Ebola – what was known as one of the biggest threat to humans due to the extremely high mortality – why had only one photo? I mean real electron microscope looking photo what looked as maybe real. The next was the same photo mirrored. The rest was Photoshop and similar (colourful while the photos of electron microscope was black and white only. I thought that there should be many-many photos from all over the world as probably many researching it. Or any other viruses. But it will be the same, you hardly can find photos – real looking photos – but Photoshop and imagined pictures. Why?

        Because they were never properly isolated, none of them? What we can see about the so called Covid19 virus that’s again not a purified environment with some ‘virus’, they couldn’t even show it in a clean environment. And what they showed were exosomes according to Dr. Kaufman.

        And I think this is exactly how Dr. S. Lanka could win the case that measles virus doesn’t exist.

        But according to this vaccines give you zero protection.
        And as I copied here in another comment, there are people without antibodies, rare condition but exist. While the progress / process of an infection is the same in them and in us. And no antibodies after that because they can’t have any.

        Which means that even the science of antibody is highly questionable.

        I’ve seen vaccine causing illness (my kittens), but what I saw exactly? Bacteria, sorry. What I saw that was bacterial and not viral. They could put bacteria into the vaccine or simply the other stuff like heavy metals poisoned them and what I saw was a bacterial answer to get rid off the poison. Flowing saliva? Cleaning themselves as they can’t sweat.

    • Pft says:

      Yes, good link.

      The adaptive immune system has 2 components. Humoral and cellular responses. The former produces antibodies produced by B cells. The latter uses T cells. Helper T cells actually are important to activate the B cells to produce antibodies and cytotoxic T cells. Tregs prevent an excessive immune response, and activated cytoxic T cells are killing machines. Cellular immunity is important to actually kill infected cells. Antibodies don’t kill but only mark an infected call for destruction or block it from infecting an uninfected cell.

      Although both are important when the innate immune system needs their help, many believe cellular immunity is the more important and that it also has memory thats not as well understood.

      At the dawn of vaccination our understanding of the immune system was very primitive. Even today much is not understood, especially infants immune system and its development. Immunologists have recently discovered that the innate immune system has some sort of memory and is trained when clearing a new infection. Indeed they have found a new type of immune cell (ILC’s) that is like a T-cell but has innate system receptors built in and they don’t have to undergo the cellular immune system 1-2 week process of developing unique receptors for its cytotoxic T cells and can respond immediately.

      A new flu vaccine is being developed which boost the cellular response more than other adjuvants and are not just producing antibodies. This is experimental and one of the covid vaccines will use this adjuvant on us guinea pigs

  22. Eric Blair says:

    For the “awake” on this comment thread, seeking some inspiration and motivation to continue our efforts to warn the people… perhaps it might be stoked by these two (very different) music videos about COVID-1984… and perhaps, through art and lyrics, even some of the sheep might be provoked to begin to think?…

    [1] I Wear My Face Mask in the Car

    [2] HARDCORE MUSIC VIDEO — F#@K the Quar-an-TiNe SONG!
    [Note: Some may be offended by the language in this music video, but in addition to some provocative lyrics, it includes important footage of videotaped admissions by key public health officials, that anyone who “has” COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) when they die, will be included in the “official” national COVID-19 death tally. For this reason alone, the public health authorities are involved in massive medical, scientific, and financial fraud, and their motivations are suspect.]

  23. Natalie says:

    Dear Jon,
    I wanted to thank you for reminding me to watch the Vaxxed sequel. The first movie and the corresponding YouTube channel convinced me to have anymore vaccinations myself when I was pregnant nor to vaccinate my baby. I was already suspicious about all that thanks to Weston Price folks and Dr Mercola but science can be confusing to laymen and actually seeing the devastation caused by the diabolical poisons was the deciding factor. My family is not happy with me to say the least, but so far my toddler only had one minor cold that didn’t bother him much, started walking early and everyone is saying he talks more than most kids his age. My biggest fear is that the current hysteria will give us no choice when it comes to vaccines.

    I actually saw most of the stories they featured in the sequel but it was still a good recap. The parts with Gardasil and dead babies were especially hardhitting. And seeing the unvaxxed kids validated my decision. I try to pray to God every day to save us from the growing evil.

  24. Dug says:

    Great deductions but impossible to get it through the average joes head. It’s actually become almost boring!
    Should be some new stimulation coming at any time now. The corruption that this entire generation has chosen to ignore is now about to bite us all in the ass!
    This woohoo virus has become quite entertaining in a really pathetic way.
    Reminds me of shadow boxing!!!!

  25. Mos Craciun says:

    Bill Gates Offered $10 Million Bribe For Forced Vaccination In Nigeria :

  26. USA invades Israel says:

    Prof. Dolores Cahill interview;

    at 11’30”

    “I had this virus in Jan/Feb… your immune system clears it after 10 days and then you are immune for life; you are not a case, you are immune for life”.

    • Madness says:

      What’s the proof he had it?
      I think we should not accept that there is a virus, a new virus. As first it should have been properly isolated and it was not. Then how any antibody can have any meaning on it? Antibody for what if we don’t even have the virus?

      THERE IS NO NEW VIRUS. It’s a lie. But as long as it lives, people will believe in a possible infection, a necessary antibody test and a vaccine.

      But the tale starts here: there is zero proof for a new virus, never was properly isolated, its existence has no proof.

  27. Jim S Smith says:

    Let’s not forget to mention:

    There apparently was no purified isolate of the purported “virus” to this COVID-19. Chances are, this was deliberate anyway, as it has been used as the basis for an excuse to lock down the world.

    Any DNA/RNA “fragment” could be used as a “test case”, but by virtue of only working with a protein “fragment”, instead of actually going through the proper process to isolate and purify down to the specific virus or other causative agent, any such “tests” on this questionable sample are meaningless! This is just like conducting an experiment with a corrupted “control group” – where the known variables in the control are stable enough to consider the control group a stable standard. If the “control group” is dirty, contaminated, or otherwise its stability is in question, then any “experimental group’s” results compared to it are dubious, and untrustworthy. – This “COVID-19 test” fits that exact definition of a flawed control-group-based experiment (or “evaluation” in this case, but same difference).

    And THAT is just the FIRST step in the scientific process. So if they can not even get a good basis on the FIRST step, then everything else thereafter is totally MEANINGLESS! – This does not, however, “prove” that antibodies are totally a non-issue. It just proves that you can not trust the well-funded, fake scientist charlatans behind this whole sham!

    It is charlatans like these, who misrepresent proper science, by dressing up lazy practices AND politics in white lab coats, and parade them around as “scientists”. I’ve no degrees and no long-term professional work within the industry, but even this chicanery becomes too obvious – the more one looks deeper into it.

    These government scientists (not all, but many of them) effectively murder science every day, and it’s a crying shame! It’s amazing what a “G’s” can do for what is sent out as “scientific results”, just like this B-S- about COVID-19 being so easily able to be “aerosolized” by simply breathing! Oh puuuleeeez! Most communicable “germs” are spread by physical contact anyway. That’s why all this mask wearing by even healthy people is just pure madness, if we are talking preventing the spread of something so malevolent! You may as well don a complete, head-to-toe “bunny-suit” with a charcoal-filtering, with full-hood mask!

    Perhaps, if our environment wasn’t so toxic with all the chemical usage (like herbicides, insecticides, and all the various reactive heavy-metals, etc), and our food and water were to be completely free of all these industrial chemicals – as well as – retaining much of the natural nutritional levels – perhaps, we could all be able to truly enjoy a naturally healthy life again. There again, the big pharma and big chemical companies would dry up in short order, and those people would have to look elsewhere for a more-honest way of making a living!

  28. Madness says:

    To the antibody debate, to show to others that why not and can’t work the testing.

    1. ” ‘One of the most disconcerting discoveries in clinical medicine was the finding that children with congenital agammaglobulinaemia, who could make no antibody and had only insignificant traces of immunoglobulin in circulation, contracted measles in normal fashion, showed the usual sequence of symptoms and signs, and were subsequently immune. No measles anti-body was detectable in their serum (the water part of blood minus clotting factors and cells).[3]’ [2013 Jan] Melanie’s Marvelous Measles: Is the provaccine backlash rational or hysterical? by Suzanne Humphries, MD”

    2. Neither of the “HIV-antibody” tests — the Elisa or the Western Blot — has ever been properly validated, which means that no one knows what their results mean. The tests are chemical reactions to antigens, which are substances that provoke an immune response. Many dozens of conditions can produce a positive result on these tests, including drug abuse, flu vaccinations, past infection with malaria, pregnancy, and liver disease. Nevertheless, physicians still use these worthless tests, assume that positive results mean HIV infection, and give their patients doom-diagnoses of “HIV-positive” or “AIDS”. ‘AIDS: A Death Cult’ by John Lauritsen

    There are more but I think these two are the most powerful proofs besides the AIDS antibody scandal, the change of the meaning what Jon wrote about and others like Dr. Stephan Lanka, too.

    • Piksil says:


      “2. Neither of the “HIV-antibody” tests — the Elisa or the Western Blot — has ever been properly validated, which means that no one knows what their results mean.”

      I think I can offer some answers for this one

      Profits for: the test makers, test administers, labs that process the tests, companies that make and sell the testing equipment, physicians who order the tests, Wall Street, physicians who write prescriptions for treatments, pharmaceutical companies manufacturing medicines to ‘treat’ (poison), researchers working on ‘new and improved testing, statisticians, researchers working on a vaccine, media (including medical journals) covering ‘research’ and ‘new developments’, medical schools, ‘charitable’ organizations raising money to ‘fight the disease’, insurance industry covering all the above, and undertakers.
      All based on ‘theory’ and conjecture.
      It IS a cartel.

      • Madness says:

        Thanks. 🙂 I know. Without a properly isolated virus their tests have no meanings at all.

        To the vaccine debate: What I found more interesting that found statements about that if you are vaccinated against a bacteria (not virus) like against tetanus, your survival chance in a case of a real infection almost 0. If you are not your chance to survive it is 49%, still not very high but better than 1-2% (and with IV vit C it is much better).
        Same with TB, if you are vaccinated you have higher chance to have it and less to win the fight.

        • Piksil says:


          Re: the vaccine debate.
          I’m with you on that. I think it starts with the theory of the germ (germ theory). If germ theory is correct, then vaccine theory should work, for everyone, in theory. We know it doesn’t always.
          Even those that proclaim that those who received a vaccine got ‘temporary’ or ‘limited’ immunity….how is it determined that the vaccine did that? (Especially since there is no [true,as in saline] placebo control group in any vaccine testing. None.) How do we know it’s not the innate immune system doing its job? I realize that there are those that will state that frequent antibody testing will show that but I would think that you would need identical twins, and inject with a vaccine in both and then the pathogen in one, then measure. Again, assuming germ theory is correct. (The vaccine in this case would have to be attenuated, with NO adjuvants–like that would happen????.)
          I do think that there’s proof that vaccines offer no help, and that proof is in the unvaccinated population. Also, there’s proof that vaccines cause harm. (And I’ll bet a dollar that the ‘elites’ don’t vaccinate.)

          If a major goal of this psy-op is vaccinating the population, they’re going to get a fight from a few of us.

          I’ll say it again: if vaccines were effective, why would the vaccinated people fear the unvaccinated people? Just let us take our chances on ‘catching’ covid and dying. I’ll take that chance. Even, or maybe especially, at my age and current health situation (you still doing good with the EMF remediation?).

          Just to add: I have a theory about the ‘warp speed’ timetable of approving a CoVax: Americans have a short attention span for the most part. They gotta get this this out (and in, so to speak) while the focus is on fear and death and unemployment and food shortages and no toilet paper and running out of masks and no Olympics, etc. The longer it takes, the more people will either lose interest or wake up. (I think that’s also why Plandemic II, the Sequel, is important to their script.)

          (Vitamin C is wonderful, too!)

          • Madness says:

            When I started not to vaccinate my pets, years ago, I found some studies about non vaccinated children, a German one and another, not easy in these days. It showed quite detailed data comparing different kind of illnesses and percentage present in the vaccinated and the non vaccinated group. The non vaccinated group hardly had any, very low percentages, in the vaccinated group they were skyrocketing. I also read many comments of parents who didn’t vaccinate because they previously had bad experience or learnt from others’ bad experience. Same. And it affected not only the physical health but mental, too. Children who didn’t got any vaccines were brighter, more clever, learnt more easily and their behaviors were more balanced, normal without problems. I did this because hardly any studies were about cats.
            My personal experience is the same. Before that case where I suspected radiation or smoke or both we had no case for years. At all. I never thought they could have been so healthy. Sorry, I am the type believing my very own experience first. Food is everything or almost. As long as the food is good, quality and species appropriate they are just not ill at all, not even for a day.

            Thank you and yes, I think that shielding and getting rid of WIFI and cells around helped a lot to both of us. We still can ‘see’ neighbors’ devices if we switch back the WIFI on a computer only to check, but their signal is much weaker. We both think that we can feel the beneficial effect of it. After years of insomnia I can sleep again even if I wake up I can sleep back in no time. And asthma attacks disappeared. Before I often couldn’t sleep because of coughing.
            An important thing, if one of you go for shielding paint, to apply it well as described and to ground it is very important, without proper grounding it can do more harm than good.

            There are days when I can even laugh at them – that’s the UK – they try very hard to push their agenda. They try to fool people using a a child’ case or so. Yesterday it was they tried to use the children like to send them back to school. But the conditions were testing (with what?) and track and trace.
            Track and trace? When they wrote articles about a Track and Trace application they bumped into a wall. This nation values discretion – thanks for that! Now they tried to use the children in this tricky way.

            On other days I am full with fear. If they want to reach compulsory vaccination here and tracking and tracing they have to be able to show death, a lot of death. Or to kill the economy further to force people more.
            But just as you wrote the longer it goes the more suspicious people will be – those who follow the news.

            And comment sections are full with their trolls, they use an army it looks to influence and even with that and with constant moderation or delaying comments of people they labelled as opposition they looks to fail.

            Fingers crossed.

          • Piksil says:


            Good to hear about the remediation! (I’m having health issues, for 2&1/2 years now. Thought it was cardiac, now maybe endocrine, if not will be neuro. I’ve brought up EMF [which I believe] and it’s been shrugged off. Will see.) Have an implanted heart monitor, so tied to my cell for now. And the explosion of sleep disorders in the US, and resulting $$ generated from it….

            I agree that food is the key, and that’s another area we’ve been lied to, on purpo$e, for years. More and more people realizing this, but the evil-doers have succeeded in making getting appropriate food more difficult with the shut downs, engineered shortages (increased prices, panic buying, coupled with many not having the same income they had 2 months ago), etc.

            Yes, I’ve noticed the use of children more in their propaganda lately…kids in masks, open our schools, etc. (Why didn’t they come up with a “Save the Bats” campaign if they really cared?)

            I too hope that it’s not coming down to vaccinate or else. There needs to be an option for declination (there would be in a rational, civilized area I believe).

  29. Tom says:

    An excellent interview which is worth watching,


  30. BDBinc says:

    The Germ theory which this is based on is wrong.
    We have a virome of a quadrillion viruses on and in us including corona virus up our noses ( was found in healthy people).

  31. yerba buena says:

    Thank you Jon et al for such insightful and inspiring thoughts and
    calls to action. Here are a few shavings from my word lathe that
    you may enjoy: the only times that I wear a mask are when sweeping
    old dust (spring cleaning) and when turning toxic woods such as
    cocobolo rosewood or rubber compound dirt board wheels.
    some anagrammatical rearrangements of some rough characters:
    bill gates–begat ills
    donald trump–adult md porn
    deborah birx–ribbed hoax
    neil ferguson–foul green sin
    anthony stephen fauci–fat aches in phony tune

    years ago I dubbed onto cassette a speech by aldous huxley
    from berkeley 1962 called “ultimate revolution” wherein he said
    that people would come to love their servitude…bittersweet hearing his cultured Tavistockian voice serving up such
    terrible stuff. a transcript is available online, maybe audio file
    as well.

    lastly, consciousness does ring a bell, creates matter…
    some people get bass awkward to claim that matter creates consciousness…oh, well, turnabout is fair play. so, creating
    new realities is the work/play of the yeoman artist, bringing
    a metanoia into being. Thank you again good people, you bring
    knowledge and wisdom into view for those with eyes to see.

  32. mikael says:

    I again must apologise for the lenght, but this eh…. rant is the summary of whats known as radiation polution (not nucklear, since that is not what I want to cover with this coment) and I hope this comes thru, this, is the accumulation of what we know.
    Since the attacks are all over the board, aka the MSM, I had to use the sledgehammer approach, eventually, and I hope you all have this in the back of your mind when it comes to how much imune systemic issues we humans have to day, and then combined with vaccines, etc, and polution, and my rant this time is about electromagnetic polution and the effect of it, good and bad, and when all this, incl the imune compromising issues beside electromagnetic polution, it should be scary, because this reality is saturated with dangerous problems.

    So, let me again take you down the rabbit hole, damp and dark, and you never know what you will encounter, and this time, since the NWO bitches are howling everywhere and attacks anyone whom dont bow to the people from the free range asylum we call uh…. science and even worse, the swindlers we call medical science, and if that dont make it, I have something even more uh…. conspiratory, the truth about what we call radiation, aka electromagnetic radiation, an word mostly associated with nuks but that is just one spectrum, but this is about the part a bit lower in the frequency range, when it comes to the narrative/s about frequencys aka Hz.
    So I will give you an quick summary, you have non-ionazing Hz from 0 to 300 GHz, then we have ionizing radiation from 1 GHz to 1000 THz where 1-300 is labeled microwaves and the 300 GHz- to 1000THz is IR-C and our Sun is one of the sources and do have in mind that this radiation produces Vitamin D and so on to skin cancer.
    I could link to this but its in the net and the above parameters are official, anyway.
    Then we have what is conserning me, and that is what I define as electromagnietic polution of biological etc systems witch of course everybody denies but few bothers to educate them selfs about and all this was and is knows for decades and nothing is new, the difference is that this is never debated, like polution from our chemical indused reality where we have everything from GMOs to Pestecides and then we have the body it self witch have and is under attack from an massive range of toxic sources incl Vaccines, etc to other medisines witch they call this science of quackery this days and even refused to acknowledge anything, even when the health care system is killing more than all the wars combines we never ever debate that either.
    In the links I will give you, 3 infact, one is from the 70s, mostly conducted by the military and some reseachers, but apart from that, keept in the dark and that is about reported biological phenomena and clinical manifistations attributed to microwaves and radio frequency radiation.

    This will make your jaws drop.
    Thanks to one person over at the shithole RT, I have forgotten this reseaches and conserns for years, but now it comes back, thanks again for finding this one.

    If that isnt enough, the second video is about something even more denied and silenced, that science is- and focuses on something called Harmonic resonance, do remeber this one, because this isnt something new either, but operates on an level that most would denie is even possible, to take out cancer with sound waves, where the rick was to find the right combinations, and that is where the narrative about harmonic resonance comes in, they already have this, but why on earth do we not know about that, this system can be utelized for good and bad, intended or unintended from an science witch they denie the consequences of, because of deniles of what radiation can do, to everything living.

    First, what is harmonic resonance:
    An full documentary, resonance: beings of frequencys

    And from this about HR, but not covered by the video, the use of harmonic resonance to destroy cancer.
    I cant underline enough that this is the future of medicine and what we are surounded by, we need to be real and also be honest about what on earth are we doing to where on earth are we going.

    I hope you do watch and read this, because if you do, you know what this is about, and why we whom do not dance to the piper, are scorned and riddicouled by people whom if you dont know, apears eh…. “credible” witch is way out of the line about radiation and the truth about effects of frequencys, most just dont even know what they them selfs are talking about, but this “educational” round will make you know what we are indeed facing, this, when you watch those videos and then think about the paper link on what type of damages we are exposed to, subtle or not, is why this must be known, and never forget the rule of thumbs, the MSM lies about everything, absolutelly everything, all the time.
    Never give in and never give up.
    Have an nice day and take care


  33. Bill Hilly says:

    Are we allowed to leave the country if we do not want a mandatory vaccine or to be tested?
    Where would you emmigrate to?
    I realize that cannot be answered by any of you.
    You must realize that statements like my shotgun or knife are stupid when something is mandatory and the government is mandating it with the cops or military enforcing compliance. Sort of like attempts to drive drunk on a regular basis you will fail and comply eventually. Propaganda works and anti vaxxers are losing.
    My belief is we are slaves or free especially when it is our body.
    I found out that we are slaves when I was pulled over and I refused the tests for dwi and they got a court order to take my blood right there by the police not even a nuetral third party like a nurse. All this from just smelling marijauna odor.
    I assume you are all going to comply and get vaccinated if mandated. If not how will you avoid it?

  34. Please publish David’s entire paper…it is not available at his website any more and more important than ever now that the PTB are pushing a new “antibody” test for COVID

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