Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigns over sex scandal

by Jon Rappoport

May 7, 2020

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Neil Ferguson, the historically failed computer modeler, who threw darts at a board, and launched a prediction of 500,000 COVID deaths in the UK and two million in the US, and thereby convinced both governments to opt for extreme lockdowns, has resigned his UK government post.

No word yet whether his backer, Bill Gates, who pours tens of millions of dollars a year into Ferguson’s institute at Imperial College, has turned off the money spigot.

Sex scandal: Ferguson admits he broke his own rules and the UK government’s.

He saw his married girlfriend, Antonia Staats, during the lockdown; she traveled from her home to his, while he was still, technically, recovering after a diagnosis of COVID. Staats says she and her husband have an open marriage. She says she suspects her husband has COVID.

Ferguson issued a statement of regret, a mea culpa, on his way out the door.

In his wake, he’s left a distinct impression that: the privileged and rich live by a different set of rules, not subject to the constraints imposed on the masses; he can flout the lockdown edicts he helped create—therefore, how important can those edicts really be; the science behind lockdowns is not science at all; cheaters win, suckers lose.

If Trump, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron et al had a shred of sense, reason, smarts, and conscience, they would use this incident to attack Ferguson’s reputation and computer model and rip them to shreds. It’s a perfect launch pad. But no. They drone on. They enable the armies of pod people wearing masks and staying home. They support that cosmically sociopathic Howdy Doody, Bill Gates.

The Guardian is bending over backwards by running a headline about headlines: “The prurient headlines about Neil Ferguson are a huge distraction.”

Really? Does the author of the Guardian piece have a clue about Ferguson’s track record in predicting epidemics? Does he know Ferguson claimed, in 2005, for example, that 200 million people could die in the bird flu “outbreak?” Official figures eventually listed the death toll in the low hundreds.

Does the author of the Guardian piece have a clue about the false-positive-spitting PCR diagnostic test for the virus? Is he aware that doctors and hospitals are putting “COVID-19” on death certificates of 90-year olds falling off buildings and testing positive on the way down?

Does he even faintly understand what is actually involved in claiming the discovery of a new virus—and how a reliable procedure was never followed in Wuhan?

No, to all of the above. He’s stuck railing about “prurient headlines.”

Tsk, tsk, Neil Ferguson made a boo-boo.

Afraid not.

He set off a storm on nations and economies and people’s lives.

His professional colleagues, who are still praising him as a genius, are covering their own asses, because they know the career of making computer predictions is a fatuous con. They feast at a table of numbers, arranging them to suit their purposes.

To whom it may concern: when person A works for person B, and person B dumps money on person A’s head, person A is going to do person B’s bidding.

Person A is Ferguson. Person B is Bill Gates.

In what universe would Ferguson ever claim a virus, which is supposed to lead to a messianic Gates vaccine, is not dangerous at all? In no universe. That is called a conflict of interest.

No one firmly ensconced in the mainstream of medicine or science will say this out loud. No one in the mainstream will say, on this basis alone, Ferguson’s models should be rejected.


Because they’re cowards.

They should be wearing full hazmat suits pumping gas in Death Valley in the summer. Waiting for cars that never come.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

124 comments on “Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigns over sex scandal

  1. Actually its the “pod people” as you call them who I’ve heard openly declaring the hypocrisy of Ferguson. I’ve never been fond of “sheeple” and now “pod people”. It sounds too much like the Marxist “masses”. Never underestimate the wisdom of the common man. It’s the greatest mistake of history to assume “that everyone else is stupid”.

    • CSFurious says:

      I do agree that aware people need to be cognizant of the Dunning-Kruger effect. However, developed societies do get less intelligent as they both advance in knowledge and gain in size. See specifically “Sex Verses Civilization” and “Why Civilizations Self-Destruct” by Elmer Pendell.

      • deep says:

        Ironically Dunning-Kruger is a widely misinterpreted study consisting of mostly failed methodology and a patently specious interpretation, yet it lives on as a meme in internet land.

        It appears to be widely cited by those who wish to extenuate their own failings as a way to ‘make light’ of those that disagree with them, however, if they had read the study en toto, they would find that alas, ‘science’ does not agree with their oft-cited internet myth.

        As you can see below, the findings reported by Kruger and Dunning are often interpreted to suggest that the less competent people are, the more competent they think they are. I suspect many find this sort of explanation compelling because it appeals to an implicit ‘just-world’ view: they’d like to believe that people who obnoxiously proclaim their excellence at X, Y, and Z must really not be so very good at X, Y, and Z at all, and must be overcompensating for some actual deficiency; it’s much less pleasant to imagine that people who go around shoving their alleged superiority in our faces might really be better than us at what they do.

        Unfortunately, Kruger and Dunning never actually provided any support for this type of just-world view; their studies categorically didn’t show that incompetent people are more confident or arrogant than competent people. What they did show is this:

        This is one of the key figures from the study (and the basic effect has been replicated many times since). The critical point to note is that there’s a clear POSITIVE correlation between actual performance (gray line) and perceived performance (black line): the people in the top quartile for actual performance think they perform better than the people in the second quartile, who in turn think they perform better than the people in the third quartile, and so on.

        So the bias is definitively NOT that incompetent people think they’re better than competent people. Rather, it’s that incompetent people think they’re much better than they actually are. But they typically STILL don’t think they’re quite as good as people who, you know, actually are good.

        Dunning and Kruger themselves never claimed to show that the unskilled think they’re better than the skilled; that’s just the way the finding is fallaciously interpreted by others wishing to obviate and make light of uncomfortable discourse.

    • Arthur Danu says:

      A comment like that displays all the ignorance that you say isn’t there among the people. Just look at the last 20 years.

      People have vaccinated an entire generation of children into AUTISM, without so much as a whimper.

      People have allowed an unbelievable GENOCIDE to run unabated in the Middle East, based on the obvious lie of 9/11.

      90% of the people pay income taxes they DON’T LEGALLY OWE to a lying and murderous Federal Government.

      The people still line up to face and take toxic radiation and chemo when most oncologists wouldn’t submit to that kind of barbarism.

      The people still support mainstream news sources that lie to them and participate in meaningless elections between the most popular pedophile enablers in each “party”.

      And most importantly, the people have remained absolutely silent while our very own SUN has been blocked almost daily with TOXIC CHEMTRAILS raining down on our GMO CROPS and all our heads.

      Those who do use the term “sheeple” or “pod people” are basically stating there is an element to human living where CONSCIOUSNESS seems to lie DORMANT beyond the basic functions of societal programming and living.

      They are correct. It’s not a modern problem. It is part of the process of WAKING UP. Most are sleepers. But for those Souls ready to make the BRAVE CHOICE, they can EXIT THE MATRIX and step into TRUE FREEDOM for the very first time. Scary and EXHILARATING to do so!

      When you do CHOOSE to wake up, you see the condition of the world and are HORRIFIED! Then, you just simply have to get on living. Some people, like Jon, come back to throw water balloons and firecrackers among the sleepers, knowing that being awake is far better than being merely INCONVENIENCED with the truth.

      These efforts are mostly futile, in terms of NUMBERS. But truth isn’t a numbers game. Never was, and never will be.

      • Sidimi says:

        Wow! Nothing to add! Bravo!

      • Kevin says:

        Nice comment .

        I listened to Bill Cooper a few nights ago on YT. Cops killed him a number of years ago; all very suspicious .

        But in a video of his ,he discussed that in 1969 the decision had already been made to reduce the population via the United Nations , Rockefeller , etc etc .

        That was 1969.

        Their reasoning is that the global population of people do not have the forward thinking abilities and conscience to basically conserve the planet; ( people expanding into wild environments , keep breeding like rabbits , etc etc

        • Burrado says:

          Agreed, nice comment. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cursed people around me lately, calling them dumb sheep, idiots, etc. But then I calm down and think about how it is largely not their fault due to the some of the things pointed out, like fluoridation, and especially the moneygame. No, the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the moneyf***ers who apparently have all the resources in the world, but lack any ounce of imagination that would let them see past their so-called dire predictions. Ironically, it is the Rockheads and the Bauers of this world that lack imagination, forward-thinking and conscience. That being said, I have nothing but contempt for many of the so-called intellectual elites who have swallowed all of the moneyf***ers garbage wholesale.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          1969 was when a seminar for America’s pediatricians and other pediatrics was telling them the way things were going to go, in the (then) foreseeable future. – This was written about (from a participant’s memory, because they were NOT allowed to take notes within) in the document titled: “The New Order Barbarians”.

          It was even mentioned about the “retirement homes” being physically situated away from society (in isolation, as in) – so that the inhabitants (the elderly) would believe the world had forgotten about them. This also served to make it much harder for relatives to come and visit them! – It is also WHERE many of these elderly are slow-poisoned to death with “tranquilizers” when they out-live their cash value (IE: Their “social security” starts running out)!

          – “The Morphine Genocide”, comes to mind!

          This entire “system” is nothing but malevolent evil, and filled with horrors!!! – We have active acts of GENOCIDE being committed daily!

      • D for Diligence says:

        Vaccines Not Primary Cause of Autism
        by Jim West
        Wednesday, August 7, 2019

        by Jim West
        Thursday, August 1, 2019

        • Jim S Smith says:

          No, but they are a HUGE CONTRIBUTING factor!

          Mercury, for one, is a vicious, neurotoxic substance that is found in most of the childhood vaccines (as in the form of “Thimerosal”).

          What we may call “Autism” in many cases, is more like nerve agent poisoning!

          • Kevin says:

            I’ve noticed over the years in the USA that ‘men’ have become feminized.

            Take a real man centuries ago or even several decades ago , and they are much different than ‘men’ of today .

            The endocrine system has been being mutated .

        • Madness says:

          But interestingly happens most often after a vaccination.
          Try to read back, sorry, Jon had proof about it. Can’t recall the article, I read years ago but they burned their researches as otherwise they should have admitted that MMR do cause autism.

          • Piksil says:


            William Thompson, CDC senior scientist, and other CDC researchers, destroyed data that linked autism in African-American males under 3 yo with the MMR vaccine. Statements given to Congressman Posey who wa supposed to have promised an investigation.
            (Could Jim West’s research provide a clue as to why that investigation either hasn’t been done, or released to the public at large?)

            I’m in no way saying or implying that vaccine are safe or effective.

            Thank you D for Diligence for the links.

          • Robert j Calandra says:

            the polymers in cosmetics ,lotions and shampoo “ESTRAZEENS” which become estrogen have been filing us up for over 50 years! we breathe them now too! woman are so full of estrogen they can`t take a male fetus full term anymore …they call them UN-FINISHED MALES now!!????…its an actual fact …along with woman needing fertility clinics to even get pregnant anymore!!! another fact!!!!!

      • John says:

        Very good – I’ll probably steal some of this, and if I do, I will give you the attribution.

    • Laura says:

      Where have any pod people condemned Ferguson? Have they finally come out of their kumbaya stupor to let some ungood revelations register in their heads? If so, have they finally expressed doubt about the economic shutdown and the “covid pandemic”? I haven’t seen it. The easily terrorized, totally compliant pod people are the reason the world economy is on its way down the drain. “Socialism will take care of us all” is the lie at the root of their stupidity.
      So NO, instead the greatest mistake of history is to assume that the majority is always right, no matter how unethical, uninformed and willingly mentally bent that mass of authority-worshiping puppets are, and to let that abject stupidity rule over everyone.
      Mob rule is the huge mistake. Assumptions that other people are stupid is not harmful, except to egos. The “wisdom of the common man” is far too often only a joke.

      • May Hem says:

        Speaking of jokes, Laura. Ferguson thought it was “social mistressing”.

        or perhaps he misunderstood lockdown to be jocksdown?

        Please add on your own jokes – laughing is good for our immmune systems!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Read up on: “The Stockholm Syndrome”, too.

      I think much can be said about the sheer state of psychological conditioning that has been unleashed upon the people for many years. Edward Bernays, after all, was an early pioneer on the weaponization of the “media”, BTW. So was David Sarnoff of early NBC fame.

      Hence, NBC’s main motto:

      “Shaping American culture since 1926.”

    • adele pace says:

      Well said.

  2. Hélios says:

    Hello ! I think this story is all theater, there is something hidden behind we will not know.

    About more enriching thing, this is a good video about “the infectious myth, there are no viruses” (57 minutes) with David Crowe and James McCumiskey.

    He mentions Ilsedora in Toronto about German New Medicine (a must to know to understand illnesses, she was student of Dr Hamer), this is her site :

    You can read what she says about decoding (fake) covid-19.

    • Fets says:

      Thanks for the German new medicine link, very interesting information. I’ve already sent the link to others

    • Rtp says:


      Everybody needs to read up about German New Medicine. It explains everything. People will often say “well what about poisons”, well sure drink a litre of arsenic and you’re dead no matter what emotional traumas you have or don’t have, but GNM tells us about why some kids have horrific reactions to vaccines but most kids won’t get that same reaction. And of course why reactions to the same vaccines will be different.

      Without GNM you will never get anywhere trying to dissuade (even curious) people about the stupidity of germ theory. At the end of the day, people will *always* want to understand why diseases can cluster. And only GNM can explain that. Not natural hygiene, not Bechamp. Just Hamer.

      Now, I am certainly not saying that Bechamp’s work is completely invalid. Merely that if you aren’t using emotional trauma as a part of your disease theorizing you will always come across a massive stumbling block.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Rather than just limiting one’s thinking to the “German New Medicine” (which I believe to be another anti-German distraction, as is VERY common with much of the “alt-media”), I would focus very heavily on the Rockefeller instigated control on modern medicine!

        It was John Davison Rockefeller, Sr – who through his Standard Oil Trusts – who bailed out many of the faltering medical schools, during the Great Depression, on the condition that they only teach about the “new medicine” that JDR, Sr proposed. This was done through his multi-million-dollar “gifts” (which always had “strings” attached). Any school which refused to completely remove any curricula about Natural Health, were forced closed – by the ever-growing AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA), which was already under the control of the multi-billionaire trusts.

        True German Medicine still retained much of the Naturopathic medicine, at least as far as the 1980’s/1990’s (I was stationed there, then). So, this “German New Medicine” seems to me, to be completely misnamed, so as to throw people off the trail of the Rockefeller influences in today’s “American Medicine”.

      • Madness says:

        Somehow I can’t accept it, sorry.
        What about pets? What emotional trauma can happen with 5 kittens at the same time without us noticing anything? I can accept that an emotional trauma (stress) can cause or start a cancer like paralysing our natural defence but this New German Medicine… sorry.

        Besides under the current circumstances it can be just too much to many, I mean it took me for half a year or so to accept that the Germ Theory is false – and I looked for an explanation and was not bombed with it. If they realise – and more and more do – that the present pandemic is a hoax is good enough if they can stop the actions of their governments to help the economy to survive this. But these just my thoughts, sorry.

        They even can’t – many can’t – accept the info about the ruining health effect of radiation while that is widely and well documented.

        Step by step the only working way or you got a flag ‘tin-foil’ and they won’t listen any longer.

  3. The Watchman says:

    Good article Jon. Linking it as usual @
    as well as your other EXCELLENT article – Lockdowns: looks like an op, smells like an op, walks six feet apart like an op

    Also linking an excellent Video today called PLANDEMIC with Judy Mikovits who worked for Fauci. Maybe you have seen it already, I watched it last night. It was excellent!!!!
    I urge all your readers to watch it before it’s taken down. The link I am posting is this –
    There are other links as well at the moment.

    • Rochelle Abramson says:

      Damn! it’s already gone! just hours later, not even 24 hrs!
      There was a Jason Goodman/Charles Ortel/Dr Judy YESTERDAY. Don’t know if that’s still up. Am “happy” to be part of the truly “woke” community and reading the brilliance of Jon Rappoport. My IQ goes up a few points just by reading and comprehending him!
      Comments here are great as well.
      My line in the sand issue is FORCED VACCINATION. This is very real for me as I believe I will not be allowed to return to work until I am infected with a vaccine (people’s republic of CA).

    • About that six feet apart business– It occurred to me weeks ago that the idea of 6 has extra significance.

      1. In literary history, where I’m from since 1970, in movies and books, to bury someone is euphemistically referred to as “six feet under”. I never looked that actual reference up but in movies, it seems like graves are dug into the earth at least six feet. Interesting that “six feet under” now becomes “six feet apart”. It’s like a euphemistic horror thought.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “6” is the sacred number of the Saturnalian Brotherhood (“Brotherhood of Saturn”).

        • Moshe Sopher says:

          * In Asia, where most people routinely dabble in the esoteric significance of numbers, the number 6 refers to a transgender or eunuch.

          * Numbers are conventions used for calculations.

          * Superstitions should not be attached to numbers.

          • Jim S Smith says:

            * Superstitions should not be attached to numbers.

            But THEY ARE, by the globalists’ thinking. They use the fear and loathing that has been engineered within their created “religions” that the masses were forced into accepting and believing! – It’s all STILL psychological manipulation, regardless how you slice it.

            Some of us DO take a very deep look into proverbial “forbidden knowledge” and “lost arts” to understand how this system of global control operates. “Symbolism” is everything, because images speak loudest, and memories thereof last the longest.

            Nothing about superstition was ever mentioned here, without reference to the “superstition” that we “need a global government”!

      • Moshe Sopher says:


        * Foot is the unit of length in the outdated British FPS (Foot, Pound, Second) system.

        * FPS system is phased out in Britain as the world adopts the SI system of fundamental units.

        1 m = 3.2808 feet

        6 feet = 1.82 m

        * Keep a distance of around 2 m
        between 2 persons as part of the physical distancing agenda.

        * Human imagination notably in ill-educated, miseducated and religious folks, is fertile and tends to lean towards the so-called occult significance of numbers or events.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          That’s the problem with so many of you, who ONLY think in the pure logic of “black-and-white”!

          Nature, Humanity, and Life in general are NOT limited to just the pure logic of interpretation. Symbolism, kinesthetics, “numerology”, and the various other tactile and imaginative thinking are ALSO a part of sentient Life, and living.

          • KAS says:

            Also many people associate 6 feet with the grave. So it could be a subtle way of reminding people of death which is a great fear.

      • Madness says:

        You are so right! Association. I felt, too that six feet is familiar but didn’t made the connection.

  4. Brett Morgen says:

    Thanks for calling out these people for what they are: cowards.

    By the way, during the hype up period in March, not one of the NBA players diagnosed with “Covid-19” (lol) had any serious symptoms, at all. It was all a scam, a fake, a psy-op.

    In fact, 90% of people “diagnosed” (lol) with “Covid-19” (lol) show no or mild symptoms, in other words… THEY HAVE A COLD.

    This is the most despicable hoax in my lifetime and people who are willing to abuse and demean themselves by wearing humiliation masks are also willing to abuse and demean others. Don’t forget that important fact, these are people to be avoided at all costs. Sadly my mother, father, 2 brothers, and sisters all humiliated themselves and try to shame others for not wearing their satan masks.

    They also scared their kids into wearing shame masks, they tricked them and told them they might get sick and die, that’s called child abuse.

    Thank God for Jon Rappoport and his intelligence, wit, experience, and IMAGINATION. Keep up the great work, every single post you’ve made on this site has been proven correct.

    • quote
      … people who are willing to abuse and demean themselves by wearing humiliation masks are also willing to abuse and demean others. Don’t forget that important fact, these are people to be avoided at all costs…. They also scared their kids into wearing shame masks, they tricked them and told them they might get sick and die, that’s called child abuse.

      I agree on those points. Self humiliation like that IS dangerously pathological… and I learned the HARD way to not make eye contact with them or attempt to talk to them. Only lately have I realized that normal-non-pods are easily talked with… amazingly so. Quite a revelation– I wish I had realized it earlier. Oh well… live and learn– in the CDC DICTATORSHIP that MAGA Trump has given into without a whimper. Trumps fiery is all gone. Quite astonishing.

      And on kids wearing masks as child abuse– very true– it’s really bad for them. Someone pointed out it can be mouldy inside a mask. You rebreathe any pathogen reinfecting yourself. And even the CDC DICTATORS recommend no more than an hour, then a new mask. Podpeople are inhaling lower O2 and more CO2.. meant for plants.

      Trump’s visiting Honeywell here a few days ago where he promoted their maskmaking was a most terrible thing. Trump himself wore no mask but later SAID he did. He’s flipped out and no longer a reliable guide to America’s future I don’t think.

      We’re leaderless. And off the rails. [Expletives].

      • Amanda says:

        Rick- I totally agree with you, especially on this
        “in the CDC DICTATORSHIP that MAGA Trump has given into without a whimper. Trumps fiery is all gone”… “Trump’s visiting Honeywell here a few days ago where he promoted their mask-making was a most terrible thing. Trump himself wore no mask but later SAID he did. He’s flipped out and no longer a reliable guide to America’s future I don’t think.
        We’re leaderless. And off the rails. [Expletives].”

        IMO, Trump is in on the hoax, I think he’s being controlled. He attacked Georgia Gov Kemp for opening too soon, yet was friendly with SOB NJ gov Murphy, who wants to lock us down forever. I’m completely DONE with him–he set all of this in motion, and he even signed a deal with Peter Theil for a Chinese style surveillance (see flu world order at 21st century wire). Trump is bringing in the NWO and his supporters don’t even get it.

        It looks like both parties are in on it, and the Dems are loving the tyranny–they introduced a HR 6666 bill


        Now for some good news:

        Italian Leader Slams ‘False Coronavirus Numbers: 25,000 Did Not Die, it’s a way to Impose a Dictatorship’ (Watch)

        The member of the Forza Italia party slammed the closure of 60% of Italian businesses for 25,000 Chinese-Coronavirus deaths from the floor of the legislature. “It’s not true,” he said. “Don’t use the deaths for rhetoric and terrorism.” According to the National Institute of Health, 96.3% did not die of coronavirus, but of other pathologies stated Sgarbi – which means that only 925 have died from the virus and 24,075 have died of other things claimed Sgarbi, “….the virus was little more than an influenza. Don’t lie! Tell the truth!”

  5. Brian L says:

    Jon, you are a legend mate.

    I have been blasting the so called left in UK, all carry stories about Ferguson or complaining that the stories are about sex and not the number of deaths, the bad performance of the government! Not one, except you has mentioned his poor judgment in all pandemics as well as his shady character now!!

  6. Philbert Desanex says:

    This sounds like a controlled cover story to quietly and quickly get this Ferguson geek and his institute out of the picture. His models and methods are highly questionable and it looks like he’s being purged, in order to memory-hole issues like the following:

  7. Peter says:

    WATCH THIS: Former AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits PhD EXPOSES Anthony Fauci,Dr Birx & UNCOVERS Medical Corruption

  8. zakalu says:

    Remember, worth considering that any ‘story’ about one of ‘them’ getting ousted is most likely fabricated story to have us ‘believe’ they are coming clean or feeling the heat etc—to get men and women and children to think we have power over them, like the system is by and for the ‘people’, when it is nothing of the sort.

    Think of Madoff or Epstein for examples. Most likely nothing happened to them, they might have been complete fabrications!! At any rate the ‘issues’ became so five minutes ago in the ‘news’ as soon as the ‘story’ of a demise was ‘fed’ to reporters/news outlets. The Epstein story became ‘how was it allowed to happen that he could kill himself in prison’? Forget about any true merits of alleged conduct by Epstein and his elitist/statist participants.

    Remember when Gates/Microsoft was ‘put on trial’ with the congressional hearings about ‘monopolizing’ computer business etc? What actually happened to Gates and Microsoft? Got bigger, stronger and richer!

    Just like with Rockefeller and the Standard Oil ‘hearings’ back in early 20th century. Nothing happened other than Standard Oil and Rockefeller becoming richer and more powerful. It is in my estimation all staged to expand Rockefeller’s and the Oil cartel’s influence and power. Exxon and many other ‘companies’ came out of the Rockefeller ‘hearings’.

    ‘They’ are in possession and control of Gov’t!! Make no mistake about it. Gov’t is business!, and one of ‘their’ many Businesses are Gov’t’s!!

    ‘They’ will never come clean, never cease and desist, Never stop lying to us!!

    the only way to win is not to play.
    Take a Stand!
    End Obedience Now!!

    • zakalu says:

      one other note, man-kind does have power, however it does not lie within or through the rigged SYSTEM!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      The entirety of the “SHERMAN ANTI-TRUST ACT” was crafted by Rockefeller agents, and designed so that folks like Rockefeller and his friends could get away with doing those very same things (through strategically-created “loop-holes”), while everyone else’s businesses would get ensnared if they got “too big”.

    • lamberth says:

      Or that fake lawsuit between Samsung and Apple a decade ago or so.
      All designed to turn the mobile handset market into a duopoly.
      Samsung, just another Android phone maker no different than Sony-Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, et al and yet there they were in this so-called lawsuit with Apple. All to put it into people’s heads that somehow a Samsung phone was equivalent to an Apple iPhone.

      Worked out quite well, didn’t it? For both.
      What was the deal behind closed doors I wonder?
      And who’s closed doors were they?

  9. Moshe Sopher says:


    * Most, including many of the deluded sheeple who have bought into the fake virus panic, are routinely flouting social distancing and quarantine rules in private because humans are innately social animals and if deprived of the opportunity to socialise for weeks or months on end they soon turn depressed or in extreme cases suicidal.

    * Neil Ferguson is as vulnerable to human frailities as all of us and knowing the pandemic he’s promoting is spurious he permitted his paramour to visit him.

    *Apparently, Neil quit under pressure put on him by his handlers for failure to con the public by his scare mongering. His faux predictions stand exposed.

    * In all likelihood, to avoid further embarrassment, they must have compelled Ferguson to tender his resignation.

    * Bill Gates is the front through who huge sums of Globalist money gets routed to various puppet organisation.

    * It’s not the case of Bill Gates funding any person or organisation.

    • adele pace says:

      Meanwhile people are dying from much needed elective surgery (Australia). I was run over by a truck a few years ago, resulting in life changing injuries and PTSD, chronic pain syndrome. I recently, had an episode of viral myocarditis and blunt force trauma due to a cabinet falling on me trying to do what I can’t do – move a heavy cabinet with no feeling or movement in one leg and neurological damage. I have received no services over the last 3 months as even care workers are facing their own horrors and they are “essential workers”.

  10. fluidity says:

    Jon: where is Ellis Medavoy? He predicted this new religion of Medicine.

    Species 8472
    Resistance is not futile. We will not be assimilated.

  11. Fallo Dwight Rabbit says:

    On the lighter side J P Sears nails the whole situation in this parody called “What it’s like to believe everything the media tells you.” Hits it outta the park. Hope it’s still up on uselesstube.

  12. fLux says:

    ‘But how can you stop people remembering things?’
    cried Winston again momentarily forgetting the dial.
    ‘It is involuntary. It is outside oneself.
    How can you control memory?
    You have not controlled mine!’

    O’Brien’s manner grew stern again.
    He laid his hand on the dial.

    ‘On the contrary,’ he said, ‘you have not controlled it.
    That is what has brought you here.
    You are here because you have failed in humility,
    in self- discipline.
    You would not make the act of submission
    which is the price of sanity.
    You preferred to be a lunatic, a minority of one.
    Only the disciplined mind can see reality, Winston.
    You believe that reality is something objective, external,
    existing in its own right.
    You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident.
    When you delude yourself into thinking
    that you see something,
    you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you.
    But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external.
    Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.
    Not in the individual mind,
    which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes:
    only in the mind of the Party,
    which is collective and immortal.
    Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth.
    It is impossible to see reality
    except by looking through the eyes of the Party.
    That is the fact that you have got to relearn, Winston.
    It needs an act of self – destruction,
    an effort of the will.
    You must humble yourself before you can become sane.’

    fluX being a constrictor to induce humility,
    and a Flux in maladies enabling a mentality of 2+2=5

    “The virus itself which still has never been isolated,
    purified and 100% proven to exist.”

    Yet what has been isolated is considered a virus…

  13. Rachel says:

    Jon, as always, your work is great and appreciated. I can “hear” the tones in your work becoming more urgent and upset. It is starting to look like we are running out of time. And in fact, the realities of 5G will bring this full circle. I am starting to think that Acient Aliens theorists may have been into something. When humanity outdoes itself, it needs to be wiped out and started again, like with the flood in the days of Noah. The vaccines and 5G are coming regardless of how many people are waking up to the truth.


    I have noticed some things in my part of the world and was wonder if I was alone or not. I take the bus nearly every day, so I have a lot of interaction. Nearly every person has a look of fear and sadness, the likes of which I have never seen.

    Even if we can bring about the change we need to stop the vaccines and 5G, people are damaged, possibly beyond repair. I look at people and see what I must have looked like when I went through some serious trauma. All of this leaves me at a loss that gets worse by the day. Even if we can say no to a vaccine, what can we do to bring people back to a life without just misery?

    • Moshe Sopher says:


      * Noah’s global flood is a verified geological and climatological lie and from a zoological perspective it’s fiction…

      * The 1st reference to a global flood with ark and onboard species et al is found in Hindu scriptures that predate the Torah.

      * From India, the global flood mythology travelled to Sumeria where it morphed into the story of Gilgamash.

      * The Hebrews borrowed the myth of a global flood from the Sumerians.

      * Noah/Noach is the derived form of the Sanskrit name Manu (associated with the global flood).

      * Later, the Arabs transformed Manu into Nu.

    • Aaron Smith says:

      If you believe they are coming you make it a reality for you.
      That’s what the Oligarchy wants, they want you to live in fear, believe lies and false and live in fear be a believer.
      Are you doing what they want.

    • Larry C says:

      “Even if we can say no to a vaccine, what can we do to bring people back to a life without just misery?”

      Well, for starters, we can UNLEASH THE ECONOMY.

      AT ONCE.

    • Piksil says:

      Thanks Rachel!

      Pretty much the same look I see at the grocery store. Sad. Sad that I think they are truly afraid of the covid, not what’s been done or is going to be done to them, as you alluded to.

      • Magpie says:

        I agree but I see that fear in the mask wearers. I make a point when I’m out to smile and send my positivity (which is hard when I see the mask wearers) like it’s a normal day, and nothing is happening. It seems as those wearing the masks can’t be distracted from the smile and inner positivity that I’m sending out into the universe. I learnt this 20 years ago, not only for inner peace but it’s like an aura of positivity that is infectious. Controlling your thoughts in a positive way is healthy and keeps you free from diseases and illnesses.
        There is always a “silver lining”. You get more bees with honey. Nothing is ever really bad that can’t be overcome if you listen to that feeling.
        I’m sure we will know what to do when it comes. We the woken ones rely on our feelings because those feelings led us here to find truths.

    • Madness says:

      Here people burned down 77 masts, not even all had 5G. 5G can be stopped before it is full. And must be. What they wrote about covid19 symptoms – which ‘interestingly’ doesn’t characteristic – a perfect match to radiation poisoning and I mean not only 5G. Blood clotting, oxygen deprivation, injured lungs. I am not a doc but have some medical background. Due to a friend working on that area I saw some photos about the Covid19 pneumonia. What I found interesting, it mainly affected the edges. Otherwise it would be rather randomly located. I think it is much rather a death of cells and an inflammation after that as body must remove the dead cells. Or these weird new skin problems, ok, Kawasaki is not new and we can’t know which case is falsely labelled and nothing to do with Covid19/radiation poisoning. Dana Ashlie (who disappeared?) showed a recorded effect, red blood cells under microscope just after 2-3 minutes of radiation, dead cells, blood knots.

      As I read more and more I understood more. Accumulating effect. Slow, invisible but make harm. Leading cause of infertility. Dropping birth numbers. (couldn’t check, maybe one day Jon will if kind enough?)

      People must get rid off extra radiation, as many as they can.

      I still kindly suggest to watch this if you haven’t and share, share, very well developed little documentary about radiation:

  14. From Elsewhere says:

    Note to myself, to donlist:
    1. File complaints against Ferguson’ s followers.
    2. Spread the truth.
    3. Prepare for their fierce resistance. They had a plan, all the way through, with exits included. That has to be foiled.

    • Madness says:

      The today’s new nightmare is: certification of immunity. Daily Mail…
      They try every angle to know what could be passed to people, phone application to spy on them, colour codes like in China, vaccines, new drugs (dusty drugs on the selves like the AZT was) now this

  15. Rian says:

    Well Gates funds the Guardian’s Gloval Development Website and the BBC. So good luck with anything coming from them.

  16. nohope says:

    there is no hope. people are literally begging to stay locked down terrified of a huge spike in cases and the “second wave”. i see it on social media and in comment sections everywhere

  17. Laura says:

    Looks like Ferguson is a total covidiot in regard to his (and his Antonia’s) naughty bits. Maybe they’ll reason that The Virus is scared off by “amorousness” and he’ll get his job back? After all, the health and very lives of humanity are at stake with him out of work on the dole!

    • “Covidiots”– ha! Why didn’t I think of that. I adopted mask-tards a few weeks ago but covidiot is even sweeter. This is the first time I saw that.

      As far as Ferguson’s affair, was he not worried about STD’s, or what used to be called “VD”? I wonder if he did contact tracing on his girlfriend and how many partners she has had. Did she do contact tracing on him back to his college days?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Paul Joseph Watson (of Prison Planet, and later known as – Summit News) was using that term a month or so ago.


        PJW, like much of the InfoWars reporters were (and still ARE) feeding the flames of “coronamania”!

      • Laura says:

        Rick: I stole covidiots from someone else (forgot who), but I’m glad you liked it. I like mask-tards, but as we know, that’s not PC; how about muzzrons (for muzzled morons)? Well, maybe not.????

        Hah, hot-to-trots Fergie and Toni didn’t do any contact tracing and never will; that stuff’s for all the pod people to suffer through, not our beloved history-making healthcare heroes and their friends! ????

        I’m crazy with “dislike” for these people at this point…may have lost what was left of my mind today after seeing a guy in his car all alone, windows closed, sporting a mask and face shield. I screamed.

      • Madness says:

        It’s the UK, covidiots are used via trolls to label the opposition. 🙂 In exchange some use covflakes as they used snowflakes at the time of the Brexit battle.

        • Laura says:

          They also stole TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) which originally referred to, and still does refer to despite their hijacking it: the mental breakdown they all had in late 2016 when Hillary lost to Trump, and their ongoing rage campaign of revenge to destroy Trump, and their countless vulgar temper tantrums. As part of the TDS, they’ve turned it around to refer to Trump’s diehard supporters. Nothing’s too ridiculous or foul for these people.

      • May Hem says:

        I plan to use Contact Erasing with several methods. e.g. turn off my mobile phone and remove the battery unless i want to make a call.

        Delete all your contacts and their details. Keep them in a little telephone/address book (remember them?).

        Ask all your friends and contacts to remove your details from their phones if they are going to use the spy app.

        Of course you will be punished. Your measly UBI (universal basic income) will be stopped and you will be forced to wear an ankle or wrist band so they can continue to trace/spy on you.

        What next? Any further suggestions here?

        • Laura says:

          May: I don’t have a smart phone, just a flip phone, so am not quite in the same boat but could still be tracked. I plan to have it turned off unless I need to use it. I wouldn’t be surprised if smartphones became required equipment for everyone on the planet, if they could somehow pull that off. They really can all go to hell…no one (who matters) would miss these psychopathic power freaks one little bit.

  18. Dr. Lovestrange says:

    Excellent work Jon. It’s worth a mention that Gates has a tentacle in the funding of the Grauniad so nothing to see there – move along now. This virtue signalling junk rag was losing money hand over fist because no one bought it. Now it resorts to a begging pop-up window on its website pleading for funds to “help preserve a free and independent press”! Did they manage to keep a straight face when they wrote that?

  19. voza0db says:

    Hello… It is very clear that the MAIN GOAL of OPERATION COVID is the reduction of the number of HUMANS.

    Bill Gates in this video

    has NO PROBLEM to admit that 700,000 deaths due to weak RNA “SARS-CoV-2” is perfectly acceptable.

    His other main objective is to deploy a RNA CRISPR/Cas9 and/or Cre/Lox vaccine in order to cause damage to the DNA that will result in the death a few months after the inoculation of those stupid enough to allow being injected by that PoS!

  20. BDBinc says:

    They (Ferg and Gates) are just the Oligarchy’s media celebs used to feed lies into the minds of the public .
    The public should not believe everything they see on TV, internet or in newspapers but they do.
    When did we start believing in the unreal?Therefore making it real to us.
    Its the state of collective insanity.
    It all comes down to not knowing who you are and not living in fear in a dream that you do not know you co created by your beliefs .
    You have believers not knowers.
    What we need right now is Love not Fear.


    “Is he aware that doctors and hospitals are putting “COVID-19” on death certificates of 90-year olds falling off buildings and testing positive on the way down?”

    Ah… that’s funny. And not so much far away from reality, I’m afraid.

    • Marie says:

      My daughter knows of a mid to late 20 year old who died of the covisrus. 225 pounds with heart trouble. Diabetes anyone?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Complications thereof, at least.

      • Natalie says:

        Back in the day, if someone in Africa died in the accident (or from undernourishment) it was counted as an “AIDS death”. Nothing change, discover a “new” virus, relabel existing diseases and voila, you got yourself a new pandemic.

  22. Pft says:

    Its a nothing burger meant to distract us from the overall picture. Ferguson just a Gates/global elite minion. A sacrificial lamb fed to the wolves so they will be content for a time.

    I’m just finding out that seniors over 65 get their own flu vaccine in US since 2015, and its used in 37 other countries including many in Europe (UK, Italy, etc) . It has a powerful adjuvant called squalene. Called Fluad. China makes its own. Meant to stimulate the immune system and 4 times more powerful than aluminum. It was also allegedly behind the Gulf War Syndrome thought to be caused by vaccines hence the delay being approved in US (Italy was first to sign up in 1997, Uk approved in 2018) Anyways, we have a new “virus” that affects the elderly more severely than the young because the immune system goes into overdrive. You think someone might look into an association. 60% of elderly get the flu vaccine so there are 40% out there who don’t that would make a nice control group.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Squalene is also produced by your own body. It is very common in the muscle tissue.

      Putting it in the vaccines is very dangerous (by design), in that once your body’s defense begin to attack the “intended” target substances – it also ends up attack the Squalene, thinking it was also a foreign substance. When the body’s defense begin attacking ALL the Squalene it finds within the body, it ends up attack the Squalene that was intended to be there! – THIS is what usually results in what is often termed: “Auto-Immune Responses”.

      The same could be said from all the childhood “food allergies” that skyrocketed early in the mandatory childhood vaccination push. Many of those childhood vaccines contained substances that were derived from Peanut oils, for example. When their still young bodies started developing antibodies to ALL of the substances that were injected into them, THAT is when many of these children started developing (then) “novel” food allergies, like “Peanut Allergies”.

      THAT’s WHY using hypodermic “vaccination” and inoculation techniques are a disaster, because they by-pass the Natural defenses of our body – by being injected beneath the skin! This is what often causes what is called a “Cytokine Storm” reaction, much similar to Anaphylaxis that some experience after a Bee or Wasp sting!

      Our bodies were NEVER intended to be deliberately injected with any noxious substances. Naturally, when such things happen, our immune systems (if they are in proper functioning conditioning) are triggered very quickly – as if to deal with a noxious or venomous substance, usually from a bite, sting, or similar.

      • Madness says:

        It’s very interesting. Could it be the cause behind the few reported children’ case? They are mentioning cytosine storm and sepsis due to Covid19 but I admit, I am not familiar in any of them. In the UK they use sepsis differently like we used it in the country I came from. There there was a fix reason of sepsis all the time, proved by autopsy and it was rather rare. Here it is an everyday story, and comes from out-of-nowhere.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          When these vaccines contain chemical components that are very similar to what is found normally in our own bodies, or what we expect to have in our food, these vaccines turn our immune systems LITERALLY against our bodies and what we may feed on.

          These kinds of reactions are what eventually become “Auto-Immune” diseases. There was NO SUCH THING as Auto-Immune diseases, until the first of the vaccines were widely distributed and administered. Anyone with a little bit of work in checking histories of certain illnesses (that is, from reputable sources who have not gone into the “revision of history” mindset), and when they started becoming more prevalent, and WHERE and what with – will likely get a much clearer picture of where most of our “new” health problems actually came from.

          Simply put: “Nature does NOT deliberately create something or any feature, that defective and non-conducive to the survival of a species, and expect that species to continue to survive!”


          Because of the sheer hubris of “modern medicine”: “WE can do better than Nature did.”, is when we, as a species, must ask ourselves the burning question: “WHY do we nowadays have all of these health problems, when our ancestors did not record any experiences with so many of these health problems? ? ?”

          There are certain “diseases” that just DO NOT HAPPEN anywhere NEAR as frequently in Nature, as does happen in our “modern medicine”.

          – Jim S.

  23. Larry C says:

    Tut, tut…it was all a misunderstanding, brought on by an overzealous media: A deeply concerned Ferguson dropped in on his neighbor for the sole purpose of giving her a COVID-19 oral test.

    Where’s your *humanity* people?

  24. Piksil says:

    Maybe Ferguson’s model was for unemployment numbers, and just got em mixed up with deaths. Oops!

  25. mikael says:

    I just had to make this coment, my initial reaction to the Tanzanian presidents anouncement about the tests results, I belived it to be an joke, but, when I saw the report on the TV news, I realised that this man, have balls of an elephant, and I am really gratefull we stil have people, and an African, whom is as far I can judge, an man of truth and honor, what He did was spectaculare, but again, I can fully understand this persons resonement behind the actions but the real surprice is, he did it, and I belive He really is an uniqum when it comes to resoning since we know that this tests are more or less, bogus, and then to use this shit test regime for detecting or recognising whatever they claim it was supousedly to do, this man tok it much, much further than anyone else, and I cant say anything else than this man deserves respect, have proven integrity and knowledge and the cojones and slammed it thru, to make shure the equimpent did what they promissed to do, and he took it all the way.

    He exposed the entire shamdemic for what it is, an scam.


  26. Tom says:

    This was planned. Why ? Because Ferguson has run his useful life with all those BS projections. Too much is too much. Negative news he was generating among the sheep required cutting him loose. After all, he exactly reflects the mentality of the people who are running the Corona Theater, bigots.

    • Pft says:

      Gates will find him a job, bigger and better. Maybe WHO Director or a new position as the Corona Swat Team Director running weaponized drones searching for unmasked citizens and fevers

    • Marie says:


  27. Anthony says:

    Hi Jon,
    Just wondering what your take or views are on the Judy Mikovits video that is constantly being taken down by YouTube.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      If it is constantly being “YouTubed-down-the-memory-hole”, that is probably a very good sign that “they” don’t like it.

      Here’s one on VIMEO:

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Go to

      There are several channels who have it uploaded!

      Great that others think as I do.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Here it is on BitChute:

      Plandemic Part 1

      – CHEERS!

    • Sunny says:

      I have watched the video and listened to the views on vaccines.

      What boggles my mind is her statement about immune therapy and she is of the belief that vaccines can provide it.

      Vaccines do not provide immune thereapy. I am not a doctor or anything of the sort, but I know clearly that vaccines compromise the immune system.

      • Madness says:

        I agree. I started to watch, too but gave up when I realised that. It’s like watering it down. I don’t need vaccine and don’t need their immunization.
        I live with a bunch of cats, for many years, they are perfect for observation, lot of offspring, they are not vaccinated for many years now. Compared to the past when they were a bit (only 1-2 / lifetime), not vaccinated are the healthiest ever. They are just never ill, not for a day (another reason that when recently we had 5 kittens to go ill after many years without experiencing anything like that) I went very suspicious that what made them ill with ‘covid19 symptoms’ and why the vet hasn’t got a clue like no such known illness of cats. My guess is smoke – we used a different kind of coal – and / or radiation. The tower (3,4G maybe 5,too not sure about the 5G) is just hundreds meters away.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Everyone has his/her one-or-two hiccups with accuracy. She is probably not aware of the role of natural immunity, because Natural Immunity and Natural Medicine is kept out of the medicals’ curricula.

        Just like Dr. Ron Paul still believes some vaccines have saved human lives, even though there has never been any solid proof that this is the case. It is a matter of the perspective they have been educated in, while in an establishment-accredited “school”. THAT is the curse of “ROCKEFELLER MEDICINE”!

        I’m quite sure that IF, they were of open mind and IF the right person came up to them to show enough scientifically-verifiable evidence that Natural Medicine does indeed work, and with far less the deleterious effects on human health, perhaps the Real Scientist in these people would come out and shine?

  28. lamberth says:

    To whom it may concern: when person A works for person B, and person B dumps money on person A’s head, person A is going to do person B’s bidding.

    Person A is Ferguson. Person B is Bill Gates.

    Yes Jon, but…

    Where is C? Or even D?
    Who does Gates work for? Who owns him lock-stock-and-barrel?
    For whom is Gates doing his bidding?
    Let’s go beyond Gates and look behind the curtain to get to the real perpetrators of this PsyOp.
    Gates is just their sock-puppet, their mouth-piece.
    And so is Ferguson.
    Nothing will change with him gone.
    Even if Gates and “his” money would disappear overnight, nothing would change. A new Gates would crawl out of a hole somewhere and be presented to the world as the new vaccine messiah.

    It’s this global cabal that’s behind it all, a cabal that has been around for centuries. Been kicked out of country after country for the past millennium because of its parasitic, destructive Modus Operandi.
    The cabal that begins its infiltration of entire countries and even continents by taking control of the target’s financial system.
    All else follows from there.
    The favorite tactic is to use front-men, global institutions (WHO, UN, IMF, etc.), banks and corporations as part of this takeover.
    Oh, and of course the tried-and-true Divide & Conquer strategy.

    This cabal does not just have local ambitions there in the Middle East. Its ambitions are for total global control of everything in, on and above this planet.
    This COVID-19 hoax is a huge step in that direction. Just as nine11 was. Just as WWI and WWII were. And one can keep going back further in history and see the same pattern.

    If we don’t know our true history, we’re not going to know our future. We’re just going to keep on falling for the same con, over and over.

    BTW, I don’t believe that Ferguson resignation story for one second.
    The guy was pushed, too much of a liability to keep around.
    He’ll be told to keep his head down for a while.
    Then some time in the future – if he’s still considered useful – he’ll pop up again for his next assignment.
    With people’s short attention span, they won’t even remember who Mr Ferguson is.

    As much as I love this website and everything that you do Jon, it does frustrate me greatly that the research and narrative stops at sock-puppets such as Gates.
    The rabbit hole goes far deeper.


      Hi, lamberth. I saw your answer the other day, but this is not a forum (by the way, is their a real forum about Covid?) . I asked you about the members of the cabal you mention.

      Please, don’t tell to do my research, that is not an answer. Just give me the freaking names.

      The Rockefellers? The Rothchilds?

      And if you send me to study, please give me the titles of the books, papers, or whatever the source of your information is.


      • lamberth says:

        Hey IIS,
        Thanks for your reply.

        Yes, those names you mention are a part of it, but in my opinion these are only the front-men again, not the powers behind the curtain. Add royalty to the mix as well.

        This cabal goes back many centuries, even millennia. Their tactic is to hide behind other entities, and in “modern” times it is Zionism.
        Look up “Irgun” for example and see where that takes you.

        There are too many resources in which you can learn about this, so I’m not going to mention them.
        Two good books – although that always comes down to personal taste and interests – I can recommend that chronicle events over the past 200 years or so.
        “Fire in the Minds of Men” and “Tragedy & Hope”.

        Once you study this history, you start to see the pattern, the dots that seemed individual, stand-alone events start to connect.
        The individual brush strokes start to display a picture.

        FYI, my wake-up moment started with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and the obvious fairy tale we are taught about them in our “education” system.
        This was about 13 years ago now, so I’m a late-comer. It all went from there. Books, lot’s of books.

        • Magpie says:

          @INGORANCE IS STRENGTH, You can also look into the Venetians circa 1600’s, and the Silk Road. Deals with Kings, bible, common law and admiral/merchant law. This was part of the beginning of the financial wealth behind where we are today. Many other like the Royal Family present today which bloodline can be traced to Germany, not England.
          Words of warning though…some rabbit holes are deeper than
          one can handles times. Other are enlightening. Remember the truth is out there, and be prepared to be reprogrammed from things you thought were right.

    • BDBinc says:

      Resigned my as* .
      Ferg (puppet) was associated with the ” wrong data” (the lie the whole psyop operation COVID19 was is based on) so they got rid of him.
      Getting rid of him, was their way of getting rid of the lie that most people( sleepers)even found out was a lie.Cleaning up the operation for major shit piles that can’t be cognitively reconciled (even by the average TV watching joes).

      So now conditioned minds will think” justice was served to the pervert”.
      The COVID19 lie will remain a real viable concept to their week minds.
      As they don’t know its not real .

      • Madness says:

        I agree, they saved him out with this little tale about the lover, true or not, it was meant to save him like you would kill an old lady and taking her gold necklace, you get punished for taking the necklace and we forget you murdered her.

  29. Jim S Smith says:

    It seems I am close to bumping into the same sorts of problems with, a public blogging platform, that Mr. Rappoport has had before. I have noticed that there have been several attempts to “redirect” viewers away from my blog, towards a more WHO-friendly site – especially concerning the current COVID-fraud that is upon us!

    My Article explains it succinctly here:

    Whether or not it is actually from the workings of, OR one or more of the internet NODE SERVERS across the European Union (EU), it is becoming more suspicious that world-wide censorship of alternative viewpoints and perspectives is becoming far more commonplace, even outside of the usual “offenders” here in the USA and in China.

    So, it is quite possible that will be losing yet another long-time blogger on their platform, if this kind of problem persists and/or worsens in the foreseeable future. Right now, a serious look into an alternative view to these world events is a MUST, and all of us have equal rights to communicate and learn from other more-independent sources of information and views, in order to more knowledgeably form our own conclusions.

    THAT is why I purposefully seek out other avenues of information, such as this fine blog here, in order to further demystify the various political “happenings” going on.


    If anyone else here has had similar issues with,, and other similar “free blogging sites” – please don’t feel you are alone! There are others who are noticing, and squawking about it too.

    – Jim S.

    • I use blogger a lot and used to be able to get a lot of hits in a predictable way. I started a blog called and have had only a handful of hits. I used to be able to garner hundreds of hits on my blogger blogs in the early 2000’s.

      I can’t confirm anything but my suspicion was aroused when I put my blog on open search mode and submitted to various search methods and still got nothing.

      Still, I think it’s worth publishing because I can direct selected people and sites to my published work there. I keep backups of all my published work on my own computer because I have been “erased” by major forums like Network54 in the past after building great forums from 1996 to 2006… 20 years of work– and poof! Gone in an instant. That taught me to NEVER trust online publishers.

      Maybe I can use that lesson in my “next life” if I can manage to REINCARNATE. Or.. maybe my tale of woe here will be a heads up for current younger publishers.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Beware of Blogger too!

        I have seen instances of censorship of their platform also.

        I am getting ready to self-host my “Through The Eyes of a Dragon” blog soon. Already got my new domain name for it. I just need to find a way to export all of my posts, media, and subscribers list from the old blog (on, so that I can import them into my new self-hosted blog.

        That’s the one hang-up about migrating a blog, preserving my subscriber base! My humble little blog has over 150 subscribers to it. I would hate to lose them all, especially when a few of them have been very informative in their comment-feedbacks!

  30. OzzieThinker says:


    It has been a long while between visits. Great article. It looks as though the “wheels” are well and truly going to fall off after the Gates/CDC contagion model failure.

    I give you a number of plugs in my latest (15,000 words) monster project:

  31. skydancer says:

    great article! I dunno…Gates always reminds me of Woody Allen…

  32. Peter says:

    These intellectuals who have caused all of this need to become accountable, called restitution and life in imprisonment or tried for high treason and you know what that means. Time for all of us to start writing all of the politicians and get their attention before this gets more out of hand.

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