COVID: two vital experiments that have never been done

Why not? Because they would expose this vicious farce, the criminals perpetuating it, and end the lockdowns.

by Jon Rappoport

April 29, 2020

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I’m republishing this article, because more people are becoming aware there is something wrong—very wrong—with the “science” at the bottom of this fake epidemic.

For example, Dr. Thomas Cowan, in his recent popular video, described my proposal for a true procedure that would determine whether a new virus actually exists. If he contacts me, I have more ammunition for him.

All right, let’s jump in—

The claim of having discovered a new virus (COVID-19) is wrong (unproven).

And the claim that the main diagnostic test (the PCR) can determine whether a person is sick or is going to get sick is also wrong (unproven).

What seems to be true in the lab is not sufficient in the real world.

The first experiment would confirm or deny the accuracy of the PCR diagnostic test. The experiment would reveal whether this widespread test for COVID-19 can actually predict illness in the real world, in humans, not in the lab.

This experiment has never been done. It should have been done before the PCR was ever permitted to make claims about THE QUANTIY OF VIRUS that is replicating in a patient’s body.

Quantity is vital, because, in order to even begin talking about whether a virus can cause disease, millions and millions of virus must be actively replicating in a patient’s body.

Here is the experiment. Assemble a group of 500 volunteers, some sick, some healthy. Take tissue samples from them, and give the samples to PCR technicians. The technicians will never see or know who the 500 volunteers are.

The techs run these samples through the PCR. For each sample, they report which virus they found, and how much of it they found.

“In patients 34, 57, 83, 165, and 433, we found a great deal of the following disease-causing viruses.”

Now we un-blind those specific patients. By the test results, they should all be sick. Are they? Aren’t they? Then we would know. We would know how accurate and relevant the test is in the real world.

Of course, this is not the end of the experiment. The same samples should have been given to a whole other set of PCR techs to run. Did they come up with the same results the first set of PR techs did?

Several new groups of 500 patients each should be enlisted, and still more sets of lab techs should repeat the experiment, ending up with confirmation or rejection of the initial findings. This is the way the scientific method is supposed to work.

In the absence of this experiment, the quantitative PCR must be looked at as a rogue hypothesis that should never have been foisted on the public in the first place. It should never be used as the basis for determining case numbers of any disease.

In the “COVID-19 crisis,” all case numbers derived from the PCR should be thrown out.

The second vital experiment concerns the discovery of a new virus—in this case, COVID-19.

First of all, there is no lab procedure that can climb inside the human body in real time and record the active replication of millions of virus. The closest you can come involves the use of electron microscopy.

Suspecting the existence of a new disease-causing virus, researchers should line up, at the very least, several hundred people who seem to have the new disease. Tissue samples should be taken from them. Using correct steps of isolating-purifying-centrifuging these samples, specimens of the results should be examined and photographed under the electron microscope.

In every one of the several hundred photos, do the researchers see many identical particles of a virus they’ve never seen before; and do the researchers see that these many particles are the same from photo to photo?

If so, and if more than one group of researchers independently carrying out this procedure on the patients’ tissue samples achieves the same result…then, this is as close as you can come to saying you’ve discovered a new disease-causing virus.

Other researchers with other large groups of patients should attempt to replicate the above findings.

This vital experiment has never been done in the case of COVID-19. Not even close. Therefore, researchers can’t make a true claim to have discovered a new disease-causing virus.

In the absence of the two vital experiments I’ve described in this article, all you’re left with, concerning a single “COVID-19” pandemic and a single new cause, are: anecdote, rumor, gossip, conjecture, speculation, bad science, and lies.

Plus the horrendous damage from all the consequences of lockdowns based on those lies.

It’s essential to realize where the burden of proof rests. The scientists who claim to have discovered a new epidemic virus, and the scientists who claim their PCR can determine whether a person is sick or is going to get sick—THEY are making the assertions. THEY have to supply the proof.

“Oh, but it could be a virus, and the virus could be killing lots of people…” People saying this are caught in the trap, the COULD-BE trap. Yes, it could be a purple cow giving birth to a calf on Mars, who is then flown to China, where it infects seven bats in a dark alley in Wuhan, after which several people eat the bats…

If COULD-BE were science, the planet would remain locked down until there were no humans left.


The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

90 comments on “COVID: two vital experiments that have never been done

  1. Eric Blair says:

    Kudos to Jon for his incredible reporting and analysis about this ongoing COVID-1984 Scam.

    I just found this important article… which needs to be expanded upon and widely distributed in my opinion… it may form the basis for the criminal prosecution of the perpetrators behind the COVID-1984 Scam?

    Regarding: You’re Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC  

    … the above puts some “meat on the bones” of a criminal fraud litigation/prosecution I’ve been hoping some brave litigator(s) might bring ASAP.

    We need to flip the script while we still have some freedom and go on the offense. The best defense is a good offense!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      I’m in, for a Grand Jury – Class-Action lawsuit, for starters.

      The criminal side will take a little more work, but the “war against lies” is all the more worth it!

      – Jim S.

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Kudos to you for providing that link. Excellent information.

  2. BC says:

    Covid 19 is spread like a virus. At that point all similarities end. It is a Bioweapon. And I would not doubt there are several that were released that would act synergistically.

    • Ddwieland says:

      I’m puzzled by claims it’s a bioweapon, because it seems terribly weak for that purpose. A weapon that kills mainly the old and infirm? Can you explain its capabilities as a weapon?

  3. Bob says:

    Here is how the medical priesthood has gotten around this: You are now asymptomatic. In this upside down world, you are always sick even if you feel fine and show no symptoms because our test says you are sick. It could never be that the test is wrong. How can you defend against that kind of insanity? This keeps case counts high and justified forever lock downs

    • Plamen says:

      How can you defend against that kind of insanity?

      Do not consent and do not be PERSON with a passport and a birth certificate. Say you’re a freeman under sun.

      • Jeff G. - [J.B.] says:

        Hey Plamen, I thought you might be interested in my book. You can get it here:

      • za ka lu says:

        Yes! Plamen, jolly good shoe, it all starts (and ends) with the LEGAL NAME, so also do not show driver license, or any license including plates on car/registration, or anything pertaining to the Glossa text LEGAL NAME as this is considered the ‘admittal’ of being the PERSON. ‘They’ have no valid anything until we ‘show’ it!

        The Glossa text PERSON (JOHN DOE SMITH) is created by the STATE OF ___________ as far as I can tell, first ‘appearing’ on CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, created without permission of this original private estate namesake (john doe)! They use our sacred private property name against us without asking, negotiating or gaining permission, so as stated, there is No Informed Consent!!

        Tacit consent, implied consent etc., means I consented without consenting, without knowing, which is Impossible!! These tricks are all meaningfully deceitful lies to get us to ‘take their bait’ of presumptive authority.

        There is Only Informed Consent, negotiated at a true and correct meeting of the minds, with clean hands at arms length, where mutual benefit was found in the explicit terms by both parties, acting in transparency, then entering into agreement according to said terms.
        Oh and by the way, before any negotiations can be held, a true and correct offer must be tendered in complete transparency, which if considered worthy, can lead to valid negotiations.
        No other kind or form of valid truthful consent exists.

        I wrote ‘Under Duress’ on car registration, license plates etc., shows No Contract, as no contract is valid when under duress, which is what we all are when it comes to doing business with the usurper extortion racket! (Will not be renewing any car registration, should just take them off and replace with Private Estate Not For Contract!)
        Also posted a Private Estate Notice in window of car and another Do Not Detain notice is in front windshield.

        I don’t stop if cop is flashing behind, I don’t know what he wants, they have no privity into my private estate, no compelled performance of any kind exists EVER! So he’s just some a-hole blaring sirens and horns and flashing lights. I don’t ‘flee’ either, very important, as this would indicate I am ‘wanted’ or they have valid authority etc., when this is not is the case.
        I simply continue on my way, completely ignoring the perp who eventually goes away.(don’t look at him/her, nothing, completely ignore the goon as they are out to Steal from me. Highwayman is the term used by spooner, robbers and murderers, with less honor than a private Highwayman!).

        I have also served notice on STATE OF____________, so valid notice has been served, any violator into my private estate agrees to be subjugated to instant performance to any and all demands, fees, terms and conditions of this private estate, at the sole discretion of this private estate’s beneficiary.

        The SYSTEM is all ‘Presumptive’ Law, meaning it is to be presumed as valid ‘authority’. They are ‘fishing’, their display of lights, commands, coercion is to intimidate me into taking their ‘presumptive’ bait. I no longer take the bait. I do not have any business arrangements with vile extortionists, so I live in Truth! To acquiesce to intimidation of usurper filth is to dirty my good name! (not to mention spirit, mind and body)

        So I live in Truth!!

        I stand in fact, My hands are clean.

        The only way to win ‘their’ game is not to play.

        • za ka lu says:

          also, I will advise do not sign anything!! They need New Joinder, as All old is defunct!! We are confronted with a completely new ‘Gov’t’. Whatever we were led to think was united States of America, or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or UNITED STATES, or US GOVERNMENT, or STATE OF________, or CITY, COMMONWEALTH, TOWNSHIP, MUNICIPALITY, COUNTY OF __________, whatever the moniker or branch, is shall we say ‘under new management’!

    • Plamen says:

      … ah, and forget about travelling.

    • Kathleen says:

      Here’s another example of the medical priesthood in action.

      WBZ Boston answers “how reliable are the CV 19 tests?”
      Answer: 30% false negative rate. the Doctor uses the example of sampling error. But no consideration of the validity of the test to predict actual disease or the (pandemic-producing) false positive rate. Thanks for misinterpreting and seriously lying by omission in favor of more testing.

      What the layperson seeks is a trustworthy conclusion based upon an accurate test (valid and reliable).

      -We must learn how to read data, critically and with comprehension; we must learn how to produce data that provide clear answers to important questions; and we must learn sound methods for drawing trustworthy conclusions based on data-

      From Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 2nd ed., Moore and McCabe.

      Citizen Science? Sign me up.

      • Piksil says:


        Statistics is the ‘art’ (sorcery in many cases) of manipulating the data to say what the statistician wants said.

        Even if the test was 100% accurate, it still tells us nothing. It attempts to confirm the presence of viral material (and even that confirmation can vary form positive to negative on the same person, test to test, which has been shown by David Crowe, as Jon reported April 24). It doesn’t confirm ‘covid19, or HIV, or polio. Also, as JB has shown us, people are detoxifying in large numbers at the time of seasonal change. Throw in seasonal allergies, increased toxins from pollution, fear of a disease rammed into us 24/7, and there may be viral particles in many respiratory secretions.
        But what viral particles are they? The test can’t tell. (Doesn’t matter if viruses aren’t toxic, but actually help us!)
        How many viral particles does the person have in their body? The test can’t tell.
        I don’t think it’s a coincidence (maybe a happy accident) that they’re pushing more testing as environmental allergens are increasing in many people.
        Statistics don’t matter when they are supporting and/or furthering a lie. Yes, the layperson needs reliable, easy to understand data.

        But, the layperson in this case, needs to see the lie or hoax first.
        The test tells us that.

        (Yes, we do need real, reliable, easy to understand data. But they’re having a heyday I’m sure with all the bs they’re spewing!!)

        • gavin says:

          hi, i understand the pcr test cant tell the difference between virus’s but where can i find a document to support that. i read an interview with the inventor of pcr who said it cant tell viral load or which virus so shouldnt be used but that’s all i’ve got. thanks

          • Piksil says:

            “Diagnostic Virology” by Gregory A. Storch
            The section on pcr states it ‘quantifies’ viral DNA. But it also states that it can identify a specific viral DNA sequence. So, it has to be programmed to look for that specific type/virus? (How was China able to confirm covid if it was novel or new? How could they have a pcr test available for a new virus?)

            Pair that with David Crowe’s paper “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory”, as Jon reported in his article here on 4/24/20, link to paper in article. Points out huge flaws in the testing.

            They may say it can differentiate, but with the inaccuracies pointed out in Crowe’s article, I see it more of a magic trick than concrete science.
            “If you’re a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail”

    • Steve Stars says:

      Here is video of Jon explaining the test and problems with RT/PCR

      Jon’s critically controlled tests in these population studies are what accurately divides a REAL pathogenic element (be it virus, bacteria or toxin) from a FAKE one.

      Tests must be able to isolate the “cause” and reproduce the said pathogenic outcome. And as Jon said, this should be REPEATED several times in cohort studies and show a similar margin of results in comparison.

      This was NEVER done with HIV/AIDS, in terms of critically controlling for drug use, age, sexual orientation, health stability or environmental stress. For years there were patients called Idiopathic “AIDS” patients, that had all the SAME symptoms as AIDS patients, but were HIV negative. But they were from the SAME risk groups and with the same risk-related categories.

  4. Greg from Paris says:

    Great article Jon – I love your scientific point of view: so clear, so transparent, so simple. You are also a talented and capable writer with an exceptional skill with words.

  5. Pisces says:

    I wholeheartedly and disrespectfully disagree! It’s NOT A PURPLE cow that’s giving birth to a calf on Mars, it’s BLUE! Covid-19 comes from a blue Martian cow! Hahah I would have the same credibility as the people who claim to have found a new disease-causing virus if were serious.

    This is a well-structured article, Mr. Rappoport!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      OMG! ** ROTF-LOL-TMGH! **


      – A ” Blue Moo! “

    • lamberth says:

      But, but, but…..
      I’ve always been told creatures from Mars are GREEN! Little green men, little green cows, little green wildebeest, bats, bacteria, viruses.

      You’ve shattered my illusions.
      Oh, the cruelty, to be told it was all a lie this late in my earthly existence.
      Back to the crayons for re-education.

      ## End of sarcasm ##

  6. From Quebec says:

    Claimed the coronavirus outbreak is “an elaborate hoax to scare Americans into vaccines that make people trackable through 5G towers.”
    Steve Watson | – APRIL 29, 2020

  7. Jim S Smith says:

    Wonderful, succinct article – filled with commonsense, logic, and rational-thinking!

    I took it upon myself to do a little “rational-thinking”, last night:

    The big plus I have, is the actual training and experience. ANY US soldier who has had training and has come to understand operating in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Environments, and decontamination protocols (not to mention extensive knowledge about the protection equipment) – would have the foundation of commonsense – to KNOW that these ordinary cloth face masks do very little to actually protect against biologicals, if they are so prevalent in the environment (as we have been “told”, repeatedly)!


    Just as Jon has done here about these “tests” and “diagnoses” of this COVID, I have done on the fallacy of the usefulness of face masks against a supposedly deadly pathogen.

    Once again, Jon – Hit it right out of the ball park!

    – Jim S.

  8. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Jon, thought this might be of interest if you haven’t already read it

  9. Hélios says:

    I watched a video on live last night with a whistleblower living in Quebec. It was followed by 13,000 people and was brillant. He exposed the scam with all tracks leading to Bill Gates and his ID/2020. But we had good news however. Some lawyers are working for people about violation of human rights.

    And his advices were, at least in France (partial lockdown ends on May 11) and Quebec to refuse :

    -wearing masks after the lockdown (here people will have to wear masks only in public transport)
    -any test
    -any vaccine of course
    -any app on smartphones

    It’s a civil disobedience without violence and I think people should follow these advises to affirm we are not passive cattle.

    I post the link of the video, maybe you can use translator :

  10. Dan Salzano says:

    Jon, you’re right, there is no direct correlation there is an actual Covid-19 virus existing in humans.

  11. Malicious Intent says:

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD has probably the best info and presentation in layman’s terms. He dissects the papers that that the government used as it’s excuse. What we need is more people seeing his videos. Also, a class action lawsuit against Fauci for malpractice and fraud. Get his license revoked and make him financially liable for the damages. Without a license, he is no longer qualified for his position. Birx as well.

  12. Fallo Dwight Rabbit says:

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman

    You may have to give your email address to view. Definitely worth it. You can also watch a compelling recent interview with Dr Buttar.

  13. Moshe Sopher says:


    1) While covid19 fails scientific scrutiny and is evidently a fictional disease, the biggest worry is World War 3…the elites are working on it.

    2) I suspect that a bioweapon like say tens of trillions of anthrax bacterial spores or a deadly chemical weapon attack or both could deliberately be employed on a key city like say New York, Tehran or London using the services of Rockefeller controlled China or Rothschild owned Israel that will lead to a huge row…World War 3 ensues with the Globalists using puppet nations on both sides of the fence to fight the mother of all battles leading to the genocide of 60% or so of the world’s population through war, hunger and disease.

    3) We should concentrate on this ominous scenario because it’s highly likely that in 2020-2021 some colossal adversity is being planned namely world war 3 in keeping with Globalist intellectual Albert Pike’s endgame plan conceived in 1871.

    4) Pike’s plot for the third world war uses the Middle East as the stage pitting the political Zionists against the Islamic nations resulting in the complete destruction of both political Zionism (Israel) as well as the Islamic world.

    5) De facto spokesperson of the Globalists, Henry Kissinger, remarked in Sept 2012 to the New York Post that “ 10 years there won’t be an Israel…” (i.e. by 2022).

    6) The NWO should be established by 2023-24 with Europe as the epicenter because the key Globalists are mainly in Europe and because of the intellectual wealth of the continent.

    7) The mandatory vax agenda pushed by Globalist shill, Jill Gates (transgender Bill Gates), is merely attention diverting propaganda while the focus is shifted away from the behind the scenes preparations for the fast approaching World War 3.

    8) Is it any wonder that oil prices have been deliberately crashed to enable nations to covertly stockpile huge amounts of cheap oil to power their armies when world war breaks out.?

    • Nathan Romain says:


      Brilliantly put..

      World War 3 is their prime weapon to depopulate the world, while covid19 and Bill Gates loose talk of vaccinating 7 billion people are strawmen set up to deflect attention from the actual aim – WW3.

      It makes perfect sense.

      Lockdowns will partially be lifted in coming weeks with severe laws restricting freedoms and destroying livelihoods in postlockdown phase…with lockdown reimposed as the war nears… curfew or lockdown is the way that nations at war respond..

      Sad state of affairs..

      A mega disaster looms just ahead…

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Add an engineered mass-starvation to the mix too!


      I also wrote a piece on my own blog, to further illustrate this “arm of tactics”.

      These globalist SCUM have been trying to out-gun us all from multiple directions, at once!

  14. D. Smith says:

    All of the proposed “hand washing” (coming from the tv misinformation, and news articles all over the web, etc) is what’s going to get us into trouble.

    As a society we can be TOO CLEAN. People are over-sterilizing and that’s a fact – – and maybe a big part of the bottom line to the continuation of this “virus”.

    Now let me just say, I grew up in a home where my Mom was a perfectionist. There wasn’t a speck of dirt anywhere if she had anything to say about it! But . . . as children of the 1950’s and 1960’s, we PLAYED OUTSIDE ALL THE TIME AND MADE mud pies and dug for worms to fish with, we were around farm animals who were not concerned with cleanliness. Heh! You get the picture of what I’m trying to say here, right? We were exposed to the real world OUTDOORS and from the animals. We scooped poop from stalls, we brushed down the horses daily, we helped round-up my Dad’s prize-winning Hereford cattle and drove them to the water tank every morning and night, we cleaned the chicken coops after we gathered eggs. It was a messy, glorious world!

    Now, my husband and I live in a forested area (a National Park, actually) and we traipse out into the hills every weekend to fish or just sit at the picnic table at our favorite “green grass” spot where there is a small, gurgling creek. We watch nature, we listen to nature, we ABSORB nature (I wish it didn’t have to be just weekends but my husband is self-employed and luckily can still work). But weekends are better than nothing.

    During the weekdays, if the weather permits, I sit outdoors in the sun if possible. We’ve had lots of cold weather this year (and last year, too) and sooooo much wind it’s sometimes impossible to tolerate the outdoors.

    People REALLY need to learn more about nature and the NATURAL WORLD AROUND US and not to be afraid of it. Granted, animal poop is dirty, but it’s healthier for the human body than “hand sanitizer”. Anyone disgree??

    • Piksil says:

      What has fertilized vegetation for millinnea, including that which we consume?

      • Judi R says:

        Exactly. It was chicken poop when I was a kid – best garden fertilizer ever – and we had the chickens and were the source for our friends. And yes, as children we played outside and in the dirt all summer long.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          I was aware that Horse and Cow manure were absolutely great for just about any garden.

          So, I’m there on the fond memories, and also a huge Nature-lover!

    • Joost says:

      Yup, I’d agree.
      A sterile area has all the life wiped out of it, so logically it is more prone to death.

  15. Jeroen says:

    As for the first experiment, you would probably find more illness in PCR-positives than negatives. Howard Urnovitz sees the genome of SARS-CoV (similar to SARS-CoV-2) as “a rearrangement of [human] genomic elements” that would make him “search for an associated catastrophic environmental event that could have caused such genomic rearrangement” ( ). Since no test is perfect the experiment would probably support the validity of the test. Also, quantitative PCR is not used for determining case numbers of covid-19.

    As for the second experiment, in order to claim the discovery of a “disease-causing virus,” purification is of course not enough. You should also demonstrate that the purified particles cause disease.

    • Moshe Sopher says:

      RT PCR claims its amplification method using fluorescence to highlight pathogen population can pin down the number to a single molecule.

      However, the test results are off by a factor > 3 as for example if a particular pathogen load is tallied at 80000 the actual mumber could be 20000 or lesser.

      Besides, to begin with, one should know the baseline fluorescence number of the of the pathogen in the primary isolate before amplification cycles can begin.

      Prior to RT-PCR, the initial steps would entail confirmation of the pathogen from electron microscopy and isolation of pure sample of the germ from alleged diseased tissue.

      Nothing is definitive about the quantification. It’s primarily mathematical fudge and human subjectivity.

      As for the RT-PCR qualitativily dentifying specific DNA sequences of the pathogen (in this case, SARSCoV-2 RNA virus) in the primary isolate under scrutiny..the claim is fraught with several limitations like contaminants, cross pathogen activity, pathogen debris, human cellular material,fallibility of human judgement etc.

      Talking in terms of symptomatic, asymptomatic, positives, negatives, false negatives and false positives is jargon and ambiguity.

      The main criterion is whether a disease has actually manifested or not in patient as then only can treatment commence because suppression (not cure) of the disease symptoms is the cherished aim.

      The RT-PCR is on shaky ground and is wrongly touted as an accurate diagnostic tool because medical science is far from perfect.

      • Jeroen says:

        “Prior to RT-PCR, the initial steps would entail confirmation of the pathogen from electron microscopy and isolation of pure sample of the germ from alleged diseased tissue.”

        You need to purify the alleged virus to determine its constituents. Only genetic material found this way can be said to be part of the alleged virus. The genetic material of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 was simply fished out of a culture fluid and likely consists of human genomic elements.

        “As for the RT-PCR qualitativily dentifying specific DNA sequences of the pathogen (in this case, SARSCoV-2 RNA virus) in the primary isolate under scrutiny..the claim is fraught with several limitations”

        The most important being if the sought for rna actually belongs to a virus.

        “Talking in terms of symptomatic, asymptomatic, positives, negatives, false negatives and false positives is jargon and ambiguity.”

        We need the terms “positive” and “negative” simply to describe the results of any test. And there is nothing ambiguous about the combination of (a)symptomatic with the test result. If, however, the test doesn’t test for what it claims to test (presence of virus), there are no false and true positives/negatives.

        • Moshe Sopher says:

          Electron microscopy is the key protocol to spot a new pathogen that would need to be done on hundreds if not thousands of tissue samples to corroborate its existence.

          Isolating the new pathogen followed by sequencing parts of its genetic material if not its entire genome would follow.

          Qualitative methods to detect its presence in a presumptive tissue sample is the diagnostic stage.

          Quantifying the pathogen load would indicate infection or its converse.

          None has been done in case of the so called novel coronoavirus and covid19 is a humongous psy-op that serves as an umbrella term to include symptoms of any commununable or noncommunicable disease…whether caused by pollution, genetic mutations, lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, viruses, bacteria, fungi or spores.

          As such terms like symptomatic, asymptotic, positive, negative, false positive or false negative are mere buzz words.

    • Piksil says:

      The papers that report the supposed discovery or confirmation of the covid-19 didn’t even purify the material, according to Dr Andrew Kaufman’s analysis of said papers.
      And ‘yes’ to your last statement as well (Koch’s Postulates)!

      Regarding Howard Urnovitz’s statement re: associated catastrophic environmental event, Jon has told of the CDC’c EIS, sent to investigate disease outbreaks. They seem to find a ‘virus’ as the cause, when there are known toxic environmental hazards in the area, pointing blame away from those responsible for the environmental damage. Jon’s article on April 23 about Jim West has a link to Mr West’s research on environmental pollution relating to several recent outbreaks ‘blamed’ on a virus, including covid-19. So Mr. Urnovitz is on the right track, but at best will get very little media coverage. Which is unfortunate.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Not to mention that, of late, the test equipment has been found to be mostly contaminated.

        Apparently, the US also received (deliberately?) contaminated equipment, just as much of Europe did too.

        This does not help when the specific test is already VERY sensitive to contamination.

  16. Susie says:

    What’s confusing to me, if this is a fake virus and it’s not truly killing the numbers they are suggesting, how is it that the entire world is in on this supposed scam? The entire world is going along with this and shutting down their economies? That makes zero sense and there is no way that the world in general would go along with this. I can see it here because Gates and Fauci want their vaccines out there but it’s being suggested here that the entire world is in on this and again, that makes zero sense. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe because some things makes sense and some things don’t.

    • Piksil says:

      The power of propaganda.
      Controlled media spreading lies and furthering fear.
      Globalist controlled medical education, research, and narratives (for over a century now).
      Corrupt, controlled governments.
      Central banks (able to print money from nothing to ‘pay’ $ to flatten the curve.
      Hypnotized, gullible, chemically damaged populations.

      • TS says:

        What then, in fact, is killing people? I know, I have read some other of Jon’s articles but even having said that, what then is making people sick in this instance, even those who recover/ Just a regular flu, or did the Chinese have an “oops’ moment and decide to unleash this, as I saw author Steven Mosher of ‘The Beast of Asia” imply; that they decided to unleash this on the world because it would hurt their economy which was in a tailspin and figured they’d hurt the rest of the world in the process by allowing their citizens to travel out of country, but no within.

        • Piksil says:

          The virus isn’t killing the people. Not saying at all that people aren’t sick and dying! And, not saying that some of the sick are sick in a way not seen normally, as Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell pointed out in his video (before it was removed).

          I think that Jon’s article on 4-23-20 of Jim West’s research on environmental pollution is very compelling. Plus, there are statements from healthcare workers that some of the treatment methods have worsened the illness, even resulting in death. (What’s the #3 killer in the US? Medical treatment.) Fear, and isolation can have detrimental results as well.

          I think if the Chinese had an oops moment, their death toll would be higher than NY, but it’s not. They were just the host city for the “Coronavirus Pandemic Games”.

    • Judi R says:

      Let’s assume the number of deaths is approximately correct. But the primary cause of death is reported as “tested OR presumed COVID”, as ordered by the CDC. Now, if you don’t know the number of deaths from all other causes (pneumonia, other flu, other comorbidities), are simultaneously WAY DOWN, then you might think COVID is actually causing a lot of excess deaths. But it is actually just moving a lot of those deaths to the new tally: COVID.

      Furthermore, it is not necessary for the entire world leadership to be “in on this”, if the same world medical “experts” are providing most of the information to all of these leaders. Many are just following the “experts”.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      It’s mostly the chief “medical” organizations spreading the falsehoods, while the politicians and bureaucrats don’t know any better – because they are not the experts – and they rely on these “experts”.

      So it really isn’t that hard, when it is a few “experts” whose opinions are so heavily depended on.

      Plus, “Money greases the wheels of politics.”

    • za ka lu says:

      susie, perhaps there is a far-reaching centralized controlling interest, romantically referred to as Custodians or Illuminati etc.–

      Sure looks that way, as you say how else would the whole world play along?

  17. Eluard says:

    Look at this video (below) of cops in Wisconsin totally hassling a mother because they saw her kid playng at a neighbor’s house. So does that mean the cops are driving around watching whole neighborhoods? Or did somebody snitch watching out their windows?

    The lady was very poised and didn’t get too angry but held her ground with increasingly Disrespectful cops. I’m shocked watching this but I guess we were warned. Where is this kind of thing going? How will it end? Americans are not USED to this crap and won’t tolerate it–for long.

    • Kuru says:

      My guess is somebody snitched. Peer pressure is real. Fear is rampant. I hope you’re right in your last sentence.

  18. Laura says:

    Now this one I really loved reading, no animal “research” mentioned, only legitimate, extremely necessary HUMAN studies. Wish I knew where to share this so that someone would actually get these two tests going. Here’s an idea:

    Dr. Dan William Erickson of Accelerated Urgent Care in CA would be good to talk to about these two tests, since they’re actively involved with “covid” patients, and testing, and had some extremely popular videos up saying the economy should be opened up and no safety precautions needed for healthy people, etc., until the videos get deleted due to “violations” and so forth, all the usual repulsive BS.

    Anyhow, I hope you can get him to consider and carry out this legitimate testing, here’s the phone:

    [(xxx) xxx-xxxx] [Ed note: number redacted]

    (I can’t find an email for them.)

    [Ed note: is there a website for him?]

  19. Fallo Dwight Rabbit says:

    Might be a good time to review a very compelling couple of videos explaining “The Matrix” movie. The first covers the 7 step arc of the story line of Neo’s awakening: dreaming, destruction, reconstruction, self-knowledge, doubt, belief and love. The parallels between the movie and the technocracy we are currently experiencing (actually, have been experiencing for quite some time) are quite unnerving—and no doubt contributed to Jon’s brilliant series of Matrix materials.

    The second video about the movie is called “ The Matrix of Today: Influences and References Explained” and centers around what is real and how can we really know it if we’re using only our five sense perceptions which are so easily manipulated by the virtual reality we all seem to depend on. William Gibson, Philip K. Dick and others get nods. It’s deeply threaded with examples of classic literature and philosophical thinking.

  20. Leon says:

    Just a comment about visualising viruses/particles. Although electron microscopes can see dead and stained prepared tissues in great detail, what they see is in fact quite far removed from what is going on in the actual body. There are ways of seeing super high magnifications live and in light. The top end of light microscopy can visualise something around the size of a large virus or a bunch of viruses. Dead and stained tissues don’t tell the whole story only living cultures reveal the truth. Wilhelm Reich discovered a kind of micro pre-cell called the bion and a large virus sized (death) baccilli. He achieved magnifcations of up to 5200x with light and special set ups of Reichart microscopes over 70 years ago. Raymond Rife could visualise virus sized structures with his UV microscope (he also found similar sub or pre-cell entities to Reich). UV microscopes are now being rediscovered in the mainstream. The thing is mainstream biology is wrong, biogenesis is real, cells create bacteria and viruses. The powers that were don’t want people to know you can look at stuff alive and a lot smaller than what most scientists do today. If they did that they might find a lot of what they are told is just not true. So what needs to be done with COVID disease? Isolate the virus or disease particle (not been done as far as I know, as stated in blog) see if this particle exists in high numbers in sick people with COVID symptoms (as in blog), see if this particle causes disease (as in blog, all together called the Koch Postulates). Scrap the PCR test or limit its use to at best a fairly unreliable co-indicator. But also look at the whole foundation of virology. HIV does not cause AIDS (look up Duesberg). HIV like COVID also never isolated. Lets look at blood, alive and at viral levels of magnification and see what is really going on in health and disease. But this would all assume we live in a sane society when in actual fact we live in a psychopathic mentally ill society run by people who have sold their soul and who are panicking because they are on borrowed time. Thanks for letting me rant here a bit, need to let off steam. Peace and love.

  21. ginovino says:

    Nurse says they’re “killing” patiens in New York.


    Have you read this paper? Could someone explain how a supposed virus is isolated, amplified and purified? Has this study accomplished that task?

  23. Pft says:

    A 3rd experiment should be done. Isolating and purifying the virus for patients testing positive and sick and then inoculating animals to see if they also become sick. Maybe even fo it with people if volunteers can be found.


      Why to inoculate them? They should give them a drop of saliva from a sick person to eat, because that is how they say the disease is transmitted. And it definitely must be done with humans. I don’t know why they say there are ethical concerns. I think they pay quite well for these experiments. Let’s say 2000 USD. I would surely be a volunteer for that money. What’s the worst that can happen? To have a flu for some days. I wouldn’t be volunteer for a drug test, no way, but a drop of saliva, for 2 grand, that’s great!

      • Madness says:

        I think because they tried it many times and failed. They tried to infect people with different kind of viral diseases using saliva of the ‘infected’ and without success. You might want to go back at the beginning. Inoculation process is part of their show, mysterious, a bit frightening and expensive to ask a lot and to keep up the high priest / savior image.
        The Poisoned Needle a very good documentary book about it, can be read for free on

  24. lamberth says:

    Great article Jon.
    Thanks for hammering away at this fraud the way you do. Chipping it down, bit by bit.
    All sprinkled with some lighthearted humour.

  25. So the U.S., is just TODAY recognizing 1 of 2 drugs for treating “C19” almost two months after this paper was published 2/7/20 by researchers IDENTIFYING THE SAME TWO DRUGS soon after “C19” first appeared in China?

    Perhaps Chloroquine had to first be dismissed (which took time), thereby steering profits to Gilead Sciences (but only after the massive transfer of wealth that accompanied “locking down” the econony, devastating stocks (temporarily – hugely beneficial for some, not most), and both owners and employees of countless small businesses.

    Also preparing psy-op impacted minds for the “mandatory” vaccine and nano-tagging/ monitoring yet to come, for those willing to comply.

    Remdesivir is here! Hallelujah!

    “It’s a miracle.”

  26. Erica says:

    “CoV ID”
    = Certificate

  27. Dug says:

    This isn’t stimulating anymore. Attempting to foresee the next move coming down the pipe. It will be something completely opposite so to speak. Something that’s been hush hush for awhile like a nuke plant melt down oops! Things that have faded from memory because of the constant deluge of BS coming from every possible angle.
    Go figure Eh!

  28. Low Voltage says:

    Tony Cartalucci is doing some good work on the subject.

  29. From Quebec says:

    Luke 8:17 ; For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

    So in a way, this corona virus is a good thing, because we will find out who realy did this hoak.

    What a great opouttunity TO DRAIN THE SWAMP AND SEND THEM TO

  30. From Quebec says:

    Tune in & share this link! – APRIL 29, 2020

  31. From Quebec says:

    Wrapped body labeled “COVID-19” paraded through hospital corridor – APRIL 29, 2020 24 Comments

  32. Jane says:

    Looking at Kary Mullis interviews
    He’s asked about HIV in the questions time at the end
    And just b4 that discusses what he was working on and how he must beg for money and DFAT give money as they prep for bio warfare
    KM: “People will call you eccentric if you take a position that is different from the masses of the people, right! And I often do.”
    KM: “People should always (science and corporate) be on the look out for guys who believe. Believers are really not wanted in science and they are a hinderance to good science. People who believe in something, are really … People who accept it tentatively waiting for evidence – that’s what you are looking for.”

    DR: Professionals, experts, authorities like to do the thinking for you… (my words)
    “How does an individual have the courage to look at that accepted dogma and say you know what I’m not buying it?”

    KM: “Distrust your fellow man, I’d say that’s important thing. You know, think of him as being just as infallible as you are. If you find yourself agreeing with too many things, you aren’t thinking for yourself. Most of the time when everyone agrees, what they agree on is not right!”

    DR: How do you cope when you get picked on for objecting to scientific consensus? (My words)
    KM: “I don’t really consider it is the smartness of the people that decides an issue – it’s the logic and the experiments. The people should be separate from the facts.”
    From this vid

  33. Takis K says:

    This is great work from Jon. I am however, very frightened by what the following article says. If you look at today’s numbers from the US, there are 216,180 CLOSED cases and 63,856 of these are dead! That puts the death rate due to covid19 at a staggering 30%!!! I believe that “closed” cases translate to either one recovered or died. So if 216,180 people were found positive to covid19 and had a definite outcome, doesn’t that mean that the actual mortality rate is 30%… I am really hoping it isn’t but this is scary beyond belief… Any insights?

    • Theo says:

      The jury’s still out…

      BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic

      • Takis K says:

        Thanks Theo, the YT video is very enlightening. So basically almost all deaths are atrributed to covid! OMG, that, then explains why yesterday the NYT published “data curves” straight from CDC that “prove” that NY (and NJ) are experiencing four to six-fold increase of death (any death) in their states with the eye catching headline “Coronavirus deaths are far higher than reported to CDC”. How they come about with these figures I don’t know. I looked at CDC data myself, and yes, I do see some increase in the ave number of deaths in NY, NYC, and NJ in recent weeks, but I also notice “dips”…. Dr. Kaufman said that if you average the data since the beginning of the year there is no increase. I wonder HOW mass media (and CDC) come up with supposedly “legitimate” figures and figures attributed to covid? All this sounds really weird at best and a grand masterminded plan with Bill Gates at the driver’s seat…

  34. Ravi G says:

    Very factual accurate analysis Jon !
    When everyone are confused about medical facts, your articles
    show clarity on the problem.
    Great journalistic work !
    Thank you

  35. Kanaka108 says:

    The best logical paper I have nerver seen!

  36. David Speer says:

    But the pcr test is exactly one that replicates viruses in order to detect them. Do you mean something different by “quantitative pcr?” And the test obviously is not meant to predict who will get sick, just whether the virus is present.

  37. Thankful says:

    Jon I have read all of your articles and find you very credible, to say the least and a sane voice amongst the chaos out here. There is a group getting ready to continue to fight mandatory masking, even with a health exclusion they are not backing down on making everyone wear masks – regardless that the numbers do not suggest a pandemic. Getting ready to speak, I would like to start my defense of no masks with the facts that there really is no NEW virus and use the argument regarding the scientific testing you supply above that the science is faulty…..anyway, I did do a search and found an article – at the CDC site – that does include using the PCR and the electron microscope eval, and having briefly read it, it seems that they only took a sample from 1 patient from Washington. Could you address this article in one or your posts and reveal the subtle lies they want to display as REAL SCIENCE in this study/article? I have a feeling that it will pretty much be that they did not get a test group of tissue and only made a determination from ONE subject and we are all supposed to just swallow this hook line and sinker. Here is the link to the CDC study…

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States

  38. Thankful says:

    Update, Hi Jon I read through the comments on this article and it seems there is a lot of information that I can use, though if you want, please feel free to do eval on the CDC article. Thank you

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