Corona: The Case Number Game

by Jon Rappoport

March 26, 2020

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In this episode of public health bureaucrats go crazy, let’s look at their numbers. Let’s accept their reality for the moment—the reality they claim to be working from—and trace the implications. Buckle up.

Start with Europe and just plain flu. Not COV. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe [1], “During the winter months, influenza may infect up to 20% of the population…” That’s ordinary seasonal flu.

The population of Europe is 741 million people. This works out to 148 million cases of ordinary flu. Not once. Every year. EVERY YEAR.

According to [2], “As of March 23, 2020, there have been 170,424 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the whole of Europe since the first confirmed cases in France on January 25.”

I urge readers to roll those comparative figures around in their minds, and realize that ordinary flu has never been called a pandemic, and has certainly never resulted in locking down countries.

If we take the COV Europe numbers I just quoted, which cover a period of two months, and multiply by six, to estimate the number for a year, we arrive at 1,022,544 cases. Even if you want to build up this figure by claiming it’s accelerating, do you really believe it’ll reach 148 million for the year, the number of ordinary flu cases? And again, 148 million is the estimate for EVERY YEAR. Every year—and no mention of a pandemic. No lockdowns.

Let’s go to Italy. According to [3], “Italy has the highest amount of confirmed [COV] cases in Europe with 59,138…” That’s as of March 23. If you multiply by six, to get the annual figure, you arrive at 360,000 cases. You want to blow that up, because of acceleration? Go ahead. How about a million cases for the year? Two million. Three million.

Now let’s look at ordinary flu cases for Italy in a given year. According to [4], “In the winter seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17, an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI [influenza-like illness] cases occurred in Italy, corresponding to an incidence of 9%.” That’s 5 million plus each year. Not just once. Was a seasonal flu pandemic declared in Italy? Ever? Was the whole country ever locked down as a result? No.

Finally, let’s look at figures for ordinary flu, for the whole planet. A study published in the journal, Pharmacy and Therapeutics [5], states, “Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness that is responsible for significant morbidity and mortality. Approximately 9% of the world’s population is affected annually, with up to 1 billion infections, 3 to 5 million severe cases, and 300,000 to 500,000 deaths each year.”

A BILLION cases EVERY YEAR. Is this called a pandemic? Is the whole world locked down every year? No.

Feel free to track the purported number of COV cases as time passes. As I write this, the number is 392,286, and deaths are 17,147. Let me know when the COV case number reaches A BILLION for the year and the number of deaths passes 300,000. Then keep me posted on how the one billion COV cases are repeated EVERY YEAR with at least 300,000 deaths annually.

And that concludes this episode of public health officials go crazy and wreck economies and lives in the process.

There should be a tracking “world-o-meter” providing live updates on THOSE figures.



[1]. [Europe] 2018–2019 influenza season: what we know so far
[2]. Number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Europe from January 25 to March 26, 2020, by date of report
[3]. Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy – Statistics & Facts
[4]. Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14–2016/17 seasons)
[5]. Influenza Update: A Review of Currently Available Vaccines (P T. 2011 Oct; 36(10): 659-662, 665-668, 684.)

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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107 comments on “Corona: The Case Number Game

  1. Carl L Hughes says:

    This whole thing stinks like a whorehouse at low tide.

    Media stirring hysteria, suppressing information such as the Government downgrading of Covid-19 as well as painting a less than accurate picture by screeching endlessly about the death toll and the total number of worldwide cases but failing to point out that the number of cases includes the nearly 120,000 who have fully recovered as well as the 333,000 who are on their way to recovery!

    • Kuru says:

      And all that media hype just freaks people out so they stress and lose their resilience and get the C virus! It would probably be a done deal without the media hyping the “deadly virus.”

      • DarL says:

        My congressman sends an update everyday and some days more than once telling me everything going on and how many new cases. He also keeps up to date on the stimulus and unemployment issues. I could do without the daily calculation of cases. It has never been done for any other health issue in my life time.

    • santos says:

      A whorehouse at low tide! I like it!

      Way too many coincidences involved in all of this. Someone even showed in a Dean Koontz book from 1981 a Chinese scientist exposes a bio engineered virus called – wait for it – WUHAN virus!

      How very racist, right? But the plebs in 1981 didn’t know nothin’ . . .

    • Jon says:

      One only needs to review the numbers from the H1N1 of 2008 and see the hoax that played the panic just in time to pass Obama Care.

  2. The Watchman says:

    Great series of articles today, Jon
    Will be linking as usual @
    Also linking several other good articles today, many very good; especially one form Bill Sardi on the CDC and overvaccination. It’s quite good and he thinks along the line that you do. Keep writing and I will keep linking!!!

  3. Donal Campbell says:

    Great summation.

  4. Honk says:

    I guess one of my few (and dwindling) hopes as an outcome of all this is for there to be an awakening of a critical mass of people to bring about some positive change. 9/11 didn’t do it. Finding no weapons of mass destruction didn’t do it. The 2008 bailout was a yawn, next, what’s on Netflix? Is facing our compliant, fearful, sniveling faces in the mirror going to do it this time? Well, like Dr King, I have a dream.

    • One Energy says:

      It will be an individual wakening of a Spirit not a planetary awakening. Too many Spirits here are asleep into the trance of ombala or the illusion which we signed up to experience. To see the truth of the illusion created by the dark force, reclaim our own thoughts and not listen to and not to accept the thoughts of the illusion, know what we are as Spirit, know where where are going, and finally release ourselves from this thought prison.

    • Patrick Healy says:

      Yes Jon great article.
      Honk – come on man you omitted THE really big one – global warming.

  5. One guy says:

    Amazing articles. I was hoping someone makes an infographic so we can share easily to our family’s. Ofc with sources at the bottom.

    • Rick Potvin says:

      I wanted to start working on that today… here’s my starting point– images at yahoo… using keywords usa flu graph… we can sort through these and find relevent ones… or start searching on keywords as jon used above to put graphics to his case. He’s the professor… we’re the students… that’s our homework.

      [Ed. note: URL shortened prevent potential format-breaking of web page]

  6. From Quebec says:

    On Monday Trump tweeted: “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!

    • Rick Potvin says:

      Good one but “they” will argue THIS virus is MORE VIRALENT and DEADLY… and curving upward… so the trend will mean it will overtake flu if we don’t shut down. What would you say to that, me being temporary devils advocate.

      • Rick Potvin says:

        For example, John Barlicorn listed these points below…

        John Barlicorn says:
        1. The death rate is 10-20 times higher than Flu, but we have no knowledge of the real number of infected cases. There aren’t any tests available, not even for 5% of the population.
        6. For a virus that is supposed to be not so infective, the infection rate is estimated at 60%, it sure is extremely infective in real life scenario.

      • Greg C. says:

        Let’s look at their track record. Can they really predict anything? No.

  7. Destal3 says:

    Thanks for the reality checks Jon! When you’re stuck inside hearing too much mind control media nonsense, it’s important to remember what’s really happening on the world stage.

  8. Anitteb says:

    Many people take their flu in stride and wouldn’t dream of reporting it..
    So there is a huge unknown, loss of beloved “data”

  9. John Barlicorn says:

    There are many unknown parameters about Covid19. I’v been trying to understand the disease, and so far nothing. The whole world knows nothing about this disease so far. We are clueless of what we are fighting here:
    1. The death rate is 10-20 times higher than Flu, but we have no knowledge of the real number of infected cases. There aren’t any tests available, not even for 5% of the population.
    2. Corona virus tests are woefully unreliable. They are completely useless. So basically we have no idea of the real number of cases involved.
    3. We don’t know why some people don’t get sick. Some 30-60% of the infected have no symptoms and are completely healthy.
    4. Correlation is not causation. It was never proven that CV19 causes any diseases, there is only correlation to it. As CDC likes to say quite often: correlation is not causation, this is the case here.
    5. I am really not certain if this virus is the real cause of the disease, it might be some Chinese distraction or mistake in the identification of the virus. Maybe CV19 is idle harmless virus and we should be looking for some other virus that’s causing all the damage.
    6. For a virus that is supposed to be not so infective, the infection rate is estimated at 60%, it sure is extremely infective in real life scenario.

    • DarL says:

      You should be looking at the electrification of the world at this time…RFs, Wifi, 2G, 3G 4G 5G and possible future 6G. Smart meters, microwaves et al. Maybe “disease” isn’t even the correct word for what people are experiencing. They are experiencing a syndrome of symptoms.

      • Kuru says:

        Not to mention bad food, packaged, adulterated, zero nutrition to run our bodies on. Stressed to the max with all you mention plus no nature, no sleep, no peace of mind. We must wake up!

        • DarL says:

          Amen Kuru…I know Americans will get tired of staying indoors especially when the weather turns warmer.

      • Dina Barzilai says:

        yes i (Dina Barzilai) just made a public post to my facebook page, you can go look and see the entire thing (assuming FB doesn’t take it down) a whole book has been written on this, and as a matter of fact, congress is voting on a ‘secure 5G’ package I believe tomorrow. I think this virus shit is a smokescreen.

    • Myles Fanjoy says:

      Can you explain the death rate?
      Mistake me if I’m wrong,
      But US last year: approx 22,000 Flu deaths. 220k confirmed* via testing.
      That’s 10% dying of confirmed testing.
      As I type this: 75665 US confirmed AND probable* cases. 1100 deaths. Thats 1.4% ‘death rate’.
      Worldwide: 511k, 23k.
      That’s 4.5% (mainly due China/Italy)

    • Lydia says:

      The death rate is not that high for any virus.

      Mortality rates have remained the same.

  10. Leo says:

    Thanks Jon. What we need are not hysterical, over paid, so-called-health officials wearing sandwich board signs and ringing cowbells declaring the apocalypse, but logical and reasoned individuals like you putting it all into perspective. Thanks for being an island of truth in a vast sea of deception and ignorance.

    • Sonia H. says:

      Well, I AM declaring the apocalypse. Because once this coronahoax is over with, how much do you want to bet that most of the draconian laws in its wake will not be reversed? (Hope I’m wrong, of course, but I dunno.)

      • Rick Potvin says:

        Sandwich board sign– Excellent idea… Mine says VIRUS=HOAX…

        I started wearing a HELLO sticker on my shirt pocket today… with that on it.

      • Greg C. says:

        I’m hopeful, because this is in the nature of a last-ditch, desperate attempt to reverse the upward, hopeful course of the last 3 years. Which means, they’ve got nothing else after this. The anti-human tyrants are totally exposing themselves for who they are. They didn’t want to do that, but they were forced to or admit defeat. They have nothing else to try. And when it fails, they fail, and they have no more influence. They will crumble long before we ever give up.

        • NankyJane says:

          Hopefully you are right. But..when they have decimated the economy and people can’t feed their families, they become compliant really fast especially the indoctrinated millenials and Gen Z we have out there who have no sense of history unless it was in a video game.

  11. Very good, Numbers do not lie, people do. It´s all just where we are at now and I am willing to stay tuned for what´s next.

    This is a good link too:

  12. Greg says:

    Don’t tell “them” because “they “ will shutdown the world every year because of flu season

  13. paschn says:

    You do realize the vast majority of those cute little (dust) masks are worse than useless against a virus, right?
    With the GAPING spaces ALWAYS present around the nose, cheeks, chin?
    Looking at a size-chart in microns, (one inch equals 25,400 microns)
    dust particulates;
    Bacteria – 0.3 to 60
    mold – 3 to 12
    Spores – 10 to 30 (mold spores)
    Virus – 0.005 – 0.3
    This shows that unless ONE COULD CREATE A HERMETIC SEAL
    around the points where the dust mask (should) rest against the face,the virus will pass through and enter your lungs. GOT IT!?
    Those useless dust masks didn’t work to keep HUGE particulates
    from our lungs on the job, they won’t work to stop a (manufactured?)virus from entering your nose, mouth, throat and ultimately your lungs.
    Since most are too brain-dead to see the truth, it literally makes them worse than useless.

  14. 1rebelmystic says:

    Jon, THANK YOU! You are a lighthouse beacon of sanity and logic in a world now cleverly cloaked in a fog of misinformation, lies and propaganda. Far too many people seem to have almost automatically swallowed this swill cleverly disguised as ‘news’ without question. In my small attempts to push back this vile fog, I’ve been posting your columns in the vain attempts to awaken people as to what’s REALLY going on. So far, too many people are apparently still ok with the official propaganda express proclamations but some seem to be awakening. Keep on doing what you’re doing, God bless you & best wishes always.

  15. From Quebec says:

    On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic.

    This is the first time WHO has declared a pandemic over a coronavirus.


    • Rick Potvin says:

      Head of WHO was apparently selected by China. I haven’t researched that though. Just a story-lead to check out.

  16. Nick says:

    The one thing I can’t explain is the seemingly higher than normal use of ventilators. Seasonal flu and other illness doesn’t seem to have this “mad rush” for vents at hospitals. How is this explained? I can’t reach any independent conclusions and this is the only piece that suggests, in my opinion, this “virus” may be something different.

    • Honk says:

      Think like a defense contractor: You got bombs ( the “smarter” the better) you gotta use em. Qui Bono? Who benefits from war…that’s right, those guys (among others when a plan REALLY comes together). In this case the medical mafia determines the standard of practice, i.e., what the technicians (doctors) are allowed to do—they can’t actually go off script or the are severely punished. The ventilators are part of that script. Plus they are expensive so more cashola is being funneled away from the mark, er, patient. Besides these are very aggressive therapies, along with the untested/ inappropriate anti-virals being used on whom? Ding, ding, ding, hand that man a kewpie doll. The most vulnerable populations— the elderly and at risk people—can’t have them clogging up the works by sticking around long enough to enjoy the hard earned benefits. This has the convenient effect of keeping that scary mortality rate up there, lining the pockets of the medical industry fat cats, having a miracle-of-medicine-mesmerized public secure in the knowledge that they’re getting the BEST care possible—they wouldn’t lie about this would they? Just ask the media, your local politician or someone from WHO or CDC or NIH. They’ll set you straight. Just look at all the shiny machines and tests…it’s gotta be good. Meanwhile stay in your homes while the adults rape the economy and bailout their friends (and you will actually pay for it) as you go slowly insane and pray for the day your masters let you out of your cage so you can go back to the same rigged lie of a life you know and love (except it’s much worse now). Like I said, don’t you love it when a plan comes together? [Sorry if that sounds harsh—it wasn’t directed at you Nick]

      • Rick Potvin says:


        1. Paragraphs please and thanks.

        2. You wrote “pray for the day your masters let you out of your cage”– which is LITERALLY what they’ve put me into as a piano teacher. My students MUST ONLY see me ONLINE now– on ZOOM (which is like SKYPE) and me and my student are LITERALLY in little E-BOXES on my screen.

        We’ve been DIGITALIZED and confined! The PANOPTICON is here. There are scenes in Orwell’s 1984 exactaly like this. As well… The Prisoner series on TV from the 1960’s features similar electronic prisons.

        To boot, major recording artists like Elton John are doing a concert on video conferencing on Mar. 29. [Gematria?–> 2+9 = 11)

        As 5G is increased, the e-prison will become MORE confining and dangerous.

        • Lydia says:

          You are only as isolated as you want to be. Live your life as you want to. Start a business of your own. Take all of those students that your company recently let go, and go out and get them for yourself. They’ll appreciate that you cared when your company did not.

          Lemonade out of lemons.

    • Alan says:

      They cannot afford to let this be passed off as just a little flu. Aggressive intervention, including ventilation, raises mortality rates and severe iatrogenic damage.
      book pp 68-9

  17. Pisces says:

    Every article on this site is worth sharing. Excellent work, Jon! Well written article, as always.
    The whole thing about coronavirus is so ridiculous that you can only imagine that there are many posters of rainbow unicorns flying in a pink sky hanging in the walls of public health leaders’ bedrooms, because they live in a fantasy world with -“Oh, there’s a new highly infectious and deadliest virus ever found that’s spreading across the world”- mentality. Their scare tactics works on most people when they make people believe that they’re going to die from whatever idea they’re propagating, to gain more control over us. That’s why they want us to be afraid of this “new virus”. We’ve seen events like this many, many times before. This time, the difference is the scale of it. “Deadly virus” that’s going to kill us all if we don’t self isolate.. Yeah right.. What about Anthrax, West Nile Virus, SARS, Bird Flu, E. Coli, Swine Flu, Ebola, Disney Measles and Zika Virus that you said were so dangerous and deadly that people have to get vaccinated if they don’t want to die? CoVid-19, same fakery but at different scale with multiple benefits to the elitists..

  18. za ka lu says:

    oh great, now we can get back to ‘normal’ enslavement. Phew!

    • Rick Potvin says:

      I was quite content in my old prison, zak. For one thing, it was so habitual and familiar that I had forgotten it WAS a prison. I even had a lot of fun in it.

      For other readers here, take note that zakala… is not a fan of the American CONSTITUTION. So– unless we all use that as a point of reference, go ahead and then cross examine him as to what common reference HE would use for truth, justice and the American way.

  19. Susan Remer says:

    Memory Lane only needs to go back 10 years. The H!N! Swine Flu, another lab-created “infection” was “accidentally” released in Mexico City in 2009-2010, and was declared a Pandemic by WHO. What we were not told by WHO or the CDC or the Media: The definition of Pandemic was formally changed at that time by WHO to no longer consider Severity of the infection to life and limb, just Geographic spreading outside a region/continent. The Swine flu was mild for most people. Sure, we were flashed unverifiable anecdotes of horrific deaths of babies and teenagers to ramp up the worst of all symptoms: FEAR! We were prepared for millions to die in this country – never happened and never will for the stated cause. HOspitals were overrun by people with normal colds and flu symptoms back then, all survivable, but who knew for sure? WHO, indeed.
    Illness and death statistics for the Swine flu and this current “Infection,” are worthless because WHO/CDC/State Health Depts. combine the flu numbers with all other flu strains AND the more dangerous Pneumonia of all types for Public fear mongering. Obamacare was passed on Christmas Eve 2010, and hospital employees were mandated henceforth to be vaccinated or lose their jobs. GSK (major vax producer) “partnered” with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health CAre Organizations to get that flu shot compliance to 100% – hospitals’ Medicare reimbursement is tied to vax compliance. Total State control over your health is still the End Game, and Trump will probably bring us some form of this in the Surrender America or Else agenda. Non-compliance will be dubbed as dangerous to Society with permanent quarantining of Typhoid Marys and Joes. Children are being removed from their homes right now because their mom or dad have been exposed to this “infection” even if they aren’t sick. What’s the price to get our kids back and our country from Dr. Shill Fauci, Vax or else???

  20. Randy says:

    Many deaths are blamed on this Covid-19, just to find out that those poor people had terminal cancer or other major life-threatening illnesses. Deaths are compared to a given number of tested people, instead of the actual (higher) number of infected people who, 80% according to the latest research, experience mild to moderate simptoms…

  21. Sonia H. says:

    If #19 is different and worse, as the media and health officials tell us, it is because, overall, degeneracy of humanity finally reached the tipping point. Mother Nature said, “OKAY. Time for a major cleanup!”

    How damn long can you keep alive 85-year olds with every serious illness known, combined in one body – most of which has been induced by a lifetime of unnatural suppression of first minor, then increasingly larger, symptoms? At some point it all has to collapse.

    People die every day of a wide variety of things. But if you have #19, death is all of a sudden a crime against Humanity requiring the shutdown of all economic, social and financial activity. S.M.H.

  22. Tine van Slooten says:

    On Autism One Media, Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks about Corona Virus and the plague of corruption Febr. 18-2020 .Listen what she has to say about Dr. Fauci on minute 34 !!!!!!

  23. Tim C says:

    Hey there here in Vancouver, the city is currently considered a hotbed of coronu, with 10 deaths, and over 400 cases. The local news claims the emergency departments are overflowing with cases, taxing resources and gutting crucial supplies.

    So I went to visit the emergency rooms at all four big downtown hospitals yesterday morning, and it was complete crickets. Parking galore, a few patients milling around, a few drunks snoring, no new patients arriving… I told the greeters I have a friend with a broken arm that is too freaked out by the news reports to come in. He said my buddy was being ridiculous, and that it hasn’t been much busier than that all week.

    I went by the one mobile testing facility in the city, and discovered the only people it would accept were health care workers. And there were maybe 3 or 4 vehicles there.

    They purposely amp yo the situation at the public health facilities in order to keep people away. I’m sure thee are loads of people staying away from ER because they don’t want to die of corona.

    Like many situations in life, they try to scare you into not discovering the truth. Fear not, because

    • Honk says:

      Wow, Listening…quite a damning indictment of foul-chi et al.

      • Rick Potvin says:

        Haha… Fauci, Foul-chi… good. How about FAUX-chi? As well, I found a new phrase in Godlikeproductcions this morning that made me laugh– Corona-Chickens. haha. Normally those people attach “tard” after a word but I think chicken works better in this case.

    • TkA says:

      Tim C, attaboy! Because of active citizens like you they need lockdowns. My country is under lockdown with all the usual fearmongering and absurd regulations piped directly to the literally captive audience who isnt allowed to go find out for themselves. People like you restore my faith in humanity.

    • Rick Potvin says:

      Same situation in Phoenix, AZ, at John C. Lincoln / HONOR Health… A nurse I met in a nearby cafe said no rush there “yet”… but they’re preparing for it. I surveyed the area including parking and emergency– and there is no extra activity. I’ve lived here for 25 years. I would recognize increased action if it was there.

      He was sure to stand six feet back from me as we spoke. For every step toward him I took, he took a step back. haha.

      • Sonia H. says:

        I bought an item at Staples a few days ago and when I went to pay, I saw that there are tape-delineated 6-foot areas for each customer to wait in line. When it was my turn to go to the counter and pay, I put my purchase down and was sharply reprimanded by the (Asian) female clerk. She told me to move back. I then noticed that there was some cross-hatch-style tape right in front of the counter on the floor about 3 feet in depth. I guess that means Don’t Step Here – You are Too Close to Poor Clerk Who You Will Infect With Your Filthy Covid Virus.”

        However, my arms are short, because I am a short person and I couldn’t easily use the Debit machine from 3 ft. away. So I had to move closer again. If some supervisor had seen this, I guess I’d be sitting in the hoosegow right now…somehow I completed the transaction and could not leave that place fast enough.

        I am so scared I’m going to lose it one of these days. The big box stores all have a couple of Employees With Attitude, standing right there inside the front entrance watching you like a hawk, making sure, I guess, that you don’t get too close to others. Well, they don’t have to worry about me anymore. My money is draining fast and I won’t be back anyway.

        I wonder if the wall-to-wall, 24/7 broadcast and print media are going to have a column or news item “Daily Deaths/Suicides/Public Flipouts Caused by Official Response to Covid19”.

    • NoWhereOH says:

      Thanks for putting ‘boots on the ground’, as it were! I keep having this argument with family members.
      “But if it _is_ being blown out of proportion, why is New York begging for ventilators?”
      Because it’s ALL smoke and mirrors, and the only way to force you to accept their version of reality is to keep you from going out and experiencing reality with your five senses.

  24. Diane Di says:

    This is interesting;
    UK #CoronaVirus STATUS
    This is from Gov UK website.
    “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.”
    Why is everyone under lockdown?
    See statement under STATUS:

  25. Sandman says:

    Jon, thanks so much. You’re one of a few people I look to each day for truth and sanity on this ”outbreak!” Please keep the articles coming. And, thanks to all of the commenters on here!! We are not alone!!

  26. CSFurious says:

    I think that they are already starting to backtrack. I said to someone today who asking about why don’t they have enough respirators, “Do they enough body bags?” I said several weeks ago that they were not going to have enough dead bodies in America to support “Coronamania” for too long.

  27. Laura says:

    ” There should be a tracking “world-o-meter” providing live updates on THOSE figures.



    There’s the real “pandemic”…of ruined lives, with some resulting deaths. Someone really should have been tallying the numbers of lives ruined by public health leaders and their egomaniacal power flexing and the media that loves putting their stuff on stage every chance they get, with those leaders always eager to get up there and have the public quivering, bowing, scraping, and begging their wise saviors for help.

    Who could possibly not be embarrassed (and very worried) for our species and our nations by this thing that’s happening? We need to call off this whole thing at once. But it seems that a few “news” geeks and power freaks are in charge, not the thinking people far more worthy of life and freedom.

    • Rick Potvin says:

      Laura said “We need to call off this whole thing at once.”

      Exactly. We can’t wait for Easter. That’s like the old saying “What are you waiting for… Christmas?”. In this case… apply it to Easter. It mocks those who are delaying the call-off… like President Trump… who OUGHT to call for what Laura said “AT ONCE”… “CALL the WHOLE THING OFF”.

      As a quick update on my local hospital around the corner from me… there is NO extra activity in Phoenix AZ. There are no updates on their NEWS FEED here…

  28. BZ says:

    Even the WHO report from March 23rd doesn’t look all that bad. With a a total of 14,425 deaths in the entire world out of 300,000 that apparently have the COVID 19 virus..46 dead in Central and South America out of 700 million people. Of the 14,425 deaths 10,472 are from China,Italy and Spain.
    Most people here know that this worldwide lock down really doesn’t have anything to do with the virus. Here in Honduras people were yelling at the police that “”the COVID 19 won’t kill them but they will instead all die from hunger ‘ They tried this before but look for a new attack on supplements that limits the amounts of vitamins and minerals allowed in their product. They are out to destroy small businesses and out to kill off quite a number of people.

  29. Aron says:

    Word of caution. Don’t walk into a post office making small talk like saying you read an article suggesting things aren’t quite as bad as we’re being led to believe. For some reason, they don’t like to hear good news it turns out (the troll in me couldn’t resist 🙂

  30. Jo says:

    One important point on this. Fast forward a year or two & regardless of what the corona figures end up being, I bet there is no jump in flu deaths as such. Meaning there won’t be the average, annual flu deaths + new, added deaths from corona, the numbers will remain the same except that they’ll just be re-branded to corona

    • Alan says:

      Actually, I would bet that they will have reduced deaths to cardiovascular disease in Italy and Spain for a while – because they were falsely labelling as COVID and iatrogenically accelerating (with Rabivirin and such) the deaths of CDV patients now.

  31. Dragonslayer says:

    Cui bono? I see the medical cartel as benefitting over and above any other industry. They make enormous profits from vaccines, and they have successfully pushed them onto the masses with their propaganda that “it’s good for you.” The public will BEG for a coronavirus vaccine and demand that everyone take it to make themselves FEEL safe. Add that to their peddling of other pharmaceuticals that they are creating a demand for.

    This is an election year, and we are so used to nasty politics that people turn into the debates for entertainment. And with higher stakes each time to secure more booty for the winner, it’s not going to get better any time soon. More and more, people beg the government to save them. What they fail to realize is that they are begging the victimizer to help them.

    This is a test to see how well their propaganda is working as well as to see just how easy and how far they can push their totalitarianism at this point in time. Trust me, that line will change. Currently, they are ecstatic at their phenomenal successes. They are working this crisis to remove more of the fewer and fewer freedoms and to hurt us financially so that we have no power to push back. Poor people have little bargaining power.

    New enemies can be made. New draconian measures will be implemented. They are setting up an electronic cage and we willingly have selected solitary confinement. Fear makes people easy to manipulate.

    A dear friend of mine is completely convinced that the coronavirus is real. He claims that his friend has the coronavirus and that she now has pneumonia and is fighting for her life. Then he tells me that she got a flu shot the day before and then got life-threatening pneumonia. That confirms my commitment to never get a flu shot.

    Propaganda: Make it a BIG lie and repeat, repeat, repeat…

  32. NoWhereOH says:

    Coming to you from the Ohio River Valley, where all our electronic highway bulletins (which usually show alerts for closed lanes, accidents, travel times and (occasionally) missing persons, now just read ‘STAY AT HOME, OHIO.’ This is the first time I’ve been more than three miles from my house in about two weeks (I promise I had a ‘legitimate’ reason for being out!) and it was interesting to see which neighborhoods had shut down entirely and which still showed signs of life. I passed several parks, all of which were crowded with people in their own little clusters. On the way back, the bulletin had a ‘missing adult’ notification with license plate number and instructions to call 911. Might have been perfectly innocuous, but it struck me how the Amber Alert system (for missing children) and other emergency notification systems could be used to turn the population into a quasi-police force. ‘Find this person! It’s for their own good!’

    On a more heartening note, I went for my daily allotted exercise and passed the portion of my neighborhood where several families with young children live. These kids have always played together though now, of course, they’re not supposed to come near each other. They had devised a game which seemed to involve two of them standing at the end of their driveways on opposite sides of the street, while three others rode bikes around the cul-de-sac with appropriate separation. As the kids on the bikes passed, the two on the driveways would shout out a random direction for the rider to change course. They were doing their best, but the boy at the end of his driveway shouted to the girl across from him, ‘This isn’t very fun!’. I was passing by an said, more to myself, ‘None of this is any fun’. But the girl was on my side of the street and, to my surprise, she spoke to me very solemnly. Couldn’t have been more than seven or eight. She said, “Agreed.”

    Reminds me of a Marx brothers’ bit. “A child of five could understand this! Someone fetch me a child of five!”

    • Lydia says:

      I see kids all the time playing b-ball and running around. everywhere. YOU CANNOT KEEP A CHILD OF A CERTAIN AGE ISOLATED FROM OTHER CHILDREN.

      • NoWhereOH says:

        Exactly! Children follow that instinctual need to socialize. Eventually, they’ll get bored, wait for their parents’ attention to slip, and go back to rolling in the grass together and splashing one another from puddles. They are, by and large, immune to the fear hounding their parents– what they sense is the upset in the adults around them, the fact that “Spring Break” has gone on too long, and that there are suddenly new rules that seem to them (as they do to so many of us) completely arbitrary.

        But don’t worry! The schools are pushing out a little web-based flip book with a ‘social story’ that ‘explains’ COVID-19.
        I have a COVID-19 story too… it’s called _1984_.

        Supposedly one of the reasons Dewine locked us up so tight here is _because_ young people were out playing basketball. THE HORROR.

  33. Larry C says:

    Public Heal Leaders are GODS!

    (Somebody help me up, off my knees.)

    • Alan says:

      Listening to my Facebook friends discussing (affirming) the virus, the face masks, the lock-down and the social distancing, feels like listening to priests of Baal discussing how to make a proper offering. (Of course there is no such thing as a proper offering to Baal, since that is a false idol god.)

  34. Annie says:

    Big difference between a novel virus, a new virus with no immunity world wide, (or whatever this is if it’s not the virus) spreading at an EXPONENTIAL rate and all the rest of your comparisons happening at a steady recurring rate. No way to know yet how things will turn out. It could fizzle out at any time or infect 80%, 90%, or more of the world’s population and it could do that in the next 8 to 10 weeks IF the rate of spread stays at the same exponential rate. When you wrote this there were 392,286 confirmed cases. Right now there are 523,163. At the current exponential rate there will be 5,000,000 cases in a couple weeks.

    • Gary Orlando says:

      It’s nothing. It’s not a virus. It’s normal Illness (toxemia) plus media lies plus fear plus death by hospital plus false positives.

    • Paul says:

      Exponential rates in nature have a tendency to NOT remain constant.

    • Greg C. says:

      Most people are in such awe of math and science because they can’t do either. They know some useless factoids. Most scientists, in fact, are in this category, because they cannot take their knowledge and make successful predictions. That’s the acid test of real science. It’s one thing to draw a graph with equations and to speculate what might happen, but it’s not science. Sometimes, a PhD is just a BS.

  35. Lydia says:

    Some of you are taking all of this WAY too seriously. These sorts of things have come and gone throughout history, and my life on this planet.

    THese are narratives, like what the mall Santa tells the children.

    They mean nothing. NOTHING.

    Politicians spin stories for your entertainment. You take them seriously. Why?

    Do you have any idea what was going on this time last year? No one can even remember what was in the news. Because it’s all garbage.

    No one in power could keep things locked down. People just want a vacation. People like the novelty and the fear. For a time, stimulates and entertains people.

    The mistake is when you take it to be real.

    Enjoy the vay kay, cause it wooon’t last.

    You are investing WAY too much time and energy in these things.

  36. covid_skeptic says:

    And so it begins:

    1/ This is a remarkable turn from Neil Ferguson, who led the  @imperialcollege authors who warned of 500,000 UK deaths – and who has now himself tested positive for #COVID;

    2/ He now says both that the U.K. should have enough ICU beds and that the coronavirus will probably kill under 20,000 people in the U.K. – more than 1/2 of whom would have died by the end of the year in any case bc they were so old and sick.

    3/ Essentially, what has happened is that estimates of the viruses transmissibility have increased – which implies that many more people have already gotten it than we realize – which in turn implies it is less dangerous.

    4/ Ferguson now predicts that the epidemic in the U.K. will peak and subside within “two to three weeks” – last week’s paper said 18+ months of quarantine would be necessary.

  37. Maxwell says:

    Hi Jon,

    About two weeks ago I discovered the study you cited:

    “Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14–2016/17 seasons)”

    What leapt out to me from that study and I think would have been most valuable to include is the following: “More than 68,000 deaths attributable to flu epidemics were estimated in the study period.”


    “We estimated excess deaths of 7,027, 20,259, 15,801 and 24,981 attributable to influenza epidemics in the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17.”

    I think especially that last quote needs to be emphasized. Let’s think about this- it was noted in Italy in the 16/17 season about 25,000 ADDITIONAL people died from something related to influenza. Let’s COMBINE this with the overall trend of that region of the world (Po River Valley) becoming THE most polluted place in all of Europe- having the worst air quality.

    And it’s a different type of pollution where the particulates are smaller and can “successfully” attack the upper respiratory system.

    Where else are we seeing this exact trend of EXTREME levels of pollution occurring? Wuhan, Madrid and Tehran to name a few. And where else are we seeing “hot spots?” This is no coincidence.

    It’s not just the aging population in Italy it is that that aging population has been bombarded with particulate matter, particularly the last decade, that attacks the lungs and immune system. A perfect breeding ground for viruses.

    What is happening now is decidedly NOT novel as this study points towards. And BTW China loses 1.6 million people per year directly due to air pollution.

  38. Follows TheWay says:

    WHO also estimates 40-50 million abortions per year EVERY YEAR and yet no pandemics or lockdowns there either.

    • Alan says:

      A pandemic and deaths which can easily be stopped by shutting down the abortion clinics, such as Planned Parenthood.

  39. SanityClaus says:

    Where and when:
    was the COVID19 virus isolated?
    was it cultured and tested for virulence and morbidity?
    was it sequenced?
    was it electron microscope scanned?
    was any ACTUAL EVIDENCE of a new virus produced?

  40. Aron says:

    The Alberta govt literally just told families not to share snacks with their own family members and to designate one person to serve food for dinner for the rest. Oh, and if you cough in public and don’t immediately self-isolate a city bylaw officer may fine you up to $100,000 for the first offense and $500,000 for a second offense.

    Get me off this planet now, please.

    • NoWhereOH says:

      If you find a way off, let me know. I want to submit my resignation from the human race, and I’m not giving two weeks.

      Oh, and if you cough in public and don’t immediately self-isolate a city bylaw officer may fine you up to $100,000 for the first offense and $500,000 for a second offense.

      Wow! Better not get a tickle in your throat. It’s like being told not to think of an elephant. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, suddenly all you and to do is cough!

      How much you wanna bet none of these officials are observing their arbitrary rules when it comes to their high-priced hookers and/or inappropriately aged ‘sugar babies’?

  41. Amanda says:

    This Jason Goodman vid is on the tails of the NY Post and Zio-Hedge running fear porn stories about a make shift morgue outside of Belview Hospital. This guy Jason did some real journalism, walked around looking for the make shift morgue, talked to some EMT guy (even one had a duping delight smile!!!), pretty much nothing going on, lots of ambulances parked, guys all relaxed, hanging out, no activity going on at all. I did not hear any sirens of ambulances:

    Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New York City’s East Side?

    At 25 min, he’s by the hospital says there’s almost nobody here, and he says the cops don’t want cameras near the hospital, sees Emergency entrance, but NO ambulances rushing in with patients, at 26 min doesn’t see the morgue tents the NY post is talking about, at 27 min, still looking for tents……at 34 min still don’t see make shift tent for morgue that NY post is talking about, 35 min, some kind of open white tent with nothing going on, 37 min, talks to some guy by an ambulance, “why did they wait to call you back, this is the biggest story in the world, according to the Governor, everybody is dying of a pandemic, you guys witness that? You look like you are hanging out texting (LOL!!!), are there hundreds of people dying in the hospital, they say one person dying every hour, so that would be 24 a day, I see 6, 7, 8 ambulances right here, don’t you think there should be a lot of people running around here (completely quiet there, nothing happening, definitely no sense of medical urgency).” A new guy approaches, asks you seen a lot of corona patients? Probably (slight duping delight smile!!!), you’re standing a few feet away from me, not wearing a mask, not wearing rubber gloves, then “Oh when we get patients we do” (yet all those ambulances lined up there, nothing happening).

    At 39 min, where is this makeshift morgue outside of Bellview that NY post was talking about? Have you heard about a make shift morgue? Guys shake their heads “no,” don’t you think EMTs should know about a makeshift morgue? Sees a new guy, asks what do you know about a make shift morgue, new EMT guy-are you serious, I’m serious, NY Post said building a make-shift morgue outside Bellview Hospital, 40 min guy admits there’s no morgue over there, then EMT guy says they are getting many more calls than usual (yet all those ambulances are parked there doing nothing), 45 still looking for the outside morgue tent…

    Comment in chat w/video:

    IamClaytonium CorbizerMy sons a nurse in California no patience confirm with corona hoax

    They Live You SleepAcute respiratory illness = chest cold. Medical worker here….Not seeing any unusual increase in 4 city hospitals

    Jeff TaylorBeen working at a old folks home with thousands of residents…0 cases…talked to a nurse who does home rounds for the elderly…0 cases

    (please- copy and share, email it out, wake up the sheep)

    • Amanda says:

      Comments about Local Hospitals

      BreeZ Place – 3 hours ago Our hospitals are NOT Overrun here in Spokane WA. In fact, the only issue is mask shortage but that’s it. This is the biggest Psy-op in history.

      Anthony Leydens – 2 hours ago Same thing in iowa. Hospitals look like ghost towns. Its 70% less full than it was before this whole deal.

      Goodnews Bear- 2 hours ago It’s the same here in southern Illinois hospitals. My family in northern California says the same thing. I’ve been telling my family and friends it’s just to install fear in people. Most don’t listen, one said “why would they lie?”. Why indeed!

      Carry The Torch -49 minutes ago I’m by Olympia. Not really anything going on here. I saw a few military rigs and some DHS by the base, but that’s it. Fear based mind control is the goal. Pretty obvious.

      Scorpio -I was talking with a buddy of mine in Philly yesterday, he said that he talked to an ER nurse the other day and she said that the hospitals are empty. He drove by one of the major hospitals – ghost town!

      (please, copy, share, email it out–wake up the sheep, while everyone is distracted with this pysop, we are being ROBBED and the Federal Reserve is buying up the world with dollars and setting us up for hyperinflation.

      • Rick Potvin says:

        Rick in Phoenix around the corner from John C. Lincoln / Honor Health– NO extra activity. Talked to an orderly a few days ago and he said they’re “getting ready” for the rush… but admitted to no rush at this time.

  42. Amanda says:

    I’m re-posting this comment from SolosGirl that was originally posted here:

    Thank God. Someone with some sense listening to the reality on the ground. Nobody wants to do that—because it’s just not as exciting. People love drama. If they can’t have it, they’ll make it up.

    I WORK in a NY state ER and ICU. There is NOBODY getting sick. Being “infected” with a virus does NOT mean ANYTHING–i.e. “getting intubated”.

    Anybody that walks upright and is over the age of 20—has had a cold sore–commonly referred to as a “fever blister”. That is caused by HSV. HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS. You are INFECTED. Period. For the remainder of your living days. You will have outbreaks every so often—under times of stress or illness–and you may go many many years without an outbreak. BUT YOU ARE INFECTED. FOREVER.

    Just because I or anyone else “tests positive” for a virus—does NOT mean they are ill or are becoming ill or will become ill. PERIOD.

    I asked some regurgitator staffer yesterday—because he’s spewing all the Cuomo bullshite about “30K vents needed”…..”So. We have 6 positive C-19 patients here right now. How many are intubated and need a vent?” He said—“I dunno.” I said….”ZERO. None. They are not even symptomatic. They are here for other reasons and just happened to test positive. THEY DID NOT COME HERE BECAUSE THEY WERE SICK AND C-19 WAS THE CAUSE. In fact—these patients are going to be DISCHARGED to ‘home quarantine’ because THEY ARE NOT SICK.”
    He stared at me. Slack jawed and unbelieving. I said—“So tell me how many of the ‘positive’ people on THIS PLANET are on vents right now?” He said….”duhhhhhh.. I dunno.” I asked…”how many ‘infected’ have become sick AT ALL?” he responded with the usual…”duerrrfeee.I dunno.” He then followed it up with… .BUT WE NEED 30,000 ventilators!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

    I predicted that this bullshite would start “fading” in about 2 weeks….right after TARP 2.0 on steroids and nitro got passed. Right after creative destruction could occur—the CEOs cashed out, people get laid off only to be brought back with far less wage capacity/negotiating power (because being employed at half your previous wage is better than trying to get unemployment in NY), and people are now afraid OF EACH OTHER because the old tried and true “being afraid of those little brown people who are terrorists living in mud huts in the desert” isn’t working so well this time around.

    Cuomo is positioning himself as the “Rudy” of the 20’s. Don’t see the comparison? Nobody remembers that trusted General holding the tiny vial of white powder and convincing the world that the US had to invade Iraq or there would be mushroom clouds all over the globe? How about Bushie passing the PATRIOT ACT in record time after the bullshite that WAS 9/11?

    Cuomo needs to shut his pie hole—because people ON THE GROUND are getting really fucking tired of his spewing garbage about things that ARE NOT HAPPENING.

    Morgues are NOT “overflowing”. Period . I laughed my ass off at that dipshit Snyder’s recent “article” about “recovery from this virus” is some stupidly low number. The number of infections is 250K—the number of DEAD is 200 (and I still have not seen any type of autopsy reports that PROVE to me that it was this virus that killed ANYBODY. AT ALL.)—but he touted some stupid number of “recovered” as something like 500.

    Um………what about those other 249,500 people who tested positive. They aren’t sick–yet they aren’t “recovered”?

    What a bunch of bullshit for fucking retards. Get out of the house, morons—and go look for yourselves……oh yeah. Cheetoh has the hospitals locked from ANY visitors so nobody can actually SEE what’s going on.

    Yet—-me and my coworkers are NOT GETTING TESTED. In fact—we ran out of N95s a few days ago, along with iso gowns. Anybody give a shit?

    No. Because they know. There IS NO DANGER. I don’t wear a mask at work. I don’t wear iso gear. Neither do any of my ER colleagues. All of the pics you see—are for publicity only. Nobody is wearing this shit—because nobody is in any danger—and the hospitals aren’t providing anything extra anyway.

    The money in TARP 2.0 on steroids and nitro is for paying the stockholders for their losses. That is what this whole bogus “virus” thing was about.

    Cheetoh says—economy is to be reopened by Easter. He should know. He and his buddies manufactured this whole thing.

    Please copy, share and email it out–wake up the sheep!!

    • Carl L Hughes says:

      The smell of bullshit emanating the media concerning this virus gets stronger by the hour.

  43. Pft says:

    The curious thing is 80% of death have been in Chinese populations (mostly hubei with a population of 60 million) and what used to be known own as tge mediterranean peoples (Iran, italy, Spain). In the US the most affected areas have been in states with the largest chinese-american people. And of course, elderly populations regardless of ethnicity (doctors can pick and choose among 3-4 reasons for cause of death).

  44. covid_skeptic says:

    spreadsheet with covid-19 vs flu USA –

    Deaths Average per day
    408 Flu USA 2018-19
    29 Covid-19 USA
    529 Flu USA 2017-18

    Deaths per month
    12,240 Flu USA 2018-19
    885 Covid-19 USA

    15,880 Flu USA 2017-18

    source –
    source –

  45. Janet says:

    I have a story idea. Jon you’d be the perfect one to write it well.
    News: WHO confirms the Covid virus science was traced genetically to humans originating from _____ (pick country of origin). To slow the curve, The first male born of every _____ (nationality) must be slaughtered. The 2020 Census will be used to comprise the data – we will proceed by placing a red Crown on the door of each household affected.

    (The medical Gods have spoken)

  46. Mark says:

    The only deadly “virus” is FEAR.

  47. Honk says:

    We’re not going back folks. Not to our old way of life I urge you to watch the linked video ( while it’s still up). It’s by far the best video telling of the end game of our would-be owners. A MUST MUST MUST watch:

  48. Duke Walters says:

    Great article. Inspired me to pull out my copy of “They Live” from my movie collection cabinet and watch it tonight.

  49. Jack Ebner says:

    I’ll go one better. Not even the so called flu is the flu because there is no flu. There’s only symptoms of elimination from excessive toxemia due to lifestyle factors most folks at least in first world countries have control over. What I’m saying is that the various symptoms are RIGHT ACTION, i.e. the body under autonomic nervous system control purging itself so that you don’t die from excessive toxemia. What do the medical persuaders tell you? That you’ve caught cooties and need our poisons and if the poisons kill you, well they did everything they could but the cootie got them. RIP

  50. hominidsteve says:

    I am writing now, just after commenting on Jon’s subsequent articulate exposition…”Corona: if they lied then, why wouldn’t they lie now?”
    Why bother in the final analysis to compare figures when they are all meaningless. FLU as an entity, a measurable entity, does not exist.

    Is not the important thing in all this is to focus on where each of us is coming from with regard to our immune systems.
    We have to throw away the idea of named diseases!

    What we have is a holistic organism, the human being, which is primed to survive and thrive.
    If it is out of balance in its ability to function, if its vibrational quality is off synch, SYMPTOMS (sxs)of distress absolutely particular to the individual will be expressed.
    “Flu like symptoms’ are just a boxing off, an urge to categorise and control, a selection within the infinite range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual sxs a person can express as distress…
    sxs saying…
    ‘something is wrong, take heed,determine what is wrong in your lifestyle, the way you live and approach your life, amend yourself’…
    each sx can be, probably is, in its own way, a nudge to be mindful…or in extremis, a volley across the bows…a warning…’change yourself or perish’.

    A lot of hot air and nonsense is spouted about how the coronavirus figures compare with flu figures.

    Why? because,why, because… are we not saying there is no virus of any kind in existence …the expressed sxs of ill individual are but put out by our immune system physiological/energetic processes of our human life?

    Why get flustered wasting energy on figures when all the figures are fabrications, again built on a shifting sand nothing can be built on, emanating as flight of fancy stemming from lower human impulse for an ordering of a system that cant be ordered.

    We are sovereign beings…we are unique expressions on the harmony—disharmony spectrum…

    Any sx is ours alone…showing our uniqueness…bracketed/labelled conditions are just the pathetic, mistaken, human effort to divide and fragment…?
    And pretend we know so much…

  51. VincentnSmith says:

    Thank you so much JOn. May God always protect you and give you wisdom as always. Everyday i look forward to read your email..

  52. Jay says:

    Another example of how they ‘lie’ is to follow their claimed examples mortality rates.

    To follow that story one has to go a few weeks ago before the lock downs begin because having the claim of high mortality rates gives justification for the current actions like lock downs.

    I’m not going to load this message with links and stats because anyone can start doing their own searches. But with the following in mind one can begin their search.

    As an exaggerated but simple example. Say you have 6 people in the hospital and they are all on the last remaining 6 ventilators. All six test positive for Covid-19 (even assuming the tests are valid which is actually another story). Then 3 die. Well you’ve got to opportunistic trajectories here. First, well hey 3 out of 6, thats a 50% mortality rate(Remember I said my example was going to be exaggerated – but I think you get the picture). Next, hmmm all 6 of our ventilators are used up and we can’t put the possible 7th patient on one. Hmmm, our hospitals are overwhelmed because of this ‘pandemic’ ( yes 7 people out of billions ). Again I said my examples were exaggerated and again I think a reader could see the possibility for massaging the statistics in their presentation for public consumption.

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