What about the Des Moines virus?

Learning to love Big Brother, economic destruction, and the virus

by Jon Rappoport

March 24, 2020

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I’m waiting for a new kind of hero to emerge from the pack. This’ll be a man who walks into a hospital and says, “I confess. I think I have the virus. I’ve been coughing. I have a slight fever. I didn’t want to tell my neighbors. That was wrong. I’m guilty. I need help.”

That’s how it starts. But then a reporter gets a tip and writes a piece on Hero and it takes off. During the next week, while Hero is in isolation, he becomes famous. He’s a true American, he’s a true World Citizen.

This is how a new hero behaves. He self-confesses. That’s the key. Then millions of people will love him. It’s all love. Hero loves the State and his doctor, who gave him an antiviral that almost killed him, he loves the mayor of his city, who locked down a million citizens and threw thousands out of work, he loves the CDC, he loves social distancing, he loves the virus, because the virus taught him how to humble himself.

But what no one knows is, Hero is a bit eccentric. He tends to speak his mind. At least he used to, before he learned humility. It seems he’s left all that behind…well, he had, until one day, when he was being interviewed, live, on global television, and his sensitive interviewer, a talking head framed with lots and lots of gray curls, in a moment of pensive sensitive silence, asked him what he was thinking. “Hero, what is it?”

And Hero said, “You know, Marmaduke, these viruses can come out of rainforests and travel to the West and infect us, because we’ve never developed immunity to them, and it’s very dangerous. Well, why aren’t tribes of natives in the rainforest decimated, because, think about it, people from the West travel there with viruses the natives have never been exposed to before.”

“Excuse me?” Marmaduke says.

Hero keeps going. “We hear about epidemics starting in Africa and China and Mexico, but what about, say, Brooklyn? Isn’t there a Brooklyn virus? I’ve thought about this a lot. I think it has to do with what people would be afraid of. Do you see? In the West, many people have a fear of Africa and China and Mexico. So if we tell them an epidemic of a virus started there, it makes sense to them. But if we said the DES MOINES VIRUS or the SCARSDALE VIRUS or the COLORADO SPRINGS VIRUS…it’s hard to—“

Marmaduke: “Hero, I’m not sure—“

“No, really. You have to scare people. Otherwise, they won’t follow orders. I mean, how can you get the whole country to go on lockdown and lose their jobs and close their businesses and stay six feet away from their friends, unless they’re scared? The virus makes them scared. Or should I say, the IDEA of the virus. You have to have a good idea. Isn’t that what made this country great? Great ideas? Being scared caused me to confess, and then I could love Big Brother and you and everybody. If the virus came from DES MOINES, I’d still be lying and pretending I wasn’t INFECTED.”

Marmaduke: “Hero, you’re a true hero. We want to know about your journey, your experiences, your confession, how you prostrated yourself before—“

“But this IS my experience. I lost my job because of the lockdown. My boss had to shut down his company. He tried to commit suicide. That’s pretty serious, wouldn’t you say? When people stay home and their lives change radically, they need a reason. China is a good reason. Des Moines wouldn’t be a good reason.”

Marmaduke: “Hero, you’re not making sense. Maybe the virus has affected your brain.”

“I’m sure it has. But in a good way. Now, when I see empty streets, I feel uplifted. Citizens are obeying orders. I like that. I like to see people falling in line. People are dangerous, you know. You can never quite predict what they’re going to do, even if you have wall to wall surveillance, which is what we have now. We need it. We need to love it. We need to convince the people the surveillance is necessary. That’s where the virus comes in. You see, we’re all buck privates in the army, and the World Health Organization is the Pentagon. This is the way the world needs to be organized. You know, I’m on welfare now. I thought I had a job doing a commercial for a toilet paper company, but they said I was overqualified. I was a hero. I was too good for the job.”


Hero was a hero no more. He faded from view.

The new hero was a skinny hatchet-faced blonde from the Hollywood Hills, who had cut herself while confessing to a medical team that she had hid her sniffle from her family. She bled, but the emergency crew saved her life. She’s now the odds-on favorite to win a seat in the US Senate from California. Her campaign slogan is: MAKE PEOPLE PAY AND PAY AND PAY.

She’s a beloved figure.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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49 comments on “What about the Des Moines virus?

  1. lamberth says:

    Thanks for the humour Jon.

    Another “hero” has just emerged from the propaganda swamp.
    Our Climate Change Hoax Warrior/Actress GretaT has a cough and a bit of a runny nose.
    Good grief, ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????!

    Just when you thought the “virus” propaganda couldn’t get any worse, it just did.

    • za ka lu says:

      I Had briefly (starting middle of last night) hoped this was possibly what ‘draining the swamp’ looked like. A hope and optimism that is dashing quickly, much shorter lived than alleged corona-extra incubation period.

    • Amanda says:

      Yup, they are trotting out all their pawns to sell the narrative:


      Also, here’s more on Tom Hanks:


      And an earlier post on Hanks trying to model for the sheeple how to be good obedient slaves:


      “One of my remarks was this: “Look for a big celebrity who’s active on Twitter to ‘come down’ sick to help trigger a panic among the plebs.”

      And now, lo and behold Tom Hanks and his wife have announced they have the coronavirus. Has to be Oprah next?

      Then Utah Jazz basketball player Rudy Gobert has also tested positive for coronavirus. Moments after the Gobert announcement, the NBA declared it would suspend the season until further notice. A short time later, it was announced that games would be played in empty arenas. No fans would be allowed to attend. Yes, now they have Joe Sixpack’s full attention.

      Hanks even provided instruction on what’s next. No, you can’t make this stuff up.

      Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.

      Well, now. What to do next? The Medical Officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?

      We’ll keep the world posted and updated.

      Take care of yourselves!

      Takeaway: With this as the narrative, look for medical martial law and huge curtailment of liberties to follow very soon. This will be facilitated by shortages and, I predict, food rationing. New York Gov. Cuomo called in the National Guard.”

    • William says:

      Oh no. I was wondering what she’s been up to during the Great Toilet Paper Panic. Corona is a result of the Climate Apocalypse (TM) of course because we failed to dismantle Western civilization to prevent the arctic ice cap from melting down at minus 30 celsius. But now we’re going to fix that. Maybe they will have Greta “die” and be a martyr for the cause of global governance. A school-skipping mentally ill kid with braids who can’t talk shall lead them. Apropos for our age of deceit and stupidity

    • Piksil says:

      I’m hoping you, or at least someone that visits this site, will have her home address! I’m sure millions of us are wanting to send her a get well card, since we can’t jet over there to give her get well hugs and kisses….
      I hadn’t heard this until reading your comment, kinda surprised I can process this, as I’m still in shock from learning Prince Chuck has the virus. News reports say his wife is negative (as a husband, I’m gonna leave that one alone lol), and that they are self-quarantining at home in Scotland (Balmoral Castle? If so: Balmoral Estates, Ballater AB35 5TB, United Kingdom. Let’s all send them get well cards!) Hoping the Chuck and Greta “how dare you” T can link up to combat Global Warming, ummm, Global Climate Change, ummm, The Global Climate Crisis. Without them being able to work on this crisis, what will happen to the world?? (Maybe they can start a gofundme site….wait, guess they have already done that)..

      (Sarcasm off)
      Great Parable Jon!!!

  2. From Quebec says:

    In an interview with “The View,” Biden said the U.S. must find a cure to make the problem worse.” lol

  3. Larry C says:

    *Des Moines wouldn’t be a good reason.*


  4. patricia says:

    So pleased I found a way to share your work Jon, so much common sense and a refusal to give in to fear.

  5. Sean says:

    Yep. And today I was listening to Creating the Future in your Power Outside the Matrix series, and pretty much says what you said back then about them having a cover story to do all of they do, was nearly identical as how all of this is rolling out. I particularly liked when you speak about focusing on decentralization and it’s wonderful opportunities, islands of freedom, those descriptions, and then you say, “How about that, how about that.” In in. Creative mode.

  6. TJ says:

    Cutting edge sarcasm I love it lol. That’s why these insulated white liberals love to believe this pile of fear porn. IT COMES FROM SOME OTHER COUNTRY IT MUST BE BAD.

  7. za ka lu says:

    get ’em jon!!

    ugh, gotta run, time for the Two Minute Hate–

  8. lamberth says:

    A real ironic – iconic? – virus would be called SiliconValley®.

  9. bleak says:

    Something I got from reading social media all day. I feel as if I don’t share it, I will end my life.

    “Oh, yes, but don’t you know this is the Great Reset when all the world’s economies, leaders etc are going to be reconciled and/or dispensed with? You see this is what Trump’s plan was all along. Right now as we speak, hundreds of Holly wood stars/pedophiles are going to jail or under house arrest [join the club, bitches]. The “Corona” virus was spread when Trump and company sent a covid19-tainted supply of adrenochrome to Holly Wood from Wuhan. So when the adreno-addicted pedo-stars injected it, they were instantly infected and sentenced to death. They are dying and they are jonesing for adrenochrome [which is probably true].

    “Furthermore, Q Anon said that we will soon feel this in our consciousness as a great weight suddenly lifting from our spirits! Can you feel it? I feel so good now. Oh, BTW, the Gold Standard has been reinstated and Google no longer censures any posts on youtube. Yep, what a great day!”

    When it sounds too good to be true it is.

  10. Thomas says:

    Been reading your stuff for quite a few years. Always makes me smile. Not buying the MSM psyop. From Northern Kalifornia. Most of the people here are gobbling it up. The fake news. The grand illusion may have a chance of dying if the average person would learn to read more than a sentence or two. I had a runny nose this morning. It scared me so bad that I was contemplating suicide. Then I remembered I always get a few sniffles in the cold weather. I had to slap my face a couple times and remind myself I was in a psyop. My nose dried up, I went to work and had a fun and prosperous day. Did not listen to any mind control freaks today. Looked at some flowers.

  11. Lewis says:

    This was great. Not only is Jon a prophetic voice in the wilderness, he’s so far ahead of these brainwashed souls with his incredible creative writing, that he leaves them, and their handlers, in the dust.

  12. Eluard says:

    Appreciate your satire, Jon. Nice job. And so would your old buddy, Jack True, whatever his real name was. Makes me wonder–what would Jack think of this Psy Op? Same old thing or something new? Old wine, I suspect, he’d mutter, only old rotgut…in new bottles, my boy….

  13. Toolman says:

    “They hate us for our Freedoms.”

  14. paschn says:

    Hey! have you heard?? “Hero” off’d himself!
    Yeah! really!
    He had an “accident” as James Traficant did after he foiled Israel’s and this sewer’s scheme to murder Mr.John Demanjuk – He also got a law passed that forced the IRS to PROVE your guilt rather than you having to prove your innocence.
    Yep, seems he killed himself with three bullets to the head….while cleaning his revolver.. Go figure!

    Yep, just like those 80 plus holistic doctors who all disappeared or “suicided” themselves.
    “Magical”times we live in, eh?


  15. Nancy says:

    Brilliant, Jon! Just so freaking grateful for your work.

  16. Benjamin Martin says:

    Fine piece of satire…appropriately dark. I had a very revealing communication with an intelligent friend of mine today. I mentioned that one country after the next now has a style of government indistinguishable from a Totalitarian State, and that media coverage is equally indiscernible from State propaganda. I mentioned that once such systems are in place, you can virtually take it for granted that they will remain so. In short, we are increasingly and unmistakably living under totalitarian control.

    He said that he agreed, and that it’s particularly dangerous how such circumstances can be leveraged that way.

    Initially I felt we had come to an agreement. A moment later, however, I realised that I could not have been more wrong. His ‘skipped’ emphasis gave the clue: what he means is that while the medical profession is busy trying to save everyone, and therefore justified in rallying for the merely temporary implementation of draconian measures, it’s the evil government that seeks to manipulate such prelude circumstances to its advantage. In turn, then, Big Pharma is exculpated from any blame.

    The huge, gaping moral dilemma in all this is that the medical community are regarded as being immune to any moral standard when in fact they are exercising to the fullest extent the total disappearance of our civic liberties and individual freedoms for reasons of public safety, meaning the Greater Good. It is 100% Machiavellian, of course, and really, one can more forgive governments than the former for falling into the most historically obvious, primitive patterns of authoritarianism once they’ve been thoroughly exposed to that option.

    So this might just be a template of what we are about to face: a ridiculous farce played out on the world stage whereby the medical cartel work to save us while having their best intentions constantly undermined by those evil governments.

  17. Jamie says:

    The insanity continues. I live in New Mexico and we were informed by our governor, Michelle Lujan that if we see a group of over five people, including families of over five, we are to notify the police Immediately! Even as I type this this I feel completely horrified and angry! Keep in mind there are 5 people hospitalized as of today, 100 verified cases by a non-verified test. MARSHAL LAW

  18. Benjamin Martin says:

    Moreover it should not be overlooked that this particular ‘virus’ is just extraordinarily convenient. For it carries a moral imperative: it is your duty to protect the older generation (and who, on principle, could possibly disagree with this imperative?).

    Yet if it routinely attacked just anybody of any age group – with the possible exception of the very young, yet even that is debatable as that particular group does not incorporate the elite – the moral imperative would simply vanish.

    In turn, people would be much more likely to just shrug and get on with things…

  19. Jose C Rodrigues says:

    If you are serious about doing something to end this foolishness in which someone is making an effort to divide us all, please disclose to the world that we must claim for a full-employment economy to change it for good. Only then it will be possible for anyone, anywhere, to stand up and say NO to any kind of order designed to hurt somebody else. Please check out http://www.fullemployment.info

  20. Greg says:

    Jon, whenever I received a mail for one of your new articles, I hear the unforgettable and popular World War II French chyme from the BBC radio broadcasting in French to the French Resistance:

    “Radio-Paris [radio of French collaborators with the Germans] ment, Radio-Paris ment, Radio-Paris est allemand!”

    (Radio-Paris lies, Radio-Paris lies, Radio-Paris is German!)


  21. Brother Theodore says:

    “Up to half of the UK population may have already contracted the coronavirus, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Oxford. The study claims the disease reached the UK by mid-January ‘at the latest’ and appears to counter the modelling at Imperial College London, which the government has based its responsive measures on so far during the pandemic. The research suggests that the disease may have already been prevalent in the UK as much as two months earlier than the first case was officially diagnosed…

    Should the results of the study be found correct, it would suggest that just one in a thousand infected patients require hopsital treatment and it raises hopes that the UK’s ‘lockdown’ measures could be lifted earlier than planned.”


  22. Amanda says:

    IMO this is a global psyop, and the virus is being used as cover for the central bankers (owners of the Federal Reserve, the hidden oligarchy that prints money out of thin air) to bring in the NWO, with a new digital financial system and a forced vaccine with a nanochip used to create a “digital identity”

    ***If you think this is a “conspiracy theory” well look at this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/#6bb272394bea

    Greg Mannarino warning about central bankers NWO, digital, cashless society

    “Look around you. A world in lock down. Cities, states, nations shutting down. Markets in free-fall. Moreover, NOTHING you are seeing is by accident! Something I have been telling you for YEARS. Understand.. A deliberate global meltdown is occurring by design. A second Great Depression is being THRUST upon us, yes thrust. Many, many people are going do die. For how many years my EXACT words have been “It Will Be Biblical.” This is all being done to bring about a NEW financial system.. and methods of control over the remaining population beyond your wildest nightmares are going to occur… what we are seeing now is JUST THE BEGINNING…. GM
    – IMO this is a DELIBERATE meltdown of the world economic and financial systems. The New America is now the epicenter of a new order which will sweep the globe, quickly. I also believe it is by design that The Fed. is flooding the world with dollars now in order to usher in a one world ALL digital currency… GM” (please listen to GM on y/t–while everyone is distracted by this virus psyop, he warns about how we the people are being LOOTED!!!)

    The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” -Peter Koenig (former World Bank economist)
    What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.
    https://www.globalresearch.ca/coronavirus-causes-effects-real-danger-agenda-id2020/5706153 (please read entire article)

  23. Terry Davies says:

    Prince Charles has Covid-19 and has to self isolate on his estate in Scotland? Why can people not see through this staged managed drama?
    Jon, one day you will be recognised for your service to humanity. Thank you.

    • Larry C says:

      It was a matter of practicality, Terry, not sleight-of-hand. They figured it would be much easier to keep track of the Prince in Scotland, than trying to locate him in the 775 rooms of Buckingham Palace. ????

  24. Nothere says:

    Viva La Big Brother!

  25. Rob says:

    How can we respond to the claim that:

    “Fine maybe covid-19 isn’t causing the disease, but that still doesn’t explain why so many people are in ICUs with SARS”

    Is the only explanation there that the panic has gotten people thinking they have it and doctors are all too eager to put them in ICUs?

    I’ve been talking to a doctor friend about it and he was saying that they don’t put people on ventilators just because the patient thinks they have respiratory issues.

    • Lydia says:

      Why do you need to defend yourself?

      It’s the other person who has made the claim.

      Don’t do their dance.

      • Rob says:

        It’s not just to defend myself….I actually want to know if anything is even going on at all. Are there actually way more cases where people actually need to be put on ICUs as opposed to other years?

        • Lydia says:

          I know the temptation, but that’s exactly what it is. Just a temptation.

          A little evidence goes a long way.

          Go with your gut. YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS. You just haven’t convinced yourself yet.

          Be well and God speed.

  26. Greg C. says:

    This exercise is all about getting more people to “take their word for it” – far too many have turned into disbelievers and deniers of the dispensed truth. They found that just putting lies out there in the media echo chamber was no longer effective. Even getting actors like AOC or St. Greta or Cher to deliver their lies in dramatic fashion was falling flat. Forcing people to disrupt their lives in the name of a lie is the next tactic they hope will work. It’s not working – noticed this morning that the LA mayor has to threaten turning off utilities of non-compliant businesses. The cracks in the facade are getting bigger daily.

  27. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Eagle Takes Flight

    Harper Eliot,
    March 25, 2020
    Asheville, NC

    The majestic bald eagle has taken flight
    Chasing the fading sun
    Beyond the bloody battlefields of mortal strife
    When day is finally done.

    Day is done!
    Withdrawn from the beautiful Ridges Blue
    Gone the sun!
    As love keeps changing hue.

    For Lady Liberty is alas dead
    As we run for the exits
    A nation strangled by creeping dread
    Conducting our own Star Spangled brexit.

    Our dear land of the free is no more
    A Nation in name only
    Orphans of ancient parchment paper lore
    Home of only the lonely.

    Living a phantasm of self deception
    We seek to rule the world
    As we fortify the walls of our prison
    With so many lightning bolts hurled.

    We are children of a perpetual war machine
    I know not where to turn
    As I sing my song to Jean Racine
    Above the streets that burn.

    ‘Divine Savior I call out to thee
    Can you save us from ourselves
    Will your grace make hell flee?
    While into our heart’s we delve.

    You inflame the brush fires of my soul
    With a love that encompasses the universe
    Poet of the eternal logos of old
    With which the angels converse.

    To you Lord we will remain faithful
    And will live your beautiful gospel
    Even in these times most fateful
    As the demons of gloom we dispel.’

    What might happen on the morrow
    Will we reap the whirlwind
    Will we have to beg, steal or borrow
    To pay for our earthly sins.

    I must find the nearest gutter bar
    Where I can drink my tears away
    And toast the beauty of the morning star
    That precedes the break of day.

    A Star that introduces the first rays of the sun
    Drying our bitter nighttime tears
    Awakening all those park bench bums
    Assuaging all our fears.

    What is this virulent lie that threatens life
    That now infects our entire globe
    Whipping up the winds of strife
    With tall tales that should never be told.

    Can we ever go back through the looking glass
    Return to our previous lies
    To break the hysteria en mass
    That now torments our very lives.

    Will we survive this Manquake
    Crushed between the vice of past and future
    The present moment is our only escape
    From our painful mortal sutures.

    Say goodbye to our bald eagle friend
    He was the soul of our blessed union
    That we came to love and defend
    E pluribus unum!

  28. Piksil says:

    Wanted to respond to Aron’s post from a different, closed to comments, thread:

    “Aron says:
    March 22, 2020 at 7:22 am
    At the very most, why the hell could we not have simply isolated the elderly, children and the immune-compromised, and let the rest of the healthy population carry on and keep the economy from crashing?

    I know, this is a bloody rhetorical question, but anyone, please tell me what is wrong with this approach and why the hell are few people even talking about this solution? Have all the men and women in society turned in to a bunch of mindless drones? Okay, okay, another rhetorical I know.

    Sorry, I’m just livid and feeling frustrated as all hell being told by a bunch of overpaid cowards to go to my room while Rome burns!”

    To add further: I live in Illinois, across the Mississippi from St Louis, MO. ‘Local’ new is out of St Louis. Yesterday, on the early local news, there was a bit on local grocery stores, and their special operating hours. WalMart open 6-7AAM for seniors, Aldi open at 8:30AM, for “seniors and expectant mothers”. Today, same station, early local news…Costo (I believe, not 100% positive if it was Costco) reserving early morning time for “seniors and immuno-compromised persons”.
    I’m thinking this is just one more glaring example of the fallacy…if The Big C affects seniors the most, why would these 2 businesses cohort them with pregnant women and people with no immunity? Perhaps tomorrow it will be seniors and people with green eyes (and born in an even-numbered year) can shop early.
    Just another exercise to see how well the sheep have learned the right moves to specific commands?

    And now we are ‘bailing out’ Wall Street, ummm, America again with central bank debt slavery.

    Yes, Rome is burning, but if we color more Hero Pictures and tape them to our windows, we probably won’t see it.

  29. Plamen says:

    Do not expect the government, the media and the majority of people to come to their senses. It simply won’t happen. Even if they all come and read what we say here.

    Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom god leads to destruction.

    In around July-August, they will declare a victory over virus but it is then when you’ll need to make a very important decision. Do you stay with this run-away train of civilization or you head for deep dark forest and learn to live primitively.

    REMEMBER, the devil comes through the electricity. So don’t fool yourself thinking that you can still “benefit” from it and save your soul.

    In the meantime, listen to this orthodox singing and pray!

    The only way forward is going backward.

  30. Lydia says:

    To everyone:

    Remember, the burden of proof is on those making the claim of a novel coronavirus. You can use this opportunity to explore other theories about viruses, BUT YOU NEEDN’T do anything.


    What’s more, and this is key, those who are believed to have ultimate authority have made claims that may be beyond the ability of humans to know beyond a reasonable doubt. In which case, we should simply just walk away and forget the whole thing.

    Consider the absurdity of the claims that have been put forward about a global contagion. Not the factual absurdity alone, but the absurdity of the claim itself. If I tell you I have a proof that the sun revolves around the earth, or vice versa, you can be fairly well assured that any argument with me will be futile.

    Go with your gut or with God, or with your grandmother, for that matter. But you needn’t waste time and precious resources searching out every shred of proof that might level someone else’s argument.

    Don’t overburden yourself with trying to understand everything. The burden of proof has always been on those who claim they have one.

    And if what they claim to know is beyond the range of what anyone can be assumed to know, any proof is just that beyond the ability of anyone to know for sure.

    It’s just pixie dust and pie in the sky.

    • za ka lu says:

      no informed consent, no compelled performance to hidden and unknown.

      does anyone stop and realize what they have validly negotiated and agreed to, and to what they have not?

  31. Ame says:

    I Love You, Jon!

    When the “Bells Toll” it will be your words we will hear last – Oh wait, I think the Bells are Tolling.

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