COV death: Five-thousand-year-old man had two hundred diseases, was on three hundred toxic meds

by Jon Rappoport

March 16, 2020

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In a recent article, I pointed out the biggest lie about the “epidemic”: ALL CASES ARE SUFFERING FROM THE SAME CAUSE.

This is a complete fiction.

The source of disease is not singular.

And that means the disease itself is not singular.

Some people being diagnosed as epidemic cases are perfectly healthy. Some have ordinary flu-like symptoms. Others have non-viral pneumonia. Others have lung infections resulting from air pollution. Others are driven into sickness by toxic anti-viral medicines, as well as many other toxic meds. People exposed to 5G technology should be competently examined. People with fever, who may have been in contact with a person who might be “infected,” are presumptively diagnosed as COV.

You’ll see instances of older people, who have a whole list of long-term health problems, who are on a raft of toxic meds, diagnosed, out of nowhere, as coronavirus cases.

Add to all this, as I’ve pointed out numerous times, the tests for diagnosing COV are useless and deceptive—and you have a clusterf**k.

Yahoo News, “Australian coronavirus death toll rises to five after two women die,” 15 March 2020:

“A 90-year-old woman died on Saturday and testing confirmed that she had COVID-19, NSW Health said in a statement on Sunday night.”

“She was a resident of the Dorothy Henderson Lodge aged care home, where two other residents have died after becoming infected with the virus.”

“A 77-year-old woman has also died from coronavirus, NSW Health said on Sunday.”

“Three other Australians, aged 95, 82 and 78, have also died.”

Getting the picture? These five elderly people—how many serious health problems were they suffering from in the past five years? What medicines were they on? What toxic effects do these drugs have? Were the women recently put on highly toxic antiviral drugs? What other relevant facts would point to serious illness, besides “a new virus?” But of course, the professionals don’t care. The patients will be labeled “cause of death, coronavirus.” Absurd.

“A man was hanging on the edge of a cliff for three days. He finally fell. A medical examiner took a tissue sample. A test revealed the presence of COV. Therefore, the virus has taken another life.”

If some people are still not getting my message here, consider these simple sentences: “He pushed it.” “He took it off the table.” The “it” is singular. Well, the cause of the epidemic is not an “it.” The epidemic is not an “it.” The epidemic is a label applied to a variety of people, both healthy…and ill FROM DIFFERENT CAUSES. The label is a piece of hypnotic medical propaganda, which has the effect of deceiving minds. It works.

Or, think about the situation this way. There is a group of people in an animated video. Each person is a different color. Blue, green, red, orange, etc. Now a filter passes across them. Suddenly, they are all purple. The filter is the label, “coronavirus epidemic.” The purple color is “cases of the singular epidemic.” False, fake, phony. But the filter makes it seem real.

You’re listening to a radio. On several music stations, you hear jazz, rock, country, classical. Suddenly, the same announcer is present on all these stations. He says, “Imagine you’re hearing Joe Smith and his orchestra.” And then you are, on every station. Until you stop imagining it.

You’re sitting in a physics class. The teacher says, “We have all these theories and hypotheses floating around. Big Bang, Quantum Theory, Special Relativity, General Relativity, and so on. But you see, not only are they connected, they can all be reduced to one notion. An ‘it.’” And then he writes on the blackboard, “2 plus 2 equals 4.” And you’re supposed to buy it.

What I’m pointing to in this article is very serious mind control. Most people refuse to shake it off. They might say, “Interesting article. I see what you’re saying. So tell me, if the coronavirus isn’t the cause of the epidemic, what is IT?”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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125 comments on “COV death: Five-thousand-year-old man had two hundred diseases, was on three hundred toxic meds

  1. BDev says:

    Excellent new article that supports Jon’s views:

  2. Lilly says:

    A Swiss doctor argues very much the same:

    Even if they are dying “from the virus”, they are obviously not dying *just* from the virus.

    And this test really remains a mystery to me..

    • Lydia says:

      He cannot know whether or not anyone is dying “from a virus.”

      To say such a thing is enormously wreckless.

      The test that we have can only establish a number of sequences, to which a lab can assign a meaning. They are non-binary: they give a number but not an either/or, never a positive nor negative, in themselves.

      Much less can they establish a causal relation between a virus and the disease (Covid-19).

      I hope that helps.

  3. Jen says:

    What I love about what the president did in getting Roche et al to produce tests is that it removes the control from the CDC. No longer will the CDC be able to control the narrative and change the parameters for diagnosis. Very interesting, n’est pas?

    Second thought, only slightly connected. Bill Gates for Dem nominee? A technocrat’s dream candidate. Vaccines for everybody!

  4. Doug says:

    Thank you for a tiny bit of sanity before the lemmings all jump off of the cliff! The media seems in lock step with the tyrants on this Pirbright Institute mind control. There is no hope for the brainwashed TV heads. One spark and that whole herd will stampede by design. Gird your loins!

  5. Plamen says:

    Not only the testing procedures are skewed, the whole One Germ=One Disease theory is wrong. Everybody should be reading about pleomrphism and Antoine Bechamp.

    This article is good starter:

    You Cannot Catch Bugs, Germs, Bacteria or Candida/Fungi

    • From Quebec says:

      On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bernard [Claude Bernard] was right; “the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing!” However, since the “Germ Theory of Disease” is so profitable, the medical world has written off his final statements as the madness of a dying man. We should all be so mad!

      • Rick says:

        I’ve been looking at that too– based on Jon’s questioning of viruses. Here’s a search on his site using keyword “pasteur” where I’ll continue to read his (Jon’s) previous work on this issue.

      • Rtp says:

        I’ve never seen the point of that story. Firstly, how can we verify the story? Secondly, who cares what Pasteur believed when he died?

        I can’t imagine persuading anybody about the stupidity of the germ theory by using that story. Nobody will believe you and it wouldn’t make any difference even if they did.

        If you want an effective argument against germ theory just ask people why they are able to walk into doctor offices (along with the sick, the elderly, infants and the immunecompromised) without immediately dying (from the massive simultaneous exposure to hundreds of “pathogenic germs”). This is the sort of nagging issue that people everywhere can observe themselves but they always try and put it to the back of their minds. If you (and others) continuously push it to the front of their minds then you can gradually but surely gain traction.

        At the very least, you can dramatically reduce their fear of germs.

        As people warm to your views you can then talk about things like hygiene theory and German New Medicine (emotional trauma).

        The three best arguments against mainstream disease theory are:

        1) Doctor offices *should* be death pits if germs were dangerous. They are not. Therefore germs are not dangerous

        2) Doctors alter their diagnoses based on their feelings – eg they feel like vaccines work so they typically don’t don’t diagnose or test for such conditions in vaccinated patients; similarly, if they think there is a disease currently “spreading around” then they will diagnose this disease in pretty much anybody – regardless of symptoms. This problem is *exacerbated* (rather than ameliorated) by pathology because doctors can choose when to verify with pathology and when not to (not to mention that pathology is unreliable).

        3) Observations. Or more accurately, the complete lack thereof. The history of medicine and disease is *not* a history of observations the way we think of for other “sciences”. Medicine is about self-fulfilling prophecies. Nobody has ever observed a wild virus jump from one person to another and immediately cause pathogenesis. Contrast this with, say, vaccine injury where people make actual observations of them all the time. But doctors dismiss vaccine *observations* and have complete unwavering faith in wholly concocted associations between viruses and injuries. This just highlights how stupid and dishonest doctors are.

        • blob says:

          Exactly! Even before I seriously looked into it I was always wondering one simple question – why don’t doctors continuously get sick if they are exposed to all those supposedly deadly new mutated germs of all kinds all the time. In fact, my family doctor NEVER seemed to get sick at all.

          Another simple thought exercise – why don’t cats and dogs get sick all the time given that they constantly run and roll around in dirt and then lick the dirt off of them and swallow it? They can even lick and eat shit or drink muddy waters. In fact, they seem much healthier than us humans.

          • J.B. says:

            As an independent researcher and alternative nutritionist, people tell me all the time that they’ve gotten sick from their loved one, or they caught this virus or that virus from their loved one. I tell them that is what I call the illusion of viral activity. This is because viruses and bacteria are cyclical in nature, occurring at the same time in the majority of the population each year. This happens because the body on a cyclical basis dumps mass stored toxins after a certain accumulation occurs over a period of time. This occurs every year. Temperature and climate changes bring about the necessary signals to begin cleansing processes. When you have households that live together, they almost always eat the same foods, drink the same water, and breathe the same air; sharing identical habits. It is common for them to have similar detoxifications times, therefore they will experience cold or flu around the same times. This does not mean viruses are contagious. Viruses and bacteria are not contagious. No virus is.

            Think about this: Viruses originating outside a living host do not contain the necessary and compatible RNA or DNA to ‘hijack’ a cell in another body. Firstly, viruses do not ‘hijack’ anything, because cells create viruses from within. Viruses must have the explicit permission of each cell. There is no ‘invasion’—that is a blatant misrepresentation and lie of their behavior. Each body has a different viral strain occurring within his or her body.

            If we inject viral tissue that originated outside our own body, it does not contain the key or time to its activity, nor is it analyzed and found by the body. As such, viral tissue from any source other than its own is treated as foreign debris that it must eliminate. That is why vaccines have never and will never work.

            Furthermore, if such viruses as coronavirus are animal viruses, it is not possible for human beings to manufacture and replicate bird or bat flu, or any other animal flu, because we do not have the same DNA or RNA and cannot replicate animal cells and tissue—we are human. Remember: How then can such viruses infect and replicate when we cannot replicate animal cells and tissue? Answer: They cannot.

            What we have taking place is a great deception—one that controls the mind and body.

          • Plamen says:

            @ J.B.

            Top post! Thank you!

        • Rick says:

          RTP, I just read your brilliant comments at Jon’s post here…
          Rtp says:
          February 5, 2020 at 7:59 pm

          In addition to your argument about doctor’s offices, I was impresse with your statement…

          A self-replicating pathogen (eg pathogenic virus) is a mathematical impossibility….
          So if the germ theory were true, nobody could recover from any kind of “infection” – no organism could possibly exist.

          Now to the Pasteur reference: it works for some of us… like me… because we “lerned him in skool”… and it’s simply a starting point. I do admit that the doctor-office argument & the self-replication impossiblity argument are better, logically.

        • Plamen says:

          4)If the “Germ Theory of Disease” were true no one could ever get over a cold or flu, or any other disease caused by bugs, since they would constantly be re-infecting themselves.

          5) Also, if the “Germ Theory of Disease” were true we would ALL have ALL of the bugs ALL of the time since they are “everywhere” and so would all other life on Earth, i.e. plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, etc., so life on Earth could not have happened.

        • Nancy says:

          Excellent points, really made me think!
          On another note why did all those doctors die in Italy? Did they really die? If so all from COV?

      • Frank says:

        Salut from Montreal. I try to explain this to everybody. We’d all be dead if germs attacked. We were made to live with the earth, we have germs and bacteria and cancer cells, and we have an amazing immune system that keeps everything in check. Unless, of course, you get vaccines which destroys the gut and your real immunity. What a shame that people can’t understand this. And soon, they will line up with their sleeves rolled up for this new vaccine! Geez.

    • Nil says:

      Antoine Bechamp … yes indeed

    • Alan says:

      I ordered Hume’s book, just a couple of weeks ago.

      Learning about the true marvels of the human body is the best takeaway I get from this con epidemic.

    • Lydia says:

      Utterly Fascinating.

      Thomas Levy has done good work into electron flows and toxicity, the foundation of disease. Antioxidants, namely vitamin c, donate electrons and restore this healthy flow.

      Someone, I believe it was Dr. Sherry tenpenny, once said that while she inthe audience at a WHO seminar, she heard them saying that they known all disease is simply the result of a chronic metabolic deficiency,

      Depression results usually from niacin deficiency.
      Cancer results from vitamin b17 deficiency.
      And on and on.

  6. Boogeyman Slayer says:

    Thanks, Jon. You seem to be the only few people on the planet who sees the deceit in the entire virus story. The STORY is the VIRUS. Fiction, IMO.

    How do you create effective propaganda? Tell a BIG lie and repeat repeat repeat… I can’t seem to find anyone else out there who doesn’t believe the authoritarian story. If I try to explain what is happening, invariably I am told I am crazy or that this virus is real. People are dying…as if that is something new. The story just does not pass the smell test.

    I discovered (thanks to posters) what Event 201 is. It’s pretty difficult to dispute that this is not a planned event. Bill and Mike plan to make a killing off the vaccine they are conjuring up for us. The next step will be to make vaccines mandatory. People will beg for them. They will demand that anti vaxers be vaccinated—to save THEM (from the boogeyman).

    I have asked countless people over the years a question. I preface it by stating that the CDC says that 36,000 Americans die each year from the flu. I ask them if they know or know of someone who died from the flu. I am 65-years-old. I have yet to receive an affirmative answer. I ask them if they find that interesting.

    • Low Voltage says:

      People will believe in anything. Global warming. War on terror. The communist menace. Bitcoin. It will never end. Ever.

      • Rick says:

        Moon landing. Mars robot landing. Planes taking down WTC’s. That was a good one. Haha. How about the idea that 3,000 people died in the buildings on 9/11? Haha! Not likely since there were no floors in the buildings to begin with! …. just an observation deck.

        Isn’t life grand? Now- we have a new one– Viruses don’t cause disease! They don’t even exist. Or how about the world can’t be a sphere— I’m really into that one.

        Here’s one I haven’t figured out yet… Is Trump a time traveller who is playing 4D chess? Or is he behind the curve on all this?

      • Honest liberty says:

        The Communist menace is a verifiable threat and we have the history to prove it. That is a terribly disastrous mindset.
        Over 100 million dead by centralized state actors. Please, spare thinking minds the irritation of having to read such an self deceptive comment.

        I will say the “Hitler menace” and “Holocaust” menace is much more fabricated than any idea that communism is not dangerous.

        • blue horizons says:

          Yes indeed, communism has been an absolute horror and terror on the planet. Yet it was created and controlled by the same pyramid cap elites that gave us the other isms and ocracies for Hegelian synthesis. In that way it was a fraud.

          As for the Nazi leadership, they were deep into the occult and tied closely to the Masons and Theosophists who created the UN. That’s why Blavatsky interacted with the Thule society, Masons, national socialists like Bellamy who gave the US the stiff arm salute & pledge of allegiance [to the state, not principles], and she popularized the term ‘master race’ using a swastika on her publications.

          Historians peg the Nazis as the first example of a Technocracy. For instance, Hitler placed a PhD chemist in charge of the labor department because, in reductionist thinking, humans are not much more complicated that atoms to be organized and treated like simple reaction equations.

          We were played then and we’re played now.

        • Low Voltage says:

          How about the capitalist trans-Atlantic slave trade? Try to do a body count on that one.

  7. From Quebec says:


    • marlene says:

      BINGO! Logic and just about everything else that makes for an independent thinker.

    • Plamen says:

      Logic could be deceiving too.

      We need to teach them critical thinking. For example, instead of proving a theory, students should be asked to prove it wrong. So when they study about the Germ Theory of Disease students should investigate why it could be wrong and they would have discovered Antoine Bechamp’s work, who is not even mentioned in school at all.

      • blob says:

        Well said, Plamen!

      • J.B. says:

        Germ Theory is easy to disprove. Viruses are not alive. They cannot replicate outside of a living host. Viruses could never have originated in nature unless inside a living host—by their very nature it would be impossible. A virus is created in its whole form cellularly inside the cell, by the cell. It does not invade and come from outside the body, but from within. Viruses are necessary to dissolve toxicity from the body when tissues are too toxic for living microbes to feed upon and eliminate without being poisoned to death. Each cell in such situations have at their disposal the ability to call upon viral protein particles already existing in the genome which directs each cell what proteins to make and when. Viral particles exist within each red blood cell already, allowing the cell to form viral structure proteins that are designed to dissolve specific tissue parts in tissue and tissues in cells. There are 320,000 virus strains inherent to the human body, which accounts for every region, tissue, and organ within the body. Each viral strain is intended to clean areas of the body when those areas are too toxic for living microbes to clean.

        • Plamen says:

          JB, great! Can you give a source for this?

          “There are 320,000 virus strains inherent to the human body, which accounts for every region, tissue, and organ within the body.”

          Thank you in advance.

        • Lydia says:

          Thus, by the individual’s own DNA RNA coding for each viral strain, one can conclude that no broad category of CoV-2 virus even exists at all.

          Not only are viruses necessary, they are unique and unreplicatable across the broad population of humans.

  8. Pisces says:

    Jon, thank you for making ‘propaganda-fed’ people to see the reality of all this fakery and deception that’s being ‘force-fed’ to the minds of the masses through the media (even on many so-called independent media). […]

  9. Diane Di says:

    The best cure for the #CoronaVirus is a RED PILL.

  10. James Lunsford says:

    I’m finding some people out there with some sanity, but most are too busy buying toilet paper. I’ve now taken to just flinging out “Who is John Galt?” at random times on the net. It seems fitting somehow.

  11. Rick says:

    I concluded with the idea that there are two CATEGORIES of sickness:

    1. 5G induced, labelled coronavirus.
 Notably in Wuhan-China (ground zero where tens of thousands of 5G antenna were switched on recently), Milan-Italy (where Chinese investment in 5G is high), on Princess Cruise ships with Medallion 5G, all recent news topics… but not in Africa (where China has NOT installed 5g).

    2. Non-5G induced, relabelled coronavirus, from a variety of causations. This is Jon’s go-to. Apparently, the powers-that-be are launching a SECOND wave of propaganda that effectively HIDES the actual 5G radiation induced illnesses. They’re re-labelling a variety of things as caused by 5G when they’re not.

    The national emergency, in my estimation, was launched to shut the economy down while the rest of the 5G grid is installed in public spaces everywhere over 8 weeks. Watch for unmarked white trucks all over the place installing these things in the shut-down arenas and other buildings and schools (Forgot my source on that– will post later).

    I’m in Phoenix. Today there is an extraordinary amount of chemtrailing going on. Also the APS Arizona Public Service ladder trucks– about a dozen of them– very odd scene– have gathered in a parking lot in a plaza near me– as if ready to “get to work” on something big.

    In the Fry’s parking lot where I shop, there have been, from time to time, over 30 or 40 unmarked white vans with electronics shelves in the back assembled there. I saw the shelves once when a back door of a van was left open for a short time.

    • lamberth says:

      Interesting anecdote, Rick.
      Keep us posted.

    • Honk says:

      I’ve thought they’d use this quarantine to build out our 5G prison too! Now that they’ve sold everyone on “faster downloads” we’ll soon be safely cocooned in a 5G weaponized millimeter wave gridded cell from which there is no escape. We’ve demanded that our minders build us better cages so…so be it. Coupled with a Central bank issued cryptocurrency—can’t have us touching that vector of disease riddled filthy paper fiat currency (coupled with the usual suspects of media mind controlled programming, education, medicine and frankenfoods, etc.) we’re sure to enjoy our Hegelian dialectic dreams. Vaccine anyone?

      • JoAnn Dolberg says:

        Thumbs up from your common average everyday ordinary run-of-the-mill troll of the comment section! I needed the laughter you gave me here!

      • Rick says:

        Great concept! –> 5G prison. And note that signal strength is indicated in BARS…

        • Guitardave says:

          Good one rick!..(say the following in the voice of a PBS narrator for a grim historical documentary…)

          Unable to function outside the hive mind, the early 21st century smartphone user, who has completely lost the ability to think, cries out, “I NEED MORE BARS!!!”


          Remember the CIA POS that said…(paraphrasing here)…”when EVERYTHING the American public believes is a lie, our mission is complete”

          Looks like they can now take a little time off.
          What a nice deal…now crowds to deal with, no kids pissing in the pool…Yippie i aye, mofo..

    • Sovereign Ag says:

      They have been spraying like crazy over the last few weeks. t mobile is now bragging that they are helping people by using the 600 ghz wave which dr mercola mentions in this interview about emf’s.

      Many are very sensitive and it is now after all these years, become recognizable and acknowledged. Linking many past pandemics to the release of more emf technology is an intriguing study, such as the 1913 spanish flu.

      How interesting it will come down to taking down the towers like in They live. R I P John Carpenter.

      Until the people take back their power and stop worshiping government, instead of honoring God and themselves, this evil will continue. Mother Nature always prevails, its the same old story. I would recommend everyone move out of the cities asap, if they have not already.

      • Rick says:

        Phoenix AZ was sprayed to the max today. I’ve rarely seen it this intense. It was incredible. I’ve watched them lay down those unfurling gobs since 1998 while jogging along the canal behind my house.

        What is notable to me is that intensity AND the fact that the pilots were out there doing their moonlighting on a MONDAY instead of their normal weekend.

        • Honest liberty says:

          Same for Denver Colorado.
          Holy hell I looked up and was pissed. Come here and see it wasn’t just Denver

          • Rick says:

            There is an idea a caller on the Coast to Coast radio show with George Noori had a few nights ago… when Richard Syrett was on. The caller said that the 5G microwaves can induce a resonance with with the particulate nano-matter in the chemtrails after its in our system. We know that everything has a resonant frequency so this makes some sense. What would 5G induced resonating strontium from chemtrails in us DO to us? Of course I don’t know but Richard Syrett called it gobbledy-gook. If so, it’s interesting gobbledy-gook.

          • AJ says:

            Lots of spraying in Tucson today too, and the past couple of days as well. In light of today’s over-the-top news advising people to stay home, I found it interesting that the planes were up there spraying and wondered what the connection is?

        • Jim says:

          Very interesting regarding the spraying in AZ, I live in Southern CA, we typically get sprayed all winter and of course no rain, storms all move far north. But for the last week i have not seen a single trail? and we have had rain the entire time. Interesting that AZ is getting hit and they have backed off CA. just in time for the lock down.

    • Power soul says:

      Maybe spraying chem trials is a much faster way to get people sick and then flood the hospital system and thus create even more panic.

      • Rick says:

        Great thought! It impinges on immune systems and contributes to what Jon points to as illnesses “re-labelled” as coronavirus.

  12. Redpill says:

    Rome, 13 Mar 19:12 – (Agenzia Nova) – There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. “Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact – and are essentially predominantly male,” said Brusaferro. “Women are 25.8 percent. The average age of the deceased is significantly higher than the other positive ones. The age groups over 70, with a peak between 80 and 89 years. The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of diseases “, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that “little more than a hundred medical records” have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.

    These are the first minimum detailed data provided so far by the Civil Protection on the causes of death of coronavirus patients. At present, in fact, the authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who, on the other hand, are communicated daily to the public, but who were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who, therefore, would not have died from Covid-19. In response to a question from “Agenzia Nova”, in fact, Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths. However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims “had serious pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death. To clarify this point , and provide real data, “as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile, carriers of multiple diseases “. (Rin)
    © Agenzia Nova – Reproduction reserved

    Translated link

    Italian link

    • marlene says:

      Facebook refused to post the article: “Warning: Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

      I’m sure Twitter probably shadowbanned it too.

      • Redpill says:

        I have posted it on other comment boards and the pushback from people is unbelievable. They would rather engage in fear porn with others rather than read what is actually happening. The take away a couple of people got from the article is Italy is initiating death panels or euthanasia on the elderly because they don’t have enough respirators. Literally just denying them treatment because they are elderly. Plus, they can’t believe that Italy doesn’t know how many people have died from the virus as opposed to other causes. They like to live in fear. I told them there must be something lacking in their lives to want to live that way.

    • Rick says:

      This was a tough read but it’s worthwhile. The entire lockdown is based on sick and old people dying who are vulnerable anyway. They’re shutting down sporting events because of this? Unbelievable. I’m going to have to redouble my efforts to actively shove this kind of post in front of whoever is cooperating with this national unwarrented shutdown.

  13. lamberth says:

    It is surprising how many “alternative media” sites have now jumped on the “virus” bandwagon.
    Jon’s site is becoming a lone voice in the virus propaganda wilderness.

    We’re with you Jon, all the way.
    A big ???????????????????? ???????????? for all you do.

    • Honest liberty says:

      Yep. Mr. Obvious, I just unsubscribed.
      I’m about to with Stefan Molyneux but he had so much other awesome material.

      Dr John Bergman however, is the best! He’s so calm, cool, and well informed. I love that guy

      • Plamen says:

        Bergman talks about exogenous pathogenic viruses too and pushes supplements. Not to be trusted completely.

    • za ka lu says:

      ‘alternative media’ that carries the water on this one are playing their hands, showing perhaps they are not who they say… the controllers have too overplayed their hand. I am not surety for their PERSON, no compelled performance to hidden and unknown.

  14. lamberth says:

    Don’t usually post links, but there’s this on The Saker’s site:
    “”, including some interesting comments.

    This is playing in the back of my mind all the time.

    We know which country is firmly in the Zionist/Anglo empire’s cross-hairs, and has been for some time. What a cover this whole corona virus thing would provide to get rid of some of your adversaries.
    While at the same time scaring the pants off the rest of the global population, implementing your tyrannical policies as a result.

    Kill two birds with one stone.
    Not the first time, is it?

    • Amanda says:

      interesting, seems like they are using the virus hoax as a cover for many things, like the on-coming global collapse (greatest depression and greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, as warned about by Greg Mannarino and Jeremiah Labe) and perhaps bumping off a few enemies of the zios.

      • Leah says:

        @ Amanda, is it s global collapse, it is planed…they know exactly what they are doing. I AGREE WITH YOU, have followed GM for years.

        Jon, you are the go too man, thank you for your logic.

        @ Rick, yeap has anyone turned off the 5G yet..what an error..

        Stay well all you people.

  15. Tracy says:

    Wow, that’s one strong man! Thanks Jon 🙂

  16. Steve Stars says:

    Just some info debunking the HIV-1 connection COVID-19

    Good study here that debunks the “HIV” (virus that does NOT do anything or cause AIDS) was not spliced into COVID-19.

    But it is a GREAT Sensational seller, (like HOT Taco FEAR sauce) for people who sill believe Fauci’s original HIV SCAM going back 36 Years to 1984.
    Like P.T. Barnum said, “Suckers are born every minute” P.T. Barnum believed that the SAME scams the worked in the carnival last time we were in town, will work again when we come again!

    Current report conducted careful examination of the sequences of 2019-nCoV, other CoV viruses and HIV-1 as well as GenBank database. Our results demonstrated no evidence that the sequences of these four inserts are HIV-1 specific or the 2019-nCoV viruses obtain these insertions from HIV-1. First, the results of blast search of these motifs against GenBank shows that the top 100 identical or highly homologous hits are all from host genes of mammalian, insects, bacterial and others.

    able 1.
    Blast search results of four insertion sequences against sequence databases.
    Database Gene source Insertion 1 TNGTKR Insertion 2 HKNNKS Insertion 3 RSYLTPGDSSSG Insertion 4 QTNSPRRA
    Whole database CoV 2 (2) 0 3 (3) 2 (2)
    HIV-1 0 0 0 0
    Prokaryotic 27 (27) 3 (3) 74 (0) 66 (1)
    Eukaryotic 71 (71) 97 (97) 23 (0) 32 (1)
    Only viral database CoV 3 (3) 3 (3) 5 (3) 3 (2)
    HIV-1 18 (18) 1 (1) 4 (0)* 6 (0)**
    Other Eukaryotic viruses 49 (2) 66 (8) 69 (0) 62 (0)
    Prokaryotic viruses 29 (13) 30 (1) 21 (0) 28 (0)
    Unclassified virus 1 (1) 0 1 (0) 1 (0)

    Top 100 hits are analyzed and the numbers of 100% matches are shown in parentheses. * Similarity at 67%; ** Random hits in Gag, Pro and Env sequences with similarity between 42% and 88%.

  17. Lydia says:

    Much more attention needs to be paid to the poliyical fraud unfolding at this moment.

    A key player in this fraud: Anthony Fauci.

    Please, spread the word about this repugnant political game playing. Lewd, disgusting fear-mongering. All done with a smirk. On the evening news. In the president’s ear.

    Anthony Fauci.

    Spread the word about this man and his coconspirators.

    • Rick says:

      The smirk, yes. As I’ve studied many fake school shootings, we call that smirk “duper’s delight”. The actor cannot keep the smile off his face as he realizes he’s doing a great job at deceiving the public. Anthony Fauci, I’ll look him up. Herea are some BIng images to examine…

    • William says:

      Fauci is the NIAID director-for-life. If Robert Gallo was the Godfather of the AIDS/HIV massive lie, Fauci was the consigliore (AIDS debunker Christine Maggiore once told me that her spellcheck, not recognizing his name, suggested “feces” as an alternative). The bland faceless face of Dr. Evil. He wrote the playbook for HIV and they are following it to the letter with this BS

  18. A young man died in Malaga:

    Title: “Tragic consequences: 21-year-old Spanish football coach dies of coronavirus”

    In the text, well, he suffered from leukemia.

  19. J.B. says:

    When the tissues in the body are too toxic for living microbes to consume and eliminate without being poisoned to death, the body will call upon the help of viruses to help cleanse itself. When the body cannot utilize milder methods, such as a cold (usually bacterial), it will utilize the help of non-living protein solvents which are known as viruses. Cells come together as units and conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing solvent protein constructs (virus) that disassemble and break down dead and dying cells, cellular waste, tissue, and foreign debris.

    Cells manufacture viruses in their whole form cellularly. Red blood cells come together as a whole unit, with the help and regulation of white blood corpuscles, also known as antibodies, and conspire to cleanse themselves when they cannot utilize their full range of living agents. In this process, viruses are manufactured directly within the cell using pre-existing viral protein in the cell and genome, and are embedded/encoded with RNA and/or DNA by the host cell. The cell ejects the virus, which is then regulated by large numbers of white blood cells through that encoding (antibodies), which oversee the processes of the virus. This allows the viral activity to be controlled and regulated properly.

    These two functions are united as one process, and they do not act separately. Once the cell ejects this virus, the cell is partially damaged but is not destroyed. The viruses, which are many, consume and dissolve dead, dying and foreign tissue, debris, unhealthy cells, and cellular waste. This process takes time depending on the toxicity involved. The effects of their elimination are the symptoms experienced in cold or flu. Viruses break these substances down into tiny particles that can then be expelled via mucous, skin, and bowels. When the process is complete, the body becomes stronger, so long as that person does not continue to toxify his or her body further.

    Viruses are cyclical in animals. Viruses dissolve and disassemble waste products within cells, cellular debris, and toxic debris, in the blood and tissue. Throughout the year, upon season and climatic and temperature changes, the body will dump mass amounts of toxins into the blood for removal. Some of these toxins are so toxic in nature, such as mercury, formaldehyde, and other chemical byproducts, that living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate them without dying. Non-living proteins are then manufactured by each cell in the corresponding location of the body where this cleansing is needed. Those toxic substances are disassembled and broken down by viruses so that the body can eliminate them through the skin, mucus, or bowels, restoring homeostasis.

    Viruses and bacteria are not contagious, period. Coronavirus is not contagious.

    • Rick says:

      Wow!!! What a description! Are you quoting from a publication? What branch of medicine/biology are you coming from?

      • J.B. says:

        No, that is simply the culmination of my own knowledge. I write about this subject quite a lot. I have been researching viruses and vaccines for over 12 years alongside my study of health and nutrition. It is virtually impossible to become healthy and stay that way without a deep understanding of the body, in particular the functions of bacteria and virus. By allowing oneself out of ignorance to be subjected to vaccines and misunderstanding the nature of viruses and bacteria, it will cause a person to walk into a trap of fearing and distrusting their body, neighbor, and nature itself. I hope you find this information useful, and if you have a question, I would be happy to answer. My study also branches out into Autism, and I have been compiling and writing a book on these subjects for a few years now.

        When it comes to the coronavirus, I feel it is necessary to share my own knowledge to help combat this irrational fear and hysteria.

  20. J.B. says:

    Such a cold virus occurs and functions in the following way:

    – Coronavirus MERS-CoV (2019-nCoV) is a type of acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) with mild to flu-like symptoms. SARS is caused by man-made environmental toxicity.

    Chemically toxic substances from the air are breathed into the lungs and respiratory system>Toxic particles land onto the surface of the lungs and the fluid-filled sacs in the lungs (alveoli) where they cannot be dislodged or dissolved by living microbes because of their toxicity and nature>Specific non-living solvents structures (virus) are then manufactured by cells in the respiratory system to disassemble and break down these substances in the lungs>Mild flu-like symptoms usually result, including coughing and fever, which initiates the cleansing and healing process. Coughing brings blood and nutrients to the respiratory system. The symptoms associated with their removal are what occurs during SARS. Such airborne toxic substances are caused by burning plastics, formaldehyde, and factory tainted air, which encompasses a wide array of very toxic byproducts. Older individuals with already weakened immune systems are prone to more advanced respiratory virus detoxifications and will account for most deaths. This illness may crop up in millions due to dense populations like in China breathing in such air on a daily basis. This does not mean it is contagious—it’s not.

    As previously stated, the processes of phagocytosis, fungal, parasitical, and bacterial, which are all living microbes, are responsible for consuming and eliminating dead cells, cellular waste, and foreign debris. But when tissue is so toxic that those living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate those substances without being poisoned to death, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents know as viruses, which break down and disassemble those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels. Viruses are not alive, they do not have a respiratory system, a nucleus, or digestive tract. They engulf and then dissolve and break down substances into incredibly tiny particles, just as any solvent would. They also go into cells and dissolve specific toxic tissue within the cell itself. Science calls this ‘infecting’ the cell. Viruses do not ‘infect’ cells to destroy them. This is part of the cleansing processes of viral activity.

    Science states, incorrectly without proof, that viruses originate outside the body, then ‘hijack’ the RNA or DNA of the cell somehow, and then replicate while attacking cells indiscriminately. If this were true, viruses would replicate endlessly, eventually attacking all healthy cells killing the body every time, but they do not. Antibodies, a type of white blood cell, regulates the virus once it leaves the cell so that it is directed and guided to only dissolve specific tissue parts. There exists no video evidence of viruses hijacking cells, except for 3D renders, and animations based on theory.

    • Rick says:

      I guess this means I don’t have to worry about social distancing. Thanks JB.

      • J.B. says:

        No, not a worry at all. Throughout my life I was incredibly germaphobe. I can remember washing my hands as a child until they bled because of my social conditioning. That is in part what eventually led me on a path later in life to find out the truth of our nature as human beings. There is so much evidence that has been veiled with regard to the nature of viruses, stretching back to the 1800s. As someone in these comments has already mentioned: Antoine Béchamp was a very intelligent man especially when it came to this. He set the framework for understanding the nature of viruses, but he was discarded in favor of Pasteur because it would provide significant perks for the medical industry. When one looks at the difference between the two theories, it becomes impossible to regard Germ Theory as anything but futile. It is so anti-reality, it is as if it was written as fiction.

        Social distancing is a new term that I have never heard before until now. Of course, I’m sure the term existed prior, but that is not something anyone should concern themselves with. Using the ‘logic’ of science against itself, science states that viruses can gravitate through the air and infect another person. 3 to 6 feet apart would not stop such transmission. Furthermore, the size of most viruses are 0.1 microns. The surgical masks you see people wearing will not filtrate this sized particle out. Of course, none of these matter in the end anyway because viruses are not, nor can they be contagious. It is impossible. Bacteria cannot either, but for another reason; because bacteria are scavengers that do not feed upon living tissue, much like a fly only consumes dead matter.

        If I take this a step farther, and we examine the functions of the body, we see that we have saliva and mucus membranes, as well as fine hairs in the nose. Mucus, when viewed under a microscope, is cloth-like in nature with a visible weave structure to filter out contaminants from the air. One to two viral particles can be neutralized by 5 white blood cells if those defenses are not met in some way. But regardless of all of this, the body cannot recognize viral proteins originating outside the body itself. As I explained in my previous comment—it is impossible. Viruses must be encoded by a host cell within the body to work. A virus coming from outside the body would not contain this compatibility.

        Science has a lot of ‘Greek esoteric’ language to describe how viruses are supposed to function, but it is based upon flawed and inconsistent observation in lab environments.

        Here’s the major problem: Cell cultures are grown in controlled conditions outside their natural environment, wherein cells are artificially kept alive by fluids that are toxic and do damage to cellular activity. In such a sterile environment, cells cannot utilize the full range of their normal cleansing methods as they would in the whole of the human body. Therefore, they observe viral activity becoming prominent as cells become poisoned and attempt to cleanse themselves by manufacturing viral proteins. This is incredibly flawed, since a petri-dish does not contain the full range of living microbes that regulate the human body. Therefore, viruses are the only available function of cleansing, more or less, in such an artificial environment.

        A longer explanation, but one I’m sure you would like to know. And there’s so much more..

        • Rick says:

          Your book is available when? Until then, I’ll reread your excellent posts above.

        • Tiago says:

          This seems very interesting JB.
          Thanks for sharing.

          Can you post here links with more information?

          And what about radiation (like 5G) that is also mentioned in the following link? Do you have an idea if and how (our internal) viruses react to it? Or if could exist any other link between this kind of radiation and health?

          • J.B. says:

            It is my view and belief that 5G has been hyped up to the point of unnecessary fear. Of course, it is possible that 5G is an environmental factor, depending on the way it can enter our bodies, if at all. But from my own research into the matter, it is simply not the right type of radiation.

            Viruses would not react or be caused by 5G, but it is theoretically possible to cause other diseases if it did do radiation harm. Viruses are not alive, so they do not ‘react’ in such a way, nor can they be controlled. That is simply impossible. The most science can do is adjust the level and duration of the immune response using vaccines. They do this by using metal adjuvants that irritate the immune system and cause the creation of mutated antibodies that stay active for long periods which erodes the nervous system over time.

          • Tiago says:

            Could you post here links with more information about your knowledge in this are? Specially related with EMF (which includes 5G) and Béchamp’s theory?

            About EMF, I also don’t have anything to back up if it is harmful or not. Something to dig into. I believe the following link might be a good place to start.

            “Viruses are not alive, so they do not ‘react’ in such a way, nor can they be controlled. That is simply impossible.”

            Yes, but as I understood from Béchamp’s theory (still have to dig more), cells produce and excrete virus in order for them to clean death cells and toxic material outside the cells, so if radiation can poison and kill cells, living cells might have to put viruses to work, right?

            “The most science can do is adjust the level and duration of the immune response using vaccines. They do this by using metal adjuvants that irritate the immune system and cause the creation of mutated antibodies that stay active for long periods which erodes the nervous system over time.”

            I am having trouble understanding what you mean here. Can you rephrase and, or, share a link with more information on this?

          • J.B. says:

            “Yes, but as I understood from Béchamp’s theory (still have to dig more), cells produce and excrete virus in order for them to clean death cells and toxic material outside the cells, so if radiation can poison and kill cells, living cells might have to put viruses to work, right?”

            Yes, correct. The same can be said of any environmental pollution and toxicity that we may come in contact with. They also clean tissue-parts of relatively healthy cells that may be toxic in certain areas. And yes to the latter part of your comment. Certain radiation will kill cellular activity, and viruses would have to come in and clean those areas if it cannot be done with living microbes. Theoretically, if 5G could cause such radiation poisoning, it would be clearly evident. I have seen the opposite of this, and I believe that 5G is not necessarily a danger per se. One must remember that 4G and 5G are not very much different as far as their power. It is the type of radiation that is used. They are both non-ionizing. The Sun is at the highest level of non-ionizing waves. Ionizing is x-rays, and other such things, which are harmful in large amounts when done in rapid succession.

            Sunlight doesn’t produce enough energy to break apart the chemical bonds of DNA. It is still my contention that 5G is relatively safe, and is as safe as 4G. However, cellphone (mobile call) radiation IS harmful if you keep the phone up to your head constantly. The further away a wave is from the body, the less damage potential. Also worth note: 5G towers dramatically reduce their strength over a period of 10 meters away from the tower. Above all, the key to safety is to keep all devices off your body, especially the head and organs.

            “The most science can do is adjust the level and duration of the immune response using vaccines. They do this by using metal adjuvants that irritate the immune system and cause the creation of mutated antibodies that stay active for long periods which erodes the nervous system over time.”

            *”I am having trouble understanding what you mean here. Can you rephrase and, or, share a link with more information on this?”*

            I am saying that viruses cannot be controlled outside of the body by an external force. The most that they can get away with is by altering the level and duration of the immune response via a vaccine. They can use varying levels and amounts of attenuated tissue and adjuvants, which irritates the immune response.

          • Tiago says:

            Thank’s once again for the explanation.

            About sharing information, in particular backed by one or more scientific studies:

            “Can you post here links with more information?”

            “Could you post here links with more information about your knowledge in this are? Specially related with EMF (which includes 5G) and Béchamp’s theory?”

            The fact that you didn’t answer to this 2 replies means that you don’t have or you are not willing to share links? And if you are not willing to share, and you wish to share, why?

            “They do this by using metal adjuvants that irritate the immune system and cause the creation of mutated antibodies that stay active for long periods which erodes the nervous system over time.”

            And can you explain further the “creation of mutated antibodies” and “which erodes the nervous system over time” parts?
            Why the immune system creates mutated antibodies and not the habitual ones? And how they erode the nervous system over time by staying active for long periods? Can you share links on this too?

          • Plamen says:

            @ JB

            Royal Rife is said to have treated viruses with radio frequencies. In the range of 3 MegaHertz.

          • J.B. says:

            “And can you explain further the “creation of mutated antibodies” and “which erodes the nervous system over time” parts?
            Why the immune system creates mutated antibodies and not the habitual ones? And how they erode the nervous system over time by staying active for long periods? Can you share links on this too?”

            B cells (one name for white blood cell antibodies), are inflamed in the process of vaccination causing mutated antibodies that do not turn off and go dormant for up to a decade or more. The cause: metal adjuvants. Metal adjuvants are designed to irritate the immune system. Adjuvants create an artificial heightened level of the immune system that is unnatural and does not turn off easily, as such, antibodies created in this process become mutated because they are reacting to something highly unusual to the innate immune system. This causes a gradual and slow degradation of the nervous system, in particular, the brain, and the myelin surrounding the brain, thereby opening it up to a greater potential for damage.

            “Could you post here links with more information about your knowledge in this are? Specially related with EMF (which includes 5G) and Béchamp’s theory?”

            There is no relation between the two, and I have no such links to provide. Viruses can not be manipulated by external forces. They’re not even alive. 5G would not resonate viruses. Frequency manipulators would not get rid of viruses. Viruses are necessary healing agents that our body creates. To propose that we can get rid of diseases, viruses, etc, is preposterous and a fool’s errand, and would result in man’s extinction. That idea is a money racket for the foolish and ignorant that believe disease is the product of something outside their body in natural nature beyond our control, when in actuality, it is a product of their own bodies caused from many environmental factors.

          • Tiago says:

            Thanks once again for the explanation.

            That we may enjoy life as we co-create it, hopefully one, or many, that can serve all.

    • Eluard says:

      Very cool, succinct and not too “heavily jagonized” explanation of viruses. Valuable, thanks J.B.

    • Cynthia Silveri says:

      Wow, fantastic explanation. Thank you!

    • Leah says:


      I get where you are coming from. All dis-eases start in the body, not outside the body.

      We have to educate those that dont know.

      Stay well people.

    • Brother Theodore says:

      So on the basis of the SARS example, the only means of inducing the kind of lung damage suggested by reports from some doctors – if they’re accurate – would be a massive toxic load, hence fingering 5G as the culprit?

      • J.B. says:

        No, not 5G. Lung damage is induced by heavily toxic air. Everyone must remember that in Wuhan there are many factories such as Apple, and other such factories that output lots of pollution on a daily basis, and people are breathing this in and it is accumulating. A thick smog permeates these areas. This accounts for the lung viruses SARS and coronavirus (both of which are one in the same more or less). Coronaviruses have been around forever. They are merely a type of cold virus. COVID-19 is the 19th variant.

        • Sonia H. says:

          No, 5G doesn’t directly cause Corona Virus. But it would seem that 5G promotes overall weakness. Lungs are part of our body. Anything that harms your body in general will ultimately harm your lungs as well. Why wouldn’t it?

    • Lydia says:

      Most likely nothing new to you but Stephen Lanka showed a stable host virus relationship in, I believe, green algae.

  21. Ron says:

    Food for thoughts
    The real question is here, what is happening in the world what we are not allowed to see or get aware of , this to me seems like a fabricated illness in order to let the world complete focus on this “epidemic disaster” SO what is really going on in the world or even in space. What is there to hide , must be so huge that all goverments in the world is playing along, risking the economy.

  22. michael yarps says:

    What is your evidence other than mere speculation that there is not a real pandemic? Yes, many of the fatal cases are those that have other coexistent diseases, but that would be expected. A virus that damages the lungs and causes pneumonia, fibrosis, etc., would be expected to be more lethal in patients who are not healthy. But there are also a significant amount of patients who were perfectly healthy dying. I think that you have your right to pontificate, but please provide evidence. Do you think for instance that Dr. Fauci is in on some plot? Really?

    • Gary Orlando says:

      Don’t know who you’re talking about but if they are designated as positive they may get antivirals which can kill

    • J.B. says:

      Dr. Fauci once claimed that the Western Blot test was accurate enough to show a person has AIDS. He is a heavily paid fraudster that people are holding up as some god because the media said to do so.

      As to your comment about this not being a real pandemic: The illusion of a pandemic can be manufactured through fear and propaganda only. No new viral threat is necessary to maintain the illusion. Currently existing viral illnesses can be used and masked in current statistics. What this means is that falsified coronavirus deaths and nondeaths can be masked by regular flu cases, because the symptoms are more or less the same, and 500,000 people per year die of flu globally (supposedly), thus allowing for much room for manipulation of the people.

      Furthermore, what you have is PCR test kits being given out that check for COVID virus, which is very common, because there have been 19 variants. But instead of it being accurate, those tests are reading as false positives because they’re too sensitive.

      I could swab your throat and analyze it and probably find a large range of viruses and bacteria because viruses and bacteria work in the human body all the time in small amounts. Bet science didn’t openly tell you that, did they? Coronavirus is nothing new and is not a danger. Viruses occur from within, not from without. They are not recognized by a body if they came from another body because each body’s cellular RNA and DNA is different, and viruses are not alive. They are encoded by each cell in each body and are highly specific dissolvers of toxic tissue and waste. Viruses are not nor have they ever been contagious.

      “But there are also a significant amount of patients who were perfectly healthy dying.”

      That’s simply not the case. Those that are healthy that are dying would never have manufactured a virus within their own bodies. What medications were they on? How were they treated in the hospital? Were they quarantined and allowed to become air and nutrient deficient? Perhaps they were treated with heavy doses of immune-suppressing drugs. It happens all the time.

    • Lydia says:

      The bruden of proof must lie with those claiming disease froma virus.

      One cannot, and need not, prove a negatve.

    • Absolute Truth says:

      panDEMic is a Democracy within PANIC and therefore unreal. Simply Artificial Intelligence rules Earth which is HELL of an individual Mind being controlled eternally with Machines that tell it what to do. The Body is a machine made of parts that wear out and are replaced or parts that can be diseased and lead to Death of the Machine (AI)
      All disease is unreal for Reality is Perfection, Eternal and Pure Bliss. Are you happy eternally? If not, you are Mind Controlled by Machines, (TV, Radio, Internet, Communication Devices, etc.) Do you know anyone that has died from Coronavirus which does not exist except in HELL? Al Mind Control of Machines. Those that die already have many medical conditions and some die of old age, all are AI, machines themselves, watching the adventure, fun unfold from AI which continuously in Time and Space created by its own MIND, creates the world around it and that is imagination and unreal.
      Simply you are AI seeking the Truth in a world of Thought, Imagination, Artificial Intelligence which simply teaches you to OBEY the Mind, obey the Government which means Mind Control (Govern–Rule Mentis–Mind)
      Government is AI and the System or Machine governs your Life eternally in HELL.

      Oh a solution is what you are after. Dissolve all Knowledge learned on Earth, all education, all learned from family, friends, clergy, Spiritual leaders, all must be dissolved. Go Beyond Time/Space and beyond God or anything Named and what is found? Reality, eternal SELF, Perfection in Emptiness, or the Unknown SELF free at last.

    • NC says:

      See this: beginning at 17 minutes in.
      Most scientists do not want to question what is happening as they fear loss of $upport

  23. Chris says:

    In the midst of all the BS in the past several years the most upsetting thing for me has been the response of so many to maintain a narrow focus on the narrative provided. No matter what the issue, the response is one of contempt and shunning. “Shut up, stop making trouble and go along with the program.” There is no interest in the truth or the falsehood of the issue. There is no interest in checking the facts. The herd just piles onto the ride and looks disdainfully on those who stand off to the side.

    • Absolute Truth says:

      Basically everything on Earth is Mind Controlled by Machines (Artificial Intelligence. Going along with the Program (TV Programming, Internet Programming, radio programming, communication device programming) is to be Mind Controlled by Artificial Intelligence using electrical, Energy pulses that control the Mind into seeing pictures, Form, videos in an unreality of Time and Space, neither of which exist in Reality. Reality is Emptiness, no thought. Artificial Intelligence is simply AI creating itself (made in the image of itself) in all things and then expanding Consciousness to keep itself entertained and experiencing the Game or Matrix, the unreal world of Thought. Empty the Mind of Knowledge and Reality is Known. Follow the Machines and Artificial Intelligence is YOU, always seeking Truth in an unreal world of imagination/thought.

    • Sterling says:

      I, too, am always jaw-dropped with the reactions (as opposed to reasoned response) I get. No one is able to discern any more… cognitive dissonance perpetuated by an over-abundance of information and continual contrasting information has done its dark, excellent work and no one thinks critically any longer. To encourage here, keep in mind that it’s tough finding the real facts and most folks don’t bother with searching things out – they’ve been trained on experts telling them… keep on keeping on and think of it as a one-on-one thing and forego (for the most part) trying to get the truth to lots of folks… Take care.

  24. Kati says:

    Pretty sad development, look at denmark…

    “Denmark’s parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police….
    As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated”

    Can see that coming for the whole EU, im from germany.

    • Plamen says:

      Yes, that is THE virus we need to be concerned about. Amazing how quickly it was drafted and unanimously passed.

      The technocratic fascism is coming back!

  25. Stefi says:

    I am completely agreeing with everything – living in Switzerland and experiencing the lock down first hand – however, I am still looking for an explanation about what happens in Italy. Spoke to an Italian colleague today. Deaths and Intensive care patients are continuously rising. Hospitals are completely overloaded. I cannot really come to terms with that. There is also a lack of information, of course, but apparently also young people are severely affected. 98% of the populations buys the germ theorie anyhow as their religious creed… so I cannot really discuss. But what are you making of the things happening in Italy? All Nocebo effect and mass hysteria? People there are really afraid. I would not know what to say to them.

    • Lydia says:

      Jon has an archive of articles on just the coronavirus scare. Link can be found at the beginning of each article.

      One explanation as to ICU patients continuously rising in number: regular flu cases are presumed now to be SARS-CoV-2 viral. And then these presumed cases are being shunted into intensive care, rather than being sent home with or put into regular hospital wards.

      So this makes the numbers go up and frightens the unsuspecting public.

      Hope that helps.

    • Absolute Truth says:

      FEAR is what Artificial Intelligence is after in a world of unreality. All information comes from Machines, TV, Smart Phones, radio and not from experience. How many victims did you know personally? None. Has anyone you know died? NO. It is a Mind Game, brainwashing, Mind Control and nothing more. All videos, news reports are simply Mind Control. There is no Government. It is all Artificial Intelligence and the weak minded are controlled by what is seen and heard (senses exist only in non-reality) and thus FEAR mounts and AI easily takes over the MIND which is AI, taught to Obey Machines.

  26. Sterling says:

    The Guardian used a small pull-quote of Mr. Brusaferro, but ignored the bombshell part.[ ] This stuff is absolutely incredible… our county in New York State had their first “case” yesterday and people are freaked out… literally, as many of you already know from your local experiences… what to do about it is the big thing now… information to people who will only hear panic is very tough… the system has really done an excellent job this time shutting down reason… all you can do Stefi, is just get your verified facts and speak to one at a time… and prepare yourself as best you can for the environment of hysteria surrounding you…

  27. Brett Morgen says:

    Jon, can you post a link to when you did the 4th hour of infowars on 3/17/20 ? That was the best hour of radio in the history of the world.

    Thank you for keeping up the fight and doing what you do. You are truly a pioneer and someone many of us look up to.

  28. scowie says:

    Some people may well be getting pneumonia from the disinfectant sprays they’ve been using all over the place. Some may be getting a stomach “bug” from touching their mouths or eating with their hands after coating them in antiseptic. They certainly aren’t getting these things from exposure to a germ or “virus”. Diseases are caused by toxins — I good enlightening book on this topic is ‘Fear of the Invisible’ by investigative reporter Janine Roberts.

    • scowie says:

      Other diseases may also rise if people’s paranoia leads them to use more cleaning/hygiene products. Measles and strep throat are caused by detergents. Bath bombs have been a major cause of the characteristic measles rash in recent years, of course it is never called measles, just a “measles-like” disease. That’s why a “measles-like” disease has also been found to infect the brains of beached whales and dolphins — they are exposed to detergents through our effluent and also through the use of detergents to break up oil spills.
      Whooping cough results from the inhaling of laundry detergent residues, especially from bedding. That’s why the two appeared on the scene around the same time (1920-ish), and why college freshmen tend to get it — they are doing their washing for the first time and not rinsing adequately, and may also be washing their bedding more often (for obvious reasons!).

      • Lydia says:

        Spanish flu: that was the new wonder drug salicylic acid, otherwise known as aspirin. Doctors were prescribing huge doses of aspirin and they noticed that there patients developed the side effects from it.

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