Italy quarantines 16 million people: “the effect proves the cause”

by Jon Rappoport

March 8, 2020

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Let’s go to NBC News for the word on what’s happening in Italy. March 8, 2020, “Coronavirus updates live: Million quarantined in Italy, as D.C. reports first case”. (see also this from Wall Street Journal)

This NBC piece, as so many others do, mixes and matches reports. Millions quarantined there, first case here. The tactic is meant to build up details of an overwhelming cascade of “proof”: the threat is real, the storm clouds have opened and the rain is falling.

NBC: “Italy’s government has placed more than 16 million people — a quarter of the population — under lockdown, in a drastic bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

“The Lombardy region, including the city of Milan has been quarantined, as have other cities including Venice, Parma and Modena.”

“Meanwhile in the U.S., the first case has been confirmed in the capital Washington D.C. and hundreds of other cases have been reported around the country.”

At the time of the announced quarantine in Italy, the official death toll in that country was 233.

OK, here are the official “effects of the coronavirus”: around 5800 cases, 233 deaths, 16 million people quarantined. Therefore…

The cause—the virus—must be real and very dangerous.


If Lee Oswald is arrested and charged in the murder of JFK (effect), does that automatically means he committed the crime (cause)?

If a man, crossing the street against a red light, is run down by a car (effect), does that mean a self-proclaimed witch, who stared at the man for three seconds before he stepped off the curb, put a curse on him (cause)?

The effect does not prove the cause. It never did. It never will. Aristotle figured this out 2300 years ago.

“But…but…why would they announce a huge quarantine in Italy, unless the virus were a tremendous threat?”

I’ve published a number of articles explaining reasons for governments acting the way they do. None of those reasons has anything to do with a virus. (archive here)

“But I FEEL like the virus is deadly…”

I feel like the moon is made of cheese, when there is no cheese in the refrigerator. It’s a quirk. I manage to control it.

“I BELIEVE the virus is dangerous.”

On that basis, consider starting a church.

There is a condition called pellagra. In the early 20th century, several million people in the American South suffered from it. That was the effect. Public health officials thought the cause was a germ (or a corn toxin). After all, a disease must have a germ behind it, right? Wrong. About 30 years later, after fighting an uphill battle, a few researchers correctly convinced the medical world that pellagra was the result of a niacin deficiency.

The effect does not prove the cause.

If you were a) demented, and b) the ruler of a nation, and you suddenly decided to lock down 20 million people, would that prove you had a good reason for your action? Your followers might think so. The press might pretend to think so, in order to improve their bottom line. But in truth, you just did what you did. Or you were coerced into it, by more powerful persons.

Finally, exactly how were these 5800 “coronavirus cases” determined in Italy? How many people were labeled “presumptive cases” simply because they were in the proximity of people who had tested positive for the virus—tested by lab procedures which, actually, say nothing about how much virus is actively replicating in the body? The tests, as it turns out, are a piece of theatrical stage magic, and nowhere near as convincing as a man pulling a rabbit out of a hat. If you’re going to say a test reveals actual disease, at the very least you must show that millions of virus are replicating in the body. And the test, called PCR, as I’ve described in past articles, isn’t capable of confirming that.

Of course, proponents of the test claim it CAN confirm how much virus is replicating in the human body. I would ask them, since they’re so certain, to prove it.

I propose a simple trial. From a hundred people, tiny samples of tissue will be removed—the standard first step. Without knowing who these patients are, or whether they are ill, the test professionals will run the samples through their PCR, and then, with the results in hand, they will report a) which viruses they found, and b) how much virus. In those instances where they found a large amount of virus, the patients should be ill. Are they?

Let’s find out.

Let’s find out what “a case of coronavirus” really means or doesn’t mean.

The burden of proving the test is reliable falls on the people who are using it, reporting case numbers based on it, and changing the shape of society as a result of it. They should have performed the experiment I propose decades ago. Ten times. Fifty times. A hundred times.

I see no evidence that they have.

Therefore, the test falls into the realm of SUPERSTITION.

And the quarantining of 16 million people in Italy proves that 16 million people have been quarantined. Nothing else.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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42 comments on “Italy quarantines 16 million people: “the effect proves the cause”

  1. lamberth says:

    At first I thought the corona virus PsyOp was designed to collapse the current economic / financial system.

    It’s designed to keep it going for a bit longer.
    Sustaining the unsustainable.
    Sustainability is a farce when the system itself is broken.

    • silverman says:

      It’s not sustaining the economic system, stock markets are melting, tourism is badly hit.
      There is no plan or conspiracy, as if governments know it’s a big lie, as if the medical profession is knowingly selling pseudo-science, they are as blind and as clueless and as believing as the general public. They don’t know what they are doing nor do they know why. They really believe the coronavirus pandemic is real, just like the media they are lying to, without knowing they are lying.

      The rich are losing money here, this is not some sinister plot on behalf of bankers etc. who are losing here. It’s a sociological phenomena rooted in virus mania, and an apocalyptic-millenarian doomsday zeitgeist (which we also see with climate change histrionics).
      We haven’t seen hysteria like this since the HIV/AIDS gibberish in the mid eighties. What makes the hysteria worse now, is the Internet and social media, which we didn’t have back in the eighties.

      • Rtp says:

        Thank you!!!

        Once a bunch of idiot doctors decided this so-called virus was “novel” everything just cascaded from there.

        People are trying to overlap a ludicrous theory (contagion) on to real world observations and everybody is bewildered and petrified.

      • Plamen says:

        That’s because their whole disease theory is on very shake grounds. If the “Germ Theory of Disease” were true no one could ever get over a cold or flu, or any other disease caused by bugs, since they would constantly be re-infecting themselves.

        Also, if the “Germ Theory of Disease” were true we would ALL have ALL of the bugs ALL of the time since they are “everywhere” and so would all other life on Earth, i.e. plants, trees, animals, insects, birds, etc., so life on Earth could not have happened.

        • Rtp says:

          Yep. Your points are spot on.

          I think we should be “fair” to Pasteur though. All throughout history people have been entranced by “contagion” (Jesus didn’t though notably). Pasteur was just another in a long line of idiots who gave an answer to this.

          But “what causes contagion?” is the wrong question. People should have looked at the sorts of people that (sometimes) share other people’s symptoms and then worked from the ground up. If they had done this then the answer would have been obvious.

          Siblings often share symptoms. Classmates and colleagues sometimes do.
          Patients and doctors almost never do.

          That tells us quite obviously that toxins and emotional traumas are the only possible explanations for disease and because of the third, there is no such thing as contagion. Reasonable people can argue about which of the two to emphasize more but those are the only coherent explanations.

      • JohnnyZ says:

        Depends on who you are talking about. The common politician, news reporter or medical expert may very well be as you describe. The richest ones on the top are different. They are in the know and they already have all the money they need – they can print it out of thin air. Maybe they are positioned short now.

      • rplende says:

        This was planned beforehand and a bit of cursory research proves it. Check out Event 201 and the 7 point solution which was held just 6 weeks before the first case. Too coincidental.
        Also read Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development by the Rockefeller Foundation especially the Lock Step section on page 18. This was published in 2010. If you think this wasn’t planned you have your head buried in the sand.

  2. BS Detector says:

    Direct hit! Come up with the “disease” and the puppet masters will generate the “evidence”.

    Just like poliomyelitis, which increased contrary to the trend of infectious diseases, but concurrently with persistent pesticides, and decreased concurrently right in lockstep with the decline of said pesticides… and with the vaccine that was developed for the rather harmless virus that got the blame for what the agricultural poisons wrought. With just perfect timing!

    Quite the illusionist’s feat. Penn and Teller couldn’t do better. But then, given that they were ardent true vax believers last I heard, I suppose they really couldn’t, or else they’d suss the trick.

    Perhaps pharma wasn’t so ignorant of the actual cause after all, given the concurrent timing of the withdrawal of the poisons from use and the introduction of the vaccine. But then a “polio outbreak” occurred in 1958, at which time they DID take a deeper look and only about 1/3 had the polio virus, but toxic causes were not considered. Which of course got spun to further support the “success” of the useless vaccines.

    And now tens of thousands of Indian people (where they still use DDT) who are vaccinated for polio die of paralytic disease that would have been called poliomyelitis in 1950. I doubt those unfortunate victims give a tinker’s damn what it’s called.

    • za ka lu says:

      even back to the invasion of the ‘new world’ as told starting in 15th century (posited date) with the annihilating plagues unleashed on the existing inhabitant? It’s the same monarchs, aristocrats, dynasties now, re-aligned / reinvented isn’t it? Hanover of Germany (Windsor), House of Orange, invading exploiters traceable back to sumeria, babylon, greece, rome–

  3. Nora Marginean says:

    I’m so grateful that there are still some journalist left that have their heads screwed on right. I value your articles along with Del Bigtree’s .
    I’m cancelling all my tests & Dr. appts for now until this hype calms down as I have RA in my lungs & allergies which produce a nagging cough for 2 1/2 years now. Sure don’t want to be quarantined for a bogus virus.

  4. Rick says:

    What do they have in common? Deception. Illusion. However, you can fool most of the people SOME of the time… and SOME of the people MOST of the time, but not ALL the people ALL the time. (I think that was Lincoln).

    • Radical Rodent says:

      But you only need to fool ENOUGH of the people ENOUGH of the time…

      • BS Detector says:

        Exactly. That’s what they’re counting on. But the heightened censorship of genuine health info indicates we may be nearing that threshold of enough people NOT being fooled, at long last.

        Books that tell the truth about health, such as Dissolving Illusions, by Humphries and Bystrianyk on the real history of vaccination, are way, way outselling the propaganda, as more and more people are seeing for themselves. The truth WILL out, but what was people endure in the mean time?

  5. Marco says:

    Are governments just trying to set a precedent for draconian control? It’s a shame — I love Italy, definitely not a country I would think would enact these laws (the people are so laid back!), but also passionate. So it’s discouraging.
    Fear of a virus you can’t even see… meanwhile millions die of malaria every year and no one blinks an eye because they are poor.

    • Rick says:

      George Noori pointed out the statistical lie that corona virus propandists are pumping out, and cited numbers of deaths from regular flu and other causes. He’s very big in night time talk radio so millions have heard his view. This is encouraging.

      The counter-propaganda we could generate on comments in various news sites and elsewhere could cite similar stats, to remind everyone everywhere that 6,000 people a day die in the US from various causes anyway… and that the current death rate due to covid19 simply doesn’t warrent the type of hysterical shutdowns going on .

      Rush Limbaugh has millions of listeners and put out his own comparison of stats on deaths which exposed the lie of the covid19 nonsense.

      Neither Rush nor Noori pointed out the connection to 5G but at least they’re halfway around the bases. Now all they have to do is hit the home-run and help expose 5G as the culprit. I don’t think they will because I’ve viewed them as alt news gatekeepers for awhile now.

      Anyone calling these shows should refer to Jon Rappoports site..… see if we can get that some airtime.

  6. Sarah says:

    Could the illness in italy have to do with the wine magically coming out of peoples faucets in Modena. That would be a weird turn of events.

  7. Greg C. says:

    Compare the death toll of 233 (again, the number 33 is used as often as possible in these virus reports) in Italy with the death toll from flu (higher, I’m sure) which is never quarantined by the govt.

    The whole scare is predicated on an increase of very small numbers. The implication is that the numbers will continue to grow at the same rate. Even if you put your trust in the accuracy of the numbers, you can’t project a continued increase based on a couple of months of data. Add this argument to the list proving this whole scenario is not rational.

    • Rick says:

      Greg, that might be true… that you can’t project a continued increase based a few months BUT…. but in THIS situation where there is continuing expansion of 5G networks and the illness is due to 5G… we may INDEED see a continuing expansion of “5G-corona-illness”.

      The Powers-that-be will then have a perfect alibi using this same false-flag!

  8. From Quebec says:

    The Globalists ran out of options.

    So now, they are trying to sell us a Soap Opera. LOL

    It will nor work, We can make the difference between reality and illusion.

    • Rick says:

      WE can… but millions of others cannot. Not until I pointed out the increase in 5G ads on TV were rolled out roughly with the increase in Covid19 fear-porn, to my wife, did she start believing me that CoronaVirus-is-5G-radiation-sickness.

      As well, big wheels out there may have a go-along-to-along-and-take-the-money… attitude… where they simply tow the deep-state-propaganda-lie despite our evidence.

      It occurs to me that we may have to launch individual blow-black counter-propaganda, each in our own individually unique styles. We’re simply going to have fight back because this whole thing is getting way out of control.

      The only other possible solution I’ve seen and that I like is that this false-flag-blame-it-on-Covid19-when-its-actually-5G… is that it is “self-limiting”. Self-limiting phenomena in nature has been well researched. We just need to apply it to this situation.

  9. From Quebec says:

    Is it not amazing that all this started at the same time of
    the populist movement worldwide?

  10. Riccardo says:

    You people should come here in Milan and see for yourselves

    • Rtp says:

      What exactly are we supposed to see?

      Has anybody *ever* seen someone dying immediately following wild virus infection with this strain of the corona virus?

      Come to think of it, has anybody ever seen any virus do such a thing?

    • trishwriter says:

      I’m curious as to what you mean by this. Please explain. Are people sick and dying more than usual?

  11. Tom says:

    The news is in. Bill Gates has a solution. Come and get it.

    “Gates Foundation-backed program will soon be issuing home testing kits for COVID-19 in Seattle
    Jonathan Shieber@jshieber / 9:16 pm CET • March 8, 2020”

  12. Pisces says:

    Coronavirus is a “scapegoat” or an excuse to what’s really happening behind the scenes. Forget the virus it’s DEW (aka five Gee) you should be worry about. Governments are experimenting this on civilians and they can kill anybody they want and blame it on the virus! There’s a reason why people are dropping dead in places like “Chyna” etc. and the virus is not the cause of that. They’re dropping dead like the birds did during an experiment on phiveG in the Netherlands. Do you think it’s a coincidence just before the election year that they released this virus and want you to focus on this “pandemic” instead of what’s really going on? It’s a distraction. They’re testing a military grade directed energy weapon and they’ll use it to kill the masses to control the world population, that’s why they created quarantine camps for the purpose of “medical” martial law saying they put people in to stop the outbreak of this virus. Bullsh*t. They’re doing an experiment. Do you think they’ll just cancel their NWO plan just because people want to be free? Saying “oh, these people don’t want us to rule them anymore, we should stop what we’re doing”. Lol! Of course they won’t do that! They’ll force it on us. It was planned long time ago and we’re seeing it in action and it’s accelerating, because the masses are waking up and the “owners” want to take full control before it’s too late for them to implement the new world order. It’s happening, folks! There’s much more going on than what both sides of the media are reporting.

    Copy this and go to brighteon and paste it in the search bar: “The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda.”

    And copy this and remove the spaces right after “youtube.” and “youtu.” to watch the video
    https://youtube. com/watch?feature=youtu. be&v=ah8Bpg6ep1k

    Again, remove the spaces after “youtube.” and “youtu.”
    https://youtube. com/watch?feature=youtu. be&v=ChS3J893rpI

  13. Jaymie says:

    There is a Chinese restaurant in Irvine California that is taking their customers temperatures as they walk in the door. One customers temperatures was too
    high so he was told he could not come in. The article is in the OC weekly newsletter, that my aunt forwarded to me this morning. She also told me there is a movie theater in Orange County that will not let you in until you allow them to search your purse and pat you down, similiar to the TSA at the airport. She left with her family when she saw what they were doing at the door and had to go to the ticket booth to get her money refunded. We are living in a dystopian nightmare and if we don’t say NO to this insanity the days of the United States of America as a Free nation will be over soon! Please join me in saying NO to this madness.

    • Rick says:

      Your post gives me an idea: I frequent a Chinese restaurant called Super Dragon… great food.

      I can stand on the sidewalk at a busy traffic time of day when cars are going slow, bumper to bumper.

      I can hold up a cardboard sign that says CoronaVirus is 5G radiation sickness!!

      Of course I won’t do it. But this vision occurred to me as a possibility, instead of going INTO Super Dragon… and furthermore, I could visit my fave Chinese restaurants (I know people at several in Phoenix) and spread the word among the chinese community that Corona is 5G radiation Sickness. I could write the local Chinese paper here, where I know a few people. Yeah… I think I can do something with this.

      I’m becoming a Covid19-is-5G-sickness activist!

    • rplende says:

      Are they checking the temperature of the Cats before they skin them for the Chow Mein?

  14. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    The good news is that citrus fruits in the US (and everywhere else) will sell better than in years…unless people are too mesmerized with fear to remember the “effect” of a lemon squeezed into tomato juice.
    If the citizens of this world are that stupid it’s over anyway. There’s no medicine for scared stupid…only faith.

  15. Stunned by the Amount of Gullibility says:

    Epidemic via propaganda and consensus resulting in panicked sheep bleating in the streets. “Saaaaave us!”

    On another subject, here’s my version of a corona virus statistics counter. Very simple code, all text, never changes.

    Confirmed cases = 0
    Deaths = 0

    because number of isolated corona viruses = 0
    Therefore all tests = Bravo Sierra

  16. Sunshine says:

    WHO benefits? WHO has always benefited? WHO is hyping up the current flu?

    Regarding 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic:
    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), a human rights watchdog, is publicly investigating the WHO’s motives in declaring a pandemic. Indeed, the chairman of its influential health committee, epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg, has declared that the “false pandemic” is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.” (Forbes, February 10, 2010)

    Like deja vu every two years.

  17. D. Smith says:

    Like I commented on one of your earlier posts, the WORLD is testing its inhabitants to see how really stupid they are, and exactly what they’ll buy into with no facts. This demonstrates to me that people will believe absolutely anything the gubmint says. How very very sad. We are like sheep and the ones of us who aren’t are usually censored.

    I say it’s time to get rid of computers, cell phones, ipads or whatever all is out there now. If we are not going to be allowed to communicate, what the hell is the point of mass communication? It apparently can only be used for gubmint scares and other gubmint purposes. What a crock.

  18. D. Smith says:

    I have been recently blocked from several online sites where I used to post along with many others. No bad language, no snide remarks – – nothing that should warrant being censored except my own opinions about the farce of the medical industry and their scare tactics.

    That should tell ALL of us something important about our civilization (if you can call it that – nothing civilized about it anymore), if you don’t absolutely agree with everything everyone else says, no matter how wrong it might be.

  19. za ka lu says:

    illusion, magik, deception—one word that captures all of this as mentioned in article is presumption/presumptive—-

    The entirety of the system, whether, medical, gov’t, judicial/legal, financial, education, all of it, is designed and based on the Presumption of it’s validity. This is where the ‘voluntary’ bs comes in—All of the systems are to be ‘Presumed’ as valid and therefore authoritative, to compel our performance OR ELSE!—-backed up by monuments and effigy’s of mysterious dead personas to help sell their presumed authority.

    One of the cornerstones of the presumption is the FIRST MIDDLE LAST NAME, a name created by (?) what is ‘presumed’ to be (glossa) STATE OF _____________ from our true name, without our permission, incorrectly combined with family name, written in Glossa a debased latin sign language—To be PRESUMED as a name, as it conveys no fact whatsoever—cannot be translated into any spoken language or descriptive language text—we are fooled into answering to their colorable presumptive NAME, to be exploited.

    from my searching for rememdy, much ‘legalese’ is from latin translation into english, and Glossa is debased form of dog-latin, as directed and determined by manual of style.

    The whole of it ALL is to be PRESUMED as fact, it is posited, hence ‘posit-ive law, presumption of guilt/innocence, presumptive virus infections—

  20. za ka lu says:

    How can I really Know these quarantines are happening? I am not there and cannot trust videos or ‘official news’. Just logical to consider–and if travel is stopped, then cannot get there to see first hand—this is so like nineteen-eighty-four novel–no one sees the battles, or eastasia etc, only can ‘know’ what big-brother / oceania proclaims, which is dejour, re-written to fit as needed (down the memory hole)–

  21. Bob Smithson says:

    Excellent. Every person who took high school science is supposed to know the logic you spell out here. Every person with a bachelor’s degree in science should know this and not be falling for the garbage. But, alas, even when “properly trained” they then fall prey to day after day of propaganda and group think and not wanting to speak up — stupid and cowardly. I just heard last week a medical-doctor level say to me exactly one of the ignorant excuses you have given for why people believe all the “official information” — Well, since all the WHO folks and science-guys in white coats say it, you don’t think it can’t be true, do you?

  22. Wayne says:

    Claiming coronavirus mortality is 3% this early, would be like predicting a batter will hit .500 for the entire season, because he hit .500 in the first week of the baseball season. Right now coronavirus is like the first week of the baseball season. It’s batting average will decrease as the season progresses, and probably land on a number close to the seasonal flu mortality rate

  23. FS3 says:

    Whole Italy is on lockdown now. See, that before that act of PM Conte there ‘occured’ breakouts and riots in 27 (!) prisons simultanousely throughout the land.

    The military was called into the streets. With tanks(!) against prison breaks?

    Italy’s economy is at her brink.

    And! Nobody speaks of 25000 deaths p.a. from normal flu. Every year…


  24. Aron says:

    jasonvanschoor on Twitter posted a multi-tweet “From a well respected friend and intensivist/A&E consultant who is currently in northern Italy”

    His tweet is going viral saying things like:

    – they see people dying in front of them
    – do not be afraid of massively strict measures to keep people safe
    – We have seen it, you won’t be if you don’t take it seriously

    I’m not sure what to think about this but as always, smells fishy.

  25. Mister says:

    You have a typo, “means’ instead of “mean”.

    Jon, get on GAB before they throw you off Twitter.

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