Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey

by Jon Rappoport

March 6, 2020

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We all understand that governments can invent money out of thin air. However, inventing a reason out of thin air to invent the money sometimes takes a little more ingenuity.

Enter THE VIRUS. The medical version of Satan.

To new readers: to fully understand the next paragraph, you’ll need to read my previous articles on the “China epidemic” con job (archive here).

—A virus whose very existence is in doubt; the diagnostic tests for the virus are entirely inadequate and useless and misleading; therefore, the case numbers are meaningless; the virus’ supposed origin (Wuhan) is a place where highly dangerous and unprecedented air pollution can account for the all the effects of the so-called virus—and now one prediction on steroids is pegging the eventual global case numbers at 15 million, and the cost of containing the virus at $2.4 trillion. The elite players are visiting their tailors and having their deep pockets deepened further to absorb this (planned) windfall.

Let’s go local to grasp how a city government can scoop up a small piece of the action: Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has released this statement, explaining his declaration of a state of emergency:

“This morning, I joined our County leaders to provide the public with an update on everything we are doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect public health. I have signed a declaration of local emergency for the City of Los Angeles.”

“While there are only a few known COVID-19 cases in the region, the declaration [of emergency] helps us access state and federal funding to strengthen and support our efforts to prepare our region and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

If I were the mayor of LA, I would have phrased my statement this way: “Groveling on the steps of the US Treasury building, I implored the feds to drop bags of cash on my head. I understand the game. Go along with the charade, pretend we’re in the middle of a vast crisis, follow all the CDC guidelines, pronounce the magic word EMERGENCY, and good fortune will follow. Resist, defect from the artificial consensus, and earn the status of vile outcast. Weighing these two options—only a fool would refuse the federal gifts. I’m sure LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ALL ACROSS THIS GREAT LAND ARE LICKING THEIR CHOPS AND SIGNING ON TO THE OFFICIAL AGENDA. IT’S THE MONEY, HONEY.”

Here is an example of what the great mayor of the great city of Los Angeles is commanding, to stem the tide of the evil virus:

“LAX [airport] is following the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…installing more than 250 additional hand sanitizer stations and using virus and bacteria-killing disinfectants throughout the airport. We’re cleaning public areas and restrooms at least once every hour, and increasing deep cleaning — focusing on high touch areas like handrails, escalators, elevator buttons, and restroom doors…”

What, no spittoons? No plastic baggies to wear over shoes? No hazmat hoods with visors? No ray guns to kill the virus as it floats through the air? No oxygen tanks and masks to offset the toxic effects of the disinfectants?

Ahem. Is anyone still interested in the system of Federalism, and the principle by which the individual states and the federal government maintain their separate powers? Ha-ha. Just kidding. The federal government, with its ability to conjure money out of nowhere, can offer the states (and even cities) cash to surrender and accept federal policies and edicts.

“You want me to stand on my head? You’ll pay me to do it? I’m in.”

A “virus emergency” is just another scheme to expand federal powers. It’s a lot more than that, as I’ve explained in articles going back 20 years, but here I’m focusing on one element of Scam-Land.

Analogy: You could call the US education system another kind of virus—a social germ. “We’re the feds. Listen up, States. Accept our newest version of No Child Left Behind With A Mind of His/Her Own, and we’ll push money your way. Turn out clueless students without an original thought in their heads, without the ability to read a full paragraph of coherent prose, much less think in logical terms, and we’ll reward you handsomely. We have a whole lineup of programs and plans for the future, and they’re so outrageous we must have millions of dumb-as-wood people who will shrug and buy into them…”

One such outrageous program: a story about a biological virus, a fairy tale for the ages. As with all such jive, a happy ending is there, but only after much misery and fear.

Footnote: As if to prove the corona baloney is real, certain peripheral operations must be launched. An all-time favorite: torpedo the stock market. Ah yes. Top tier investment funds give the market a gentle but firm head-butt, and overnight, individual investors start dumping their shares in this, that, and the other. Headlines scream. Therefore, what more evidence do you need? The virus is coming, the virus is coming. Head for the hills. Pack up the kids. Live in the forest. Dig for roots and tubers. Survive away from the CONTAGION.

“I thought I was healthy. I was drinking fresh juice every morning and running in the park. I’m not even in favor of vaccines. But now I don’t know. I sneezed twice yesterday. For a moment, while I was watching the news, I felt what might have been a hot flash. Better call my doctor and get tested. What? He’s booked up solid for three months? Screw it, I’m going to talk to my boss and see if I can work from home. Who’s that drug dealer friend of your cousin, honey? Maybe he’s selling antivirals.”

Footnote #2: Forget food labels that announce ORGANIC or GMO FREE. When are we going to see stickers on apples that claim: NO CORONAVIRUS. For that matter, when will people starting wearing those stickers on their foreheads?

As I’ve been saying for 30 years, the most important long-term cartel of Globalism is MEDICAL. It flies no partisan banners. It proclaims its political neutrality. It expresses no interest beyond healing.

It thus exemplifies a fabulous cover story for its covert operations. It employs armies of true believers, who will tell you they are SCIENTISTS. The problem is, they’ve undergone massive mind control. It’s called medical school.

They’ve never met a virus they don’t love. Even if that virus turns out to be nothing more than a theoretical artifact, a fabricated construct, a cartoon, a fairy tale spun out on the evening news…

Update: The US Congress has just approved $8.3 billion for ‘fighting the coronavirus.’ Talk about a money pot. Major fingers in that pot, including, no doubt, vaccine companies.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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73 comments on “Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey

  1. Steve Stars says:


    Thanks for the humor. I needed that. Where can we get the stickers for our foreheads that say?
    (100% guaranteed by Real Time/PCR)

    • Ken Kenn says:

      Call me a pedant but Don’t many more people worldwide die of many other forms of flu each year?

      If some people are dying of Corona flu due to underlying health problems what is special about this flu virus that is unpeculiar to the many others?

      Is it because it’s from China and not say Spain – a democracy?

  2. HELLO!! thank-you for all your reports. Reading your thoughts over the years…I always wonder why you have continued to live in THAT country…we left 10 years ago and my only regret is that we didn´t leave decades before….!!!

  3. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    Laughed so hard that I fell on the floor! In the very core of my being, I know you are right…you make waaaay too much sense! Think I’ll start a business…forehead stickers!

  4. Alan says:

    They conned the entire country into paying federal income tax to begin with.

    It probably gives worse return than the worst bet you can find in any casino.

  5. Toni says:

    Interesting too, that all the states that just got their funding cut for having “sanctuary cities ” are first to put their hand up for the newly created ‘federal funds’…

    Nothing to see here, move along…

  6. DSKlausler says:

    So, it gets really bad, and we all are eventually forced to be vaccinated.

    What’s the best preparation preceding the jab? Heavy VitC, VitD, bloated with water?

    How about afterwards?

  7. John Malatesta says:

    I commented the other day about the pets now wearing Coronavirus protective masks. Jon , lets go into business and provide pet masks here in the USA. Of course will have to make all different sizes . That will 50 bucks please for a maks for your cow…Oh and let’s not forget the cute little booties so they don’t step in poo poo…dont want a different cirus breaking out .????????

  8. Brad says:

    Mr. Rappoport,

    You may have covered this in many recent posts but I read the CDC has stopped reporting numbers as to ‘Coronavirus’. Memory tells me something similar was done with Swine Flu to hide that there was no epidemic. If I’m getting that correct I think highlighting that as part of a post would be a thought provoker indeed.

  9. Brad Miller says:

    I heard 3 billion of the 8 was for vaccines. And if some biotech makes a vaccine, they get to charge for it. Talk about a scam…

    • Janie Borne says:

      Isn’t it sickening? ????

    • Tricia Shore says:

      $8.3 billion was “appropriated”; of that, 7.8 billion was earmarked for “discretionary” income.

    • rebellious earthling says:

      You don’t think they already have a vaccine ready to roll out? After all, this was planned long before now. No doubt they’ll just be using a surplus of flu vaccines that need to be dumped off that they couldn’t even give away for free.
      They’ll just add some more aluminum and lab animal kidneys and blood to it. All of these manmade viruses are interchangeable, some more toxic than the others, but they all shed and spread to the unvaccinated.

  10. Neo Paradigm says:

    Wonder why this paper was retracted?

    • Plamen says:

      Great find. Thank you.

    • rebellious earthling says:

      Did you know that if you get a flu vaccine and then go take an HIV test, you will test positive? It just proves that all these man-made viruses are interchangeable.

  11. Thanks for your insights, satire and all. Keep it up. You have a voice. Use it. Some people still have open minds and look for the truth, at least from their point of view. You are a free thinker who can help them open their eyes and not be afraid. This is invaluable. May you live long and prosper.

  12. Protestant says:

    Quick summary of the coming Coronavirus Vaccine Genocide:
    1) Intact foreign protein in the blood is a universal trigger for allergic reaction, not just in man but in all animals.
    2) Our digestive systems break down all food proteins, rendering them harmless in the bloodstream.
    3) The Coronavirus Vaccine will use intact foreign proteins taken from the blood of infected patients.
    4) Anaphylactic shock results from intact foreign proteins in food having bypassed the digestive system and making their way intact into the blood, via leaky gut or hypodermic injection directly into the bloodstream via vaccines.
    5) This sudden, violent reaction requires an initial sensitization involving injection of some sort, followed by a later ingestion of the sensitized food. Get the shot, then later eat the food.
    6) The initial exposure creates the hypersensitivity. The second exposure is the violent, perhaps fatal, physical event.
    7) A wide variety of intact food proteins will be inserted into the Coronavirus Vaccines, so that the later anaphylactic shock deaths “from The Virus” will not be connected in the public mind to the vaccine or to any particular food.

    • Tom says:

      What you mention I understand to a certain degree. To get more detail I Googled “Intact foreign protein” into “Books”. Have a look at what pops up for the book “The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet
      By Robb Wolf”
      What I don’t get is that people have been eating grains for centuries as well as rice. So the supposed issue with Lectins is hard for me to understand. Your thoughts 🙂

      • Plamen says:

        When I was growing up no children had any allergies whatsoever. Now kids have all kinds of allergies. It all started in the mid-60s when mass vaccinations commenced.

    • Plamen says:

      Thank you for these links.

    • Ceecee says:

      Do you have a link for this: “Quick summary of the coming Coronavirus Vaccine Genocide:” Thank you.

  13. Christine says:

    What a novel idea that airports are just now deciding that it is a good idea to disinfect the handrails, doors, etc… why not do that on a regular basis anyway?! When I was younger, hospitals used to disinfect elevator buttons, not to mention floors, rooms, ..etc. Now, the nurses do not even place your medicine tablets in a cup to serve you…in my case, she held the pills in her bare hand! Gross! Such magnificent training she received!

    • Tom says:

      I bet they do this where the 1% boards their private jests.

    • Plamen says:

      The disinfectants contain elements which are antagonistic to iodine and thus weakening the body. So it’s worse.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      When I was a little girl we wore white cotton gloves a lot, especially in “promiscuous” crowds and travel.
      Even in the early 50s Americans took some responsibility for their own well being.

  14. From Quebec says:



    Are these the same computers that gave us global warming?

  15. Anthony says:

    There is a Legal Maxim that states..
    Emergency knows no law.
    Any government entity that declares an “Emergency” has abolished all that is legal and lawful. This country has been in an “Emergency” since the Congress critters walked out at the opening of the War of Northern Aggression in the early 1860s. It was reinforced on the opening days of the FDR administration.

    Has anyone heard of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)? Every Federal, State, City, county and other local government entities and agencies have been required by law to file such reports under penalty of purgery annually. It is the only time that government tells the truth. These reports go beyond just a budget report. They show ALL the investments of the government entities. Every government entity is swimming is sooooo much wealth that there is no need for taxation. And, they always want more. Governments are THE major stockholder in all major Corporations.

    As for Bloomberg, He spent over half a Billion dollars on his failed campaign. That is enough to give EVEY man, woman, child and illegal a Million dollars each and have money left over. How much is possible to give to the people when $2.4 Trillion is involved?

    • Anthony says:

      It is a thousand each.
      Still, would you vote for some ruler if you were given $1,000?
      George Washington bribed for his votes with a glass of his whiskey.
      I am afraid most would.

  16. el gallinazo says:

    Hi Jon, I am comparing this psy-ops to the JFK hit. I call the coronavirus the Lee Harvey Oswald virus to my friends.
    Lone Gunman Patsy = the “virus”
    The magic bullet = the fake PCR test
    The WHO & CDC & MSM **and** alternative media. = Jack Ruby killing any chance for public truth
    Without the PCR test there **is no* pandemic

    • lamberth says:

      Or as someone else here already suggested: nine11.
      The same false narrative, the same pseudo-science (think NIST report). The usual patsies (which change by the day) and muddying of the waters.
      And of course, the ???????????????? terrorist organization that is behind it all (including JFK) is ???????????????????? even on the suspect list, let alone ???????????????? identified.

      That’s the power you have when you control the narrative through the MSM, your bought-and-paid-for, compromised politicians / institutions and the “science”.
      “Science” that is determined by who pays for it and what agenda it serves. Nothing to do with actual reality.
      The payer wants white? The payer gets white. The payer wants black? The payer gets black. The payer wants all colours of the rainbow? Sure, but that will cost you extra. The “science” is manipulated, the numbers fudged and obfuscated to provide the desired end result.

      So it is with the “science” of this “virus”.

  17. viper says:

    Lions, Tigers and Bears…….oh my

  18. From Quebec says:

    Author James Kunstler also suggests vote might be delayed.
    Paul Joseph Watson | – MARCH 6, 2020


  19. Johnny Walker Read says:

    Thanks Jon, one of the few sane voices in an insane world is right here. I have watched the MSM fear porn on corona 33 for the last 3 day’s. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such drama/fear pushed over an absolute nothing burger. You keep writing and I’ll keep sharing. Maybe we can wake some sheeple up.

  20. lamberth says:

    “I sneezed twice yesterday. For a moment, while I was watching the news, I felt what might have been a hot flash. Better call my doctor and get tested.”

    Haha. That line had me laughing, thanks Jon. But the sad thing is that it’s actually true. This is exactly what this relentless propaganda is meant to put into people’s heads. And it does.

    In effect, this PsyOP is redefining – or better said re-labeling – the common symptoms of an ordinary cold or mild flu into something completely different. Give it some scary name and you’re off and running scaring the pants off the ignorant masses.
    Combine that with one of the most common illnesses on the planet – pneumonia – as its next stage and now you’ve really got the scam going properly.

    The things you can do with the promise of bags full of fiat money.
    It’s the scam to keep the gigantic Ponzi Scheme called the Anglo/Zionist financial system going for a bit longer. While at the same time implementing your global Control & Surveillance system.

  21. ancap51 says:

    I can’t believe I just found your blog. Finally!

    If this “virus” could live for days–weeks–like Chris Martenson claims, how have people not been dropping like flies since January because of all the Chinese shit they got at Christmas and later because it can live for “up to 29 days on metal surfaces”. Supposedly 9 days on plastic.

    Because of this, ‘everyone should buy gold and silver from Mike Maloney’ if they don’t want to die from this “is not the flu” coronavirus.

    Thank you for the sanity.

    • saoirse says:

      I too am glad I found this site!!
      Martenson is ramping up his spiel to promote an ‘exponential’ threat.
      I have been dueling with some of his followers to no avail.
      In addition to hawking gold and silver he has unsuccessfully predicted stock market crashes since 2010.
      Prior to that he was proponent of the ‘peak oil’ theory which has not come to fruition.
      The ‘prepper’ sites, normally wary of goverment and corporate scams, have thrown all caution to the wind but are raking it in.
      Hang in there, the ride has just begun!

  22. Lance says:

    Its ALL about the money? The “Digital Transformation” involves humans becoming an integral part of the “information system”, also known as the “Ethernet”, BODY AND SOUL! Vaccinations containing “programmable matter”, nanobots, will make this possible, and if you don’t think they have developed this stuff your ignorant of the facts! There’s just one very big problem, the “ether” is also known as the “nether” which is also known in ancient texts as Amenti, Aralu, Gehenna, Naraka, Nastrond, Niflheim, Tartarus, Sheol, Hades, and Hell! Christ warned long ago, “…do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” What’s going on is NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

  23. A cool $300mil. straight up…

    “A House Democratic aide said the legislation would provide more than “$300 million to help ensure that, when a vaccine is developed, Americans can receive it regardless of their ability to pay.”

    I read that as ‘We’re still committed to killing the poor’

    Or is it $3billion?? … “It also would allocate more than $3 billion to a public health emergency fund and the National Institutes of Health to research and develop vaccines, treatment and testing of the coronavirus”

  24. SanityClaus says:

    “The current situation is that there are no identified cases of coronavirus, COVID-19, in Philadelphia. However, it is our expectation that we will likely have cases at some point,” city Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said.

  25. Laura says:

    Shared this on my latest blog piece ( It’s so important for people to get this message you’re providing…yet in their religious obedience to “medical science,” many people consider this side dangerous and thus to be angrily shunned. I’d never want to be that sort of person. Thank you for being a great voice of truth in opposing this latest scheme to get the masses clamoring for vaccines, i.e. forced vaccines. Media and pharm industry heads should be prosecuted for these crimes, but they won’t be, and that is just rotten as hell.

  26. Redpill says:

    “It would be a medical mistake not to give chloroquine against the Chinese virus”, according to Professor Didier Raoult

    4-5 minutes

    Professor Didier Raoult in his office in February 2020 – Gérard Julien / AFP

    Chinese scientists say in a publication that treatment for malaria can cure coronavirus.

    Based on this study, teams from the Mediterranean Infection Institute in Marseille are now planning to use chloroquine to treat the disease.

    For its director, Didier Raoult, the reservations expressed by certain colleagues are irrelevant.

    A small tablet, known for decades, to treat an as yet unknown epidemic. According to several Chinese scientists, chloroquine, a widely available and inexpensive molecule commonly used to treat malaria, is an effective remedy to cure one of the diseases that cause the most fear today:

    In Marseille, the Mediterranean Infection Institute (IHU), a unique reference center in France for the treatment of infectious diseases including Covid-19, has therefore decided to order a stock of chloroquine, with a view to treating ‘possible future Chinese coronavirus patients.

    “Coronavirus: Endgame! “Headlines the IHU on its website in an article on the benefits of chloroquine. Professor Didier Raoult, director of the IHU and somewhat annoyed by the reservations, criticisms and other comments raised by this decision, explains to 20 minutes this choice.

    Can you explain what chloroquine is?

    It is a very old medicine. It is probably the most widely used drug with aspirin in human history. Young people do not know it because they did not know it as an antimalarial. People who lived in Africa like me took chloroquine every day. All the people who went to these hot countries took it during their whole stay, and every day for the two months after their return. There are billions of people who have taken this drug. And it costs nothing: ten cents per tablet. It is a drug that is extremely safe and the cheapest that you can imagine. So this is great news! Everyone who knows about these benefits should take it upon themselves.

    Some scientists are less enthusiastic than you about the benefits of chloroquine against the coronavirus, like Professor Astrid Vabret in “Sciences and Future” …
    Everyone’s gossip, I don’t care. It does not interest me.

    My job has been infectious diseases for forty years. I feel compelled, because I believe that it is now necessary, to communicate what I know, and not opinions, on research in infectious disease. After what you do with it, I’m not a prophet. I do not care. I’m trying to be as clear as possible. When we showed that a drug worked on a hundred people while everyone is having a nervous breakdown, and that there are noodles who say that we are not sure that it works , it does not interest me !

    Are you going to use chloroquine at the IHU to treat coronavirus?

    Chinese scientists are very serious people. They are not zozos, and they have shown that chloroquine works. It would honestly be a medical mistake not to give chloroquine to the Chinese coronavirus. It does not make sense. Be serious. Tomorrow you start to be short of breath. You have a Chinese coronavirus and you have 40 fever. And people tell you, “You know, I don’t believe in chloroquine against Chinese coronavirus.”

    What are you doing ?

    At the IHU, we are going to set up a therapeutic protocol. We want to take care of the sick. There are people who come in with a serious illness, and it has been shown that the only treatment for this illness is chloroquine. So, to not give chloroquine, you have to be stuffed! So we are going to warn the minister to tell him that if the people who arrive have a Chinese coronavirus, we will treat them with chloroquine because it is the only treatment that we have been shown to work. That’s all ! It’s not mysterious, it’s medicine, not television gossip!

    • Tom says:

      “There are billions of people who have taken this drug. And it costs nothing: ten cents per tablet. It is a drug that is extremely safe and the cheapest that you can imagine”

      Bad news for Pharma.

      • Maverick says:

        Or if you dont trust drugs at all, the main compound in it is quinine so just buy yourself some tonic water……that is if this virus is even real and is the cause of any really bad sickness. I believe the Corona Virus is a real virus but i just dont believe this strain is the fault of anything its just a convenient thing so bill gates can get money from his patent, the scumbag.

  27. BZ says:

    Tony Fauci is basically the president of the United States right now. It would be nice if they actually named one of the victims.. which they won’t because it will be much easier to find out how they really died. I will believe it as soon as the 1.4 million people die from ebola as the CDC promised back in 2014. I know that the seniors home in Washington is not even testing is all being done post mortem by Washington state officials. Interesting as the seniors home “”Life Care Centers of America”” in Washington where supposedly 10 people have died was getting charged with medical fraud back in 2015 after a 7 year investigation. This is what it says in wikipedia “”is the largest privately held long-term elderly care company in the US, with facilities across 28 states, and the third largest in the US. It is headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee. It was founded by Forrest Preston in 1970, and he remains the sole owner, chairman and CEO. As of 2015, Life Care Centers has been the subject of a seven-year probe and federal lawsuit alleging Medicare fraud.”Company was sued now going after Forrest Preston .. Hey, just do us a little favor and we can make those charges go away.

  28. Désirée L. Röver says:

    In Europe… corona virus eventually may lead to food shortages, empty supermarket shelves and ultimately to riots.
    (Most people have not prepped…).
    Great that American troops are nearby doing a NATO exercise so they can easily be deployed to “restore order” in the EU, Rotschild’s wet dream.

  29. Madra says:

    ”It expresses no interest beyond healing.” from above about the medical cartel.

    […] They have NO INTEREST IN HEALING…NONE…They make money from treating ”symptoms” not ”HEALING”…They haven’t heal a single thing in 70 years? maybe more. They treat illness….they are not healers…they are doctors! people who experiment on the living. It might be an animal or it might be a member of the human herd as they call us. Either way…They experiment…practice…always practice.

    Keep that illness going. treat that cancer don’t cure it. treat that long term illness with pharma don’t cure it. Doctors don’t make money with cures. with healing…they don’t WANT PEOPLE TO HEAL. They want and need them sick. If they are not sick now they will be after their ”visit ”.

  30. Redpill says:

    China is now testing with High Dose IV Vitamin C:
    -Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia

    We hypnotize that Vitamin C infusion can help improve the prognosis of patients with SARI. Therefore, it is necessary to study the clinical efficacy and safety of vitamin C for the clinical management of SARI through randomized controlled trials during the current epidemic of SARI.

    China is ore concerned with the welfare of it’s citizen rather than truing to milk government across the globe out of billions of dollars for a vaccine we know will never manifest as effective.

  31. ceecee says:

    This has some interesting political commentary on China, what is happening. Have to wonder.

  32. Chris says:

    It’s all just free entertainment at this point. The tragedy is the comedy. As the lemmings run into the Kool-Aid sea.

    Thanks Jon, you’re one of approximately 6 people in my life who are not buying this one.

  33. Anthony says:

    In the headline I read this morning, the CDC reports that 20,000 people including 136 children have died so far from the seasonal flu. I wonder how many seasonal flu deaths are included in the Corona statistics to boost those numbers?

    I can not grasp the idea that a tiny thing with bumps on it is the cause of a disease nor how they can really claim one bumpy disk is different from another.

    This is all just the fallacy of appeal to experts and authority.

    • Redpill says:

      “the CDC reports that 20,000 people including 136 children have died so far from the seasonal flu.”

      It’s a lie. The CDC’s own webpage states they have no idea how many people die from the flu each year because it’s not a reportable event. As far as children are concerned, did they say that the deaths were flu lab confirmed? All their reporting are based on models. They state that on the webpages.

  34. Laura says:

    And, just think, how this (so far) $8.3 Billion being flushed down the bottomless toilet of “corona” funding could instead do some huge good for, say, cleaning up the water supply of Flint, Michigan, among other old, ongoing, horrible problems throughout the US. Instead it goes completely to waste, including to torture “lab animals.” Disgusting beyond description and I can only pray for eventual justice and an end to this ridiculous corruption.

  35. Wayne says:

    Hey Jon. it just occurred to me after reading the CDC’s stats on the seasonal flu, that coronavirus is an outright fraud.

    The 3% mortality rate for coronavirus vs the seasonal flu is a useless number. The CDC’s seasonal flu mortality rate is based on 45 MILLION Americans catching the flu, every year. How can they determine the mortality rate of coronavirus with such a small sample? At the start of a regular flu season the mortality rate will be much higher than at the end of the flu season. It’s almost as if the media doesn’t understand basic statistics, or does, and chooses to scare the crap out of everyone

  36. Theo says:

    The Freeing Up The Money move…

    declaration of a state of emergency

    “Cuomo declares state of emergency in New York as state coronavirus cases soar to 89”

  37. jane says:

    love you, Jon Rappoport!

    you are better than any stand-up comedy act!

    thank you for the truth about this.

  38. Terry Adams says:

    In 1994 the intel agencies began operation “Domestic Quell”.. It’s goal was to implant every human with nano technology – dust mote sized nano processors called smart dust, which can be pre-programmed to perform “biological missions” once they enter our bloodstream. GMOs were also used – placed in soft drinks of various kinds, bottled water, and most food products. I believe that we morgellons sufferers are dealing with strong immune systems that – for whatever reason – recognize this stuff as foreign and is fighting it off, hence the strange manifestations… OK – stay with me here – what is the purpose of our infestation of nano?

    Nano can be activated (controlled) remotely.. But how? Enter 5G.. the illegally installed and illegally deployed weapons system that the telecom industry switched out from the contractually mandated optic fiber network..

    the same 5G that requires an antenna every 100 feet..

    It is THE system to control the nano-infested people.. it’s all about



    The great thing about nano is that it’s essentially the perfect weapon.. you can’t see it, few even know it exists, and it can be programmed and can self replicate. The problem with nano is that (again) most people do not even know that it exists so how can the luciferian psychopaths use it to create the amount of fear they need to accomplish their goals? They can’t..

    Enter coronavirus…

    Something that the average person can get freaked out about… with the help of the totally controlled and treasonous media airing people dropping dead and vomiting blood… it’s the perfect scenario to begin the end program…..

    IF I am correct I expect to see further drops in the stock market and because of the inability to get more stuff from china, a faltering and collapsing economy. I hope I am wrong but it sure looks like we are headed for a medical martial law scenario where those long built FEMA camps will be filled up with people like us….

    all of this is JMHO

    • Redeye says:

      Terry, thanks for this nano-insight. A whole new rabbit hole for me.

      If I would be Master of Universe, I just might invest in a BIO-API. No costs saved.

      I used to wonder why some CELLular operators have such weird names: Vodafone (voda = water, baltic-slavic), O2, DNA, Lifecell. I was confused why I need smart shoes, smart house and smart car. I guess, I was a stupid human.

      Our masters are actually quite open about their plans.

      • Terry Adams says:

        Yes they are VERY open because they HAVE to be – it’s called FREE WILL… See we have to be told where they are leading us – then it’s up to us to say “let me off, I do not want to go down that road” .. the problem is no one is saying it…

  39. Kathleen Donnelly says:

    Thankyou Jon Rappoport, Why can’t people see through this charade.. Love your take on it.. it’s so true.

  40. Wayne says:

    Data scientists and statisticians have been complaining for years that most medical research published is useless. They complain that medical researchers don’t understand data. I think they’re being naive though. I think they do understand, but just choose to publish useless studies, to play the game. More published studies equals more prestige. More prestige means more funding … it is the money honey

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