China epidemic—implications for America and other countries

by Jon Rappoport

January 28, 2020

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To keep up with my new articles on the so-called “epidemic,” it really helps to read my earlier pieces (archive here). I don’t recapitulate all the relevant facts every time I sit down to write. If I did, I’d be posting books instead of articles.

So…as I write this one, about 40 million Chinese citizens are on lockdown and quarantine in their cities. This is truly extraordinary. One US vaccine-funding official was heard to say China was a “silver lining” in the coronavirus epidemic—because that government is able to exert so much control over its people and, therefore, help contain the epidemic.

You could almost hear him thinking, “I wish we could do that in America.”

America, UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc.

You can bet your bottom dollar public health officials all over the world are gathering data on how well “the Chinese experiment” is going. They want to learn lessons. They want to know more about containment, mass quarantines, and lockdowns.

Could, for instance, an American president suddenly declare an emergency in the US and issue orders for travel restrictions on a broad scale?

Could he confine citizens to their cities? Could he bring troops into a city and have them assemble in large public places and wave wands at people to look for body temperature elevation and cart them away to hospitals and other holding areas?

Could federal and state officials cancel sporting and concert events? Could crowds of any kind be forbidden? Could a national election be postponed?

China becomes an example for the rest of the world, you see. “This is what has to be done in dire times, to stop the spread of an epidemic. Look to China. They’re accomplishing the right thing. If the killer virus comes here and spreads, we may to have to follow suit.”

CHINA IS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ICE-BREAKER FOR THE REST OF THE PLANET. “Well, they did it there, so it can be done…”

“Thank you, China. You’ve showed us what efficiency and necessity look like.”

The biggest potential contagion here has nothing to do with the virus. It has to do with other countries deciding to follow China’s example.

And now we come to THE VACCINE against the virus. This is where some very bad rubber meets a very bad road. Several of the novel vaccines being rushed toward approval and production are completely experimental. They have never been openly used on the public. So the stage is set for a grand planet-wide guinea-pig test. In a recent piece, I explained the admitted danger of one of these vaccine varieties—RNA vaccines. They can cause autoimmune reactions. The body goes to war against itself.

What are the chances that one of these new vaccines will be mandated in the US and other countries? Mandated. Ordered. Commanded. “In order to preserve public safety.”

I would say there is a chance, given, again, the example of China, the ice-breaker.

And, as I’ve pointed out many times, these so-called epidemics have been used, for decades, to tune up the population to the need for ALL vaccines for all diseases. It’s called operant conditioning.

“You have no choice. You can’t opt out. The situation is too dangerous.”

Officials say that about one vaccine in an “epidemic” situation; they can then say that about all vaccines.

Realistically, any US president’s advisors would tell him that mandating an emergency coronavirus vaccine for the whole country would present a logistical nightmare. So they’d suggest, “We can try a mandate, only we don’t enforce it everywhere. We use certain examples of harsh control in, say, the most dangerous area, where the virus has spread. A town, a city, maybe even a state. And make sure everyone in that area gets the vaccine. Let’s try that for starters. Let’s see how the enforcement end looks. How hard are we going to come down on people if they refuse? Meanwhile, outlawing big public gatherings is an essential step. You can do that. No crowds permitted in certain cases. We work with state and local authorities, to make it look like ‘the people’ are represented. Go for the ‘share and care’ stuff. We love all our people and want to protect them…”

Such a strategy could be stretched out for months. It would be allowed to peter out…but certain features would stay in place. For instance, stepped up police and military presence in cities. Not to enforce vaccination, but to extend basic control over the population.

Meanwhile, state legislatures would feel more confident, despite pushback, in enacting mandatory vaccination laws for all diseases. Using terms like “outbreaks” and “spread” and “protection” more frequently than they’re used now, states would “do their duty” to keep citizens safe.

Freedom? Free choice? Those ideas would be channeled more quickly into drainpipes of the past. Safety, protection, and security would vault even higher on the political scoreboard.

If you’re beginning to see this is as a CONTROL op, you’re right. It always was. Setting aside the obvious workable medical solutions to specific problems, such as repair of the body in emergency crisis situations, the highest echelon of the medical cartel is all about control. And its use of demonstrably toxic drugs and vaccines are the forward edge of covert warfare.

China is showing the world how to force the war on millions of people at once.

In doing so, it’s borrowing strategies from the West: how to pump up an unproven epidemic through medical disinformation.

That’s a potent marriage: massive top-down force, and medical propaganda.

Freedom to dissent and opt out, along many lines, is more important than ever.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “China epidemic—implications for America and other countries

  1. Paul says:


    I been reading your sequence of reports, with re-read & again review, trying to pinpoint endgame.

    And now I read your latest article:

    “If you’re beginning to see this is as a CONTROL op, you’re right. It always was…”


    “things that make ya go…hmmm.”

    What can we do? (besides staying informed).

    How should the people of a country prepare?

    • BS Detector says:

      The most puzzling thing is how oblivious the authorities are to the precariousness of their position. The numbers don’t lie. If they had a lick of wisdom, the last thing they’d do is push it harder to make it abundantly clear how much of a problem there is.

      It’s not only tyrannical, but bloody STUPID. So much just doesn’t add up in any way, shape, or form. But then, like Hitler in the bunker, tyrants are generally immune (ahem!) to awareness that the jig is up.

  2. Nissim says:

    Hello to all,
    What can be done when government’s start making vaccines for the virus mandatory, and we know it’s poison.
    I read an article saying the vaccine is 8 weeks away.
    How do we save ourselves???

    • Low Voltage says:

      What do you think the 2nd amendment is for?

    • marlene says:

      Health officials are afraid. They know that this virus has the potential of becoming a global pandemic. But we’ve heard that before. Remember the SARS and MERS viruses? They, too, were coronaviruses and had the potential to ravage the earth. Even without vaccinations against them they have largely disappeared. That’s what happens with these kinds of diseases. Even without human intervention, they rise and then they lose strength.

  3. Mark R says:

    Please consider this. So-called “auto-immune diseases/disorders” are a lesson in language AND false science. The brain responds to words. “Auto-immune” suggests an automatic response of the immune system against the body on a cellular level. The term is deliberate. It conjures up a body at war with ITSELF. This deliberate narrative implies our body cannot be trusted to do the right thing which is to protect itself. The term relies on fear and the “remedy” is to intervene with pharmaceutical drugs to shut down the “internal war”.
    Now, what if the body is not attacking itself but something “not-self”? We are made up of “Self” (that which is our own biochemical/genetic, healthy functioning self)and “Not-Self” – that which not biochemically/genetically tagged/labeled as “Self”. It is the job of “Self” to make certain that everything that is “Not-Self” never overpowers/interrupts “Self”. Hence, an immune system that is ever vigilant.
    We live in a very toxic environment with pesticides, genetically modified food and organisms, heavy metals and the rest. Is it not reasonable then that our body is not attacking itself but any of the above mentioned toxins including micro-organisms of suspected nature?
    Our immune systems are trained from an early age, not including vaccines.
    Environmental toxins etc… adhere to our cell membranes on any given organ or gland. Our immune system searches and recognizes all that is “Not-Self” and tries to rid the body of it. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to rid the body, white blood cells secrete oxidative chemicals and enzymes to remove the substances. These chemicals can and do harm the cell membrane giving the appearance of attacking the body.
    Our immune system wold never attack “us” but is trained and programmed to attack all that is “Not-Self”. Hence, we are given false science as a means to implement drug approaches to something that doesn’t really exist.
    One of the unknown secrets to this scenario is the use of concentrated enzymes. Enzymes have the capacity to “take-over” a weakened immune system and resolve all immune disorders. I know because I have been doing this for 34 years. Even cancer has been “treated” in this manner. Search “Dr John Beard, enzymes, cancer” to read how he successfully treated cancer over 100 years ago. Interestingly, radiation treatments came up about the same time and Dr Beard’s therapy was lost until Max Wolf developed the commercial enzyme “Wobenzyme” treating the elite in the 40’s. But then that’s another story.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Thanks, Mark R. It’s designed to point us away from the truth, that we are being poisoned. Just like the cancer industry attempting to make us believe it is genetic while a poisoned person with more poisons.

      Thanks for your brilliant insight, Jon.

      • Unpolluted world says:

        Amen, my brother. Re: your key quote: <> I have a so-called “auto immune“ disorder AND also have a detoxification disorder wherein my body cannot properly get rid of chemicals and metals. With mercury stuck in the tissues, which medical tests have indicated I have –- mercury, which binds with sulfur which is a prevalent constituent of our bodies’ tissues —it would stand to reason that tissue damage would take place in the tissues from the body’s protective response to Mercury’s presence there — damage constituting the symptoms of what medicos label as an auto immune disorder. In fact, the MD who diagnosed me with MCTD, whom I walked through the thinking process you and I are touching on here (& after receiving back tests that I asked him to run on my blood, the results of which were that I had off-the-chart immune reactivity to mercury), agreed that it was very possible that mercury stuck in my tissues due to my detoxification disorder, was the root cause of the mixed connective tissue disorder. Unfortunately, he said that he did not know how to get the mercury safely out. I would be very interested in your own experience of 34 years if you wish I may be reached directly at unpollutedworld at Gmail dt com

        • Unpolluted world says:

          PS thank you Jon Rappaport for your wonderful work, which I’ve just now discovered for the first time because I sought to learn more about this Wuhan virus. it’s been a helpful tempering influence in my own perceptions of what might be going on in China. Most of all I see the logic that the Chinese could be using a pandemic as an excuse to crack down on people protesting the horrendous pollution of their air by incinerators and industry, and I’m glad that you brought the information to the fore that such protests — of which I and probably most other Americans were unaware – – are widespread.

      • NaturalWoman says:

        While they inject a poisoned person–words missing.

    • Lisa Harper says:

      Which is why I refused to become another statistic in Western Medicines horrific therapy of shutting down my immune system …was diagnosed with RA end of 2016. Fast forward to current time, I found a great naturalpath and slowly revamped my diet. I’m still living and breathing. Big Pharma remains (sadly) the sad solution to so many patients. They believe their bodies have suddenly attacked them for no reason, so let’s take pills till we die. All the while, making ourself comfortable while our body slowly decays. What could possibly go wrong. Senior citizens being the most gullible. Greed rules in our world, and in the pharmaceutical industry, they are laughing louder every day. Thanks for sharing this”

    • Sue says:

      Re: “Environmental toxins etc… adhere to our cell membranes on any given organ or gland. Our immune system searches and recognizes all that is “Not-Self” and tries to rid the body of it. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to rid the body, white blood cells secrete oxidative chemicals and enzymes to remove the substances. These chemicals can and do harm the cell membrane giving the appearance of attacking the body.”

      Tomayto, Tomahto.

      The fact is, vaccines directly implant foreign RNA,DNA, viruses and other noxious substances, which are dealt with by the immune system in a way which results in damage to the body. The “not self” has invaded the “self” making it appear foreign (or “not self”) to the immune system.

      Autoimmune Disorders Caused by Vaccines

      Vaccines, Retroviruses, DNA, and the Discovery That …

      The Purdue Vaccination Studies And Auto-Antibodies

  4. Low Voltage says:

    Forced vaccination? I imagine their first tack will be to link it with employment and the “right” to travel. Even the US government’s Ministry of Truth will have a tough time convincing someone who’s been denied basic access to the health system that they’re now obligated to take part in it.

    Besides, these hypocrites hung Nazis at Nuremberg for forcing medical treatment on an unwilling person. Once they have some kind of “Universal Health Plan,” nobody will be able to opt-out.

  5. debra says:

    I posted one of your recent virus articles on FB and got about 50/50 pushback and agreement. I bookmarked this article for a possible future “He told you so.” post. Thank you for helping us think for ourselves in all your work!

  6. Dani says:

    Chinese New Year celebrations are being cancelled, for fear of exposure and spreading of the virus. This is happening in my community in the United States, which has a large population of Chinese immigrants. Our local newsletter says that this is a self-generated, voluntary cancellation by the community, the participants, the organizers, and was not on any advice of the State health agency. This is out of an “overabundance of caution” and is being portrayed as a dutiful-citizen type of response…. even though there are no confirmed cases of “coronavirus” in our State. So much fear. And also irritating, because responses like this just propagate fear and the nodding of heads. This is the example we are to follow…. our subjugation is self-generated, out of duty to the collective. We are being infected with an “imaginary” virus — infecting our imaginations, causing us to create the very thing from this implanted idea. The best antidote is the spread of truth and employing OUR imaginations to counteract this falsity. Let’s do this.

  7. This Virus news came out the day after VA Gun Rally, where tens of thousands of armed American citizens gathered. Coincidence?

  8. The Watchman says:

    Good article again, Jon. Linked once again @

    The pharmaceutical companies will make their money as usual!!
    Also linked a video on how Johnson and Johnson will stand to gain from all of this….

  9. Nissim says:

    That was really enlightening, Thank you.
    Is there a concentrated enzyme supplement that you could recommend?

    • Unpolluted world says:

      I’ve heard good things about Wobenzym, which he mentioned in his post.

    • Mark R says:

      The only one I could suggest is Enzymedica sold in health food stores. I am not affiliated with the company. I only use a professional line sold to doctors and I cannot give the name out for obvious reasons. Wobenzyme might be another possibility however, it is from pig pancreas while the other enzyme mentioned is plant-based and slightly more effective.

  10. Sean says:

    I think it is time for me a status correction to American National or State National to have the say so to say no thanks. Or do what Michael Badnarik says, the first one who wants to vaccinate me i will show my gun, and see who can make a bigger hole. Ya know, i think he may have something there.

  11. BS Detector says:

    Thing is their heavy-handed actions are pushing us to a and 1880s Leicester, England situation, and are bound to recoil much more harshly, possibly exposing the emperor’s suit for what it is at last. The Tao works in strange ways.

    For those who are unaware of what I’m on about, in 1872 the almost fully vaccinated population of Leicester, England was hit by its worst smallpox epidemic on record, and in 1885 the citizens rose up against forced vaccination after people who refused to have their children vaccinated for smallpox were imprisoned, had property seized, etc.

    That year officials who did not enforce the vaccine mandates, but instead instituted public health reforms such as sanitation measures were elected. Leicester went on to eradicate smallpox with such sanitation measures more effectively than surrounding cities whose populations were heavily vaccinated. Leicester’s success, leading to only 2 smallpox deaths there from 1908 to 1948, led to the repeal of vaccination mandates in the UK.

    Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. If the proponents of vaccination were WISE, they would let people do what they want so as to turn down the heat, and even consider cutting back vaccination to reduce the holocaust of injuries, which is bound to catch up with them.

  12. Syllamo says:

    Governments of the world seem to be showing their populous”who is boss’ – if the people lay down and accept being ‘property’ of gov, we are screwed.

  13. Astrid Ware says:

    What always fascinates me abou these Controllers from the beginning into eternity they ARE SLAVES TO THESE VERY SAME rules and restrictions they dream up for us the masses. Let’s say one of these bigwigs decides to take a trip right now to France and hops into the private plane he has for him to use as he sees fit. What do you think happens when his pilot is asking OK to land the plane – be it on Charles de Gaulle or Orly. No chance the Bigwig will be allowed! I don’t believe even Beauvais, Vatry and Le Bourget airports will allow him He is coming from country that is in quarantine, for crying out loud!!!!

    Summasumarum: den som gräver grop för andra ,faller själv i gropen (också) > Ordspråksboken 26:27 Bibeln

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