Donald Trump twenty-four months on…

by Jon Rappoport

December 28, 2018

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It’s been twenty-four months since I first posted this. Would love to hear your thoughts on this article and President Trump two-years on. Sound off in the comments…

My position on Donald Trump

December 2016

I’ve written many words about the man and what he’s been doing. To repeat a few of them, his two most important achievements are: he’s contributing, in a major way, to the ongoing destruction of the credibility of big media; and he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Concerning the media— I am tremendously enthusiastic about what Trump has done. I pop champagne corks on that one. He’s provided a public service for the ages. We would be light years beyond where we are now, if the world of conventional journalism hadn’t sold its soul, its morality, its intelligence, and its hunger for getting to the bottom of things so long ago. In his own improvisations and riffs, Trump has turned the media stars on their heads looking out of their asses. He has been merciless. He has worked acrobatic tricks worthy of a Salvador Dali. When they thought he was here, he was there. When they thought they had him pinned against the wall, he vanished and there was no wall. When they thought he was done, he was starting. When they assumed they were occupying a higher position, he was poking them in the solar plexus of their pretensions and exposing them as rank amateurs. They go sober-serious, he laughs. They deride and mock him, he reminds them they’re supposed to be professional. They scream and go ballistic, he walks away. He’s supposed to be in Washington, he’s in New York. He’s supposed to lay out his schedule for them, he vanishes. He shouldn’t talk to a foreign leader, he talks to a foreign leader. The Washington Post reports the Russians hacked the election, he says the CIA is making it up.

Make no mistake about it, Globalists of every stripe and disguise infect Washington like the plague. Their goals, reputations, connections, and paychecks are on the line. They want to neutralize Trump by any means possible. He has hammered the TPP, and said he’ll cancel it (Chuck Schumer has already said it’s dead). He is raising the banner of nationalism, not Globalism, and he promises to bring back jobs to America…everything he promises in this regard is running counter to the Rockefeller agenda of destruction.

Will he change the pernicious culture, which is devolving to the point where “free-everything” for nothing is considered the most illuminated version of political philosophy? He will try, but indirectly, by opening up new levels of employment.

Will he continue to slam major media control of the information flow? Yes. In that regard, he has already done more than any president in modern history.

And if language is important (and it is), his communication with the American people, in its direct colloquial style, is a distinct departure from the polished, empty, grotesque media/politician mechanical mind-numbing bullshit that has all but taken over the landscape.

Will he try to curtail the divide-and-conquer “race-war” mentality that has been heavily promoted over the last eight years? Again, his basic strategy is: give people jobs. Renew the economy. Float all boats.

Will Trump curtail open borders and reduce the reality of terrorists and criminals entering the US? Will he knock aside the unproven claims of global warmists and erase the absurd and dangerous carbon-tax plan? Will he rebuild the fading infrastructure of this country? Will he put Common Core out of its misery? I believe he will make progress in all these areas. How much progress? Impossible to predict.

Will he refuse to launch wars and covert ops of Empire? Will he bring massive numbers of US troops stationed abroad back home, kick the neocons out on their asses, and scale back the enormous influence of the military-industrial complex, which, after JFK, encircled America with its dream of a forever World Empire? This would be one of the most important actions he could launch as president. And the effort is like trying to turn an oil tanker around in a small space. To the degree he rebuilds the military, he’ll keep pouring $$ into the maw of the military-industrial machine. I think it’s possible that he and his advisors see, from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, that American Empire has reached an end-point. It is a failure. It can’t go further. The blowback on America has outflanked its lists of Empire-conquests. However, until Trump shows he’s really going to try to cancel the neocon American Empire, and means it, I’m not making any assumptions whatsoever.

Is Donald Trump more than a puppet in the hands of Globalists? I believe he is more than that.

Is he a mere tool who was handed the election by Globalists who realized Hillary Clinton was too sick and deranged to stay the course in the White House? I believe he is not a mere tool in their hands, even if they ended up supporting him.

Does he want the job of president ONLY for the purpose of feathering his personal nest and stroking his own ego? I don’t think that’s the case now, if it ever was.

***However, unraveling his myriad business interests is necessary, in order to discover whether his decisions as president add to his wealth. Handing over those businesses to his family isn’t a barrier against self-aggrandizing policies. Trump is, after all, a real estate hustler from way back.

One question in this regard: Trump appears ready to give US corporations a tax holiday, so they can bring back huge amounts of money they’ve stashed overseas, for the express purpose of buying shares of their own companies. This practice has been a way CEOs can make their operations look good (share prices go up) while actually producing nothing new. As a reader of mine suggested (and I ask), will this Trump policy of share-buying do nothing to rejuvenate those businesses, thus creating no new jobs? And will this policy enable Trump’s family to buy shares in whatever piece of the Trump empire is publicly traded, pushing up its stock price? This needs serious attention.

Will Trump roll back the many local incarnations of the UN’s criminal Agenda 21 blueprint for closely monitored, extensively planned technocratic towns and cities? I’m not sure he’s even aware of this massive incursion on life in America—aside from sanctuary cities fronted by virtue-signaling liberal snowflakes and paid operatives. He will take steps to reduce those bastions of hope and change.

Is it possible that, when all is said and done, Trump’s most important action will have been his merciless attack on major media—and by extension, their Globalist handlers? Yes. And by my measure, he would then have achieved a step toward freeing information and truth from its century-long prison of mind control. The consequences of such a liberation could be titanic. In the long run, Trump is far less important than the millions of people who could wake up from their deep slumber.

I believe Trump’s plan to bring employment back to America will involve a kind of FDR/New Deal program of trillion-dollar government contracts to rebuild the infrastructure. This is by no means free-market America. If his plan gets through the Congress, many new jobs will be created, yes. On the other hand, the $$ power of the federal government will increase. It’s never a great idea to give the feds more control as the number-one employer in the nation.

I think Trump favors jobs, all jobs, and will go to extremes to create them. This includes giving the green light to tech giants to keep carrying out contracts to expand the Surveillance State. He’ll find ways to allow the FDA to license new drugs more quickly, thus maiming and killing more Americans. He’ll cast a blind eye toward big corporate toxic GMOs/pesticides. He’ll overlook and ignore major areas of agricultural and industrial pollution, and permit them to expand.

Will Trump curtail the disturbing trend of militarizing local police forces across America? Doubtful.

Will he root out and eliminate the power of vicious gangs in inner cities—gangs who are holding residents hostage in their own communities? I believe he’ll make at least a minimum effort. Even if a president is motivated, that’s a very tall order.

I assume that as a businessman he has committed criminal acts of one kind or another. Do they rank as high as the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation and the mass obliteration of Libya, two of Hillary Clinton’s favorite operations? No. Not even close.

Will Trump favor big-corporate cronies with the gift of government contracts? I would think so.

Will he make deals and side-deals, some of which go beyond the literal bounds of law, to advance his presidential agenda? I would certainly think so. What president hasn’t?

Could everything I’m mentioning in this article go by the boards, because Trump’s enemies create sudden disasters for him to manage—disasters which dwarf all other issues and programs? Absolutely.

Could Trump himself make a fatal error that brings his house down? For example, could his advisors convince him to make a wide-ranging deal with Russia that includes the extradition of Edward Snowden to stand trial in America? Maybe.

Could Trump be convinced to start a dangerous war somewhere, perhaps in response to a planned false-flag operation designed for that very purpose? It’s possible.

Does he see that so-called liberals, who are really socialists and Globalists and technocrats, have come very close to taking over this country, under the banner of “share and care” and “empathy” and “love”—behind which they hide an endless supply of venom for those people who believe in a) working for their own rewards; b) individualism; and c) independence of thought? I think he plans to approach that gigantic reality with jobs and more jobs; his blanket solution. Put America back to work. Is that a real solution? Yes, it certainly helps. But here we are talking about the culture, and what he can possibly say to the American people to restore a sense of traditional values (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) that doesn’t come across as vapid sentimentality. He is a clever man. I believe he wants to sidestep a direct confrontation with “the values issue.” Instead, he wants to cure the genuine desperation many Americans feel because they can’t find decent work. He wants to create a boom in the domestic economy that floats all boats. I can’t fault him for that. However, a major part of the US economy has long been predicated on jobs that either produce nothing or produce toxic outcomes. Those engines aren’t going to go away.

I believe Trump can make progress in decimating the political-correctness disease. I believe he can help reverse the obsession with parsing people’s words and finding “hidden racist content.” And the issue where all this rubber meets the road is: immigration.

His opponents will keep saying that anything less than wide open borders is Hitlerian. His point is: there is a threat and a danger. Letting in felons; letting in potential terrorists and actual terrorists; letting in people who hate America and want everything they can get for free in America; letting in people who take jobs from Americans (including legal immigrants); letting in people who overburden the economy via all the free services they can obtain—this is wrong, this is suicide, this is crazy. It has nothing to do with racism.

If he succeeds in reducing this immigration threat—wall or no wall—he will go a significant distance in proving that protecting America has nothing to do with hatred.

At the same time (and I have to stress this again), he can’t decide to keep forwarding Empire abroad, thus exacerbating the desire for revenge against America among many people who feel the destructive force of the US military machine.

If he turns into just another jingoist, he’s finished. And he should be.

He needs to talk to Ron Paul. At length.

What about draining the swamp in Washington? This is another case of trying to turn around an oil tanker in a small space. He needs to provide vivid examples. For starters, he should pursue, with all speed, the gathering of specific evidence for the prosecution of Hillary and Bill Clinton, vis-à-vis the Clinton Foundation and its nefarious activities. No stone should be left unturned. That would set a new tone.

For people who need a heavy dose of who and what the Clintons are, I recommend immersing yourself in everything the late Christopher Hitchens wrote and said about them. (I’m sure Hitchens would hate a Trump presidency.)

—If I were in charge of everything from the beginning of the Republic in the 18th century (!), my goal would have been to make a hundred Republics with severely limited governments on this continent—with virtually no foreign entanglements of any kind (political or commercial)—instead, opting for self-sufficiency as the primary value. But that’s another story for another time. Meanwhile, I see a glint of light here, and I see risks and possibilities, and I see that perhaps we can make steps toward ridding America of the festering woes that have beset it: Empire, on the one hand; hideous liberalism masking a technocratic Globalist takeover that would sink us, on the other hand.

At no time over the past 30 years of working as a reporter have I felt all is lost. At no time have I felt that the forces arrayed against us are too great or too smart. At no time have I felt that all doors are closed. I take the long view. Many things can happen to wake people up—mainly themselves when they finally feel their way of operating and living has become self-defeating.

Rather than opting for pure hope now, I believe Trump’s feet should be held to the fire. He made promises. Those promises are clear. We should see authentic efforts from him in those directions.

I’m aware that some readers can only accept extreme views of Trump or any politician. Wonderful or terrible. Messianic or hideous. That’s not what I’ve presented here. I’ve presented what I see. So be it.

Stay tuned…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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76 comments on “Donald Trump twenty-four months on…

  1. karunaveg says:

    Overall, very perceptive. The media is being exposed as liars. It’s clearer than ever how deep the corruption is. Thanks!

  2. Suzanne says:

    This was an excellent essay about DJT, told with truth and grace. If he read it, I think he’d be thrilled. We need more like him to become President and handle our country as well as he is.

  3. drakesinfoservice says:

    I really should take a closer consideration of all you cover in your keen perception of these Trump years. I believe I would not find much if any thing I disagree with. As usual, you seem spot on! They wanted a globalist and did get one. I believe they got more nationalist than they bargained for, and fear they will turn on him more drastically. Will he be used up for globalization and then discarded, and possibly in the worst way? The man and all his ways are not perfect, nor ideal, and I fear for him even so.

  4. Ed says:

    Proof, once more, that you can ‘see’s more than most, of what is behind the curtain. But, those who know you, never doubted that.

  5. SamAdamsGhost says:

    I have no idea if Pres Trump is the real deal or not. He has done very positive things – such as deciding to pull our troops out of Syria. However, like every POTUS over the last century, he has never spoken about the slow, but accelerating destruction to the nation that is a result of the bankster Federal Reserve & their unbacked fiat debt money system. Those bankers staged a coup of America in 1913.
    Pres Trump knows business. He’s a successful billionaire. He graduated from Wharton. He is very experienced and savvy regarding the media and as a communicator.
    So why the Tweets and sound bites, rather than talking directly to We The People in a series of modern ‘fireside chats’ ?

    This question gives me pause.

    • Trump has been talking against the Federal Reserve. If a link is allowed here, check out this summary:

      I believe Trump uses tweets so his words are direct, documented, short and sweet; an attempt to cut out the lying media.

      • SamAdamsGhost says:

        Well the President has said that the economy is a bubble. He’s criticized the Fed for raising interest rates (but low rates are what fuel bubbles). He has not spoken directly about the fraudulent nature of the fiat debt note financial system itself.
        The only national political figure in recent history who has addressed this was Ron Paul. And even Dr Paul tread carefully regarding this subject.
        Of course, if a POTUS did speak truthfully and candidly on this subject, the stock market would take an immediate massive nose dive. The Greatest Depression could very well follow. Even if the man in office has the American people’s best interest in mind, the fallout would be devastating. Unfortunately, doing so is the only way to reclaim Liberty.

        • I’ve thought that, too, but now a lot of white hats are taking down the formerly formidable black hats. The People of Earth have a LOT of spiritual assistance and protection. We may go through a rough time, but my feeling is that it won’t last too long, nor be too hard. We’ll prepare to help each other.

      • sanderella57 says:

        Dr. Dave Janda mixes so much truth with so much fiction, the lines so blurred it gives me vertigo. He is a very well educated, articulate propagandist. I’ll say that much for him.

  6. Very good assessment, fair and balanced, unlike our media.

  7. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    The best and only way to drain the swamp is to defund it. Starve it for cash and take away its power. Money is power.


    Great Piece.

  9. Black Sheep says:

    Your projections about Trump have proven prophetic. I agree that Trump’s dressing-down of the mass media has been his greatest accomplishment. He effectively turned the “fake news” label introduced by The Washington Post in 2016 against the corporate propaganda machine. My biggest problem with Trump is that he’s a big deficit spender like his predecessors, racking up nearly $2 trillion in debt since he took office, during a time of supposed economic strength. The only saving grace is that as a former real estate tycoon, he’s knowledgable about bankruptcy should the nation default on his watch.

  10. Conservative Detective, JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG says:

    You called it. Especially my Pet Peeve: “And if language is important (and it is), his communication with the American people, in its direct colloquial style, is a distinct departure from the polished, empty, grotesque media/politician mechanical mind-numbing bullshit that has all but taken over the landscape. ”

  11. don wleklinski says:

    Trump’s a player in a globalist script.The occultists won’t call it glob-al, but instead the ‘what’s best for everyone’ con re-labeled, which you’ve written about a lot, along with a revamped united nations. From the ongoing/upcoming evil West-good East narrative along with their natural- to- artificial program running alongside other goodies we’re being clobbered simultaneously from many directions. Mere ‘mortals’ can’t do this stuff. It’s up to each of us to figure this out as best we can and act accordingly. One foot in front of the other.

  12. Not So Free says:

    Considering the alternative, I’d say we got off pretty well.

    • sanderella57 says:

      Every time Israel bombs Syria, we’re paying for it. We give Israel $38 billion dollars for their defense fund while cutting off ALL funding to the Palestinian’s forced to live under conditions you can’t even imagine, including humanitarian aid. I can smell the blood on Trump’s hands all the way from Michigan. He’s allowing Israel to strangle our Freedom of Speech, he signed that ‘secret’ pledge with Bibi to ‘never question their nuclear arsenal’, and it’s massive, while demonizing Iran & N.Korea for having theirs. I’m glad I can see the Zionist take-over of this country. And If I ever need a reminder, I can just ask one of Trump’s cozy circle of friends:

      ‘November 30, 2018 Israeli-American Council to host conference in South Florida – Keynote speaker Vice President Mike Pence hailed the Trump administration as the most pro-Israel in American history… In attendance, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Pence joins presenters from Israel and America, Congressional Democrats and Republicans, Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Yuli Edelstein, Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Nachman Shai of Israel’s Zionist Union Party, Jewish Agency for Israel Chairman Isaac Herzog, Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Ron Dermer, Israel Prize Winner Miriam Peretz and philanthropists Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson as well as Haim Saban’ It’s quite obvious why Trump was selected President. Israel and the New World Order needed him.

  13. bleak says:

    Not so fast. Not a word about his/their support of Israel and its strangleholding leeching shysters AIPAC? Over 38 billion of US citizens tax dollars (plus other sources no doubt) will be given to one of the most corrupt, violent and immoral governments (and its roving bands of hate-filled citizenry) in the next decade and there is zero words from Jon Rappoport about it. Then or now.

    As for the media side-show, show cares? Nothing has really changed and nothing will change until the offices are filled with those who aren’t completely morally bankrupt. Yeah, I know, don’t hold my breath. Hey, I ain’t holding it. Let it come down. It all comes out in “the wash.” But does any major news corporation report on, oh let’s say, the so-called Palestinian/Israeli “conflict?” Not consistantly and not without Israeli bias.

    That is the truth and those are the facts. I will be amazed if you approve my comment.

    • “[…] will be given to one of the most corrupt, violent and immoral governments […]”

      Corruption, violence and immorality, that is a tough one, but…
      Nigeria is #1…then…
      Columbia and Pakistan…Russia is #8, Kenya Guatemala, USA is #61, Canada and Australia #79 and #80 respectively.

      The Top ten from 1-10:


      Israel comes in at #62

      Admit it you just hate Jooz, I do…

      • bleak says:

        Your list (which you must’ve thrown together from wikipedia) has little merit. The US doesn’t give billions to Nigeria and Nigeria etc haven’t been ethnic cleansing with the genocide endgame since before 1948 on another race/culture. Israel has the forth largest military in the world . With the exception of Russia, all the countries on your list collectively don’t measure up to their firepower. I don’t hate “Jooz” really; only their actions, which between Israel and AIPAC, are evil. Ask any politician who has been to Israel living it up with their entire family at the taxpayer’s expense what he/she thinks of Palestine. Israel has bought them off one by one. I know Nigeria owns all the major news corporations… oh wait, they don’t do they.

        • No, it’s taken from a few places but, although it’s not the gospel truth, it does come closer than your impulse, to what might be considered truth, and I did very little research.

          Israel is down around 14th or 15th — places like India and Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, UK, Italy…come before Israel.

          Italy has double the military budget that Israel and they have two more submarines. South Korea, well it has 13 subs and military budget of $63 Billion. France spends 60 or so Billion. And they are a sizable power.

          Number four turns out to be Japan, now although they are quiet, they have 16 subs, about 1600 aircraft and 250,000 personnel, they have the fourth largest attacks helicopter fleet, behind China, Russia, and the U.S..and are a leading electronic warfare nation…everybody wants drones and robots and gadgets.

          Taiwan is more equal to Israel. 

          North Korea (DPRK) now has 5.8 million standing armed personnel, it is the largest paramilitary organization on the planet. They have nukes and subs, chemical weapons, and somebody whose name starts with an ‘R’ is supplying sophisticated electronics, and drones and robots. 

          Saudi Arabia ranks very high, well above Israel, with 478,000 military personnel and 325,000 Reserve personnel, a military budget as large as Russia with $70 Billion — that’s four times what Israel spends. A well equipped Army, Navy and AirForce. They have missile defense with both the Patriot MIM-104 and the new and improved S-400  from Russia. 

          Tell me something, with Russia arming all of Americas and the West’s enemies; building military and naval bases in Yemen, along with a naval base in Syria and land base there — with arming MbS with the S-400, tanks and light arms…with Russia backing the new Libyan government with a new Military Commander, self-styled like an arisen Muammar and ready to supply arms in exchange for that huge amount of gold Gaddafi acquired before his death.

          With nuclear Iran, and their substantial armed forces…who protects American interests in the region? 

          Russian backed Kadyrov is exterminating whole villages and boiling to death adversaries in oil…seriously. There is much worse…should we talk about Nigeria, or South African black ANC murdering white land owners and the government backed thief of white land?

          Now in no way am I down playing the Palestinian plight, but it would be nice to out Palestinian enemies like Arafat, wealthy beyond belief, sold his country out really, a terrorist by no other name, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          Israel deposited the VAT tax into accounts held by Yasser Arafat, he was worth $1.3 Billion. Did he help his people. Arafat diverted hundreds of millions of Palestinian public money to secret accounts. He had investments in cell phone companies and Coca Cola, Cayman island bank accounts. All Palestinian taxes were not used for the people but were diverted.

          Do we in America do these things?…but it is always America is the great Satan, America and the bad man orange

          Nigeria a founding member of the African Union has 190 million people, a MINT nation with a Human Development Index of 152nd in the world, human rights abuses are beyond belief, the country is led by a right wing bigot and black racist. A history soaked in continuous tribal war and genocide. They are a strange system of Common, Customary and Sharia law.

          It is a military dictatorship under Muhammadu Buhari a right wing muslim and dictator. A bastard born of bastards, he brought in WAI (War on Indiscipline); whipping people to get them in line at a bus stop; punishing for lack of morality; humiliating government workers who were late for work or absent. A lot of crime carries the death penalty or severe prison sentence. Nigeria has a very well equipped Army, Navy and Airforce. Opposition is jailed, protest is jailed and beaten.

          So what this thing about a kettle and black pot.

          • bleak says:

            Those are impressive statistics if accurate but you are missing the point. Are any of those countries backed by the US? Israel is, and for the scale of war being waged against Palestine (with a zero army if you don’t count children with slingshots and a few inept Hamas rockets), they are the leaders when it comes to genocide.

            The point is that Israel has been waging a genocidal war against the indigenous people of Palestine for 70 years.

            Also, as I pointed out several times (to no avail), none of those countries have a grip on US politicians, the US media or religion that the Israeli’s have. Do I doubt the despotism all over the world? Of course not. But the purport of this article is how is Trump doing; not ‘bloodthirsty assholes run amok all over the world.’

            My “impulse?” That would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Keep in mind that those are people; not statistics. It is not a numbers game; it is a matter of turning a blind eye to insidious evil or not. Israel is a blight not only on Palestine but the US as well.

            And your “good man” supports them. How sad it all is.

          • I ask you again…

            Who will care about American and the West’s interests in the middle east, who will stand watch against those that want to see democracy and the west burn down. Who would ally with the west against what would become the world Island under Communist jackboot?

            It is tragic about the Palestinian people, but their leaders have had numerous chances — in past decades and will not negotiate…

            Now the Palestinian cause has become an industry.

            You understand that up until the Balfour Agreement the Ottomans own the place, and then it was British Mandate.
            Balfour and Rothchild made a agreement for a Jewish homeland, but also a deal was made with the Arabs via the McMahon-Hussein correspondence, and that is were part of the conflict lies.

            You know that Hamas is a terrorist organization, fundamentally Sunni Islamic and extreme…they will never compromise, they will never agree to equality. They wish the end of the Jew.
            They despise the Nation of Israel, and are bound to end it for good.

            Yasser Arafat, an unbearable ego, had been to the negotiation table a number of times, in decades past, but he would not deal, because he was too busy exploiting his own people for hundreds of millions, and the PLO was the predecessor of Hamas bound to end Zionism regardless. There would be no negotiation.

            So in the end, what is to be done with one side of a two-sided argument, that will not negotiate a land settlement; will not stop killing and suicide bombing; seeks only the destruction of the other side. And will have no objective negotiators bring an equal peace. Who will only seek the death and destruction of the other, and will not be satisfied with anything less…????

            Have you study the history of this?

            This whole situation reminds me of my past in Belfast as a catholic child — the IRA; the Brits. There was no compromise there too…

            But it took mothers who said enough is enough.

          • bleak says:

            @Michael Burns
            You have some if it right but you are missing whole chunks of the truth. Yeah, I studied it. Try reading The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe for starters. It is NOT the Pals who refuse to cohabit Palestine which, by the way, is their native soil. And it IS Israel who refuses to compromise in their fucking INVASION of Palestine! You’ve heard of the Nakba in 1948? I know all that bullshit re “Balfour” and the British mandate/”Mandatory Palestine” and have for years. Guess what? All that bullshit doesn’t matter. What matters is stopping Israel from beating, imprisoning, torturing and killing children; girls, boys, teens, babies. Are you so blind and naive? Yes, I think you are. Try a daily dose of electronicintifada dot net and, my hero Alison Weir, ifamericaknew dot org Mr Know It All.

    • sanderella57 says:

      bleak, […] good to see and read!

  14. billjcush says:

    jon, it was 2001when I first came across your comments about fake news. 4 years before the supreme court made it legal to lie ,if you had the proper corporate entertainment license. They said if your had the proper license you had the same right as any Holly wood , t.v. or movie producer to script your product for the entertainment of your customers. You got it right!.Today you sound just like a politically correct author attempting to have your foot on all the bases ,only so you can claim you were right.Ron Paul was a great man with great idea’s but he failed. In baseball we ride the horse that got us here. Our horse is Trump .The enemy has been entrenched for thousands of years. with far greater technology.Trump and the Bricks nations are totally engaged in the liberation of the entire planet.ACCORDING TO THE PRIME CREATORS PLAN. This plan does not include your priorities or anyone else .Your article failed to show any support for the liberation of our planet. It was very safe and cowardly.We humans have many problems ,one glaring problem is to think that after being born on a planet where we all were deceived through religion and our superior education systems ,that somehow we came through this as intelligent humans, this would a very serious mistake. (PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE INTELLIGENT WILL ALWAYS THINK THEY HAVE THE TRUTH). To realize that we are collectively stupid and to do the work needed is position of power. WILLIAM

    • “Trump and the Bricks [BRICS] nations are totally engaged in the liberation of the entire planet.ACCORDING TO THE PRIME CREATORS PLAN.”

      You know Putin is an Communist atheist and terribly corrupt; Xi Jinping is a communist life-long leader and an atheist; Kovind is a Hindu who dislikes Christian and, especially Islam; Ramaphosa is a Christian and product of Soweto. The leader of the very dangerous and racist ANC, and is one of the most corrupt and filthy bastards that has ever existed. Michel Temer of Brazil is the largest asshole, and most profound cocksucker on the planet — he is or I should say was a catholic…have you heard of “CARWASH’.

      “Your article failed to show any support for the liberation of our planet.”

      ……” The planet needs liberating? I’ll make a strong bet that if you take all the nuclear devices in the world and set them off, all over the world, all at the same time, mankind would got extinct. Animal life, maybe trees and plants, aquatic animals. But if you had the fortune to come back here in ten thousand years, a whole new world would exist. different and unique as this one. But certainly not needing liberation.

      “We humans have many problems […]”

      We? You mean ‘YOU’, according to these impulses on the page.

      “To realize that we are collectively stupid […]”

      No, not ‘WE’! ‘YOU’, are individually, and quintessentially very stupid.

      • sanderella57 says:

        “Your article failed to show any support for the liberation of our planet.” – you didn’t see it because it doesn’t exist. Trump & BRIC’s nations are all pushing Agenda 20-30, 5G, IoT, AI, robots, massive surveillance, facial recognition, ‘social credit score’ is on it’s way here along with our National ID card that Trump already approved that we’ll need to collect our Universal Basic Income. Trump pushed for micro-chips on the campaign trail and what a coincidence ‘Lucent Technologies operates and does research into RFID chips meant to be implanted into your right hand’ at Jared Kushners 666 5th Avenue building. Trump and all these countries are fast-tracking in the demise of the entire world. It’s called the new world order, and it’s not coming, it’s already here.

        • “Your article failed to show any support for the liberation of our planet.”

          You are being vague, do you think these are my words? These are billjcush words.
          “[…] demise of the entire world.”………………

          You mean, ” […] demise of the entire human race.”

          The world will do find, you would amazed how many catastrophe’s have bombarded, frooze, burned entire continent and fast thawed vast area of the laurentide ice shelf and caused tusnami’s that released billions of gallons of glacier water in ta matter of hours. Which scoured this continent to the garanite wiping out megafauna that once roamed a lush and thriving North America.
          This planet has been through a lot worse that than what man can dish out, it will be around a lot longer than we will, I guarentee that…

          Your preaching to the choir!
          My immediate fight is a dance with devil, Vladimir Putin and the spread of the Socialist mindset; not socialism — the mind set.

          This is redundant, but I’ll ask anyway…Who would you have, control those technologies, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin or America?.

          • MM59 says:


            Why the false premise of there are only two choices – Putin or Trump?

            I think what saderella57 was saying they are all working together on one plan (Agenda 21 now called agenda 2030).

            BTW, did you make a list of all the past executive orders made by evil prior Presidents that Trump revoked since taking office? Please post it.

            The point many are making (and you can disagree with) is that there is a lot of “theater” going on in front of the cameras for our amusement (brainwashing). But behind the curtain, the controllers and plan stays on course.

            Why is Trump – who you believe is our liberator – pushing 5G? Just one example.A mini cell tower in front of every home. For what? Faster downloads? Not on your life. Its your electronic fence going up before your eyes.

            I do agree with your points on using BS language like “liberation of our planet”. Drama should be avoided in this debate.

          • “Why the false premise of there are only two choices – Putin or Trump?” —

            You think Mob rule is a choice, you think anarchy is a choice, don’t tell me you actually consider the Pussy hats, or Pocahontas Warren, Bernie the socialist or the flood of Socialist-indentity politics parties females, that will inundate the roster like water on an ice-rink, are choices…

            We are about to be introduced to 57 flavours of political candidacy/NPC bullshit…they will all have the word socialist somewhere in their description! It will create a power vacuum. That makes a sucking sound that will heard on the moon.

            “BTW, did you make a list of all the past executive orders made by evil prior Presidents that Trump revoked since taking office? Please post it.”

            Ah well that is surely pertinent in this ‘DEBATE’ –why stop there?…while your building strawmen why not put to them.

            You and I are performing theater right now, that’s what the physical existence is; its theater inside this meat suit that most confuse as self…behind the curtain — veiled secrets lie unknown to you and most. You’re an illusion even to yourself…

            You think you are born onto a planet autonomous of no outside control…you have a lot of waking up to do…this fake fucking place is a bus stop on the way to your own thing. I think you are confused about what a human is…

            “Why is Trump – who you believe is our liberator – pushing 5G? Just one example.A mini cell tower in front of every home. For what? Faster downloads? Not on your life. Its your electronic fence going up before your eyes.”

            First off, I don’t think Trump is “OUR” and I are not compadres in a fight for freedom amigo. I don’t believe in your kind of freedom. I am already free…that why I talking to you, I am trying to get you to wake up. You are still asleep. I outside what you believe is real.

            You, for me, are likened to some ruble-paid troll in a factory in India, paid to hunt me down and gaslight the shit out of me, if possible — or capture me in some Asch conformity Internet bubble that I carelessly created for myself — and my cyber war against SFB in Russia, you know?.. the punk with blue eyes and botoxed face, the bling meister, the buggered son of Yuri Andropov…the child of a lesser god. The real fly in the ointment.

            Or maybe, I am alone here in this bardo talking to my illusions about my state of mind which is fleeting and having trouble paying attention to OUR conversation. That is the wonder of me, I entertain so my realities…all the same time.

            5G, are you serious — their in your mind as we speak you dumb fuck — or course you could be Russian AI — and you don’t even know that too — are you keeping up?… and have always been there 59.

            There’s an interesting book by Colin Wilson a early sixties English writer –all over map kind of thinker, had a great head, a awsome imagination…anyway he wrote this fictional account of thinking — it’s a metaphor; a synopsis of his whole life thinking about whats going on. It is called the “Mind Parasites”. It might bring you to understanding your own thoughts.

            The active measures that have allowed you to think that what has gone on all your life… you have been suckled on a fondle slab and are really only a Stockholm syndrome victim. Your suffering amnesia about a catastrophe that working its way out of you… until you achieve a state of uniqueness.

            You really are only an intellectual eunuch that thinks he has an original thought. You don’t…you can’t even convince me you are alive, if I give you a chance. So really what is this…but fucking theater..isn’t it?

            Trump, I couldn’t care less, I think he is bound for impeachment, he should have told that he knew — and his weak responses to Kremlin aggressions will be his downfall…I have known for long time. I been lying to myself, for my own reasons, which I will admit here. But versus Putin the war criminal and punk gangster. I’ll take Donald. The active measures that he has been party to and maybe in some cases naive to… Will sink his whole ship.  

            But I don’t feel that was the plan any way, his plan was to try to wake you fuckers up at any cost…I bet you believe that global warming exists and Julian Assange and Edward fucking Snowden are heroes. Am I right? And that we really need a woman in the White House…

            Have you ever studied the Iroquois? they are a microcosm of true power, we live under many layers of illusion…and really you cannot have a socialist bee hive without a queen.

            ” […] “liberation of our planet” […]’  

            “[…] debate […]”

            Ok focus now, push out all other thoughts, out of your head and listen carefully. I’ll say it for the last time…THOSE-ARE-NOT-MY-WORDS…this planet does not need liberation. And I am not having a debate…

            I don’t think your awake yet troll 59…

          • sanderella57 says:

            MM59 – you’re the only one making any sense here. Yes, they’re all working together behind the scenes. As a Trump voter the truth is still stronger than his blatant lies he vomits out daily. No offense to you or me, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this. I’m just happy you do! The Trump cultists will bend over backwards to protect their belief systems.

            Trump has the Police State marching right on in under our own two feet, yet the blind can’t see it, the deaf refuse to hear it, and the brainwashed won’t allow the truth to penetrate their belief systems. Little did I know when I voted for Trump that we were going to become the United States of Israel. Zionism infecting our very core with Trump’s welcoming Noahide laws.

            When Trump’s finished fast-tracking in every Globalist agenda we’ll all be living in the largest open air prison ever created. It’s great that you see the big picture. Everyone else is still infighting over that circus going on inside that bloody corrupt White House, or protecting Trump. America is in peril. What I’m watching Trump doing inside the Medical field isn’t much different than Nazi Germany. But that’s OK there’s a circus going on and everybody wants to watch. Thank you for your comment. It was a welcome relief.

  15. Jon

    I have to be honest I don’t “seek out” Trump at all. On the rare occasions he does make my headlights, I have this to reflect.

    The first time I saw him “orate”, he came across as a “game show host”.

    His overtly radical approach to politics is only matched by the absence of political bravery. The “now you see its” that have materialised have all been rather predicable and very much in favour of “the system”.

    Now, you mention his “infamy” in the way he takes on the Media. I rather think that Bush Junior deserves some credit here. I read somewhere he gave the least press conferences of any president of America and, when in front of the cameras, he wittered like a moron.

    Historically the progression has seen Bush Senior (miser), Clinton (intellectual), Bush Junior (people’s moron), Obama (people’s intellectual) and Trump (?)….


    • Obama always reminded me of one of those 70’s pimps, with a big bright coloured hats, funky pants and shoes, and fur and gold teeth and a Eldorado.

      Yes Bush junior was the village idiot…

      “They misunderestimated me.”

      “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

      And the best for last….

      “See in my kind of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

      • TPR says:

        @MichaelBurns: “Obama always reminded me of one of those 70’s pimps, with a big bright coloured hat…”

        I had to come drop this off for you first (minus the Eldorado), before doing any serious commenting, lol. From David Dees graphic artist 2012:

      • I’ve just had a crazy thought, MB

        Maybe it’s New Year’s silliness, but I swear if Alex Jones ever plucked up the courage to interview me, I’d be the first one ever to render him speechless 😉

        With all my “criticism” of him, he does help open up the mind-gate for the masses and [without him] I guess it would be a pretty dull ol’ World.

        Happy New Year!

        • AJ is laying low — he left and they all fell back to sleep, except the faithful.

          In a not so distance future we will look back on AJ, and see it as the good ole days lol.

          I saw him on Joe Rogan, they talked for three hours….straight up Irish Whiskey, in a clean short glass, made by heathen neutered Irish Monks as a penance for buggering the altar boys.

          And Rogan lite a bomber of the finest Sativa — the size of a hand rolled Cuban cigar. And AJ drifted into the cosmic.

          Ole AJ started to relax — stream of consciousness sort of stuff, it flowed like water out of a jug — he does have a good heart Oz, he is so passionate about his beliefs. You can like him, or not, he ‘IS’ an American original, an individual. The world is losing people like that…now even the right is gaining plastic cartoon characters.


          2019 is the year for the beginning of ‘ChildHoods End’. Wouldn’t you say?

          “Men called them Overlords.
          They had come from outer space — they had brought peace and prosperity to Earth.
          But then the change began.
          It appeared first in the children — frightening, incomprehensible.
          Now the Overlords made their announcement:
          This was to be the first step in the elimination of the human race and the beginning of — What?”  

          — CHILDHOOD’S END: Arthur C. Clarke

          Dun dun dunn…

          • Well MB, no one could dispute AJ’s individuality. In that regard he is a tower amongst men. There’s probably no forum grand enough to support the two of us anyway, but I can’t help thinking if he really, truly wanted to “ram it up” the “establishment”, I would be the ideal guy to do it…..!

            As for the Earth overlords, I happen to touch on that in a recent article. Though I don’t personally don’t mention it, those that don’t go by the collective name “Draco” have reputedly failed 10,000 times in attempts to “perfect” a new human hybrid. Oh woe!

            Many people “in the know” ask me….”so, what is this kill switch they intend to activate?” (expecting a glamorous response).

            I reply “what do you drive?”

  16. Heather says:

    The man has done, and is doing, at a very minimum, what he said he would do. This is called integrity. Americans used to possess and value this quality and characteristic in an in individual. Keeping your word, a promise. It’s interesting that the fact that he has kept his word to the public, even the morons who can’t recognize it, and not the lobbyists and shit faced mental and spiritual lobotomy patients is not recognized and celebrated. The awake recognize… the great age of CIA and alphabet mind control has affected… only about half he populace. Yay! Truth seekers rejoice! And pray. Pray. For critical mass awakening.

  17. Viktoria Sigrun says:

    Universal basic income needs to be enacted and he has not solved the the debt slavery,low wage slavery. usury system that has resulted in an 80 percent poverty violence rate. Housing market prices must decrease and get the chemicals out food, water, air, and land. Ban psychiatry and the poison pills. Arrest Bill, Killary, and Obama.

    • SamAdamsGhost says:

      Politicians and government bureaucrats don’t produce anything. They merely take wealth from the people and redistribute it as a way to control others. (And they get the mentally enslaved members of the police and military to do the actual physical confiscation.)
      Of course, these control freaks support government controlled education, health’care’, and a universal income. It’s the same system they had in the USSR and is a way to control You. When you rely on government, they have you.

      Universal (low) basic income is perfect – for those who wish to remain slaves.

      The solutions lie with more personal freedom, not less. Unfortunately most people throughout history have chosen the ‘certainty’ of enslavement.

    • “Universal basic income needs to be enacted […]”

      What? Why should you be supported with free money, can’t you go and get your own money and what ever that supports.

      “Housing market prices must decrease […]”

      I own a house, it should increase if anything. But certainly not decrease.

  18. jacobite2015 says:

    Do, the Billionaire Trump is going to save the day? Lol. First of all, I’m a political atheist – so I don’t have a dog in this fight. IMO, I think he’s in it soley for ego. What’s the old saying?….”It’s good to be King.” Lol. Billionaires get bored awfully quickly…there’s only so many fancy cars, yachts, jets, and sports teams you can own. For the Trump, he’s now King of the land. And how could a Billionaire relate to a middle-class person like me anyway? I’m sure I’m nothing more than a peasant & useless eater to him.

    And on the issues of medical drugs & vaccines that you so often write about – very important issues to me (I lost a family member to complications from a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease) – Trump has done absolutely nothing about these problems! Why doesn’t he open an investigation into the CDC on the Thompson case? Why doesn’t authorize an independent investigation into the vaccine-autism connection? Why doesn’t he go after the CDC and expose all the fraud and propaganda? He acts like such a tough guy but yet seems frightened by the CDC & vaccine industry!

    He’s even worst on medical drugs – the dangerous drugs with their deadly side-effects and the stench of corruption with the FDA allowing these drugs to be approved and marketed to Americans…the same FDA you so often write about. And who does Trump appoint as FDA director? None other than Scott Gottlieb, who had previous ties to Big Pharma, received received tens of thousands in speaking fees from firms involved in the manufacture of opioids, and wants a faster approval process for new drugs. Oh boy!…how splendid! Faster approval of more dangerous drugs that kill people at an astonishing rate! You have reported from FDA sources of about *100,000* annual deaths from the “normal administration of medical drugs.” Well…I’m sure this number will go up on the new faster approval of medical drug strategy!

    So, I don’t see Trump doing a damn thing on the two very important issues of vaccines & medical drugs. Sure there are a lot of other issues out there right now, but vaccines & medical drugs are two of the big ones that should concern everyone thst cares about their health. And it’s no fun watching your family member die a slow & painful death all started from the side-effects of a vaccine as well as the terrible drug-induced organ failure caused by the medical drugs used to treat her condition!

    • You gotta stop reading the Intercept, its full of Socialist Marxist trans-genderists, and homosexuals. Its a limited hang-out for rainbow perverts.

      It is anti-white man, anti-heterosexual, and the place is adrift in millennial fragility, and smoke blowing teacup mendacity.

      The comments section of any article is an exercise in virtue signalling: ‘BAD MAN ORANGE’.
      They despise Trump, because he won’t wear a pussy hat, and his name is spelled with a capital ‘T’.

      The prolapsed Glenn Greenwald is a Russian troll and aided and abided that little traitor Snowden….did you know he started out as a lawyer? Greenwald that is…

      • jacobite2015 says:

        @ Michael Burns

        I don’t read the “Intercept.” I found the article while doing research on Gottlieb, which details the tens of thousands of dollars he received in speaking fees from companies involved in the manufacture of opioids. Is this cool with you? Jon has written extensively about the opioid crisis and this guy rakes in cash left & right from drug manufacturers producing this crap.

        And why are you “thoroughly convinced that Trump is a good man?” A good man wouldn’t have appointed Gottlieb as the FDA commissioner; a physician who has taken millions of dollars from drug companies. And how egregious that one of Gottlieb’s prime objectives as commissioner is to speed up the drug approval process getting medications to the market faster. Isn’t that just lovely?And I do remember Trump talking about this during his campaign promises – getting medical drugs approved faster for Americans. And don’t you remember Jon writing extensively about 100,000+ annual deaths from *FDA-approved* drugs? A faster approval process is going to exacerbate the problem, and Lord knows how many more annual deaths are going to occur! Is this you want? More unsafe toxic drugs killing people at an astonishing rate? I’ve seen this crap first hand with the death of a family member (btw, medical error is now the *3rd* leading cause of death in the U.S.!).

        And what about vaccines that I mentioned in my previous post? (I lost a family member to complications from a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease – and I’m forever scarred!). If Trump is such a “good man” why doesn’t he open an investigation into the Thompson case at the CDC? Why doesn’t look into the vaccine-autism & vaccine-autoimmune disease connection? In fact, why doesn’t Trump tear down the walls of the mighty CDC and investigate the the allegations of fraud & propaganda with that agency? Is he frightened of the vaccine industry? Is he frightened of the pharma industry? Maybe he’s a proponent of the CDC, Big Pharma & the medical cartel? If that’s the case, then he’s just another politician that has absolutely no interest in stopping the pharmaceutical, vaccine & medical horrors inflicted on the American people! Let the horror show continue!

        • So how do you know the article tells the truth. The website is Socialist.

          Why don’t you quit blaming the government and take a bite out of the Sacklers, or the Chinese…the Chinese manufacture and export more opioids and synthetic opioids than any drug company.
          They bring them in on container ships, seven stories high with all their crap…

          “I’m forever scarred”…ah forever, thats a long time. You sound like a victim to me…now you can choose to live that way FOREVER, or get a set and stand up.

          Maybe, maybe, maybe….maybe if fish had wings they could fly.

          Yeah its all Trumps fault, or whoever is next, or the guy after that.

          All I said was, don’t read the Intercept it slants everything and the place is full of the Rainbow and lisping sycophants. Virtue signalling their way through life.

    • Sci-reader says:

      Concerning FDA approved meds and vaccines I second your statements. The corporate oligarchy, (pharmaceutical/medical, agriculture/chemical, banking/finance, energy, military/industrial, and media), will not let Trump or anyone else stand in their way. If someone tries, that person will be reminded what happened to JFK, RFK, and MLK.

    • sanderella57 says:

      jacobite2015, I loved your honest description, welcomed it, embraced it! [Mine] resembles your’s to a T! And I didn’t even read yours until afterward. I’ve been keeping track of what Gottliebs been doing inside that FDA, and out, and the rest of Trump’s big pharma picks. FDA Commissioner Gottlieb’s going after Kratom hard trying to clear the shelves while FDA admits to spying on people’s Facebook accounts to ‘monitor what they’re saying their taking for pain & opioid withdrawal’. I save every piece of documentation proving that what I’m watching take place in the Medical Field under Trump is nothing more than one massive Genocide Program. My God it was good to read your comment. Keep screaming from the roof-tops. If Jon allows my comment to post, you may want to take a look at it.

  19. 2uneak says:

    You could have written that piece yesterday and it all still holds true. Almost as if time has stopped.

  20. I am thoroughly convinced that Trump is a good man. A few flip flops, but in the end, I think he is genuine. He has followed through with what he has promised, to the greater extent, and I believe, he is still trying to do the right thing. That his cabinet has all but abandoned him — the final straw with “Mad Dog” jumping ship as if warned, about the some impending doom…the Mueller storm ahead.

    Mattis the Sun Tzu warrior monk, brought back from retirement to advise in the ancient mysticism of war, and militarism, the POTUS on the finer details of why America should be ever-present in a Syria, and fundamental middle east — that to leave is a ‘BETRAYAL OF OUR ALLIES’, a dangerous neglect of Russia’s real intent: expansionism.

    That said, the Russians are dangerous, rather Putin and the St Petersburg mob are dangerous, and the New Cold War, primed by a thoroughly corrupt, and sick political reality machine, is taking advantage of the mayhem in Western politics, mainly, in American politics and Donald Trump.

    Syria is about a gas pipeline, and the control of natural gas, coming from Russia’s ally Iran in the South Pars/North Dome natural gas Field — the largest in the world — through Syria to a diluted and deluded Europe. A bureaucracy so large it is a wonder anything get accomplished. When one looks at the Russian model of pipelines and infrastructure to supply fuel it is being constructed to enable Vladimir Putin to isolate, any who oppose his methods. He is creating a grid of logistics, to maximize his power and control.

    Putin is a child of Yuri Andropov, a mad Soviet bastard who tainted, and corrupted a young man’s mind in the early development of that future leader. He filled him with his perverted art, and vile thought. He trained him in paranoia, a warped authoritarian acumen. He was schooled, and helped develop the Firth Directive, which makes it a crime to oppose, to think freely. Andropov is Putin’s father, Stalin is his god and religion.

    This dangerous SOB, Putin — with a conspiracy theorist mind, will take advantage of an isolating and insulating America, a degrading and bankrupted Empire, and expand, along with China, as the super ‘I.G. Farben’ of the twenty-first century along with his BRICS politics and allies.

    Normally I am not in any way for an offensive, but in this condition, I can see the endgame for Putin and his Russian kleptocracy. The Dominance of the world Island, the dominance of AI, is the stage for future war? Is the stage being set for some weird Kurzweilian singularity to enter, an era of technocratic machinery, that will make life unbearable?

    Putin is the man who believes and has always believed that Russia, is a great and world dominating nation. A world leader that was wrecked by the U.S. The largest country on the planet. With a 188 million people; a resource wealthy power house that will take over the hegemonic position of an isolating America.

    Putin sees himself as a ‘Peter the Great’, born in Peter’s city, and bound for the great new harbor, the world.

    The resource poverty of America; the spiritual poverty of America; the bipolarity deep in the heart and soul of a sickened nation; the self-neutered intelligentsia, and scientific mind of America stolen, or sold out to the greedy corporation.

    Trump although he has accomplished so much — has a storm coming, and I would prefer that he came out sooner than later, and say …”We find the Russians have been meddling with the politics of this nation, whither that be an old or new idea. The proof shows that they raided the DNC computers and found the link which led to the Podesta files and they released them to Julian Assange, so that smug bastard might get his intellectual orgasm at the defeat of Hillary Clinton.”

    Julian Assange is a traitor to the west and a criminal hacker!

    I have done far too much research on this and find that the Russian propaganda machine, has found a use for the present landscape of online, with a myriad of trolls, and troll factories, versed in a Asch Conformity ideology as an offense intent on speeding the demise of the present America. These entities create dissent and confusion; they create dissonance. And they have a well established fifth column in the USA that will wreak havoc in future events. In the end, Putin would like to see, and is inspiring a new McCarthyism to raise its ugly head and butcher any trust that is left…

    The refined nature of a master KGB President with enormous online power to convince the ‘bad man orange’ crowd that a white America is the cause of all world problems, and the sooner it falls the better. 

    Vladimir Putin spent many hours watching the video of the murder of Gaddafi, he understood that Hillary has a great hatred for him. She called him, Hitler — he knows that she is war monger — a globalist who covets Russia’s vast untapped wealth of resources, in natural gas and oil; minerals and precious metals, rare metals and lithium deposits; copper and iron, aluminum, great open steppes that can supply wheat and grains. His connections in Iran, China and throughout Eurasia, easily enables Russia to climb to grasp the brass ring of a fading U.S. world hegemony.

    Messianic Putin will take us to a dystopian ‘1984’. He spends his time, refurbishing old Andropov plagues, and cast bronze sculpture of his father and his god.

    I would say that this will be Trumps toughest year; Hillary adamant for a Democrat in the Whitehouse in 2020; Putin’s antics and ongoing hatred of America; Mueller the 100 year storm soon to be released.

  21. Sunshine2 says:

    Jon, you asked for our opinions in this matter but I am far more interested in learning yours.

  22. From Quebec says:

    And the best is yet to come: Watch Trump drain the swamp.

    Military Tribunals To Begin In January watch?v=ABPrxaf2_XE

    • TPR says:

      I saw that last night mentioned in a comment elsewhere. They said Trump had signed an EO at some point in the past re Martial Law & Military Tribunals & that that EO takes effect 1/1/2019.


  23. Ern says:

    Good one , Jon. One of your best. Interesting comments too. Pres. Trump is shaking off the parasites that late great Eustace Mullins wrote about. Pray for him.
    Bro. Ern

  24. TPR says:




    A_He hires too many Swamp Creatures! I’ve heard all the “explanations” by other pro-Trumpers:

    __”Keep your friends close & your enemies closer” blah blah blah;

    __& that as a Business Magnate, he’s used to delegating & trusting others “with experience” for whatever job, to handle things;

    __ &/or that as a Builder, he’s used to hiring people for temporary runs until that portion of the “building project” is completed, then they leave & you bring in the Next Phase Guys (all fine & good if that’s it & not lousy Swamp choices/hires in the first place);

    __&/or that he’s getting BAD advice from somebody re all the lousy Swamp Critter picks; etc. etc.

    __Whichever is the case, it’s upsetting. DRAIN — Not CLAIM — The Swamp!

    __(Practically every Swamp Creature he has picked ends up stabbing him in the back. Fed Powell for instance; & Kavanaugh agreed to Planned Parenthood funding!; & hiring McConnell’s wife is not keeping McConnell in line (Wall $$); Narcissistic Omarosa; etc. He should have kept the “regular guys” like Lewandowski & Scaramucci. Who cares what MSM says! And maybe even bring back “Dirty Trickster” Roger Stone(?)

    __Oh, & even though I’m a woman, I’m not for hiring so many women. I mean, really > a woman as DHS head?! Pfff! (DHS & PatriotAct should not even exist, but if you’re going to keep DHS, no softie females who cave to immigrants. Put out the motel sign on all borders now: “WE’RE FULL. NO VACANCIES” for any further immigration, period, for another 20 years at least.

    B_HIRE PATRIOTS! Does everyone recall the online application site to work for the Trump Admin during the Transition timeframe, that they received tens of thousands of applications from John & Jane Q. Public?

    __A few months ago I read that they hired ZERO ZILCH NADDA of ANY of those fellow MAGA Americans! :-/

    __I’d rather have an inexperienced Patriot who could learn any position, than a Swamp Creature “with experience.”

    C_POTUS too often lavishes twitter-praise on Enemies. Maybe he’s playing a “head-fake” game on them but it is demoralizing to us.

    D_I don’t trust “Javanka” as they’ve been Libs forever. Hopefully, Melania keeps Potus from going too far if she doesn’t like Javanka’s advice either.

    E_I don’t like when he Flip-Flops, saying one thing, & then doing another (“Let your Yes mean Yes & your No mean No.” Bible verse.)

    __I also do not believe in “Blind Faith.” (Some pro-Trump blogs they chirp in unison, “I TRUST My President!” & if you voice any reservations re any of his actions, choices, etc., you are denigrated as a “Concern Troll”!)

    __One of Trump’s greatest cheerleaders from Day-1, @Mitchellvii (who WAS EXCELLENT throughout the campaign), says Trump does not flip-flop, he “tests the waters” first. When wheeling & dealing, you always ask for more than you know you can get, then you look like the wise, reasonable guy when you basically “settle for less” (my interpretation).

    __Current example: Heard he’s backsliding a bit re troops in Syria after lunch with “Miss Lindsey” (Zio-Graham), tsk tsk.

    F_Re other commenters’ complaints, I would bet Trump does not have a CLUE re:

    1)__Rx Drugs as 100% Poisons: He probably thinks most RXs are OK for people. None of his kids have been chronically ill, him neither. So maybe he has never heard re the tons of people who are awake to & who despise & loathe DRUGGERY of all kinds, Toxic Big Pharma & “street drugs.” He probably thinks he’s doing a “good thing” re RXs (for all the duped masses who cry for them like candy! Outlaw drug ads on TV!)
    __He IS aware re “opioid crisis” as he campaigned about that for some reason & has said he got Xi/China to back off from sending tons of fentanyl over here.

    2)__Ditto GMO, Pesticides, Food Problems, etc. (& We don’t want CHICKENS PROCESSED IN CHINA EITHER). The Trump Clan all look like they can eat what they want & never get sick, including Potus who likes McDonald’s & stays healthy. So, maybe he doesn’t have a CLUE YET re such toxins (GMOs, Pesticides/Produce, Hormones/Meat, etc.)

    3)_Ditto the Polluted Power Grid (“Dirty Electricity”), Microwave Radiation, Smart Meters, WiFi, Cells, & the horrid upcoming 5G.
    __Unless his or someone in his family’s health is affected by all that, he may never hear a peep about what is happening to the rest of us who are already suffering from it.
    __Nobody hardly ever “wakes up” to anything unless & until they are personally affected.

    G_Being “over the hill,” I’m not too interested in a lot of what any politician or Potus cares about:

    __Prison Reform? Blah. Not interested in having convicts in the neighborhood.

    __Military? I don’t worship them. I’ve read too much re how the world really works.

    __Drug Addicts? Can’t relate. Not my forte.

    __Jobs. Good. Necessary for the younger crowd.

    __Bring back Manufacturing. Good. Tired of Cheaply-Made China Crap.

    __Bi/Tri-Party Trade Deals. Good. But more than Three’s a Crowd. Keep it simple.

    __Insurance? Unless it covered “Natural Hygiene” doctors & Fasting centers, what good is it? Not interested in AMA doctors, their toxic druggery, radiation, surgeries, chemo, etc.
    __Insurance never covers your eyes & teeth anyway. I’ll pay cash when/if I need any of them.

    H_What do our age group care about? My “POTUS AGENDA WISH LIST 2019-2024” (one can dream!):

    __Destroy the Deep State, stop all spying, surveillance, bio-metric crap, etc.

    __Fire All Globalists, Communists in Govt. & Military. Then hang ’em.

    __Outlaw the selling of private data by anyone, State & Feds included.

    __Make Voter Rolls Private (who wants their name, address, DOB, etc. on the internet?)

    __Everyone must Speak, Read, Write English-Only in Public, Businesses, Govt., Schools, etc.

    __No Third World Food Imports. (I heard @DrJackKruse say that SPICES from Third Worlders, they put teenie tiny metals in the spices to make the package WEIGH MORE > Charge you more!
    __Also, whatever chemicals the USA outlaws, they sell them to the Third Worlders who put them on their crops & then we end up with the same chemicals from their crops!

    __Quit funding Foreign Countries as a HABIT. Natural Disaster Assistance OK.

    __Deport All Never-Will-Assimilate-Foreigners of Cultures in Opposition to American Traditional Culture.

    __Guns, Rifles, Ammo, Open Carry.

    __Affordable Housing with Privacy, Peace & Quiet.

    __WIRED Safe Ethernet/Internet.

    __WIRED Safe LANDLINE Phones.

    __Keep your grubby Congress-Critter hands off Social Security Retirement.

    __Annual COLA raises of a few hundreds per month, not “two tens or nothing.”

    __Build Mechanical non-computerized Vehicles Again with NO transmitting/receiving antennas.

    __Bring back Mail Delivery to your Door.

    __Require clean, non-toxic Food, Produce, Air, Water, Sunlight/Moonlight/Stars Sky.

    __That means NO GMO, NO Chemtrails, Only-Organic Farms/Food, NO man-made-non-native-ElectroMagnetic RADIATION &/or Nanotechnology ANYWHERE, on Earth or Above It.

    __Bring back Incandescent Bulbs!

    __Get rid of Daylight Savings Time. “Make America Natural Again” (#MANA!).

    __And “Make Burial Affordable Again.” (#MBAA !). I reject heathen cremation just because it’s “cheaper”! 😉

    PS: I’m not for Trump/Pence’s “SPACE FORCE” Star Wars either. What a waste of $$. God gave man dominion over the EARTH, not Outer Space. You’re asking for trouble by going that route, fellas. Fix the NEST (Earth) first. Thank You!


    • NaturalWoman says:

      Excellent list.

      How about adding free energy (the technology has existed for decades but suppressed)eliminating electrical companies along with their high monthly bills?

      And allow farmers to grow hemp, a crop with miriad uses, instead of importing from Canada? Among other valuable things it can eliminate plastics, which are a by-product of petroleum with a natural product that will not leave behind quantities of refuse that doesn’t degrade. In fact, petroleum is behind many things that poison us, including pharmaceuticals, which is why they are so toxic.

      How about making corporate executives personally responsible for the crimes they commit working for the company? They seem to be immune from prosecution and if caught, only the company might have to pay.

      And let’s negate the O’s exec order that bureaucrats cannot be fired. In fact, let’s get rid of nearly all of these parasites who enact burdensome rules that have the power of law without being voted into law by anyone.

      And get rid of the IRS! They’ve played partisan politics far too long with no consequences.

    • Sunshine2 says:

      Wow TPR! Reading each item on your list I thought it couldn’t get any better, but it just kept getting better :-). Thanks.

    • Good stuff….You know what the space force is about, don’t you?…

      It is all about a short, simple and synergistic way to deal with that Russian super duper, hypersonic, turn on a dime, AI infused stay up there forever, nuclear engine powered, muti-headed nuclear bullshit (made out of super materials gained from China) from that little sawed-off rat brained c**ksucker…that New Russian Messiah. Poutine with extra gravy.

      Because otherwise it is years and years of endless talking, and negotiation about a fair and reasonably and newly improved INF Treaty.

      Is Gog and Magog gonna start soon?…I got my popcorn and ready for the show.
      Otherwise, your right on the button…was that a pun?

      You are right on for everything.
      But the Orange man…lol, is the funniest SOB in the world. And he gives it to the Pussy hats, and vampire MSM…they are such wankers, n’est ce pas.

      But I have considered that he (Trump) might have been in cahoots with the new Russian Messiah Putin, to stop the Wicked Witch from the West.

      She blew up Libya — and laughed and cackled at a Bowie knife going up the ass of a beaten and bloodied Gaddaffi…that scared the living bejesus out Putsy. He has nighmares about that…so actually we gained, because the end was forstalled for a couple more years a Tump administration.

      I saw Hillary the other day in a feminist lecture — I don’t think they are infusing enough baby blood through her every day, she blinking out of sequence now, she looking like something I’ve seen in a Hieronymous Bosch painting.

      I leave you with joke disguised in the truth.

      Barack Obama on aging:

      “These days, I look in the mirror and have to admit, I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be.”

      Cheers, don’t let the bastards get ya down.

  25. bobbity bob says:

    “Does he see that so-called liberals, who are really socialists and Globalists and technocrats, …”

    People really need to stop blurting out the “socialist” word all the time because they rarely use it correctly.

    Here is Bernie Sanders (a social democrat who likes worker cooperatives (THAT is socialism) but wouldn’t abolish privately owned businesses) on open borders:

    “Klein, it should be noted, didn’t simply ask Sanders about the open-borders idea. He argued for it, forcefully. “You said being a democratic socialist means a more international view,” Klein said to Sanders. “I think if you take global poverty that seriously, it leads you to conclusions that in the U.S. are considered out of political bounds. Things like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit, even up to a level of open borders.”

    Sanders responded that it the idea is “a Koch Brothers proposal,” a “right-wing proposal” (he presumably felt that Klein, a former Democratic blogger, was not a right-winger), and added that

    “It would make everybody in America poorer—you’re doing away with the concept of a nation state…

    “What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don’t believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs.

    “You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? … You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids?”

  26. Spurwing Plover says:

    But of course the Communists News Network only wants total Socialists/Liberals to be in the U.S. Capital tax and spending and regulatng us into poverty after all CNN was created and funded by Red Ted Turner who brainwashed the school kids with crap like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, One Child One Voice, Network Earth and National Geographic Explorer Etc

  27. MM59 says:

    Trump is a globalist playing a role assigned to him.
    Yes, he can tweet “fake news”. Yes he can call out the media – that is the script he was given to read.

    A typical presidential campaign costs almost 900B to run. He was going to fully fund his campaign. Look at how much he actually spent. Ask yourself why the media gave him so much free airtime? Compare the coverage they gave to Ron Paul.

    Has he drained the swamp? Look at his appointments.
    Did he “lock her up”? No.
    Did he stop illegal immigration and secure the border? No. (Oh, but you will say – the Dem’s won’t let him, right? Good conditioning on the globalists part brought that thought to your mind).
    Did he investigate vaccines? No.

    He is all in for 5G – that is part of the globalists central plan.
    Did his tax plan include ending the carried interest loopholes that allow Warren Buffet to pay a lower percentage than his secretary in income taxes? No. Funny, both Dems and Republicans both agree that this loophole should end – but it never seems to make it into the tax reform laws passed.

    The word someone used that best describes what we have with Trump is “Hope Porn”. Yes, he talks the things we want to hear – but the central plan rolls out just like it did under Clinton, Bush and Obama.

    Trump made his fortunes in two of the dirtiest businesses – real estate development and casinos. Don’t expect him to be the one that turns the ship around.

    • ” […] 900B to run.”

      I think your telling porky pies. Are you prone to exaggeration. Your are definitely a Troll? Russian or American?

      The average presidential run is in the hundreds of millions, but, it can reach upwards of $10 billion.

      But 900B ?…LIAR.

      Sometimes you just can’t satisfy people , no matter what you do…

      C’mon admit it, I know ya wanna, the Trump: he is ten times the man, that divisive mouthed; that, donkey-eared black gay pimp, and ‘Socialist Muslim’ ever was, or could be.

      “Hope Porn”…wow a new weaponized word.

      Here’s one for ya, you are spreading “Liar Porn”

      • MM59 says:

        It was meant to say $900M, so you got me at that typo.
        No I am American and I am not a troll. You can find my efforts towards defeating the globalist plan at this website page.

        But to say Trump is “ten times the man” et al is a real joke. Trump and Barry answer to the same controllers.
        Trump is a globalist who has only hired swamped creatures, done nothing he said he would.
        The question is – why have you and many others been taken?

        • If you truly are American then why do you speak like a Russian troll, knee-jerking left-wing comments against the country you live in; you don’t like the POTUS, then vote him out…but don’t slander.

          America is superb, America is Freedom; America is the greatest country in the world.

          Be careful what you quander, blood was paid for that freedom. And quietly anonymous men and women died to maintain that freedom for you.

          Someone has to rule, the population at 7 billion left to anarchy would eat itself like a cancer, and the gangs and the butchers and the terrorist would rape and kill the rest.

          It is a thin blue line this and open hell on the streets, you have had the fortune to not see that, I have not been so lucky.

          Who would you prefer, to go financially against thfe Russian KGB man and his kleptocracy and expansionist foreign policy?

          Sanders the Social, Elizabeth “I’m really a cheerokee” Warren?

          The Russian and his zero-sum gain counter-measures is a enemy of the free world — he will creep, if not pushed back on…

          Globalist will happen, it is just a matter of which version you want — the gene pool for leaders is far too shallow.

  28. gladiatoro says:

    As Trump would say NO MORE FAKE NEWS. From toxic vaccines to the opioid crisis , president Trump is exposing what must be exposes.

    • MM59 says:

      So Trump brought William Thompson is to testify under oath as to the fraud that took place in the CDC regarding the research of vaccines and autism? I must have missed that news, please post a link.

  29. tRuTh_Be_ToLd says:

    White-collar FINANCIER (((ZION-ism))) + Blue-collar socialism/(((COMMUNISM))) = .001% “Jew” World Order. (NOTE: Demo-CONS + Republi-CONS = ZIO-cons. It’s all ONE party. (((Soros))) (among many (((others))), FINANCED HITLAR-Y in 2016. (((Adelson))) FINANCED Donald J. Trump-stein in 2016. (((Who))), exactly, sits BEHIND both (((Soros))) & (((Adelson)))? Answer: (((Rothschilds))), (((Warburgs))), (((Schiffs))), (((Goldman Sachs))), etc.

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