It’s Showtime in North Korea

It’s Showtime in North Korea

by Jon Rappoport

June 13, 2018

People Magazine: “’North Korea has great beaches,’ Trump told reporters. ‘You see that whenever they’re exploding cannons into the ocean. I said, “Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo?”’ Trump said he advised Kim that instead of pursuing his nuclear ambitions, he should build ‘the best hotels in the world’ on North Korea’s coastline to boost the country’s economy. ‘Think of it from a real estate perspective,’ Trump said.”

Sometimes a war is necessary, in order to do business. Necessary for the people making war.

Sometimes the threat of war is enough. It spurs growth.

—Here’s a shoreline of brand new condos. Move-in ready. Restaurants, hotels, shops, synthetic streets emerging from barren land. Let’s build a modern city. Let’s build ten. This could be how North Korea is shaping up.

Instead of a nuclear catastrophe, bring in the usual players, the giant construction companies, the electric-power utilities. They know how to put it all together.

As I wrote some months ago, for Trump the business of America is business, period. Let’s make a deal. You may like it, you may hate it, but there it is. That’s how he’s always rolled.

Environmental problems, pollution, earthquakes from fracking? Minor issues. Just keep building. The investors make piles of money. Tourists show up. The local backwater culture never saw anything like it? They’ll adapt. They’ll get used to it. Call it democracy, monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, who cares? There’s cash on the table.

The new North Korea may eventually look like a hundred versions of Dubai side by side. War and sanctions are the threats; business is the solution.

Trump has that viewpoint. Jobs will come, projects will climb upwards and sideways. Does it feel like a new era of capitalism or crazy gloss and shine? Depends on who you are. Are you nestled in the top tier of profiteers, or are you making beds and delivering meals in brand new hotels? Are you a janitor three floors below ground level making your daily rounds, or are you booking a suite thirty floors up in the air?

Kim understands the whole game, because he has China as a model. Repressive rule from above, along with active zones of volcanic capital investment and massive production of goods.

Foreign banks and financiers are popping champagne corks. The North Korean government will find a way to make hay while the sun shines, too, even if they have to back the manufacture of a synthetic sun. They’ll invent a new bank, they’ll invent new money out of air, they’ll say it’s “for the people.” A small farmer scratching out a meager existence on frozen land will turn into a waiter in a luxury restaurant in a city that was never there until yesterday. Voila. French cuisine spiced with kimchi.

Bring on the golf courses. The tennis courts. The equestrian show places, the NBA game of the week.

Absolute duty to the government leadership and its mottos of socialism will find translation into duty and obedience to the companies and corporations transforming the landscape. “We have the best workers in the world!” And those workers will unite under the rubric of money. Same tune, different lyrics.

Trump thinks, “Show me a shithole country, and I’ll show you a future of unlimited profit.” Only now he doesn’t have to worry about losses on the books and bankruptcies along the way. He doesn’t have to worry (if he ever did) about cooking the accounting ledgers. He’s both business and government. The whole North Korea renovation WILL BE cooked books—and it’s entirely acceptable, because it will be measured by expansion, visible to the world in hundreds of ways.

Anybody who is anybody will get his piece of the action. And no one who is anyone will ask questions.

A history of frozen wastelands and brazen population control will, one day, appear as a mere footnote in a Pyongyang museum. “Yes, it was once that way, but under our immortal leadership, we have triumphed and become entirely modern. Now we rule by edict and force in order to build a paradise for every citizen. Triple bacon burgers! Nachos! Rodeo Drive!”

Sort out the difference between low and high consumer culture according to what’s in your wallet.

It’s Showtime in North Korea.

This is the mouth-watering prospect for investors.

As I say, Kim knows the new model just by looking at China. He loses nothing in the way of control. He just plays from a different deck of cards—all aces.

Of course, in order for a titanic deal to go through, China will have to be included. No doubt, behind the scenes, they’ve been at the bargaining table. The Trump “trade war” with Xi Jinping has a number of moving parts.

Ready, set, go. Crony capitalism rides again.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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19 comments on “It’s Showtime in North Korea

  1. Why US Government Should Not Be Run As A Huge Corporation Business Under President Trump Or Anyone Else; When Only Corporations Exist And Government By The People Disappears, You Have Fascism, Dictatorship And Totalitarianism

    • Sheldon Cyrlin says:

      What you say is true but government by the people, has already disappeared in the US. The corporations control government through politicians & bureaucrats, people with little to no INTEGRITY, the self proclaimed, righteous public servants/parasites who primarily serve themselves & cronies.
      This is not true Capitalism.

  2. sundancer55 says:

    Let’s hope this whole thing remains a figment of Jon’s imagination. The last thing we need is a NoKo tourist trap.

  3. truth1 says:

    You know, I have never believed that the Korean missiles were the product of Korea. Its not a rich nation or an advanced one. My opinion/suspicion is that the USA built the system of missile production and paid for it all, with bleeding tax payers’ money. Create the problem AND then the solution. What a shame so many fall for it.N. Korea also makes Trump look good, even as the Cuban Missile Crisis was orchestrated to make Kennedy look good. And I got no problem with Jack looking good but not that way. Kim Jong was educated in the USA. He is one of the insiders. He played his role well and he will be well rewarded. Just a great big game of lies and deceit. Its so obvious, its tragic. Yeah, I know. I’m a dark black cynic. I’d be the 1st to agree. But I will also prove to be right.

    I wonder what the next show will be about. Economic collapse? WW3? Alien invasion. so many good choices. How about a 3 ring circus with all 3? War with Canada? Oh, I’m just kidding now. Trudeau is great for a laugh or two . . . unless you happen to be Canadian. my heart goes out to them.

  4. MrDuncmck says:

    trump may build stuff .but that does not mean he is a rine stone cowboy materialist think trump is that stupid that he does not understand the principles of individual sovereignty? i think he does .the problem with all you commentators is enough will never be enough.thats the give away..lets improve giant steps by coltrane .the modulation sucks in the 7th bar? Beethoven 5th entrance is corny …trump killed the MSM credibility .in the process of killing globalist mentality . you think he is just another prop?? give me a break ..i see the premise here ..

    • truth1 says:

      McDunkirk, lies and manipulation are done on both sides or all the sides. Why am I supposed to be impressed? Whether Trump, Hillary, or the MSM, lies are evil. playing games are evil. All I am asking for is truth. Lies enable manipulation. I’m am tired of games and manipulation. There is no justification for it.

    • From Quebec says:

      This is the only sane comment on this article. Kudo MrDuncmck

      This site has become worse than the MSM. A bunch of snobbish idiots who hates Trump.

      You see, to them a builder has to be an idiot, Well, hell, he cannot write poems or have 5 PHD.

      I think that Jon has lived too long in California, he cannot think straihht anymore. He hates Trump.

      He does not realize that without Trump, the NWO would have already taken place.

      I am glad that the North Koreans will have a better life and will have food to eat, but not Jon. He would have preferred a nuclear war.

      I have often wondered why this site had so few comments. Now I know why, Jon has shown us his true face. He hates Trump
      Well, too bad for you Jon, Trump will win the 2020 election and will make America and this world a better place to live in. Sorry for you Jon, Trump wins, you lose.

  5. Lamberth says:

    I agree with truth1.
    The whole thing is a farce from start to end.
    Kim Jong Un was actually educated in Switzerland, not the US. He spent many years there. So not only “educated” the Western way, but goodness knows what dirt they have on him during his stay there. Kim Yong Un LOVES anything western.
    I reckon Western intel knocked off Kim Jong Il, then – in the shadows – making sure Kim Jong Un was his successor.
    Then you get your puppet (Rocket Man) to create a bit of ruckus with his rockets, a few threats here and there, and then all of a sudden, just like that, you turn around 180 degrees (would Bolton have had anything to do with this, it happened when he came on the scene) and make some kind of deal, whether genuine or not.
    IMO, that deal isn’t worth the paper it is written/printed on. Think Iran Nuclear Deal…

    • truth1 says:

      and I agree with Lamberth that Iran is the primary and goal to “subdue” that region and that that would be te one to avoid. Its Ironic that Iran, according of the vernerable Paul Yves Pezron, Linguist and historian Extrordinaire, was made up of Germanic/Teutonic tribes. You can still find German words in Persian, as Pezron shows. in his book.

  6. Lamberth says:

    BTW, I hope Jon is wrong about North Korea turning into another Dubai, considering the neon hell-hole that city is.
    Remember, we’ve now seen similar “deals” having been done with Myanmar and Cuba.
    All for the benefit of the global (US) corporations and banks, not for the benefit of the people of those countries. They are awaiting their enslavement, while their land and resources are sold away from underneath them. And get to eat the poisonous western junk-foods, queue all associated diseases that come with it and with that queue western “healthcare”.
    Oh, what a money-making machine we’ve got going here.

    Economic warfare, not military warfare.

    In the mean time it’s a win-win for Trojan Trump, he gets his awards and will be lauded as the Peace Maker of the planet.

    • Linda Buffington says:

      The only true Trojans were Clinton and OBOMA aided by PROPAGANDA FAKE NEWS. It is quite disturbing no one allows our PRESIDENT to openly speak of what was n is going on OVERSEAS. Just a rather small portion of us are truly INFORMED. Mostly due to our own efforts with upper collegiate level RESEARCH COURSES under our belts. Why is President TRUMP only allowed to voice but a few words? How many know why he said, “Why not the CITIZENS of the Netherlands first?” when speaking upon IMMIGRATION policies. What about his remark of “Paris isnt. PARIS ANYMORE?” JON has in a blog included a link to The Truth About Immigration. I suggest everyone view this video. I agree with you it is world bank’s n the elite running our World. I thank God at least all of us in our nation has a least a chance! The hard sell of open immigration so wanted by LEFTIST LIBERALS, is the open door to OBOMA n CLINTON Trojan Horses! There is even a Better video on Facebook’s “PREPARE TO TAKE AMERICA BACK.” To get ANSWERS of WHY this MASS IMMIGRATION is WANTED, view that entire video and go back n CK FACTS. Try getting live podcast from overseas. Put on your RESEARCH hat! We know BILL was traveling the globe getting $70,000 a speech to World BANK’S b4 his wife’s campaign. Hmmm. INFORM YOURSELVES !

      • Lamberth says:

        Comment appreciated.
        I fully agree with you that Obama/Clinton were Trojan Horses.
        Let’s put it this way: US elections ARE the Trojan Horse.
        Certainly for the past 30 years.

        Regarding Trump, we have to agree to disagree.
        The only way Trump is going to “make America great again” is over the backs and at the expense of other sovereign, independent nations, such as Myanmar or North Korea (to name a few). All to serve the interests of his banking/corporate cronies on Wall Street. The bonus in his (s)election was the attack on – and elimination of – the true alternative media. “Fake” News indeed…
        Oh, and of course to serve the interests of his Zionist masters in Israel.

        Believe you me, I’ve done my research over the past 10 years how this world operates and by whom. It goes back a looong way.

        • Tom_12 says:

          ” It goes back a looong way.”
          Hence only by spending time reading history from all extremes of point of view PLUS observing what is happening on the World Stage, will allow one to understand The Game we are part of as Pawns (a bit of a runny sentence).

  7. Pete says:

    And none of this will be allowed to happen until Kim allows the establishment of a ‘bank of usury’ to print the currency for NK. He gets to retain his control over everything; except the nations finances, currency and debt.

  8. If you actually “believe” that poppycock. Jon, then you are right.

    There are condos for sale on Jupiter. Wanna buy one?

    Clearly the “brotherhood” feel they have China “wrapped up” and the “midnight sentinel” has become defunct. We’ll see…..

    Where will Israel move all their secret labs?


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