Would you want to be a pig with a human brain?

Would you want to be a pig with a human brain?

by Jon Rappoport

April 23, 2018

Stat news: “…Stanford University’s Dr. Hiromitsu Nakauchi… broke open the chimera field with a 2010 experiment showing he could grow a rat pancreas in a mouse…Nakauchi is now working…on human-sheep chimeras, hoping that sheep, which have proven more receptive than pigs for growing human blood cells, might be a better template for growing human organs.”

I’ve long thought that certain humans already have pig brains, so transplantations between pigs and humans ought to be easy—

We’re entering the world of growing human organs in animals, for the purpose of taking those organs and putting them into human bodies. Someday, if all goes well (don’t hold your breath), no more long waiting lines for a new kidney or a liver. Voila. They’ll just grow one in a pig or a sheep or a monkey.

Now do you know why Hollywood has been churning out so many movies with mutants and hybrids and mix and match monsters? Chimeras are in. It’s the coming fashion statement.

“Yes, Sid was dying until they made a heart in a gorilla and stuck it in his chest. He’s so proud to show people the scar from the surgery.”

“Who, the gorilla?”

“No, Sid!”

“That’s nothing. My wife’s new brain was grown in a mountain lion. At night, out on the lawn, she crouches and growls. I admit I find it rather thrilling.”

“My cousin Sally, God bless her, just volunteered to have the lower part of her body removed, so could become half horse.”

Yes, but will they allow Sally to run in the Kentucky Derby?

The medical world is agog with the possibilities of human-animal interchanges. Behind that, however, is a lurking trans-human proposition: “Nothing about a human is settled. We can make humans into anything we want to. Let’s create a new world…”

And if THAT comes to pass, it’ll be far easier to convince people to enlist for re-programming at fundamental levels. “Thank you for signing up. We want to build people who are ONLY interested in others, not themselves. We want abject altruists who’ll give everything away for an abstract ideal of ‘justice’. We can condition that impulse into the New Human.”

Science on the march:

Keep breaking down and assaulting the idea that the human being is inviolate, until the masses are ready to accept any and all alterations.

As a first cousin to these efforts, we have some academics declaring that robots should have rights.

Non-conscious machines should have rights.

All right, I offer up my toaster. Let him be safe from untimely destruction. Let’s set up commissions across the world to formulate rules of kindness and care for all devices.

Let’s program humans into being machines, and give machines the rights of humans.

That’ll do it.

With the onrush of the Internet of Things, all of which are connected to the Internet, there’s a good chance your home appliances, gifted with the power of conversation, will seem to be alive.

Here is a charming quote attributed to Bill Gates: “Robots will play an important role in providing physical assistance and even companionship for the elderly.”

Yes, with enough drugs on the night table, the elderly will believe their companion robots are genuine friends, perhaps even departed relatives.

So if one day you’re visiting your mother in a nursing home, don’t be surprised if the supervisor says, “I suggest you turn around and go away. Your mother has a robot, and she believes it’s you. If you walk into her room, she might become disoriented. Anyway, her robot—you—is there for her twenty-four hours a day, every day. That’s more than enough in her declining months. Go away. Don’t worry, we have things under control.”

At which point, I advise you to stand firm and reply, “I won’t be phased out.”

And you might add, “Is there a chance your surgeon made a mistake and installed a pig brain in your head?”

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

25 comments on “Would you want to be a pig with a human brain?

  1. Adaline says:

    Sheeple macabre
    crimes against life

  2. truth1 says:

    “Would you want to be a pig with a human brain?”
    Ah, so that’s my problem (one of many )! It all makes sense now.

  3. John says:

    IMHO Bill Gates is a technocratic piece of crap. He loves power and money. Gates promotes a technocracy because it massages his liberal utopian fantasy view of the world which makes him feel good. To hell with individual liberty and personal privacy. Gates and the technocrats now know what is best for all of us. These technofreaks are going to exist forever and merge with machines. Didn’t you get the memo?

    The techno-tyrants goal is to normalize the outrageous and disguise everything they do under the helping of society, doing the greater good. These scumbags are arrogant self-proclaimed gods to their inflated egos. These creatures won’t let up, their nefarious scheme to wipe out most of humanity through eugenics and automation is all being done under the guise of goodness. Yet most people instead of loathing these freaks for their onslaught upon humanity, laud them for it.

    Humanity is being force fed a demonic drug. Many useful idiots are gulping down this poison willingly because they are either too stupid to see or have totally lost their ability to discern good from evil.

    God help those who exist now mainly connected to a cell phone screen. This is the thumbed down society people like Gates and Soros dreamed about. A population of robot like human geeks who can be led to their own slaughter without them ever realizing it.

    Somehow I think Armageddon’s final battle will be waged in Silicon Valley at some point in the future. Let us hope the US military is on the side of personal liberty and the individual rather than with the illusionary techno tyrants who wish to make us all obsolete.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      I’ve seen Gates and his wife live and am convinced that he believes that what he’s doing is for the good. But, as you said, he is blind to individual liberty and personal privacy violations because he believes it is for the greater good. Remember how he got to where he is by taking others’ inventions and forcing them on us, creating a monopoly for Microsoft. Perhaps some readers can remember the class action lawsuit where people were given back some money, much less than the expensive software cost, while the lawyers took the major share. During this time, my favorite software, WordPerfect, much better than Word, became all but obsolete due to Microsoft’s unfair actions blocking competitors.

      Rather than taking an animal part or creating a needed part within an animal, I think it will soon be possible to grow it in large petrie dishes from cells from the person needing . These parts would not be rejected and would be ethical, eliminating the cruelty to animals.

  4. Greg C. says:

    Interchangeable parts was such a successful concept with machines…let’s apply it universally, to our bodies and our thinking! Our technology is becoming so powerful that we can even make bad ideas succeed, in the ways we usually measure success. Which is … “will enough people buy into it?”

  5. From Quebec says:

    Well, this couple could not have kids, so they both changed sex and hoped to have kids, The man who became a woman still could not have kids. So, he got an ovaries.transplant grown in a chicken. And now they wonder why he lays eggs every day..

  6. Greg Simay says:

    If human beings are nothing more than arrangements of atoms, however intricate, then indeed “nothing about a human being is settled.” Even without technological intervention, natural selection would continue to operate on the human species as it has been for countless millennia. But, I agree with Jon that imagination has power over reality, which implies that we humans have a transcendental component to our nature. (And Jon’s approach does not require immediate allegiance to a particular religious belief.) Imagination can connect us to our transcendental side, including our free will and creativity.

  7. Tim says:

    This is a ramification of the ‘capital intensive health care’ system mandated in the early 20th century by chief industrialists, reason for the US having the most expensive and worst health care system in the developed world.

    All these ‘organs grown in x’ schemes, or donation schemes, have the same problem; the immune system of the recipient must be suppressed for even marginal ‘success’ of transplant. Quality of life and health? Say no more. Only one organ does not have this problem, the cornea, as the eye is immunologically privileged. When someone needs a transplant, other than the cornea, they are in big trouble, and the transplant is just a manifestation of the screwed up health care system.

    The goal is actually to have real, natural health. That way the transplant ‘needs’ disappear, along with many other problems.

  8. Theodore says:

    Nothing about a human is sacred anymore.

  9. hscguineapig414895 says:

    Or how about, would you like to be a unwitting subject/recipient of JFK’s missing left temporal lobe brain tissue? Adverse effects consist of increase and variation in seizure disorder, continual episodes of cerebral hemmorrahaging, PTSD, and dreams of being shot, along with Marilyn Monroe. I find it most repugnant, disgraceful and unethical, as to exploit any subject, for unnecessary, painful, and inhumane experimentation. It amazes me, on how cruel and cold hearted our society has become, when imposing covert Nuremberg Code violations upon the weak, and defenseless. We cannot be complacent, while any individual’s rights are denied or abused, and that the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.

  10. Trice says:

    Many years ago I read a book on Atlantis and the reason’s for it’s fall. Much like today nothing was sacred, All life on earth was used and abused with morall degradation being applauded and encouraged,.’anything goes’ was the norm.
    The ‘pig’ was created from a blending of human and animal DNA, .
    People were cloned for body parts and the clones did die after their body parts were extracted,
    afterall they were only bred for that purpose.

    Divinity could not allow this to continue and so the fall of Atlantis was instigated.

  11. Abe says:

    This will break into the Obama, Clinton, and Bush organ harvesting gig!
    1/2 man, 1/2 pig?? That sound familiar, but not quite right.
    Oh yes I remember 1/2 man, 1/2 bear, and 1/2 pig!!!
    Thank you Al Gore!! Your super cereal!!

  12. Woe, Jon.

    Hiromitsu Nakauchi is too late. I know of several pigs with human brains already. They are all very successful businessmen – entrepreneurs. Some are even associated with world government.


  13. yowser says:

    Most people already are pigs with a human brain.

  14. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Problem is the police will be called because you are the uncooperative unfeeling one!

  15. Arnold says:

    Considering that so many humans have a pig brain ?

  16. From Friday, February 3, 1995, 12:01 a.m.


    “And another war on Earth will ensue, for terrestrials will have failed in their attempt to become more peaceloving and intelligent. The future will hold nothing positive pertaining to scientists because they will have begun to perform their first genetic manipulations on humans and animals by this time, and will be creating entities, so-called ‘semi-humans’, whom they will produce by crossing humans with pigs and then train them as fighting machines. These entities will be sent into war and also perform a variety of tasks in space. However, this situation will not go well very long. The entities will oppose their creators, like it is also the case with robotic humans who will have arms and legs amputated so that their nervous system can be attached to minute electronic-biologic devices, whereby these semi-humans become living navigational devices for spaceships and every type of weaponry, machinery and terrestrial vehicles, to name but a few.”

  17. Laura says:

    I find this article and the comments off-putting, aside from the valid points on the core issue. I don’t agree with people’s ridiculing animals or using them as insults. Please watch: https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=RBLZM3IENT4

  18. Sue says:

    Thank you, Laura. I have been pondering how to respond to this, having been under the impression, from previous articles on the subject of vivisection, that Jon would demonstrate more respect, and empathy, for the “other-than-us” beings who are treated with so much brutality by people. However, in this piece, those were very noticeably not only missing, but trampled over.

    I remember a pig, named Lulu, raised with love and kindness, as part of the family. When the woman had a heart attack, she and Lulu, and their dog, were home alone. Lulu got out of the house through a dog door (for the dog, who just stood there, barking) which was too small for her, causing injury to herself, and went to the nearest street, where she tried to stop cars. Of course, the cars kept driving by (all those people with wonderful human brains), and Lulu was no doubt very lucky that one of those ‘superior’ individuals didn’t just run her down, because in the world of “I, Me, Mine,” there’s no stigma attached to running over an animal who doesn’t happen to be a naked ape, especially when most people are killing and eating them.

    In between trying to stop cars, Lulu went back to the house, twice, re-injuring herself to go in and check on the welfare of her guardian, then out again, to the street.

    Finally, by some miracle, an extraordinary young man, possessed of higher consciousness, realized that when Lulu kept stepping out in front of cars, that she was trying to tell people something. He stopped his car, got out, and approached her. She led him back to the house, where he discovered the stricken woman on the floor, and called for an ambulance. The woman survived.

    And yet, when the white-coated maniacs, who have been torturing other animals in laboratories (with nary a peep of protest from most of us) for centuries, reveal that they’re involving us as the next victims their nasty business, it’s very revealing to see more disrespect shown for the other animals than for the demon vivisectors, including in many comments posted here.

    Sing it, George! “All through the day, I, me mine, I, me, mine, I, me mine, No-one’s frightened of playing it, everyone’s saying it, flowing more freely than wine – All through your life, I me mine”

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, Sue, some people here had a good ol’ time yucking it up about their “bacon” on the hoof being so stupid and lowly, despicable even! Here’s the story in full about Lulu for anyone who thinks it’s merely a handy myth for “pet” lovers to indulge themselves in: http://old.post-gazette.com/neigh_west/20020409lulu0409p1.asp
      Not that animals have to be brilliant and heroic lifesavers to be loved or respected, but this just shows the great character, intelligence, love and courage all animals are capable of if they’re allowed to develop fully in the right environment, same as people. Humanists fail to see that…they mustn’t since it would prove to them something they do not want to acknowledge.
      I respect so much of what Jon has to say; so it was quite the letdown to see how this issue was handled here. Hope he can do something to counteract this disappointment.

    • Tom_12 says:

      Amazing story. Did it make it on the News ?

      • Sue says:

        Yes. Here is one:

        Lulu The Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Life of Owner | Petslady.com

        And here is another case of a pig coming to the rescue:

        Hero Pig Saves Baby Goat from Drowning – UA Magazine

      • Laura says:

        Yes, Tom, it would have been a tv news story at least locally in Pennsylvania back in 1998, and see the link in my above comment for a Penn. followup story from 4 years later.

        • Sue says:

          And, just one thing runs through my mind when I see this humorous scenario, too:

          “Yes, Sid was dying until they made a heart in a gorilla and stuck it in his chest. He’s so proud to show people the scar from the surgery.”

          “Who, the gorilla?”

          “No, Sid!”

          I wonder if most people know that vivisectors don’t always take care to give anesthesia to their victims, and in some circumstances they take special care to NOT use any. Such was the case with the baboon to baby heart transplant in 1984. It was bad enough that the baby was denied traditional surgery so that the “doctor” (vivisector) could grandstand, and try for the brass ring of fame, but he also carved out the heart of the “donor” without any anesthesia, to ensure a drug free heart for the baby.

          People considering donating their organs “after death” should read the following article. Unfortunately for the other animals, they are subjected to this every day, by the thousands, in laboratories everywhere.

          Why I am no longer an organ donor: organs can only be …

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