5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control

by Jon Rappoport

April 3, 2018

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First, two quotes to give a bit of background.

5G speed, for people who must download a whole season of their favorite show in two seconds:

“It’s the next (fifth) generation of cellular technology which promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. How fast are we talking about? Think 10 to 100 times speedier than your typical cellular connection, and even faster than anything you can get with a physical fiber-optic cable going into your house. (You’ll be able to download a season’s worth of ‘Stranger Things’ in seconds.)” [CNET.com]

Lunatic 5G installation of small transmitters packed close together every few hundred feet:

“The next big thing in cellular technology, 5G, will bring lightning-fast wireless Internet — and thousands of antenna-topped poles to many neighborhoods where cell towers have long been banned.”

“Wireless companies are asking Congress and state lawmakers to make it easier to install the poles by preempting local zoning laws that often restrict them, particularly near homes. The lobbying efforts have alarmed local officials across the country. They say they need to ensure that their communities do not end up with unsightly poles cluttering sidewalks, roadsides and the edges of front yards.”

“They also are hearing from residents worried about possible long-term health risks. Until now, much of the cell equipment that emits radio-frequency energy has been housed on large towers typically kept hundreds of feet from homes [also harmful to health]. The new ‘small cell’ technology uses far more antennas and transmitters that are smaller and lower-powered, but clustered closer together and lower to the ground.” [The Washington Post]

I keep hammering on this 5G issue, because it contains the blueprint of a future only elite madmen want.

For the rest of us, it’s a catastrophe in the making.

I’ve covered the extreme health dangers of 5G in another article. Here, I want to flesh out the hidden agenda.

A few decades ago, a movement was started to create an interconnected power grid for the whole planet. We were told this would be the only way to avoid wasting huge amounts of electricity and, voila, bring all nations and all people into a modern 21st century.

But now, it’s a different story, a classic bait and switch. The bait was the promise of One Grid for all. The switch is what 5G will bring us:

100 billion or more NEW devices online, all connected to the Internet and the Cloud. What could be more wasteful? What could be more ridiculous? This is the opposite of sane energy use.

Who really cares whether his 5G-connected refrigerator keeps track of the food items inside it and orders new items when the supply dwindles? Who has to have a 5G driverless car that takes him to work? Who must have a 5G stove that senses what is being cooked and sets the temperature for four minutes? Who lives and who dies if a washing machine doesn’t measure how much soap is stored inside and doesn’t order new soap? Who is demanding a hundred devices in his home that spy on him and record his actions?

With 5G, the ultimate goal is: every device in every home that uses energy will be “its own computer,” and the planetary grid will connect ALL these devices to a monitoring and regulating Energy Authority.

As Patrick Wood details in his classic, Technocracy Rising, that worldwide Energy Authority was the dream of the men who launched the Technocracy movement, in America, in the 1930s.

They set out the key requirements—which weren’t technically possible then, but are quite doable now: continuous real-time measuring of both energy production and energy use from one end of the planet to the other…

So that both energy production and energy consumption could be controlled. “For the good of all,” of course.

5G is the technology for making this happen.

“We’re promising a stunning long-range future of ‘automatic homes’, where everything is done for you. But really, that’s the cover story. Ultimately, we want to be able to measure every unit of energy used by every device in every home—and through AI, regulate how much energy we will let every individual consume, moment to moment. We control energy. We are the energy masters. If you want to run and operate and dominate the world, you control its energy.”

Terms and projects like smart grid, smart meters, sustainability, Agenda 21, smart cities, climate change—all this is Technocratic planning and justification for Rule through Energy.

The beginning of an actual rational plan for energy would start this way: DUMP 5G. Dump the whole plan of installing small transmitter-cells on buildings and homes and trees and lampposts and fences all over the planet. Forget it. Don’t bring 100 billion new devices online. Aside from the extreme health dangers, it’s ridiculously expensive. It’s on the order of saying we need thousand-foot robots standing on sidewalks washing the windows of office buildings.

If some movie star wants to install 30 generators on his property and have engineers build him an automatic home, where he can sit back, flip a switch, and have three androids carry him into his bathtub and wash him and dry him, fine. But planning a smart city? Who voted for that? Who gave informed consent? Nobody.

A global Energy Authority, of course, is going to decide that a small African country needs to be given much more energy, while Germany or France or the US will have to sacrifice energy for the cause of social justice. But this is yet another con, because you won’t see government cleaning up the contaminated water supplies of that small African country, or installing modern sanitation, or curtailing the forced movement of populations into poverty-stricken cities, or reclaiming vast farm land stolen by mega-corporations and giving that land back to local farmers.

The whole hidden purpose of an Energy Authority is control.

And because the Authority is Globalist and Technocratic, it aims to lower energy use in industrial nations and help wreck their economies, making it much easier to move in and take over those countries.

Having said all this, there are gaps in our knowledge about 5G. For example, who in his right mind would propose a wireless system that relies on many, many, many cells/transmitters placed closely to each other, all over the world?

This system would be far more vulnerable to physical disruption than the present 4G.

You can find many articles that claim the US military must have 5G for their most advanced planes—and for their developing AI-controlled weapons. How does that work? Where will all the transmitter/cells be placed on the ground and in the air?? Something is missing here. Is there another version of 5G we’re not being told about? Is geoengineering of the atmosphere the means for tuning up space so 5G signals can be passed along without cells/transmitters?

Part of the US obsession to bring 5G online quickly stems from competition with China, which at the moment is in the lead on developing and exporting the technology. “If China has it, we have to have it sooner and better.” This attitude sidesteps the issue of why we must have 5G in the first place.

And now there are reports that the US government is considering a plan to build the whole 5G network itself—rather than leaving the job to corporations. Of course, a few favored companies (like Google) would be chosen by the government in a non-bid situation to provide VERY significant help. If such a plan were to launch, we would have a very tight club at the top of the communications and energy pyramid. And that club would maximize 5G to expand already-saturated surveillance of populations.

Wouldn’t you—if you had nothing better to do than control the world?

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

83 comments on “5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    5G TECHNOLOGY. Share this!!!

  2. sundancer55 says:

    These companies, along with the US Gubmint, are just determined to “rewire” our bodies and our brains, aren’t they? They try to make us think it’s for our *convenience* but it’s really for THEIR convenience, I suspect. Does all of this rewiring emission through the air make us into dummies or why are they pushing all this crap?

    • honestliberty says:

      Population reduction

    • Bullwinkle says:

      It is looking like a “Brave New World” more and more every day. The Alphas run the world. The Betas are the people in government. The gammas are the law enforcers. Emphasis on enforcer. The rest of us are the epsilon mind numbed workers. 5G is capable of controlling all machinery. Agriculture could be controlled by 5G. Planting, weeding, harvesting, and distribution is nearly all automated. Humans will not be needed. Epsilons would all be held in an industrial prison system only to be let out for specific reasons. The higher classes could be housed under ground and have limited exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.

      I am glad I am nearly 62. My grown children will see this system of control implemented. My grand child will live the dystopian life.

      Guns and violence will not win against the Elite ruling class. The only way to win is to not play the game. Gandhi drove the British out of India by non-compliance. The people of India used the most powerful weapon in the world against those that hold the belief they have a right to rule you. The Elite can not use this weapon against the peasant class. That weapon is saying “I Won’t”. The ENFORCERS will thug up upon the few that do not comply. What happens when hundreds, thousands, or millions say, “I Won’t”. This is the weapon that the Ruling class is most afraid of. That is why they keep the peasants fighting each other.

      • petergrafstrm says:

        On the positive side small robots may maintain infrastructure without having to carve up manholes in the streets. And with much less wasted material. Perhaps artficial insects would replace insecticides. Nanobots would fight cancercells individually without unwanted sideeffects.

        • Natural Woman says:

          Actually, a whistleblower has said that Monsanto already has developed robot bees. That is why they aren’t concerned about their chemicals killing off the bees, so vital to our very survival. It is said that farmers will have to pay to have these artificial bees do their work.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            Do you mean artificial like plastic artifacts or artificial as genetically modified?

          • Natural Woman says:

            Artificial as in tiny mechanical drone bees.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            Monsanto was earlier accused of the deaths of natural bees on account of the insecticides involved. So I guess they see the robobee as a constructive answer?
            What an insane world. Removing natures own beautifully operating system for profits. And for malthusian population control.

  3. John says:

    These are the evilest of times, we now have the most diabolical technocratic madmen appealing to a thumbed down automaton convenience driven human drone society, this is the present state of mankind.

    A couple of generations of illogic driven and anti-critical thinking group thought drones have been spawned in order to usher in a dystopia. Fools who are willingly giving up their personal individual liberty so they can be amused 24/7. All hungrily feeding upon spoon-fed leftist utopian propaganda and most of them are now all to willing to give up total control of their pathetic existences to elitist ideologues.

    Soulless and vapid creatures existing with their heads down focused on a cell phone screen within a stupor and trance. People who want no part of learning about history or the generations before them who fought for their freedom. Such a waste humanity has become, almost all of them now connected to a electronic hive controlled by an elitist technocratic borg.

    These vapid illogic driven dolts will soon usher in the cashless society where everything becomes monitored by the big brother police state, a techno tyranny which knows no bounds. The few of us left who are aware of this Orwelllian nightmare now become mocked by the useful idiots of the techno-tyrants, the human robots who welcome and embrace their own slavery.

    What a sick world we now exist in, most have given up their right to think and their right to live. They now just value convenience, virtue signaling and immediate gratification. Most are content to exist within a cookie cutter society of cradle to grave government dependency. Being “happy” now trumps reason, truth and having a purpose in life.

    We are in a sad state of affairs and the one man in Trump who looks to reverse this dystopia ironically gets incessantly mocked and made fun of, God help us all. Societies sometimes get what they deserve, you can’t expect willful ignorance to get you anywhere in life. George Orwell could have never imagined how far we have come in destroying our Constitutional Republic.

    • honestliberty says:

      Agreed. The irritating part is that the majority of individuals that make up society, through their ignorance and moral relativism, steal our freedoms under the threat of violence.

      It is a very frustrating experience. I’m trying to do the imagination stuff Jon goes on about but the system is so tightly bound, wound, and monitored there is no legitimate way to create freely. Every individual who doesn’t come from money has to be either driven beyond madness towards domination and greed, or pay bucket loads of tithings to get permission to do anything.

      I’m over it honestly. I’m glad to see all the suffering these sick jokes called humans will endure because of their willful ignorance. I’ve tried to not be misanthropic, but the reality is that the road is wide and flat. They choose ignorance. They deserve everything that is coming to them. Shame they are going to take me and the few of such like yourselves with it.

      • truth1 says:

        I am with you, H L. We are helpless in the face of extreme stupidity, more like retarded. We are standing on the deck of the Titanic and we can’t stop it because the rest don’t want to. I do believe that people should get whatever they ask for. They have to learn from their mistakes and not be sheltered from them. Learning from experience is vital and if they can not do that, then they are not worthy of life. Life is for those who take it seriously and with diligence. If they want to swim in the icy waters, I say let them go right ahead.

        Try this new one I justs put up on the California Exodus. Its a lot more serious that any news org is saying. http://truth1.org/cali_bronz.htm the bronze age foretold this circumstance but few know about the Bronze age. That’s the problem.

    • Kevin Straub says:

      An inspired prophet of God, 133 years ago, wrote:

      “…our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government…” (Ellen G. White, “Testimony 32,” 1885, 5T 451.1).

  4. petergrafstrm says:

    I think the answer to your question towards the end is that each concerned object will constitute one node in the network and transfer info as in a 2-3D bucket brigade. That is partly the meaning of internet of things. The application are like you imply robotics no doubt while civilian uses are more likely to operate in a more stable fashion. In military applications such systems would be vulnerable for intense pulses destroying the sensitive receivers. I dont know if there is any secure manner to protect such delicate low level high speed circuits. So they would have to use an assortment of extras to plug in to remain operative.
    But in the civilian applications there will probably be robots taking over lots of work which would previously have been too expensive with human workers. It wouldnt necessitate global networks but if they are established anyway they would be exploited.
    The radiolinks will probably be spread out in the wildernes as well perhaps not longlived but selfdestructing like whithering leaves.
    And partly solarpowered drones would be part of the networks.
    Am I a proponent of this brave new world. Not really but I think it is going to come anyway, it is the most recent branch of evolution and it may even come alive.
    In a previous post I described what the development of physics might bring hinting at the potential for actually spotting a glimpse of our sort of technical connection to a higher being. I suspect that before humanity creates advanced AI it would be a good idea to try to understand by human mental efforts more about that higher entity before AI discovers it anyway. For AI might not think it wise to share that information with us.

    • honestliberty says:

      You’re barking up the wrong tree. Jon had clearly outlined his dismissal of AI as a reasonable notion. Additionally, I doubt he ever reads the comment section. Attempt to reach him via email

      • petergrafstrm says:

        I usually write with the intention of reaching any other readers. I know his approximate stance on AI but my addition was to hint at what physics might add to this context which I laid out in another comment.
        The intention was to suggest that some aspects of the higher being might be accessible from an improved model of fundamental physics.
        While those who fear AI usually assume the so called established physics theory where we have access to a continuous stretch of time. The improved model for physics may reveal that this isnt the case. I dont know what to conclude from that, if it really matters in the context of AI but I raised the issue anyway.

        • honestliberty says:

          Ok, point taken

        • truth1 says:

          It would be my opinion that the best way to “connect” with the ultimate power is to listen to Him and Obey Him and the time will com when He will speak and we will hear. But in His time and His terms, not ours.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            Dont count on it coming any other way then through us as proxies. If physics reveals clues would those clues not be God’s intention? Why do you expect to get an unenchrypted message. Plato thought both morals and science would come via mathematics. My view is that God is an optimising principle. Not omnipotential.
            There are as many neurons on earth as the number of stars in the universe. We may be looking at ourselves in the sky.

          • truth1 says:

            Well, my implications in what I posted, Peter, were that God had an entire book written for us.Yes, some of it is cryptic or metaphorical, but much of it is also plain and it would not seem reasonable to me to ignore the obvious while seeking out some coded message that has an uncertain source or purpose. The bible does have a lot of symbolic stuff, to test our minds for fitness, like IQ or SAT tests do. but its origins are plain enough. and there is lots that could be said ad poinied out about the exodus out of Egypt. The evience for it is a lot more substantial than most anyone recognizes. Maybe we are just looking in the wrong places or the wrong ways.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            I was thinking about complexity rather than explicit encryption, that we need to learn science by patient multigenerational efforts. And that we mustnt expect it to be easily attained. We must evolve culturally and scientifically. Both sides interacting. No highly evolved science without good values. No applicable ethics and moral without knowledge.
            Assuming God would provide explicit advice for our civilisation seems implausible to me because even though there may be a higher being we may still be its most evolved constituents. By we I include more than the present generations. The higher entity might span over longer time intervals than the constituents.
            There is an idea that multiple individuals focusing on similar thoughts might strengthen the effect more than linearly. ie the whole could be more than the sum if the parts. The followers of TM believe that. And all religious people who want to recruite followers imply that they believe it.
            This might function no matter what topic people were focusing on.
            Or it might not but the point I’m making is that I dont think the higher being is expecting obedience rather creativity and of higher value still from the point of view of the higher being would be that many individuals make such efforts.

          • truth1 says:

            I think He is expecting obedience because He knows what our problems are, and their solutions, too. He has allowed us time to figure things out and come around. But if we don’t, then we are on our own and What the elite have in store for us is not good. God can allow us escape if we want to abide by His ways. He will not forever tolerate the nonsense going on down here.

            now as for science, that is analytical stuff rather than moral, although many men in science have no ethics or morals. These are how I see things.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            I agree with what you say about many scientists but that is why Plato, Kon Fu Tse and Leibniz brought up the importance of morals AND science. Leibniz actually endowed his monads with moral content.
            About God I differ. God is dependent on logic and thus not omnipotent in the absolute sense. Our brains may have access to an invisible background world and there’s were the God-phenomenon takes shape. It is useful for survival but doesnt mean a superbeing keeps our every little worry under scrutiny.
            The human race must evolve in wisdom by their own efforts and must not expect a free ride on big daddy.

          • truth1 says:

            your reply was thoughtful and sensible. The following is not clear to me:
            “Dependent on logic and not omnipotent in an absolute sense”
            God Dependent on anything makes no sense to me. He is, why everything is! Logic is the foundation of intelligence.It would be worse than dumb to ignore it. God is the source of our universe as it is. Once you begin something and want to keep it, then everything that follows, needs to be built on that something that you first established. for instance, Kindness and consideration are good, Inconsideration and cruelty are bad. As I progress, I might find that sometimes, you might have to hurt someones feeling to reveal good and that it can not be avoided. Logic dictates that we carefully test an idea to be sure that it harmonizes with previous ideas. God is consistent. We humans? not so much!

          • petergrafstrm says:

            Omnipotence means you may ask for anything including the impossible and God might fulfill your wish. By magic. No need to explain how. Magic says it all.
            But the concept of God I would find more likely to agree with the world as we know it would be restricted by certain regularities which lie behind all the beauty and performance we may observe.
            We ourselves examplify this and it appears to me likely that we are inside whatever reference frame applies to the higher being. Be it spacetime or something more esoteric. We are part of this higher entity and our own development might contribute to the higher beings development. Just like our regress might have a similar effect on the higher being.
            This means we ourselves have a responsibility for the wholeness. We are not like children waiting for santa.

  5. For Any Hearing About 5G Danger For The First Time – [Here-Get A Full Hour+ Background Video On 5G EMF Danger: https://youtu.be/TOAcxyvXZWM

  6. voza0db says:


    Electromagnetic radiation it’s excellent for cancer development!

    I believe this is the main purpose of Umanity… Almost FREE Cancer for everyone.

  7. Lavender Dreams says:

    This IS the plan. But I (and so many others….more on board every day) are holding a much different vision. I am aligning with 5D frequency of the heart. I shared this on my FB page because I think it is a huge, very needed wake up call. Thank you, Jon.

  8. truth1 says:

    Jon points out well that what we are being sold, is absolutely nothing we need or want. A good con-artist would never try to sell what no one wants. So why are they doing it?
    Warning! this is aimed only for those who might be Christians or those who consider the existence of a supernatural realm with real entities existing in it. this gets really way out.

    there is a dispute going on between 2 sides. The dispute is for the most part, over the competence and ability and design of us, the human species. Are we well made or a laughable attempt that failed?

    both sides are interested in who is who down here. On their chess board, the humans are being tested and sifted into just two groups who favor either one side or the other. It is determining who is who that is important in that dispute. Very important for whatever the reason.

    now the prevailing idea is that something came from nothing at all (evolution), no motivating force whatsoever. but that’s an impossibility and a joke. every result must needs a cause. We have intelligence, at least in theory. but one side in this supernatural realm wants to remain hidden from the intelligent here on earth. Well, that does make their job easier.

    anyone ever seen that Egyptian on eye symbol? Its a threat/reminder from the evil side “above” that they are always watching and that nothing escapes their notice . . . Ever! 24/7/365.25.

    But they do not want all to know this,just their own who are in on all this down here. Those above do not want us who are not part of them, to know how closely we are watched and that they blow the whistle to their earthly minions when we do something wrong and think we are getting away with it, only to be shocked when caught by some odd coincidence, an accidental discovery or whatever. So how do those down here explain the many things that seem to get discovered.

    Answer: Surveillance! Bug phones. plant bugs. surveillance cameras, computer networks and social media tracking words and data and more. and now 5G. Gee golly gosh! we are surrounded. Come out with your hands up, you thought crime SOBs. Are these network trackers serving the purpose for humans, or as the entities in the other realm feeding this info because the networks, for all their glory, are not effective enough.

    I can not answer that to my own satisfaction, much less anyone else’s. But I do know this. the militaries of the world throughout time, have always used disinformation and deception to hide both their strengths and their weaknesses. I have seen them down play submarine abilities and also exaggerate others. What the truth is, is often missing pieces and certainty. Certainty is not always possible. But what is fairly sure are taking the safe approaches that are apt to yield good results either way. so we might assume the worst and act accordingly.

    I suspect suspect that 5G will have sophisticated weaponized abilities that only the most diabolical and evil could love. Look at it this way. how much territory and people can be reached by aerial disbursement? Not enough! by spread of germs? not enough. how about how precise and careful can many method be? to take out one and not another? I’ll bet 5G allows super precision targeting. Because it will be everywhere.

    This I know for sure, governments and their bosses/sponsors never do anything for our benefit, exclusively. If anything benefits us, its only because they could not avoid it. They are that sadistic. I know! I’m all sunshine, aren’t I? A pillar of unbridled hope, optimism and encouragement. what can I say? I was born that way. 🙂 Let the rocks fly!

  9. peter littlehorse says:

    I know people who thing that ‘the internet of things’ is a great idea. That it will save them time and effort. I ask them ‘what will you do with the extra 20 seconds left over at the end of your day that was saved by having the fridge tell you what you are running low on’.
    Even if society was able to automate everything until people spent many fewer hours per day doing mundane chores, how long would it take for that same society to simply expect more hours of work out of you? Idle hands are the tool of the anarchist, don’t you know.

  10. el yag reed says:

    If they are promoting 5G then they have 6G waiting. Just like all the I-Phones, TV’s etc, What new is already Old.
    Someone check for a next generation patent and find the Truth.

  11. el yag reed says:

    Ok, so you found the patent. See where it interfaces with the human mind. Bingo

    • petergrafstrm says:

      Interfaces to the human mind is nothing new. The technology has been fully operational since the 1970’s when the technology had matured so much that it went underground. One former British insider says that agents were told back then not to talk about implants etc.
      During Reagans time as governor there was extensive testing of electronic gadgets for surveillance. Consenting prisoners and others were being surveilled with an infrastructure of dedicated radiotowers in american cities. (Of course there is no guarantee that there were no involuntary uses, I’m only citing openly published sources) This was around 1969 and a few years on. American laws in some states regulated the use of electrodes in the brain. Missile tracking radar was used to track humans + gadgets.

  12. Gay Studebaker says:

    Here’s a simple thought : We know without a doubt in complete certainty whether we deny it or not that we are being sprayed with vast amount of aluminum, barium and strontium (among other things). We know with certainty that all wireless tech operates by emanating microwaves. 5G emanating much stronger and damaging microwaves than ever produced. Microwaves cook by heating the molecules of whatever is exposed to them. That’s what they do. Now, we have a planet where every single living thing and all surrounding landscapes and water and air are filled with the above listed heavy metals. Here’s the simple thought given these known facts : WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT METAL IN A MICROWAVE? hummm…

    • truth1 says:

      And it may be that those metals have an affection for certain wave lengths or respond differently to different frequencies. I suspect they have some sort of selective targeting or selective effects of varying types. They are not going to tell us everything about this stuff. That is part of their “edge” over us.

    • Marie says:

      What happens is this: We breathe in the heavy metals in the air from the aerosol spraying every day. The aluminum and other heavy metals go into our lungs, then the blood stream, then by passes the blood/brain barrier. We are now filled with these heavy metals. We are now becoming a HUMAN ANTENNA or RECEIVER. They beam certain frequencies to us from the cell towers or the 5G, it hits our brain, and depending on what frequency is beamed at us we become enraged, depressed, suicidal, apathetic, have anxiety, etc. We are now totally controlled. Don’t believe there are nano particles in the trails in the sky that is falling on us? Go outside in the darkest part of your yard and shine a strong flashlight up in the air. Look about 2-3 inches up where the light is and you will see hundreds or thousands of particles swirling about like a snowstorm. When it rains or snows look too and you will see THIS ——-, but more like this – – – – – – – – – the nano particles all lined up in a neat row. This is NOT natural. This is because the air now is ELECTRICALLY CHARGED from HAARP. When they are ready to beam the frequencies to us we can be more controlled…….see http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

      • Marie says:

        I forgot to say, to remove these heavy metals Silica will do it. Diatamacious Earth has silica in it. A teas in a big glass/bottle of water. It is tasteless. Get food grade not the pool stuff. Cheap at health store or net. I read that it will remove the heavy metals in the body and since we are breathing IN this stuff every day we need to drink it every day.

        • Theodore says:

          i also heard that chlorella aids in detoxing, too.

        • John says:

          Hello Marie,

          I wouldn’t drink that stuff everyday as it could be hard on the kidneys. It may be safe in moderation and as a cleanser every so often but not everyday, at least for me I think. Moderation is the key to most things in life. Thanks for the information.

      • petergrafstrm says:

        Sorry Marie, what you say about intoxicated humans being like antennas due to chemical constituents introduced is utter nonsense.
        Actually an entirely healthy human being already is like an antenna but being poisoned like that doesnt change that character. However these toxic constituents may increase the sensitivity to some electromagnetic effects due to incompletely understood alterings of cell biology. So what you say about detox might contain some truth. I dont know.
        Further HAARP is not likely to make any difference in this connection.
        Ordinary mains systems produce much stronger fields near us.
        HAARP-like systems produce effects above 90kms or towards the polar region. It might or might not have an effect on the weather but originally it was intended to send weak signals to submarines. Telegrams.
        And another use may be to create 3D radar images for military uses.

        • Theodore says:

          Also, as an aside, isn’t one of the main applications for “HAARP + spraying metals in the air” is that it is a missile defense system constantly in-waiting to be activated? If NORAD detects an incoming missile, they activate HAARP to heat up the metals in the air in the region of the incoming missile. The missile then burns up in the atmosphere.

          The Starwars missile defense system realized?

          But, can “HAARP + spraying metals in the air” stop laser weapons?

  13. From Quebec says:

    There is something that I do not understand here. Do these technocrats think that they will not be affected by the 5G wireless? Do they think they and their family will be immune from all that radiation floating all around.?

    If so, how will they protect themselves, we want to know.
    If not, then they are either crazy or suicidal.

    • petergrafstrm says:

      Those technocrats are not sure your fears are warranted. Some people with industry background have been seriously harmed by what probably is a combination of emf and unhealthy chemicals which permeade the modern world and enter into our metabolism.
      Are people harmed by chemicals+emf or by pure emf?
      Still not a decided issue.
      Many of those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity are said to have high concentrations of unhealthy metals in their metabolism.

    • truth1 says:

      You ask some good questions, Quebec.There are methods for blocking that radiation . . . as long as you are protected by the equivalent of a Faraday Cage.some netting made of thin wire metal can block most of it. there is paint that will absorb microwaves and EMF. But outside, you have nothing.The elite are a puzzle, unless you consider that they bought into the lies fed to them by the master liar/deceiver, Satan, who tells them they will reign on earth and be fine and live forever after. but he knows better and in fact, whether they believe it or not, his followers have no choice but to obey because like any severe gang, you cannot leave or quit. You belong for life. If you even think of backing, you could end up dead. So they go along with it because they have no choice. Once you hook up with Satan, your in and you can not get out, except thru death.

      But I also think that 5G likely has abilities that have not been revealed. perhaps precise selectivity and aiming. adjustable levels, ,waiting for the right time to be boosted and aimed at the targets, So those who follow the psycopath are helpless at this point.

      • petergrafstrm says:

        I once tested a metal shield to see if it blocked a dect phone nominally operating around 900MHz. I put it inside two enveloping closed round metal cake boxes. The boxes were not in metallic contact but separated internally with plastic studs. But it didnt block the signal! Such metallic boxes are not made of cupper so the effect ought to be less pronounced but still, that really surpriced me.
        I also tested an ordinary mobile phone which ceased to communicate as expected as long as no slit over one cm was left open. That was what I would have expected. But the experience with the dect phone still bugs me

        • Marie says:

          I keep my cheap Trac phone in a metal can with a tight lid. No frequencies will get thro to it and therefore no tracking. I rarely use the phone so it doesn’t matter that it’s shut off and in a can.

      • honestliberty says:

        Project blue beam overlap?

      • From Quebec says:

        Thanks for the reply, truth1

        Well, just like they have created the stupid Sanctuary Cities, and the so-called “Smart Cities.”
        we should be able to create brilliant and very huge Faraday Cage Cities..Why not? .lol The sky’s the limit!

        Like I often l say: Desperate times call for desperate measures

      • Marie says:

        Not exactly true about no protection outside, but only if you are proactive and don’t mind being a little bit uncomfortable. In order to not breathe in this stuff i wear a mask every time i go outside in my yard even in the daytime. It is all there in the day, but we just can’t see it. When i go from my car to the stores or for a short walk i either hold my breath until i get in the store or i breathe into my sweater sleeve. I don’t care if people see. In warmer weather can’t wear a sweater so i made a “hand mask”. Take a bandana, fold up, open, put inside a flattened out piece of that painters dust mask or N95, cut slits around the edges so it will lay flat. Pin. Duct tape won’t stick. Fold back over so you can’t see the mask and hold in your hand to breathe into. Now how many people will DO this? Probably not many, but if you SEE the nano particles with the flashlight test you may very well take steps to not breathe it in. I wear the mask even when i take the dog out for 5 minutes. Do the test and wear and do the mask.
        To help protect you from the EMF wear an Orgone/Orgonite pendent. Cheapest ones on Etsy is maybe $25. I make a bunch with resin, crystals, metal, beads. Will not block the radiation but is supposed to change the EMF from negative to positive and at least strengthen the bodies energy field. It does a lot more. Do a search. So there ARE a few things we can do.

        • Marie says:

          Again, in reply to Truth, some people who are very sensitive to these frequencies sleep inside of a large cardboard box (like a fridge one) that is either lined inside or out with aluminum foil or fine metal screening. They cut out a small window and put the screening over that. Must be complete all around every single square inch or the frequencies will get in. Or take a room and line the walls with screen. More expensive and have to remove pictures and stuff. So there are ways. I’ve been thinking of some kind of metalized cloth you can buy. Thin enough to breathe. Put over head and tie at the neck. Haven’t tried it yet. Perhaps it would work.
          I was thinking of doing that at bedtime in order to sleep better, not walk around like that! lol

        • truth1 says:

          I have been looking into Orgone/Orgonite and similar. Cloud busters, Orgone pyramids, etc.

          I think your posts bring up possibilities. things need to be tested and they are not up to speed, probably deliberately, regarding super high frequencies. I have tri-field meter, but it does not test for high frequencies, And knowing what directions signal are coming in, would help,. too. but we are talking very expensive devices.I’ve been looking into this stuff since 2010 and progress has been slow, not surprisingly. I’m glad to hear your input. the more minds, the better.

  14. Tabor Johnson says:

    I simply don’t understand how they can be “rolling this out” inside of a constitutional republic when we haven’t had any open public forums for discussion on it, let alone a vote. My conclusion, given the weight of the evidence for potential negative health consequences for all Amercians from 5G, is that we do not live in a constitutional republic.

    Jon, your wisdom and brilliant writing are appreciated by many. I also want to say that I’m so glad to read the comments on here. We are a tiny minority, true, but there is still a band of logical humans on this Earth who are willing to speak their minds and advocate for sanity. That’s us, Jon, and you’re surely one of our leaders. As frustrating and impossible as it seems, we need to keep trying to get this information out to the mainstream/sleeping folks.

    • Theodore says:

      ref: “how they can be ‘rolling this out’ inside of a constitutional republic…”

      That is an excellent question. These “rolling outs,” have been going on for decades in America — presumably against less brain-addled citizens then there are present today.

      However the powers that be are able to do it, and do it they do (quite successfully, I might add), we need understand the model they are using to “win” and expose it… I heard that local “delphi meetings (staged public ‘consensus’ meetings)” is a big tactic of theirs.

      Over the decades, they’ve gotten away with the following…

      * Adgenda21 — local land appropriation — that would make Eminent Domain law blush

      * The cellphone tower roll out — starting in 1996 (note: supposedly, the 1996 federal law prohibited ‘local jurisdictions’ from blocking a roll out in their area (for safety or whatever reasons))

      * GMO food (v1.0) and the pesticides that come with it — starting the early 1990s

      * WiFi in the homes, SCHOOLS, and offices

      * GMO food (v2.0, CRISPR genome-editing) — forthcoming

      * 5G (cellphone tower v2.0) — forthcoming

      * not to mention, since 1993, the toxic vaccines for children: now, in 2018, 49 doses of 14 different vaccine by age 6

      * not to mention the fluoride added to the municipal water supplies since 1947

      What did I leave out?

    • truth1 says:

      You’re right, there is no constitutional republic and there never was. The was the hollowed facade of one to fool us. And I like the comments, here, too. We live in a brutal dictatorship.

  15. petergrafstrm says:

    For you who worry about dangers with high frequency, here’s an often omitted aspect and most likely the real origin of cancer from mobiles.
    I recently corresponded with a guy who has expertise about emf and its dangers and runs a company selling services to people for that purpose. Therefore I asked him whether he knew anything about LOW-frequency magnetic fields emanating from mobile phones. I told him there is in the case of GSM a 216 Hz pulsation which causes a strong magnetic field. Unlike electrical fields it has effective penetration.
    It has nothing directly to do with the high frequency radiation, but comes together with it. It’s origin is the DC current from the battery to the rf-amplifier.
    This expert knew nothing about it.
    For other systems than GSM there are other such low frequencies. I think in one case it was 1500Hz but this info is not easily available. The only picture of the timesequence from a mobile phone I found was made by a radio amateur who showed the GSM signal with the 200Hz pulserate.
    Since people who spread info about the dangers of high frequencies are less aware of the abovementioned problem there is a chance that they may have overrated the risks with high frequencies.
    Research done over the last ten years has uncovered that the brain does have a sense for (low frequency) nonthermal emf. This sense has not been selected in evolution so it isnt ‘customised’ to human ‘users’. Therefore on a conscious level patients suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity do not correctly point out when the field is there. But the new research shows that nonetheless their brains do objectively sense the field.
    The new aspect was that the researchers used a nonlinear mathematical model for measuring EEG. Previous research has failed because linearity was assumed. When I asked him whether any other group has taken up this new method he said no, not to his knowledge.
    The successful research was performed by Andrew Marinos group and there are several documents about it on his webpage.
    Regarding high frequency fields he suggest’s that it would result from thermal effects. He says temperature differences down to one hundreth of a degree may matter.

    • Natural Woman says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Please continue doing so.

    • Marie says:

      Gee, can i ever get off here and go to bed? I was thinking of something else too. The earths frequency is 7.83 and our brains vibrate at that very same frequency. We are not supposed to go lower or higher or it will affect us in a bad way. The frequencies beamed at us from the cell towers even now can be a frequency like 10, 14, 16 which is not natural to our human body. At this higher level we/our brains are being “sped up” and we become anxious, hyper and hard to sleep, becuz our brain is not vibrating at 7.83 like it is supposed to. So a lot of people are now having insomnia and never get into “deep sleep” which the body needs in order to heal itself. An orgone pendent will help this or sleeping with a metalic cloth net around your head.

      • petergrafstrm says:

        There is no proof that the earths resonance around 7 Hz has any coupling to our brains although the brain neurones collective electromagnetic activity have an envelope within the same range.
        The low frequency magnetic fields from mobile phones however are very strong near the head. So they would be the first place to look while virtually everybody who fears RF fails to consider it.
        Low frequencies from cell towers sound like it would concern fluctuations of power due to the instant load. Not deliberately transmitted at 10-14Hz if that is what you mean. If different towers would be synchronized they might produce stronger low frequency patterns but I havent seen anything about that.

  16. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    They never stop.

  17. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    I believe 5G doesn’t like trees and wet leaves so guess what?
    Yup – all the trees will have to go…
    Sure, we won’t miss them…

    • petergrafstrm says:

      There has been speculation about spreading tiny radiolinks all over the wildernes, ie in forests for military uses. They would be selfdecomposing so would wither away in a finite time.
      There is also ongoing research in biological replacements for electronics.
      Presumably for making robots? Humanlike hybrids or for internal improvements of old school biology.

  18. Bullwinkle says:

    The power needs of a full role out of 5G and the smart grid will be astronomical. It may only require a few extra watts for each small transmitter/receiver, but when there are millions if not billions of the units just around this country alone, there is not enough power available. Coal plants are being shut down. Are millions more gas fracking wells going to be needed to pollute the water supply to provide gas for the unbuilt gas power plants? The transmission system is in desperate need of repair and replacement.

    If power is prioritized for cell towers and local transmitter/receivers, the homes of the unwashed masses will have to give up the power needed to run their homes and the power to charge the electric cars will be restricted.

    • Marie says:

      Oh wow. I never thought of this. And the grid is too fragile, so maybe they will have trouble putting out their 5G.

    • petergrafstrm says:

      5G provides higher bandwith and if the increase of BW will be used fully, then the power requirements would follow upwards. But that aside the idea behind the internet of things is to use much weaker transmitters than you say. If 5G would use watts of power for the smallest contributors I agree the total system would require a lot of power. But that seems odd since on a short range high frequencies dont need high power at all. Possibly a million times less for a particular transmitter. But of course the number of transmitters would rise.
      Moreover 5G uses the power more economically according to experts who claimed a hundredfold improvement in that respect.

  19. abinico warez says:

    Worry about GMOs – 4G/5G not an issue.

  20. 5G Wireless: A Ridiculous Front for Global Control – DailyBriefing.net


  21. Jacqueline Worthington says:

    Berri Towers, a senior military man who was in on the bottom floor of microwave energy when it was first implemented, has a lot to say about health concerns. He was instrumental in taking down cell towers in Australia that was put on the school grounds. They won in court because of health issues for children.

  22. I don’t share your views on the “health risk” here, Jon.

    Though I do see that as something that is a useful “blame gamer” for those that see problems without causes or solutions.

    Your article makes some excellent points, but you missed the obvious one. It’s in the very first quote you selected.

    We now have such easy and quick access to vast amounts of information, how can human break away from being “PROCESSED”?. You think these “favourite shows” (in the selected example) are potent?

    Yes, they are potent at creating slaves in Big Brother’s image. Rhetoric is designed to make people think and communicate in a particular fashion. One could argue that Sidney Lumet’s “Network” does the exact same thing in the way it “sets up” [cultural] expectations ever so ever so cleverly.

    The remainder (true “individuals”) are going to be so disillusioned by their quagmire of “unreality” separation from “the group”, eventually they’ll become the new social invalids. Perhaps some are there already. That’s the “conspiracy” and we should be on the rooftops shouting it out.


  23. 5G and everything “smart” + the Internet of Things + cryptocurrency = Smart City’s by 2030. And that is World Government implementation. At this point the ONLY way to stop this horrific future depends on how many people will understand whats planned. When they do they will unplug (wirelessly) and throw away their wireless smart devices to stop this from moving forward toward the forced transhuman totalitarian A.I. Smart City “green” enslavement life were heading toward.

    I agree with you Jon and I expect not even .1% of the US population will understand this in 2018. This is my result of connecting dots for 20 yrs: https://www.scribd.com/document/364635715/Genetic-Economic-Political-Destruction-is-Being-Forced-on-America-the-World

  24. John Eastman says:

    Florida Legislature passed a bill last year. Removes all local zoning control over Power and Telecom infrastructure. Big telecom can put the small cells anywhere they want in Florida and local control is totally lost. This was a big first step. Only 3 house member voted against it. LOL.

    • Theodore says:

      Hi John, yeah, that is how they’re going to do it. state-by-state.

      do you have the link to this Florida law?


  25. 5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control Jon Rappoport

    Science & Technology – Week of 04.01.18 – Solari Report

  26. I am already fully attached to their AI system. Your sun is fake. It is a sun simulator and this is how NASA is doing it. They have weaponized the sun. The sun is whiter now because they invented this. Your special masonic order freaks. I have been fully attacked by their AI system and it was given to the greys. The greys want complete control of every man, woman and child. They are psychic vampires and they are the Orion Empire and they have implemented religion on this planet to hold humanity totally down. The powers that be or the reptilians are using the whole anti-Semitic thing on this planet. They also are cloning people and the clones are for the AI system. That is why things are going up into 5G. They have REM cloned me and that is why I have NO organic dreams of my own. The elite/ reptoids have taken my and blocked my ability to have independent thought/ creativity. Complete strangers know my thought now. The chemtrails are the biggest culprits. It is a white sticky substance that gets onto your central nervous system and then the satellites in the sky can put an implant into your body and they can view your life in real time. All of this technology came from the greys who gave or is giving our militaries around the world ideas on how to have humans enslave other humans. I do believe they are hand picking people who have some kind of talent. The culprits in my targeting is Lindsey Graham, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Rhianna. DARPA and your government is behind this enslavement.
    1. Chemtrails/ poisoning throughout the years
    2. Slow frequency to attack the body through smart meters.
    3. Attack the brain with sonic weapons / dream manipulation/ mind control
    4. High pitch sounds to hurt the victim
    5. markings on the body from the military industrial complex
    6. attack the pineal gland and chakra system
    7. TR3B is a cloaking machine
    8. sun simulator-energy weapon used on thousands of people and property DEW fires in california. They can also do the weather.
    9. moon simulator
    10. voice of god, synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring, horrible horrible ELF.
    11. All local Target stores sell cosmetics called elf… so basically the hermetic order is telling your that they are using elf on the population.
    12. Medical establishment is in on the abuse of humanity. Center for Consciousness studies at the U of A is tied to the anastsia dept. It is my firm belief that this is how they are REM cloning. High jacking your sleeping. While you sleep I have found a correlation with certain hours of the night where DARPA can pull your sleeping consciousness or show you things that can cause your heart rate to increase.
    If you buy a fitbit watch and set it up at night to monitor your sleep patterns you will probably see how your heart rate increases.

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