Only crazy people drink raw milk?

Only crazy people drink raw milk?

The wider implications

by Jon Rappoport

March 21, 2018

For a moment, don’t think about whether raw milk is safe or dangerous, health-giving or harmful. Stop. There are wider implications here. And they affect every citizen.

Here is my article, from August 5, 2011. The issues are still quite relevant.

The federal raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, is based on the insistence (with guns) that private citizens can’t make contracts with each other to buy and sell raw unpasteurized milk.

Some uninformed types believe the raid was solely focused on the fact that Rawesome doesn’t have a business license. But it is a private club, and the last time I looked, a club doesn’t need a license to carry on its activities.

Do private citizens have the right to form an association, by contract, and then engage in exchange of goods and services, among its members, regardless of the opinion of the State?

Well, if we return to the basic document, the Declaration of Independence, can we interpret the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without understanding that private contracts are fundamental to this pursuit?

In the case of Rawesome, the government believes it can garner wide public support, and therefore it feels confident its prosecution will make no one nervous. Whereas, if the product Rawesome club members were buying and selling was homemade oatmeal, the public might balk and see the intrusion on Rawesome as invasive and quite insane.

Speaking of which, the government is using what I call the The Crazy People Doctrine.

If more than, say, 60% of the American people believe Rawesome is crazy, the government is good to go in court. If that wide majority thinks raw-milk dealing would only be carried out by nutcases, then the whole issue of whether private contracts are inviolate can be set aside and dropped in the trash.

Well, we know government agencies have been warning the public about raw milk for at least 70 years, and claiming that pasteurized milk is wonderful and safe and scientific. So The Crazy People Doctrine seems like a slam-dunk here, regardless of how the specific charges against Rawesome’s owner are worded.

“He’s crazy, who cares whether we (the prosecutors) say he was doing business without a license or was making a contract he had no right to make.”

And the public will say, “Find him guilty, he’s a whacko. Nobody in his right mind would sell raw milk.”

As usual, I’ll resort to one of my analogies:

Let’s say eight of us form a private club, and we buy and sell, among ourselves, little gold balls of plant matter which, when ingested, have been shown, invariably, to cause one-hour headaches. The balls have been tested, over and over again, and amazingly, the verdict is precise across the board. Eat a gold ball of this plant substance, you get a one-hour headache.

And suppose the eight of us believe this activity of buying and selling and eating the gold balls is part of our pursuit of happiness. We’ll assume responsibility for the headaches. Do we have the right to have our club and engage in our activity—or does the government have the legal power to destroy the club and prosecute us on a criminal charge?

The government says, “Gold balls are food products for sale. Therefore, they fall under our jurisdiction when it comes to the issue of safety. Period.”

The public says, “Put these crazies in jail, or in a mental institution, and drug them to the gills.”

Government says, “Citizens have no fundamental and overriding right to make private contracts among themselves. We can intercede at any moment we choose to. Any rule or law we make automatically trumps the so-called right to private contracts.”

If we accept this judgment, then we are admitting that private relationships are a thin illusion that can be swept away without notice.

If you and your friends own a piece of land and build a community vegetable garden there, and then exchange squashes and tomatoes and grapes and cucumbers with one another, from your individual plots, the government can send in a food safety inspector, he can walk on your land, and he can decide whether your vegetables are legal. Your contract with your friends is null and void and without meaning—and always was.

If 50 of us form a health club, and buy and sell amino acids among ourselves, and if we happen to have printed a sheet, for internal distribution, claiming these products cure arthritis, the FDA could invade our office, confiscate the products, and charge us with practicing medicine without a license.

And if the public, by and large, believes we are “crazies,” the government feels confident it will escape blowback.

You now, perhaps, see one clear reason for government/media/science propaganda: “creating convenient crazies.”

Take, for instance, the arena of vaccines. If government succeeds in outlawing all claimed parental exemptions from the jabs, based on its own version of good science, how many people will rise up and revolt? Versus how many will say refusing vaccines was always just for Crazy People?

The Crazy People Doctrine, behind the scenes, is the standard of prediction that government employs—and propaganda is the tool it uses to manufacture perception about its targets…

So that the matter of private contracts is tossed into the garbage.


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “Only crazy people drink raw milk?

  1. Bruce K. says:

    Raw milk from grass-fed cows is one of the best basic foods we can consume (in my humble though biased opinion)…at least it was prior to aerosol spraying? Now can we use the term “organic” at all? Doubtful, but my wife and I drink raw milk from grass-fed cows; have been drinking it for quite some time and find it wonderful. Many of the milk related digestion problems associated with milk stem from the removal of healthy fats and pasteurization, not from good raw milk itself. For those interested who may not be aware of it, I suggest checking out the Weston A. Price Foundation at: .

  2. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Awesome article and analogy.

  3. Neo-Paradigm says:

    Where I live, there are a lot of, “crazy,” people who enjoy the health benefits and superior taste of raw milk from grass fed cows.

  4. Greg Weldon says:

    Are we yet a member of the body politic as known and understood as “we the people” in the preamble to the Constitution or has our status been changed such that we have been made artificial and subjects of the Federal government?

  5. truth1 says:

    I was reading my father’s “Crusader” magazines in 2004-5 and began buying and drinking raw milk by 1996. Been at it ever since.

    Now on contracts and dangers.The government’s position is so full of contractions and absurdities that it boggles the mind that so few people see it.The gov can forbid contracts for raw milk, but football players can engage in contracts to play football, knowing for a fact that it will cause much temporary damage, long term damage, if not permanently crippling damage and a significantly reduced life span, and the early loss of good brain function. These are real guaranteed damages and perfectly legal to engage with contracts in. I have been forces to wear seat belts since the late 80 and buy insurance since then, too. Yet never once have I been in an accident. No proof of harm or damage, yet I can still be fined big bucks for not buckling.

    I am not considered capable, I perceive, by the government, of deciding what risk I can take or not. I can go hang gliding or parachuting. But not ride without seat belts or contract for raw milk in some states. I can do lots o stupid things and the gov does not care. but drink raw milk? Oh, Dear God, No! not that! Anything but that. I can not eat an apple if I do so with the intention to treat myself in any way for some health problem or malady. Doing so changes an apple into a drug. I have to spit it out and beg the “god” government for mercy and forgiveness. and God forbid if I should have kids and feed them things I perceive will aid their health. The government haul them away as I practiced “medicine” on them.

    The insanity is beyond comprehension. Yes, Jon, the right to contract is essential to human rights, but most do not know or care. Believe it nor not, I am not persuaded that our nation has a right to invade the bedrooms of people. In keeping with restricting government, I sincerely believe that any woman should be able to see her “services” to whoever, where ever (in private) whenever or however. In fact, I should be able to do that, too. Of course I would die of starvation doing that, so there is no need to ban me from doing that. The public does not see me as the gorgeous creature I am. I get no respect!

    I think what is clear are the perfectly obvious conclusions that the government is up to no damn good. Their laws have no basis in consistency or solid sound reasoning. its all about bullying us and taking all our money and keeping us from pursuing our own health and well-being and benefit.
    and yet, we will be expected to happily give up our guns (I don’t have any, anyway, but I do guts me a baseball bat. but if I think of it as a weapon, they gave to take it. You see? thought crimes! where the absurd becomes common place.

  6. You rock, bro. Reblogging to sister site Success Inspirers World

  7. Peter Laszlo says:

    Here in Australia they banned raw milk sales to the public because they claim a 3 year old girl died of raw milk Poisoning. A mainstream Media Newspaper , The Age . did an article on the scam and they ended it with the revelation that the young girl had drunk the milk 3 months before dying, proving to the reading public that the death by raw milk poisoning was a load of bull’ as Lysteria takes only 2 to 3 days to kill, she actually died of a brain haemorrhage. We have goats and we make cheeses made from our goat’s raw milk. We offer the cheeses as Living Sculptures and the people who take them from us are asked to make a cash donation of their choice which they happily do, most of them give us more than the standard price of a cheese the same size because as they constantly say the living sculptures are worth their weight in gold.
    The Government forgot to mention to the Australian public that each year between 15 and 20 people die of food poisoning from pasteurised cheeses every year, last year 17 people died from pasteurised cheese poisonings.

  8. You can see what’s going on here, Jon.

    The “establishment” 100% backs Pasteur’s fatally flawed “germ theory” to justify their immunization attack on the immune system (yeah, too many “useless eaters”). So the pro-vaxxers won’t let that Genie out of the bottle under any circumstances. It’s medicine’s “holocaust”.

    So, that said, “infected” raw milk is out of circulation….indefinitely.


  9. trishwriter says:

    It’s interesting that the Crazy People Doctrine applies to natural things, such as raw milk, cannabis, non-vaccination. Of course, the milk and pharmaceutical lobbyists are making sure that people and legislators remain crazy about very natural things that people have been doing for centuries.

    Growing up in North Carolina, I was deemed “allergic to milk” when I was in elementary school. The allergist told me to drink what we call “country milk.” The secret to getting good country milk is to find a dairy that’s immaculate. That wasn’t hard to do at the time, being that there were lots of dairy farmers in the country and many of the wives would sell milk. We bought a gallon of country milk for $2.00, in a glass jar. The cream was thick on the top and we had to shake it up before drinking it. Only a few years later, in the 1980s, did the state of North Carolina succumb to the big-dairy lobbyists and ban this healing elixir. Nobody got sick from drinking milk from a clean dairy.

    We are all so accustomed to buying milk in the store that most people don’t even realize raw milk has been banned. I found this out when I told people about this legislation a few years ago, many of whom drank country milk as a child. People were shocked, even though the legislation had been around for decades.

    Guess what happened in the county where I grew up–the number of dairy farms went from over 50 to 4. Yes, FOUR! That pesky little problem of the dairy farmer’s wife earning some “milk money” is over and more people are forced to buy the crappy store milk. I talked with a dairy farmer’s wife a few years ago and she told me that the health inspector said that if she and her family drank their own cows’ milk, they should not let him know. Would he have arrested them? Cited them with a huge fine? Whatever the case, freedom that farmers had for centuries has been lost.

    My grandmother, who sold cows’ milk in the 60s, would never have been able to predict a time when it was illegal to drink the milk from the cows that grazed her land. It may seem a bit crazy to us to think about government regulation of tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables and fruits, on our own private land, but it’s coming unless we stop it. It’s not about safety; it’s about the milk industry’s lust for profits. When we are in North Carolina, I buy vat-pasteurized milk from the Amish. When we are in California, I buy raw milk, where it is still legal, or vat-pasteurized milk. Either way, I avoid the watery milk in the store.

    • Larry says:

      ” it’s about the milk industry’s lust for profits.”


      It’s my understanding, that the reason that milk products are mandated to be pasteurized, is that sanitary practices followed by Industrial Farming methods are not nearly as careful and tightly controlled as those practiced back when dairy farms were smaller and more numerous.

      It’s much more *efficient* to haul all of the milk in bulk to the processors and then boil the hell out of it to kill any nasty microbes – and all of the benevolent cultures as well.

  10. voza0db says:

    Raw milk from human females is EXCELLENT!
    Raw milk from cows is THE WORSE!

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    Couldn’t agree more.

  12. mangledman says:

    Man and woman enter into mutual contract!! Govt. gets to set the guidelines??. Sounds fair right?

    • truth1 says:

      Not! 😉 It reminds me of some crimes. For instance, I have seen many teenager who prefer guys in their 20s or even early 30s. But we both know that 15 or 16 can get ya 30, too.A teen age is old enough, in my opinion to consent or at least know what she is consenting to. but the government say no, she could not possibly know what she is doing. Then how was it that teens did get married for at least 4000 years before teen marriage and teen labor was banned. And a teen girl can willing have sex with a male over 17 and not believe she was harmed and still wants to carry on but the law says the guy is a felon and must go to prison. she enticed him and she does not suffer. The guy suffers doubly. What they engage in was mutual consent. But the gov says its not allowed.Crimes should only be crimes if the so called victim perceives it as a crime. As it is, its a crime whether she says so or not. she does not want her boyfriend going to prison, but tough for her says the gov. The gov has become a major interference in human relations and unwritten contractual agreements of consent. And why is it she can have sex with a 17 year old and its OK, but not 18 or 19 or whatever floats here boat. the hypocrisy is unbelieveable.

  13. Roger says:

    Having actually been to that Rawesome I can tell you less than 50 feet away is a gigantic Whole Foods. It is at Lincoln & Rose in Venice Beach, CA. I have often wondered if Whole Foods used their clout to shut down Rawesome. I can remember shopping at Rawesome and then shopping at WF without moving my car.

  14. Ronald Edward Ransom says:

    Ages ago outside Atlanta was a commercial Dairy – Mathis Dairy – they sold regular milk, keefer and ‘Certified’ Raw Milk among other dairy products – and the regular milk to stores – the deliver man pout whatever you ordered in a metal box on yor front porch (lots of bad jokes resulted from ‘the milkman’ but I’m straying) – the literature stated that their raw mild was helder to stricter standards and even specified the exacy standards — then later raw milk was only obtained their with a Dr’s prescription – then even that was halted along with their certified raw milk — I did check out the Weston Price website refernced above 000 a very good raw milk section with sources by Stae — Georgia has some raw milk soucres and from goats as well — goat cheeses etc.. The catch is in Georgia, by law, raw milk can only be sold for pet consumption —- a coupke cheaper if you bring your own jars —- I want to choose one and go buy some raw milk ‘for my pet chickens — they will say chickens don’t drink milk – Id say “mine do – fork it over!!!!” Yummy – now if we could just find the orannge plant matter balls that cause headaches — there is an opiod crisis to handle the headches but thats another biucker of worms!!! Thank You RR

    • Ronald Edward Ransom says:

      Folks, , please excuse my typos and misspellings – I’m not ignorant but my vison is poor and the font was so tiny I did not realize my mistakes until I hit send and got a magnifynig glass – best edit before, not after,, Folks that confuse there,they’re,and their annoy me, yet I did the same thing and worse. Thank you for the great article!!! RR

  15. joel says:

    Milk is so 20th century….get over it. No good reason to drink this stuff from a large animal.
    Your health will improve tremendously if you use coconut milk instead. Get brown coconut at store, crack it open, scoop out the meat, put it in your blender with some water, strain it and voila you have a superior, vegan, delicious, no downsides “milk”. We need to grow up, because, “Every- body does NOT need milk” . Thats a gigantic deception that has harmed millions, peace….

    • honestliberty says:

      additionally, what other creature routinely drinks the milk from another species?
      It is absolutely absurd.

      I haven’t touched milk in years- although, I’m technically a hypocrite because I love cheese. Even that though, I don’t much consume

      • truth1 says:

        Its an interesting point you bring up H.Lib. But nomads depended upon herds or cattle and/or sheep, goats, horses, camels, etc. Humans have always made use of their environment and animals are a part of that environment. But there is a lot to keeping cows producing milk. They do not do so routinely and further, keeping cattle locked up in small areas is nothing but Cruel, but then again, we do it to own, too, don’t we? There is a lot about our world I do not like.

        • honestliberty says:

          Yep. Humanity is strange, to say the least. Believing themselves moral when stealing through taxation and violent control through government is s disgusting blight. I hope it outgrows it

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