What happened to love letters?

What happened to love letters?

by Jon Rappoport

February 19, 2018

Going back thousands of years, wherever there has been a civilization with written language, there have been love letters.

—Passion, joy, and longing unbound—

—Letters that ignite and cleanse the soul, surpassing the energies of every-day life—

Today, in our highly technological society, the love letter has been a waning moon. My wife, Laura Thompson, has wisely decided to resurrect the form and breathe life back into it. Anyone can contribute to the renaissance:



Laura Thompson: “Why write a love letter? Oh, the power of a love letter! Something you can hold in your hand. Something so real…”

“When you write one, your cells are vibrating…Your body, with all its magnificent division of labor…like an orchestra or chorus during a glorious performance.”

“Is it a lost art form or can we keep it alive?”

“We, as a society, don’t write love letters much anymore. We use cute emojis to express love and admiration. We text phrases. We hint and beat around the bush with the quick forms of communication at our fingertips.”

“…if everyone wrote a love letter to the ones they love… good things would happen that would spur on more good. I wonder how high we could go? Is the sky the limit – or beyond?”

Laura invites your participation.

Why not dive in? You have nothing to lose, except the Ordinary and the Mundane.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

33 comments on “What happened to love letters?

  1. Greg Mills says:

    Thankfully, just as. books are coming back. We are tactile.

  2. JB says:

    “That’s the secret to success: keep the masses euphoric and moronic.”–Ilana Mercer
    “Marriage and sex both put me to sleep.” –Gore Vidal

    The present cultural condition is so immersed in retribution it seems unlikely they will turn from it to avert its inevitable conclusion. We find more satisfaction in running emergency services in the valley below than in putting up a rail around the cliff to restrain the foolish or serve the needs of the despairing. Its more fun to troll U-Tube and bully with sarcasm, isolationism, taunting, and all other forms of emotional terrorism.


  3. truth1 says:

    Well, I hate to be a wet blanket but its kind of a habit for me now. Love is a great concept on paper. But the reality, as men are being shoved out of every aspect of society at all levels, is that a man takes a huge risk with little change of a payoff and almost certain demise in chancing love and marriage. Hollywood has always made big deal about love. but to be honest, I think the expectation of romantic love is a very unhealthy concept with pie in the sky expectations that few could attain. And whereas all humans are deeply flawed creatures, anyway, it might be something we would be better off without

    Marriage is a partnership and requires a lot of patience and self control of emotions so that disagreements do not turn into war. “Love” is going dishes, laundry, work schedules, cooperation, practicality. self-sacrifice, realistic expectations of life and love. Maturity for sure.

    And guess what? Few of us have any of that, especially those who have recently become adults in age or are in their 30s. We have either been kept in the dark or lied to, about what life really is.

    And then there are those very obvious differences in the sexes that no one wants to admit or deal with. Most women marry for money. Most men marry for sex. As soon as he is laid off, a prospect only to get more common in the future, and it will almost certainly torpedo a marriage.

    We need a hard dose of reality and honesty about what life is really like, and not what fairy tales and movies tell us. And with both people working at totally different jobs and schedules, they really have nothing in common in their lives. I don’t advise anyone to get married, much less write letters.

    It takes a lot of courage to go against our powerful craving and instinct but I think it might be the wisest course.We as a species are longer fit for breeding or getting along. this can not go on much longer. We are headed for a social apocalypse. I don’t see anything that can stop it.

    When confronted with a crisis, the brave rise to the challenge. We need a hard bitter does of truth in our lives. It will not be pleasant but so important.

    I just finished and uploaded this shocking piece 2 days ago. don’t go here unless your a very brave soul. Its not pleasant but the newest generations really need it. Abandon all hope ye who visit this! The War on Men http://truth1.org/2-war_men.htm

    • Larry says:

      “And then there are those very obvious differences in the sexes…”


    • Greg C. says:

      It’s the nature of the game of love. The object of the game is for both sides to win – which seems impossible. Even the most mature people are brought into a state of dissatisfaction when the inevitable contretemps arises. You begin to reconsider what “winning” is.

      To say that most women marry “for” money (or security) and most men marry “for” sex is to reduce people to animals. Of course we have drives that nature endowed us with, but we also have the capability to integrate those drives with many other aspects of the psyche. That’s the whole magnificence of it all, why Shakespeare wrote his Sonnets. Real love shows that we are more than analytical animals. It reveals everything about us that lives inside the most complex entity in the universe, from the sublime poet to the raging beast. I think that is what we have to win with love, to understand yourself more fully and thus to understand others more deeply.

      There is a war on men, but it is also a war on women, because it creates a divide between the sexes that thwarts the great purposes of love.

    • I hesitated to write this. I asked myself why should I care. I had promised myself I would not write in here anymore, the process pulled me into a reality not of my own making. I prefer being in my studio alone. Speaking here was like arguing with the characters in a fictional book…sometimes. People I would probably never meet in the real.

      But alas, I have a fondness for the wisdom of the man who writes this column everyday. And so I would continue to read it, without interfering, without participating. Without meddling.

      But, I read this today: Love letters, and your response to it truth1. In general I am a little irritated with what you write. Which brings me to my point…

      ‘I hate to be a wet blanket’ -truth1

      You like being a wet blanket, you have grown up or are growing to become precisely that; a big-fat-boring-wet-blanket. Now, you don’t have to become that, you can change, it’s easy to change you ways. and become an interesting fellow that is in ‘love’ with life. And that is in ‘Love’.

      First; you have to fearlessly open you heart. Don’t be afraid. It won’t hurt. It’s stronger than you realize. 

      There have always been empires, and they will rise and fall, till we can’t do it anymore. There has always been darkness…

      The heart can break into two pieces, it can shatter like crystal glass, it can be battered and bruised, and bleeding and still. Some heartless thing can drag it around like a rock on a rope; but then sometime later when you are comfortable with your old broken thing, when you least expect it…you walk into an unfamiliar place, for no particular reason not paying much attention to anything. Hollow, and detached, and confortable with your not completely fuctioning heart, and there across the room stands a woman of absolute perfection. Her skin is like an angel fell out of heaven. You move closer, and she looks at you, she shines with those eyes; those wonderful angel eyes. She smiles, and a miracle happens, your heart becomes strong in your chest. It begins to heal. The adrenaline of passion rises and intoxicates your mind and soul again…passions start to rise from deep places inside you.

      ‘Love is nothing but fairy tales.’ -truth1

      You smell her smell, you have never smelt it before, a new sensation; her hair shines in golden curls, she smiles again, and maybe, you gain the chance to speak and say hello and smile back at her. She speaks and you hear her voice, for the first time, and it is so familiar, you can’t place it. Where have you heard it before. Her smile tells you that she is interested in you, and feels in a same way, and you are glad. You feel important again. And your heart soars. You nervously ask her name and eventually ask her out for a coffee, and she sensing it excepts, and you think of nothing else but that moment from then on. You are sleepless and excited, and renewed, redeemed from that ole pain. You imagine, all kinds of wonderful things. Positive life-affirming things.

      After a few, small tête-à-tête over coffee or a glass of wine. You invite this beautiful woman to dinner; you will make her dinner, something very special and romantic. With flowers and a candle, and soft music. You will cook you best dish, and serve it on fine polished plates on a soft tablecloth, out in your garden, or a light filled porch. And that will be the longest period of time, consuming that meal, and talking to this young woman. You will be obervant, and make sure it is care free for her. Her perfume will take over the evening. The more you talk, the more comfortable you both become. Love is like fine art. And after the meal, and the conversation which seems endless, she will praise you for your care and nurturing, and “What a good cook you are.”, your heart will get stronger every second you are in her presence. She offers to help you clean up, and so you do the dishes…together. And an ole drudgery becomes highly charged event, and a dance of love. Laughter, and sexy bubbles and foolishness. She admires how clean you keep your place, and the small talk become so important than ever before.

      ‘“Love” is [d]oing dishes, […]’ -truth1

      After you talk about the most wonderful things, staying away from the dark subjects, keeping the conversation in beauty, love and art and light.

      ‘Love is a great concept on paper.’ -truth1

      ‘I think the expectation of romantic love is a very unhealthy’ -truth1

      You feel stronger now that you have met her, those old aches and worries of yours, don’t seem so important anymore. They don’t seem to have as much punch, as much bite as they use to. They have become so much more bearable, and simply your life.

      You feel healthier, brighter, cleaner. You blood is warm and getting hotter, the more you meet this woman. You start taking better care of yourself…you look for colognes that are nice and smell unique. You want a smell that she likes. You keep your nails clipped and your hair combed. You begin to realize you have known her for eternity.

      You are more handsome now, and you like yourself…so-much-so, that you buy some new clothes for the next time you meet her. Something trendy and sexy. A tight shirt that shows you muscles off.

      You start exercising because that sexy shirt you bought to impress her made you realize that your muscles aren’t as big as you thought they were; time to lift some weights and get strong.

      Love is making you stronger.

      She complements how dashing you look, because you care. After finding out her favourite colors. You buy her gifts in those colors and you become generous to the whole world. Talking to strangers, those that pass on your way to meet her at a restaurant or a movie.

      You find yourself in flower shops, and places where they sell delicate lacy feminine things. Things a girl would like, not what you would like. And you don’t care who sees you. You become interested in what she likes, and remember these things…

      ‘I don’t advise anyone to get married, much less write letters.’ -truth1

      You write her love letters, long letters filled with loves poetic words. And mail them fro m different places.  You buy cards on Valentines day, you keep track of the small things that warm her heart. You take her to places that you wouldn’t go alone to…

      Your falling in love; you can’t help yourself. But you don’t care, for you haven’t felt this free and strong in a long time. You male friends make fun of you and tease you, but hell they’re alone.

      And you forgive and forget the one that broke your heart before you met this woman.

      ‘Abandon all hope ye who visit this!’ -truth1

      Abaddon…Apollyon…the angel of destruction and death, does not belong here in descriptions of love truth1.

      Run to this feeling: love. Embrace it with everything that you are, be the best you can be in this, but do not ever abandon it. For you will be lost if you do.

      ‘people are animals with an intellect, […]’ -truth1

      That is such a sad description of someone who is capable of such a great capacity for ‘love’, of connecting with someone else who feels the same way.

      We are not animals, we are humans, with large hearts, with souls. We are eternal.

      We are spirits here, who share this physical material experience with those we love and fall in love with, over and over, and the babies that we make, and fall in love with them. And they break our hearts, and our hearts mend, over and over, and we watch them grow in love, and find another who they, fall in love with…

      I have loved my wife and still love my wife now going on thirty five years. We lived together for eleven years. And then got married. We had three children by then; my daughters were flower girls at our wedding. My son Sean was a cute little fellow and our ring bearer. They were so happy we were getting married. They were happier than we were.

      My wife is 52 now and was seventeen when I met her. Her now graying hair was, long and light brown then, and she was gorgeous and had the deepest emerald green eyes. Her eyes are older now, but still have that emerald green sparkle. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; they are right. They are, and she has such a wonderful soul.

      Her and I do dishes together at night, there is only the two of us. Dishes are a fun time, laughing and fooling around. We do a lot of our best talking, doing dishes together.

      No, you are quite wrong truth 1…you are absolutely deadpan wrong. And I can’t allow you to sow dark seeds here.

      Love is all, falling in love everything.

      • truth1 says:

        Michael, you are right. I do like being a wet blanket and raining on parades when i hear nonsense. Love is rotten attitudes cause someone can’t let go of the past and is in a mood and looking for a victim and there happens to be one laying, sitting standing near them to have the abuse dumped on them. I put up with my rotten half retarded father for most of 56 years.and I have seen plenty of miserable marriages like the one my mother had. I would not wish that on anyone, ever.
        Love is a rose but ya better not pick it
        It only grows when its on the vine
        hand full of thorns and ya know you missed it
        You lose your love, when ya say the word, mine!
        Run Forest, Run!

        I am happy for your happiness in love, but I’ll pass on it all. I prefer sanity, peace, and time to myself, preferably without people.My famiily is all gone now and replaced with peace and serenity. I would never give that up, having once tasted it.
        “Free at least Free at last, Thank God, Free at last!” Don’t try this at home boys and girls or you might never come back from Neverland. Its Nirvana times 10! You won’t be able to handle the high. cheers all, cause you probably need it and don’t know it 😛

        • Sunshine2 says:

          Truth, my heart goes out to you. It does. For a long time, I didn’t know what love was, because I did not have anyone in my life to show me love. I had love confused with so many other things… But one day I realised that fact. The fact that I had never been shown love and that love is not a feeling. Love is an action. You say AND do things and sometime sacrefice to show you love another (spouse, children, siblings, friends, everyone else). Anything else is not love.

          Now for me, love IS all there is. Nothing else matters.

          That doesn’t mean everyone in my life shows love. It still bothers me to hear people close to me tell me they love me while their actions tell otherwise. But they are sincerely identifying with a feeling, a counterfeit for love. So for them, that is all it is – a feeling. And it is their loss. It is empty, sad.

          Love is much more than that. When you love others, freely give yourself to them, you will have love in your life. True love.

        • Riley says:

          What simple, beauty and truth. Thank you for casting light on this thread. Truth1 could use a lot of it.

          • truth1 says:

            I could use a lot of things, but for sure, I am by no means the only one lacking in many virtues Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. And If that’s not enough, Many people are terrified to see life it really and truly is. If you doubt me (and who doesn’t !) spend some time in family courts, where all manner of legal rights, the burden of proof and trial by jury are all dispensed for the most biased joke of a court re-distributes money and only considers one side. not to mention it violates the entirely of the Bill of rights and Magna Carta to boot. Yeah, I’m crazier than hell for expecting justice and equality as well as accountability in courts of law. Yeah, I am a total mad man in 2019. I leave you with this: The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. . . . George Orwell

      • Larry says:

        “She admires how clean you keep your place…”

        Drat…..screwed again.

      • truth1 says:

        Wow! what a huge long post, And I am great for long posts but no match for this. Did I strike a nerve, Michael? Seems to me you have an awful lot of emotional investment in responding to me. I thought, Really? Such powerful reaction to a mere opinion of no one special (referring to myself) or maybe not! Maybe somebody is upset with me and my activities of recent, not here except in this blog article but at my site.

        Michael, you have turned into quite the predator, in twisting every thing I wrote. So I had to come back save this entire blog as as great example of dishonest people who deliberately distort and misrepresent everything someone says. You have always had potential for rants, but this was of a whole different order of response. So I wanted to document it as to who a person can be a real jerk and yet not seem like he emotionally out or control or angry, or swearing.

        Swearing scares people because it represents real honest powerful emotion. governments in particular fear it and so do their shills. So l’ll save all this for a matter of record. I appreciate you contribution to deception. It is identical to what a Satanic cult, says I in my opinion only, does on its own blog, right here on WordPress (Hoaxtead). Your big help. And that you sound, to me, like Hoaxtead, may not be in your best interests. You have certainly raised my level of concern and interest. Your change is so extreme and yet, very controlled. Intellectual in its intent. many pseak out of emotion and emotion tends to be more genuine in many cases. That you were so thought full is VERY interesting. You spent a lot of time on this, didn’t you? You know you did. Who do you work for, Mike? I’d be interested. VERY Interested!

    • From Quebec says:

      Most women marry for money. Most men marry for sex (Truth 1.)

      I believe that people get married because they want kids, they want a family They somehow want to belong.

  4. truth1 says:

    I just put this up 2 days ago and I can’t remember the address, This is the real one finally. Damn, I need a new brain. Any offers?

  5. duncmck says:

    ahhh the degrees of separation ..laura your love..i have investigated her research and protocol as a health specialist before i even stumbled upon nomorefakenews .the trailhead has a gravity all its own..congratulations !

  6. AmaraGrace says:

    Thank You Jon, for this topic; Thank You Quebec 🙂
    I’m taking/referencing ‘Love Letter’ in the broadest sense. In the growing Genre of Mail Art, writing letters is alive, well, & THRIVING. One does not have to be officially – or even personally consider oneself as – “an artist” to create & share Mail Art, and it is a brilliantly creative endeavor/outlet – mostly free save for the price of postage – that brings many benefits to both sender & receiver. Did you know that every US postage stamp is an original work of art? There are scores of Blogs on Snail Mail/letter writing, mail art, and in general support of written correspondence directly, and also indirectly through focus on pens – fountain pens & inks in particular (be still, my heart) – all manner of assorted & sundry paper including myriad reviews and handmade paper & card making tutorials, how to make envelopes from any paper i.e. magazines, wrapping paper, etc. (um, YES please), collecting domestic & foreign postage and postmarks, and of course, worldwide pen-pal organizations such as the Letter Writer’s Alliance, Post Crossing, etc… (look for them, you’ll find a very long list) if you don’t have anyone ‘special’ to send Love to (Agape is Love for one another because we’re all Human Beings who want & deserve to feel Loved). So… not a dying art whatsoever! In fact, written correspondence of many types is enjoying a renaissance through the internet specifically because of the dearth of human connection (not to mention brain development/activity) inherent in the techno-dumbed-down sound-bite communication that we’ve all been enticed/conditioned to accept & become ‘addicted to’ because the gizmos that have been made available to us are specifically designed to separate, isolate, & divide us (social control in action); united we stand, divided we fall; as Jon so astutely, articulately, & clearly reveals to us day in & day out (Thank You so much for sharing your clarity, Jon!)

    “Sir, more than kisses,
    letters mingle souls;
    For, thus friends absent speak.”
    ― John Donne (1572-1631)

    A few of my absolute favorites on writing Love letters+ (& do check out their favorites):
    Master Penman Jake Weidmann’s TEDx talk ‘Why Write?’
    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=85bqT904VWA
    “… (the pen is) the needle on the Richter scale of our hearts…”

    Neenah Paper Co. blog
    (thank you notes *are* Love Letters)

    Letter Writers Alliance blog (want a pen pal? they can help)

    How to write: a Love Letter
    a sympathy note
    How & when to write a Thank You note
    (much of value on this blog/archive for both sexes, not just men)

    Goulet Pens blog (pens & inks)

    This highly successful author handwrites & draws/watercolors ALL her book originals, which are nothing more than extended Love Letters to her readers 😉

    @ Trhth1 & JB – “…When we lose our authenticity, we disconnect – both from who we really are and from others….” – See more at: http://www.tut.com/article/details/130-a-love-letter-to-your-authentic-self/?articleId=130#sthash.NdxEBl1X.dpuf

    How about creating/sending a lovely fan letter to your favorite artist/author/educator (or several, of any sort), whether locally or nationally/internationally famous, or not famous at all; it’s good practice for expressing yourself – tell them a little about yourself, and also write in specific terms about all the reasons you like their work… you might just provide some needed/appreciated encouragement. Love is Love, after all… writing Love Letters is a good way to spread it around generously.

    • truth1 says:

      I need my stomach pumped now. I’m sorry but human nature is not the best way to get a high. What is? Uncovering and exposing scumbags in power and blowing their cover. Once you start, you can never go back. I’m a hopeless junkie now.

      • That’s to bad truth1…”Junkie” signifies an addict, Someone not in control of themselves. A slave to a substance. Seeking pleasure from the sickness of the world. Seeking pleasure in making others miserable.

        You sound like had a tough life…and that’s not good. I empathize.
        But your intelligent aren’t you?
        That was then…back there..they are all dead now. Those that hurt you.

        Your alone. You have a choice now. Your choice.
        You can choose the light…or you can choose the dark. They are both always your choices. And they always will be ‘Your Choices” And they always were your choices.

        But when you have the choice, and you choose pain, and darkness, you cannot blame those that you try to expose. For ya see, you have become like them. Seeking pleasure from darkness.

        When you choose to stay in an illness, you bear a beggars soul. You become a victim of yourself. And you are to blame for that…

        Intelligence isn’t enlightenment…knowing about all the sins of the world committed by elites doesn’t free us. It can enslaves us in another way.

        It maintaining a state of love and decency and care for your fellow man, in spite of all that death, darkness and destruction, all that chaos, that one can read about on any given time of the day on the internet, is the greater challenge.

        It is far too easy to point the finger and say “See..that why I am like this.”

        You haven’t the right to talk about scumbags, when you are victimizing yourself…that hypocracy.

        I wish you well, I hope you find the light. I hope you find someone to love, that loves you.

        • truth1 says:

          Michael, to me, the double edge sword of awakening is that in order to become awake, alert and vigilant and to see thru anything, you’re going to have to take some bullets and knife wounds. There is no way around that. no injuries, then no enlightment and vision. Yeah, I took some wounds. I have every known manifestation of Tourettes known, all the ticks, swearing, heaves, jerks and quirks imaginable. But I also gut me a razor sharp perception that no lie can penetrate or block. I believe it was worth it, every last drop. It provides a measure of safety that is unrivaled. And enable a good deal of competency. Most would not like the road i had to take, but it was the only raod that I could endure and be happy inside. No regrets. I like my reality straight, undiluted. and undeluded, shaken, not stirred..

        • truth1 says:

          Michael, I think that anything I say will be twisted by you to make me look bad and twist my words. I would call you language assassin. You aim is to harm, not be honest. I see thru you. You are as clear as glass. Have your twisted fun at someone else’s expense. I’m not interested.

      • AmaraGrace says:

        Oh Dear… what you’ve experienced, truth1, was not Love, but rather the complete *absence of Love* – exactly as ‘dark’ is simply the absence of light and ‘cold’ is only the absence of heat. They could not give/teach you what they did not have/know themselves; most of us are victims of victims, gutted in some way/degree or another (children are sitting-duck-easily-wounded targets, who often grow to be walking-wounded-target adults ). We learn quick to close our eyes & our hearts to the incoming barrage of environmental insults, in order to survive. Unfortunately, we close off to all that is good also – nothing good, especially Love, can get in either when we’ve closed ourselves off, armored up, & battened down the hatches. At first glance, it seems astonishing that one in your position, with your point of view, even noticed/opened/read a post with a title such as this one.

        But, I suspect you did because there is a small part of you somewhere in there that escaped all the assassination attempts, and wants freedom now too. Freedom to experience something else besides the previous emotional war and the current silence of the scorched, defiled, & deserted landscape of it’s aftermath. All your lifelong efforts at protection kept it alive successfully.

        Funny thing about Love: it’s stronger – and more beautiful – than the absence of itself (I understand that you don’t know that because we don’t know – or feel the truth of – what we’ve never known; it seems too good to be true, quite unbelievable, preposterous even). I’ll take your notice/participation here, though, as the most minutely infinitesimal crack through which some form of Love – someday, somehow – may, might, maybe, in fact, come silently & secretly in and find that aforementioned small part. If you were to someday ask “what if…” and choose to give your attention to & feed that small part good things (no good thing delights in suffering or that which causes pain), it might someday grow strong enough & tall enough to not fit into the old armor anymore and want to open the locks & hatches and have a look around at a differently-lighted landscape – off over there, in the opposite direction, toward beauty, toward something good that exists/occurs at the expense of nothing & no-one else.

        I concede that one cannot just manufacture an authentic desire, and it would take authentic desire for that deliberate opening to happen; one must actually want to heal themselves… but then, (& most frustratingly, not until) the way will show itself within. One can, however, deliberately expand one’s willingness to look and reach & endeavor in new directions, and sometimes that’s enough. Please consider that I might be the voice of experience (my way out was by a holistic approach – popularly denigrated *because* there is actual truth there), and also that in this magnificently infinite Universe of unmanifest pure potential, all possibilities exist – unforeseen Wildcards included. And that absolutely everyone we engage with throughout life has something profoundly valuable for us; some people show up to teach us how not to behave (family included).

        Love, truly, does not come to us – or nourish us – from outside of ourselves; it magnetizes to us that same amount of Love that we allow to exist within… and the quality of whatever we see/encounter/experience outside, from beyond the boundary of our own our skin, is simply the match to that which we ourselves emanate. That’s not philosophy, that’s physics = frequency resonates with itself (Mr. Nikola Tesla reminded us that “If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration”; it holds true for both the external & the internal Universe).

        Maybe notice as a neutral observer what matches what out there in this big wide world, and entertain the possibility that there might be something even more pleasing to resonate with than “scumbags” and perpetraitors (Cathy O’Brien’s terminology = fitting). Maybe let that small part choose something outside your current frame of reference to resonate with. It’s an incremental process worth engaging in, free for the choice of it; small successes are cumulative. Just two things required: 1) that you choose to care for yourself more than they taught you you are worth, and 2) that you give yourself permission to have better than what they gave you/taught you you deserve.

        I salute you for doing your part to expose the perpeTRAITORS… I submit that possibly you’ve done enough, you’ve done your part, they’ve taken enough rope & they’re hanging themselves as we watch them going down in flames… and they’ll never be in power over us again (as soon as we let go of that rope; it’s enough that we see the emperor has no clothes). Also… that you may be in line for a Cosmic commendation (a lifetime supply of vitamin J?) & a promotion. I invite you to apply for one & see what happens.

        Blessings on your House, in any case.

  7. AmaraGrace says:

    Thanks Larry. Brilliant, a Lover’s tree with it’s own postal code – wish I’d known about it when I lived in Deutschland I’d have made a trek to visit it… and YES, I would have hugged it (not afraid to laugh at myself either).

    • Larry says:

      I’ve hugged a tree or two in my time…but only under cover of night! ????

      • AmaraGrace says:

        More Romantic in the dark? Tee hee I didn’t think of that… I’ve only exhibited my public displays of affection for trees in broad daylight. This is going on the bucket list right now.

  8. Letters if kept make a lasting memory and a window to the past. Unlike text, WhatsApp and other electronic communications a physical record unless printed is not kept. Upgrades and change of phone or laptop can make you lose these digital conversations.
    I have family letters dating back over 61 years.

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