Are FBI “patriots” getting ready to expose the corrupt Mueller probe?

Are FBI “patriots” getting ready to expose the corrupt Mueller probe?

by Jon Rappoport

December 25, 2017

There are two parts to this article. Part one was written before the recent wave of Mueller-FBI demotion, retirement, and reassignment among key personnel. Part one is a kind of roadmap for whistleblower groups. A way to succeed.

Part two comments on the extraordinary “downsizing” of Mueller-FBI personnel, and its possible connection to FBI whistleblowers within the Bureau.

To paraphrase the Ben Bradlee character in the film, All the President’s Men, nothing much is riding on the Mueller investigation, except the presidency; the role of the mainstream press in politicizing and editorializing its coverage of the White House; the immediate future of US-Russia relations; the future of the Clintons in politics; and the intervention of the Surveillance State in the day-to-day activities of a president and his team.


Did the gunslinger Trump collude with Putin in a secret underground cave, thus placing Hillary on a cross of pain? Did the Clinton Foundation make slimy palm-greasing deals all over the world with high-level crooks and launder their money? Will the knight-puppet Robert Mueller uncover any part of the truth? Will His Excellency, Jeff Sessions, stir from his self-induced narcosis, look around, and find out what’s going on?

—We’ve heard a certain tune before: Honorable government employees will soon expose the crimes of such-and-so, they’ll present the evidence and testimony, and they’ll bring down the house on the heads of corrupt agencies. And then…it doesn’t happen.

At infowars, Paul Watson reports on what former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom has told Fox Business: “…patriots within the FBI are about to go public with huge new revelations that could sink the credibility of the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.”

Against these patriots, “Kallstrom said that a ‘5th estate’ [within the FBI] has been working to sabotage President Trump, led by ‘a bunch of sycophants in the FBI’ who are guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’.”

“He [Kallstrom] added that the goal from the outset was to ‘destroy the presidency of the United States,’ a claim backed up by the revelation that top anti-Trump FBI agents had settled on an ‘insurance policy,’ namely the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation, to topple Trump if he defeated Hillary.”

“The former assistant director [Kallstrom] then dropped a bombshell, suggesting that insiders within the FBI are about to go public with new revelations about Mueller and Comey.”

“’I think recent events, that I’m aware of, are going to improve that, because there’s going to be something actually something that’s going to happen in my view,’ he said.”

“’I think there’s a lot of patriots [within the FBI] that have just had it up to here, with what’s going on. And they’re to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been, how they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things, you know, were done that are so anti what the FBI and United States is all about,’ Kallstrom added.”

If Kallstrom is correct in his prediction, and this isn’t just another dud, certain tactics will need to be deployed. Because there is no guarantee that major news media will cover the revelations of “disgruntled FBI agents.” In fact, major media will do everything possible to ignore, downplay, and discredit these whistleblowers.

One: The FBI whistleblowers will need to produce documents wherever possible. Memos, emails, reports, recordings.

Two: The FBI whistleblowers will need to step out into the light and reveal themselves. They will need to do this as a group.

Three: They will need to do as many press interviews as possible, and also hold their own press conferences.

Four: In all these actions, their personal security and protection will have to be very capable.

Five: They must make reference to specifics, revealing FBI actions to: 1) squash investigations into the Clintons, and 2) promote a fake hypothesis that Trump and the Russians colluded to steal the election of 2016.

Six: Generalities won’t do. They can be shot down in minute as “unfounded opinions.”

Seven: The whistleblowers must compose and build their case in honest and compelling fashion.

Eight: They must be relentless. Despite hostile criticisms and other efforts to silence them, they must persist and weather the storms. They must create enough pressure to force a breakthrough—meaning the mainstream press can no longer resist covering their revelations.

Nine: Once they go public, they must acquire support from as many members of Congress as possible.

Ten: I re-emphasize security and protection. The whistleblowers must assume they are under surveillance—with all that implies.

Eleven: They must assume their own backgrounds and personal and professional histories will come under extreme scrutiny—and lead to accusations and defamation—including fake stories.

Twelve: They should obtain the service of an excellent whistleblower attorney, who will file a lawsuit against the FBI on their behalf—even if the suit never gets off the ground.

Thirteen: By the sheer number of their press interviews (with all levels of media), they need to garner as much support as possible from the American people. This is crucial.

Fourteen: They must be able to refer the American people to the specific crimes created by this “fifth column of traitors” inside the FBI, in order to reject the notion that mere “mistakes were made,” or there were simple “errors of judgment,” or different agents “have honest differences of opinion.”

Fifteen: The one or two busiest spokespeople from the whistleblower group must be able to connect with the public. They can’t be cold fish and they can’t be blowhards slinging charges like hash in a diner.

Sixteen: The whistleblowers must insist on testifying before Congress under oath—whether or not this comes to pass. On the other hand, they can’t put all their eggs in that basket. Relying on Congress would be a huge miscalculation.

Seventeen: The whistleblowers must, wherever possible, present evidence that—in addition to squashing investigations into Clinton crimes—the specifics of these crimes were known to the FBI. And “here those specifics are.”

Eighteen: Do whatever is possible to ensure the whistleblower group isn’t infiltrated by an agent(s) from “the other side.”

As you can see, these points are applicable to many situations, where whistleblowers would step out of the shadows and level charges against their employers and colleagues.

Many of the points loosely fall under the heading of “public relations”—in the authentic, not the fake meaning of that term.

Some whistleblowers unfortunately assume that, because “they have the goods,” the truth will carry the day. This is a serious misreading of the way things work.

In a different arena—attempts to pass state measures mandating the labeling of GMO food—I wrote articles criticizing the “label-it” leaders. They were, in a general sense, “whistleblowers,” who were exposing Monsanto and other biotech firms. But their pro-labeling public relations campaigns were poorly executed, and as it turned out, they had been infiltrated at the highest levels. The truth about GMOs was never communicated with any power. The label-it forces had the goods; they just didn’t know how to use them.

You can be an expert at putting the truth together, but if you’re an amateur at putting it across to the public, things fall apart in the blink of an eye.

FBI “patriots” should take a page from the playbook of the reluctant CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who, in 2014, stated that he and his research colleagues falsified a key study on the effects of the MMR vaccine, thus hiding its connection to autism. Thompson acquired legal representation from a whistleblower attorney, Rick Morgan, and posted his confession on Morgan’s web page. That was step one. It gave Thompson a certain level of protection.

These FBI agents, by positioning themselves as whistleblowers, with an aggressive attorney (better yet, a large team of attorneys), can create the best possible situation for themselves.

—Press conference, a lawyer steps to the podium: “Today, our firm, representing the men and women behind me, all agents of the FBI, are filing several whistleblower suits against the FBI, the Justice Department, and members of the Mueller special probe…these honorable and courageous agents are putting their careers and their lives on the line to serve their country, as their oath demands. The American people must know what is being done in their name, what crimes have been committed against their interests…we call on the people to rally with us as we seek justice…we also call on the Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Sessions, to support us and protect these lawsuits as they move forward…”

There is a 1960s technical term for this strategy: Heavy Shit.

You might wonder whether the FBI and various players at the Justice Department would let things get to this point. We could make all sorts of guesses and predictions.

Regardless, when whistleblowers exist, if they have vital information, they plan how to go public. If the former Assistant Director of the FBI, Mr. Kallstrom, was doing more than blowing smoke the other day when he spoke with FOX, such whistleblowers exist now inside the FBI. Whatever truth they have, they are thinking about how to proceed.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way, right?

Wherever it leads.

“Sir, what do you know and when did you first know it?”

“In my case, it was when we, at the Bureau, were looking into the Clinton Foundation and when the initial charge was made that the Russians were trying to get Mr. Trump elected. Would you like me to tell the whole story and present my documents?”

“Yes, I would.”

“All right, here we go. Get ready for a few surprises.”

Sheer fantasy? It’s always fantasy until individuals turn it into reality.

We’ve heard stories before about brave patriots working within major institutions of government—groups of patriots, not lone individuals—who are fed up with corruption and lies and cover-ups—who have proof of major crimes, and who are ready to step forward.

Is this FBI scenario just another story, a wishful hope?

Or is it something more?

Working as a reporter for the past 35 years, I’ve had occasional contact with whistleblowers—individuals and groups. The lone individuals tend to be smarter. The groups often come up with a strategy that is unworkable and foolish. That’s the liability of having a group. People lend to sink to the lowest common denominator. What they manage to agree on is a function of “what they believe they’re supposed to do”—a template snatched from various fantasies which will have very little PENETRATING AND LASTING IMPACT.


Among the Mueller-FBI personnel, a rather remarkable downsizing is occurring.

Peter Strzok: This FBI agent was a key figure in investigations of the Hillary Clinton email server, and the purported Russian influence in the 2016 US presidential election. Strzok was the lead FBI agent on Muller’s team probing the Russian-influence theory. Muller fired Strzok from his team, when Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages surfaced.

Andrew McCabe: The deputy director of the FBI has just announced he will retire. He has been under fire, amid charges he was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton during the FBI investigation of her private email server. McCabe’s wife, in her run for a seat in the Virginia State Senate, received a donation of $675,000 from “the Virginia Democratic Party and Common Good VA, the political action committee of [Terry] McAuliffe, a longtime friend and supporter of both Hillary and Bill Clinton who is now the outgoing governor of Virginia,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Jim Baker: He has been “reassigned.” The Examiner: “Baker, who became general [FBI] counsel under [FBI Director James] Comey, has come under scrutiny by congressional Republicans investigating whether he leaked information [to the media] from the infamous Trump dossier, which contains unverified claims about Trump’s deep ties to Russia.”

Bruce Ohr: FOX: “A senior Justice Department official was demoted…amid an ongoing investigation into his contacts with the opposition research firm responsible for the anti-Trump ‘dossier,’ the department confirmed to Fox News.”

There is increasing pressure on other FBI-DOJ-Mueller officials—including Mueller himself—because of conflicts of interest and/or concealment of the roles they’ve played in the Clinton email and Trump-Russia investigations, as well as the Uranium One deal.

It is possible that FBI insiders/agents, who are fed up with political bias inside the FBI-DOJ-Mueller nexus, have assisted in the effort to downsize the Mueller forces.

If so, this would be another whistleblower strategy, a covert one. Instead of stepping out of the shadows as a group, these agents would leak information to loyal Trump appointees, who in turn would take action.

An internal struggle is taking place.

However, covert insider actions, such as these, are only valuable in the short run. If the corruption within the FBI and the DOJ are going to be exposed at a deeper level (and there may be no bottom, when all cards are laid on the table), whistleblowers will have to come out into the open, with a large and coherent case.

The Trump, anti-Trump situation is but the latest in a long line of clues about federal law-enforcement bias. For example, here is one thread among many:

In 2014-15, stories appeared in the press about the phenomenal corruption of the FBI evidence lab. But since then, there has been very little follow-up. I find no compelling evidence that the federal government has fixed the problem.

April 20, 2015, The Atlantic: “…the Washington Post made clear Saturday in an article that begins with a punch to the gut… ‘Nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000,’ the newspaper reported, adding that ‘the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death’.”

August 12, 2014, New Scientist: “…the initial results were released of an ongoing review of thousands of criminal cases in which FBI scientists’ testimony may have led to wrongful convictions – including for some people now on death row…[an FBI source states] ’we teach these people [lab techs in training] for two weeks, and they would go back to their laboratories with a certificate of completion and be told: Great you’re qualified to do this [analysis of evidence] – here’s your caseload.’”

Two years after the Oklahoma City Bombing bombing, on March 22, 1997, we had this from CNN: “The Justice Department inspector general’s office has determined that the FBI crime laboratory working on the Oklahoma City bombing case made ‘scientifically unsound’ conclusions that were ‘biased in favor of the prosecution,’ The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.”

“…[FBI] supervisors approved lab reports that they ‘cannot support’ and…FBI lab officials may have erred about the size of the blast, the amount of explosives involved and the type of explosives used in the bombing[!].”

“…harshest criticism was of David Williams, a supervisory agent in the [FBI] explosives unit, the paper [LA Times] said. Those flaws reportedly include the basis of his determination that the main charge of the explosion was ammonium nitrate. The inspector general called such a determination ‘inappropriate,’ the Times said.”

“…FBI officials found a receipt for ammonium nitrate at defendant [Terry] Nichols’ home and, because of that discovery, Williams slanted his conclusion to match the evidence.”

Let that one sink in.

The deeper you go, the more crimes you find.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

14 comments on “Are FBI “patriots” getting ready to expose the corrupt Mueller probe?

  1. Alexis Keiser says:

    I am wondering if the Las Vegas mess is part of what is forcing change at the FBI. I think it is finally beginning to sink into the minds of the FBI leadership that the American public is more likely to believe the FBI is a rogue agency hell-bent on destroying a free America rather than a group of principled law enforcement officials seeking to protect the citizens. I don’t believe Mr. Paddock (interesting last name-kind of like what you keep captured animals in) shot those people anymore than I believe the man convicted of the Oklahoma bombing actually did it. This is damage control before the American public goes full bore independent and fells the entire Federal Government. You bet we got tax reform. Next: Criminal trials for those who attacked me, my family and MILLIONS of other people with “vaccines” (demonic devices purposely designed to render an individual into a pharma cow).

    • artemisix says:

      I agree with you completely….like the CIA they have squandered any credibility, any trust people has in them. Like the BOY who cried Wolf too many times, where will they turn now if the public cannot, or will not believe them? They will be eaten by the Wolves in their ranks…..

  2. elliottjab says:

    Instructive in the extreme. Thanks Jon & have a great safe day…????❤????

  3. Jack says:

    Excellent post. Point by point.
    In a better day, it would’ve been an editorial in all the major news outlets.
    Thanks for this and all of your work.

  4. Paul McNamee says:

    Is that Kallstrom the same former FBI supervisor who oversaw the TWA 800 “Investigation”? I’m sorry, but since that travesty that they called an investigation, in which the FBI/CIA tried to make the public believe they were mentally challenged & did not see a missile bring down the passenger plane, I cannot believe a word this man utters.

  5. DarkEyes says:

    From this place I like to wish you a happy Chrismas and a healthy 2018.
    Thank you for all the good information I read on your website during 2017.

    We will meet on the website in 2018 again and in full spirit and with positive believe for the near future.

    Thanks again, Jon.

  6. From Quebec says:

    A new video today by Alex Jones that exposes what is going on. Must watch:

    Exclusive: The Secrets of QAnon, The Storm, and The Deep State Counterstike

  7. Jennifer says:

    Delamer Duverus said that the Mormon Hierarchy gained control of the FBI in 1953. We had never heard this “conspiracy” before, but looking for evidence we saw that J. Edgar Hoover liked to hire Mormons because he felt he could trust them. It was probably their blood oath thing. There was also a lawsuit in which non-Mormon agents sued the Bureau because they felt they were being over-looked for promotions which always went to Mormon agents. The FBI also hires heavily from Brigham Young University. Too, we met a Mormon woman who said the men were urged to get into law enforcement. We wonder if this is our “police state”.

    We could make a lot of assumptions about this, but we still wouldn’t know who is who and who is telling the truth. We have seen where the FBI instigates crimes, like McVeigh, and even my own husband was being pursued to start a “group”. He never stuck around to find out the objectives of the group.

    We also met an agent, maybe even CIA, who tried to get a group going in Pennsylvania. He was an “Identity” preacher. It was my mentor who said that the Identity religion was a CIA op called the Earl of Dysart. Anything promoting tribes was a lie, beginning with Joshua when he perverted the scrolls he stole from Moses and turned races into tribes.

  8. fat elvis says:

    An excellent outline and set of suggestions, Jon. I hope this piece comes to the attention of the men and women who need to see it.

  9. Jon, thank you….

    You have affirmed the point I made against an earlier article of yours – words to the effect”

    “External government agencies work under laws answerable only to themselves”

    Use of “FBI” and “patriots” in the same affirmative context can only be calculated as an oxymoron.

    If you get a chance to glance at my latest release (scheduled before year’s end) provisionally titled “Draco-Anunaki Conflict Problematical for “Human Souls”” at my “UFO blog” (sic), I sense you will be intriguingly entertained. These two paragraph, for instance, you many find as enigmatic as potentially enlightening:

    “How dramatic was the effect on the “human soul”? Did it reduce us to spiritually primitive status? If disconnection was something akin to the removal of a gravity field, then it is no wonder modern day talents are drawn to different currents, whether that is Anunaki, Draco or some other residue. Any overhang of spiritual conflict is sure to express itself in the souls of those who’ve dabbled. Thus, humans with a metaphysical affinity towards the Draco will mysteriously despise the Anunaki even if corresponding value bases are beyond reach. As, under these conditions, it is quite impossible to be cooperatively Draco and human or Anunaki and human, confusion over what is correct “existential provenance” or individual “reason for being” is the common side effect. Even so humans can only personify trace elements of a higher being, and no more than that.

    For instance, though we commonly presume individual perceptions are sovereign, they are not. But when did presumption do any more than mock the truth? Perceptions certainly are cooperatives. Do eyes work alone to surmise colour? Where there once were eyes that no longer function, perceptions are acutely altered. Eyes are made of smaller components, which are, in turn, made of even smaller components, down and down until the very cracks in the universe are exposed. Battles being waged between entities beyond human comprehension are over the control of the quantum layer? If the way we relate to our perceptions is not governed by “individual me” (or the ego) but, rather, is a reflection of a regime (or regimes) of tyrannous influencers, how does that qualify or even corroborate the soul?”


  10. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    I hope the “patriots” study this carefully and take it to heart or…..

  11. BRF says:

    This, if not some elaborate psyop, could be very big leading in many directions, or more likely it will take on the form of a limited hangout and be smothered in the cradle. The FBI is but the tip of one tentacle of a world wide operation that runs much of the world and those running it will be pissed and will act accordingly to make it all go away. This world spanning cabal has many tools at their disposal one of which might actually be a window dressing of corruption cleanup where their operations come into public view at such agencies as the FBI. The backroom dealings will go on but probably will be tightened up so that politicos, such as the Clintons, will no longer be allowed to mess up operations by being so blatantly inept due to their hubris over being ‘in.’

    The greatest problem for the ‘One World Order’ cabal are those democracy loving peoples within their own bailiwick. We can bet the lights are burning late in the cabal’s castles and manor houses as they try to extricate themselves from this tar baby, which I believe was instigated as controlled opposition but got out of control due to the over zealousness of operatives within the corrupted agencies. After all, so far Trump has given the cabal everything it has asked for.

    Great post here by Rappaport!

  12. Daniel R Fretz says:


    Thank you for your investigative reporting and insight. I have followed your web sight, on Alex Jones, and the cancer series with Ty Bollinger.
    Thank you.

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