Texas church shooter: what no one is saying about the insanity of his prior conviction

Texas church shooter: what no one is saying about the insanity of his prior conviction

by Jon Rappoport

November 7, 2017

Devin Kelley, the Texas church shooter, was convicted of crimes by a military court in 2012.

Mainstream press outlets are reporting this fact to show he never should have been allowed to purchase a gun after his release from prison—except the Army failed to enter his criminal record in a national database that would have red-flagged him, when he tried to buy several weapons.

But there is another issue.

In 2012, while stationed at Holloman Air Force base, Kelley “pleaded guilty to two charges of assault and battery on his then-wife and aggravated assault on his infant stepson. Five other charges that included multiple incidents in which he allegedly aimed either a loaded or unloaded firearm at his wife were withdrawn as part of the plea deal.” (ABC News)

Kelley kicked and choked his wife a number of times. He fractured his infant stepson’s skull. The Air Force stated Kelley used enough force to kill his stepson or at least cause “grievous bodily harm.” In his plea deal, Kelley admitted he struck his stepson intentionally.

Here is the payoff, from ABC News: “A mixed jury of officers and enlisted personnel sentenced him [Kelley] to a year’s confinement and a reduction in two ranks from an airman first-class (A1C) to airman basic. He also received a bad conduct discharge.”

That sentence is a crime compounded on Kelley’s crimes.

A year’s confinement?

How about 50 years in prison?

What kind of plea deal did the Air Force allow, and why? Who is investigating THAT?

With any sort of reasonable sentence, Kelley would never have shown up at the Texas Church.

Over the years, I’ve looked into numerous crimes of repeat offenders. I’m sure you’ve read reports as well. So-and-so robbed a store and shot the manager. At the time, he was serving probation after a conviction of assault on two teenagers…


In Kelley’s case, there is obviously some degree of political correctness at work. “Well, he didn’t actually kill anybody, so let’s confine him for a year and demote him…”

As my readers know, I investigate and report on many high-level corporate and government crimes—and the failure to adequately prosecute the offenders. But the same lunacy applies to street-level felonies.

Instead of, “Well, Bob is one of our own, a pillar of the community, so what if he’s poisoning thousands of people with his company’s medical drugs, let’s fine him and let him off with a promise to mend his ways,” it’s: “Well, this fellow had a very tough childhood, his father was a drunk and beat him and his mother, and the neighborhood was dangerous and everyone was in a gang, so let’s give him two years in jail for putting a girl into a coma…”

On the other hand, “Let’s see, this man committed two petty unarmed robberies and then he stole a candy bar from a traveling circus, so that’s three strikes and he goes away for life without parole…”

Devin Kelley should never have been near that Texas Church. He should have been in a lockup, after assaulting his wife many times and fracturing his infant stepson’s skull.

The press doesn’t appear to have noticed this, or if they have, they’ve declined to mention it, because, in their view, prison is some kind of illegitimate institution. It’s wrong, it shouldn’t exist. It’s “unfashionable” to demand tougher prison sentences for any street-level crime.

Fine. In that case, how about an island blocked off from escape by sea? Devin Kelley and those like him, at every level of society, can share roots and tubers, build huts, and try to share their new lives.

And the know-nothings, who reject all punishment for crimes committed against human beings, can swab the decks of ships stationed offshore to prevent the prisoners’ exit from their island paradise.

I wonder how well Devin Kelley’s jury members, from 2012, are sleeping at night.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

65 comments on “Texas church shooter: what no one is saying about the insanity of his prior conviction

  1. truth1 says:

    A super job, Jon. We are way too soft on crime. But I go one further. Why warehouse the guys who can’t be fixed. Why not liquidate them. Wipe them out, Kill them! What good do they serve, otherwise. We are a nation of pussies who don’t want to resolve anything. We want to let them fester and become a big case of cancer. I say radical surgery and out with the cancer. And add some supplements after. Take violent @$$holes and kill them, every last one of them. We don’t need them.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      well, truth1, there’s more than one kind of cancer. don’t be too quick to prescribe solutions that you’d find not so welcome if you were in the minority, please. the wheels of justice grind slowly, at times, but they grind nonetheless.

  2. up4daze says:

    Well said and this story needs to be part of the MSM coverage on this Criminal.

    • Argentwind says:

      Suppose the entire thing is an out and out damn blasted lie, and the “criminal” is a prop, part of the stage magic being used in an attempt to manipulate and control us? Think on it. The “people” who carry out operations of this sort aren’t called “The Masters of Illusion” for nothing.

      • truth1 says:

        Richie from Boston had video footage up from another source that showed a big tarp fence all around the church to hide it from view and many satellite trucks from news orgs and similar to keep any prying meddling truthers from getting footage to expose it. I’ve never seen this sort of hiding before. You should all check it out. Its amazing. New tactics being used.

        It seems to me that they are concerned with too many getting too smart about all this. So now they are going to make crime scenes unavailable to the public. Maybe more are getting smart and this is not a welcomed development for the magicians of the media. Oh, I’m all broke up. Coverup an sequestering an entire building and site equals absolute guilt.

  3. Spot on, Jon. My wife and I have been talking about Island Therapy for years for the worst of criminals that cannot seem to live with the rest of us.

    • WAAOF says:

      Agreed, Burt Tschache…put them all in the confined space of a small island and watch how fast they do each other in. They can take care of the problem for the rest of us.

    • Larry says:

      Island Therapy, yes – but only if it’s sited just north of the Arctic Circle.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Gee, Delamer Duverus told us that Earth was a Penal Colony, just like the one you suggested, Jon. Until we learn to live in peace and use our minds and call on God for guidance, we’ll be stuck here.

    Thanks, again, Jon, for the details!!!

  5. And animal cruelty. This Neanderthal was worse than an animal. But “thanks for your service.”

  6. The Outlaw says:

    Jon, nationwide MK-Ultra is in the air. Same as JFK and 9/11–Sandy Hook (fake in my analysis)——put everyone in trauma and fear induced panic. Was he tied to Intel in any way? I’d bet he was. MIC employee? I’d bet on it.

    Are we even represented by D.C. anymore? Obviously not. Save Rand Paul and Jim Jordan I’m hard pressed to name one more who actually works in our best interest at any time.

    What are they stoking intentionally? Storm the Bastille? Obviously. Whats the end game? Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 and related or more? Eugenics? Oh yeah.
    I’m going to assume so. The Operation Paperclip boys need purging and term limits initiated and all lobbying and corporate donations of any amount. “Conservatives” cheered when Citizens United passed. It’s been a fast ride on the fascist train ever since. Get the money out of politics and be done with it. They may longer pass laws that controls them—We The People must take on that responsibility.

    As a non-statist I’m going to recommend a new INDEPENDENT Peoples controlled “agency”. The Forensic Auditors Union to audit every member of Congress, all bureaucrats and each and every NGO and all contract employees and agencies. Eric Prince’s group comes to mind first on the list then the FED (then end it and seize their stolen assets by force) . Paid mercenaries? How?Why? Whom? Al Qaeda? ISIS? Gladio B. IT ENDS NOW WITH RICO Indictments and prison and hangings.

    If not–God Night Nurse.

    • truth1 says:

      I agree with what you said in the 1st half. Spot on! I’ll bet he was MK, too. But as long as we have wealth, which becomes industry, which becomes Hi-tech, becomes a living hell. We need to go back to modest near to nature living on farms we own and control without property taxes and buildling codes, like Houston TX.

      • Argentwind says:

        IF the background described is really true, the individual should never have been out on the streets to begin with unless the “authorities” wanted him to be.
        I live in Houston, and TPTB will never allow it. Most people today couldn’t survive in that kind of environment anyway.

        • truth1 says:

          Argent, we have lost touch with the skills of farming. but we had it at one time, but we got coaxed off the farm and into the factory. Bad move.

          • Argentwind says:

            All too true. My late grandmother taught me how to plant a garden, she lived to be right at 100 years old.

  7. Jana D. says:

    Amen! Not nearly enough confinement for violent crimes.

  8. voza0db says:

    Another known by the “authorities” unbalanced animal used by the G & Friends to do another event on a key date!

  9. From Quebec says:

    I wonder how well Devin Kelley’s jury members, from 2012, are sleeping at night.

    Jon, they don’t care, they don’t give a dam, they only care about themselves.

  10. Steve Peterson says:

    Hi, Jon! Please keep up the great reporting!! Funny the church shooting in Texas happened within hours of your article re: the dangers of opioid drugs and the arrest of the Insys CEO. Having come to Jesus only in the last few years, I have come to understand there are no accidents or coincidences in this life. Everything is part of God’s magnificent design. SO – one of the greatest things we might do is raise awareness of how many of these shooting incidents are related to the very meds you so recently and effectively reported on. These shooters going cold turkey from the drugs, voluntarily or involuntarily may have been one of the deep-stater’s plans for quite some time.

    I acknowledge God’s plan even though I can’t many times see an inkling of it, or even be aware of it as it’s occurring, until the events have already passed. Somehow though, the Holy Spirit is giving me the discernment necessary to understand that this could be the wedge that could bring down the entirety of the new world order’s (of which Big Pharma is only a part) phony house of cards. Keep worrying at it like a terrier at a rat, amigo. 🙂

    Thank you for all you do!!


  11. From Quebec says:

    Here is another moron:

    7-year-old girl in critical condition, multiple people injured following random shooting spree


  12. Abe says:

    About 20 years ago we had our welcome to town pervert meeting. The sheriff said he didn’t know why were having that meeting because the judge has already released him and he was already here and gone. (Maybe because it’s a law?) The judge didn’t want to violate the child molesters civil rights. I was livid! My blood vessels in my eyes were about to explode! I told Bud if anything happened to my kids by that pervert, I wouldn’t go after him! I’d go after that idiot judge that put one mans civil rights over a whole town that had a potential of 4000 victims! Funny thing was a few of the men there started clapping. So Bud really didn’t say anything!

    My point is, I’m sick of these assholes picking and choosing what laws to follow and ignore! Kelly was a wing nut too, and escaped from a nut house while in the air force. When these knuckle heads in the government screw up, why should the innocent American people have to pay for it? Yes again the drug factor is being over looked! I’m sure that fly wont get past Jon either! Them DC whores must protect massa! I for one have had it with the BS them clowns in DC push on us! Time to lock them all up!

  13. Jon

    I’m afraid all I said was, “Gawd not another one”.

    Time for everyone to invest in the biggest and most violent weapons they can lay their hands on….and move on 🙂


  14. John Shaka says:

    It’s at least worth considering that the incompetence on the part of the Air Force may very well have been intentional.

    Did others intervene in Kelly’s case because there existed the necessary criteria for the creation of another zombie killing machine, someone they could then groom and roll into action to do the dirty deed when the time was right? (Symbolically, the date signified the kick-off to ANTIFA’s fantasy revolution.)

    Maybe the ANTIFA “super-soldier” remark mentioned by an ANTIFA representative on Twitter a couple of days prior to the shooting wasn’t so innocent and coincidental after all in light of the surety expressed by many that ANTIFA, like ISIS, is another deep stare asset that acts as a magnet for those who can be easily manipulated.

    And while I am yet to see convincing evidence that he had connections to this group, it is worth considering all the same. And even if he had no connection at all, the timing and the target cannot be so easily ignored

    If he was a deep state “super-soldier”, than what better day to unleash him on a congregation composed of conservative, white Christians, a group whose murder the wicked ones knew would only exasperate the great culture clash that they so desperately need should they hope to remain relevant in a rapidly awakening world.

    • Jennifer says:

      We agree, John, they could have caused Devin to do what he did through thought projection technology, mind control. Delamer Duverus wrote about it in his book, “The Next Voice You Hear” which is on Educate-yourself website. Also, Makia Freeman wrote about it in her articles here:

      Having been a victim of such projections, they can easily make you do things you would not normally do. Am sure the veteran suicides are similar in nature. It is difficult for humanity to know why they think the thoughts they do unless they understand the two minds at work on our planet, The Mind of Man (God), or the Malignant Mind (Tares).

      • John Shaka says:

        Look and sounds interesting, Jennifer. I’ll be sure to check into this further.

      • Argentwind says:

        This is the world of Rex Mundi, the so called “King of the World” and lord of matter and material creation. There is but one mind at work behind all this, and “feeding” that hive mind is what this is really all about. If you will think of aphids and ants, you will get a better understanding of what is going on around us. Earth is a giant farm, and we humans and our emotions are it’s most important crop.

    • CPP says:

      It is indeed worth considering intentional “incompetence”, especially when adding the additional info I detailed in my comment below.

      That ANTIFA “super-soldier” remark might represent foreknowledge, but if so, likely planted to lead down a path to nowhere except ridicule as a right-wing conspiracy theory (as with the Vegas perp/patsy). “Symbolically, the date signified the kick-off to ANTIFA’s fantasy revolution.” Close, but the supposed ANTIFA revolt day was Nov. 04.

      The Sutherland Springs massacre happened on Nov. 05, which is Guy Fawkes Day, anniversary of the 1605 gunpowder plot to blow up the British Houses of Parliament… ‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November…’ Some consider it to have been an inside job, like Webster Tarpley, who characterizes it as the beginning of “state-sponsored false-flag terrorism or synthetic terror in the English-speaking world.”

      This Nov. 05 was also the eighth anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre, and I notice the death toll of this one (26) is exactly double that of Fort Hood (13). And 2+6, or 2 times (1+3) = 8 (years apart). The official Sandy Hook death toll was also 26. And of course Devin Kelley was 26 years old. And back to Guy Fawkes Day, the Gunpowder Plot was comprised of 13 conspirators.

      There does appear to be a pattern of shooting attacks against (mostly) white-republican Americans…The Republican baseball game, a country music festival, a small town Texas Baptist church… If there is some underlying connection and agenda, it starts to look, at least in part, like attacking pro-gun people using guns.

      “…the great culture clash that they so desperately need should they hope to remain relevant in a rapidly awakening world.” Nice line…certainly applies to Charlottesville.

      • John Shaka says:

        Good points, CPP. Just for the record, the comment I made about November 5 being the kickoff to the ANTIFA fantasy revolution was my speaking in generalities.

        While November 4 was considered the first day of the “revolution”, it was hyped to be an on-going revolt that would build in intensity until the “fascists” were removed from power. Of course, we see that they couldn’t even muster enough support to make even the first day a success, so it all becomes a moot point anyway.

        As for the very plausible assertion that November 5 was chosen to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day, I was aware of the significance of this date as well, but failed to tie it in.

        Anonymous was planning their annual “Million Mask March” on that day to celebrate their embodiment, and accused ANTIFA of attempting to upstage and disrupt it by choosing that weekend to get the revolution (that wasn’t) off the ground. But if both ANTIFA and Anonymous are deep state operations as so many people assert, the entire “feud” becomes another dog and pony show perpetrated by the deep state, and the church shooting becomes another false-flag perpetrated on the very day commemorating the granddaddy of the modern false-flag phenomena.

        Furthermore, when I heard the death toll (26) of the church shooting, I immediately harkened back to the Shady Hook false-flag. Quite an irony. And within minutes, people online were reminding us that it was also the anniversary of the Fort Hood shooting. Yes, how convenient is that?,

  15. JB says:

    And thus we have, from the attitudes expressed here, the rise of the Fourth Reich. You people have learned nothing from recent history and doomed to re-enact it. The result will be the very thing you claim to be in opposition to.

  16. questionitallblog says:

    Like the patsies the FBI uses for “terror” events, ticking time bombs, such as this monster, Kelley, are perfect for the “Get Rid of Guns” agenda. Never let a crisis, or a useful monster, go to waste!

    • Argentwind says:

      Don’t forget it was the FBI that ran the armored vehicles over what was left of Mt. Carmel again in Texas. Create the problem, demonstrate the problem, offer the “solution”. Thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis, one most rational people would never accept if they understood what it really meant.

  17. Ron Hollis says:

    Ban all assault weapons.

    • Abe says:

      Believe it or not, during the American revolution the colonies were better armed than the British. We had the Pennsylvania & Kentucky Rifle, while the British were still using Brown Bess. Which means a rifled barrel as to a smooth bore.

      Because of the American populous being so heavily armed, with superior fire power, we haven’t been invaded since 1812. Unless you want to count a couple uninhabited islands in the Aleutians Islands. Kelly was a nut and a wife beater. He should of never had a fire arm.

      I grew up with guns in the day when every one had a shot gun over the kitchen door that was always loaded and ready. I’ve only drew a gun on another person once as a kid, and that was to protect my brother. I never fired. The treat was enough for the other guy to withdraw. That was almost 50 years ago.

    • Argentwind says:

      In the first place, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” it is a pure media creation. Our system is supposed to be modeled on that of the Swiss. The Swiss kept, and still do, their military weapons at home- ready for immediate use. They haven’t fought a war- or needed to in over 400 years. They mind their own business and nobody messes with them either.
      Best go look at Mexico as a prime example; they have very restrictive gun laws, yet guns, including the select fire military hardware, are all over the place for sale to anyone who has the $s, I know more than a few Mexicans who have independently confirmed this to me through the years..
      Your ban idea is total garbage, it won’t work.

      • Ron Hollis says:

        Despite attempts by the gun lobby to stifle evidence gathering, it can still be shown that :

        • States with unrestricted concealed carry have a 60% higher firearms death rate than those that prohibit concealed carry.

        • States with unrestricted open carry of handguns have a 40% higher firearms death rate than those that prohibit open carry.

        • States with unrestricted open carry of long guns have a 35% higher firearms death rate than those that prohibit open carry.

        • States with “no duty to retreat / stand your ground” laws have a 70% higher firearms death rate than those that prohibit it.

        • States with no background checks for private sales have a 50% higher firearms death rate than those that demand background checks.

        • States with no background checks for gun show sales have a 50% higher firearms death rate than those that demand background checks.

        • Alaska, with the probably weakest gun control laws in the US has 250% the firearms fatality rate of California (that has one of the strictest gun control regimes).

        • Chicago reduced gun deaths by 6% compound per annum from implementation of the 1992 assault weapons ban.

        • Chicago gun deaths increased by 21% after the 1982 handgun ban was overturned.

        • The United States analyzed by State shows a 0.7 correlation between firearms ownership rates and firearm homicide rate.

        • States that DO NOT enforce waiting periods for gun purchases have a 34% higher firearms fatality rate compared to those that do enforce waiting periods.

        Even though other countries show that gun controls work – SO DOES AMERICA.

        Source :


        • Argentwind says:

          Yawn. I can dig up all kinds of statistics to totally refute yours, so what?

        • Argentwind says:

          “Despite attempts by the gun lobby to stifle evidence gathering, it can still be shown that :”

          In the first place, no it can’t and you are making an absurd accusation with zero proof whatsoever to back it up.

        • Argentwind says:

          Even though other countries show that gun controls work – SO DOES AMERICA.

          BS. Ask the Jews and the White Russians how well those gun controls worked out for them in their respective countries. Ball in your court junior.

        • Argentwind says:

          I forgot, but Facebook? You have got to be kidding quoting that as a source of anything remotely truthful or honest. Who started, owns and runs it?
          I’ll let you chew on that one for a bit.

  18. CPP says:

    In addition to the very violent and unstable behavior already covered, Kelley allegedly not only made death threats against members of his chain of command, but was caught smuggling firearms onto base in order to carry out those threats…

    From the below-linked NPR article, “Before His Military Trial, Texas Shooter Escaped Mental Health Facility”:

    According to the [police] report, the [Peak Behavioral Health Services] employee told police that Kelley “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms onto [Holloman Air Force] base” and “was attempting to carry out death threats that [he] had made on his military chain of command.”

    This makes it all the more amazing that he received a plea bargain for one year’s confinement and was thereafter deemed fit to be let loose in society (and without even making sure his record was shared to prohibit purchase of firearms). There’s no mention of him being tried for premeditated attempted murder of his Air Force officers.

    And what of the confinement to a mental institution? He “ended up” at the institution after being placed in pretrial confinement for the assaults on his wife and stepson. Why was he sent there? Was he deemed to be not of sound mind? If so, why was he deemed fit to be tried as a criminal who would be released after serving a short sentence, rather than being institutionalized as a mental patient?

    When, in relation to all this, did he supposedly attempt to carry out stages of a murder plot? If his apparent murder planning was considered the result of mental illness, what changed that made him no longer a clear and present “danger to himself and others”? What sort of treatment or rehabilitation did he receive, if any?

    Of course the mental patient background brings up the psychotropic drug angle as a more immediate question in all this. Was he seen by a psychiatrist and/or put on any drugs before committing the assaults he was convicted for? Amazingly, per the article, “The hospital has declined to comment, saying in a statement that “we never discuss whether someone was or was not a patient at our hospital, and we never discuss any information about our patients.” Seriously? Gotta protect the patient history of a mass murderer? What is going on here? Liability concerns?


    Another version of the story, from NBC, also adds:

    “Xavier Alvarez (the Peak Behavioral Health Services employee) confirmed to NBC News that during Kelley’s time at the facility he “verbalized that he wanted to get some kind of retribution to his chain of command.”

    “He said other patients had reported that Kelley seemed to be do [sic] something suspicious on computers they were allowed to use for things like paying bills. When the military examined the computers, it turned out that Kelley was “ordering weapons and tactical gear and magazines to a P.O. Box in San Antonio,” Alvarez said. (Again, this is the guy whom the Air Force not only deemed fit for release, but whose record they purportedly forgot to share to prohibit firearms purchase.)

    And once again… “Peak Behavioral declined to comment on the incident (Kelley’s escape) citing patient confidentiality. Alvarez said he could not discuss Kelley’s diagnosis or any of his medical care.”

    Also, “…in June 2013, deputies received a report of sexual assault against Kelley. Sheriff Mark Reynolds, who was not the sheriff at the time, said the case file shows that detectives were working on the case in July, September and October ‘and then it just kind of stalled out.’ ”

    It then states that “Police believed Kelley had moved to Colorado, but made no apparent attempt to contact or arrest him there”, and yet four months later he was back at his New Braunfels home, where he was in June 2013. It was then that police received report of Kelley abusing a woman, reportedly his then girlfriend and future second wife. The woman denied being abused, even though she had texted a friend claiming otherwise, and police decided it was a “misunderstanding”. And what of that earlier sexual assault report? Amazing.

    Oh, but rest assured, it’s all being investigated now!


    • Argentwind says:

      And this clown was supposedly working as a security guard, just to add icing to the cake…

      • CPP says:

        Yes, and he had worked at least a couple different such jobs, where in each case he passed the background check.

        Oh, and allegedly he also bought dogs to use as “target practice”…but that slipped by too?

        But who was it, really, with this whole absurd background? Is it one person or is it a sort of cut-and-paste to produce a “legend” as they say in intelligence parlance?

        There were two pictures released of “Devin Patrick Kelley”, here shown side-by-side:


        These, I think it’s clear, are not the same person, never mind age/weight/facial hair differences. But don’t believe your lying eyes, right?

        The left image of the pair was also featured on a fake Facebook page (item 3):


        This article (https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/texas-church-shooting/who-devin-kelley-alleged-texas-church-shooter-n817806) even has a third image of him, as a high school freshman, if you scroll down. Is this a third individual? I’d be mad too if I went from looking like that to either of those above.

        • Argentwind says:

          Yep. And they will demolish the “church” too, wonder where all the blood stained pews and all the rest of the woodwork and sheetrock will vanish to? The shattered glass of the windows where missed shots went?

        • Argentwind says:

          They have “rudders” all over the place trying to steer this where they wanted it to go, but it isn’t working very well. They overdid it, Vegas and then this, too much and too many lies to try and cover but they are desperate.

          • truth1 says:

            That is a good point. They are beating a dead horse with these tactics and they have seemed to have changed their style a little. No immediate news coverage like the Oklahoma bombing, that turned up many contradictions, like reports of more than 1 bomb being found unexploded, etc. No scenes of ambulances, police or anything like that. Just the after story so that they leave less room for mistakes. CCP had some great links. The picture collage does remind me of Sandyhook. And of course, the anti-gun rhetoric and the overdone stories like a grandam absorbing 9 bullets so her grandson could live or something like that. The emotional sob stories that are supposed to get dumb useful idiots angry.

            You know, I am seeing a lot more NY plates here in Southern Maine. Normally, it would be Mass and NH plates. Now NY dominates and they are buying up apartment building, too. I wonder if NYc is on the target list. That would suck for Maine if t was a Nuke unless it was winter so that arctic cold would keep it from coming up NE.

          • Argentwind says:

            “The emotional sob stories that are supposed to get dumb useful idiots angry”.

            Exactly. The majority of people are ruled solely by their emotions, and whomever can produce effective propaganda to manipulate those can easily control them.

        • truth1 says:

          Awesome link! A total put on. Lots we are not told. I don’t have all the answers but my spider senses say. total hoax. Details will become clear with time.

          • Argentwind says:

            Your sense is correct, it is an illusion designed to distract, drain energies from the target audience, and render them less a threat to the manipulators.

  19. Thx1138 says:

    So, many of you could see through the hoax at Las Vegas. But you can’t see through this hoax!?

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree, this is another dissimulated mind being used against us either with their thought projection technology, or with natural empaths who can implant thoughts and feelings into other’s minds. We knew about a teenager in Arkansas who ended up killing several members of his family. He had not wanted to, but a voice in his mind kept needling him to do it and gave him many taken out of proportion reasons for the act. We have been a victim of this kind of attack and they can make you feel so wretched you will want to kill yourself. Actually, they give you that thought, too.

      This is what water fluoridation is all about, what psychiatric drugs like Prozac do, what drugs of abuse even marijuana can do, and am sure one day as Rudolph Steiner predicted, they will make us take some sort of vaccine which will sever us from our conscience and God’s counseling of us, so they can make us all puppets to their every whim.

    • Argentwind says:

      Wrong word, not a hoax an illusion. As soon as the msm brought out the line that the “church” would not reopen and would be demolished, I knew the show was over and they were pulling the tent stakes and moving on. Destroy the evidence so nothing can be independently analysed and confirmed or refuted.

    • truth1 says:

      Good point, Thx1138. I have not ruled out a hoax. But I do notice some differences this time, if it is a hoax. But normally, Hoaxes feature terrorism where this one seems like a lone nut with personal reasons. But they could be changing the MO, too. I have not seen any footage of ambulances, police, dead bodies. Nothing. In my book, the case is still open. No decision either way.

  20. politically correct politician says:

    the genetic gene pool was sabotaged long ago,
    its time to revisit eugenics,

  21. Ron Hollis says:

    The proof can be found at the sources that follow.

    • Argentwind says:

      Proof of what? What someone with an agenda wants someone else to believe is so or not so. I do my own research, and everyone should. The last person in the world I would listen to is someone who makes a statement like that.

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