The current killer opioid epidemic and the great 19th century Opium Wars against China

Alert: Some of these drugs are not simply addicting; they cause instant death.

by Jon Rappoport

October 24, 2017

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In this article, I present several pieces of information side by side. These would be starting points for further investigation.

ONE: The UK Daily Mail: “…not just heroin. It had been mixed with two lethal man-made opioids – fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times more potent than morphine; and carfentanyl, an elephant tranquilliser 10,000 times stronger than street heroin.”

“Now the drugs have arrived in Britain – and a spate of sudden deaths in Hull, the worst incident in the UK so far, shows their devastating impact. Just a few grains of carfentanyl – 0.00002g – can be fatal.”

“These lethal drugs have begun cropping up across the country – first found in Blyth, Northumberland, then suspected in deaths and drug busts from Leeds to London, St Albans to Southampton, Wakefield to Winchester, and Wales to Northern Ireland.”

TWO: In the 19th century, selling opium to China was very big business for England. Of course, addictive opium was devastating to China, who tried to stop the trade. Two Opium Wars against China (1839-42 and 1856-60) followed. The Encyclopedia Britannica states:

“In each case the foreign powers were victorious and gained commercial privileges and legal and territorial concessions in China [including the uninterrupted sale of opium]. The conflicts marked the start of the era of unequal treaties and other inroads on Qing sovereignty that helped weaken and ultimately topple the dynasty [which had ruled since 1644]…”

It would be hard to overstate the lasting fury and resentment of Chinese rulers against the foreign powers who defeated and humiliated them in the Opium Wars.

THREE: Flash forward. FOX Business, March 31, 2017. Headline: “DEA: Made in China Lethal Opioid Fueling US Drug Epidemic.”

“A homemade designer version of fentanyl, the highly addictive opioid which is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent, has been the center of drug busts across the country this month—with law enforcement pinpointing its origin from underground labs in China. The DEA says the China-U.S. supply is further fueling the country’s drug epidemic.”

“’This [Chinese] stuff is unbelievably potent. It is so powerful that even a tiny amount can kill you,’ DEA spokesman Rusty Payne tells FOX Business. ‘China is by far the most significant manufacturer of illicit designer synthetic drugs. There is so much manufacturing of new drugs, [it’s] amazing what is coming out of China. Hundreds of [versions], including synthetic fentanyl and fentanyl-based compounds’.”

“China only made the drug [fentanyl] illegal in 2015, and at that point black market Chinese labs began increasing production of their own versions, including the one turning up recently across the country [the US] called furanyl fentanyl.”

“’While heroin gets harder to buy on the street or from a dealer, fentanyl comes via FedEx,’ Brad Lamm, CEO of, tells FOX Business.”

“Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced this week details on a mail-order furanyl fentanyl smuggling ring bust. The operation had been bringing the drug — which has been dubbed ‘White China’ — into the U.S from Asia. NYPD Chief of Detective Bob Boyce said that this was the first time investigators have seen this type of fentanyl in New York City.”

“Also this week, Cincinnati Customs and Border Protection agents said they seized 83 shipments of illegal synthetic drugs, including 36 pounds of furanyl fentanyl, from China.”

“[DEA spokesman] Payne says China has ‘really stepped up lately,’ working hand-in-hand with the U.S. to help curb this growing problem. In January, DEA acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg was invited to China to meet with Beijing drug control officials at the invitation of the China Ministry of Public Security.”

FOUR: The Boston Globe: “An extremely powerful drug used as an elephant tranquilizer has quickly become a new killer in the nation’s opioid epidemic, and New England authorities and health workers are bracing for its arrival.”

“The drug, carfentanil, is a synthetic opioid that is 10,000 times stronger than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl, another deadly synthetic opioid.”

“The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a nationwide alert about the drug, which its acting chief called ‘crazy dangerous.’ In Massachusetts, State Police have warned their crime lab staff about how to handle carfentanil during analysis. Even inhaling the drug or absorbing it through a cut can be fatal.”

“Law enforcement and health officials believe most users do not know they are ingesting carfentanil, which apparently is often mistakenly thought to be heroin or a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, a weaker but still lethal synthetic opioid.”

“If carfentanil’s trade route is similar to that of fentanyl, the path stretches from Chinese manufacturers to Mexican processors to smugglers who supply dealers in the United States, law enforcement officials said.”

“’There’s no quality control, so when it gets here the distributors don’t know what they have and the user has no idea,’ said Timothy Desmond, a special agent with the New England division of the DEA. ‘That’s where it’s a game of Russian roulette’.”

“Hamilton County officials are baffled by the marketing strategy behind such a lethal drug. ‘It doesn’t really make sense that you would want to kill your customers’,” Fallon said.

“Law enforcement officials also are concerned that carfentanil will harm first responders. The DEA has warned police not to conduct field tests on seized drugs that might contain carfentanil. Instead, the agency urged officers to secure their samples and deliver them only to colleagues with training and equipment to handle the drug.”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

27 comments on “The current killer opioid epidemic and the great 19th century Opium Wars against China

  1. tomlewis20 says:

    I suppose what goes around does come around.

  2. energy drinks and 70s rock says:

    Are the Chinese synthetics as bad as Krokadil? I took two Vicodin for dental pain once and failed to see what was so great as it put me to sleep but the pain was gone.
    I still think my computer guru buddy broke his own leg one night just to get more opioids.
    He wouldn’t answer the question about if it was done intentionally.
    A doctor screwed up his back during a spinal tap and the pain doctor said…well it is a doctor’s fault that you are messed up so I will make sure you have plenty of pain pills.
    They cut these people off cold turkey and they switch to hard street drugs that are usually cut with whatever is at hand so the dealer can increase profit.
    These addictive personality people should be weaned off instead thrown to the curb with no options for pain control.
    I do get a laugh out of people who insist China is our ally. They are almost as funny as the globalist one world utopia true believers. China isn’t going to be a vassal state in some new old world chaos aka the NWO.

  3. Tony Kellam says:

    Hey Jon!

    Love love love your work. But this “killer” opioid demonizing et al has another side to it, namely those of us who use small doses to get us through the day for arthritis and other ailments now have a miserable time getting even small amounts. Doctors are now horrified in many States—especially CA— to prescribe and they often suggest moving patients to of all things prozac. Cheers, TK


    • Alexis Keiser says:

      What about CBD or Kratom? Would those be acceptable, legal, options for you?

    • Sovereign Ag says:

      This mindset of “managing” pain is not a long term solution. Any practitioner who makes their patients victims thru this false paradigm is a disgrace to the healing arts. No one should have to spend their lives in pain. Society has created this paradigm of the lowest common denominator and it only profits criminals on all levels. No one should be profiting off of someone’s pain and misfortune. Society and the economy are based on debt and disease, which is why there are so many problems. It is an evil system.

      These artificial substances should not be used long term for they destroy the body. Unless you are dying of a terminal illness, other choices should be investigated. Even in a terminal illness situation, which western medicine deams incurable, there are cures, if one is willing to do the work and change their mindset and beliefs, habits and expectations.

      Feeling and being of vibrant health and being happy are our birthright and we must continue to fight against a society which tells us otherwise. There are at least two generations at this point who do not know any of this, and it will continue to go downhill unless questions are asked and solutions are sought.

      It is a great blessing we have people like the Bollingers who put together The truth about cancer and the Truth about vaccines.They also have a new series about pets. When faced with the death of many of their family members, they chose to find the truth and help others to not have to go thru the pain they went thru.

      Here is a new series on how cannabis can heal a multitude of issues including pain.

  4. peter littlehorse says:

    It seems to me that the powers-that-be are trying to kill off and/or scare off heavy drug users. Then with the legalization of Pot the rest of the drug users will be able to purchase their legal drugs (Pot) through government-run dispensaries with their debit/credit card after the switch to a cash-less society. You see, drugs now are almost always paid for in cash, and the powers-that-be (who any thinking person knows is really behind the drug problem) can’t reap the huge drug profits if people can’t make the payment. So to go cash-less and still have a huge drug market requires Pot (and possibly some others) to be legalized.

    • Alexis Keiser says:

      I think you have a really good point. Also, I believe the US government actually has a patent for pot. However, the growing medical freedom movement is positioned to weigh in on this, too. I don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to grow it themselves and I think a lot of other people probably feel the same. We need to put government back in its place, IMO. “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD.”

    • Alex says:

      Brilliant observation. That would be the way to eliminate a huge population of recreational users from the Market.

    • Sovereign Ag says:

      But then what happens to the poppy fields in Afghanistan?

  5. The Outlaw says:

    The shocking fact Jon is the United States SOLD our major ports to the Red Chinese. We shouldn’t be shocked a “diplomatic cargo containers cannot be searched”. A snap from The Free Press 1997:

    “Particularly disturbing is the targeting of America’s infrastructure. In addition to already owning vital ports in Long Beach, California and Boston, Massachusetts, the China Ocean Shipping Company is eyeing major ports on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico. China also owns access to ports at the entry and exit points of the Panama Canal.”

    We sold them the damned gun–they just loaded it with deadly drugs. Many people need to be arrested for treason. We know many of these “Progressives” are actually Communists——Friedman and Krugman bow and honor the totalitarian system in Red China. They admit it, write about it and believe we should be like China–because they themselves are Communists/Totalitarianists. Reds under the bed? No– Reds in Congress/Senate and in high places in The Entrenched Bureaucracy and “Media” and diplomatic core like Kissinger.

    This must be fixed and the problem “purged” once and for all. You can thank Mr. Kissinger for “opening up relations with China” circa 1971 or so. HE is an enemy to this country and always has been. Jobs out–Drugs in. Thanks Hank you filthy scumbag. Your day is coming fast. Maybe after your next meeting with President Trump to impart your brilliance on him. Maybe General Kelley will handcuff his ass in their next meeting and send him to Gitmo where he belongs.

    • Doc W says:

      Be wary of any general or admiral above 2 stars; all promotions to 3 and 4 stars are political and usually require membership in the CFR / Trilateral commission as Gen. Kelly has. It has to be remembered that it was General Al Haig who ram rodded the sale of the Panama Canal ports to Red China by representing Hutchison Whampoa (a company named after Whampoa, Red Chinas first first military officers academy with teachers the likes of Cho En Lai and students the likes of Ho Chi Min). All of the flag officers surrounding Trump are CFR / Trilateralists regardless of service, much closer to Kissinger than to us.

  6. Doc W says:

    Karma’s a bitch. The Chinese have very long memories and they can spend generations getting back at folks. Getting rid of the Mongols took 200 years as did finally getting rid of the last dynasty. Right now the red Chinese are getting cozy with Mexico. In the 1920’s Mexico passed an anti Asian immigration law that demanded all the Chinese be deported. Only thing was the Mexican idea of deportation was to take the Chinese to the Sea or Cortez or the Pacific coast kill them and throw the bodies into the ocean. Several thousands if not tens of thousands of Chinese we’re killed in that manner. Can’t wait to see the payback for that one!

  7. fauxscienceslayer says:

    “Opium Wars, Britain Invades China” at researchOmatic website

  8. The Outlaw says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Roosevelt family made their wealth via this Opium War among other inbred elite families as the Kennedy clan through bootlegging by importing foreign booze during the Prohibition.

  9. I fear you have exposed a gaping “moral contradiction” here, Jon.

    You of all people, the one that champions “the individual” writes this?

    Do drug users have “no choice”? The their minds fully the property of “corporate pharma”?

    I think not. The moral here is “buyer beware”. If you are dumb enough to recklessly expose yourself to the trills of recreational drugs, you “deserve” any lateral outcome.


    • Nicole says:

      This makes me really want to find out if the wild growing “opium lettuce,” a freely available weed, actually works and is safe. If I recall it’s not actually opium but some other chemical. I’ve been afraid to try it. It would be nice if it were safer than the other forms of opium.

      • Rastafari says:

        opium is very safe. also very effective for pain relief and other ailments. and you can grow/process it yourself. that’s why it’s illegal. it’s difficult to overdose on raw opium and other than sedation, there are no side effects.

      • The amount of balderdust written about the “evils” of cannabis for the “good” (sic) of the world makes me question everything written about drugs by mainstreamers. Indeed, experts have been caught “on record” admitting to false and libellous allegations to support whichever corporate stance satisfied their arguments.

        On the hand, working with and knowing the disastrous “life choices” of numbers of Australian drug addicts, I recommend anyone considering “delving” should do so with open, INFORMED minds.

      • Sovereign Ag says:

        We have been made afraid of nature thru our conditioning to depend on the artificial, which is profitable to some at the detriment of the majority. Coca leaves are chewed all day long by those who live in the mountains in South America. Poppies are a plant and like all plants, have gifts to give to us.
        I have never heard of opium lettuce, I will have to do some research on it.

        The plants are generous highly advanced beings who are here to teach us. We just have to be willing to listen and learn from them.
        This world, this life is a sacred gift and it is up to each of us to choose what we do with it. Until parents start raising their children in harmony with life it will seem like a curse and more shall not even live for one moment and get to enjoy the gift.

  10. Colleen O'Brien says:

    Hi – thanks for the insightful article. Do you know if it’s reached Australia yet?

  11. Vladimir says:

    Esto me parece un plan al estilo de Rusia Gate (falsas noticias o muy manipuladas) en contra de China?. Enemigos por todo el mundo?

  12. Vladimir says:

    This seems to me to be a Russian Gate-style plan (false news or very manipulated) against China ?. Enemies all over the world?

  13. Peggy Herring says:

    Yes, what a great way to break a nation rot it at its base. Britain did it to China. Now we have big pharma doing it because after all people are just biological ATM machines there for their only purpose is to extract there few dollars. Who cares if family, community and the quality of life it self is destroyed.

  14. Ed says:

    During the Japanese occupation of China, opium/opiates were imported to trade for gold as a means of sweeping up the domestic gold supply. I think maybe the same thing was done here in 2011-13.

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