The good old days: Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley—and Salvador Dali

The good old days: Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley—and Salvador Dali

by Jon Rappoport

July 25, 2017

Salvador Dali, surrealist, was one of the most reviled painters of the 20th century.

He disturbed Conventional Folk who just wanted to see an apple in a bowl on a table.

Dali’s apples and bowls were executed with a technical skill few artists could match—except that the apples were coming out of a woman’s nose while she was ironing the back of a giraffe, who was on fire.

“It doesn’t go together! It doesn’t make sense! He’s Satan!”

Yet, these same Folk sit in front of the television screen every night and watch the entirely surreal network news. Elite anchors seamlessly and quickly move from blood running in the streets of a distant land to a hairdryer product-recall to an unseasonal hail storm in Michigan to a debate about public policy on pedophiles to genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida to a possible breakthrough in storing computer simulations of human brains for later recapture to squirrels gathering nuts in New Jersey.

Nothing surreal about this??

Cognitive dissonance is imprinted on viewers’ minds. It’s the news. It must be normal, even if it’s quite insane.

The best of the best mind control is supposedly applied by the three major network anchors. Recall the old trio: Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, and Diane Sawyer. They’re all gone now. The junior varsity has taken over. David Muir, Lester Holt, and a permanent CBS anchor to be named later.

When the elite anchor goes on air and digs in, he’s paid to be seamless. He could be transitioning from mass killings in East Asia to sub-standard air conditioners, and he makes the audience track through the absurd curve in the road.

Then there is the voice itself. The elite anchor has a voice that soothes just a bit but brooks no resistance. It’s authoritative but not demanding.

Scott Pelley (CBS) was careful to watch himself on this count, because his tendency was to shove the message down the viewer’s throat like a surgeon making an incision with an icepick. Pelley was a high-IQ android who was training himself to be human.

Diane Sawyer wandered into sloppiness, like a housewife who’s still wearing her bathrobe at 4 in the afternoon. She exuded sympathetic syrup, as if she’d had a few cocktails for lunch. And she affected a pose of “caring too much.”

Brian Williams was head and shoulders above his two competitors. You had to look and listen hard to spot a speck of confusion in his delivery. He knew how to believe his act was real. He could also flick a little aw-shucks apple-pie at the viewer. Country boy who moved to the big city.

The vocal delivery of an elite anchor has to work minor poetic rhythms into prose. Shallow hills and valleys. Clip it here and there. Give the important words a pop. This is hypnosis at work. Not the cheesy stage act with three rubes sitting in chairs, waiting to be made into fools by the used-car-salesman type waving a pendulum. This is higher-class stuff. It flows with certainty. It entrains brains. The audience tunes in every night to get their fix.

That’s the key. The audience doesn’t really care about content. They want the delivery, the sound, the voice of the face.

Brain Williams could do a story about three hookers getting thrown out of a restaurant by a doctor celebrating his anniversary with his wife, and it would come across like the Pentagon sending warships into the Gulf.

Diane Sawyer couldn’t. That’s why Williams’ ratings were higher.

Segues, blends are absolutely vital. These are the transitions between one story and another. “Earlier today, in Boston.” “Meanwhile, in New York, the police are reporting.” “But on the Hill, the news was somewhat disappointing for supporters of the president.”

Doing excellent blends can earn an anchor millions of dollars. The audience doesn’t wobble or falter or make distinctions between what went before and what’s coming now. It’s all one script. It’s one winding weirdness of story every night.

Therefore, the viewer doesn’t need to think. This is the acid test. If the ratings are high enough and the audience isn’t thinking, we have a winner.

Corollary: the audience doesn’t notice the parameters of stories, how they’re bounded and defined and artificially constructed to omit deeper themes and various criminals who are committing outrageous crimes that aren’t supposed to be exposed.

Brian Williams, with just a bit of his twanging emphasis, could say, “Today, pharmaceutical giant Glaxo was fined one-point-nine billions dollars,” but he would never tie all the horrendous stories of medical-drug damage together in a searing indictment of the whole industry.

The audience needs to remain oblivious to this larger story. That’s the anchor’s job. That’s his underlying assignment.

It’s called, in intelligence circles, a limited hangout. You expose a piece of a crime, in order to transmit the illusion of “justice served,” while the true RICO dimensions are kept out of view.

Elite anchors are the princes of limit hangouts. That is their stock in trade. Sell the illusion of justice while concealing the bulk of the iceberg that is under water.

The audience can watch and listen to hours of coverage on revolutions and counter-revolutions in the Middle East, but they can’t suspect that the US and NATO are funding terrorists dressed up as freedom fighters, in order to destabilize and destroy nations in that region.

“More gunfire and explosions in the capital city today…”

Then there is a little thing called conscience. The elite anchor can’t have one. He has to pretend to have one, but it isn’t real.

Every year, the anchor covers dozens of scandals that are left to wither and die on the vine and fall down the memory hole, never to be seen again, except perhaps for a much-later task-force or commission report that equivocates and exonerates the major players.

The anchor is happy to deal with this. He’s happy to develop memory loss.

In editorial meetings at his own network offices, if someone mentions trillions in government bailouts to banks, he can frown slightly and thus impart, “It’s stale, it’s old, we already covered that, let’s move along.”

And when it comes to elites, to whom the anchor pledges allegiance, and with whom he occasionally hob-nobs? CFR, Rockefeller interests, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, AIPAC, government-allied Big Medicine, and so on? Nothing to see, nothing to say. No problem.

Therefore, the viewing audience doesn’t suspect these controlling entities are doing anything wrong or, in some cases, even exist.

The elite anchor: “Conspiracy? Aw shucks, I really do have sympathy for the people who dig up this stuff. And I’m not saying all of it is wrong, either. But you know, journalism is about plumbing for facts and verifying them. That’s the hard truth we have to face in this business. Going on the air with a possible this and a possible that is ultimately irresponsible. If we who present the news feel an occasional impulse to wing it, we have to rein ourselves in. Restraint is part of our job…”

Show these jokers a few devastating books by Anthony Sutton or Carroll Quigley and they’ll nod and say, “I did read that one in college. It was interesting but a little thin, I thought…”

The anchors project a sense they’re doing science. Gathering facts, verifying, testing, repeating the study to see if it holds up, checking the checkers, confirming the sources, tailoring the assertions to make sure there’s no wandering off the well-researched path.

It’s part of the act.

The elite anchor has to impart the impression that he’s personally familiar with the events he’s reporting. That’s nonsense. He isn’t touching actual events with a ten-foot pole. He isn’t doing journalism himself. But the audience must think he is.

“Washington has been the scene of many battles. But the current tussle at the top of the fiscal cliff is becoming an exercise in outrage on both sides. Today, behind closed doors…”

Some anchors are managing editors of their own broadcasts. That means they sit around like newspaper editors and listen to lesser editors present the stories of the day. The anchors ask questions and pick and choose which pieces they’ll cover on the evening news, and they decide the sequence, but their hands never touch the events themselves.

It’s more illusion. A well-trained and literate high-school sophomore from Nome could go on air, with a decent haircut, and read the news.

But backed up by expert technicians, a good set decorator, and a pro make-up person, Williams, Pelley, and Sawyer gave people the kind of living fiction that has become its own genre.

Elite anchors have a dual aspect. They control minds and they also put themselves in a mind-controlled state, in order to (temporarily) believe in what they’re saying on-air. It’s all self-inflicted.

No need to censor stories from above. The anchors have a finely honed sense of what is permissible and what isn’t.

In early human societies, the story teller was a principal figure. He wove the tribe’s experiences into a coherent whole, and built layers of cosmology. Story tellers formed an elite priest caste and spun official metaphysical doctrine.

Today, people feel the same need for narrators: the anchors. Although these front men for the news no longer use metaphysics to control the masses, they do covertly obey the old rule: tell only part of story.

Guard the rest from public view.

In ancient times, the rationale for hiding key secrets was explained in terms of stages of privileged initiations into “the magic.” Today, millions of people are led to believe their news narrators are giving them everything there is. Other than anchors’ stories, there is nothing. So in this secular media religion, viewers think they have only two choices: swallow the news reality, or face a cold vacuum.

Their bottomless need for a story teller survives.


Came the Internet.

And then the whole world turned upside down.

The networks began to realize they were made out of eggshells and cardboard, and the holes and fractures and disintegrating pieces were out there, on television, for all to witness.

As a veteran reporter who quit the business and went online told me, “Network mind control is expensive. You have to keep doing it every day. And that’s without competition. Now, competitors are everywhere.”

It takes a village. The “it” in this case is network news and the village is the staff and crew. But the village is experiencing typhoons. Once upon a time, crazy surreal mainstream television news required no apologies. But that entitlement has peeled away and blown offshore.

Independent online news outlets are catching up to, and in some cases, surpassing MSM audience numbers. And the content is quite different.

For one thing, the content often features devastating critiques of elite news. For example: The Washington Post, once considered (by the uninformed) an unimpeachable source, is presently owned by Jeff Bezos, the billionaire boss of Amazon. Amazon has a $600 million contract to provide cloud-computing services to the CIA.

This is more than a crippling conflict of interest. It’s a death rattle. Every story the Post publishes about the CIA, and every story that has a named or unnamed CIA source is as reliable as an antelope’s press agent justifying the extinction of all lions.

The NY Times’ daily attacks on Trump for his supposed Russian connections? Well, in 2015, the Times published a devastating piece detailing the Clintons’ role in selling 20% of US uranium production to Putin. But the Times conveniently refuses to follow up on its own story. Needless to say, if Trump had played such a decisive role in enriching Putin and transferring a top national-security resource to Russia, he’d already be wearing a prison jump suit and awaiting a firing squad.

Day by day, elite mainstream news is fading.

This is what happens to elitist authority, no matter how skillful their production.

Hypnosis leaks.

It’s not a perfect seal.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

34 comments on “The good old days: Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley—and Salvador Dali

  1. Dana Doran says:

    And FINALLY after more than 6 months in office, just this morning the President tweeted something about the DOJ and Hillary’s Uranium selling spree. Is it wrong to think that Sessions isn’t in control of Justice?

    • Theodore says:

      Not to nitpick, but, about 3-months ago, Trump, standing in front of the golden curtains in the whitehouse ball room, at the podium, mentioned “Hillary’s Uranium selling spree” to the press. Not sure if this was also the pressor wherein he downgraded CNN from ‘fake news’ to ‘very fake news’ — to that dweeb CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s face, the one who provoked it all — but, at the time, there was definitely no 2nd podium with a foreign leader present when he talked about “Hillary’s Uranium selling spree”. When Trump mentioned the “Hillary’s Uranium selling spree” then, the press present ignored the remark.

      • Dana Doran says:

        Thank you very much for the update. I should stop making comments that assert any fact….as I realize it’s a rare day that I actually see something factual because the only information I receive is either filtered through the internet or MSM….isn’t that just, well, the shits? I did read the Podesta files….which probably contains more truth than any investigation will reveal – I remain “unaware and compliant” to my own dismay.

  2. truth1 says:

    I like articles that make me think. This was a good one. But I don’t credit the anchors for the hypnotic effect. That is just good production and writing. But when looking for someone to present the writing and production, they look for good voices and facial expressions and smooth delivery. Brian Williams, to me, is about as good as a anchor gets. He seem likable and easy to listen to. He has a warm expression and conveys a likable character. I felt bad for him when he got sacked for supposedly faking being in cross fire in a plane or chopper. I guarantee you he had noting to do with setting it up. His bosses did that. He was simply the actor to play the part scripted for him. And when it went wrong, he was the scape goat.

    My topic now will be the hypnotic effect. Schooling and all the media and entertainment have been dumbing us down for over 100 years in earnest. The idea was to encourage dependence on the instinct/sub-conscious and avoid the intellect. Employers all chipped in and helped. Want to keep your job, Then shut up, behave and do as your told. Want to rise in the company? Then learn to be a good a$$ kisser and do whatever your told without question. Same in school. I felt the pressure more than a few times.

    There is often a battle that goes on in the mind. For example, the instinct reacts very strongly to stimuli, even as it does with animals. When say a man sees an attractive woman. Its the most important thing in the world at that moment, especially if she smiled at him. He’ll give no thought to his wife, or anything else. He does not know what she is like to live with and he does not care. He just wants the immediate reward. Men will risk everything for the chance to get her in bed.

    Now the intellect, the consciousness, has the ability to analyzed and determine whether the circumstances are right or not. But of course, an investigation would be needed. That might take time and there could the risk that the circumstances would suggest the sex was not a good idea. Her boyfriend is on the mob. But the guy does not know that as he drools. How do you get the instinct to delay and wait when that is not the nature of the instinct?

    The instinct has a lot of great powers and yet it has its problems, too. But if the intellect is continually insistent and consistent, persevering, and determined, eventually the instinct will relent. The instinct can be altered, reprogrammed and made to be an ally rather than enemy. But it does take some persistence or a good foundation of loving parents who teach the child how to get control of all his faculties. But how many parents to that? Just about none. It happens far more by accident than by intention.

    Our society does not pursue or discuss the techniques of analysis, though governments make strong use of analysis. Sadly, the solution is non-existent. Once a society loses the ability to ponder itself and analyze itself, all you will get is accidents and anomalies. It won’t be enough for humanity to be able to rescue itself from its on impending oblivion.

    There are only 3 outcomes possible and most discount at least 2 of them. Outcome 1 is that God foresaw and we play out a drama between Him and one of His rebellious brats to see or demonstrate whether the design of human being is adequate or not. But since the Brat did not want to wait allow God to prove his point, we have misery while case draws to a conclusion. This is the most hated option, though I don’t understand why.

    Outcome 2: No God, just random probability and life appeared out of thin air/space/cosmic dust. In that case, we are screwed. No particular outcome is guaranteed and we have gone pas the point of no return. Oblivion. Though no one likes that outcome, they otherwise like this scenario. I don’t understand that, either.

    Outcome 3: Aliens save us from ourselves. Well, that’s cool, but what if the Aliens are just fake aliens, lie our news is fake? Is it rescue or oblivion? Or will they find out we have gone too far and can not recover. What will aliens to then? Maybe they will put us our of our misery. Maybe we can be helped. But if the SOBs in power are the puppet masters of these very human looking and sounding aliens, can we really count on good intentions and ability or are they here to promote some BS? If BS, were are likely still looking at oblivion.

    Really, an individual can only make limited progress when the world he lives in, will try to block his effort to grow and improve, as well as influence others.

    But it this battle is to be won or lost, it will have to be done by each person trying to overcome that strong powerful instinct. How many will even try? About as many as we have not and that is nowhere near enough. How is that for an analysis? Anyone want tackle that?

    We are all standing on the deck of the Titanic. They had no way out. And Us?

    • ajs50 says:

      I agree with you for the most part. Your three possible outcomes are very limiting and hilarious in a sad way. But I’m sure everyone sees the joke here. But you are right, the battle must be fought by each individual internally first to break out and away of the trance and the masters. From there each waking individual contributes to the cause…freeing/awakening more individuals – spreading the reality. This is a revolution of the mind and it is the toughest most important fight in the history of mankind. How much time do we have? No one knows….we keeping going anyway, to the bitter end, if necessary.

      • truth1 says:

        WEll, I can speak all day long, but if a mind is not receptive or tries to block out or resist, then I can nothing. Only that person can open the door and come out or start to question. Parents are programmers, though they have no idea they are.They often determine how the child will later respond to life. The problem is that long ago and far away, someone decided to forcefully take control of a community and dictate the narrative and bully the rest. Once you have a despot in power, its hard to dislodge them. That is where we are at. We have a much bigger collective despot network now running the world. Our “”influence” has been nullified. Anyone coming our of their slumbers has already done the work and simply reacts to the truth. We had not power till that one came out.

    • Sunshine says:

      Truth, that’s interesting about instinct. Made me think. I may hold a completely different definition of instinct in my mind, as my instinct has never steered me wrong, and the times I have allowed rational thought to over ride my instinct is when I have gotten myself into trouble. I guess I don’t consider basic urges like lust as instinct. What makes a bird know how to feed her young or fly, or where to fly and when is more of an instinct.

      • truth1 says:

        Sunshine, would you describe a sexual impulse as a rational thought or a gut feeling/desire? A stimuli produces a reaction automatically. to me, that is instinct. We could also call it a short term response. Long term response considers the outcome far down the line or into the future. Hunger, thirst, feeling tired or sleepy? INstinct! For what its worth.

    • Truth1:

      “I like articles that make me think.”

       “I felt bad for him when he got sacked for supposedly faking being in cross fire in a plane or chopper.”

      …You invest emotions in a pretend TV program? And then qualify them? You don’t think that is strange? Bear it be that I point this out to you, I mean I have enough flaws myself. I have one eye and a peg leg, and got an ear bit off in a bar fight with a dog. But, and I say this with a heavy heart.  Feeling emotions for Brian Williams; that’s like the torturer dropping his cattle prod after jabbing it up your ass, and you stoop down to pick it up for him and say “Ooopsie, let me get that for you.”

      Personally I get angry when I feel an emotion for a television program; It means I have been dooped. I don’t watch television so, I am rarely into the conditioning, usually I am watching how they are motivating the audience. But if I do surface an emotion about the show, I usually go the kitchen sink and wet my right hand and look at myself, rather intently in the mirror for a few moments, until I get my attention and then slap myself really, really fucking hard and say, “WAKE UP STUPID, IT’S A CARTOON SHOW.”

      Preferably I would have enjoyed seeing the Brian Williams helicopter video; from inside a burning spinning out of control chopper, with a thumb-sucking Brian Williams crying for mommy. And bunny-hugging the pilot all the way to the ground. But of course I’m sick that way. And I never get what I want. Now that would be entertainment, n’est ce pas truth1.

       “I guarantee you he had noting to do with setting it up.”

      …Do you take a lot of illicit drugs, I mean the mind altering kind?

      “He was simply the actor to play the part scripted for him.” 

      Ah yes, the ole, “I am a professional, I was just doing my job, fucking with your mind all these years, nothing personal.”

      So I have this piece of land I have been trying to sell. It ah…it’s ah, it’s ah, near, well on, well in…it’s water front property. Not a good neighbourhood, but hay, we can’t have everything can we now?

       “And when it went wrong, he was the scape goat.”

      …Aw shucks, pure Briansey, the fall guy. Someone has to be…and it’s always the nice guys, don’t ya know. WAKE DA FUCK UP, HE GOT CAUGHT LYING, LIKE A BIG FAT STINKY LYING LIAR, THEY SHOULD HAVE NAILED HIS PECKER TO A TREE AND THEN SET THE TREE ON FIRE. For all the years he has been stooging for these idiots. And screwing with public mind.

      “My topic now will be the hypnotic effect. Schooling…..a few times”

      No! Has nothing to do with any of that…the concept of placing within a mind the idea of a problem. You become a problem solving machine. Like a shard of glass it sits in there and everything that individual thinks about relates to the concept; a problem, it must be solved, it will never end. You solve one and then another one pops its head up. Endless problem solving, but you never think about freedom from the concept of problem solving. Freedom to just be…school, is about putting that problem solving concept in your mind, and locking it in there for ever.

      “When say a man sees an attractive woman. Its the most important thing in the world at that moment, … everything for the chance to get her in bed..”

      No! Your wrong again; I hate being the bearer of bad news!…

      I was looking at how finely dressed she was, with that tight-fitting silk summer dress, especially around the top bits. Between her waist and her neck…the flowers on the dress, strategic in their positioning. Pistol and stamen, in lustrous color, and pointing. The thinness of the fabric, how it showed oh so much and then her bare feet. God… her bare feet. Like peasant feet. Strong female peasant feet. With little bits of dirt, here and there, on her little toes. I thought, I bet I could sell this gal a pair of my shoes, to go with that dress. And then she’s gonna need a hand bag to match the shoes. Like she is going shopping; it’s a sunny day. One of my floppy straw hats to match her dress would be nice, with a big silk flower on it. She needs a necklace with some funky beads on it, and oh I wonder if she has a perfume on…she should walk on over, after buying all that to my car dealership and buy a convertible to flaunt all that opulence.

      Some people’s sexual preference is making money on her…

      Outcome 4: I realized long, long ago, that I am immortal. I have lived billions of times, and will continue to live on. Moving from one life to the next. Endlessly. Remembering barely a few. Thank god… some were awful.

      I was a rock at the bottom of a frozen glacial lake, one time…. I was a dirigible like creature, the size of a football field, that floated in the thick methane atmosphere of a distant planet in another galaxy. And I only came to the ground to die. I was flea on a duck ass. I was a god in another galaxy, I lived for many thousands of years; but eventually all things end and must pass. Even gods. My last life was an energy being on a hyper blue-white star the size of this solar system, with a thousand planets and moons orbiting it.

      The train came to the station and I got off, and low and behold it was earth. I will be here for seven or so decades and then I will move on to the next…

      • arcadia11 says:

        wow. too bad about your leg and all. i had no idea,
        can’t really tell from your photo. i hope the dog was okay.

        i got dropped off here too – was told
        it was the last stop – had to get off, work off my karma
        or something. i heard it was a nice place to visit but you
        wouldn’t want to live here, though the food is really good.
        was going to make a quick one-life stopover, but got
        totally stuck in this loop – kept finding myself back here
        again. ??? could be a million years now. i have no
        memory of how long i have been doing this. i am determined
        to make this my last time here. no more in-between lives
        trickery for me. i am fully prepared this time. i will try to
        contact you…

        • Oh…worries about the dog.
          But says nothing about ‘my’ inconvieneances…having to hop around from now on, with one leg. Do you know how hard it is to get a shoe. You have to buy two of them; I have closets filled with left shoes. That means I spend twice as much on shoes than you do, Miss, “…HOPE THE DOG WAS OKAY.”
          That dog had a big tatoo of ‘Mom’ on it’s chest, by the way. And bit my ear off lickity split. His name was Desmond. What kind of name is that for a dog…Desmond. I think the dog was gay.

          • arcadia11 says:

            michael – that’s like someone calling me a leftist because i don’t like trump. my concern for the dog does not negate concern for you. plus, i suspect a wee bit of creative license in the telling of your story.

            i think desmond is a sweet name for a dog. but you could be right about his being gay. his human must be gay because dogs often play out their owners’ desires.

            i had a friend whose rottweiler could not keep his paws off me.

      • truth1 says:

        Yes, it is a cartoon shoe, Mike, but letting Brain take the heart when others dreamed up the scheme to begin with, I’d like to see them answer, not Brian. He’s small change. Mike strike me as really going off the edge. Did you forget your meds?

        • Greg C. says:

          I enjoyed Michael’s rambling. He’s on an interesting journey. Why not let the spokes-puppets answer for their lies? Let ’em have it. Brian Williams pinata, anyone?

        • I dont use modern medicine. Doctors are quacks. Modern medication is poison, deadly poison. Never listen to a doctor Truth1, he’ll have you on four medications before you leave his office.
          Your talking about this idiot Brian Williams like you know him. Like he’s your neighbor or your BFF or something like that…like he is a nice guy.
          Brian Williams is a spook, created by spooks. He went to Mockingbird University, and got a degree in Lies, Deceit, and Con artistry.
          He doesn’t have to be told what to serve up. He job is to be a paid liar. He is paid by the lie.

          He looks at you, and then he looks at himself, and believes he is genetically superior to you. He believes he serving the big picture. The cosmic picture. He believes he is special, above the paltry, herbivore like existence of yourself.
          Brian Williams, Truth1, is a souless, spineless evil spook. He would watch your torture while eating his lunch. And then gladly go on television and tell the viewers what a bad guy you were you whole life long.

          • truth1 says:

            Mike, I well know that Brian is not saint. But are far worse than him above him. Why should I or you settle for a petty criminal when there are real psychos in power plotting to kill off the world’s population. How can you compare those 2? Its like giving a guy a life sentence for running a traffick light at 4 am, while a gang is looting the town, raping and pillaging. There are priorities. I want the big fish and heads on silver platters. to hell with people not coming to a full stop at stop signs. Bring me a really crooked politican and we can have a lynching. or a firing squad if you prefer. I’m easy and flexible. 😉

        • arcadia11 says:

          t1 – the ‘others’ could not accomplish their evil without the complicity of people like brian. there are people who are willing to commit any atrocity just to be part of the club and feel self-important and powerful.

          they learn quickly, as it was already in them, to despise the masses. they have fragile egos or are sometimes secondary psychopaths and they are the ones the
          ‘others’ want to recruit.

          i think brian williams is a willing petty ‘player’, not an innocent dupe.

          the inbreds are few. they require millions to help them carry on their work. i have a lower opinion of those, who are like us, who willingly assist them in their evil.

          • truth1 says:

            arcdia11, You’re right! Brian is willing and deserves his licks. But I hate seeing the bosses and big wigs never having to answer, and thereby hiding who is really pulling the puppet strings and always letting the little guys take the bullets. Yes, Brain knows what he is doing and he takes his “medicine” like a good boy and they will find other work for him. But in all arenas, they always make the insignificant ones take the bullet and spare the real bastards in power. I’m not fishing for minnows, damn it! I wants me a trophy fish I can hang on the wall (or burn at the stake actually). Call me a vampire, but I want blood and real justice. 😛

          • arcadia11 says:

            i know. i want the reptiles too. but they would be easier to deal with if not surrounded and protected by a million minions. like brian williams. they are aiding and abetting the worst criminals ever.

            i totally understand how you feel.


      • Larry says:

        “I was looking at how finely dressed she was, with that tight-fitting silk summer dress, especially around the top bits. Between her waist and her neck…the flowers on the dress, strategic in their positioning. Pistol and stamen, in lustrous color, and pointing. The thinness of the fabric, how it showed oh so much and then her bare feet. God… her bare feet. Like peasant feet. Strong female peasant feet. With little bits of dirt, here and there, on her little toes. ….”

        I think I need a cold shower.

  3. JB says:

    “Cognitive dissonance is imprinted on viewers’ minds”

    The term cognitive dissonance was invented in 1957 by Leon Festinger, a social psychologist. It by definition is the mental DISCOMFORT derived from maintaining conflicting ideas as valid. It is often referred to by unthinking or witless people who do not understand its meaning, who if they did, would be using the concatenation doublethink which is the assertion of conflicting ideas as valid without the discomfort. Doublethink is a concatenation invented by George Orwell in his 1949 book, 1984. The first is a condition of a reflective, analyzing mind, aware of the environment. The second is a condition of an unthinking, credulous mind, perfectly happy with existing inside the framework of someone else’s agenda or ideology.

    “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself—that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word—doublethink—involved the use of doublethink.” p32 Nineteen Eighty-Four

    “Elite anchors have a dual aspect. They control minds and they also put themselves in a mind-controlled state, in order to (temporarily) believe in what they’re saying on-air. It’s all self-inflicted.”

    “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.” p220 Nineteen Eighty-Four

    It is not cognitive dissonance these folks suffer from. It is Orwell’s Doublethink. It’s here, been here since before Orwell published the novel in 1949. Since before the Black Hand revolutionaries assassinated the Hapsburg Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

    • truth1 says:

      You’re right, the anchors are also under the spell. As to why people are so dumb, the instinct knows danger long before the conscious mind catches on. One can all it dissonance or double think, but really, its cowardice at its core. The instinct alarm goes off and the person backs away from whatever it is. Good minds often come about by accident. If they can’t resist a certain puzzle and go after it, they might soon find there are more unanswered questions and they keep going, they can’t resist like most can and before you know it, they are in too deep and can’t back out. Its helps to have a strong curiosity.

  4. if it isn't on teevee it isn't real (not really) says:

    Lyin’ Brian was there at the Gettysburg address.
    When Hillary was pinned down in Bosnia by snipers Lyin’ Brian and comedian Sinbad made the snipers laugh and Hilly bolted to safety.
    Geraldull Rivera found the golden riches in Al Capone’s vault.
    Dan Blather found out about W. Bush and his Air National Guard antics.
    Ted Krappel wrapped it all up at night about midnight.
    Tune in later for more breaking news as it will take awhile to make some up.

    • truth1 says:

      Hey, you should consider doing the news. You’re way more entertaining. If it has to be fake, let it be good comedy fake, I say. Nice job!

  5. John says:

    Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams are members of the Rockefeller CFR. Here are a few others:

    David Gergen, Christiane Amanpour, Paula Zahn, Jake Tapper, Fareed Zakaria, James Sciutto, Rana Foroohar, Katie Couric, Leslie Stahl, Bob Schieffer, Margaret Brennan, Dan Rather, Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski, Charles “Joe” Scarborough, Maria Bartiromo, Marvin Kalb, Tom Brokaw, George Stephanopolus, Barbara Walters, Juju Chang, Jim Lehrer, Judy Woodruff, Charlie Rose, and Margaret Warner (a CFR director).

    See the lists of members, directors and sponsors in the CFR annual report.

  6. From Quebec says:

    I find it very facetious, that these people are called Anchors,

    An anchor is a device, normally made of metal, used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the craft from drifting due to wind or current.

    • truth1 says:

      Well, anchors is not so bad. They should be at the bottom of the sea feeding fish. And their fake news with them.

  7. Chip DeNure says:

    The evening newscast is basically a criminal enterprise. The anchor plays the role of godfather and his ‘correspondents’ are his accessories. Toss in some impressive theme music, and voila’ you’ve got the necessary illusions packaged ready for consumption by people who ‘want to believe’ in the system. I’m guessing, judging by the various sponsors, that mostly older Americans watch these broadcasts

    • Chip DeNure:
      Chip huh, you sound young, what are you thirteen, fourteen…I socks older than you, and underware, and lawn ornaments.

      “I’m guessing, judging by the various sponsors, that mostly older Americans watch these broadcasts”

      Oh really now, you came to that all on your own Chippy…it us ‘older’ Americans, that are the problem. If you’re virtue-signalling for some of your younger lefties compadres, you’ve come to the wrong place, buddy-boy.

      I’m the youngest in here and I’m 99 years old. With one leg and one ear. And I am only half-deaf.

      You see a ‘Depends’ commercial and bolster a conclusion, huh. It all us, fogies; brain-alded, alzeimered, drooling in front of the TV, eating cat food older Americans, right.

      We’re to blame for Brian and Diane and Scott and all those other…bastards!

      Do you realize the guy who writes this column is 161 yrs old.

      I so happen to remember the first news Anchor…Grog on the Stone Age Nightly News Broadcast (SANNB)…there were no depends then, you just peed in your pants like a real man.

      I love when all you young whippersnappers come in here, trolling the old, old regulars. Well, we’re sick and tire and fed up, and had it up to here…we’re not going to take it anymore. Find somebody else to blame for ‘Those’ broadcasts, Mr Chippy DeNure…your not french are ya.

  8. peter littlehorse says:

    Just like C.B.C. News where they sign off with “and that’s your world this hour”, as if they have really just informed the people of the complete state of affairs of the world and that the listening public now possesses all of the information needed to make informed decisions on every subject matter of consequence. As a teenager I used to sit through the TV news with my parents and point out all of the BS, the verbal slight-of-hand, the hypocracy, the intentionally placed political banana-skins, etc that were presented. They didn’t really want to hear it. My father would often say “he’s right you know”, but it never went any farther than that. They continue to this day to believe the lies. They’d usually just tell me that I’d be better off concentrating on school and future employment opportunities.

    • truth1 says:

      There is a Cat Stevens song, Father and Son, that has the back and forth arguments between them. Ultimately, the son can not just turn a blind eye to what is going on. But no doubt, employment will be impacted if one has aloud mouth mine, along with a very cynical outlook. I do not regret my life. But I can look back and see all the slights I suffered because I had a negative outlook toward the status quo. Were I do go tomorrow, I would not leave much behind except for the satisfaction that I lived my life the way I wanted and not as others wanted. And though I had no wealth, I have and would have a lot of self satisfaction. I would recommend my choices to anyone. But just know the consequences, otherwise.

  9. Kelly MacKay says:

    I found this some how amazing, thanks

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