Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts

Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts

by Jon Rappoport

July 3, 2017

Reuters, June 29, from Sydney and Vatican City:

“A top adviser to Pope Francis was charged with multiple historical sex crimes in his native Australia on Thursday, bringing a worldwide abuse scandal to the heart of the Vatican.”

“Appointed Vatican economy minister by Francis, Cardinal George Pell is the highest-ranking Church official to face such accusations. He asserted his innocence and said the pontiff had given him leave of absence to return to Australia to defend himself.”

“But Pell, a former archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney, had come under pressure from an Australian government commission on institutional child abuse, and had himself been under investigation for at least a year.”

What are the chances Cardinal Pell survives this scandal? Already ill, will he conveniently die before the Australian investigation puts him through the wringer?

The intrigues of the Vatican are endless, and they always have been. The silent wars taking place between factions have taken many forms. In this case, Cardinal Pell was originally appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the financial mess (numerous scandals) in the Church, but Pell ran into roadblocks as he tried to push that agenda forward.

Whether Pell is innocent or guilty of pedophilia, it’s possible that power blocs within Vatican City decided to discredit him and sideline him, in order to maintain secrecy about the money crimes they’ve been committing—they ramped up the pedophile investigation in Australia to take Pell out of the picture.

Since their earliest days, the Vatican has been a money machine, using religion as a front to raise cash. In the process, the Church “fathers” have condoned and/or participated in child sexual abuse and rape.

It’s absurd to think pedophilia in the Church rears its ugly head here and there, now and then. It’s institutional and embedded and always has been.

As I mentioned in a previous article about another subject, the limited hangout is a typical strategy of large organizations, when faced with exposure. Confession of a crime is made, as if the offense is highly unusual or limited to a particular person or sub-group, and a promise is made to investigate and root out the problem. But the real goal is: admit a “mistake,” make that the whole story (when it isn’t), and hope the wider ongoing crime vanishes from public consciousness.

“Well, it was just that one cardinal and some other pedophile bishop we heard about. I’m glad the Church is remedying the situation…”

Not on your life. The Church IS that situation, all over the world.

In the case of Cardinal Pell, a covert Church op can be taking place on several levels at once: Discredit Pell, smash his reputation in order to keep hiding financial crimes inside the Vatican; and produce a limited hangout by admitting that Pell is guilty of pedophile acts, as if he is the exception rather the rule.

For purposes of this covert op, it doesn’t matter whether Pell is, in fact, guilty or innocent. It only matters that he serves a purpose.

The public at large, of course, never gets to see the actual op. They only get to see what the Vatican wants them to.

If this sounds like we’re talking about an intelligence agency, a CIA, for example, and its devious strategies, we are definitely talking about that. The CIA and every other intelligence agency in the West has, over time, learned much from the machinations of Vatican City.

The Papacy and its right arm, the Jesuits (you can reverse that order of power and control) is the granddaddy of all intelligence operations; but that’s another story for another time.

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Jon Rappoport

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9 comments on “Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts

  1. Dana Doran says:

    Jon…and what is sincerely amazing is that the parishioners always support the pedophile priest!!! My 8th grade son, at a Catholic grade school in the islands, told me that on a very rainy day, when the playground was a pool of mud, Father Joe came round to take one lucky boy out to slide through the mud with him on one piece of cardboard, in full view of the classroom. 6 months later Father Joe was front page news and removed from his post. The parishioners refused to believe the truth, even after he admitted his crimes. Reminds me of the Hillary’s goal – – – an unaware and compliant citizenry.

  2. truth1 says:

    Not only the CIA and the Papacy but Venice was very good with intelligence and playing one side against another. In fact, I suspect that Former Venice big wigs descendants are now major bankers who long ago changed names in doing business and banking as well as location and focus (the new world), so that Venice would disappear in appearance but continue in dominance. Venice was always a Naval empire. That continued in Europe, too. You can see the culture of Venice continue among the elite. They wore masks at night when attending gatherings of their get-togethers and than has continued right to the present as Stanley Kubrick recreated in film.

    I have been reading about China’s SunTzu’s Art of War. turns out they were heavily into intelligence as a prelude to war or in place of war. Business and trade were always matters of intelligence and alliances/networks. The Indian and Pacific oceans were major trade areas pretty much out of the realm of the west for a long time. Venice became a connection with that sphere of trade. The Arabs and Jews also involved in connecting the 2 worlds.

    It is a fact of life that most of what goes on, is never seen or heard. One could not manipulate, otherwise. Public appearances are the most deceiving ones. They are the masks we all see and react to.

  3. Be it you have questioned the credibility behind “allegations” against Pell, I find it strange a man of your refined integrity gets drawn into rumour/conjecture based “evidence” AT ALL, Jon.

    Show a shred of HARD evidence and I’ll change my opinions, but, thus far, I witness only spurious fantasies.

    The first question a REAL journalist asks is “who ultimately GAINS from paedophile (sic) allegations?”

    I would scan much wider than the buffoons at the CIA and their “Micky Mouse” show……


  4. From Quebec says:

    Religions are as corrupted as governments are.
    I do not believe in any man made religions

    I for myself, believes in a benevolent higher power, no matter who it is or what it is, that created this beautiful Universe we live in. . And I am fine with that.

    By the way:

    Unreported: 1,500 pedophile arrests made nationally since Trump took office … Since Trump was sworn in, authorities have arrested more than 1,500 pedophiles


  5. John Graham says:

    Peodophiia in this world goes on at a staggering astonishing rate.
    There is a book by a Mexican journalist, Lydia Cachow. Slavery Inc. Its about international world wide child sex slavery. Its worth a a read. It reveales how the whole thing is organised and maintained .

  6. Peter Meissnitzer (Gladiatoro) says:

    The Vatican truly is filled with fat pedophiles sickening indeed , when Martin Luther from Germany visited Rome ( Vatican ) 500 or so years ago he said it looked like hell on earth I think he was spot on . Some of the popes that served there were involved in incest , pedophilea , one pope even had his nephew as a lover WOW no joke and they call them the holy fathers , ok . More like pure evil .

  7. monk johanan says:

    The way I see it, Pell was bold enough, as Archbishop of Sydney, to be working on behalf of orthodoxy: against interests that were involved in doctrinal and praxis corruption and unregeneracy. His ministry was a rare locus of genuine spiritual life, in harmony with this orthodoxy. he was allied with a small minority of bishops and cardinals with their fingers in the dyke, holding back forces of heretical compounds both ancient and new. this is why he was hired in the Vatican – to try and clean up some very sensitive areas – not whitewash them, but exercise some discipline against factions that had not been challenged head-on. So your coda theory that evil is targeting him for trying to get such spiritually orthodox improvements is the correct one, Pell being one of perhaps as few as eight orthodox and magisterial cardinals where there is genuinely good life going on; I have no doubt that “the evil one” is targeting him and trying to tarnish his reputation with wild accusations of no evidence in his whole bio – he working against the very evils he is now being slandered with! — your humble hermit jana nikolai

  8. CPP says:

    I wouldn’t mind hearing you tell that story you mention in the last sentence; assuming you wouldn’t be concerned about any reaction from the Jonestown compound.

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