Leftist celebs flirt with violence, get it on baseball field

Leftist celebs flirt with violence, get it on baseball field

by Jon Rappoport

June 15, 2017

The shooter, Hodgkinson, is dead. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and a US Capitol policeman were wounded. Without the presence of Scalise’s Capitol Police security detail, there would have been a massacre of Republican congressmen.

Political Left celebs never meant for THIS to happen. They were just playing. They were just virtue signaling. Having fun. They’re kids in the sandbox. Sure.

Kathy Griffin holds the blood-soaked decapitated head of Trump. Just a joke. Snoop Dogg releases a music video in which he shoots a toy gun at a clown dressed as Trump. Just satire. The prestigious Public Theater in New York City stages Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with a Caesar who looks like Trump, who is assassinated. Artistic commentary. Comedian Sarah Silverman tweets, “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING [Trump] & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.” Satire. Madonna tells the Women’s March she’s thought a great deal about blowing up the White House. But she knows “this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.” An Oprah moment. Rapper Little Bow Wow tweets to Trump, “Shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle [Snoop Dogg] before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.” Brief frustration.

Of course. And these are the people who want “social justice.” Equality for all. Free everything for everybody. Utopia. Or something.

These are the people who think of themselves of rebels, while they actually work for elite Globalism and its agenda of planetary government and planetary corporate control.

These celebs are clueless.

Chaos and destruction are a phase in the openly planned Globalist takeover. But understanding this is too complex for their simple minds. Following a sequence of thought from A to B to C is impossible.

They think they’re “overthrowing the power.” But they’re just adding to that power.

On the issue of open borders and unlimited immigration, for example, they’re a million miles from realizing the true Globalist intent.

In 1969, four years before co-founding the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller and launching an eventual capture of the White House under their created president, Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote:

“[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

The question was: how could nation states be eradicated? And one of those answers is: open borders, unlimited immigration. Change the face of nations. Wipe out all local traditions. Radically alter demographics. Make separate nations an extinct concept.

Of course, a cover story was necessary. It was, and is, humanitarian share-and-care. “We must let everybody in and embrace them.”

And another aspect of the cover story—foment wars to create displaced populations who would flee to the West. However, many of the immigrants aren’t, in fact, fleeing from war. They’re young military-age fighting men who arrive in the West with an appetite for destruction. More chaos in the works.

This is the op.

But the chance of celebrities catching on to this—and speaking out against it, in the age of political correctness—is zero.

Back in February, in the wake of the Berkeley, California, street riots, I wrote: “In the early days of the American Republic, George Washington warned against entangling foreign alliances. Flash forward from 1796 to 2017. Last night, masked thugs emerged from a crowed of protestors, at UC Berkeley, and chanted: ‘No borders, no nations, fuck deportations.’ And there you have it. A PERFECT summary of the Globalist position. One planetary nation (under one gentle, all-inclusive, loving, iron fist). George Soros would be smiling. David Rockefeller would be chortling.”

The presence of Donald Trump in the White House provides the ideal opportunity for unconscious Globalist foot soldiers to ramp up violence, blame it all on Trump, and bring about a major course correction—back to a Globalism much more severe than anything Trump would support—back to Globalism with a vengeance—calling it humane, calling it love, calling it caring, calling it freedom, calling it equality.

The current idiot’s delight education system makes it easy for the young to avoid thinking from A to B. No need to figure out what is going on. Just wave the correct banner, throw a brick through a store window, set a car on fire, and demand “social justice.” Then pause for a moment and admire the work of a 66-year-old socialist, who tried to wipe out Congressmen on a baseball field. As if that was a contribution toward the making of a better world.

Throw your mind in a garbage can. No need to have it or use it.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

74 comments on “Leftist celebs flirt with violence, get it on baseball field

  1. Dave says:

    Bravo! Spot on as usual! Unfortunately, who will read this besides those who already agree? Still, it’s great to read such clarity from someone who clearly has the blinders off. Many thanks!

  2. Stunning and exacting commentary.

  3. You have become an apologist, for a fake figurehead called the POTUS.
    The real power is a globalist power
    And they will have their way if not physically enterminated like the vetmin they are…
    Trump drops the largest bomb ever on Afghanistan. Peppers Syria with 59 cruise missiles. And sells 110 billion dollars in arms to pedophile men who wont even let a woman drive, and will stone her for that…and you got nothing to say.
    I say, you are just the other side of that corruption.
    Truth is truth regardless.
    The leftists are wrong, yes, but so are you…

    • Greg C. says:

      Life is like that, Michael. No one is every totally right. Are you going to just snipe from the sidelines, or are you going to help in an imperfect movement toward restoring sanity? Make your life count for something. A man who sees through everything sees nothing.

      • arcadia11 says:

        i would say that a man who says do not engage in corruption when you are aware that it is happening and have the ability to disengage from it is totally right. i would also say that a man who can see through everything is a man who can see through everything. if he is also an honorable man…

        • Greg C. says:

          Screw honor. Let’s just make things much better than they were before. Honor does not win on the battlefield, nor does it win in politics.

          • Michael says:

            Screw honour…really. What is the standard of decency among men then? Do we becomes the dogs in our baser instincts: I care not to live in that world I remember it too well.
            You want to know why the military places so much on honour, its because they need to counterbalance the dogs they become in the dirty fight. You can’t know that until you have lived it.
            Honour is all a man is…it’s a personel god he prays to keep himself right, to keep himself from falling into the darkness and becoing the abyss. To keep him from becoming the monster that he is…man is a terrible beast.
            Your comment shows how far the American male has fallen. we are not far from chaos. And that you do not want to see Greg.

            In a comment below, you spoke of Trumps way of making money. He builds expensive hotels and casinos, he builds expensive golf courses and resorts. He capitalizes on commercial real estate.
            He puts out his line of Trump products made by the hands of child slaves in China the east…tell me Greg how does that benifit the common man and America.
            He pays minimum wage to hotel and resort staff.
            You claim what?…trump doesnt invest in un-ethical stock.
            Tell me he doesn’t invest in arms manufacturing, please tell me that Greg.

          • From Quebec says:

            Trump Organization
            206 reviews
            Trump Organization Pay & Benefits reviews


          • Greg C. says:

            You worry too much, Michael, about what other people are doing. Don’t we have better things to do than to scrutinize where everyone’s money is going? I mean, when you do your shopping, do you really know if you are making honorable choices – do you agonize whether those shoes have shoelaces made by slave labor in China? Surely, there is no way to avoid being “contaminated” in this way, either at the consumer level or the producer level. It’s all the same problem, unless you accept the fact that we just have to do the best we can in a crappy world. And I think Trump is doing just that.

    • Herb says:

      There is some truth to what you say. Neither side is perfect in their implementation, but their goals are diametrically opposed. Go live in a almost any other country for a while and then make a comment. Why do you think we have to build walls to keep people out, and other places build them to keep people in? All 3 of the examples you cited are in retaliation – not instigation.

    • arcadia11 says:

      again, michael, thank you.

    • flyinggabriel says:

      If you read this as an endorsement of Trump you missed the point. Missing the point then means your expectation of criticism of Trump going unfulfilled becomes relevant to you. The nuance of the following statement thus becomes irrelevant and vanishes over the horizon of your perception landscape without even saying goodbye.

      “International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

      Regardless of Trump’s real pawn status, the current reaction is playing right into the globalists hands. If POTUS is indeed a globalist puppet, then the response to his presence becomes the fulfilment of his purpose, not the antidote to it.

      • Michael says:

        It is not this one article that is an edorsement by Jon Rappoport. This has been going on since before his election. But yet the negative side of a Trump presidency is ignored by this author.

          • Michael says:

            Two of the articles were written before he took office on Jan the 20th 2017. The last was written approximately a week later. He was busy appeasing his voters. Which he did in the first few weeks, he seemed like he was on the right track.
            There is criticism, but it is also spiced by an apologist.

            Then the turnaround and the bomb dropping and recent deals with head-choppers.

            The criticism Theodore needs to be on the vital issues like for instance the death of children because of the missile strike on Shayrat. Which was illegal. Which was not reported by the MSM. That was murder by an American president, and that is a crime to be investigated. The going back on his word not to violate Syria, Theodore.

            I no longer belong here, I see things differently, and I will not become part of just another group who thinks yours and Jon’s way. I grow infinitely tired of the rants of those who idolize Trump. As much as the rants of those who hate him.

            I was glad to see Trump has abandoned the dangerous climate policies like Paris, but the war mongering, destroys what he creates.

            Individualism is my right to contest with facts, the truth that is purported here.

            I will not compromise with honor or rightness, it is not black and white. Trump is not black and white.

            I understand the nature of the article is the craziness of the the Hollywood left. But they are not worth this article. They are not worth one single word. They are human garbage. And it is troubling that so many listen to them, or even response critically to their nonsense.

            And I am probably wrong in presenting my argument at this time, but, it’s a matter of the forest versus the trees.

            I won’t stand behind Jon simply because of his record to say the right thing. There is always higher ground and that I would wish him to reach for as the philosopher and wise man that he is..I have grown quite fond of him in the number of years I have followed his blog. There is certain issues he skirts around or never touches, and I am curious about that; understanding him as a investigative reporter. I see that as a type of mind control, a very sophisticated version.

            In some ways he sings like a mockingbird, and I have contemplated that…I haven’t like it. But I have contemplated it.
            Jon is a man and fallible as we all are as men.

            But I choose to keep him honest Theo. And so I will be the fly in the ointment.
            He can never be always right.

        • truth1 says:

          I tend to agree.

      • Sue says:

        Thank you, flyinggabriel. As Prof. Henry Higgins put it, “I think you’ve got it!”

    • Protectrespect says:

      I don’t view Mr. Rappoport as a Trump apologist at all. I think he has his questions about Trump like many of us still do. It seems to me that towards the end of this article that Mr. Rappoport makes the astute observation that essentially Trump being in office is the perfect tool for creating a “social justice warrior” army. I think the kind of social engineering/mind Kontrol needed to create such an army could not have existed without Trump being President.
      I wanted to believe that Trump’s presidency was a legitimate shock to the elite globalist’s, but now it’s making more sense why they allowed him to become the president. These sick psychopathic fuks (satanic globalist’s) are mad men, albeit very patient and long term goal oriented. There is always a method to their madness!

    • truth1 says:

      You are right Michael. Half truth is still half lies, too. To leave important info out or ignore it is a form of deception.

      • Michael says:

        “Half truth is still half lies, too.”….

        I don’t think its half lies, its choosing information to slant a story a specific way. It’s a manipulation. I don’t think; and this is my opinion! That Jon would use lies…he might, he could. I don’t think he is that type of man. But there is sutle mind-control here, even if it is for a greater and more righteous purpose.

        I guess there is truth to the adage; “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. …” Friedrich Nietzsche

        • truth1 says:

          Agreed! Its my opinion that all youtube “Alt Media” or maybe only 99% are agents in waiting to spring a lie. Some are doing it now.

      • flyinggabriel says:

        While you’re splitting hairs don’t forget intent. Any man not in possession of all the facts (or should that be ‘every man?’) will be guilty of omission. There are also those ‘facts’ genuinely held to be so, which later prove to be otherwise.
        It must come back to intent. Any deliberate omission or addition knowingly included in an effort to distort or manipulate what is known to be true – is a lie, however big all small. Conversely, there is very little when taken at face value, that cannot also be presented as an attempt at deception.
        Knowing the differences is no small thing.

  4. ProtectRespect says:

    Well stated Mr. Rappoport!
    You have hit The Nail on The Head once again!

  5. From Quebec says:

    Oh boy! We have 2 losers in the comment section.,,lol. Maybe too much smoking weed.

    Kudo again, Jon for this great article and long live Trump. He is a blessing for this corrupted world.

    Can anyone imagine what the world would be now, if Hillary had won the election?

    • Theodore says:

      21 Times Celebrities Threatened Donald Trump And The GOP With Violence…

      1. Kathy Griffin
      2. Jim Carrey
      3. Madonna
      4. Snoop Dogg
      5. Bow Wow
      6. Shakespeare in the Park
      7. Rosie O’Donnell
      8. Sarah Silverman
      9. Charlie Sheen
      10. Mickey Rourke
      11. Joss Whedon
      12. Robert De Niro
      13. Stephen Colbert
      14. Larry Wilmore
      15. YG
      16. Guns N Roses
      17. Marilyn Manson
      18. Will Smith
      19. Michael Moore
      20. Lea DeLaria
      21. David Simon

      • Michael says:

        How many times has Trump broke his word?…
        How many crimes has donald Trump committed since he entered the oval office?
        He said he had enough of the corruption of NATO, and would disengage from it…
        He said he had enough of the Saudis on human rights…
        He said Americas job was not to police the world, and he would drawn that in and concentrate on MAGA.
        He said Assad should be dealt with by the Syrian people..
        He said he had no problems with Russia and Vladimir Putin…

        Theodore who cares what a celebrity thinks, they are propagandists who have had it to easy, it is time to put them place.
        They are simply children playing pretend, and most of them are so dense and ego-centric. They could’nt form a free thought if their life depended on it.

  6. Larry says:

    If brilliant mathematician James Mccanney is correct, and Donald Trump actually won the popular vote in a landslide (implying MASSIVE voter fraud), I shudder to think of what could happen in the USA should Trump (or any of his family members) come down with so much as a hang nail.

    A “civil war” would of course play directly into the hands of the globalists.

  7. MadMagyar says:

    It should be kept in mind that Trump is a billionaire. He would not be allowed to be in that “club” unless he had their support or approval. That he APPEARS to be not one of them, a maverick, or not a globalist is important to them. If they wanted him out of the way or dead it would happen tomorrow.

    Aside from that, he is a “spokesman” for a reasonably moral group, at the tail end of the generation that won world wars, survived the social programing of the socialist/communist programs of the 1930’s, and is a “visible champion” of the last generation which had a moral compass. So he is a symbol, a rallying point for the conservatives, which will be manipulated into polarization against the left.

    THIS is what the globalists want – a conflict between the old conservatives and their progressive/leftist creation, which will be used to establish THEIR global control system, as a reaction to the conflict. Any of these events are manipulated, and fall right in line with their programming of society. What they are NOT sure of is the specifics of the reaction the older generation will have to the younger, amoral (and, literally, insane) generation. This is their only fear: how the older generation will move to reestablish a sane society – and what is the tipping point at which the veterans trained in serious combat will finally say enough is enough and take matters into their own hands. An attack on the symbol (whether the most important or several of the minor ones) could be the last straw. We are very close to finding out which one it will be.

    • Michael says:

      Ageed…yes. Well said.

    • Greg C. says:

      MadM, Your analysis lacks any understanding of true wealth – which is different from money. There are billionaires, and then there are billionaires. Trump is at the top of the true wealth group. The others, the parasites and manipulators, the hedge fund banksters, the phony industry types, the big pharma investors, the propped-up software monopolists, are in a totally separate group. Of course, Trump can’t be isolated from dealing with them, but you have to look at the source of his wealth, creating real value in the most basic commodity, real estate.

      His sense of morality is more than symbolic. He has a highly developed intuitive sense, rather than being tied to any specific belief system, which means his moral stances are genuine. He is no purist, which is good, because they are untrustworthy.

      Trump is no control freak. He gives it away to family and delegates it to capable people. In fact, that is probably a major weakness for him as president – he trusts too many outsiders.

      But Trump’s strength is his deftness at avoiding unnecessary conflict. He picks his fights well. He can’t be provoked into rash, ham-handed political reactions. Can you imagine what any other president would have done in response to all the calls for their assassination? There would be arrests, executive orders, and those guilty celebrities would have their houses SWATted by the feds.

      Trump remains calm in the thick of the storm. And he will be a calming influence on any “enough is enough” movement.

  8. From Quebec says:

    It should be kept in mind that Trump is a billionaire. He would not be allowed to be in that “club” unless he had their support or approval. That he APPEARS to be not one of them, a maverick, or not a globalist is important to them. If they wanted him out of the way or dead it would happen tomorrow.? (MadMagya)

    You are kidding, right? They have been trying so very hard to kick him out since he first announced he was going into the race. Since then, they have tried every vicious trick in the book they could find to overthrow him, and it did not work, did it? WHY? Because they have NOTHING on him, nada, zip, zero.

    You have to get out of your mind that billionaires are all crooks. Do not think like the liberal insane snowflakes. Trump is a hard working man who thinks outside of the box and imagined and created a fantastic very successful company who got him rich. Contrary to these corrupted life time politicians who got rich by corruption skimming fraud.

    Trump, in a way is much more intelligent than all these stupid globalist scums.. And, they will never be able to get rid of him legally., and they cannot kill him, it would be too obvious for the world to see.

  9. From Quebec says:

    Jon Rappoport on the Alex Jones, today,:

    Alex Jones (4th HOUR Commercial Free) Thursday 6/15/17: Jon Rappoport

    • TrishWriter says:

      Thank you so much for posting this video. I am not a huge Alex Jones fan, but seeing and hearing Jon Rappoport was a blessing indeed. Jon, I am so very grateful for all that you write and say. Please continue to speak your truth, even if we are uncomfortable hearing it.

    • flyinggabriel says:

      “Oh they’ll talk to you and talk to you and talk to you about individual freedom, but when they see a free individual . . . they get scared.”

      “Yeah well … it don’t make ’em running scared.”

      “Nope . . . it makes them dangerous.”

  10. Theodore says:

    HuffPost Hides Article Pushing “Execution” of Trump and GOP Leadership


  11. Michael says:

    It so easy to spout insults when you have no real understanding of how the world works. When you see it as a soap-opera, everything is in bubbles…bubbles. When all you can do is sling insult, and call people losers because of intelligent and free thoughts…well…you are to be ignored. Your POV does not matter, you are reactionary like who you oppose.

    Donald Trump woke a lot of people to the mistake that America has become, and that is good. But that was not intended, it simply happened because he was Donald Trump. It also would have happened if he was Al Franken had been nominated and won the election;  Pee Wee Herman or Anthony Weiner would have brought a similar result. The public at large reacted.

    This polarized society of left and right is a very dangerous thing, it is tantamount to an American civil war. It presents itself in American streets as I write this.

    Is he (Trump) qualified to be POTUS, no he is not, he is a plastic celebrity hated by other plastic celebrities.

    He is not even close to being the statesman, he needs to be, like a Ron Paul. A diplomat like Craig Paul Roberts. I would say that even Jon Rappoport is closer to being a president that Donald Trump is…I was interested in his presidency because he opposed Hillary Clinton, and was against Globalism. That is not true anymore, he is a fully blown globalist. And a liar.

    He is rich man living a rich life, orchestrating positions in power and government for his rich children…that’s nepotism, not quality. There are at present more qualified people than his children for those government positions. Important government positions. His prostrating himself to Israel and the Jew bankers of Wall street is despicable.

    The real government is Wall Street and the super elites, with names that you do not know, because they stay out of the public light, scandal is excommunication from this club. Secrecy in silence is how they rule and how they have always ruled.

    Donald Trump has had a wake-up call about how America works, he thought he would ride in with his white hat and fix it all up, make it better. Little did he know that there is a government behind the government. a deeper state, more important than an Emperor without any clothes.

    “Whose name might only be whispered for fear of their recompense.”

    There is money to be made in selling arms, huge amounts of money. But no one pays attention to who gains those high-tech armaments. Those instruments of death and destruction, those tools of suffering and loss.

    Saudi Arabia and it’s despot of a King Salman has it eyes on a caliphate, and new Ottoman Empire dug from the ashes of Syria , Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, Qatar, Yemen and Sudan. The Salafists are butchers and the Quran is a document of conquest and subjugation. It is not a book of peace, and a simply religion. The Wahhabists (Salafists) are radicals who see all who don’t believe in the prophets word as apostates who should be killed. Preferably by beheading. They have no tolerance for gays, free thinking women. They believe in the pure word of the Quran. And feel there has been too many freedoms and too many compromises with what they consider to be black and white. I have no time for this highly dangerous cult, and will not accept it as a religion.

    Jon Rappoport is an intelligent and wise man, but he is blinded by his faith in Trump. And might just have an agenda here, in his diatribe. When he presents only one side of a Trump argument we are left without all the facts. We as his readers are missing vital information in forming a critical thought of whom and what Donald Trump is…we don’t get all the information. it’s one-sided, biased, and so therefor no more that mind control. It is fallacious to present an argument on celebrities and their blind rage and childish accusations and threats, meanwhile not reporting on the truth of the man called Donald Trump and his crimes. Jon reports on other agents using a same line; many times has he exposed the argument he presented here.

    Is Kathy Griffin and her idle threat and morbid theatrics more dangerous than a 110 billion dollar arms deal to insane misogynists, and pedophiles. Mad men who will blow the world up for the word of their pedophile prophet.

    Is Robert DeNiro’s threat of punching the president in the face, as dangerous as 59 cruise missiles fired into Syria, violating the rules of war and the Geneva Convention. Killing children in a neighbourhood close to the Shayrat Airfield. A war crime that should be dealt with by the Hague court. Donald Trump is guilty of killing children for no reason but his political prowess.

    Is Rosie O’Donnell’s rant or Bill Maher hackneyed one-liners more dangerous than the POTUS, Donald Trump and the American military intimidating a nation and its leader; that America has aggressed and defamed, propagandized and sanctioned for no other reason than being the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea since 1958. For the fear that North Korean have of extinction, which they have tasted under the hands of Douglas MacArthur and a hegemonic American military. Whom systematically exterminated 25% of the Korean population during that campaign.

    Is Michael Moore’s over-indulgent rave, more dangerous than a bloated American military budget, upped another 100 billion or so, simply to impress the troups.

    You cannot show the ridiculousness of Hollywood celebrities, and their idle threats and ignore, crimes really committed by the president of the United States, Donald Trump…

    The more important question here is;

    “Why are American Presidents since JFK so impotent to make changes, long-lasting changes, that are good for the country. Why are presidents so corrupted and subserviant to an elite America, and a hegenonic Military Industrial Complex. And why is everyone so blind to this delusion of a portent president.”

    • arcadia11 says:

      ‘Little did he know that there is a government behind the government. a deeper state…’


      • Michael says:

        I know…thinking faster than I can type. Sorry.

        There is a facade, which is called the American political system; it is out in the open and the public sees it and votes using it. But it doesn’t make the greater decisions. It is manipulated greatly. It is a shadow on a cave wall.The important things; the moulding of society, the direction of the great planetary consciousness is directed and guided by a few. What we buy, what we think, what we believe is all manufactured.

        The real government are those alphas of influence, the Kissingers and Rockerfellers and Carnigies and the old and ancient bloodlines that have always ruled civilizations on this planet. They are a culture onto themselves. We as cretons are manufactured from birth to believe in the former one that I have stated about above. They have purposely damaged us at a genetic level. This whole business of inferior food and toxic skies, and toxic water, and program ideas of longivity is a purposeful event.The turning the world into a mental ward is on purpose. The vaccinations, the school system, the group mentality and concensus thought.

        But the real truth, the real working of the world is controlled by that deeper, darker older race of men who are groomed from birth for position of power and money. They eat the finest organic food. They are addressed by healers of value, people who have wisdom about the body. They are never vaccinated. They are educated in different schools than you and me. They are raised to be true individuals and do not worry or empathize with us of lower cast. Their bodie and minds are made differently.

        “Garbage in, and you get garbage out.”

        Trump is a very child like as a man, idealistic and believing in that America that he grew up in; but that was just a dream, an illusion spun out by the reality machine that is the deep deep state. That reality that he and all of us lived was a manufactured reality, all of it. Right down to the Jackson Pollocks and Mark Rothko’s on the MOMA walls. They are fake art. With fake critics telling us of how authentic they really are..the movies that moulded are minds to the ideas of love and society. It’s all paint and guilding, and color, but underneath the wood is rotted out.

        They gave him enough to appear to legitimize his power, but personally I saw a distinct change come over him, and a Manchurian is now in that office. Whither they scared him and showed him a movie of the JFK assasination from the real shooters POV, I mean the real shooter; or introduced him to the alien; he has been given a real education of what is what. And so he has changed and has been voicing words that are not his… supposedly making political decisions that I don’t believe are his…he is now a globalist amongst globalists.
        That is the way they want it; one world government, ruled from the top of the pyramid by a few.

        This is the best he has ever been, this is the fulfilment of a life’s dream for DT. He is caught up in the illusion, he believes he is a player now or he is scared shitless and is doing what he is told.

        • arcadia11 says:

          thanks for the good words, michael. but i was not questioning you – my responses are going under the wrong comments. my “???” was in response to the person who said “little did he know that there is a government behind the government…”

          i’m not questioning existence of a shadow government but the idea that somehow trump was innocent or unaware of such. it was so irreconcilable a statement that words failed me for response so i resorted to the symbol for…wtf.

          : – }


        • You are the first person who has ever said exactly what I think with regard to all of this. Thank you for putting what I most certainly believe is the truth out there so eloquently and precise.

    • TrishWriter says:

      Thank you for this insightful essay. The phony right’s “sins” are so very often whitewashed by military prowess. Many people want to believe that Trump is our savior, but he is not. I do appreciate Ron Paul because he does seem sincere and I believe that he–if the elite were not so threatened by him as to keep him from being elected–would indeed stop the killing overseas; most Americans do not hear about the drone killings that continued under Trump, more even than under Obama.

      Unfortunately, this killing will probably be coming to a town near you (and me), right here in the good ol’ U.S., soon. Events such as this shooting will be the pretense for martial law, which is what the globalists plan for us. No celebrities, on the phony left or the phony right, will stop the killing unless they truly understand what’s going on. And they don’t make time to do the research for that.

    • truth1 says:

      Michael, you have been on fire in this post. I really appreciate it and heartily approve of what you say.,

  12. Jon,

    I make no secret of the fact I don’t like Trump. The only thing that inhibits him from being “horrendous” is the fact he’s NOT Hillary Clinton. Credit where credit’s due. He and you deserve that.

    Your article I do like. I like it a lot because there’s not only plenty “on the surface” but, if you dig deep, lurking are some very uncomfortable questions posed at “all sides”. I’ll leave the brain-iouses to work that one out…..;-)

    In the meantime here’s another excerpt from my latest, which seems wrongly fitting in the right way:

    “…Next time the discussion point comes up we, you and they need to be sure of one thing. There is no free stuff nor ever was there. It is all stolen or, in the case of samples, given with view to longer term commercial return. I can play Beethoven’s music because he is dead. I have unfairly poached property rights from his surviving family (deliberately avoiding the convoluted inheritance debate). All of us that take free stuff are bloody thieves. Agreed, we are able to trade using goods and services exchange in place of money, but how many receivers of “free stuff” do that? What we receive is always at the other’s expense and we [mostly] simply don’t care. Yes, some do not value what they give for free and others merely process vanity by showing off, but collective freedom has to be balanced. Corrupting agents consumed with zeal are foolishly persuaded freedom comes with strings. In other words producers of free stuff have a liberal corrupting agenda….

    They want to influence beliefs

    This lowly blog is my attempt at balance. I expect nothing in return for what I write. My mission is not motivated by zealous control, beyond an underlying obsession with fair representation of truth (albeit devoid of perspective). Except those with unlimited resources and an endless superficial money supply, everyone must work “to live”. I had this crazy idea, in light of the fact I produce so much meaningful information for “free”, that time I needed to devote to earning money to survive might be best spent expanding my free work.

    Let’s face it, my output would hardly titillate the oligarchs or, indeed, anyone linked to sumptuous amounts of money. Far from merely lampooning the “New World Order” at my other political conscience blog, I demystify “plans” so radically, I also provide reasons and remedies with steps to action against tyranny in many cases. Because my writings are predominantly “transcendental”, to them, the Capitalists, I am the ubiquitous threat as they’re never quite sure whose side I’m on. Yet, I have pointed out before that the whole New Age angst against “alternative commerce” has been crudely manufactured by the industrialists themselves because it is they that see alternative commerce as enemy number one. Why would Capitalists allow any of their money to go to the other side? Let me make one undeniable assurance. All money in current circulation belongs to Globalist cartels intent only on accomplishing universal serfdom…..”



    • MrDuncmck says:

      sophism..socrates /xenophan.. if my eyes were my stomach ?they would be in a constant state of nausia ..having to read day in and day out ..(i hate Trump)..would someone please throw me a bone with some weight..this is the war of definition..these are first shots of a hot civil war .we’ve had this rhetorical war going for a long time ..now the crazed monkeys are throwing feco matter.

      • It is rare that I need to read a comment more than once. I read yours 4 times MrD. You deserve a prize for that, alone.

        I believe you are right, dear sir. Too right, I fear, for those with “refined” tastes.


  13. truth1 says:

    I say this was all a setup. A mind control agent is activated, one who was playing the part of a leftist. Bang! bang! (its a Nancy Sinatra song) he’s dead. Bang! bang! martial law on lefties. Bang! Bang! WW3. Bang! Bang! this has no happy ending. Many more false flags to come. And Freedom to flee.

  14. John says:

    There are no more rules for the left in this country. They have totally disconnected themselves from reality and have firmly planted themselves within the world of moral relativism where their perverted end justifies their twisted means: a tyranny. A society where only group thought on the left is permissive. When something like the above happens, they quietly cheer in their sick psychopathic minds while crying crocodile tears.

    The only people more dangerous than the extremists on the left are the wishy washy leftists who sit idly by and say virtually nothing. They pay lip service to us all. Content just to bash Trump at every turn. These people deserve what they get because they ignored eight years of an Obama tyranny and the chickens are now coming home to roost.

    Phonies to the core sitting up in their ivory towers patting each other on the back while a once proud Republic gets burned to the ground by a bunch of vile leftist scum of the earth thugs.

    • truth1 says:

      I agree with your sentiment, John. But the way the elite play is that they choose the direction they want us to go in and then create an enemy to repulse us an drive us toward the direction the elite want us to go in. They want us to bitterly hate the left, and that is a very easy thing to do, too. But then one has to gain control and composure and ask, am I being herded into a direction that will have far greater consequences than are readily apparent? And I believe that is the case. They are cultivating us to hate the left by paying crisis actors to pretend to be leftists. Hitler did the exact same thing. He condemned the left all the time and then burnt the Recihstag to the ground and blamed the left for it. And what followed, John? WWII, John! and guess what we will be facing, John! WW3. you can take that directly to the bank and deposit it! Carve my words in stone!

  15. They certainly under reported this tragedy

  16. From Quebec says:

    There are a few people on this site who think they are smarter than Jon Rappoport and that they know everything. When it is very obvious that this is not the case.

    I know very well these kind of people, they are the so-called intellectual snob type. They will always have repulsion for blue collar people like Donald Trump. They usually believe all the propaganda, the fake news, the false flags and all the lies that fits their views. . They are blind because they hate Trump so much it make their mind melt.

    President Trump has against him the Elites, the globalist, the leftists, the communists, the Muslims, the White House, some Republican senator and congressmen, all the Democratic party.
    the MSM, the corrupted judges, the leftover of Obama, the Deep State and the hateful regular guys who think they are the only one who can see clearly.
    They have thrown everything at Trump, including the kitchen sink. It is fascinating that Trump was able to do so much, so far, will all these obstructions.

    President Trump is risking his life and his family lives to try to make America great again and to save the world from globalism.. There is no greater sacrifice than this .

    For sure, he is not perfect, nobody is, but he his the best thing that ever happened to this world.

    The haters on this site are trying to convince Trump voters to abandon him. If they ever succeed, the next election will be a landslide for someone like Hillary Clinton.

    Good job guys. You are so evil, that you cannot even see that. You are too blinded by your hatred.

    • John says:

      Well said From Quebec. Having said that, we must continue to hold Trump accountable. The sludge entrenched in the Deep State is very deep. Trump is doing what he can considering the overwhelming majority of slime lined up against him. Trump the man is not perfect by a long shot but he is showing great courage. This can’t be done in an instant. But when the dam breaks, it should gush.

      The evil that Obama and his minions left behind will eventually be washed away. It has to or like Trump likes to say, “we won’t have a country anymore.”

      I wish these so-called ivory tower leftists and some on the right would see that Trump is the last chance we all have to put the brakes on globalism. It is just common sense, if he falls, so goes the Republic. If you are waiting for somebody with so-called undeniable principals and virtue, you will be waiting long within the depths of hell because this is it. It is now or never.

      Name me one positive thing Obama ever did for this country? The satanic stooge was full speed ahead with a globalist agenda from day one. Wake up people, this is our last chance, quit waiting for a savior, Trump is a mere human who needs your support. Have the courage to get off your high horse and fight for your damn country or it will soon be gone.

      Trump has a conservative supreme court judge who adheres to our Constitution on the bench. He trashed the TPP. The president has done away with massive EPA regulations. He is rounding up drug gangs. The Paris accord got a big fat NO. These things are good things which bring real hope, not the false hope which Obama and his sycophantic leftist sell, the false hope which enslaves the mind and soul. There is a HUGE difference between Trump and the last four presidents, he cares about this country and not the new world order.

      • From Quebec says:

        You said it better than me, John.

        YES: It is now or never.
        For your republic and for the hole wide world.

        Thank you.

      • truth1 says:

        John, old boy. there is not stopping Globalism. Trump is being paid to bring it about like at least 4 presidents setting precedents before him, have done. You can not stop it. No one can stop it God decreed it will happen. Would I lie to you? 😛

  17. Larry says:

    [via http://www.solari.com]


    “Growing food is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the face of this earth….because you are in danger of becoming free!”


  18. From Quebec says:


    Back in 1995, a married couple noticed a limo on the side of the road that had a flat tire. The husband pulled the car over and fixed the tire. The limo belonged to Trump, who thanked the man and asked him how he could repay him for his kind gift. The man suggested sending his wife a bouquet of flowers.

    Trump agreed… and when the flowers arrived several weeks later, there was a note included that said, “We’ve paid off your mortgage.”

    This incredible story was shared by Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, who has known Trump for years. Watch (below) as he recalls this story – and others – about just what a true Christian man Donald Trump is. Incredible!

    As Rev. Falwell opined, “I got to know Donald Trump after he spoke [at Liberty University] in 2012. I learned so much about him that the public never hears.”


    • truth1 says:

      Oh, God, I need my stomach pumped now. You did not mention the names or anything I could verify. I have my doubts.

      • From Quebec says:

        Here is another one for you thrut1

        Donald Trump saved my family: Widow’s daughter recalls how The Donald paid off her mom’s $300,000 mortgage after her father committed suicide
        Betsy Sharp told a campaign rally that Trump paid off her mother’s farm mortgage in 1986 after her father killed himself


        • truth1 says:

          Oh the picture is getting clear now. You are quite the Trump advocate, for sure. Yes, and you have close connections with him, too. Objective? Unbiased? I suspect you received special help from President Trump and I am not finding any more fault with President Trump than any other previous president. And I hate the left and appreciated much of Trumps rhetoric. I truly did. But all presidents are actors and appointed by very powerful people. You had great things done for you, but that could have been for show. All politicians do that. I don’t fall for any of it. I was not born yesterday.

          I predicted before the elections that no matter who went in, the result was going to be WW3 and I stick by that. And anyone who promotes world war is not a friend of mine.

  19. From Quebec says:

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump

  20. Sunshine says:

    I listened to a program on NPR yesterday where they repeatedly invited listeners to send their personal stories of how they are continuing “the resistance against President Trump.” That’s bizarre. I know NPR is a leftist station, but that’s still bizarre.

  21. From Quebec says:

    Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec Disrupt The Trump Assassination Play!

  22. From Quebec says:

    If you have some time this week end, you must listen to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday.
    Rush has a way to look at things with an incredible logic skill.skill

    Must absolutely watch this video:.

    Rush Limbaugh Friday – June 16,2017

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