Break out the CO2 bubbly; Al Gore is crying in his beer

Break out the CO2 bubbly; Al Gore is crying in his beer

by Jon Rappoport

June 2, 2017

“All right, contestants, listen carefully. Here’s the final question. The winner will be awarded three years living in a hut with no electricity or heat and he’ll dig for tubers and roots so he can eat—thus contributing to a decrease in global warming. All right, here is the question: Whose private jet spews more CO2? Al Gore’s or Leo DiCaprio’s?”

With Trump’s historic rejection of the Paris climate treaty, Al Gore is deep in a funk.

But don’t weep for Al. He can still amuse himself counting his money. Yes, Al’s done very well for himself hustling the “settled science” all these years, shilling for an energy-depleted Globalist utopia.

Al knows actual science the way a June bug knows how to pilot a spaceship.

Every movement needs such men.

Consider facts laid out in an uncritical Washington Post story (October 10, 2012, “Al Gore has thrived as a green-tech investor”):

In 2001, Al was worth less than $2 million. By 2012, it was estimated he’d piled up a nice neat $100 million in his lock box.

How did he do it? Well, he invested in 14 green companies, who inhaled—via loans, grants and tax relief—somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 billion from the federal government to go greener.

Therefore, Gore’s investments paid off, because the federal government was providing massive cash backup to those companies. It’s nice to have friends in high places.

For example, Gore’s investment firm at one point held 4.2 million shares of an outfit called Iberdrola Renovables, which was building 20 wind farms across the United States.

Iberdrola was blessed with $1.5 billion from the Federal government for the work which, by its own admission, saved its corporate financial bacon. Every little bit helps.

Then there was a company called Johnson Controls. It made batteries, including those for electric cars. Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management (GIM), doubled its holdings in Johnson Controls in 2008, when shares cost as little $9 a share. Gore sold when shares cost $21 to $26—before the market for electric-car batteries fell on its head.

Johnson Controls had been bolstered by $299 million dropped at its doorstep by the administration of President Barack Obama.

On the side, Gore had been giving speeches on the end of life as we know it on Earth, for as much as $175,000 a pop. (Gore was constantly on the move from conference to conference, spewing jet fumes in his wake.) Those lecture fees can add up.

So Gore, as of 2012, had $100 million.

The man worked every angle to parlay fear of global-warming catastrophes into a humdinger of a personal fortune. And he didn’t achieve his new status in the free market. The federal government helped out with major, major bucks.

This wasn’t an entrepreneur relying exclusively on his own smarts and hard work. Far from it.

—How many scientists and other PhDs have been just saying no to the theory of manmade global warming?

2012: A letter to The Wall Street Journal signed by 16 scientists said no. Among the luminaries: William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University; Richard Lindzen, professor of atmospheric sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; William Kininmonth, former head of climate research at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

And then there was the Global Warming Petition Project, or the Oregon Petition, that said no. According to, the petition has the signatures of “31,487 American scientists,” of which 9,029 stated they had Ph.Ds.

Global warming is one of the Rockefeller Globalists’ chief issues. Manipulating it entails convincing populations that a massive intervention is necessary to stave off the imminent collapse of life on Earth. Therefore, sovereign nations must be eradicated. Political power and decision-making must flow from above, from “those who are wiser.”

Globalists want all national governments on the planet to commit to lowering energy production by a significant and destructive percentage in the next 15 years—“to save us from a horrible fate.”

Their real agenda is clear: “The only solution to climate change is a global energy-management network. We (the Globalist leaders) are in the best position to manage such a system. We will allocate mandated energy-use levels throughout the world, region by region, nation by nation, and eventually, citizen by citizen.”

This is the long-term goal. This is the Globalists’ Holy Grail.

Slavery imposed through energy.

Al Gore has done admirable work for his bosses. And for himself. As a past politician with large name recognition, he’s promoted fake science, tried to scare the population of Earth, and financially leveraged himself to the hilt in the fear-crevice he helped create.

Ask not for whom the bells toll. They toll with delight. They’re attached to cash registers. And Al has stuck his hands in and removed the cash.

He might be crying in his beer today, after Trump rejected the Paris climate treaty, but Al’s also thinking about how he can play to the Left that’s so outraged at Trump’s decision. More speeches, more “inconvenient truth” films, maybe a summit with Leo DiCaprio and Obama.

Yes, there’s still money in those hills…quite possibly more money than ever.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on “Break out the CO2 bubbly; Al Gore is crying in his beer

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Global warming and climate change were simply used as yet another tool in the globalist agenda to control the planet, impoverish and kill the “excess” population and retain their power and wealth. Not going to happen. Wake up, folks, and put the dots together: compulsory vaccinations, GMOs, geoengineering, international treaties that destroy national sovereignty, etc. All are part of the Plan. And that plan is now being dismembered by brave individuals such as Trump and whistle-blowers who are willing to take the heat and stand up against those who HATE humanity.

    • tommytcg says:

      Some facts for Al Gore. With reference to the often used ‘97% of scientists concur’, a major peer-reviewed paper by four senior researchers has exposed grave errors. They pointed out that the 97% number had appeared in a new and unknown journal. (Suspicious)? The researchers were led by top climatologist Dr David Legates. Their paper was published in the respected Science and Education journal and it clearly demonstrated that number was not 97.1%, as claimed, but only 0.3%!

      Only 41 out of the 11,944 published climate papers examined by Dr Legates team explicitly stated that ‘Man caused most of the warming since 1950’.

      Not forgetting Climate by the UK Telegraph where Brit scientists at the U of E Anglia fiddled and faked Temp. readings to show warming.

      And.. Professor John Turner, a climate expert at the British Antarctic Survey. “The world’s best 50 models were run and 95% of them have Antarctic sea ice decreasing over the past 30 years.” Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner (head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University in Sweden, past president (1999-2003) of the INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, and leader of the Maldives Sea Level Project – he has been studying the sea level and its effects on coastal areas for some 35 years) by EIR (Argentine Foundation for a Scientific Ecology) [] he talked about the IPCC misrepresentation of sea level data: “Then, in 2003, the same data set, which in their [IPCC’s] publications,… was a straight line—suddenly it changed, and showed a very strong line of uplift, 2.3 mm per year, the same as from the tide gauge… It was the original one which they had suddenly twisted up, because they entered a “correction factor,” Why no ‘real’ sea level rise..

      The winter ice around the southern continent has been growing relatively constantly since records began in 1979. The US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), which monitors sea ice using satellite data, said this week that the year’s maximum was 1.54m sq km (595,000 sq miles) above the 1981-2010 average. The past three winters have all produced record levels of ice.

  2. Just because ‘globalists’ and the Gores, etc. are on board climate change for power and profit does not make it a hoax.

    Look no further than the number of human beings on the planet. More humans = more waste + more carbon emissions + more resource plundering + more poisons dumped in the environment + more trees cut down / environmental destruction, etc etc . If the number of humans was kept withing reasonable limits for this planet, there would be no possibility of a human-induced change in the climate.

    Let’s make breeding responsible.

    Unfortunately, no chance of this.

    • Oliver Manuel says:

      I agree, globist greed for power and money does not make AGW a hoax.

      AGW is a hoax because it it based on scientifically false assumptions about:

      1. The natural temperature assumed for planet Earth:

      2. A simple logical error in atomic, nuclear and particle physics in 1935 that obscured the routine operation of the Sun:

    • free your mind says:

      Franklin, there is no doubt that corporations are destroying our environment. Back in the 1960’s we were pounded by the media and academia regarding over-population. The white population listened, and the numbers of children born to white parents,both in US and Europe, dramatically declined. It is the non-white populations that continue to increase. You can easily verify these facts and I encourage you to do so. The whites declined in population, so now what do the Controllers do? They begin massive immigration of non-whites into primarily white nations on the premise that we need immigrants to do the jobs the natives don’t want to do and to increase the tax-base. While at the same time, mind you, we are being told that robotics will be taking away our jobs, both blue-collar and white-collar jobs in the near future. The intelligent people have fewer or no children, and the idiots breed like rabbits.
      Especially when our tax-dollars are paying for their folly.
      Unconscious humans are much easier to control and or eliminate. Oh and Franklin, here is a list of 81 corporations that support human induced C02 climate change theory, including Coca-Cola, which goes into foreign countries and gobbles up their fresh water systems. Don’t you think it’s a bit suspcious?

      • Of course it’s suspicious which also does not make human-induced climate change not a fact.

        If it is just you, your mate & your two children living in your house, everything can be kept in a reasonable regulation but if there are now 20 people living in the same space, everything gets out of control, including competition for resources which can lead to conflict, violence, attempted power control, etc.

        It is simply basic logic and not rocket science, as is the fact of the overpopulation of humans involved in destroying the eco-system as well as altering the climate.

      • Terri says:

        Yes, Intelligent higher class humans choose to not be hamsters and then demand someone else pay for the children they don’t really care about. The worst thing to do is reward irresponsible low class people to breed by paying for it. This effects everyone, and has destroyed society but that is what the police/nanny state wants, control over an idiotic violent society.

        Children are a sacred responsibility, and require and deserve a lot of love and care. If one is not up to this, then its okay to say no thank you and do something else with their life.

        Our republic was designed for sovereign, active, thinking people. Freedom and responsibility are two sides of one coin. A republic can not function if the people choose to be peasants. As Donald Trump said, our country belongs to the people, and until the people choose in greater numbers to fulfill their responsibilities, this great ideal will flounder.

        We all must stand up legally and lawfully against tyranny and unconstitutional behavior from our corrupt criminal public servants. Donald trump can not do this alone.

    • Michael says:

      Great Idea; population control.
      Responsible breeding; maybe you can convince the head choppers, about your idea, those MF’s are out-breeding us Frank.

      You could sell tee-shirts Frank, “Let’s Make Breeding Responsible”. Eyee like it. You could use the ribbon thing, say ah used condom tied in a nice little bow. I got ideas frank. It’ll go over like a lead balloon.

      Speaking of responsible breeding, did-you-get-your-vasectomy-Frank? Do you have any kids? Are you a sinner, fess up frankie, do you have kids?

      Off course you could lead the way on lessening the number of people on this planet, and say, off yourself. Can I watch. maybe you could make a YouTube video. Snuff flicks are click bait these days.

      I got a better idea Frank…bear with me. I’ll man splain-it

      Let’s take Al Gore and Leo “I’m having trouble growing a real gotee” DiCaprio, Bill Nye, and that weirdo DeGrasse, Michael E. Mann and the whole IPCC; as a matter of fact, lets take the whole fucking UN, every single globalist bastard. All the climate idiots, and Vagina heads and most of those flakey sissy actors in Hollywood, the snowflakes and that scritcher Elon Musk and anybody who wants to give it up for the planet Gaia.

      Put the whole fandangle, the works, all of them on Baffin Island; nobody goes there. We nuke it, with one of those new nukes, thjose high efficiency bastard, that have no bad radiation, irradicating all the problems and the fucking polar bears, and melt the godam ice, and put some “real” carbon in that atmosphere. Instead of all this pussying around. Viola’, problem solved. And Silence. Now its easier to get all that new shit from China to the WalMarts of North America. Brilliant right…I know, sometimes I amaze myself.

      The positive feedback alone will be enormous Frank; the rest of us can get some real sleep, instead of worrying if we left the light on down stairs.
      Or feeling guilty on “Earth Day”, or “Ocean Day”, or “Water day”, or “Turn you lights out for an hour day”, because we are individuals Frankie me ole son, and make our own minds up for ourselves, and don’t follow limp wristed weirdo religious groups down rabbit holes.

    • From Quebec says:

      Hey Franklin, the SUN controls the climate, not the people.
      Grow up and learn… Please….

      • Kristin says:

        THANK you. The Sun is the sole thing in the universe that is capable of having any influence on our climate. We can adjust the micro-climate in our living room, via A/C, and the heat goes somewhere else. Our elements are finite, but the molecules that are made up of those elements are changing, yet always revert back to their original elemental forms eventually- the law of decomposition. CO2 manages to go back to carbon and oxygen and so on. Our oxygen level on this planet has always been 21% (I remembered this fact, but had to google it just to make sure) The UN, the climate-gate people all have a motive for relying on the ignorance of the American people to buy into this Earth ecology stuff, and it is not in the people’s best interests.

  3. Lord Monckton is now saying that the globalists made grave mistakes in their math, which were so well ensconced in the propaganda that it has taken real scientists years to uncover. These were not “mistakes”; let’s call them what they are: LIES.

  4. Oliver Manuel says:

    Al Gore grew up in the Washington swamp of double-dealing, profited handsomely financially, while dying spiritually inside. Even his wife, “Tupper,” finally left him.

    President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the UN’s Paris Global Climate Agreement will free the USA from worldwide tyranny by the UN that the US NAS has secretly promoted by extracting support for misinformation from federal research agencies to approve their annual budgets for Congress.

    US European allies overseas squandered another $13.25 billion dollars to discover the fictitious “God particle in CERN’s large hadron collider and distract attention away from the fact physicists have miscalculated atomic nuclear energy for the past eighty-two years (1935-2017).

  5. free your mind says:

    At the COP21 meeting in Paris in 2015 on human induced C02 climate change, Jim Hansen, former NASA scientist and “father of climate change” was advocating the expansion of more nuclear energy plants. There was no mention of a very real, documented, ongoing man-made disaster, Fukushima.
    The people in charge of promoting human induced climate change never mention the technocrats cure, which is Agenda 21 and geoengineering. And the average person who supports the human induced C02 climate change theory has never even heard of Agenda 21 and geoengineering.
    And the complicit mainstream media aims to keep it that way.

    • Bunny says:

      Aside from the aging unsafe reactors they have in poor repair..IF…IF Climate Change” is as catastrophic as they claim then the government’s global warming cranks would HALT ALL FRACKING OPERATIONS immediately, instead of the Obama admin endorsing and giving government funds to go full steam.
      They would also very quickly phase out factory farms another major source of “greenhouse gasses”.

  6. jmilamdeal says:

    Unfortunately there are those who will believe almost anything, but many scientists who know the score realize that global warming, or now referred as climate change is not and never will be settled, it’s all about the money!

  7. Bruce K. says:

    Your concern for our environment is laudable Franklin, but I wish individuals such as yourself would do a bit more searching of original sources and apply a bit more skepticism to politicized pseudo-science. Thank you for your concern, but how does this work exactly? You live; I die? Are you and Big Al’s handlers the decider guys and gals; or are you the enlightened preparing to offer yourselves as ritual sacrifice for the good of humanity? Malthusian delusion guides us to an intellectually dumbed-down, spiritually devastated cul-de-sac whereby we must compete with each other for scarce resources. Under Malthusian delusion, Main Street is simply being harvested. If humans understood their own nature and creative power, we would, instead choose the imagination highway creating whatever is needed. The sad thing is, our climate is changing as it always has and because corrupt government order-followers enable greedy pigs like Al Gore and friends to divert real research dollars to their insider trading schemes, we will not be prepared, as usual for what’s actually happening. Milankovitch Cycles and historic sun spot activity tell us an ice age occurs roughly every 11,500 years or so and has been a regular occurrence for more than 200,000 years. We are due for an ice age. Yes, temperatures are up, but not anthropomorphically so. Of course, 7 billion humans impact the environment they inhabit, but this doesn’t prove this particular hoax. Historic ice boring logs suggest Earth is due for a coming ice age, not continued warming. Earth is in a temperature spike similar to warming spikes preceding at least the last 20 or so ice ages. It’s a known cycle climate consensus limits discussion of or publication about. This predictable impending ice age may well be an extinction event, but not for the propagandized reasons we waste trillions filling coffers of Big Al and friends. I’m not an energy or climate expert, but am educated in this area and was issued a patent (US 8,381,523 B2) for geothermal electricity production in February, 2013. I’ve been studying climate cycles and clean energy production relative to my patent since 1995 and global warming is indeed a fabulously profitable hoax, though climate change, primarily driven by sun activity and earth’s rotational axis variation are the primary culprits. Rather than donate to Big Al’s bank account, we would be wiser paying his fat ass to stand in a particular earthly location, sans his jet, so hopefully his weight might conveniently balance and potentially reduce earth’s rotational precession and subsequent magnetic field variation. Just sayin and thank you for caring about this. Sorry I’m a pedantic asshole. It’s a character flaw.

    P.S. I do agree Franklin, that toxic anthropomorphic pollution and intentional poisoning of our planet is a serious problem, but not causative to climate change; excepting government sponsored, heavy metal chem trails, which do weaponize weather patterns and are poisoning the food supply,..but then, this is an altogether different hoax.

    • Michael says:

      @ Bruce
      Impressive…pedantic? Nah, not one bit. Lol

      Have you looked at the Younger Dryas data, I query if we came out of the last ice age too quickly, and possibly were thrown into a cold snap for almost a thousand years.

      Do you know of the work of Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson and J Harland Bretz. Bretz an astounding scholar with a solid head for details; man talk about seeing the big picture.
      It is convincing, even more so if you see the area that they are speaking about, and Bretz discovered. It gives so much credence to the deluge myths from around the world. This planet has been so many things. A complete snowball at one point.

      Carlson has some interesting ideas on the Carbon cycle. So vital, so misunderstood by most…

      The question comes up of why the Dinosaurs were such big animals, dragonflies the size of a large bird; why trees grew so large, tall in those days. Ferns the size of a house..well 5000 ppm of CO2 was one reason. Life was thriving. Absolutely thriving. a wonderful time on planet earth.
      Granted that would be a humid climate. But not deadly, not unbearable; a modest 1000 to 1200 ppm would make for stronger humans at present, greater natural crop yield. Enormous natural pest and drought resilence in plants and all organisms for that fact. Greater utilization of nutrients and vitamins within humans. Larger taller humans with enormous strenght and stamina. Plants use exponentially less water with higher CO2 levels.

      CO2 has got so much bad publicity, but it ties together a perfect symbiosis of plant and human.

      Humans breathe in oxygen and gives of a carbon atom tied to two oxygen atoms; plants take that in, and cease the carbon atom and give up the oxygen atoms for us to breathe in and double the return to the plant. Amazing really.

      Most are ignorant of the fact that below 260 ppm of CO2, which is not far from 400 ppm; the norm at present. That photosynthesis stops, plants died.
      When you start to look at the UN agenda, one would have a hard time not extrapolating that the carbon reduction plan is about food and plant life. Weaker sicker humans and a boon for pests, fungi and disease.
      Climate change is not solely a money driven thing, what I state is a hunch, I have no proof.
      Slowing down life, less crop production, inferior deficient food, weaker colder energy dependant humans….hm.

      Now what were we talking about…oh yes pedantic 😉

      • Bruce K. says:

        How do you see Geoengineering and the annual dispersal of hundreds of tons of nano-size metallic particles fitting into this picture? Is it climate change or climate warfare? I’m a little new to aerosol dispersal of heavy metallic, but this is looking like a serious issue having significant impacts on weather. I’ll take a look at Dryas, Hancock, Carlson and Bretz. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. From Quebec says:


    Paris accord meant to kill US economy to make America dependent on globalism

  9. There is NO greenhouse gas, the WarmMonger and Lukewarmist debate is fake….

    “Spencer Sorcery on Magic Gas” at FauxScienceSlayer website

  10. Ahh eugenics. The idea that there’s too many people (for the elites to control). Making us feel guilty for our very God given existence.
    I did some simple math on the whole eugenics thing: I assumed that all of the people currently in the world were forced to relocate to just one land area (Australia). That would give each family of four one acre of land, with quite a bit left over. With biodiverse farming techniques this would be more than enough to feed everyone. Just in Australia…

  11. Bunny says:

    One thing i have never seen covered anywhere is that Canada Instituted carbon taxes, and guess where that money went?
    Just guess.

    It went to the big oil companies to develop the Alberta TAR SANDS- which resulted in a conflagration..if anyone cares to recall.

    Yeah way to help “Climater Change” what a fraud.

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