Syria attack: Is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

Syria attack: is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

by Jon Rappoport

April 9, 2017

Trump was going to be the president of peace and non-interference. No foreign wars. No reason for the US to be policeman for the world.

This was not a minor message. Many Americans who had blown through the prison gates of the US political system when Ron Paul ran for president backed Trump, hoping for sanity.

Now what?

On top of the Syria missile attack itself, there are several reasons to believe the sarin nerve gas incident, which provoked the missile strike, was a false flag or an accident, and Syrian President Assad was blameless. But Trump said GO NOW.

It appeared President Assad, with the help of Russia and the US, was moving closer to victory against the various terrorist groups in Syria. That outcome is now in doubt.

Is it possible Trump and Putin are secretly working toward the installation of an actual democracy in Syria? If true, the missile attack was a Trump strategy to gain political support from US lawmakers, neocons, and other assorted US military-industrial complex goblins. But I’m not betting on some secret US-Russia plan.

The demotion of Trump’s special counselor Steve Bannon in recent days could have been a move to get him out of the way, before the discussion about launching the missile strike took place—because Bannon might have voiced deep opposition.

Another “benefit” from the attack on Syria: with Democrats, war-hawk Republicans, media pundits, and other assorted Beltway adrenaline junkies suddenly piling praise on Trump, the passage of an inflated federal budget for the military is quite likely. That’s a plus for defense contractors.

Arch Rockefeller Globalists, including Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission players are now breathing a tentative sigh of relief. Trump seems to have come into their fold. He’s operating “on their turf, doing the right thing.”

All of which leaves millions of Trump supporters—the people who elected him—out in the cold. They didn’t sign on for this. The missile attack was just the sort of move Hillary Clinton would have made.

Trump surely understands this. He’s made the calculation that it doesn’t matter. Apparently, he believes he can win his supporters back.

He also understands that the US intelligence assessment of the sarin attack in Syria could have been cooked, fixed, dreamed up, based on an intentionally staged event. But he’s chosen to ignore that.

And unless he and Putin are playing a secret game in concert, having decided to install a new and improved anti-jihad secular government in Syria, Trump has pushed Putin away from any reasonable negotiating table. Here too Trump gains support from his opponents in the US, who have been shouting about Demon Russia and insisting that Putin and Trump together fixed the 2016 US election. Finally, Trump “sees the light” about Russia. Finally, he sees that Russia is backing the wrong horse in Syria. He sees that Russia is the eternal enemy of America. It’s all nonsense, of course, but Trump felt he had to get the screaming press and the majority of Congress off his back.

If so, he has miscalculated. His domestic enemies will never let up. They aim to take him down. They are dedicated to pushing him out of the White House, or at the very least, neutralizing every one of his policies during the next four years.

And again, Trump’s strength—his supporters who voted for him, who were hoping against hope that his administration would turn America in a new direction—Nationalism, not Globalism—his ultimate strength has taken a blow.

He has distanced himself from the power of those who put him in office.

A populist leader who does that is playing with fire.

He may temporarily win praise from the media echo chamber, but those echoes fade fast, and then he’ll realize he is isolated—which is exactly the position in which his opponents want him. On a mountain top, alone, his only option to embrace those he was campaigning against.

Is Trump smarter than that? Does he have hole cards no one has yet seen?

Or did he just make a fatal move, a mere 75 days after taking office?

I could spend another 5000 words detailing the people Trump has surrounded himself with, but the point is, most of them want to block him from thinking about, and talking to, the people who elected him. They want to keep him pinned to the “Washington conversation,” which is always and forever elitist. In their view, “presidential” means deaf, dumb, and blind to the wishes of the people. It’s the way politics works. That’s what sells. It sells to the media. It sells to the intelligence establishment. It sells to the briefers who tell Trump what the “inside game” is every day. It sells to people of every political persuasion, except those who want basic Nationalism.

We KNOW Trump is blind and dumb when it comes to certain aspects of life in the US. In his desire to make business the overwhelming business of America, he is willing, for example, to ignore ACTUAL environmental destruction in exactly the way George W Bush was willing. (Trump’s new EPA chief has already taken a ban of highly poisonous pesticides, Lorsban and Dursban, off the table.) We KNOW Trump is clueless when it comes to the FDA approving highly toxic medical drugs that kill huge numbers of citizens (106,000 a year, at a conservative estimate). He wants to enable FASTER FDA drug approval. That is a catastrophe in the making.

But, putting that aside, the defeat of Globalism, bringing back jobs to America, securing the borders against criminals, opposing that treacherous collection of self-entitled Globalist scum on the East Side of Manhattan called the United Nations—these are issues millions of Americans have come to understand, and they expect Trump to take decisive action.

They also expected him to refrain from launching attacks against foreign nations. They expected him to bring US troops home. They expected him to stop policing the world. They expected him to drain neocons from his inner circle.

But now, for the moment, the distance between Trump and the people who put him in office is increasing; and if a point is reached where those people no longer have faith that Trump can hear them, he is done.

He’ll be living the life of a president, like other presidents.

A shadow, remote.

Does he understand that?

Many months ago, I laid out and repeated my reasons, my ONLY reasons for favoring Trump: he was keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House; he was mercilessly attacking mainstream news, which is the source of information mind control in America, the main obstructing force against people waking up to realities that are being hidden from them; he was gathering millions of citizens who want freedom and prosperity and an end to Globalism-Fascism-Collectivism-Socialism-Corporatism-political correctness.

I said: everything else is up for grabs.

It still is. But Trump has to understand what he is doing to his supporters—who exist as a movement independent of him.

Those supporters can check out of the Trump Hotel.

Like unhappy tourists, they can leave with a bad taste in their mouths.

They can move on.

Worst of all, they can wait for the next hopeful candidate and do nothing in the meantime.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “Syria attack: Is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

  1. I am willing to give Trump room to make mistakes too, just like the rest of us, but I share your concerns.

    • Darwin Pope says:

      What mistake ? I for one believe he did the right thing and I am a 28 year veteran of the U. S. Army and have never served in combat but it is imperative that we regain our position in the world as s SUPER POWER and keep it in place because that evil individual Obama destroyed the image!

  2. shafarnullifidian says:

    Trump is “listening” to the empiricists who allowed him to be elected and who will allow him to stay in realistically powerlessness so long as he “follows orders”. Oh, he’ll be allowed some “free lancing” wandering off the reservation just as long as the stupidity of His Imbecility doesn’t create obstacles for the Empire -Seeking Elites, else he’ll be gone so quick he’ll be remembered about as mush as that other guy who spoke gave a 2 hour address at Gettysburg!

    • MrDuncmck says:

      a really great sign is that watching the msm house burn down necons horrified .all hell breaking loose .??this is not acting imo the empiricists could not pull that off..i think he is a real wild card..what a reprieve !! i hope soo much he’s got a card up his sleeve? bigger stuff=free will consciousness and imagination ..the cosmic currency?

    • joe says:

      Hopefully Trump won’t be as big of a scum as the guy that gave the two hour speech at Gettysburg!

  3. artiewhitefox says:

    Trump is not listening to me.

  4. TwilaTharp says:

    I think so many of us supported Trump for the same reasons you did, Jon. I spent hours online every day defending him and posting what I thought was the common sense option against Hillary Clinton. When this air strike happened my first thought was it might have taken Clinton three weeks to hit the nuclear button and in comparison, did it take Trump three months? I respect Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who says the actions reflect President Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal. Sure, fine, I understand all that, having been associated with someone who could write a similar book. But it is crass and deadly harmful to regard warfare as the art of the deal. I think we all thought President Trump knew this and if we’ve been had, the effect is like kicking sand in the face of your supporters. President Trump has the opportunity to become the greatest president in the history of the world and it’s time to start on that path. A path I thought had started when we helped him be elected.

  5. middleway says:

    It is a great surprise that people still have faith in the political system(s) and remain gullible enough to continue praying at their masters desecrated altar(s).

  6. TRUMPAGEDDON: The Real Back Story Behind U.S. Missile Attack On Syria

  7. stuartbramhall says:

    Trump was going to be the president of peace and non-interference. No foreign wars. No reason for the US to be policeman for the world. This was not a minor message – it was important in persuading libertarian Ron Paul to back Trump’s presidency.

  8. From Quebec says:

    Look no further than his liberal daughter Ivanka (best friend of Chelsea Cliton) and her globalist husband Jared Kushner, who is for open borders and who got a.$259 Million Line Of Credit from George Soros

    Trump is a family man, he loves his kids (maybe too much), he thinks they are so perfectly brilliant, they can do no wrong. And that is his weakness, It blinds him. It’s his Achilles heel.

    When I first saw Ivanka, I thought she had a beautiful face, but still,, something was wrong about it. . I didn’t know what. I couldn’t figure it out. But, now I know why. She is a hard core liberal, and everyone knows that Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder, like Michael Savage rightly says.

    Ivanka was the one who pushed and made Trump agree fo a $500B Child Care Plan on the Hill .
    She is also the one who asked her father to be soft on Chelsea mother Hillary Clinton during the debates. And she is the one who, pushed Trump to act immediately and attack Syria.

    Trump must get rid of Ivanka and Jared, or else, he will lose all of his supporters. If he stands with his New York liberal family it will be over for him.

    Clearly, the gas attack was a False flag. Assad is not stupid, he was winning the war against the Islamists, why would he do that ? It makes no sense at all.

    Bring back Steve Bannon and General Flynn. Drain the swamp. Stop the insanity. Listen to Ron and Rand Paul, and other good people, not to the neocon globalists. Otherwise the world will head to a WW3 thermo nuclear war.

    We believed in you, the whole world did… it’s not too late to make a 360 turn.

    So, please be wise, listen to your voters, that is all you’ve got, . all the others are your sworn enemies.

    • Greg C. says:

      You are so right, Quebec. How the hell did we get headed in this direction, in less than 90 days? Trump needs to channel his own insight and energy, and stay true to the vision he gave the voters. The advisors shouldn’t be charting the course. We thought we knew our destination when we elected him.

      “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain. There has been a slight change in plans. We will not be landing in Philadelphia, the birthplace of freedom. We will announce our new destination just as soon as we get over land again. But right now, I’m letting my daughter steer the plane.”

      • From Quebec says:

        I enjoyed your second paragraph Greg, especially your last sentence:
        But right now, I’m letting my daughter steer the plane.” LOL

    • Theodore says:

      Born Rich (documentary) – Ivanka Trump’s Segments (with Jamie Johnson’s Intro and Outro)

      Note: Jamie Johnson is the director, and, is the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

    • elliottjab says:

      Prolly far, far too late… Ur sentiments n observation r good.

    • Rick Boles says:

      Amen to everything you said. The globalist must have gotten to the Donald somehow by some sorta physical threat (him or loved ones). It was also obvious that trump had no idea what he was up against or he wouldn’t have run in the first place. His turnaround on Syria is worse than Obama’s on same sex marriage.

  9. From Quebec says:

    I also should have added that Ivanka is urging her father to stay the course and remain committed to the deal that President Barack Obama struck in 2015 with 193 other countries concerning the climate change treaty

    Yep! Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

  10. James robinson says:

    Can you say “TILLERSON” ? Can you say NEOCONS ? can you say ISRAEL?
    Funny how nobody here seems to realize that this Syrian “Regime change” is all about O.I.L !!
    Does anyone realize that the Russian have huge O-I-L stakes in Syria ?. Syria is the door to selling their own Russian Oil to Europe and beyond. No doubt they made a deal with Assad in 2015.
    Secretary of State Tillerson and the Neocons want none of it ! They want the OIL for themselves, and none to the Russians. Thus Trump’s war against Syria is a war against Russia !! Russia and the US are going to play chicken now, each defending their Turf !
    Now folks, you know why fighting Syria is for the US interest ! US Interest ? NO ! for the Oilmen interests, as always, none of it for the people. Rockefeller would kiss Trump on both cheeks!
    TRUMP ONLY SERVE BIG MONEY. HE IS A TRAITOR TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT HIM TO POWER ! All the rest Trump does is peanuts and window dressing for sheeple’s consumption.
    Oilman Secretary of State Tillerson is himself a huge conflict of interest that may lead to WW3.
    Billionaires in Trump’s government can only spell DISASTER.

    • You haven’t a fucking clue what your talking about…shut up.

    • Jimbo says:

      I think the real reason the Neocons want to break up Syria is for territory. The want to expand Israel’s border and they don’t care if it takes WWIII to do it. (as long as it’s the stupid Americans doing the bleeding and dieing) Bibi has just demanded a “buffer zone” inside of Syria after the country is broken up and the US will give it to him.
      Any remaining Syrians inside of “greater Israel” will be dumped on the Europeans so they won’t have to face charges of ethnic cleansing.

  11. Ray says:

    It doesn’t matter who becomes president. Our system of popular government is based on a destructive model that consumes productive resources until they become exhausted. There is no way Trump can change the model even if he was a sincere reformer.

    IMO he knew his assigned mission. I just didn’t expect him to reveal it so soon.

    • artiewhitefox says:

      Trump was influenced by a level of lying he was not used to. Muslims lie in three ways. Trump does not know that. He sure as heck better know that now.

    • bob klinck says:

      The assumption of practically all of these comments is that the President actually dictates policy, that he is the dominant figure in national politics, that assuming the office suddenly confers on him expertise in all matters. Can Americans deal with the possibility that all Presidents are just compliant gofers for a Hidden Hand? It isn’t what is inculcated in school, but on the facts seems to be a plausible scenario. Give ’em a speech on a teleprompter and away they go!

  12. From Quebec says:

    Great show today on the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones show, with guest Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone

    It debunks quite brilliantly what is happening with Trump.

    Sunday, April 9: Trump Being Tricked into Syrian Invasion – US President Donald Trump launches an airstrike in retaliation over Syria’s alleged chemical weapons use, but was the president tricked by a false flag provocation into fulfilling the globalist agenda of a Syrian invasion? The world watches Trump’s next moves as the media and neo-cons cheerlead for more US strikes, wider involvement in Syria and the ousting of President Bashar Al-Assad. We break it all down on this worldwide broadcast with Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone. We’ll also take your calls.

    Must watch the Radio show:

  13. From Quebec says:


    Outraged Trump supporters blame president’s son-in-law and top adviser for decision to strike Syria

  14. Bruce says:

    The America that we were born into Jon was assassinated along with JFK, MLK and anything else that stood in the way of the elite. I’m afraid that even if Trump is or ever was interested in the well being of our country and children that as long as he’s got family that he loves which could have harm come their way, he can and will be controlled. We only had the “illusion” of hope which sailed off down the river at the same time the launch of the tomahawk missiles. It breaks my heart when I look at my kids and think about their future. I could be wrong and in fact I pray that I am but then reality sets in and …………….well??……..reality sets in.


    my guess is that trump was shown a video of a november day in dallas. focusing on all the shooters.

    taking out the president.

    this was to bring trump into line with the cfr, bilderberger interests.

    and the video worked. many presidents have been forced to watch this hidden video.

    none of them care to exit this way. to play ball is to retire wealthier and alive. as long as they keep their mouths shut.

    the secret state continues to run the usa and all the nato countries.

  16. Jon,

    Trump’s pants are round his ankles and his goods are exposed.

    The motor mouth is now officially an ass clown. Not bad. The succession of US Presidents: an imbecile followed by a bigot and finally an ass clown. If the people don’t rebel now, they NEVER will.

    Trump’s been sucked into the Russia “double game”. Only question remains. Did he “commission” the CIA?

    A foul end to the obvious.


    • bob klinck says:

      That word “rebel” requires definition. The situation is such that decades of Fabian Socialist/Communist indoctrination and identity politics have created a nation radically divided, and the dividing lines are often between next-door neighbors. Financial dependency in the employment and welfare systems, which is still seen as normal despite the ubiquitous robotization of production, keeps most people permanently blinkered and bridled. Rebellion? In practical terms, how?

      • Shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, mind to mind civil disobedience.

      • Good comment, Bob.

        My answer is simple. “With difficulty” or it is more of the same FOREVER.

        Let me give you some food for thought. Those “dying” (sic) of cancer are willing to risk life in the removal of essential parts of the body to “save skin”.

        Your “politics”, nay OUR politics have bottomed to that critical “epidemic” stage. You want a languid soul-sapping death or a quick, honourable end?

  17. victoryintruth says:

    Coup or deep state regaining control via the many Israel-controlled scum surrounding Trump. Kushner & Ivanka leading the pack, Mucus McCain cheerleading along with semite-controlled MSM. Gassing was false flag to get Trump back in the fold…Path to Persia tactics? Bannon being dumped, Haley taking pushing war, McMaster pushing for more war. Either Trump is overwhelmed, having a moment of weakness or he’s now under control. Heard somewhere that he was threatened with assassination; shadow government knows no restraint in gaining its agenda; wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. God help us.

  18. His first mistake was Flynn, and now Bannon…the constant chipping away at his inner circle. Those who followed him from an election win.

    The easy passing into his administration of the Bankers choices, and Tillerson who is the choice of Baker and Condoleezza Rice, and those they like; but the constant hold-up of those he needs, and his choices.

    Nikki Haley was a deal made, she hates Trump, and is a female version of Kerry. She’s being groomed. 

    The deep state kepts Trump fighting main stream media. And those slimy bastards, are directed to pestering, fanning the flames pf russophobia. Fake newsing and making up stories.

    Nikki Haley wants to be the next President…as a matter of fact she wants to be the first women president. And she does what she told.  She is in the hands of the deep state, she ‘is’ the next president of the United States. Trump will wish for the end of this four-year term. He won’t run again. The sparkle has gone out of his eye. Who is making Syrian decisions now, Trump or Haley?

    They might have taken him in the back room, and showed him the JFK film, from the assassins POV.

    Trump is isolated now, he feels alone. The constant russophobia; your being spied on, Obama spied on you; and gaslighting drives him to the reaction of the last few days.

    Miraculously, the pressure is off now, CNN says “he is a real President now”. Trump thrives on ego, that’s his weakness. Now they will allow him to inflate a bit.

    Lindsey Graham sez “What a man, I’m proud, now he needs to bomb the shit out of other bases.” 

    Boots on the ground are escalating…not we are at 4000 troops. And they move closer on the Jordanian and Syrian border with heavt artillery.

    Bashar Al-Assad has no chemical weapons, OPCW guaranteed that and American Intel know that, and have always known that…more than likely the chemical mishap was an accident because of the Syrian airstrike on the chemical warehouse.

    Only 23 missiles hit the base, though, something is going on, and no runways were destroyed…from the drone images.

    But I think the terrorists are capitalizing on a major deep “Op’ and another chemical attack will happen; Turkey the slime balls that they are bringing in Kitchen sarin, chlorine and mustard gas, and the terrorists have used these weapons, and are the cause I think of the attack on Khan Shaykhun…

    Trump need to be free from the russophobia and so this airstrike did it for him, he has been split from Putin. 

    Trump thrives on the art of the deal…

    The day after the strike Raytheon stock went up 2.1 percent.

    All this has got to do with a disintegrating NATO, the Asana and Geneva peace talks, and a need for the continuing operation of refugee deleting sovereignty in Europe, isolating Russia. A moscow bombing, and now a new Crimea incident is next.

  19. Szelleme Diofa says:

    I am deeply sorry if you are disappointed, can understand.
    But I think the picture is simple and about the oil. If it is the case then everyone want war(s) except common people – which mean: there will be wars.

    First oil was expensive because extraction was expensive – high oil prices,
    – then it was expensive because we were told: fields are limited then they find new fields,
    – then it was expensive because we were told: there is plenty of oil but no method to have it in a cheap way,
    – then they found new ways of extraction and we can bath in oil – low prices.
    While wars need oil, and price can be high again.
    (I shall believe just in that person / party who wants to stop compulsory vaccination, Monsanto and so on – no excuse for “being silly” and accelerating drug approval. It tells everything to me. And also no excuse to play Robocop in Syria.)

  20. JP JP says:

    I would suggest to all of you to consider there might be another game going on. read this article and watch the video, an interview between Thierry Meyssan ,a well-known political consultant living in Damascus, Syria and a Russian Journalist: Donald trumps asserts his authority over his allies

    And an interview with Robert David Steele an ex-CIA, which he claims the CIA warned Trump of a possible false flag and its not Assad who did the chems attack and an interaction between Brannon and Kushner before the US attack. A must watch ! The Good ,the Bad and the Ugly.

  21. RunProgram . says:

    1. SSDD – Same S@#* Different Day
    2. Now Trump has committed a war crime and is eligible, like any and all living former presidents, to swing from the gallows.
    3. Because he has committed heinous crimes, he is now vulnerable to impeachment, removal from office, prison, etc unless he starts playing nice.


    Maybe, Trump was the globalist-elites-Morlocks’ choice for the sock puppet that dwells within the White House all along. The public has been fooled yet again. Again, I’ll say, SSDD!

  22. LaRouche PAC: Trump Was Set Up By The British; “Find, Fire, Prosecute The Perpetrators”

  23. Szelleme Diofa says:

    Sorry but have you read?

    ‘Eric Trump claims his father is not intimidated by Putin’s threats of war as he confirms Ivanka DID influence the decision to bomb Syrian airbase’ (Daily Mail)

    Please, someone could you wake me up? Really?!

  24. mytzy says:

    you people need to wake up! chump is part of the script just like rodham and all the presidents since at least teddy roosevelt. all those photos of the so-called gassed children are faked! chump doesn’t know this?? chump is so stupid he lets mcmaster, his daughter and soros puppet kushner dictate to him?? come on friends, chump is part of the deal to keep you all distracted and to relieve you of your freedoms and money. and so is most alternative news. if he wasn’t the guy the ptb chose they wouldn’t have fallen all over themselves to get him elected. every time they attacked him during the campaign his numbers went up. would you keep beating someone up like that if it had the opposite result of what you wanted?? of course not. WAKE UP!

  25. Tom says:

    Something like this we have to give some time to play out. We really do not know what is taking place. Everyone was looking for a hero, for someone to do the dirty work for them. Someone to get rid of the evil empire on their behalf. And we elected Trump. Well, I think we have to remember, WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for taking responsibility for our Republic. We have to pull together to help him drain the swamp and create peaceful action throughout the world. Trump is not going to do it by himself. We have to support him in anyway we can. If we are not going to support him through means of educating ourselves on the Constitution so we may get rid of corrupted public officials, why should he continue to fight for you and America? Yes, there are remedies in the Constitution to get rid of your corrupted public official. Section 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment provide the cure for insurrection and sedition to our Republic. Almost every public official has violated this, thus can be removed from office. If the DOJ started receiving letters from the people of the corruption of our elected officials by the thousands in this nation, we would be able to bring about some change. Everything begins with one step forward. Most people do not want to put their name to such a letter for fear of retaliation. Well, if you are not ready to step up and defend your Republic, you should not complain about what is taking place. All of us can do something to bring about change. A simple letter to your congress person expressing any concern will be a good start. Our politicians and public officials have a sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. They have no authority to defy that oath. The government and employees of the government work for you and I, but we have been tricked to think it the other way. Any politician or public officer that holds office has no authority to go against that which he/she has sworn an oath to. If so, they have executed the self-executive clauses of 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment. In which a criminal complaint can be filed with the AG office for further investigations under Title 18. We have remedies to restore our Republic. If the people begin simple steps in removing state politicians, that will send a strong signal to the White House.

  26. From Quebec says:

    I guess I was right:

    This is literally the official story now. Whatever makes Ivanka sad, we will attack

  27. Larry says:

    Tulsi Gabbard: “We need to learn from Iraq.”

    (A logical mind, backed by REAL military experience and not predigested bloviations from a comfortable chair thousands of miles from the front.)

  28. Mark says:

    I voted for Trump and now I see that was a mistake. He is not what I expected of him and is no better than Hillary. I believe he was allowed to be president by the globalists for specific reasons (To placate conservatives, to further split the country between left and right leaning, to continue globalist and neocon agenda’s while pretending to be different). I no longer support him.

  29. According to last week’s Washington Post / ABC News poll, 86 percent of Republicans support Donald Trump’s decision to launch strikes on Syria.
    Obviously most of his voters are quite happy to beat the drums of war.

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