Ray Kurzweil’s plan for immortality is missing one thing: you

Ray Kurzweil’s plan for immortality is missing one thing: you

by Jon Rappoport

March 24, 2017

In a Wired interview (11/18/02), leading transhumanist and Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, spoke about living forever. He was asked: “Will you have your entire body preserved or just your head?”

The usual method of preservation, upon physical death, is freezing. Then, when the technology exists, sometime later, there would be the unfreezing and the reanimation. The dead person would come back to life…

Kurzweil said: “I think there’s some part of our identity and valuable information in our bodies. There’s more in our brains, but there’s some in our bodies as well. It gets into some technical issues. There’s a better way of preserving the brain, which they haven’t been able to do with the whole body yet. The vitrification process, which does a better job of preserving structural integrity in the cells, they do with the head but not with the body. At any rate, I’d go for the grade A plan.”

Kurzweil would apparently have his brain and body preserved, for future reanimation.

There is, of course, an underlying question:

What about consciousness?

Assuming the technology will exist to “bring back” the body and the brain, will the consciousness of being alive exist? Or will the process reinstitute something entirely mechanical?

Mechanical, as in: “The car was sitting in the garage on blocks for 50 years, and then we fixed it and made it start again.”

Biologists and physicists are bothered by the “consciousness question.” When they discuss it, they assume the brain produces consciousness because, well, where else could awareness come from? In other words, they resort to unscientific circular reasoning.

At the same time, they assert that the basis for all matter and energy in the universe is tiny particles; none of those particles have consciousness; and the particles make up the brain; the brain is composed entirely of those non-conscious particles.

This is called a trap. Hard scientists have no reason to assume consciousness exists at all. Yet it does exist. That implies consciousness is coming from somewhere other than the brain, somewhere other than particles—but according to these scientists, that “other somewhere” doesn’t exist.

So they retreat back into “consciousness is in the brain”—even though by their own science, it isn’t.

Preserving body and brain in a state of suspended animation, and then bringing it back, would not, according to a proper reading of their own science, bring back consciousness.

What would come back is some sort of mechanical functioning, and nothing else.

A conscious Ray Kurzweil would never come back.

His body and brain might hum again, like an old car that was fixed, but that’s all.

People continue to argue, of course, that in some very complex way the brain causes consciousness, we just don’t know how yet, but we’re getting there. That’s not evidence. That’s a naked assumption. They may as well be saying the moon is surely made of cheese and one day we’ll prove it, so for now just accept it.

“Well, folks, we just brought back Ray Kurzweil from fifty years of suspended animation. Remember him? He was a futurist at Google, or the CIA, it’s hard to tell which. Apparently the two organizations were one. Anyway, Ray is back.”

“Wonderful. Is he talking?”

“There is brain activity. No talking yet.”

“Is he looking at anything?”

“We assume so. His eyes are open. Also, his hands are opening and closing.”

“Is he gesturing?”

“It’s theoretically possible.”

“Is he conscious?”

“Of course. There is brain activity.”

“Well, there could be brain activity without consciousness.”

“Where did you pick up that idea? Are you crazy? He’s conscious. That’s all there is to it.”

“Maybe there is no ‘he’. There are just electrical signals.”

“Idiot. Life is electrical signals. What else could life be?”

“Life could be conscious, as in ‘hello I’m alive and I’d like to take a walk and look at the clouds and read a book and here’s an interesting passage on page ten, let’s discuss it’.”

“What’s your name again? Guards, take this man to the re-education center. He’s lost his basic programming…”

Ray, your reanimated brain and body aren’t going to bring back conscious-you. (You might reincarnate in a quite different way, but that’s a different story for another time…)

But don’t despair. In the future, when there are 10,000 brains and bodies in a warehouse, and technology allows them to be reactivated, they might, combined, generate enough electricity to run, say, a toaster, a refrigerator, and an oven in a micro apartment in San Francisco.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “Ray Kurzweil’s plan for immortality is missing one thing: you

  1. “A conscious Ray Kurzweil would never come back”

    Maybe he was never conscious (it’s a ‘nuanced’ thing)


  2. groet says:

    Hello Jon,

    Mister Ray Kurzweil can only be regarded as a useful Frankenstein idiot for the New World Order. He is doing research and engineering in order to produce even more robotised human beings as even more controllable zhombie slaves.

    His immortality plan lacks any sense or awareness of the spirit and the information field.

    As an engineer he can be compared with a multiple head nuclear rocket plowing into space from earth heading for the sun. He is on his way to destruction, HIS destruction, NOT THE HUMAN RACE, BECAUSE HIS ENGINEERING WILL FAIL.


    Jan Ligthart

    The Netherlands

  3. IMNAHA says:

    Ray really needs to talk to resident “earth custodians” who have been manipulating our species on this planet for aeons and are no doubt in charge of recycling too. Now where did I put that contact number ….

  4. Sue says:

    That is all the neanderthals in white coats (and the people who think like them) can imagine. And the ones in the laboratories perform the most heinous experiments on sentient beings to “prove” it.
    They really are very stunted, stupid, and selfish, not to mention sadistic. People who think that their body is all there is, and are narcissistic and fearful enough to want it to live forever, are misguided, to say the least.

  5. Diogenes Shrugged says:

    Easily the worst article I’ve read here, and some of the worst reasoning I’ve ever read anywhere.

    Consciousness this, and consciousness that, but no definition of the term. No word about where it comes from, but certainly not the brain. Anywhere but the brain! You’d have to be crazy to think it comes from the brain! Maybe you can define it, maybe not, but it doesn’t exist, except it does. Utter nonsense.

    All the gullible, “preserved” people who think they will awaken again in the future are quite permanently dead. The shyster renting them the freezer loves the “science” angle, though.

    By the way, brains don’t generate electricity.

    • Michael says:

      “Consciousness this, and consciousness that,…” -Diogenes

      Ah a cynic…do you practice this as religion. Or are you like diogenenes and debase what is created.

      ‘Who” wrote that above quote, atoms or quarks? Who are you…who..whowhowho

      Actually every cell membrane maintains a resting electrical potential of -70 to -60 mv.

      The brain, well it is a contant electrical storm and then calm, and then storm, and then soft rain and then the sun shines.
      Every neuron in your brain has to put out a postive or a negative, as information, and that is variable. Do you know what Bio-photonic light is?


      You head resonates at about 8-14 hz…correct me if I am wrong, how much electricity do think it takes to get 8Hz.

      But that just the hardware…the software is consciousness, it causes EMF to slow down to the material world, and interacts in it…plays in it.
      Maybe a thousand lifetimes from now you will realize all this. or maybe you learn now.

      Check-out or don’t check out….”The Conscious Universe” by Dean Radin, also his title, “SuperNormal”


      • Sunshine says:

        Jon- another great article. Thank you!

        Michael- I imagine bicycle riding cats, thanks to you, while I’m sitting in traffic 6 times a day trying to perfect my chamirical thoughts of life without traffic lights. You ARE very funny. BTW, I still believe traffic would be relieved without the lights, Even if gentlemanly gentlemen like you let people take their turn ahead of them.

        Arcadia – I pay special attention to your comments. I like learning an awake Canadian’s take on this crazy world.

        • Michael says:

          Thanks to Me, sure blame it on me, its always the white guy…

          “I imagine bicycle riding cats,…” -Sunshine

          ….great visuals by the way. Now can you imagine them in people suits juggling canaries.

  6. arcadia11 says:

    a good story.
    and fun : – }

    thank you.

    • Michael says:

      Your funny…
      Lol…Everything is a story, your are so funny.Hahahaha

      • arcadia11 says:

        lol. i might be funny. or you might be viewing me through funny eyes : – o

        yes sparky everything is a story. i love story-telling. mostly i love story-making.
        i am changing the stories i created into new stories and some stories that
        others created, and should not have, i am changing into butterflies until
        i can find something better.

        i am doing this as quickly and accurately as i can and i cannot recommend it
        highly enough.


  7. Michael says:

    I had to look up that twenty-five cent word, “vitrification”. I’m use to working with nickels and dimes Jon.
    It means turning to glass…hm..google glass.
    Is he still alive?…I was sure he was taking six hundred supplements and vitamins a day in the hopes of gaining a few more years of life. I am probably exaggerating a little bit, it amounts to something like a million dollars a year in supplements. That alot Big Macs. Doesn’t he have liver cancer, or something like that?

    I didn’t know he was still alive, I thought he was close to meeting up with his benefactor Davey Rockefeller…off course David’s busy sweeping up for Lucifer as we speak, and then he has some oral jobs to do this afternoon.

    Kurzie was/is/might be so deadlocked on the ‘singularity’, as in ‘One’ so it could be possible that we have a bunch of android Kurzweils running around chipped and WiFi’ed to a super computer in Bluffdale that controls them, and Ray transcends to the machine, and he becomes that big mega mind that controls the whole shabang. By that time, you an I have gone on to another Universe eight or ten floors up from here…or is that sideways…here’s hoping Ray ain’t there.

    There can only be one…”Does god exist? I would say, ‘Not yet'”- Ray Kurzweil
    He is by far the 2017 version of the nutty professor.

  8. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    The real reason Egyptians mummified bodies was so that, one day, the ‘deceased’ could come back and reclaim their bodies. I guess they were aware that all things have a consciousness. Even inanimate objects. Your car has a consciousness. Your refrigerator. It’s because all things are of the Creator. It is all a vibration of Light. Everything. Even shit. Now, could this coming back from the dead actually work? I doubt it. For starters, the entity would most likely have shrugged off the notion once settled into the Afterlife, planned his or her next incarnation, and been reborn. So I believe that which is awakened from a cryogenics sleep would most likely be . . . mush. A real living airhead. But who knows? Maybe some soul would patiently await that body being brought back to life and re-enter, rather like a “walk-in”. (Long story on that one.)

  9. It all boils down to the question “what is life?” Nobody knows what life is and nobody ever will know what life is. Because this is way too difficult for our human brains. Maybe some day it is possible to generate electric activity in dead people, but I doubt it. But is that life? We can’t even define life, let alone that we have any idea what it is. Any scientist who thinks they can figure this out has a huge god complex. And everyone who can think should know that you should stay away from such people. They are dangerous.

    • http://au.figu.org/spirit.html

      see the last of 3 writings, entitled “What is life?”

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Rixta Francis: How extraordinary, that you’d say that people who meditate for hours on end and have come up with answers, that they couldn’t possibly have those answers. That they must have a huge god complex and that they’re dangerous. WOW! I wonder, should I recommend that you go to India on a spiritual quest? Or should I say, “Hey, Francis, don’t ever go to India.”
      Beats the hell outa’ me.

  10. ItGoesOn says:

    I agree with Marilyn, the ancient Egyptians ‘knew’ even back then that for them to ‘live again’ in the Next Life they would need their bodies – that’s why they built the pyramids – to keep them safe for 1,000’s of years.

    Their problem was they were just 7,000 years too early – because soon science will be able to not only bring back ‘TUT’ but other recently extinct animals too – all from their surviving DNA.

    The DNA is the only thing about us that is already immortal if we can keep it uncontaminated and safe for as long as it takes to be regenerated ( like Dr Who ) over and over again.

    Memorises and everything else about your current egoistic ‘self’ cannot travel nor can all of the atoms that make us who we THINK we are in the natural cause of death returned back to the earth

    BUT our unique DNA ( our programming ) our real consciousness can be preserved right now.

    Want to know more ? http://www.timecapsulesdna.com

    • A particular consciousness, i.e. a one-time only personality,cannot be preserved since at physical death, the personality is extinguished for all time, i.e. cannot be brought back or reanimated to life.

      The spirit or spirit-form of the human being or any other life-form is the only so-called ‘immortal’ component of a life-form and it is not of a physical nature. It escapes the host body at physical death and returns to its realm of the otherwordly beyond. Each spirit, i.e. spirit-form, after a certain time in its realm of the beyond, which is differently dimensioned to the material world, since it is not of a course-substantial, i.e. physical nature, enters a brand new embryo at the 1st day after conception(in the case of the human being) and the heart begins to beat, giving life to the formerly impulse-based embryo.


      • error in the above — should read “enters a brand new embryo at the 21st day after conception …”, not the 1st day after conception.

        And this also when the strictly impulse-based embryo organism becomes a human being — when the spirit enters the fetus at the 21st day after conception.

        And this is also the basis for the whole abortion is murder argument from religionists, although they believe the spirit enters the fetus at conception, which is incorrect. The fetus first needs time to physically develop to the point necessary for the spirit to take residence.

        The consciousness of the new human being, i.e. the new personality begins when the spirit enters the fetus on the 21st day after conception, and then the process of learning, developing, etc. begins for this new consciousness, i.e. personality.


  11. jim says:

    It should be clear that Being is formless, as their is a clear distinction between the seer and seen, which is duality of course. Time is the conscious observation of a sequence of events or changing forms. That which is formless is without time.

    The body is form, so it must be born and die, while its dual Being is neither born nor dies. It is true that form and Being are dependent upon each other, so the question of which came first has no answer. Being can not know itself without form to reflect upon, and form can not be without an observing Being.

    Understanding how this came about has no answer.

  12. dunc says:

    jon rappoport .artist, great journalist,writter,poet,musician,mystic,healer.etc, and comedian. dangerfield has left the building.

  13. I recall an article in WIRED, January, 2000. “Why the Future Doesn’t Need You Anymore.”
    It is with great relief that Kurzweil has left the building.

  14. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Life is a process driven by forces we do not yet understand. The whole universe is alive and continuously changing, driven by reversible transitions between two forms of one fundamental particle that comprise every atom:

    Compacted electron-proton pairs: Neutron

    Expanded electron-proton pairs: Hydrogen

    Sudden conversion of Neutron => Hydrogen caused atomic bombs to explode in AUG 1945 and frightened world leaders to unite nations and national Academies of Sciences under the UN in OCT 1945 to hide the source of energy in atomic bombs from the public.

    Since that same source of energy powers the Sun and the cosmos, world leaders are losing their battle to hide the powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction that Aston reported in the last paragraph of his 1922 Nobel Lecture on 12 DEC 1922

  15. Atlas Farted says:

    Everything has been figured out, except how to live.

    Jean-Paul Sartre

  16. Roger Pool says:

    He is wrong. The brain is a perception tool for consciousness. Ray is not wise enough to realize that his machine/man sigularity has already occurred consciousness has already been transfered into a machine. That machine is called the Universe.

  17. Rain says:

    Quantum effects are observable in the performance of the human brain, which is the hunter’s brain. For example, sensing that someone or something is observing you even when they are behind. Awaking from a dream that your dear pet wolf is trouble and having the exact dream of its predicament. Sensing the other person is about to ring you even when they are 20 miles away.

    What I am saying is this transhumanist figure may wake up in many years and regain his consciousness through some basic visual and auditory stimulation from the past.


    Life on this planet is about the will to exist against other wills such as the environment and other creatures. Intelligence and science can help this of course, but do not imagine that the smart ones always win. Say a nation develops brain augmentation and an elite cadre of clear thinking, hard thinking peoples. It is not a given that the brain-augmented will become the rulers. Stupid people will use and control the thinking cadre, kill them, torture them, manipulate them blackmail them. Just look at Hitler and Stalin, brain augmentation, isn’t the offer of much hope, I say give the planet back to the lizards and insects which are more pleasant.

  18. L Garou says:

    (aka) another milestone for the triumph of imagination over intelligence..

  19. KarlaAkins says:

    I visit a home for disabled children frequently and often wonder which of the children are there consciously. These are children who can’t do much more than have seizures and are in very vegetative states. If the consciousness isn’t there…but I believe it is. I speak to them as if they are fully aware of my presence. We can’t know for sure if they understand. I mourn for their suffering. But how do I know how much they are suffering? So many questions and too few answers. We still have a long way to go in figuring out this brain thing. When we can finally communicate with these children, then maybe I’ll think more about freezing my body for a second round. Until then, no thanks. I have no desire to be stuck in a body screaming to get out.

    • Michael says:

      Could it be that their wonderful imaginations, untouched because the system doesn’t really care to kill it, has trancended in a way, the ephemeral on this plane and now playing in vast spaces that they create inside their minds. Worlds and dimensions beyond this were they are alive in a dream

      “A blind man gains another way of seeing. The deaf one dances to different kind of music…that you will never hear.”

  20. himagain says:

    Kurzweil>CIA>Google? Now I understand!

    Everything *IS* interconnected, yes, but the trick is uncovering who/which/what, is connected to who/which/what.

    It took me decades to find out about the pedophilia echelon. THEN it became simple.

    Oh, as for the cryogenic-suspension thing: what if you “wake up” 100 years too early??

  21. gene says:

    God breathed into his nostril the breath of life and man became a living soul Genesis 2:7

  22. ItGoesOn says:

    Oh – the bliss of an ignorant mind obsessed with a book written by equally ignorant men centuries ago. An insidiously clever ‘marketing’ text-book full of made-up stories to enlist followers (‘buyers’) of those stories. It’s especially targeted to those who think they will become ‘god-like’ too if they become followers.

    Modern science has proved ‘life’ is NOT spiritual – but a result of the ongoing evolution of DNA that started billions of years before the ‘god’ concept was invented by man.

    A natural life-force so small it cannot be seen – hence it must be attributed to ‘god’ by ancient men trying to explain what was to them impossible. So they made-up stories common folk would understand – as a result proved they knew more than common folk. They also knew no-one would ever dare to contradict those stories in fear of their ‘immortal souls’. It was also a very sneaky way elevate the ‘story-tellers’ social position far above the common people. A self-generating con-job that still works today.

    On another issue a previous commenter stated ; “Spirit enters the foetus 21 days after conception”. Another example of recycled ‘Fake-News’.

    Here is the facts: An individual’s unique DNA is created moments after the egg is fertilized. It immediately begins cloning itself – thus becoming the ‘life-force-programming’ that instructs the cells to divide again and again – and keeps going on and on maintaining us until we die.

    Our unique individual DNA is the closest thing we have for a ‘spiritual soul’. It’s not our memories or our bodies – But it is our individualism, our personality, our likes and dislikes. When we die – so does it.

    We ‘egotistical humans’ invented the god idea to justify our existence and ‘lord-ship’ over the animals – neither ‘god or spirit’ has anything to do with life – no matter how much some people’s elitist ego may claim it to be after reading it in a book or on the internet.

    Ancient ‘beliefs’ called religion, cannot create life – BUT history and the current world problems in the Middle East prove ‘they’- CAN and DO continue to kill anyone who does not hold the same beliefs.

    If there was such a thing, and I was the Devil I would have invented both Christianity and Islamic religions as a way to ‘reap’ the souls of good men who kill not only other good men, but women and children and complete communities – in their god’s name.

  23. The Robot says:

    Enjoyed reading this and thinking about the various interesting findings related to particle properties over the years. We shared a link to your article from our site: […]
    Seems like we may have a few overlapping concerns related to some quests, which are beginning in the name of progress.

  24. George of Byron says:

    I think the consciousness is supposed to be uploaded and backed up first, for a full restore. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen…

  25. bob says:

    Interesting, in the light of Penrose and Hameroff’s theory of a ‘quantum brain’
    (The one time I can use the q-word without being wooooo.)(


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