“Shall I postpone my life until the world is fixed?”

“Shall I postpone my life until the world is fixed?”

by Jon Rappoport

March 13, 2017

There are many people who would answer yes to that question.

They would put their lives on the shelf. They would prefer to wait.

Some of them believe a top-down “rescue” is coming, and if they batten down the hatches and last it out, all will be solved.

Others, so-called social justice warriors, don’t have lives of their own to begin with. Their lives are, in fact, about seeming to fix the world with tweets, shouts, and other various tactics that signal their virtue—as if that is enough.

Still others would never postpone their lives, because for them life is shopping, and they must shop.

Beyond any of these “lifestyles,” there are individuals who opt for finding a vision of their own, their own future, and they pursue that future with great energy and commitment.

They are what life is for. They are what the concept of limited government is for.

There is never, at any time, an ideal circumstance and environment in which individuals can pursue their most profound desires. The individual decides to launch, regardless of the landscape.

These facts have always been on mind as I’ve worked as a reporter for the past 34 years. In addition to exposing deeper layers of truth beneath the events of our time, I’ve investigated and researched this question: What is the individual really capable of?

My conclusions led me to putting together my three collections, The Matrix Revealed, Exit From The Matrix, and Power Outside The Matrix. My conclusions also led me to build a private consulting practice, the purpose of which is the expansion of individual creative power in any field of endeavor.

I invite my readers to look into these options.

(If you’re interested in becoming a client, you can email me at: qjrconsulting at gmail dot com)

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

13 comments on ““Shall I postpone my life until the world is fixed?”

  1. AndrewGallowayRolls says:

    None of us can afford to postpone our lives until the world is fixed, because the “world” as we know it, feel about it, and are affected by it, is a “thought form” ‘world’, that exists only in the minds of humans!!
    Hence.. if we put our lives on ‘hold’.. we are automatically putting “the world” on hold too!
    So… we must press on with making a compassionate contribution to the world as it is in the minds of humans, otherwise NOTHING is going to change!

  2. voza0db says:

    “… until the world is fixed?” Wait… And who is going to “fix” the world?

    I can just wish you are not thinking about the degenerate human animal.

    If you, innocently, are thinking this, then just look at the PAST MILLENNIA AND MILLENNIA of human work all condensed in the PRESENT DAY!

    Either the present specie goes extinct, and another emerges, or the “postpone” will be forever and ever!

    • AndrewGallowayRolls says:

      The “world” as we know it, is what exists in the minds of humans. The physical world will be fine…. it will adjust and heal itself, despite the existence of humans.
      So the only way that our human “world” can be ‘fixed’, is if those humans who can and are living with compassion for their human neighbours, DON’T put their lives on hold… or we don’t even stand a chance of fixing things. Those compassionate ones amongst us, MUST press on and be a positive, loving and kind influence… or we all might as well give up right now.

      • voza0db says:

        Go mindless, go thoughtless… Compassion and Total and Absolute Unity, that is absolute absence of division, is the only path by which the human animals can evolve to Compassionate Human Beings.

      • Sue says:

        In my experience, the most vicious, self-centered, evil, species in existence, is the human species. You illustrated that with the reference to “human neighbours.” There are many more life forms on this planet than people, and most of those species are processed through slaughterhouses, laboratories (for the most insane and disgusting tortures), and so much more. Their horrifically tortured lives, and tragic lives at our hands, illustrates how lacking in consciousness we still are. It all comes back to bite us on our asses, and so it is clear to me that we have invited it, via our own selfishness.

        • arcadia11 says:

          in your experience and the experience of all life on this plane. it is how we arrived at this age
          of tyranny – normalizing the unthinkable to the point that it is invisible. do not cause for another that which you are not willing to experience yourself or as above so below as below so above.
          there it is. The Natural Law. the forever ago point of our turning away.

          this most pivotal of issues, this most glaringly obvious solution to our own enslavement, torture,
          experimentation, poisoning so wildly staring humanity in the face countless times each day, remains invisible to almost everyone.

          all this interminable sickening talk about compassion, natural law, higher consciousness, imagination, voluntaryism, best politicians, personal responsibility – pick your favorite meme – is circular. completely spinningly circular. as in going nowhere.

          the solution cannot possibly be simpler.or more apparent.

          • Compassion… sickening??
            It might sicken you, Arcadia, but it’s a good job it doesn’t sicken everyone, or we’re all for the high jump!

          • Sue says:

            What arcadia11 is saying, Andrew, is that while many still continue to participate in, to various degrees, the torture and murder other forms of life with wild abandon, all the while speaking about compassion – THAT is what is sickening. Talking the talk, without walking the walk.

      • Greg C. says:

        AGW: This idea of compassion seems to be the glue that holds your comment together. Basically you are saying, “We MUST be compassionate.” Does that mean give up more of your life to others? Give away control to the group? You use words such as “loving” and “kind” but the question is, exactly what is your idea of being loving and kind? I suspect that when you use those words, you mean that we should let certain others have their way.

        Truth be told, all kinds of people put their lives on hold for all kinds of reasons. You could be an anti-NWO person, waiting for everyone’s eyes to be opened and destroy the NWO. Or, you could be a Hillary supporter, waiting for free healthcare and immigration and no upsetting alternative views, meanwhile working away at your meaningless job in some cubicle. That explains why her defeat was so personally crushing to her voters. Suddenly, life is meaningless, because their ideals are group ideals. If the election went the other way, we would see the same kind of reaction from much of the other side.

        Most of us, you, I, each of us individually, would be horrified at what is needed to get on with life – to be less understanding of others’ needs, not more. To be more arrogant, not in a manipulative, controlling way, but in possessing certainty apart from the group mind. Which would mean, being dismissive of most of the demands that come at us from every direction in the name of being kind. Not to give my attention to every person who claims that their problem must be solved first before I can enjoy my own life.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Jon – Wake me up before you go go. Just kidding, and just wanted to say that. I really want let you know I am pursuing my dreams, in a large part due to your articles. Am I scared? Heck yeah. But most of the fear is due to future unknowns and I figure I can cross those bridges when I get there. Thank you for your daily insights and encouragement!

  4. I call this the “human condition”, Jon.

    Fine words indeed.


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