Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson

Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson

—Two very different men, two very different presidents, Trump and Nixon; but the real reasons for attacking them are the same—

by Jon Rappoport

February 22, 2017

Watergate eventually became the story of two young rookie reporters who exposed and took down a president. Nixon.

Try to think of another major story in your lifetime where the reporters themselves took center stage, and in the process nearly eclipsed their own work. Odd.

One of them, Bob Woodward, expanded his fame. The powers-that-be permitted him to go on and, with extraordinary access, write books criticizing future presidents. Woodward became the in-house attack dog. Mr. Limited Hangout.

The other reporter, Carl Bernstein, faded into relative obscurity. Well, after all, he began exposing many journalists’ connections to the CIA. That wasn’t a productive career move. It was, perhaps, a case of him biting the CIA hand that, without his knowledge, had fed him during his Watergate investigation.

What Woodward and Bernstein didn’t know, during Watergate, was this: On the mega-corporate front, the Rockefeller proposal for world control—“free trade, no tariffs”—was advancing toward fruition, and Richard Nixon was standing in the way.

This man, a crook, a president, a liar, an insecure parody of a head of state, Richard Nixon, had gone off script. He had REALLY gone off script.

In an effort to bolster US companies and protect them from foreign competition inside the United States, Nixon began (Aug 15, 1971) erecting tariffs on a range of goods imported into the US.


If this Nixon economic plan spread to other countries, the entire global program to install “free trade” and mega-corporate emperors on their thrones for a thousand years could crash and burn.

Nixon was a Rockefeller man. He was owned by them. He’d been rescued from financial ruin by The Family, and now he was in the White House undermining their greatest dream. You can’t overstate the degree of the betrayal, from the Rockefeller point of view. You simply can’t.

Something had to be done. The president had to go. This was the real motivation behind Watergate. This was the real op. Yes, there were sub-motives and smaller contexts, as in any major op, but the prime mover was: get Free Trade back on track, and get suitable revenge on the puppet in the White House who went off the script.

Any historian who overlooks this is an outright fool or a deceiver.

Whether the Watergate break-in was planned to serve the higher goal or was pounced upon, after the fact, as the grand opportunity, is beside the point. It was there, and it was used. It became the starting point for the Washington Post, its publisher, veteran editor, and two cub reporters to break Richard Nixon into pieces.

And if the Rockefeller people needed an inside man at the White House to report on the deteriorating mental state of the president as he heated up in the pressure cooker, they had Henry Kissinger, who was another Rockefeller operative.

The Washington Post was owned by Katharine Graham, who was herself a very close friend of the Rockefeller Family. Years later, she would be awarded a medal of honor by the University of Chicago, an institution founded by John D. Rockefeller. On her death, a paid heartfelt obituary was inserted in the NY Times by the trustees, faculty, and staff of Rockefeller University, where she had served on the University Council.

And she and Nixon already hated each other by the early 1970s.

The managing editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, was an old hand at writing promotional material, having worked in Europe crafting releases for a CIA front group. A former Naval intelligence man, he liked one of his cub reporters, Bob Woodward, who had also worked for the Navy in intelligence.

When Woodward came to Bradlee with a story about a man in a parking garage who was passing secrets from the White House/FBI about Watergate, we are supposed to believe that Bradlee naturally responded by giving the green light to a major investigation. Woodward and Carl Bernstein, another cub, would undertake it—with nothing more than Bradlee’s reputation and the future survival of the Post and Katharine Graham’s empire on the line if the cubs got it wrong.

We are supposed to believe Bradlee gave the green light, without knowing who the man in the garage was, without knowing whether Woodward could be trusted, without even getting permission from Graham to move ahead.

Bradlee, a grizzled veteran of Washington, understanding exactly what Washington could do to people who told secrets out of school, just said to Woodward and Bernstein, “You’d better be damned sure you’re right, because otherwise we’re all in trouble.”

Two untested cub reporters set loose in a cage with tigers.

The odds of that happening were nil. Bradlee had to know a great deal from the beginning, and he had to have Katharine Graham’s signal to move. The series of breaking stories would be spoon-fed to the unsuspecting young reporters. They would be consumed by their ambition to advance their careers. Bradlee was confident because he had the essentials of the scandal in hand—all the way up to Nixon, the target—well in advance of his two reporters.

To have proceeded otherwise—Bradlee was simply not that kind of fool. Whatever Deep Throat, the man in the garage, was dishing out to Woodward didn’t really matter. Bradlee already had it in his pocket. Deep Throat was merely a contrivance to allow the story to expand and grow by steps, and to permit Woodward and Bernstein to believe they were peeling layers from an onion.

The man behind the curtain was David Rockefeller.

After the whole scandal had been exposed and Nixon had flown away, in disgrace, from the White House for the last time, David Rockefeller addressed a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the European Community (October, 1975). He was there to allay their fears about Nixon’s betrayal of the new economic world order. There was really very little he needed to say. David had already created (1973) the free-trade Trilateral Commission, an exceedingly powerful force. And a new puppet, Gerald Ford was in the White House; and Ford had appointed David’s brother, Nelson Rockefeller, as his vice president.

David told the European attendees, “Fortunately, there are no signs that these anti-[free] trade measures [of Nixon] are supported by the [Ford] Administration.”

And that was that. The global mega-corporate colossus was back on track.

The temporary rip in the Matrix had been repaired.

On a far lower level of power politics, everyone and his brother were consumed with the contrails of the scandal that had driven away Nixon and his colleagues. People were congratulating each other on the expunging of a corrupt conspiracy from public life.

The real players, of course, were still in place, stronger than ever. David Rockefeller and his aides were preparing for an even greater coup. They had chosen an obscure man with zero name recognition to be the next president of the United States. Jimmy Carter. Carter would function to forward the goals of the Trilateral Commission in bold view of anyone who knew the score.

And every president since Carter, regardless of party affiliation, has supported and extended those Globalist-corporate goals. No questions asked. Obama, who fatuously remarked during his 2008 election campaign that NAFTA “needs to be revisited,” has taken his cues like any other puppet.

When, from this perspective, you examine the global takeover of land and resources by GMO agribusiness, the destruction of small family farms, the plundering of natural resources in the Third World, the use of UN “peacekeepers” and “humanitarian groups” and intelligence agencies to create a wedge, for corporations, into these areas, you see the hand of the Rockefeller plan.

When you see the destruction of currencies and the escalation of insupportable debt, the incursion of a bewildering number of UN-affiliated groups sinking their teeth into local communities all over the planet to “manage sustainable development,” you see the plan.

And when you see “free trade” and no tariffs, you see the essentials nuts and bolts of the plan.

The innocuous-sounding “free trade” policy is the number-one priority of every American president. He must do two things: rarely speak of it, and allow it to move forward. That’s all. In return, he gets to act as if he’s the most powerful man in the world.

But if he wobbles and considers taking up a position against free trade (corporate domination of the planet), he can look back and see what happened to Richard Nixon. He can learn from that example.

He can re-learn the famous words of Zbiggie Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and David Rockefeller’s intellectual flunkey: “The nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

Like Jimmy Carter, a president can espouse the most wide-ranging humanitarian philosophy and ascend to a cloud of beautiful altruism, admired by all. As long as he sticks to the plan.

If not, agents and reporters coming out of nowhere will try to demolish him.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

—Suddenly, a swaggering, self-congratulatory, fast-talking cowboy named Donald Trump appeared as a presidential candidate. And lo and behold, he attacked Globalism by name. He claimed he would dump it in favor of American nationalism. He repeated this oath many times. And he won the election, unseating a lifelong Globalist named Hillary Clinton.

Whether Trump intends on keeping his promises and going up against the Rockefeller colossus, he has spoken of that which must not be uttered in public: the crimes of Globalism and free trade.

He has let the secret cat out of the bag. He has made people aware…

And for that, he must be punished.

What people are calling the Deep State is the collection of agents who are committed to the Rockefeller plan. They, and their media flunkeys, are swinging for the fences every time they mention Trump. They are doing everything they can to take him down.

***From their perspective, they are launching another Watergate-type operation against another Nixon in the White House.

Another time, “another Nixon”; same basic op.

—In order to protect the titanic, Globalist, corporate control of planet Earth.

This time, the rhetoric and the sentiment for nationalism and against Globalism has already spread across the world. It is percolating and boiling in many places.

Putting the lid back on is a herculean task. Therefore, the agents and reporters are doubling and tripling down on Trump. Even if he turns out to be no more than a symbol of anti-Globalism, they are determined to crush him.

They have their marching orders.

Mere blocks away from the Oval Office, the Community Organizer in Chief, after serving eight years in the White House, is now setting up a parallel presidency, with 30,000 ground-and-pound Leftist dupes at his disposal—all for the purpose of taking down Donald Trump.

You can bet Obama’s bosses have reminded him that he failed at his most important task: shepherding through the free-trade Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. They intend to collect on their investment. They put him, a no-name, in charge of the nation, in 2008, and he is still their agent. They want results.


They want a 2017 version of Watergate.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

47 comments on “Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson

  1. Greg C. says:

    The war is on – can we expose the fake news machine before they use it to bring down Trump? The next salvo is coming from our side – Project Veritas, with undercover video of the CNN newsroom. This should be good!

  2. RunProgram says:

    A couple of thoughts …

    1. If Trump really is anti-globalist and pro-tariff and “They” unseat him, won’t that more openly reveal “Their” agenda and perhaps lead to dissent and revolt?
    2. If Trump is just the latest version of the empty-suit-puppet in the offal office, then he is merely playing a part, being a distraction, a ruse, a feint. Perhaps he may even appear to have some minor victories (more drama complete with hirings gnashing teeth, etc) but otherwise nothing is really going to change.

    I’m betting on business as usual with the ultimate result of the “Elites” drowning in their own vomit.

  3. johnmarkmcguire says:

    “Modern American History 101”

  4. JJ Wheatley says:

    I knew watergate was a lie; but I didn’t know why. JR: A+++

  5. krys says:

    An interesting and very astute analysis as usual. Thanks Jon for your honest scalpel’s work!

  6. Terry Schiller says:

    Two significant Watergate memories: 1. Maureen Dean’s beauty and daydreams about her sex life with hubby, John Dean 2. Nixon’s sweaty upper lip

  7. Terri says:

    None of this would be possible if humans were not compromised. We must get back to our roots, or the zombie trans humanist agenda will continue to progress. Anyone who is loved, and feels loved never seeks to destroy or control others. The solution is very simple, and becomes obvious when we observe what has happened to society.

    One of the worst things, to me, is the willing participation of the female gender, in their own destruction, and that of their children. This goes against every natural fiber of the heart, soul and instincts. Women have totally failed and so society fails. Without strong, loving, kind,intelligent, wise women to hold and nurture the root, the hearth and home, all is lost. I can not get the images out of my mind of the ugly, twisted creatures at the “womens march” which is a totally Orwellian description. I have no words for the obama nation we have become.

    A society that is ruled by the mind, an artificial construct, and that sanctions and persecutes the heart is doomed. Always. Women are to hold this space for All People. This has been deliberately bred out of them, generation after generation. Anyone who gives their children to the state to raise, is broken inside and aiding and abetting the trans humanist agenda. We are all harmed and affected by this.

    Motherhood is a crucible and changes everything. There is no more noble or sacred endeavor than to be a mother, and any woman who feels diminished by having children and seeks to, by society’s standards, seek fulfillment outside of herself is a fool and a disgrace. She has been given a treasure, and can not even comprehend it, thus lip service and disingenuousness is preferred. If someone is not willing to commit 125% then they should seek another path. The damage is irreparable and we see the result of this idiocy. Attachment disorder and fear of intimacy has destroyed the family, the easier to be picked off one by one by the state. United we stand, divided we fall.( I also want to add i have respect for women who have chosen to be the mother of a successful business, and not had children. Knowing our limitations and strengths is important.)

    I will only say the emasculation of the male is how they have failed as well. We would do well to remember the yin and the yang and how they relate to each other. The yin being the candle, the yang is the flame. The divine archetypes of male and female should be sought in order to restore balance. We desperately need fathers and mothers. We have become a nation of sad, broken, pathetic orphans. This is not our true nature. It takes courage to seek what is real in this world, but the reward is priceless.

    We must unlearn everything we have learned, and begin to practice new (old ) ways of being, with love, first and foremost.
    I would like to leave all of you with a beautiful compilation i just heard while typing this.

    • arcadia11 says:

      i agree, terri.

      it is vital for the enslavers to pervert and
      destroy the family unit first – then everything
      else just falls neatly out of place.

      it really is a simple formula. and we now see what has come of it.

      the very truth is: reversing the formula is just as simple.

      screw difficulty. reversing the formula is just as simple.

      • Terri says:

        Thanks Arcadia, your posts are always appreciated. Its encouraging to come here and know there are people who understand and are quietly doing what it takes to be real.

    • binra says:

      The lack of self acceptance is the self-rejection – the fear and the guilt of the NEED for control as a personal sense. When the awareness of the fruit of such a ‘mind’ is accepted – it can no longer operate as you – and so the ‘void’ or ‘light’ of being embraces you perfectly – as it always is – but had been obscured by withholding of acceptance for our own thought and feeling. As we give – so shall we receive. Our true children are abandoned when cuckold thinking usurps the mind. Their need for light is expressed in the only language they have been taught; denial.
      Be for yourself as you be the true of your feeling. Heartbreak and fear need mothering to uncover the truth beneath the feeling. A lack of connection is the ‘need’ to seek it Out There and the reinforcement of lack and fear.
      I write this just to bridge to you – There is no part that is truly apart from – except to a mind fragmented and unwhole. But everyone each has – and lives – their own unique perspective – and that is to be honoured – and not coerced by guilt into a ‘we’ of ‘should’. The Law of love is bound only in honouring true relationships in which responsibility has been accepted – and such bonds are not a prison – but an embodiment – a creative endeavour – a witnessing to true of being.
      Let the old world go – and the mind that made it. If horror fascinates and conflict compels attention – be curious as to what you are getting from that – for otherwise you would not choose to give it such focus. Self-honesty is always a ‘moment of peace’ – because the core struggle is the attempt to make a false self true. IT doesn’t have to be outwardly beautiful to be the influx of true connected being – nor grasp at forms to fill a lack.
      Love was lost when it was marketized and weaponized as a mask over hate – but love is simply being yourself – no more or less – and this is the true gift of freedom to each other – by which to recognize truly.
      ‘Love’ has to be bullshit free to touch the rage with true listening. And if you open relationship to where denials are moving into expression – you will be ‘tested’ and bested if you need them to fit your mind. This happens all the time, every day. Noticing the mind, feeling the movement – or identifying within feelings of conflict-mind instead of noticing.
      Undefended being together opened something in me that was both en-lightening and terrifying.
      Fatherhood opened something in me that was both en-lightening and terrifying.
      Life opens me both en-lightening and terrifying.
      Choose one and let the other go.

      • Terri says:

        Binra, I am glad you have had the experience of being a father, it opens the doors to many possibilities, only limited to our choices and beliefs. To truly step into such a powerful archetypal role puts us in a space that is above and beyond the mundane.
        Society discourages, belittles us, since someone who is real is beyond control.
        The choice was easy for me to make. I can only write of my own experiences, in hope to inspire those who do not know they have a choice.
        I like what you said about love being ourselves, accepting ourselves and others… that is true.

        • binra says:

          Not so much the experience – as a conscious awareness of a divine trust that my then sense of self was not at all sure I was worthy of or capable of fulfilling – and so the willingness to step beyond my ‘known’ and reach for and receive light in practical resource. The Call to Life and the Call to fear – both. These two calls are mutually exclusive and the human mind often gets them reversed or co-fused.

          • arcadia11 says:

            i am pretty sure that i would be happy to have you as a father, binra.

            joyous fun to you.

          • binra says:

            The communication breakdown within us – that is witnessed by denied feelings and thought – and inhibited or triggered reaction – is also reflected in attracting those denials to our experience in all kinds of patterns of ‘personality entanglement’ – and the nature of human relationship is often either the mutual reinforcement of a bubble reality – or a mutual antagonism of a sense of lack or blame in the other. And of course both!
            A true sense of worth extends to others indiscriminately. It doesn’t need to seek to use others to get validation from – yet such behaviour is called ‘love’ in those who live in the wish of love – but will otherwise. Idealized love waits for the right conditions… … … … … etc
            A real relationship is a basis to live and move through the ‘blocks’ to a true acceptance of self and other – but it will of course at times challenge everything one thought to be – or call on resources we don’t know we have. No pretty pics here – but serendipity aligns in good timing and to a true sense of gifted innocence of being. ‘What is a good father?’, may seem different things at different times. We look out from who we accept or believe ourself to be and that is our life-choice in that moment. I accept my own father regardless what we was not able to be for me. Or perhaps – as a human being who was also my father – whose own journey met with my own in specific ways that then served my opening to who I am – regardless of ‘good or bad’.

          • Terri says:

            The experience is also your awareness, to me, you cant separate them. You described the feelings and to me, the all encompassing responsibility and fulfillment very well, I wish more people had the courage to go for it and not let fear stop them. Everything changes when you have children, as it should be.

          • binra says:

            I’d say that Everything changes when we accept love as an awakening of responsibility for our alignment in true worth. Even if our little mind’ does not altogether align, understand or allow.
            But if parenting itself was it – everyone with children would be ‘Awake’.
            I know that the courage to be is within our hearts and minds and trust the timing by living the true of my own. If fear was not seen as protective, we would not choose it as the guide and protector.

    • marysong says:

      Very beautifully written, Terri. Thank you. You reflect all my own sentiments exactly. I have grand children, and, even great grandchildren … lots of them. I am sick with worry about what is to become of them.

      I fell into the trap of working for awhile as I was a Nurse. I even regret that although one of us always was home.

      They were home schooled, as are my extended family for the most part. It makes THE difference to have a happy family who care about each other so much with all those precious little babies coming along to brighten the scene.

      All the different forms of ‘gender’ now are disrupting the basic unit of society, as planned by those in Jon’s story above. There will be chaos without the family.

      Thank you Jon

      • Terri says:

        Thank you, Mary, yes, the difference in having a happy family is so profound and until you experience it, you don’t know what you are missing. I was not brought up at all the way I am now living my life, I have allowed my heart to guide me, and that has shown me the way. How blessed your family is to have your love and support.

    • Christopher says:

      “with love, first and foremost” Thanks Terri. We are a society lacking a deep understanding of love. Perhaps infinite with no bounds and beyond human categories. It’s a love that continuously reminds me to “remember.” Which maybe all that’s necessary. Even something so simple as stopping to listen to my auto mechanic talking about his family, his children. All I have to do is quiet myself and listen and watch then something beautiful happens and I watch the light in his eyes grow brighter and wider. It then envelopes me and goes beyond. Right there I quickly realize that he is my brother and that I love him. It’s so very simple and always here.

      I tend to go on tangent but I got what you’re saying, we need more of it.

      • Terri says:

        Yes Christopher, its those “little” moments of connection that are truly beautiful and that is what matters!You are truly making a big difference.

    • Joy says:

      Thank you, Terri! Now, more than ever we must frequently pause to remember the Beauty and Truth that reside in this version of reality. And we must give our all to create new realities where the despicable, blind, twisted (and, yes, demonic) cannot rule or subvert our dreams. We have arrived at this moment precisely to rise to the occasion with all of our latent powers, and we must not give in to discouragement or despair! Be brave, my dear and good-hearted friends and comrades battle! We can do this!

    • Terri says:

      I just want to thank everyone again for your heartfelt responses, it really made my day! 🙂

  8. IMNAHA says:

    As we move into the Trump Presidency (or ANY Presidency, bear in mind these wise words of Ayn Rand:

    “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”

    IOW contradictions are early indicators that one or more of our (programmed) beliefs are false and need to be examined.

  9. From Quebec says:

    The only two picks of Trump.s cabinet that worries me are Mike Pence and Reince Priebus.
    The minute I saw their faces, I identified them as phonies, in other words: Two faces traitors.

    I’m starting to think that I was right.

    If so, Trump is in big trouble. From a Pence visit to Germany this week, it seems like he is a big globalist stooge. I hope I’m wrong, but if it is the case, they will kill Trump and Pence will be the new President puppet to the NWO.

    God help us all! The only hope for this world to turn around to sanity is President Donald J, Trump.

    • Mr Langlie says:

      Nixon had stepped out line, not so much in free trade but his refusal to get off the gold standard, which eventually happened much to the disdain of much of the world i.e. France sent a battleship to New York harbor to collect the “gold” that was owed them. They were forced to settle for inflated fiat currency , the dollar. A much larger aspect of so called “free trade, we supply the forced on money. The inside trappings of Watergate were all set up, completely orchestrated by the finest of CIA skullduggery. Woodward himself, deeply involved in naval intelligence–like Carter, was the deep throat and Bradley approved in a dutiful way. The empire had knocked off not only the stupid king but many of his hence men as well, so as to prevent any back sliding. We can expect the same from the agency now and heads out there have already rolled when this accidental president came into being. They over looked a few things, they concentrated their efforts on stopping Bernie and miscalculating the weakness of H and the draw of T…and a few have already paid a price. Phony resignations. Look for some drama soon …they will blame the collapse of the economy on T and place another Obama like stooge in office. Messy!

      • Michael says:

        Touch’e…well hit.
        Was MF not part of a sting operation to find who was loyal to the king and who the leakers were…? Was it not a test of MP… T knows full well…this not a foolish man.

        MF is still in the picture…behind the scenes, back looking forward. The president admitted F was doing his job, Pence was the fly in the ointment.

        This smells like LBJ backstabbing treachery to Kennedy’s grace…does history repeat itself?
        The funny thing about these fuckers, they have a short memory and the attention span of a squashed gnat.

        I always felt Nixon’s fall was the gold, because he was pointing us in the right direction. There is no gold in America, it was stolen long time ago. That’s why they were crapping themselves.

        The Rockefella petro buck threatened soon to become a world’s digital currency, it did; the India experiment, with the loss of the 500 and 1000 rupee bill and introduction of digital currency is unprecedented; the attack on Bit-coin is a precurser to their aim, no competitors. Bitcoin was starting to gain traction, could easily have become very quickly a contender for digital coin.

        Libya destruction was as much about gold as it being a bottleneck in African migration; huge purchases of gold in the last few years by BRICS nations setting up a new type of world bank. The Renminbi, a gold backed Global reserve currency. Could become easily the top dog, That why the South China sea fiasco.

        America is bankrupt and has been some time; QE1 and QE2, QE3 the first digital currency, expanding the ceiling. Pulling fiats out of their asses. WTF

        The debt means shit when you see Obama’s reckless spending sending the debt up to twenty trillion. Especially in his last days… Because… they don’t care…

        Gold has always be the basis of valued currencies. It is forever trusted. The world really awaits it’s return. It’s tangible, finite, and solid. It’s money.

        Watch these Soros bastards flood into the streets this side of earth day. Like cockroaches…their aim will be civil war…and T will be blamed, Impeachment and a MP presidency.

    • Terri says:

      I once read that the Earth plane was like a mousetrap, with us baited as the cheese to attract the demonic so they can be sequestered. That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it. Thought it was an interesting theory.
      I was never a big Pence fan and do not like Priebus either.

      I truly believe the people spoke loud enough this time to allow divine intervention and we just have to keep on keeping on and be firm in our convictions and take divinely inspired action.

      • Mr Langlie says:

        Pretty true to form…..their form.

      • binra says:

        “Spoke loudly enough”…

        Was that rage seeking vengeance or a refusal to accept false power over true sovereignty of being?

        I’m not asking anyone to speak for anyone else – but to ponder that these can be co-fused and reversal operate such that the demonic is accorded faith – or the true healing messengers – demonsided and killed.

      • binra says:

        Fear attracts predators. Terror drives a masked rage and masked fear of such rage conforms to evade it – or align in its mask of power.
        A self divided (at war within itself) operates both the victim and the victimizer in fragmented parts never connected).
        But the whole thing is a construct THROUGH which to experience accordingly.

        My sense is that in fear, the demonic operates the protection racket while demonizing true messengers. Protection rackets use the forms, symbols, images or concepts of true – but suck out the life and deny escape.

        I also sense that evil is self-limiting – so that its traps to catch and suppress and deny or eradicate the messengers that would UNDO a false foundation, increasing cut off its own energy supply.

        Narrative Control or full spectrum dominance is meaningless over a dead or degraded world that has no capacity to receive or appreciate such ‘lordship’ excepting to scream inside instead of the living awareness in which to feel and know life..

        But in the sense of what goes around comes around – the way humans treat Life si such that it would be extraordinary if they were NOT themselves being pharmed, abused, exploited – for what we accept and act from as true of us is what sets the wavelength of our Universal Correspondence.

  10. marblenecltr says:

    This badly needed posting tells of people of power approaching their goal of absolute corruption. They are Globalists and they seek to enslave and depopulate the populists.

  11. binra says:

    What is the ‘enemy of truth’ but the wish to believe something untrue and thus align within it?

    Because the ‘enemy’ is personified evil – the wish to defeat, block, deny and overcome is given priority.
    Clever tricksters know exactly how to operate your mind by hacking into your ‘secret’ hates, fears and shame – and offering self-specialness identity towards your own destruction to their agenda.
    BUT the role served by an anti-life agenda at a deeper level is not what they think – but what and who you wake up to.
    So in broad terms Everything is being brought to the surface that was seemingly secret, private, masked off, and covered over with identities of assertion.

    A fake reality has no winners and losers. There is no one truly in it – but true living is sacrificed to aligning within its dictate. It is the ‘evil’ or destructive agenda and it owns all opposition – because it is the idea of attack, victim and conflict – as power over Life. This is an evaporation – a vanity – a conceit – to which allegiance is automatically given as teh defence of such identity.

    Freeing will is the capacity to drop the mind and all that comes from it. And LET into the rising movement of being in which you are in a very literal sense aligned in the presence-ing of all that is here – but from a different Source of Meaning to which Everything else must be brought. This is to reverse the reversal. There is no ‘answer’ within an inversion of truth to conform and fit a mind in WISH. But that doesn’t stop a never ending constant shifting of forms and meanings in which belief in WISH passes off as accepted true.

    If you ARE free – you need to KNOW this by letting freedom of will MOVE in you. This means releasing the mind of command and control – at least pausing – in some moment of willingness and awakening curiosity.

    Don’t look Out There for answers as if your are subject to a narrative dictate – QUESTION narrative reality – and align only in that which you can genuinely feel the resonance of your being – and not merely the presentations of a masking wish. This is not the hero’s dream – but the recognition and relinquishing of a nightmare to a different order of dreaming – that has to be opened to be understood in its OWN terms. It cant be sold – it isn’t better or worse than – so much as true – and therefore truly reflecting You – instead of reflecting fragmented and shifting narrative personae that are thus unrecognized in the acting out of the same old trauma.

  12. Jon, great article.

    Well reasoned.


  13. BRF says:

    Excellent article. I knew the CIA had sabotaged the Nixon presidency but had put the regicide down to other motives but the reasons given here make much more sense. Why I hadn’t connected the dots before is something I will have to think on.

    As far as I can tell Trump represents one camp of the plutocracy, being the extractive energy and resource sector as sometime opposed to the Wall Street sector. Think of the Koch brothers as opposed to Soros et al. The Trump camp is much more likely to seek deals and to establish joint consortium to harvest the planets resources. Not that they are above using all the tools available like war and subterfuge to get their way in an impasse. The Wall Street faction is an entirely different grouping seeking world domination under their strict financial and corporate entourage purview. One group would cut a deal with their Russian counterparts so that all may profit while the other seeks to dominate the whole of the planet and be first among elitist equals. Trump is just a light weight that has inserted himself into this high stakes world and given it a very unsettling shake up with his talk and seemingly true desire to deal with the more egregious aspects of globalism on his nation and by extension all other nations but appears not to know what he doesn’t know in what he is up against. He may be setting himself up to become another example of what happens to those who would think to cross Wall Street owners plans.To prevail he would have to aware of the stakes and act accordingly in revolt, jailing many of and possibly assassinating a few of his opposition if that is what it would take to make the political regain domination over the financial. There can be no meeting of the minds on this as it is a zero sum game of table stakes. Winner take ALL.

    • Deb says:

      I’m certain Trump knows what he is up against, I also concur justice must be served asap or else the vigilantes will take root and that will be messy.

  14. jerseyg says:

    If “they” didn’t want Trump to win, he’d have never gotten into the WH in the first place. Their high tech weapons could have taken him out long before he even won the nomination. Let’s get real here. Attributing all the power to the Rockefellers and Rothschild and then acting as if they created such a monumental blunder of letting him slip through to the presidency is a ridiculous assumption. He is beholden to the zionists. They financed him through his failures. He is their puppet. End of story.

    • Theodore says:


      Serious question Zionist-watcher,… from your perspective, in the grand scheme of the era of phrygian-cap freedom (*) in America (in place at least since American Civil War I and the assassination of Lincoln — 150 years ago), how influential today is the Black Pope and his Jesuit intelligence agents when compared to the Zionist intelligence agents? Do they work together under secret agreement? Are they one and the same?

      Side question, i never thought to ask before until now: The Zionists as you define them, in approximately what year did their power and influence begin to bloom? The Jesuits were formed in 1540 — my assumption has been that Jesuit power and influence begin to bloom that very year.


      Here is the Jesuit-inspired painting (fresco) inside the US capital Dome — worked on immediately after US Civil War I:


      (*) “Young America” depicted as a young man wearing a phrygian-cap (phry = free) also known as a roman-empire-era liberti cap — the cap worn by a freed roman slave in which the ‘free status’ could always be revoked by ‘the authorities’ at anytime for cause (I am assuming ‘conditional’ freedom).,_Agriculture.jpg

      • Michael says:

        Phrygian as in truly free, “Spiritual Free”, or free as misunderstood by christians as carnal, natural people. there is a difference.
        Phrygians believed in the holy spirit, which superceded authority of paul or for that matter Jesus.

        • Theodore says:

          excellent point.

          i am still learning about this ancient history.

          for my comment above, i had limited “Phrygian-cap (smurf-hat wearing)” freedom to mean the wearer who accepts the ‘authority’ of someone else allowing him to wear the said ‘freedom cap’.

          but, you have brought up an angle/viewpoint i have not thought of before.


    • binra says:

      “End of story?”
      Rather, the continuation of ‘Story’ as ‘narrative control’.
      Look how everyone takes a part in the framing of events. Are we being manipulated? Or are we suckling the juices of our own emotional investment?

      But your point is that Trump – for all the ‘outsider’ status – (true within certain levels of identity aligned within Establishment Was) – was/is being run by ‘insider’ cabal – even if as a ‘controlled explosion’ or shaped charge.

      No asset – allowed or installed into agency of power or influence – is to be allowed to out-serve or out-grow its purpose. Nor will such a notion of power itself out-serve or out-grow its purpose.

      So while we invest in Its framing as our own aligned identity – such purpose serves out its time in Story.

      One of the realisations of noticing (aka mindfulness), is that attention WAS scattered and fragmented in preoccupation with fantasy of past and future imaginations. But the ‘continuity manager’ or ego of self-sense runs the automaton of a fantasy life or subjected virtual reality of adjustment to its lack of presence – so as to present worthiness, love or power – as if one had it. Possession is the name of the game – for who would possess, is thus possessed or entranced by the game until played out.

      Story calls for sacriface in justifiction, which is backwards. Original nature creates from a just or true awareness in which no one has to deny or be denied, to behold it is good – very good.
      A false sense of rightness asserts and propagates the very ‘evil’ it sees in OTHER – as its own blindness. Some carry this role to extremes – but it takes one to know one. Noticing allows awareness of choice and change in place of an apparently unchangeable self, mind or reality.

      But the wish something be true… or not true – resets and reinforces the conditioned imprint of the golem. Fantasy fulfilment has one outcome – no matter how often repeated… unfulfilment. Be that structured upon the symbols of love or power.

      In a book I appreciate is the line: “There is no life outside Heaven” – and yet of course what passes as life, is traded in and exchanged and made real to such mind-drift into unreality – is viciously defended against wholeness of being, against a light in which a mistaken identity is no longer accepted or accorded real. Gone!

  15. Michal says:

    Steve Pieczenik tells Alex Jones how the present situation is v similar to what happened w Nixon:

  16. Here is the Jesuit-inspired painting (fresco) inside the US capital Dome — worked on immediately after US Civil War I:

  17. MMV says:

    Dear Jon,
    So many interesting comments. I am learning a lot.
    Keep up the good work.
    Very troubling and upsetting to me, this Syria bombing !

    Kindest Regards,


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