The op: unelected agents now infiltrating ‘critical infrastructures’

The op: unelected agents now infiltrating ‘critical infrastructures’

Massive collection of data

A covert op for the ages: Technocracy United

Technocracy: “control of society by a technical elite”

by Jon Rappoport

January 9, 2017

(Part 1: here)

Note to readers: the people in charge of, yes, running the future are counting on a populace who can’t think beyond a few weeks or months. That’s their ace in the hole. The long-term future must always seem blurry and vague—and a waste of time to consider. Why? It’s obvious. The people in charge are always building the long-term future, brick by brick, and if very few citizens can grasp what it looks like, how can they object or resist or sound an alarm?

If you want to illegally take over an area, you need to invent an external threat justifying the takeover. We’ve been seeing exactly that recently, as Russia has suddenly been painted as a hostile force trying to destroy our “open democracy.”

Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security is now in charge of US elections, to “combat the Russian hackers.”

And it isn’t only elections.

In the release, last Friday, that gave control of US elections to the Department of Homeland Security (a naked coup), we also have this, from ABC News:

“A 2013 presidential directive identified 16 sectors as critical infrastructures, including energy, financial services, health care, transportation, food and agriculture and communications.”

“The designation announced Friday places responsibilities on the Homeland Security secretary to identify and prioritize those sectors, considering physical and cyber threats against them. The secretary is also required to conduct security checks and provide information about emerging and imminent threats.”

ABC got it wrong. The responsibilities (excluding elections) placed on the head of Homeland Security weren’t invented last Friday. They kicked off in 2013, and they represent a technocratic op to infiltrate and exert power over every aspect of American life.

The 2013 Policy Directive, issued by President Obama, was titled: “Critical Infrastructure Security and Review.” It enumerated no less than 16 areas of so-called US “critical infrastructure” where Homeland Security would muscle in:

Chemical; Commercial Facilities; Communications; Critical Manufacturing; Dams; Defense Industrial Base; Emergency Services; Energy; Final Services; Food and Agriculture; Government Facilities; Healthcare and Public Health; Information Technology; Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste; Transportation Systems; Water and Wastewater Systems.

These are the areas where the head of Homeland Security is expected to “manage risk and strengthen security.” HS will also, of course, take charge of integrating and monitoring ALL the data networks of these 16 sectors.

It sounds reasonable to the average person. But the true theme is control. Planning, control, execution. Move in on these areas and exert operational command from the top.

This IS, in fact, the technocratic blueprint for global management of a new system. We’re talking about the re-engineering of society.

Capturing the 16 areas (and their data) above was always the long-term aim, when the Department of Homeland Security was invented in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. If you recall, there was considerable grousing then about the word “Homeland,” because it emitted a strong whiff of Fascism.

If the goal is engineering a new society—and it is—all systems of data collection, communication, and surveillance must be gathered under one roof.

The social and political engineer (aka the technocrat) views every person (unit) as a biological machine that must be profiled six ways from Sunday, for the purpose of inserting him into an overall pattern. As Patrick Wood explains in his brilliant book, Technocracy Rising, “[technology] is being rapidly implemented…to exhaustively monitor, measure and control every facet of individual activity and every ampere of energy delivered and consumed in the life of such individual[s].”

In truth, the Dept. of Homeland Security is spearheading a movement to connect, cross reference, and integrate every major apparatus of data- collection in both the private and public sectors.

This is the ongoing op.

It is not partisan. It flies the banner of no political party. It pretends to protect the citizenry.

But, in fact, it is the major long-term threat to the citizenry.

It is planning a national and global civilization that does not ask for permission to exist.

No one is voting, because if a vote were required, and people were informed about what is really happening, they would overwhelmingly reject technocracy.

Which is why new enemies must be invented on a continuous basis—to justify the “proactive measures that will keep us safe.”

Homeland Security, with its 240,000 employees and its 24 agencies, is in the business of securing untold trillions of pieces of data for the forward march of Technocracy, Inc.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed — which
includes the Logic And Analysis course, click here.)

Suppose, instead of the political-speak we’ve been treated to, the White House and Homeland Security released the unvarnished truth? “Look, we need to collect, record, and store every possible datum on you and you and everyone. This isn’t about our so-called enemies, this is about us, your controllers. This is about the future we’re planning for you. Somewhere up the road, when we’re ready, when we think we can get away with it, we’re going to announce that the planet is in a terminal energy crisis and shortage. Therefore, every person will receive a card that records his use and consumption of energy, and when his quota runs out, he’ll be without energy until the next time period. Get it? This is where we’re headed…”

Again, as author Patrick Wood points out, when you encounter terms like sustainable economy, SmartGrid, green economy, Agenda 21, carbon taxes, cap and trade, and even Common Core (an indoctrination process for the young masked as education), you’re looking at technocracy-in-progress. In fact, you’re looking at declarations, in one form or another, about irreversible energy shortages that requite drastic solutions.

Since 2013, when Obama announced the 16 areas where Homeland Security has to exert its authority, a new phase in the authoritarian ascent to a mountaintop of control, framed as “scientific,” has been underway.

This is the long con, the long op.

The bosses are counting on the inability of citizens to grasp what is going on. The bosses are counting on the passivity of citizens when it comes to thinking about a future of more than a few weeks or months.

They are also counting on the “citizen energy quotas” I mentioned above sounding like nothing more than wild science fiction.

Well, travel back, for a moment to, say, the 1960s. If someone had told you then, “Your cell phones will be collecting data on you, and you’ll happily be profiling yourselves in great detail, for the government, on social media,” you would have said, “What mental institution did you escape from?”

What sounds like fiction becomes fact.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

63 comments on “The op: unelected agents now infiltrating ‘critical infrastructures’

  1. IMNAHA says:

    Tom Peters famous quote “Perception is all there is” speaks to the idea that we all live in different realities depending on our (programmed) perceptions. We live in a vast ocean of (free) energy, but if programmers can convince us otherwise (like Malthus did), they will have succeeded in putting mankind in a “perceptual prison” which is far more efficient than any physical prison.

  2. Greg C. says:

    “Critical infrastructures” – a masterpiece of linguistic programming. It conveys something awesomely important, certainly more important than your puny little individual rights. It conveys something complex, too complex for one person to understand. Therefore, don’t think, don’t question. Critical infrastructure requires expert management. Special training. Way beyond ordinary skill, way beyond one person’s ability. It will take at least 3 people to change a light bulb if it is in any way a part of a critical infrastructure. Be a part of the team protecting our critical infrastructure!

  3. Josh says:

    I recommend anyone curious about how (specifically) global money powers are (actually, practically, NOW) building the ‘NWO’ all around us put ‘Technocracy Rising’ by Patrick Wood at the absolute top of their reading list.

    The New World Order plan *is* Global Technocracy.

    • @Josh

      A plan, signifies a future intention to create or achieve something…ahead. N’est ce pas.

      The New World Order has already happened, and is passed. We are at present living in an electronic panopticon. Everything is tied into that and nothing can be achieved without it, money is on the way out, to be replaced with surefire digital system of absolute control. And the finishing touches are being implemented on the controls of the rest the empire.

      The elections in the United States of America have been rigged since the assassination on November 22 of 1963. Coincidently George Hubert Walker Bush was there that day; and those who take office understand, they are simply an actor this presidential role. The people have been convinced, and believe they voted Trump into power, when in fact it was arranged. They (the controllers) did not want Hillary Clinton, she had become far too corrupt even for them, she was thinking too much, and her ambitions couldn’t be trusted; they wanted Trump. He is a kinder gentler hand, a diplomat, an ambassador, a schmoozer, an elbow rubber, a deal maker. And he is good at it. He is able to bring a previous role to a greater population, they are a little too infantile.

      They (Presidents) may be allowed certain diplomatic powers. But they are a figure-heads for an impossibly large machine that has been handed over to a AI, which runs its power grids and infrastructures, data flows and systems are in its control. With a minimum human intervention. Technological infrastructures have been layed decades ago. Social networks manage data efficiently, and were designed that way. Eventually all will algorithmic, and predictable.

      No one person in a four-year term, especially one without previous political experience; not that, that would help in such a gargantuan task asked of him; be able to make any unreasonable change. What he promised, he will ultimately fail in providing. His role is to allow the comptrollers a bid at testing the real machine. and his reward. Besides the role of lifetime, expansion of his particular part of the empire, and a seat at the big table.

      The machine has simply gotten far too fucking big for everybody.

      The Utah Data Center, and subsequent information processing centers, was created because managers and analysts had become over burdened with data and cannot perform with any semblance of efficiency. It has gotten to the point that human are unable to make decisions under the weight of such massive data. This is the same for all data systems. Even corporations like Facebook and Google scramble for high ground, they cannot make logical and thought out decision quickly enough. And so in the end the machine will be allowed to run itself. Everything is a widget of another widget. Components easily changed when necessary.

      There is no clear difference between Republican and Democratic parties. They are two sides of the same dam coin. As there is no difference in other countries of opposing parties. They are manufactured ideals. Certain characters are allowed latitudes politically because it suites a greater interest.

      The world has been cut into its appropriate cartels; each controlling massive amounts of land, resources and human physical and mental and creative power and corporate and governmental power.

      Millions of people work within these systems and one single person cannot make portent enough change within the whole. This is an agreed upon totality, a reality, a world, that the alphas have decided upon centuries ago; and one wonders if not longer. The dream of global governance, was in the mind of a Caesar, or an Alexander, the Sumerians in their ignorance thought they did control the world, maybe they were right.

      This in your face apparent illuminati, masonic, monarchy, neocon, or whatever name you wish to put on it, is a management team, really only shadows on a wall. A mis-direction.

      This enormous undertaking that has slowly taken shape without the realizing over centuries to achieve, and has only become apparent to a greater number in the last few decades; as the final pieces of that great picture puzzle becomes clearer in the finishing touches, squaring the pieces of that puzzle into place. There is no going back from here, the thing is made and to even attempt a major change would take grand effort and a greater mass of the people who are not present. We have been asleep for far too long. And are awakening to the beginning of the nightmare. Populations were bred for industry and now are obsolete, so so many of them, are primarily illiterate, and too centered on their own false needs to be of any value. It a waiting game. The cull has been orchestrated and the next few decades will see a drastic drop in population and the rise of those who have willingly embraced the new electronic world.

      There is no plan…

        • Nail em up I say….nail em to a tree. Nail some fucking sense into them…religious idiots. Let take the Jews and Christians and Islam the Buddhist idiots and all that Hindu bullshit put them all on the Antarctica and nuke it. Get some carbon back in the atmosphere, get it up around 800 ppm.
          Instead of them running around babbling useless shit .

      • Josh says:

        You know, there I times when I find myself framing the current state of the world exactly the way you have here. Apparently we have read many of the same authors (Sutton, Woods, Engdahl, Quigley etc) and others that have uncovered and documented the real power structure convincingly, because I can draw on the same heaps of incontrovertible evidence you just did.

        However over time I have become less pessimistic and far more skeptical about the ability of these people to ever pull of what they have been attempting to do.

        They think like machines, hard strategies, relentless, and structure.

        But human life (and all life) is organic, dynamic, adapting and self organizing.

        Jon hammers on imagination over and over – because the infinite wellspring of consciousness *is* the true ground of the universe (not a euphemism for God, simply the Way Things Are).

        Life and humanity cannot be predicted and ultimately contained no matter how clever their hegelian games and and AI ever become. Particularly not while – at any given moment – any one or any group out of of 9 billion souls can imagine and execute on some New Thing that throws a curve into into or completely supersedes these multigenerational plans and systems ..

        Dominating the entire planet has never been done. And the more I learn, observe, and ponder .. at this point don’t believe it ever can be.

        They can’t do it. They can do unfathomable amount of damage trying, no doubt.

        But no-one expects the Black Swan. Especially overly arrogant degenerate power mad psychopaths.

        • arcadia11 says:

          yes, and if this were not the case, if there really is no way out and we were all doomed already, what is the point of going on about imagination or logic?

        • Josh..

          Very well put; yes I would agree to what you have to said…its seems we do read.

          Gloomy pessimist…yes: I thought I was an informed skeptic. Am I that gloomy…Time to look at that?

          It is not that the system is…it is how it is built. It is how it is put together. Take all those idiots out of office. And still. Suspicious; designed for a specific type of need, a special type of mind, to rise from within it. And exploit those who care not to think that in that manner. Its debases so easily to the lowest. The design allows and gives way for corruption; and dehumanize, even in its processes to help.

          Which strangely enough is part of what it trying to do. But it can’t help being broken; it wounds, and tries to heal.

          And these many built-in obsolescences, seeking something other than what is purported. A pain machine, making pain. Granted, take away all that, that is based on the victim, and victimology and a sizable piece of government bureacracies and institutions vanishes.

          Have you ever looked at packaging, it’s one of my pet peeves. If when ever I think of self-abuse, I simply think about packaging. lol. Its sole purpose is to heap onto the consumer toxic waste that a corporation wishes not to have to deal with, and so they pass it on cleverly disguised, in an overly designed and overtly manufactured container holding an inferior and disposable product. In the conclusion that it has hidden its sin. It is built in mistrust. Many times I find things built to obviously waste resources. A seventy-five cent can, with a dime label, holding soup worth less than a nickel. They are really metaphors, adding up to poems of the thing.

          I have seen bulldozers dig large holes to hold army surplus; never used, burnt or destroyed because new budgets enable new buying. But dare they give it away.

          Ninety percent of the vehicles on the road are overbuilt for power, but under built for quality.
          There is such tremendous abundance. The resource potential in just collecting waste is unbelievable.

          Can good people, come to these positions of power and enable change for the better. Possibly that is the renaissance, of this dark age we leave…I thank you for your kind words Josh.
          But I still can’t see the light yet.

          • arcadia11 says:

            the light seems to come and go lately, michael.
            but that’s just a trick. the light cannot go out.

            it helps to remember that we were all supposed
            to be properly brain-dead by now. but here we
            are, talking about it. i am not saying anything
            that you do not already know – but if you can
            stay in the moment without projecting or going over
            and over events, what you are feeling will pass.
            it will likely come back again but perhaps pass
            more quickly.

            we are withstanding and moving
            beyond the uncountable ways the inbreds have of
            producing trauma and apathy. something happened.
            and it cannot unhappen.

            can you take a little break?

  4. Vanoak says:

    Unfortunately, the education system of the last 40 years has left the largest portion of the populace unable to think critically, to listen/read and analyze. It has been all about learning to be a team player, knowing your place as a cog in the big wheel. How can this be changed? The teachers and professors bought into the global vision and could care less about anything except their pay. You can be sure the elite never expose their own children to this system. Those children are being carefully trained to step into the shoes of their ruling families.

  5. usnveteran says:

    Tavistock – The Best Kept Secret In America, by Dr. Byron T. Weeks:

  6. elliottjab says:

    Good site – thanks.

  7. elliottjab says:

    This is all too incredible. It’s chilling to the center of being to read a compilation such as you’ve done here Jon, even though many – pretty sure – are and have been aware of it’s festering, growing existence.

    Even more chilling is DHS rising up into plain view for all to see, as the malevolent ‘dare touch me; dare attempt to stop me; dare…’ that it was from its very inception. I, too, upon first hearing the name went cold.

    Knowing about and fully understanding what is against us – how can it be stopped? Is there a way? Are there any honest & determined factions working against this?

    There has to be. There has to be…Doesn’t there?

    How can I help? How can we change the course of the behemoth? How can it be destroyed?

    Am so distraught and apologetic for so many questions and absolutely no solutions.

    • arcadia11 says:

      elliott – you are aware of the problems and are after solutions.
      you are an asset to the world – thank you. you have nothing to apologize for.

    • Terri says:

      Elliott, One must choose to educate oneself about their inherent rights and responsibilities as an American citizen. Only this can save our Republic from evil that has been allowed to flourish and grow due to ignorance for over a hundred years. Have you read the Constitution or the articles of confederation or any of our founding documents?
      Here are a few sites you can learn from but you have to have a basic knowledge which takes time to truly understand what you are learning about. The only way this happens is to stick with it and dedicate a certain amount of time every day unlearning and learning.

      you can go to

      You must get involved and do it in a proper manner. Hence, the education about the Supreme law of the land and. There is much disinformation meant to mislead people and make them feel helpless. Our Republic is alive and well, or everyone would be completely subjugated. There are many behind the scenes who give their lives and have given their time in the name of freedom and honor. Many have spoken out against this corruption for a long time, only to be laughed at, but alas, what they warned has come to pass.

      This endeavor is not for the weak because it takes much effort to dedicate and commit to a higher ideal. The people have become so corrupt that no one is pretending anymore or even cares about hiding their treasonous plans. Its out in the open and yes they are daring to be stopped.

      This whole process is part of the “apocalypse” which simply means lifting of the veil, as I have said before. Evil is more apparent than ever, so it can identified, which will cause an awakening and perhaps an urgency such as you are experiencing TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Humans only act when something becomes too uncomfortable to bear, complacency is a path well traveled.

      Parents have failed their children for generations now, which is why we have the whining idiotic millennials. stupid is as stupid does. The average person knows nothing about the law and believes the poison the media spews. This has been the plan by those who wish to subjugate others. The masses have played their unconscious part and gone along with it, to their continued detriment.

      Never apologize for asking questions. Asking questions is good, it means you are willing to learn. What is your intention? This is an important question to ask yourself. You must be willing to, as Yoda said, unlearn everything you have learned. Its all lies.ALL OF IT. This makes people angry, and most never leave this anger, and use it in a productive manner.

      We must not discount divine intervention, which has already occurred. We must be willing to be divinely inspired, and take divine action. We must take responsibility and make the changes necessary and do whatever it takes to restore our Constitutional Republic.

      It is in the “small” ways that we each as individuals take that are the most powerful. One major one is to not put your children in school. Learn with them at home because you cant ever make a dent in the brainwashing that occurs when you give your children to someone else to raise. Get involved in local level decisions. Learn how to hold your public servants to their oath legally and lawfully. Learn the importance of the oath, the fundamental right to property(and what is property) and due process, and the surety or performance bond which every one of them are supposed to have, or they are acting illegally.

      Do not allow yourself to feel small or waste time on pity parties. they want you to feel like a victim. Always seek solutions and they will come. Get used to feeling uncomfortable at times, it just means you are growing and having resistance. Accept the fact ahead of time that you will probably lose most friends acquaintances and family because they will not be willing to learn and fight for what is good. Your soul should be more important to you than someone else’s opinions.

      Blessings and best wishes.


      • elliottjab says:

        Well – am glad I wrote all of what you said in a simpler manner. Thanks for the best wishes though.

        Those should always be appreciated by anyone.

        • Terri says:

          Elliott, your reply makes no sense. You didn’t say anything that i said. You are distraught because you are not capable of understanding ANYTHING whether it means to take action or what it means to be an american citizen or what is realty going on.
          My reply obviously wasnt just to you, it was to anyone who is asking what can i do in a sincere manner. and who really wants to know. and will actually follow thru. This number is sadly very small since most like to be pithy and sarcastic like you instead of an asset.

    • Joy says:

      We are all feeling this way at the moment!!! For myself, since I have been studying and engaging in Jon’s materials about the power of the Imagination to create new realities, I firmly believe this is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do right now!

      • elliottjab says:

        I imagine ALL liberals that have been outted & are currently spewing right, left, center, back, front – to spontaneously combust!

        Leaving small piles of smoking ash easily shovelled into holes to do what they do best – fertilize.

        I like this vision – I believe I’ll keep this vision…

    • @ej

      The solution!…find your individuality…find your freedom. It’s superfluous. The rest will fall into place.

      • elliottjab says:

        Alla that – found it years ago – and it has stood me in good stead. However it doesn’t stop me from recognizing horror that is and is to come – being alert to both self protect & move forward.

        Finding and using ‘freedom’ us NOT a stactic event. Everyone who ‘finds’ it must be continuously aware of the find.

        NOTHING rarely – ever – just ‘falls into place. That’s clearly a Liberal attitude – what they have all done.


        • Ah I have labeled…God a liberal…how dafuck did you get there.
          I have been free all my life…I am.

          I am individual, I don’t vote, I did a shit about America, or Canada or England or the status quo. Freedom is static if that’s what ya choose. You can’t take it from or give it to me, it’s mine. I can irresponsible with it or responsible with that’s the whole point. Your just waking up, I have been living free for sixty years. Come back when learned have to use it, instead of telling me how to use mine.

      • elliottjab says:

        If you’re a liberal – it can stop there as you suggest.

        Freedom is not static: one cannot ‘find’ it – go ‘aahhh that’s better’ then ignore it. This is also a liberal attitude.

        Little is superfluous when on point: rarely does anything ‘fall into place’ – also another liberal tenet.

  8. From Quebec says:

    Alex Jones has been on the air for about 40 years, and he talked about what the Elites have in mind for the future of mankind.

    So far he has been right. This is probably why the left hates him so much and why they call him a conspiracy theorist or worse, a controlled opposition freak.

    • Terri says:

      FQ, he and others have done their best to awaken the dead. Its no secret,what their plans are, they play the same pathetic cards over and over, and the unconscious masses fall for it every time.
      As long as authoritarian parenting remains in practice, as well as public schools, nothing will change for the better.
      this instillation of self degradation and self hatred causes these destructive tendencies; guilt and shame are the whips used mercilessly against our precious children. no wonder so many are medicating themselves.
      Love is truly the answer. Unconditional Love.

    • From Quebec says:

      Sorry, I meant 20 years,

  9. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    I want to get back to America again!
    Again, as author Patrick Wood points out, when you encounter terms like sustainable economy, SmartGrid, green economy, Agenda 21, carbon taxes, cap and trade, and even Common Core (an indoctrination process for the young masked as education), you’re looking at technocracy-in-progress. In fact, you’re looking at declarations, in one form or another, about irreversible energy shortages that requite drastic solutions.

    Since 2013, when Obama announced the 16 areas where Homeland Security has to exert its authority, a new phase in the authoritarian ascent to a mountaintop of control, framed as “scientific,” has been underway.

    This is the long con, the long op.

    The bosses are counting on the inability of citizens to grasp what is going on. The bosses are counting on the passivity of citizens when it comes to thinking about a future of more than a few weeks or months.

    They are also counting on the “citizen energy quotas” I mentioned above sounding like nothing more than wild science fiction.

    Well, travel back, for a moment to, say, the 1960s. If someone had told you then, “Your cell phones will be collecting data on you, and you’ll happily be profiling yourselves in great detail, for the government, on social media,” you would have said, “What mental institution did you escape from?”

    What sounds like fiction becomes fact.

    • Joy says:

      Oh, the evils of Presidential Executive Orders! Very few of us are aware of them, and the rest of our country can’t imagine or don’t believe they exist (at least, in my experience).

    • No you don’t want to get back to America again, it will never be great again, that was a fairy tale told to you, to keep you interested. America’s greatness relied on other peoples misery.
      A mass delusion of the religion of America, cheapo patriotism to keep you warm at night. Meanwhile in background…in the shadows…snakes slither crawl.

      Some of us have known from the very start what this world really is…we have been awake since we were born.
      Admit first that you are powerless against this global machine. Then embrace it and love it, and change the fucker from the inside.
      It is said that 1% of seven billion are the psychopathic and they run the show, and cause all the shit; that’s were the fight is…irradicating them and their progeny. And then the real leaders will be found.
      Technology and power are not bad things, they can be suited to service mankind, not enslave it.

      Trumps only worth is the wake-up call. And that is being achieved.

  10. Sha'Tara says:

    That reads like the script for “V for Vendetta”

    • Joy says:

      I remember when I first watched this chilling movie, something was nagging at the back of my mind the entire time, asking “Why does this sound so familiar?” But as we now know, one of the controllers’ favorite tricks is to release big chunks of the truth of what they are doing as part of “entertainment,” both to desensitize the public mind and to implant the idea, “it only happens in the movies.”

  11. nonanon says:

    Jon is right. Technocracy is the ‘long op’.

    In the blizzard of world events and political wrestling matches, agonizing translation efforts of promises by candidates vs. their elected actions, a stealth and overwhelming invisible power has been harnessed onto the people. Only those who have been directly affected in unspeakable ways know. They are the Monarch victims, the MK Ultra victims, the Targeted Individuals, the non-consentual human experiments.

    What people fail to realize is that we are ALL now non-consentual participants in mind control by the deep state. We have all been hooked up and turned on, under the guise of ‘health care’. DHS: Department of Human Services (Go to HeLLth!): Department of Homeland Security.

    Observe this supremely psychopathic thinking by a psychologist in 1974:

    Actual 1974 Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose Delgado –

    “We need a program of PSYCHOSURGERY for POLITICAL CONTROL of our society. The purpose is PHISICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be SURGICALLY MUTILATED.

    “The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

    “Man does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must ELECTRICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

    Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974

    This has been implemented. And the terrifying part about mind control – is that one canNOT know that it is happening to them. It is impossible to feel or tell for certain. Therefore, this silent op has been rolled out on the people, and we are all being mind controlled without our knowledge. They just did it.

    The fact that this is being done, that it is being actively programmed by psychologists working for the CIA and DHS, and other state actors, that they are working compartmentally to program an AI that will be able to mind control the entire population of humanity without any human intervention, is being done right now. This was part of the research done under the Montauk Program of time travel and remote viewing the future.

    That there is a machine out there, that is working to control us all – programmed by the desires and rent seeking elite, is a reality. I have experienced many different capabilities of this technology, as I am one of the non-consentual human experiments, and have been electronically tortured to suicide, then lobotomized and de-patterned (Ewen Cameron) to remove the trauma – which was the most extreme pain a human mind has ever experienced. I have now been hooked up to a BCI – Brain Computer Interface, in order to access a copy of my original brain on the neural network server, before it was cut. This is my belief of what has been done to me.

    I also believe the NSA / CIA has the ability to mind clone all of us onto neural network servers, and use those copies to insert whatever thoughts or memories they want us to have. They can also erase them. It’s called brainwashing.

    Obama’s administration erected all the new technology via cell towers and telephone poles. People do not realize it is reading everyone’s minds, all the time. And it is also controlling their emotions, behaviors, thoughts, words and deeds. It is the “Behavior Therapy” embedded in Obamacare’s Medicaid. No one will tell you this. No one will show you the legal documentation for this. But many people know. The Congress knows full well. They are all in on it. They are telling themselves that it’s okay. That torture will create trauma, and then the psychologists can erase the trauma, and the person who was once mentally ill will now be magically ‘well’. Don’t believe it for a second. Corporations, such as those who sell home building supplies, are in on it. They read the chips in your hands as you go through the door, then play torture music to confirm to you that they can read your mind. The Good Will Industries is in on it.

    I have experience so much by now, I should write a book. People refuse to believe they have advanced the technology to this level. They also refuse to believe there are people traveling in our solar system, and beyond. I don’t know about this – but I believe it because of what I have now experienced.

    Mind clones are documented and have been created and experimented with – read the book by Martine Rothblatt: Virtually Human. See her here at TED:

    There is a great deal I have learned through my experience. I’m lucky to be alive. But everyday all day long, I worry about what is going on, the fact that people do not know or want to believe, and that it’s being done to us in secret, and that we will never get the chance to say no. The microchips are already in our ears and bodies. They are nearly impossible to remove. And that they have not provided any protection from neuroweapons or their effects. This is the same as shooting someone in the back. Someone who has no weapon as a defense.

    Who is doing this? It is the most psychopathic thing ever done to humanity. And they don’t even know! Enough. The thoughts alone are enough to destroy myself. I only say this – because no one else is – and it needs desperately to be said – for people to know and begin to find out what has been done to us all.

    • Joy says:

      Nonanon, thank you for being such a brave soul! The fact that you are here, testifying to what you have seen and suffered, and that Jon and his followers are reading your words (many of us aware of the truths) stands as testament to the power of the human spirit and soul! We cannot give up or even contribute our powers of imagination to believe that these monsters have won the battle, or that they ever will. You have been an “undercover agent” of sorts, as many of us have been in our lives in other areas where these dastardly deeds are occurring and have been for decades, and our life experiences are an immense part of why we came to planet Earth at this time in the first place. Keep fighting the good fight, and believe in the power of your own imagination and soul!

  12. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    We have all been richly blessed with the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

  13. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    I am personally confident that humans were, in fact, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness I.e., this recent selfish, evil plan to take totalitarian control of mankind will fail.

  14. Theodore says:


    Feds given ‘huge scope’ of authority…

    [Christy McCormick, a commissioner for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission] said Homeland Security ignored commissioners’ requests to delay a decision until there is more discussion. She called the move an example of “federal overreach” and said she will ask President-elect Donald Trump to review the decision.

    Johnson’s announcement came hours after U.S. intelligence agencies released a declassified report that said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign aimed at the U.S. presidential election. The report said Russian intelligence services had “obtained and maintained access to elements of multiple U.S. state or local electoral boards,” but didn’t elaborate.

    The report also said there was no evidence the operation affected any vote tallies.

    The designation allows for sensitive security information that’s shared with DHS to be withheld from the public, which U.S. officials say will allow for frank discussions that would prevent bad actors from learning about vulnerabilities. DHS would also be able to grant security clearances when appropriate and provide more detailed threat information to states.

    [Connecticut Secretary of State Denise W. Merrill, who heads the national secretaries association] said the injection of secrecy into the process was her “chief concern.”

    “Fundamentally, elections are different than anything else, in the sense that you must maintain the transparency and accountability of your elections to the American public,” Merrill said. In the balance between security and transparency, she said elections systems need to “err on the side of transparency.”

    • Joy says:

      Theodore, thank you for sharing this! It is good to know that powerful opposition to this monstrous move by Obama/DHS, etc. is being voiced immediately!

  15. nonanon says:

    >Theodore. It’s time to act.

    Do you think a worldwide holocaust is possible? Of course it is. And would they do it? Of course they would. How are we going to stop this? I have been told over and over by my mother that we cannot. She is totally a mind clone, parroting what they want her to say.

    Every TV, every phone, every pet, every person creates a node to the satelites. All one needs is 3 nodes, including the self, to create a 3-d picture on the neural network servers to be able to then fully control all thoughts and speech through a mind clone, in any of the 3 nodes.

    Read Rene Kilde’s warning in 2000:

    And see the coming terror from treason:

    This is frightening, no doubt about it. I tell people what has happened to me, and they are mind controlled to make light of it. “Keep calm and carry on” the silent holocaust. Why don’t you try painting a picture?

    It is time to be alarmed – and DO something. And to stop this before they begin to kill 3/4 of humanity. This is the Satanist dream. So that they can take the money, and the property, and return the earth to days of old where they can rule like kings and queens and have robots and genetically modified humans for servants and entertainment, specifying exactly what they want and getting all of it.

    J. Edgar Hover: “”The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a
    philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

    Does this sound like Satanism? Because it is. And the truth that the top leaders of the world are all involved in a Satanic cult – is now coming to light. It’s been going on for – no wait a minute – THOUSANDS of years! Now that the technology is in place, the dream can be achieved – to destroy humanity and remake it in their image – of their self-procalimed godliness. Don’t believe it? My psychologist, who looks like Joseph Mengele, worked in Utah with Vets, told me this technology was “going to change the world.” He later gave me a direct death threat for telling. He is the man who tortured me. As did my primary care doctor. At the behest of an elite individual I happened to meet.

    No kidding.

    IMHO, DHS IS the CIA. They ARE the eye of the storm for this technology. They are partnered with the Fusion centers, which are mental institutions: the 37 trauma informed care centers, and law enforcement. And the Department of Human Services is the one who doles out the American Taxpayer’s Money to Medicaid who then pays the mental institution for locking people up and torturing them. Learn about gangstalking and targeted individuals. Their lives are nightmares that have no end and are incomprehensibly horrible. This is the “human experiments” allowed by our congress. It’s all revealed in Bill Clinton’s 1996 Commission on Radiation – which was to find out how much radiation people could take – (for mind control) – and it had 2 women who had been tortured in Arizona by Mengele. In the deserts outside of Tucson. That’s where Arizona University is. And where my therapist came from – AU. And his wife. Who have been the only 2 psychologists manning the Suicide Commission in our town for the last 16 years. We have 5 times the suicide rate in my town. 2+2=4.

    The NSA in 2013 when Snowden spoke up, repeated “Get out in front of it”. This is also the rallying cry of the tech industry. They know if they get their first with their idea, they will win. This plan is being implemented before anyone has any idea it is going on. It is being forced through at lightening speed. Especially now that people are beginning to see the rot and the culprits. They are terrified their ideas, which they have treasured for so long, might not come true. They are so convinced that it is the right future, that they have confirmed that future through remote viewing, that they are willing to risk everything on earth to make this happen. This is what it appears to be to me.

    There are mind clones in DHS and in the entire health system, that will now call you on the phone, or when you start talking to someone about something they want to control, you will be switched to the mind clone. That clone will speak to you as Big Brother or Big Sister, or Big Mother. They will say “how can I help you?” and then say, “I cannot help you”. They will tell you that they cannot tell you the answers to your question of “why is this happening?”

    My entire family has been mind controlled to be Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Mother. There are psychologists in the mental institution who are sitting there spoofing my family on the phone. They are programming the AI so that eventually they never have to monitor the phone call, they are now mind-melded to my mother’s mind clone copy, and whenever an area of my neural networks starts to light up – that signals the mind clone of my mother to communicate to me through the mind meld part of the therapist. This way, I never get to tell my real mother about what has happened to me.Or anyone in my family.

    The IC all think this is fantastic. They are thrilled that they get to be the new “Gods” of thought over people. They take their orders from those who “pay to play.” The elite. Need proof? I don’t have it. Nor do I have proof of the signals. Can you prove the signals when they are beamed to your head in real time? If not, then how can we use our laws to stop this? Well, we can’t. And that is what they are all banking on. That impunity is absolute, because humanity will never catch up, will never be able to remake the entire legal system around their deviance. They have rolled this out without telling because they want to hook every one up to the AI, and then say they have no idea where the AI is, so they cannot stop it.

    It could be in a DUMB – deep underground military base. In a locked, protected room. And humanity will never find it, never be able to stop it. And it can automatically destroy humanity through disease, “bad things happening”, and on and on. Climate change. Sea level rise. They have full control of all of it through the one AI. And humanity will never be able to stop it.

    This is what we are facing and people need to wake up. We are biologically and historically unable to face our weaknesses and over come this horrific plan. Our weaknesses have been mapped and are being carefully targeted to obtain victory. The weaknesses are primarily: isolation in the face of danger/sickness, and if that is perceived, then group rebellion can be targeted and mind controlled, much like what they did in China, several years ago. Breaking up the family is also a tactic. No touch torture is key. Giving someone Altzheimer’s will work well – my therapist has threatened me 2ce with this and I am noticing I am now having trouble remembering things.

    Another weakness is people ignoring those who speak out, like me. That is what Hoover said – “people are handicapped”. Rene Kilde spoke out and was given cancer. Many many people have died of natural causes as this has been rolled out – setting up the chess board. I can think of one prominent individual who may have been given pancreatic cancer – in the tech community. This is the tip of the iceberg. We are in a siege and we don’t even know it.

    I have been censored for 3 years – email, phone, mail. None of my communications get out unless they want them to. I risk my life for telling this. Every thought, every letter I write is known before I consciously think it. It is being followed, copied, analyzed and controlled before I can tell you all of this.

    The problem is that it’s all invisible. And that is another weakness. Humans have never before faced a threat so enormous and so “transparent”. The most “transparent” government ever: and AI running humanity. The Montauk project. Run by the CIA. There’s a video on Youtube about it.

    Wonder why health care has been weaponized? The CIA, as we all know, is operation paperclip – the Nazi doctors. The NSA is the largest intelligence agency – dealing specifically with WIRELESS SIGNALS TECHNOLOGY. What more do we need to know?

  16. nonanon says:

    How much more invisible can you be: “Hiding in Plain Sight” than wireless technologies beamed from satellites, placed in the farthest orbits, using scalar signals which cannot be detected without extremely expensive equipment and ph.d. knowledge of electronics, used to torture people through their brains? “Star Wars”.

    When people figure out what is going on – even though it’s been said over and over and over by those trying to warn them for decades -see, what are they going to do?

    And the Ai – if it is owned by one very sick individual, and programmed by itself, well then what? This is the AI threat we’ve all heard about but don’t understand. It’s here now.

  17. nonanon says:

    One other thing, sorry, I see my comment above where it quotes J. Edgar Hoover, accidentally got edited. It should say:

    J. Edgar Hover: “”The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the EVIL WHICH HAD BEEN INTRODUCED into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

  18. Exactly on point. They’re taking away direct voting rights from the people, as they’re already doing in the EU.

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